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Billion Dollar Encounter
by Trayson

Dr. Fur was a young man fresh from medical school. On only his 3rd house
call since being a doc, he made his way up to a large mansion in Greenwich.
He loved the money so far, and hated the snobby assholes here. Once the
butler of the mansion let him in, he followed him up a long flight of stairs
to his awaiting patient. "Miss McMahon is right this way," he said pointing
into a large room. As Dr Fur moved closer, he saw a tall brown haired young
woman, sprawled out on a plush bed. "Holy Shit" he thought to himself. He
didn't put two and two together earlier, but being in Greenwich... a big
mansion... the last name... sure enough, that was Stephanie hereself. "I'll
leave you to do your work doctor." The butler said, leaving.

Looking at Steph, her mouth was slightly open, and she was breathing
heavily, although not with any apparent difficulty. He set his black bag down
on Stephanie's nightstand. First things first. Her arms were lying on her
chest over the sheets, so he took one of her hands to measure her pulse. He
noticed first how warm her skin was. She was obviously running at least a
slight temperature, but of course he'd get around to measuring it.

Her skin was also damp with perspiration, although still warm. There
weren't any beads of perspiration or anything; just an overall wetness.
Almost as if she had just showered and was trying to air-dry. He put his
index and middle finger on her wrist to measure her pulse, but was unable
to locate one.

This was unusual, but nothing to worry about; some people just had
pulses that were harder to find. The doctor turned back to the bed and put
the earplugs for the stethoscope into his ears. Leaning over, he pulled the
covers down to Stephanie's waist, revealing her nightgown clad torso. Her
huge breasts heaved up and down beneath the thin fabric in time with her
breathing. Her nightgown, lightly soaked with her sweat, clung to her body,
which Dr. Fur tried not to notice as he tried to maintain his professional
detachment. The fabric of the nightgown would interfere with listening to
her chest, so he started undoing the buttons on the front of her nightgown.
Undoing the last button, he pulled the top of the nightgown as open as he
could so that her upper chest was more exposed. Doing so exposed a good
amount of his patient's cleavage, a fact that Dr. Fur did his best to

Dr. Fur thought that it shouldn't be too hard to get her temperature. Her
unconscious state made an oral thermometer impractical, but he had the newer
electronic model that took a reading from the inside of the ear. He pulled
that out from his black bag and put a new, sterile cover over the probe end.
As he tried to insert it into Stephanie's ear, however, there was a faint
flash of light from the thermometer and he saw the power light on it go out.
Damn thing. It had never done that before. He could have sworn that the flash
of light had actually come from Stephanie, but that was impossible, of
course. Probably an electronic component shorting out. He verified that it
wouldn't turn back on, and then tossed it back into his bag.

Okay, no oral thermometer on the unconscious woman, and her electronic
ear one was broken. But he had to get a temperature. That left only one
possibility. He would have to use the rectal thermometer. Obviously he had
no choice. It was a normal medical procedure. Still, he felt he had better
take the reading and be done with it, as it might create an uncomfortable
situation if Miss McMahon woke up. He pulled the covers all of the way down
off of Stephanie's body. Stephanie seemed to shiver slightly as the
protective warmth of the sheets was taken away from her, even though the
room was actually quite warm. She was apparently at least a little chilly,
as evidenced by the erectness of her thick hard nipples poking up against
her nightgown... Dr. Fur drove the thought from his mind. "Stephanie?" he
said softly. "I need you to turn over. Can you do that Steph?"

All he got from her was a faint murmur, but she did not move. Sighing,
Dr. Fur slid his hands under Stephanie and carefully rolled her over, so
that she was lying on her stomach, her head turned towards him on her
pillow. Okay, that was easy enough. Next he reached down and pulled the
bottom of her nightgown up and over her waist, so that her naked, big
rounded ass was exposed.

Her pale buttocks twitched slightly as they were exposed to the air, and
Dr. Fur tried to ignore the faint stirrings he felt in his groin. I have to
remain a professional at all times, he thought. Turning back to his bag, he
pulled out the rectal thermometer and some petroleum jelly. Placing a glob
of jelly onto the end of the thermometer, he smeared it around the end a
little bit. He turned back to Stephanie. With one hand, he spread her thick
buttocks apart, exposing her light brown puckered sphincter. With a slightly
trembling hand, he brought the tip of the thermometer to her nether opening
and slowly inserted the glass rod to the recommended depth. As soon as he
let go of the instrument, however, it slowly slid all of the way out.
Strange. He picked the thermometer back up and once again reinserted it. And
once again it slid out. This was something unique to his experience. Perhaps
whatever illness had overtaken Stephanie was causing some peculiar muscle
action in her anal region. He took out a rubber glove from his black bag and
used the petroleum jelly to lubricate a finger. Once again spreading apart
her cheeks, he this time nervously brought the lubricated finger up to her
asshole. The proctologic exam he was about to perform seemed justified given
the circumstances, but he was still nervous nonetheless.

You're all alone with an unconscious nymph, and you're about to ream her
ass with her finger... what's there to worry about? "You're a professional,
Dr. Fur," he muttered to himself. Pressing his fingertip up against her
anus, he slowly started sliding it into Stephanie McMahon's ass. He could
immediately feel her internal muscles grip his probing digit. He probed
deeper, trying to find what it was about her ass that kept pushing the
thermometer out. A low moan suddenly came from Stephanie, causing Dr. Fur
to freeze. Then she pushed her ass back towards Dr. Fur's hand, causing his
finger to go even deeper into her tight rectum. She was still apparently
unconscious though. Was she starting to get sexually aroused from his
examination of her rectum? Experimentally, he slowly slid his finger back
out and then slowly back in, eliciting another moan from Stephanie. He slid
it back out and in again, faster this time, and Stephanie moaned once more
and lifted her ass a little. Stephanie began humping her ass against Dr.
Fur's finger, which he had kept immobile while he tried to straighten out
his thoughts. Without thinking, he once again began sliding his finger in
and out of her eager fat ass. He could hear her breathing beginning to speed

Fuck it. He pulled his finger out, causing a sigh from the Billion Dollar
Princess. He fumbled at his belt, pulled it loose from his Dockers and tossed
it aside. He unzipped his pants and pulled them down a little, freeing his
erection. Reaching once more for the petroleum jelly, he smeared a generous
portion onto his penis, relishing the feel of the cool substance on his hot
flesh. Holding his pants up while he walked around to the foot of the bed, he
reached down and grabbed Stephanie's ankles. Pulling them slowly apart, he
watched as her thighs parted, exposing her puckered asshole once more, now
glistening with the lubricant he had used on his finger earlier. He crawled
onto the bed on all fours and moved his body over Stephanie's. He spread her
big ass cheeks open again with one hand, causing her pucker to open up
slightly. With the other hand he brought the head of his penis up to the
previously mentioned opening. This is it, he finally realized. If I do this,
I could be in for a world of trouble. He couldn't help himself. Not when he
was this close. He had to sodomize Stephanie, and there was nothing that
could stop him at this point. Besides, her body certainly seemed willing,
given that it had just about swallowed his finger a minute ago and would
probably have cum if he hadn't stopped reaming her ass. And she was almost
certain to stay unconscious during the entire process. He could just clean
her up afterwards... Enough thinking. He pressed the head of his lubricated
penis against the depression around her sphincter.

From the explorations of his finger, he knew it would be tight, so he
decided to take it slowly. At first, her asshole refused to accommodate his
probing rod, but then suddenly it seemed to loosen just enough that he could
slowly begin sliding the head in. Stephanie moaned again, although this one
sounded like it was caused by pain, not passion. Given her tightness, it
seemed certain that this would at least initially be uncomfortable for her,
despite her obviously aroused state. There wasn't anything Dr. Fur could do
about it, though, other than take it easy.

He slid forward some more, so that the entire head of his penis slipped
in through her anus, eliciting a gasp and then a moan from Stephanie. Her
sphincter spasmed momentarily around Dr. Fur's invading rod. Oh God, this is
incredible... she's so hot and tight... I can't wait until I'm in all the
way... He pushed in further, having to apply incrementally more force to do
so. Moving carefully, he was able to work all 9 inches into Stephanie's thick
asshole. Finally, Dr. Fur was in to his limit. He stopped for a moment,
allowing more of his weight to rest on Stephanie busty body. He could feel
her naked, moistened flesh against his and the feel of it squirming against
him was exquisite. Reaching under Stephanie with one hand, he grabbed one of
her large breasts and squeezed. Slowly, he slid his penis back out so that
his head was in danger of popping out, and then, even more slowly, he slid it
back in. Stephanie gasped again and shook, but it was a milder reaction than
before. Encouraged, Dr. Fur pulled out and thrust in again, faster this time,
and Stephanie only squirmed a little. A few more such thrusts and she was
actually beginning to move with him, thrusting her large ass back at him with
every thrust.

Stephanie's breathing grew even more heavy and she began a steady moaning,
this time definitely of a passionate nature. Her already warm body was
getting hotter, and he could see the sweat forming on her back as he
continued to ravish her. Then, Steph started to wake up.... "What are you
doing to me?" Stephanie moaned between thrusts. "You're hurting me!"

Dr. Fur then put his hand at her pussy. He started rubbing it, and was
rewarded with a fresh flow of juices. Despite her obvious wishes, Stephanie
moaned. She tried to lift her body up on her hands, but only succeeded in
giving him better access to her ass and pussy.

"Stop it!" Stephanie whimpered. "You're hurting my butt..." Despite her
pleas, however, her ass once again began to move against him, meeting his
thrusts, and grinding against his groin.

Apparently her body was beginning to remember what it had learned before.
I think she's going to cum, he finally realized. Her body had already been
taken too far while she was unconscious for her to have any control over it
now. He began thrusting even faster now, eliciting another groan from
Stephanie as his balls began to slap against her pussy.

"Please, no, ouch, " she moaned. "Stop it, please... take it out. Oh my

Suddenly her body convulsed and arched beneath him as an orgasm suddenly
overtook her body. The spasmic contraction of her ass muscles around his rod
forced him over the edge, and he started cumming into her ass as he slammed
in one more time.

"Oh my god, oh my god," Stephanie moaned. "Make it stop! What's happening
to me???"

Spurt after spurt of hot jism squirted into her tight ass, which was so
tight that Dr. Fur could feel it squeezing back down around his penis and out
of her ass. And still he kept on cumming. Stephanie was at the peek of her
orgasm when suddenly her body began to glow. Dr. Fur didn't notice it at
first, but when he did he backed off her slightly, allowing his penis to pop
out to squirt one last shot onto her big butt.

Stephanie turned over on the bed, so that she was now lying on her back.
Her hands moved over her body. "You did it in my butt," Stephanie whimpered,
tears beginning to come to her eyes. She tried to pull her nightgown down
over her naked body.

"You fucked me hard in my pooper." She went on. "You put your thing in my
butt while I was sleeping." This coming from Stephanie made Dr. Fur hard
again. "You stuck it right up my... hey!" Stephanie cried as Dr. Fur grabbed
her sexy leg and pulled her to him.

This had the result of causing her nightgown to ride up over her hips
again, so that her groin was once again exposed, giving Dr. Fur his first
good look at the diva's pussy. "Let me go!" Stephanie shouted in that high
pitched voice, struggling.

In answer, Dr. Fur placed her legs over his shoulders, grabbed her by the
hips to pull her groin closer to him, and then bent over to tentatively lick
her cunt. Stephanie whimpered and tried to wriggle away on the bed, but Dr.
Fur had a firm hold on her hips. She then tried to squeeze her legs together,
to trap his head between her legs and thus deny him access to her moist
treasures, but it was easy enough for Dr. Fur to move his hands down from her
hips to grasp the insides of her thighs and pull her legs apart. Doing so
caused Stephanie's pussy to open slightly, exposing it more clearly to his
trained eye. He ran his tongue up her slit, which was still full of her
juices from her body's earlier excitement. He wanted to bring her to orgasm
quickly to calm her.

He flicked his tongue gently over her clit, then again, with a little more
pressure. He gave her pussy one last lick and then pulled his head away.
Removing her legs from over his shoulders, he left her spreadeagled on the
bed with her lower legs still hanging over the edge of the bed and her feet
touching the floor. Stephanie seemed confused as he stood up and then leaned
over her on the bed, pumping at his penis with one hand as he slowly brought
it into play against the lips of her cunt.

"What... what are you doing?" Stephanie asked dazedly, still somewhat
flustered. Her breathing was still heavy, but she was not as close to the
brink as she had been just a few moments ago.

He began pressing the head of his penis between the lips of her pussy.

"No!" Stephanie screamed, beginning to struggle once again.

Dr. Fur ignored her protests as he felt the lips of her vulva begin to
part before him. She was tight, although of course her cunt was nowhere near
as tight as her ass had been. Stephanie pushed Dr. Fur away with her big bare
feet, but he was too strong for her. He mockingly grabbed one of Stephanie's
ankles, pulled her big foot up, and licked the bottom of her foot in one big

"Mmmmm size 11, my favorite!" he mumbled with a mouthful.

The sensation caused Stephanie to giggle a bit, curling her toes as she
weakly struggled. As the doc slid his dick up Steph's cunt, she cried out,
felling him pump in and out immediately. Dr. Fur had 3 of Stephanie's big
toes in his mouth, sucking away, and his cock slamming in and out of the
Billion Dollar Pussy. Not too bad of a situation. The doc switched gears,
pulling Stephanie on to him, forcing her to ride and wiggle on his cock. As
the doc moaned, pumping into Stephanie's cunt like a jackhammer, he hugged
her tight to keep her in place. Stephanie couldn't help but moan, long deep
moans, as she felt the cock drilling her wet pussy. Her protest stopped.
She lay on the doc limp as he fucked her a few more thrusts, squirting his
load. After the post-orgasm bliss, he tossed Steph's weak body aside, just
as he heard the butler calling from the hall way. As the butler entered, he
noticed the window was open, and the doc was gone. The butler heard a car
leaving in the background.

"Miss McMahon?! Are you alright?" he asked the young woman, now covered up
in sheets.

"I feel better already" she said, staring out the open window.

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