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Big Poppa Pump Laying The Smack Down
by Wonder Mike (

Stephanie McMahon had done everything she could think of to get the Big Bad
Booty Daddy, Scott Steiner to sign with Smackdown, she decided to go to him
with a final offer backstage at the Smackdown taping.

Stephanie: Scott, I am going to do something I have never done before, I am
going to offer you a cash signing bonus to sign with Smackdown.

Steph: All my freaks can tell you, money can't buy me love. You should know
by now, there are only two things I care about.

Stephanie: I know, your freaks and your peaks, but with the substancial bonus
I am going to offer, you can get all the freaks you will ever need.

Scott: Okay, hit me with a number.

Stephanie: I am willing to give you a $10,000 bonus right now, if you sign on
the dotted line.

Scott: That has to be one of the funniest things I have ever heard. I think I
will take that meeting with Eric now.

Stephanie: Hold on now, that was just my opening shot. Haven't you ever heard
of negotiating?

Scott: I don't call $10,000 negotiating. I call that, I am going to Raw.

Stephanie: $15,000, right now. Let's go to the ring in front of 6,000 people
and make you an exclusive Smackdown Superstar.

Scott: You are getting warm. I think we can come to some kind of an
arrangement. Lets hit the ring.

The duo went out to the ring in the middle of the Jamie Noble/Tajiri match.
Steiner hit the ring to the surprise of both men. Scott pressed Jamie over
his head then threw him into the second row. Tajiri tried to kick him in the
head, but Steiner caught his leg, pressed him three times and threw him on
top of Noble. Stephanie climbed into the ring with a microphone.

Stephanie: Ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry to interrupt this match, but I
have an important announcement. I am here tonight to announce the signing of
Scott Steiner to an exclusive Smackdown contract.

The crowd jumped to it's feet, all the wrestlers gathered around back to
watch this historic moment. Steiner climbed onto the second rope and grabbed
the mic.

Scott: This goes to all my freaks out there... Big Poppa Pump is your hook
up. Holla, if ya hear me!

Stephaine bounced up and down in anticpation. She had put one over on Eric

Stephanie: All you have to do is sign right here on the dotted line, and we
will began a new era of Smackdown.

Scott: Listen up, we haven't finished the negotiations. I was not satisfied
with your last offer.

Stephanie: I will add $50,000 to the contract, plus give you a $20,000 dollar
signing bonus.

Scott: I like those number I am hearing.

Stepanie: Wait a minute. Before you sign, I want to get Eric on the phone, I
want him to hear this. I am going to destroy the Raw brand of the WWE, then
take it over and be the sole ruler of the wrestling world.

Steph called Eric and began to gloat, she was the unquestioned queen of
wrestling, Eric could do nothing but sob.

Stephanie: Okay Scott, you may sign the contract now.

Scott: Hold on a minute. I said I satified with the numbers, but there are
other things I want.

Stephanie: Don't do this now, don't ruin my great moment. You have to sign

Scott: There are just a couple things I want, they should be no problem for
my new freak of the week.

Stephanie: What is it?

Stephanie was willing to do almost anything to get Steiner on Smackdown.

Scott: What I want right now is to see those double D's.

Stephanie: Right now? Come on Scott, we can sign the contract and go to the
back and talk about it.

Scott: I fell for that one already, I want to see them right now bitch.

Stephanie: First of all, you don't talk to me like that, and second, we are
on network television. I am not going to show my double d's to the world.

Scott: First of all, it's UPN, and second, they will censor it. I want to
see them right now.

Stephanie: All right. You can see them, but not here. Lets go to the back.

The crowd began to scream, "Let them out! Let them out!"

Scott: This goes to all my freaks out there, holla if you want to see the
double D's.

Tazz and Michael Cole couldn't believe what they were hearing. They didn't
like to know what was going to happen, but this came out of left field.

The chant grew louder, Stephanie's face was flush red, she realized Scott
was right. She would do it. Stephanie removed her sports jacket and hung it
over the ropes, the roar of the crowd grew louder and louder, Stephanie had
never gotten a pop like this before, she began to unbutton her blouse.

She threw open her shirt then slowly slipped out of it, she stood in the
ring in slacks and red sports bra, she didn't know 6,000 people could be so

Scott: Don't stop there, let's see if you have what it takes to be one of my

Stephanie unhooked her bra, and held it in front of her massive breasts. The
crowd screamed "Take it off! Take it off!" She didn't know what came over
her, she let her bra drop to the floor and threw her hands up over her head.
Stephanie began rocking up and down, her huge breast bounced in sync, Scott
came over and grabbed two handfuls of them. Stephanie moaned. She couldn't
believe how turned on she had gotten, it was always a rush being in front of
the crowd, but being out there topless was something totally different, her
panties were soaked.

Scott: This is just the beginning, on your knees bitch.

Stephanie's eyes glazed over, it was like she was drunk inside of Scott, she
was totally under his spell, she now knew why he was the Big Bad Booty Daddy,
she dropped to her knees.

Scott: I have two words for you.

The crowd screamed in unison, "Suck it!"

Scott: No, "I watch."

Scott pointed to the back and called out the Big Show, then Rikishi.

Scott: I need to know if you can handle a real man, since there is no single
person who can measure up to Big Poppa, lets see if you can handle this 900
pound of meat.

The 7 foot 500 pound big show and the 400 pound Rikishi climbed into the ring
and stood side by side. Every member of the Smackdown crew was on the ramp,
this was amazing.

Stephanie began to walk over to Rikishi and the WWE champ, the Big Show,
Steiner stopped her.

Scott: I want you to crawl over to them on your hands and knees.

Stephanie dropped down and began her crawl acroos the ring, her ass swaying
back and forth.

Scott: Why do you still have those slacks on? No freak o' mine would stil be
wearing them.

Stephanie rolled over onto her back and slipped out of her pants, then rolled
back over to her hands and knees, she was directly in front of the giant
wrestlers. She reached into the Big Show's trunks and pulled out a foot long
cock, she began to stoke it with both hands, until it was rock hard, she then
tuned to Rikishi. She shove her hands down his trunks, he had a 8 inch cock,
but it was thicker than her arm.

Scott: What are you waitng for o' freak o' mine?

Stephanie began licking up and down Rikishi's cock, she tried to jam it into
her mouth, but it was so fat it didn't fit, she stroked and spit on it, she
then went back to the Big Show. She began to slowly work his huge cock down
her throat, inch by inch untl half of it had vanished.

Scott: Is that the best you can do, I don't ever want to hear you calling
yourself a freak.

Stephanie went back to work on the Show's cock, she shoved half of it down
her throat again, Steiner grabbed her by the back of the head and stuffed
another three inches down her throat until she began to gag, he than let her
up for air.

Rikishi was behind her, he jammed a saugage sized finger into her soaked,
shaved pussy, then a second, then a third, he began to twist and turn them.
Stephanie began to maon loudly.

Rikishi: Damn bitch, if that's filling you up, I am going to split you in

Rikishi shoved a fourth finger into her cunt, her juices formed a small
puddle in his hand, he began to ram his hand in and out of her.

The Big Show and Steiner both had Stephanie by the hair, they were forcing
her to deep throat the Big Show, she was doing it easily now.

Rikishi pulled his hand out of Stephanie's cunt, then slammed his fat cock
deep into it. Rikishi shoved his super fat cock into her inch by inch, her
pussy stretched to accept it, she has never been so full.

Stephanie: OH my God, it feels good.

The 6,000 people watch were silent, Steiner grabbed the mic and held it in
front of Steph. Stephanie pushed back against Rikishi, she was determined
to get the entire cock inside of her, It took almost ten full strokes before
all seven inches had worked it's way inside of her.

Stephanie: Oh God it feels good, fuck me hard.

Rikishi began to slam his cock into her harder, Stephanie began to rock back
onto his cock, Rikishi grabbed her by the hair then began to slap her ass.

Stephanie: Yes, please spank me, I have been a bad girl.

Rikishi slapped that ass harder, Stephanie was slamming back onto him as hard
as she could.

Rikishi yanked her hair harder as Stephanie bounced back and forth onto the
cock, she slammed back as hard as she could. The big Samoan slammed her
harder and harder with each stroke, the juices were flowing down Stephanie's
legs as her pussy was wide open and easily taking the giant cock.

Scott: That's my freak, now let's see what you can do.

The Big Show pulled his cock out of Stephanie's mouth, she crawled away
from Rikishi. The Big Show laid on his back, Steph climbed the mountain
and straddled him, she lowered herself onto the big cock. Stephanie
lowered herself onto the cock, after being split open by Rikishi, taking
the 12 inches of the big show wouldn't be a problem, the big show would
let it be a problem. The Show grabbed her around the waist and slammed
her all the way down onto his cock.

Stephanie: That's it Big Show, fuck me like you want it, earn the money we
have been paying you all these years.

The Big Show slammed Stephanie up and down on his cock with all his strenght,
Stephanie screamed each time she reached bottom, the big show's cock reached
her in places she had never been touched before. Triple H had never satisfied
her before, and now he would never have a shot at it.

Steiner came over for a closer look, he hooked Stephanie underneath her arms
and began helping the Show lift her up and down. Stephanie now had two of the
stongest men in the world slamming her up and down on the foot long cock, she
had already been coming for a minute, she could barely speak.

Stephanie: Please, don't stop.

Scott: This isn't freaky enough for me, I know what this scene needs.

Steiner spun Stephanie around on the show's cock, she was now on her back on
top of him. The big show pulled his cock out of her, it rested on her back,
he then shoved three fingers into her ass.

Stephanie: God yes, I have never gotten it in the ass before, I need it bad,
Hunter always makes me do him in the ass with a strap on, put he won't do me.

That was all the Show needed to hear, he took aim and placed the tip of his
cock into her ass opening, Steiner then shoved her down until the entire 12
inches vanished into her ass. Stephanie placed her feet on the massive thighs
of the show, she began to slowly bounce up and down.

Rikishi saw the wide open pussy of the Smackdown Manager, he slapped hands
with Steiner and climbed on top of her. His 400 pounds forced his cock into
the soaked pussy of Stephanie, she was swallowed up by the two biggest WWE
wrestlers. The two men began pumping in unison into the billionaire
princess, Stephanie was cumming with each stroke.

Steph: God, I can't take much more.

Rikishi and the big show slammed into her harder, Steiner clombed onto
Rikishi's back and began doing push ups on top of him, forcing the two
cocks even deeper into her. Rikishi rolled off of Stephanie, he was
ready to explode, Steiner lifted her off the show and placed her on her
knees. Stepahnie open her mouth as wide as she could, but Rikishi had
other ideas, he took aim at the top of her head, and began to shoot his

The Rikishi spunk landed just over her forehead and dripped down her face,
The Big Show shoved his cock all the way down Steph's throat, she began to
gag just as the show began to pump his load down her throat.

Scott: Don't swallow bitch, I want to see it.

Stephanie caught the giant load in her mouth, when the Big Show stopped
cumming, she held her mouth open so the audience could see her mouth was

Scott: Good girl, swallow it now freak.

Stephanie eagerly gulped it down, then showed it was all gone.

Scott: That's my freak, but now that I'm warmed up, it's my turn now.

Stephanie: God no, I can't take anymore, not now, you have to give me a week,
I can't even close my legs now.

Big Show: Damn straight.

Scott: Then you better get me a couple of freaks out here right now, or I am
outta here.

Scott dropped to the mat and did five quick push ups. He was raring to go

Stephanie: Dawn, Torrie, get out here right now.

Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson had been on the ramp watching with the rest of
the wrestlers, they looked at each other and began the slow walk to the ring.

Stephanie: If you aren't in this ring in 10 seconds, you are both fired.

The blonde Torrie and brunette Dawn raced to the ring, they were horrified.
It was fun when it was Stephanie, but not now. Torrie and Dawn had been
preparing for a bikini match, and they were dress appropriatly.

Stephanie: These are the best in wrestling, and they can be yours if you sign
with Smackdown.

Scott: This is the negotiating that I like.

He looked over the two girls and smiled, he turned and saw Al Wilson,
Torrie's father climb into the ring.

Al: Now look here, I don't want my daugher.

Scott spun around and lifted Al over his head, he pressed him five times and
launched him into the fifth row of the crowd.

Torrie: I don't want to land in the crowd, but I didn't sign up for this,
not in front of a national audience.

Dawn: I'll do it.

Stephanie: It's not a national audience, it is UPN, and they will cut this
out anyway.

Dawn: I'll do it.

Stephanie: This will mean a doubling of your salaries.

Dawn: I'll do it.

Dawn pulled her bikini top over her head she had huge, but flat implants,
she quickly stepped out of her bottoms, she was completely shaved. Torrie
hesitated. Dawn looked at Torrie and ripped her top off, to the approval
of the crowd, Steiner was behind her, he pulled down her bottoms.

Torrie perfect breast stood straight out, she had a landing strip between
her legs, Scott stuffed a finger into her pussy, she fell to the mat.

Scott: Tight, I don't know if you can handle me. There is nothing finer
than a night with Scott Steiner.

Dawn Marie bounced over to Steiner, she reached into his trunks and gasped
when she tried to wrap her hands around what was inside.

Dawn: That can't be what I think it is, please let it be.

Scott: Unwrap your present and show the world why I am, the Big Bad Booty

Dawn pulled out the cock, it was a foot long, and as thick as her calf, she
gasped when she saw it.

Dawn: Thank you God.

Dawn wrapped both hands around the cock, her fingers weren't touching as she
stroked it. Scott had shoved three fingers into Torrie, she laid on her back
with her legs spread as wide apart as she could get them. Dawn Marie licked
the tip of the massive cock, there was no way she was getting it in her
mouth, she stroked it harder and harder.

Scott grabbed Dawn by the back of her head he began slapping her across the
face with his cock. He began pummeling Dawn with his steel cock, he had
managed to work a forth finger into Torrie. He looked at Dawn and told her
to bend over. He worked his way behind Dawn and slipped the head of his
monster inside of her cunt.

Dawn: It's too big, it won't fit.

Scott reached down with one arm lifted her inches off the ground, he slapped
her on her large ass and slammed her back onto his cock.

Dawn: God yes, you are splitting me in half, God it feels so good, fuck me

Scott held her in the air with one arm and slid her back and forth on his
cock, she took the whole thing, her pussy was no match the stenght of

Dawn: God, I'm cumming already.

Scott began to slam her harder onto his cock, Dawn struggled to put her feet
on the ground but she couldn't, Scott then grabbed her with both arms.

Scott began to really ram her on his cock, he slammed her as fast as she
could on his cock, Dawn was cumming with each stroke, her juices splattered
across the mat. Scott than began to slam her slow and hard, one stroke every
two seconds pulling her all the way off his cock, then slamming her back on
it. Scott slammed her over and over until Dawn went limp. He then began to
ram her hard and fast again, as fast as he could. Scott looked over to the
ramp Brock Lesner was behind Nidia, he had slammed his cock into her ass,
while she was sucking off The Undertaker, she knew how to get ahead.

Scott slammed the limp Dawn harder and harder, he looked down at Torrie,
who had stuffed three fingers into her cunt, he dropped Dawn to the mat. He
jumped on top of Torrie, she wrapped her long legs all the way around him,
he began pumping it to her. His three hundred pounds and power forced the
super cock into Torrie's pussy, she screamed as he bottomed out. Scott
pumped his cock harder into the blonde as the audience and wrestlers roared
there approval.

Torrie was impaled on the leg sized cock Scott worked it in as deep as he
could. When he was sure Torrie was stuck, Scott began to do push ups, he
lifted Torrie up off the matt with his cock, then let his weight drop,
making sure she stayed impaled. Torrie wrapped her arms around his kneck
as Scott continued to do the push ups, he did ten more, then dropped to
the Matt. He then began to fuck her in earnest. He rammed his cock into
her, bouncing her up and down on the matt, Torrie was cumming with each
stroke, Scott slammed her harder.

Scott: Who am I?

Torrie: Of God, your the Genetic Freak, the Big Bad Booty Daddy. Please fuck
me hard.

Scott fucked her harder and harder until Torrie was limp on the mat, he then
began doing push ups with her implaed again onm his cock. Scott held her on
the mat as he did his last push up, his cock popped out of her formally tight
pussy. He looked over to the ramp to see Rey Misterio and Edge blowing a load
into Nidia's mouth, Albert, and Chris Benoit were next in line.

Scott lifted Torrie's head up, he placed the tip of his cock on his tongue,
Dawn Marie came over and began to stroke it. Scott began to shoot a load
into Torrie's mouth, Dawn snatched the cock and laid it on her tongue. Scott
quickly filled up Dawn's mouth with his spunk, she began to gag as she
swallowed as fast as she could, Torrie reached up and grabbed the cock, she
caught the rest of his load.

Stephanie: When you sign the contract, you can have this every night.
Everyone, please welcome my newest Smackdown superstar Scott Steiner.

Stephanie looked at the ramp, she saw the familar black leather, Eric
Bischoff was here, and he had just pulled his cock out of Nidia's ass.

Eric: Not so fast, Scott, you don't know what I have to offer, take a look.

Lita then Trish Stratus came down the ramp in bra and panties, Scott stoked
his beard, then looked at the cum covered trio of babes in the ring.

Eric: Not convinced?

Stacy Keibler, than Lilian Garcia walked down the ramp. They were in evening
gowns. Stacy reached over and pulled the gown off of Lilian. Lilian retuned
the favor.

Scott now had a real descision.


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