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Bikini Beach Part 2: Molly's Shy
by Revolution

"The WWE decided to treat 12 of its Divas to a much needed vacation down at a
resort in Mexico over the Summer. Each Diva was allowed to bring a guest with
them for this vacation. Dawn Marie brought her fiancee, Pat Kenney. Gail Kim
brought her boyfriend, Doug Basham. Ivory brought her former boyfriend, Shane
'Hurricane' Helms. Lita brought Matt Hardy. Miss Jackie brought Charlie Haas.
Molly Holly invited Shelton Benjamin to come with her. Nidia brought her
former flame, Jamie Noble. Sable couldn't bring Brock Lesnar so she brought
her trainer, Tony, instead. Stacy Keibler invited Scott Steiner to come with
her instead of Test. Torrie Wilson brought her husband, Billy Kidman. Trish
Stratus brought her 'Problem Solver' Tyson Tomko. And finally, Victoria
brought Stevie Richards.

It was a hot and wild time with all the divas in one place at one time. Here
are the stories of Bikini Beach..."

Down by the pool...

A bunch of the guys are laying out, catching some sun or swimming in the
pool. Molly comes walking out in a black one piece swimsuit and sits down
on a chair next to Shelton Benjamin. Shelton greets her then jumps into the
pool. Several minutes later, Victoria comes walking out in a tiny pink thong
bikini and Molly sees everyone's head turn to check her out when she walks
by. She sees all the guys making comments to themselves as they see
Victoria's ass. Victoria sits down next to Molly...

"Everyone was checking you out," Molly says to Victoria.

"Oh good, they always do, I'm used to it," Victoria said.

"I wish guys would look at me that way," Molly sighed.

"They would if you didn't wear such a conservative swimsuit. You should be
wearing something like this," Victoria said.

"Come on now, I don't have your figure, I can't wear a thong," Molly said.

"Why not? Because you have a big ass? I have a big ass, guys like big asses!"
Victoria stated.

"You have a big ass, I have a REALLY big ass, there's a difference," Molly

Victoria stood up and called Shelton over. Shelton got out of the pool and
walked over to where the two ladies were sitting.

"Do you think Molly could pull off wearing a thong bikini?" she asked.

"Hell yeah, I'd love to see that," Shelton said.

"Really? I don't know," Molly sighed.

"Come on, let's go get you in one!" Victoria said, standing up.

"Can I come?" Shelton asked. Victoria grabbed him and Molly by the arm and
they headed upstairs to Victoria's room. Up in the room, Victoria rummaged
through her bag until she found a plain black thong bikini. She took Molly
into the bathroom while Shelton waited. Molly stripped out of her swimsuit
and put on the black thong bikini. She looked over her shoulder into the
mirror at her ass in a thong.

"See it's too big," Molly sighed, "What guy would like an ass this big?"

"You're wrong, I'm telling you, let's go show Shelton at least," Victoria
said as she opened the door, pulling Molly out. Molly walked out and stood
a few feet away from Shelton. She asked him what he thought but he didn't
answer. Victoria made Molly spin around and show him her ass. Again, Molly
asked what he thought but Shelton just stared.

"It's ok, you can tell me the truth," Molly said.

"The truth is you are one FAT ASS white girl! I LOVE IT! That is one huge
fat fucking ass, god damn Molly!" He raved, "You're making me crazy over
here, girl, you've got a beautiful face, nice big breasts, SMOOTH thunder
thighs and a big fat ass! Fuck!" Molly's demeanor changed, she was no
longer ashamed or embarassed to have such a big ass. She walked over to
Shelton and gave him a deep long kiss. His hands quickly moved down onto
her ass, rubbing all of that flesh. He soon spun her around and dropped
down to his knees behind her. He began playing with Molly's big meaty ass,
squeezing and squishing the flesh with his fingers.

"Oh god, so big, so fat, oh god," he moaned as he played with Molly's ass.
Shelton went over and laid down on the bed and told Molly to sit on his face.
Molly got up on the bed and parked her ass right on Shelton's face. He pulled
her thong out from between those big ass cheeks and went to town on her

"Ooohhhh ohhhhh my ohhhh wow," Molly moaned as she had her asshole licked.
Molly looked down and saw a big bulge in Shelton's shorts. She leaned forward
and pulled out his huge black cock. Molly started playing with it, stroking
and licking it. She would suck on the tip while she jerked him.

"Ohhh suck my cock, Molly, suck it fat ass, suck it," he encouraged from
underneath her ass. Molly moved her hips around, grinding her ass on
Shelton's face while he worked over his big dick.

"Goddamn, I gotta fuck this fat booty," he said as he lifted Molly of him
and placed her on her knees. SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! He spanked Molly's ass all
over, making it's jelly filled goodness jiggle.

"Be careful when you stick that big cock in my fat ass, ok?" Molly asked.

"Yeeeah Molly, I'll take it easy on ya booty," he said. He slowly worked a
couple inches of his cock inside of Molly's asshole. She had never taken
anything like this in her ass before.

"How's that, Molly? I bet your fat butt likes that," he asked.

"Mmmmhmmmm more ... more ... I can take it," Molly insisted. Shelton kept
slowly sliding more and more of his massive black cock into Molly's big fat
white ass until it was about 3/4 of the way in. He then started pumping it
in and out while holding onto Molly's shapely hips.

"Ahhh huhhhh fuck me ohhh soo big, I like this, ohhh yeeah," Molly moaned
softly, she wasn't a screamer. Shelton was mesmerized by how good Molly's
butt looked as he fucked it.

"Ohhh fuck, your ass is so fucking fat, holy shit, I love your fat ass!" He
kept saying. After a couple minutes, Shelton sat on the edge of the bed and
got Molly to sit on his dick. Her ass squished down against his thighs and
he made her grind her hips with his cock all deep in her ass. He sucked and
kissed Molly's big natural breasts and tried not to bust his load just yet.

"Ohhh baby your cock feels so good, it hurts, I like it, ohhhh yeeeah," Molly
sighed. She held him tightly as he moved his hands down onto her fat ass and
started pumping his cock up into her ass as hard as he could.

"OH MY GO! OH SHIT! FUCK!" Molly screamed!

FUCK YEAH!" He yelled as he slammed his dick so hard up into her ass, and
felt it jiggle non stop between his fingers.

"FUUUCK MY FAT ASS!" Molly screamed. Shelton slowed down then pushed Molly
down onto her knees and unloaded all over that big ass!

"Yeeeah can't miss that target!" He grunted as he spewed out his steamy cum
all over Molly's ass!

"Ohhh that feels so nice and warm," Molly said as the cum splattered onto
her booty.

"Yeeah yeeah look at your fat ass covered in cum, yeeah," Shelton said. He
laughed to hismelf as he laid down on the bad, muttering to himself how
amazing Molly's ass was. Molly smiled with a new confidence about her

Meanwhile, Victoria had been watching the whole time! She snuck out of the
room, wet puicy juices dripping down her muscular thighs...

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