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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Big Time Funk
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Following Tons Of Funk's victory over the 3MB to open the March 17, 2013 WWE Live Event, Brodus Clay and Tensai, both dressed in red singlets, are returning to the locker room area of Binghamton, New York's Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena with the Funkadactyls, Cameron and Naomi, both of whom are wearing matching blue cheerleader tops and bottoms. "Hoo-Wee. We sure laid the funk down on them skinny boys Sweet T..." Brodus says with a big smile.

"Yeah, but I told you don't call me Sweet T! It makes me sound like a damn drink..." Tensai replies.

Cameron smiles and places her hands onto her gorgeous hips "Awww...I like the name Sweet T!" Cameron says with a cute laugh.

Naomi nods her head, "Yeah, T! It's all kinds of funk! Much more hip than a stupid name like Tensai..."

Naomi says before she pauses and shrugs her shoulders "Or somethin' lame like Albert..."

Cameron presses her lips together and makes a face, scrunching her nose up. "Ewww! That's a horrible name!"

"Hey Albert is a strong noble name..." Tensai replies.

"Yeah alright, if you were called that, we'd have to call you Fat Albert.." Brodus says jokingly

Naomi places her hands onto her juicy, curved hips and looks Tensai "If I was y'all, I'd take the name Sweet T!"

"Alright, alright... I'll think about it..." Tensai says as he holds his hands up.

"Easy man, we're just playin' with ya, besides, no matter what you're called, you still know how to bring down some funk on our skinny as hell competition..." Brodus says.

Cameron nods her head, "Yeah, T! You prove that it's better to be big!"

Tensai grins, "I know it is...I made a career out of squashing guys like 3MB..."

Naomi raises an eyebrow and looks at Cameron "Girl, were ya talkin' about a different kind of big?"

Brodus raises an eyebrow before grinning at Cameron, "Were you?" Brodus asks.

Cameron bites down on her bottom lip and shyly pushes her shoulders up. "Maybe..." She replies with a laugh.

"Maybe?" Brodus laughs a bit, "You have been sweet on Big T here since he and I started teaming up..."

"No she hasn't..." Tensai says.

Naomi smirks "Uh yeah she has! This girl wants some of Sweet T!"

"Yeah T, she wants you to bring that funk.. ain't that right Cameron?." Brodus asks causing Cameron to noticeably blush.

"Well..." Cameron says.

"Shit! Girl, don't be shy! Go get ya some!" Naomi says loudly.

"You don't need to..." Tensai begins to say before Naomi pushes Cameron over to him.

Cameron looks up at Tensai with her beautiful and innocent eyes "Do you not want me to?"

"I didn't say that I..." Tensai starts to say.

"Come on T, pull the straps down and show Cameron how you bring that funk..." Brodus says with a grin.

"Alright... ALRIGHT!" Tensai says as he does pull the straps of his singlet down and begins to push it downward.

Cameron licks her lips as she playfully looks at Tensai as he lowers the top portion of his singlet, exposing his powerful chest.

Tensai pushes his singlet down past his stomach and waist, then down his legs, freeing his huge white cock. Not to be out done, Brodus has lowered his own wrestling singlet, exposing his massive black dick to Naomi.

Naomi presses her lips together and looks at Brodus Clay, "Suppose I'm with ya?"

"Yeah suppose you are..." Brodus says with a wide grin.

"Mmmmm..." Tensai lets out a moan as Cameron places both of her hands on his hardening cock and begins to stroke it before she lowers herself to her knees.

Cameron adorably looks up at Tensai as she moves her hands gently along his large cock before lowering her and begins to work her wet, sassy and sweet tongue on the large head of his cock.

"Ahhhh..." Tensai groans as Cameron works her tongue around the swollen head of his cock while she uses both hand to stroke the massive shaft.

Cameron keeps her sweet and beautiful eyes locked with Tensai as she parts her lips and begins to take his cock into her mouth. Cameron wraps her luscious and pouty lips around Tensai's cock and begins to bob her head.

As Cameron is starting to suck Tensai's cock, Naomi is already sucking and slurping on Brodus's equally massive tool, "Awww hell girl...' Brodus groans as Naomi holds onto his thick waist as she stuffs her own mouth with his dick.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm...mmmm" Naomi loudly moans around Brodus Clay's cock as she bobs her head on his fat shaft, with her full and luscious lips working as well.

"Ahhhh awww..." Tensai groans as Cameron takes a soft and sweet approach to bobbing her head on his big white cock.

Cameron closes her eyes as she taps her wet tongue against the bottom side of Tensai's cock as her head smoothly bobs back and forth.

Brodus places one of his large hands on the back of Naomi's head as she takes his cock deeper into her eager mouth.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhh" Naomi moans as she works her head at an increasing pace while sucking Brodus's cock, with her saliva dripping down.

"Ahhhh..." Tensai groans as Cameron slides her hands against his stomach as she bobs her head at a quicker pace on his cock.

Cameron sweetly turns her head on Tensai's cock and grinds her lips on his shaft with her saliva lightly dripping down.

"Mmmmm awww yeah Naomi..." Brodus moans as Naomi takes nearly every inch of his cock into her saliva dripping mouth.

Naomi looks up at Brodus with sassy and breath-taking eyes as she stretches her lips around his cock, while swiftly lowering her head.

Tensai licks his lips slightly as Cameron finishes lifting off her top which she drops on the floor before she begins to lower her bottoms from her hips.

Cameron steps out of her bottoms, with her nicely perky and rounded black tits exposed and her rounded, juicy black ass and nicely shaved pussy on display as well. "Ready to get funky, Sweet T?" Cameron asks with a smile.

"Yeah I am...' Tensai says as he proceeds to lift Cameron up and lowers her on his large white dick.

"Mmmm ohhh gosh!" Cameron moans and cutely laughs as she feels his cock entering up into her pussy while she wraps her smooth legs around his waist.

Meanwhile, Naomi is bent over a locker room bench with Brodus Clay standing behind her as he thrusts his cock in and out of her tight black snatch. "Ahhhhh awww..." Brodus groans as he thrusts his cock deeply into Naomi's pussy.

"Ohhh yeah. Mmmm give it good, big guy!" Naomi loudly moans as her curvy and toned, juicy black body moves forward as Brodus thrusts into her wet snatch from behind.

"Ahhhhh ahhh..." Brodus groans as he plows his huge cock firmly into Naomi's pussy while she pushes back against him.

"Mmmmm...ohhh yeah....ohhhh!" Naomi moans as she pushes back against Brodus Clay's heavy thrusting cock.

Meanwhile, Tensai is holding Cameron up as he thrusts his cock in and out of her pussy while she holds on to him and bounces in response to his thrusts.

"Ohhhh yeah...ohhhh T!" Cameron moans as her gorgeous body drops down on his cock as the once feared Japanese Lord pumps up into her.

"Ahhh awww..." Tensai groans as he thrusts his cock deeply into Cameron's cunt as he holds her up.

"Mmmmm... Ohhhh....ohhhhh!" Cameron moans as she feels Tensai's entire cock thrusting up into her as he easily holds her up with his impressive strength.

Brodus is laying on one of the locker room bench as Naomi bounces up and down on his massive black cock. "Awww yeah Naomi... mmm..." Brodus groans.

"Ohhhh yeah! Big bad Brodus! Y'all like that, babe!?" Naomi loudly moans as she drops down and rocks on his cock.

"Awwww you know it girl..." Brodus moans as he thrusts his cock upward into Naomi's pussy while she rocks back and forth on his large shaft.

"Mmmmm..ohhhh fuck...ohhhhh!" Naomi moans loudly as she rocks back and forth, grinding her pussy down on his cock.

Cameron is on all fours on the floor with Tensai kneeling behind her as he thrusts his large cock in and out of her pussy from behind, causing her to jolt forward with each thrust.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhh yeah, T! Ohhhhhh!" Cameron moans as Tensai pulls her back with his hands on her hips and ramming deeply into her.

"Ahhhhh awww..." Tensai grunts as he slams his cock deeply into Cameron's black snatch while pulling her back and causing her ass to smack against his thick waist.

"Mmmmm...ohhhhh...ohhhh" Cameron moans as her juicy ass cheeks jiggle as they collide with his waist, his cock deeply slamming into her.

Naomi is on her back as she lays on the bench while Brodus is on top of her, plowing his cock in and out of her black twat as she wraps her legs around his waist.

"Mmmmm ohhhh yeah.... Mmmm fuck! Baby!" Naomi moans as she looks up at Brodus and pushes against his thrusting cock.

"Ahhhh ahhhhh..." Brodus groans as he drives his cock deeply into Naomi's twat while he grins down at her.

"Mmmmm yeah! Mmmm come on babe!" Naomi moans and eagerly pushes against him.

Cameron is standing and bent forward with her hands on the locker room's table while Tensai stands behind her, thrusting his cock in and out of her round black ass.

"Ohhhhhh...ohhhhh gosh..." Cameron moans as she closes her eyes, moving forward against the table as Tensai firmly pounds into her.

"Ahhhh awwww fuck... ahhhh..." Tensai grunts loudly as he drives his cock deeply into Cameron's backside.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhh gosh...ohhhhh!" Cameron moans as she lightly pushes back on his cock.

Brodus is sitting on the locker room bench as Naomi stands between his legs facing away form him with her ass impaled on his cock. "Mmmmm damn girl work it..." Brodus groans as Naomi pops her ass up and down on his thick hard tool.

Naomi looks over her shoulder and smirks at Brodus as she grinds her nicely juicy and thick ass down on his cock while she rocks and bounces.

"Ahhhhhh mmmmm yeah girl..." Brodus moans as Naomi uses her ass expertly as she bounces it up and down on his large dick.

Naomi grits her teeth as she lowers on his cock "Ohhhh yeah! Mmmmm ya like that, big guy!?" Naomi moans as she grinds her juicy black ass down on his cock.

"Aw yeah girl... love how you work that ass..." Brodus replies with a groan.

Meanwhile, Cameron still bent over the table as Tensai keeps ramming his cock into her juicy black ass while his dick is throbbing heavily.

Cameron looks back at Tensai and bites down on her bottom lip as she increasingly moves against the table with Tensai plowing into her nicely rounded black ass.

"Ahhhh shit..." The one time Intercontinental Champion groans as he begins to cum deep inside of Cameron's gorgeous ass.

"Mmmmmm ohhhhh yeah T!" Cameron moans and smiles as she feels Tensai's large load of cum releasing in her ass.

As Tensai is filling Cameron's asshole with his cum, Naomi has lifted her ass off of Brodus's throbbing shaft is kneeling between his legs with her large juicy black tits sandwiching his cock.

Naomi starts to move her upper body as she rubs his cock with tits, managing to lean her head and slap her tongue on the head of Brodus's cock.

"Hash damn girl.... awww..." Brodus moans ash starts to cum with his cock trapped between Naomi's tits.

Naomi lifts her head and watches as Brodus's cum sprays from his cock and runs down onto her juicy and rounded back tits.

"Mmmm yeah.... now that's some big time funk..." Brodus says with a grin as Naomi rubs her tits against his cock until he's finished cumming.

Naomi nods her head "Ya got that right!"

"I think I can get use to the 'Sweet T' name...just cause you like how I 'get down'..." Tensai says with a grin to Cameron.

Cameron smiles and nods her head. "There's nothing better than gettin' all funky!"


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