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Disclaimer: The following is a non-consensual story featuring four female celebrities. Any similarity to reality is coincidental.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at - or chat with me on YIM. When it comes to requests, I am currently not taking them anymore. I've allowed too many to go unfulfilled so it's not fair to say I'll take them and then do nothing.

Celebs: Renee Young, Dasha Fuentes, Andrea D'Marco, Charly Caruso

Codes: FFFF, rape, cons, reluc, oral, anal, toys

Summary: Renee Young has issues with her co-workers

Bitch Deserved It
by TheBigLove126

The text was sent out to four of the WWE's backstage interview girls.

Meeting in conference room 7A of the Hilton Orlando at 6pm, all receiving this text must attend or risk termination."

The phones of Renee Young, Dasha Fuentes, Andrea D'Marco and Charly Caruso all received the text from a number with a 203 area code, centered in Stamford, CT, the home of World Wrestling Entertainment. This did not seem out of the ordinary for the women as they regularly received calls from the office but the suddenness of a meeting in only three hours was a bit strange. Not wanting to potentially hurt relations with their bosses, all four women made the half-hour drive together from the Performance Center to the hotel.

"Why is it just us four?" Andrea asked from the back-passenger seat. "Is it some super-secret meeting of the microphone jockeys?"

"I don't know but this is bullshit," Renee added from in front of her. "This is supposed to be our night off."

"Calm down, we'll probably be out in ten minutes," Dasha said, sitting behind the driver's seat, staring daggers at Renee, annoyed at the smug look on her face.

Charly, who was typically the quiet one of the group did not say a word as she was busy focusing on the road. The women arrived at the hotel a few minutes before six and headed to the seventh floor, the sweater-covered Renee leading the line of women dressed in tank tops. Dasha was in blue, Andrea in pink and Charly in yellow. The all wore blue jeans that looked like they came out of the same. The blonde knocked on the door of conference room 7A, accidently opening it.

"I guess we just go in?" Charly asked.

Renee gave her a look before stepping inside, followed closely by Dasha and Andrea.

"Was it something I said?" Charly asked as she joined the group.

In the center of the large table lay a note for the interviewers.

"Just sit tight and we will be with you shortly," Dasha read aloud.

Renee sat at the head of the table which seemed to bother Dasha a bit. While it was obvious that she was the most tenured of the women, it rubbed Dasha the wrong way that her mentor took the head chair like it belonged to her. Andrea sat next to Dasha and relaxed in the very comfortable chair, looking straight up and swinging her legs back and forth like a child. Charly sat quietly with her hands folded on the table, seemingly in her own little world.

Time went by fast with no sign of the person who left the note. After an hour, Dasha's fingers began tapping the hardwood table fast and loud, which was starting to annoy Renee. After another five minutes, Renee grabbed Dasha's hands and held them down.

"Please stop doing that," she sternly said.

"Get your hand off me," Dasha said, pulling her own hand away. "When the hell is this meeting?"

"If I knew that, I'd say something," Renee said with anger. "Just quit tapping your damn fingers."

Dasha looked at Renee with disgust as she crossed her arms over her chest. Andrea and Charly did their best to ignore what was going on between the Latina and the Canadian but were not having much success.

"Is it warm in here or is just me?" Renee asked.

"You're the one who wore a sweater in Florida," Dasha said. "It's almost ninety and you're dressing like you're still in Canada."

"Guys, can you stop arguing," Andrea quietly asked.

"Shut up, Andrea," both women shouted in unison.

"Sorry," Andrea squeaked as she turned to Charly, who looked away.

The room was quiet enough to hear a pin drop for nearly another hour. Eventually, the only sound that could be heard was Renee breathing heavily as she struggled through the lack of comfortability from the heat surrounding her body.

"Take the damn sweater off," Dasha whispered.

"What?" Renee asked.

"Take the god damned sweater off!" Dasha yelled. "You're sweating and you're panting, just fucking take it off!"

"I'm not going to sit here in my bra," Renee said. "For all we know, our boss will come through the door."

"Oh yeah, I'm sure Vinny Mac is going to have a huge problem with a blonde waiting for him in a bra," Dasha said. "That's called 'everyday' in Stamford."

"Take yours off then," Renee said sarcastically.

"I don't need too, I actually dressed like I'm in Florida," Dasha responded.

Charly's eyes darted back and forth between the arguing women. The tension in the room was starting to get to her, forcing her heart to race. Once Renee took another deep sigh, Dasha stood up and grabbed Renee by the shirt. The blonde tried to fight her but quickly was left in her black bra.

"There, now cool the fuck down," Dasha said as she lay the sweater down on her own chair and sat down.

Renee covered her breasts and stared at Dasha with a look of anger that neither of the women had ever seen. Andrea kept staring at Renee's chest, quickly looking away so she could not get caught. Quiet Charly was still keeping to herself, trying to ignore the arguments and continue patiently for the meeting.

Again, silence hit the room for a while. As the clock struck nine, Renee started to look at the door. She wanted to get up and leave but was not about to walk into a the halls of a popular hotel without a top on.

"Andrea, open the door and see if anyone is coming," Renee commanded.

Andrea happily stood up and walked to the door, grabbing the handle and finding it to be locked. Renee jumped out of the chair and ran to the door.

"Hey! HEY!" she screamed as her fists bounced off the door. "Open the fucking door! I've got better things to do that this."

"We all do," Andrea added.

"Nobody said you can talk," Renee said. "Just sit back down and look dead like you do on camera."

Andrea lowered her head and slowly walked back to her chair. Dasha saw the sad look on the older woman's face, making her blood boil. She got out of her chair and walked to Renee, grabbing her by the shoulder and pushing her against the wall.

"Don't you fucking talk to her like that," she said.

"I'll talk to her however I want," Renee said, shoving Dasha off her. "I'll talk to any of you however I want. I've been here longer than any of you and I am FAR above all of you in the company. Above you Dasha, above the bitch who's nothing but tits and ass and above the quiet one who couldn't produce emotion if her life depended on it."

"You're only 'above' us because you're fucking a main eventer," Dasha said, grabbing her again. "Any of us could have your job if we blew the right people. Difference between us and you is that we want to climb the ladder through hard work, not through how much semen our cunts can swallow."

Renee went to slap Dasha but the younger woman grabbed her and tossed her towards the table, bending her over it and pinning her down.

"Get off me!" Renee yelled.

"I bet if I called myself a lunatic fringe, you'd be saying 'in' instead of 'off', right?" Dasha said, slapping her on the ass as hard as she could. "Andrea, Charly, come give this bitch a smack. It feels really good."

Andrea, still looking sad from Renee's insult, walked over and gave her a hard smack on her jeans-covered ass. The large-chested Colombian-American had a look of pure satisfaction on her face a she spanked her again and again. Dasha gave her a kiss on the cheek before looking to Charly.

"Come on Charly, spank her," she commanded.

"No thanks, I don't want to be a part of this," Charly replied.

"You're just going to let her insult you then?" Andrea asked. "Come on, it's fun."

Charly turned her chair around and let the women do whatever they pleased. Dasha and Andrea shared a disappointed look as they mutually held Renee pinned to the table.

"Are you going to let me go at all?" Renee asked.

Dasha smiled as her fingers hooked into the back of Renee's bra. Staring Andrea in the eyes, she pulled her hand up, snapping the underwear. Andrea reached under the blonde's body and pulled the bra away, leaving her completely topless.

"Give that back!" Renee yelled.

Dasha hooked her arms around Renee's and pulled her up, preventing her from hiding her bare breasts. Andrea started laughing as the blood rushed to Renee's face, flooding her with embarrassment.

"Flick her," Dasha ordered of Andrea.

Andrea put her middle finger against her thumb, held them in front of Renee's nipple and flicked it as hard as she could. Renee screeched while Dasha let out an evil laugh. Charly turned her chair around to take a peek at the topless Renee Young. Her eyebrows raised and her heart started to race again.

"Enjoying the view?" Dasha asked, catching her.

Charly said nothing and slowly spun her chair around again. Andrea walked over and spun the chair back towards the women.

"Come on, join your friends," Andrea said, inadvertently placing her deep cleavage directly in Charly's line of sight.

"Isn't this kind of rape," Charly asked.

"It's not rape," Dasha said as she roughly tugged Renee's jeans down until her unshaven pussy was exposed. "THIS is rape," she said, rubbing her index finger up and down the blonde's cunt lips.

"Stop it!" Renee screamed, trying to break free of Dasha's grip. "This was all fun and games for a bit but you seriously just touched my pussy."

"This is still fun and games...for us," Dasha said as she traced her finger up and down Renee's pussy once more.

Renee fought hard to break free but Dasha was deceptively strong, able to hold her in place with one arm. Andrea pulled Charly out of the chair and walked her over towards the other women. She had a sever look of anxiety on her face as she stared at the naked women held in front of her.

"Touch her," Dasha said. "Just reach down and touch her pussy."

Charly's wide eyes looked at Andrea, unsure of what to do.

"She said you have no personality," Andrea said. "If you don't show her who's boss, you'll pretty much be proving her point."

"I-I-I," Charly stuttered. "I don't think I can."

"Sure you can," Dasha said. "Just do to her what you would want done to you."

Andrea grabbed Charly's hand and put it into a fist except for her index finger. Slowly, she pulled the woman's hand closer to Renee, who was shaking.

"I'll get you fired if you touch me!" Renee shouted. "I'll get all of you fired."

Charly tried to pull away but Andrea was too much in control. She closed her eyes as she felt the damp clitoris of her mentor press against her finger. Dasha started to bite on Renee's earlobe as Andrea guided Charly's finger around the clit in a circle. Tears started to form in Renee's eyes as she saw a smile start to form on Charly's face.

"How does it feel?" Andrea asked.

"It feels like rape!" Renee yelled, receiving a smack to the breasts.

"I was talking to the nice one," Andrea said.

"It feels weird but good," Charly said. "I've never touched one other than mine before. But, um, shouldn't we stop in case someone comes in."

"We've been here for three fucking hours, nobody is coming," Dasha said. "Andrea, see if there's anything in here to tie blondie up with."

"No!" Renee screamed as she watched Andrea's shapely body shuffle towards a cabinet in the corner of the room.

Charly continued to poke at Renee's clitoris while Andrea dug around. After about a minute, the oldest of the women found a roll of duct tape hidden deep in what looked like a junk drawer.

"Beautiful," Dasha said, pulling Renee's jeans all the way off, leaving her naked except for a pair of dress shoes.

Andrea pulled a long piece of duct tape, almost four feet long, and wrapped it tightly around the trapped girl's wrists. Charly backed away as Dasha led Renee to the corner of table to allow Andrea to tape her leg to the leg of the table. Once she let go of her, Dasha stepped back and watched the blonde try and break free but to no avail.

Dasha grabbed Andrea by the arm and started to whisper in her ear. Both women quickly approached Charly and started to pull at her yellow tank top. The woman seemed apprehensive at first but allowed her co-workers to strip her. Andrea pulled the white bra off while Dasha removed the jeans and panties. Renee looked up to see Charly completely naked, her small breasts being groped by the other women.

"I want you to sit on the table and drape your legs over Renee's back," Dasha said loud enough for the blonde to hear. "Just put her cute little shaved cunt in her face."

Charly looked a bit nervous at first but soon hopped up onto the table and did as she was instructed. Renee looked disgusted as she was given put in a position that only two men and a gynecologist had ever been in. She tried to put on a sad, innocent look to jar the shy girl out of the sexual pressure she was put under by the other women. Much to her surprise, it started to work.

"Guys, I don't know if we should," Charly said, starting to scoot away.

"I know what will help," Dasha said, pulling her blue tank top off, rolling it up and wrapping it over Charly's eyes. "Don't let her sad little girl eyes make you feel bad. Dean Ambrose's gutter-slut of a girlfriend needs to be knocked down a peg."

Andrea, feeling greatly overdressed, removed every stitch of clothing off her curvy body, putting everything on display.

"Yummy," Dasha said, licking her lips. "Come over here and make sure that Renee gets fed properly."

"Okay!" Andrea cheerfully said as she jiggled over to Renee, grabbing her by the hair. "You know what I love more than anything?"

Renee stared at her nervously before her face was pulled to the large pair of breasts in front of her. She kept her mouth closed tightly, not wanting any bit of saliva to touch the thirty-five year old's nipples. Seeing this, Dasha walked behind Renee, sucked on two of her finger and, as hard as possible, rammed them up Renee's Canadian cunt. She let out a scream that was quickly muffled by Andrea shoving her breast in her mouth.

"You like that?" Dasha angrily said as she worked her two fingers in and out of Renee's pussy as fast and as hard as she could, doing enough to cause her breasts to jiggle in her loose-fitting blue bra.

After getting both of her nipples wet, Andrea moved Renee's head over to the blindfolded Charly's waiting pussy. At first touch, Charly jumped but felt Andrea's calming lips press against hers, keeping her in place. Renee screamed into Charly's cunt, sending intense waves of pleasure up the inexperienced girl's insides. This was all new for her, having never received oral sex from anyone, let alone a screaming woman. She reached out for something to hold onto, grabbing Andrea's left breasts, squeezing it harder with each beat of her heart. Andrea moaned in response, fueling her to force Renee's head harder into Charly.

Dasha slid an extra finger into Renee's tight pussy, struggling to fit it inside. She was blinded by angry lust and was not even aware that the blonde was crying in a mixture that was more plain than pleasure. In response, her body was forced to make more lubrication and it was beginning to dribble down her thigh. The aggressive Dasha was starting to sweat profusely from her forehead, dripping onto Renee's ass.

"Cum, you fucker!" Dasha grunted. "CUM!"

Seconds later, an orgasmic howl filled the room but it was not coming from Renee's lips but instead, Charly's. Andrea cradled her head and helped her lay down as the massive orgasm took over the blinded twenty-eight-year-old. Renee's face was sprayed with fresh, hot cum and with her busty co-worker holding her in place, she could not avoid it. She tried to keep her mouth and eyes closed but was unable to since there was a stirring in her own body. Dasha was about to get her wish.

Renee's eyes shot wide open and her jaw hit the table while the rest of her body tensed up. Dasha's fingers paused inside of her, feeling her inner muscles pull at them.

"About time," Dasha said, pulling her soaked fingers out for a tasting.

Andrea watched as Dasha sensually sucked her own fingers clean. Suddenly, she got an idea and dashed back to the cabinet from where the duct tape had come from. Seconds later, she pulled out a hammer and started towards the pile of worn-out women.

"Whoa, we aren't going to kill her," Dasha said, causing Charly to remove her blindfold.

"I know but I don't want to be left out," Andrea said, walking behind the abused blonde.

Andrea took the handle of the hammer and started rubbing it against the waterfall that was Renee's still-spasming cunt. After getting the tool nice and slick, she gave Charly a little rub with it as well. Dasha pulled her jeans down to her knees and spread her lips wide, contributing to the coating. The nude Andrea held the heavy end of the hammer against her own slightly-hairy cunt while holding the end of the handle against Renee's ass.

"She probably liked that too much," Andrea said.

"But she won't like this," Dasha added as she pushed the front of her body against the back of Andrea's. "Can I hold your tool while you rape this bitch?"

Andrea gave Dasha a kiss before the women pushed the thick handle into Renee's ass. The blonde started to screech before Charly grabbed the roll of duct tape and wrapped it around her mouth, silencing her.

"That's a good girl," Dasha said, blowing a kiss to Charly.

"Her screams are annoying," Charly said as she stood up from the puddle she had left on the table. "I wonder if she's ever put anything in there before?"

Dasha and Andrea laughed at Renee obviously trying to deny but unable to with her mouth taped. While Andrea took the lead in controlling the hammer, Dasha let her free hand slide down her hairless pelvis and touch her swollen, throbbing clit. She was ready to burst after having gotten out frustration towards Renee that she had since they first met. To her, Renee had always come off as a 'stuck-up bitch' and not the 'cool chick' she portrays herself as to the public. Tying her up, making her cum against her will and now getting off to it herself was making this the most satisfying day in Dasha's WWE tenure.

Charly was using Renee's hair to mop up the mess she had made, occasionally looking over to see the others having their fun. Dasha's hand was completely off Andrea's tool and was now pulling her bra down, letting her breasts, which were only slightly smaller than Andrea's, hang free. Once her index finger and thumb trapped a nipple between them, her legs started to quiver. Charly ran up behind her, giving her hug to hold her up while the orgasm washed over her tired body. She threw her head back, resting it on Charly's bare shoulders, giving the not-so-shy-anymore girl a chance to kiss her. The women kept their lips locked until Dasha's body was fully relaxed nearly a minute later.

Renee was trying to scream through the tape but she was barely audible to any of the women. All three of them were panting for air and dripping from between their legs. The hammer pressed against Andrea's clitoris was starting to bring her close but she did not want to finish off the punishment of Renee Young just yet.

Dasha, now recovered from the massive orgasm she had given herself, made her way to her feet and crawled up on Renee, sitting on her back and facing Andrea. She pulled her bra completely off and pushed her breasts together, winking and licking her lips towards her busty friend. Andrea buried her face between Dasha's tits and started to giggle. Charly took hold of the hammer and moved it back and forth, trying to distribute Renee's pain and Andrea's pleasure equally.

"Don't stop," Andrea said in a muffled voice.

Charly however decided to ignore her request, pushing the hammer as far inside of Renee as possible and taking Andrea's red-hot pussy with her tongue. Her slimy tongue slithered its way inside Andrea's vagina, causing her to pull away from Dasha and let out the loudest expletive either woman had ever heard.

"FUCK!" she screamed with all her might.

Andrea grabbed Charly's head and held it close as her orgasm was building and ready to explode. Charly continued to swirl around inside of her, wanting to experience what another woman's orgasm tasted. Their embrace was temporarily interrupted by Renee who, with the assistance of a lot of slobber and sweat, had gotten the tape off her mouth.

"Get that fucking thing out of my butt, you fucking shitheads!" she screamed.

"Oh shut up," Dasha said, slapping her across the back of her head. "Let Andrea cum already, then we'll worry about you."

Seconds later, Andrea let out a long, high-pitched moan as her body finally gave way and orgasmed around Charly's little tongue, which had still not slowed down. Both women could feel the juices exiting from between Charly's lips, racing down both her chin and Andrea's thighs. Dasha started to laugh as her eyes scanned over all three women.

Andrea and Charly broke contact after a few minutes and both embraced in a wet hug. Dasha joined in, grabbing two handfuls of ass. All three women looked over at Renee, who was finally able to force the hammer out of her ass. The women all cleaned themselves off with Renee's discarded clothes. Dasha used her sweater to wipe her pussy while Andrea used the jeans. Charly patted herself down with the black bra and matching panties. They all threw the clothes at Renee's feet and started to dress.

"Are we going to regret this one day?" Charly asked.

"Fuck no," Dasha said. "Bitch deserved it."

"Yeah, bitch absolutely deserved it," Andrea added.

"I guess the bit-bitch deserved it but what do we do now?" Charly asked. "And what about the meeting."

"Aww aren't you cute," Dasha said. "There was no meeting."

Charly and Renee both stared at Dasha in confusion.

"Yeah, we planned this," Andrea added. "We've been planning it for weeks."

"Are you fucking kidding me!?" Renee shouted. "You planned to rape me!?"

"Yep," Dasha said, not adding anything extra.

"So why was I included? And who sent the text?" Charly asked.

"I used an app that lets you choose what number shows up," Dasha said. "It was really easy."

"And as for you, we wanted to get you out of your shell," Andrea added. "I knew there was more than a shy girl in there and I proved it, didn't I?"

"I guess," Charly said with a smile. "I guess you can unlock the door?"

"It was never locked," Dasha said. "Renee was just too stupid to turn the damn handle before pounding on the door."

Andrea yawned and placed her arm over Dasha's shoulders.

"Let's go home and continue the party," she said, kissing her cheek.

Dasha grabbed Charly by the hand and started to lead her out when Renee yelled back at them.

"Hey, aren't you gonna let me go?" she asked in a defeated voice. "Please?"

Dasha looked back and started laughing before leaving the office with her two close co-workers. Renee started to throw a tantrum, trying to once again break free of her restraints. She heard footsteps and instantly calmed down.

"Charly? Is that you? I knew you would come back. Please let me out of here?" she begged.

"My name ain't Charly," a deep, masculine voice said.

Renee turned her head and saw a very tall, very fat man standing in the doorway. Her heart sank as she saw him reach for the door to close it.

"Happy birthday to me," he said, shutting the door behind him.

The three women stood in the elevator about fifty feet away and could hear Renee scream in agony. Dasha and Andrea busted out laughing and seconds later, so did Charly.

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