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Billion Dollar Boss: Story 3
by Josh (

On the September 16th edition of RAW, Stephanie McMahon continued the battle
between Smackdown and RAW as she invaded along with Billy Gunn and Chuck
Palumbo. This prompted Eric Bischoff to make a challenge for Unforgiven. An
interpromotional match between RAW and Smackdown, Rosey and Jamal against
Billy and Chuck. The stipulations being that if Smackdown wins, Eric Bischoff
will kiss Stephanie's ass but if RAW wins, then Stephanie must engage in some
Hot ... Lesbian ... Action!

Smackdown - September 19, 2002

In one of the backstage vignettes, Stephanie is brought in Billy and Chuck to
her office along with her personal assistant, Dawn Marie.

"Look Stephanie, we know we can beat Rosey and Jamal," Billy said.

"I know you can and that's why I'm going to accept Eric Bischoff's
stipulations. Smackdown is far superior and you two will prove it by beating
Bischoff's henchmen," Stephanie explained.

"We'll kick their ass, don't worry," Chuck said.

"And then Eric Bischoff will kiss my ass!" Stephanie exclaimed with a wicked
smirk on her face.

"Excuse me, Stephanie," Dawn Marie interjected herself into the conversation.

"Yes, what is it, Dawn?" Stephanie asked.

"I just wanted to say that as your personal assistant ... If anything goes
wrong in the match and for some reason Billy and Chuck lose, well, uhm,
hmmmm," Dawn searched for the words.

"What're you trying to say, Dawn?" Stephanie inquired.

"I'll be the other girl in the HLA, that's what I'm trying to say," Dawn
Marie said.

"Well, I'm, I don't know how to take that," Stephanie said, somewhat
flattered, "It really won't matter, Dawn, because there's no way Billy and
Chuck will lose, right?"

"Oh ... oh yeah, of course not," Chuck said. Both he and Billy seem
pre-occupied at the idea of HLA between Dawn and Stephanie.

"Dawn, would you please show Billy and Chuck out, I've got work to do,"
Stephanie requested.

As Dawn Marie led Billy and Chuck out of the room, Stephanie gave her the
once over with her eyes then caught herself and shook her head at what she
was thinking...

Unforgiven - September 22, 2002

In a backstage vignette, Stephanie is shown in her office when Dawn Marie
brings Eric Bischoff into the room. Eric presents Stephanie with some
contracts for her to sign. These contracts state that if neither party
fully lives up to the stipulations of the interpromotional tag team match,
then they will lose power of their show to the other person. Stephanie is
still very confident and signs the papers, telling Bischoff that he better
pucker up because he's gonna be kissing ass tonight.

The Match!

Rosey and Jamal defeated Billy and Chuck in a very short amount of time. Mark
Lloyd came out to interview Billy and Chuck, who basically stated that they
threw the match to prove once and for all that they're straight. They may be
a part of Smackdown but they wanna see some HLA tonight! Eric Bischoff came
out to the ring as the two teams headed to the back. It was time for some ...


"Usually I'd want the stars of the show to be from my show RAW, but tonight
the star is from Smackdown. Give her a warm welcome," Eric says as the crowd
starts chanting for 'HLA! HLA!'. "Ladies and gentlemen, the woman that is
going to perform some Hot Lesbian Action for ALL OF YOU and BECAUSE OF ME ...
Stephanie McMahon! Come on out, Steph, your company's riding on it."

The rap music hits as Stephanie McMahon walks out of the entrance to a big
reaction from the horny crowd. Stephanie looks nervous as she makes her way
into the ring while Eric is grinning ear to ear.

"Do you have anything you'd like to say before we get down to business?" Eric

"Well yes I do. First, Billy and Chuck are FIRED. Second, I'm going to go
through with this because my company is riding on this and I would do
anything for Smackdown. Third, while Smackdown may have lost tonight in the
match up, the fans will know that the best part of tonight's show came
courtesy of SMACKDOWN, not RAW, Smackdown!" Stephanie screeched.

"Ok, that's enough, I've heard enough," Eric cut-in.

"One last thing, Eric, a little HOT LESBIAN ACTION never hurt a girl, did
it? But it may just be too hot for all the fans to handle," Stephanie said
in a low sexy voice.

"Whew! Well let's bring out Stephanie's tag team partner if you will for the
HLA, give it up for Dawn Marie!" Eric announced.

Dawn Marie walked down to the ring with a smile on her face. She was carrying
a black bag which she set down in the corner of the ring. Dawn and Stephanie
blushed as they made eye contact.

"Now let's not wait any longer, let's get it on ladies! Remember, Steph,
Smackdown is riding on this. Can we bring the lights down a little? How about
a little music?" Eric requested. His requests were answered as the lights
were dimmed, setting the mood and some porno-ish music sounded.

"Oh where do I begin?" Eric pondered. "How about we start out with a nice
little kiss?"

Dawn Marie stepped in close to Stephanie. The two looked awkward as they
locked lips in a quick close mouthed kiss to a huge reaction from the crowd.
The two babes backed off from each other but Stephanie licked her lips, like
she enjoyed it.

"Ok ok, things seem to be heating up, aren't they Dawn? Why don't you take
that shirt off?" Eric directed and Dawn Marie started to unbutton her shirt
but Eric stopped her.

"Stephanie, why don't you help Dawn with that?" He asked. Stephanie began
undoing the buttons on Dawn's shirt until it was open. Dawn Marie slipped
off her shirt and tossed it into the corner of the ring. Stephanie looked
over Dawn's nice sized breasts in a red bra and nodded in a show of approval.
"I was right, it is hot in here! Stephanie, I can even see a small amount
of perspiration on your forehead. I think you better take that shirt off
before you begin to really feel the heat," Eric directed.

Stephanie grabbed her shirt and pulled it up past her naval. She paused and
looked around at the crowd. Dawn Marie bit her fingernails in anticipation.
Stephanie slowly pulled her shirt up over her head and her massive mountains
bounced free in a black lace bra. Dawn's finger was resting on her lower lip
as he mouth dropped open at the sight of Stephanie's tits. While a little
self-conscious at first, the roar of the crowd and Dawn Marie's reaction
quickly made Stephanie feel extremely comfortable.

"I could end this right now and not a person would leave unsatisfied but what
fun would that be? Dawn ... DAWN! Over here Dawn, I know they're nice to look
at but I need you to turn around," Eric said and Dawn Marie snapped out of
her glare at Steph's breasts and turned around.

"Would you look at that skirt? Its just so tight, you can see that Dawn here
has a real tight ... firm ass. Go ahead, Stephanie, give it a squeeze, tell
me how firm it is," Eric directed.

Stephanie rubbed Dawn's butt and then gave her buttocks a nice squeeze. Eric
put the microphone in Stephanie's face for a response, "Oh it's REAL firm,"
Steph said.

"How about you slip out of that skirt so we can see how firm that ass really
is?" Eric asked. Dawn Marie slowly pulled down her skirt revealing a pair of
matching red thong panties.

"It looks as firm as it felt," Stephanie said into the microphone. Dawn Marie
smiled and mouthed the words "Thank You" to Steph.

"Now, Stephanie, would you please turn around," Eric directed and Stephanie
turned her back to Dawn Marie.

"Would you look at those curves," Eric commented, "Go ahead, Dawn, check out
those curves."

Dawn Marie ran her hands down Stephanie's shoulders, down her waist then
around her thick butt. Eric stopped Dawn right when she had her hands on
Stephanie's hips, and asked her what she thought of Steph's backside.

"It looks like a nice ... big ... juicy ... ass to me," Dawn said.

"Go ahead, give it a squeeze," Eric said.

Dawn squeezed the flesh of Stephanie's butt through her skirt. Stephanie
moaned softly under her breath as Dawn caressed her booty.

"Stephanie, why don't you give Dawn what she wants? Why don't you get out of
that skirt?" Eric asked.

Stephanie slid down her skirt, exposing her tanned, plump ass. She was
wearing a pair of black lace brief panties that covered most of her ass but
wedged deep up her crack, showing the outlines of her meaty cheeks. Dawn
began to caress Stephanie's buns but Steph turned around and she was face
to face with Dawn. The two then embraced in a steamy kiss as their lips met
and soon their tongues were in each other's mouths. Their hands ran all
over the other's bodies for a few moments until they broke from this steamy

"WOW!" Eric exclaimed but Stephanie took the microphone from him.

"We don't need you anymore, you can get lost," she said.

"Good, I can't take much more of this, I need to go sit down but you ladies,
I'm sure you'll be alright without me," Eric snickered as he left the ring,
leaving Stephanie and Dawn Marie to each other. It was like Steph and Dawn
were in their own little world but the ring was miked so that everyone could
hear all their words.

"Now where were we?" Stephanie asked, looking into Dawn's eyes.

"How about we get you out of those heels?" Dawn asked.

Stephanie at down on the mat as Dawn Marie took Steph's left foot in her
hands. She sucked on the long heel of Stephanie's shoe as she undid it. Dawn
pulled it off and began massaging Steph's foot in her hands. She licked the
sole of Steph's left foot, making her giggle. Dawn then took Stephanie's
smallest toe in her mouth, sucking on it. Dawn sucked on each of Steph's toes
while Stephanie moaned a little more. Dawn Marie kept her sultry brown eyes
locked on Stephanie's the whole team, especially as she suckled on her big
toe. Dawn moved over to Steph's right foot, removing her heel and sucking on
her toes.

"Let me see your feet," Stephanie said.

Dawn Marie sat down as Stephanie sat down by Dawn's feet. Stephanie used the
same technique as Dawn did, removing her heels and massaging Dawn's feet at
first. Stephanie's toes brushed up against Dawn's crotch. Stephanie began
rubbing her toes gently against Dawn's thong panty covered pussy while she
sucked on Dawn's toes. After she had finished sucking on all of Dawn's toes,
Stephanie leaned forward. She rubbed Dawn's toes between her big breasts.
"Ohhh Steph, ohh I've been waiting to feel those big luscious breasts," Dawn
said softly.

"Come here, Dawn," Steph said, waving Dawn in with her index finger.

Dawn Marie crawled towards Stephanie, until the two were on their knees close
to each other. Stephanie unclasped her own black lace bra, then pulled it off
letting those huge tits free! Dawn licked her lips and her jaw dropped again.
Stephanie took Dawn's hands and placed them on her melons. Dawn began
squeezing and groping Stephanie's massive breasts. They were so big and soft
in her hands. She needed to use both hands to cup one of Steph's breasts,
they were so big. Dawn cupped Stephanie's left tit in her hands and began
licking her aureola in circles, until Steph's nipple got hard. Dawn then
started sucking on the nipple, while caressing Stephanie's breast.

"Oooohhhh Dawn, ohh yeeah suck on my titty, ohhhh baby, mmmmmhummmm I like
that, yeeeah," Stephanie moaned in approval.

Dawn Marie kept her face buried in Stephanie's cleavage, working over her big
hard nipples. Stephanie moved her hand down and began rubbing Dawn's clit
through her panties. Dawn's panties were rapidly getting more and more moist.
The combination of Steph's rubbing along with sucking on those great big
breasts were making Dawn very hot and wet. Dawn would remove her face from
Steph's tits for a moment then slide her hand down her panties. Dawn brought
two fingers out that were visibly wet. Dawn placed them in Stephanie's mouth
and Steph sucked off Dawn's pussy juice.

"Mmmmmmmmm I like that," Steph commented.

"Do you want more?" Dawn asked.

"Oh I'd love more," Stephanie replied.

Dawn Marie stood up and slipped off her red thong panties and tossed them to
Steph. Stephanie rubbed them up against her face, smelling and tasting the
sweet scent of Dawn Marie. Dawn took off her bra then laid down on the mat,
spreading her legs. Stephanie crawled forward between Dawn's legs. Stephanie
admitted that she had never done this before but Dawn told her to just do
whatever Steph liked having done to herself. Stephanie began rubbing Dawn's
clit and licking her pussy. Dawn moaned words of encouragement as Stephanie
started hitting the right spots with her tongue. Stephanie lifted her head
up, brushing her long brown hair out of her face and licking her lips,
showing Dawn how much she liked the taste of Dawn's sweet nectar. Stephanie
buried her head back between Dawn's thighs.

"Oh god Steph, oh god lick my pussy, ohhh yeeah lick my clit, unnnhuhhhh ohhh
god! OHHHH LICK IT! LICK IT! YEEEAH!" Dawn moaned louder.

Dawn was enjoying every moment of Stephanie's tongue working over her tasty
little clit. Dawn began rubbing her hands over her breasts and through her
hair as she moaned in ecstasy. Dawn had some big tits but they were nothing
compared to Stephanie's mountains. Stephanie lifted up her head again and
she had Dawn's pussy juice dripping down her chin. Dawn moved forward and
licked her juice off of Stephanie's face. The two hot brunettes embraced in
another steamy, wet and sloppy kiss. They held each other tightly, rubbing
their hands all over each other's bodies. Soon Stepahnie was pressed down on
top of Dawn, her breasts squished against Dawn's as they made out intensely.
They rolled around a little until Dawn ended up on top. She sat up,
straddling Stephanie's midsection, her hair all messed up in a sexy fashion.

"I wanna taste that billion dollar pussy," Dawn said.

"Go ahead, Dawn, taste away," Stephanie responded.

Dawn got down between Stephanie's thighs. She pulled down Stephanie's brief
panties, revealing a matching black thong underneath. Dawn pulled it to the
side and began licking Stephanie's soaking wet clit. This was not the first
time for Dawn as she's had experience doing this before. She knew exactly
the right spots to hit and had Stephanie screaming.

"OOHHHHH DAWN! Ohhhh fuck! Ohhh lick my fucking pussy! Ohhh baby! AHHHH DAWN
YESSS! Oh god! Oh god! Unnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! UNNNNNNHHHHH YEEEEAH!" Stephanie

"Come on Steph, cum for me," Dawn said as she took a breath.

Stephanie twisted her nipples and played with her big tits as Dawn stimulated
her clit. Stephanie's labia was swollen and puffy from the intense sensation.
She'd never felt anything like this before. Dawn was sending her through
orgasm after orgasm with her licking.

"Unnhhhh yeeah! Ohhh yes! Ahhhh Dawn that's it! Ohhhh ... why'd you stop?"
Stephanie asked, trying to catch her breath.

"It's time," Dawn said.

Stephanie looked confused as Dawn went over to the corner of the ring and
went into the black bag she brought with her. She pulled out a big ten inch
dildo and a bottle of lubricant. Dawn helped Stephanie up to her feet. Dawn
pulled down Steph's panties all the way leaving her big round butt exposed.
Dawn gave it a few SMACKS and grabbed the flesh of Steph's plump ass.

"Get down on your knees and bend over, Steph," Dawn directed. Stephanie got
down on all fours, sticking out her ass. Dawn spread apart Steph's cheeks
and circled her tongue around Stephanie's asshole.

"I don't dooooohhh ohhh that feels nice," Stephanie cooed.

"You want me to stop?" Dawn asked.

"Um ... no, what the heck, just go for it," Stephanie conceded. She's rarely
done any anal play but was enjoying the feeling and despite being the middle
of a ring, in front of thousands of people and live on pay per view, she was
very relaxed.

"I'm just gonna put some lube on," Dawn said. Dawn squirted the lube on
Steph's asshole and worked her index finger into Stephanie's butt. Dawn then
went to her thumb, loosening it up. Soon it was two fingers. Dawn spent a
little more time with the two fingers in Stephanie's asshole.

"Ohhh yeeah ohhh Dawn finger my asshole, ohh baby, ohhh I like that. Ohhh how
about that dildo?" Stephanie asked.

"Can you handle it? Its a big one," Dawn warned.

"Give it to me, Dawn, shove that dildo up my ass," Stephanie demanded.

Dawn lubed up the dildo then looked at Steph's big ass but small asshole.
Dawn started working the dildo slowly into Stephanie's asshole, easing it in

"Oh my god!" Stephanie exclaimed as Dawn pushed the dildo in.

"Spread those ass cheeks for me, Steph," Dawn directed.

Stephanie gripped two handfuls of her plump buns and spread her ass cheeks
real wide for Dawn. Dawn had now worked the big thick ten inch dildo halfway
into Stephanie's ass. She wasn't pumping with it yet, just trying to loosen
up Stephanie. Dawn pushed it more and more until almost the full ten inches
was lodged in Steph's asshole.

"You can let go now," Dawn said.

"Ohhh fuck that's so big ... fuck me with it, fuck my ass with that big
dildo!" Stephanie exclaimed.


"Yeah you want it?" Dawn asked as her hand spanked the flesh of Steph's

"Yeah fuck my ass with that big dildo!" Stephanie begged.

Dawn held onto Steph's butt with one hand as she started pumping the dildo in
and out of Stephanie's asshole with the other. Stephanie winced in a mixture
of pleasure and pain. She then looked over her shoulder, watching Dawn fuck
her ass with that big dildo.

"Give it to me, Dawn! Ohhh fuck! Ohhh you're so beautiful! Ahhhh yeeeah fuck
my ass! Ohhh god yes!" Stephanie moaned staring at the sexy brunette.

"Oh that's so hot, Steph, oh yeah take this big fucking dildo hard, ohhh your
ass looks so good being fucked," Dawn moaned.


"I like that, spank my ass baby! Ohhh yeeah fuck it! Spank it! Oh god Dawn
you're so good!" Steph moaned in encouragement.

Dawn pounded Stephanie's ass with that dildo a little more and then pulled
it all the way out. Steph watched as Dawn slowly took the ass covered dildo
into her mouth. Inch by inch Dawn pushed the dildo further into her mouth.
Dawn's eyes rolled into the back as she deep throated the dildo. Dawn quickly
pulled it out, sucking on it as she did.

"MMMMMMM! MMMMMMMM! MMMMMMMMM! You taste good," Dawn said.

"Oh that felt so good but I wanna find out how you taste," Stephanie said.

The two brunettes switched positions with Dawn Marie getting down on all
fours and sticking out her cute butt while Stephanie grabbed the lube.
Stephanie squirted the lube onto Dawn's asshole and rubbed it around with
her fingers. She worked a few fingers into Dawn's asshole. It didn't take
long to get Dawn ready. Stephanie lubed the big dildo up and gave Dawn a
kiss on the ass.

"Are you ready, Dawn?" Steph asked.

"Don't hold back Steph, I like it hard," Dawn replied.

Stephanie began working the dildo into Dawn Marie's asshole. She seemed
surprised at the ease that the big object went into Dawn's little anus. Dawn
was completely relaxed and ready to take it hard. Steph got a good grip on
the end of the ten inch dildo and started fucking Dawn's ass with it. Like
she was pounding a nail, Steph just pounded that dildo in and out of Dawn's
asshole as hard as she could.

"UNNNHHHH YEEAH STEPH! Ohhh fuck my ass! Unnnhuuhhh fuck it baby! Ohhh my
god yes! YES! YEEESSSS! Hard like that! Unnhhuhh! So hard!" Dawn Marie
moaned out loving every second of it.

"You take it so well, Dawn, oh my!" Steph commented.

"I LOVE IT STEPH! Yeeah pound my ass with that big fucking dildo! It's so
big! Yeeeahhh! Ahhh so big in my ass! Ohhh fuck me!" Dawn moaned.

The intense dildo ass fucking continued for another minute or so as Dawn's
pussy juice started dripping down her leg. Her body shook as she went through
multiple orgasms. Stephanie soon stopped and pulled the ten inch dildo out of
Dawn Marie's ass. Steph eyed the dildo, licking her lips while Dawn turned
around to watch. Steph opened her mouth wide and slowly worked the dildo in
as far as she could take it. She took most it in and held it for a few
seconds impressing Dawn Marie. Stephanie held her lips tight around it and
pulled the big dildo out of her mouth, sucking on every inch of it.

"Wow, I thought you'd never done this before?" Dawn asked.

"No HLA but every girl needs her toys," Steph laughed.

"Speaking of toys," Dawn said as she got up. Dawn went back over to the bag
and pulled out a long double headed dildo.

"Assume the position," Dawn said with a grin.

Stephanie got back down on all fours, sticking her round butt out. Dawn
worked about 1/4 of the dildo into Stephanie's asshole. Dawn then got down
on all fours and backed up, pushing the other end of the dildo into her
asshole. Dawn Marie and Stephanie inched closer together, taking in more
and more the double headed dildo until their asses pressed together.

"How's that feel?" Dawn asked.

"That feels ... amazing," Stephanie said, "Your butt is so firm."

"And yours is so nice and soft, ohh that feels good," Dawn sighed.

The two started bucking their hips back and forth, their asses smacking into
each other. Dawn and Steph moaned as they felt the dildo and each other. They
started wiggling around, moving that dildo around in their asshole. Dawn
reached back and SMACKED Steph's ass. Steph then reached back and SMACKED
Dawn on the ass! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The two traded smacks on their
backsides. While it was a hot position, it wasn't doing too much for either

"It's time to finish you off," Dawn said.

"Then finish me off," Stephanie said.

Dawn laid down on her back and motioned Stephanie over. Steph straddled
Dawn's face, her pussy just inches above Dawn's mouth. Dawn had the ten inch
dildo in hand and Stephanie helped push it into her asshole again. Dawn began
penetrating Steph's ass with that dildo harder and faster then before while
licking Steph's clit with her tongue.

"Unnhhuhhh! OH GOD! Oooohohhh yess Dawn ohh baby ohhhh fuck yess!" Stephanie

Dawn Marie was focused as she worked over that fine ass with the big dildo
and Stephanie's clit with her tongue. Stephanie's body began to shake as she
orgasmed. Her pussy dripped down onto Dawn's tongue and face but Dawn Marie
didn't stop for one second. She kept at it, sending Stephanie into
uncontrollable ecstasy.

UNNNHHH! UNHHH! UNNHHH I CAN'T TAKE ANYMORE! Ohhhh fuuuck! Ohhh it feels so
good! I CAN'T TAKE IT! BUT DON'T STOP! OOHHHHH YEEAH!" Stephanie screamed.

Stephanie had a firm grip on her huge breasts, trying to somehow to contain
this incredible feeling. Finally Dawn pulled the dildo out of Steph's ass
and Steph pretty much collapsed on the mat, trying to catch her breath. Dawn
Marie sat up, her face covered in Stephanie's pussy juice.

"Come here," Stephanie said between heavy breaths.

Dawn Marie crawled over to Stephanie and Steph pulled Dawn down on top of
her. Steph began licking her sweet pussy juice off of Dawn's face. The two
brunettes sat up and held each other real close. Dawn wanted that feeling of
Stephanie's jugs pressed up against hers again. They held each other close
and shared licking the big dildo clean. They ended it with a long passionate

"So how was it?" Dawn asked.

"Ohhh I loved my Hot ... Lesbian ... Action!" Stephanie exclaimed.

"And I realized which McMahon I should have been persuing all along," Dawn

The two grabbed their clothes and headed to the back leaving most of the
audience and the viewers at home pinching themselves to see if what they
just saw was real.

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