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PAIRING: Mickie James/A Fan(Dale), Trish Stratus/Mickie James/A Fan(Dale),
Trish Stratus/A Fan(Dale)


1st, my fanfic will often deal with strange situations/pairings, so if your
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4th, this story is written from the viewpoint that what happens on TV isn't
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Blind Leading The Blind Part 3: Decisions, Decisions
by Nero Rain (

"Holy shit."

Smiling at her, Dale softly said, "Please, Mickie? You promised."

"I know, I know, but." She said, trailing off. ".Shit, that's gonna be cold!"

"Quit squirming." Dale scolded her playfully. "I'm aiming here."

"Why do you think I'm squirming?" She asked. "Can't I put something on? Like
a ski suit?"

Sighing softly, Dale let the ice cream scoop fall slightly. "A ski suit?" he
asked. "Yea, ok, sure, cuz that would be really sexy, licking ice cream off a
ski suit."

"Please Dale?" Mickie pleaded. "God, this is gonna be so cold."

Sighing again at her stall tactics, Dale looked towards her. "Mickie, if you
want to stop, tell me."

"Ok." She said quickly, interrupting him.

"...But you did promise me this." He reminded her. "And, I thought long and
hard about this, and it was what I wanted. You bugged me, and I told you
this, and you gave it the ok."


"...And I was really, really looking forward to it." He finished softly.

Whining, Mickie reached out, taking his arm in her hands. "Please, Dale...
It'll be so cold!"

Looking away, he nodded softly, taking the ice cream scoop and setting it
back in the tub. "Ok." He said softly, sliding away from the table full of
banana split toppings Mickie had set up.

Watching as he stood up, Mickie felt horrible as she caught a look at his
face, seeing his eyes full of disappointment. Reaching her hand out, she
tried to hold him, but he was off the bed and moving gingerly away towards
the door before she could get to him.

"Dale." She called softly, her heart sinking as he continued towards the
door, finding it in short order and moving out into the hallway. "Dale!"

Putting his hand on the wall, he let it lead him down the hallway towards the
living room, feeling his way towards the couch and sitting down on it softly,
his elbows resting on his knees as he let his head sink down.

Quickly pulling on a pair of shorts and a shirt, Mickie moved out the door
and down the hallway, looking from room to room for her boyfriend before
coming upon him sitting in the living room. Seeing his body language, his
head hanging down as he stared blankly at the floor, she moved towards the
couch, but didn't sit down, not knowing if she was welcome or not.


"I guess I should have just stuck with what I wanted and asked for a hug or
something." He said softly.

Mickie felt her stomach sink. Dale had been trying to get her to live up to
her promise of letting him make her into a Mickie split for three days, and
she had finally promised him he could do it today, figuring it was going to
be the hottest day of the week and thus would be the best for doing it. But
when she saw the steam rising off of the ice cream, she panicked. She'd had
a pervious lover use ice cubes on her nipples before and regretted it later,
as he had left them on to long and chilled her to the bone. When Dale had
mentioned the Mickie split in the hotel room, she'd been all for it. But
when it came time to actually give him his reward, she had balked, and now
his eyes were making her pay the price.

"Dale, I'm sorry, but, god, do you know how cold that would have been?" She
asked softly, trying to convince herself as much as him that she had done the
right thing.

When he nodded softly, she smiled, her hope soaring that he was finally
seeing things her way. But when he didn't look up, she realized something
wasn't right.

"I don't wanna talk about it anymore." He said softly, still not looking up.


"Please, Mickie?" He asked softly.

Sighing, she moved over to the couch, sitting next to him. Finding his arms
not moving, she nearly cried. Every time she had sat near him since the night
they made love, his arms were open and inviting, begging her to be as close
to him as she could. But she found no outstretched arms this time, just him
sitting there, staring at the floor like she hadn't even sat next to him.

"Dale, baby, I love you, but that would have been so cold." She tried again,
before he cut her off.

"I don't want to talk about it." He said, his voice taking on a slight edge.

Going to hug him, she stopped herself, not knowing how he'd react. "Dale,
please, don't be mad."

"You promised me." He said softly. "I would have been perfectly happy to let
what happened slide, but you wouldn't. I told you that you didn't owe me
anything, but you kept at it until I came up with something, and you agreed.
If you didn't want to do it, you should have told me that when I said it."
Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves, he told her, "I know it was silly,
and childish, but I was really looking forward to it."

"So was I." Mickie told him, before adding, "But god, Dale, it's frozen
milk!" When he didn't answer, she let her head drop down into her hands. She
didn't want to ask what she was going to ask, but she knew she had to. "Do
you want me to go home?"

Shaking his head, he told her softly. "No, Mickie, I don't." Looking towards
her slightly, he asked her, "Could you put the stuff back in the fridge?
It'll melt soon."

Nodding, she smiled. "Did you want some ice cream anyways?"

Shaking his head again, he told her, "If you don't want it, I'll let Katie
know about it."


"I just don't feel like ice cream." He said softly. Sighing, he shook his
head, telling her, "Mickie, I know I'm being stupid, and childish, and I'm
sorry.I just." Looking back down, he said, "I'd like to be alone for a little

Looking at Dale, Mickie wanted to crawl into his lap and cry, begging him for
forgiveness. But she knew he was upset, and, in the little time she had known
him, knew that while he didn't get really upset often, when he did, talking
wasn't high on his list of things to do.

"Ok, Dale." She said softly.

Leaning over, she went to kiss him, but stopped herself, not knowing if he
would accept it or not. Standing up, she walked towards the bedroom, quickly
gathering up the items on the small table, her mood going from bad to worse
as she walked it to the kitchen, putting them in the fridge before returning
to the bedroom.

Sitting on the bed, she let her head fall into her hands. Rubbing her fingers
over her eyes, she wiped away the wetness that was building around them.

Ever since they had gotten back from the road trip, Dale had been in a
strange mood. What had happened with Trish had affected him almost as much as
it seemed to affect Trish herself. Mickie had assured him over and over again
that it wasn't his fault, that he didn't know it was Trish, but he refused to
accept it. Something about the encounter had upset Dale greatly, and he
wasn't willing to talk about it. Mickie had hoped that getting home and
relaxing would help him calm down, but it just seemed to make his mood even
darker. She was praying that the fun with the ice cream would finally lift
his mood, and, for a moment, it seemed to.

~Until I fucked it up again.~ Mickie thought, shaking her head.

She knew she had fucked up. She had promised Dale something, and she hadn't
came thru on it. All of her previous boyfriends had let her slide on such
things, but she could tell Dale was hurt by it. He'd been upset before, but
never with her, and she never wanted to see the look of disappointment she
had seen in his eyes a moment ago ever again. It hurt her to much to see
him look like that.

Looking at small table by the bed, Mickie thought about filling it back up
with the banana split toppings and dragging Dale back in, begging him to coat
her with ice cream and clean it off of her like he had wanted to do. Shaking
her head, she pushed the thought aside glumly, knowing the moment was gone
and nothing she could do would make it up to him.

Looking at her suitcase sitting in the far corner of the room, tucked out of
the way so Dale wouldn't trip over it, she briefly considered grabbing it and
heading out the door, but she knew, deep down, she didn't ever want to do
that in anger with Dale. She'd done it with Kenny, and it hurt her to no end
to walk out on him after she had caught him cheating on her.

Shaking her head, she fell onto her side on the bed, grabbing a pillow and
clutching it tightly to her body, trying to get her raging emotions under
control before she broke down crying and upset Dale more. Curling up in a
ball, she sniffled softly, her face buried in the pillow as a thought ran
thru her mind.

"How can ice cream make me feel so bad?"

* * *

Pulling her face out of the pillow she had been clutching for the last hour,
Mickie looked towards the door, listening intently. Hearing voices, she moved
off of the bed slowly, creeping towards the door and down the hall, stopping
when she realized the voices were coming from the living room. Making sure
she couldn't be seen, Mickie listened to the voices.

"There's some ice cream in the freezer." Dale said softly. "You can have it
if you want."

Smiling, Katie nudged him softly. "I thought that ice cream was for your and
Mickie's...personal use."

Trying not to smile, Dale didn't look at her. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Dale, I may try to ignore certain things, but I'm not stupid." Katie said,
smiling as he smiled. "I know full well that you two didn't just hold hands
on that trip you just took." Seeing him blush, she pressed on. "Why aren't
you in with her now? She's been pretty much by your side non stop since you
guys got home." Letting out a sigh, Dale's mood instantly dropped, and Katie
noticed. "Dale, what's wrong?"

"It'" He said softly. "Me and Mickie were planning on doing...
something, and I was really looking forward to it, but she didn't want to,
and now, I'm sitting out here acting like a spoiled baby while she's probably
somewhere around here, realizing that I'm not worth the headaches I cause her
and that she could have someone with a lot less baggage and a lot less
worries than me."

Her face dropping, Mickie's heart stung with his words. She knew he didn't
like himself very much, but she never knew how deeply he felt about it.

His breathing getting shallow, he told Katie, "God, Katie, I love her so

As Dale's voice trailed off, Mickie peeked around the corner, seeing his head
resting in his hands as Katie put her arm around him. Watching him closely,
Mickie's eyes welled up anew as she realized that Dale was either crying or
fighting really hard to hold it in. Ditching her hiding spot, Mickie quickly
moved into the living room, going over to the couch and sitting next to him,
taking him in her arms. Jumping slightly, Dale went to fight out of the
strange arms before Mickie put her head next to his, whispering into his ear.

"It's ok, Dale." She said softly, holding him tightly against her body.

Seeing Mickie return and Dale cling to her, Katie realized that she was in
the middle and quickly got off the couch. "Dale, I'll be at my place if you
need me." She said, watching as he nodded before smiling softly at Mickie,
moving out of living room and quickly making her way out the back door.

"I'm sorry, Mickie." Dale said softly, clearly shaken up. "I'm sorry. God,
your probably sitting there, pissed off at me, and I'm acting like a child
over ice cream of all things."

Leaning down, she kissed him softly, which wasn't easy as his breathing was
ragged and uneven. "Dale, don't be sorry." She told him softly. "I'm the one
who should be apologizing.your upset over a promise I made that I didn't
keep." Looking down at him, she tried anything to help his mood. "Did you
want to still do it?"

Shaking his head, he told her softly, "I don't want to because I know you

Holding him close, Mickie told him softly, "Dale, seeing you hurting is
tearing me apart." Seeing him look away, she took his face in her hands,
making him face her. "I'll do anything to cheer you up, because it's
killing me to see you cry."

Seeing tears start to well up in his eyes, Mickie couldn't hold back any
more, and tried her best just to sob quietly so Dale wouldn't hear her,
knowing that her crying would only make it worse. But she knew he could
hear much, much better than her, and when she heard her own sob, she knew
she was busted.

Holding her softly, Dale sniffled softly. "God, Mickie, I don't think I'm
worth all this trouble."

Quickly kissing him, Mickie shut him up as she pushed that thought out of his
head, not wanting him to ever think he wasn't good enough for her. Pulling
back, she held him tightly. "Dale, you are worth anything." She said softly.
"I love you so much, and I'd do anything to make you happy. I know I screwed
up on this whole Mickie split thing, but, god, I'd do anything to make it up
to you. I'd go fill the bathtub full of ice cream and take a bath in it if
it'll make you happy, because I love you Dale. And I feel so bad knowing that
me being stupid is hurting you so much that you'd think that I don't love
you." Crying softly, she kissed him again, hoping he would believe her
pouring her heart out. "Dale, I love you. Love, love, love." Holding him
tightly, she sobbed quietly, telling him, "And I hope you love me too."

Wrapping his arms around her body, he pulled her close, hugging her tightly.
"Mickie, I love you so's's hard." He said with a sigh.
"You can't have any idea how frustrated I get every day. I love you so much,
and I want to be able to do things for you, but I can't even do things for
myself. I want to take you out, and give you all the things a normal
boyfriend could, but I can't, because I can't see. I want to do all the
cheesy Hollywood things, like take you for a walk on the beach, or watch a
sunset with you, but I can't." Looking away, his cheeks burned bright red
as he whispered "I can't even make love to you the way you want."

Quickly silencing him again with a kiss, she held him just as tight as he was
holding her. "Dale, you please me in ways no one else could ever dream of. I
don't care that you can't see, or that you can't do what a so called normal
boyfriend can."

"Mickie, it's only been ten days." He said softly. "I feel so stupid sitting
her crying and telling you I love you knowing that I've only been dating you
for ten days."

"Dale, I'm doing the same thing." She said. "I admit, it feels weird, but...
doesn't it feel right?" When he nodded, she smiled. "And haven't we been
having a blast?"

"Except for Monday and today." He said softly.

"Monday was fun, up until the incident." She said. "And today was fun until
I was an idiot."

"You weren't an idiot." He said softly. "I was. I should have never asked for

"Dale, you asked, I said yes, and that's that." She said. "I'm the idiot. I
broke a promise, and I'm sorry. But I felt so bad when I saw you walk out of
the room, that I just wanted to curl up and die. I've had such a good time
with you."

"Of course you have." He said softly. "It's only been ten days. No one would
get board of someone in ten days."

"Dale, please drop the ten days thing." She said. "I've had relationships
that lasted ten hours. I've had relationships that lasted years, and I've
never felt the things with any of them that I feel with you. And I don't
care if you can see or not, because it's not your sight I love."

"I hate being a burden."

"Your not." Mickie assured him. "I didn't have to take you out with me last
weekend, but I did, because I wanted to be with you. And you're learning more
and more every day on how to get along with your blindness. And if you need
help, I'll do whatever I can to do to help you. I don't want you to feel like
if you need help, you can't ask me. I'm not just here to have sex with you,
I'm here to be with you. Being a girlfriend to someone means more than just
having sex. If you ever need anything, anything at all, I want you to ask,
and never feel like your indebted to me because of it. I'll never keep score,
or hold it against you." Leaning down, she kissed him on the forehead.
"Because I love you. Got it?"

Nodding, he said, "Got it." When she held him tighter, he said softly, "I'm
sorry about being an emotional train wreck the last few days. I know I've
been hard on you."

"It's alright, Dale." She assured him. Knowing what he was thinking, she
said, "I'm worried about Trish too."

Nodding, he held her tighter, smiling softly as Mickie scooted into his lap,
letting him rest his head on her chest as she rubbed his chin with her thumb.
Looking up at her, he smiled.


Looking down, her heart soared when she saw him smiling for the first time in
what felt like decades. "Dale?"

"Can I have some ice cream?" He asked softly. "And sprinkles?"

Smiling, Mickie kissed him on top of his head, sliding out of his lap before
moving towards the kitchen. Stopping at the doorway, she turned to look at
him, a wicked thought crossing her mind. Moving back towards him, she reached
out, taking his hands in hers.

"That was quick." He said, before looking confused as Mickie pulled him to
his feet. "What's going on?"

"Classified." She said with a giggle, locking arms with him and moving him
towards the hallway.

"Where are we going?" He asked, trying to get his head straight and figure
out where in the house he was. "The kitchen?"


Moving into the bedroom, Mickie grinned as she led him over to the bed,
spinning him around and sitting him down. Giving him a kiss, she sprinted
from the room, leaving him confused.

"Mickie?" He called out softly. Not getting a response, he heard clanking
and thudding coming from somewhere else in the house. Standing up, he heard
footsteps quickly approaching the room he was in.

"Sit down, sit down." Mickie scolded him playfully.

"Where am I?" He asked, feeling around. "Am I on the bed?"

"Yup." Mickie said, moving over to the small table and setting the hastily
gathered banana split toppings out on it. Moving the table back over she
grinned at the confused look on his face, knowing he didn't have a clue as
to what she was planning. Quickly peeling off her shirt and shorts, she
moved over to Dale, taking his hands.

"Alright, we have." She started, taking his right hand and moving it over the
toppings. "Chocolate, Strawberry, a can of whip cream, sprinkles, chocolate
sauce, butterscotch sauce, strawberries, bananas, and some cherries."
Shrugging slightly, she said, "I couldn't find the peanuts. I forgot where I
put them. Alright, list off the stuff. Show me you know where everything is."

"Ok, ok." He said, moving his hand back over to the far end. "Chocolate,
Strawberry, a can of whip cream, sprinkles, chocolate sauce, butterscotch
sauce, strawberries, bananas, and some cherries."

"Very good." Mickie said, smiling as she slid onto the bed.

"Ok." Dale said, clearly still not getting it. "Do I have to make my own?"

"Of course." Mickie said with a giggle.

"I'm glad you find this funny." He said with a smile. "Where's the bowl?"

Taking his hand, she reached it behind him, putting it on her bare core,
smiling as he jumped slightly. "That's the bottom." She said, before moving
his hand up to her breasts. "And that's the top. Get to work."

"Mickie, I thought we went over this." He said softly. "You don't wanna do

"Yes, I do." She said with a smile. "Now, either your doing it, or I'm doing
it, but one way or the other, I'm getting coated in, and licked clean, of all
kinds of junk." Smiling, she asked, "So, what's it gonna be?"

Smiling, he reached his hand out, grabbing the whip cream can and fumbling
with the top. Popping it off, he gave it a shake, turning to face her and was
just about to spray some on her when she spoke up.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

Looking confused, he said, "What you wanted, I thought."

Making a clicking noise, she smiled. "God, Dale, don't you know how to make a
Mickie Split? Ice cream always goes on bottom."

"I was going to try and pad it." He said. "I don't wanna put cold ice cream
right on your skin."

Reaching out, she rubbed his arm, smiling. "I'll survive. Now, make your
Mickie split."

Grinning, he set the whip cream can down, searching around the table for the
ice cream scoop and scooping out some ice cream, which he was fairly certain
was chocolate. Turning around, he moved the scoop towards Mickie's body,
waiting for her reaction.

Looking up at the scoop, Mickie mentally prepared herself for the shock of
the cold hitting her skin.

"Do it." She said. Feeling around gently, he quickly found the valley between
her breasts, and dropped the ice cream with a plop. "Oh my god it's cold!"
Mickie shouted with a laugh. "Holy shit!"

"Do you want me to stop?" He asked.

Giggling, she pushed his hand back towards the table to speed up the process.
"Not on your life!"

Scooping out another scoop of ice cream, he smiled as he moved it over her
body, aiming it a bit lower and loving her soft whimpers. Turning the scoop
upside down, he smiled as the ice cream landed with a splat on her chest,
making Mickie yelp softly, along with something else. Listening carefully,
Dale smiled.

"You moaned." He said, smiling. "Your liking this."

"It's not horrible." She admitted. "More ice cream. You need at least three
scoops. Although, I'm betting with a big, young, strapping young man like
you, you'll want more."

"Well, I figured on four." He said, reaching for the ice cream again and
pulling out another scoop. "One for the breasts, one for the chest, one for
your delectable tummy, and one for your lovely pussy."

"That sounds good." Mickie said, whimpering softly as he moved the ice cream
over her body. "A little lower. That one's gonna hit the other one."

Moving lower, he waited for her ok before flipping it upside down and
dropping it on her stomach. Hearing the whining from before disappear, and
smiling at the moaning that replaced it, he reached for a final scoop of ice
cream he would cover his lover with. Moving it towards her body, he grimaced
slightly as she grabbed his hand. "Not the pussy?" He asked softly.

"Yes, put one there." She said softly, before pushing his hand down lower,
moving it towards her core. "I just want to make sure you hit it dead on."

"Are you liking this?" He asked, smiling at her.

Twisting his arm, she flipped it over slowly, making sure the ice cream
landed dead center of her pussy. Groaning loudly, Mickie arched her back, the
cold shooting bolts of pleasure up and down her body.

"Oh my god." Mickie moaned, pushing his hand away quickly. "One more, one

"Where?" He asked.

"With the last one." She said, moaning softly as the cold cream sent shivers
up and down her body. "Put it on my pussy."

"Any particular flavor?"

"Well, the last one was chocolate." She said. "So, maybe strawberry?"

Nodding, he moved his hands to where he thought the strawberry ice cream was,
scooping it up and moving the scoop back to her pussy. Letting her guide his
hands, he smiled as she twisted his hand, letting the ice cream fall out of
the scoop and land on her pussy.

"Oh my god!" Mickie moaned loudly, her back arching and making her have to
hold the ice cream on her stomach steady. "God, Dale, put something else on."

Moving quickly, he scrambled for the whip cream, quickly shaking the can and
moving the can over her body. "I spray, you aim?" He asked.

Grabbing his hand quickly, Mickie moved his hand up to her breasts, moaning
as he opened up the can and sprayed whip cream over her breasts. Realizing
he wasn't going to close the flow anytime soon, she quickly moved the hand
south, tracing her body and letting him give her a good coating before
stopping him.


"Ice cream?"

"No, other stuff."

"Oh." Turning to the table, Dale grabbed at anything, picking up a can. His
mind quickly clouded as his want to please his girlfriend grew, making it
impossible for him to remember where everything was. "What's this?" He asked,
holding it up.

Smiling, Mickie realized he was getting worked up. "Butterscotch."

Tilting the can slightly, he poured it slowly over her body, her moaning
music to his ears. Quickly putting the can down, his mind raced for what else
he could put on her, not remembering what she had gotten, let alone where she
had put it. Quickly grabbing something else, he held it up.

"Butterscotch, again." Taking the can from him, she set it on the nightstand,
telling him. "More."

Scrambling for the nightstand again, he grabbed another can, holding it up.

"Chocolate sauce." She said with a giggle. "I'm going to be so fattening."

"And so worth it." He said, running the can up and down her body to give her
a slick, black coat.

"Oh my god." Mickie moaned softly. "More."

"What's left?"

"Plenty." Mickie giggled. "You forgot, didn't you?"

"I have other things on my mind."

"Well, you still have sprinkles, bananas, strawberries and cherries."

"Well, I know where the cherries are going." He said with a smile. "Where are
the sprinkles?"

"Hand, on the table.little to the left.little more.more.stop!" Mickie said,
her smile growing across her face as he picked up the sprinkles. Seeing his
hand over her face, she told him, "Lower. That's my face, and the last thing
I want to have to tell Vince is I got blinded by a sprinkle."

Chuckling, Dale moved his hand down, dropping sprinkles on what he hoped
was her body. Giving her a nice layer, he handed them to Mickie, his hands
returning to the table, looking for the strawberries.

"Do these things have the green parts taken out?" He asked.


"Good." He said, smiling. Taking a few strawberries, he dropped them on her
body, laughing with her when they hit the stick, slick mess that her body was
quickly becoming. "I'm so hungry." He teased her softly.

"I hope so." Mickie said. "This is a lot of stuff!"

"Aren't you gonna help me eat it?"

"Hell no!" Mickie giggled. "Your gonna lick all this goop off of my curvy
body weather you like it or not."

Nodding, he reached back to the nearly empty table, feeling around and
finding the bananas. Fumbling slightly, he peeled one quickly, turning around
and feeling for the perfect spot to put it, positioning it along the curve
between Mickie's breasts. Reaching back around, he grabbed the cherries,
turning back to her.

"No more bananas?" She asked softly.

Shaking his head, he whimpered softly. "I'm kinda getting worried about
making myself sick." He said.

"I thought you were hungry?" She teased.

"I am, but I don't think I'm five scoops of ice cream hungry." He told her.

"Well, if it's any consolation, the ice cream is melting." She said. "Also,
your bed sheet is ruined."

"Remind me to throw it out before Katie sees it." He said with a grin.

"Think she'd mind?" Mickie asked, smiling as he pulled a pair of cherries out
of the jar.

"Yes." He said, feeling around for her breasts and setting a cherry on each
one. "There. A Mickie split."

"It looks very appetizing if I do say so myself." Mickie said, giggling at
the sight. "Now, eat me."

Grinning, Dale leaned down, his head hovering above her stomach as he lapped
at the sweet, slick mess with his tongue, doing as much spreading around as
he did cleaning. Dragging his tongue along her belly in long, smooth strokes,
he licked up the creamy goop lovingly, having to stop every few strokes to
give a good swallow.

"God that's thick." He said with a smile.

Giggling, Mickie teased him playfully, "I thought you said I was curvy?"

"You are." He said. "The mess I made out of you, however, is thick."

"Does it taste good?"

"So, so good." He said, giving her another lick to prove his point. "How am
I doing?"

"One scoop, almost gone." She said. "Move lower."

"Pushy, aren't we?"

"My pussy's going numb." Mickie said. "Please, clean it up?"

Chuckling softly, he nodded, tracing his tongue down her body until he came
across the large mound of ice cream and toppings that were her pussy. "Good
god, how much did we put down here?"

"Enough for you to lick off." Mickie moaned.

"It'll take me a while." He said with a smile.

"Why do you think I wanted a second scoop?" She asked.

"Greedy little girl." He teased. "I thought this was supposed to be my

"It's both of our treat." She said. "Now lick."

"Yes, lover." He said.

Moving down, he pushed his face into the mess, licking and slurping up ice
cream as Mickie moaned and squirmed, his mouth getting closer and closer to
her core. His hot breath was in shape contrast to the cold ice cream, and
Mickie was loving the dual stimuli.

Feeling his tongue finally make contact with her pussy, Mickie screamed in
lust. Clawing at the sticky bed sheet, Mickie tried to keep still, knowing
the ice cream was having an hard enough time sticking to her body as is. It
didn't need her wiggling to help it onto the bed. But as Dale lapped eagerly
at her folds, she was slowly loosing the war.

"Mmmmmm, butterscotch and pussy." Dale said with a grin. "My favorite."

"Is it clean?" Mickie whined, wanting desperately for him to move on before
she had a breakdown.

"Is it ever, you dirty little thing?" He asked, smiling.


"What do you want me to do, lover?" Dale asked her softly.

"You still have my boobs to clean up." Mickie said, smiling. "So, I was
figuring, if I strapped you up, you could put me on your stick and lick me
clean like an ice cream cone?"

"Oh my god that sounded dirty." He laughed. "Remind me not to bite the cone."


"Deal." He said, sitting up. Smiling, he asked, "I take it you need me to get
the condoms?"


Kneel walking to the dresser, Dale laughed as his knees plodded thru sludge
and cold, opening the top drawer and fumbling around for a condom. Quickly
moving back between her legs, he smiled as he ripped it open, taking it out
and rolling it on.

"No!" Mickie cried. "I wanna do that!"

"Pipe down." Dale teased. "I'll let you give me a hand job later, ok?"

"Promises, promises."

"Have I ever not come thru with a sexual promise?" Dale asked, lining up with
her cold pussy lips. "God, I hope I don't shrink."

"Don't worry, you could stand a little shrinkage." Mickie teased. "You're my
thoroughbred, remember."

"Are you calling me a horse again?" He asked, pushing into her slowly, the
coldness of her outer lips quickly replaced by the warmth of her depths.

Giggling, she wrapped her stick legs around his waist. "You have some horse
like qualities."

"Such as?"

"Well, your loyal." She said. Giggling, she added, "And you like to be

"Very much."

"You eat a lot." She said. "Oh, and you have a big dick."

"I was wondering when you were gonna say that." He said, leaning down and
quickly finding the mess of toppings that were her breasts.

"Well, I didn't want to build up your ego to much and just come out and say
that first." Mickie said with a groan. "But, it had to be said."

Nodding, Dale lapped at her breasts, licking at the mass of stick toppings
as he thrust into her softly. As he laid across Mickie's body, he shivered
as cold ice cream and stick toppings coated his front, his thrusts into her
accompanied by wet slaps as one thing or another was sticking to her thighs.
Moving up to her face, he kissed her softly, smiling as she broke apart and
started licking his face.

"Am I tasty?" He asked with a groan.

"Yes." She moaned. "Am I?"

"So, so tasty." He assured her. "I could eat you all day.toppings or no

Groaning loudly, Mickie arched her back despite herself, sending a mass of
cold goop sliding down her body and pooling around her neck. As he pulled out
and plunged into her again, she arched harder, lifting her back off the bed
and pushing the back of her head into the mess they had made. She knew she
was going to be a completely filthy mess by the time they were finished, but
she didn't care. All that mattered was the smile etched on Dale's face as he
pushed into her again and again. As she screamed out his name loudly, she
could almost see his pride swell, his knowledge that he was pleasing her
making him happy beyond words. And that was all Mickie wanted out of this
situation. To make him happy, and put the stupid fight from earlier behind
them. If she came, all the better, but she was beginning to realize that she
was her most happy when Dale was happy, and he was happy when she was

"Horse cock." Mickie teased.

"Porn star boobs." Dale teased back.

Her eyes going wide, Mickie asked, "Porn star boobs?"

"Yes, porn star boobs." He said, leaning down and giving the aforementioned
breasts a licking. "So big, and bouncy.and don't think for a second I think
there real!"

Laughing, Mickie said, "God, I hope not! I'd have to question your sanity if
you did."

"But there nice." He said, suckling her nipple softly. "Mmmmmm, strawberry."

Moaning loudly, Mickie wrapped her arms around him as he laid across her
body, his body sliding around the slick, cold mess that was his girlfriend.
Moving his face up, Dale searched for her lips, quickly finding them with her
help as he pushed into her again, her moan filling his mouth.

"Of god, Dale." Mickie moaned. "God, we're gonna be so filthy."

"Remind me to care after you come." He said with a moan, pushing into her
velvet hole.

"Ok." Mickie groaned, her sticky arms wrapping around his back and holding
him as she grunted with each thrust.

Whining loudly, Mickie wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him in with
each thrust, making sure he gave her all he had and wasn't holding out on
her. Kissing her neck, Dale savored the taste of his Mickie split, loving the
playfulness of the moment as he plunged into her shaking body over and over
again. Dragging his tongue over her throat, Dale smiled as Mickie grabbed his
head when it came into view and kissed him roughly.

"Oh god." Mickie whined, her pulls becoming more and more erratic as she
relied more and more on Dale to bring her off. "Please, baby."

"I won't stop." He finished, knowing what his lover was begging for before
she begged.

Pushing his head down, Mickie whined as he took the hint, latching onto her
breasts and flicking her nipples with quick tongue strokes. Thrusting into
her again and again, Dale drank in her cries of passion, fueling him on as
he worked her closer to the edge.

"God, fuck, fuck!" Mickie screamed, her body shaking softly in his grip as he
made each stroke count, knowing she was at the peek of her sexual mountain,
and he intended to keep her there as long as he could. "Ohhhh god."

Sucking in air in deep, greedy breaths, Dale lapped at her messy nipples,
finding the cherry and quickly spitting it away, the time for play gone and
the time to do his duty to his lover at hand. Suckling her sensitive nubs
softly, Dale smiled as she tried to arch her back, his touch driving her

"Ohhhh." Mickie sobbed softly, her legs trying in vain to lock around his
waist and hold him steady, her pussy finishing quivering and now beginning
to reject his touch.

Knowing her body well, Dale quickly stopped. Keeping steady, he listened to
her pant, kissing her chest softly.

"Out." Mickie commanded softly. "Now. Get it up here."

Dale smiled, teasing Mickie. "Get what up where?"

"Your horse cock." She growled. "In my mouth."

"I don't know." He said, running his tongue over her hard nubs, making her
moan. "I'm not sure I want my cock in a mouth that growls."

"Please?" Mickie whined.

"That's better." Dale said, giving her a soft kiss before pulling out with a

Taking the condom, he tossed it aside as he kneel walked up her body,
keeping his hands on her to make sure he didn't kneel on anything. When he
was getting close, she reached out, grabbing his cock and guiding it home,
wrapping her pouty lips around it and sucking it softly. She knew he was
nearly at the end of his rope, and merely wanted to return the favor he
gave her. If he hadn't licked her out to begin with, they probably would
have came at the same time. As it was, she came first, and now she was
righting the wrong.

Groaning loudly, Dale leaned back, Mickie's warm, wet mouth working it's
magic on his pole, her tongue flipping over the head as she jerked him off
slowly. Grunting softly, Dale turned his head to stare down, Mickie's oral
skills doing it's job and forcing him to come, her slurping lips and whipping
tongue making sure he gave her everything he had, not letting a drop go to
waste or be left behind.

Letting his cock slide out of her mouth, Mickie swallowed his love with a
gulp, smiling as he quickly collapsed beside her. Snuggling up against him,
she kissed him on the cheek, before he turned and demanded lip to lip contact
softly. Granting his wish, she gave him a soft kiss before letting her head
rest on his sticky chest.



"We look like shit."

"I'm betting we look more like banana spits than shit."

"True. But we should get cleaned up."


"And put the ice cream away before it melts."

"In a minute. I need a rest."

"So, how was your very first Mickie split?"

"First? You mean I might get more?"

"Well, not just anytime. I'll save it as a reward for something."

"So you're telling me there's a chance?"


"Well, good, because I loved it. This was awesome. Ice cream and pussy cream.
What more could I guy want?"

"Porn star boobs."

"Well, ya, there nice, but they were just the.whip cream on the split."

"Funny. Come on, lets get to work."

"Later. Dale tired."

"Alright, just a little rest."




Looking up, Mickie smiled as she realized he was snoring softly, his eyes
closed tight as he drifted off to sleep. Smiling, she curled up against him,
giggling as her butt came to a rest in a pool of melted ice cream before she
drifted off to sleep, joining her lover.

* * *

Scrubbing her hair with the towel, Mickie let the bathroom door open slowly,
tying the housecoat Dale had lent her tighter around her body as she moved
down the hall, Dale in tow. Watching him scrub his head, she smiled, poking
him softly.

"Your lucky butterscotch washes out of hair." She scolded him playfully. "Or
I'd have to do a Molly Holly and shave my head bald."

"No." Dale whined softly, letting Mickie lead him into the bedroom. "You look
so hot with long hair. At least you did seven months ago."

"Thanks." She giggled, grabbing the wrecked top sheet of the bed and tossing
it in the trash before setting him down. "And you looked hot covered in
toppings from a Mickie split."

"Until we fell asleep and it caked on." He said.

"Yea, that was kinda sick." She said with a grin. "Anyways, since someone was
lazy and let the ice cream melt."

"You fell asleep too!"

"...I'm gonna go grab a snack." Leaning down, she kissed him on the lips.
"I'll be back in a bit, ok?"


"Yea Dale?"

"I love you." He said softly. "And thanks."

"Your welcome." She said, smiling as she turned and headed out the door.

Tossing the towel in the laundry basket at the end of the hall, she slid into
the kitchen, her stomach urging her to eat. Opening the fridge, Mickie peered
inside, looking for anything quick and easy to eat.

"Your going to ruin your supper."

Looking up, Mickie smiled as she spotted Katie standing in the doorway,
taking off her jacket and kicking off her boots. "Hey."

Moving towards the fridge, Katie slipped past Mickie, reaching in and pulling
out a half dozen things. "So, how are things between you two love birds?"
Katie teased.

Smiling, Mickie blushed. "Fine. We talked it out."

"And he talked?" Katie asked.

"Yea." Mickie said, slightly confused. "Why wouldn't he?"

"He's not a big talker."

"Could of fooled me." Mickie said with a grin. "He almost talked my ear off
on the trip."

Looking over at Mickie, Katie said, "I'm really glad you took him, by the
way. I know I might not have seemed it before, but I think it did him a world
of good."

"Well, some good." Mickie said. "We had a few snags."

"Such as?"

"Such as Dale having to bluff off a trio of lecherous drunks before they
raped me." Mickie said.

Looking at Mickie, Katie's eyes bugged out of her head. "He did what?"

"He didn't tell you?"

"No!" Katie said. "What happened?"

Shrugging, Mickie said, "We stopped to get something to eat, and after we
came out, some guys started touching me. Dale got between us, and threatened
them if they didn't leave me alone. He bluffed good enough to get rid of
them." Smiling, she added, "And then had a break down when we got to the

"Oh my god." Katie said. Shaking her head, she said, "I would have never
expected that. He's always so shy."

"Yea, about that." Mickie started softly. "I've been meaning to ask you about
that. Is there something.I don't want to say wrong, but, not right about
Dale? I mean, he always seems to get upset about things, and he won't let
them go like normal people."

Nodding, Katie turned back to the food, opening the packages. "Dale is being
treated for severe depression." She said softly. Looking at Mickie, she said,
"I'd have told you about it before, if I had known you guys were going to
start dating, but it all happened so fast. He's having a really hard time
with it, and he doesn't like talking about it." When Mickie nodded, Katie
continued, "We just found the right medicine to help him out, and he's still
trying to get his head wrapped around the fact that he's not a "Freak" or
"Defective", that he's just sick and needs help." Sighing, she said, "I'm
sure he told you about his family?"

"A bit." Mickie said. "Nothing good."

"From what I've gathered, there's nothing good to tell." She said. "He had a
horrible childhood, and as a result, he's been living with depression for
years. I had to beg him to finally go and get some help."


Shrugging, Katie said, "He always had an excuse. When I met him, he kept
saying it was because of his blindness. But I've worked with blind people
before, people a lot worse off than Dale. He, at least, has the money to
deal with it. The others didn't have as much trouble adjusting as he did,
so I got suspicious." Shaking her head, she told Mickie softly, "He was so
embarrassed to go to his doctor and ask for help. I had to all but ask for

"Is he getting better?" Mickie asked softly, before asking, "Or is this as
good as it gets?"

Shaking her head, Katie said, "Two months ago, he wouldn't have even talked
to you, let alone come to meet you." Grinning, she added, "And have sex with
you? Forget it. Just hearing him talk about what was upsetting him this
afternoon almost made me jump with joy. He's so used to keeping his problems
bottled up and just "Dealing with it", that any time I can get him to open
up and talk about his problems is a good thing."

Mickie nodded, asking, "Does he go see anyone?"

"He usually goes to a psychiatrist every two weeks. He had a session last
Thursday, before you guys left." Looking at Mickie, she said, "His depression
was the main reason I was worried about him going out on the road with you.
He just found out he would never see again, and then he had to go talk about
it, and...I was afraid it would push him over the brink." Smiling softly, she
said, "But he proved to me again that he's stronger than I give him credit
for. He talked thru it, had a cry, and that was that."

Smiling, Mickie nodded. Looking at Katie, she asked softly, "Do you think
I'm good for Dale? He did get pretty upset this afternoon."

"Mickie, Dale loves you." Katie said. "He gets upset. It's something your
going to have to learn to live with if you want to be with him. He's been
thru the emotional wrecker over the last seven months, and it takes its
toll. But, I think you're the best thing that's happened to him in his
whole life. He seems so happy whenever I mention you." When Mickie nodded,
Katie smiled. "Now, is he awake?" Again Mickie nodded, so Katie told her,
"Could you go get his lazy butt out here and tell him to help with supper?"

Nodding, Mickie turned towards the doorway, heading out and towards the
bedroom to get Dale.

* * *

"Yorn desh born, der ritt de gitt der gue." Dale sang happily, the large
blade of the knife in his hand sliding against his fingers as he cut up the
tomato Katie had given him.

Watching him in quiet bewilderment, Mickie shook her head, trying to place
the song that Dale had been singing for the last ten minutes over and over
again. She knew it sounded vaguely familiar, but she couldn't put her finger
on it.

"Orn desh, dee born desh, de umn bork! Bork! Bork!" Dale finished again,
finding no more tomato to cut. "Anything else, Katie?"

"Carrots. Cut them pretty thin, length wise."

"Hook me up." He said, smiling as he felt Katie take the tomatoes away and
replace them with the carrots. "Yorn desh born, der ritt de gitt der gue."

"I give up." Mickie said. "Dale, what the hell are you singing?"

Smiling, he went to work on the carrots, sliding the knife gently thru the
carrots, slicing them quickly. "God, Mickie, were you locked in a box when
you were a kid?" He asked, smiling.

"I know that damn song!" She yelled, smiling from ear to ear. "But I just
can't remember from where!"

Shrugging, Dale turned back towards the carrots. "Orn desh, dee born desh,
de umn bork! Bork! Bork!"

"Tell me!" Mickie laughed, playfully collapsing to the floor and hugging
Dale's leg. "Please, god, tell me! It's right on the tip of my tongue!"

"Then go look in a mirror." Dale joked.

"It's the Swedish Chef's theme song." Katie said, smiling as Mickie dropped
to the floor, sighing in relief.

"Oh my god thank you Katie." She said, smiling as Katie and Dale laughed. "I
thought I was going to have a melt down thinking about that." Popping up and
standing next to Dale, she asked, "Do you watch the Muppet Show?"

He smiled, his hands moving in a slow, steady motion as he carved thru the
carrots. "I love the Swedish Chef."

Looking down at the knife, Mickie was suddenly aware for the first time that
her blind boyfriend was handling a large knife unsupervised. "Umm, honey, do
you think you should be doing that?"

"Doing what? Singing?" He asked with a smile. "We've established that I
should never sing."

"No, cutting."

Nodding, he smiled, turning towards he and asking silently for a kiss. After
she granted it, he said, "It's ok. When I first hired Katie, she put me to
work in the kitchen cutting up things. She taught me how to not cut myself.
After some practice, it's all second nature." Motioning down, he said, "It's
all in the fingers. Keep them tucked into your hand and let the blade rest
against the knuckles. Slow, even strokes, and no pain."

Leaning up, Mickie whispered into his ear, "That sounds like something else
you do very well."

"Horny little harlot." Dale teased, before turning back to the counter. "Yorn
desh born, der ritt de gitt der gue."

Shaking her head, Mickie moved in behind him, hugging him softly, singing
with him.

"Orn desh, dee born desh, de umn bork! Bork! Bork!" They sang in unison,
laughing as they finished.

"Done, Katie." He said. "Anything else?"

"Nope, that's it." She said. "You two can go wait in the dining room.
Shouldn't be to long."

Letting Mickie take his knife and hand it to Katie, Dale smiled as she
wrapped her arm around his and led him towards the dining room. "Bork, bork,

"I'll bork you." Mickie teased.

"Ooo, I'm scared." He said with a smile. Laughing, he asked, "Does bork mean
what I think it means?"

"How should I know?" Mickie asked, sitting him at the table. "You're the
Swedish Chef expert."

"Well, are we talking about the Swedish version of bork?" He asked, trying to
come across as serious.

"There are other meanings?"

"Of course." He said, still failing to look totally serious. "The Swedish
version is an expression of joy."


"The American, loosely translated, means, "To bend one's girlfriend over the
edge of the bed and pleasure her with your tongue until she blacks out with
a smile etched on her face."."

"That's a pretty big translation."

"One word can speak volumes." Dale assured her.

"Well, as much as I like that meaning, any others?"

"Ok, well." Dale thought, his mind racing for another meaning to dream up.
"In Spanish, it means, "To take a curvy WWE woman's champion as your lover
and keep her happy."."

"Wow, that's pretty specific." Mickie said, smiling at him. "Are they all

"Sadly." He said. "Bork is a very dirty word. Almost all the translations are
sexual. Some of them mention you by name."

"Oh my." Mickie said, giggling. "Well, we better stick to the good old
American version then."

"I like that." He said with a grin. "I'd like to translate for you."

Giggling again, Mickie smiled. "So, what's for supper?"

"How should I know?" Dale asked with a laugh. "I know were having carrots,
cucumbers, tomatoes and purple onions, so I imagine a salad of some kind.
Other than that, I'm lost."

"Well, I saw Katie with some kind of white meat." Mickie said. "So, I'm
guessing chicken and salad?"

"Maybe." Dale said. "She's been using the indoor grill I got her like crazy

Smiling, Mickie reached out, taking his hand. "I'm willing to bet, whatever
it is, isn't as fun as what we had for lunch."

"Uh, no." He said, smiling. "Katie's an awesome cook, but nothing beats a
Mickie split."

"What's a Mickie split?"

Looking up, Dale and Mickie both blushed as Katie came into the dining room.
Seeing the looks on their faces, Katie smiled. "And speaking of splits, where
is all the ice cream?"


"You guys didn't eat it all, did you?" Katie asked, grinning as she set
Dale's plate in front of him.

"Umm...not so much." Dale said softly.

"It's not in the freezer." Katie said, looking at Mickie. "Do you know where
it is?"

"It melted." Mickie said softly, looking down at the table.

Trying not to laugh, Katie asked, "You mean you didn't put it in the freezer
when you were done?"

"We didn't know we were done until it was to late." Dale said.

"Too late?"

"We fell asleep."

Shaking her head, Katie smiled. "Do I have to clean anything up?"

"No, we'll take care of it." Mickie said, looking at Dale. "Right Dale?"

"Right." He said, nodding quickly.

"Alright then." Katie said, taking her seat. "I'll drop it then."

"Thank you." Dale and Mickie said in unison.

Taking a bite of her salad, Mickie crunched on it, before something popped
into her head. "Umm, Katie?"

"Yes, Mickie?"

Looking down at her food, Mickie chose her words very carefully, not sure how
the older woman would take the question.

"Where do you keep the bed sheets?"

Erupting in laughter, Katie was unable to hold it in any longer, the look on
the two embarrassed lovers faces too much for her. Howling loudly, Katie let
her head drop to the table, trying to point down the hallway as tears of
laughter streamed from her eyes. Pounding the table with her other hand,
Katie shook with laughter, leaving the two lovers confused.

Finally composing herself for a minute, Katie said, "Down the hall, closet on
the right." Looking at Dale, she started giggling again. "Dale?"

"Oh god."

"Never, ever tell me what a Mickie split is." She said, before erupting with
laughter again.

"Don't worry." Dale said, shaking his head as his cheeks burned bright red.
"I wasn't going to."

* * *

Settling down on his bed, Dale scooted up to the headboard, letting Mickie
crawl up and sit between his legs. Letting her back rest against his chest,
he hugged her tightly, keeping her soft body against his.

"That was pretty good." He said. "What was on the chicken?"

"Some kind of honey sauce." Mickie said. "It was good."

Nodding, Dale held her softly, letting her snuggle into his arms.


"Yea, baby?"

"I'm worried about Trish." Mickie said softly. "I haven't heard from her all
week, and I gotta go out tomorrow morning, and she hasn't returned any of my
calls. I don't even know if she's gonna still drive with me, or I'm gonna
have to scramble for a rental car."

"I'm worried to." He said softly. "I've also been thinking." Leaning down, he
gave her a kiss on the neck. "Do you think that the person she was talking
about, the one she liked by couldn't have, might have been you?"

"No." Mickie said flatly.

"How can you be sure?" Dale asked.

"Because Trish isn't bi, and I know for a fact she likes guys." Mickie said,
before squeezing his hand. "She likes you."

"How do you know she's not gay?" Dale asked softly. "I don't think it's
something she would advertise."

"She's.just not." Mickie said. "I don't really have any proof, but I don't
think she is."

"I don't think she was talking about a guy." Dale said.

"Why not?"

"Like I said to her the other day, she's not single for lack of choices." He
said. "She could have pretty much anyone she wanted."

"I guess." Mickie said softly. "You might be right, but still, why me?"

"Have you looked in a mirror lately?"

"No, I mean, other than that." She said.

"Well, does she hang out with the other divas like she does you?" He asked.

"Not really, no." Mickie said softly.

Sighing, Dale held her tighter. "Mickie, I'm gonna ask you this, and I'm
hoping I'll get an honest answer." Kissing her neck, he asked, "Do you like

"Dale, I told you, that was an angle." Mickie said softly, hoping he'd take
that as an answer.

"You didn't answer the question. If you don't want to, fine, but don't avoid

Sighing, Mickie said, "Dale, I love you."

"I know." He said. Sighing softly, he asked, "I'm not getting an answer, am

"What do you want me to say, Dale?" Mickie asked.

"The truth."

Sighing, Mickie let her head drop. "Honestly, I don't know. She's nice, and
caring." Trailing off, she thought over what she was saying for a moment,
before adding, "...And yes, I find her attractive, in more than a regular
way. But do I like her, like, like her? I don't know. I've never gone that
far with a girl before."

"How far is "That far."?"

"I've never dated a girl." Mickie said.

Nodding, he said, "Well, if she's in love with you, that may be what's
bothering her, and why she isn't answering your calls." Holding her, he
said, "Obviously, it's bothering Trish. The way she was crying the other

"I know." Mickie said softly, the cries of Trish running out of there hotel
room haunting her. "What can we do?"

Shrugging, Dale said, "I wish I had the answer for that. But we have to do
something, or we're going to loose a friend." Thinking, he asked softly,
"Mickie, you said you never dated a girl. Have you ever...and you don't
have to answer this, I promise, I won't be mad either way, but...have you
ever...done things with a girl?"

"Things?" Mickie asked. When he nodded, she said, "If by things you mean have
I had sex with another girl...then yes."

Nodding again, he asked, "Have you ever thought of Trish like that?"

"I've always promised you honesty." Mickie said. "Yes, I have thought about
her like that."

Holding her softly, he asked, "How much of that second girlfriend thing the
other day was a joke, and how much was serious?"

Getting nervous at the line of questioning, Mickie quickly told him, "Dale,
honey, I love you. You're more than enough for me."

"Mickie." Dale said, cutting her off. "Please, stop avoiding the question.
If you don't want to answer, then just say so, but."

"I was one hundred percent serious." She said, cutting him off as her courage
surged for a moment. "I'm so, so happy with you, that it makes my head spin,
but if I could have Trish too, and not loose you...god, I don't even wanna
think about that."

"You can think about it if you want." He said softly, before admitting, "I've
thought about it. Having you and Trish as my girlfriends." Looking away, he
told her, "I should have know that Trish wasn't you when I kissed her."

"Dale, you couldn't have know."

"I should have." He said softly. "Trish kisses different than you. I should
have known."

Sighing, Mickie leaned heavily back against Dale. "Dale, what are we going to
do? This is getting surreal. We've gone from lonely people needing someone to
love to debating if my best friend loves us and wants to be our girlfriend."

"I can't answer that." He said. "If I say I want you to go get Trish for me,
I look like the moron who wants to much. And if I tell you to stay away from
her, then I look like the jealous boyfriend who's scared of loosing his
girlfriend to everyone."

"Dale, I'd never cheat on you." Mickie said softly. "I've been cheated on,
and I know how shitty it makes you feel. I hope you know I care about you to
much to do that to you."

"I know."

Holding his hands, she looked back at him. "What do you want me to do?" She
asked him point blank. "I won't think your greedy if you want Trish too,
because, honestly, so do I."

Nodding, he told her, "I want what you want. I love you, and." Trailing off,
he softly added, "I think I could love Trish."

Nodding, Mickie kissed him softly. "I'll talk to her this weekend." Mickie
said. When he nodded and squeezed her tighter, she asked, "Do you trust me?"

"With all my heart." He said.

Kissing him softly, Mickie said, "I'll do what I can. But I can't force Trish
to love us. Or love you if she only wants me, or love me if she only wants

"I understand."

Sighing, Mickie held him tight. "This is gonna suck." She said softly. "This
has a fifty/fifty chance of either being pure heaven or utter hell." Looking
back at him, she said, "But I'm committed. After this weekend, I'll either be
coming home with a girlfriend for us, or less one friend."

"You don't have to loose a friend." Dale said.

"Do you honestly think she'll want to be my friend after I tell her how we
feel about her, and she doesn't feel the same way?" When he shook his head,
she said, "And I'll need complete honesty from you. I may get her to call
you when I get to the arena, if I can get her to talk to me, and I need you
to be honest with her. Can you do that?"

"I'm always honest." He said.

"I know." She said. Looking at him, she said, "Can I know something? And
you'll be honest?"

"Of course."

"What happened between you and Trish at the arena the other day?" She asked.
When he looked away, she said, "I know that you touched her and kissed her,
but she and you never explained what you did."

"I'm still not to proud of it." He said.

"Dale, if she liked it, which she said she did, what's there to be ashamed
of?" Mickie asked. When he didn't answer, she said, "I want to know. Please?
Tell me, in vivid, raw detail, what happened. Don't leave anything out."

Nodding, he sighed softly, starting with, "Mickie, you have to believe me, I
thought she was you. I swear, I never would have even kissed her if I knew
she wasn't you."

"I understand Dale." Mickie said softly.

When he nodded, he told her, "Well, I was in the back, where you left me. I
thought I hear someone coming, but I didn't pay any attention to it, since
they didn't say anything to me." Thinking back, he said, "And then I...I
dunno, felt, you ever get that feeling, that someone's looking
at you?"

"All the time."

"Well, it was like that. Then, I felt something on my face, and I realized
that someone was standing right in front of me, breathing on my face."
Looking away, he said, "I remembered what you said about wanting to snuggle
when you got back, so I reached out and pulled Trish into my lap. She
squeaked a bit, but she didn't say anything."

"And then what, Dale?"

"Then.I felt around for her lips, like I do you, and I kissed her." He said.
"I said something about your match being short. It was only like two minutes
after you left that she showed up." Thinking again, he tried to collect his
thoughts, knowing his girlfriend wanted total discloser. "I kissed her, and
I started rubbing her tummy, like you like." He said. "Then, I started moving
my hands around. I know you'll always let me know if we're being watched, or
you just don't want me touching you, so when she didn't say anything, I took
it as a sign that you wanted more." Shaking his head, he softly said, "God,
I'm stupid."

"Dale, please." Mickie said softly. "Your not stupid. Please, talk about it."

Nodding, he told her, "I was rubbing her butt with one hand, and her breasts
with the other." Looking ashamed of himself, he said softly, "When you didn't
protest.or she didn't, I took the hand that was on her butt and put it down
the front of her pants. I remember saying something about how wet she was,
and all she did was moan back.I couldn't tell it wasn't you, because I just
figured you were trying to keep quiet, like in the locker room."

"Go on."

"So, I was fingering her, like I do to you some times, and.I know how you
like your breasts played with too when I do that, so I slid my other hand
under her shirt. I think she was wearing a bra, and I pulled it down and
started playing with her nipples. I was kissing her face, and her neck and
the tops of her breasts...I think she was wearing a low cut shirt."

"She was." Mickie confirmed.

"Anyways, I pretty much kept that up until I heard your music play again. By
that time, I had been fingering her for.god, I don't know, about eight, ten
minutes." Looking away, he said, "As soon as I heard your music, I knew
something wasn't right. I asked her why your music was playing again, and
when she didn't answer, I asked, "Mickie?" After minute, she told me it was
her, Trish, and I went into panic mode." Letting his head drop, he told her,
"God, Mickie, I'm sorry.I know I fucked up, but I swear, I would never
knowingly cheat on you. I love you."

"I know Dale." Mickie said quickly. "I know, it wasn't your fault." Thinking
for a minute, she asked, "Why didn't Trish stop you?"

"She couldn't." He said softly. "I was kissing her pretty much non stop."

"Yea, but didn't you say you were kissing her neck and stuff?" Mickie asked.

Thinking for a minute, he nodded. "Yea, actually, I was."

"So, theoretically, couldn't she have told you to stop then?" Mickie asked.

"Mickie, it wasn't Trish's fault."

"I'm not saying it was." Mickie said, reassuring him. "I'm just saying, I'm
beginning to think less and less that this was no ones fault, and wasn't an
accident on Trish's part."

Shrugging, he said, "Well, I don't have an answer for you." Looking down at
her, he said, "She said she enjoyed it, but still."

Nodding, Mickie silenced him with a kiss. "I'll figure it out, ok?"

Hugging her softly, he smiled. "I trust you."

Smiling, she snuggled against her lover, enjoying his embrace. "I gotta get
to bed early tonight so I can catch my flight tomorrow." She said. "Wanna
watch something then hit the sack?"

"Sure." He said. "How about a comedy DVD? I got a bunch of standup comedy."
Looking at her, he kissed her cheek, missing her lips but not caring. "You
don't have to get up to, to early. Katie's a pretty good driver. She knows
all the back roads and short cuts."

"Katie?" Mickie asked. "I thought I was driving myself?"

"No." He said, smiling. "How am I supposed to snuggle with you while your

"You wanna snuggle, do ya?" She asked, smiling.

"I wanna cut down the time away from you as much as possible." He said. "And
snuggling with you in the back seat while Katie drives is the best way to do

Smiling, Mickie squirmed away from him, heading towards his DVD rack. "Well,
if all goes well this weekend, you'll have more girl to snuggle with than you
can handle."

"Oh, you dare question my snuggling ability?" He asked, smiling as the heavy
talk faded away.

"Well, I'm just saying." Mickie said, picking out a DVD and sliding it into
the player. "Two girls."

"Two full figured curvy women." He corrected her. "Trust me, Trish has

"She must if you thought she was me." She said, grinning.

"I should have known she wasn't you." He said, grinning as she slid into his
lap. "You're my curvy love goddess."

Leaning back, she kissed him softly on the lips. "That I am. And very proud
of it."

Smiling, he hugged her gently, listening as the mandatory crowd noise

"About damn time."

* * *



Curled up on her couch, Trish cursed the doorbell as she cried softly. She
wanted to yell at whoever it was to fuck off and leave her alone, but she
knew that would only alert them to the fact that she was home.


Something she didn't want anyone to know.


"Give up!" Trish finally screamed, the fifteen-minute ding dong a thon
finally getting the better of her.


"Fuck off!"


"Leave me alone." Trish sobbed, curling up on the couch as the chimes came
faster now that whoever it was knew she was home.



Getting up off the couch, Trish stormed towards the door, her eyes red and
swollen from crying for the past four days, and looking forward to venting
at whoever was on the other side of her door. Grabbing the door handle, she
ripped the door open, glaring daggers.

"What!" She screamed, before she realized who it was and tried to slam the
door closed again.

"Dale, foot, now!" Mickie yelled.

Acting on instinct, Dale kicked out his leg, getting it wedged in the door
just in time for Trish to slam the heavy wooden door on it.

"Ow!" Dale yelled, almost dropping to the ground as Trish tried again,
kicking his foot as she pushed. "Good lord, stop!"

Getting a running start, Mickie slammed shoulder first into the door,
tripping over Dale's leg and sending Trish to the floor butt first as she
stumbled into the house.

"Leave me alone!" Trish cried, curling up on the floor and hoping if she
ignored Mickie and Dale, they wouldn't yell at her and would leave her alone
with her broken heart and self-pity.

"Trish, please, stop." Mickie said softly, getting to her knees and moving
over to the blonde diva. "Trish, me and Dale flew all the way up here to see
you. We want to make things right."

"You did nothing wrong." Trish said softly.

"Oh god, oh god, my foot." Dale whined, collapsing on the ground and holding
his foot.

Looking at Trish, Mickie said, "Please, help me." When Trish nodded, Mickie
asked, "Your not going to lock us out, are you?" Shaking her head no, Mickie
motioned to Dale. "You first."

Standing up quickly, Trish went over to Dale, helping him to his feet along
with Mickie and guiding him into her house, his limping getting less and less
with each step until they sat him down on the couch Trish had been weeping on
for the last few days.

When they all were seated on the couch, Mickie quickly stood up, moving to
the other side of Trish and sitting down, pinning Trish between her and Dale.
"Trish, please, can we talk? It cost a bunch to get up here today."

"Mickie, you didn't have to do this." Trish said softly, not looking her best
friend in the eyes. "It was my fault. I led Dale on."

"Trish, no one was in the wrong." Mickie said.

"Yes, I was." Trish said. "I let him touch me, thinking I was you. I...
enjoyed him touching me."

Blushing softly, Mickie looked away. "I know. I could tell."

Turning to face Mickie, Trish gave her a questioning look. "How could

"I was watching." Mickie said softly. Looking over at Trish, Mickie bit her
bottom lip, looking shy. "You two put on quite a show."

"And I have to apologize here too, Trish." Dale said softly. "I let you take
the fall for something that was my fault."


"I knew it was you, Trish." Dale said softly. "You.feel different than
Mickie. Not much, but I knew, deep down, that it was you.and I liked it."

"Dale." Trish said softly, turning her attention to him. "Why did you lie?
Why did you act worried and let me take the blame?"

"I was worried I'd loose Mickie." Dale said softly.

"Oh Dale." Trish said softly, reaching out and taking his face in her hands.
Looking at the blind mans face, she quickly lost concern for her own role in
it and only wanted to make Dale feel better for his. "I never meant to get
between you and Mickie. It's just, I like you too."

Smiling softly, Dale looked down, telling her softly, "I like you to, Trish."

Taking Trish's face in her hands, Mickie turned her to look at her, asking,
"Do you like me too?"

Her eyes getting wide, Trish tried to form a lie. "Mickie, I like you, but,
I'm not gay...god, me, gay? Pssh!"

Smiling, Mickie rubbed Trish's chin, making the blonde goddess shiver at the
soft touch. "It's ok. I won't mind. Tell me."

Looking up into Mickie's eyes, Trish told her softly, "Mickie, I love you.
God, Mickie, I love you so much...when I saw how Kenny treated you, it broke
my heart...and when I found out he cheated on you, it was all I could do to
keep from offering you my guest room to get you away from him, because, I
knew, if I did, I'd be in your bed that night begging you to let me make it
up to you, to make you feel loved."

Smiling, Mickie nodded. "I thought so." Rubbing her chin, she said, "Trish,
would you believe me if I told you I love you to?"

"Mickie." Trish said softly, her eyes welling up again, this time with tears
of joy. "God, I've been waiting for months to hear you say that."

"What about me?" Dale asked, grinning. "I'm chopped liver, I take it? You
only like me."

"Oh, Dale." Trish said, turning to him with a smile. "Sweet, beautiful Dale."

"I prefer handsome." He said with a grin. "Or super cute."

Giggling, Trish smiled. "Your super cute, and I love you too."

Smiling, she leaned forward, asking Dale, "Dale, is she a good kisser?"

"Very good."

"Would you mind if I tried her myself?" Mickie asked, still locked eye to eye
with Trish.

"I did." He said, smiling. "It's only fair."

Looking at Trish, Mickie grinned. "Can I kiss you, Trish?"

Unable to form words, Trish merely nodded, watching as Mickie's pouty lips
moved closer to hers, quickly closing the gap and kissing her softly. Trish's
body melted in Mickie's arms, and as she felt Dale's hands rubbing her sides,
she almost died. She was in heaven. Nothing could feel better than this.
Nothing could be better than this.

Pulling back, Mickie smiled at her, looking her up and down. "You know,
Trish." Mickie said. "When you ran out on us this weekend, you had us

"I'm so sorry." Trish said, before she was silenced with another soul soaring

Breaking away, Mickie stood up, helping Dale up before motioning for Trish to
do the same. When she did, Mickie smiled. "As I was saying, when you ran out,
you had us worried. We were scared you lied to Dale."

Looking confused, Trish asked, "Lied?"

Nodding, Mickie said, "You hit him. You owe him a sorry."

Her face lighting up, Trish quickly nodded, looking back at Dale, praying the
couple wasn't joking with her. "I do, don't I?"

"She won't give it to me." Dale said with a smile. "She knew I wasn't going
to be there this weekend, and she was gonna get out the cheap route by
leaving her key for me this weekend."

"I would have flown you out if I knew you'd accept it!" She said, turning to
hug him. "Please, let me prove it!"

"Yup, she sounds like she's lying." Mickie said with a grin. "She doesn't
want you Dale."


"Yes I do!" Trish yelled, looking back and forth.

"Nah, she's lying." Dale said, smiling. "She didn't even leave her house key.
We had to break in."

"You didn't give me a chance! I didn't even know you were coming!" Trish
said. "Please, let me do it! I'll leave my key outside, I'll do anything!

Looking at where Mickie's voice was coming from, Dale grinned. "Well,
maybe...just maybe, she's serious."

"I am!"

"Well, maybe." Mickie said, turning Trish to look at her. "Are you sorry?"

Thinking for a second, Trish nodded quickly. "Despondent! Crushed!
Heartbroken!" Turning to Dale, she hugged him dramatically, a smile covering
her face. "Can you ever forgive me?"

"Well, maybe." He said with a smile. "But, what about Mickie? She hit me

Turning, Trish smiled at her. "She did, didn't she?"


"Well, maybe, just maybe, we could include her too." Trish offered with a
hopeful glance at Mickie. "To save time, and show him just how sorry we
really are."

"We can't." Mickie said, sighing for effect. "He didn't want a three-way. So
we can't both apologize to him at the same time."

Thinking quickly, Trish reached out, batting Mickie on the shoulder. When the
brunette diva shot her a pissed off glance, Trish smiled. "Oh my! Mickie, I
just hit you! Oh my, oh my, what ever will I do? Mickie, can I please show
you how sorry I am? God, I'm so, so sorry.I know we were going to show Dale
just how sorry we were separately, but I was hoping we could just roll it all
into one big apology?"

Reaching out, Mickie hit Trish, smiling. "Oh no!" Mickie said, smiling. "Can
I apologize to you?" When Trish nodded quickly, Mickie asked Dale, "Dale, can
we all show each other how sorry we are?"

"I dunno." He said, smiling.

"Please Dale?" Mickie asked, holding his hand and kissing it. "If you'd let
us combine our punishments, you could have us both." Looking at Trish, she
asked, "Well, that is, if that's ok by you."

"Totally!" Trish said, giggling as Mickie leaned in, kissing her softly.
"Dale, please?"

"Well, ok." He said with a sigh, smiling as they giggled.

Turning and smiling, Trish dove into Mickie's arms, sending her backwards a
few steps before she could gain her balance again. Locking lips with her
dream girl, Trish took Mickie's hands in hers, putting them on her breasts
to show Mickie it was ok. Returning the favor, Mickie did the same before
returning her hands to Trish's large breasts. Kissing her passionately,
Trish moved her towards the stairs, going slow enough to let Mickie catch
her steps, but fast enough to let her know she was eager to show her just
how sorry she was.

Reaching under Mickie's shirt, she pushed the tight fabric up, exposing
Mickie's heavy, bra-clad breasts to her hungry eyes. Looking up at Mickie
for permission, she nearly cried with joy when it was granted, diving face
first into Mickie's abundant cleavage as they slowly reached further and
further up the stairwell, Mickie's feet slipping slightly as Trish backed
her up.

Grabbing her blonde lover, Mickie drug her up to the top, pulling her face
out of the valley of her breasts long enough to ask, "Bedroom?"

Grabbing Mickie, Trish drug her towards the nearest door, a large double door
and pushing her thru them, cringing as they slammed into the door stops with
a loud thud. Reaching down, she grabbed the bottom of her own shirt, yanking
it up and over her head as she tossed it to the floor, Mickie's nimble
fingers making short work of her pants. Grinning at Trish, Mickie dropped to
her knees, yanking her pants down along with the flimsy piece of fabric Trish
called underwear, pulling them off and tossing them away. Quickly unhooking
her bra, Trish smiled as Mickie glared at her body, her eyes hungry and wild.


Looking at Mickie, Trish tried to figure out where the voice was coming
from. Covering her body slightly, she wondered if someone had broken into
her house.

"Trish? Mickie? Guys?"

Realizing it was coming from the living room, Trish panicked, until the voice
called out again.

"Should I say I'm sorry?" Dale called out. "Did I do something wrong?"

Breaking down laughing, Trish smiled at Mickie, who caught the joke at the
same time Trish did.

"Oh my god, we forgot Dale." Trish said with a laugh.

Nodding, Mickie took a few steps back, peeling off her shirt and tossing it
to the floor, followed by her pants, smiling as Trish's lust filled eyes
drank her up.

"Go get him." Mickie said, undoing the hooks on her bra and letting her big
breasts hang freely. "I'll be waiting."

Nodding, Trish turned and ran down the stairs quickly, giggling as Dale
looked around as if he could see, zeroing in on the footsteps.

"Oh god, Dale, I'm sorry!" Trish said quickly, diving into his arms. "Me and
Mickie were kissing, and, well, it kinda go out of hand."

Rubbing Trish's nude body, Dale smiled. "I can tell."

Giggling, Trish tried to swat his hands away, but due to the fact that he
wanted to touch her and she didn't want him to stop, she was less than
successful. Feeling his hands gliding over her breasts and tummy, she
moaned softly.

"Where's Mickie?" Dale asked.

Giggling, Trish shook herself out of her trance. "Jeez, I'm forgetting about

Taking his hand, she led him towards the steps, taking great care to make
sure her new found lover made it up the steps without taking a dive.

Smiling, he hugged her as she let him to her bedroom.

"Don't worry." He whispered into her ear. "I'm sure you'll make it up to us."

"Definitely." Trish assured him with a moan. "If it takes my whole life, I'll
keep making it up to you."

"Well, then, I guess I can forgive you."

"Don't." Trish moaned. "Make me earn it. Make me prove it to you."

"If you want."

"I do." She said, turning and taking him by the hands and leading her
across her room. Moving him over to a chair in the corner, she sat him down,
motioning for Mickie to come closer as she knelt in front of him.

"I love you, Dale." Trish said softly.

"I love you to."

Turning to the newly knelt Mickie, Trish kissed her softly. "I love you,

"I love you." Mickie said softly. Turning to Dale, she smiled. "Do you love
me, Dale?"

"Of course." He said. "If you love me."

"Of course." She said. Looking at Trish, Mickie smiled. "So, what's the

Reaching up, Trish grabbed the front of his jeans, making short work of his
fly as Mickie picked up on the plan, standing up and lifting off his shirt.
Looking down, she smiled as Dale lifted up his hips, letting Trish peel his
pants down and let his cock out. Moving quickly, both Divas went for his
member at the same time. Smiling at each other, Mickie backed off slightly,
smiling at Trish as she knelt back down beside her.

"You wanna?" Mickie asked. "I've done it before, so I guess I should pass the
baton, so to speak."

"I'd like it if you'd let me go first." Trish said. When Mickie nodded, Trish
smiled. "Would you help?"

"Of course." Mickie said. "You lead the charge, and I'll support."

"Oh god." Dale moaned. "Are you guys talking about what I think your talking

"Well, if what your thinking is Trish blowing you while I play with what's
not in her mouth, then yea, you hit it right on the head." Mickie said with
a grin.

"Have I mentioned how much I love it when your sorry?" He asked, smiling.
"Feel free to hit me anytime you want."

"I'll keep that in mind." Trish said, slowly taking the tip of his cock into
her mouth, her body electrified as she slurped softly on his thick member.

Going to grab the base of his fuck root with her hand, Trish stopped,
realizing the bottom was Mickie's turf. Looking at Mickie, Trish slid her
lips down his pole, her pride overflowing as he moaned loudly. Stopping at
the half way mark, Trish motioned to Mickie, letting her know that was as
far as she was going. Nodding, Mickie dove in, wrapping her lips partially
around his cock sideways, sucking softly as she tried to scoot under Trish,
wanting to lash the vein under his cock with her tongue.

Bobbing slowly, Trish moaned loudly around Dale's rod, Mickie's hands rubbing
Trish's tender body lustfully, cupping her large breasts and squeezing them
just as she liked it. Stroking the upper half of Dale's long prick with her
ruby red lips, Trish moaned again as Mickie licked her lips gently. Smiling,
Mickie did it again, catching Dale's cock partly, but mostly Trish's pouty

"Mmmmmm, Trish, you taste good." Mickie said softly.

Letting Dale's cock fall out of her mouth, Trish kissed Mickie softly, her
soft hand making sure her lover's penis didn't go neglected. "God, so does
your boyfriend."

"Our boyfriend." Mickie said softly. Looking at Trish, she shyly asked, "That
is, if you'll have us."

Quickly diving into Mickie's arms, Trish pinned her to the floor, the words
she had longed to hear filling her eyes with fresh tears of joy. Peppering
Mickie with kisses, Trish went for quantity over quality, kissing her face,
lips, neck, eyelids, anywhere and everywhere Mickie had skin and was within

"I'll have you, I'll have you!" Trish quickly said, before bounding back up,
realizing she had left one lover neglected for the sake of another. "If Dale
will have me?"

"I dunno." He said, smiling. "I think I need a little more convincing."

Quickly diving back down, Trish gave up sharing, engulfing Dale's rod and
slurping and sucking like a woman possessed, her hand fisting the bottom of
the shaft as Dale groaned loudly. Smiling at Trish's hunger, Mickie slid
under her body, moving her head into the perfect position to attack Trish's
pendulous breasts with her mouth. Latching onto the right one with her mouth,
Mickie went to work, lavishing Trish's tits with loving attention, taking
great care to please her new lover. Crying out in passion, Trish went to rub
her pussy, hoping to relive some of the built up tension, but found Mickie's
hand had beat her to it. Feeling Mickie's nimble devil fingers dive into her,
Trish screamed, her body on fire as she continued to pound Dale's cock with
her hungry mouth.

Slurping loudly, Trish savored his pre-come as it oozed out of his cock,
making her eyes roll back in her head in combination with Mickie's mouth and
fingers. As Mickie switched to her left breast, Trish groaned louder than
ever, the combined pleasure of Mickie's fingers, along with the knowledge
that she was pleasuring her blind lover thrilling her to no end.

"Oh god, Trish, your breasts feel so good." Mickie moaned. "You have the best
boobs in the WWE...god, I've dreamt of sucking and licking them for so long."

Pulling off of Dale's cock, Trish spat on the base, helping lube it up for
her hand sliding up and down. "God, Mickie." Trish moaned, her lovers fingers
forcing more and more slickness from her dripping pussy. "Oh god, Mickie...
there fake." Trish moaned. "Does that matter?"

Smiling, Mickie flicked her nipples with her tongue. "Oh yea, it matters a
whole lot." Mickie said sarcastically. "Cuz, you know, I'm all natural."

Laughing, Trish shook her head, and was about to dive back on Dale's rod, the
sight of his pre-come oozing out making her salivate, but Mickie grabbed her,
stopping her. As Trish looked up at her lover, her eyes cloudy and lust
glazed, Mickie grinned.

"You need more than fingers." Mickie said firmly. Moving up, Mickie kissed
Trish softly on the lips. Pulling back, she asked her softly, "Do you want
Dale to make love to you?" When Trish nodded, Mickie smiled. "Tell him. Tell
us what you want him to do."

"Oh Dale." Trish groaned, looking up at Dale. "Please, please, fuck me!"

"Not fuck." Mickie said, kissing her cheek. "Make love. Now, stand up."

Standing up, Mickie helped Trish to her wobbly legs, leading her over to
Trish's large, king sized bed. Making her sit down on the edge, Mickie pushed
her playfully, making her lay flat out while her legs dangled over the edge.

Moving back over to Dale, Mickie grinned wickedly, something Trish was
beginning to love very dearly. "You want your boyfriend to make love to you?"
Mickie asked. When Trish nodded, Mickie asked, "Do you want him to come over
there, and push his big, fat, hard cock into that tight, wet pussy of yours?"

"Yes, yes, god, yes!" Trish yelled pathetically, squirming on the bed as
she almost cried with anticipation. Seeing Mickie grin that grin again, she
sobbed out loudly. "Please, let him make love to me! I'll do anything!"

"Will you eat me?" Mickie asked.

"Please!" Trish yelled. "God, I'd beg to eat you out! Do you want me to beg?"

Shaking her head, Mickie told Trish. "No. Never beg." Looking back at Dale,
she smiled. "I should let him find you himself." Looking back at Trish,
Mickie grinned. "He can smell wet pussy like a bloodhound." Looking at
Trish's pussy, she grinned. "Are you wet, Trish?"

"So wet!" She cried, her legs flailing around helplessly as Mickie's words
had her on the brink of madness. "Please, I don't care how he gets over here,
but please, Dale, make love to me!"

Reaching down, Mickie helped Dale to his feet, smiling as she pointed him in
the wrong direction, giving him a few spins to make sure he didn't know where
she was. Looking at Trish, Mickie smiled. "Ask him. Make him find you."

"Dale, please!" Trish begged, her heart jumping at he turned towards her.
Realizing more directions were needed, she looked around. "About."

"Don't you dare." Mickie growled. "Call to him. If you tell him where to go,
we're getting dressed and leaving."

"No!" Trish cried, looking back and forth between Mickie and Dale. "Why are
you doing this?"

Smiling, Mickie kissed Dale softly. "Because he likes it." She said. Looking
at Trish, she said, "Play along, or play alone."

Looking back at Dale, Trish spread her legs wide, giving him the most
possible frontage in which to dock. "Dale!"

Moving forward a few steps, Dale waited until she called out again before
moving closer, mere feet from her body. With one final call, Trish let Dale
move close enough before wrapping her legs tightly around his waist.

"Mickie, cond."

"No!" Trish yelled, her primal needs taking over. "I've been teased enough!
Fuck...fuck! Make love to me!"

Grabbing his cock, she lined it up with her dripping pussy, which she was
certain was ruining the top sheet of her bed, but not caring one iota.
Feeling him grab her hips, she let loose with an ear piercing scream as he
plunged home, his cock sliding effortlessly into her tight pussy, her love
nectar lubing her up enough to make it almost painless.

As Dale pulled out, Trish begged him to push back in, her needs to great to
be without his member for the second it took to pull out to plunge back in.
Pulling back out, Dale smiled as she cried out, his needy, greedy lover
constantly begging for more. Moving his hands around, he rubbed her toned
tummy, her sweat making her slippery as her legs continued to hold him
close, pulling him in for extra thrust on his pushes.

"Is this what you wanted when I was fingering you, Trish?" Dale moaned. "Is
this what you were dreaming about when I was sliding my fingers into your
sticky, sopping pussy?"

"Oh god, Dale, it was!" Trish cried, her back arching as Dale's cock rubbed
past her throbbing g-spot with each plunge. "Oh Dale, baby, I knew you'd be
good! Oh god, when Mickie told us all about you and how you did her, god...I
had to go to my hotel room that night and jerk off over and over again."

"Never do that again." He said. "If you want to get off, you will come to me
or Mickie." Giving her a few hard pumps, he said, "Understand?"

"Yes, yes!"

"If I find out you've been jerking off." He said, before leaning down,
whispering, "Or running around on us."

"I'd never cheat on you!" Trish wailed, her jaw going slack as Dale hammered
her into nirvana. "God, I'll let you please me anytime I need it, just
please, don't stop now!"

Feeling the bed move, Trish opened her eyes just in time to see heaven come
down on her face.

"Forgetting something?" Mickie teased, her pussy hovering an inch over
Trish's drooling mouth. "Eat."

Quickly tilting her head up, Trish lapped greedily, her tongue immediately
finding the perfect match for Dale's pre-come on her all time greatest tastes
list. Licking and slurping, Trish's mouth was a frenzy of activity, her lips
trying to keep a seal over Mickie's pussy but not able to maintain it as Dale
plunged again and again into her pussy, her lungs erupting with profanities
and proclamations of love for Dale's natural fucking talent.

Feeling a pair of hands on her breasts, Trish knew Mickie had returned to
pleasure them, feeling Dale's hands still on her stomach. As he bounced her
around on the bed, Trish used that motion to help her with Mickie, sticking
her tongue out and letting Dale's pumps push her whole body along, lapping
away at her greasy love hole, drinking down Mickie's precious cream with
greedy slurps, taking what Mickie gave her and begging for more.

Arching her back, Trish screamed out, Dale's strokes finally taking it's
toll on her defenses and pushing her over the edge. Screaming loudly, Trish
pleaded with him to not stop, to keep pumping her tender love hole as she
cried out again and again.

Mickie's succulent pussy drove Trish wild, her tongue slapping and lapping it
with a fever pitch, making her busty lover moan with pleasure, her cries of
passion music to Trish's ears.

As Trish shook towards the end of her climax, she felt Dale's pumps become
erratic and uneven, a sure sign that her tightness had done it's job well,
and was pleasing him.

"Oh god, Trish.god, I'm gonna come." Dale moaned.

Smiling, Mickie ducked down, pushing him out of Trish's pussy, much to
both of there displeasure. Taking his hips in her hands, Mickie pulled him
forward, gliding his throbbing prick into her mouth and jerking it roughly,
her hands gliding up and down his slick prick as she gleefully sucked Trish's
girl come from his dick. Feeling him tense up, Mickie grinned, her lips
forming a tight seal over his dick as he emptied his load into her salivating
mouth, moaning loudly as she jerked him off.

When she was sure he was done, Mickie pulled back, kneel walking backwards
and making sure she didn't kneel on Trish's golden locks before coming face
to face with her. Knowing what Mickie was asking, Trish opened her mouth
gleefully, letting Mickie drop some of Dale's load into her mouth before
diving down for an upside down kiss. Sticking her tongue into Mickie's mouth,
Trish fought for more of Dale's salty load, her lust pushing her on as she
cupped Mickie's large breasts.

Pulling apart, Mickie smiled as she sat up and immediately had Trish clinging
to her breasts. Looking at Dale, she smiled, reaching out and stroking his
wilting cock.

"Dale, you were a bad boy." Mickie scolded him playfully. "Making love to our
new girlfriend bareback."

"God, Mickie, please, don't be mad." Trish moaned. "I needed it so bad, I
didn't want to wait. Please, don't blame him. Blame me."

Spinning around, Mickie smiled at Trish as she pulled Dale down along side
Trish, flanking their new girlfriend. "So, it was your fault, huh?"

"It was."

Grinning, Mickie rubbed her body softly, making Trish moan. "Are you sorry
for what you did?"

"Very!" Trish said quickly, smiling from ear to ear.

"Well, ok then." Mickie said, reaching over and cupping Dale behind the neck,
pulling him down. "We'll let you earn forgiveness."

As Mickie and Dale locked lips with Trish, Trish grinned, her body tingling
as she swapped spit and shared tongues with both of her lovers at the same
time. As they pulled back, Trish looked up at them, confused. Staring at
them, she couldn't place what was wrong, until she looked in there eyes.
Looking at Dale's his were glowing red, with a blinking zero in the right
one, and an eight in the left. Looking at Mickie, she checked her eyes,
finding a three and a zero in the right and left respectively.

"Mickie?" Trish asked softly.

Opening her mouth, Mickie smiled softly as she screamed at Trish.


Quickly sitting upright in bed, Trish looked around, trying to find Dale and
Mickie. Looking over at her alarm clock, seeing the clock flashing bright red
numbers at her.


"No!" Trish screamed, throwing a pillow towards the screaming clock and
knocking it to the floor, shattering it in a million pieces. "Fuck! Fuck!
Fuck!" Trish yelled, throwing pillows across the darkened room. Looking
down at her bed, Trish nearly cried, moving her hands down slowly to the
front of her boxer shorts. Feeling the sticky slick mess from her
imaginary sexual encounter coating the shorts, she screamed out again,
realizing her mind had duped her.

Jumping out of bed, Trish ripped the top blanket off, tossing it aside as she
glared at the bed, a big wet spot covering the area where her pussy had been
resting. Grabbing the sheet, she gave it a yank, trying to pry it off the bed
in one fell rip, but slipping on the blanket she had stepped on trying to get
better footing. Tumbling to the floor, Trish curled up in a ball, her
breathing on the verge of turning to hyperventilating as she fought to regain
her composer, her mind on the brink of a nervous breakdown.

"Not that dream again." Trish cried, letting her body fall over to the side.

She could take anything else. Dale and Mickie laughing at her. Dale and
Mickie getting her fired. Dale and Mickie telling everyone she's a boyfriend
stealing lesbian. But that dream, the caring, sweet, pleasurable dream, had
Trish on the verge of crying for the fourth straight night.

Not having the strength to crawl up onto the bed on her wobbly legs, Trish
grabbed the edge of the blanket, pulling it over her body, not bothering to
change her boxers, knowing she would probably be soaking them again before
the night was over. Sighing loudly, she curled up, trying to push her
thoughts away as she tried to forced herself back to sleep, making a mental
note to curse god for wet dreams.

* * *

Moving around quietly, Mickie stalked her prey. Peeking around the corner,
Mickie went so far as to duck to the floor to change the line of sight,
hoping her prey didn't see her before she saw her prey. Spotting the blonde
diva, Mickie crept out from behind the corner, moving slowly and quietly as
possible. Moving ever closer, Mickie held out her arms, ready to grab Trish
as soon as she was close enough.

But as she moved forward, someone made a noise behind her. Snapping her head
around, Trish spotted Mickie just as she was a few yards from her. Turning
and bolting, Trish sprinted as fast as she could, Mickie in close pursuit as
Trish led her on a high speed chase around the arena.

Ducking into the boiler room, Trish slammed the door closed, locking it
behind her.

"Fuck!" Mickie screamed, trying to rip the door open.

Deciding to wait it out, Mickie sat down beside the door, knowing Trish had
to come out at some point. She had been chasing the blonde diva around the
arena all afternoon, and, if she had been chasing her to get a bottle of
shampoo back, it would have been funny. Or if she had been chasing her to
get in her pants, not funny, but still good. But she had long ago lost her
sense of humor for the situation and was getting ready to give up and let
Trish wallow in her self pity.

Hearing the door crack, Mickie dove behind it, hiding as best she could.
Seeing Trish's head peek out, Mickie took a chance, grabbing the steel door
and ripping roughly. Hearing Trish yelp in pain, Mickie dove forward,
grabbing the former women's champion around the ankles just before she could
bolt again. Dropping to the ground with a groan of pain, Trish tried to
squirm away, but Mickie held her firm, wanting to end this game.

"Trish, for fuck sakes, stop!" Mickie yelled. "Please, stop!"

"Let me go, please."

"Trish, I'm sorry." Mickie said, stopping the blonde divas movement dead.


"I said I'm sorry." Mickie said. "Look, I know your mad at me, and I'm sorry.
I should have done more to help you on Monday."

"Mickie." Trish said, looking at her.

"I wish I could have said this on Monday." Mickie said softly, hoping Trish
had finally calmed down enough to talk to her. "Look, I know what happened on
Monday shook you up, and I'm sorry. I was hoping...really, really hoping, we
could try and get back to normal." Seeing Trish give her a hesitant gaze,
Mickie played her trump card. "Trish, Dale's been a wreck all week. He's
barely eaten anything. He thinks you're mad at him and you just said what you
did to try and make him feel better."

"Mickie, I swear, I didn't." Trish said. "I'm not mad at Dale. I know he
didn't mean to do what he did."

"Still." Mickie said. "He's a train wreck." Seeing Trish begin to bend,
Mickie dug deep, apologizing to Dale silently before telling Trish, "Trish,
Dale suffers from severe depression. He's so strung out thinking about you,
he's driving himself nuts. He keeps saying he raped you." Looking down at
the floor, she added, "I'm worried he's gonna hurt himself."

"God, Mickie ..." Trish said softly, sitting up. "Can I call him? Please, I
gotta make this right."

Shrugging, Mickie said, "I can try and get him on the phone, but I can't
promise anything."

"Please, Mickie." Trish said softly. "Why didn't you tell me he was that

"You wouldn't listen to me." Mickie said, pulling out her cell phone. "I
tried chasing you down."

"Oh Mickie." Trish said, feeling miserable. "I swear, I didn't know."

"It's alright." Mickie said, dialing Dale's home number. Hearing the phone
pick up, Mickie said. "Katie? It's Mickie, could you put Dale on?" Looking
back at Trish, she handed her the phone, before standing up. "I'll give you
guys some privacy."

"Thank you, Mickie."

"Hello?" Dale's voice came over the phone.

"Dale? It's Trish."


"Dale, please, listen." She said softly. "You did nothing wrong on Monday."

"Trish, I touched you." He said. "And not like a hug. Intimate touching.
Touching I had no business doing without your consent."

"Dale, it was my fault." Trish said. "And I'm sorry I ran out on Monday
night. I got a little emotional."

"Because of what I did."

"Dale, please." Trish said, trying to get her breathing under control as she
felt herself becoming emotional again. "Dale, don't do that to yourself." She
said, her voice hitching softly as she thought about all pain her little fun
time had caused for him. "I'm so, so sorry.if I could do it over again, I'd
have done it all different."

"It's ok, Trish." He said softly. "I.I got a little emotional too, I guess."

"I should have never said what I said at the hotel." She told him. "That was
wrong. I shouldn't have dumped my baggage on you. You didn't know it was me,
and I should have done more to stop you."

Remembering what Mickie had told him, about being honest, Dale told her
softly, "I should have known it was you...and deep down, I think I did."

Her heart skipping a beat, Trish clutched the phone to her ear, hoping what
she had heard wasn't static. "Dale...?"

"You kiss different than Mickie, and you feel different, and I think,
somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew that." He said, trailing off,
looking for the right words. "But...I didn't want to stop
sounded so...happy, and I wanted to hear that again...I'm sorry...I
should have stopped."

"Dale.why didn't you tell me that?" Trish asked.

"Because I didn't want you to think I was cheating on Mickie." Dale said. "I
honestly didn't know it was you when I did it, but, thinking back...god, it's
so clear...I should have known."

"Dale." Trish said softly, knowing she had to tell him what she didn't want
to say. "We need to put this behind us and get on with our lives."

She couldn't believe she got the words out without crying. The last thing she
wanted to do was forget what happened. She wanted to cherish it, and remember
it over and over again, and, if possible, do it again. But she knew, deep
down, she had to end it, before Dale put him self thru to much.

Sighing, he asked her softly, "Can we still be friends?" Getting nervous, he
told her, "I don't want to loose you as a friend."

Her heart soaring, Trish knew she should tell him no, that she needed a clean
break. But she couldn't bring herself to do it. Something about Dale, and
Mickie, had a hold on her, and she was powerless to control her feelings.

"Of course we can still be friends." Trish said.

"Even after...what I...we...god, I don't know...even after what happened?" He
finally asked.

"Totally." Trish assured him. "Water under the bridge."

Sighing with relief, he said, "Thank you, Trish. Thank you."

"Your welcome, Dale." She said, smiling as he sounded so grateful for her

"Well, I should probably let you go." He said. "I'll talk to you next week,

"Count on it." She said, smiling. "I need someone to help me keep Burger King
in business."



* * *

"Hello, Seattle Hilton."

"Hi, whom am I speaking to?" Mickie asked.

"My name is Stacy, how can I help you?"

"Hi, this is Mickie James, I booked a room for tonight?" Mickie said.
"Confirmation number 853753."

Typing in the number, the woman nodded. "One room, double sized bed, no

"That's it." Mickie said, before deciding what to say next. "I need to make
a few changes."

"Alright, what are they?"

"I need to cancel my reservations."

"Well, this close to the due date, we have to charge you for the room." Stacy
said, preparing herself for the explosion that was sure to be coming.

"That's perfectly alright." Mickie said. "I understand. But, I also need a
little help with something." Not getting an answer, Mickie said, "There's
money in it for you."

"Alright." Stacy said, confused.

"I need you, to tell me, when I get there, that the hotel was over booked and
that there are no rooms left." Mickie said. "It is very, very important that
you say that exactly. No matter what I say, just tell me you have no rooms
left, ok?"

"I don't know."

"I'll slip you a twenty as soon as I go to check in." Mickie said. "That way,
you'll know it's me, ok? And you'll know, when I act mad, you can know for
sure that it's me and that I'm not really mad. Deal?"

"I guess."

"Alright, now, I need one more thing." Mickie said, grinning. "This one's a
little more...well, flat out, you gotta lie."

"I can't lie."

"How much?"

".Forty more."

"Deal." Mickie said, making a mental note to get reimbursed from Dale for
these bribes. "Ok, this is what I need you to do. I have a friend, named
Trish Stratus. That's Stratus. She should have booked a suite."

"Ok, I got it."

"Cancel it." Mickie said. "Tell her it was booked solid, but that, since she
ordered a suite, you had to save a regular room for her. Give her the room I
just canceled. Got it?"

"So you want me to cancel Ms. Stratus' suite, cancel your room, and give her
your room?" Stacy asked, hoping that she had gotten it all right.

"And your sixty bucks richer." Mickie said with a smile. "Alright, something
you will need to know. I'm going to act pissed. She really will be. Can you
handle that?"

"No problem." Stacy said with a grin. "I deal with pissed off people every

"Thank you." Mickie said, hanging up the phone. Turning back towards the
boiler room, she smiled as Trish came around the corner, holding out Mickie's
phone. "So, how did it go?"

"We're cool." Trish said with a smile. Handing Mickie her phone, she sighed.
"Mickie, I'm sorry. If I would have known how upset Dale was, I would have
called, or something."

"It's alright." Mickie said. "I didn't know he was depressed until this week.
His caregiver told me. That's why he gets so upset about things and won't let
them go." Smiling at Trish, she said, "This thing has just taken on a life of
it's on, hasn't it?"

"And it's all because I snuck up on him." Trish said with a sigh.

Punching her shoulder, Mickie grinned. "Ah, don't worry about it. He'll be
back to normal in no time, and next week, you guys can hang out again."

"I'd like that." Trish said, not letting Mickie know how she'd like to hang
out with him.

Nodding, Mickie looked at her watch, noting the time. "Well, Trish, if your
done running away from me, I think we have a match." Mickie said. Looking at
her, she smiled. "Unless you want to forfeit and loose by count out."

Laughing, Trish hit her shoulder. "Not on your life. I gotta get my belt

Walking towards the entrance way, Mickie smiled. "That wasn't in the notes.
Are you ad-libbing?"

"You mean you wouldn't let me win the belt back?" Trish asked with smile.

Seeing an opening as her music hit, Mickie smiled, giving Trish a longing
gaze. "Trish, I'd let you win anything you want." She said, before turning
and heading out thru the curtains.

Her eyes going wide, Trish stared as Mickie bounded down the walkway, her
eyes glued to the bouncy bundle of energy as she slid into the ring. ~Did she
just say what I thought she said?~ Trish thought, before shaking it off. ~You
just got let off light. Do not mess this up again!~ Hearing the opening
strands of her music hit, Trish pushed thru the curtains, pushing all
thoughts out of her head as she moved out into the arena to the screams and
cheers of the fans.

* * *

"Ow, god, that still hurts." Mickie whined softly, holding the ice pack to
her forehead as she pushed thru the doors of the Seattle Hilton.

"Mickie, I'm sorry." Trish said softly, looking concerned.

"It's alright." Mickie said with a sheepish grin. "I guess I should have told
you I was gonna grab your ass."

"That would have been nice." Trish said, smiling. "Still, sorry. Didn't mean
to elbow you."

"S'ok." Mickie said, smiling as she moved up to the desk. Seeing the name tag
on the girl working, Mickie's smile grew wider. Reaching into her pocket,
Mickie got her attention before turning towards the back of the place. "Is
that Orton?" Mickie asked. "I thought he was suspended?"

As Trish turned to see who she was talking about, Mickie slid her hand
towards Stacy, giving her the promised sixty. Seeing Stacy nod, Mickie said,
"Oh, no. My bad. Just someone who looked like him." When the two divas
looked back at the counter, Mickie smiled. "Hi, name's Mickie James. I have

Nodding, Stacy looked down at the computer, typing in some info before her
face fell. "Umm."

"Umm?" Mickie asked, her pissed off act growing more and more by the second.
"What is umm?"

"Umm, Ms. James."

"Please, call me Mickie."

"Umm, Mickie, I'm sorry, but the hotel was over booked, and your room got
bumped due to the lateness of your booking."

"Call me Ms. James." Mickie said coldly, glaring at Stacy. "What do you mean
it was over booked?"

"Sometimes, when it's slow, the hotel over books the hotel to ensure full
capacity." Stacy said. "This is one of those times."

"What the hell am I supposed to do?" Mickie yelled, trying and succeeding at
making a scene. "Sleep in the lobby?"

"Please, Ms. James, I can get you another room at a different hotel."

"I've been on the road all damn day!" Mickie yelled, making a mental note to
commend Stacy on her performance. "I don't want another hotel, I want this

"I'm sorry, but we're over booked."

Seeing Mickie was about to blow a gasket, Trish quickly stepped in, her mind
forming a plan to make things right with Mickie. "Mickie, stop." Trish said
softly. When Mickie looked at her, rage in her eyes, Trish flinched slightly.
"Come on, you can stay in my room." Trish said. "I don't mind."

Looking at her, Mickie started to say, "Trish, I can't impose."

"Impose nothing." Trish said, smiling. "Just think of it as a sleep over.
Besides, I got a suite. Plenty of room."

Nodding, Mickie said, "Alright. Fine." Before turning to the woman. "But
don't think I'm gonna let this slide! I'm gonna call the head of Hilton if I
have to! I will have satisfaction!" Knowing she was pushing it dangerously
close to blowing her cover laughing, Mickie turned away from the desk, giving
Stacy the cold shoulder as she glared at people passing by. "What are you
looking at?"

Trying not to sigh at her friends childish behavior, Trish turned to Stacy,
smiling politely. "Don't mind her. She's moody."

"I am not moody!"

Smiling, Trish laughed, looking at Stacy. "So, do I still have a room?" Trish
joked. "Name is Trish Stratus."

Seeing Stacy's face fall, Trish suddenly felt like she shouldn't have joked.

"A room, yes." Stacy said, before adding softly, "A suite, no."

"What?" Trish yelled, glaring at Stacy. "I ordered a suite!"

"I'm sorry, but, when we over booked, you got caught in the same loop hole as

"Ms. James!"

"As Ms. James." Stacy said. "But since you had booked a suite, we had to hold
a room for you. It's just not a suite."

Seeing Trish about to erupt, Mickie quickly stepped in. "Trish, can we please
just get a room and get out of here? I'm tired, and I want to get to bed. Any
room is better than no room."

Nodding, Trish reached into her purse, grabbing her credit card and slamming
it down on the counter. Quickly taking it, Stacy ran it thru the machine,
getting Trish to sign the slip before holding up the room key. "Room."

"We'll find it." Trish said tersely, snatching the key away.

As Trish grabbed her suitcase and stormed off, Mickie turned to Stacy,
smiling. "Thank you." She whispered, pulling out another twenty and sliding
it to the smiling girl before turning and chasing after Trish. Pulling up
along site Trish as she moved into the elevator, Mickie shook her head,
trying not to smile. "God, can you believe this place? Giving our rooms

"I've never had that happen before." Trish said, looking at Mickie.
"Overbooked? Who ever heard of something like that happening?"

"Maybe I'm bad luck." Mickie joked. "Hopefully the rest of the trip will be
better." Trailing off, Mickie thought of something. "That is, if I'm still
welcome to travel with you." Looking at Trish, she said, "I had to take a
taxi to the arena today."

"Oh god, Mickie, I'm sorry." Trish said, sighing. "Yes, of course, your
welcome to travel with me. I was just."

"Upset." Mickie said, nodding when Trish smiled. "It's alright. All behind


"Unless Dale makes a pass at you." Mickie joked, smiling at her. "Then it's

Laughing, Trish shook her head. "Dale doesn't like me." Trish said, wishing
it wasn't true.

"Yes he does." Mickie said, smiling at Trish.

"No, he doesn't."

Stepping out of the elevator, Mickie stopped Trish, looking at her dead
seriously. "No, seriously, he does." Mickie said. "That's what made this week
so hard. He likes you. He told me he thinks your gorgeous and that's what
made it harder for him to believe what you said. He thought that you were
just lying so he wouldn't try and touch you again." Looking at Trish, Mickie
whispered, "I think he had a crush on you at some point."

Shaking her head, Trish said, "Mickie, that's not true."

"He told me." Mickie said softly, looking away, hoping the academy was
watching her acting job. "He told me that's why he felt so bad about it. That
he didn't know if he would have stopped, even it he knew it was you." Looking
at Trish, she said, "He beat himself up pretty bad this week."

Running her hands over her face, Trish sighed. Her little bit of fun was
turning out to be a bigger mistake by the minute. "God, Mickie, is there
anything I can do to make it right with him?" She asked. "I mean, I know
he said we were cool, but still."

"I'm sure a whopper and some onion rings will smooth it over." Mickie said
with a grin. "Now, come on. It's late, I'm tired, and I wanna get my big butt
in bed."

"Curvy butt." Trish teased.

Shaking her butt, Mickie smiled. "It is curvy, isn't it?"

Deciding to return the favor from there match, Trish reached down, cupping
Mickie's butt and giving it a squeeze. Shrieking, Mickie jumped, turning to
Trish. "God, first you elbow me, then you accost me."

"I didn't mean to elbow you!"

"But you meant to grab my ass?" Mickie teased.

"It's a big ass!" Trish laughed. "How could I miss?"

Pushing the key into the door, Trish waited for the light to change before
opening it. Pushing into the room, Trish looked around at the hallway inside,
taking in the view.

"Quaint." She said.

"Not up to your royal standards?" Mickie teased. "This place is huge to me."

Moving into the room, Trish looked around, and nearly cried at the sight.

One bed. Not even a queen sized. One double bed.

"Oh god." Trish said softly, shaking her head.

"What?" Mickie asked, kicking off her shoes and pulling off her jacket.

"The bed."

"What about it?"

"It's a bed." Trish said. "As in singular. Only one."

"And?" Mickie said. "You take the bed, I'll pass out in a chair or

"No, that's not right." Trish said. "Your tired. You take the bed."

Mickie, knowing Trish was going to offer her the bed, was a step ahead of
her. Looking at the bed, Mickie said, "Shit, Trish, it's big enough. You
take one side, I take the other?"

Trying to keep her eyes from going wide, Trish shook her head slowly. She
didn't like the idea of being so close to Mickie, as she wasn't sure she
could keep her emotions in check. She'd craved to share a bed with the
brunette diva since the day she first landed in OVW, but not like this.
This would be awkward. In her dreams, nothing was awkward. It was always
loving, and caring, and, most importantly, naked.

"I dunno."

"Hey, come on." Mickie said, teasing her to goad her into it. "Hey, didn't
you tell me to think of it like a sleep over?" When Trish nodded, Mickie
asked, "And didn't you ever have to share a bed at a sleep over?"

"I guess." Trish said, thinking back to the last sleep over she had. She
was sixteen, and it was her best friend Karen's birthday party. Karen's
older brother had bought some beer for her and Trish, and, after assuring
themselves that they could handle it, they each drank one. It was also her
last sleep over, because, in the middle of the night, her and Karen had
made love, both of there first time with a woman. They both tried to
convince the other that the one beer had gotten them drunk, but when they
noticed the flaws in the others arguments, it quickly became a moot point
as they repeated the events of the night, sober and in broad daylight.
Soon after, sleep over's quickly lost the "Sleep" part as her and Karen
had been known to stay up well into the morning hours pleasuring each
other over and over again until they passed out in each others arms.

Seeing Trish's indecision, Mickie whined. "Trish, I'm tired, and I wanna get
some sleep, and I'm not taking the bed for myself, so it's either we share or
I'm sleeping in a chair."

Sighing, Trish shook her head. "Fine."

Deciding to see if Trish would play her hand, Mickie shrugged. "I'll sleep on
the chair."

"What?" Trish said, looking over at her. "Why?"

"Because you don't sound to enthused about sharing your bed with me." Mickie
said, choosing her words carefully. "That's fine. I'll just figure something
out with the chair."

"Mickie, stop." Trish whined. "It's late, I'm tired, just.please, sleep with
me." Realizing what she had said, Trish quickly backtracked. "I meant."

"I know what you meant." Mickie said with a giggle. ~Freudian slip?~ "Are you

"Positive." Trish said, moving to her suitcase and grabbing her sleeping
clothes and moving into the bathroom.

Watching Trish go, Mickie almost pouted. As many times as she had seen Trish
nude, this was the one time she really wanted to see the blonde bombshell in
the buff. But as Trish had retired to the bathroom, Mickie smiled, moving
over to her suitcase and opening it. Sifting around, she quickly found the
bag she had stuffed in there this morning. Grabbing it's contents, she
quickly hid the bag itself, ripping off the tags carefully as to not tear
the tiny piece of fabric in her hands. Quickly peeling off her clothes,
Mickie giggled as she pulled on the tiny piece of lingerie. Looking at
herself in the mirror screwed to the wall, Mickie smiled at the sight.

She wasn't exactly sure how the outfit would look on her when she had gone
to Victoria's Secret to buy it, but she was in a hurry, and anything sexy
would fit the bill. She knew Trish had seen her naked a hundred times or
more, but she also knew there was something about a sexy, slinky, light
purple piece of lingerie that showed more than it hid but still hid enough
that drove people crazy.

Hearing the door to the bathroom open, Mickie quickly dove onto the bed,
picking up the TV remote and trying to look casual. Rounding the corner,
Trish moved the brush in her mouth around and around, her eyes on the floor
until she looked up, spotting Mickie and her outfit. Taking a deep breath,
she inhaled a gob of toothpaste, choking for a moment until she regained her

Feeling Trish's eyes burning a hole thru her, Mickie chose to ignore her,
and let Trish drink in the outfit she had bought for her for as long as she
liked. Feeling a little show was in order, Mickie slid her legs up, exposing
Trish to the fact that the tiny part of fabric she was wearing only had a
thong for a bottom. Pushing her leg back out, she stretched her arms over
her head, again showing off all the outfit had to offer. Looking up at Trish,
she smiled.

"Hey!" Mickie said, smiling. "You almost ready?"

Blinking herself back to reality, Trish nodded. "Yea, just gotta go spit."

Turning, Trish shuffled into the bathroom, closing the door again and
spitting out the tooth paste. Quickly grabbing the plastic cup on the counter
with her trembling hands, Trish cursed the counter wench for putting her and
Mickie in the same room. She'd had a hard enough time controlling her
emotions when she was alone.

~What is Mickie going to think if I have another...vivid dream?~ Trish
thought in a panic, swishing the water around in her mouth before spitting
it out. Keeping the cold water running, she splashed some over her face,
trying to snap out of her daze. "Oh god, oh god." Trish whined softly. "Just
don't think. She's not your girlfriend. She's...she's not attractive." Trish
lied to herself. "She's a hag...she's old, and fat, and.she's.god." Letting
her head drop, Trish felt like kicking something, but realized that would
only attract Mickie's attention. Looking to the door, she tried to get her
breathing under control, and, as she finally did, opened the door again,
moving out into the main room and praying that Mickie was under the covers.

Whimpering softly, Trish wasn't so lucky as Mickie was still out of bed, and
was in fact rummaging thru her luggage, her cute, curvy rump stuck up in the
air as she knelt down on her hands and knees, looking for something. Seeing
Mickie's plump rump sticking up in the air, Trish dove back into the
bathroom, splashing another dose of cold water on her face before coming out
again. Almost crying with relief, the sight of Mickie's thong clad bottom was
gone as Mickie was standing up beside the bed.

Smiling, Mickie looked at Trish. "You sleep in boxers?" She asked, grinning.

Using all her inner strength not to drool or attack the curvy woman's
champion, Trish merely nodded.

Shrugging, Mickie slid under the covers, looking at Trish. "I used to, but
then Dale said that I should try and wear something.sexier."

"You are doing that." Trish said, moving towards the bed.

"Thanks!" Mickie said, acting if she was completely oblivious to Trish's
leering eyes. ~Let her make the first move.~ Mickie thought. "Well, anyways,
he told...asked me to get some things that flatter my curvy body, as he calls
it, and, well, I kinda just grew to love them." Looking at Trish, Mickie
grinned, letting her tongue slide out slightly, licking her lips just enough
to make sure she knew Trish saw it. "But, I can see that boxers and a shirt
can have its advantages too."

Turning over, Mickie decided to leave that hanging in the air as she closed
her eyes, a smile wide across her face as Trish crawled into her half of the
small bed, confused by her friends comment. Trying to push it aside, Trish
reached up and turned off the light before settling down in the bed, the
small girl lying beside her assuring her a long, sleepless night.

* * *

Staring up at the roof, Trish tried counting sheep. She was always told, if
you can't get to sleep, to count sheep. She never really understood why, but
it helped. Anytime she couldn't get to sleep, she'd lie on her back, and
count sheep. Usually, by around fifty, she'd be snoring softly.

She had just crossed fifteen hundred, for the third time.

The first time she'd gotten there, she'd gotten frustrated and went to find
something to drink. After she settled into bed again, she started counting.

Then, around sixteen hundred and fifty something, Mickie had brushed up
against her, breaking her concentration, forcing her to start over.

Hearing Mickie's breathing was soft and even, Trish tried to ignore her.
Looking over at Mickie, Trish watched her back, which was facing her. She'd
dreamed so many times of Mickie like this, and her arm's wrapped around
Mickie's curvy frame, spooning with her as she held her after a long night
of love making. Letting out a sigh, Trish went to say another number, when
she realized she had lost count again.

Shaking her head, she thought about giving up. It wasn't working, and she
needed to get some sleep. But she knew that counting sheep was the only thing
keeping her mind off of the woman beside her, and let out another sigh.


Smiling, Mickie had to fight not to laugh. Trish had been driving herself
crazy all night, and it humored Mickie to no end. She felt bad for her, in a
way, but a bigger part of her felt Trish deserved it. If she hadn't done what
she had done, Mickie wouldn't be there, trying to seduce her. Smiling, Mickie
went for another test. Closing her eyes, she grumbled softly, spinning around
and snuggling up close to Trish. Resting an arm across Trish's heavy breasts,
she felt Trish tense up.

"Dale." Mickie mumbled, completing her deception.

Tensing up, Trish didn't know how to react. Wake her up? Run out of the room
screaming? Kiss her?

Shaking her head, Trish decided to allow herself this one illicit comfort,
and wrapped her arms gently around Mickie, holding her softly as the brunette
diva's breathing evened out again, drifting back into deep sleep.

Feeling Trish hold her, Mickie smiled. He plan was working perfectly.

~Tomorrow.~ Mickie thought, holding Trish gently.

* * *

Blinking her eyes, Mickie slowly awoke, sleep crusting her eyes slightly as
she stretched out her body. Feeling a body under her, Mickie almost thought
it was Dale until she realized that the large, soft mass she was using as a
pillow was Trish's left boob. Smiling to herself, she let herself enjoy the
comfort of the blonde girls arms before realizing someone was playing with
her hair.

Stopping her self for a second, Mickie tried not to moan as Trish twirled her
long brown locks around with her fingers, stroking her softly as if she was
petting her. Deciding to make her presence known, Mickie looked up, blinking
a few times to make it look like she had just woken up.

"Oh god, did I roll over on you?" Mickie groaned.

Moving her hands away from Mickie's hair, Trish said, "Sometime during the
night, yea."

"Were you petting me?"

Blushing, Trish looked away. "I'm sorry."

"It's alright." Mickie said softly. "Dale does it all the time. I'm kinda
used to it by now."

"Still, I shouldn't be doing it." Trish said. "I'm not Dale, and I think
we've had enough problems with one of us mistaking someone for the other."

"Well, still, I'm sorry for rolling over on you." Mickie said. Smiling, she
added, "Again, force of habit."

Nodding, Trish noticed that Mickie hadn't left her side. Finding her hand
again petting Mickie's long hair, she tried to stop herself, but found she
didn't want to. "It was nice to have someone curled up next to me...even if
it was strictly plutonic."

Looking up at Trish, Mickie thought long and hard weather to kiss her or not.
The signs were laid out plain, with clues dropping like anvils around her.
Trish liked her, and she would accept it. But that wasn't what Mickie wanted.
She wanted Trish to kiss her, so she could be the one on the defensive,
making the rules.

Moving away slowly, Mickie fought to keep herself from diving back into
Trish's loving embrace. She had been awake for a good portion of the night,
and she had grown to like Trish's touch. It was something she could see
herself very happy waking up in.

Moving off the bed, Mickie put some distance between her and Trish, not
wanting the situation to heat up to quickly. She still had all day today
and Monday to spend with the girl, and the last thing she wanted was to do
something Trish would regret and have to interact with her on TV tomorrow.

Scooting off the bed, Trish looked at Mickie, smiling as the curvy diva ran
her fingers thru her hair, her own hand remembering the feeling of her silky
soft hair. "Well, I don't know about you, but I gotta take a shower." Trish
said, smiling. "Sitting in that plane all day yesterday gave me jungle ass."

Laughing, Mickie nodded. "Me too." Seeing an opportunity to get a jab in on
Trish, Mickie smiled. "So, are we gonna take one of those massive all girl
showers you teased Dale about?"

Remembering what she had told Dale the week before, Trish blushed, shaking
her head, to embarrassed by the thoughts running thru her head to answer.

~God, what Mickie would look like wet.with me.sucking, and licking, and
fingering.~ Trish thought, before pushing the thoughts away with a mental

Seeing Trish blush, Mickie went for the kill. "Aww, why not? We've showered
together before." She teased the blushing girl.

"Yea, but that was a communal shower at the arena." Trish reminded her,
deciding the best way to keep Mickie from knowing she wanted to lick her half
insane was to joke about it. "Those are massive. Not a three by three shower

Smiling, Mickie waggled her eyebrows. "That just makes it more cozy." She
teased. Seeing Trish was starting to become really uncomfortable, Mickie took
that as a good sign, but decided to ease off the throttle just a bit. Looking
at Trish, she smiled. "Jeez, Trish lighten up. We used to joke like this all
the time." Thinking for a minute, she shrugged, telling her, "Well, maybe not
as...strange of jokes. I'm sorry, I shouldn't be talking about that stuff,
should I?"

Shrugging, Trish tried to not look phased. "It's alright. I'm just a little
wound up from yesterday, is all." Trish said. "It wasn't exactly my finest

"It's ok." Mickie said, moving and sitting on the bed. "You can shower first.
Just save some hot water for me."

Smiling, Trish nodded. "Yea, I think I can manage to save some of the thirty
million gallon tank of hot water this place has for you."

"You better." Mickie teased, smiling as Trish moved into the bathroom and
closed the door behind her.

Laying back on the bed, Mickie smiled. She hadn't expected to be this far
along at this point. She'd figured she'd either still be trying to calm Trish
down about Dale, or making small talk, not joking about showers and getting
petted in her sleep. Remembering the feeling of Trish's hand, Mickie smiled,
her body tingling at the memory. Looking up at the roof, Mickie sighed.

~I gotta be careful.~ Mickie thought. ~I promised Dale I wouldn't cheat on
him, and nothing will make me break that promise.~

Staring up at the roof, Mickie leg her legs dangle over the edge, letting
them swing as she waited for the blonde diva in the shower to let her have
her turn.

* * *

"Alright, you ready to rock, Stratus?" Mickie said, smiling.

Pulling up her pads, Trish grinned. "Stratus?"

"Hey, you're the enemy now." Mickie said with a grin. When Trish nodded,
Mickie thought quickly, trying to come up with something to say. The hotel
had turned out to be a bust, with Trish to shy to look at her for until they
were on the plane to the next city, and she was positive Trish wasn't kissing
her in front of the whole locker room on a whim. Remembering her actions from
the match the night before, Mickie smiled. "Vince was talking to me today."
She lied, hoping Trish wouldn't call her bluff.

"Oh?" Trish said, making sure all essential parts were tucked into her form
fitting wrestling gear.

"He told me that he liked the show last night, and that he wanted us to go
back to doing our spots." Mickie said.

"Spots?" Trish asked.

"Yea, the.touchy spots." Mickie said, not quite sure how to phrase it any
other way. "Apparently he thinks that the Mickie/Trish feud still has some

"Alright." Trish said, nodding. "So, I take it, your going to feel me up?"

"Well, when you put it like that." Mickie said, giggling. "I guess so. Feel
free to grab a feel too."

"How would that further the storyline?" Trish asked with a smirk.

"You could use it as a decoy." Mickie offered, hoping Trish snatched up the
idea. "Like, I'm beating you down, and you kiss me or grab me or something,
and I get all stunned, and you roll me up for a quick two."

Nodding, Trish smiled. "You got yourself a grope."

"Thanks." Mickie said sarcastically, hoping it covered her hopeful wishes.

Hearing Trish's music play, Mickie smiled. "Break a leg."

"Don't say that." Trish said, smiling. "I already broke a shoulder. Speaking
of which."

"I'll take it easy." Mickie said, smiling. "Go."

"Break a leg, James." Trish said with a smile, moving thru the curtains and
into the isle way, waving to the crowd.

Jumping from foot to foot, Mickie tried to stay limber as she waited for
Trish's music to end and hers to start. Hearing the strands of her music
start up, Mickie skipped thru the curtains, waving wildly as she skipped
down the isle, keep with her heel roll in the match by not giving any of
the fans high fives.

Sliding into the ring, Mickie smiled as she hopped up on the second rope,
showing off her belt to a chorus of boos.

"Shut up!" Mickie yelled at the crowd, before hopping off the middle rope
and spinning in the air, landing and facing Trish. Smiling at her, Mickie
screamed, "Ready Stratus?"

Snarling at Mickie, Trish shook out her arms, circling Mickie before locking

Whipping behind Trish, Mickie smiled to the crowd as she held Trish in a bear
hug. As Trish fought to get her arms in between Mickie's and her body, Mickie
let her hands roam, rubbing Trish's tummy to the approving cheers of the

Acting shocked, Trish pulled away from Mickie, turning around to yell at her
as the half baked woman's champion skipped away, smiling and waggling her eye

"I thought you didn't like me anymore?" Trish yelled to Mickie, making sure
the crowd heard.

Turning and smiling, Mickie said, "I don't love you, but I'm gonna make you
my bitch!"

As the crowd erupted, Trish charged Mickie, who moved out of the way and
pushed Trish chest first into the turnbuckle. As Trish bounced back, Mickie
grabbed her from behind, rolling backwards and rolling her into a pinning
position. As Mickie sat on Trish's legs, she grinned again, her hands roaming
over Trish's back side as the ref counted to two before Trish kicked out.

Rolling away and standing up, Trish glared at Mickie, who smiled and raised
her arms, gaining a cheer from the crowd. Moving towards her, Trish and
Mickie locked up again.

"To much?" Mickie asked.

"No, it's good." Trish said. "Seems to be a hit, so go for it."

Pulling Mickie into a head lock, Trish gave her a few good squeezes before
the crowd erupted again, Mickie's hand sliding down Trish's body and cupping
her crotch. Acting surprised, Trish pushed Mickie away, her face quickly
changing from confusion to disgust. Smiling, Mickie put her hand over her
face, making a V over her mouth and flicking her tongue thru it, again
gaining cheers from the crowd.

Turning to face Trish, Mickie smiled as she ran in head long. Moving out of
the way, Mickie slapped her ass as she ran by, yelling "Olay!" Having to keep
her head down for a second to stop her laughing, Trish turned and glared at
Mickie. Stalking up towards her slowly, she locked up with her again.

"No more olay." Trish said. "I almost lost it."

"Your turn." Mickie said.

Pushing Mickie away, Trish went to grab her in a headlock again but Mickie
countered it, rolling behind Trish and trying to lock up her arms.

"Bend your knees." Trish whispered.

When Mickie did as she was told, Trish broke free, bending her arms behind
her back and using Mickie's knees to balance in a modified Ma-Trish. When
Mickie looked down, Trish moved up, wrapping one hand around her neck and
pulling her down for a quick kiss. Pulling back, Mickie stumbled away,
honestly stunned as Trish swept down behind her, threading her arm between
Mickie's legs and rolling her up into a pinning combo.

Kicking out at two, Mickie jumped up and spun around and kicked Trish in the
side of the head, dropping her. She knew there allotted time was quickly
running out, and the ref was giving her the sign to end it. Grabbing Trish,
she put her in the bulldog position, yelling to the crowd. Running towards
the ropes, she let Trish push her off, bouncing off the ropes before spinning
around, kicking Trish in the gut and locking her up. Jumping, Trish helped
her off the ground before planting her head on the mat for the tornado DDT.

Covering Trish, Mickie smiled as the ref counted the three count. Jumping up,
she ran over to the ring corner nearest the time keeper, demanding her belt.
Taking it, she rolled out of the ring, quickly moving down the isle.

"You don't deserve to see me!" Mickie shouted in character. Seeing kids
looking at her, she felt a twinge of sadness, knowing some of them didn't
know she was in character. She'd always hated seeing kids look at her while
she was playing a heel. Pushing thru the curtains, she skipped towards the
locker room, smiling as she tucked the belt under her arm and pushed the
door open.

"Hi." She started, before looking around, finding the room empty.

Looking around, Mickie looked for any signs the girls were coming back.
Finding none, she smiled, a plan forming in her mind to help Trish along.
Quickly tossing the belt aside, she pulled off her shirt, tossing it aside
as she quickly stripped, heading into the shower room with a giggle.

* * *

Moving into the locker room, Trish groaned as she rubbed her sore shoulder.
Grumbling softly, she plunked down in her locker. Going to take her tape off
her wrists, she looked around, and stared at the object on the floor. Moving
over to it, Trish lifted it, realizing it was Mickie's top. Looking around,
she followed the trail of clothes, picking up her dress, then her bra, and
finally her panties before standing over her boots. Looking as to where the
trail had led her, Trish heard the water from the shower room running.

"Oh god."

Looking confused, Trish peeked her head around the corner, her eyes bugging
out immediately at the sight before her.

"Oh god." Mickie moaned again, her right hand propping her up against the
wall, the hot stream of water pouring over her body as she plunged two
fingers from her left hand into her pussy. Whining softly, Mickie continued
to push her fingers in again and again.

Trish watched in wonder as Mickie masturbated right in front of her. She'd
often dreamed of catching Mickie like this, and was about to pinch herself
until she stopped herself, realizing that if she moved, Mickie would know
she was spying on her.

"Oh...yes..." Mickie whined, moving her thumb into the mix with practiced
ease and groaning loudly before biting her bottom lip, trying not to attract
anyone's attention besides the blond diva she knew was staring at her. "Touch
me there...yea, please..."

As Trish watched, there was nothing more she would have liked to do than
grant Mickie her wish, and dive into the hot water with her and do as she
begged. But, for now, she contented herself with watching the vision of
beauty that was Mickie fingering herself.

Sobbing softly, Mickie tried to put on a good show, and waited for just the
right moment to look up. Turning her head to the side, she screamed, quickly
covering herself as Trish's eyes bugged out.

"Ohmygod, Trish!" Mickie said quickly, her words coming out smooth and
practiced. "Oh god, I'm so sorry!"

"Why?" Trish asked. "I didn't mean to spy."

"Oh god, I'm sorry." Mickie repeated. "God, I should have waited until I got
back to the hotel...but..." Looking away, Mickie told Trish softly, "
worked up...wrestling does that to me...and I usually have Dale."

"It's totally ok." Trish assured her. "I get worked up every now and then

Turning away, Mickie said, "God, I'm so humiliated right now."

"Mickie, it's ok." Trish said. Shrugging, she asked, "Do you want to be
alone? I can leave and lock the door."

Shaking her head, Mickie said, "You gotta drive me to the hotel, and I don't
wanna keep you waiting while I jerk off."

"Are you sure?" Trish asked, hoping she wasn't. Trish was willing to do what
Mickie asked if she wanted, so long as she could find an air duct to crawl
thru to continue watching the show.

Nodding, Mickie turned off the shower, moving shyly over to the rack and
grabbing a towel. "I' with it when I get back to the hotel...god,
Trish, I'm so sorry."

Waving her hand, Trish smiled. "Don't worry. Everybody does it."

"In a public shower?"

Grinning, Trish shrugged. "How do you think I celebrated my first title win?"

Smiling, Mickie asked, "Really?" When Trish nodded, Mickie asked, "What

Getting shy, Trish turned away. "I won, and waited until the girls left, and
jerked off."

"Romantic." Mickie said dryly.

"Hey." Trish said, smiling. "At least I didn't get caught."

"Bitch." Mickie laughed, moving back into the room and moving towards her

"I believe these are yours." Trish said, handing Mickie her clothes. "You
kinda just tossed them everywhere."

Smiling sheepishly, Mickie grabbed the clothes, shoving them in her suitcase
as she pulled out some street clothes. "Sorry. I kinda wanted to finish
before you came back."

"Sorry about that." Trish said with a grin. "You could have told me."

"Oh yea, that would have went over real well." Mickie said, pulling on her
clothes. "Hey, Trish, don't come back to the dressing room for a while, I
gotta give myself a happy."

"Hey, like I said, I understand." Trish said, quickly stripping out of her
ring clothes and putting on a fresh pair of street clothes.

Looking at her, Mickie had to fight not to drool. She'd always admired
Trish's body, all her womanly curves and toned, shapely parts, but now,
looking at it as a perspective lover instead of a friend, she had a whole
new appreciation for it. Looking up at Trish, she grinned as Trish pulled
her t-shirt down, pleasing Mickie with it's tightness.

"Not taking a shower?" Mickie asked.

Shaking her head, Trish said, "I'll wait until I get back to the hotel."

Standing up, Mickie grinned. "Would you like me to leave you alone?"

Reaching out, Trish swatted Mickie playfully. "I did it once."

"That's still more than me." Mickie said.

"You just did it!"

"But I didn't finish." Mickie argued. "So, technically, it wasn't a whole
time. Probably...eighty five percent."

"Eighty five percent?" Trish asked. When Mickie nodded, Trish said, "Are you
sure you don't want me to leave you alone to finish?"

Shaking her head, Mickie grinned. "After dating Kenny for years, I'm used to
going part way and stalling out."

"That'll change." Trish assured her with a grin. "Now you have Dale, your
blind orgasm machine."

"That he is." Mickie said, smiling. "He who loves ice cream."

"And Burger King."

Blushing, Mickie said, "Well, yea, but not like he likes ice cream."

Looking at Mickie, Trish zipped up her suitcase, moving towards the door with
Mickie. "Are you talking about what you promised Dale for saving you?" When
Mickie nodded shyly, Trish grinned. "Can I ask what it was? Or is that to

Grinning, Mickie told her, "Trish, you just caught me violating myself. I
think I can handle personal."

"Yea, but that was an accident." Trish said.

Shrugging, Mickie told her, "He made me into a giant banana split and ate

Stopping dead in her tracks, Trish had to stand still for a moment to fully
grasp what Mickie had said. Immediately images flashed in her mind, with
Mickie covered in ice cream and whip cream, and Dale using his skilled tongue
to lick it off before fucking her senseless. And Trish knew he had a skilled
tongue. After the tongue whipping he had given her mouth on Monday, she was
fairly sure she could have an orgasm just from that, and if not, he'd bring
her pretty close.

~Did Monday, anyways.~ Trish thought.

"He made you into a banana split?" Trish asked, finally regaining control of
her feet and shuffling forward.

"A Mickie split, actually." She said. "It was fun. Messy as hell, but fun."

"I bet." Trish murmured.

Moving towards there rental car, Mickie looked back at Trish and smiled.
"Have you ever let someone make you into an banana split?"

Shaking her head, Trish slid into the drivers seat. "Never. I wouldn't even
know how to do it."

Looking over at Trish, Mickie smiled, giving Trish another long, loving look.
"Well, if you ever want to know, just ask. I'm sure Dale or I would be more
than willing to help."

Nodding, Trish quickly turned back to the task of driving, her mind racing
for an answer to weather Mickie was just talking about telling her how to do

Or offering to show her.

* * *

Lying in bed, Mickie stared up at the roof of her small hotel room. Looking
over to her side, she scowled at the empty bed. She'd tried to think up some
reason all day to get her and Trish into the same hotel room for the night
again, but came up blank. She knew the over booked routine wouldn't work two
nights in a row, and she was cursing herself for using it last night, so
early in her plan.

~If you had any brains, you would have waited until tonight.~ Mickie scolded
herself. ~After you two were touching, and after she walked in on you jerking

Shaking her head, Mickie racked her brain. As much as she wanted to slow
things down yesterday, she wanted to kick them into over drive tonight. She
only had one day left in which to try and get Trish to make a move, and she
was almost counting the seconds as they ticked away.

"God, I thought I'd be smoother than this." Mickie grumbled, sitting up. "I
should have kissed her this morning. It was perfect. A romantic wake up, with
her petting me, and me snuggling with her. She totally would have gone for

Rubbing her hands over her eyes, she kept thinking, trying to find something,
anything that would get her into Trish's room. A place she had been many
times before, but never wanted to return to so desperately as she did now.


Looking towards her window, Mickie watched as lightning flashed across the
sky. "I hope that clears before tomorrow." She grumbled. "God damn."

Her eyes going wide, she looked out the window again, just in time to see
another bolt shoot thru the sky, and another loud rumble of thunder shake the
window in her room.

"Thank you!" she yelled, jumping out of bed and quickly running towards her
door, a plan quickly forming in her mind.

Making sure she had her room key just incase her plan back fired, Mickie let
the door close behind her as she jogged towards the elevator. Pushing the
button impatiently, she cursed it for taking so long to come get her. Hopping
in, she pushed the button for the top floor, knowing Trish's suite was there.
Working out her plan in her mind, she waited the hours and hours it felt like
it took the elevator to reach the top before bolting out the door, heading
straight for Trish's room number S-3.

Quickly sliding beside the door, Mickie made sure that if Trish happened to
be looking out, she wouldn't see Mickie's upcoming transformation.

Looking at the floor, Mickie started taking long, deep breaths, trying to get
her breathing out of rhythm. Wracking her brain, she dredged up memory after
memory, trying to find anything she could to help her. Looking at the floor,
she pulled up the feelings she had for every pet she had lost. Every person
who picked on her thru school, called her names. Every person who dumped her
for someone hotter, or who put out quicker, or who cheated on her. Every
funeral she had ever been to, with all her friends and relatives standing
around, saddened by her loss.

As all the bad memories built up, Mickie's breathing started picking up, her
eyes blinking quickly as she both tried to urge her feelings on and push them

Thinking of Dale, sitting on the couch, his face in his hands as he tried not
to cry, Mickie lost it, and started sobbing in the hallway.

Moving quickly, she started hammering on Trish's door, two fisted pounding
as she sobbed uncontrollably, her lungs burning almost instantly from the
intensity of the crying. Pounding harder and harder, Mickie refused to give
up. She had come this far, and Trish would check her peep hole any minute

Hearing the deadbolt unlock, Mickie almost smiled, and probably would have if
she wasn't sobbing hysterically. As the door swung open, Trish was quickly
standing in front of her, trying to calm her down.

"Mickie, Mickie, what's wrong?" Trish asked quickly.

Before Mickie could answer, and as if on cue, another thunder boom rippled
thru the building. Screaming loudly, Mickie went to dive into Trish's arms,
but decided that might be a bit much, and instead settled for dropping to
the floor and curling up in a ball.

"Thunder, thunder...I hate thunder." Mickie whined, before another clap
rumbled overhead, making her cry even harder. "God I hate thunder! Stop it!"

Seeing her friend in a panic, Trish dropped to the floor, wrapping her arms
around the shaking girl and holding her softly. "Your scared of thunder?"

"Terrified." Mickie whined, her breathing picking up speed. "I used to have
Kenny to hold me all night, and that would get me thru it, but I don't have
Kenny anymore and Dale's not here." Looking up at Trish, with tears streaming
down her face, she whined, "God, I know you won't hold me, but can I please,
please, please stay with you? I'll sleep on the floor, I'll buy you
breakfast." Another boom rocked the hotel, and Mickie screamed again, curling
up tighter. "Please, please, please."

Holding Mickie softly, Trish tried to calm her down, whispering, "Shhh,
Mickie, it's ok. You can stay. It'll be ok. I'm here."

As Trish helped her to her feet, Mickie snuffled softly, tears still
streaming out of her eyes as Trish led her into the suite before closing the
door. "God, Trish, I'm so sorry to bug you like this."

"It's ok."

Her breathing hitching again, Mickie told her softly, "God, I haven't
been a good friend lately. I wish I wasn't putting so much strain on our

"Whoa." Trish said, stopping them and looking at Mickie, who refused to hold
her gaze. "What do you mean, you? What have you done wrong?"

Sniffling, Mickie told her, "Trish, I should have done more to calm you down
on Monday. I know what happened wasn't anyone's fault, and I should have told
you that on Monday instead of letting it build up all week." Looking away
further, Mickie said softly, "And I shouldn't have been doing.what I was
going in the shower today, but...I was just so pent up." Looking up at Trish,
she broke down again, telling her, "And I shouldn't be waking you up in the
middle of the damn night to cry on your floor like a blubbering child."

Hugging her softly, Trish cradled Mickie gently, patting her back. "Mickie,
it's alright. I'm not mad. It's just...human nature."

"Really?" Mickie asked, looking at Trish with tears in her eyes.

"Really." Trish said with a reassuring smile, whipping tears away from
Mickie's eyes. "Now, please, stop crying. Your starting to make me feel like

Nodding, Mickie let Trish lead her towards the bedroom of the suite. As Trish
broke off and moved towards the bed, Mickie looked around, trying to figure
out what she could do to not look like she was expecting Trish to take her
into the bedroom. Seeing a chair sitting in the far corner, she walked over
to it, reaching down and taking the seat cushion off and setting it on the
floor. Going for the gold medal in the field of not looking like your trying
to seduce someone, Mickie quickly got onto the floor, curling up and using
the seat cushion as her pillow, making sure to keep her distance from Trish.

Looking around, Trish tried to figure out where Mickie had gone. Seeing feet
sticking out of the corner, Trish walked around the bed, staring in confusion
as she found Mickie trying to get comfortable on the hard floor.

"Mickie, what are you doing?" Trish finally asked.

Looking up at Trish, she said, "Going to said I could stay...unless
you don't want me to."

"No, no, Mickie, you can stay." Trish said, before motioning to the floor.
"I meant, what are you doing on the floor?" When Mickie didn't answer, Trish
motioned to the bed. "It's huge. You take half, I take half."

"Trish, I dunno." Mickie said softly. "I mean, after last night.I don't want
you to wake up with me crying in your arms."

"It's ok." Trish said with a smile, moving over and holding out her hands.
Seeing Mickie balk, Trish said, "I insist. Get your butt up."

Smiling softly, Mickie took her hand, letting Trish help her up before
looking at the bed. "Which side is mine?"

Before Trish could answer, another bolt of lightning flashed thru the room,
sending Mickie to the floor, shaking like a leaf. Quickly moving to her side,
Trish helped her up, moving her over to the bed and quickly getting her in
it. Moving over to the other side, Trish laid down, getting under the covers.

As the thunder and lightning continued to boom across the sky, Mickie
continued to shake, having to make a mental note to pretend to be afraid at
each boom. As she shook, she made sure she was facing Trish, hoping the
pathetic look on her face would spurn something on.

Seeing Mickie shaking softly, Trish sighed. Moving closer, she put her hand
on Mickie's shoulder, startling the shaking girl. Smiling Trish told her
softly. "It'll be alright, Mickie." Trish said softly. Seeing her shake
worse, Trish sighed. Seeing an opportunity to get closer and maybe, just
maybe, steal a kiss without coming across as strange, Trish scooted closer,
pulling Mickie into a reassuring hug. Leaning down, she kissed Mickie on the
top of her head.

Feeling Trish's lips on her head, Mickie knew she had an opening, and had to
take it. She knew the moment was perfect, and she would never get another
chance like this. Pulling back slightly, she looked up at Trish, and, using
everything she knew about Dale's puppy dog eyes, looked at Trish. Feeling her
heart rate pick up, Mickie leaned forward, kissing Trish softly on the lips.

Feeling Mickie's lips on hers, Trish was confused at first, but quickly
pushed the feeling away as she kissed her back. Holding her softly, Trish
offered her more, her lips caressing Mickie's as she hoped she'd do the same

Feeling Trish kiss back, Mickie almost smiled. But she knew she couldn't,
or it would break her cover, and ruin her well crafted plan. Pulling back
quickly, Mickie looked away, using the time honored tradition of playing
hard to get to spurn Trish's feelings on.

"God, Trish, I'm sorry." Mickie whined, running her fingers thru her hair and
covering her face in mock shame.

Confused at the broken kiss, Trish moved closer to Mickie. "Why are you
sorry?" When Mickie didn't answer, Trish told her, "I know your scared,'s alright."

"I'm sorry because I know you only like boys." Mickie said softly, putting
the question out in the open.

Hearing Mickie's words, Trish turned her to face her, making Mickie take her
hands away from her face and look at her. "Mickie, don't be sorry." Trish
said softly. "I like boys." She said, before smiling softly. "And girls."

Shaking her head, Mickie tried to break away, giving Trish one last chance to
take it back. "Trish, please, don't say that." Mickie whined. "You don't have
to tell me that. You don't have to try and make me feel better." Looking
away, she whispered, "I know I'm a weirdo."

Leaning down, Trish decided to silence the girl the best way she knew how.
Kissing Mickie softly, Trish sighed as Mickie kissed her back, scooting back
to be right next to Trish as she kissed her softly.

Feeling Trish's hands start to roam, Mickie knew there was a line that had to
be drawn. ~Dale trusted me.~ She thought. ~I can't let this go to far.~ When
she felt Trish's hands start to move into regions they shouldn't, Mickie
pushed her away softly, pushing her onto her back.

Looking at Mickie, Trish almost cried herself. She had the girl she wanted,
the lips she wanted, and she had just been pushed away. But before she could
over think the situation, Mickie quickly moved closer, snuggling up against
Trish and letting her head rest on Trish's breast. Looking up at Trish,
Mickie smiled softly.

"Trish." She started, before biting her lip. "Will you hold me tonight?"

As another thunder boom rolled out, Mickie cringed, and Trish wrapped her
arms around Mickie, holding her close.

"Of course." Trish said softly, leaning down and giving her a final kiss
before letting her head fall back to the bed.

Wrapping her arms around Trish, Mickie smiled as she curled up next to the
former woman's champion, closing her eyes as she smiled. He plan had worked.

~Who knew?~ Mickie thought with a grin. ~All I had to do was cry?~

* * *

Walking in the back door, Mickie smiled and waved at the fans at the fence,
holding the door open long enough for Trish to get thru before letting it
close. Moving after Trish, Mickie looked around, trying to get her bearings
in the strange arena.

"Where's the changing room around here?" Mickie asked, looking for the usual

"This way." Trish said, walking ahead of Mickie and leading her to a hallway
off to the right.

Following Trish, Mickie bobbed her head softly, singing quietly as she kept
her eyes on the floor, making sure she didn't step on anything. Watching
Trish's feet move, Mickie followed her, letting the blonde diva lead her
deeper and deeper into the building. Finally looking up, Mickie looked
around, realizing that they had gone completely off course.

"Are you sure...?" Mickie started, before Trish spun around and silenced her
with a scorching kiss.

Feeling Trish push her backwards against the wall gently, Mickie let her
suitcase go, reaching up and hugging Trish. She should have known this was
coming, and, deep down, she probably did. When they had woken up in the
morning, and the thunder was gone, Trish was all over her. Mickie had to
practically turn a hose on her to get her to stop and get ready to catch
there flight and make it to the next city. And begging off taking a shower
with Trish was probably the hardest thing she'd ever had to do, but some
how she managed to do it without hurting Trish's feelings.

Trish had been her normal self on the flight, joking with other wrestlers
and reading, but as soon as they landed and were in there rental car, Mickie
knew she was only waiting for the right time to strike. And Mickie had fallen
for Trish's cunning ruse, of letting her lead her down an empty hallway,
Mickie smiled around her lips, loving it as Trish kissed her softly. She'd
managed to convince Trish to not touch her private parts, but that didn't
mean Trish entirely listened. As Trish's hand curled around her hip and
cupped her butt, Mickie moaned softly, tilting her head up and letting Trish
kiss her neck. She knew how much Dale liked that.

"Trish, stop." Mickie moaned. As the blonde diva pulled away, Mickie smiled.
"We gotta go check in, and get ready."

"I don't wanna." Trish pouted, kissing Mickie softly on the lips. "I wanna
kiss you...and touch you."

Giggling, Mickie smiled. "So do I. But if we don't go do our match, we'll get
shit canned."

"You might." Trish said with a smirk. "I'm the golden girl, remember?"

"Bitch." Mickie teased, before pulling her in for another kiss.

"So we really have to go?" Trish asked softly.

Smiling, Mickie licked Trish's lips, making her moan. "Hey, you think I'd
leave these lips if I didn't have to?"

Pouting, Trish nodded. "Probably. Just to tease me."

"Yea, your right." Mickie said, giggling at Trish's act.

"One more kiss?" Trish asked softly.

Nodding, Mickie puckered up, letting Trish kiss her softly before breaking
away. "No, scram. I gotta go take care of some stuff."

"Meanie." Trish said softly, trying not to smile as she moved away.

Smiling, Mickie reached out, giving Trish's butt a squeeze, making Trish jump
and giggle as Mickie moved away. Moving down the hallway, Mickie made sure
she could keep a good eye out for Trish as she pulled her cell phone out of
her purse, quickly dialing Dale's number.


"Dale?" Mickie asked.

"That's me."

"Wow, you picked up." Mickie said with a smile.

"Katie's out making me supper, so I'm on phone duty." He said with a smile.
"What's up?"

"I just wanted to call in with a progress report." Mickie said.

Laughing, Dale shook his head. "Mickie, it's not operation Stratus. Progress
reports are a bit of a stretch."

Smiling, Mickie nodded. "Alright, well, a check up then."

"Alright, hit me."

"Well, I've been.working Trish the last few nights. We slept, and I do mean
slept, together, and last night I finally got her to admit she likes girls."
Mickie said. "Still not sure I'm the girl she likes, but she seemed quite...
receptive when I kissed her."


"And only kissed." Mickie said. "Well, and little bit of butt grabbing on her

"Well, you do have a nice booty." Dale joked. "I'd grab it to...if I was
there...god, I wanna grab it."

"Stop." Mickie giggled. "Lemme finish."


"Well, anyways, we kissed last night, but I left her hanging. I didn't want
to force to much on her at once." Mickie told him. "But, this morning, she
was all over me. It was all I could do to keep her from stripping me naked
and having her way with me."

"Isn't that what we're aiming for?" Dale asked.

"No." Mickie said. "We're aiming for her as our girlfriend. And, before I let
her go farther than kissing, I want her to know that you're my boyfriend, and
that she's welcome to share you, but I'm not leaving you."

"That's good to know." He said with a chuckle.

"I won't sleep with her until she's with us." Mickie stated.

"If that's what it takes." Dale said softly. "You have my permission
whatever you want. I trust you."

"Dale, I'm not going to sleep with her if your not there."

"Why not?" He asked. "You'll probably do it with her alone at some point."

"True." She said. "But I don't want to lead Trish on that it's just me who
wants her. I don't want to lead Trish along with sex only to try and force
another partner on her."

"I guess." He said, leaning back. "But, still, whatever you do, I trust you.
I know you love me, and that you wouldn't just abandon me."

"Never." Mickie said. "Well, that's about it. I'm gonna talk to her after our
match tonight."

"Alright." He said. Smiling, he added, "Love you."

Smiling, she said, "Love you too."

Flipping down her cell phone, Mickie tucked it back into her purse, starting
down the hall and trying to find her way to the locker room.

* * *


Looking towards the voice, Dale asked, "Katie?"

"Where's Mickie tonight?"

Thinking for a minute, he said, "I think.somewhere in the.I wanna say mid
west, but, honestly, not to sure."

Nodding, Katie asked, "Why didn't you go with her?"

"Couldn't afford it." He said. "She had to fly all over the place, and I'm
getting to the end of this month's allowance."

"You could have put it on the credit card." Katie offered.

Shrugging, leaned back on the couch. "I could have, but I would have ended
up paying for it for months." Looking away, he said, "Besides, Mickie had
some...things to take care of."

"Such as?" Seeing Dale look away, Katie asked, "Dale, are you ok?"

"I'm fine." He said softly.

Seeing how nervous he was becoming, she slid closer to him, taking his hand
in hers. "Dale, is everything all right between you and Mickie? You've since she called."

"Everything's fine." Dale said. "It's's complicated."

"The travel putting a strain on you two?"

Shaking his head, Dale said, "No, it's not that. Like I said, this week was a
one time deal. I'm going with her next week." Looking down, he said, "If I
tell you something, will you promise not to judge me or Mickie?"

"Of course, Dale." Katie said softly.

"We're...we have this friend." He said softly. "A girl. Named Trish. She's...
god she's beautiful too. Long, blonde hair...nice...figure."

"I get it."

"Anyways, when I was out on the road with Mickie last week, we ended up
spending a lot of time with her." Dale said. "Hanging out, going to meals,
things like that." Shrugging, he said, "Anyways. On Monday, when we were at
the arena, I was sitting back stage while Mickie was out doing her match,
and Trish came along. I didn't know it was her, so I grabbed her and pulled
her into my lap, and.kissed her, among other things I'm not going to get

"I can guess."

"You'd probably be right." He admitted. "Anyways, at first, she let me take
the blame for what happened. I thought it was my fault, so it wasn't like it
was hard. But later on, we were talking, and she broke down crying, telling
me it was her fault and that she liked it. Before we could get any
information from her, she ran out crying."

"Oh my."

"And that's why I've been acting weird lately." He said. "And, come to find
out from Mickie, Trish likes me too. She told Mickie it one day while we were
away. So that only made me feel worse, because I was thinking Mickie would
think I'd leave her for Trish. After a while, we started to figure some
things out, and thought that Trish might like Mickie too."

"So, lemme get this straight." Katie said. "Trish likes you, but she likes
Mickie too."


"And Mickie, she likes you, and you like her?"


"Do you like Trish?"

"I think so."

"And does Mickie like Trish?"

"She says she does."

"So, pretty much, you have a love triangle going on?" Katie asked.

"Sort of." Dale said. "Trish doesn't know how I feel about her. Mickie told
her how she felt, but that's where the complicated part comes in."

"I'm beginning to see that."

"Mickie and I want Trish, but if Trish only wants one of us, we both loose
her." Dale said, letting his head drop and shaking it slowly. "How can I
go from having no one in my love life to possibly having two of the most
beautiful women on the planet in the span of two weeks?" Hearing Katie
trying not to laugh, he turned towards her. "Katie, I'm serious."

"I know your serious." Katie laughed. "I don't think you've ever lied to me.
And that's why it's so funny."

"Care to let me in on the joke?" He asked. "I could use a good laugh."

"I'm just trying to figure out how in the months that I've known you that you
turned from quiet, scared recluse who was crying on his door step when I went
to pick him up into a stud muffin that's fighting off the advances of super
models left and right." Howling with laughter, Katie asked, "Who are you and
who turned you into Hugh Hefner?"

Smiling, Dale shook his head. "It's a mystery to me." He said. "I'm just
worried you'll think we're some kind of freaks if it works out. Mickie and I
want Trish as our girlfriend, and that would include all the things Mickie
and I do."

Moving over, Katie hugged him softly. "Dale, whatever makes you happy, makes
me happy." Giving him a kiss on the top of his head, she said, "I don't care
if you have one girl friend, or two, or twelve, or a boyfriend, or whatever.
So long as it makes you happy, I'll support it."

Sighing, Dale smiled, letting Katie hug him softly. "Thank you, Katie." He
said softly. "I know I may not act like it some times, but what you say and
what you think of me means the world to me. You're the closest thing I have
to family, and I love you."

Smiling, she gave him a final squeeze before letting him go. "Just not like
you love your two super models, I hope."

"No." He said, smiling. "Different kind."

"That's good to know." Katie said, grinning. Getting up off the couch, she
smiled. "So, you want some dessert?"

"Do we have anything other than ice cream?" He asked with a smile.

"What did I tell you?" Katie teased. "I never want to know what happened to
that ice cream." Seeing him nod, she said, "I made some cookies."

"That'll do nicely." He said, leaning back on the couch and smiling as she
left the room, leaving him with his thoughts.

* * *

Walking thru the curtains, Mickie whipped the sweat off of her forehead.
Vince had given them free reign over there match, and ten minutes in which
to get it done. And after there experiences from the past night, Trish and
Mickie had gone all out, groping and touching each other, trying to "One
up" the other in front of the live crowd while not drawing attention to

But after the two make out sessions earlier in the day, the touching had
taken on a whole new meaning. It wasn't just innocent touching, it had
meaning behind it. Mickie grabbed Trish's breasts because she wanted to,
because she wanted to feel them in her hands. She'd dreamed about it, and
the few seconds of groping had proved her right, that Trish's breasts felt
as good as they looked.

She knew she had to tell Trish the truth. Lying to her wasn't helping
anybody, and she had to know before things went to far. Moving towards the
locker room, Mickie pushed open the door, thanking Vince silently for not
booking the other divas and letting them leave early. Turning, she locked
the door, making sure no one disturbed them as Trish looked up at her,

"Hey you." Trish said, smiling. "Nice match."

"Same to you." Mickie said softly.

Standing up, Trish quickly closed the gap between them, taking Mickie into
her arms. As she kissed Mickie softly, she felt her whole body relax, as if
Mickie's lips were a pain killer, and she just had her fix.

Feeling Trish's lips against hers, Mickie wanted to stop her, to push her
away, but she found she couldn't. She didn't want Trish's lips to leave hers.
She wanted to kiss the sexy girl all night long, and just let nature take
it's course. But she knew she had Dale at home, and something had to be said.

As Trish finally broke the kiss, she smiled at Mickie. "I was starting to get
worried." She said softly. "I was wondering where you got to."

Looking at Trish, Mickie gathered up all of her courage, knowing what she had
to say. "Trish, I was talking to Dale earlier."

Hearing Dale's name, Trish froze. In all the times she had kissed Mickie, she
had honestly forgotten about him. Feeling her heart drop, she thought of him
sitting at his home, crying on the floor as he figured out that she had
stolen his girlfriend.

Breaking apart quickly, Trish looked at Mickie. "So, I guess you kissing me
didn't mean what I hoped it meant." She started, before Mickie cut her off."

"Trish, please believe me, I wanted to kiss you."

Looking like someone had ripped her heart out, Trish said softly, "But now
you don't, because you have a boyfriend."

Moving quickly, Mickie tried to hold Trish, to comfort her as she told her
the truth, but found the small girl pushing her away. "Trish."

"Don't." Trish snapped, turning around.

Diving at her, Mickie grabbed her, wrestling with the blonde girl until the
both fell to the floor, Trish trying to get Mickie off of her and Mickie
trying to make Trish listen. Finally getting the upper hand, Mickie knelt
over Trish, holding her hands above her head. Trish stared up at Mickie, her
eyes filled with tears as she realized her worst fears had some true.

~I could have had her.~ Trish thought. ~But I waited to long.~

"Trish, please, calm down!" Mickie said, still wrestling with her as she
tried to get up. "Trish, please, stop."

Looking up at Mickie, Trish finally stopped fighting, realizing that the
brunette had her in to good of a position to fight out of. Seeing Trish had
finally given up, Mickie leaned down quickly, kissing Trish before she could
turn her head. Keeping her head low, she looked Trish in the eyes.

"Trish, when I kissed you, it meant what you thought it did. I like you."
Mickie told her softly.

Looking away, Trish tried to hide her tears. "But you don't love me."

Sighing, Mickie forced Trish to look at her. "Trish, it's complicated." When
Trish turned away again, Mickie stopped. "Hey, come on, please? Look at me."
Slowly returning her gaze to Mickie's, Trish refused to look her in the eyes.
"I kissed you because I wanted to kiss you. Because I like you. Because I
like girls, and I think you are a beautiful, caring, loving woman."

Looking at Mickie, Trish said, "I'm also the girl who let your boyfriend
finger her, then let you cheat on him with her."

Shaking her head, Mickie told her, "You didn't let me cheat with you. We
haven't cheated. We've only kissed."

"That's enough." Trish said. "You can see. You can't claim ignorance like
Dale could."

Looking at her, Mickie said, "Trish, it's not cheating. I wouldn't dream of
claiming ignorance." Looking into Trish's eyes, Mickie smiled softly. "Dale
gave me permission." When Trish looked at her, confused, Mickie slowly stood
up, dismounting the girl on the floor. "Trish, Dale likes you. I like you.
And I know you like Dale, and I'm pretty sure you like me too." Looking at
her, she smiled softly, reassuringly. "And I don't mean as friends. I mean
as more than friends." Before Trish could speak and shoot her down, Mickie
said, "Come down to Virginia. Tonight." Moving over to her suitcase, she
pulled out her note pad, writing down Dale address before handing it to
Trish. "Come down, and all will be explained. You may have been joking,
about you, me and Dale being a couple, but I wasn't. And Dale wasn't."

Moving back, Mickie shrugged. "I've done all I can to prove it to you. Now,
I'm going to walk out of here, and go catch my flight. If you were joking,
you won't show up, and we'll have to deal with the fallout in Boston. But
if you care about me and Dale like we care about you, then you'll come down,
and talk it out."

Moving to Trish, she bent down, giving her one final kiss, touching lips
softly before standing up, moving over to her suitcase and dragging it along,
not bothering to change before she unlocked the door and walked out, leaving
a bewildered and confused Trish behind.

* * *

Sitting in her hotel room, curled up on her bed, Trish watched the wall. She
was still stunned by Mickie's words earlier, and couldn't figure out if she
was serious or not. The thought of having Dale and Mickie love her had pushed
her into all kinds of problems over the last few days, and she didn't know
weather she should just ignore Mickie's offer and go on with her life,
without her best friend, or if she should do as she asked, and go to Virginia
and see what they wanted.

"What could it hurt?" Trish asked, before adding softly, "Assuming there

She realized that this could just as easily be a joke on Mickie and Dale's
part, kind of a pay back for Trish leading Dale on and putting him thru the
week Mickie had said he'd been thru. It could easily be one big set up to
make Trish look stupid and weird in front of the whole WWE, and force her to
either accept that everyone looked at her like a freak show, or quit.

Looking at her watch, she knew she had to choose a path soon. Mickie had
told her to come tonight, and she was quickly running out of time. She wanted
Mickie and Dale so much it hurt, that it kept her up at nights. But she'd
also worked hard over the years to keep her bi-sexual urgings a secret from
the locker room, and her family. She knew if she took them up on there offer,
and they betrayed her, all she had built up would be lost.

Looking at the empty spot beside her in the bed, she knew that if she didn't
act, she'd loose them anyways.

Sighing softly, Trish realized it was time to catch her flight. Sliding
quickly off the bed, she moved to the closet and pulled on her shoes and
jacket, grabbing her suitcase and heading for the door.

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