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Biker Invitation
by Rainmaker

Brie Bella was always the more adventurous of the Bella Twins. She was always one to love life, even if she would step above the line (I.E. sleeping around with other people or having one glass too many). Nikki was usually more reserved but she always had more......Murkier thoughts. You take one look at her and how could you miss a woman like her? Her average height, luscious curves, exquisite ravened hair, pouty red lips, and did I mention "luscious" curves? That's why it was all the more surprising why Nikki wanted to go to the biker capital of the world, Sturgis, South Dakota, all by herself.

Nikki landed in Sturgis and immediately stood out like a sore thumb. Here was this brightly colored, pampered star of WWE and reality TV in the hot, drab looking, Midwestern part of America that was Sturgis, South Dakota. Once she got to the hotel, she contemplated going out tonight and just enjoying this part of America. She only ever came to these parts whenever WWE was in town and had never had the chance to experience it.

"Well, at least the weather makes me feel right at home." Referring to South Dakota's scorching hot temperatures that reminded her of her native Arizona. While Nikki was doing her make-up so she could go out to one of the bars for the evening, she could hear the booming shriek of motorcycle engines being revved up outside, sometimes as far out as almost a whole mile from the hotel!

"Ugh, you have got to be kidding me." Nikki protested as she looked out her window to see the swarm of surprisingly decent-looking men. Well, "decent-looking" if we're going by the standards of bikers. A lot of them were tanned and probably in their mid-30, entering their 40s but they were tall and had scruffy beards that were just right. But Nikki wasn't interested in any men right now, all she wanted was some peace to herself in the one place in America that no one would expect someone like Nikki Bella to be visiting.

Trying to take her mind off the bikers' motorcycle engines, Nikki got dressed for the evening. She wore black shades to hide her face, long denim jeans that did a fine job of hugging her lower frame, and a baggy black shirt.

"Yeah, this looks fine." Nikki said cheerfully to herself as she admired herself in the mirror. It was dusk now, the once bright and humid sun was now cloaked by dark blue skies and an ever-present full moon.

"AHWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" One of the drunk patrons howled like a wolf at the sight of the full moon in the sky. Nikki strutted casually across the road from where her hotel was located to the bar, not paying any attention to the drunk man or his friend. Even despite being drunk, the man wasn't hammered enough to not notice Nikki Bella. "WOAH CHECK OUT THAT NUMBER!" The drunk man's equally drunk friend hollered but Nikki paid them no mind as if they were just spouting white noise.

Nikki entered the bar, which was a full-house full of rowdy bikers and contemptable biker chicks who really didn't care about how they looked or how they were looked at as most of them had to be in their mid-40s, which made them way too old to be wearing those kinds of clothes. "J&B barkeep." Nikki asked as she was able to successfully manage to stay out of site. Well, for now.

"You don't look familiar honey." The woman behind the bar inquired. "Not from around here?" Nikki shook her head.

"Nope, just passing through. What's the population here like?" Nikki asked, still not removing her shades as she took a sip of her drink.

"Well, last time I check the population down here was a little under 7,000 so everybody will most likely know everybody. Speaking of which, he come the Crick Creek Gang." The bartender hesitated as the Crick Creek Gang, the same band of bikers Nikki spotted earlier outside her hotel had entered the bar looking to raise some hell.

"The what Creek Gang?" Nikki asked confused.

"The Crick Creek Gang. 'Crick' is to us what 'Creek' is to you city folk. Silly name I know." The barkeep responded as the 5 men were howling in the bar. "The one in the middle is named Zeke, he's the leader." Zeke had flowing dirty-blonde hair (emphasis on dirty), stood an imposing 6'9, and a five o'clock shadow. "The two twins on either side of him are the Pier brothers, Pier and Pierre." The Pier twins were the shortest of the bunch, standing only at 5'10 but had toned physiques they weren't afraid of showing off.

"I should've visited the Badlands." Nikki said to herself in disappointment.

"Now that other big fella is Large Carl. I'm sure you could guess why." Large Carl stood 6'1 but had a bulky frame and was considered the Muscle of The Crick Creek Gang.

"Fuck, those are the guys I saw earlier today." Nikki said to the bartender who shrugged her shoulders.

"Like I said, everybody knows everybody eventually here in Sturgis." The bartender replied. "And that last guy is Fitzgerald." Fitzgerald stood 6'4 and was mostly the silent one of the crew. "Just stay here honey and I'll make sure these bastards won't hurt ya, I've dealt with them many a-times."

"Yo bartender!" Zeke proclaimed as they approached Nikki's area. Before asking for a drink, they finally laid their eyes on Nikki.

"Well, hello little missy. What brings you to these necks of the woods?" Large Carl asked in a somewhat taunting manner. Nikki stood there silent hoping they would go away.

"Boys, you better keep your pants on and your eyes in any other direction but on her." The bartender demanded.

"Well shit, you don't have to say it twice." Pier said as he stared at Nikki. The 4 bikers were sitting on either side of Nikki at the bar while Fitzgerald was ordered to wait outside.

"So what's a cute number like you doing in Sturgis? Don't think I've ever seen you around here." Zeke pressed on as he rubbed Nikki's arms slightly before she aggressively moved it away.

"Oooooooh this one's a little fighter." Pierre said as he chuckled.

"I'm passing through." Nikki hissed silently.

"I beg your pardon? I didn't catch that honey." Large Carl asked. Fed up and thinking the only way she was going to get these creeps away from her was by talking them down, she removed her shades and looked Large Carl straight in the eye.

"I. AM. PASSING THROUGH. TOWN." Nikki angrily announced.

"Like I said, this one is a fighter." Pierre shouted again.

"Shut up Pierre!" Zeke annoyingly commanded. "Look, how about this? We could use a girl in our gang. If you join up with us, nobody will be able to bother you ever again. Ever."

"You're full of shit." Nikki shot back.

"Dead serious. Look at you baby...." Before Zeke could finish, Nikki grabbed him by his balls and squeezed on them like a vise grip, causing the others to jump back.

"I DON'T MIND YOUR PROPOSAL BUT DON'T. EVER. CALL ME. BABY. AGAIN. GOT IT?!" Nikki demanded as Zeke nodded his head.

"Don't touch the boss you...." Large Carl was about to step in but Zeke held him off.

"It's fine boys." Zeke coughed before laughing. "I like this girl."

"Keep gawking because that is as far as you boys are going to get." Niki said.

"You sure? You don't think the sound of drinking freely or doing whatever you want wherever you want doesn't sound.....Enticing enough?" Pier offered.

"Nope. But thanks." Nikki replied.

"C'mon!" Large Carl practically begged as he gently caressed her arm, though this time she wasn't budging. "Nobody in Sturgis, nay, all of South Dakota will ever think of fucking with you." The Pier Twins then started to unsubtly flaunt their toned physiques, which Nikki couldn't help but admire.

"You two have some great looking bodies." Nikki said cheerfully before she continued. "BUT I'm still not interested." Nikki's voice returned to a hush tone, which disappointed the two. Nikki had to admit, she kind of enjoyed teasing the gang of bikers and their attempts are winning her over.

"What about earning a vest TONIGHT? You go through all the trials and we'll see where it goes from there?" Nikki was now interested in Zeke's proposal but still refused. "C'mon, I think we could use a woman like you."

"OH? You think could handle a woman like me running in your crew?" Nikki threw the gauntlet down.

"What do you say? Join us and nobody will even look at you twice ever again." Nikki pondered this proposal for several seconds before slowly nodding her head. The men were so busy celebrating the idea of them finally having a female amongst their ranks that they didn't even notice Nikki giving the bartender a wink hinting that she was going to pull a pro wrestling-style swerve on the bikers when they least expected it.

"Hey, you look familiar doll." Pier questioned. "Aren't you from the WWE?"

"Sure, we'll go with that." Nikki playfully shot back.

"Where are you staying sugar?" Zeke asked as Nikki got on his bike.

"Right up there." Nikki pointed to the hotel steps away from the bar.

"Nice. Don't worry, our hideout is only 5 minutes from here so you'll be back in no time." Zeke said as they drove off. The other members just had a standard Harley but Zeke rode an XR-750, the same kind as Evel Knievel himself rode. They eventually found their way to the hideout as a series of initiations took place. Things ranging from something tedious as throwing darts to drinking contests to taking one, brief dose of cocaine. Nikki was feeling a little out of it to the point that she didn't even notice the men were gone from the room.

"Okay, now for the last test." Pier said before the room stood silent. Large Carl slowly wrapped his arms around Nikki and kissed her on the lips, which Nikki was having none of.

"What the fuck?!" Nikki said as she struggled, eventually breaking free before Pierre grabbed her and held her with ease. "YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES, THIS WAS NOT A PART OF THE DEAL YOU MOTHER-" Pierre placed his lips onto Nikki's, which Nikki protested for a few more seconds before eventually succumbing to his kiss. For a scruffy looking biker, Pierre had a soft touch when it came to kissing, which Nikki would've never guess.

Nikki was ready to remove her new black colors but Zeke suggested she keep them on during this whole ordeal. Large Carl and both Pier and Pierre had their pants down revealing their rock-hard erections.

"ME FIRST." Zeke grunted revealing his semi-erect cock which Nikki was more than happy to please. Nikki was chowing down on Zeke's well-endowed member and seemed to have no qualms about it now. Now I guess she knew how her sister Brie was.

"Large Carl wants a crack at you hon if that's fine." Nikki nodded at Zeke's request as Large Carl removed her jeans and only left was her bare vagina, staring at him waiting to be filled.

"HEY WHAT ABOUT US?!" The Pier twins whined and protested. Zeke didn't say a word but motioned them to his side to motion them receiving a handjob from Nikki. With all 4 men's cocks out and one stoic biker on the outside scouting in Fitzgerald, this was the ultimate initiation.

"OHMMMMPLLMMMPHhH!" Nikki slurped heavily on Zeke's cocked as she rapidly jerked the twins' cocks while also having Large Carl's large cock inside of her.

"OH GODAMMN!" Pier cried out. Him and his brother weren't long for this as Nikki could feel their cocks twitching. Holding both their cocks together in her hands and squeezing them with all her might, Nikki simultaneously milked both the brothers' cocks as they shot a small stream of cum that landed on either side of Nikki's vest.

"Oh shit she is a good fuck!" Large Carl decreed as he continuously pounded himself into Nikki's tight twat, her breasts starting to jiggle. Noticing this, Zeke had her take off her top to reveal her heaving breasts but still made sure she kept her colors on.

"Those are the finest pair of tits I've ever laid my eyes on." The horny biker graveled as he started to deepthroat Nikki in and out, in and out went his stiff pecker into her pretty little mouth as he couldn't help but cup a feel of her breasts.

"Hhhmmmmmm!" Nikki moaned as Zeke started to pinch her nipples. Her once flowing dark hair was now a complete mess and Nikki, who had once planned on turning on these guys when they least expected it, was now at their will. She relished in being a dirty biker girl now whom no one can mess with.

"Oooooh shit, yo Zeke wanna switch?!" Large Carl asked and without a second thought, Zeke exited from Nikki's mouth, turned her around and couldn't help but admire her ample bottom. "Ooooh fuck she sucks so good!" Large Carl moaned as Nikki started to hungrily suck as Large Carl's cock, rubbing his balls softly in the process.

"What about your friend out there? I'm sure he wants in on this." Nikki moaned.

"Hmmm who, Fitzgerald? Nah, he's not really into the whole sex thing." Large Carl moaned. Using his lubed cock, Zeke slowly rubbed the head of his cock at the entrance of her asshole, causing Nikki to gasp.

"MMMM JUST DO IT YOU BASTARD!" Nikki moaned as she jerked Large Carl's cock, bracing herself for Zeke's entry into her most sacred hole.
"Looks like I don't need much more convincing." Zeke moaned before he finally inserted himself into Nikki Bella's ass.

"OH FUCK THAT IS MASSIVE." Nikki groaned at Zeke's length, trying not to move too much so she could ease herself onto him. After about a minute of waiting, Zeke was given the confirmation once Nikki shot him an alluring look over her shoulder. Zeke thrust himself into her asshole at a moderate speed feeling her breasts in the process while Large Carl continued to deepthroat her. The Pier Twins watched in complete awe at the sight in front of them.

"OOOOH SHIT I CAN'T HOLD ON." Large Carl panted feeling his testicles start to bubble and cock twitching, he knew he was close so he stopped deepthroating Nikki and allowed him to finish in her mouth. Stroking him rapidly, Large Carl finally came with a loud grunt unloading a small but steady stream of cum into her mouth as Zeke continued to fuck her vigorously.

"Shit I can feel you tear me apart!" Nikki confirmed causing Zeke to grin smugly.

"You're ours now. Say it." Zeke demanded.

"I'm yours." Nikki whispered.

"Say it like you mean it." Zeke ordered again. By now, Nikki's orgasm was finally building and had long pass the point of giving herself to The Crick Creek Gang.

"DAMN IT I'M YOURS! I'M THIS GANG'S LITTLE WHORE AND......OH SHIT!" With her final confession, Nikki Bella came with an ear-piercing groan as her ass further shackled around Zeke's cock as it started to milk him too.

"FUCK I'M CUMMING." Zeke shouted. He didn't know where to shoot so he pulled out of Nikki and unloaded a large load onto as juicy ass, causing her to giggle in the process. With the final drops of cum, Zeke was spent and had a cheeky grin on his face. He finally had a proper female among his group and Nikki had conformed to a new lifestyle.

"Now what?" Nikki asked as she finally caught her breath and put her clothes back on.

"Well, I think we should just stay here and call it a night." Zeke said causing Nikki to pout.

"NO WAY. I earned these colors." Nikki protested. "I want to show these colors off. What do you boys think, should we continue to paint this town red? The night is still young." Nikki planned which made all the men gleeful.

"Holy shit, she is down with the cause." Pierre stated.

"I like this girl." Pier said.

"It's like she never had a previous life and wants to really be with us now." Large Carl also stated.

"Yeah, I think you're gonna be a fine biker chick." Zeke stated. With that last statement, the group revved their bikes and drove into the night, living life on the road. This was something Nikki was going to love.

The End.

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