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regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Big Gunns
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

As a thunder storm occurs outside of the Florence Civic Center during the 'In
Your House: Beware of Dog' pay-per-view on May 26, 1996, the new World
Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champions, The Smoking Gunns, consisting of
Billy and Bart Gunn, are in their locker room area celebrating their win over
the Godwinns. Both men are dressed in light brown cowboy boots and blue
jeans, "Billy. it's great to be back on top." Bart says as he sits down on a
locker room couch and starts to take off his boots.

"Yeah. after having to give these up because of my injuries. it's a good
thing we got an edge to win them back." Billy says as he also sits down to
take off his cowboy boots.

"About that. is there something between you and." Bart is then interrupted
when there is a knock on the locker room door. Bart looks towards the door
and calls out, "It's open."

The locker room door opens and the new manager of the Smoking Gunns, the
incredibly sexy and sassy Sunny, enters the locker room and presses her
luscious lips together as she looks at her new WWF Tag Team Champion clients,
Bart and Billy Gunn. "I just knew you guys would win!" Sunny, dressed in a
light brown top and a matching short light brown skirt, says with a laugh,
referring to her interference in the match against the Godwinns. Sunny starts
to approach Billy and Bart Gunn "You have no idea how thrilled I was when you
two accept the offer of my managerial services..."

Billy Gunn smirks a bit, "Oh I have a good idea of how thrilled you are...
anything to get away from those two pig farmers The Godwinns...' Billy

Bart nods his head, "I know this is going to be good deal for all of us...
we're going to get a long run with the Tag Team titles and avoid surprises
and injuries..." Bart says as he refers to how he and Billy lost the
championships before.

Sunny smiles and nods her head "Oh yeah...I will lead both of you straight to
the top of the WWF and make sure you stay there too..." Sunny says as she
steps closer to her two clients, The Smoking Gunns. "Now...I have a little
rule about my services that I think you might recall..." Sunny smirks as she
glances slyly at Billy and then Bart "If you two win...then you get whatever
you desire from me...and if you ever do happen to lose, well you don't get
any of that special treatment..." Sunny licks her luscious lips and places
her hands on her nicely rounded and perfectly tanned hips "But you two did
happen to win..."

Billy licks his lips, "Yeah that's right... we get something good from

Bart raises an eyebrow as he looks at Billy, "Billy you seem a bit..." Billy
doesn't pay Bart any mind as he stands up and starts to move towards the
sassy, blond haired Diva.

Sunny slyly raises an eyebrow and glances at Billy Gunn as he approaches her.
"And what would that be, Billy?" Sunny asks in a soft, seductive voice as she
slyly rakes her fingernails against his muscular, tanned chest as he stands
in front of her.

Billy smirks a bit, "Oh... let's see... how about... working on this..."
Billy says as he puts his hands on Sunny's hands in order to slide her hands
down to his noticeable crotch.

Sunny presses her sassy, luscious lips together and nods her head "
know I love unloading those big gunns..." Sunny says with a sly wink as she
tightly grips the crotch of Billy Gunn's jeans with her left hand, while
gently rubbing her right hand against where his ball sack is located
underneath the jeans.

Bart Gunn just rolls his eyes slightly as he finishes taking off his cowboy
boots. Billy Gunn smirks and licks his lips as Sunny rubs his ball sack
through the material of his jeans, "Mmmm how about we just take it out..."
Billy says as he unbuttons his jeans and unzips them.

Sunny licks her lips and nods her head as she locks her beautiful,
mischievously seductive eyes with Billy Gunn as she continues to rub his ball
sack through the material of his jeans. " know I would love that...'
Sunny says with a laugh before she pushes herself back from Billy Gunn and
prepares for Billy's cock by lowering herself down onto her knees in front of
her muscular and handsome new client.

Billy Gunn licks his lips as he pushes down his jeans to let out his rather
thick ten inch cock, "Yeah... I heard that was true..." Billy says with a
smirk. Sunny smirks as she smoothly places her hands around the thick shaft
on Billy Gunn's cock and starts to guide her hands gently against his
gradually hardening cock. Sunny licks her lips as she glances up and locks
her eyes with Billy, while stroking his impressively thick shaft.

"Mmmmm ohhh..." Billy moans a bit as Sunny moves her hands back and forth
along the length of his ten inch cock as he looks down at her. Sunny lightly
tosses her gorgeous blond hair back before she leans her head down and softly
kisses the head of Billy's cock with her soft, luscious lips before she opens
her mouth and takes his cock into her wet and warm seductive mouth.

"Ohhhh yeah.... mmmm..." Billy moans as Sunny lightly presses her lips down
on his cock before she starts to bob her head along the length of his shaft.
Bart Gunn shakes his head and picks up his travel bag to open it to take out
a change of clothes before he stands up to start undoing his jeans.

Sunny keeps her beautiful, sly eyes locked with Billy Gunn as she perfectly
bobs her head on Billy's rock hard cock at a smooth, quickening pace.
"Mmmmm...mmm..." Sunny softly moans as her soft lips rub back and forth
against Billy's cock.

"Ohhh yeah Sunny... mmmmm!" Billy Gunn moans as he looks into Sunny's eyes as
she smoothly sucks his cock. Billy places his hands on his waist and has a
big smile on his face. Bart glances over at Sunny and starts to lower his
jeans, letting out his own ten inch shaft.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Sunny moans as she smoothly twists her blond haired head on
Billy Gunn's cock before she starts to quickly and eagerly bob her head on
his cock, causing her wet saliva to drench his cock.

"Ohhhh ahhh yeah.... mmmm fuck..." Billy moans as Sunny takes his cock
further into her warm, sly and wet mouth as she continues to suck his dick.

Bart shakes his head, "This is going to be an interesting arrangement..."
Bart says as he starts to unfold his change of clothes.

Sunny playfully smacks her wet tongue against Billy Gunn's shaft as she
deeply sucks on his ten inch shaft. Sunny lowers her head as far down as she
can, impressively pressing her nose against Billy's crotch as she incredibly
deep throats Billy's shaft without a problem.

"Ohhhhh yeah... mmmm fuck..." Billy licks his lips as Sunny holds his cock
deep inside of her mouth before she slowly starts to lift her head off of his

Sunny raises an eyebrow and smirks up at Billy Gunn as she locks her
beautiful, seductive eyes with him " was that babe?" Sunny asks as
she glances down to see her saliva dripping off of his cock.

"That was damn better than what I thought it would be..." Billy replies with
a smirk on his face.

Sunny smiles as she glances over to the couch where Bart Gunn is, packing up
his gear "Oh Bart..."

"Yeah?" Bart says as he turns his attention towards Sunny as she starts to
move towards him.

Sunny slyly crawls forward on her knees towards Bart Gunn, seductively
shaking her skirt covered ass from side to side, which instantly gets the
attention of Billy Gunn. "Aren't you going to enjoy my services?" Sunny asks
as she position herself on her knees in front of Bart Gunn.

"I'm glad you gave us the edge tonight to get the belts..." Bart says as he
happens to lock eyes with Sunny as she crawls towards him. Billy Gunn licks
his lips as he starts to follow Sunny with his eyes glued to her round, skirt
covered ass.

Sunny seductively bites down on her bottom lip as she playfully tugs on the
pair of fresh jeans that Bart had changed into. Sunny licks her lips as she
starts to force the jeans down from Bart's muscular waist "Come on...give me
that dick..."

"Hey wait a minute..." Bart starts to say as Sunny pulls down his jeans,
letting out his ten inch cock. Bart then falls back on to couch when Sunny
brings his jeans down his ankles, causing him to trip. Sunny licks her lips
as she leans forward, resting her hands onto Bart Gunn's muscular legs as she
leans her head forward and flicks her tongue playfully against the head of
Bart's ten inch cock.

"Ohhhh damn..." Bart moans as Sunny playfully moves her tongue against the
tip of his cock. Meanwhile, Billy Gunn has gotten down on his knees behind
Sunny and is sliding down her short light brown skirt to reveal her round
juicy ass. Sunny slyly raises an eyebrow as she feels Billy Gunn lowering her
short light brown skirt from her juicy and nicely tanned ass before she
starts to gently circle her wet tongue around the head of Bart's cock.

"Uhh shit..." Bart moans as he closes his eyes as Sunny traces her tongue
around the large head of his cock.

Billy Gunn places his hands on Sunny's ass cheeks before he pushes his fat
ten inch cock into her warm tight pussy, "Ohhh yeah..." Billy moans as he
feels Sunny's tight pussy on his hard cock.

"Mmmm...ohhhh yeah..." Sunny moans as she feels Billy's impressively thick
cock thrust into her wet pussy as she starts to gently rocks back on her
knees against Billy's cock. Sunny lifts her eyes and locks them with Bart as
she eagerly lowers her head on his shaft and starts to smoothly move her head
on his cock.

"Uhhh mmmmm..." Billy moans as he smoothly thrusts his cock in and out of
Sunny's warm wet pussy as she pushes back against him. Bart looks into
Sunny's sly eyes as she starts to bob her head up and down on his cock.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm...ohhhh" Sunny moans as she smoothly bobs her head on Bart
Gunn's as she impressively lifts and lowers her head while moving forward on
her knees from Billy's thrusts.

"Ohhh shit..." Bart Gunn grits his teeth as Sunny turns her head slightly on
his cock while she blows him. Billy firmly holds onto Sunny's gorgeous hips
as he pumps his cock faster and harder into her pussy.

"Mmmmmm!" Sunny seductively groans around Bart's cock as she wraps her lips
tighter around his shaft while bobbing her blond haired head at a quick,
smooth pace. Sunny's gorgeously shaped, tanned ass gently smacks back against
Billy's muscular waist as she feels his cock driving deeply into her wet

"Uhhh... awww mmmm yeah..." Billy moans as he rams his cock deeply into
Sunny's wet pussy as her ass smacks against his waist each time she rocks
back against him. Bart tilts his head back as Sunny taps her tongue against
his cock as she keeps bobbing her head up and down on his shaft. Sunny gently
twists her head on Bart's cock, grinding her soft lips against his cock, as
her juicy ass nicely smacks against his waist. Sunny quickly bucks her hips
back against Billy Gunn as she forces his cock deep into her cunt from

"Ohhh fuck... mmmm damn..." Bart moans as Sunny deep throats his cock while
still keeping her eyes locks with his. Billy smacks the side of Sunny's right
thigh with his right hand as he continues to fuck her wet warm and tight
pussy. Sunny slowly lifts her head off of Bart Gunn's cock and licks her
luscious lips while she smoothly rocks back on her knees to perfectly guide
her nicely tanned and gorgeous body back against Billy Gunn's cock that is
deep inside of her pussy.

Billy grits his teeth as he keeps pumping his cock in and out of Sunny's
pussy before he slows down and pulls out, "Oh yeah Sunny... this is a great
arrangement..." Billy says as Bart surprises Sunny by leaning down to lift
off her top. Sunny laughs and sits up on her knees, lightly tosses her blond
hair back as Bart removes her top, exposing her large and juicy tanned tits.

"I think I can live with it..." Bart says as he tosses Sunny's top to the
side before he reaches forward to pull her onto his lap. Bart lifts Sunny up
high enough to lower her wet pussy down onto his saliva covered cock.

"Mmmm...ohhhh shit..." Sunny moans as she's lowered onto Bart Gunn's cock and
she begins to instantly rock back and forth on his shaft to ride him.

"Uhhh shit..." Bart moans as he starts to thrust his cock upward into Sunny's
pussy as she leans forward to push her tits against his face. Billy Gunn
smirks as he stands up and uses his hands to spread Sunny's ass cheeks apart
so that he can push his fat ten inch cock into Sunny's tight asshole.

"Mmmm...ohhh yeah! You boys are going to love being with me!" Sunny moans as
she rocks back on Bart's cock to push her juicy ass back against Billy's cock
as she is double penetrated by the Smoking Gunns.

"Awww mmmm fuck.... ahhh..." Billy Gunn moans as he holds onto Sunny's hips
as he pumps his cock in and out of Sunny's ass. Bart grits his teeth as he
rocks on the couch to drive his cock sharply up into Sunny's wet pussy.

Sunny grits her teeth as she places her hands down against Bart Gunn's
muscular chest as she smoothly rocks forward on his cock at a quick, sharp
pace while Billy Gunn slams his cock deep into her ass. "Ohhhh! Ohhhhh yeah!"
Sunny moans.

"Ohhhh ahhh shit... mmmmm!" Bart moans as he smacks his tongue against
Sunny's tits as they press against his face. Billy licks his lips as he
pounds Sunny's juicy ass with hard, deep thrusts.

Sunny glances over her shoulder and smirks back at Billy Gunn "
how's the ass?" Sunny asks as she rocks back and forth on Bart's cock from
Billy's firm and deep thrusts.

"Perfect... I love fucking ass..." Billy grunts as her smirks at Sunny while
he drives his cock into her asshole. Bart Gunn grits his teeth together as he
starts to cum inside of Sunny's hot wet pussy.

Sunny bites down on her bottom lip as she smoothly grinds her pussy down
against his cumming shaft "Ohhh Bart...mmm yeah!"

"Awww... mmmm ahhh... Bart moans as his cock starts to soften after he's
finished cumming inside of Sunny's pussy. Billy licks his lips as he increase
the pace of his thrusts as he drives his ten inch cock balls deep into
Sunny's ass.

Sunny grits her teeth as Billy Gunn roughly and deeply pounds his cock into
her ass, causing her to rock wildly on Bart's throbbing cock "Ohhhh! Ohhhh
fuck that ass!"

"Ahhh... mmmm ahhh yeah Sunny.... ohhh yeah..." Billy Gunn moans as he rams
his cock repeatedly into Sunny's asshole. Billy licks his teeth as he then
pulls his cock out of Sunny's ass so that he can spray his warm cum all over
Sunny's juicy ass cheeks.

Sunny presses her lips together and looks back as Billy Gunn sprays his thick
cum onto her juicy, tanned ass "Ohhh yeah babe..."

"We're not going... to lose a match ever again..." Billy Gunn smirks as he
smacks his cock against Sunny's ass.

"Good...because you two don't want to disappoint me..."


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