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Bikini Beach Part 1: Mutual Admiration
by Revolution

The WWE decided to treat 12 of its Divas to a much needed vacation down at a
resort in Mexico over the Summer. Each Diva was allowed to bring a guest with
them for this vacation. Dawn Marie brought her fiancee, Pat Kenney. Gail Kim
brought her boyfriend, Doug Basham. Ivory brought her former boyfriend, Shane
'Hurricane' Helms. Lita brought Matt Hardy. Miss Jackie brought Charlie Haas.
Molly Holly invited Shelton Benjamin to come with her. Nidia brought her
former flame, Jamie Noble. Sable couldn't bring Brock Lesnar so she brought
her trainer, Tony, instead. Stacy Keibler invited Scott Steiner to come with
her instead of Test. Torrie Wilson brought her husband, Billy Kidman. Trish
Stratus brought her 'Problem Solver' Tyson Tomko. And finally, Victoria
brought Stevie Richards.

It was a hot and wild time with all the divas in one place at one time. Here
are the stories of Bikini Beach...

Down on the beach...

Lita is laying down on her stomach in a black thong bikini, catching some
sun, while Matt is relaxing up in the cabana, doing some reading. Matt hears
a voice call out his name and looks up to see Shane Helms and Ivory. Matt
greets his buddy and says 'Hello' to Ivory as well.

"I'm gonna go down there with Lita, you two behave," Ivory laughed with her
trademark cackle. Ivory was in a pair of shorts and a loose white tanktop
over her bikini. She headed down the beach as Shane took a seat next to Matt.

"Hey Lita!" Ivory said as she set down her towel.

"How's it going, Ivory? It's beautiful out here," Lita said as she stood up
and gave Ivory a hug.

"You are a lucky man, Matt," Shane commented.

"What are you talking about?" Matt asked, his read down in his book.

"Look at Lita down there in her little thong. Wow," he said.

"I know, I know, her ass has never looked better," Matt gloated. Lita was
adjusting her thong as Ivory stripped down to a regular purple bikini. As
she took off her shorts, Lita turned around and bent down in front of her
to position her beach towel.

"Damn girl, I wish I had an ass like yours," Ivory said. Lita stood up and
looked over her shoulder at Ivory checking out her ass.

"Really?" Lita asked.

"Oh yeah, it's just the right size. Not too small and not too big like mine,"
Ivory said, "That's why it looks perfect in a thong."

"Gee thanks, Ivory but you shouldn't talk like that, you have a great ass. I
like your big ass, you really should be wearing a thong too," Lita suggested.

"Oh I don't know," Ivory said.

"Here turn around," Lita said. She grabbed Ivory's bikini bottoms and wedged
them up her ass crack, making it look like a thong.

"What the...? Look at this," Shane said as he pushed down Matt's book.

"I don't know why you're so jealous of me, that's a great ass," Matt said of

"Yeah but she's all self-conscious about it recently," Shane explained.

"Your ass is so big and beautiful," Lita said as she rubbed Ivory's big buns.

"Yeah yeah thanks Lita, you're so nice. It doesn't change the fact that
you're ass looks so good in a thong. Matt's a lucky man," Ivory said.

"I was wanting to ask you, why'd you bring Shane? I thought you two broke up
a long time ago?" Lita asked.

"We did but I needed someone to bring and he's got a huge dick," Ivory said

"Wow, Matt's is pretty big too, must be something where they grew up!" Lita

"He gets to rub his hands all over your body," Ivory said as she started
rubbing Lita's thighs and up to her stomach. Lita took a deep breath and
started feeling up Ivory's stacked body. Just then, Matt and Shane arrived
down at the beach. They needed a closer look!

"What are you two up to?" Matt grinned.

"Oh it's just getting pretty hot down here," Lita smiled back.

"Yeah I was just admiring Lita's ass," Ivory said.

"Funny, so was I," Shane said.

"Oh you were, were you? Well I was telling Ivory that I think her big ass is
beautiful," Lita said.

"Yeah it looked damn good from where I was sitting," Matt remarked. Lita
whispered something to Ivory and Ivory nodded in approval. Ivory moved over
towards Matt while Lita moved towards Shane.

"Am I making you hot, Shane? Ivory told me what a big cock you have, let me
see for myself," Lita said.

"And you think I look damn good? Well according to Lita, your dick is damn
good, let me see it," Ivory said. Matt and Shane looked at each other and
both nodded, as to give their approval for what was about to happen. Ivory
and Lita dropped to their knees and helped Matt and Shane off with their
bathing suits. Needless to say, both divas were impressed with what sprung
out. Ivory began to stroke Matt's big thick eight inch dick while Lita
marveled at Shane's long nine inches. The two scorching hot divas licked
and sucked on the cocks under the hot Mexican sun.

"Mmm yeeeah, such a big cock, mmmm," Lita moaned between deep sucks on
Shane's dick.

"Ohh Lita that feels so good," he moaned. Ivory's loud mouth was muffled for
once as Matt had her by the back of the head and was deep throating her. Lita
stopped sucking on Shane's dick for a moment to watch.

"Yeah that's it Matt, throat fuck her with your big cock," Lita encouraged.
Matt stuffed his dick down Ivory's throat and pumped in and out as she gagged
and spit all over his dick. He pulled out and Ivory gasped for air. Lita
leaned over and sucked all the precum and saliva off Matt's shaft. She then
pulled Shane over and held both of their big dicks. She squished them inside
of her mouth, trying to suck them both at once! Matt and Shane got the idea
and took over, forcing both their cocks tightly into Lita's mouth. Her eyes
opened wide as she took some of both their cocks inside her mouth.

"Yeeah Lita, suck em both!" Ivory looked on amazed. Lita kept trying to get
more and more of the two dicks squished inside her mouth but could only get
so much.

"Mmmm damn you two are huge," Lita commented. "You're somethin' else, Lita,"
Shane complimented her 'skills'.

"Lita, baby, I want you to give him your specialty," Matt said. "Oh I don't
know," Lita said.

"Come on, I wanna see what THAT is," Ivory said.

"Well let me make you a deal. You get Matt off and I'll give Shane my ummm
specialty as Matt called it. Get him off without fucking him," Lita said.

"Oh I know just the way," Ivory smiled. Lita and Shane sat back and watched
as Ivory told Matt to lay down.

"So you love this big ass?" Ivory asked him.

"Mmm yeah that's a big booty," Matt said. Ivory pressed Matt's dick against
his stomach and sat on it, grinding her soft ass cheeks against the underside
of his cock.

"Ooohh yeeah Ivory, ohhh your butt feels good," he cooed.

"Yeah let my fat ass do all the work," Ivory said as she rubbed that big ass
all over Matt's dick. Ivory then backed up Matt's chest, letting him feel her
big soft buns all over his body. Once she got to his face, she raised her ass
in the air and started to lower it towards his face. Once she got close she
raised it back up away from him.

"Tell me how much you want my fat ass," Ivory said.

"Oh god Ivory, gimme your fat ass!" Matt said. Ivory teased him some more
then sat down on his face, rubbing her butt all over it. Matt stuck his
tongue out, tasting her asshole. Ivory leaned forward and grabbed ahold of
his cock in a 69 position. She squeezed it tight around the base as she
wiggled her ass around on his face.

"Yeah Matt - make love to my big ass! Love it! Taste it! Feel it! Cum for
it!" Ivory encouraged. Matt's hands dug into her big buns, spreading them
apart as he tongue fucked her asshole. Ivory then placed her mouth around
his pole and gave it three rough jerks. Matt's moans could be heard from
underneath Ivory's ass as he came in her mouth! She kept jerking, he kept
moaning until the moans stopped. Ivory lifted her head and swallowed,
setting down Matt's softening cock and getting off of his face.

"Oh my god, oh my god," Matt sighed.

"How was that?" Ivory asked Lita.

"Damn Ivory, you know what you're doing!" Lita said.

"I never got tired of those," Shane chuckled.

"Well it's your turn to get MY specialty," Lita said. Lita made Shane lay
down on his stomach. She spread his legs a little and pulled his cock back
so it laid facing his feet.

"You obviously love ass. You love my ass. Well I like ass too," Lita said
as she knelt down next to Shane and started rubbing his ass. She licked her
fingers and started rubbing his asshole.

"Mmmm yeeah Lita, ooohh yeah," he sighed. Litta rubbed his asshole some
more and the base of his cock. She then put her head down and gently licked
Shane's anus.

"Mmmm you like that?" Lita asked as she tongued his asshole.

"Ooohhh fuuuck, lick my ass," he moaned. She grabbed onto his cock and gently
stroked it as she ran her tongue ring over his anus.

"Mmm fuck Lita you nasty girl," Shane moaned. Lita ran her tongue down his
asshole, over his taint, all over his balls and along the underside of his
cock and all the way back. Lita told him to roll over onto his back.

"Yeeah you like it when I lick your ass?" she asked.

"Ooohh fuck yes Lita, you nasty girl," he moaned. Lita grabbed Shane's cock
with one hand and pushed it up as she buried her face back in his ass,
licking and kissing away. With her other hand, she undid her bikini top
letting it fall off. Lita then moved up and wrapped her big titties around
Shane's nine inch dick.

"Ahhhh shit Lita, those are some nice tits," Shane moaned. Lita milked his
cock with her big breasts. She stuck her tongue out, letting it hit the tip
of his dick when she moved down.

"Cum on my big titties! Come on Shane, cum on my tits!" Lita encouraged as
she jerked his cock faster with her big luscious breasts.

"Oh Lita! Lita! Ooooohhhhhhhh LITA! Unggghhhhhh!" Shane groaned as cum shot
up out of his big dick and splattered on Lita's chest!

"Nice big fuckin titties," Shane moaned as he slapped his dick against Lita's
big jugs.

"Bring that fat butt here," Lita said to Ivory. Ivory crawled over and stuck
her big ass next to Lita. Lita rubbed her big tits against Ivory's big ass,
rubbing Shane's cum onto it. Lita then licked up the cum off of Ivory's ass.

"Mmmm yeah tasty cum on a tasty ass," Lita moaned as she slurped off all the
cum. Ivory turned around and grabbed ahold of Lita's breasts, licking any
remaining cum off of them.

"God your tits are good," Ivory commented as she cleaned them right off.

"Mmmmm they're nice and clean, now all we need is to get these boys hard
again," Lita said. Lita got down on her knees behind Ivory and SPANKED that
fat ass!

"Damn Ivory, I was going to eat out your ass but I don't know if my tongue
can fit between these big buns," Lita said, "But you know I'll try!" Lita
spread Ivory's full ass cheeks and buried her nose in Ivory's crack. Lita
rubbed her nose up Ivory's anus then stuck her tongue.

"Ah yeah right there Lita, ahhh baby," Ivory moaned as Lita's tongue was
buried deep in her asshole. Matt and Shane watched on, waiting for their
balls to start to fill up again and their cocks to get hard. Ivory started
to get weak in the knees and laid down on her stomach, spreading her legs
apart so Lita could get at that ass even more. Ivory reached forward and
started to play with Matt and Shane's dicks.

"Yeah that's it, get hard again, get ready to fuck us," Ivory sighed. After
a little bit, Lita stood up and peeled off her thong. She sat down on top of
Ivory's ass and started grinding her ass and pussy against Ivory's big butt.

"Who looks the best in a thong?" Lita asked.

"You do!" Ivory shouted. Lita then put her thong in Ivory's mouth and pulled
her head back with it, still grinding against her.

"Yeeeah but I love your fat ass Ivory, mmmm yeah," Lita sighed, her juices
dripping all over Ivory's butt. Lita stood up as soon as she saw that Matt
and Shane were rock hard again. Ivory kept Lita's thong in her mouth,
licking every inch of it then passed it back to Lita, who slid it right
back up her ass. Ivory and Lita both got down on all fours.

"Come on, fuck our hot asses, fuck em now!" Ivory demanded.

"Go on Matt, stick your dick in her ass," Lita encouraged. Matt got behind
Ivory and worked his big dick deep inside her big booty.

"Unhhhhhhh damn that's big, ohhh god I need this, I need this butt fucking,"
Ivory moaned. Shane then walked behind Lita and slid his cock in her ass.

"Give it to me Shane! Fuck my ass! Don't hold back, fuck it hard!" Lita
encouraged. Matt and Shane gave these two divas what they wanted and that
was a good ass fucking.

"Oh Lita your ass is so good, damnit," Shane moaned.

"Pull my hair and fuck my ass!" Lita wanted. Shane tugged on Lita's fiery
red hair as he slammed into her tight butt with his hard cock. He started
feeling up her body, grabbing at her big tits while he felt all of her
asshole against his cock, pounding her deeply. Matt was fixated on Ivory's
big ass, watching it jiggle as he slammed into it. He rubbed his hands
around all over it, feeling its girt.

"Yeah Matt, love my fat butt! Love it! Fuck it! It's yours! My big booty is
all yours!" Ivory screamed.

"Mmmm damn Ivory, this big ass is incredible, holy fuck!" Matt groaned.
Ivory played with herself, rubbing her clit and screaming out loudly as she
got her butt fucking from Matt.

"Give Ivory's ass a rest," Lita told Matt. Lita made Shane lay down on the
ground and she straddled him, working his rod up into her wet pussy. Lita
laid down ontop of Shane, rubbing her big tits into his chest.

"Grab my ass," Lita told Shane. He slapped his hands onto her toned and
tanned butt, grabbing ahold. Matt knew what Lita wanted as he came up from
behind and shoved his cock deep in her exposed ass.

"Unhhhhhh yeeeah baby that's it! Ohhh fuck! I love having two big cocks
inside of me! Ohhhh god!" Lita moaned. Matt started pumping Lita's ass at
a good pace while Shane moved his hips, pumping Lita's warm pussy.

"Ohh baby I know how much you love this," Matt whispered into her ear.

"Gimme what I REALLY want, Matt, do it, please, do it," Lita pleaded. Matt
pulled his cock out from Lita's tight ass and pushed it down into her pussy
alongside Shane's.

"FUCK YES! FUCK YES! TWO IN MY PUSSY! FUCK YES!" Lita screamed out as she
felt the two cocks sliding around in her pussy.

"Yeeeah you dirty nasty girl," Matt moaned. Lita gripped hard on the beach
towel, taking all this cock inside of her.

"Who's my nasty slut?" Matt asked, pulling on Lita's red hair.

"I'm your nasty slut! Yeeeah! Unhhh fuck my pussy! Two fucking cocks! Ahhhh
uhhhhhh shit!" Lita moaned. Meanwhile, Ivory was sitting with her legs
spread, fingering her pussy and watching Lita get double penetrated. Lita
looked over at Ivory and put her hand back on Matt, motioning for him to
stop. Lita turned around and sucked on both cocks, tasting her pussy juice.

"Ahh Lita ahhh fuck," Shane moaned as she stuffed both cocks in her mouth at

"Mmmmmm mmmm, Ivory get over here," Lita said, "You see this big ass? I
wanna see both your cocks in it at once!"

"Ohhh I don't know," Ivory said nervously.

"You can fucking take it, look at this thing!" Lita said, smacking Ivory's
large ass. Matt laid down on the ground and got Ivory on top of him so his
cock was lodged deep in her round ass. Shane came from behind and tried to
work his cock into Ivory's asshole.

"Fuuuck it won't go in, too tight," Shane said. Lita came over and slobbered
on Shane's dick, getting it super wet. She helped him work it deep into
Ivory's asshole.

"OH ... MY ... GOD!" Ivory screeched as her asshole was filled with not one
big dick but two!

"Yeah that's it Ivory! How's that feel?" Lita asked.

Ivory screamed.

"Fuuuck this looks so good, fuuuck Ivory, your ass is so big!" Shane groaned.

"Keep pumping it Shane, I don't know how much more I can handle," Matt
grunted. He grabbed onto Ivory's full ass cheeks, spreading them as wide
as he possibly could so he and Shane could double pump her ass as good as
possible! Lita got down behind the two guys and started tonguing Shane's
ass again, rubbing her tongue ring against his anus.

"Ohhhh fuuccking christ fuck Lita oh shiiit!" Shane groaned as he quickly
whipped his cock out of Ivory's ass and splattered his cum all over it!
Lita grabbed Shane's dick and sucked it dry. She then started tickling
Matt's balls with her tongue until he had to pull out and shoot his load
onto Ivory's big round ass!

"Fuck baby, you're so good," he sighed. The two men laid down on the sand
as Lita told Ivory to stand up. Ivory stood up while Lita stayed on her
knees, at eye level with Ivory's booty. Lita began licking all the cum off
of Ivory's ass with long, slow, sensual licks.

"Mmmmm Lita, ohhhh lick my big ass, ohhhh yeeeah," Ivory moaned.

"Ohhhhh Ivory, I love this ass, I love your big butt, I love cum, mmmmm,"
Lita said as she finished licking all the cum up off of Ivory's tanned round

"I think we need to cool off," Ivory said. She slipped her bikini back on
and headed down to the water. Lita joined her but Matt and Shane were too
worn out to even get up...

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