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PAIRING: Mickie James/A Fan(Dale), Trish Stratus/Dale, Trish Stratus Solo


1st, my fanfic will often deal with strange situations/pairings, so if your
easily shocked/offended, don't bother reading any further. Also, a lot of
these stories deal with wrestlers that are "Past There Prime", so to speak.
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4th, this story is written from the viewpoint that what happens on TV isn't
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~ Denotes Thought ~

Blind Leading The Blind - Doing The Loop
by Nero Rain (

"Dale! Dale, phone for you!"

Rolling to the edge of his bed, Dale sat up, reaching for his phone. "Who is
it Katie?"

"That girl…the one…shit, the one from the other night!" Katie yelled, her
mind racing for the girl's name. "What's her name?"

"Mickie?" He asked.

"That's it, it's Mickie!"

Picking up the phone on his nightstand, he yelled, "Got it!" and waited for
Katie to quickly hang up. "Mickie?"

"Dale." Mickie said, smiling as she shifted the phone to the other shoulder,
doing a quick once over of her suitcase. "Katie still doesn't know my name?"

"She barely remembers mine." Dale joked, smiling. "What's up?"

"I was just giving you a final check." Mickie said. "I'm getting packed up
here, so I shouldn't be to long."

"Alright." Dale sighed, lying back on his bed.

Smiling, Mickie grabbed the zipper on her suitcase, closing it quickly.
"Aren't you the happy fellow today." She teased. "Yesterday, you were all
happy. What's up?"

"Nothing." He said, running his hand over his face. "I just had a long day
yesterday. Didn't get a whole lot of sleep."

"Oh." Mickie said, stopping and standing up. "Do you still wanna go? Cuz its
not to late to change my reservations..."

"No, no, I still want to go." Dale said, chuckling lightly. "I really, really
want to see you again."

Smiling, Mickie grabbed her suitcase, hoisting it off the bed and setting it
down gently on its wheels. "Do you now?" She asked, giggling as he gave her
an affirmative noise. "Have you been thinking about me?"

Smiling, he said, "I'd be lying if I said that you don't take up most of my

"Well, think no more." She said, smiling as she wheeled her suitcase to the
door. "I'm on my way out, and I'll be there in about a half an hour. Be ready
to rock when I get there, ok?"

"Will do." He said.

"Half hour." Mickie said. "Be ready."

"Half hour." Dale repeated. "See you then."


* * *

Zipping open Dale's suitcase, Katie checked inside, counting his pairs of
socks, underwear, making sure he had his toothbrush. Smiling as he heard the
zipper go again, Dale shook his head.

"Katie, step away from the suitcase." Dale said, smiling as he heard it open

"I'm just checking..."

"It to death." Dale finished. "You've already checked it..."


"Six times." He said. "Please, I'm starting to get freaked out. Your making
me wonder if I forgot something. Now, close my suitcase, and step away from

Sighing, Katie zipped it up, doing as she was asked and taking a step away.
"I'm sorry." She said. "It's just, I don't think this is a good idea."

"We've already been over this." He said.

"You shouldn't be going on a trip unsupervised." Katie argued. "Especially
after yesterday..."

"Mickie will look after me." Dale said firmly. "I won't be unsupervised. I
trust Mickie. And yesterday...was yesterday." He finished, before turning his
head towards her. "Did anything they said actually surprise you?"

Sighing again, Katie let her head drop. "I suppose not."

"Exactly." He told her. "So don't worry about it. I'll be fine."

Nodding, Katie moved towards Dale, reaching into her purse. "At least take
this." She said, pulling out her cell phone and putting it in his hand. When
he tried to give it back, she pushed it back harder. "Please, Dale, just take
it. It's unlocked, so all you have to do is push these buttons..." Taking his
thumb, she glided it over the buttons, finishing, "And tell me where you are.
I'll have a good idea, since what's her name..."


"Mickie promised to give me an itinerary of where you're going to be. If you
need help, don't hesitate to call the police and get help." Seeing him go to
say something, she quickly added, "Please. I'm going to be nervous enough
about you. Just please, take the phone, and call me if you need help. Promise
me that, at least."

Nodding, he smiled. "I promise."

Gliding his fingers over the buttons again, she watched as he moved with her.
Pulling away, she said, "Alright, show me which ones to hit." Watching as he
retraced her pattern exactly, she smiled. "Very good, Dale."

"Thanks." He said, taking the phone and sliding it into his jacket pocket.

Looking down at him, Katie quickly turned, moving back to his suitcase and
opening it again. Hearing Dale howl with laughter, she turned to look at him.

"Katie, leave the frigging suitcase alone." He laughed. "Get away. Don't
make me use the cell phone to call the cops to get you away from it."
Laughing slightly, he pointed to a spot in front of him. "Close it up, and
stand right here." Hearing her sigh, he listened for the zipper closing,
and her footsteps moving back towards him. "Katie, relax. I'll only be gone
a few days." He said, smiling. "Think of this as a vacation. You never get
any time off from looking after me."

"I can't." She said, shaking her head. "I can't relax while your driving all
over the country with someone you met four days ago."

"Katie..." Dale said softly, sighing himself. "Please, don't worry about me.
I'm a big boy, I can handle myself." Not getting a reply, he said, "Look,
I'll call you from each city, alright? And when I call, I expect you to be
enjoying your time off, understand?"

Shaking her head, she let out a breath, realizing that she wasn't going to
win. "Alright, alright, I'll try and relax." She said.

"Thank you."

"But you'll call me and let me know your ok?"

"I promise." Dale said.

"Ok." Katie said, turning when she heard a car pull into the driveway. Seeing
Mickie open the driver's door, Katie started fidgeting again. "She's here."
She said, waving nervously as Mickie waved at her. Looking back at Dale, she
watched as he smiled, clumsily getting to his feet.

Bounding across the lawn, Mickie smiled as she moved towards Dale,
approaching slowly and hugging him. "Hey Dale!" She said happily, hugging
him tightly as he hugged her back.

"Mickie." He said, smiling. Breaking apart, he waved his hand out, asking,
"You remember Katie?"

Holding out her hand, Mickie smiled as Katie shook it. "Hi Katie." She said
cheerfully. When Katie nodded, Mickie turned, moving towards Dale's suitcase
and grabbing it before sliding in beside him, curling her arm around his and
moving them towards the car.

Hitting the trunk release on her key chain, she moved to the back, hoisting
the suitcase into the small trunk, shuffling her luggage around to fit his
single bag in before slamming the trunk closed. Moving around to the
passenger's side, she opened his door, letting him slide in before rolling
down his window and closing the door.

"Mickie!" Katie called out, gaining the Diva's attention. When Mickie looked
at her, she asked, "Can I have a word with you before you two head out?"

Nodding, Mickie held up a finger before leaning down on the window frame,
giving Dale a kiss on the cheek.

"Ready to go?" she asked. When he nodded, she asked, "Did you pack everything
I told you to?"

"I think so." Dale said.






"One pair."


"More than enough."


"Again, more than enough."





" you floss?"

"Yes, and check."

Smiling, she leaned in, whispering, "Condoms?"


"You didn't get condoms?" Mickie asked. "Did I tell you to get them? I did,
didn't I?"

Blushing, Dale nodded, telling her, "You told me, and no, I didn't."

"Why not?" Mickie asked softly. "Don't you wanna?"

Nodding, he quickly told her, "I very much wanna. I more wanna than you could
ever know."

Giggling, she asked, "Then why didn't you get any?"

Biting his bottom lip nervously, he whispered, "I couldn't work up the nerve
to ask Katie to pick them up for me..."

Smiling, Mickie took his face in her hands, turning him to face her and
kissing him softly. "Don't worry, its ok. We'll just have to get some at the
first pit stop." When he nodded, she kissed him again, telling him, "Katie
wants to talk to me for a minute. Be right back."

When he nodded, Mickie stood up, moving towards where Katie was pacing

"What's up?" Mickie asked.

"Did you bring your itinerary like I asked for?" Katie asked.

Nodding, Mickie quickly reached into her pocket, producing a piece of paper
and handing it to the older woman. "It's all there, our hotels, the arenas,
and when we should arrive at each place."

Nodding, Katie quickly studied the paper, before looking up at Mickie,
telling her, "Ok, it looks good." When Mickie nodded, Katie quickly told her,
"If you get tired of looking after Dale, or want a break, call me. Dale knows
the number here."

Nodding, Mickie smiled, turning away and starting towards the car. Feeling
Katie's hand on her shoulder, she turned, pushing a smile to her face as she
turned to face Katie. Looking at her, she quickly noticed that the nervous
look on Katie's face from before had been replaced with an almost eerie look
of calmness. Taking a deep breath, Katie spoke, her voice quiet and deadly

"Mickie, Dale isn't just my employer." She said. "He's my friend, and I care
very deeply for his safety. As I said, if you don't want to look after him
anymore, fine, just call me."

Mickie quickly nodded, getting slightly frightened by the glare she was on
the receiving end of.

"Now, Dale assured me that you were very trust worthy, and that you'll look
after him as well as someone in his condition needs to be looked after."

"I will." Mickie said quickly. "I totally will."

"That's good." Katie said, nodding. Looking at Mickie, she spoke slowly,
making sure the freaked out Diva understood each and every word she was
saying. "But remember. I've given him a phone to call me with. And if he
calls me and tells me you abandoned him, I will make your life a living
hell. Do we have an understanding?"

Her eyes bugging out, Mickie quickly nodded, now royally freaked out by
Katie's sudden change from nervous mother to psycho.

Her smile returning, Katie let go of Mickie's shoulder. "Ok, then, have a
nice trip!"

Turning quickly, Mickie ran as fast as she could without attracting Katie's
attention, diving into the car and quickly pushing the keys in and starting
the engine. Throwing the car into reverse, she peeled out of the driveway,
not making eye contact with the woman on the step

"Everything ok?" Dale asked.

"No!" Mickie hissed. "I think Katie is nuts!"

Smiling, Dale nodded. "I know she is. Why do you think I hired her?"

"She threatened me if I abandoned you!"

Nodding, he told her, "Don't worry to much about it. I know you won't abandon
me. Katie, she's just making sure, for her own sake. She's really worried
about me going out on this trip, and her doing that was her way of making
sure you bring me home in one piece."

"Ok." Mickie said, quickly putting the car into reverse and backing out of
the driveway.

Turning to look towards the house, Mickie watched in confusion as Katie, a
smile covering her face, waved from the top step. Not knowing what else to
do, Mickie held up her hand, waving back. As they pulled out of the driveway
and onto the road, she turned back to Dale, who was blissfully unaware of
what had happened.

"We're on the road?" he asked, smiling.

Nodding, Mickie turned her attention back fully to the road ahead of her.
"Yup, on the road."

Leaning back in his chair, Dale smiled, linking his fingers over his stomach
and sighing contently.

Looking at him, she grinned. "Relaxed?"

"Very." He said. "I needed this."

"Dale, were like five minutes into the drive." Mickie said.

"And it's been a peaceful five minutes." Dale said. "No worries. No one
fussing over me."

Smiling, she nodded, turning to the right and pulling the car onto the on
ramp, quickly making her way onto the highway. "Well, I can't promise you
peaceful, but it's always something new on these drives." She said. Smiling,
she asked, "Are you ready for adventure?"

Nodding, he grinned. "Of course."

Grinning, Mickie looked at the highway before her, checking her GPS for the
directions before steering the car on course, putting the gas on cruise
control and setting back herself, letting her body relax slightly. Looking
at him, she smiled.



"Thanks for coming." She said softly. "Since Kenny and I broke up, I've been
driving on my own..."

"No problem." Dale said. Grinning, he added, "Just don't expect me to take a
turn at the wheel."

Giggling, Mickie nodded, turning back to the road. "I'll keep that in mind."

* * *

"Geez, your just a regular chatterbox today, aren't you?"

Breaking himself out of the trance he was in, Dale sat more upright.


Smiling, Mickie said, "I think you've said about ten words since we hit the

"Sorry." He said. "I'm just...taking this all in."

"First trip since the accident?"

"First trip since forever." He said. "Last time I went anywhere, I think I
might have still been in diapers."

Grinning, Mickie teased, "I hope it was a long, long time ago."

"Oh yea, totally." Dale said, smiling. "I always wanted to go somewhere, see
the sights, but my family never felt like going, so I got stuck at home. And
right out of high school, I got a job, so I never had time."

"Shitty." Mickie said, reading the signs on the side of the road. Looking at
the clock on her GPS, she asked, "How you doing, hunger wise?"

Grinning from ear to ear, he asked, "And what kind of hunger would you be
referring to?"

"The food kind, oh he of no condoms." Mickie teased.

"Shit." Dale said, laughing. "I forgot I don't have any of those."

"So, hungry?" Mickie asked, changing the subject before he dwelled on it to

Nodding, Dale said, "Yea, I could go for something to eat. Did you bring

"Nah, its just there's a rest stop coming up, and they have some places to
go." She said. "Papa Johns, McDonalds, and a 7-11, which, I will check for
condoms, if you want."

"I want if you want." Dale said.

"I want." Mickie said, smiling. "I don't want to get an urge and have to
fight it down because someone wouldn't buy condoms..."

"I couldn't ask Katie to do that!" He said defensively.

"Why not?" Mickie laughed. "Like she doesn't know what were going to do on
this trip."

"She doesn't." Dale said.


"No, really, she doesn't." He said. "I told her we booked rooms with two

"And she bought that?"

"The power of denial is a very powerful thing." Dale said. "I don't think she
wants to think about me having sex. She's pretty much like a mother to me at
this point." Smiling, he asked, "Would you want your mother finding out you
were having sex?"

"My mother walked in on me loosing my virginity." Mickie said. "She knows.
Unless she can block that image out."

"Oh my god." Dale laughed. "Suddenly I feel stupid about not asking."

"You should." Mickie said. "What you do is your own business. If you want to
spend a weekend traveling from city to city doing various lewd and nasty
things to me in hotel rooms, then it's none of her business." Smiling as he
nodded, she asked, "So, alright, what do you want to eat?"

"Are we going in to eat it?"

Shaking her head, she said, "I was just gonna go get it and get back on the

Sighing, he shrugged his shoulders. "Are you sure you want me eating in the

"Totally." Mickie said. "Now, quit stalling. What's your vice?"

Smiling, he said, "Pizza?"

"Sounds good." She said, pulling into the rest stop off ramp and quickly
finding a parking spot close to the buildings. Shutting off the car, she
asked, "Alright, what do you want on it?"

Thinking for a minute, he went to tell her what he wanted, before he stopped.
Thinking again, he asked, "Don't they usually just have a bunch of pre-made

"Yea, but, I was gonna just get a large pizza." Mickie said. "That way, we
could eat some of it now, and have the rest later for supper so we wouldn't
have to stop again."

"Ahh, ok." He said. Thinking again, he said, "Well, what do you want on it?"

"I just asked you that."

"Well, I don't want to get a bunch of junk you don't like." He said softly.
"Whatever you want is fine..."

Smiling, she unbuckled her seat belt, sliding over the seat and wrapping her
arms around him, pulling him in for a kiss. "Dale, I have some outstanding
news." She said dramatically. "Incase you didn't know, they have this new
thing at pizza places, where you can get what you want on half, and what I
want on half. I know, I know, it seems magical, but it's true."

Grinning, he nodded. "Thank you, I needed a little sarcasm in my life."

"So, what do you want on your half?" she asked, pulling a pad and pen out of
her purse.

"Umm, Bacon, pepperoni, Italian sausage, sausage, and extra cheese." He said.
Thinking for a minute, he quickly added, "Oh, and do they have breadsticks?"

"I think they have breadsticks with cheese." Mickie said. "Sound good?"

"Sounds great." Dale said, smiling.

Leaning in, she kissed him again, smiling as he tried to hold her close.
"Lemme go. I gotta go order the pizza, then I'll come right back and cuddle,

"So I get pizza and cuddles?" he asked, smiling.


Letting her slide out of his arms, he smiled. "Hurry back, please."

Smiling, Mickie slid back to her side, opening her door and quickly getting
out. Watching where she was stepping, she moved quickly to the front door of
the Papa Johns. Opening it, she smiled as she moved into the mostly empty
pizza place, moving up to the counter and smiling at the girl working the
register. Seeing her eyes go wide, Mickie prepared herself for the

"Ohmygod, are you..." The girl started, looking around to see if anyone else
had noticed Mickie, before finishing quietly, "Mickie James?"

"That's me." Mickie said, smiling.

Getting nervous, the girl started breathing heavy, her eyes taking on a
glassy look. "Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod..."

Quickly reaching over the counter, Mickie set her hand on her shoulder,
trying to calm her down. "It's ok, sweetie, it's ok." Seeing the girl nod,
Mickie nodded with her, "Alright, take a deep breath...and let it
out..." Mickie smiled as she girl slowly calmed down, her breathing returning
to normal. "You alright?" When the girl nodded, Mickie asked, "Do you want an
autograph? I don't have anything to sign..."

Moving quickly the girl looked around, trying to find something, anything to
sign. Grabbing a menu off the counter, the girl handed it to Mickie, smiling.
"Sign this?"

Giggling, Mickie nodded, taking the menu and pulling out a marker from her
purse. "This is a first." Mickie said, smiling at the girl. "What's your


"Alright, here we go." Mickie said. "To Erin, all the best, Mickie James."
Handing the menu back, Mickie smiled as the girl marveled over it for a
minute before tucking it under her arm.

"Ok, ok, sorry..." The girl said, looking at Mickie and resuming the
breathing that Mickie had shown her. "Alright, hi, welcome to Papa Johns,
can I take your order?"

Smiling, Mickie looked up at the menu. "I'll have a large pizza, and on one
half..." Looking down at the note she had taken, she said, "Bacon, pepperoni,
Italian sausage, sausage, and extra cheese." Scanning the menu, she said,
"And, on the other half... pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, grilled chicken and
extra cheese." Giving the menu one last look over, she said, "And an order of
breadsticks with cheese."

"For here or to go?"

"To go." Mickie said, smiling as she punched in the order.

"Alright, that'll be...19.44." Erin said.

Pulling out thirty, Mickie handed it to her, waving off the change.

"Thank you!" Erin said, smiling. "It'll be about ten, fifteen minutes."

"Alright." Mickie said, nodding. "Umm, I'm just parked right out there, so,
could you give me a wave when it's ready?"

"Totally, no problem." Erin said, smiling and waving as Mickie turned. "Thank
you Mickie!"

"No problem." Mickie said, smiling and waving back as she left the store,
turning left and heading towards the 7-11.

Walking through the sliding doors, Mickie moved towards the cashier, looking
at the wall behind him, smiling as she found what she was looking for.

"Trojan, Her Pleasure." Mickie said, pointing out the light purple box on the
wall. When the guy just stared at her, she said, "Please?"

Snapping out of his daze, the guy turned, quickly tracking down the box and
putting it on the counter. Pulling out some money, Mickie put it on the
counter, taking the box and waving off the change and turning towards the
door. Walking quickly, she moved back towards her car, smiling as she watched
Dale feel around the dashboard.

Moving to her side, she opened the door, smiling as Dale's head snapped

"Hey there, handsome." Mickie said, giggling as she slid into the car,
scooting across the seat and quickly moving into his outstretched arms.

"Hey there, sexy." He said, smiling as she giggled again, nuzzling her neck

"Miss me?"

"Of course."

Kissing him softly, she smiled as he squeezed her tighter, holding her curvy
body firmly against his.

"So, did you hear anything from your doctors?" Mickie asked. "You had an
appointment yesterday, didn't you?"

"It's gone." He said softly, rubbing her back slightly. "For good. My sights
gone for good."

"Do you know that for sure, or are you just guessing?" She asked.

Nodding, he said, "My doctor told me yesterday when I went in to see him. He
told me the damage was too extensive to even risk trying to correct it with
surgery." Sighing, he said, "Apparently they have some stuff in the pipes
that might have helped, but my doctor recommended against it."

"Are you going to check it out?" Mickie asked softly. "I mean, what could it
hurt, right? What could happen, you go more blind?"

Shaking his head, he told her, "I could die. I'm not going to look...check
into it." Leaning down, he found her lips again, kissing her softly. "As
much as I want to see again, it's not worth risking my life over. My doctor
advised against it, and I trust my doctor, so I wouldn't go against his
wishes. He gave Katie some things to read about them, and she wasn't too
thrilled either. My doctor has a whole alphabet soup of letters after his
name, so what he tells me is the best for me."

"Did you talk to your family about it?" Mickie asked, knowing she hit on a
bad subject as soon as she said it, his arms tensing up and his face taking
on a sour look.

"I don't talk to my family." He said flatly.

"Can I ask why?"

"When I had my accident, I got the settlement from the plant."

"I knew that."

"Well, the check I got was for about five million. Apparently the insurance
company figured two and a half million an eye was a nice round number." He
said. Shaking his head slightly, he told her, "But when I checked the bank
two months later, there was only about four left, and the only people with
access to the account, and the only people with there names on the bank
slips, my family, weren't interested in telling me where the money went."

"Oh my god!" Mickie said, holding him tighter. "That's horrible! They stole
from you?" When he nodded, she asked, "What did you do?"

"Well, since they took the money legally, there wasn't anything I could do."
He said. "I trusted them enough to put their name on the account, and they
went behind my back and did that." Taking a deep breathe, he said, "So, the
night I found out what happened, when I got home, after they all went to bed,
I tracked down a phone, hit zero, and asked the operator if she knew of any
type of program for blind people." Smiling, he said, "It was an interesting
conversation to have at two in the morning. I didn't know who else to call.
The only numbers I could figure out were 411, 911 and 0. I didn't know who
to call, so 411 was out. No one was dead, so 911 was out. Thankfully, the
operator was nice, and did some looking in the phone book and tracked down
some people who help blind people find helpers." Laughing slightly, he said,
"How horrible is it that I can't remember their names?" Shrugging his
shoulders, he continued, "So, anyways, she patched me through, I talked to
them, explained the situation, and Katie came and picked me up that night. As
far as I know, the last thing my parents know happened to me was when Katie
went to the house to collect some of my stuff. She told me that she had to
call the cops to get some of my stuff, but that she wasn't about to leave
anything behind."

"At least you got some help." Mickie said softly.

Nodding, he said, "Katie and I went to the bank as soon as it opened and got
my accounts switched over to my name only, so I could finally be in control
of my own life. So I hired Katie, and moved into the house you picked me up
at, and that's that."

Mickie stared up at him, completely horrified. "Dale, oh my god..." She said
softly, hugging him tightly. "Are you alright? God, that's so horrible..."

Smiling, he leaned down, quickly finding her forehead and resting his against
hers. "Well, life's been ok since then, aside from the being blind thing."
Kissing her softly, he said, "And, I met you, so I guess it's looking up."
Rubbing her sides softly, he grinned. "My curvy love goddess..."

Giggling, Mickie snuggled against him, kissing him softly. Looking out the
windshield, she smiled as she saw Erin staring at them. Seeing Erin wave her
hands to come in, Mickie nodded, breaking apart from Dale. "I gotta go get
our food." Mickie said. "Want something to drink?"

"Coke or Pepsi, doesn't matter."

Nodding, Mickie slid out of his grip, smiling as he tried to keep her close
and moved to the door, opening it again and getting out. Quickly moving back
into the store, she smiled at Erin.

"Food ready?"

Nodding, Erin turned around, grabbing a pair of boxes off the rack behind her
and handing them to Mickie.

"And can I get four bottles of Coke, please?"

Quickly grabbing the Coke, Erin set them in a bag, taking some money from
Mickie before smiling as she waved off the change again. "Enjoy!"

"Thank you Erin." Mickie said, giving her a wave as best she could while
holding the large pizza box and moving to the exit. Pushing the door with
her butt, she opened it and backed out, quickly moving back to the car and
setting the boxes on top.

Opening the door, she slid her coat off, leaning in and putting it on Dale's
lap before grabbing the boxes. Moving into the car carefully, she set the hot
boxes down on his lap, her coat creating a buffer to keep him from getting

"Is this ok?" She asked. "I hope you don't mind. I'm gonna be driving, so I
can't have it in my lap, and there isn't a whole lot of room up here."

Shaking his head, he said, "I don't mind. Just tell me which side is mine,
and I be all set to go."

Taking the breadsticks in her hand for a moment, Mickie opened the pizza
box, spinning it around so Dale's half was on the right and hers on the left.
Opening the breadstick box, she quickly scooped them into the pizza box
before grabbing a slice of Dale's pizza.

"Gimme your hand."

Holding out his hands, Dale smiled as Mickie slid the piece of pizza into his
right hand. Cracking open his Coke, she took his left hand, gliding it down
to the bottle. "That's your pizza, and this is your Coke." Mickie said.
Taking a slice of her own pizza, she took his drink hand and moved it back to
the box. "Your pizza is on the right. I took a slice out of each end as a
divider. Also, the breadsticks are floating around in there, so just grab
what you want."

"Thank you Mickie." He said, smiling. "Now, just keep your hands from
drifting to far outside the box, and I'll be all set."

Giggling, Mickie let go of his hand, sliding hers under the box and rubbing
his crotch. Hearing him gasp, she smiled.

"What did I just say about hands?" He asked, smiling.

Setting her slice in the box, she quickly started the car, putting it into
drive and pulling out of the parking spot and onto the highway again. "What?"
Mickie asked, trying to sound innocent. "I thought you'd like it."

Nodding, he grinned. "Oh, I do. You have very...skilful hands." He said,
smiling as she giggled again. "But please, just not while I'm going to
swallow. I'd probably choke."

"Deal." Mickie said, picking up her slice again and taking a big bite,
smiling as Dale did the same.

* * *

"Hands, hands!" Dale said, popping the last slice of pizza into his mouth,
squirming as Mickie's hand once again found his crotch.

Smiling, Mickie pulled back slightly, rubbing his thigh, letting him know she
wasn't about to go anywhere. "Hurry up!" Mickie said. "I wanna touch it!"

"God, your like a little kid." He joked, downing the last of his Coke.

Grinning, she asked, "Do I feel like a little kid?"

"Oh hell no." Dale said with a smile. "But your acting like one."

"You take forever to eat!" She said. "Who takes like two hours to eat three
slices of pizza?"

"And about a half a dozen breadsticks."

"Still!" she said, giggling. "I was done in like five minutes!"

"You must have been hungry..."

"Starving." Mickie teased, her hand sliding over his crotch as he jumped.
"Come on, just one last mouthful..."

"For me or you?" He teased, laughing when she rubbed her hand over his cock

"Hurry, hurry, hurry..." Mickie chanted, watching as he swallowed the last of
his pizza. Closing the box as best she could, Mickie grabbed it, moving it
out of his lap. "Duck." She said. When he did, she swung it over his head,
tossing it gently into the back seat.

"There, was that so hard?" he asked.

Rubbing her hand over his jeans, she grinned. "Apparently so."

"Hey, you'd be packing wood too if a curvy love goddess was teasing you for
the last two hours."

"I don't have wood." Mickie informed him. "Incase you didn't notice."

"I've noticed." He said, moaning softly as her hand continued to work on his

"I can't get the buttons." Mickie said. "Please, undo them for me."

"Why?" He teased, smiling as she tried to slide her hand under his belt.

"Because, you've teased me long enough." She said. "Now, whip it out."

"So crude." He said, reaching down and undoing his belt before unbuttoning
his jeans.

As soon as the fly was undone, she quickly returned her hand, reaching inside
of his boxers and pulling out his cock. Stroking it softly, she smiled as he

"God, you have such nice hands." He said, groaning as her thumb glided over
the head. "Are you gonna pull over?"


"Then what are you doing?" he asked, confused.

"It's called a hand job." Mickie joked. "Now keep still."

"A hand job?" He asked, smiling.


"Isn't that a blatant waste of a hard on?" He asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, it just seems a waste to me, is all." He said. "I mean, I'm enjoying

"Thank you."

"...But it seems that it's pretty one sided. You're not getting anything out
of it. Except maybe a sore arm."

Smiling, she glided her hand up and down his shaft, loving the way he moaned.
"I don't mind." She said softly.

"Did I mention the possibility of a stained rental car?" he asked, smiling as
she stroked him faster.

"Now that you mention it." Mickie said, smiling. Looking around, she checked
for the nearest rest stop. "I could pull over, if you want..."

"I want." He said, smiling. "I assume you got some condoms at the rest stop?"

"I did." Mickie said, smiling. "And I assume you'd want to use one, if I pull

"I would." He said, leaning back in his chair. Moaning loudly, he asked, "Are
you gonna stop doing that?"

"Not until I find a place to park." Mickie said, sliding her hand up and down
his shaft. Seeing the sign for a rest stop, she briefly considered passing
right by and continuing to jerk him off, but thought better, knowing how much
he was looking forward to parking with her.

Reluctantly taking her hand back, she grabbed the wheel, turning off the
highway and pulling into the rest stop, quickly finding the most secluded
part she could and sliding the car into the parking spot. Turing off the
engine, she smiled as Dale squirmed in his seat, eagerly anticipating her

"Are we somewhere?" He asked. "We're stopped, right?"

Giggling, she smiled, reaching over and putting his cock back into his pants,
letting him button them back up quickly. "Yes, Dale, we're stopped. Now out
of the car." Watching as he quickly undid his seat belt, she followed suit,
opening her door and sliding out of the car.

Getting out, she looked over the car at him, watching as he looked around.

"Alright, you gonna take me in?" He asked.

"In?" Mickie asked. "Can't you make it to the back seat?"

"I can." He said, looking confused. "Back seat? I thought you were going

"I did." Mickie said, opening her door and leaning across the seat, grabbing
the pizza box and setting it up front, making room to roam. Getting back out,
she said, "I pulled into a rest stop."

"Rest stop?" Dale asked, suddenly not as eager. "Is that a good idea?"

Looking around, Mickie said, "It's empty, Dale."


"And, also, it's dark out."


"And, the car has tinted windows...except for the windshield, so..."

"Three strikes, and I'm in." He said, smiling as he felt around for the door
handle to the back door. Quickly finding it, he slid gingerly into the car,
smiling as he heard Mickie's door close and her butt scoot across the seat.

Sliding into his arms, she kissed him, letting his arms fold around her body.
Pulling back, she smiled. "So, Dale, you ready for some prom night sex?"

Smiling, he asked, "What the heck is prom night sex?"

Looking at him, she asked, "Didn't you do it on your prom night?"

"I didn't go." He said. "Working."

"That sucks." Mickie said, kissing him again.

Grinning, he rubbed her back, loving the way she squirmed under his touch.
"Well, you could make it up to me by telling me what prom night sex is."

Giggling, she reached down, pulling his shirt up and over his head, leaning
down and pecking his chest softly. "Prom night sex is cramped, sweaty sex in
the back seat of a small car." Mickie said. "Not much room to work..."

"And not much room for you to get away from me." He said, smiling as he
leaned down, aiming for her lips, but finding her neck instead.

"Like I'd go anywhere." Mickie moaned, his hands roaming around her sides and
slowly moving towards the front.

"Did you get the condoms?" He asked, smiling. "Or are we pretty much limited
to dry humping and hand jobs?"

"I got them." She said, suddenly remembering she had left them in the front
seat, and quickly retrieving them.

As Mickie worked on getting the condoms out of the bag, Dale reached down,
fumbling slightly before grabbing her shirt, and pulling it up and off of
her. Leaning down, he kissed the tops of her breasts as they became exposed,
tossing her shirt aside and cupping her mounds, tracing the outline of her
bra as he reached around behind her, quickly unhooking it and sliding the
loops down her arms.

"Eager, are we?" Mickie asked, moaning softly as she reached down, making
short work of his fly and opening his pants up again.

"Very." He said, smiling at her.

Giggling, Mickie held him tightly as he leaned down, taking her bare nipple
into his mouth and sucking it softly. "You must like me or something."

"I really, really like you." Dale said, choosing his words carefully.

"Don't you love me?" Mickie teased. Seeing the look on Dale's face, she
smiled softly, leaning forward and kissing him. "To soon for that?"

"To soon for you to believe that." He said. "One night, Mickie. That's all
it's been."

"And a day." She said, before quickly adding, "Two days, including today. And
I've pretty much been on your phone non-stop for the last three days."


Kissing him softly, she asked, "Alright, how about extreme liking with
leanings towards love?"

Kissing her back, he nodded. "I can agree to that."

Pulling him closer, she leaned back, stretching out over the back seat.
"Well, I want you to know, that I'm breaking my own rules. I usually only
sleep with people who say they love me."

Smiling, he leaned down, kissing her neck softly. "Well, then, I guess I
better not let you get any sleep."

"Ha, ha." Mickie said, smiling. "Very funny."

"I try."

Wrapping her legs around his waist, Mickie moaned softly as he kissed her,
his lips leaving little wet marks on her skin as he trailed over her neck,
her collarbone, heading south and recapturing her breasts in his hands,
stroking one nipple softly with his hand while licking the other gently,
loving her moans.

"Dale, question time." Mickie said, giggling as he moaned.

"Right now?" He whined. "Can't it wait?"

"No." Mickie said, smiling as his hands headed south, fumbling slightly with
her jeans before undoing them, tugging them from her body as she lifted her
legs as best she could in the cramped confines of the car. "Gotta ask."

"Can I still take off your clothes?" He asked, undoing the buttons on his own

"It's only one question Dale." Mickie said, smiling as he worked at finding
the loops of her panties. "And besides, I'm almost naked."

"Yay!" Dale yelled, making Mickie laugh.

"Alright, question." Mickie said. "I wanna know...and not that I'm
complaining, mind you, far, each time we've...done've

"Slow?" Dale asked.


"Alright, your gonna need to explain that." He said. "Do you mean slow, as
in not fast, or slow as in getting coloring books for Christmas when you're

Laughing, Mickie said, "Not fast. You always move so slowly."

Nodding, he bit his lip, telling her softly, "I'm scared if I hurry, I'll
fuck up."

Smiling, she pulled him down on top of her, kissing him softly. "It's ok."
She said softly. "I like it slow. Slow is good." Grinning, she added, "Slow
makes me very, very happy."

"My ears are still ringing from Monday."


"It's ok." He said, kissing her. Smiling shyly, he told her, "I like you.
Speed doesn't matter to me. However you want it is fine by me."

"Well..." Mickie said, tracing his chest with her finger. "You going slow
seems to be working, so how about we stick with slow for now?"

"Works for me."

"You know what would work for me?"

"What's that, oh curvy love goddess?"

"First, the curvy love goddess thing. That sounds so much nicer than "Thick

"Where would thick tramp come from?"

"Well, how I used to think of myself, as thick."

"Again, curvy."

"I know, I know, this is me, being all curvy."

"Thank you. And the tramp part?"

"I am sleeping with a guy I just met."

"Yea, but you like me."

"I extremely like you with leanings towards love."

"And I you."

"So poetic."

"So, what was the other thing that would work for you?"

"If you were naked and doing me."

"So poetic."

Smiling, Mickie bent her legs up, trying desperately to get her toes hooked
in the waist of his jeans. "There's a time for words and a time for action.
Guess what time it is?"

"I don't know. I can't see a clock."

"Jeez, your just full of jokes tonight, aren't ya?"

"I joke when I'm nervous."

Kissing him softly, she asked, "And why are you nervous? You've done this
before...very, very well I might add."

"Because last time I wasn't...primed so much." Dale said, trailing off as he
searched for the right words.

"Primed?" Mickie asked. "You mean the groping and the hand job?"

"Exactly." Dale said, looking shy again. "I'm kinda worried about...staying

"Oh." Mickie said, clueing in. Smiling, she kissed him softly. "Well, do what
you can, and if I don't come, no biggie, ok?"

"That hardly seems fair."

"Sex isn't always about having an orgasm." Mickie said, finally succeeding in
getting her big toe locked into his jeans. Fighting hard, she managed to get
the other one in, jerking his pants down with herky- jerky tugs. "Sometimes,
it's just about being close to someone and showing them that you extremely
like them with leanings towards love."

"That sounds like something you tell the guy who can't last more than eight
seconds." Dale said, grinning as Mickie tugged down his pants.

"That is what I told the guy who couldn't last eight seconds." Mickie
confirmed. "But it's still true. I know what you can do. I'm not worried
about not coming this one time."

Smiling, he reached down, pulling down his boxer shorts, kicking them off
along with his jeans. "You just keep tabs somewhere, and I'll totally make
it up to you. Promise."

"No tabs." Mickie said firmly. "No score cards."

Putting her hands on his chest and motioning for him to sit up, Mickie
reached to the floor and grabbed the bag. Quickly getting out the condoms,
she made short work of the box and foil, grabbing his member and giving it
a few pumps for luck before rolling the latex down the shaft.

"There we go." Mickie said happily. "All set."

Fumbling around slightly, Dale lined his dick up with her, pushing in slowly.
Smiling, he asked, "Should I apologize in advance for if I come to quick?"

Moaning loudly, Mickie pulled him closer, letting his body lay partly across
hers. "Like I said, no need to apologize." Kissing him, she giggled. "Since
you gave me more orgasms in one night than Kenny did in the whole span of our
relationship, I'd say you have a little leeway in that area."

"I'll try, at least." He said, moaning along with her as he pulled out.

Moaning, Mickie held him tightly, holding his body against hers. "I know you
will, Dale. I know you will."

Pushing into her again, Dale's knee slipped, sending his right leg crashing
to the floor with a thud. Smiling, he readjusted his stance. "Jeez, you were
right. This is cramped."

"Prom night sex isn't about comfort." Mickie stated, moaning loudly as he
pulled out again. "It's about fulfilling a primal need."

"Do you need me, Mickie?" He asked softly, lowering his head and quickly
finding her large chest.

"So much." She groaned back, her legs locking around his waist and making
sure he didn't try to stray to far. "Do you need me?"

Smiling, he said, "In more ways than you could possibly imagine."

Pulling out, he kissed her nipple softly, smiling as she cooed before pushing
into her, making her moan loudly. Repeating the process, Dale lapped her
nipple softly, the nub instantly hardening under his tender touch as he
pushed into her again and again. He loved the feel of her firm legs wrapped
tightly around his waist, letting him know in her own unique way that she was
liking what he was doing, his tempo matching what she wanted. Letting her
nipple fall out of his mouth, he smiled as she moaned unhappily, her hands
running through his short hair and trying to force him gently back onto the
hardened nip.

Unwilling to give into her demands, he kissed down, moving his lips into the
deep valley of her cleavage. Feeling her wrap her arms around his head, he
smiled as she screamed out again and again, his pumps sliding all the way in
before pulling out slowly, holding off for a half a second before thrusting
into her quickly. Arching her back, Mickie moaned happily, her eyes starting
to close before she snapped them open, keeping an eye out as best she could
for anyone coming into the parking lot.

"God, Mickie..." Dale moaned, groaning as her pussy squeezed around his
prick. "You are so, so good..."

"God, Dale, keep going..." Mickie urged, her legs pulling him towards her
core with each thrust. "Harder...more...god, don't stop...don't ever stop..."

* THUD *

"Dale, stop!" Mickie quickly urged, her legs dropping off of his waist as he
pushed into her again.

* THUD *


Stopping instantly, Dale shook himself out of his daze. "What? Someone? Who?"

"My head." Mickie said, laughing. "You pushed me a bit to far."

"Like, I did something I shouldn't have?" He asked softly. "What was it? I'll
stop, I swear..."

Laughing, she hugged him tightly. "No, I meant that literally. You pushed me
across the seat, and I'm hitting my head on the arm rest."

Laughing, Dale hugged her tightly. "So, I assume, you want me to stop?"

"I want you to sit up." Mickie said. "My head kinda hurts, so I'm thinking me
on top is what's needed."

"I concur." He said, smiling as he pulled out slowly.

Sitting up, he got himself as ready as he could as he felt the seat moving,
Mickie pulling herself up and into his lap. Kissing him softly, she reached
down, grabbing his cock and lining it up with her pussy.

"Get back in there." She murmured, smiling as she dropped down, impaling
herself on his shaft. "There we go..."

"Back where I belong." He said, smiling as he wrapped his arms around her
curvy body, holding her tightly.

"Damn right." Mickie said.

"I like you on top." Dale said, moaning happily as Mickie pulled off of his
cock before sliding back down. "You on top is good."

Smiling, Mickie said, "Yea, that's just because you get to play with my

Pulling his hands back, he smiled. "I can stop, if you want..."

"Hell no!" Mickie said quickly, taking his hands and putting them back on her
chest. "You, play to your hearts content."

"You like?" He asked, leaning forward and kissing her chest softly.

"I really like." Mickie said, smiling. "And, besides, you like it, so, you
being happy makes me happy."

"I'm hoping it will." He said, leaning forward and lapping at her nipples as

Moaning happily, Mickie wrapped her arms around his head again, holding him
close as she bounced slowly on his pole. Looking down at him, she realized
that she was in control, that she was the one setting the tempo, and thought
briefly about picking up the speed, but pushed the idea from her mind when
Dale's nimble tongue whipped over her hardened nipples again, causing the
busty diva to moan loudly. Threading her fingers through his hair, she hissed
softly before groaning loudly, his soft hands holding her breasts steady as
she rose and fell in his lap, keeping her prized chest at just the right
level for him to pleasure them.

Letting his left hand drop from her chest, Dale slid it around, cupping her
cushy tush, his hand moving with her as she rose and fell in his lap. Moaning
around her nipple, he felt her tight core grow tighter, squeezing his rod
with her velvet walls. Pulling his head away, he tilted it upward, silently
asking for her lips, and quickly getting them, her pouty lips crashing down
on him as she fell into his crotch again. Hissing loudly, she slid her tongue
into his waiting mouth, moaning as he offered her his, his right hand softly
playing with her hard nipple as the left continued to grope and caress her

"God, Dale." Mickie moaned, holding him tight against the curvy body he loved
so much. "Did you miss me? Huh?"


"Did you, Dale?" She asked, sliding up and down his member with practiced
ease, her body going on autopilot as she looked down at him. Smiling at the
look on his face, she kissed him softly. "It's alright, baby. Come."

"Don't wanna." He said, smiling slightly before groaning loudly, her muscles
contracting around him again.

"Yea, I think you missed me." She said, smiling. "I think you missed having
your big, thick dick in my tight, wet pussy, didn't you Dale?" When he leaned
his head back, she moved down, kissing his neck. "Did you miss my curvy body?
My big boobs, and my nice, plump ass?"

"God yes, Mickie..." He moaned, his arms growing tighter around her body. "I
missed you so much."

Hovering over his face, she kissed him softly, knowing his mind was somewhere
else. "I missed you to, Dale. Now, come for me." She urged. When he tried to
protest, she told him, "This isn't a contest, baby. Come for me, and show me
that you missed me."

Grunting loudly, Dale knew he was fighting a loosing battle. "How is me not
pleasing you gonna show you that I missed you?" He asked softly.

Moaning loudly, Mickie whined, "If you don't think your pleasing me, then
you're delusional." Speeding up, she resolved herself to force him to come if
he wouldn't let down his guard willingly. "Come..."

His breathing getting deeper, and sweat covering his body, Dale held her
tightly, her slick body sliding against his, gliding up and down, faster and
faster, forcing him over the edge. Grunting loudly, he hugged her close,
burying his face into her shoulder, crying out as he came, seed flying out
of him and into the condom. Moaning loudly, Mickie held him just as tightly,
slowing her movements when she knew he was coming, his sensitive body
twitching under her touch.

Feeling his grip go slack, Mickie dropped onto him one last time, coming to a
rest in his lap and pulling his face out of her shoulder, smiling weakly and
giving him a kiss.

"Thank you Dale." She said softly, kissing his face as he held her in a loose

"I'm s..."

"Shut up." Mickie scolded him playfully. "Do not be sorry. I've got you all
weekend. I'm sure I'll get off at some point."




"Up." Mickie finished, punctuating her words with another kiss. Rising up
off of his member, she quickly retrieved the condom, scrunching up her face
slightly as she quickly rolled down the window and tossing it out.

Moving out of his lap, she kept close, kissing him softly as she let him hold
her, his hands still roaming gently over her slick body.

"Your wet." He said.

"Uh-huh." Mickie said, giggling softly.

Moving his hand down to her crotch, he smiled as she gasped. "I guess like
that too."

Purring softly, Mickie looked between the front seats, spotting the pizza

"You hungry?" Seeing the look on his face, she giggled. "Not like that."

Shaking his head, he told her, "I just got finished, remember?"

"Oh yea." Mickie said. "Mr. slow eater."

Licking his lips, he grinned at her. "I thought you liked how I ate..."

"I do." She said, smiling as she moved forward, leaning over the seats and
opening the box, grabbing a slice of pizza. "Just not how you eat food."

Moving him slightly, she positioned him so he was leaning in the corner
between the door and the back seat, locking the door to make sure he didn't
fall out. Spinning around, she slid backwards towards him, pushing herself
between his outstretched legs. Feeling his arms wrap around her again, she
leaned back, her back pressing against his heaving chest. Taking a bite of
her pizza, she snuggled against Dale, letting him hold her in his arms.

"Are we gonna get going?" He asked. Hearing chewing, he asked, "Are you

"Uh-huh." Mickie mumbled around a mouthful of pizza. "I'm having a snack."

"A snack?" He asked, kissing her shoulder.

"Hey, I worked up an appetite!" She said defensively.

"Aren't you gonna get dressed?"

"I will." Mickie said, taking another bite. "After I'm done my pizza."

Hugging her softly, he smiled. "So, is this officially the weirdest date
you've ever been on?" Leaning his head down, he said, "Sitting in the back
of a tiny car naked with a blind guy eating cold pizza?"

Shrugging, she grinned. "If it isn't, it's gotta be up there."

* * *

"Are you sure my shirts on right?" Dale asked, letting Mickie lead him into
the lobby of the hotel. "It doesn't feel right..."

"I think it is." Mickie said, looking it over. Reaching for the neck of the
shirt, she checked for any indication it wasn't. "You know, this would
probably be easier if you left the tags on your shirts."

"They bug me!"

Spotting something, Mickie stopped their progress. "Ah-ha!" She said in
triumph. "It's on backwards. I think I found where the tag was."

Nodding, Dale broke away from her slightly, pulling his arms into the shirt
and spinning it around. Putting his arms back thru the holes, he smiled as he
shook it slightly, letting it hang from his body. "Ahh, that feels better."

Taking his arm, Mickie started them moving again, walking him up towards the

"Hello." Mickie said, smiling at the clerk. "Reservation for James."

Punching the info into the computer, the man nodded. "Room for one?"

"Two, now." Mickie said, reaching into her purse and producing her credit

Nodding, the man took the card. "Would you like to change your room, or is
one queen size still alright?"

"It's alight." Mickie said. As he turned his attention to the computer, she
let Dale's arm go, letting him flex it slightly.

"Ok, we just need your guests name and to see some ID." The clerk said.

Reaching into his pocket, Dale fished around for his wallet, pulling it out
and opening it. Thinking for a moment, he moved his thumb to the middle of
it, pressing his thumb against the plastic card and pulling it out. Holding
it up, he smiled.

"Did I guess right?" He asked.

"Yes you did." Taking his drivers license from him, Mickie smiled. "Didn't
they take this from you?"

Shaking his head, he told her, "No need. I doubt I could bluff my way out of
a ticket."

Taking the card from Mickie, the clerk looked at it. "Dale Webb?"

"That's me." He said, smiling.

As Mickie and the clerk went about there business, Dale shuffled from foot
to foot. Looking dead ahead, he felt around with the hand closest to Mickie,
gauging where she was. Shifting his sightless gaze down, he slid his hand out
slowly, trying in his mind to get a mental picture of Mickie's curvy body.

Turning back to face her, the clerk smiled a polite smile. "Alright, your
room is room 424. Just go down this hall, turn the corner, and the elevator
is right there."

"Thank..." Mickie started, before her eyes went wide and she shrieked "You!"

Smirking softly, Dale moved his hand away from her curvy rump.

Looking at her, the clerk tried to figure out what had happened, but quickly
shook it off, turning away and moving to the desk behind him to retrieve a
blank key card.

Turning to Dale, Mickie grinned. "Your gonna pay for that." Taking the key
from the clerk, Mickie thanked him before taking Dale's arm and leading him
away, pulling their suitcases behind them.

"I'm gonna pay?" he asked.


Smiling, he leaned in, telling her, "I hope you make me pay. We've already
worked out how I'm paying you back for looking after me."

Pushing the button on the elevator, she grinned. "Oh, I'm gonna look after
you alright."

"Ooo, I'm shaking in my boots." He said with a smile.

As the elevator doors closed around them, Dale grinned, waiting for Mickie to
pounce on him. Bracing himself, he waited for her to attack.

And waited.

And waited.

"Umm, Mickie?" Dale asked.


"Is someone else in the elevator?"

"No. Why?"

"Well, I figured, you'd be making me pay by now."


"Really. Is something wrong?"

"No. Why?"

"Well, it's just, like I said, I'd expected you to pretty much attack me by

Hearing the doors slide open, Dale walked with Mickie, letting her lead him
through the doors and down the hall.

"Did you want me to attack you?" Mickie asked, looking for room 424.

"I was assuming you'd want to." He said. "You don't seem as...antsy as the
other night. Are you sure everything is all right? Is this about the prom
night thing..."

Smiling, Mickie stopped their progress, turning to face him. "Dale, I told
you, no biggie."

"So, nothing's wrong?"

"Nothing." Mickie said, seeing their room behind Dale. "Bingo!"

Moving away, she slid the card into the door, waiting for the light to change
before opening the door, holding it open as she guided Dale into the room.

"So, we're cool?" he asked, moving into the room and listening for the door
to close.

"We're cool." Mickie said, moving around in front of him and kissing him
softly. "I'm pacing you."

"Pacing me?" he asked, smiling.


"Mickie, race horses are paced."

Grinning, she rubbed her hands over his chest, smiling as he moaned softly.
"That's right." She said. "You're my thoroughbred."

Smiling, he nodded. "Well, thanks." He said. "But, I can go more than once a
day, you know." Hugging her softly, he quickly added, "If you want, that is."

Smiling, she pecked him on the lips. "Dale, are you asking if I will have sex
with you?" Seeing him blush, her smiled grew wider. "Do you want to have sex
with me?"

Nodding softly, he moved his hands around her body slowly, rubbing her soft
frame. "I love how you feel, Mickie." He told her softly. "I know you
probably still think your too thick, but to me, you feel perfect."

Moving him over towards the bed, she pushed him back, letting him sit on the
edge before sliding into his lap. "If you think I'm prefect, I'll think I'm
perfect." She said.

Silently asking for a kiss, he sighed as she granted it. Breaking apart
gently, he smiled. "Then you're perfect."

Grinning, Mickie kissed him again, kicking her shoes off as she got into a
better position in his lap. "You didn't answer my question. Do you want to
have sex?"

"I'd like to make us even." He said.

Nodding, she kissed him softly. "Then no."


"No." Mickie said. "I told you. This isn't about who makes who come more, or
about keeping track. If you want to have sex, just for the sake of having
sex, then I'm game, but if your doing it because you feel you owe me, then
I'd rather just get some sleep, because it's been a long day."

Sighing, he told her softly, "I'm guessing by that statement, you'd rather
just get some sleep anyways..."

"Dale." Mickie said, holding him gently. "I know this is going to sound
patronizing, but please don't think I'm trying to make you feel stupid." When
he nodded, she said, "Sex is supposed to be fun. I've had sex where no one
came, and it was a blast. I've had sex where I came multiple times, and I
felt like shit. If you want to do it because you want to have fun, I'm sure
I can stay up for a while and have some fun with you. But I never want you
feeling like you owe me anything. So I didn't have an orgasm. So what? I had
fun." Kissing him softly, she smiled. "Didn't you have fun?" When he nodded,
she asked, "Do you want to have some more fun?"

Blushing slightly, he told her, "I just wanna be close to you..."

Smiling, she asked, "So, not full blown fun?" When he nodded, she asked,
"Well, how about we get some snacks from the vending machines down the hall,
put on a cheesy movie, and snuggle up on the bed? Sound good?"

"It sounds like you." He said, smiling as he found her face, pulling her down
for a kiss. "Perfect."

* * *

"Alright, alright...umm, it's safe." Mickie said, holding the door open for
Dale as he slid out of the car. "Ok, gimme your arm."

Holding out his left arm, Dale let Mickie pull him clear of the car, hearing
the door shut. Hooking her arm around Dale's, Mickie led him towards the back
of the car, pulling away from him long enough to open the trunk and pull
their suitcases out. Moving him around again, she pulled him towards the back
of the car, taking his right hand and putting it on the handle of his

"The ground's pretty level, so you shouldn't have any problems pulling it
along." She told him.

Nodding, he smiled, letting her led him away from the car.

"Mickie! Mickie!"

Turning towards the gates, Mickie smiled as she waved at the fans against it.
Seeing them holding up things, she thought for a minute, before turning to

"Would you mind if I signed a few things?" She asked. "I could let you sit in
the car if you wanted..."

"Can I come with you?" he asked. "I've been sitting in the car long enough."

Smiling, she spun them around, leading them towards the gates as the fans
cheered loudly. "I thought you liked the car?"

"The back seat." He said with a smile.

"Curb." Mickie giggled, slowing his pace as he felt out the curb in question
with his foot.

Putting his foot on it, he lifted himself up, stepping up unsteadily before
pulling his suitcase along with him. Letting Mickie lead him towards the
gate, he tried to keep up a steady pace, knowing she had to get inside

"Hi guys!" Mickie said cheerfully, stopping Dale and breaking away from him
slightly. "Got some things to sign?"

Quickly making a small line on the other side of the fence, Mickie took the
first person's picture, asking their name and quickly signing it. As she
moved down the line, she noticed that people were stopping and watching her
sign, and looking at Dale.

"Hi, honey, what's your name?" Mickie asked a young girl.

"Gail." She said, before looking at Dale. "Is he your boyfriend?"

"No, Kenny's her boyfriend." Someone said. "The Spirit Squad guy. He must be
her bodyguard."

"I heard Mickie and Kenny split." Someone else said. Pointing at Dale, he
added, "Besides, he's blind. Even with all there dumb ideas, the WWE would be
stupid enough to hire a blind bodyguard."

"Hey." Dale said, smiling. "I may have sonar."

Smiling, Mickie asked, "Like Daredevil?"

"Totally." Dale said, grinning.

Moving over to Dale, Mickie held out her hands, framing him. "This is Dale.
Say hi Dale."

"Hi Dale." He said, smiling at the lame joke.

Moving back over to the fence, Mickie signed the girls picture before handing
it back to her.

"So is he your boyfriend?" Gail asked.

Looking at Dale, Mickie smiled. "Well...not really. Not yet, at least."

"I'm on a trial basis." Dale said.

Looking around, Mickie scanned the crowd, looking for any stragglers. "Did I
miss anybody?" When no one stepped forward, Mickie waved to the people. "See
you later!"

Turning around, she hooked arms with Dale again, spinning him around to face
the arena and started them moving again. Looking at him, she smiled.

"Do you think you're my boyfriend yet?" Mickie asked.

Shaking his head, he grinned. "Best friend with benefits who you extremely
like with leanings towards love."

"That's a mouthful." Seeing him grin, she swatted him. "Don't say anything.
You were just really sweet. Don't ruin it."

Nodding, he squeezed her hand softly. "Is the curb coming up?"

Looking around, she smiled. "You remembered...glad you did."

"It's my sonar kicking in."

"Alright...about...five feet." Mickie said, slowing down as Dale approached
the curb. Testing the waters with his foot, he quickly found the drop and
stepped down.

Giving his hand a squeeze, she smiled as she walked him back towards the
building, heading towards the large double doors on the side. Moving up to
them, she knocked loudly before taking a slow step back, being careful not
to trip Dale over his own suitcase. As the doors swung open, Mickie smiled
at the security guard.

"ID please." The man said, smiling at Mickie.

Grinning, Mickie told him, "The belts in my suitcase."

Chuckling, the man waved them in. "Hi Mickie."

"Hello Bart."

Leading Dale gingerly through the doors, she helped him over the small ledge
before moving into the building, looking at the walls to find any sign of
where the divas changing room was.

"So, what's the plan?" Dale asked. "You gonna drop me off somewhere while you

"No." Mickie said. "I'm gonna take you with me, but I'm gonna ask before I
bring you in this time."

"Good plan." He said, smiling. "I like that plan. Any plan that doesn't
involve me being the target of rage for a pack of angry women is a good
plan." Giving her hand a squeeze, he asked, "So, you have to carry the belt
around all the time?"

"Yep." She answered. "I don't know who started that, but I have to make sure
I have it on me at all times while I'm on the road."

Grinning, he leaned over, whispering, "Could you, maybe, wear it for me some

Smiling, she leaned over, kissing him on the cheek. "Sure. Wouldn't be the
first time I paraded around naked with it on."

"You have no idea how much joy hearing that fills me with." He said, grinning
as she giggled. "Just the thought of you...and the belt...and nothing

"Stop it..." Mickie giggled. "We're almost there. That's our little secret."

"Like every woman's champion ever hasn't done that." He teased.

"They may have." Mickie admitted. "But they never said anything, so keep
quiet." Stopping his movement, she uncurled her arm from his. "Alright, we're
here." She said. "Give me a minute to make sure it's ok."

Nodding, Dale listened as Mickie walked the few feet to the door of the
women's changing room. Quickly moving in, she waved at the girls, drawing
their attention.

"Umm, I thought I'd ask first, this time." Mickie said, smiling slightly.
"Dale's here, and I was wondering, if it would be alright if he came in."

Looking hesitant, Lita asked, "Are you sure he's blind? I mean, he could just
be acting..."

"He's blind, trust me." Trish said, vouching for Mickie.

Grinning, Mickie offered, "I could walk him into a wall to prove it, but he
wouldn't be very happy with me."

Still looking unconvinced, Lita looked around, trying to gauge the other
girl's preference. Looking back at Mickie, she said, "I wanna try something.
If he passes, he's in." Nodding, Mickie watched as Lita stood up. "Alright,
bring him in. Then, just step away from him for a minute, ok?"

Confused, Mickie nodded, and left the room. Shifting from foot to foot, Lita
waited for Mickie to return with Dale, and, after she did, waited for her to
leave his side. Moving slowly, quietly, Lita ignored the divas as they rolled
their eyes, expecting a repeat of Trish's hand waving antics. Holding a
finger up to her mouth, Lita shushed them, slowly getting closer to Dale.

"Umm, Mickie, are we in?" He asked hesitantly. "I don't hear anyone. Are we
the first ones here?"

"No Dale, the other girls are here." She said.

Raising his hand and almost belting the approaching Lita in the face, Dale
smiled. "Hi everybody."

"Hi Dale." The assembled divas chimed back, all eyes locked on Lita as she
moved right up beside Dale.

Eyeing him warily, she leaned over, kissing him softly on the cheek.
Grinning, Dale reached his arm out on instinct, wrapping it around Lita and
pulling her closer, catching her off guard. Running his hand south, he cupped
Lita's ass, making the red headed diva jump slightly. Giving her butt another
squeeze, Dale started to look confused. Moving his hand north, he slid it
along her back as Lita looked to the rest of the divas for help, he plan
going south in a hurry.

"Dale..." Torrie started, before Dale interrupted her.

"Your not Mickie." Dale announced, quickly moving away from Lita and slamming
back first into a wooden locker. Yelping in pain, he asked, "Who are you?"

"Lita..." Lita said, her cheeks burning bright with embarrassment.

"Why did you kiss me?" he asked, before quickly adding, "Not that I'm
complaining, but me and Mickie are kinda...I dunno, what did I call it a
minute ago, Mickie?"

"Best friends who extremely like each other with leanings towards love."
Mickie told him, deciding to leave the "With benefits" part out for now.

"I'm sorry." Lita said quickly. "It's just, I wanted to be sure you were

"First, I'm blind." He said. "And secondly, again, not that I'm complaining,
but how was kissing me going to prove I'm blind?"

Looking decidedly stupid, Lita said, "Well, I figured, if you could see, you
wouldn't let me kiss you, since you and Mickie seem to be dating..." Looking
at Mickie, she asked, "Are you guys dating?"

Looking at Dale, Mickie smiled. "That's what it is! We're dating."

"I can live with that." He said, smiling. "It's better than that long ass one
from before." Smiling, he asked, "So, kissing me was your master plan?"

"Yea." Lita said, slinking back to her locker, trying to look invisible.

Shrugging, he asked, "Alright, so, Trish waved her hands in my face, Lita
kissed me...anyone else have any more tests? If it keeps following the same
pattern, I figure kissing on the lips is next, then moving south..."

"No one has any more test." Mickie said, derailing his train as he smiled.

"Are you sure?" He asked, grinning as Mickie grabbed his arm and led him over
to a locker.


"Well, if anyone changes their mind, please, write down your idea and submit
it to Mickie." Dale said with a grin. "I figure, there's a bunch of you guys,
so if we keep going down the list, you'll all be very, very sure by the end."

"We believe you Dale." Torrie said. "It's just, we wanted to make sure, you

"I know." He said.

Grinning, Torrie stood up, quickly stripping off her pants and underwear.
Taking the small undergarments in her hands, she motioned for Mickie to move
slightly, and tossed the clothing across the room, hitting Dale square in the
chest. Reacting quickly, Dale clumsily caught the object, holding it in his

"What the heck is this?" He asked, trying to get a feel for the object.

"My panties." Torrie said, laughing as he dropped them quickly. "That's my
test. What, you've never had a girl throw her underwear at you before?"

Smiling, he said, "No, it's usually me doing the throwing."

"Ooo, manly man." Lita teased.

"Hey, you don't get to joke." Dale scolded her playfully. "You already got a

"You grabbed my ass!"

"I thought it was Mickie's ass!" he said defensively.

Smiling, Lita asked, "So, who has a better ass?"

Grinning, Dale said, "I dunno. I didn't get a good feel. If you'd like to
continued testing my blindness some time..."

Swatting him playfully, Mickie laughed. "Am I gonna have to keep you on a

Smiling, Dale was about to say something when another object hit him, landing
on his head and making the girls burst out laughing again.

"Oh come on!" Dale laughed, grabbing the clothing off of his head. Feeling
around, he asked, "This isn't underwear, is it?"

"A bra." Torrie said with a smile.



Dropping the bra to the floor, Dale shook his head as more clothing rained
down on him, all the divas joining in the fun as Mickie sat beside him,
laughing as she dodged the occasional piece of clothing.

"Well, Dale, I hate to say it, but I'm out of clothes to throw." Torrie
teased, standing up and wrapping a towel around herself. "Now, I have to go
take a long, hot, sweaty shower..."

"I've seen your Playboy spread." Dale said with a smile. "I've already seen

"Well, maybe I should go help you Torr." Candice chimed in, giggling as
Dale shook his head again. "You know, to help out with those hard to reach

Smiling, Torrie asked, "Have you ever seen that before in Playboy Dale?"

Shaking his head, he smiled. "Only in my dreams."

As Torrie and Candice laughed, Trish smiled, holding her bra in one hand,
aiming with the other, wanting to get angle just right. Tossing it in a soft
lob, she giggled as it landed in his lap. Swatting it to the floor, Dale

"I'm taking all this shit and selling it on E-Bay." He said, making the whole
room laugh. "All I need is someone to tell me which pair belongs to which
Diva, and I'll be rolling."

Smiling, Torrie scooted across the room, pulling her bra and panties out of
the pile of clothing at his feet. Taking the bra, she smiled. "Hold out your
arms." When he sighed and did what she asked, she slid the bra on, laughing
as he tried to fight her off, quickly realizing what she was doing. "That's
my bra." Torrie laughed, before sticking the panties on his head. "And, if
you haven't guessed, those are my panties." Leaning down and pecking him on
the cheek, she giggled. "Later Dale. Gotta go work up a sweat with Candice."

As she moved away, Victoria quickly came over, repeating the process before
Candice scooted over.

"Sorry, Dale, I wasn't wearing a bra." She teased.

"That's perfectly ok." He said, going with the flow. Hearing Mickie laughing
beside him, he turned to her. "You could help me out here, you know."

Laughing, she said, "What, and end up with panties on my head too? No thank

"Your very kind." Dale said with a smirk.

"Hey, you got off easy." Lita said with a smile. "Candice wasn't wearing a
bra, and I'm not wearing any underwear..."

"And why doesn't that surprise me?" Dale teased. "Probably just doing that
incase your little attempt to seduce me earlier worked."

"Seduce you?" Lita asked, laughing. "I wasn't trying to seduce you!"

"Sure you weren't."

"I wasn't!" She argued. "I wanted to make sure you were blind!"

"Sure." Dale said, nodding slowly. "Sure. Kissing someone to make sure there
blind. Sounds perfectly reasonable."

"You're impossible."

Smiling, he asked, "Well, tell me this. When I grabbed your ass, did you push
me away, or tell me to stop?"

"No, but..."

"You totally were trying to seduce me." He said with a grin.

Shaking her head, Lita leaned back in her locker, realizing with a grin that
she wasn't going to win the argument with the underwear clad blind man.

Leaning over, Mickie moved a few pairs of underwear out of the way, kissing
him on the cheek. "You better not get seduced." She teased softly.

"Unless it's by you?"

"Do I have to seduce you?"

Shaking his head, he grabbed the panties off of his head, tossing them to the
floor. "I'm all yours." Looking back to the center of the room, he asked,
"So, everyone here have a match tonight?"

"Nope." Lita said. "I'm on arm candy duties still."

"Yea, that sucks." Dale said. "I wish you were still wrestling."

"Me too."

Nodding, he said, "It just sucks that since your personal life got drug out
in the open that you got stuck in the middle of them."

"Yea, well, it's kinda...touchy..." Lita said softly.

Holding up his hands, Dale told her, "Your business, not mine. I'm just
saying, I wish you were wrestling." Looking towards Mickie, he asked,
"Mickie, do you have a match tonight?"

"Four way with Vicky, Maria & Candice." Mickie said. Seeing Dale smirk, she
hit him softly. "God, just, stop thinking. Man, I can't say anything without
you thinking something dirty."

"If you would have helped me with the underwear assault, then maybe, maybe,
I wouldn't have thought anything." He said, smiling. "But you, little miss
leave the blind guy defenseless so she doesn't get picked on..."

"I've done my rookie hazing." Mickie said. "And trust me, it was worse than

"I'm betting there not done..."

"Oh god, Candice, yes, scrub that spot!"

"That's not working!" Dale yelled to Torrie. Looking towards Mickie, he
asked, "What did you have to do?"

"It's a trade secret." Mickie said, giving him a kiss. "I can't tell, and you
can't tell what happens to you."

"Like I'd tell anyone about me wearing bras and panties while Torrie and
Candice tried to make me believe there having sex in the shower..."

"Yes, Candice, yes!"

"Shut up!" Dale laughed. Hearing the shower stop, Dale smiled. "Finally."

"What, you don't like girls showering together?" Trish asked with a grin.

Smiling, he said, "Showering girls are just fine."

Moving out of the shower area, Torrie and Candice smiled at the other girls,
drying off before flinging their towels at Dale.

"God, dry clothes, fine, but wet towels?" He asked, quickly tossing them to
the floor. Looking at Mickie, he asked, "Did I get soaked anywhere?"

Giving him a quick visual inspection, Mickie said, "Nope."

"Please, no more wet stuff." Dale pleaded. "Pelt me with clothes to your
hearts content, but no more towels. I can't tell if I get wet or not."

"Deal." Torrie said, quickly getting re-dressed.

Shaking her head, Victoria stood up. "You guys are like children." She said
with a smile.

"You threw something at him too!" Torrie said.

"That's besides the point." She said, giggling as he shook his head.

"It's like I've walked in on a nursery." He said.

"Hey, this is payback for walking in on us on Monday." Maria said, smiling as
Dale threw up his hands.

"I didn't know where I was going!" He yelled, smiling as the girls laughed.
"Mickie brought me in here!"

"You told me too!" Mickie said, trying to deflect some of the attention away
from her.

"I did not!"

"You said you wanted to meet the divas!"

"Meet! Not storm in on them while there changing!"

Leaning over, she gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Same thing."

Shaking his head, he leaned back in his stall.

"Alright, alright, we'll assign blame at a later time." Candice said,
standing up and joining Victoria and Maria in moving towards the door. "We
gotta go."


"Yup, we." Candice said.

Leaning over, Mickie went to say something, but just when she was going to
start to say something, the pyro testing in the main stage went off.

"...The girls are heading out." She finished.

Nodding, Dale listened for footsteps, trying to gauge how many of the girls
were in fact leaving. Still startled from the pyro, he couldn't pin down a
number, and realized he was running out of time. Holding up his hand, he
waved slightly.

"Alright." Dale said, smiling as he waved. "Nice meeting you...even if you
did tease and taunt me the whole time."

"Bye Dale." Candice, Maria, and Victoria called out at the same time.

When the door closed, Mickie stood up, smiling at Dale.

"There gone?" He asked.

"Yup." Mickie said, moving to her suitcase. "Alright, Dale, time to earn your
keep." She said, smiling as his face lit up. "Not that. I need help picking
out my outfit."

"Ok..." He said, confused. "And how can I help?"

"Well, I'll pick out the outfits, tell you what they are, and you tell me
which one." She said. "If you need a visual, I'll give you some more info,


Pulling out the first one, she held it up, looking down. "Alright, we have...
a light blue tank top, and a pair of red shorts."

"Sounds nice."

"Second, we have...sort of a regular shirt, with a red front, and gold arms,
and a gold dress."

Thinking for a minute, he said, "That sounds vaguely familiar."

"It was the outfit I wore when I first debuted on Raw." She said.

"Ahh, ok." He said. "Any other choices?"

Pulling out the last one, she said, "And, finally, we have...umm, ok, this
one's a little hard to's a gray shirt, with, like, thick black
lines over it, and a gray skirt." Smiling, she leaned down, whispering, "It's
cut off just below the ribs, and oh so tight."

"I like it." He said, smiling.

Giving him a kiss, she smiled. "I knew you would."

"Not that I don't like the sounds of the others, but..."

"I know." She said, smiling.

Quickly shedding her street clothes, she pulled on the outfit, pulling on her
black knee high boots before moving over to Dale. "Gimme you hands." When he
held out his hands, she took them, bending over and putting them at the top
of her boots. "There's where my boots end." She said, before moving his hands
up. "My knees." Moving his hands up further, she stopped when he felt the
bottom her of dress. "The bottom of my dress."

Moving his hands between her knees and her dress, he smiled. "Kinda short."

Smiling, she said, "Kinda my trademark." Looking around the room, and making
sure Lita, Torrie and Trish weren't looking, she quickly slid his hands under
her skirt, letting him grope her ass. Moving his hands away quickly, she
leaned down, giggling. "My thong." She whispered. When he smiled, she gave
him a kiss on the forehead. Moving his hands up her tummy, she moaned softly
as he rubbed her stomach softly. Coming to the bottom of her shirt, she made
a note of it before taking his hands away. "What do ya think?"

"It seems like a hit." He said, smiling as she kissed him again.

Leaning down so she was right in front of him, she whispered, "I was saving
this for the WWE Vs ECW show, but I'll give it to you as a treat." Kissing
him softly, she told him, "Tonight, I'm going to wear this for you to the
ring, and then, I'm letting you take it off when I get back."

Smiling, Dale rubbed her stomach, secure in the false knowledge that he was
alone with Mickie in the locker room. "God, Mickie, I wish I could see how
you look right now." He said. "Feeling it is good, but I wish I could see
it." Smiling, he added, "I'm betting it looks very sexy on your curvy body."

Looking around the locker room, Mickie blushed as the other girls smiled at
her, clueing her in to the fact that they could hear Dale. Looking down at
him, she watched as he leaned forward, pulling her closer as he kissed her

Giving her soft belly light kisses, he asked, "Are you still my curvy love

Her eyes going wide, Mickie looked around the room again, completely
mortified as Torrie, Lita and Trish all stifled laughs, trying not to look
at Mickie.

"Of course, Dale." Mickie stammered. "But..."

"Thank you." He said softly. Looking up at her, he softly asked, "You said
your shirt was hard to explain." Holding up his hands, he asked, "Could you
show me?"

Her cheeks burning bright red, Mickie knew exactly what he was asking, and
wanted to tell him no. But looking down at him, she knew that he didn't mean
any harm in asking, and didn't want to derail his sudden surge in confidence.
Taking his hands, she moved them up to her shirt, stifling a moan as his
hands made contact with her breasts. Taking his index finger, she started up
at the top of the shirt, tracing out the bigger black lines.

"Alright, Dale, this stuff here." She said, tracing out another block. "Is
the black spots. Everything in the areas I'm moving you finger is black, ok?"

"Ok." He said, closing his eyes and trying to picture what she was describing
in his mind.

Watching in quiet fascination, Torrie, Trish and Lita watched as Mickie moved
his hand, tracing her outfit for him, looking over her shoulder every so
often to try and shoo the girls eyes away.

Letting his hands drop, Mickie stammered, "Ok, Dale, that's it."

Smiling, he slid his hands down to her waist, pulling her forward softly
and sitting her down in his lap. Leaning forward, his hands found her face,
kissing her softly on the lips. "Do you have any plans for tonight?" He

"Yea." She said softly.

Smiling, he asked, "Can I know them?"

Feeling the eyes on her back, she shook her head. "I wanna surprise you, ok?"

Nodding, he grinned. Sliding his hands down so he was hugging her loosely, he
hugged her softly. "Thank you Mickie." He said softly.

Looking at him, she moved her arms so they were resting on his shoulders.
"What for?"

Sighing softly, he told her, "For bringing me along this weekend. I know I'm
probably slowing you down..."


"I know I'm slowing you down." He continued, cutting her off. "But thank you
for bringing me along." Rubbing her back softly, he said, "You know I don't
get out much, mainly because I can't enjoy it like I used to. But, being with
you, I'm enjoying myself." Leaning forward, he kissed her softly. "And it's
not because know...what we did...and do...together...its just...
being around you is so much fun...again, not because know." Kissing
her again, he smiled. "Thank you so much for everything."

Looking down at him, Mickie was speechless. Not knowing how to answer that,
she merely hugged him tighter, kissing him on top of his head. "Your welcome,


"Come in." Mickie said after checking the decency level of her fellow divas.

Seeing one of the many runners for the WWE come in, Mickie looked at her.

"Your up next, Mickie." She said, before closing the door.

Looking down at Dale, she smiled. "Gotta go kick some butt."

Nodding, he smiled as she kissed him again before letting his arms drop from
around her.

"Don't forget about me." He joked as he climbed out of his lap.

"How could I?" She asked, smiling. "I gotta come back for my suitcase."

"Funny." Dale said, smiling as she gave him a kiss before moving over to the
door. Letting out a sigh, Dale leaned back in the locker, closing his eyes
and relaxing.

When the door closed, Trish looked at Dale, smiling. "You're a smooth talker,
aren't you?"

His eyes whipping open, Dale yelled loudly, drawing Mickie running back into
the room and towards Dale. Pulling him into a hug, Mickie quickly tried to
settle him down.

"What's wrong, Dale?" She asked.

"There still here?" He asked. "I heard Trish. Is anyone else here?"

Looking around, Mickie said, "Torrie and Lita. Dale, what's wrong?"

"You told me they were gone!" He said.

Looking at him, she said, "I told you some of them were leaving..." Before
trailing off, remembering the pyro blast. "But I guess you missed the "Some
of them" part when the pyro went off."

"Apparently." He said. Holding her softly, he told her, "God, Mickie, I'm
sorry...if I had known they were still here, I never would have made you talk
like that...or do what you did..."

Smiling, Torrie asked, "Say what? How much you like Mickie?"

Getting shy, he said softly, "The other stuff."

Waving her hand, Trish told him, "It's ok. It's kinda refreshing to hear a
guy around her talk to a girl without the words, you, me, and fuck coming up
in every conversation."

Looking at Dale, Mickie asked him, "Dale, I gotta get going. Are you gonna be

Nodding, he told her, "I'm sorry. I just thought we were alone..."

"It's ok, Dale." Mickie said, kissing him softly. Standing up, she told him,
"Gotta go."

"Bye." He said, leaning back in his stall and putting his hands over his

Watching Mickie move out the door, Lita waited until it closed before turning
to Dale, smiling. "Curvy love goddess?" She asked.

Laughing, he shook his head. "I'm sorry."

"What is a curvy love goddess?" Trish asked with a smile.

"That's between me and Mickie." He said.

"Come on." Torrie teased, smiling at him. "Tell us, we can keep a secret."

"Bullshit." He said, laughing along with them.

"You know." Trish said, smiling. "At some point this weekend, we're going to
get Mickie away from you for a minute, and make her spill, so why don't you
save everybody a lot of time and effort and tell us and get it over with."

Shaking his head, he smiled. "If Mickie wants to tell you, fine, but I won't.
What we did is our business."

"Did?" Torrie asked, grinning. "Should I assume that "Curvy Love Goddess" has
some...sexual meaning?"

"Assume what you want." Dale said. "But I'm not telling."

Deciding to use reverse psychology, Lita asked, "What, are you ashamed of
what you guys did? I thought she was your curvy love goddess?"

Shaking his head again, he told her, "I'm extremely proud of what we did, but
it's not my place to tell. That's girl talk. I don't mind if she tells, but I
don't know if she'd mind if I did, and I'd rather not get my curvy love
goddess mad at me."

"Curvy love goddess..." Trish said, smiling.


"Come in!"

Opening the door, the same runner from before came into the dressing room.
"Lita, Vice wanted to talk to you before Edge's match."

Nodding, Lita thanked her as she closed the door. Standing up, she grabbed
her suitcase, pulling out the handle and started dragging it to the door.
Turning to Trish, she smiled.

"If you guys find out what a curvy love goddess is, call me?" She asked with
a grin.

"Aren't you coming back?" Dale asked.

"Nope." Lita told him. "Gotta go talk to Vince, then the match, then I'm
outta here."

Trying not to smile, he asked, "No hot, sweaty shower?"

Smiling, she told him, "No, not here. Back at the hotel."

Nodding, he grinned. "Talk to you later then."


Moving out the door, Lita waved at Torrie and Trish as it closed behind her.
Turning back to Dale, the two blondes smiled.

"So, alright, curvy love goddess." Trish said, smiling as he shook his head.

"Don't you guys have a match or something?" Dale asked hopefully.

"Nope." Torrie said, standing up. "We're not on the card tonight."

"Really?" He asked. "That seems like a waste, bringing you guys out here and
you're not even on the card."

Shrugging, Torrie smiled. "They pay us still, so it's all good." Looking over
at Trish, she said, "I'm gonna jet and try to make it to the hotel before
dark. If he spills, call me?"

"Right after Lita." Trish said, smiling.

"Bye Dale." Torrie said, moving towards the door.

"Bye Torrie." Hearing the door close, close, Dale looked back towards the
center of the room. "Please, drop the curvy love goddess thing." He told
Trish. "Mickie's pretty shy about it..."

"Alright, alright, I'll drop it..."

"Thank you."

"For now." Trish said, smiling. "Torrie's got the right idea. Since I'm not
on the show either, I'm gonna get a head start on the driving."

"Is it a long drive tonight?" He asked. "Mickie didn't really say."

"It's not to bad." Trish said, standing up and moving towards him. Standing
in front of him, she bent over, studying his face quietly. Standing up, she
smiled. "It's nice to see you out and about." She said. "When we were talking
before, I was kinda worried you'd turn into a shut in."

"Trust me, the thought has crossed my mind." He said. Shrugging, he said,
"But Mickie asked if I wanted to come with her this weekend, and I agreed
Seemed like a good thing at the time."

"Not so much now?"

"Well, I‘m still kinda freaked." He admitted. Smiling, he said, "Getting
pelted with underwear didn't help."

"Would it help if I told you some of it was mine?" Trish teased.

Grinning, he said, "No comment."

Laughing, Trish nodded. "So, do you and Mickie wanna hook up some time and
hang out? The worst part of these trips is the down time you have between the
house shows."

Nodding, he told her, "I'm not sure what Mickie has planned, so you'd have to
ask her, but I'm game."

Giggling, Trish said, "I'm sure your curvy love goddess will let you out of
bed long enough to go out for a while."

Smiling, he asked, "Who said we'd be in the bed?"

Smiling, she poked him. "Come on, what's with the curvy love goddess thing?
Tell me and I'll be your friend."

"You threw underwear at me." He said with a smile. "That's not a good way to
start a friendship."

"It can be." She teased. "Seemed to work for you and Mickie..."

Blushing, he looked down. "Yea, but Mickie and I have a...unique

Nodding, Trish grinned. "Alright, I'll drop it..."

"I know, I know, for now." He said, finishing her thought.

Pulling out a pen and paper, she wrote down her hotel info, tearing off the
piece of paper and putting it in his pocket. "That's my hotel info." She
told him. "When you and Mickie get to the next town, call me and we'll set
something up."

"I better remember that." He said, grinning. "She might go looking through my
pockets and think that you were trying to get me to give you a booty call."

Laughing, Trish leaned down, giving him a hug. "Hey, I could be a curvy love
goddess too, couldn't I?"

"No comment."

Smiling, Trish looked around the room. "Ok, you're defiantly going to be
alone now. You gonna be ok? Mickie should be done any minute now."

"I'll be ok." He said, smiling. "Talk to you later."

"Don't forget, that info isn't a booty call." Trish said, moving towards the
door. "I don't want Mickie to be mad at me."

Smiling, he nodded. "Will do."

"See you later Dale." Trish said. Moving to the door, she opened it and
started out. Stopping, she turned back towards Dale, giving him a long look
before smiling and moving out the door.

Hearing the door close again, Dale smiled, leaning back in his locker and
waiting for his curvy love goddess to return.

* * *

Skipping along, Mickie winded her way towards the women's locker room. Seeing
Victoria, Maria and Candice move out the door, she smiled, waving to them.

"You guys heading out?" Mickie asked, moving to the door.

Nodding, Candice told her, "Gonna try and get to the next city before dark."

"Alright, see you tomorrow." Mickie said, opening the door and moving into
the locker room. Looking around, she smiled as she found it empty, save for
Dale. Quickly moving over to him, she grinned. "Hey you."

His face lighting up, Dale held out his arms, motioning for Mickie to slide
into his lap. When she did, he hugged her tightly against his body. "Hello."

Looking around, Mickie grinned. "Everyone leave you?"

Nodding, he smiled. "I wouldn't spill where curvy love goddess came from, so
they lost interest in me pretty quick." Reaching into his pocket, he pulled
out he paper Trish had left for her. "Trish told me to give you this. She
asked if we'd wanna hang out when we got to the next town, but I told her
I'd have to ask you."

Looking at the note, she nodded. "Sounds good. Unless you had something you
wanted to do."

Smiling, he moved his hands around her body, rubbing her softly. "I can think
of one or two things."

Giggling, Mickie looked around the room, confirming it was empty. "Alright...
lets do it."

His smile fading fast, Dale shook his head. "What? Here?"

Moving her hands around to the front, she rubbed his chest, smiling as he
squirmed. "Yea, here." Seeing him hesitate, she grinned, leaning down and
kissing him softly. "Come on, lets do it right here...I've never done it
in a locker room."


"Please Dale?" She asked softly, moving closer and rubbing her body in his
lap. "Please? You did it in the car last night..."

"But that was different." He said. "No one was gonna walk into the car."

"I'll lock the door." Mickie offered, continuing her kissing assault.
"Please, please, please?"

"What if someone tries to get into the room?"

"We'll get dressed and pretend nothing happened." She said. "Please? I'll be
very grateful if you'd do this for me..."

"Are we alone?" He asked. "I mean, I know everyone apparently left, but I
couldn't keep track..."

"Well, Victoria, Maria and Candice are driving to the next show." Mickie
said. "That leaves Lita, Trish and Torrie. Where are they?"

"Torrie and Trish left to get on the road." He said, before thinking. "And
Lita said something about doing her match then heading right out."

"Then come on!" Mickie urged. Looking around, she said, "I don't see
suitcases around, so no one's coming back." Looking behind her, she grinned.
"Although they left their underwear here. Remind me to pack that up and bring
it to them."

"Ok." He said. "So, we're alone?"

Leaning down, she kissed him softly. "Totally alone."

"Could you check?" He asked softly. "I don't want to up the embarrassment
level from earlier..."

"Ok, I'll check" She said, before giving him a quick peck. Moving to the
shower area, she checked for people, verifying it was empty before skipping
to the door, locking it with a smile. Moving back over to Dale, she slid back
into his lap, wrapping his arms around him.

"It's empty." She said, smiling as he smiled a little, starting to get into

Rubbing his hands over her back, he smiled more as she purred. "Well,
hopefully, you won't be for long."

Grinning, she leaned down, kissing him. "Romantic."

Smiling, he said, "Hey, I'm trying. And I hope you'll factor in that I'm
about to have sex with a screamer in a public changing room when you judge
what I say." When she giggled, he rubbed his hands over her tummy softly.
"So, I assume you brought the condoms?"

"Getting a little ahead of yourself, aren't we?" She asked, smiling at him.

"Well, no." He said, clearly not thinking about what she was. "Didn't you
wanna do it?"

"I do." Mickie assured him. "It's just, what did I tell you before I left?"

"Be right back?"

Smiling, she leaned down, kissing him. "No, I told you that I had a gift for
you, didn't I?" When he nodded, she asked, "And what was that gift?"

"I'm still kinda lost about that one." He said. "It's either the clothes
you're wearing, or you."

"Well, I need the clothes for the ECW show." She said. "I figured, this was
a house show, so I can totally reuse them on TV later."

"So that would make you the present." He said, smiling as she kissed him

"Correct." She said, smiling. "And do you know what you do with presents?"

"Unwrap them." He said.

"Uh-huh." Mickie said, smiling. "But first, I wanna unwrap you."

Reaching down, she grabbed the bottom of his shirt, pulling it up and off as
he raised his hands in the cramped quarters of the locker.

"Shouldn't we take this to the floor?" He asked. "This locker's kinda

"It's cozy." Mickie said, leaning down and kissing his chest. "And if I'm
gonna keep quiet and not get us caught, I need cozy. Can I have cozy, Dale?"

"You can have anything you want." He said with a sigh, her wet lips pelting
his chest with kisses.

"Can I have you?" She asked, kissing his neck. "Can I have your dick?"

Smiling, he asked, "In a Bobbitt kinda way?"

Shaking her head, she continued kissing his chest and neck. "No. Definitely
not. I like your dick to much to hurt it."

"Then you can have it." He said, smiling as she slowly slid off of his lap,
knowing where she was heading.

Feeling her hands on his crotch, he moaned softly as she made short work of
the button and zipper, quickly opening them up and peeling the denim from him
as he raised his butt slightly. Kicking off his shoes, he let her take them
completely off before she grabbed his boxers. Making sure to run her hands
over his hardening member, she pulled them down and off, tossing them in a
pile with his jeans and shirt. Running her hands over his thighs, she smiled
as he jumped slightly, her intimate contact causing a stir in her favorite

Leaning forward, she took his dick in her hands, smiling as he moaned before
groaning loudly as her lips touched his cock. Kissing it softly, she moved up
and down, giving it quick, wet kisses as she stroked it to life, her soft
touch making it hard almost instantly. Whipping out her tongue, she watched
in bemusement as he started to moan before putting his hand over his mouth,
stifling the loud noise before it attracted attention. Not one to let someone
off easy, Mickie scooted closer, moving her hair out of the way before diving
down on his cock, taking the first few inches into her mouth and sucking it

His hand firmly over his mouth, Dale hissed loudly, trying not to shout out
his feelings as Mickie's smooth, pouty lips glided up and down his shaft, her
tongue not helping matters as it slithered slowly along the underside of his
thick rod.

"Oh god, Mickie." He said softly, before hissing again as she slurped loudly
on the head. "Your lips feel so good..."

Looking up at Dale through her bangs, Mickie sighed softly, her mouth
continuing to glide up and down his pole as she stared up at his lifeless
eyes. One of the things Mickie had enjoyed most about pleasing her other
lovers had been the responsiveness of them. When she was on her knees sucking
them off, she could always look up and, with one glance at their eyes, know
she was the center of their world. But looking up at Dale, she knew that
wasn't going to be an option with him. Seeing his hands move and begin to
softly run his fingers through her hair, Mickie smiled softly.

~He'll show me.~ Mickie thought, he tongue batting his head, her grin
widening as she felt him fight to not grab her hair to roughly. ~In his own
way, he'll show me.~

"Mickie, if you don't stop soon, I'm gonna be a bit to...primed again." He
said, finishing with a smile. "And I don't care what you said last night, I
want to make you come. I need to make you come."

Pulling off of his cock, she smiled, her hand gliding up and down his spit
soaked shaft. "You don't have to..."

"I didn't say I had to." He said with a smile. "I said I needed to. Big

"Well, I need to do this." Mickie said, bending back down and taking his dick
into her warm mouth again.

"Mickie..." Dale moaned softly, his breathing hitching in his throat as her
magical tongue went to work again.

Moving slowly, Mickie reached out her right hand, grabbing her suitcase and
dragging it over next to her. Grabbing the zipper on top, she tugged open the
small compartment on the top of the suitcase, reaching inside and retrieving
a condom. As much as she had meant what she said about not keeping score, she
didn't want to fall to far behind him. Giving his cock one final parting
slurp, she pulled off, kissing his exposed head before tearing open the
condom wrapper. Sliding it down his pole, she smiled as he grinned.
What are you smiling at?" She teased.

"I'm smiling because I'm hoping we're going to be having fun soon." He said,
smiling at her.

"Weren't you having fun before?" She asked softly, rubbing her hands over his

"That was very, very fun."


"Well, how about you get up here and let me unwrap my present?" He asked,
smiling as he felt her brush against his legs before sliding into his lap.

"Do you remember what I'm wearing?" Mickie asked.

Nodding, he reached down, putting his hand on her ankle. "Thigh high boots...
could we leave those on?"

"If you want."

"I want." He said, smiling. "It's sexy."

"Even if you can't see it?"

"I can see it in my mind." He assured her. "And trust me, you, naked, save
for a pair of thigh high boots, is sexy."

"Can I have a foot massage when we get to the hotel?" She asked softly.
"These boots aren't really made for sex. There a little uncomfortable..."

"Then take them off." He said.

Kissing him softly, she told him, "A little uncomfortable. Nothing major.
Nothing a little foot rub wouldn't cure."

"Then a foot rub it is." He said, before moving his hand up. "A tiny skirt."
Sliding his hand underneath, he cupped her nearly bare ass. "A nice, firm,
curvy booty. Oh, and a thong somewhere around here." As she giggled, he moved
his hand up, lifting her skirt as he moved up, rubbing her back as he made
his way to her shirt. "And a painted on gray and black shirt."

"Mmmmmm, it is painted on, too." Mickie told him. "It's just molded to my
curvy makes my nice, big boobs look soooo good." Taking his hands
in hers, she moved them around to the front of her shirt, making him cup her
breasts. "Do they feel nice, Dale? Huh? Tell me how my curvy body feels."

"It feels awesome." He said, reaching down and fumbling with the tie on the
front of her skirt. Feeling it carefully, he grabbed the strings, pulling out
and hoping. Feeling the cloth tie come undone, he smiled as she raised up
slowly, letting him pull her skirt and thong down.

"Not going for the tits?" She teased, pushing her large chest against his.

Rubbing her bare ass, he smiled as she squirmed in his lap. "I will." He
assured her. "Just be patient."

"I don't wanna." Mickie whined. "I had to wrestle a whole match thinking
about you stripping me naked and ravaging me. Now ravage me!"

Smiling, Dale leaned forward, kissing her face softly. "Mickie, Mickie,
Mickie...didn't we have a chat about this last night? I don't ravage."

"Please?" Mickie whined. "Just this once?"

Reaching down, he hooked his thumbs under her shirt, peeling it off and
tossing it aside before realizing she had a bra on and making short work of
it too. Leaning down, he kissed the tops of her heavy breasts as he cupped
them softly, making her moan.

"Now..." He said, rubbing her breasts as he kissed her neck. "Do you want me
to ravage you, or do you want me to go back to the same old same old?"

Looking at him, Mickie nearly cried with frustration. As horny as she was,
she knew that trying to get him to "Ravage" her might backfire, as she wasn't
even sure he could go at a faster clip, or if she even wanted him to. She
knew the problem was only compounded by the fact that if she let him do, as
he put it, "The same old same old", she would come. He would make sure of
that, if in a slow, agonizingly tortuous fashion. Staring down at him, she
whined softly, lifting herself up and grabbing his penis, lining it up and
sliding back down slowly.

"Well?" He moaned.

Rising up again, she slid back down slowly, giving him his answer without
saying a word. Wrapping his arms around his lover, Dale held her softly, her
face burying quickly into his shoulder as she tried to stifle her cries of
passion. Rising and falling slowly, Mickie's fingers dug into Dale's back,
her thankfully short nails scraping as her body shook from the exertion it
was taking to keep her from alerting everyone in the building she was having

Pulling her face up softly, Dale let her forehead rest against his, her
pitiful whimpers making him smile. "Mickie, you can make a little noise." He
assured her. When her whimpers picked up a little, he grinned. "A little
more..." Again she increased in volume, making him smile. "Just a tiny bit

"Ohmygod Dale, don't stop...please, don't come..." Mickie whined, her hands
still roaming roughly over his back. "I wanna come..."

Moaning softly, he smiled as she bounced in his lap, her pleading keeping her
voice down some. "I thought it didn't matter if you came..."

"It's doesn't." She whined, holding him close. "But please, make me come.

Nodding, Dale kissed her softly, finding her lips elusive until she realized
he was trying to kiss her and quickly giving him what he wanted, moaning
loudly into his mouth. Moving his hands up, he cupped her chest, pushing her
back slightly before ducking his head down. Capturing her right nipple in his
mouth, he lashed her nipple softly, smiling as she let out a loud yelp before
stifling it, her left hand leaving his back and inserting a knuckle into her
mouth to bite down on in the ever increasingly vain attempts to keep silent.
Gripping his head roughly, she held him in place, her bouncing picking up
slightly as she tried to bring herself off. As he worshiped her busty chest,
moving from breast to breast slowly, lavishing each with the loving attention
it deserved before moving to the next, Mickie pleaded with him to never stop,
quickly realizing that it was easier to beg quietly than moan quietly.

Continuing her trend of begging and pleading, Mickie held Dale tight, sliding
on his slick pole as he pleasured her in more ways than her orgasm hungry
mind could count. Leaning back slightly, a sharp scream slipped past her
guard as she worked into the perfect angle to pleasure her. Slipping her hand
away from her face, she grabbed his head, holding him steady as she bounced
happily, her need to come slowly outweighing her need to keep quiet.

Pulling his face out of her chest reluctantly, Mickie ducked down, kissing
him roughly on the lips, whining loudly and letting him mouth muffle the
sound. Breaking apart, she hugged him tightly, her face again burying itself
in his shoulder.

"God, Dale, I love you..." Mickie whined, her rhythmic bouncing echoing slaps
of flesh on flesh across the locker room. "I love you so much..."

Smiling, Dale rubbed her slick back gently, urging her on. "You're just
saying that because you want to come." He teased.

Pulling back, Mickie rested her forehead against his, her eyes trying to make
contact with his. Whining loudly, she told him, "I wish you could see my eyes
and know how serious I am...I love you so, so make me feel so special...I love you..."

Holding her gently, Dale shook his head slowly. "Mickie..."

"I don't know how you feel about me..." She said softly, her legs burning
from the strain she was placing on them. "But I know how I feel about you. I
don't need months of soul searching and wondering to know that I love you."

Reaching up, he cupped her face softly, rubbing his thumbs over her cheeks.
"I love you too." He said softly, leaning up and kissing her on the lips.

Feeling her body begin to shake, her mind clouding over, Mickie whined
loudly, not caring if anyone heard her or not. "God, Dale, god...please,
please, don't go limp right now..."

Smiling, he kissed her again. "I take it your..."

"Coming, coming, coming!" Mickie screamed, making Dale smile wider as she
yelled and screamed at the top of her lungs, her voice barely contained as
she buried her face into his shoulder, the small, cramped quarters of the
locker helping to keep her from alerting the building to the fact that Dale
was getting her off.

Pounding up and down on his shaft, she sobbed pitifully as he started rubbing
her chest again, using whatever he had at his disposal to help her come.
Kissing her neck softly, he reached down and cupped her ass with one hand,
helping her lift up and down as she thanked him with cries of passion. Her
whole body shaking, Mickie fought to keep going, Dale's hand helping but
eventually she had to quit, her legs finally giving out sending her plunging
down one last time on his rod. Quivering in his lap, Mickie sobbed softly,
her arms gripping him tightly as she sucked in deep, heavy breaths. Feeling
his arms wrap around her body, she jumped slightly, not expecting the tender
touch but accepting it quickly, snuggling up tightly against him.

"Thank you..." She whispered, kissing his chest softly.

Smiling, he rubbed her gently, trying to help her calm down. "Your welcome...

Softly smiling, she leaned up, kissing him gently on the lips. "Lover..."

Feeling her body, he grinned. "I think you need a shower."

Looking down at him, she smiled. "You to."

"Do you think anyone would mind if we took a shower here?" He asked.

Slowly un-mounting him, she took the condom off and tossed it into the
trash before taking his hands, helping him to his feet. "If no one minded me
screaming like a banshee, then I doubt they'd mind us using the shower."
Groaning loudly, she took a small step, stretching out her legs as she undid
her boots, kicking them off. "This wasn't such a hot idea." Mickie joked. "My
legs are killing me."

"Told you we should have done it on the floor." He said.

"What, and end up with a back full of rug burn?" She asked, leading him
slowly towards the shower room. "No thanks." Helping him down the small ledge
towards the shower, she said, "Besides, like I said, never did it in a locker
room, so thank you for helping me with this."

"You've been wrestling since, what, 99?"

"Something like that." Mickie said, turning on the shower and getting the
spray right.

"And in all that time, while dating wrestlers, you've never had sex in a
locker room?"

Smiling, she pulled him under the spray with her, smiling as he moaned
softly. "Nope."

"Never? Like, not even just a quickie?"

"Never." She said. "I wanted to try it, but my ex's were always

Smiling, he ducked his head under the warm water, letting it wash the sweat
from the sex from his body. "Well, any other fantasies you have, let me

"Well, there was that one about doing it on the balcony of a hotel..."

"When we get to the hotel, remind me." He said with a grin.

"Nuh-uh." Mickie said. "My legs are killing me now. I'm gonna have to use
cruise control the whole ride there and hope there isn't to much stop and go

"I'll drive." He offered with a smile. "My legs feel fine."

"No thanks." She said, grinning as she turned the shower off. "I'd like to
live long enough to get my promised foot rub. The way my feet feel, I'll
need it." Looking at him, she smiled. "You don't know any other massage
techniques, do you?"


"Do you know anything to help sore legs?" Mickie asked.

Shaking his head, he told her, "I'm good with backs, necks, and feet."

"Could you try?"

Letting her lead him out of the shower area and back into the changing room,
he smiled. "Anything for my lover."

Giggling, she gave his hand a squeeze. "Lover. I like that."

"It sounds nice, doesn't it?"

Kissing him, she nodded. "It does."

Handing him a towel, she grabbed one of her own, toweling off quickly and
pulling out some clothes. Quickly getting dressed, she smiled as he stood
next to her, patiently waiting for her to finish before helping him. Looking
him over, she giggled.

"Dale has a tail, Dale has a tail." She sang, making him laugh as he covered
up. "Don't cover it. Be proud of your tail. It's a nice tail."

Blushing softly, he shook his head. "Can I get dressed sometime soon? I'm
getting kinda chilly here."

Giggling, Mickie moved over to the locker, retrieving his clothes and helping
him get dressed. "Shirt on right?"

Feeling it, he nodded. "Perfect."

Moving him over to the locker, she put his shoes in front of him, letting him
pull them on before helping him to his feet again. Grabbing his suitcase, she
put the handle in his hand before grabbing her own, wrapping arms with him
and leading him over to the door. Unlocking it, she smiled as she led him
through the door. Looking around, she smiled as she realized that she was the
last wrestler to leave the building.

Leaning over and kissing him, she smiled as he grinned.

"So, how was it?" She asked softly. "Would you ever consider doing something
like this again?"

Smiling, he squeezed her hand softly. "Aren't all the house shows the same
matches every night?"

"Pretty much."

Smiling, he told her, "Well, put it this way. I hope tomorrows show goes
exactly like tonight's."

Giggling, she smiled as she led him towards the parking lot. "I think we put
on quite a performance, don't you?"

Nodding, he let her take his suitcase and put it in the trunk as he felt
around for the door handle, opening it and sliding into the car. Hearing her
door open and close, he smiled.

"On the road again?"

"On the road again." Mickie confirmed. "You hungry? There's a bunch of drive
thru places around."

Nodding, he leaned back in his chair. "Just let me know which one you choose
before we get there, ok?"

"Ok." Mickie said, reaching down and putting the car in reverse, pulling out
of her parking spot and aiming the car towards the exit gate.

* * *

"That's what I love about chicken."

Looking over at Dale, Mickie grinned. "What?"

"Chicken." He said, smiling. "Nothing to fly out and land on my shirt.
Especially with popcorn chicken."

Looking him over, she nodded. "Yup, your right. Your clean."

"The shower made sure of that." He said, smiling.

"Dirty, dirty boy." She teased. "Having sex in a public place..."

"At my lover's urgings." He noted.

"Still." Mickie said, smiling. "I'm sure whoever uses that locker normally
won't be happy to find it reeking of sex and sweat when they use it again."

"Oh well." Dale said, smiling. "If they knew who did it, they might
appreciate it more."

"I should have left an autograph or something." Mickie joked. "Dear sir or
madam. Thank you for use of your locker. Please send any cleaning bills for
stains to the WWE."

Leaning back in his chair, Dale relaxed, letting his body unwind from the
long day's events. As the quiet started to creep into the car, he looked
towards Mickie. "Is this what you usually have to do?" He asked. "Drive
most of the night to get to the next city?"

Shrugging, Mickie said, "Well, sometimes." Giving him a glance, she said,
"Not every time. Like, next week, it's all flights, but the shows are so
close together this week, I just decided to drive, and pay the extra twenty
bucks to drop the rental car off in Philly. We have to pay for all this stuff
ourselves, so any corners you can cut are great." Smiling, she reached over,
taking his hand and giving it a squeeze. "Like sharing a hotel room."

Smiling, he nodded, squeezing her hand back before letting it return to the
wheel. "I'm not sure how to ask this without sounding like a perv, but, do
you, like, share hotel rooms a lot?"

Giggling, Mickie hit him playfully, asking, "You asking if I have a lot of
traffic in my room?"

Quickly shaking his head, he told her, "I didn't mean it like that..."

Still giggling, Mickie said, "I know what you meant." Seeing him sigh with
relief, she smiled. "Sometimes me and some other divas go splits, but not
very often. Never with Trish, if that's what your thinking. She always gets
these big huge suites that are hella expensive, and I can't afford to get
them, even if I was splitting."

"Why would I have thought of Trish?" Dale asked with a grin.

"A certain birthday request for a three way springs to mind." She said.

"Well, on the subject of Trish." He said. "Why does she spend all that money
on the big rooms? You said you have to pay for them yourself?"

"Uh-huh." Mickie confirmed. "As for Trish, she makes mad money, so she can
afford the luxury of having some privacy. Usually, when I go out, I go alone
to get some privacy. These long drives are good for getting your head
together and having some quiet time."

Nodding, he thought that over for a minute, before asking, "Should I shut up?
I should shut up, shouldn't I? I've been talking pretty much non stop..."

Giggling, she reached out again, squeezing his hand. "Please, don't." She
said. "It's nice having someone to talk to. Quiet reflection can wait until
I've screwed you unconscious."

Smiling, he nodded. "I'll do my best to make sure that doesn't happen. The
unconscious part, that is."

Giggling, Mickie smiled, giving Dale another look. She was really enjoying
his company, and talking with him had been an added bonus, with her not quite
sure what to expect. The night in the hotel, he hadn't said very much outside
of the love making, but since the trip had began, he'd been slowly opening up
to her, and letting her know things about himself, as if trying to make up
for the multitude of internet bios that had been posted about her. Thinking
for a minute, she thought about how to phrase what she wanted to ask, not
wanting to sound desperate, but not wanting to sound like she didn't care
either way, either. "I don't suppose you could come with me next weekend? I
have to fly from city to city, and I know tickets can get expensive this
close to the flight date."

Sighing, he shook his head. "I'm getting pretty well at the end of my monthly
spending. No flights for me. If it was another road trip, I could probably
swing it, but not flights."

Nodding, Mickie scrambled for another option. Thinking ahead to the next
trip, she smiled. "If I were to help pay for it, would you come out with me
the week after next? I just have to fly to Boston, then I'd be driving home."

"I don't want to take your money." He said softly.

"Ok." Mickie said softly, turning towards the road.

Thinking for a minute, he offered, "I could probably make it to Boston on my
own, if you'd have me. We'd have to meet up somewhere..."

"Of course!" Mickie said quickly, her mood instantly returning to happy as
she realized she was going to be spending more time with Dale.

Nodding, he leaned back in his chair, thinking. "Since I can't come with you
this week." He started, trying to figure out himself what to say. "Maybe, if
you'd want, you could...if it's alright with you, could come
visit me during the week? Maybe stay over?"

Looking at him, she giggled. "Dale, did you just invite me to a sleepover
with you?"

Blushing, Dale let his head fall, knowing what he just asked sounded a lot
stupider when phrased like that, nodded.

Smiling, Mickie told him, "I'd love to." Seeing his face light up again, she
said, "I need to get away from my place for a while anyways. Kenny's been
calling me non stop, and it's been worse since Monday."

Nodding, he told her, "I have a guest room that I'm told is really nice. I've
never seen it, but Katie tells me it's nice. You could stay there..."

"Guest room?" Mickie asked, smiling. "What? I'm not good enough to share your
bed anymore?"

Quickly shaking his head, he told her, "I didn't mean it like that..."

Laughing, Mickie told him, "I was joking. If you want me to stay in a guest
room, that's fine."

Shaking his head, he told her, "I don't want you to, it's just...I didn't
want to assume anything, if you catch my drift."

Looking over at Dale, Mickie smiled. "Dale, when it comes to me, spending
time with you, assume away." When he nodded, she asked, "So, how do you think
Katie will react to my...vocal antics?"

"Oh, you mean the glass breaking screams you make when I make you come?" He
asked with a smile.

"Yes, those vocal antics." Mickie confirmed.

Shrugging, he told her, "She'll have to get used to it. She stays in a guest
house out back anyways, so unless you're really, really trying, she shouldn't
hear you anyways."

"Trust me." Mickie said, smiling. "I'm gonna scream so loud your neighbors
are gonna think your murdering me."

"That's a reassuring thought." He said with a smile.

"I give them...ten minutes before they call the cops." Mickie teased.

"Fifteen, tops." He said with a smile. "Speaking of call, don't forget to
call Trish when we get in."

"I won't." Mickie said with a smile. "I'll call your blonde bombshell..."

"Jesus." Dale mumbled, making Mickie laugh. "She's not my blonde bombshell.
She just wanted to spend some time with us, for some reason."

"She's nice like that." Mickie said. "When I first came up, she could have
been a total someone who shall remain nameless..."


"I said nameless." Mickie said. "Trish could have been a bitch, since it was
planned from the start that I was taking her belt, but she was nice, and
helped me in anyway she could...again, unlike nameless..."


"Quit saying that."

"What's the deal with you two, anyways?" Dale asked. "I mean, I heard about
her rant on a website about how she was accusing you of stealing everything
she did..."

"Total lying whore." Mickie said bluntly. "She acts like a total queen, like
she runs the place. She came in, didn't have any wrestling training what so
ever, didn't want to get any, and started bitching about wanting a wrestling
feud with me. I shot it down because I didn't want to end up getting my neck
broken by her stupidity, and she flew off the handle. I ended up having to
break up with my boyfriend at the time because her boyfriend was best friends
with him and was giving him shit about dating me."

"Joey Mercury?"

"Yup." Sighing, she said, "Then I met Kenny, and we started dating, and the
rest is history."

"Ahh." Dale said, nodding. "I understand."

"Also, I don't think she liked that I posed nude."

His eyes going wide, he asked, "You posed nude?"

Sighing, Mickie shook her head. "Oh god..."

"No, no, it's cool." He said quickly. "I just never knew..."

"You're my biggest fan, and you expect me to believe that you never knew?"
She asked.

"I didn't know." He said firmly, clearly not pleased with being accused of

Looking over at him, she sighed softly, reaching her hand out and setting it
on his shoulder. "Dale, I'm sorry...I didn't mean it like's just, I
thought everyone knew."

"I didn't." He insisted.

"It's not something I'm terribly proud of." She said. "I mean, I needed the
money, and it's not like I'm ashamed of my body or anything..."

"The word thick seems to come to mind."

"I did it when I was just breaking in." She said. "I was a lot thinner back

Deciding the mood needed lightening, he smiled. "You mean you weren't as

Smiling, she nodded. "I wasn't as curvy."

"Curvy love goddess."

Giggling, Mickie smiled. "I'm your curvy love goddess, and no one else's."

"Who else's would you be?" He asked, smiling. "You love me."

Nodding, she gave his shoulder a squeeze before returning her hand to the

"That I do."

* * *

"Alright, thru the doorway." Mickie said, leading Dale into Trish's room as
Trish held the door open. Looking around, she smiled. "Alright, we are in.
Now we can execute our master plan and steal her room."

Laughing, Trish shook her head as she let the door close. "I don't think so."

"Can we trade?" Mickie asked with a smile. Looking around, she noted to Dale,
"This place is like four times the size of our room." Looking to her left,
she smiled. "I think the bathroom has our room beat."

Smirking, Trish moved ahead of them, motioning for Mickie to being him over
to the couch. "You could get a nicer room." Trish said. "If you wanted."

Smiling, Mickie teased, "Yea, if I was the WWE's golden girl. You make more
guaranteed in a year than I could working every night with all my bonuses."

Shrugging, Trish sat down on the couch. "I got my contract at the right time.
Business was huge, and Vince had to outbid WCW for me." Smiling, she added,
"Even if I never intended on going to WCW." Looking at Mickie, she asked,
"What brought up that comment about my room, anyways?"

"Me and Dale were talking on the ride last night." Mickie explained. "About
how we have to pay for all this stuff ourselves and some of the ways we cut
costs, like sharing hotel rooms." Sitting Dale down on the couch, she sat
down in front of him, letting him wrap his arms around her body as she
snuggled against his chest. Smiling, she added, "And Dale asked if the divas
ever shared hotel rooms..."

"I didn't mean it like that." He said quickly, before yawning.

"You gonna be ok?" Trish asked him. "You look exhausted."

"I'll be ok." He said.

Nodding, Trish grinned. "And, yes, divas share hotel room all the time." She
teased. "We're always looking for ways to save money, so we take these big
group showers at the arenas to cut back on hot water, and we all pitch in on
one hotel room and just snuggle up together on the one bed."

Smirking, Dale told her, "You know, since I can't see, I have to visualize
all these things, and I just got a really great image burned into my mind..."

Laughing, Mickie and Trish swatted him at the same time, laughing harder as
they realized they were thinking the same thing.

"Hey, cripple abuse." Dale teased. "Picking on a poor defenseless blind guy."

"A poor defenseless blind guy with a dirty mind." Trish teased back.
"Thinking about me naked."

"Who said you were naked?" He asked.

"I know men." Trish said. "And when someone mentions more than one girl in a
bed, they think naked."

Shaking his head, Dale leaned back, letting his head rest against the top of
the couch. "Accusing me of that..."

"Is it true?" Trish asked.

Smiling, Dale said, "No comment."

Shaking her head, Trish grabbed the remote off of the arm of the couch,
pointing it at the TV and hitting the order button. Watching the opening
credits of the movie start up, Trish stole one last glance at Dale, smiling
as he squeezed Mickie softly. Turning her attention back to the TV, Trish
tried to focus on the screen, pushing aside her thoughts.

* * *

"He's snoring."

"He's not snoring."

"He's snoring."

"He's breathing deeply."

"His deep breathing sounds a lot like snoring."

Smiling, Mickie nodded. "Alright, he's snoring."

Looking at Dale, Trish smiled as he slept peacefully, his arms still
clutching Mickie as the end credits of the movie rolled down the screen.

"He seems like a really nice guy." Trish said. "In the little I've talked to
him, anyways."

"He is." Mickie said with a slight nod. "That night you set us up..."

Laughing, Trish said, "I did not set you up!"

Smirking, Mickie nodded. "Ok, Cupid." When Trish laughed again, Mickie said,
"Anyways, that night, after we were done..." Trailing off, Mickie blushed,
her mind searching for the least embarrassing way to phrase what her and Dale
had done.

"Testing the bed springs for durability?" Trish offered with a knowing smile.

Nodding, Mickie blushed, continuing, "I asked him if he'd want to come out on
the road with me this weekend." Smiling, she said, "When I asked, I was in
total afterglow, so I wasn't thinking clearly, you know?" When Trish nodded,
Mickie said, "When I got home, I almost had a nervous breakdown. I kept
thinking, "I just...tested the bed springs with a fan, and now I invited him
to come with me on a road trip? What if he's a nut job or something?" But the
more I talked to him thru the week, the more I realized he was just..."

"Sweet?" Trish offered again. When Mickie nodded, Trish asked, "Well, aren't
you glad now that I set you guys up?" When Mickie nodded again, Trish sighed
softly. Looking at Dale, she told her, "Honestly, I was half tempted to see
if he'd want to hook up with me." Looking at Mickie, she saw the concern
flash through her eyes. "Don't worry. I'm not even going to attempt to get
between you two." Looking at Mickie, she smiled. "I hope by now you know me
well enough to know that I'd never do something like that."

"I know." Mickie said, looking away. "I'm sorry...I shouldn't have given you
the eye..."

Trish waved her hand, smiling. "I wouldn't do something like that...even if
he is super cute."

Giggling along with Trish, Mickie smiled as Dale's snoring hit a higher note.

Looking back at Dale, Trish sighed again. "It's's been a long time
since I...tested the bed springs for durability." When Mickie nodded, Trish
grinned. "But, I'm glad I did what I did. You look happy with him."

"I am." Mickie said. Looking back at Dale, she asked, "Does he look happy
with me?"

Smiling, Trish nodded. "He only has eyes for you...even if they are closed."
Looking at Mickie, she grinned. "What the hell did you do to him last night?"

Quickly shaking her head, Mickie smiled. "Nothing! We did nothing last


Smirking, Mickie said, "But yesterday afternoon, well, that's a different

Her eyes lighting up, Trish grinned. "Tell me!"


"Come on, Mickie, I need this." Trish teased. "It's been years! I need to
live through someone else's life!"

"Find someone else." Mickie laughed.

"You promised me details." Trish scolded her playfully.

Going to poke Mickie, Trish pushed her finger forward roughly. Moving
quickly, Mickie moved out of the way, moving Dale in the path of Trish's
poking finger.

Feeling something jab into his ribs, Dale groaned softly, slowly stirring
from his slumber. Blinking his eyes a few times to help clear the cobwebs,
he hugged the curvy package in his arms.

"Did I fall asleep?" He asked.

"Yep." Mickie said, leaning back and kissing him.

"I'm sorry." He said. "I'm not used to saying up half the night driving."

"You could sleep during the drive." She offered.

Shaking his head, he leaned down, kissing her shoulder. "Then who would
keep my curvy love goddess company?" Feeling Mickie tense up, Dale remember
something. "I'm still in Trish's suite, aren't I?"

"Yes." Mickie said.

"Trish is still sitting right next to me, isn't she?"

"Hi Dale." Trish said with a grin.

Shaking his head, Dale said, "I'm sorry, Trish..."

"It's ok." Trish said with a smile. "I've heard worse nicknames. I've had
worse nicknames."

"Who gave you a worse nickname know what?" Dale asked.

"My Ex." Trish said. "Near the end, we both knew it was over, and he just
kept calling me names out of spite."

Shaking his head, Dale told her, "Well, if he was that childish, then it's
probably for the best that it ended, because he clearly didn't deserve
someone as beautiful as you."

"Thank you." Trish said softly, turning away as she saw Mickie smiling at her
reddening cheeks. Deciding to change the topic, Trish asked, "So, since Mr.
Lazy here is awake, you guys wanna go grab something to eat before the show?"

"Mr. Lazy..." Dale said, shaking his head. "I call you beautiful and you call
me Mr. Lazy. Thanks. Remind me about that next time I go to say anything nice
about you."

"I'm sorry." Trish said with a grin. "Your not lazy."

"Thank you." He said.

"Alright, so Mr. Lazy is a awake, so lets go." Trish said, smiling as Mickie
laughed and Dale shook his head. "There's a restaurant in the lobby."

"Mr. Lazy..." Dale grumbled, letting his arms fall from around Mickie and
letting her stand up.

Each of them grabbing a hand, Trish and Mickie lifted Dale off the couch,
smiling as he grabbed them both, giving them a hug. Smiling for a second, he
leaned towards Trish, before stopping, then leaning back towards Mickie,
before just letting them both go with a grin.

"I forget who is where, so I don't wanna go looking for a kiss and get
slapped." He said with a smile.

Looking at Mickie, Trish smiled, motioning towards Dale's face. When Mickie
nodded, they both leaned in, giving him a kiss on either cheek, making him

"Mickie...wherever you are, I want you to note, that this is not cheating.
I can't tell who's kissing me, so it's totally not cheating." He said,
grinning. "If I knew, cheating."

Breaking apart with a laugh, Trish grinned at the couple. "Don't worry Dale,
I won't seduce you like Lita."

"She was totally trying to seduce me, wasn't she?" He joked.

"Totally." Trish and Mickie said at the same time, making them all laugh.

"Alright, so, food?" Dale asked hopefully.

"Hungry, are we?" Mickie asked, wrapping her arm around his and motioning for
Trish to lead the way.

"Aren't I always?"

"Yea, I guess." Mickie said. Smiling, she added, "For I guy I had to force to
eat when we first met, you do seem like the bottomless pit type."

"I was nervous!" Dale said. "And I had just eaten."

Moving through the door as Trish held it open, Mickie moved Dale into the
hallway and down towards the elevator, slowing down slightly to allow Trish
to catch up. When the blonde diva was walking stride for stride with them,
Mickie asked her, "So, is this place like a little café, or something?"

Shaking her head, Trish said, "It's a bit more fancy than that."

"Fancy?" Dale asked, looking nervous. "How fancy?" Looking at Mickie, he said
softly, "I'm not good at fancy."

"It's not like a black tie place." Trish assured him. "Just, don't expect to
get like a cheese burger."

"Oh." Dale said, before smiling. "That was what I was gonna order, actually."

Sliding into the elevator, Mickie pulled Dale along, waiting for Trish before
pushing the G button. "Well, I'll read you the menu, and we can go from
there." She said.

"I hope they have something that isn't to messy." He said softly.

"It's alright, Dale." Trish said. "We'll look after you."

"That's all well and good." He said softly. "If we're alone. But if I end up
painting the front of my shirt in public..." Looking down, he told them, "I
just don't want to make you guys look stupid..."

"How would you do that?" Mickie asked, hearing the ping and waiting until the
doors opened before leading Dale out.

"Me, I'm the blind guy." He said. "People expect that kinda stuff from me.
You guys, on the other hand, are the people who have to sit with the moron
dropping food on himself." Looking towards where he had heard Trish's voice
last, he asked, "Are you sure you don't wanna go to like White Castle or

"You need good food." Trish said firmly. "And, if anyone stares, expect me to
start swearing."

Nodding, Dale let Mickie lead him along towards the restaurant, moving in
past the "Please seat yourself" sign and taking a seat at the back of the
place. Catching the attention of a waitress, Trish smiled as she waved her
hand, alerting her to there presence. Grabbing three menus, the waitress
moved over to the table, handing one each to Mickie and Trish while holding
one out for Dale. Looking up at her, Mickie smiled politely.

"He doesn't need one." She said softly.

Nodding, the woman pulled it back. "Alright, do you guys need a few minutes
to decide?"

"Yes, please." Trish said.

"Can I get you something to drink?"

"Milk?" Dale asked.

Looking around the table, Mickie nodded at Trish, who nodded back before
looking up at the waitress. "Three milks."

Nodding, the woman moved away from the table, heading for the doors at the
back of the restaurant.

Opening the menu, Mickie snuggled close to Dale. "Alright, Dale, what are you
in the mood for today?"

Thinking for a minute, he asked, "Do they have steak?"

Doing a quick scan of the menu, Mickie told him, "They do. Want one?"

"Yes please." He said. "Something without a bone, if you can get it."

"So, no t-bone or rib eye?"


Smiling, she gave him a kiss on the cheek. "And how do you like your meat?"

Smirking at the couple, Trish asked, "Would you two like some alone time?"

Blushing, Dale shook his head. "No, Trish. Sorry..."

"Quit being sorry." Trish said with a grin. "Like I said yesterday, it's
refreshing to see that." Sighing softly, she said, "I wish I had that..."

"You will, Trish." Dale assured her. Smiling, he said, "I'm sure you're not
single because of a lack of options."

"Well, no..."

"Well, then." He said, smiling. "Find someone you like, and ask them out."

"You make it sound so simple." Trish said.

"It is."

"Not always." She said. Thinking over her words carefully, she said, "I was
interested in someone, but I know there not interested in me. There taken,
and I don't get between people like that."

Nodding, he told her, "Well, I'm sure you'll find someone."

Looking at Trish, Mickie mouthed, "You don't mean Dale, do you?"

Shaking her head, Trish mouthed, "I wasn't talking about Dale. He's yours."

Nodding, Mickie turned back to Dale. "So, meat."

"Medium well."

"Medium well, got it." Mickie said. Moving away slightly, she scanned the
menu, looking for something to get. Shrugging her shoulders, she said, "That
sounds good to me, too."

"That makes three." Trish said. Looking at Dale, she asked, "Dale, would you
be able to give the order to the waitress? I gotta go to the little girls
room, and I need Mickie for backup."

"What is it with girls and traveling in packs to the bathroom?" Dale asked,
smiling. Nodding, he said, "Yea, just give me the order."

"Three boneless rib eye steaks, with a salad for me." Trish said.

"Same here." Mickie said, standing up with Trish, looking confused as to why
she was being taken to the bathroom.

"That makes three." Dale said, smiling. "Hurry back. Someone might steal me."

"We will." Trish assured him, before motioning for Mickie to follow her.

Moving towards the bathroom, Trish led Mickie in, closing the door behind
her. Turning and facing Trish, Mickie grinned.

"Did you really need back up?" She asked.

Shaking her head, Trish told her, "Mickie, I swear, I didn't mean Dale."
Looking at her, she said, "I told you how I felt about him earlier, and
that's that. He's handsome, he's nice, and he seems to have a way with
the words, even if he is a little shy, but he's also your boyfriend, and
that means he's off limits."

"I know." Mickie said, looking away.

"Then why did you ask if I meant him?" Trish asked.

Shrugging her shoulders, Mickie said, "I don't know...I just thought, since
you said you liked him before, you meant him."

"I didn't." Trish assured her. "It was someone else. And I don't want to say
who, because, like I said, I don't want to start anything, and you know how
rumors fly backstage." When Mickie nodded, Trish smiled. "So, no more
thinking I'm gonna swoop in and take your man, ok?" When Mickie nodded again,
Trish asked, "Trust me?"

"Of course." Mickie said.

Smiling, Trish opened the door again. "Good. Because if you didn't, I'd kick
your ass and steal Dale."

"Ha, ha." Mickie said, smiling as she moved out the door and towards the
table again. "Hello." Mickie said, announcing their return as she slid into
the seat next to Dale.

"That was quick." Dale said.

"It's not like we were plotting to take over the world." Trish said with a

"Yea, but it's been in my very limited experience that whenever women go to
the bathroom, it can take hours." Dale said. "Sometimes even days."

"Har de har har." Trish said, smiling as Mickie gave him a peck on the cheek.

"So, are the orders in?" Mickie asked.

Nodding, Dale told her, "She got here just as you guys left. I think she left
our milks."

"That she did." Mickie said, taking his left hand and extending it to his
milk. "That's yours."

Nodding, Dale took his milk and moved it over to the side. "Mine, on the
right." He said. "Other peoples, not on the right."

Looking at her milk, and its close proximity to Dale's, Trish quietly grabbed
it and shifted it to the other side of the table. Looking up at him, she
asked, "So, Dale, how are you enjoying the life of a WWE superstar so far?"

"It's nice." He said. "This is the kind of travel I can do. Since you guys
don't really have time to see the sights, and I just can't see them, it's a
good match." Smiling, he added, "Just don't expect me to step into a ring
anytime soon."

"Awww, come on." Trish teased. "I'm sure Mickie would love to do a match with

"I'm sure Kenny would like to do a shoot fight with me." He said.

"Yea, well, Kenny's an ass." Trish said flatly, making Mickie smile. "So, are
you coming out next week?"

Shaking his head, he told her, "To many flights, to little time to get the
tickets. I'm probably going to be coming out next week."

"Probably?" Mickie asked. "I thought you already agreed..."

"I did." He said. "And I will, assuming I'm not like sick out of my mind or
anything. The last thing I'd want to do is get you guys sick."

"Yea, trying to hold back puke isn't fun when you're trying to look sexy and
wrestle at the same time." Mickie said.

"Look sexy?" Dale asked, feigning shock. "The WWE wouldn't hire women because
they look good, would they?"

"Of course not." Mickie said, smiling. "We're all fugly."

"Well, I wouldn't say that." He said, smiling. "None of you are hard on the

"Do you know what we all look like?" Trish asked.

Nodding, he said, "Yea. Some of the girls better than others, obviously.
Like Mickie, you, Lita, Victoria, Stacy and Torrie I know pretty well, since
you've been around for a few years..."

"I've been around for six." Trish said, smiling. "That's more than a few."

"Well, you've been around longer than seven months, which is how long I've
been blind." He said. "So, yes, I know what you look like."

"And Mickie's your favorite?" Trish teased, smiling as Mickie smiled.


"And who's your second favorite?" Trish asked.

"The rest." He said with a grin.

"Diplomatic." Mickie said.

"A complete cop out." Trish teased, laughing along with Mickie and Dale.

"I don't really have a second favorite." He said. "I like any of the divas
who can wrestle, or at least want to wrestle. I wish the WWE would give you
guys more TV time, or at the very least a web show or something for the
Divas, but I never expect it to happen. Vince seems content on letting the
Divas division be crippled by firings and hiring girls who don't want to

"Yea, that does suck." Trish said. "I was pissed when he fired all those
divas a while back, but nothing I can do about it. The division has gotten
so bad that I was champ for months, and I wasn't even on TV."

"And, in the mean while, girls like Torrie were stuck on Smackdown, and
Victoria was stuck on Heat, if she was lucky." Dale said.

"I was stuck in OVW." Mickie said. Grumbling slightly, she said, "While she
who shall remain nameless got sent up to the main roster."

"Yea, that sucked." Trish said. "I tried to get Vince to bring you up for
months, but he said he didn't have anything for you. Finally I convinced
him of the stalker fan angle, and he went for it, but even that got cut way

Hearing the clanking of plates, Trish and Mickie turned to watch the waitress
come towards the table with an armload of plates carrying their food. Since
each was the same, she didn't have to ask which was which, and set one in
front of each of them, letting them know to flag her down if they needed

Turning to her salad, Trish scooped the salad dressing out of the little
paper cup onto the green, mixing it up before taking a bite.

"The angle was supposed to go further?" Mickie asked. When Trish nodded, she
asked, "How? I thought that was what you came up with."

Shaking her head, Trish said, "It didn't make a whole lot of sense to me. I
always thought, if Mickie, the character, was such a big fan, that she'd keep
trying to get back in my good graces. It just didn't make sense that she'd
snap like that. But, again, I don't sit in on the booking meetings, so I
didn't get a say."

"Oh." Mickie said, nodding. "Yea, that would have made more sense. Especially
with you hurt..."

"How are you doing, anyways, Trish?" Dale asked. "I completely forgot about

Smiling, Trish reached out with her right hand, setting it on his shoulder.
"It feels pretty good. Still stiff, but it's getting there. Yoga works

"I take it that's the bad arm on my shoulder." Dale said, smiling. "Either
that or your coming on to me."

"Yes, that's the bad hand." Trish said with a smile. "I'll leave the seducing
to Lita."

"Totally wants me." Dale said with a smile, before reaching down, finding his
fork and knife.

Watching silently, Trish and Mickie stared at him as he felt around for the
plate, finding the edge before setting his fork on it. Moving it around
slowly, he found his steak, tracing the outline of it before spearing it near
the edge. Moving his knife against the fork, he quickly cut a piece off,
setting his knife on the steak right next to the cut line before eating the
piece of steak. Smiling, Mickie and Trish looked at each other, before
looking back at Dale.

"Have a system, do we?" Trish asked.

Nodding, Dale smiled. "I figure, if I keep the knife on the steak, if makes
it so I don't have to find it again." He said. "Also, it lets me know there's
still some left."

"And how are you gonna eat the salad?"

"Probably in a very messy fashion." He said, grinning. "So, after this, are
we off to the arena?"

"Yep." Mickie said. "Another long, boring day in a dank arena."

Smiling, he told her, "I'm sure it's not that bad."

"It gets to be." Trish said, cutting off some steak. "After a while, you go
crazy. And they keep taking things away from us to do. Like we have to dress
up when we come to the building, and we can't play video games."

"That's retarded." He said. "Vince does realize that you guys are grown ups,

"Apparently not." Trish said.

Smiling, he nodded, looking at Mickie. "I'm sure we can figure out something
to do."

"Jeez, I'm still here." Trish said with a giggle. "Unless you're going to
include me, please, don't talk about that stuff."

"What stuff?" Mickie asked with a grin.

"You know what stuff." Trish said.

"You have a dirty mind." Dale teased. "I didn't mean that. I just meant,
there has to be something else to do than sit around and do nothing."

"Well, talking with people gets old." Trish said. "It's always the same. Hi,
what did you do? Oh, sit around, do your laundry, and paid your bills? Oh,
ok. Bye."

"Sounds interesting."

"Yea, not so much." Mickie said. "Trish is right, it's pretty boring. House
shows are ok, because you don't have to be there until like an hour before
the show, so you have some down time. But Raw? You gotta get there like six
hours before the show, unless you're lucky like I was this week and had an
autograph signing." Leaning over, she gave Dale a peck on the cheek. "And
met you."

"I still think your just trying to butter me up to get that promo out of me."
He said with a grin.

"Oh, of course." Mickie teased.

"If you want it, you can have it." Dale said. "It does me no good anymore."

Leaning over, Mickie gave him a kiss. "You'll see again." She said softly.

"Any news on that front?" Trish asked.

Nodding, Dale said, "They can't do anything for me without risking my life.
Not a trade I'm willing to make."

"Even if it means you seeing again?"

Nodding, he said, "Even if it means seeing again. I'd rather live blind than
risk dying to see. If my doctor tells me they have something that isn't so
risky, I'll think about it, but that's about it." Hearing a clank on his
plate, Dale searched around with his fork. "Did I miss anything?" he asked.

Looking down at his plate, Mickie told him, "None of the steak. Want me to
put the salad dressing on for you?"


Reaching over, Mickie grabbed his salad dressing, scooping it onto his salad
and mixing it up. Taking his fork hand, she moved it and speared some salad
for him. "There we go, one tasty salad."

"I'm gonna end up wearing this." Dale stated.

"Then you can change." Mickie said. "Remember, we brought extra shirts."

Nodding, Dale leaned forward, scooping some salad into his mouth, crunching
down on it happily.

Watching him eat, Trish smiled, looking down and cutting up her steak.
"Remind me when we leave to stop at a store and get something to drink." She

Nodding, Mickie and Dale continued eating, with Mickie and Trish keeping an
eye on Dale as he munched away on his salad.

* * *

"Are you sure I didn't get anything on me?" Dale asked, tugging his suitcase
along. "It feels like I got something on me."

"Dale, for the last time, it's a decal." Mickie said. Seeing him go to say
something, she cut him off. "A decal."

Nodding, Dale let Mickie lead him through the building and into the changing
room. Hearing the greetings from the assembled divas, Dale gave them a wave.
Letting Mickie take his suitcase, Dale heard her move away, hearing her
suitcase unzip then zip, and clothes coming off and being put back on before
her returning, sliding her arm around his.

"We're gonna go hang out until my match." Mickie said, smiling.

"I told you that you were gonna do that." Trish said with a smile.

"No, you said we were gonna screw." Dale said. "And we're not." Looking
towards Mickie, he asked, "We're not, are we?"

"No, we're not." Mickie said with a blush.

Leading him out of the locker room, Mickie grinned at the girl's comments as
she let the door close behind them. Looking around, she smiled as she spotted
a recliner chair and drug Dale over to it. Plunking him down, she smiled as
he grinned, letting her straddle his legs as she leaned down.

"Finally, alone." Mickie said, leaning down and kissing him softly. Smiling,
Dale ran his hands around her body, moving up towards her breasts. Grinning,
she stopped him. "Not that alone."



Leaning down and kissing him again, Mickie wrapped her arms loosely around
his shoulders, holding him closely. Sighing softly, she squirmed as his hands
roamed around her tummy, rubbing his curvy love goddess just the way she
liked it.



"Are we it again?" He asked softly.

"Eventually." Mickie said with a smile.

Shaking his head, he asked, "No, I last the changing

"No." Mickie said. "Not tonight."

"Finally found someone stupid enough to act out that fantasy with you?"

Snapping her head around, Mickie glared at Kenny, who was standing a few feet
behind her, smiling at the couple.

"Kenny, go away." Mickie said tersely.

"Oh, why?" He asked, smiling as he moved towards them. "Isn't your blind man
gonna spout off about you two fucking some more? I'd love to hear about how
you finally got someone dumb enough to risk getting kicked out of the
building to fuck your chunky ass in a locker room."


"What the fuck is your problem?" Dale asked.

"Stay out of this..."

"Fuck you." Dale said. "This involves me, so I'll say something if I damn
well please."

"Alright, let me rephrase." Kenny said. "Stay out of this or your going to
loose another sense."

"You can try." Dale said, moving Mickie out of his lap and standing up,
against Mickie's wishes and urgings.

"Come on, Mickie, let the freak fight his own battles." He said. "He wants
to stick his nose in our business..."

"My business." Dale said. "Incase you didn't notice, I'm here with Mickie,
and your not."

"Yea, I noticed she drug you along." He said. "How's that working out? Does
she spoon feed you your meals?"

"I'm not getting into a pissing match with you." Dale said. "I can do
anything you can do, and, from what Mickie tells me, do it much, much

"Yea?" Kenny asked, smiling. Holding his hand in front of Dale's face, he
asked, "How many fingers?"

"If it's more than one, your already lost." Dale said.

"Fucking gimp." Kenny said, failing to come up with something witty and
resorting to name-calling.

"Kenny, you need to grow up and start acting your age." Dale spat. "How old
are you again, like, fifteen?"

"Yea, fifteen." Kenny shot back. "Mickie likes her guys young."

"Mickie likes her guys with some class." Dale said. "Which would explain why
she's with me and you're with your hand."

"I got a girl!" Kenny said quickly.

"Yet you still pester Mickie to get back together." Dale said. Shaking his
head, he said, "You need to drop it. Mickie's moved on. Moved up."

"I could have her back in a heartbeat." Kenny said with a smirk.

"Oh could you?" Dale asked. Looking over at Mickie, Dale said, "Mickie, if
you wanna go be with Kenny, please, do it. Because I'm tired of standing here
arguing with him when I could be passing the time with you." Reaching behind
him, he grabbed the arms of the chair, sitting back down. "If not, please,
come sit down."

Looking at Kenny, Mickie shook her head. "Kenny...get lost."

Turning her back to him, she moved and sat in Dale's lap, smiling softly as
Dale's arms wrapped around her body. Leaning down and kissing him softly, she
ignored Kenny as he stood behind them, fuming mad.

Trying to think up a witty retort, Kenny threw up his hands, spinning around
and storming down the hallway. Looking for someone with some authority, he
smiled as he found Johnny Ace walking down the hall, clipboard in hand.
Walking up to him, he grinned.

"Johnny, can I have a minute?" Kenny asked. When Johnny stopped and looked at
him, Kenny pointed towards where he could still see Mickie and Dale making
out on the chair. "I don't think that guy is supposed to be backstage."

"Which guy?" Johnny asked, not seeing Dale.

Looking down the hall, Kenny gritted his teeth. "The guy under Mickie."

Looking again, Johnny had to move to where Kenny was standing before he
saw Dale. "Oh, that's Mickie's friend, isn't it? The blind guy?" When Kenny
nodded, Johnny said, "Doesn't he have a pass?"


Looking at his clipboard, Johnny shrugged. "It doesn't look like it." Looking
up at Kenny, he said, "Stay right here, I'll go ask Vince. Sometimes he OKs
people without letting me know."

As Kenny smiled, Johnny disappeared quickly down the hall, ducking into an
office. After a minute, he came out, with Vince in tow. As Vince walked up to
him, his smile widened.

"Where's this guy?" Vince asked. "I don't have all day."

Pointing towards the recliner, Kenny said, "He's sitting under Mickie."

Nodding, Vince started towards the recliner, his power walk in full effect as
Kenny trailed along behind him, grinning from ear to ear. Walking up to the
chair, Vince cleared his throat, getting the couples attention.

"Mickie?" Vince asked.

Looking up at Vince, Mickie was about to smile, before she realized Kenny was
standing behind him, smiling, and knew something wasn't right.

"Vince?" Dale asked, his smile getting wide. "Vince McMahon?"

"That's me." Vince said gruffly.

"Ohmygod, Mickie, I didn't get his autograph!" Dale said excitedly, before
thinking out loud, "Did I bring my program? Didn't you ask me to pack it? Or
was that Katie asking if you asked if I wanted her to pack it for you? I
think I left it at home..."

"Dale..." Mickie said, looking up at Vince. "I don't think he's here to sign

"Mickie, is this person with you?" Vince asked.

Going to say something, Dale kept quiet, realizing that jokes probably
weren't going to be appreciated right now.

"He's my boyfriend." Mickie said, almost smiling as Kenny snarled.

"Did you clear him with Johnny before bringing him back stage?" Vince asked.
When Mickie shook her head no, Vince started to get mad. "Mickie, you know we
have a strict policy about letting unauthorized people back stage." Looking
at her, he said, "When we brought you up to the main roster, it was
understood you knew these rules..."

"Vince, I swear ..."

"We put the belt on you hoping that you'd act responsibly." Vince said. "Now,
if this is any indication of how you conduct your personal affairs..."

"He's with me."

All eyes turned to the new voice, with Mickie smiling, Vince and Johnny
getting confused, Kenny getting mad, and Dale asking Mickie, "Who's that? Is
it Trish?"

"Trish?" Vince asked.

"He's with me." She repeated, walking towards the crowd. "I put in for
permission for him to come around yesterday, but I never heard back." Looking
at Vince, she said, "I arranged for him to come see Mickie as a surprise, so
I couldn't just leave him high and dry. It's never been a problem before. I
thought you trusted me enough to let me bring people back stage."

Looking at Trish, he nodded. "I do. But, still, you should have waited for
confirmation. You know I don't like unauthorized people just coming and

"I know." Trish said. "But, like I said, he was coming out to do the loop
with us this weekend, so I needed an answer. Since I have you here now, can
I get him on the list? He's a friend of mine, so I can vouch for him."
Looking at Vince, she said, "If he has to go, I gotta leave for a while to
take him back to the hotel and arrange for someone to pick him up. He can't
look after himself, and I'm not going to leave him high and dry..."

"No, no, that won't be necessary." Vince said. "If you say he's ok, then he
can stay. Just please, next time, ask me."

Nodding, Trish looked at Kenny, and asked, "Did he tell you about Dale being

Looking at Kenny, Vince said, "Yes, he did."

"Did he also tell you about trying to pick a fight with Dale on Monday
because he was jealous of him spending time with Mickie?" Trish asked,
smirking at Kenny. "Or, that he grabbed me when I tried to get Dale's
program back after he threw it away?"

Seeing Kenny's face go white, Vince shook his head. "No, as a matter of fact,
he left that out." Looking over at Trish, Vince asked, "And, since you seem
to know about it, why didn't you?"

Shrugging, Trish told him, "I know you have big plans for the Spirit Squad,
so I figured, so long as he left Mickie and Dale alone, and let them live
there lives, I'd let it slide. But since he wants to be a rat, I don't see
any other choice but to play that game too."

Looking back at Kenny, Vince said, "My office. Right now." Looking back at
Trish, he said, "Next time, tell me."

Nodding, Trish smiled at Kenny as he followed Vince towards his office.
Turning back to Mickie and Dale, she asked, "Are you guys ok?"

"Yes." Dale said. "Trish, thank you so, so much."

"Thank you Trish." Mickie said.

Nodding, Trish smiled. "You guys owe me."

Dale nodded, telling her, "Anything I can do to make it up, don't hesitate to

Smirking at them, Trish said, "Well, you can start by telling me why you
called Mickie your curvy love goddess."

Blushing, Dale turned his head away, embarrassed. Smiling, Mickie held him
tightly. "Because I am." Mickie said softly, kissing him on top of his head.

Grinning, Trish asked, "Did you guys know? Test the bed
springs?" When Mickie nodded, Trish's grin grew as she reached out, hitting
her playfully on the shoulder. "Didn't I tell you I wanted details?"

Hugging Dale close, Mickie said, "I'm not sure Dale would want me to tell..."

Her smile covering her face, Trish reached out, taking Mickie by the arm. "Oh
no!" She said with a laugh. "Dale said it was ok for you to tell, but that he
wouldn't." Before they could protest, Trish motioned for Mickie to get out of
Dale's lap. "Come on, come on, it's spill time." When Mickie looked at her,
Trish nodded. "That's what I want. You guys do owe me, after all."

"Can't we let that slide?" Mickie asked with a shy smile.

Shaking her head, Trish said, "It's either this, or you two get to be my
slaves for a week."

"What kind of slaves?" Dale asked with a mischievous smile.

"Not that kind." Trish said, smiling as he cursed playfully. "Come on,
Mickie. It's off to the locker room with you."

Getting out of Dale's lap, Mickie whined. "Why the locker room?"

"Because that's where the rest of the girls are." Trish stated. "And,
besides, you might hold out on the juice parts if Dale's around."

"Alright, alright, I'll go." Mickie said, sighing playfully. Looking at Dale,
she asked, "You gonna be ok for a minute?"

"A minute?" Dale asked, smiling. "I was hoping it would take longer than that
to explain..."

Hitting his shoulder, Mickie giggled. "Alright, will you be ok for a while so
I can go explain to them how you screwed me retarded?"

Smiling, he said, "Well, when you put it like that..." Before getting
nervous, and asking, "Is Kenny still around?"

Looking at each other, Trish and Mickie said, "Good point." Looking around,
they tried to find where Kenny had gone, or if he was still in Vince's
office. Not seeing him, Mickie looked at Trish. "Gimme a second." She said
before taking off around the corner.

"You guys still here?" Dale asked nervously.

"I am." Trish said.

Watching as he nodded, Trish looked at Dale, smiling softly as he relaxed in
the knowledge that he wasn't alone just yet. Looking at his face, she sighed
softly, her eyes drawn to his lips, which she had just watched match so
perfectly with Mickie's lips. Watching as he breathed, Trish thought about
what she had told Mickie in the restaurant bathroom, and stared at Dale.
Licking her lips softly, she looked around, wondering if anyone was watching


Trish and Dale both turned their heads towards the voice, with Trish grinning
as Mickie returned with someone.

"Dale, Rob said he'd keep you company while Trish and I went and talked."
Mickie said. "Is that ok?"

"Rob?" Dale asked, wondering who "Rob" was.

"Dude." RVD said, watching as Dale smiled.

"Yea, that's ok." Dale said.

Nodding, Trish grabbed Mickie's hand, the two girls giggling as Trish led
her away and towards the locker room. Looking around, Rob grabbed a chair,
pulling it up and sitting next to Dale.

"What's up dude?" He asked.

Smiling, Dale asked, "So, Mickie asked you to sit with me, did she?"


"Sorry about that."

"No problem dude." Rob said, leaning back in his chair. "I don't have
anything better to do."

Nodding, Dale said, "I guess they're worried about Kenny coming back and
kicking my ass."

"Kenny?" Rob asked. "Mickie's ex? The male cheerleader?"

Smiling, Dale nodded. "Yea, him. He's pissed that I'm spending time with
Mickie, and Trish just got him in deep shit with Vince."

"Well, if he comes around, you let Mr. Monday Night handle that." Rob said,
smiling as Dale nodded. "You ever need back up, just lemme know, and I'll
totally be there. A friend of Trish or Mickie's is a friend of RVD."

"Will do." Dale said.

Nodding, Rob smiled. "Your one lucky guy having a cool pair of chicks like
Mickie and Trish looking after you."

Looking slightly concerned, Dale asked, "Do you like Mickie or Trish or

Rob looked at him, knowing what he was asking and smiled. "Don't worry dude,
I'm a happily married man." When Dale nodded, Rob laughed. "But that doesn't
mean that I don't notice how hot the girls around here are. I'm married, not
blind..." Looking at Dale, he realized what he had said. "Oh, sorry dude."

"It's ok." Dale said, smiling. "I know how hot they are too." Think for a
minute, he grinned, adding, "Well, as much as I wish Mickie and Trish didn't
have to look after me, I agree, having beautiful women like them doing it
helps ease the pain."

Looking down at Dale, Rob nodded. "I imagine. Are you with both of them?"

Smiling, Dale shook his head. "I'm dating Mickie. We're just hanging out with
Trish today."

Nodding, Rob asked, "So, your still blind?"

Nodding, Dale grinned. "Yep. Still blind."



* * *

Pushing Mickie through the door, Trish smiled as the Divas all looked up at
the people entering the locker room.

"Alright, alright, stand right here." Trish said, moving Mickie to the middle
of the floor before taking her seat.

"What's this all about?" Torrie asked, eyeing Mickie and Trish.

Smiling, Trish motioned to Mickie. "Mickie here's going to explain some
things. Such as, for starters, where the heck Dale came up with the nickname
"Curvy Love Goddess". Mickie, the floor is yours."

"Thank you so much." Mickie said, smiling as she shook her head. "Umm,
alright, curvy love goddess..."

"Quit stalling!" Candice teased, making them all laugh.

"You wanna hear this or not?" Mickie joked. "Cuz I'd just as soon leave..."

"Oh no, your staying." Trish said. "I helped you, now you pay your debt."

"I will, I will, just shut up." Mickie teased. When Trish nodded, Mickie
cleared her throat, working up her nerve. "Alright, so...curvy love
goddess...the thing is...on Monday, when Dale and I were..."

"Testing the bed springs." Trish chimed in.

"Yea, that..."

"You guys did it?" Torrie asked, smiling.

"Yes, we did it." Mickie said, exasperated. "Several times. All over the
hotel room. Bath, bed, and beyond." Before anyone could say anything, Mickie
said, "Anyways, I was worried that Dale would think I was to chunky, you
know, when he was...touching me, and I let it slip that I thought I was
thick, but he told me that he loved the way I looked...or felt, we never
really covered that part, so he insisted that I stop calling myself thick or
chunky, and that I was curvy. And, well, the love goddess thing just sort of
got tagged on at some point during the night." Smiling, she added, "Dale can
be very...persuasive when he wants to be."

"I'm sure he can." Victoria said, making a V with her fingers over her mouth
and flicking her tongue out.

Laughing, Mickie shook her head. "No, it was more like this." She said,
putting her fingers in a V over her mouth, but sliding her other hand under
her chin, sliding the fingers in and out along with her tongue.

"Show off." Victoria spat playfully.

"Anyways." Trish said, smiling. "You said something about tiring him out
yesterday." Seeing Mickie blush, Trish said, "Please, explain."


"Tested the..."

"No, not this time." Mickie said. "Umm...after everyone left..." She said,
before changing the story in her mind. "He begged me to have sex with him in
the locker room. I tried to shoot him down, but he begged and pleaded with
me, and told me he'd do anything I wanted if I did it for him. He told me
it's always been a fantasy of his, and that he'd never done it in a locker
room, so I buckled and...well...we did it."

"In the locker room?" Torrie asked. When Mickie nodded, Torrie asked, "The
same locker room we were all in yesterday?"

"The same."

Feeling all the girls eyes on her, Mickie said, "What? Like you've never done
it before!" Seeing some of them smile, she nodded. "Thought so." Looking at
Trish, she asked, "So, anymore questions?"

"How was he?" Torrie asked.

Smiling, Mickie looked at the floor. "Fantastic. Awesome. Wonderful."
Giggling, she said, "He did whatever I asked, and touched me however I wanted
to be touched. Anything I asked, he did."

"Did you guys do know, a lot?" Victoria asked.

Shrugging, Mickie asked, "I dunno. How many times is a lot?"

"More than twice."

Nodding, Mickie thought for a minute. "Umm, eight a lot?" Seeing
Victoria's eyes go wide, she quickly said, "He was there all night...and most
of the morning!"


"We ran out of condoms." Mickie said softly, looking away.

Realizing a change in topic was needed, Lita grinned. "How big is it?"

Looking at Lita, Mickie grinned. "How did I know you'd ask that?" When she
smiled, Mickie said, "I, eight inches maybe? We haven't
actually taken a ruler and measured it."

"Well, that's your homework." Trish said, smiling as she stood up. "You got
a match to get to, so class dismissed."

As Mickie laughed and started towards the door, Trish moved with her,
stopping her when she was just about to open the door. Pulling her aside, she
looked at her, quietly asking, "Mickie, do you really think you're...chunky?"
When Mickie shrugged and didn't answer, Trish reached up, brushing some of
Mickie's long brown locks from around her face. "Mickie, please, don't think
that. Dale is so right, you are a very beautiful person."

Looking at Trish, Mickie asked her softly, "Where did that come from?"

Scrambling for an answer, Trish stammered, "Well, it's just, you know, I used
to do fitness modeling, and that was so harsh on girls." When Mickie nodded,
Trish almost sighed, relieved. "I'd hear girls all the time get told they
were to fat, and next time I'd see them, they'd be all skin and bones. And I
just don't want that happening to you."

Nodding, Mickie smiled. "Don't worry. I'd never do that."

Nodding, Trish reached out, opening the door. "That makes me very happy to
hear." She said, holding the door open for Mickie before following her out.
"I've seen to many girls go down that road."

"I won't." Mickie said, smiling. "I'm a curvy love goddess."

As Mickie moved away from her towards Dale, Trish looked her up and down from
behind, smiling as she bit her bottom lip softly. Walking along with her, she
walked up beside Dale's chair, smiling as Mickie slid into his lap.

"Was he good, Rob?" Trish asked with a smile.

Smiling, Rob pointed at Dale. "This dude kicks some serious ass." Looking at
Mickie, he asked, "Did you know he read comics?"

"Used to." Dale said. "They don't make them in least not that I've
ever found."

Grinning, Rob reached over, giving him a pat on the shoulder. "If you ever
want any comics, lemme know. I got a shop out west, so I'll hook you up."

"Will do." Dale said. "I used to read Daredevil a lot..."

"I'll see what I can do." Rob said with a smile. "That's kinda weird. You
read a comic about a blind guy."

"Mickie says I have sonar." Dale said with a grin.

Looking over a Mickie, Trish and Rob smiled as she blushed. "Long story."
Mickie told them. Leaning down, she kissed Dale softly. "Anyways, Dale, I
gotta go wrestle."

Looking at Rob, Trish grinned. "I'll look after him Rob."

Nodding, Rob stood up, giving Dale a pat on the shoulder. "I'll talk to you
later. And I'll see what I can dredge up for Daredevil comics."

"Thanks!" Dale said with a smile.

As Rob stood up and walked away, Mickie gave Dale a final kiss. "Gotta jet."
She said, scooting out of his lap and thanking Trish silently before starting
to move across the large hallway and towards the curtains.

Pulling Rob's chair closer to Dale, Trish sat down, smiling at the blind man.

"So..." Trish started, before Dale held up his hand.

"Is Mickie gone?" He asked.

Looking behind her, Trish said, "She's just at the entrance now. Want me to
grab her?"

Quickly shaking his head, Dale said, "No, no. I just...want to talk to you,

"Ok." Trish said, looking around. "We're alone."

Holding out his hand towards where he had heard her voice, Dale waited for
her to take it before giving it a squeeze. Taking a deep breath, he told her
softly, "Trish, I'm very, very sorry for all the problems I've caused you
over the last few days."

Looking at him, Trish started softly, "Dale, it's..." Before he cut her off.

"It seems that anything you do for me is a problem." He said. "And I know
you're too nice to ever say anything, but I shouldn't be such a nuisance."
Giving her hand another squeeze, he said, "I shouldn't have said anything
about that stupid program. With the mood Kenny was in, I shouldn't have let
you go back for it. If he would have hit you, I would have never forgave
myself for putting you in that situation."

Seeing him start to get upset, she moved closer, putting her arm around him.
"Dale, sweetie, it's alright." She said. "I wouldn't have gone back if I
thought you didn't want that program. I knew what I was doing. You shouldn't
get so upset about it. You couldn't have known if Kenny would have done

"I can't help it." He said softly. "I feel so...helpless." Looking away, he
said, "Some guy comes up and starts pushing me around, and I have to get a
girl to do my fighting, and that isn't right." When Trish tried again to say
something, he stopped her. "Trish, please, don't ever do anything like that
again. If you got hurt because you were doing something for me, I'd never
forgive myself."

Smiling, Trish leaned down, giving him a soft kiss on the cheek. She wanted
to move her lips to a more reassuring place on his face, or, at the very
least, leave them where they were, but knew she couldn't. Pulling away, she
said, "Dale, I don't mind helping you. A friend of Mickie's is a friend of
mine." Grinning, she poked him in the shoulder. "And from what Mickie told
us, you're a very, very good friend." Seeing him blush, she hugged him
tighter, moving to give him another kiss but stopping herself, knowing she
was getting dangerously close to crossing the friend boundary. "If you ever
need anything, anything at all, don't hesitate to ask, ok? I know Mickie
really likes you, so I'm betting your gonna be a big part of her life. And
that means your gonna be around a lot, so I don't want you walking on egg
shells around me."

Nodding, he told her softly, "I don't have any friends. When I moved after
the accident, I pretty much left my old life behind, and I haven't started
it up again..."

Smiling, she poked him again. "Well, you got a friend in me. And I know the
other Diva's really like you." Giggling, she added, "We all think your super
cute." When he blushed, she smiled. ~No sense in lying to the guy.~ She
thought, before telling him, "And Rob seems to like you."

Grinning, he nodded. "Hopefully not like the Divas do."

Smiling, Trish told him, "Ah, no. Rob is happily married."

"Yea, he mentioned that." He said. Smiling, he asked, "Super cute, huh?"

"Uh-huh." Trish confirmed. "You're a total cutie."

Grinning, he blushed. "Remind me to tell Mickie about that. My birthday is
coming up in a few months."

"Birthday?" Trish asked, smiling at his grin. When he nodded, she asked,
"What does you being cute have to do with your birthday?"

"No comment."

"Oh no!" Trish said, poking him. "Your not pulling that no comment stuff with
me. What about your birthday?"

"If I give you a hint, will you leave me alone?" He asked with a smile.

"No, but I'll stop poking you." Trish offered.

"No deal." Dale said, grinning as she resumed poking him. "Poke all you want,
I'm not spilling."

"You said to remind Mickie?" Trish asked. When he didn't answer, Trish
grinned. "That means she knows. I'll just get her to spill when she gets

"Does that mean you'll leave me alone?" Dale asked hopefully.

Poking him, Trish grinned.

"No comment."

* * *

Pushing open the curtains, Mickie smiled as she gave the fans a final wave
before turning towards the back. Turning to head back to where she had left
Dale and Trish, her smile faded instantly as she saw her path was blocked.

"Kenny, please, for the last time, go away." Mickie said, trying to move past
him without incident.

Moving to block her way again, Kenny glazed down at the small diva, his eyes
burning with hate. "I just wanted to stop by and say thank you." He spat.
"So, thank you so, so much Mickie. Thanks to you, your crippled boyfriend and
that blonde whore, I'm suspended."

Failing to fight back her smile of satisfaction, Mickie told him, "Well,
after how you've acting the last few days, I consider you getting suspended
is getting off light. After Trish told Vince you grabbed her, you're lucky
you still have a job."

"That stupid blonde cum dumpster should have kept her mouth shut for once."
Kenny said. "But I'll deal with that later..."

Pushing past him, Mickie shook her head, tired of hearing his voice and
merely wanting to curl up with Dale and forget the whole incident ever
happened. "Kenny, take a hint. I don't want to talk to you."

Smirking, he started following her. "Oh, I see. You wanna go find your freak
and snuggle up to him so he can tell you all the sweet lies you want to hear,
like your good looking, and skinny, and that your not a whore..."

"Fuck off." Mickie spat, turning and facing him. "Unlike you, I don't have to
ever question weather or not Dale is lying to me."

"You know he's just following you around like a lost puppy because he's a big
fan." Kenny said. "I saw him that that signing the other day..."

"You were at my signing?" Mickie asked. "Are you stalking me?"

Ignoring her questions, Kenny pressed on. "And trust me, once he gets to know
the real you, and realizes that Mickie James from TV doesn't exist, he'll
kick you to the curb in a second." When Mickie shook her head and started
walking again, Kenny smiled. "As soon as someone who looks good comes along,
he'll be hanging off of her like he does with you. Your just a stepping stone
to something better."

"Yea, well, you seem pretty hung up on this stepping stone." Mickie said,
choosing to not engage him in some stupid argument about fans. She knew
Dale knew the difference between her and her character, and it wasn't her
character he told he loved over and over again the night before.

Looking towards where Trish and Dale were, Kenny grinned. "You better watch
out. It looks like some other whore might be moving in on your cripple." He
said, pointing towards the recliner.

Looking at where Kenny was pointing, Mickie watched as Trish hugged Dale,
laughing at something as she poked him in the stomach, making him laugh.
Watching in quiet fascination, Mickie smiled as Trish leaned over, whispering
something into his ear and making them both crack up harder before she leaned
back in her chair, pulling her arm away from around Dale in favor of holding
her own stomach together.

Turning to face Kenny, Mickie shook her head slowly. "Kenny, unlike I had to
do with you, constantly, I don't have to worry about Dale running around on

Snarling at her, Kenny spat, "Yea, that's because he couldn't find his dick
without you holding his hand."

Sighing, Mickie shook her head. Hearing more laughter explode from the area
of the recliner, Mickie looked up at Kenny. Deciding that the conversation
with her ex had long since gone past "Annoying" and was delving into "Extreme
waste of time", she shook her head, wanting to end the conversation and find
out what Trish and Dale are laughing about.

Grinning at him, she told Kenny, "Kenny, trust me, Dale doesn't need my help
to find his dick. Something that big doesn't go missing." Smiling at his
snarl, she added, "And, believe me, he knows how to how to use it, too. Oh
so well."

Turning on her heel, Mickie started away, wanting to leave on a high note.

Glaring at his ex girlfriend, Kenny went to start after her, his mind racing
with more venom to spit at her, but he quickly found his progress halted as
a massive hand came out of no where and planted itself square in the middle
of his chest. Going to swat the hand away, he quickly found he couldn't, the
arm as thick as his leg and not budging against his attempts to move it.
Looking up the arm, he quickly found its owner staring at him.

"Show, what the fuck?" Kenny asked, again trying, without success, to remove
the large hand.

Staring down the nearly nine inches separating Kenny's 6' 4" frame and his
own 7' 1" frame, The Big Show smiled at the smaller man, as if trying to put
him at ease while quietly reassuring him, "I could snap you at any time." At
the same time.

"Aren't you suspended?" Show asked, his deep voice echoing throughout the
hallway. "Don't you have somewhere to be? Like outside the building?" Looking
up at him, Kenny went to say something, but stopped when Show's smile grew
wider. "I think it would be in your best interest..." Show said, poking
Kenny's chest with one of his massive fingers to show that he in fact meant
Kenny. "If you just kept your little mouth shut, and walked out that door.
Don't you think?"

Looking up at the Big Show, Kenny's mind kicked into overdrive, trying to
think up a suitable response to being threatened by a man who could flip a
car or tear the doors off of a house without breaking a sweat. As he thought
over his options, he was quickly snapped back to reality as Show grabbed him
with both hands, lifting him into the air with ease and glaring at him.

"Did you hear me?" Show shouted. When Kenny quickly nodded, the Big Show
dropped him unceremoniously to the floor, before pointing to the door.
"Leave. Now. While I let you."

Quickly turning, Kenny thought about sprinting towards Mickie, knowing there
was a door that way and hoping the Show would fall for it. But when the
massive hand pointed behind him, he knew that wasn't an option.


Turning where the Big Show was pointing, Kenny took off in a sprint, glancing
over his shoulder to see if the massive mountain of a man was following him.
Finding him merely glaring in his direction, making sure he was leaving,
Kenny thanked whatever god was looking out for him as he dove out the doors
and ran towards his car.

Watching Kenny run away, Show smiled, chuckling softly as a hand reached out,
patting him on the back. Looking behind him, he grinned.

"Thanks a million dude." RVD said, holding out his fist for the Show to fist
bump with. "I could of done it myself..."

"But where's the fun in that?" Show asked, smiling as he bumped fists with
Rob before turning towards the locker room. "If he bugs Trish or Mickie
again, lemme know."

"Will do big man." Rob said. "And again, thanks for the assist."

"No problem." Show said, before lumbering towards the locker room.

Looking over at Mickie, Trish and Dale, Rob smiled before turning and
starting towards catering.

* * *

Walking up towards the recliner, Mickie smiled as Trish and Dale continued
laughing. As Trish turned and spotted her, her laughing increased, confusing
Mickie as she walked up.

"Hey guys." Mickie said, smiling. "What's so funny? Or did I miss it?"

Looking up at Mickie with tear filled eyes, Trish laughed, "What did you
promise this boy for his birthday?"

Before Mickie could respond, Dale laughed, "How many times do I have to
tell you? She didn't promise me anything. She said she'd take it under

Laughing, Trish nodded. "I even told him if it involved me I'd go along with
it, and he still wouldn't tell me."

"Mickie, I promise, I didn't say anything." Dale laughed. "And I told her
saying that wouldn't be a good idea."

"What did she promise you?" Trish laughed, poking him in the ribs again.

Grinning as all was revealed, Mickie told her, "I promised him I'd think
about trying to get you over for a three way, on the condition you dressed
up like me." Seeing Trish's smile fade slightly, Mickie asked, "Aren't you
glad he didn't make you promise to get involved."

Chuckling softly, Trish thought, ~Not really.~ Before smiling, and
continuing to poke Dale. "A three way, huh? And what makes you think I'd
even consider doing that, huh?"

Smiling, he said, "Well, you did say I was super cute..."

Batting him on the shoulder playfully, Trish erupted with laughter again as
Mickie joined in. "I should have never told you that! Now your gonna throw
it back at me every chance you get!"

Grinning, he told her, "Well, maybe not every chance."

"Sure you won't." Trish said with a smile. Looking up at Mickie, she said,
"So, I assume your done for the night?" When Mickie nodded, Trish asked,

"Was planning on it." She said. "Was just gonna grab our suitcases and jet.
I had a run in with Kenny, and I'd rather not stick around."

"What happened?" Trish asked.

"He got suspended." Mickie said. "I don't know much more than that, but he's
royally pissed at all of us."

"Big whoop." Trish said with a grin. "Remind me to be heartbroken about it

"I know, and we wanted him to be our friend." Mickie said, smiling. Moving
over to Dale, she took his hands, helping him out of the recliner chair.
"Alright, you, it's off to the next city."

"Alright." He said, smiling. "On the road again."

Looking over at Trish, Mickie asked, "You need a lift?"

Shaking her head, Trish said, "Nah. I'm gonna ride with Torrie and

"Are you sure?" Dale asked with a grin. "We could totally practice my
birthday present..."

Mickie and Trish both reached out, swatting a shoulder as they all laughed.

"Keep bringing it up and it'll never happen." Trish said with a smirk.

"You mean if I don't say anything..."

"You never know." Trish teased, before leaning in and giving him a hug. "I'll
see you later." Looking at Mickie, she said, "Call me when you get into town,

Nodding, Mickie smiled and waved as Trish turned, heading towards Vince's
office. Taking Dale by the arm, she led him towards the locker room, making
sure not to break her streak of not walking him into things and opening the
door, letting him go in before following him in. Grabbing their suitcases,
they waved to the few divas left as they turned and headed for the door.

"Not gonna stick around again?" Torrie asked with a smirk.

"Nah, we're gonna get out of here." Dale said with a smile, completely
oblivious to Torrie's smirk.

"You sure?" She asked, smiling at Mickie. "You guys could make it two for two
on locker rooms."

"Two for two?" Dale asked, letting Mickie lead him towards the door as she
hastily tried to get him out before Torrie explained herself.

"Yea, two for two." Torrie said. "You got Mickie to give you some action in
the last one, so I thought, go for it tonight and make it two for two."

"Me?" Dale asked, trying to stop in his tracks as Mickie drug him along,
laughing. "Mickie, I didn't ask you for that! You begged me to do it there
last night!"

"Liar." Mickie laughed. "You were all over me!"

"After you begged me to do it!" He said, laughing along with the other divas
as Mickie finally succeeded in getting him out the door. "You little sneak!"

"I couldn't admit to being the instigator." Mickie said. "It would have made
me look..."

"Horny?" Dale asked with a grin. "Because that's what I'm beginning to
realize you are!"

"Hey, I may be horny, but at least I'm faithful." Mickie said with a kiss on
his cheek. "Anytime I want to get some pipe laid, I'll come to you."

"Thanks." He said with a smile. "That makes me feel a whole lot better for
knowing that the other girls think I'm some sort of exhibitionist."

"Hey, Trish said it herself." Mickie teased. "They all think your super cute.
Torrie was probably just asking that so she could sneak back in and join us."

"No way." He said, smiling. "It's either Trish or bust."

"You'd really only do it with Trish?"

"Well, a three-way with her, anyways." He said. "And, for the record, I'm
joking. I have a woman in my life, and she's the only one I want to spend
time with."

Leaning over, she kissed him softly as they moved into the underground
parking lot. "That's so sweet."

"Trish is merely a friend." He said. "A good friend who went out on a limb
for us today."


Smiling, he added, "Which is why, if you ever wanted a three way, she'd be
the only choice I'd do."

Hitting him, she laughed. "You're rapidly loosing your sweet points."

"You know, I‘m getting a little sore from all this hitting." Dale said.
"Trish is always poking me in the ribs, and both of you are always hitting

"I'm sorry." Mickie said, kissing him softly. "I won't hit you anymore."

"Yea, I believe that." He said with a playful pout.

"I won't." Mickie said. Seeing him not budge, she said, "If I do, you have my
full and unconditional permission to talk Trish into coming over for a night
of hot, sweaty three way action. Deal?"

"No deal." He said. Squeezing her hand, he said, "If you hit me again, I want
your word that you'll make it up to me by dragging me to a nice hotel room
and make me believe your sorry for doing it over and over again. Deal?"

"Deal!" Mickie said, smiling as they approached the car. Looking over at him,
she grinned. "So you really told Trish about the three way thing, huh?"

"I told her nothing." Dale said. "And besides, she knows you were joking.
She's got a good sense of humor."

"I hope so." Mickie said with a grin, moving him beside the car before taking
his suitcase. "I have to change in the same locker room as her."

"Besides." Dale said, feeling around for the door handle, opening it and
sitting down. "She knows I pounded out so many orgasms with you that night
that you'd say anything to keep them coming."

Smiling, Mickie closed the trunk and went over to his side of the car, going
to swat him playfully again, but stopping herself with a smile. Leaning down,
she smiled. "Don't get cocky." Before closing the door, moving around to her
side and sliding into the drivers seat.

"I was joking." He said with a grin.

Starting the car, she smiled. "I know." Giggling, she put the car in drive,
starting towards the exit. "Even if it was the truth, don't get cocky."

"I won't." He said, smiling as he leaned back in his chair, preparing himself
mentally for another long drive.

* * *

"So, any luck in tracking down another one of those promos?"

Shaking his head, Dale said, "I had Katie on full alert, looking over the
auction sites, but so far, no luck."

"Shitty." Mickie said.

"I did find some old tapes of yours I didn't have, so I ordered them." He

"Tapes?" She asked. When he nodded, she asked, "Like, tapes of my matches?"

Nodding, he told her, "I used to be big into tape trading. It was pretty much
the only way I could get your earlier stuff, or your OVW stuff." Smiling, he
said, "Before I worked in the plant, I used to be a grunt at an restaurant to
get spending money, a good chunk of which went into tracking down tapes of
your matches." Sighing softly, he said, "Which, right about now, seems like a
dumb idea, since they do me absolutely no good now."

Smiling, she said, "Hey, anytime you want to watch a match, I'll give you the
play by play. It'll be like having your own personal DVD commentary for each

Smiling, he asked, "Could you ask Trish to do it? She's really good."

Looking over at him, she grinned, knowing he knew she couldn't swat him for
the comment. "Hey, I could be good to!"

"Oh, trust me, you're very good." He teased, making her giggle. "Very, very,
very good...oh so good...and curvy...and tight..."

"Stop." Mickie giggled. "Your getting me worked up here."

"Is that a bad thing?" He asked softly.

Looking at him, she smiled. "No. It's not." She said. Reaching over, she
rubbed his face softly with her hand. "I really, really look forward to...
being intimate with you." Smiling, she added, "I can honestly say that I've
never looked forward to being intimate with anyone as much as I do with you.
Your very good at what you do, and you make me feel wonderful for doing it,
not bad for wanting more."

"You shouldn't feel bad." He said softly. "I'm more than willing to try and
meet your needs..."

"And you're more than capable of filling them." She said, before giggling.
"Among other things."

Smiling, Dale nodded. "Thanks..."

Leaning back in her chair, Mickie smiled as she eyed the road ahead, checking
her GPS every so often to make sure she was on course. Hearing humming coming
from Dale, she looked at him out of the corner of her eye, trying to get a
fix on what he was humming.

"Cause I'm just a girl, take a good look at me..."

"Stop that!" Mickie laughed, smiling at him. "I had to hear that song every
friggin night for years."

"I thought you liked it." He asked with a smile. "You like No Doubt, don't

"I do." Mickie said. "But that song is dead to me now."

"Alright, I'm sorry." Dale said, smiling mischievously. "I'll stop singing

"Thank you." Mickie said, he attention to focused on the road to see his evil

Bobbing his head from side to side, Dale started humming again, making sure
to keep as quiet as possible as not to alert Mickie to his song. Listening
carefully, he tried to gauge weather Mickie had picked up on it or not. Not
getting the desired response, he upped the humming a touch. Trying not to
laugh, he waited for the inevitable to happen.

Checking her GPS again, Mickie was only paying vague attention to Dale as he
hummed to himself. Lost in her own little world, she turned back towards the
road, debating on weather to turn the radio on or not when she finally gave
Dale's humming some attention. Hearing the tune, she snarled.

"What the..." She started, before Dale smiled.

"Oh Mickie what a pity you don't understand..." Dale sang softly, and badly
off key.

"Stop that!" Mickie shouted as she erupted with laughter.

"You take me by the heart when you take me by the hand..."

Reaching over to swat him, she stopped inches from his shoulder, cursing
loudly. "Fuck! I can't even hit you!"

"You can." He said with a grin.

"Yea, if I want to end up having sex with you all night." She said with a

"Would that really be so bad?" He asked softly.

"No, it wouldn't." Mickie said. "But stop. Seriously." Looking at him, she
said, "I got teased with that god damn song my whole friggin life, and you're
getting on my nerves!" As he continued to hum softly, she looked over at him,
shaking her head. "How about you just shut up all together?" She said with a
smile, making sure her voice came across as playfully, as he couldn't see her
smile, and thus wouldn't know she was only joking unless she did.

Stopping humming, Dale looked down, his eyes going wide as he pushed out his
bottom lip slightly. Looking towards Mickie, he sniffled slightly, quivering
his bottom lip for effect. Closing his eyes slightly, he put them in the
perfect position to look pathetic, his lip quivering softly as he sniffled.

Looking over at his display, Mickie whined. "Jeez, now I feel bad!" She
whined. "How can you be blind and still do the puppy dog eyes?"

Not breaking his look, he told her softly, "Katie hates me going to Burger
King. I have to guilt trip her all the time."

Sighing dramatically, Mickie shook her head. "Do you wanna sing?" When he
nodded, she grinned. "Sing away, honey."

Shaking his head, he said, "You don't want me to." Sniffling loudly for
effect, he pretended to be on the verge of tears.

"Good lord." Mickie said with a sigh. "Alright, alright, I'm sorry. I
shouldn't have yelled at you." She said with a grin. "God, you do know how
to get your own way, don't you?"

"I don't wanna sing." He said softly, turning away to hide the smile that was
creeping over his face.

"You just said you did!"

"But I don't now." He said. "You don't want me to."

"Oh my god..." Mickie laughed, shaking her head. "Is there any way I can get
out of the dog house here? Do you want Burger King or something?" When he
shook his head, she smiled. "Sex? Want me to pull over and find somewhere we
can get cozy?" Seeing him grin a little, she started looking around. "You
wanna go all out, or you just want me to service you?" Mickie asked with a
grin. "I did yell at you, after all."

"I don't want sex." He said.

"So, no sex, no Burger King..." Mickie said. "Alright, I give up. What do you

Smiling, he looked over towards her. "You to sing."

"What? No!" Mickie said quickly, before realizing she had lost any leverage
she might have had when she offered him sex. "Please, Dale...I can't sing!"

"And I can?" He asked with a chuckle. "Come on...just a line or two, and I'll
be happy. Please?"

Sighing, Mickie shook her head, knowing she was going to regret this later
on. "Oh Mickie what a pity you don't understand..." She sang, trying her best
to stay on at least some sort of key, but failing miserably.

"You take me by the heart when you take me by the hand..." Dale sang, smiling
as she giggled.

"Oh Mickie, you're so pretty..."

"And you are." Dale quickly interjected.

"Can't you understand?" Mickie laughed.

Smiling, Dale sang, "It's girls like you Mickie..."

"Wait, wait, hold up." Mickie said, stopping the sing-along. "Did you say


"That's wrong." She said. "It's guys. Trust me, I know. I've heard the song
enough to know the words by heart. It's guys, not girls."

Smiling, he told her, "Well, this is the remix, so it's girls, because,
Mickie, trust me, I know full damn well you're a girl..." Reaching out, he
found her leg, and rubbed her thigh softly. "A woman...a full figured, curvy,
sexy woman..."

"If you don't want sex, you better cut that out." She giggled. "And how do
you know I'm a girl? Maybe I just tuck it back."

Looking confused, he asked, "It?"

Smiling, she said, "Yea, you know,"

Finally clueing in, Dale's face when from smiling to disgust in a heartbeat.
"Oh my god!" He yelled, making Mickie laugh. "First off, eww. Second off,
yuck." When Mickie laughed, he smiled. "And third, I've checked every curvy,
every dip, every dive of that very womanly body of yours, with my tongue no
less, and I have never came across it, so I'm going to go out on a limb and
make an educated guess that you are, in fact, one hundred percent woman."

Smiling, she looked over at him. "Are you sure you don't wanna do it?"

Grinning, he nodded. "Positive. Sorry."

Looking on her GPS, she asked, "Alright, how about something to eat. My
little map thingy says there's a restaurant coming up in a few miles."

"Sounds like a plan." He said. "We didn't actually stop for supper."

"I fed you." Mickie said with a grin.

"Yea, a whole bag of potato chips from the gas station when you went in to
change." He said with a smile.

"Hey, I let you fill up the tank, didn't I?"

"You let me hold the nozzle." Dale said. "I could have been replaced with a
well fastened twist tie."

Reaching over, she brushed her hand over his crotch, making him jump. "Trust
me, Dale, you do things that a twist tie couldn't dream of doing." When he
smiled, she asked, "So, supper?

"Ok." He said, before asking, "What time is it?"

Looking at her GPS, she said, "Around eleven. We only have a few more hours
to the hotel."

"Do you wanna wait until we get there to eat?" Dale asked.

"Nah." She said. "I'm getting hungry myself, so we should probably stop."
Seeing a lit building in the distance, Mickie checked the place out, looking
it over. Seeing a few cars in the parking lot, she decided to go for it,
pulling in and trying to find a spot close to the door. Failing that, she
grabbed the closest spot she could. "I don't think this place has a name."
Mickie said, turning the car off. "It's probably just some no name place."

"As long as they have food, I'm game." He said with a smile, unbuckling his
seat belt before opening his door. Letting out his breath, he hopped out,
rubbing his arms. "Mickie?"

"Yea?" She said, sliding out of the car.

"Could I bother you to get my coat?" He asked. "It's kinda colder than I

"In your suitcase?"


Going around to the back of the car, Mickie popped the trunk. Leaning in to
get his suitcase, she heard something and quickly stood up, looking around.
Seeing a few guys standing across the road checking her out, she shook her
head slowly before turning back to Dale's suitcase, opening it and retrieving
his long coat. Holding it up, she smiled as she pictured Dale in the long
trench coat. Hearing the whistling from across the street, she snapped back
to reality, slamming the trunk closed and moving towards Dale.

"Arms." She said, holding his coat out.

"Who's whistling?" He asked, holding out his arms and letting her slide his
coat on.

"Just some idiots across the street." Mickie said. Pulling on his coat, she
smiled. "You look nice."


"Hey girl!" one of the aforementioned idiots yelled, trying to gain Mickie's
attention. "Hey, come here for a minute!"

Ignoring them, Mickie pulled her own coat tighter, growing self conscious by
the sets of leering eyes she knew were on her, she hooked arms with Dale,
turning him towards the diner and walking towards it as fast as she could
safely take him.

"Hey, come on, where ya going!" The guy yelled as his buddies laughed. "Come
on over, we just wanna talk!"

Stopping, Dale looked over his shoulder towards the sound of the voices. "Who
the fuck was that?" He asked.

Pulling on Dale's arm harder, Mickie started him moving again. "Dale, just
ignore them." She said. "I get that all the time."

"But still..."

"Dale, please." Mickie said softly. "I'm hungry. Lets just go eat and forget
about them. There probably to drunk to know better."

Nodding, Dale turned back around, letting Mickie lead him thru the doors.
Smiling at the waitress flitting around, Mickie asked, "Just grab a seat?"
When she nodded, Mickie led Dale to the middle of the restaurant. Pulling out
his chair, she sat him down before taking the seat next to him, shuffling it
closer as she waited for the waitress to bring around there menus. Looking
out of the window, Mickie shook her head as she spotted the guys across the
street, still standing there.

~I knew we should have gone to a drive thru.~ Mickie scolded herself, not
believing her own stupidity. She'd lost count of the times that Vince, or the
road agents, or any of the other Divas had told her, when your out, after
dark, in a strange place, do not leave your car unless your going to the
hotel. Shaking her head, she hoped that she was right when she told Dale that
they were drunks, and that they'd be shuffling off to find something else to
get shit faced off of soon enough.

Seeing the waitress coming towards her, Mickie looked up at her and smiled,
telling her, "We only need one menu, please."

* * *

"That wasn't bad." Dale said with a smile. "Did I get any on me, or is that
the decal again?"

"The decal." Mickie said with a grin. "Your two for two today."

"That's good." He said, stopping when Mickie stopped as she opened the door
with her free hand.

Moving out into the parking lot, Mickie sighed in relief when she saw that
the guys were gone from across the street. Moving out into the parking lot,
she reached into her purse, looking for her keys when she felt something
touch her ass. Realizing she had Dale's near hand wrapped up, she snapped
around, glaring at the sight.

"What the fuck!" Mickie yelled at the guy, who was standing about a foot
behind her, his two friends in tow. Seeing them clearly now, Mickie
immediately realized they were tanked. "Did you just grab me?"

"Who?" Dale asked.

"Maybe." The lead drunk said, smiling at her.

Whipping around to the sound of the voice, Dale tried to get a fix on it.

Seeing the guy's hand move out again, Mickie swatted it away. "Don't touch
me!" Seeing the other two guys try to circle around behind them, Mickie
backed up quickly, almost tripping Dale as she kept the three guys in front
of her where she could see them.

"Come on, girl." The guy said with a leering smile. "Don't you wanna hang out
for a while?"

"No." She said firmly, her voice starting to tremble slightly. "I don't."

"I think you do." He said, again reaching out, his hand moving quickly
towards her breasts.

Going to slap his hand away, Mickie screamed loudly as one of his friends
grabbed it. Trying to shrug him off, Mickie swatted the guys hands away with
her other hand, untangling it from Dale just in time to swat a hand away from
her crotch.

"Come on, little girl." The guy slurred. "It'll be fun..."

Dale stood still, trying not to panic. He was quickly realizing that whoever
had been whistling and yelling at Mickie earlier had stuck around, and it was
clear that they wanted more than an autograph, weather she wanted to give it
to them or not. Knowing he had to do something, Dale's mind raced, trying to
think up something, anything, to get Mickie out of harms way.

"Let go of me!" Mickie yelled. "I'll scream!"

"I'm sure..." The lead drunk started, before Dale's hands shot out, grabbing
his shirt just below the ribs.

Realizing where he had grabbed the guy, Dale quickly moved his hands up,
grabbing the guy by the collar and pushing him roughly away. Reaching out,
he felt around for Mickie, and, when he felt her small hands grab his arm,
pushed her behind him. Looking in the direction of the three guys, Dale
blinked a few times, collecting his thoughts, and tried to remain calm,
knowing it might be his only shot out.

"She said, let her go." Dale said, his face turning into a slight snarl. "Or

Laughing, one of the other drunks looked Dale up and down. "You can't see
shit." He said matter of factly. "What the fuck are you gonna do about it?"

Smiling, Dale looked toward the voice. "Do you idiots honestly think that me
and my girl would be out this fucking late if I couldn't handle myself?"
Smiling, he added, "Christ, you must be drunk."

Standing back up, the leader moved towards Dale. "What you gonna do, whack us
with your cane?" He asked, laughing along with his friends.

"Do I look like I have a cane, dip shit?" Dale asked. "I don't need one."

"Nah, you got that hot piece of ass leading you around." The guy said.

Shaking his head, Dale said, "I have this hot piece of ass to keep me
company. I know exactly where I am, and exactly what I'm going to do if you
idiots don't turn around, and walk away."

"What, boy, you know some kinda kung foo?" The third guy said, before making
noises, standing up on one foot like the Karate Kid, gaining a laugh out of
his friends."

"Fuck no I don't know Kung foo." Dale spat. Thinking of something, anything,
he said, "I know Zatoichi."

Looking around at his friends, the lead guy stared at Dale, asking, "What the
hell type of Ka-Ra-Tee is that?"

Dale, taking a wild guess that the guy talking to him was shorter than him,
told him, "That's none of your fucking business, little man."

Looking at Dale, the guy started to say something, but stopped. Hearing
that, Dale's hope soared, knowing he was accomplishing what he wanted to do.
Looking at his friends, the guy looked back at Dale, and finally pushed out,
"I think your bluffing..."

Before he could finish, Dale sighed. Shrugging his shoulders, he slid his
coat off, handing it back towards Mickie. "I think I'm getting sick of
standing here." Dale said. Looking in the direction of the voice, he said,
"If you wanna see if I'm bluffing, step up. If not, fuck off, because I
have better things to do than argue with drunks." Not getting any response,
he tilted his head to the side, cracking his neck as he cracked his fingers.
"Alright, but I gotta warn you, by law, that I am capable of lethal force.
Me informing you of that absolves me of any wrong doing should you idiots
decide to pursue this matter further."

Hearing them talk amongst themselves, Dale grinned. "Did you know that
you can hyperextend someone's joints over and over again without breaking
anything? It hurts like hell. And if you guys really want to find out how
much pain you can take before you black out, I'm more than willing to let
you know."

Looking around between them, the leader shook his head. "This bitch ain't
worth it..."

"Apologize." Dale said firmly.


"Apologize to my girlfriend." Dale said again. "Or I will fucking end you."

Not getting a response, Dale kept his breathing steady, his mind racing,
wondering if he had over played his hand. Hearing feet shuffling, he waited
for whatever was going to happen to happen.

"I'm..." The lead guy started, before spitting. "Sorry."

"Now leave." Dale said.

As the guys glared at him and turned and walked away, Dale grinned before
Mickie grabbed him, spinning him around and dragging him to the car. Tossing
him in, she ran around to her side and dove into her side, starting the car
and peeling out of the parking lot. Grinning from ear to ear, Mickie watched
the road as she tore along, heading for the highway. "Dale, that was fucking

"Ohmygod, Ohmygod, Ohmygod, Ohmygod..." Dale chanted over and over again,
rocking back and forth in his chair as all of his confidence from a minute
before drained out of his body, replaced by the mind numbing fear that
should have been there.

"Dale, what was that?" She asked.

"Bluffing!" He yelled, before resuming his chanting.

"Bluffing?" Mickie yelled. "You bluffed?"

"Of course!"

"What the hell is Zatoichi?"

Taking deep breaths, Dale fought to regain control of his nerves. "Samurai
movies. Zatoichi the Blind Swordsman."

Looking at him, Mickie asked, "You mean you don't know martial arts?"

Shaking his head, he asked, "If I did, do you think I'd have let Kenny push
me around?"

"What was all that bullshit about lethal force and hyper extending

"I saw it in a movie!"

Looking at him, Mickie said softly, "God, Dale, you could have been

Nodding, he told her, "Yea, and if I did nothing, you could have gotten
raped. I call putting my safety at risk to save you that a very fair trade."

Realizing what he was saying was true, Mickie let that sink in for a minute.
"Dale..." She said softly, reaching out and taking his hand. "I don't know
what I would have done..."

Smiling, he waved her off. "Don't think about it. I'm just happy it didn't
come to that, because if they would have called my bluff, I don't think I
could have done much to stop them..."

"I owe you." She said softly. "Big time."

Smiling shyly, he asked, "If we get some time, maybe, do you think, we could,
possibly, maybe..."

"Have sex?" Mickie asked with a grin.

Shaking his head, he asked, "Watch the Ringer? I never got to hear the end of

Smiling, she told him, "As soon as we get to the hotel, I'll order it for
you, ok?" When he nodded, she grinned. "Are you sure that's all you want?
Cuz, you could totally ask me for anything right now, and I'd be down for

Smiling, he said, "That's all I want."

"I didn't just mean you on top or you on bottom." She said with a grin. "I
meant anything you want."

"I'll think about it."

Looking at him, she grinned. "Your not gonna take me up on it, are you?"

Shaking his head, he admitted, "I'm kinda freaked out right now."

Nodding, she admitted, "Me to. That whole experience kinda made me edgy..."

Nodding, he asked softly, "But, if we pass a place that has ice cream, could
we get one? I was gonna get dessert, but you wanted to leave..."

"Ice cream?" She asked, smiling. When he nodded, she said, "I'm offering to
do any nasty, lewd, vile thing you want, anything at all, and all you want is
ice cream?"

Blushing, he told her, "I like ice cream."

"You could ask to lick ice cream off of my body if you want." She offered,
smiling as he grinned. "That got you thinking, didn't it?"

"Yes." He admitted. "But I'm still gonna have to take a pass." Reaching out,
he rubbed her leg, dipping down and rubbing her inner thigh, making her moan
softly. "I'm hoping that the offer will still stand when I'm a little less

"As long as you protect me, it'll stand." Taking his hand and squeezing it,
she asked, "Will you always protect me?"

Grinning, he nodded. "I'll always be your Yojimbo."

Looking confused, Mickie started to say, "What the heck..." before Dale cut
her off, smiling as he sat back in his chair.

"Look it up." He said, smiling as he closed his eyes, trying to relax.

* * *

Feeling Mickie crawl out of bed, Dale went to grab her but moved to late,
grabbing air as she turned her back to him, sliding out of bed and onto the
floor. Hearing footsteps moving towards the bathroom, he waited for the door
to close before throwing the blanket off. Swinging his legs out, he sat up,
sitting on the edge of the bed as he smiled.

He'd finally gotten to hear the last of the Ringer, and after words, Mickie
had taken him down to the store in the lobby and gotten him his promised
ice cream, his reward for saving her fromwhatever horrors the three drunken
morons were going to inflict on her. She'd even managed to get him to lick
some off of her, albeit only her arm, much to her disappointment.

Smiling, he rested his face in his hands, whipping the sleep from his eyes as
he waited for his lover to return. Thinking about all she had done for him,
and all she had given him in the few short days he had known her, he had to
question why she felt the need to even reward him for what he had done

~Putting up with me is reward enough.~ He thought. ~How an idiot like me got
lucky enough to end up with a beautiful, caring, loving woman like Mickie is
beyond me.~

Hearing the bathroom door open, he rubbed his face, trying to clear his eyes
as he heard her footsteps returning.

Seeing Dale sitting up, his face in his hands, Mickie had to fight not to
sigh in frustration, exasperated by the fact that she seemed to have to
announce her leaving every time, weather he was awake or not.

Moving to his side, she sat down next to him. "It's ok, Dale, I'm here..."

"Huh?" He asked, pulling his head out and looking towards her.

Looking at him, she realized he wasn't panicking. "Weren't you worried?"

Shaking his head, he smiled. "I'm not worried. I knew you were coming back."

Sighing with relief, Mickie smiled, leaning over and kissing him softly.
"Then why were you sitting up?"

Smiling shyly, he told her softly, "The bed feels empty without my girl in it
with me..."

Smiling, she leaned in, kissing him again. "Well, I'm back." She said. "Wanna
go back to bed?"

When he nodded, she moved away, letting him slide into bed before grabbing
the blanket, pulling it back up the bed and over them as she curled against
him, smiling as she rested her head on his chest, letting his breathing sooth
her to sleep.

"You better now?" He asked softly, stroking her long, brown hair. "You seemed
wound up earlier."

"I'm ok." Mickie said. "Still a little freaked out. But it'll pass."

Leaning down, he kissed her on the top of her head. "Well, I'm here." He
said. "For whatever that's worth, I'm here..."

Looking up at him, she reached up, kissing him softly. "It means a lot." She
said softly. "If I would have been driving alone tonight, I'd probably be in
the hospital right now, if I was lucky."

"What are you gonna do next week?" He asked.

"Tomorrow, I'll see if Trish minds if I ride with her." Mickie said.

"That's good." He said softly. "It's just...I dunno. I guess I worry about
you too much. I mean, like we've said, I've only known you for a week or

"Dale, it's ok for you to worry about me." She said softly. "I'm your
girlfriend. It's natural. But you need to understand, I'm a big girl..."

"A voluptuous curvy love goddess." He said with a smile.

"Whatever." She said with a giggle. "And I can look after myself. Tonight, I
made a bad choice, and almost paid for it. But, thankfully, you have more
balls than brains, and you got us out of it." Moving up and kissing him, she
said, "And I owe you. Remember that."

"Mickie, you don't owe me." He said. "It's nothing anyone else wouldn't have

"Those three guys wouldn't have." Mickie said. Rubbing his chin, she said,
"You saved me from getting dragged into a gutter and gang raped. If you don't
think I owe you, you are seriously delusional. I owe you my life, but I can't
really give you that, so I'll have to settle for whatever you think up."
Kissing him, she said, "And I want you to think up something. Some day,
they'll come a time, where you'll want to do something that's weird, or just
something you want to do, and I'll do it."

"I don't want you doing something because you owe me." He said. "I don't want
to hold that over your head. I don't want to have you do something for me,
then ask again later and find out you didn't want to do it, that you only did
it because you owed me."

"Well, I can't help that you feel that way." Mickie said. "But I owe you.
That's life. You helped me, and now I'm obligated to help you."

"You bought me ice cream."

Smiling, she said, "A bucks worth of ice cream doesn't match up with you
saving me."

"It does to me." He said.

"Not to me." She said.

Nodding, he thought for a minute, telling her, "Alright, I got it." Reaching
down, he rubbed her back softly. "I know what I want. And I want this, no
questions asked, got it?"

"Anything, Dale."

"I want you, when we get home...back to my place, that is...I want you to go
to the grocery store." He said. Smiling, he said, "And I need some things."

"Such as?" Mickie asked, confused.

"About, probably two gallons of ice cream." He said. "Maybe one
chocolate, one strawberry..."

"Dale, we already went over this." She said. "Ice cream does not match up
with saving me from getting raped on the cosmic scale."

"I didn't finish." He said. "And didn't I mention something about no


"S'ok." He said. "Alright, so, two gallons of ice cream. Two cans of
whip cream. Some sprinkles. Chocolate sauce. Butterscotch sauce. Some
strawberries, bananas, and some cherries."

"I think I should write this down." Mickie said.

Holding her tight, he smiled. "Don't worry, I'll remember. Can you get me
all of that? Oh! And some of those crushed peanuts? The ones you get in the
little packs at McDonalds with the ice cream?"

"Ok." Mickie said, confused. "That's a lot of crap. What do you need that

"To make a banana split."

Looking at him, she said, "You can make a whole pile of banana splits with
that. Are you sure you need that much?"

"You said anything."

"I did, I did. But still. Wouldn't, like, one gallon of ice cream work? Maybe
that three flavored stuff."

"I need two."

"Why two?"

Smiling, he rubbed her body softly. "One for the top and one for the bottom."

"Top?" She asked, squirming under his touch. "Bottom?" She said, trying to
piece together what the heck he was talking about.

Sighing softly, he sat up, taking her with him. "Alright, sit in front of
me." He said. When he felt her do as he asked, he held out his hands.
"Alright, put these on your...I dunno, just somewhere above the waist."

Smiling, Mickie grabbed his hands, taking them and setting them on her
breasts. Shaking his head, he grinned.

"How did I know you were gonna do that?" He asked. When she giggled, he said,
"No matter. This helps explain things, anyways." Rubbing her chest, he smiled
as she moaned softly. "Top." He said, before moving his hands down her body,
coming to a rest over her thighs. "Bottom."

Her eyes going wide, everything clicked in Mickie's mind. "Your gonna put ice
cream on me?" She asked, almost hiding the hopeful tone in her voice.

Smiling, he nodded. "I'm gonna make you one big Mickie split and eat you up."
Hearing her whimper softly, he grinned. "Does that sound ok to you?"

"That's gonna be messy." She said.

"I'll wear a bib."

"And what do I get to wear?"

Rubbing her body, he smiled as he lay back down, taking her with him, letting
her head rest on his chest again.

"Nothing but your sexy curves." He told her, smiling as she whimpered again.

"Dale?" Mickie said with a soft whine.


"I love you."

Smiling, he stroked her hair again. "I love you to, my curvy little banana

* * *

* RING *

Grumbling softly, Mickie hugged Dale tighter, hoping if she kept him close,
the noise would go away.

* RING *

"Oh my god..." Mickie whined, wondering what moron had gotten her rooms phone
number this time.

* RING *

"Dale, get that." Mickie pleaded, hoping he'd do as she asked.

* RING *

"Where is it?"

* RING *

"I hate phones." She grumbled, pulling her self up and finding the phone on
the nightstand. Leaning across Dale, she grabbed it just as it was about to
ring again.

"What?" she said tersely.

"Mickie?" Trish asked, hoping she hadn't just woken her up.

"Who is this?" Mickie asked, figuring out the best way to slam the phone down
if she didn't like the answer.

"Trish." Trish said. "Is that you, Mickie?"

"Who else would be in my room?" Mickie grumbled, letting her body lay over

"Sorry." Trish said softly. "It's just, I got worried about you guys."

"Worried?" Mickie asked. "Why?"

"You didn't call last night." Trish said. "You were gonna call me and let me
know if you guys wanted to go for lunch today..."

"Oh, shit..." Mickie said, shaking her head. "God, Trish, I'm so sorry. We
had a bad night last night, and I completely forgot."

"What happened?"

"Long story." Mickie said, trying to find a clock. "Did you still wanna do
something for lunch? We kinda slept in..."

"No shit." Trish said with a smile. Looking at the clock, she said, "Well,
the hotel doesn't have a place to eat, so, maybe, if you wanted, I could run
out and get something quick while you guys get ready, and we could meet up in
my room?"

"Sounds like a plan." Mickie said. Hearing Dale snoring softly, she grinned.
"I just gotta wake up Dale, and we'll be there shortly."

"Wake him up?" Trish asked, smiling. "Did you wear him out or something?"

Smirking, Mickie said, "No, not last night. Like I said, bad night."

"Oh, sorry." Trish said. Changing the subject, she asked, "So, did you guys
have something in mind? I don't really care, so long as it doesn't take to
long to get."

Thinking for a minute, Mickie said, "Dale has a certain affection for Burger

"Burger King it is." Trish said. "I'll just pick up a little of everything,
and you guys can come up to my room when your ready. Suite 3."

"How did I know it was a suite?"

"Because I'm the WWE's golden girl." Trish joked.

"Ha, ha." Mickie said, smiling as she and Trish giggled. "We shouldn't be to
long. Just gotta shower and we'll be up."

"Alright, see you then."


Hanging up the phone, Mickie looked down at Dale, smiling as his eyes
twitched, his body in full REM sleep mode. Looking down his body, she smiled
as she formed a plan to wake him up. Slowly getting off of him, she slid
down, sliding under the blanket and moving towards his crotch. Giggling
softly, she slowly undid the tie on his pajama bottoms, making it loose
enough to reach inside and slowly, gently pull his dick out. Licking her
lips, she looked up at him from under the blanket, smiling as she stuck her
tongue out.

Dragging his tongue along his dick, she smiled as he twitched, still asleep
but his body reacting nonetheless. Dragging her tongue along it again, a
groan pushed out of his lips, sandwiched between snores. Licking his cock
with long, slow drags of her tongue, she watched as it slowly came to life,
getting harder and harder until it was at full mast. Taking the tip into her
mouth, she sucked softly, smiling as his eyes finally opening as he tried to
piece together what was happening and why he felt so good.

"Good morning Mr. Webb." Mickie said with a giggle. "This is your wake up

"Mickie?" Dale asked groggily, moaning loudly as she slurped on his cock.

"No, it's the clerk." Mickie said dryly. "Cuz they suck everyone's dick to
wake them up."

"Nice hotel." Dale said, moaning softly as she bobbed up and down. "Were you
gonna stop now that I'm up?"

"Well, that depends." She said, letting his dick slide out and stroking it
softly. "How quick do you think you can come?"

"Umm, I dunno..." He said. "Should I shoot for long or short?"

"Short would be good." Mickie said. "As much as I'd love to sit here and blow
you all day, we gotta be up at Trish's in a half hour."

"Oh, shit." He said. "We forgot to call her, didn't we?"

"We did." Mickie said, sliding her hand up and down his pole. "She was very
mad. I blamed you."


"She said she'd take it out on you when we got up there." She said. "She said
something about tying you up."

"Oh goodie!" he said, groaning as she gripped his dick harder. "Jesus! It's

"Sorry." Mickie said.

"No your not." Dale said.

"Still, I'm gonna suck your dick." Mickie said bluntly. "Now, do you think
you can come in...say, ten minutes, or should we just get up and go?"

Sighing dramatically, Dale leaned back on the bed, smiling. "I think I can
force myself to come from your masterful tongue work in under ten minutes."

"Alright then." She said. "If you don't, you're gonna have to deal with the
blue balls."

"I'd be surprised if I lasted five." He said with a smirk. "You really are
very good."

"Thank you." She said, sliding his pole back into her mouth and sucking on
the head softly.

Moaning softly, Dale let himself go, wanting to hold on and enjoy the ride
as long as possible, but knowing that his girlfriend was probably serious
about her ten minute time limit, and that holding out probably wasn't the
best idea.

"So, so good." He moaned. Smiling, he said, "Such thick, full, curvy lips..."

Moaning happily around his rod, Mickie slid up and down slowly, sucking on
his dick as she slowly jerked him off. Sliding her tongue around the head,
she smiled as he moaned. Looking up at him, she watched his face as she
worked, her slurping filling the room with a crude soundtrack as she labored
lustfully for his pleasure. Watching him carefully, Mickie tried approach
after approach, sliding her tongue this way and that, stroking him slowly
and quickly, sucking hard and soft, trying combination after combination to
figure out which would be best to bring him off quickly, and which would be
best to drive him insane, knowing any information she gathered now could be
very useful down the road.

"Oh god..." Dale moaned, reaching down and running his finger thru Mickie's
long locks. Running his fingers thru her hair, he urged her on softly, making
sure not to push or pull on her head, as he was very much loving her efforts
just as they were.

Hissing softly, Dale's hips bucked slightly as he lost a tiny bit of control
over them, foreshadowing the bucking he'd be doing when she finally got what
she wanted and made him come. As her hand slid up and down his shaft at a
good clip, Mickie focused her mouths and tongue's attention on the sensitive
head, knowing it was the key to bringing him off.

"Oh my god Mickie...oh god!"

* * *

Moving down the hallway, Trish checked the piece of paper in her hand,
reading off the room number. Smiling, she checked off the rooms as they pass
by, trying to find Mickie and Dales. After she had called them and found out
that they hadn't been abducted by aliens or kidnapped by a South American
devil worshiping cult like her mind had offered for scenarios as to why they
didn't call, she relaxed a little, and was about to go get lunch, when she
realized that she hadn't actually asked what they wanted from Burger King.

Looking at the doors, she smiled as she spotted the one she was looking for
a few doors down. Putting the paper into her pocket, she stopped herself,
taking a few deep breaths as she prepared herself mentally for her first
crush sighting of the day. Shaking her head softly, she cursed herself for
letting her get hung up on such a little thing like a crush, seeing as she
was thirty, and, in her mind, should have been beyond crushes and onto true
love by now.

Pushing aside the argument she'd had with herself to many times before, she
put on a smile and started towards the door. Moving up to it, she pulled back
her hand, about to send it knocking on the door when something stopped her.

"Oh my god Mickie...oh god!"

Listening carefully, Trish pushed her ear against the cracks of the
doorframe, hoping to hear more.

"Oh Mickie...god, your so good..."

Whimpering softly, Trish wanted to pry her ear from the door and walk away,
giving her two friends the privacy they needed to complete there act of
passion. But as much as her mind wanted to leave, every other part of her
body wanted to stay, and it won out. Making sure she was alone in the
hallway, Trish sighed softly, resuming her listening, her mind forming a
mental picture of Mickie's curvy, busty body bouncing up and down on Dale's
seven or eight inch pole.

"Yea, you like it, don't you Dale?" Mickie asked. "Am I a good little cock
sucker, huh?"

Moaning softly, Trish almost cried as her fantasy was pushed away by reality,
the vision of Mickie's sexy body bouncing up and down on his shaft replaced
with the vision of Dale sitting on the bed, and Mickie's curvy, voluptuous,
naked body kneeling before him, worshiping his cock with her mouth.

"God, Mickie, you are the best..."

Her breathing picking up, Trish looked around again, her eyes getting hazy
but her vision remaining good enough to let her know that she was alone in
the long hallway still. Making sure the hallway didn't have cameras or
anything to make this a Kodak moment, Trish slid her right hand down the
front of her jeans, whimpering softly in shame as she rubbed her soft folds,
the sounds of her friends pleasure shamefully pushing her to acts of

Hearing Dale groan loudly, Trish moaned softly, as if answering his call of
lust with her own, her small fingers brushing again and again over her soft
lips as she pictured Mickie sucking Dale's cock. She set up the scenario in
her mind, knowing it probably wasn't even close to accurate. She knew he was
probably just waking up, like Mickie had said, and she was probably just
giving him a morning hummer to get him going. But in Trish's mind, Dale was
sitting in a large, high back chair, totally naked, groaning lustfully as
Mickie knelt before him, completely naked as well as she sucked away on his
thick, throbbing member.

Hearing Dale call out again in passion, Trish softly returned his call, her
head whipping around again to check the hallway before she plunged her index
finger into her dripping slit. Her vision became more and more vivid with
each moan from Dale, or taunt from Mickie. Her mind working over time, Trish
tried to keep her shamefully act as clear and straightforward as possible,
fighting to keep Mickie between Dale's legs in her mind, but she was slowly
loosing her fight. As Dale called out to Mickie, Trish's mind lost, with
Mickie moving over in front of the chair to make room for Trish to kneel
before her blind lover.

"You are so beautiful..." Dale moaned.

Trish tried to twist the words around in her mind, adding, "Trish" in a soft
voice to the end of his words, but she knew she didn't mean it. She knew he
meant Mickie, and that was who she would have called out to as well. Looking
around again, she slid another finger into her pussy, stifling a sob as she
let her vision run its course, knowing she wasn't at the helm any longer.

Kneeling in front of Dale with Mickie, she smiled as Mickie's hands were on
her instantly, rubbing her body as she leaned forward, taking Dale's dick
into her mouth. As Trish sucked on his dick, Mickie moved up closer, sliding
her face along side Trish's and alternating between licking his exposed dick
and licking Trish's face, her nimble tongue working wonders on both of her
lovers. As Mickie moaned out again in the room, Trish moaned in the hallway
as her Mickie dove underneath her, lapping at her breasts as they hung down,
spurning her on to work Dale's throbbing rod faster and harder.

Giving the hall another look, Trish closed her eyes, almost tasting Dale's
pre-come oozing out of his shaft and into her salivating mouth. The feel of
Mickie's imaginary tongue lashing her sensitive nipples made Trish want to
kick in the door and beg the real Mickie to do it for her, but she knew that
would never happen. Mickie was a perfectly happy heterosexual, and had Dale
to boot. Trish knew her fantasies were becoming too much, that she either
had to tell Mickie and Dale, or stay away from them.

But she couldn't bring herself to do either, and as she stood in the hotel
hallway, her fingers diving again and again into her pussy, she didn't want
to stop.

"Oh, god, Mickie, I'm coming..."

"Come on Dale..." Mickie said back, and then she said the words that Trish
was longing to hear. "Come in my mouth."

Groaning softly, Trish dropped to a heap on the floor, curling up as she
continued to violate herself again and again. Looking around again, Trish
thanked whoever was looking after her that the hallway was empty and she
could finish her shameful craving in peace along with her imaginary lovers.

As Dale's groaning picked up, Trish's mind kicked into over drive. Mickie
grabbed Trish softly, lifting her to her feet and taking her to the bed,
pushing her down before making her lie out flat, her legs dangling over
the edge as Mickie returned for Dale. As primal instincts took over, reason
was thrown out the window as Trish implored Dale to fuck her, not wanting
to wait for protection and begging him to push into her raw.

~Hey, it's your fantasy.~ Her mind reminded her. ~Who's ever caught VD from
a fantasy?~

As she wrapped her legs around Dale's waist, he plunged balls deep into her
sopping pussy, Trish mimicking the action with her wholly inadequate fingers.
As Dale pushed into her needy, greedy pussy again and again, Trish's vision
was filled with the sight of her own personal heaven as Mickie's bare pussy
descending onto her face. She knew Mickie was shaved, her perfect pussy lips
fully exposed. Many showers shared and secret, lustful looks across the
shower rooms of the arenas with the buxom diva had let her in on that fact.
A fact that had gotten her worked up on more than one occasion, resulting in
Trish quickly retiring to her hotel room to spend hours alone with her laptop
and Mickie's nude photo spreads.

As Mickie's pussy hovered over her face, Trish lapped as it gleefully, her
tongue whipping her lover into a frenzy as Dale continued to pound her
towards her greatest climax ever. Quickly looking around, Trish almost smiled
at her good fortune, having the hallway all to herself for what seemed like
hours, but couldn't have been more than five or ten minutes.

"Mickie...coming...oh god!"

As Dale begged Mickie not to stop, Trish returned the favor, her vision self
begging Dale not to stop as she pleaded with Mickie to never take her hot,
dripping pussy from her mouth, the taste of her lovers sweet nectar getting
her off almost as well as Dale's fat shank. She knew Mickie wouldn't be
content to just sit back and enjoy the ride, so, giving the hall another
look, she slid her hand under her tight shirt, pulling her bra down crudely
and rubbing her nipples to hardness, her hazy mind assuring her it was
Mickie's hand and not her own.

"Oh god, musta been backed up, baby..."

Moaning softly, Trish had to fight off the urge to rush into the room again,
so wanting to go in and lick Mickie's lips and Dale's rod clean of any sign
of his orgasm. It had been nearly six long years since she last had the touch
of a lover, and the thought of having two at once, even if just for one
night, nearly had her drooling in the hallway.

Sighing, she realized the show was over, and thus her inspiration was gone.
Dale's cock withdrew from her pussy, against her urgings, and Mickie's
dripping slit vanished from her mouth, taking with it the sweet taste and
heady aroma she craved.

"Alright, Dale, we gotta take a shower, then get to Trish's..."

Shaking herself out of her trance, Trish quickly, quietly stood up,
straightening up her clothes and looking back at the door one last time
before shaking her head. Letting out a sigh, she turned and started down
the hallway, her mind scolding her for her actions as her body tried to
reason with it.

Trish knew she needed to do something. She knew her thoughts weren't right,
and that, if she wanted to keep Mickie and Dale as friend, it had to stop.
But something tugged at her, begging her to try and take their friendship
and see if it would go to the next level. She knew that people had tried
having relationships with three people involved. Not just sexual flings,
but real, true relationships. And she wanted that.

Sighing, she moved into the elevator, pushing the ground floor button. She
knew she had a crush on Dale, as stupid as it sounded to her to admit it,
and she knew she had deeper feelings for Mickie. It was all she could do to
stop herself from messing up the mistletoe scene again and again so she could
kiss Mickie over and over. But she also knew what she said to Mickie the day
before was true. Dale only had eyes for her, and Mickie was in love with
Dale. Her overreaction to Trish's semi-innocent comments had proven that.

As the elevator doors opened, she pushed her thoughts aside with them,
clearing her mind of all heavy thoughts and focusing on the all-important
task at hand.

Burger King.

* * *


Quickly looking around the room, Trish composed herself, making sure she
hadn't left anything out, and gathered her thoughts, making sure the first
thing she said when she opened the door was "Hi." And not, "So, I was sitting
in the hall masturbating while you were blowing Dale..."

Taking a deep breath, she opened the door just as Mickie was about to knock
on it again. Smiling at her, she said, "Hi!"

"Hello Trish." Dale said, smiling as Mickie led him into the room.

"Sorry we're late." Mickie said. "We were scrambling to get ready."

Waving her hand, Trish tried not to smile, knowing what had set them back.
"It's no biggie." She said. "I kinda got preoccupied myself."

"Oh, ok." Mickie said, looking around and spotting the table. Seeing the food
on it, she grinned. "Lunch?"

"As promised." Trish said. Moving over to the table, she told them, "I was
gonna swing by and ask what you guys wanted, but I was already at the door
when I thought of it, so I didn't bother."

"At what door?" Dale asked.

"Excuse me?"

"You said at the door." He said. "The front door?"

Quickly realizing her mistake, Trish nodded, telling him, "Yea. And I don't
know where you guys were staying, and I only had like a half hour, so..."

"It's alright." Mickie said, smiling. "Food is food."

Smiling, Trish slid into her seat as Mickie pulled out Dale's chair, seating
him before sitting down herself.

"I kinda just go a little of everything." She said. "So, we can like pick and
choose a bit of each."

"Sounds good." Dale said.

"Ok, I just got whoppers for the burgers, because, well, it was either that
or chicken burgers, so I figured I'd go with the staple of Burger King."
Trish said, taking the whoppers out of the bag and handing them to Mickie,
letting her set one down in front of Dale. "Alright, fries, Dale?"


Grabbing the large fries, she shook some out onto her paper wrapper, before
repeating the process with Dale's open wrapper, before handing the box to
Mickie. "Alright, we also have...pretty much just finger foods." She said.
"Mozza sticks, chicken strip things. You just want a selection?"


Smiling, she said, "You can say more than please."

"Please, Trish." He said with a smile.

Shaking her head with a smile, Trish looked at Mickie. "Regular comedian,
isn't he?"

"He can be." Mickie said.

Taking a few of each of the other items, Trish spread them around, giving
them each an equal share before giving Dale any left over. Looking up at
Mickie, she grinned. "Growing boys gotta eat."

"That he can do." Mickie said. "Slowly. Very, very slowly."

Shaking his head, Dale smirked. "You seem to have found a way to speed it

Seeing Mickie blush, Trish smiled. "You gonna explain that one?"

Looking down at her food, Mickie said, "On the way to the first hotel, we got
some pizza, and, well...I hadn't seen Dale in like five days...and we were
eating as we drove...and he was eating I...motivated him."

"Motivated?" Dale asked, smiling. "Is that what they call hand jobs now?"

Laughing loudly, Trish smiled at Mickie, who was smiling and shaking her
head. "Sex in locker rooms, hand jobs in cars...god, you two are a regular
pack of horn dogs aren't you?"

"It's totally his fault." Mickie said quickly, making Dale's eyes go wide.

"Oh, ok, little Miss Prom Sex." Dale said, smiling as Trish laughed again.

"Oh god, what is prom sex?" Trish asked.

"Didn't you do it on your prom night?" Mickie asked.

"I did." Trish said. "Me and my date got a hotel..."

"Lucky you." Mickie said. "My date got a Ford Fiesta. Prom night sex is sex
in the back seat of a small car."

"Oh my god." Trish said, shaking her head. Thinking of Mickie's rental car,
Trish had to stop her mind from wandering. Looking back at Mickie, she
smiled. "Lets just drop this conversation, shall we? I can't laugh and eat
at the same time, and I'd like to get to the arena before we get fined."

"Aren't we gonna watch a movie or something?" Dale asked.

"Nope." Mickie said. "It's just a lunch date today."

Looking at her food, Trish wished Mickie hadn't used the word "Date", even if
that's how she was treating it. She knew it was wrong to try and spend time
with Dale and Mickie under false pretenses, but she knew, deep down, if she
told them how she felt, that they'd be mad with her, and would probably never
talk to her again. Suddenly becoming less interested in her food, Trish
sighed softly.

"Mickie." Dale said. "Umm, could I get a favor?"

"Oh course."

"Could you do up my burger like I like?" He asked. "I can't stand rabbit food
on my burger."

"So, loose the veggies?" She asked, pulling his burger over.

"Everything but the ketchup and mayo, please." He asked.

"I'm sorry." Trish said. "If I'd have known..."

"It's ok." He said with a grin. "Having Burger King makes up for anything
else. Burger King heals all wounds."

Smiling, Trish thought, ~Remind me of that if I ever tell you guys I want

Scooping off the unwanted toppings, Mickie stuffed them into the empty fry
box before licking her fingers clean. Trying not to whimper, Trish looked
down at her food, pushing the thought of Mickie's tongue out of her mind in
favor of onion rings.

Pushing the wrapper back in front of him, Mickie took his hands, setting
them on either side of the paper. "There you go, sweetie. The burgers in the
middle, fries and onion rings to the right, mozza stick and chicken tenders
on the left." Looking up at Trish, she asked, "Anything to drink?"

Pointing behind Mickie, she said, "Just grab anything out of the mini bar."

Nodding, Mickie got up, moving over to the small fridge and opening it up.
Looking in, she grabbed a Coke for herself and Dale, before holding one up
for Trish. When she nodded, Mickie grabbed a third one and moved back to the
table, cracking the bottles open and handing one to Trish. Taking Dale's
hand, she put his Coke into it, letting him put it where he wanted before
sitting back down again.

Looking towards Mickie, Dale whispered, "Next weekend."

Her eyes going wide, Mickie nodded quickly. "Oh yea!" Looking at Trish, she
asked, "Would you mind if I tagged along with you next weekend? I was gonna
just head out alone but...certain events over the last twelve hours have
changed my position on going it alone."

"The bad night you mentioned?" Trish asked. When Mickie nodded, Trish
grinned. "Sure, why not. As long as you don't mind me singing show tunes the
whole way."

"You can't sing any worse than Dale." Mickie said.

Smiling, Trish turned to Dale. "Are you gonna sit there and take that?" She
asked playfully.

"She's right." He said. "I sound like a bagpipe that got run over." When they
laughed, he smiled. "And I don't think it would be so bad to have to listen
to you sing, Trish. I heard that song you did on the Originals CD. It was
really good."

"Thanks." Trish said. "I worked pretty hard to get it right."

"Well, it paid off." He said, smiling as he felt around and grabbed an onion
ring, popping it into his mouth.

"Again, thanks." Trish said. "So, you got your flights all ready?"

Oblivious to the fact she was talking to him, Dale continued eating happily,
leaning over the table to try and keep the better part of the burger from
falling into his lap.

"Uh, Dale?"

"Yea, Trish?"


"What about them?"

"Do you have them all lined up?"

"For what?"

"To come out with us next weekend." Trish said.

"Oh, no." He said. "I can't swing it. To close to the departure date."

"So, you're not coming?" Trish asked, suddenly nervous at the prospect of
being Mickie's sole companion for three nights.

"Nope. I told you yesterday." He said. "I'm going up to Boston for the next
loop, but this one was just too soon to me to afford. Like I told Mickie, if
it was another road trip, I could probably squeeze it in, but not all those

"Oh." Trish said. "Well, that sucks."

"I know." He said. "But, Mickie's coming over for a few days this week, so
it'll be alright."

"Gonna get your Mickie fix, are ya?" Trish teased, smiling as Mickie blushed.

Smiling, he nodded, taking another bite of his burger. "Something like that."

Looking at Mickie, Trish grinned. "Me thinks your gonna have your hands

"Hopefully more..."

"Don't even say it Dale." Mickie teased, reaching over and swatting him on
the shoulder before she realized what she had done. "Ohmygod!"

"You hit me!" He yelled happily. "You hit me, you hit me..."

"Oh, god..." Mickie whined, leaving Trish bewildered and confused. Looking at
Trish, Mickie whined. "We had a deal..."

"And you hit me!"

"Dale, please, baby..." Mickie started, before she saw the smile on his
face. Shaking her head, she looked at Trish. "I promised I wouldn't hit him
anymore. And if I did, I had to..." Looking at Dale, she asked, "What was it
exactly again?"

Continuing his little dance of victory, Dale told them, "You have to prove
your sorry by dragging me to a nice hotel room and make me believe you're
sorry for doing it over and over again."

"It?" Trish teased. "What's it? Hit him?"

"Oh no." Dale said, grinning. "It means it."

"Oh, it." Trish said, giggling as Mickie shook her head. "You promised him

"Hey, I tried to talk him into accepting me trying to get you over for some
three-way action." Mickie said. Grinning, she added, "I figured we could just
kiss him on the cheek and be done with it."

"Your pretty hell bent on getting that three way, aren't you?" Trish teased,
all the while hoping Mickie would inform her she wasn't joking.

"Oh yea, totally." Mickie joked. "Cuz I am your biggest fan, after all."

"Jeez, this is getting complicated." Dale said with a smile. "I'm Mickie's
biggest fan, she's Trish's biggest fan...Trish, are you my biggest fan, cuz
that would complete the circle?"

"Of course, Dale." Trish said, trying to not let on she was serious. "I'm
your biggest fan, ever!" She yelled, imitating Mickie's character and making
the whole table laugh.

"Well, Mickie, that settles it." He said, reaching around and finding
something to put into his mouth, smiling happily when he realized it was a
chicken tender. "We gotta include Trish. Do you want a girlfriend?"

"Do you think you could handle two?" She teased, her eyes on Dale and not
noticing how uncomfortable Trish was becoming.

"No." He said bluntly. Smiling, he added, "I have trouble even meeting half
your needs."

Giggling, she told him, "Trust me, Dale, you handle my needs very well. And
I'm sure you could handle another girlfriend." Looking up at Trish, she
grinned. "So, whaddya say?"

Looking at Mickie, Trish imagined she had the proverbial "Deer In The
Headlights" look. Dale and Mickie's conversations, in her small amount of
time listening to them, seemed to switch from playful exchanges to dead
serious in a heartbeat, with no indication of the switch. Staring at Mickie
for what felt like an hour, but at most was a second or two, Trish had to
decide weather or not now was one of the playful moments...

~Almost definitely~ She thought.

...Or one of the serious moments...

~God, could I be so lucky?~ Trish asked herself. ~After miserable boyfriend
after miserable boyfriend, and years of nobody but plastic, battery driven
lovers, could I really be that lucky?~

Smiling, Trish decided to lob the ball softly back into there court.

"Shit yea." She said, hoping and praying it came off as playful. Grinning at
Mickie, she picked up another onion ring, not realizing her hand was shaking
until it hit her chin. She stared at Mickie, hoping, praying, and pleading
with God or whomever for the gorgeous girl across the table to stand up, and
move over to her, and tell her she wasn't joking.

Giggling, Mickie smiled at Trish. "Well, that settles it." She said, looking
at Dale. "You now have two girlfriends."

Feeling her heart drop with Mickie's giggle, Trish tried her best not to look
disappointed. When she shifted her gaze to Dale, Trish let her head drop,
cursing herself for getting her hopes up at all.

"Coolness." Dale said with a smile. "Does that mean she has to help you

Trish couldn't help but smile at that. She loved Dale, and everything that
went along with him, and even when she was feeling her lowest, he seemed to
have a knack for making people smile, and she wasn't immune to that charm.

"No." Mickie said. "But she does have to be initiated."

"Why?" Dale asked, finishing his burger. "You didn't."

"I totally did." Mickie said. "We did it on the first date."

Deciding to end the conversation before she broke down completely, Trish
forced a smile to her face. "Well, that settles it. I can't be your
girlfriend, Dale."

"Oh?" He said softly.

~Did I just hear disappointment?~ Trish thought, before brushing it off. ~Do
not do this to yourself...~

Nodding, she said, "I never put out on the first date, so, I guess, I can't
be initiated."

"Crap." He said, smiling.

Looking at her watch, Trish sighed. "Well, we better wrap this up pretty
quick and get to the arena. It's getting late." Looking at Mickie, she
grinned. "Because someone slept in..."

"Hey, Dale slept longer than me!" Mickie said with a grin.

"And should I tell her how you woke me up?" Dale asked.

~Please do.~ Trish thought. ~Please, please, tell me, in vivid detail...~

"Ah, no." Mickie said. Looking at Dale, she smiled. "But we do need to change
your shirt."

Sighing, softly, he shook his head. "I got something on me? I knew I would.
Me and Burger King aren't meant to be..."

"It's alright." Mickie said. "I brought a spare."

"Thank you." He said softly, feeling around his make shift plate for anything
else to eat. "Did I get it all?"

Popping the last fry into her mouth, Mickie said, "Yup. Now, up. Gotta

"Did I get much on me?" He asked, sounding embarrassed.

"No, just a little ketchup." She said.

Nodding, he stood up, peeling off his shirt and holding it out for Mickie.
Watching him as he looked down at the floor, Trish wanted to jump up and hug
him, realizing how stupid he must feel for things outside of his control.
Looking him up and down, Trish took in the sight of his well-toned upper
body, his muscles well defined. Feeling eyes on her, Trish broke her gaze
and looked towards Mickie, who was smirking at her.

"He's built!" Trish mouthed.

Taking out his new shirt, Mickie nodded as she smiled. "Alright, arms."

Holding out his arms, Dale still didn't look pleased as Mickie slid his shirt
on, letting him tug it quickly over his head and cut off Trish's view. As
Mickie moved towards the front door to retrieve his coat from the closet,
Trish reached out, taking his hand and giving it a squeeze.

"It's alright, Dale." She said softly. "It's not your fault."

Nodding, he told her softly, "Just because it's not my fault doesn't mean I
don't feel like an idiot."

As Mickie returned with his coat, she again called for his arms, sliding the
long black coat over his arms and onto his shoulders. Looking him up and
down, Trish smiled.

"Nice coat." She said. "Where'd you get it?"

"No idea." He said. "Katie got it for me."


"The person who helps me when I'm at home." He said. "I'm always reaching for
things, and I always have my pockets filled, so she got me this coat because
it has a bunch of deep pockets. Now, I can carry around whatever I need."

"Except for condoms." Mickie teased.

"I told you." He said with a smile. "I had some at home."

"Which did us how much good Monday night?"

"Absolutely none." He admitted. "But we managed."

"Yea, because I dragged you to the drug store and bought some." She said.
"Your lucky I'm so caring. I could have easily called the whole thing off."

"You could have." He said, smiling as she took his arm. "But aren't you glad
you didn't?"

Nodding, Mickie leaned in, kissing him softly. "Very." Looking over at Trish,
she smiled. "Sorry for the mushy-ness. You ready to roll?"

"Oh, time to rock and roll." Dale sang badly, making the girls laugh.

Reaching out, Trish whacked him on the shoulder, her eyes going wide as she
realized what she did. "I totally didn't agree to that!" She quickly said.

"Nuh-uh!" Mickie teased. "You gotta make him believe you're sorry. That's the

Smirking, she nodded. "Alright, Dale, when you come out next week, I'll be
waiting for you wearing nothing but a smile in my hotel room, ok?"

"I'm not gonna be around next week." He said.

"Oh, too bad." She teased, making Mickie smile. "Well, I'll be there, if you
decide to take me up on it."

"Big meanie." He said with a pout. "Hitting me and then not paying the

"Oh god, Trish, let's go before he breaks out the puppy dog eyes." Mickie
quickly said. "He can make you do anything with those eyes."

Smiling, Trish followed them towards the door, shaking her head as Dale tried
in vain to keep pace with Mickie and pout at the same time. Looking him up
and down again, she grinned.

~I'd do it anyways.~

* * *


"Sorry!" Mickie said quickly. "Did you hit something? I'm sorry..."

"No, just my shoulder." Dale said. "You were getting ahead of me again."

Letting him flex his shoulder out slightly, Mickie bit her lip. "Is it ok?"

"Yea, just getting sore." He said.

"I'm sorry..."

"It's ok." He said. Smiling, he said, "Maybe we should ask Trish to walk with
us again. She seems to keep you going slower."

"Ha, ha." Mickie said. "I'm trying."

"I'm slowing you down." Dale said softly. "I'm sorry..."

"It's ok." She said, kissing him on the cheek. "I probably need to slow down
anyways." Smiling, she started them moving again when she knew his shoulder
was all right. "I used to always skip around, not paying attention, and
running into things." Leaning in and kissing him, she giggled. "Like hot
blind guys." Hearing him whimper, she stopped again, quickly asking, "Are
you sure it's ok...?"

"No, not that." He said. "The shoulders fine. Really."

"Then what were you whimpering about?"

"You, skipping." He said. "Did you mean, like, you, skipping, like sort of
jump running like movement?"

Smiling at his description, she said, "The very same."

"Oh god..." He said, whining again. "Now that, of all the things, I'd like to

"See?" She asked. "You want to see me skipping?" When he nodded, she looked
at him, confused. "Why?"

Turning towards her, he took her in his arms, gliding one hand across her
stomach and the other north to her breasts, making her moan softly as he
touched her gently. "I really, really want to see that, because, Mickie,
you have a body made for skipping."

Purring softly, Mickie melted under his touch, her mind racing for a
reasonable explanation as to how he could make something as simple as
skipping sound so sexy. Leaning forward, she kissed him softly, before
looking around. Seeing some people flitting around, she thought for a
moment, purring again as he glided his hands over her body.

"If I were to find a quiet corner for us to have a little private time, would
you mind skipping to it with me?" She asked, stifling a moan as he touched
her again.

"I would love to." He said with a smile.

Pushing his hands away, she curled her arm around his, moving quickly down
the hallway and looking for a nice, secluded place to skip with Dale. Finding
an empty hallway, she decided it was there best option and turned down it.
Moving to the end, she turned and backed into the corner, pulling him along
as she kissed him softly.

"We don't have a lot of time before I gotta go get ready. Maybe five
minutes." She said. Smiling, she added, "Make it count."

"Are we alone?" He asked, kissing her neck as he rested his hands on her

Looking down the hall, she said, "We are."

Moving quickly, Dale's hands resumed there movements, gliding from her hips,
one heading north to her breasts as the other headed south to her curvy
backside. Kissing her passionately, he pushed his tongue out gently, offering
it to her. Greedily, she snapped it up, taking it and sucking it into her
mouth, wrapping her lips around his fleshy intruder and sucking on it gently,
making him moan. Cupping her large breast, he rubbed her nipples softly,
finding her hard nubs thru the padding of her over worked bra.

"Oh god..." Mickie moaned softly, letting go of his tongue momentarily.

"That feels nice." He said. "You, sucking my tongue."

"You like that?" She asked softly. When he nodded, she moaned, his hands
feeling like they were touching her everywhere. "It reminds me of this
picture in the newest divas magazine." She said.

"I bought that." He said. "I was hoping to see it, but I never go to."

"Oh god, Dale, I wish you could see this picture." She said. "They dressed me
up in these cute little pink boxer shorts, and this white bra with pink polka
dots, and I was sucking on this lollypop..."

He grinned, nibbling he lip softly. "I've been the lollypop." He said with a
smile. "Being the lollypop is good."

Moaning louder than she would have liked, Mickie told him, "You've officially
changed the way I will look at lollypops for the rest of my life."

Smiling, he kissed her. "Why, when you look at one, you'll think of me?"

Kissing him roughly, she loved the feeling of his hands rubbing her rougher
in response. Pulling back, she grinned. "I'll look at one, and think about
sucking your cock."

Smirking, he started, "If I were to find you a lollypop right now..."

Smiling, she pulled him down for another kiss. "You're running out of time.
Now, shut up and kiss me. Lollypops can wait till later." Moving in to kiss
him again, Mickie cried softly as her watch started beeping. "No..."

"Ignore it."

"I can't."

"Yes, you can, it's easy." He said, kissing her again. "Just pretend you
didn't hear it."

"I gotta go get ready." She said. "I'm third up."

"Third match?"

"They have a segment with Trish, which they're doing now, then a match, then
a commercial break, and then a small segment, then me." Looking at her watch,
she said, "Trish should be pretty much done by now." Looking at him, she
sighed. "I so wanna make you the lollypop right now."

Smiling, he nodded. "Maybe later?"

Kissing him softly, she told him, "Of course."

Letting her wrap her arm around his, he let her lead him from the hallway,
making a left turn and heading back towards the hustle and bustle of the live
TV show. Moving towards the changing room, she opened the door with her free
arm, guiding Dale thru the door in front of her.

"Oh my god, there's a boy in our locker room!" Victoria yelled, making the
other divas laugh.

"Hey, I'm a man." Dale said with a smile.

"Prove it." Torrie challenged.

Seeing Dale smile, Mickie leaned over, kissing him on the cheek. "Don't you

"I wasn't." He said. "They're just joking." Yawning, he added, "I hope."

"God, your always tired." Torrie said. Looking at Mickie, she smiled. "Keep
him up past his bed time last night?"

"I don't have a bed time, gramps." Dale shot back playfully, getting a laugh
from the girls.

Shaking her head, Mickie said, "No, we just had a bad night last night."

"Yea, you mentioned that." Trish said. "Care to elaborate? Or, is it

Looking at Dale, Mickie asked, "You don't mind if I tell them what you did,
do you?" When he shrugged, she looked back towards Trish, telling them,
"Well, we were driving from town to town last night, and we stopped at this
place to get something to eat. It was late, and I should have known better,
but, well, I was hungry, which, I know, big surprise." When the other girls
laughed, Mickie shrugged. "When we came out of the place, there were these
three guys waiting for us, and well..." She trailed off, thinking. "I don't
really know a nice way to put this, but I think they were gonna try and rape

"Oh my god!" Torrie said, putting her hand over her mouth. "Are you ok? What

Smiling, Mickie reached out, giving Dale's hand a squeeze as he blushed.
"Dale saved me. I don't know where it came from, but he stepped up, and
bluffed his way out of it. He convinced the guys he knew some martial arts
or something and they bought it and left."

"Then I had a nervous break down and almost cried." He added, making sure
Mickie didn't leave that part out.

Leaning over and kissing him, Mickie said, "You were very heroic."

Shrugging again, he said, "I just did what I had to..."


"Really, it was nothing." He said softly.

"Dale." Trish said, shaking her head. "That is so much more than nothing. You
shouldn't just brush it off like that." Seeing him look at the floor, she
said, "What you did for Mickie was very, very dangerous, and I'm betting it
took a lot more courage than you're willing to admit, and I'm betting she's
very thankful that you did it." Smiling, she added, "Shit, it wasn't even me
in that situation, and I'm thankful that you did it."

Blushing brightly, he shrugged again. "Seriously, it was instinct. No

"No biggie?" Torrie asked. "You could have been killed!"

"Me being hurt would have been a hell of a lot better than Mickie having to
live with...that hanging over her." Looking up, he told them softly, "I would
have done what I did for any of you."

Standing up, Trish moved over to his locker, leaning down and giving him a
hug, catching him off guard at first. Giving him a quick peck on the cheek,
she told him softly, "Well, for whatever reason you did it, it really was
very, very heroic of you. Thank you." As she broke away from him, she smiled
as he blushed, now completely embarrassed by all the fuss over something he
thought nothing of. Looking over at Mickie, Trish grinned wickedly, the
memory of the morning hummer she had given him fresh in her mind. "Have
you...thanked him properly?" She asked.

Blushing, Mickie shook her head. "Well, no, not really..."


"You didn't?"

"He saved you!"

"I'll thank him!"

Smiling, Mickie shook her head. "Guys, I was freaked out!" Hearing another
chorus of offers to thank him for her, she giggled. "And he wanted to watch
a movie!"

"That's all I wanted." Dale said, trying to back his girl up.

"Well..." Mickie said shyly, looking over at him. "There was that other thing
that you wanted to do...with the ice cream..."

"Oh yea!" Dale said, before trying to cover it up. "We gotta go to Baskin
Robins and get an ice cream, don't we?"

Realizing what he was doing, Mickie quickly nodded, putting on her best poker
face. "Yup, of course, one large cone for my man."

Smiling at the two nervous lovers, Trish giggled. "You two liars." She said,
making them smile. "I don't even wanna know what you two are gonna do with
ice cream."

"If I come out this weekend and take you up on your offer to say you're
sorry, I'll show you." Dale teased.

Her mind racing with all the possibilities of what Dale could do with ice
cream, her and Mickie's bodies, and his tongue, Trish couldn't stifle the
whimper, but quickly played it off. "I'll leave a room key for you at the

"So, he saved you from certain peril, and you didn't even thank him
properly?" Torrie said. When Mickie shook her head, Torrie teased, "Not
even a hand job?"

"God, is this what you guys normally talk about?" Dale asked with a smile.

"Only when the talk is as interesting as your guys seems to be." Torrie said.

"And no, she didn't, as you say, thank me." He said. "But I didn't want her
to. It was like two in the morning when we got in, and we were both kinda

Scoffing playfully, Torrie scolded them, "Mickie, you should have at least
given him a quickie."

Mickie, seeing an opportunity to get a jab of her own in, stood up and slid
into Dale's lap, grinning at Torrie. "Trust me." She said. "Dale does not do

Laughing loudly, Mickie ducked into Dale's chest, trying in vain to dodge the
projectiles thrown at her. Feeling things hitting him, Dale quickly asked,
"Are you throwing underwear at me again? What did I do? I already went thru

Laughing, Mickie said, "Speaking of which..." Moving to her suitcase, she
pulled out a plastic back, chucking it into the middle of the floor. "Dale
decided not to take any trophies..."

"I could have taken trophies?"

"...So here's your underwear back." Mickie finished, poking Dale. Giving him
a kiss as he pouted, she said, "Gotta get going." Sliding out of his lap, she
grabbed his hands, lifting him up. "Come on, man slave."

"Mr. Lazy, gimp, man slave..." Dale said, smiling. "You guys around here sure
are nice..."

"Come on, you." Mickie said with a grin, waving to the girls as she pulled
Dale towards the door.

"Bye Dale." The girls teased.

"Bye ladies." He said, waving his hand as Mickie let the door close.

Giggling, she moved him towards the back hallway. "I think you're a hit with
the girls." She said.

Shrugging, he said, "There just overly friendly. That, and I have that teddy
bear factor working since I'm blind."

"You are very teddy bear like." She said. "Snuggly and soft."

Smiling, he let her lead him towards one of the many plush chairs sitting
around backstage. Moving him into one, she smiled, sitting him down. "I gotta
get going. I gotta talk to Vince, and then hit the ring. Wish me luck."

"Kiss for luck?" He asked.

Leaning down, she kissed him softly, before his hands wrapped around her
body, pulling him into her lap as he rubbed her softly.


"Are we like in the middle of the road?" He asked. "People watching?"

"No, pretty secluded." Mickie said. "I just gotta get going."

"Sorry." He said, smiling as he gave her another kiss before letting her go.

Smiling, she said, "I expect snuggling when I get back."

"Count on it." He said, smiling.

"I'll be back pretty quickly." She said. "Short match."

"Alright." He said, leaning back and getting comfortable in the chair.

* * *

"Alright, spill."

Looking up, Trish looked confused. "Spill what?"

"What's with you leaving him a room card next week?" Victoria asked with a

"It's not what you think." Trish said with a smile. "It's just a joke. Me and
Mickie are always hitting him on the shoulder, or poking him, and I guess he
asked Mickie to stop last night, and..." She paused, wondering if she should
tell them about the three-way thing, before deciding against it. "...And she
said if she hit him again, she'd get them a hotel room and spend the night
proving how sorry she is." Smiling, she said, "I hit him on the shoulder
earlier, and that's my punishment, I guess."

Smiling, Torrie asked, "You gonna?"

"No!" Trish said with a laugh. "He's Mickie's boyfriend. Besides, it's a

"I'm gonna start hitting him." Maria said, giggling. "I had the room next to
them Friday night, and wholly lord was she screaming. If I didn't hear her
screaming out "Oh god!" I would have called the cops."

Trish nodded, her smile hiding her shame as she remembered her own encounter
with there vocal antics.

"I got next." Victoria said, smiling. "He's kinda cute."

Standing up, Trish grabbed her suitcase, pulling it along behind her towards
the door. Smiling, she looked back. "Yea, I kinda noticed."

"You so want him." Maria teased, not knowing how close she was to the truth.

Pushing a smile to her face, Trish pointed at Lita. "Hey, who was it that
let him grab her ass?" before moving out the door quickly, laughing as Lita
shouted playfully behind her.

Tugging her suitcase along, Trish looked around, trying to find where Mickie
had left Dale so she could say goodbye before heading to the hotel. Looking
down a long hallway, she thought she saw a pair of sneakers sticking out from
behind a bend in the hallway. Moving towards them, she smiled as she spotted
Dale sitting back, bobbing his head softly as he sang softly to himself.

Moving towards him, she left her suitcase behind, going for stealth as she
crept up to stand right in front of him. Bending down, she looked around
quickly, checking for anyone looking before turning to stare at Dale, trying
to memorize his face to keep her going until she saw him again. Smiling as he
bobbed his head, she stood a foot or so in front of him, her face dangerously
close to his.

Stopping his bobbing, Dale closed his eyes, as if he was concentrating. Trish
watched in curious fascination as he sat perfectly still, until she realized
what had stopped his movements. Holding her breath, she tried not to move,
realizing she had been breathing on his face.

Reaching out quickly, Dale grabbed her around the waist, smiling as she
shrieked. Feeling her hips, he smiled as he pulled her into his lap sideways,
with Trish's wide eyes staring up at him as she had no choice but to comply.

"That was a quick match." He said, smiling as he rubbed Trish's stomach
softly with one hand as the other found her chin, his thumb brushing across
her lips.

Realizing what he was talking about, Trish went to say something, but was cut
off as his lips quickly descended down to meet hers. Feeling his lips caress
hers softly, Trish's mind screamed for her to stop him, to tell him his
mistake. She knew her and Mickie's body profiles were pretty close, but she
didn't figure it would be close enough to fool Dale's soft, nimble hands. As
she tried again to say something, she was cut off by a sigh as his hand on
her tummy moved around to her butt, cupping her curvy rump and giving it a
soft squeeze. Moaning softly, Trish's brain lost the war, and she kissed him
back, her body going on autopilot as the hand on her face moved south.

As his hand grazed across her large chest gently, lovingly, Trish wanted to
cry out, but didn't want to stop Dale's movements. Pushing her guilt aside
and kicking her conscience to the curb, she let him touch and kiss her body,
his lips not giving her a chance to tell him to stop as he kissed her softly
again and again. As his hand moved away from her butt, Trish knew where it
was heading, and shivered with anticipation. As his hand slid over her core,
she couldn't stifle the moan, moaning softly into his mouth as he rubbed her
sensitive pussy thru her jeans.

Pulling away from her lips, Dale dove his kisses down, kissing her neck and
moving south, following the low cut neck of Trish's shirt and kissing the
tops of her heavy breasts. As one hand caressed her rock hard nipples, and
the other was rubbing her closer and closer to orgasm, she squirmed
uncontrollably in his lap, his rock hard member pushing into her plump butt.

As he rubbed his lover softly, Dale met no resistance, and, knowing Mickie's
care in not getting them caught, took it as a sigh that they were alone, and
thus, he could go further. Smiling, he thought up a plan, deciding to return
the favor to Mickie for the hand job she had given him the first night of the

Feeling his hand pull back, Trish almost told him to get back to work when
she felt his hand slide towards the waistband of her jeans. Moaning softly,
she moved into a slightly better position, letting him push his hand down
the front of her jeans and panties, his skilled fingers heading straight for
her dripping core. Moaning softly, Dale plunged his fingers into Trish's
pussy, sliding his ring and middle finger into her.

"God, your wet tonight..." He murmured around her lips.

As Dale pushed into her again and again, Trish almost died when she felt his
thumb search around the top of her pussy, quickly finding her clit and
rolling it in slow, soft strokes. She wanted to grab him by the he head and
force him to never stop, but she knew she couldn't. Grabbing him would make
it seem like she wanted it, and she needed plausible deniability. But as Dale
stroked her core gently, lovingly, Trish had to fight harder and harder not
to tell him to keep going.

Feeling his hand again begin to caress her breasts, Trish pushed her chest
up, her body reacting on instinct and demanding he continue touching her
sensitive nipples. As his hand pulled back, Trish sighed loudly, knowing it
was going to be repeating the same process as the other hand and get more
intimate with her. Quickly pushing his hand under her tight shirt, pulling
her bra aside and continuing his nipple play.

With one hand rolling her hypersensitive nipples softly, and his other one
pushing her further and further into nirvana, Trish was in heaven, his
tongue lashing into her mouth to find hers and quickly finding hers eagerly
returning the favor. She could feel her need running out of her pussy,
probably soaking her panties, but she didn't care. No one, man, woman,
anyone had ever gotten her as worked up as Dale was doing with his simple
but effective hand work, and Trish found herself wishing Mickie's match
would never end.

Moving up to kiss her neck, Dale stopped in his tracks when he heard music
pump loudly over the sound system.

"Why are they playing your music again?" he asked.

Trish nearly cried. His skillful hands, combined with her burning need had
brought her perilously close to orgasm, and she desperately wanted to him to
finish. But looking into his eyes, she knew he was piecing together the
truth, and her little fantasy was about to come crashing down around her.

"Mickie?" He asked, getting scared.

Not wanting to hurt him, she knew she had to tell him the truth. "Trish." She
said, immediately feeling guilty from the look in his eyes.

"Oh my god!" He quickly yelled, ripping his hands out from under her clothes
and holding them over his head. "God, Trish, god...oh god, I'm sorry..." He
quickly said, completely surprising Trish. "God, please, god...I'm sorry, I
should have checked..."


"Oh god, I assaulted you..."

Sliding out of his lap, Trish tried to take his hands in hers, but he
wouldn't budge. Taking his face, Trish's heart broke as he jumped at the
contact. "Dale, it's alright, it was a mistake." She lied, feeling miserable.

As Trish continued to try and console Dale, she hear footsteps approaching,
and knew what was bad was about to get worse.

"Oh god, oh god..."

"Dale, it's ok..."

Hearing Dale's voice, Mickie stopped skipping and started sprinting, rounding
the corner and spotting Dale in the middle of a break down as Trish held his
face, trying to talk him down. Running towards him, Mickie dropped to her
knees beside Trish, ignoring the blonde diva as she grabbed Dale's hand.

"Dale, Dale, calm down." She said quickly. "It's alright, I'm here. What
happened?" Looking at Trish, she asked her, "What happened?"

Whining softly, Dale froze. He knew what he had done was wrong. He had
touched Trish in places only her boyfriend should, and he was not her
boyfriend. Now, after her reaction to his assault, he wasn't even sure
she would even want to be his friend. And hearing Mickie's voice had him
on the verge of tears. He knew when Trish told Mickie what happened, how
he had forced himself on her, and violated her most sacred hole, he'd be
using the cell phone in his pocket to call Katie to come pick him up, as
he knew there was no way she'd believe the honest fact that he couldn't
tell the difference between his girlfriend and her best friend. His mind
flooded with images of the night before, knowing how scared Mickie had
been when the three guys had tried to assault her. He knew how frightened
and upset she was, and she had merely been threatened. She hadn't been
violated like he had just done to Trish.

Looking at Mickie, Trish dug deep, realizing that lying wouldn't help,
and that it would probably make Mickie even more suspicious her Trish's
motives. Deciding on selective truth, she told Mickie, "Dale and I had a
misunderstanding." When Mickie looked confused, Trish explained, "I came
over to see if he needed anything, and I musta made a noise or something,
and he grabbed me and..." Sighing, she turned to face Mickie, making sure
she could look eye to eye with her best friend and make her know she wasn't
lying. "He thought I was you and he kissed me."

Before Mickie could think of anything to say, Dale started babbling again.
"God, Mickie, I'm so sorry...god, I'm so fucking stupid..."

Moving quickly, Mickie slid into his lap, holding him as he shook. "It's ok,
Dale, it's me. It's Mickie." She said. Seeing Trish go to move down the hall
and give them some privacy, Mickie held out her hand, stopping her. When she
did, Mickie turned back to Dale, holding him close. "It's alright, Dale. It's
ok." She said softly. "Mistakes happen..."

"I swear, Mickie, I didn't mean to do it." He said. "I wasn't cheating on
you. I know you guys were just joking this afternoon..." Looking up, he
asked, "Trish, are you still here?"

Moving over, she took his free hand, giving it a squeeze. "Still here."

"God, Trish...I don't know what else I can do but say I'm sorry..." He said

"It's ok..."

Looking away, he said softly, "It's not ok...I violated you..."

Confused, Mickie looked up at Trish, silently asking for an explanation.
Looking at her friend, Trish wanted to cry, seeing the hurt and pain she had

"He...touched me." Trish said softly, hoping Mickie would accept that
explanation and not pursue it further. Squeezing Dale's hand, she refused to
let go as he tried to pull away, clearly shamed over his act. "Dale, I told
you, it's no big deal. Like Mickie said, mistakes happen. I know you didn't
mean to touch me like that. You thought I was Mickie."

"I should have checked..." He mumbled.

Seeing how upset he was by the situation, Mickie gave him a kiss, trying to
lighten the mood. "So..." She said softly. "Does she feel like me?"

Groaning, Dale let his head drop again. "Please, Mickie, don't joke about
that. I feel so horrible right now..."

"I'm sorry." She said softly, before kissing him again. "But it is ok. I'm
not mad. It was a mistake."

"Tell that to Trish." He said. "You didn't have some strange guys hands all
over you..."

"Your not a strange guy." Trish said. "You're my best friends boyfriend, and
it was an accident. Nothing more."

When he nodded, Mickie looked up at Trish. Seeing her suitcase, she asked,
"You done for the night?"

"Yea." Trish said. "Like I said, was just swinging by to say goodbye before
going and waiting for a cab to the hotel."

Waving her hand, Mickie said, "Screw that. I'll give you a lift." Looking at
Dale, she smiled. "You wanna go get an ice cream?"

Shaking his head, he said softly, "I don't deserve ice cream..."

Sighing, Trish reached out, taking his face in her hands and looking down
at him. "Dale, please, stop. It was an accident. It was half my fault for
creeping up on you. Now, please, lets just go get some ice cream and forget
about it, ok?" Suddenly getting shy, she looked at Mickie, asking, "That is,
if I was invited, which, after this, I probably shouldn't assume..."

"You're invited." Mickie said. "Ice cream for all."

Sighing softly, Dale looked at the ground, his face burning red with shame.

"Yes, Dale?" She asked, holding him gently.

"I need..." He started to say, before almost breaking down again, whispering
so softly that Mickie had to strain to hear him. "I need to wash my hand."

Trish nearly cried. She couldn't imagine the things that were going thru his
mind at that moment. She knew nothing she could say would make him believe
that she was ok with what had happened without revealing her feelings, and
it was tearing her apart. As much as she had wanting him to finish a few
minutes ago, a bigger part of her now wanted it to have never happened. One
cheep thrill wasn't worth putting Dale thru what he was going thru, and it
was like someone was stabbing her in the heart as she watched him fight
back tears.

"Ok, Dale, we'll get you cleaned up in the locker room, ok?" Mickie said
softly. When he nodded, she smiled at Trish. "Help me get him up? He's kinda

Nodding, Trish helped Dale to his feet, throwing an arm over his shoulder and
giving him a hug. "What kinda ice cream do you like, Dale?" She asked, trying
to lighten the mood. Seeing him look away, she looked over at Mickie, smiling
as she winked. She hoped her next words would help the situation, but, seeing
how Dale's mood was somewhere between "Crawl into a hole and die" and "Crawl
into a hole with a angry bee hive and die slowly", she wasn't so sure. ~It's
worth a shot.~ She thought. "Mickie, can I touch his penis?"

"What?" Dale asked.

"Well, since you seem so broken up about what we've told you was an
accident..." Trish said, smiling as Mickie tried not to laugh. "...I was
thinking, maybe I could touch you and it would all even out?" Seeing his head
drop, she sighed. "Alright, that wasn't as funny as I thought it would be..."

"You can if you want." He said softly. Shrugging, he said, "It sounds kinda
childish, but I guess it's as good an idea as any..."

"Uh, no." Mickie said, poking him softly. "Mr. Big is for me."

Letting the two divas drag him down the hall, Dale sighed again. He didn't
feel like ice cream. He didn't feel like jokes. And he didn't feel like
getting any caring from the girlfriend he was sure he had betrayed, even if
he didn't mean to, and the friend he had violated. He just wanted to crawl
into a hole with an angry bee hive and die slowly.

Smirking, Trish looked over at Mickie. "Well, if I can't touch him, maybe I
should touch you, Mickie." She said. "Sound good?"

"Ohmygod, Trish, that sounds like the best idea EVER!" Mickie yelled, making
Dale smile. "My grand pappy would have been such a big fan of that idea,
because he was your biggest fan..."

"EVER!" The girls yelled in unison, making them all laugh as they started
towards the locker room to retrieve Mickie and Dale's bags.

Shaking his head, Dale grinned. "You two are nuts."

Hip bumping him, Trish grinned. "I don't have nuts..."

"And we went over this the other night." Mickie said, hip bumping him the
other way. "I don't either."

Shaking his head, Dale smiled. "Why do I bother?"

Leaning into him at the same time, Trish and Mickie each kissed a cheek,
making him laugh.

"Because you love us." The girls said, before they all broke down laughing.

* * *

Sitting out on the balcony of Mickie and Dale's hotel room, Trish tossed
the last piece of her waffle cone into her mouth, crunching on it happily.
Watching as Mickie did the same, she smiled as Dale nursed his, his tongue
flicking out and lapping ice cream from the top of the cone.

"God, Dale, you do eat slow." Trish teased.

"I'm savoring it." He said, before adding softly, "Even if I'm still not sure
I deserve it."

"Dale, stop." Trish said. "You're starting to make me feel bad..."

"And he's making me tired." Mickie said, standing up and stretching out her
back. Leaning down, she gave him a kiss on the top of his head. "Please,
honey, give it a rest. No one blames you."

"I'm sorry." He said softly. "I just feel bad about it..."

"We know." Mickie said. "Are you coming to bed?"

"In a bit." He said, smiling softly as she kissed him on the lips.

"I'll keep the bed warm." She said with a smile. Looking at Trish, she asked,
"You sticking around?"

"For a little while." She said. "It's to nice a night to crawl in early."

Nodding, Mickie gave Dale's hand a squeeze. "If you need help getting into
bed and Trish isn't here, wake me up, ok?"

"Will do." He said. "Night."

"Night." Mickie said, waving goodbye to Trish as she slid into the room,
closing the balcony door behind her.

As Trish watched Mickie move into the room and head for the bathroom, she
smiled. As much as it pained her to lie to her friend, she was happy that it
had blown over, and that hopefully she could keep her composer around Dale
and Mickie, and not give into temptation like she had at the arena. Looking
back at Dale, she felt her heart sink as he cowered on the far side of the
balcony, his mind still refusing to accept the fact that anyone but him could
be responsible for what had happened tonight. Seeing him let his ice cream
drop slightly, she sighed.

What she had done was wrong. She knew that. She accepted that. She knew it
could never happen again, or the strain it might put on her and Mickie's
friend ship would probably sending it crashing down around her. And factor
in the fact that she was just coming to grips with being around Mickie
without drooling over her, and Trish knew she would be in for the challenge
of her life. Looking at Dale, she tried to think up anything she could say
to make him feel better, but was coming up empty.

Sighing softly, he asked, "Trish, are you still here?"

"I'm here, Dale." She said softly.

"I know your getting sick of hearing this..." He said, letting his head drop.
"But I'm sorry. I know I'm saying that a lot, but it still doesn't feel like
I'm doing it enough..."

"Dale, please, please, stop." Trish said softly, moving over and sitting next
to him. Wrapping her arm around his shoulder, she hugged him gently.

"I should have asked if you were Mickie..." He said softly "I mean...god, I
just grabbed you and forced myself on you..."

"Dale, you didn't force anything. If anyone should be sorry, it's me for
not doing more to stop you." Sighing, she looked away, debating what, if
anything, she should say to him. Looking at him, she decided he deserved
a bit of the truth. "I'm ashamed of what I did today. Mickie's such a good
friend, and I didn't stop you from touching me because I'm weak."


Her breathing becoming shallow and ragged, Trish decided to let it out,
realizing she was in to deep as it was. Her heart ached from lying to him,
and she needed to get it off of her soul. "Dale, I can't keep lying to you
anymore." She said softly, fighting back tears of shame. "God, Dale, it's
been so long since someone touched me the way you touched me, and I...I
liked it. God, that feels so bad to say that, but I liked it. The way you
touched me felt so soft, and so nice, and I envy Mickie because she gets
to feel that every day..." Crying softly, she admitted, "I didn't want you
to stop. I wanted you to touch me like you touch Mickie, and make me feel
loved like she does..."

Moving quickly, Dale reached out, wrapping his arms around the sobbing girl
and holding her softly. Burying her face in his shoulder, she let it all out,
crying loudly. Holding her gently, Dale rubbed her back, confused by her
confession but pushing it aside in favor of helping his friend. Hearing the
balcony door open again, Trish cried louder, knowing Mickie had returned and
Dale was about to tell her secret.

"Dale, what's..." Mickie started, before she realized it wasn't Dale, but
Trish crying. Moving quickly, she was at her friend's side in a heartbeat, a
hand on her shoulder as Trish clung to Dale. "Trish, god, what's wrong?"

"I'm sorry..." Trish cried, her mind splitting in two as she both wanted to
wrench away from Mickie and Dale and urge them to get closer at the same
time. Screaming in frustration into Dale's shoulder, Trish continued crying,
trying to will herself to stop but finding herself unable.

"Trish, what are you sorry about?" Mickie asked. Not getting an answer, she
asked, "Dale?"

Shaking his head, Dale wordless let Mickie know that wasn't a question he was
going to answer. Crying hysterically, Trish answered it for him.

"God, Mickie, I'm sorry..." She said. "I'm a horrible, horrible person..."

"Trish..." Mickie started, but she was quickly cut off as Trish jumped up,
prying herself free from Dale's arms.

"I'm sorry..." Trish whined, before turning and running from the balcony,
closing the door behind her as she ran across the room, heading out the door.

"Trish!" Mickie yelled after her. "Dale, what is going on? Is Trish all
right? Did you say something?"

Shaking his head, Dale let his face fall into his hands. "Mickie, Trish needs
to be alone right now." He said softly. "She has some...things she's dealing

"Does it have to do with what happened at the arena?"

"Yes, but not what you think." He said. Looking towards the ground, Dale
asked, "Mickie, is there something about Trish you're not telling me? About

Suddenly getting shy, she stammered, "Why would you ask that?"

"Because you two are girls, and you are best friends." He said. "And I know
you two talk about things you don't tell me about."

Sighing, Mickie softly told him, "I don't know if I should be telling you
what we talk about."

Nodding, he said, "Well, she told me she was ashamed of herself because she
enjoyed me touching her today. Does it have anything to do with that?"

Sitting next to him, she took his hand in hers. "She likes you. Like, more
than a friend likes you." When he nodded, she sighed. "She told me she
thought about asking you out last week, but thought you wanted me more."

Nodding, he asked, "Am I the person she was talking about liking but they
were with someone?"

"No." Mickie said. "She promised me that. We had a talk about you before
that, and she aired her feelings about you. Then, at the restaurant, she
promised me that she wasn't talking about you."

Sighing, he leaned back in his chair. "Then who was she talking about? She
told us she didn't like any of the guys at work, and she doesn't have time
to meet people at home."

Shrugging her shoulders, Mickie held him tightly. "I don't know." Letting her
head lay on his shoulder, she added, "But I wish she'd tell us..."

* * *

Curling up on her bed, Trish sobbed loudly, her body locking in the fetal
position as she cried.

"How can you be so stupid?" She asked herself, only adding to her

Running her fingers thru her hair, she didn't know if Mickie had followed
her, and didn't care. She wasn't answering her door for anything short of a
fire alarm, and even that wasn't a given. Taking deep breaths, she tried to
fight down her tears, to get her emotions under control. She knew her
outburst in front of Dale and Mickie had all but ended any chance she had
with a friendship with them, as Dale was probably telling Mickie exactly
what Trish had told him, that she loved the way he touched her and that she
wanted more.

She knew that Mickie had trusted her. She had left Dale in her care on more
than one occasion, and the temptation had finally gotten the better of her.
She'd never dream of making the first move on Dale, and never dreamed of
making a move on Mickie. But when Dale touched her, she felt helpless in
his arms, like his touch was the only thing keeping her alive and she craved
it like a drug.

"That's a good analogy." Trish mumbled. "I'm a stupid fiend." Sighing, she
let her head drop into her hands. "And Mickie and Dale are my drug."

Lying on her back, she cursed herself for her stupidity. She was a grown
woman. Thirty years old. She should be married and living in the suburbs with
2.4 children and a dog at this point, not pining like a school girl over her
best friend and her boyfriend. She knew full well she was attractive, and
lusted after by millions of men, and she had to choose the two people on the
planet she could never have. Her best friend and her boyfriend. And she had
screwed it up. She knew if she wanted to, she could have probably seduced
Dale. He was a guy, and he could be seduced. And, deep down, she thought she
had a slimmer of hope with Mickie. Something had sparked that day of the
Christmas kiss taping, and she desperately wanted to act on it, but, at the
time, Mickie was still in her long-term relationship with Kenny. Trish had
thought they were happy together, and, had she known they were on there last
legs, mere days from breaking up, she might have swooped in, and taken Mickie
into her arms and into her bed, comforting her in ways Mickie probably never
figured her "Idol" would.

Fighting off a fresh batch of tears again, Trish cursed loudly, her anger at
her own stupidity rising.

"If I wanted one of them, no problem." She said, before sighing softly. "But
I want both..."

Sitting up, she shook her head slowly, trying to gather her thoughts.

"Well, at least I don't have to see Dale next weekend." She said softly,
before almost crying. "Mickie wanted to travel with me..." Looking over at
the phone on the nightstand, she contemplated calling the office and telling
them she was sick, that she wouldn't be able to make the next loop.

Shaking her head, she pushed that idea aside. "That'll only make things
worse." She said. She knew she could avoid Mickie if she tried hard enough,
and, if she happened to run into her, just turn and walk away, assuming
Mickie even said anything to her.

Crying softly, she fell back to the bed, running her hands over her face.

"God, why does it have to hurt so much?" She asked, a new batch of tears
flowing from her eyes as curled up on the bed, knowing she was going to be
in for a long, long week, regardless of what she chose to do.

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