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by Wonder Mike (

Hi all, and welcome to Mtv, I am tv, music, and movie superstar Kari
Wuhrer, in case you didn't know, my CD Shiny is available in all fine record
stores, I just finished shooting a movie in the Arizona desert, it will be
the greatest giant spider movie ever, it is Arac attack, it will be playing
soon, you can also see me on television on the hit show Sliders and on video
in such classics as Sex and the other man, Thinner, All right, All right,
I'm getting on with it. I have also finished the soon to be hit movie
Berserker, All right leave me alone.

You know the premise of this show, we have set up a house with 24 hour
cameras in every room, we have superstar celebrities, not as big as me of
course, who we have given are own supply of super viagra, which we call
horny goat weed, and let them out with some men who we have borrowed from
the Lompoc federal penitentiary, lets see what's up in room 1.

Here we have the former Pink ranger, Amy Jo Johnson, I think she's alone,
yes she is, she is naked and pumping two fingers into her pussy, look at her
go, she is now sticking her thumb into her ass, it is the old cue ball, I
love that.

Amy just stuck a third finger into her pussy, lets have a word with her.
Amy how are you doing.

Amy: I need to be fucked where are the men?

Kari: Calm down, I'm sure they are busy now, but will be in any second, if
you had a hit CD like Shiny, I'm sure they would be here now.

Amy: Go get them.

Kari: I see you have just stuffed four fingers into your pussy, tell me, do
you have any upcoming movies like Arac attack coming up.

Amy: No, I need to be fucked.

Kari: Tell me about Felicity.

Amy: I thought it would canceled by now and chose to get out before the ship
sunk, I wouldn't want to run a series into the ground.

Kari: I don't know what your talking about. Lets see what's going on in room

Kari: Lacey Chabert is in the room, she is with Henry and Marcus, Lacey has
her mouth full with Henry's 13 inch cock, look at her go, I think she has ten
inches of cock jammed down her throat, I could take all 13 plus the balls,
but she just turned 18, of course I could have done it when I was 13.

Marcus is behind Lacey, she is bent over, he just jammed his cock into her
tight pussy, not as tight as mine of course, Lacey just slammed back onto his
cock, Marcus has 13 inches of cock stuffed into her pussy, his balls are
slapping against her ass, let's get a word with her.

Kari: Lacey, what's up?

Lacey: I'm busy.

Kari: How's your stay been here on Big Brotha's?

Lacey: It's been great, the only roles I have been offered are for the
virginal teenager, when people see this, I will get offered the good roles,
and when producers see what a good cocksucker I am, I will have my pick of
roles, I will be much bigger than that has been Neve and that phony bitch

Kari: I must admit, you are becoming quite the little cocksucker, but not as
good as me.

Lacey: I'm busy.

Kari: Lets see you take those last three inches down your throat.

That's it, eleven, you can do it, come on, people lets give her a hand,
twelve, a little more, you can do it just a little more, she did it.

Yes, she did it, Henry's balls are slapping against her chin, now fuck
her face, that's it, now lets see how things are going in our third and final

In this room we have former wrestling valet and Nitro Girl, Spice, she
is in the room with Bubba Joe Tyrone Malone, Spice, what's up?

Spice: I am about to take this fifteen inch cock up the ass, and you?

Kari: I am doing fine, I have a new movie coming out, it's going to be my
best movie ever, Arac attack, and you?

Spice: I have formed a music group, it's call Diversity 5, I have formed it
with the original Nitro girls, Paisley, Chae, Tygress and Terri Byrne known
as Fyre, we are releasing two singles then the full CD.

Kari: You don't think it will be as big as Shiny do you?

Spice: God I hope so.

Bubba: Will both of you shut up, I've got some ass fucking to do.

Kari: Do it.

He just shoved his cock up Spice's narrow ass, man I didn't think it
would fit, he is yanking on her hair, look at him go, slap that ass, Bubba,
but save some for me, I want some of that 15 inch monster later.

Man, he is slamming that cock into that ass, let's hear that so called
golden voice, that's it scream baby, I'll give you Diversity 5, fuck that
ass Bubba.

That's it, harder, ream that ass, I have never seen a fifteen inch cock
go up an ass before, rock back on it Spice. Man, I'm getting hot, lets see
what Amy is doing in room 1.

Amy is working those four fingers into her cunt, she has an ankle wrapped
around the back of her neck, I bet that makes her real popular, hey Amy, can
you get your whole hand in your pussy, I can.

That's it, work that thumb in, yeah baby, this is television at it's
finest. she did it. Get it in past the wrist.

Yeah baby work it, work it, pump that hand into your pussy, now stick
four fingers into your ass.

Amy: I don't want to.

Kari: I guess I should have told you earlier, we have a special guest star in
the audience, everybody please welcome television super star Jessica Beil,
Jessica will be taking someone's place tonight, now shove four fingers into
your ass.

That's it, work those hands, now roll over to your hands and knees, shake
that ass for the camera, do it, yeah baby.

I have something for you baby, here is an empty wine cooler bottle, you
know what this is for.

Do it bitch, work that bottle into your cunt, that's right, get it all
the way in, maybe I will let you star in my next movie if you can get it all
the way in.

Use both hands, come on you can do it Amy, a little further, that's a
good girl, it's all the way in, now work it in and out, come on, yeah baby.

Amy is working that bottle, look at it go, pump it baby, pump it, now
stick three fingers in your ass, oh yeah, I can't understand why you can't
get work.

Work that bottle, work that bottle, get those fingers all the way in, do
it, I said do it, all the way to the knuckles, that's right, I can see the
cum on the bottle.

Amy, now sit on the bottle, that's right, sit it on the floor, now ride
it, man that's hot, bounce up and down on it, harder, take it all the way in,
I want to see that label disappear into your cunt.

Ride it baby, ride it, man, I need to be fucked shit, ride that bottle,
make that label vanish, they aren't one of our sponsors so let's not give
them a free plug.

Ok, now on your back, get your legs into the air, that's it, now turn
that bottle around, that's it, bottom first work it in, you can do it.

Pretend like you are doing this for your own TV series, shove it, shove
it, you can take it, push harder, there it goes, it's going in, it's going
in. Damn.

It's all the way in, deeper, stick your finger in the neck and pump it
in and out, yeah, work that bottle baby, I think she's cumming, look at the
cum drip out of her pussy, hold on, I 'm coming over to lick you clean,
that's it, man your cum tastes good, man, I'm hot, I think I need to go to
room two now.

Henry is shaking Lacey Chabert's head from side to side as he fucks her
face, Marcus is slamming his cock into her from behind, Henry is slowly
sliding his thirteen inches down her throat, Lacey is gobbling it up inch by

Marcus just pulled out, he is sitting on the floor, Lacey is straddling
his cock, she is lowering herself on to it, she just slammed her cunt down on
it, ride that cock baby, do it, I remember when I was eighteen, I would have
made them both cum by now.

Lacey, you better ride that cock well, look over here, this is Jessica
Beil, she will be replacing someone tonight, you better fuck for your job.

That's it jump up on down on that fat cock, you go girl, fuck for your
life here, man, she is slamming up and down on that cock, Henry, hop on and
fuck that ass.

All right, Henry just slammed his cock into her ass, ride both those cocks

Jessica: I could do it.

Kari: Ride em cowgirl, look at her go, she's riding both those cock, Marcus
and Henry are slamming those fat cocks into her, man, I bet that feels good,
fuck her good boys.

Squeeze those round tits Henry, now you suck em Marcus, yeah, lick those
young nipples make her cum, fuck her hard, I said hard, harder, she needs it

Kari: What do you think Jessica?

Jessica: I need it bad.

Kari: Come on boys, fuck that pussy, I hope that's not the best you can do,
come on, you guys watching, on your feet, give them some encouragement, we
want to see some hard fucking.

Come on guys, we want to hear her scream. Yeah, scream baby, that squeaky
voice, that's it, tell them you want it Lacey.

Lacey: I need you guys to cum in my mouth.

Kari: You heard her boys, do it.

Marcus is pooping her mouth open, he is sliding his cock into her mouth,
Henry is joining him, he is sliding his cock into her mouth, look at that
bitch go, she has both cocks in her mouth.

She is stroking both cocks, they are both shaking, they are both shaking,
I think they are cumming, the cocks are so far down her throat I can't see.

They are pulling the cocks out of her mouth, they are both limp, open
wide Lacey, yeah, she has a mouth full of cum, turn to camera three, now take
a big gulp, that's it, man, I need to be fucked now, lets go into room three
and see how Spice is doing.

Bubba Joe is on his back, Spice is lowering her ass onto his fifteen inch
cock, take it Spice, you have to do this if you want a music career as big as

Man, Spice has a tight little ass, even tighter than Lacey's, take more
of that cock, take it deeper, that's right, ten inches has vanished, twelve,
fourteen, come on baby one more to go, you can do it, come on people on your
feet, yeah, you at home too.

Jessica: I could take it all.

Kari: I know you could. By the way Spice, did I introduce you to Jessica she
will be taking someone's place tonight.

She did it, all fifteen inches are up her tight little ass, now ride that
cock, ride it baby, up and down, up and down, now wiggle from side to side.

Yeah baby, up and down, up and down, side, side, side, side side, do it
baby, fuck him.

Bubba, slam that cock into her, slam that cock, knock her up into the air,
make her scream, fuck her harder, that's it, her pussy is glistening, Spice,
jam some fingers into your cunt.

That's it, work those two fingers into your pussy, now put your feet on
his legs so you can ride him harder, that's right, plant those feet.

Pump those fingers into your pussy, deeper, all the way to the knuckles,
now Bubba, shove your fingers into her pussy, that's the way I like it.

Spice has four fingers shoved into her cunt, I can see the cum dripping
out of her pussy, man, she's wet

Spice: I need it harder.

Kari: You heard her Bubba, fuck that bitch's ass harder, make her squeal
like a pig, do it, I said do it, you can be replaced too you know.

That's they way, slam that ass.

Spice: I need more.

Kari: OK, I just happen to have this empty wine cooler bottle, use it to
work that pussy.

That's nice, slam that bottle into your cunt, yeah baby, slam it in, use
both hands, that's right, Bubba I said fuck that ass, make her scream, lets
hear what kind of singing voice she has.

Bubba, help her fuck that bottle, you can do it, help her, help her,
that's it, slam that bottle, ride that cock, man, I need it bad.

Spice: Cum for me baby.

Kari, you heard her, cum in her mouth.

Yeah, get off that cock, suck it now, suck it, spray her face with your
seed Bubba, yeah, that's it, cover her face, cum in her hair, don't stop keep

Kari: I need it bad, now Marcus, get into room three now, Henry, into
room three now, I said now.

Now boys, lets get ready to rumble, Bubba, on your back get that fifteen
inch monster up to attention, that's it, I am going to give you the fucking
of a lifetime, hold on, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Man, it feels good, look at me ride this cock, doesn't it feel better
than Spice, I know it does, Marcus, get your cock over here, I need
something to suck.

God your cock tastes good, there is nothing like three big fat black
cocks, watch everyone as I make this cock disappear down my throat.

See, that was easy, watch as I do it again, I told you I was the best
cocksucker in the whole world, Henry, what are you waiting for, get your
cock into my pussy.

Come on big boy, you know I can take both those cocks in my pussy, that's
it, slow, slow, I said slow at first until you get them all the way in.

That's it, their both all the way in, now fuck me like you've never
fucked anyone before, slam those cocks into my pussy, I'm cumming already.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, God I'm cumming, fuck me harder, I said harder, I'm
cumming again.

All of you squeeze my tits, squeeze then, tweak my nipples, fondle my
huge tits, don't they feel good, now fuck me harder, I said harder, I need
to cum again.

Aaaah, that's it, now I need all of you to cover me with your seed, let
me lay down yeah, now stroke those cocks, do it, cum for me guys, cum are be

That's it cum in my hair Marcus, Bubba shot your load in my mouth, Henry
cum on my tits, I love it, I'm covered in cum, keep cumming, I need more,
that's it.

Hold on everyone as I lick this all up, Jessica come over and help, that's
it, lick the cum off my tits.

Well, everyone that's all the time we have for today, Lacey, Amy, get
your fingers out of your cunt and come and join us here.

Join us for our next show, in the mean time, go to your local video
store and check me out in Ivory tower, Kate's addiction, or Phoenix, you can
also see me in the up coming video game Red Alert 2, of course Jessica will
be joining us now, she will be replacing.


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