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Bikini Beach Part 4: Stacy's Revelation
by Revolution

"The WWE decided to treat 12 of its Divas to a much needed vacation down at a
resort in Mexico over the Summer. Each Diva was allowed to bring a guest with
them for this vacation. Dawn Marie brought her fiancee, Pat Kenney. Gail Kim
brought her boyfriend, Doug Basham. Ivory brought her former boyfriend, Shane
'Hurricane' Helms. Lita brought Matt Hardy. Miss Jackie brought Charlie Haas.
Molly Holly invited Shelton Benjamin to come with her. Nidia brought her
former flame, Jamie Noble. Sable couldn't bring Brock Lesnar so she brought
her trainer, Tony, instead. Stacy Keibler invited Scott Steiner to come with
her instead of Test. Torrie Wilson brought her husband, Billy Kidman. Trish
Stratus brought her 'Problem Solver' Tyson Tomko. And finally, Victoria
brought Stevie Richards.

It was a hot and wild time with all the divas in one place at one time. Here
are the stories of Bikini Beach...

Up in their room...

Stacy Keibler was going through some of her clothes while Scott Steiner was
ready to head down to the pool.

"This place is beautiful, isn't it?" Stacy asked.

"Yeah it's hot down here. Why'd you invite me anyways?" Scott asked.

"Do you remember when you used to humiliate me and degrade me infront of
everyone?" Stacy asked.

"I already apologized for that," Scott replied.

"Well I would never admit this in public but that turned me on ... it really
turned me on. That's why I brought you here, Scott, because I want you to
humiliate me and degrade me while you have your way with me," Stacy

"Oh really?" Scott asked, intrigued over Stacy's revelation.

"Can you do that for me, Scott?" She asked again. He walked towards Stacy and
grabbed her hard by the hair, pulling her head back.

"You're always walking around smiling and being all nice but you want to be
treated like you've been a bad girl, don't you?" Scott shouted at her, "You
want to be treated like a trashbag whore. Well I can treat you like the
fucking cocktease that you are." Scott then made Stacy go put on a little
thong bikini like she was going to tease all the guys with. Stacy quickly
changed into a pink thong for him. He turned her over and bent her over the
bed and started smacking Stacy's ass until it turned red.

"Fucking tight ass cocktease, you like showing off your ass, don't you?"
Scott asked as he kept SPANKING Stacy's ass hard.

"OW! YES! OW! Everybody wants - ow - my tight - ow - ass!" Stacy screamed.
Scott pulled out his cock and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Get over here and suck this, your tight ass made me hard," he demanded.
Stacy got down on her knees and started working over his cock.

"Ohhh fuck yeah! Yeah! Down down down you slut," he moaned as he pushed
Stacy's head down on his cock, making her gag on it. He made her spit on his
cock and suck it more then he grabbed her by the throat and kissed her.

"Get back down there, long licks," he said. Stacy licked his cock up and
down. He pushed her head down to his balls and made her lick and suck on his

"Fuck yeah Stacy! That's fucking good! I can tell you been waiting for
this you nasty girl," he moaned. Stacy licked and sucked his nuts and the
underside of his cock.

"Yeeah I'm fucking dirty," Stacy shot back. Scott then lifted his legs up
and pushed Stacy's face down into his ass.

"Lick it if you're so nasty! LICK IT NOW!" He demanded. Stacy started licking
his asshole, up and down as he pushed on her head. Stacy moved back up to his
nuts then up to his cock, going back to gagging on it.

"All the way down, take it all," he told her.

"Oh my god! Oh oh fuck fuck," Stacy moaned between deep breaths, taking all
of Scott's big cock down his throat. He then stood up and over top of her,
dipping his balls into her mouth, making Stacy's suck on them.

"Open up, cocktease, open up," he said as he pushed his cock down her
throat. She spat up all over it. He held it down deep and long, so that Stacy
couldn't breathe while he degraded her verbally. He then picked Stacy up and
threw her onto her back on the bed and told her to spread her long beautiful

"Yeeah, fucking hot cocktease," he said as he rubbed her legs all over. He
then pulled off her thong and smacked Stacy's pussy.

"Fucking tight little pussy, tight little asshole," he shouted. He then
buried his face betweenS tacy's legs, licking her tight young hole a little.

"Good you're fucking wet," he said. He then flipped her over and smacked her
tight ass a little more. "Spread your ass for me," he instructed as he gave
her tight asshole a few licks. Scott got behind Stacy and started to push his
cock into her pussy.

"Mmmmm ohhh yes! Fuck my tight pussy Scott!" Stacy moaned but he quickly
pulled it out and shoved his big cock DEEP into Stacy's ass raw!

"OW FUCK FUCK YOU! OW FUCK!" Stacy screamed. Scott pulled back on her hair
and laughed, "No I'm gonna fuck this sweet little ass right now and you're
gonna like it!" He pumped Stacy's ass hard and raw, it felt so good but he
had to keep being degrading to her when he could have easily busted right
then. He pushed her face into the bed and JACKHAMMERED into her tight ass.

"FUCKING LITTLE COCKTEASE! ALways showing off this ass! FUCK YOU STACY!" He
screamed at her.

HURT ME! HURT MY TIGHT ASS! YESSSSSSSS!" Stacy screamed. Her finger nails dug
into the bed as she took Scott's big cock hard into her little asshole. She
was getting what she wanted all along, she wanted to be treated like this.
Scott pulled his cock out and forcefully pulled Stacy's head towards him and
shoved his cock down her throat.

"Taste your ass! Look at your pretty little face, tasting your own ass!
Fucking bitch," he shouted. He then flipped her over onto her back and stuck
his cock in her pussy. Stacy wrapped her legs around him as he slammed hard
into her dripping wet pussy.

"Unhhhh fuuuuck it! Fuck me! Ohhh god Scott, give it to me!" Stacy moaned.

"Yeeeah fucking tight slut! Ohhh shiiit! Ohhh fuck!" Scott groaned. He
quickly pulled out and busted his load onto Stacy's face!

"Yeeah all over that innocent face," he grunted as he spewed his cum all over
Stacy's pretty face. Stacy grabbed his dick and sucked off all the cum. He
slapped his softening rod against her face while Stacy tried to lick it.

"Is that what you wanted?" he asked.

"I knew I could count on you," Stacy grinned, her hair all messed up, her
face stained with cum, her ass beat red and all her fuck holes sore.

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