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Billion Dollar Boss: Story 2
by Josh (

Stephanie McMahon walked into Vengeance confident after locking up Edge
after Smackdown. She now had to convince Triple H to stay on Smackdown and
not jump to Eric Bischoff's RAW. The night began with a rocky start as
Stephanie and Hunter finalized their impending divorce. Stephanie was shaken
but she would not be beaten. Out in the ring, Stephanie presented her case
to Triple H and he accepted. He was going to stay with the 'devil he knew'
on Smackdown. That was until Shawn Michaels came out and convinced Triple H
to come over to RAW with him to have fun. Stephanie decked Eric Bischoff
with her trademark slap and walked up the ramp to the back.

Once backstage, Stephanie saw Hunter and Shawn Michaels walking down the
hall. Stephanie ran to catch up to them...

"HUNTER! HUNTER! Wait, please, wait," Stephanie yelled out. Hunter and
Shawn stopped and waited to catch up.

"Out of breath? It must be hard running with those," Hunter snickered.

"Very funny. You didn't even give me a chance to respond. I have a counter
offer to make and I think its only fair you hear me out," Stephanie said.

"Fine, fine, let's go to your office but I don't see how you can change my
mind," Hunter said.

Stephanie brought Hunter and Shawn into her office and locked the door.
Shawn took a seat while Stephanie and Hunter talked things out...

"Let's hear it, Steph," Hunter said.

"Don't you remember all the fun we had? All the fun DX had with me?"
Stephanie asked.

"Oh those were some LONG nights," Hunter chuckled.

"See you remember," Steph said.

"Shawn, man, you sure missed out. I mean we had a lot of fun in the first
DX but man in the second with Steph, well you had to be there," Hunter said.

"I can only imagine," Shawn said.

"Why can't we go back to that? I mean it'd be even better, look at me, I
look great," Stephanie said.

"You've changed Steph. In some ways for the better but many for the worst.
You're just not the same person and we can't go back," Hunter explained.

"Tell me what's changed so much? Why can't we atleast try?" Stephanie

"The biggest difference is that the old you would have been down on your
knees, sucking it a long time ago," Hunter said.

Stephanie got right down on her knees and undid Hunter's fly, pulling out
his rod. She wrapped her lips around it for the first time in months and
began sucking. She pulled her mouth from it then stroked it while licking it
all over.

"Is this the Stephanie you remember, baby?" she asked looking up at

"You're getting there," he replied. Stephanie took off her white suit
jacket revealing a skin tight pink shirt which struggled to contain her
incredibly large breasts. Stephanie pulled the pink shirt over her head
revealing a white bra.

"Damn, nice tits," Shawn commented.

"Wait until you check out her butt," Hunter said.

"That can wait. Shawn you get over here, too," Stephanie directed. Shawn
stood next to Hunter and Stephanie reached into Shawn's pants and pulled out
his member. She began sucking on the head of Hunter's cock while stroking
Shawn, getting him hard.

"Oh yeah get filthy, Steph," Hunter moaned.

"How filthy do you want me to be?" Stephanie asked.

"Just be our filthy whore like you used to be," Hunter replied.

Stephanie switched over and began sucking on Shawn's rod. She took it in
deep and sucked tight on his shaft. She started licking his balls and rubbing
his chest. She switched back to Hunter's cock, stuffing his cock deep down
her throat. She did the same to Shawn, taking it all in deep. He began
pumping into Stephanie's hot little mouth.

"Let's see that fat ass, Steph," Hunter said. Stephanie stood up and
dropped her white pants revealing no underwear underneath at all.

"Very naughty," Shawn commented.

"Some things never change," she said.

Stephanie got down on all fours, sticking out her big backside. Hunter
got down behind her, burying his face between her cheeks. Shawn positioned
himself in front of Steph, letting her suck on his rod. *SPANK* Hunter
spanked Stephanie's right bun and held the flesh in his hand. He moved up
and pushed his cock into Stephanie's pussy from behind. He slowly began
pumping into her...

"Yeeah, you like that? Huh Steph? You remember how that feels?" Hunter

"FUCK! Fuck yeah, Hunter, fuck me, ohhhhhh yeeeah," Stephanie moaned. Her
moans were soon muffled as she took Shawn's dick back into her mouth. Hunter
began pumping harder into Stephanie's pussy, while holding onto her ass.

"Shawn, come get some of this," Hunter said. Hunter SPANKED Stephanie's
behind again then pulled out of Stephanie and moved around front while Shawn
took his spot.

"Fuck this is a nice big butt," Shawn said, slapping his dick against
Stephanie's jiggly buns. He then entered Stephanie's pussy, starting to
pump into her. Stephanie took Hunter's cock into her mouth, sucking on it
like a pacifier as Shawn pounded into her from behind. Shawn grabbed onto
Stephanie's hips, slowing down for a minute then starting to nail her
harder then before.

"Ohhh fucking look at that ass jiggle," Shawn moaned.

"Unnnhhhh fuuuck that pussy, fuck it good!" Stephanie moaned, pulling
Hunter's cock out of her mouth for a moment.

"Give it to her Shawn, feel that sweet ass," Hunter said.

"Ohhh yeeah, ohh fuck that's nice," Shawn moaned. He gave it to Stephanie
for a little bit longer before switching up with Hunter again. Hunter sat
down on a chair and Stephanie straddled him, her ass facing towards Hunter.

"Yeah fucking ride my cock, Steph, ride it," Hunter moaned.

"Unnnnhhhh fuuuck! Fuuuck you like it? Ohhh fuck I miss your cock!
UNNNHHHH GOD! OHHHH FUCK YES!" Stephanie moaned. She bounced as hard as
she could on Hunter's cock. Shawn started fondling with Stephanie's giant
breasts as they bounced up and down out of control. Shawn then pulled
Stephanie forward. She leaned down forward and began sucking on his cock.
Hunter slammed up into Stephanie's pussy with just an amazing view of her
big butt jiggling.

"Ahhh fuuuck! SHIIT! Ohhhh god Hunter! Ohhh fuuck me hard! Ooooohhhh
yeeeah fuuck that's it!" Stephanie moaned. Hunter grabbed two handfuls of
her butt and just pumped up as fast and hard as he could into her pussy.
Stephanie was trying to suck off Shawn at the same time but she just couldn't
get it done with Hunter slamming into her. Hunter soon slowed down, getting
out of breath. Stephanie got off him and sat down Shawn. She straddled Shawn
with her tits facing Shawn. He loved big tits and he loved playing with hers.
Stephanie leaned forward, hanging her big jugs right in Shawn's face. She
started bouncing up and down on his rod. He held onto her breasts, licking
her nipples and playing with them as they bounced.


Stephanie jolted a little, not suspecting the impact as Hunter drilled her
butt with a good hard spank.

"Faster, Steph, ride him faster," Hunter encouraged.

"Ohhh fuuuck I'll try Hunter, unnhhhh it feels so good! Ahhh fuuck yeeah!
Fuuuuck I love it!" Stephanie moaned.


"Faster!" Hunter said.

Stephanie rode Shawn as fast as she could. She was rapidly getting out of
breath as she bounced up and down on his cock. The sound of her thighs and
butt flesh smacking against Shawn filled the room.

"Ohhh that's good, Steph, you can stop now," Shawn said.

"Whew," Stephanie sighed as she got off of Shawn's cock. She was just
drenched in sweat from head to toe. Her hair was wet and her tanned body
slick. Hunter grabbed a hand ful of Stephanie's buns.

"You wanna fuck her ass, Shawn?" Hunter asked.

"Nah, you know that ain't my thing. I just want those big fucking tits,"
Shawn replied.

"Hmmm that gives me an idea," Stephanie chimed in. Stephanie laid Shawn
down on his back. She got down on her hands and knees then laid down,
pressing her chest against his rod. She held her tits together and slid back
and forth, rubbing them against Shawn's cock.

"How's that?" Stephanie asked.

"Good, damn good," Shawn responded.

"Now Hunter, you know what to do," Stephanie said. Her round butt was
sticking up in the air and just waiting to be fucked.

"You may be the Smackdown GM but I'm taking this ass raw!" Hunter

"Go for it," Stephanie said.

Hunter stood over Stephanie's butt and squatted down, shoving his large
member into Stephanie's asshole. He pushed it all the way in and pulled it
out. Stephanie winced a bit and first but two or three more times in and
out, she was fine. Hunter began slowly pumping into Stephanie's ass.

"Ahhhh yeah, Steph, take it in the ass," Hunter moaned.

"Ooooohhhh fuuuck, you miss that ass, Hunter? Yeeeahh fuuuck I missed
your cock in there. Unnnhhhhh god fuck it hard! Fuck my ass hard Hunter!
FUUUUUCKK!" Stephanie moaned. Hunter started pounding harder into Stephanie's
butt. Each time he pumped into her asshole, Stephanie slid forward, rubbing
her big tits against Shawn's rod.

"Come on Hunter! HARDER! Like you used to? Unnnhhh unnhhhuh unnnhuh that's
it, fuck it harder, yeeeeah baby!" Stephanie moaned.

"Ohhhh fuuuck, fuucking take it hard Steph. YEEEAH!" Hunter moaned, just
slamming into that familiar ass.

"Shit those tits feel so good," Shawn moaned. He ran his hands through
Stephanie's hair and just stared at her beautiful face. Hunter pulled out of
Stephanie's ass and took a few deep breaths. He knew he was going to cum soon
but he wanted to give that fine booty a little more loving.

"Oh Hunter, stick that dick back up my ass," Stephanie moaned. Hunter
pushed his rod back into Stephanie's asshole and held it in deep. He took a
couple more deep breaths then started pounding Steph's ass as hard as he
could. He didn't last very long.

"Fuck Steph! I'm gonna blow!" Hunter exclaimed.

"Oh yeah! Blow it on my ass baby!" Stephanie said.

Hunter pulled out of her butt and sprayed his big load of white hot jizz
all over Stephanie's round ass. He rubbed his cock around her cum covered

"Oh that feels so good," He moaned.

"Mmmmmhhh yeeeah," Stephanie moaned.

"I'm about to blow too, let me spray it on those big tits," Shawn said.
Stephanie got on her knees as Shawn stood up and with a few strokes, blew his
load of cum onto Stephanie's big tits.

"Yeeah I love hot cum on my titties," Stephanie moaned. She gave Shawn's
cock a few licks, taking the last bit of cum into her mouth. Stephanie played
with her tits, rubbing the cum all over.

"Thanks Steph," Hunter said, getting dressed.

"So, you're coming to Smackdown, I assume," Stephanie said.

"Oh no I'm still going to RAW but thanks for one LAST good time at your
expense!" Hunter said laughing.

"That was too funny," Shawn said.

"YOU BASTARDS! DAMN YOU TO HELL! I'll get you for this!" Stephanie
screeched as Hunter and Shawn walked out of the room laughing. A major
setback for the Billion Dollar Boss...

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