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Bikini Beach Part 6: Don't Get Caught
by Revolution

"The WWE decided to treat 12 of its Divas to a much needed vacation down at a
resort in Mexico over the Summer. Each Diva was allowed to bring a guest with
them for this vacation. Dawn Marie brought her fiancee, Pat Kenney. Gail Kim
brought her boyfriend, Doug Basham. Ivory brought her former boyfriend, Shane
'Hurricane' Helms. Lita brought Matt Hardy. Miss Jackie brought Charlie Haas.
Molly Holly invited Shelton Benjamin to come with her. Nidia brought her
former flame, Jamie Noble. Sable couldn't bring Brock Lesnar so she brought
her trainer, Tony, instead. Stacy Keibler invited Scott Steiner to come with
her instead of Test. Torrie Wilson brought her husband, Billy Kidman. Trish
Stratus brought her 'Problem Solver' Tyson Tomko. And finally, Victoria
brought Stevie Richards.

It was a hot and wild time with all the divas in one place at one time. Here
are the stories of Bikini Beach...

Up in her hotel room, Miss Jackie put on a little orange g-string bikini and
was getting ready to head down to the pool when Charlie Haas stopped her.

"You're going out in that?" He asked.

"Yeah, why?" Jackie wondered.

"Can't you put a little more on? Do you always have to walk around half
naked?" Charlie asked.

"Why should I? I work hard for this body, I'm going to show it off whether
you like it or not," Jackie said.

"Fine, whatever, I'm going to the gym," Charlie shook his head and left.
All he wanted was for his girlfriend to wear something a little bit more
conservative then a g-string but Miss Jackie didn't understand what all
the fuss was about. She just didn't appreciate Charlie talking to her like
that. Charlie stormed off to the gym while Miss Jackie went down to the
pool. There weren't a lot of people around but Jackie saw her old pal,
Doug Basham. Jackie had managed Doug in OVW and he had taught her a lot
about the world of wrestling. Jackie went over and sat down next to him
and they started to laugh and tell stories about the time they spent
working together.

"You're doing really well for yourself now. You're really popular and it's
not hard to see why," Doug said.

"Oh thanks, I wouldn't be where I am without you. So how are things with you
and Gail? Must be tough being on different shows," Jackie asked.

"Yeah it is. She's off spending my money somewhere," Doug laughed.

"Let me ask you a serious question. In all that time we spent together, how
come you never tried to fuck me?" Jackie asked.

"Believe me, if I thought I could have, I would have tried," Doug said.

"You could have and you still could," Jackie said.

"I ... I ... I'd love to but I can't. I can't cheat on Gail," Doug responded.

"How about you just let me suck your dick? That's not cheating where I come
from," Jackie insisted.

"Oh fuck let's go, how can I argue with that?" Doug said, "And Gail won't be
back for awhile."

The two got up and walked really fast inside. They waited for the elevator
but it was taking too long so they just ran up the stairs. Doug made sure to
run behind Jackie so he could stare at her in her little g-string bikini.

"Fuck your body is so tight," he said. Jackie just kept moving, wasting no
time in getting up the stairs. The two rushed into Doug's room and Jackie
got right down on her knees, yanking down his shorts and pulling out his
semi-hard dick. She stroked his cock until it was hard in her hands. He was
packing a good 7 inches. Jackie wrapped her lips around it and slobbered
all over it, getting it nice and wet.

"Oh yeah Jackie, ohh baby," Doug moaned as he ran his fingers through her
curly blond hair. Jackie SLURPED and SUCKED on his cock like a vacuum. Her
lips wrapped tightly around it and her head bobbing like mad. She had waited
so long to taste this cock and couldn't get enough of it.

"Ohh good girl, damn, suck my cock, ohhhh," Doug groaned.

"Mmmmm tastes so good, mmmmm I love sucking cock," Jackie moaned as she
licked up and down his shaft. She played with his balls a little and went
back to slurping his cock down her throat. A couple minutes into this
incredible blowjob, the door opened and there stood Gail Kim. She was
stunned as she saw her boyfriend standing there with his pants down and
his cock in Miss Jackie's mouth.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" She screamed and ran out.

"No! Gail! It's just a blowjob! It's not cheating!" Doug yelled but Gail was

"Now look what you've gone and done," he said to Jackie. Jackie licked her
lips and smiled, "Well if you're going to get busted for cheating, we may as
well go all the way. Wouldn't want to waste that hard-on, would we?"

"You stupid slut," Doug said as he grabbed Jackie and picked her up. He then
shoved her down on the bed and ripped off her bikini.

"Fucking hot young bitch," he called her. Doug mounted Jackie and started
fucking her tight wet pussy.

"Unhhh yeeeah! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! GOD DAMN FUCK ME HARD!" Jackie demanded.

"Get me in trouble cause you're so fucking hot," Doug grunted as he fucking
jackhammered Jackie's pussy as hard as he could. He was gonna teach this
young hottie a lesson by fucking her brains out. Jackie was loving every
second of it. She was getting slammed hard by Doug's nice sized cock.

"Yeeah look at those big fucking tits jiggle," Doug moaned. He then whipped
his cock out of Jackie's cunt and hopped up onto her chest. He pushed his
cock between her big fake titties and started using them to jerk himself off.

"Yeeah fuck my big titties! Fuck em!" Jackie encouraged. He pumped in and out
of her big tits until cum started flying out of his cock and splattering all
over her pretty face!

"Fucking take that Jackie!" He groaned. He pulled his cock from between her
tits and jerked the last bits of cum into Jackie's mouth. He then shoved it
deep into her throat, making her suck any excess cum from it.

"Mmmmm damn Doug, you sure taught me, mmmm," Jackie moaned as she wiped the
cum from her eyelids.

* * *

Meanwhile, Gail was in a rage, just pacing all over the hotel. That was
until she passed the gym and saw Charlie Haas working out. Gail swung open
the doors and stormed right up to Haas, pulling his headphones off.

"What are you doing, Gail?" he asked.

"Do you know what I just saw?" Gail asked.

"What?" Charlie asked confusingly.

"Your girlfriend with my boyfriend's cock in her mouth! That's what I saw!"
Gail proclaimed.

"Wait, you saw what? You're ribbing me," Charlie said.

"I am not. I came back to the hotel early, went up to my room, and Jackie was
blowing Doug!" Gail said.

"Fuck her," Charlie said.

"No, fuck me," Gail said.


Gail stripped down buck naked and bent over a weight bench.

demanded. Charlie hesistated so Gail grabbed him by the balls and then pulled
off his gym shorts. She dropped to her knees and started rubbing Charlie's
hog all over her big tits.

"We're going to do this right here, right now and I don't care who knows
about it!" Gail stated.

"Yeah that'll teach them to fuck around on us," Charlie said. His cock was
now rock hard and Gail sucked on it a bit. Charlie held her hair back so she
could really deep throat it good and get him real hard. Gail bent back over
the bench, spreading her legs.

"Goddamn that ass is nice," Charlie said, rubbing Gail's tight butt. He then
worked his cock into her dripping wet pussy.

"Ohhh soo warm," he moaned as he got all deep inside this little Asian

"Ooohhh you're big, ohhhh god, ohhhh fuck me," Gail moaned. Charlie rubbed
her little butt as he pumped in and out of her pussy. His hands moved up her
body and grabbed onto those big funbags as he really started to drill that
cunt hard from behind.

Gail screamed out.

"Nobody fuckin cheats on us," Charlie moaned as he fucked Gail's tight pussy.
He slowed down, wiped the sweat from his forehead and then flipped Gail over
onto her back. She spread her legs and waited for him to enter. Charlie
pulled her little frame to the edge of the bench and re-entered her dripping
love canal. Now he could really play with those amazing big tits and look
into her eyes as he fucked her.

"Ohhh you fuck me so good," Gail sighed as she felt her pussy being pumped at
a slow, steady pace.

"Can't hold out much longer," Charlie muttered.

"Keep fucking me baby," Gail insisted. Charlie pumped Gail slower and slower
each time, struggling not to cum. Her tight Asian pussy felt so good gripping
his cock but he just could not fuck her anymore.

"Aggghhhhhh," he grunted as he whipped out his dick and sprayed Gail's pussy,
stomach, and all the way up to her tits. Cum rained down all over Gail as
Charlie busted a huge nut.

"Wow, that's a lot of cum!" Gail commented.

"Damn right, you deserve it," he responded. "I guess we sure showed them,
huh?" Gail asked.

"Fuck yeah, they got caught, we didn't," he said.

"Mmmm and I say any time we see each other, we keep doing this UNTIL we get
caught," Gail suggested.

"I like the way you think," Charlie said.

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