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Bikini Beach Part 3: Nidia's Problem
by Revolution

"The WWE decided to treat 12 of its Divas to a much needed vacation down at a
resort in Mexico over the Summer. Each Diva was allowed to bring a guest with
them for this vacation. Dawn Marie brought her fiancee, Pat Kenney. Gail Kim
brought her boyfriend, Doug Basham. Ivory brought her former boyfriend, Shane
'Hurricane' Helms. Lita brought Matt Hardy. Miss Jackie brought Charlie Haas.
Molly Holly invited Shelton Benjamin to come with her. Nidia brought her
former flame, Jamie Noble. Sable couldn't bring Brock Lesnar so she brought
her trainer, Tony, instead. Stacy Keibler invited Scott Steiner to come with
her instead of Test. Torrie Wilson brought her husband, Billy Kidman. Trish
Stratus brought her 'Problem Solver' Tyson Tomko. And finally, Victoria
brought Stevie Richards.

It was a hot and wild time with all the divas in one place at one time. Here
are the stories of Bikini Beach...

Late at night, down in the hot tub...

Jamie Noble comes down and gets into the hot tub to relax. He's soon joined
by Nidia. She took off her robe and had on a grey and white bikini. Jamie was
having trouble not staring at her MASSIVE knockers as she got down into the
hot tub.

"So how have you been?" Nidia asked, striking up some conversation with her
ex-boyfriend. Jamie said that he's been good over on Smackdown and he's been
very proud of the way that Nidia's been wrestling on RAW. The two talked for
quite some time about their former relationship and how they miss each other.
Nidia admitted she invited Jamie on the trip so that they could come to some
kind of agreement not to be mad at each other and be friends. Jamie said that
he would like that and he would support Nidia's career any way that he could.

"You know that I know what you've been doing the whole time, right?" Nidia
asked with a harsh tone.

"What are you talkin about girl?" Jamie said.

"You've been staring at my tits the whole time," Nidia said!

"I'm sorry girl," Jamie admitted.

"It's ok, Jamie! They're pretty huge, aren't they? I love em, they're so much
fun," Nidia said as she started playing with her tits.

"Yeah they're nice ... real nice," Jamie said, staring right at those huge
jugs. Nidia moved her hands around her back and the next thing Jamie knew, he
was staring right at Nidia's watermelons. Nidia pulled her bikini top off and
put it next to the hot tub.

"Check this out, Jamie," Nidia said as she pushed her right tit up to her
mouth and bit her nipple, getting it hard. She then did the same with her
left tit.

"I remember when I used to do that," Jamie sighed.

"Come here baby, its ok, you can feel them," Nidia said. Jamie moved over
next to Nidia and cupped her breasts. They were way more then a handful. He
rubbed them all over, getting very excited. He started tweaking her nipples
and rubbing her sensitive aerolas. Jamie sensed the time was right and he
lowered his mouth and kissed Nidia's massive tits. He got no objection from
Nidia so he went a little further, kissing and sucking her nipples.

"Ohhhh Jamie," she sighed softly. He continued to licking, kissing and
sucking on Nidia's massive boobs. There was just so much of them to taste.
Soon Nidia told him to sit up on the edge of the hot tub. She slid his
bathing suit down to his ankles, and squeezed his cock between her tits.

"Goddamn," he remarked as he saw his dick disappear between those big
luscious breasts. He just leaned back a little as Nidia moved up and down,
fucking his cock with her huge tits.

"Mmmm you like that, Jamie? You like my new big titties on your dick?" Nidia

"Oh yeah girl, keep it up," he moaned. Nidia milked his cock with her tits,
splashing some water on them to make them slick. She heard him start to take
short breaths so she slowed down, slowly jerking his cock with her tits.

"Shiiiit Nidia, I'm gonna blow," he groaned.

"Cum for me Jamie, I want it all over my tits," Nidia insisted. She milked
that cock, up and down, with her giant breasts until cum spewed out, dripping
down her heaving chest.

"Ohh girl oh baby I love those new tits, fuck girl you emptied me out!" Jamie
exclaimed as Nidia rinsed the cum from her rack.

"Completely empty?" Nidia asked.

"Yeah girl, I'm done, damn those titties are nice," he said.

"Shit, cause feeling a warm dick between my tits gets me so wet," Nidia
confessed, "I guess I'll head up to my room and finish myself off." Nidia
got up out of the water and bent down to pick up her bikini top when she
felt something rubbing against her ass. Nidia stood up and felt a pair of
big hands grab her tits. She turned her head back and looked up at the
massive Tyson Tomko.

"Sounds like you've got a problem," he said.

"Well damn what are you waiting for?" Nidia asked as she pulled off her
bikini bottoms and bent over!

"Fuck me, right now, fuck me right here," she insisted. Tyson whipped out
his huge cock and stuck it right in Nidia's wet hole. Nidia trembled as she
felt a very big dick penetrate her.

"Fucking whore," he said.

"Yeah that's right I'm a fucking whore! A hot whore that you've got your dick
in so shut up and fuck me!" Nidia shot back with her fiery attitude. Tyson
stuck his fingers in Nidia's mouth as he slammed into her pussy hard. She
moaned out, not caring if anyone could see or hear her getting fucked by

A WHORE!" Nidia screamed. Tyson flipped Nidia over and put her on her back.
He got back inside of her dripping wet pussy and grabbed onto her massive
tits as he fucked the whore. Nidia was in heaven getting slammed by this big

yeah god yes oooohhh wow," Nidia moaned as she climaxed and came down. Tyson
pumped her a few more times then whipped out his cock and moved up like he
was going to cum on her titties but then shot his load right in Nidia's face!
The cum splattered in Nidia's hair, here eyes, her mouth, all over her
fucking face! As Nidia wiped the cum from her eyes, Tyson stood up and pulled
up his shorts.

"Problem solved," he said, walking away, leaving Nidia's face a cum stained

"Mmmm problem solved," she said under her breath.

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