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Billion Dollar Boss: Story 1
by Josh (

On the July 18th edition of Smackdown, Vince McMahon named his new General
Manager for Smackdown. The person who he was giving full control of the show
to in an attempt to create an aura of competition between RAW and Smackdown.
He also announced that all talent was free to negotiate with the two General
Managers. Vince announced the General Manager, his own daughter, Stephanie
McMahon. Stephanie vowed to prevent Eric Bischoff from raiding her top
talent. Saying that was one thing but she knew it would be quite a challenge
to secure the top names of Smackdown.

Stephanie had a different gameplan then Bischoff. She wanted to make sure
all the Smackdown talent was happy and locked up before she started to go
after any of the RAW wrestlers. Following the event, Stephanie setup meetings
with her top talent. The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Edge, Chris Jericho, and Kurt
Angle were the key names which Stephanie was concentrated on. The first
wrestler to meet with Stephanie was The Rock. The Rock said Smackdown was his
show and he wasn't going anywhere. Besides, he was confident that he was
going to win the Undisupted Title at Vengeance and be on both shows. He also
warned Stephanie that if she gets power hungry, he's got a Rock Bottom just
for her. The next man in was Hulk Hogan. Hogan said he was very happy being a
part of Smackdown but skeptical on any McMahon being in charge. Hogan agreed
to give Stephanie a chance. Chris Jericho wasn't sure if he wanted to stay on
Smackdown because afterall he lost the Undisputed Title with Stephanie in his
corner. Stephanie reminded Jericho that Bischoff had said that Jericho would
never be a main eventer and would never be anything in WCW. Jericho said he
had no interest in working for Bischoff again and that's the only reason he
was staying. Kurt Angle was thrilled that Stephanie was in charge as they've
always gotten along well. The last name on her list was Edge or Adam

"Come in Adam, take a seat," Stephanie said.

"What's going on Stephanie?" Adam asked.

"I wanted you to know how much I value your contribution to Smackdown and
how much I'm looking forward to working with you in the future. What I want
is your promise that you will stay here on Smackdown, what'd you say, Adam?"
Stephanie asked.

"I've been thinking about it and it comes down to this. I've only heard
stories about Eric Bischoff, I've never actually worked for him. You, I've
experienced what its like to work for you before. I don't know if that's
something I'm willing to do," Adam explained.

"I can understand that ... whew, it's sure hot in here isn't it?"
Stephanie asked and she took off her black suit jacket.

"I guess, a little," Adam responded. Stephanie unbuttoned her white shirt
a little, and opened it showing some cleavage. She fixed her hair then sat
down on the desk infront of Adam.

"Look Adam ... I really, REALLY, want you here on Smackdown," Stephanie
said, leaning forward so Adam could see some of her alluring cleavage.

"I'm still not sure this is where I wanna be," Adam said.

"Let me make it clear for you, Adam. Eric may throw around a lot of money
and make big promises but he won't deliver. Me on the other hand, whatever
you may think about me, I can deliver on my word. And I will do everything I
can to make you a big superstar," Stephanie said in a low and sexy voice.

"(Gulps) Uhm and how are you going to do that?" Adam asked, trying hard
not to fall into Stephanie's advances.

"I won't ignore you like Eric will. I'm going to be a hands on General
Manager that takes care of her talent," Stephanie said.

"Hands on?" Adam asked. Stephanie took Adam's hand and put in down her
shirt, placing it on her bra covered breasts.

"Hands on," Stephanie said with a sexy scowl. She stood up off the desk
and ran her hand down Adam's pants. She grabbed his rod in her hand and moved
in closer. Stephanie closed her eyes and Adam leaned in, kissing her soft
lips. Adam began to unbutton Stephanie's shirt as they kissed. Stephanie
licked her lips, pulling away from Edge. She brushed her long brown hair off
her shoulders as Adam finished unbuttoning her shirt. Stephanie turned around
and Adam pulled her shirt off and laid it on a chair. Adam turned around
looking at Stephanie's chest. He shook his head in disbelief at her large
round breasts packed into a black lace bra. Adam rested his hands on
Stephanie's slender hips and began kissing the tops of Stephanie's breasts.
Stephanie reached around and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor.

"How do you like them?" Stephanie asked.

"They're so ... big and beautiful," Adam replied.

"Hold them, feel them, suck them, that's what they're there for,"
Stephanie said. Adam wasted no time in taking in Stephanie's big jugs. He
ran his hands around the sides of her breasts then lightly brushed over her
nipples with his fingers. He cupped her left breast with both hands and
licked around the aureola. He then planted a kiss just above her pink aureola
and one below. Adam blew lightly on her nipple, starting to get it hard. He
started licking and sucking Stephanie's left nipple and it wasn't long until
it was fully hard.

"Ohhhh yeeah Adam, ohhh that feels good, keep doing that," Stephanie
moaned softly.

Adam moved over to her right nipple, giving it the same treatment. Teasing
it at first then sucking on it like he was trying to get something out of
it. He pushed her giant jugs together and alternated sucking her left and
right nipple. He'd lightly bite them and kiss them. Adam moved up, rubbing
his hands up Stephanie's back until they were face to face again. He planted
a few kisses on Stephanie's pouty lips while still fondling her breasts.
Stephanie moved her hands down to Adam's crotch, unzipping his fly.

"Sit on the desk, baby," Stephanie said.

Adam sat up on the edge of the desk and Stephanie pulled his pants
completely off exposing his semi-hard rod. She gently stroked his member,
rubbing the palm of her hand against his head. Once he was fully erect,
Stephanie took one long, slow lick up the underside of his cock. Adam
shivered slightly at the feeling. Stephanie looked up at Adam with her
sexy eyes as she took another long, slow lick up his cock. She smiled and
kissed the tip of his cock. She licked his nuts, flicking them with her
tongue then got her tongue real wet and ran it up the sides of his cock.
Stephanie then held her mouth open wide and moved forward, putting Adam's
cock in her mouth but not touching it. She teased him like this a little
then clamped down with her soft lips and began sucking.

"Oohhhh Stephanie, ahhhh shit you're good," Adam moaned.

"If you like that then you're really gonna like this," Stephanie said.

She moved up a little and wrapped her huge breasts around Adam's cock. She
pressed her melons together, trapping Adam's rod in between them. Stephanie
began sliding her tits up and down, giving Adam the titty fuck of his life.
Adam clenched his fists and bit on his thumb, trying to contain the
overwhelming pleasure of his cock between those beautiful soft breasts.
Stephanie tucked her chin and licked the tip of Adam's cock in circular
motion as she titty fucked him.

"Fuck Stephanie, oh fuck, I'm gonna blow," Adam moaned.

"Let it fly, baby, just let it fly," Stephanie responded. She kept sliding
her mammoth jugs up and down against his cock until a big stream of cum shot
upwards and splattered against her tits.

"Yeeeeahh Adam, ohhh yeeah just let it fly all over my big tits,"
Stephanie moaned.

"Ahhh ooohhhh fuuuuck! FUCK! UNNNHHH!" Adam moaned as two more spirts of
cum shot up and landed on Stephanie's breasts. Adam took some deep breaths as
Stephanie continued the tit fuck against Adam's sensitive cock as it shrank

"Ah yeah, look at that cum on my tits, that looks so good but I'm gonna
have to remove it," Stephanie said.

"Oh fuck," Adam moaned as he watched Stephanie push her tits up and lick
the cum off. Stephanie licked her own tits clean of his cum then licked her
lips clean. She smacked her lips when she was finished and smirked as she
looked down at her clean breasts.

Adam got off the desk and onto his feet. He kissed Stephanie on the mouth
then kissed down her neck. She smelled so good and she smelled like sex. He
kissed down her breasts and down her tight, flat stomach until he got to her
crotch. Adam undid Stephanie's black dress pants then picked her up and laid
her down on the desk. Adam pulled off her pants, exposing a pair of black
lace panties.

"Are you gonna fuck me, Adam?" Stephanie asked from her 'vulnerable'
position on the table.

"Not yet, first I wanna get a good taste of the princess' pussy," Adam
said. Adam slid of Stephanie's black panties and Stephanie rubbed her clit a
bit. She had a nicely trimmed strip of brown pubic hair and a great looking
pussy, not too puffy, just young and delectible. He spread apart her pussy
lips and began licking Stephanie's clit, tasting her sweet juice. Stephanie
reached forward and lightly grabbed the back of Adam's hair.

"Oohhh ooooooohhhhh eat me out baby, ohhhhh that's it, fuuuck keep, ohhh
yeeeah," Stephanie moaned. Adam smiled a bit, knowing that he was pleasing
his potential boss and the hottest wealthy women in the whole world. She
is certainly used to the best, he thought and it was a compliment to him
the way he was making her squirm and moan. Adam began rubbing Stephanie's
thighs as he worked over clit, adding to her pleasure. Stephanie started
playing with her tits, pinching her nipples.

"Oh god! Fuck me, Adam. Ohhhh fuck me now!" Stephanie moaned.

Adam pulled Stephanie to the edge of the desk. Steph lifted her legs in
the air and rested them on Adam's shoulders. He began rubbing the head of his
cock against Stephanie's slick pussy. He pushed it in once and pulled it all
the way out. Adam then wrapped one arm around Stephanie's thigh, rested the
other on the desk and began pumping into her sweet pussy.

"Ohh yeeah fuck me ... unhhh fuuck me with that nice cock ... yes! YES!
Unnnnhhhhuhhhhhunnhhhhhh!" Stephanie moaned.

"Yeeah you're so hot, ohhh yeeah, fuck," Adam moaned. He pumped a little
faster into Steph's pussy. He stared at her big jugs, watching them bounce
with each thrust into her. Adam leaned forward a bit and grabbed Stephanie's
big breasts in his hands, holding onto them as he slammed into her pussy.

"Unnnnhhuhhh! Oh yeeah! Ahhh fucking feel my tits, ohhh fuuck me, ohh god!
Ohhh Adam do it to me right, ohhh fuuck that's it! FUUUCKK YEESSSS!" Steph
moaned, biting down on her thumb.

"Ohhh Steph, take it baby, ohhh yeeah take it hard," Adam moaned.

"Ohhh yeeah deep! Deep! Pound me deep! UNHHHH FUUCK DEEPER! Oh god baby!
Oh god!" Stephanie moaned.

"Wrap your legs tight around me," Adam said as he held his cock deep in
Stephanie's pussy. Stephanie wrapped her nice legs around Adam's midsection,
her soft succulent thighs squishing against his hips. "Now sit up, wrap your
arms around my shoulders," Adam directed. Stephanie sat up and wrapped her
arms around Adam's shoulders, holding on tight. Adam picked up Stephanie,
helping to support her by grabbing her thick juicy ass. He began bouncing
Stephanie up and down on his rod.

"You like this?" He asked.

"Ohh fuuck yeeah! Fuuuck your cock feels so good! Ohhh god! OHHH FUUUCK
DON'T STOP!" Stephanie moaned loudly. Her big tits felt so good pressed
against Adam's chest. They struggled to bounce but were held so tight
against him that just her nipples rubbed against his chest, adding to
her overwhelming pleasure. It wasn't long until Adam felt his grip on
Stephanie's buns starting to slip a bit because she was starting to
perspire. She was beginning to sweat from this heated encounter and it
made Adam even more aroused if that was possible. He laid Stephanie back
down on the desk.

"Oooohhh whew that was good, but you haven't cum yet," Steph said.

"That's good because I get to keep fucking you," Adam responded. He pushed
his cock back into Stephanie's snug, wet and warm pussy. He started slamming
into her again, just pounding into the Billion Dollar Princess' pussy.

"UNNNHHHHHH unnhhhhuhhhh Adam ohhh fuck me! Fuuuck me! Ohhhh god yes! Ahhh
ahhhh ahhh that's the spot, ahhh yeeah!" Steph moaned. She began playing with
her slightly sweaty tits.

"I (ohhhh) wish this could (mmmphh) last forver but ohh fuuck I'm gonna
cum!" Adam moaned.

"Come here, shoot it in my mouth, I wanna taste your cum," Stephanie said.

"I bet it doesn't taste as sweet as your pussy but here it comes," Adam
said. He got up on the table and knelt down. Stephanie leaned over and began
stroking him fast. She saw his nuts tighten up so she opened her mouth wide
and held it close to the head of his cock.

"Ummph ohhh fuuck yess! Shiiiiitt!" Adam moaned as he spasmed, shooting
his cum into Stephanie's waiting mouth. Stephanie swallowed down his cum then
licked up some of the cum that had dripped down her chin. She took Adam's
cock into her mouth, licking and sucking every last drop of cum out of it.

"You didn't have to do that," Adam said.

"I go above and beyond in everything I do," Stephanie explained, "Now are
you going to stay here on Smackdown?"

"Ummmm, well, I'm not quite convinced," Adam said.

"Not convinced? I mean what more could you possibly want?" Stephanie

"I think you know what I want," Adam said.

"No, I don't. But you name it and its yours, I want your here on
Smackdown," Stephanie reiterated.

"I want that Billion Dollar Booty," Adam said.

Stephanie turned around, looking down at her plump, round backside. "It's
yours," she said looking over shoulder at Adam.

"Ohhh baby," Adam said in excitement.

Adam got down on his knees so he was staring right at Stephanie's butt.
She bent forward a little, resting her hands on the desk with her legs
shoulder length apart. Adam ran his hands all over Stephanie's beautiful
round cheeks, large but oh so firm and nearly flawless. She had some serious
ass for a young white girl. She had a nice light tan with a tiny white tan
line where her bikini would have covered.

"Yes ... yes ... oh fuck this is nice," Adam commented as he played with
Stephanie's big butt in his hands. He dug his fingers into the flesh off her
thick buns, pulling them apart and pushing them together. He then held them
apart with two big handfulls of butt flesh and began licking her cute little
asshole. He darted his tongue in and out, gently against her anus.

"Mmmmhhh hmmmmm, lick my ass, ohhh ahhhhhh," Stephanie moaned softly. He
began licking a little deeper and faster. Stephanie shivered a bit at the
sensation running up her body. Adam puckered his lips and sucked on Steph's
left bun, giving it a big kiss. He shifted back to using his tongue on her

"Ohhhhh! OHHHH! Unnhhuhhhh! Ohhhh that feels good," Stephanie moaned,
squirming a little more. Adam licked his index finger and started tapping
Stephanie's asshole. He gently rubbed around it then lightly penetrated her.
He started ramming his finger in faster and faster. Her thick buns pressed
against the sides of his finger as he worked it in. He soon worked in another
finger, penetrating her asshole with two fingers. Stephanie had a nice, big
ass but such a tight asshole that he had to prepare for his cock.

"Ohhhhhhhh ooooooooohhh fuuuuuck that's good ... ohhh yeeah, yeeah!"
Stephanie moaned. Adam planted a few more kisses on her thick booty as he
fucked it with two fingers. Stephanie arched her back, sticking her butt
out more into Adam's face. He spread her buns apart again and went back to
licking her anus, sticking his tongue right in.

"I'm ready, Adam, I'm ready for your cock. Oh god I want it up my ass
now!" Stephanie demanded.

Adam stood up, looking over Stephanie's butt. "Oh fuck, it looks so good,"
he said. He rubbed his cock against her buns then in between her cheeks,
getting it fully hard. He spat on it, getting it real wet then pushed it
into Stephanie's asshole.

"OHHHH FUUUUCK THAT'S WHAT I WANT!" Stephanie shouted in ecstasy.

"Yeeahhh I've got what I want, fuuck this is gonna be good," Adam moaned
as he slowly pumped in and out of Steph's asshole. He rested his hands on
her hips, and began pumping at a steady rate into her asshole. Stephanie was
face down on the table, holding the edges tightly as she took it in her ass.

"Unnnhhh huhhhh ohhhh fuuck my ass Adam! Fuck my motherfucking ass! YEEAEH
OHH GOD YES! HARDER BABY! I want take it, ohhh shit!" Stephanie moaned.

Adam started pounding into Stephanie's ass a little harder and faster. His
pelvis smacked against her big booty, making loud thuds. More importantly,
it made her butt shake and jiggle. He leaned forward and slid his hands
underneath Stephanie's tits, holding onto them. He continued humping her
asshole, fast and hard.

"Oh fuck you're incredible," Adam moaned.

"AHHH YEEAH GIVE IT TO ME! Ohhh god! Ohhh my ass ... ohhh god ohhh fuuuck
it, fuuuck it so hard," Stephanie moaned.

Having already cum twice already, Adam was ready to hold out for a good
long fucking of Stephanie's asshole. He continued in this position of holding
Steph's breasts while pounding into her asshole for a good few minutes. He
would've stayed like this the whole time if it wasn't for a request Stephanie

"Oooohhh I want you to spank my ass while you fuck it. Spank my big butt!"
Stephanie demanded.

"Yeah I'll spank your big fuckin' booty," Adam replied. He pulled his
hands from underneath her tits and began rubbing Stephanie's buns.

"SPANK IT! Unnhhh fuuuck spank my big ass!" Stephanie moaned.

*SPANK* Adam's hand rattled off the flesh of her ass.

"Like that? Right on your thick butt?" Adam asked.

"Yeeeahh ... spank it, spank it good and hard!" Stephanie moaned.

*SPANK* *SPANK* Adam laid two hard spanks onto Stephanie's big round
backside, making it a little pink.

"Unnnhhh god! Ohhhh fuuuck that's so good! So bad and so good! Fuuuck
yesss! Pound my ass! Spank my big butt! Ohhhhh fuuuck!" Stephanie moaned.




"Yeeeah Steph, oh yeah your ass is so fucking hot! Ohhh fuck!" Adam
moaned. He grabbed a firm hold on Stephanie's hips and slammed into her
asshole even harder. As hard as he could.

"FUUUUCK ADAM! OHHH FUUUCK MY ASS LIKE THAT! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuckkk!
Unnnhuhh unnhuhhh unnnhhhhhhh so hard!" Stephanie moaned loudly.

"Mmm mmmhhh ohhh I'm gonna cum!" Adam moaned.

"I wanna feel it all over my butt," Stephanie moaned.

"Yeah fucking take my cum all over your big round ass!" Adam moaned as he
pulled out and sprayed his cum all over Stephanie's buns. He squeezed out the
last drop onto her backside.

"Ooohhh that's so nice and warm," Stephanie said as she rubbed the cum all
over her butt. Her ass was slick with a mixture of sweat and cum.

"Beautiful, fucking beautiful," Adam commented staring at Stephanie's cum
covered rump. He took a seat, wiping off his forehead. Stephanie sat her
squishy butt down on Adam's lap.

"So, I'll ask you again, are you gonna stay here on Smackdown?" Stephanie

"Fuck Stephanie, you could put me on Velocity every week, I'm not leaving
this show," Adam replied.

"Hopefully now you can start to trust me and believe I want to be a HANDS
ON General Manager. But you'll have to excuse me, I've got a lot of work to
catch up on," Stephanie said.

"No problem, my work here is done anyways," Adam said with a smile. He got
dressed, gave the still nude Stephanie a hug and left her office.

"Raid my talent? Over my hot body he'll raid my talent," Stephanie said to
herself with a smirk.

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