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PAIRING: Mickie James/Trish Stratus/A Fan (Dale)

1st, my fanfic will often deal with strange situations/pairings, so if your
easily shocked/offended, don't bother reading any further. Also, a lot of
these stories deal with wrestlers that are "Past There Prime", so to speak.
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4th, this story is written from the viewpoint that what happens on TV isn't
real, that the wrestlers are actors and know it's just a storyline.

~Denotes Thought~

Blind Leading The Blind Part 4: The Price To Pay
by Nero Rain (

"I'm hungry."

Looking over at Dale, Mickie smiled. "What else is new?"

"Waiting makes me hungry." He said, smiling.

"I'm not going out for Burger King." Mickie stated. Seeing him going to give
her the eyes, she stopped him by quickly saying, "I want to be here if Trish
shows up."

"It's been hours." He said softly. "I'm thinking she might not be coming."

"We can wait." Mickie said. "Can't we?"

"I'll wait as long as you want me to."

"Thank you."

"Is there anything in the fridge?" Dale asked hopefully.

"I'm not cooking." Mickie said. "And Katie's asleep." Seeing him go to whine,
she asked, "Does Katie keep any pizza menus around here?"

"She keeps them on top of the fridge." He said. "Apparently, even though I'm
blind, and can't read them, she still finds it necessary to hide them from

Leaning over and kissing him, Mickie said, "She only wants what's best for

Feeling out for Mickie, Dale smiled as he rubbed her hips softly. "Well, I
think I found the best."

Giggling, Mickie pushed his hands away, moving into the kitchen and grabbing
the menus off the top of the fridge. "Same as last week?"

"I guess." He said. "I forget what I had last week."

Nodding, Mickie quickly punched in the number, giving the person on the phone
the order before hanging up and moving back into the living room with Dale.
Sliding into his lap, she grinned as he instantly embraced her. "Twenty one,
plus tip." She said.

"My wallets in my pocket." He said.

"Well, get it."

"Can't you?"

"Why should I get your wallet?"

Smiling, Dale said, "Because you always make it fun."

Grinning, she reached down, sliding her hand into his pocket. "Well, I
suppose I could. Something to pass the time anyways."

Moaning softly, Dale leaned back, grinning. "Well, if you wanted to really
pass the time, you could give me that hand job you wanted the other day."

"Maybe later." Mickie said, pulling out his wallet and retrieving his half of
the money. Setting it with her half on the coffee table, Mickie curled up in
Dale's lap, letting his arms wrap around her and hold her close.

"Do you think she's coming?" Dale asked.

"Dunno." Mickie said. "I laid it out for her what we wanted." Giving his hand
a squeeze, she said, "It's pretty much up to her now."

"Yep." He said, holding her softly.

"Did you listen to our match on Monday?"

"As always." He said. "Good match."

"Lots of groping."

"I wasn't going to mention that if you didn't." He said. "The King was quite

"Well, I did mention it." Mickie said. "What did you think of it?"

Shrugging, he said, "I know why you did it. No biggie."

"You don't mind your girlfriend touching another girl?"

"Another girl we're trying to have as our girlfriend." He said. "If you
touched anyone else, I'd be upset. But Trish, that's a little different."

"So I have free reign to grope Trish?"

"If she shows up, yes, grope away."

"And if she doesn't?"

"I'm betting we have a lot more to deal with than weather or not to grope
her." He said.

"True." Mickie said. "Can I grope you?"

"I offered earlier, and you shot me down." He said. "Now you wanna grope?"

"You asked for a hand job." Mickie said. "I'm not doing that."

"How about a thigh job?" he asked. "You did mention you'd try that again."

"That's even more complicated than a hand job." She said.

"So I take it that's a no?"

"You'd be correct."

"How about we just kiss and I can touch your butt?" He offered.

Leaning down, she smiled. "That sounds good."


"Pizza!" Dale yelled, making Mickie jump.

"Jesus, you get worked up over food." She said, hopping out of his lap.

"Hey, everyone has their thing." He said.

Smirking, she asked, "I thought I was your thing?"

"You won't let me eat you." He said with a grin.

Grabbing the money off of the coffee table, Mickie smiled. "When were done,
I'll let you eat me, ok?"

"Promises, promises."

Giggling, Mickie moved towards the front door, undoing the lock before
swinging it open, her smile fading as she realized it wasn't the pizza guy
on the other side.

"Trish." Mickie said softly, watching as the blonde diva stared up at her
from a step down. "We...we were beginning to think you weren't coming..."

Shaking her head quickly, Trish took a deep breath, preparing to spit out her
explanation in one, long breath.

"Ohmygod Mickie I drove to the airport and couldn't beg, borrow, bribe or
steal a ticket, and believe me, I tried all four, because every flight to
Virginia was booked solid, so I had to drive like six hours at warp five to
get here, and then when I finally got into town, I tried finding this place,
which, by the way, is in the middle of nowhere, incase you haven't noticed,
and I went to the wrong house, and I had to convince these guys I wasn't the
stripper they ordered for there friends bachelor party, and then I had to
fend off there offers to be there stripper because they said I looked better
than her, and I had to keep telling them I don't strip, and they kept
offering more money, and I kept telling them no, and finally I got mad when
they wouldn't stop trying to buy me long enough to help me and I got in the
car and then I drove around for like a half hour, and finally I asked a guy
at a gas station how to get here and he looked at me and was like, "Oh, you
must mean Dale!" and I was like, "Yes, Dale, where is he?" and he told me
where to go and that's how found this place, and here I am."

Staring at Trish, Mickie nodded, only catching half of her explanation, but
nodding as if she caught it all. "'re here now?" Mickie asked. When
Trish nodded, trying to catch her breath, Mickie said, "And you wanted to
come here?"


Opening the door wider, Mickie smiled. "Come on in."

Moving in, Trish looked around the room. "So, this is Dale's place?"

"Yup." Mickie said. Thinking of something, she stopped Trish from moving
forward, and turned her to look at her. "If, for any reason, you don't
feel...comfortable, Dale has a guest room. So no pressure, ok?"

Nodding, Trish looked at Mickie's hand. "What's with the money?"

Grinning, Mickie moved her towards the living room. "I was hoping you'd
strip." Mickie joked, making Trish smile softly. "Actually, pizza."

"Oh." Trish said, stopping again. "Am I interrupting?"

Shaking her head, Mickie got her moving again. "We'll share."

Nodding, Mickie moved Trish into the living room, smiling as Trish smiled at
the sight of Dale sitting on the couch, twiddling his thumbs.

"Dale." Mickie said, smiling as he looked towards her direction.

"Was it the pizza guy?" Dale asked, hopeful as his stomach rumbled it's own
want for it to have been the pizza guy.

"Better." Mickie said, smiling at Trish.

Seeing his eyes light up, Trish and Mickie smiled, thankful that he had clued
in to the fact that their blonde guest had arrived.

"Free pizza?" He asked, smiling, before looking confused. "Wait, it wasn't
thirty minutes, was it? Or was it? I can't tell. When did we call it in? What

"Dale, stop." Mickie laughed. "It's Trish."

Stopping his jabbering instantly, Trish smiled as Dale perked up. "Trish?"

"Hi Dale." Trish said shyly, still not quite sure how he'd react.

Holding out his arms, he smiled. "Can I have a hug, or are you planning on
hitting me or something?"

Looking back at Mickie, Trish waited for the nod before moving across the
floor, leaning down and hugging him tightly. Feeling his hands on the back
of her knees, she yipped slightly as he moved her into his lap. Hearing
Mickie laugh, Trish looked at Dale, slightly confused.

"More than a hug?" He asked softly, hopefully. "That is, if that's why you're

Again looking back at Mickie, Trish grinned as she nodded again. Turning back
around, Trish pressed her lips softly against Dale's, moaning softly as he
kissed her back. But after a second, the kiss was broken, and Dale was
looking confused again.

"Trish?" He asked.

Sighing, Trish tried to not look disappointed. "Yes?"

His smile returning, Dale let his hands move up to her face, finding her lips
quickly. "Oh, ok. Just making sure of who was in my lap this time." Leaning
forward, he kissed her again softly, making her smile as she leaned into the
kiss slightly.

Moving over towards the two kissers on the couch, Mickie sat down, making
sure to leave a space in between her and Dale. As Trish and Dale broke apart,
Mickie smiled at her, patting the spot between Mickie and Dale. Nodding,
Trish slid out of his lap, taking her place on the couch as Mickie scooted
over, making sure that Trish was in the middle of her and Dale to make sure
she knew that she was a part of the conversation that was to come. The most
important part.

Smiling at Trish, Mickie started, "No welcome kiss for..." Before Trish
silenced her with a kiss. "Mmmmmm..." Mickie moaned softly, her hands holding
Trish's face as she kissed her softly.

Breaking apart slowly, Trish smiled as Mickie gave her a few parting kisses.
Sitting in between Dale and Mickie, Trish smiled, her face beaming as she
drank in the attention they were lavishing on her.

~So far, so good.~ She thought.

"Alright, so, we need to talk." Mickie said. "About....things."

"Things." Trish said, nodding. ~That's a good way to put it.~

"Ok, umm...well, to start, what's going on." Mickie said. "As in, why you're
here, which, I admit, I probably should have brought up before we got all
kissing and stuff."


"Dale and I aren't looking for a three-way partner." Mickie said flatly.
"We're looking for a girlfriend. And this isn't a take it or leave it
proposal, and if you don't take it we won't offer it to someone else.
You're the only option here."

Nodding, Trish smiled. "Ok."

"And by girlfriend, we don't mean friend who is a girl." Dale elaborated,
hoping they weren't looking at him like he was stupid. "We mean, girlfriend,
and all that goes with it."

"So, like, what Mickie is to you." Trish said, looking at Dale like he was
stupid, but not wanting to hurt his feelings. ~He's trying.~

"Exactly." He said, before thinking. "Well, me and you would be like that.
Mickie's lacking the necessary penis to have it the same way, but you get
the idea."

"I do."

Turning Trish to face her, Mickie smiled. "So, is that something you'd be
interested in?" Before Trish could answer, Mickie said, "Remember, it's both
of us. Not just me, or just Dale. We're a package deal. Both or none."

"I'd like that." Trish said, smiling at Mickie. "Both of you, that is."

"Alright." Mickie said, smiling. "Now that that's out of the way, about...

"Before we get to that..." Trish said, thinking about something. "I wanted to
let you guys know that I...heard you the other morning."

"Heard us?" Mickie asked.

"Yea." Trish said, blushing slightly. "You waking Dale up."

"Oh, the morning hummer." Dale said with a grin.

"Very tactful Dale." Mickie joked.

"Yes, the morning hummer." Trish said. "I...umm...was coming down to see what
you guys wanted at Burger King...and...well...Dale, you're kinda loud."

"You should hear Mickie." He said. "She'll scream you half deaf."

Smiling, Trish looked over at Mickie. "Really?"

"I'm a screamer." She confirmed with a nod.

Nodding, Trish continued. "Anyways, I heard you guys, and...Mickie, you know
what you were saying about getting worked up? On Sunday?"


"And how you took care of the shower room..."


"Well, that was me." Trish said. "Only, instead of the shower, I was in the
hall of the hotel outside your guys door."

Her eyes going wide, Mickie smiled. "You jerked off in a hotel hallway?"

Something clicking in his head, Dale asked, "Mickie, you jerked off in a

"I do it all the time." Mickie said nonchalantly. Smiling at Trish, she poked
her softly. "You horny little beast."

"It's been years!" Trish argued, trying to defend herself.

Smiling, Mickie leaned over, kissing her softly. "It's ok." Clearing her
throat, Mickie went to say something, but was cut off by a knock at the door.

"Pizza!" Dale yelled, making Trish and Mickie smile.

Getting up, Mickie jogged towards the door. As she disappeared around the
corner, Trish looked at Dale, who was staring off into nothing.


Looking her way, he said, "Trish?"

Moving closer, she leaned in, kissing him softly. Smiling as his arms wrapped
around her, pulling her closer, Trish let him set the pace, his lips gliding
over hers as he offered her a hint of tongue. Taking his hand from his lap,
she set it on her hip, letting him know a little hand roaming would be
welcome. Moaning softly as he rubbed her backside, Trish kissed him softly,
wanting to drag him and Mickie into the bedroom and make her fantasy a

"Oh..." Trish said, breaking apart.


"I just thought of something else." Trish said.

Leaning down, Dale quickly found her neck, kissing it softly. "Do tell."

"I had a dream about you and Mickie while I was at home." Trish said, moaning
softly as he peppered her neck with soft kisses.


"A sexual dream."

"Was I any good?"

"You were great."

"It must have been a dream then."

"Hey." Mickie said, coming back into the room, a few boxes in her arms and
plates on top of them. "You're good."

"I think your just saying that so I'll keep making you come." Dale teased.

Seeing Dale's hand on Trish's butt and his lips on her neck, Mickie smiled.
"Getting cozy?"

Her eyes getting wide, Trish pulled back quickly. "I didn't mean..."

"It's ok." Mickie said, smiling. "Get comfortable. In every way."

Smiling, Trish moved back to Dale, smiling as his hands wrapped around her
again, pulling her closer as he reached out with his lips, trying blindly to
find hers. Giggling, Trish teased him slightly, letting his lips graze
against hers before pulling them back. Whining softly, Dale pulled back.

"You know, if you want to tease the blind guy, please, use normal means." He
said. "Not "Hey you can't see so you can't find me" means."


"You're forgiven." He said, before smiling. "If..."


"If..." He said, rubbing her butt as Mickie doled out the pizza. "You tell us
about your dream."

Blushing bright red, Trish was very thankful at that moment that Dale
couldn't see her face. "Dream?" Trish said, trying to act as if she had no
idea what he was talking about.

"Yes, dream." He said, moving his hand around to her stomach, something he
knew from his little misadventure she loved. "A sexual dream, if memory
serves me."

"Had a wet dream about us, Trish?" Mickie teased.

"Yes, actually." Trish said, moaning softly as Dale continued to torture her
with his magical hands.

"Wow." Dale said, clearly impressed. "Musta been good."

Moaning, Trish arched to his touch, wanting more. "God, Dale..."

"Tell us..." Dale said, flicking his tongue across her throat.

"Please, no..." Trish whined.

"Do you want me to keep touching you?" He asked softly.


"Then spill." He said, stopping his hands movements. "Was it good?"

"Very." Trish moaned, Dale's touch returning as she spoke. "I soaked my bed
four nights running. A few times more than once."

"She is backed up." Mickie said, smiling.

"Very." Trish assured her. Seeing Mickie holding a plate of pizza and bread
sticks in front of her, she sighed. "I want touchy time..." Whining, she
pushed Dale's hands away softly, and reached out, taking the pizza with a
nod. "I didn't eat on the way here." She said, before reaching out and
giving Dale's hand a squeeze. "Or I'd let you feel me up to your hearts

"The dream." Dale reminded her with a smile, taking the plate that Mickie
pushed into his hands.

Taking a bite of pizza, Trish nodded. "Yea, the dream." She said. Smiling,
she told them, "It's all your guys fault."


"When I was outside your door...pleasing myself while you blew Dale, I had to
come up with my own fantasy." She said. "My dream was just the directors cut
of that."

"Do tell."

Realizing she couldn't avoid telling if she wanted Dale's hands back on her,
she said, "Can I skip the plot and get to the good stuff?"


"Well, it starts off with Dale sitting in a chair. I have this high back
chair in my room, and that's what he was sitting on." Looking at Mickie, she
said, "We were kneeling on the floor, blowing him while you felt me up."
Giving Mickie a questioning glance, she asked, "Do you do oral?"

"Yes." Mickie said.

"Very well." Dale added with a smile, chewing a bite of pizza.

Shaking her head, Trish said, "Anyways, so we were blowing him for a while,
and Mickie, you were fingering me, and then you told me I needed more than
fingers. Then poof, I'm on the bed, legs dangling off, and Dale between my
legs, pushing into me. Bareback." Looking at Dale, she quietly said, "I'm
not on the pill, so I don't do that in real life..."

"Dreams are dreams." He said. "Mickie doesn't either."

"Again, because I'm not on the pill." Mickie said. "Not because I think Dale
is some diseased dirt bag."

"Good to know." He said.

"And I'd rather not have to try and wrestle pregnant." Mickie said. Looking
at Trish, she smiled. "Do continue."

"And, while he's fucking me, Mickie, you knelt over my head and made me eat
you out." Grinning sheepishly, she said, "Not like you had to force me. I
feel I was pretty giving in the dream." Shaking her head again, she smiled.
"Anyways, when Dale was coming, Mickie, you pulled him out, and he came in
your mouth, then you snowballed it to me." Taking another bite, Trish
shrugged. "That's about it."

"I need a smoke." Dale said.

Laughing, Trish and Mickie mowed into there food. Hearing the girl's laugh,
Dale relaxed slightly, pleased that things were progressing as quickly and as
smoothly as they were. He had it somewhere in the back of his mind that Trish
would be more uptight, and less open about what she felt. But with her
retelling of her dream, she quickly shattered that notion and made him want
to know her more and more.

Biting into her pizza, Mickie looked at Trish. "Alright, so, this needs to be
cleared up." She said. When Trish looked at her, she said, "Monday."

"Oh." Trish said softly.

"Did you..." Mickie started, before trailing off. "And, since we're all one
big happy family now, it's ok, but, at the time, did you go to Dale with the
intention of having something happen?"

Shaking her head, Trish told Mickie, "I was leaning a bit to close." Getting
shy, she added, "I'd been checking him out all trip, and this time it

"So, you're ok with what happened?" Dale asked softly.

Turning to face him, Trish smile, leaning in and licking some pizza sauce
from his lips. "Of course. I was ok with it when it happened. It was the
getting caught part that messed me up."

"So, you did actually like it?" Mickie asked.

Nodding, Trish smiled. "Your boyfriend..."

"Our boyfriend." Mickie said. Smiling, she added, "Get used to it."

"Our boyfriend." Trish said, her heart skipping a beat at the sound of that.
"Has very magical hands. He almost made me come."

"Really?" Mickie asked. When Trish nodded, Mickie grinned. "Dale, you never
told me she almost came."

"I didn't know." He lied.

"Bullshit." Mickie said. "You know my body inside and out. You'd know if I
was gonna come, and I'm damn sure with your fingers in her you'd know if
Trish was gonna come." Seeing him blush, she smiled. "It's ok, Dale. That's
what we're here for. To clear the air." When he nodded, she asked, "Did you

Nodding slowly, he said, "I had a good guess."

"And, Dale, do you, knowing now that Trish enjoyed it, like doing it to her?"
Mickie asked. Seeing him blush, she smiled. "It's alright, honey. You can
tell us."

Nodding, he said, " feel like heaven. Even after I found out it
was you, my only regret was what I thought was cheating on Mickie. I didn't
regret touching you, because it felt so good." Looking away, he said, "And
that's what made it so hard for me. That I thought I violated you, and I
liked it."

Smiling, Trish kissed him softly. "Dale, you didn't violate me. I know you
didn't know that at the time, but please, understand, this was all my fault.
I could have stopped you at any point, but I was having too much fun to stop.
I didn't want you to stop. And I felt so bad seeing you hurt and not coming
clean right off the bat, that I hope you can forgive me."

Smiling softly, he asked, "Can I touch you again sometime? Like we were?"

"Anytime." Trish said with a smile.

"So." Mickie said, polishing off her pizza. "It was, up until the fallout, a
pleasurable experience had by all?"

"Very." Dale said.

"Very, very, very." Trish giggled. Looking over to Dale, she gave him a soft
kiss. "It's something I'd like for you to do again sometime." Looking towards
Mickie, she said, "And I'd like to do to you, and have you do it to me."
Looking back at Dale, she smiled, poking him softly. "You don't have a
vagina, so we couldn't finger you..."

"The only hole I have down there is exit only."

"...But hand jobs are good, aren't they?" She asked with a grin.

"I'm still waiting for a thigh job." Dale said with a smile.

Looking at Dale, Trish asked, "Thigh job?" When he nodded, she asked, "What
the hell is a thigh job?"

"It's like a hand job, but you use your thighs instead of your hands." He

Looking at Mickie, Trish asked, "You've done that?"

"We've talked about it." Mickie said.

"She promised me one." Dale said with a smile.

"I said we'd discuss it."

"I thought you promised?"

"You don't know what you think." Mickie teased. "You don't even remember what
you had on your pizza last week."

"I don't know what's on it tonight."

Popping the last bite of her pizza into her mouth, Trish set her plate on the
coffee table.

"Want some more?" Mickie offered.

Shaking her head, Trish smiled. "Not right now." Looking over at Dale, and
watching him nurse his pizza, she said, "Hurry up, Dale. We're waiting on

"That doesn't work." Mickie said. "He eats kinda slow."

"I see that." Trish said. Reaching over slowly, she tried to lift the last
piece of pizza off of his plate without him noticing, but he quickly pulled
it away. "Hurry..."

"I'm hungry!" He argued. "I haven't eaten since...supper, whenever that was."
He said. "What time is it?"

Looking at the clock on the wall, Mickie said, "Almost six."


"No, Dale, PM." Mickie said sarcastically.

"You know, sarcasm works a lot better when the person you're being sarcastic
with can actually see if it's light or dark out." He said, taking another
bite of pizza. "I'm just sort of floating thru life."

"So you honestly don't have any clue what time it is?" Trish asked.

"Usually, none whatsoever." He said. "Except for when Raw comes on, but Katie
always sets me up to watch that."

"Sets you up with some snacks and beer?" Trish asked with a smile.

"I can't drink with the meds I'm on." He said softly.

"Oh, yea, the depression." Trish said softly. Seeing his eyes go wide, she
realized she had hit on something she wasn't supposed to know.

"Who told you about that?" He asked.

"I did." Mickie said softly. "Katie told me about it the other day."

Letting his food drop, Dale looked away, embarrassed. "Mickie...Trish, I'm

"Hey, hey..." Trish said, scooting closer to him and taking him in her arms.
"It's alright. It's nothing to be ashamed of. You got nothing to be sorry
about." Leaning in, she kissed him softly. "I take it when you say meds,
you mean prescriptions your taking to help with the depression?" When he
nodded, she smiled. "That's...kinda sexy."

Looking towards her, he asked, "What? That I'm hopped up on mind altering

Kissing him again, Trish told him, "No. That you're willing to get help. I
find that kinda sexy."

"Jeez, doesn't take much to impress you, does it?" Mickie joked.

Smiling, Trish leaned over, poking Mickie as she kissed her softly. "Hey, be
supportive of our boyfriend."

Nodding, Mickie smiled, reaching out and taking his hand, giving it a
squeeze. "It really is good that you're getting help." When he nodded, she
leaned over Trish, giving him a kiss on his cheek. "If you ever need any
help, or someone to talk to, I'm sure Trish and I will be more than willing
to help."

"Absolutely." Trish said.

Smiling, Dale said, "Well...a kiss would help."

Smiling, Mickie leaned in, kissing him softly on the lips. As she slowly
broke apart, Trish smiled and moved in, kissing him. Making sure to steal a
taste of tongue, she pulled back, smiling as he grinned.

"I was going to ask who kissed me, but since I think both of you did, it's
kinda a moot point." He said, smiling.

Watching as he nursed his pizza, Trish and Mickie smiled, both waiting to
pounce on him as soon as the last bite was finished. Looking at each other,
they both realized what the other was waiting for, to be the thing to fill
the void in his lap left by the empty plate. As he popped the last piece of
crust into his mouth, Trish motioned between him and Mickie, indicating that
she should be the one in his lap. Shaking her head, Mickie did the same
thing, trying to motion Trish into place. When Trish wouldn't budge, Mickie
sat back, thinking of a solution to the problem.

Her eyes lighting up, Mickie smiled, giving Trish a kiss before sliding into
Dale's lap. As Trish watched, she moved over to the other side of him.

"Dale, spread your legs." Mickie said.

Smiling, Dale spread as ordered. "I like where this is headed." He joked,
smiling as Mickie hit him softly. "That's two apologies you owe me..."

"Just keep count." Mickie said, moving over and straddling his left leg.
Motioning to his right leg, she smiled as Trish did the same, both of them
making sure not to kneel on Little Dale.

Feeling both girls sitting in his lap, Dale smiled, leaning back against the
couch. "Please, if I'm dreaming, don't pinch me. In fact, just shoot me up
full of sleeping drugs so I can't possibly wake up." As the girls giggled, he
smiled, reaching out and pulling them both a little closer. "Alright, who's

"Right leg, Trish." Trish said, leaning down and kissing him softly.

"And that would leave me on the left." Mickie said, not waiting for Trish to
finish before she leaned down and kissed them both.

Feeling Dale's hands rubbing her softly, Trish moaned. "Dale?"


"Touch me."

"I am."

"More." Trish purred. "You've already touched me in the most intimate way
possible. Don't be afraid." Looking over at Mickie, she quietly said, "That
is, if you don't mind..."

"Quit asking permission." Mickie said. "He's not my possession."

"That's right." Dale said, smiling. "I'm both of your possession. Please
don't break me. Or turn me in for a newer, better, prettier possession."

"We won't." Trish promised. "Now, touch."

Nodding, Dale moved his hands up, cupping her soft breasts and squeezing them
gently, making her moan. Leaning forward to accept his touch, Trish moaned
louder when she felt Mickie's lips nuzzling her neck, peppering her with
kisses. Moaning softly, Trish let herself get swept up in the feelings,
feeling like she was in seventh heaven as her wildest fantasy came to life
before her eyes.

"Shouldn't we go somewhere private?" Trish moaned as Dale's hands slid under
her shirt. Looking down at his sly smile, she leaned down, kissing him
gently. "That's it, Dale, touch me..."

"More private?" Mickie asked, pulling Trish back up gently and kissing her on
the lips, loving the pained look on Trish's face as she tried to decide who
to kiss. "Why would we do that?"

"Aren't we gonna...?" Trish asked, trailing off as she moaned again.

"Gonna what?" Dale teased.

"Do it." Trish finally got out.

"No." Mickie said, smiling as she licked the blonde's lips.

"What?" Trish whined. "Why not?"

"Well, for starters, because we've been up all night waiting for you." Dale
said. "We need sleep."

"Take me to the bedroom!" Trish implored her two kissing partners. "I'm sure
I'll find a way to make you guys forget about sleep!"

"I'm sure that's true." Mickie said, her hands joining in the fun and rubbing
Trish's butt. "But, still, we're not like that."

"Like what?" Trish groaned.

Smiling, Mickie told her, "We don't put out on the first date."

Her eyes going wide, she turned to stare at Mickie. "That's what got you guys
together!" She argued. "Putting out on the first date!"

"Still." Dale said.

"Please?" Trish whined softly.

"Well..." Dale said, smiling. "What do you think, Mickie?"

"I'll do whatever you ask me to." Mickie said. "But she gets my thumbs up."

"Well, I suppose we could make love to her." Dale said, trying hard to sound
exasperated with the situation. Rubbing Trish's sides, he smiled. "She is
super cute, after all." As Trish giggled, Dale moved his hands around her
body, making her giggles turn to moans. "And, besides, she does have very
womanly curves. And Mickie, you know how much I like curves."

"So, that's your expert opinion?" Mickie asked, leaning down and kissing him.
"Make love to her because she has curves?"

"Very womanly curves." Dale said. "Now you'll get to know how I feel when I
touch you. Trish may be a little firmer, but she still has the curves."

"Are you calling me flabby?" Mickie teased.

Reaching a hand around, he cupped Mickie's plump rump, giving it a squeeze.
"Flabby, never." He said. "You are a masterpiece. A curvy love goddess

"Wow." Mickie said, smiling at Trish. "He sure is lucky, isn't he? Having two
curvy love goddess."

"I am the luckiest man in the world." Dale stated, dead serious. "Blindness
or no blindness."

Smiling at Trish, Mickie thought of something, and let her smile fade,
replacing it with a look of concern. "Dale, I just thought of something."

"Which is?"

"You don't have two curvy love goddess." Mickie said.

"What?" Trish said, looking at Mickie. "Why? I'm here, I'm willing, and he
says I'm curvy!"

"That's not the point." Mickie said. "A curvy goddess you are, but not a
curvy love goddess. You haven't made love to him yet." Leaning over, she
kissed her softly. "You gotta earn the love part."

"I'll earn it!" Trish said quickly. "Just give me a chance!" Looking between
Dale and Mickie, she spoke before her brain had a chance to filter her words.
"I'll do anything!"

Smiling, Mickie looked at Dale, who was also grinning. "Anything?" They asked
in unison.

Looking slightly worried, Trish continued to look between them. "I did say
that, didn't I?"

"Well, Dale, that settles it." Mickie said, smiling. Looking over at Trish,
she said something that made the blonde bombshell shiver with lust, fear, and
want all at once.

"We're gonna have to initiate her."

* * *

"Can I take it back?"

Smiling, Mickie looked over Trish, drinking in her nude form as it lay on the

"You can, if you want." Mickie said.

"Thank you..."

"And I'll get Katie to take you to the airport when she gets up." Dale
assured her.

"Airport?" Trish whined.

"Well, if you don't wanna be initiated, you can't be a curvy love goddess."
Mickie said. "And if you're not a curvy love goddess, you can't be with Dale.
And no Dale means no Mickie."

"It's a vicious, vicious circle." Dale said with a nod.

"Please?" Trish whined. "I'll do anything!"

"We've already been over this part." Mickie said. "This is anything."

"But...please..." Trish whined, eyeing the things in there hands. Whining,
she asked, "Can't we just cuddle some more? Take it slow?"

"Hey, you were the one who wanted to get into the bedroom." Dale reminded

"We can cuddle in here!"

"Trish." Mickie said, gaining the blondes attention. "Both Dale and I had to
do this for each other." Looking at her, she smiled. "It's a trust thing.
Now, if you don't trust us..."

"I do!" Trish argued, knowing she wasn't going to win, but giving it her best
shot. "But...god...cold!"

"You're getting off light." Mickie said, shaking the can of whip cream. "Dale
let the ice cream melt, so we don't have any of that."


"Still, this stuff has been sitting in the fridge for like a week, so it's
plenty cold enough." Mickie said with a smile. "Trust me. I know."

"Oh my god..."

"Hey." Dale said, smiling. "If you wanna be our girlfriend, you gotta let us
make a Stratusfaction Split out of you. It's the rules."

"I'd like to see that rule." Trish griped, before looking up at Mickie.
"Alright, do it."

Smiling, Mickie shook the can again, making sure it was good and ready.
"Don't worry, Trish. I have better aim than Dale."

Smiling, he asked, "Does that mean your gonna miss her sensitive areas?"

Leaning down, Mickie kissed Trish softly, smiling at her. "No, it means I'll
hit them dead on."

Seeing Mickie move the whip cream can towards her bare pussy, Trish started
whining. "Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god..." As the
cold cream hit her bare skin, Trish's back arched, a shriek leaping from her
lungs. "Oh my god!"

Smiling, Mickie moved the can up, coating both of Trish's large breasts in
whip cream before turning to Dale. "Chocolate sauce."

Feeling around on the table, Dale grabbed the chocolate sauce, holding it out
for Mickie to take.

"How does he do that?" Trish asked, still squirming on the bed.

"I told him where it was, remember?" Mickie said, popping the lid off and
drizzling sauce over the blonde girl. Covering the whip cream, along with
Trish's tight tummy, she put the can back in Dale's hand. "Butterscotch."

Switching cans, Dale smiled. "Butterscotch."

"He's like the Rain Man of sexual things." Trish murmured, watching as Dale
smiled. "He can't remember where his food is, but butterscotch sauce, no
problem." As Mickie turned the can over and drizzled more sauce onto her
skin, Trish jumped from the contact. "Oh god, was that one in the freezer?"

"Nope." Mickie said, handing the can back. "Anything else?"

"Cherries." Dale said. Feeling around, he grabbed them, handing them to
Mickie. "We really should have thought this out. This is like a half assed
Stratusfaction Split."

"It's good enough." Trish whined, shivering slightly from the cold
ingredients on her body.

"Quit whining." Mickie teased. "Remember, I had ice cream on me."

"Please, no ice cream..."

"Keep whining and I'll go get some." Mickie threatened with a grin. "Now hold
still. Some cherries, and then we get to the eating part." Smiling as Trish
squirmed, Mickie carefully placed the cherries on Trish's breasts. "Voila!
One half assed Stratusfaction Split." Looking towards Dale, she grinned. "So,
Dale, do you want top or bottom?"

"Bottom." He said, smiling. "To start."

"I figured as much." Mickie said, leaning down and kissing Trish softly.
Smiling at her, she said, "You think he was good with his fingers?" When
Trish nodded, Mickie grinned. "His fingers have nothing on his tongue."

Reaching out for Trish's body, Dale put a hand on her and quickly followed it
down, hopping over her legs and sliding onto his belly between them. As Trish
watched Dale move into position, Mickie quickly moved up top, leaning down
and kissing Trish softly on the lips.

"You ready?" Mickie asked, smiling. When Trish nodded and whined softly,
Mickie grinned. "Dale, start your licking."

Leaning forward, Dale pushed his face into the mess around Trish's pussy,
skillfully licking off the top layer as Mickie moved away from Trish's
face, her head hovering over Trish's breasts and started licking. Squirming
uncomfortably on the bed, Trish begged and pleaded for them to hurry up,
their hot breath against her bare skin driving her wild.

Looking down between her breasts and around Mickie's head, Trish whined as
she watched Dale give her pussy's toppings long, slow licks, savoring each
taste as he moved further and further south.

"Come on Dale, please?" Trish whined softly. Rolling her hips, she succeeded
in rubbing her needy pussy against his face, but also got Dale's strong hands
on her thighs, holding her still for her troubles. "Please, Dale!" Trish
cried as Mickie's nimble tongue swatted against her nipple. "God, you so
close...oh man, you can probably smell it by now...Dale, can you smell me?"

Looking up, Dale grinned. "Maybe."

Whining loudly, Trish's view was blocked as Mickie moved to the other breast,
quickly removing the toppings before taking the fleshy mound into her mouth.
As she sucked Trish's sensitive nipples, Trish cried out again and again, her
pussy growing wetter and wetter as she could feel Dale's tongue moving the
toppings around, her greedy slit getting secondary contact from her lover's

"Switch." Mickie called out.

Looking at Mickie, Trish almost screamed at her, but was cut off by a kiss.
When Mickie pulled back, she was smiling.

"Don't worry." Mickie said, her voice low and hungry. "I won't waste time
like Dale. I'm starving..."

As Mickie moved away, Trish whimpered softly, her hips finally able to move
again as Dale's hands were withdrawn from them. As Mickie moved towards her
core, Trish smiled as Dale felt his way along her body, trying to find her

"Dale." She said softly, holding out her arms and setting her hands on his
shoulders. Pulling him softly, she moved his face closer, getting him close
enough to kiss him softly. "I love kissing you..."

"Your not so bad of a kisser yourself." Dale said with a smile. Letting her
push him away softly, Dale felt around, finding her breasts and licking her
nipples softly. "You're gonna have to forgive me." He said with a grin. "I'm
used to Mickie's breasts, so I'm gonna need some time to get adjusted. Any

"Two of em." Trish grinned, taking his hand in hers. "Here." She said,
setting his hand on her right nipple. "And here." She finished, moving his
hand to the left nipple.

"Funny." He said.

"I..." Trish started, before her eyes went wide, her back arching as she
screamed loudly. "Oh god!"

Cleaning the remaining toppings from around her pussy, Mickie quickly dove
her tongue into Trish's love hole, savoring the aroma and taste of her best
friends pussy. Lapping at her dripping folds quickly, Mickie darted her
tongue in and out of Trish's hole, smiling as Trish whined and bucked.
Realizing what was happening, Dale knew the time for joking was gone and
leaned down, taking Trish's nipple into his mouth, licking it softly as
Trish groaned loudly.

At that moment, Trish agreed with what Dale had said earlier. ~If this is a
dream, I never, ever want to wake up.~ She thought. Groaning loudly from her
two lovers simultaneously attending to her needs, Trish never felt happier in
her life. As Dale lapped at her nipples softly, Trish thanked him with whines
and coos of passion, letting him know that although he may be blind, he could
clearly see what pleased her, and did it with a passion and energy that let
her know that even though his needs were going neglected, Trish's needs meant
more to him at this point.

"Dale, how old are you?" Trish whined softly, cradling his head to her chest.

"Twenty three." He answered, taking his mouth away only long enough to answer

"And I'm not to...old for you?" Trish asked.

Taking his breast out of her mouth, he smiled at her. "Yes, your to old.
That's why I've been packing wood since the minute you kissed me."

Her mind foggy from the two fingers Mickie inserted into her love hole, Trish
groaned. "You're joking, right?"

"About the wood or about you being to old?"

"Me being to old."

"Yes, I am." He said, flicking his tongue out and making her moan at the
contact. "Your way, way to hot to let a little age difference come between

Nodding, Trish looked down between her legs, locking eyes with Mickie. "I'm
not to old for you, am I?"

Not dignifying her question with a verbal answer, Mickie merely kept up the
eye-to-eye contact and flashed her tongue against Trish's clit, making the
Diva Of The Decade scream out in passion. As Trish's pussy continued to
produce slickness, Mickie lapped it up, her taste buds overwhelmed with
Trish's taste as he nose sucked in long, deep breaths of Trish's heady aroma.

Whining softly, Trish let her head fall to the side, savoring the feeling of
her two young lovers pleasing her. She'd been without a lover for so long,
and going from none to two in a heartbeat had her mind swimming with the
possibilities. Watching Dale's crotch with fascination, Trish realized that
she never did get an answer from Mickie as to how long he was, seven or eight
inches. She could tell by the bulge in his pants that he was big, but a rough
idea of how long her new boyfriend was wouldn't suffice. Looking at Dale, and
seeing he was lavishing attention on the breast nearest to him, she said,
"Dale, honey, the other one." When he went to move around her body, she
stopped him, telling him, "Just lean over me, please? I wanna do

Nodding, he scooted forward, putting his hands on the other side of Trish as
he bent down, feeling around with his tongue until he found her nipple again.
Seeing her master plan had accomplished what she wanted, Trish reached out
with her right hand, fumbling with the buttons on his jeans. Whining softly,
she realized that they were too awkward to get with one hand.

"Dale, help..."

Kneeling up, he reached down, undoing the buttons on his jeans. Before he
could lean back down, Trish had snaked her hand into his pants, grabbing his
as promised hard cock and pulling it out of his pants. Stroking it softly,
Trish smiled as Dale immediately started moaning. Making sure she had a firm
but loose grip, Trish glided her hand up and down his shaft, groaning herself
as Mickie lashed at her sensitive nub.

As Dale leaned back down to lick her nipple again, Trish continued her hand
job, stroking Dale slowly and smoothly, her smile plastered on her face as
Dale moaned loudly.

"Do you like that, Dale?" Trish asked.


Moaning louder, Trish looked at his dick, smiling at the large piece of flesh
in her hand. "You know what I'd like?"


Growling softly, Trish tried to pull him closer, craning her neck as far as
it could go, only to whine when she realized it wasn't going to be enough.
"If you'd let me suck it." She said softly.

Moaning softly, Dale sat up and moved forward as she pulled him along, moving
him closer and closer until she could just get her lips around the tip.
Suckling it softly, Trish moaned as he moved forward, letting her have access
to his dick as she saw fit. Bobbing her head slowly on his rod, Trish slurped
softly as he moaned, letting her know she was doing good.

"Oh god, Trish." Dale moaned softly. "God, your mouth feels so good..."

"Who's better?" Mickie asked with a smile. "Me or Trish?"

"I will never, ever answer that question." Dale groaned.

"Why not?" Trish teased, taking his cock out and flicking her tongue over the

"Because both of you are fantastic." He said. "And I will not get one of you
upset at me just so I can praise the other. You are both god sends, and I'd
like to keep you both happy, if I can."

Pulling her hand back, Trish spat in it crudely, giving it some slickness as
she grabbed him again, sliding her slick hand up and down his pole. "I think
Mickie's better. She has more practice lately."

Smiling, Mickie pushed a pair of fingers into Trish's pussy, making her lover
arch off the bed. "I think that Trish is better. She's...blonde."

Looking down at Mickie as she giggled, Trish shook her head. "That makes no
sense. I'm not really blonde."

Rubbing Trish's pussy, Mickie smiled as she cooed. "I can tell..."

Hissing, Trish continued to stroke Dale's cock. "You...little..."

"Curvy love goddess?" Mickie offered, before curling her fingers in Trish's
quivering slit, hitting her g-spot with ease as Trish arched off the bad

Smiling down at Mickie, Trish nodded. "I was thinking that..." As Mickie
continued to slide her fingers in and out of her pussy, Trish leaned back
over to Dale, taking his cockhead back into her mouth. Sucking it softly,
she purred as he moaned, looking up at his face as he showed her his

Licking her pussy gently, Mickie smiled. "Trish." She said, gaining the blond
girls attention as she continued to suck on Dale's shaft. "I think you need
more than fingers..."

"Then give her some tongue." Dale said. "I'm busy."

"Come on, Dale..." Mickie teased. "Don't you wanna feel what it's like inside
of her?"

"I know what it feels like. I'm in her now." He said. "I'll test other ways
in later."

"You know, Dale." Mickie said, smiling. "You're not being very friendly to
our new girlfriend."

Whining, Dale sat back, his cock pulling out of Trish's mouth, despite her
best efforts to keep it there. "Mickie..."

Seeing the chance to step in and make her voice heard, Trish said, "Mickie,
if you don't mind, I'd like to...finish with Dale." Giving Dales cock a few
strokes, she smiled. "If that's alright with you, Dale."

"However you want it." Dale said.

Scooting closer to his cock, Trish smiled at Mickie. "Would you mind keeping
me company down there? I know you're probably getting tired of it..."

"Tired?" Mickie asked, smiling. When Trish nodded, Mickie grinned. "Are you

Shaking her head, Trish said, "Well, I was just thinking, if you were getting
tired..." Pulling Dale's dick down, she flicked her tongue over the head
again, making him jump and moan. "...You could help me with Dale here. He's
gonna have to put up with so much, dealing with two Divas, I think a small
sign of our gratitude is only fair."

"Put up with?" Dale asked, moaning as Trish kissed his cock. "Are you nuts?"

"Crazy, nuts..." Trish said, smiling. "Any more words for insane you two
would like to throw out?"

"You just have strange ideas." Mickie said with a grin. "Get tired of eating
you out? Jeez. Crazy lady."

"And put up with?" Dale asked. "For how your making me feel, I'd put up with
a whole hell of a lot."

"It's not gonna be all blowjobs and whip cream." Trish said. "There are gonna
be some bad times."

"We'll deal with them when they come." He said, smiling. "Now, please, heavy
talk pushed to the side."

Looking down at Mickie, Trish smiled. "So, you gonna help me?" Giving Dale a
few strokes, she pouted at Mickie. "He's so big, I don't think I can handle
it alone..."

Rolling her eyes dramatically, Mickie smiled. "I suppose I could help you..."


"Pipe down, Dale." Mickie scolded him playfully. "This is a one time deal."

"Liar." Trish giggled. "Your gonna be blowing him with me all the time."

"Probably." Mickie admitted. "But I've learned not to get his hopes up."

"A thigh job comes to mind..."

"Dale, do you want a thigh job?" Trish asked, smiling at Mickie. "Just
because big meanie Mickie won't give you one..."

"I never said I wouldn't!" Mickie said, laying over top of Trish and kissing
her softly. "I said I'd think about it."

"Which always means "No"." Trish said, taking Dales cock and putting it at
Mickie's lips. "Suck."

"Bossy." Mickie teased, leaning forward and taking the tip of his cock into
her mouth, sucking it softly and making him moan. Flashing her tongue across
his cock head, Mickie smiled as he moaned. Seeing Trish duck her head under
and start licking the underside of his rod, Mickie grinned. She had hoped
that when Trish had come into the picture, that she wouldn't have to start
all over from scratch with Dale, that Trish could just be integrated into
what she and Dale already had. Watching as Trish sucked feverishly on Dale's
pole, she smiled, knowing that Trish would be all right.

"Oh my god..." Dale moaned softly. "I know I'll probably regret this, but I
owe you two, big time."

"Are we having fun yet?" Mickie asked, letting Dale's pole slide out of her
mouth and looking at Trish, but leaving the question open to both of her

"Yes." Trish said softly, kissing Mickie gently. "Thank you."

"Team work rules." Dale said, smiling as the girls laughed.

As Mickie slid his head back between her lips, she sucked him softly as
Trish continued to torture him with flicks from her nimble tongue, dancing
it around the underside of his shaft. Craning her neck further, she slid
partially under him, smiling as she moved her mouth up, latching onto his
nuts with her softlips.

"Oh god..." Dale groaned, his eyes winding shut as Mickie and Trish bathed
his most sensitive area with tongues and lips. Pushing himself forward
involuntarily, Dale groaned loudly, his breathing hitching in his throat.

Smiling up at Mickie, Trish said, "Hey Mickie, I think he likes it."

Letting his rod drop from his mouth, Mickie smiled. "Duh." Motioning for
Trish to come up for air, Mickie smiled. "Dale, were moving a bit." Mickie


"Because I just thought of something fun." Mickie said with a smile, giving
Trish a kiss before rolling off of her. Moving her up and out of the way,
Mickie took Dale by the hands, moving him so he was sitting down on the bed,
leaning back against the head board, his legs stretched out in front of him.
Sliding so she was laying over his left leg, Mickie smiled as Trish did the
same to the right one. Looking over at Trish, Mickie grinned. "Kiss me."

Confused, Trish leaned forward, until Mickie stopped her. Taking Dale's shaft
in her hand, Mickie bent it down slightly, and wrapped her lips around it
sideways. Looking at Trish, she murmured, "Kiss me."

Getting it, Trish leaned forward, latching her lips onto Dale's shaft from
the other side, her tongue whipping out and meeting Mickie's in the middle as
they both kissed and licked his cock head. As they both licked and sucked his
member, Mickie and Trish stared at each other, making sure their tongues
crossed paths while pleasuring their boyfriend.

"Oh god...oh god..." Dale moaned, his legs squirming slightly on the bed as
Trish and Mickie continued to torture him. "I'm coming..."

"Really?" Mickie teased, moving aside and letting Trish take him fully into
her mouth. "I would have never guessed. A guy coming from two girls licking
his dick."

"Oh god..." Dale moaned as Trish continued to slide her thick lips up and
down his shaft, sucking softly as she went. "You two are the devil..."

Moving up, Mickie kissed Dale softly. "I may be the devil, but do you still
love me?"

"Of course." He moaned, his noises of pleasure getting louder and louder as
Trish sucked and slurped.

"Do you love Trish?" Mickie asked, looking down at her when she asked. "Do
you love your new girlfriend?"


Her pride swelling as her heart rate picked up, Trish kept going. Working her
mouth up and down the first few inches of his shaft, Trish moaned softly, her
tongue bathing his head in spit as she savored the taste of his pre-come.
Jerking the base of his cock, Trish smiled at Mickie as Dale started grunting
loudly, his breathing deep and shallow.

"Come on, Dale." Mickie whispered, smiling at Trish. "I think she wants it."

"Mmmhmmm." Trish moaned, hoping he knew that was a yes.

"You hear that?" Mickie asked, nibbling his ear softly. "She wants you to
shoot a hot, sticky load into her mouth. Isn't she a dirty, dirty girl Dale?"

"I don't care..." Dale grunted, trying to hold out for as long as possible,
wanting to savor Trish's taste of heaven a little while longer. "She's so

Grunting, Dale looked down at Trish, wishing he could see what felt so good
as she glided her lips up and down his dick, rapidly bringing him to the edge
of orgasm. Looking up at him, Trish smiled. Letting his dick pull out just a
bit, she flipped it with her tongue, smiling up at him.


"Oh god, Trish..."

"I swallow."

Hearing that pushed Dale over the edge. Stuffing his rod back into her mouth,
Trish sucked and slurped with glee as he came in her warm mouth, her lover
moaning loudly in pain and pleasure as Trish's hand whipped up and down the
length of his shaft, pushing his semen out of his cock and into her waiting
mouth. Rubbing her rough tongue along the underside, Trish made sure that
Dale held nothing back, forcing all of his seed into her mouth before letting
his cock slide from between her lips. Kissing the tip of his pleasure stick,
Trish sat up, moving over to Mickie and looking at her with a grin.

Taking Mickie's face in her hands, Trish tilted her head back, hovering her
face over her brunette lovers before letting some of Dale's seed dribble down
into her waiting mouth. Hearing Mickie moan, Trish smiled, knowing she had
guessed right. Closing her mouth, Trish quickly swallowed down Dale's love
nectar as Mickie did the same, before sharing a soft, slow kiss with her

Pulling back, Mickie snuggled up against Dale as he slid down onto the bed.
Letting her head lay on his chest, Mickie smiled as Trish did the same on the
opposite side.

"Dale." Mickie said softly.


"We have a good girlfriend." Mickie said, giggling with Trish. "She shares."

"Dare I ask what?"

Smiling, Mickie moved up, kissing him softly on the cheek. "What did you just
give her?"

"Oh god..." Dale moaned, wrapping his arms around the two giggling girls and
holding them softly. "You two are so dirty..."

"Of course." Trish said, still giggling as she curled up against Dale's body.
Realizing Mickie had said something about a guest room earlier, she looked up
at Mickie. "Umm, don't bite my head off for asking, said something
about a guest room around here?"

"Across the hall." Mickie said softly with a small smile. "Gonna hump and

"Well, you guys look tired." Trish said softly.

"Got some work to catch up on?" Dale asked.

"Well, no..."

"She's not comfortable." Mickie told Dale softly, clueing him in to there
conversation from earlier.

"What?" Trish asked, raising her head up to look fully at Mickie. "I'm
comfortable. It's just, you know, you two sleep, actually

"And?" Mickie asked.

"And...I'm new." Trish said, not knowing how to phrase it any better than

Smiling, Mickie shook her head, patting Dale on the chest. "He's big enough
for us to share."

Smirking, Trish nodded. "I know that."

"I'd have thought you'd be used to big dicks." Mickie teased. "You are

Glaring playfully at Mickie, she asked, "Do you think I whore my way around
the country or something?"

"Do you?" Mickie challenged, just as playfully.

"Umm, if there's gonna be a cat fight, can I at least get out of the way?"
Dale asked, clearly not in on the joke.

Leaning over, Trish kissed Dale softly. "We're kidding, Dale." Looking at
Mickie, she smiled. "We were, weren't we?"

"Of course." Mickie confirmed. Reaching over, she took Trish's hand that was
resting on Dale's chest, and pulled it to her mouth, kissing it softly. "So,
stay with us? Please?"

Nodding, Trish curled up against Dale, letting him wrap his strong arm around
her small body as Mickie pulled the blanket from the foot of the bed over the
trio. Looking at Dale, she smiled, giving him a kiss.

"Katie's gonna be freaked." Mickie said.

"She said it was ok by her." Dale said. "So long as it made me happy, which,
by the way, it does."

"Still." Mickie said, grinning as she curled up against him, pulling the
blanket around her mostly nude body. "I doubt she's expecting to walk in on
us three naked."

"Walk in?" Trish asked.

Nodding, Mickie said, "Katie wakes Dale up every morning at nine to help with

"And she doesn't care how late I was up the night before." Dale grumbled.

"Well, look on the bright side." Mickie said, giving him a kiss before
resting her head on his chest, closing her eyes. "She hasn't walked in on us
doing it."

Letting her head rest on Dale's body, Trish closed her eyes, trying to drift
off to sleep, before a question popped into her head.

"Does she at least knock?" Trish asked, kissing Dale's chest. "Cuz I might

Nodding, Dale mumbled, "If you do, wake me up. I'm game."

Kissing him, Trish closed her eyes, drifting off to sleep with her lovers.

* * *

Tucking her feet underneath her body, Trish gazed out over the rail on Dale's
back deck, sipping her coffee as she took in the beautiful morning. Looking
out at the view, Trish couldn't help but marvel at the sight. She loved
Toronto, and the hustle and bustle of the large city, but, sitting on Dale's
back deck, taking in the view of nature, she couldn't help but enjoy it.
Dale's house was stuck out in the middle of nowhere, and the word "Peaceful"
sprang to mind every time Trish thought about it.

But "Peaceful" was about the last thing she thought of what would happen
outside the walls of his home. Trish and Mickie were scheduled to be in
Boston the next day for a house show, and she knew a whole new set of
problems would arise from that. Dealing with the other girls was first on
the agenda. Mickie and Trish, and, to a lesser extent, Dale, had to share
a changing room with them, and Trish wasn't so sure they would all be as
happy as Katie was to see what had happened during the down time.

Smiling, Trish took another sip of her coffee. ~Katie.~ She thought,
remembering Tuesday morning, at nine o'clock sharp, when she had hammered on
Dale's door to get him up to help with breakfast. She'd been well past asleep
by the time Trish had arrived, and wasn't quite prepared to walk in on Dale
lying in bed with a woman on each arm. Dale was dead to the world asleep, and
didn't even notice her come in, but Trish had been wide awake, one of her
"Antsy" moments getting the better of her as she was about to wake Dale and
Mickie up again for another love making session. The look in Katie's eyes had
been pure gold. A mix of shock, awe, happiness, and a little, just a little,

Katie hadn't said very much, just a quick hello and asked Trish to wake Dale
up and get him ready to cook, and promptly left to let the very nude Trish
get Dale and Mickie up. Watching Dale cook had been an experience Trish had
not been prepared for. Mickie had to calm her down and stop her from taking
the large knife Dale had produced from a drawer when she saw him spinning the
blade effortlessly.

"And that god damn song." Trish grumbled. "What the hell is a Spanish bork
and why can't I have one?"

Shaking her head, she finished off her coffee before setting the empty cup
down on the patio table. Smiling, she leaned back, letting the warm sun
sooth her skin as she thought about the half week she had spent with Dale
and Mickie. When she had been offered the chance to be Dale and Mickie's
girlfriend, she didn't know what to think. She'd been attracted to them,
but she knew, from first hand experience, that relationships are built on
more than just looks. It took something else, something special, to make
them click. And she was afraid, if she got to close to Dale and Mickie,
she'd open up to much, and that the differences between them would freak
her lovers out and drive them apart. But, much to her surprise, each new
moment shared, new memory or thought revealed, had seemed to bring them
closer together. By the end of four days together, Trish felt she knew more
about Mickie and Dale than she had boyfriends she went out with for months.

While Mickie was a bit more closed off, guarded, Dale was an open book.
Trish quickly realized that once he got to trust her, to care for her, a
question asked was a question answered with absolute truth. No double talk,
no confusing answers. If he had something on his mind, it got said, and he
didn't care if it was the right answer or not. It was his answer, and that
was good enough for him.

Trish, herself, had tried to close herself off a bit, to not let Dale and
Mickie into her heart so quickly as they had accepted her, for fear of being
rejected, but found Dale's sweetness and charms extended beyond the bedroom,
and a simple look or kiss could get her to tell him anything he wanted to
know. Mickie had been very understanding with Trish's attraction to Dale,
going so far as to try and set them up in situations where Trish would be
closer to Dale than Mickie herself was.

And, when the time came for it, Mickie had been open with Trish. Dale had
arranged to be plunked in front of the TV to listen to a baseball game one
night and left them alone to share a romantic meal on the deck under the
moon light to air there concerns and fears over "Sharing" Dale, and they
both quickly came to the realization that the sharing of there boyfriend
wasn't going to be as big an adjustment as they had thought. Dale had a
certain charm about him that made both girls feel completely at ease and
like they were the center of his world with just a word or a kiss.

Smiling, Trish giggled to herself. "And the sex doesn't suck."

Trish almost couldn't believe the love making situations she had found
herself in over the course of the past four days. She'd always been a one
man, or woman, person. The thought of having two partners at once had always
freaked her out. But when Dale and Mickie had put their magical touches to
work on her that first night, she was under their spell immediately. Whenever
there was love making to be done, Trish was the center of their world, until
she begged off and shifted the attention to one of them. It had surprised her
how quickly they were willing to shift gears in the middle of having sex. One
minute, she'd be the one getting all the attention, Dale pushing into her as
Mickie lavished her breasts with loving attention, and the next, if she
wanted, Mickie would be on her back, with Dale between her legs and Trish's
pussy hovering over her greedy tongue. She'd expected them to try and "Wow"
her the first few days, but they did nothing special. It was almost if they
hadn't been a couple, albeit a new couple, before Trish came along, and
everything had just merged as once when she arrived Tuesday morning. Nothing
they did was to wow, but Trish found herself more and more impressed with
Dale and Mickie than ever before. She'd entered the relationship with a
physical attraction and a hope. And, quickly, they seized that hope,
integrating her seamlessly into there flow, with Trish's habits working
perfectly with there's, and Trish's needs getting taken care of to the max.
Anything she wanted, she knew she could have without hesitation. Dale was
always willing to give her whatever he could, and, if it was something out of
his abilities, Mickie was his eyes and they worked together to please there

Grinning to herself, Trish knew she had earned her "Curvy Love Goddess"
stripes in full. While enjoying a peaceful bath with Mickie, Mickie had told
her that Dale thought very highly of her curves, and had felt her worthy of
the title of a curvy love goddess. It was something that she had thought was
so silly before, even teasing Mickie about it, but, when Mickie had told her
Dale had let her have the label, it filled her with joy to hear it. He wasn't
as free wheeling with the label as Trish had thought he would be. She figured
that he'd touch her once, and a curvy love goddess she would be. But it took
many nights of kissing, caressing, and touching for her to fully earn the
title. Dale had explored every curve, every dip, every dive on her body,
verifying her curves. She thought it would be a silly process, but quickly
realized that it was something that Dale too very seriously, not wanting to
cheapen his nickname for Mickie. Trish had even gone so far as to privately
tell him he didn't have to do it for her, but he had been insistent. And when
Dale had called her that name for the first time, it was almost as if he had
given her the greatest gift imaginable. Something about the way Dale spoke,
or the way he made her feel not only loved, but wanted, desired, and, most
importantly, needed, had made her putty in his hands. Her looks were
secondary to him, as he couldn't see them anyways. Touch was more important,
and Trish had measured up to whatever high standards he had set.

But, she knew, as blissful as it had been, she still had a major problem to
over come.

"Where to live." Trish mumbled.

She'd always promised herself she'd never leave Toronto. She loved her
hometown, and wasn't sure she'd be willing to leave it for anything, even for
Mickie and Dale, and she didn't want to test that theory. Not after feeling
Dale's touch, and Mickie's morning kisses. Dale's place was nice, but it
wasn't home. She was sure she could convince Dale to move, but Mickie, who
was from two hours down the road, might be more of a problem.

Hearing the patio door open, she pushed her thoughts aside, turning and
smiling as Dale felt his way out onto the deck.


"Hi Dale." Trish said, smiling as he tried to home in on her voice. "Far side
of the deck. Just watch out for chairs."

Nodding, Dale slowly made his way across the deck, moving chairs out of the
way. "Are you in a chair or the love seat?"

"Love seat."

Nodding, Dale started moving towards her, before stopping. "Can I come over,
or are you stretching out?"

"Come over." Trish said, scooting to one side to allow him room to sit down
before curling up beside him, letting him wrap his arms around her curvy

Leaning down to give her neck a soft kiss, he asked, "Enjoying the morning?"

"Very much." Trish said.

"Is it sunny? It feels sunny." He said.

"It's sunny." Trish confirmed. Feeling his hands glide around her tummy, she
smiled, knowing what he was doing. ~ His amorous advances may not be smooth,
but there effective. ~ Trish thought, before grabbing his hands softly. "Not
right now, Dale."

Nodding, he went to pull his hands back, but found Trish still holding them.
"I'm sorry. I know I'm a pest..."

Turning around, she kissed him softly. "Your not a pest." She said softly.
"I'm just a little...tender from last night."


"Dale, don't be sorry." Trish said, kissing him again. "I can imagine what
you're going thru. If I was a handsome, fit young man in my sexual peek with
two very willing and, if I do say so myself, attractive lovers, I'd be out
here doing the same thing your doing." Kissing him, she added, "That may not
help with your current need, but, just know, I understand."


"Still nothing." Trish said, smiling. "I'm just trying to think and clear my
head. Trust me, if I wasn't, I'd be doing you right now. I may not be as
young as you, but I've been...neglected sexually for years." Rubbing his
hands, she giggled. "I have a large void that needs to be filled. Just not
right now."

"Do you want me to leave?" He asked. "Let you think?"

Leaning back against him, Trish smiled, curling up in his loving embrace.

"Stay." She said softly. "I think I need a break anyways."

"A snuggle break?" He asked, smiling. "With my curvy love goddess?"

"A snuggle break with your curvy love goddess." Trish confirmed, letting her
head rest on his chest as she closed her eyes, letting her ears take in the
sounds of nature as she relaxed in his arms, pushing aside the heavy thoughts
until a later time and enjoying the moment.

* * *

"Hi. We're here to pick up some tickets. Names Stratus, Webb and James?"

Looking down at his computer, the man behind the counter punched in the
requested information. Reading off the computer screen, he said, "Trish
Stratus, Mickie James and Dale Webb?"

"That's us." Trish said, reaching into her purse, knowing what was coming

"I'll need to see..." The guy said, before realizing Trish was holding out
her credit card. "Thank you."

"I still say we could have used our old tickets." Mickie grumbled.

Looking at her, Trish grinned. "Then we couldn't have sat together."

"I know." Mickie continued, still not sounding happy. "But, still, first
class? Do you know how much those tickets cost this close to the flight?"

"I hope so." Trish said, smiling. "I'm paying for them."

"I'm paying you back." Mickie said.

"Me too." Dale said, before thinking. "If you'll take installments. Can I pay
you in installments?"

"Your not paying me back." Trish said, before looking at Mickie. "Neither are
you. It's my fault we had to switch things up, so I'm paying."


"No buts, except for yours in first class." Trish said, smiling. "Besides,
now you can get to see how rich people live."

"I'm rich." Dale said, smiling. "I'm just under a budget."

"Yea, about that." Trish asked. "I thought you said you had something like
four million. How come you couldn't swing a ticket?"

"It's all tied up in investments." Dale said. "I can't get at it. I just get
interest from it. It's a nice chunk of change every month, but it's not four
million dollars."

"Oh." Trish said, taking her card back. "Ok." Handing out the tickets, she
let Mickie wrap her arm around Dale's and lead him towards their gate. "And,
still, if you guys didn't want first class tickets, you could have said
something last night."

"We were asleep!" Mickie argued.

"Not my problem." Trish said, smiling.

"Yes it was!" Dale said, dragging his suitcase behind him. "You had me and
Mickie go at it while you gave us that "I wanna watch" bullshit until we
passed out and then you snuck out and got the tickets."

"Well, still, you could have said something." Trish said, smiling as she
shrugged. "Besides, it's first class. It's nice."

"I hope so." Mickie murmured, looking at the ticket. "For this price, they
should give us a bed to sleep in on the flight."

"Bed, no." Trish said. "Big, comfy seat, yes."

Looking slightly nervous, Dale asked, "I probably should have mentioned this
before, but, I'm afraid of heights."

Looking at him, Mickie asked, "How do you know your up high?"

"I get a feeling." He said. "It's like a sixth sense...or fifth, now, with
sight being gone. I never figured that part out."

"You seemed fine on the trip home from Philly." Mickie said.

"Remember all the trips to the bathroom?" Dale asked.


"That was me puking." He said. "Also, a little crying."

"Oh." Mickie said, looking at Dale. "That's not good. Did you wanna go home?"

"No, no..." He said. "I'll be ok. I just need to keep preoccupied."

"And how do you go about that?"

"Do either of you have a Walkman? Mp3 player?"

"Not me."

"Me neither."

"Oh shit..."

Stopping their progress, Trish turned, holding Dale softly. "Dale, it'll be
alright. We're here."

"I know." He said, shuffling from foot to foot. "But, still...thirty thousand
feet up."

Trish leaned closer, kissing him softly. "Don't worry, honey, I'll figure out
something, ok?"


Kissing him again, she smiled. "Trust me?"

"Famous last words." Dale whined, letting Mickie lead him along towards the

* * *

"Alright, we have reached cruising altitude." The pilot said over the
intercom. "You may remove your seat belts and move around the cabin as

"These chairs rock." Mickie said, looking around and taking in the luxury.
"How much do these things set you back normally?"

"A lot." Trish said.

"Like, a lot more the couch?"

"A lot more than couch." Trish confirmed.

"Golden girl." Mickie teased.

Looking over at Dale, Trish sighed as she watch him rock in his chair, his
hands shaking as he tried, in vain, to remain calm. Seeing his blank eyes
wide and staring straight ahead, Trish knew he was about to have a full-blown
panic attack. She'd seen it from her fans in the past, and she could tell he
was nearing the breaking point. She desperately wanted to help him, but
couldn't figure out what to do. Her normal "Take a deep breath" and "Here,
come sit with me for a second" wouldn't work with him right now. He was
sitting right next to her, and his breathing was not going to get deep
without help. Looking at him, she felt worse and worse with each passing
second. She knew, even if he wouldn't admit to it, that he was the
"Mastermind" between getting her, Mickie and himself together, and she had
wanted to thank him for that since the first night, but the right opportunity
hadn't come up.

Seeing his shaking get worse as the planes engines made a small noise, she
racked her brain, trying to come up with something, anything to either calm
him down, or thank him, or both. Hearing a door slam behind her, she watched
Dale jump before she turned, trying to figure out where the noise had come
from. Spotting the flight attendant moving to the bathroom to secure a door
that had been flapping around, Trish grinned, turning and looking at Dale,
her mind rejoicing.

"Dale?" Trish said softly, trying to get his attention. When he didn't
answer, she let her hand slide into his lap, rubbing his thigh. "Honey?"

Snapping his head around to face her, he said, "Trish?"

Seeing he was as white as a ghost, Trish said, "Can I ask you something?"


Rubbing his thigh softly, she grinned. "Have you ever joined the Mile High
Club?" Seeing him quickly shake his head no, she grinned, leaning in and
licking his lips gently, taking his mind off the fact that he was thirty
thousand feet up for a second. "Me neither." She admitted. Giving him a soft,
gently kiss, she rubbed his thigh, ducking her hand down and brushing it by
his crotch. "Do you wanna go join it with me?"

Smiling, Trish saw his mind shift gears, his focus taken off the flight and
onto Trish. "Don't they check for that kind of thing now?" He asked.

"You let me worry about that." She said, grinning. "Do you wanna?" Smiling
slightly, he nodded. Looking over his shoulder, Trish smiled as Mickie
sulked. "What's wrong, lover?"

"I wanted to do that." Mickie said, still pouting. "But he was sick."

"I'm sorry..."

"It's ok, Dale." Trish said, kissing him softly to continue to distract him.
Looking at Mickie, she said, "You got to have sex with him in the locker
room, so it's my turn to do something freaky."

Her pout breaking partially into a smile, Mickie nodded. "You can have him in
the locker room this trip if you want."

Smiling, Trish nodded. "And you can have him on the flight to Toronto Monday

Listening to the two beautiful women plot out his sexual future, Dale shook
his head, smiling. "Don't I get a say on this?"

Looking at each other, Trish and Mickie gave each other a look of guilt.

"I'm sorry, Dale." Trish said softly.

"Of course you have a say." Mickie said, leaning over and kissing him on the
cheek. "What do you want to do, honey?"

Smiling, Dale held out his hand towards Trish. "Me, you, mile high club."
Looking towards Mickie, he puckered up his lips, asking for and receiving a
kiss. "You got next, ok?"

"Isn't that what we just said?" Trish asked with a grin.

"It is." He said, grinning. "But when my penis is involved, I'd like to have
a say, even if I'm just going to go along with you guys."

Nodding, Trish asked him softly, "Do you have protection?"

Grabbing her purse off the floor, Mickie reached in and pulled out a pair of
condoms, handing them to Trish. Seeing two, Trish grinned. Smiling, Mickie

"Just in case." Mickie said. "Now, go, before we make it a mile high

Nodding, Trish stuffed the latex into her pocket, taking Dale's arm and
helping him up before locking arms with him, leading him towards the
bathroom. Spotting the flight attendant, Trish tried to ignore her, and
walked with Dale, keeping slow, even steps so as to not attract attention
to herself. She was grateful now that she had sprung for first class seats,
as the section was a third full, at best, and hardly anyone noticed her
get up with Dale, and even less had bothered to notice that she was walking
with him to the bathroom.

Opening the door, Trish moved Dale into the bathroom before starting in the
door herself. Just as she was about to move in and close the door behind her,
a hand rested itself on her shoulder. Turning and looking at the tiny woman
it was attached to, Trish gave her a polite smile, her mind racing as to what
line of lies to tell the woman.

"Umm, excuse me, Ms..." The woman said softly. "Umm, can't go in

Looking at the outside of the door, Trish looked it up and down, before
turning back to the woman, asking, "Why, is it men's only? Or women's?"

"No..." The woman said, clearly uncomfortable with the sensitivity of the
subject. "You can't go in, because...he's in there."

Trying to look confused, Trish asked, "Why not?"

Blushing brightly, the woman stammered, "Well, it's just, because, well, two
people, can''s against airline policy."

Shaking her head, Trish said, "That makes no sense."

"Well...I can't allow you to go in there while he's in there." The woman
said. "It's...because..." Rolling her eyes, the woman tried in vain to say
something to make the taller blonde woman stop staring at her like she was
a rambling idiot. "It''re a girl, and he's a guy, and..."

Her eyes going wide, Trish pretended to finally realize what the woman was
getting at. Quickly shaking her head, Trish quickly formed a plan. "Oh, no,
it's not like that." She said quickly. "He's my employer." Seeing the woman
not following her, Trish said, "My employer, Scott, is blind." Holding out
her hand, Trish said, "My name's.Stacy Webb." When the woman shook her hand,
Trish said, "He's blind, and this place is unfamiliar to him, so he won't be
able to go without my help."


"Go." Trish said. "He may get it out alright, but finding where to aim it,
and if the seat is up, or down, and everything like that, well, that's a
different story." Seeing the woman blink, Trish went for the kill. "If I
don't go in and help Mr. James, everyone in first class is going to get the
Full Monty when he comes out of the bathroom. He can't get his clothes done
up right."

Her eyes going wide, the woman said, "He's that bad?"

"He is." Trish said, nodding to emphasize the point. "So, would it be
alright, if I help him? I know I'm putting you in an awkward spot, but,
please trust me, if I didn't have to, I wouldn't be doing this."

Looking like she didn't want to answer either way, the woman asked, "Can't
he hold it?"

Giving the woman a glare, Trish snapped, "Yes, of course, he'll have to hold
it because he's disabled and your airline is prejudice to people with special
needs." Looking at the woman's nametag, Trish read, "Kathy?" When she nodded,
Trish asked, "Do you have any other means of identifying you, or should I
just tell the courts Kathy on flight 194 to Boston?"

"Courts?" Kathy said, clearly getting lost.

"In the discrimination suit, of course." Trish snapped. "Your airline clearly
has policies in place that prevent my employer from being given even the most
basic needs, and I'll see to it that he sues all of you for every cent you

"Wait, wait, wait." Kathy whispered, holding up her hands. "If I let you go
into the bathroom with him, can we avoid this...lawsuit?"

Looking her up and down, Trish tried her best not to laugh, and instead
glared at her. "Can you promise my employer complete privacy?"

Her brain beginning to shut down from a day of long flights and Trish's
information overload, Kathy asked, "If I do, can you promise me he won't

"How do you intend on stopping other passengers from using this washroom?"
Trish asked, crossing her arms. ~Jeez, I'm good.~ She thought.

"I'll put an out of order sign on it." Kathy said, congratulating herself
for her quick thinking. "The other passengers will have to use the other

Thinking for a minute, Trish nodded. "I can agree to that." She said, before
glaring at Kathy again. "But if we get one knock..."

"I promise, no knocks." Kathy said.

Nodding curtly, Trish ducked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her,
locking it before looking at Dale, who was smiling and shaking his head.
"What?" She asked, smiling at him.

"You are the greatest." He said, smiling as she pushed him backwards slowly,
setting the toilet cover down before sitting him on it. "Stacy."

"Your not so bad yourself, Scott." She said, grinning at him as she straddled
his lap. "We won't have much time, so your gonna have to hurry."

Pouting, Dale said, "I'm always hurrying. How come I don't get to savor it

Reaching down, Trish grabbed his fly, opening it as she slid onto the floor.
"When we get to Boston, I'll let you savor it, ok?"

"How long?"

Thinking while she made short work of his fly, she said, "I dunno. A few
hours? Three, four maybe."

"Not long enough." Dale said.

Pulling his fly open, Trish rubbed his thighs, asking, "Alright, honey, how
long do you need?"

"One day." He said firmly. "Twenty four hours on uninterrupted bed time. Me,
you and Mickie, all naked in bed for twenty-four hours. No leaving except for
bathroom breaks. I wanna savor both of you, lick you from top to bottom, make
love to in every way possible, touch you in every way possible. Deal?"

Trish shivered at the thought. In the short time she'd been Dale's
girlfriend, she couldn't remember spending any more than a few hours in bed
with him in any given stretch, save for sleeping, and even those encounters
had left her legs week and her mind cloudy. The thought of spending
twenty-four hours straight in bed with him almost had her drooling on the

"Deal." Trish growled.

Pulling down his boxers, Trish grabbed his dick, stroking it softly as she
ducked her head down. Taking the head between her soft lips, she flicked her
tongue out, smiling as he moaned softly, and then slapped his hand over his
mouth, remembering where he was.

"Come on, Dale." Trish teased. "Scream for me."

"Alright, I'll start howling." Dale said with a grin. "Just because one
flight attendant is stupid enough to fall for your tricks doesn't mean the
next one won't know that it's Trish Stratus that's on her knees servicing
her boyfriend in a first class washroom." Reaching around, he added, "By
the way, it's kinda nice in here. Roomy."

Flashing her tongue across his cock again, Trish smiled as he jumped, his
not being able to see making it a surprise every time she decided to lick
him. Realizing time was of the essence, Trish dove down, taking the first
few inches of his shaft into her warm, wet mouth, suckling it softly as her
right hand pounded up and down his shaft, her left one cradling his balls
and stroking them softly. As much as she wanted Dale to savor the moment,
and keep him preoccupied with her mouth for the whole flight, she realized
time was short, and if she was gonna get him off, she had to use every trick
in her arsenal to get him hard and close to coming as quickly as possible
before having sex with him, thus completing both of there initiations into
the mile high club.

Hearing him hiss and whined softly, Trish picked up the speed, her tongue
whipping quickly and smoothly over his cock head, allowing her to savor his
pre-come as it came out of his shaft. Sucking on his dick, Trish smiled as
she allowed herself the guilty pleasure of licking up his pre-come, allowing
herself to savor his seed while she was trying to push him to the edge.
Fisting his shaft, Trish made sure to keep him happy, knowing his happiness
now meant her happiness later, and Dale always returned the favor. Pulling
her shirt up and her bra down, Trish quickly undid the front of her pants,
preparing herself to mount him when the time was right.

Quickly pulling off of his dick, Trish grabbed it with her left hand, holding
it steady as she grabbed a condom with the right one, ripping it open with
her teeth and rolling it down his cock. Standing up, she quickly dropped her
pants and panties before lifting his legs up, threading them thru her own,
realizing that she couldn't mount him face to face without taking off her
pants completely, and time was of the essence. Grabbing his cock, she gave it
a few solid pumps to make sure it was hard.

"Are you ready to fuck me, Dale?" Trish whispered into his ear. "Are you
gonna fuck me and let us both join the Mile High Club?"

"Oh god, yes."

Quickly sliding onto his shaft, Trish bit down on her bottom lip, trying not
to scream with pleasure as she impaled herself on his dick. Leaning forward,
she pressed her chest into his face, letting him know she had exposed her
breasts to his loving touch. As Dale latched onto her left nipple with his
mouth, Trish started riding him, going slow at first, gliding up and down
his shaft.

"Does that feel good, huh?" Trish asked softly, trying not to cry out in
passion as he gave her what she wanted. "Does that feel good, boyfriend?"

Smiling, Dale lapped at her nipple, rubbing the hard nub with his tongue. "Of
course, girlfriend. Your so good..."

Moaning softly, Trish continued to ride him slowly, wanting desperately to
pick up the pace, but knowing his loving attention of her breasts took
slowness on her part. She knew she had a great set of breasts, and that most
men lusted after them, but something about Dale's care and handling of them
went beyond lust. As she cradled his head to her chest, moaning softly as he
rolled her nipples around with his tongue, Trish marveled at how she felt.
She'd always hated having such large breasts, and would have gotten them
removed if it wasn't for her WWE contract. Her old boyfriend had been rough
with them, nearing the point of abuse, and Trish was hesitant to let Dale
near them at first, old war wounds surfacing when he went to touch them. But,
with Mickie's urgings, she let him, and now she was awash in pleasure for
letting him. His loving caresses verged on worshiping, and he knew how to
make her happy, giving her sensitive nipples the tongue-lashing she never
knew she wanted until he did it.

Smiling, Dale listened to Trish's soft coos and moans. Lashing her nipple
with his nimble tongue, he grinned. "You're going to slow." He said.

Looking down at him, she tried to think up what to say. "Sorry..."

Smiling, he added, "And you're not screaming loud enough."

"You're not screaming either." Trish whined.

"No one wants to hear me scream." Dale said, licking her nipple slowly. "But,
I'm betting, since the minute you stepped on his plane, every guy on this
flight has been thinking about you, and fantasizing about doing what I'm
doing right now. And all they need to make that fantasy complete is the sound
track." Moving quickly, Dale stood up, taking Trish with him and shuffling
towards where he felt the sink was. Setting her down on the edge, he reared
back, slamming into her hard and fast, making her moan loudly before she
could cover up. "Scream, moan, sob, beg for me!" Dale growled. "I want the
whole plane to know that I'm having sex with my smoking hot girlfriend in
here, and that they can think all they want, but I'm the only guy who gets
to have you." Pumping into her, he asked, "Am I? Am I the only guy who gets

"Yes, yes, yes!" Trish whined, trying to keep quiet as Dale hammered into

"Are you gonna scream for me?" Dale whispered, leaning down and quickly
finding her bouncing breasts again.

"Fuck no!" Trish hissed, gritting her teeth. "Not in a million years!"

"If your not gonna do it willingly..." Dale said, smiling as he pounded into
her tight, slick love hole. "Then I'm going to make you scream. And I'm not
gonna stop until you beg me to stop."

"You can't make me scream." Trish lied. She knew damn well he could. He
throat was still sore from screaming so much during the week. "Let alone make
me beg you for anything!" Another lie. She'd begged him more times than she
could remember over the last four days, and never felt anything but happiness
when she did, because that was how Dale worked. A sobbing, crying, lustful
beg in the throws of passion was just as acceptable as a quiet whisper while
sharing a quick hug.

As Dale pounded into Trish's exposed underside, Trish moaned softly, her
hands gripping his shoulders tightly as she tried to get adjusted to his
tempo. She had yet to see this side of sex from him, as everything he had
done with her and Mickie had been slow, and soft, and caring. This was more
about passion, about fulfilling a primal, sexual need than intimacy. As his
cock ripped past her g spot again and again, Trish's mind begged her to
keep quiet, to not let anyone else on the plane know that she was being
pleased beyond words.

But Dale had other plans for her, and continued to push into her again and
again, his skilled lips and whip tongue working her nipples beyond the point
of hardness, making the sensitive nubs scream with pleasure as he rolled and
licked them just the right amount, making sure to push her to her limits
before pulling back, taking great care to never push his lover beyond
pleasure and into pain.

"Bastard..." Trish hissed, burying her face in her hand as she tried to keep
her voice down. "I fucking love you..."

"I love you to." Dale moaned.

"You love my big, fat tits!" Trish hissed, running her fingers thru his hair
and holding him close. "And I love that you love them! Suck my tits, Dale!
Don't just lick the nipple! Give it all some attention!"

Re-gripping her legs, holding her off the floor, Dale smiled as he lapped at
her soft breasts. "I do love them." He said with a smile. "I love every inch
of your sexy body. Your curvy, sexy love goddess body."

Grunting with each thrust into her tender pussy, Trish held onto Dale for
dear life, his pumps pushing her into the corner of the bathroom stall. She
had long since lost track of time, not caring if they were taking a few
minutes or a few hours. Dale's thrusts were all that mattered to her, the
original plan of giving him a little pleasure and keeping his mind off of
the flight long gone and replaced with the need to come, to make a wet,
sticky mess out of the front of his jeans. She knew she'd have to tell him
about the wet spot when they were done, but she pushed that aside, deciding
to worry about it later and be greedy for now.

She wasn't lying when she told him she was neglected sexually. Five years
without sex, and miserable sex for the two years before that had made her
crave Dale's skillful touch more than even Mickie did. Where Mickie liked
having sex with Dale, Trish craved it. She needed to be touched. His
fingering in the hallway in Philly had sparked her passion, and now he was
reaping the rewards, thrusting his big cock deep into her dripping wet love
hole over and over again as she begged softly for him to never stop.

"Louder." Dale growled. When she didn't comply, she figured he'd give her
hard, brutal thrusts with no love or passion behind them to gain her
compliance, like her previous lover had done. But instead, Dale withdrew
until just the tip of his throbbing shaft was inside of her slit, and took
his mouth away from her breasts. Looking up at her with his blank eyes, he
grinned. "Louder, or I'm done."

"Oh god, please, no." Trish pleaded, her mood changing instantly from fear
of him being rough with her to worry for him stopping. Wrapping her arms
around his head and pulling him into a tight hug, she begged, "Please, fuck


"Fuck me!" Trish whined loudly, hoping it was enough to sate her lover's new
found interest in her vocal volume.

Thrusting into her, he pulled back, stopping when he was out. "Last chance.

"Oh my fucking god, please, don't stop!" Trish sobbed, kicking his butt with
her heels. "Please, Dale, fuck me! Please! Please!"

Smiling, he pushed into her again, before pulling back. Trish's stomach was
a ball of knots as he pulled out, her mind going into slow motion as he did,
her heart racing as she wondered weather she had done enough to please him.
Feeling him thrust back in, she howled in passion, her face burying itself
in his shoulder as she felt her body start to quake.

"Come for me, Trish." Dale whispered in her ear. "I love you, and I want you
to come. Please, don't hold back."

As Dale's cock plunged into her again and again, Trish sobbed into his
shoulder, her mouth biting down on his shirt to keep from alerting anyone
who hadn't heard her begging earlier that she was having sex in the bathroom.
Dale didn't have to ask. She was coming, weather she liked it or not.
Breathing in roughly thru her nose, Trish readjusted her grip, holding on for
dear life as she bit down again, finding flesh but unable to stop herself
from biting Dale's shoulder. Hearing him yelp in pain, Trish begged his
forgiveness around a mouthful of his flesh, sobbing pitifully as he kept
hammering into her, forcing more and more slickness from her slit and onto
the front of his jeans.

Trying to ignore the pain in his shoulder, Dale kissed Trish's neck softly,
hoping his tenderness in the matter would get her to relinquish her lockjaw
bite on his flesh. But feeling her bite down harder as her shaking
intensified, Dale knew he only had two choices.

Stop screwing her, and ask her to stop.

Or keep going, and deal with the blood that was sure to flow later.

Holding her legs at the perfect angle, Dale didn't quit, plunging into her
soft, tight folds over and over again, making her howl around his shoulder as
her tremors started to calm slightly. Feeling her legs go slack around his
waist, Dale kept pushing into her until her arms went limp, her mouth finally
losing it's strength and letting go of the painful grip it had on his flesh.
Holding her gently, he picked her up, stumbling backwards until he found the
toilet, sitting back down on it and sucking in deep, greedy breaths along
with her.

"Thank you, Dale..." Trish moaned softly, holding him in her arms as she
peppered his love wound with kisses. "I'm so, so sorry..."

"Are you happy?" He asked, kissing her neck. "Did I do good?"

"You did very good." Trish said. "I'm very happy."

"Then don't worry about it." Dale said, smiling at her. "My pleasure."

Feeling his hardness still inside of her, Trish smiled. "Your pleasure didn't
get done."

"Don't worry..." Dale started, before Trish silenced him with a kiss.

Lifting his legs, Trish stood up and undid the winding she did to mount him,
and knelt in front of him again. Pulling off the condom, she chucked it in
the trash, diving her head down and taking his cock back between her pouty
lips. Sucking his thick cock with crude, sloppy sucks, Trish grinned as he
moaned softly. Taking his cock out of her mouth, she smiled.

"Louder." She said with a grin.

Smiling, he looked down at her. "Oh god Trish, suck my cock." He growled,
moaning softly as she dove back onto his love shaft. "God, Trish, you are so,
so good. You have such sexy lips. I love feeling them anywhere on me. Dick,
lips, fingers, I don't care. Your lips are so soft."

Flipping his cock with her tongue, she grinned. "Are you begging me, Dale?"

"Yes." He said quickly.

Smiling, she kissed his cock, loving her newfound power over him. "Don't you
feel ashamed, a big man like you begging a little girl for something?"

"Fuck no." He growled, his hands trying to find something to hold onto. "I
have needs, and you are very, very good at taking care of them. If I have to
beg, I'll beg."

Taking his cock head between her lips, she sucked on it softly, loving the
feeling of his thick rod in her mouth. His cock was leaking pre-come at a
good clip, letting Trish know he had needs that were coming quick. Deciding
she had spent enough time in the cramped bathroom, she gripped his cock
firmly, gliding it up and down his shaft as she sucked his head, flipping
her tongue over the exposed head.

"Oh god, Trish...oh god...I'm coming..." He moaned softly, wanting to
touch her but not wanting to break her concentration. She was a goddess at
pleasuring him, and he wanted to do nothing to break her hold on him.

Moaning happily, Trish slid her tongue all around the head of his cock, her
hand jerking rope after sticky white rope of semen from his rod, letting his
seed rest in her mouth as she kept up the pace. Seeing his eyes shut and his
hands grab the sink, she grinned, giving his sensitive head a tongue lashing
like no other. Slurping loudly, she smiled as his body went limp, his cock
quickly following suit as she let it slid out of her mouth when she made sure
he had given her all he could.

Swallowing his seed quickly, she smiled, standing up and getting her bra and
shirt back into place before pulling up her pants. "Come on, get up. We gotta
get going before Mickie gets lonely." She said, looking in the mirror and
fixing her hair as best she could.

Groaning, Dale stood up, reaching down and finding the fly of his jeans.
Finding the wet spot Trish had left for him, he smiled, shaking his head. "I
guess you weren't faking." He said with a smile.

Remembering her gift, Trish reached over, un-tucking his shirt and letting it
hang down. "There. Pretty much covered up." She said. "Alright, you ready?
Everything tucked away?"

When he nodded, she opened the door, taking his hand and quickly guiding him
back to his seat, making sure not to make eye contact with anyone for fear of
letting them in on her and Dale's secret. Plunking Dale back in his chair,
Trish smiled at Mickie, who as leafing thru a magazine.

"So?" Mickie asked, looking at Dale. Taking his hand, she squeezed it. "Is
that something you'd like to repeat?"

"Of course." He said, whipping sweat from his forehead. "I did promise you
I'd do it, didn't I?"

"You did." Mickie said, leaning over and kissing him softly. Leaning back,
she continued leafing thru her magazine, before coming to the last page.
Looking over at Trish, she smiled.

"Stacy, would you mind getting me another magazine?" Mickie asked with a

Looking at her, Trish said, "Stacy?" before clueing in.

Mickie had heard her performance.

Smiling, Trish started laughing along with Dale and Mickie, taking the
magazine and pulling a new one out of her carry on bag, handing it to Mickie
as the trio leaned back in there seats, laughing loudly as the rest of first
class stared at them, wondering what was so funny.

* * *

"Alright...ok, door." Trish said, guiding Dale thru the metal door leading
into the back of the building. Looking at Mickie, she asked, "Am I doing
this right?"

"I guess." Mickie said. "I never went to school or anything, but that's how
we've been doing it and it's been going fine."

"You haven't walked me into anything." Dale said. "That's always good."

"She's watching out for things like a hawk on speed." Mickie said with a

Giving Mickie a quick glance, Trish said, "I've never walked with him before.
At least, not any great distances. I think I'm entitled to being a little

"Your doing fine, Trish." Dale said softly. "Thank you."

Looking at Mickie, Trish quietly told her, "We have to go talk to the other

"I know." Mickie said softly. "I don't wanna, but we have to."

Looking around, Trish tried to find somewhere out of the way to set Dale.
"Dale, would you mind if we set you somewhere while we go talk? We'd bring

"But it's girl talk." He finished. Nodding, he said, "Just don't put me in
anyone's way."

Finding a chair, Trish motioned for Mickie to grab it and follow her, taking
Dale over and sitting him beside a vending machine. "There, if someone wants
to walk into you, they'll have to go thru a machine."

"And, plus, a landmark to find him." Mickie said, smiling.

"I hope you guys find me again." He said with a grin. "I don't have my cell
phone to call Katie."

Leaning down, Trish kissed Dale softly, telling him, "Don't worry. We would
never leave you behind."

"I know." He said softly. "Now, go, talk."

Giving Dale a kiss, Mickie turned and walked with Trish, following her
girlfriend towards the changing room. Looking back at Dale, Mickie asked, "Do
you think he'll be ok?"

Nodding, Trish said, "We're not gonna be that long. Hopefully."

Nodding, Mickie went to put her hand inside of Trish's but stopped, not
knowing how the blonde diva would react to a public display of affection.
Seeing Mickie's movement out of the corner of her eye, Trish smiled,
reaching out and taking her hand and squeezing it.

Looking at her, Mickie said, "You don't have to do that. I know a lot of your
marketability comes from you being single..."

Kissing Mickie's hand, Trish smiled. "A lot of my marketability comes from me
being straight, so guys think they can have a chance with me. If they found
out I was dating another diva, it would be huge." Smiling, she said, "Then,
they could add their favorite diva into the fantasy."

Giggling, Mickie let Trish pull her along, moving to the door marked "Divas".
As Trish was about to push open the door, Mickie stopped her, suddenly
looking worried.

"Should we barge right in?" Mickie asked.

"Why not?" Trish asked, looking confused. "We do every other time."

Nodding, Mickie said, "True, but every other time, we weren't kissing."

Nodding, Trish said, "Oh. Yea. Good point." Reaching her hand out, she
knocked softly on the door, waiting for the customary "Come in!" to be
bellowed. Peeking her head inside, Trish tried to think of what to ask,
finally coming up with, "Is everyone dressed?"

Looking around the room, Torrie did a diva inventory, nodding and telling
Trish, "Yup."

Moving thru the door, Trish kept a firm grip on Mickie's hand, giving it a
reassuring squeeze as she came along. As they moved into the room, both kept
there gazes on the floor, not quite sure how to react, or how to broach such
a delicate topic.

"Why did you knock?" Torrie asked. "Did you guys think it was the guys
changing room? I thought the big sign marked "Diva" on the door would clue
you in."

"Not always." Victoria said. "Sometimes, the guys change the signs to get a
diva to walk in on them with all there business hanging out."

"Gross!" Torrie said. Just before she was going to add to that, she saw Trish
hold up her free hand.

"Umm, guys." Trish said softly. "We knocked, because we didn't want to walk
in here with you guys being naked." Seeing the confused looks on their faces,
Trish quietly added, "We have something to tell you."

Taking a deep breath, Trish looked around the room, trying to figure out
which diva would explode at them. Taking another deep breath, she said, "Umm,
over the last few days...well, the last week, really, something's been going
on with me, and Dale..." Looking back at the floor, she added, "And Mickie."

Seeing Trish's nerve start to evaporate, Mickie picked up the slack. "Trish
and I are lovers." She said bluntly, putting it out in the open for all to
see. "And we're both dating Dale. Sort of a..." Looking at Trish, she asked,
"What was it called? It was on CSI this week..."

"Tri-nogamist relationship, I think." Trish said quietly, still looking at
the floor. "Something like that. It's sort of like a regular relationship,
but with three people."

Nodding, Mickie said, "Exactly." Seeing the other divas staring at them,
Mickie knew she had said something wrong.

"Are you serious?" Torrie asked.

"Very." Trish said, looking up at Torrie. "Torrie, believe me, I don't have
any interest in you." Looking around the room, she added, "In any of you."

"Me neither." Mickie said quickly. "I'm not so much bi as straight with one

"Same here." Trish said. Looking around the room, she said, "I completely
understand that this might be a bit much to take in all at once, and that
we're putting you all in a very uncomfortable spot, and for that, I'm very,
very sorry." Looking around the room, she sighed, before saying, "We totally
understand if this makes some or all of you uncomfortable. As such...we
won't take it personally if you don't want us changing with you anymore. We
completely understand that it might be unsettling..."

"Fuck that." Torrie said quickly. "Unsettling my ass. You two are as big a
part of this locker room as the rest of us, and if you want to change here,
then no one's gonna stop you." Looking around, she asked, "No one would have
a problem with you two changing in here. Right?"

"Torrie." Mickie said, shaking her head. "That's not fair. You can't put a
question like that out in the open and expect someone to give their honest
answer. Of course no one is going to stand up and say something. It would
make them look like a bigot, and that's not what we're looking for. We don't
want to make any enemies." Looking down, she said, "It'll be hard enough as

"We're gonna set up shop in the bathroom for the night." Trish said softly.
Holding up her hand against the wave of protest, she said, "That's final. And
if anyone doesn't want us changing in here with you guys anymore, then you
can come to the bathroom and tell us. Or, if you want to remain anonymous,
you can tell Vince and he can tell us." Smiling, Trish said, "We won't take
it personally. I can only imagine how I'd react if two of my friends walked
in here and said they were sharing a boyfriend."

Looking at Trish, Mickie asked, "Was there anything else?" When Trish shook
her head, Mickie said, "Well, like Trish said, we'll be in the bathroom for
the night. Thanks for your time." Turning, Mickie squeezed Trish's hand
harder, fighting down her tears as she moved out of the changing room for
what she knew could be the last time.

Moving out with her, Trish squeezed her hand back, before leaning over,
giving her a soft kiss on the cheek. Wrapping an arm around her shoulder, she
smiled. "Let's go get Dale and get ready for our match, ok?"

Nodding, Mickie walked towards the vending machine, smiling as she spotted
the three suitcases lined up in a row. Rounding the machine, Mickie smiled,
starting to say, "Hey, hon..." before she stopped, her eyes going wide.

Seeing her reaction, Trish quickly moved around, getting a view of what had
made Mickie's eyes go wide. Looking at Mickie, she quickly asked, "We did
leave him here, right?"

"Oh god, oh god..." Mickie quickly said, looking around frantically for her
boyfriend. Not finding him anywhere, she took off down the hallway, Trish
quickly in tow as they moved into the main area, looking around, finding

"Dale!" Mickie shouted, hoping he'd hear her voice and respond. Getting no
answer, she looked at Trish, her eyes mirroring her lovers, wide and full of
panic. "Dale..."

Pulling Mickie in for a hug, Trish quickly said, "Mickie, don't worry. He
probably just had to go to the bathroom. You check the girls, and...I'll
check the guys. He might not know which one he went in."

Nodding, Mickie and Trish quickly ran towards the bathrooms, hoping to find
their boyfriend in one of them.

* * *

"Bork, bork, bork..." Dale murmured, sitting back in his chair as he awaited
the return of his two curvy love goddesses. They'd been gone for a few
minutes, and Dale was starting to get board. "If I could read a book or
something..." He grumbled, before mumbling, "Or could get something out of
the vending machine..."

Hearing footsteps approaching, Dale smiled, leaning forward in his chair. As
the footsteps got closer, he waited for them to stop, signifying the return
of his lovers. Smiling as they stopped in front of him, he let the hands
that reached for him lift him up gently, wrapping there arm around his and
starting down the hallway.

"So, went ok I guess?"

Hearing a noise that he associated with a yes, Dale smiled. "That's good.
I'd hate to get them pissed off at you guys." Hearing the noise again, Dale

Walking further and further, Dale tried to gauge where he was going, but
couldn't due to the fact that he didn't know where he had started. Plodding
along, Dale let his girlfriend lead him further and further away from where
he started, before something dawned on him.

"Hey, we forgot our suitcases!" He said, stopping dead in his tracks.
"We..." He started to say, before the arm on his arm grabbed him and pulled
him along. "Hey!" He said, pulling back and yanking his arm free. "Christ,
Mickie...or Trish, whoever, if you wanna go somewhere, just ask, but don't
pull! Now, are we..."


Stumbling backwards from the sudden blow to his jaw, Dale slammed back
against the wall. As another blow landed on his stomach, Dale doubled over
on the floor, coughing as another shot landed on his ribs.

"Fuck..." Dale groaned. Feeling fingers thread through his hair, Dale
grunted as the hand pulled his head up, allowing his attacker to land
another un-impeded shot to his face.

"Fucking gimp." Kenny said, finally letting Dale know who was kicking his
ass. "Not so tough without chubby and the whore around, are you?"

"Fuck you cheerleader." Dale spat, gaining another punch for his troubles
as Kenny drug him along by the hair. Quickly shedding his coat, Dale swung
wildly, trying to fend off Kenny, but when he threw himself off balance,
Kenny landed another shot to his jaw, sending him stumbling backwards into
a table. Quickly capitalizing on his advantage, Kenny threw a combo of
punches, firing shots into Dale's face, chest and stomach, sending the
blind man to the floor as Dale spat wildly, trying to clear his mouth of
the liquid in it.

Grabbing Dale by the shirt and his jeans, Kenny easily lifted him up and
tossed him into the wall, smiling as the ear-sickening splat of Dale's face
hitting the wall echoed thru the hallway.

"Come on, gimp." Kenny spat. "You acted so tough last week. Can't you fight?"

Pulling himself to his feet, Dale asked, "Shouldn't you be at home practicing
your dance numbers?" Before he had a chance to enjoy his verbal jab, Kenny
fired off another series of punches, dazing Dale as he staggered to the
floor. As he tried to get to his feet again, Kenny kicked him in the side of
the head, knocking Dale for a loop as he slumped down. Reaching down to pick
him up, Kenny easily overpowered the smaller man, grabbing him in a reverse
bear hug.

Acting on desperation, Dale thru an elbow behind him, catching Kenny in the
jaw and stunning him enough to break his grip. Realizing standing around and
trading shots with a man who was taller, stronger, faster, and who could see
wasn't such a great idea, Dale tried to run, slamming into a wall before
getting his fragile bearings in order and starting down the hall. But as he
bumped into things and tripped over others, he felt Kenny's hand on his back.
Feeling him grab his jeans again, Dale prepared himself to go flying as Kenny
spun him around, throwing him with all his might and tossing the blind man
into a door, knocking it off it's hinges and sending Dale spiraling to the
floor of the room in a heap.

Smiling a wide, mean smile, Kenny moved into the room, cracking his knuckles
as he stalked his prone prey. Seeing Dale stand up, Kenny moved in, dodging
Dale's wild swing and firing off a shot to his stomach, doubling him over.

"Not so tough now, are ya, gimp?" Kenny growled. "What's the matter? Don't
have any baggy pussy around to impress, so you lose your nerve?"

Standing back upright, Dale spat out a glob of blood, shaking his head to try
and focus. "Kenny..." Dale groaned, before smiling slightly. "If you fuck
like you fight, I think I finally understand why Mickie came running to

Firing off an uppercut, Kenny caught Dale square on his chin, sending his
head snapping back and spraying more blood around the small room. Stumbling
backwards, Dale slammed into the wall again, coughing and sputtering as more
blood ran down his throat. Spitting out another batch of blood, Dale tried to
grin, but couldn't due to the pain in his jaw. "How is it you got dumped by
Mickie, and now I'm tapping her and Trish?" Dale asked, knowing he couldn't
physically fight Kenny, and deciding to get as many verbal jabs in before
Kenny tired of beating on him and did whatever he came here to do. "How did
the blind guy end up with the two hottest pieces of ass around here, and your
stuck fucking your hand!"

"You stole Mickie from me!" Kenny shouted, landing another solid shot on
Dale's face. "I could have had her back if you hadn't have butted in and
fucked with her head!"

"Oh, trust me Kenny, I'm fucking more than her head..." Dale said, laughing
until Kenny punched him in the gut again. "Her head, her soft, tight pussy...
I bet you miss that, don't you? Having that hot, wet pussy lying next to you
in bed..."

Shouting in rage, Kenny shot off a combo of punches, making Dale try and
cover up as they rained down on him. "Shut up, shut up, shut up!"

"Of course, I bet it never got wet for you, did it?" Dale grunted. "Does any
of this sound familiar? "Oh, Kenny, don't forget the lube. You know I'm dry."
Does it, Kenny? Cuz trust me, she was lying thru her teeth! She drips for

"You fucking wife stealing gimp!" Kenny spat, punching Dale in the ribs.

"All I have to do is ask her, and she'd do anything for me. Same with Trish!
And trust me, I mean anything." Dale said with the best sly smile he could
manage while trying not to black out. "And do you know why? Because they love
me, and I love them."

"She doesn't love you!" Kenny shouted. "She's just using you as a quick fix!
She's a whore!"

"She's not a whore." Dale laughed. "She's neglected. Years of putting up with
your substandard fucking made her needy. And trust me, she's one needy little
girl." As Kenny kneed him in the gut, Dale coughed, "That weekend I came out
with her, she was so wound up I thought she was gonna fuck me to death. She
begged me to do her every chance we got. In the hotel, in the arena, on the
side of the road..."

"Fucking liar!"

"I bet you never got to fuck her ass, did you?" Dale spat, spitting out blood
and hoping his aim was true and it hit Kenny. "Oh, god, Kenny, if you think
that nice, fat ass looks good...god, looks have nothing on feel...when she
let me hit that..."

Grabbing Dale, Kenny spun around, tossing him against the far wall, smiling a
sick smile as Dale bounced off and crashed to the floor. Moving towards Dale,
Kenny's face fell when the blind man continued to taunt him.

"She said it felt so good when I did it..." Dale said, laughter overtaking
him as he drank in the absurdity of the situation. ~He's kicking my ass and
I'm telling him about my love life.~ Dale thought. Smiling, he told Kenny,
"Oh Kenny, I thought I was the luckiest guy in the world when she offered
up her nice thick ass to me once. But when she begged me to do it again,
right after I got done the first time, I almost died with joy." As Kenny
kicked him in the stomach, Dale rolled with the blow as best he could,
trying to take some of the sting out of it. "She was wound up that night,
Kenny. She begged me to fuck her over, and over, and over. She told me she
never had that much sex in one night in her life, and she still wanted more.
I had her and Trish begging me for more the last four days, and it felt so
good. It felt so good to know that a gimp like me did what a guy like you
can't do." Spitting out more blood, which he hoped landed on Kenny's shoes,
Dale said, "I pleased my girlfriends! I took care of every need, ever itch,
every want they had for four days, sexual or otherwise, and I made Mickie
forget she ever lowered herself to dating you! I proved I was twice the man
you ever were even if I can't see!"

Screaming in rage, Kenny pulled his leg back, sending his foot flying out
over and over again into Dale's stomach and ribs, making the smaller man
curl up in a ball on the floor and try his best to protect himself from
the onslaught.

* * *

"Dude..." RVD said, smiling as he walked past Triple H, giving him as polite
a wave as he could with one hand holding a plate of food, a stack of comics
tucked under the arm. Seeing Trish and Mickie come running towards him, he
smiled. "Hello, ladies..."

"Have you seen Dale?" Trish asked quickly, her eyes wide and panicked.

Looking at them, Rob said, "No. I was just gonna come looking for you guys.
I brought him some comics."

"He's missing." Mickie said, on the verge of tears. "We set him down to go
talk to the other divas about something, and when we came back he was gone."

Quickly setting the comics and his food on a nearby table, Rob asked,
"Alright, where did you guys look for him?"

"That way." Trish said, pointing towards a hall behind them. "Oh god, Rob..."

"Trish, chill." He said, putting his hand on each divas shoulder. "You guys,
go check that way." He said, pointing at the hallway behind him. "I'll go
this way. If you find him, or I do, get Vince to make an announcement over
the intercom, ok?"

"Ok." Mickie said quickly, taking Trish's hand and running off down the
hallway Rob had pointed to.

Tearing down the hallway, Rob ducked into the guys changing room, trying to
see if anyone was around to help him find Dale. Seeing the Big Show sitting
on a stool in front of his locker, Rob quickly ran up to him. "Show, dude,
I need your help."

Finishing wrapping his massive hands in wrestling tape, Show looked up.
"What's up?"

"Dale, the blind dude, is missing." Rob said. "Mickie and Trish are going
nuts trying to find him. I'm helping, and was hoping you'd pitch in."

"Missing?" Show asked. "Are you sure he didn't just go to the bathroom?"

"How would he find it?" Rob asked. "He's blind."

Sighing, Show looked up at Rob. Seeing the worried look on his normally cool
and calm face, he nodded, standing up from his chair. "Where do I look?"

Motioning for Show to follow him out the door, Rob pointed at a hallway
across the walkway. "That one."

"Will do." Show said, moving past Rob and lumbering towards the hallway.

Turning and starting down the hallway he promised Trish and Mickie he'd
check, Rob went from door to door, opening them and scanning each room
quickly before moving onto the next one. Opening door after door, Rob was
soon getting as worried as the divas about Dale's safety. He knew that
Dale wouldn't just up and walk away without Mickie or Trish by his side,
and his mind raced with possibilities as to what had happened to him.

As he went into a room to check it over, Rob's ears peeked, thinking he heard
something. Moving back out into the hall, he tried to focus, trying to get a
fix on the noise. Hearing something further down the hall, Rob took off
running, pushing aside clutter as he moved quickly towards the sound.

"Oh fuck...oof!"

Hearing a thud and a crash, Rob picked up the pace, sprinting towards the
door he could see hanging broken from the hinges and quickly moving inside
the room. Spotting Dale curled up in a ball on the floor, Rob watched as
someone pulled back there foot, sending it shooting into his stomach.

"What the fuck is going on?" Rob yelled, gaining the attention of the man.
When he turned around, Rob glared at Kenny. "What..." He started, before
seeing Dale's battered face.

Not knowing if it was someone to help or help kick his ass, Dale curled up
tighter, trying to turtle as Rob surged forward, tackling Kenny and sending
them both thru the flimsy particle board wall. Coming to a crash on the floor
on the other side, Rob pulled off of Kenny and cocked his right hand back,
sending it flying forward and crashing into Kenny's skull. Rearing back for
another shot, Rob was bucked off of Mickie's ex as he used Rob's own momentum
to get him off balance. Rolling over on top, Kenny fired off a punch,
catching Rob in the face before he could react, shaking Kenny off. Jumping to
his feet, Rob spun around, kicking his right leg out in a sweeping motion and
catching Kenny in the side of the head. As Kenny stumbled backwards, Rob
again pushed forward, his leg flying out in a push kick and planting his heel
across Kenny's forehead, sending him flying back as his eyes snapped shut,
out cold. Quickly giving Kenny a few kicks to make sure he was out cold, Rob
turned and ran towards Dale, who was slowly pushing himself up onto his hands
and knees. Hearing his blind buddy whine softly, Rob watched in horror as he
went to open his mouth to speak, and only succeeded in drooling dark red
blood onto the floor before collapsing again, his mind shutting down as he
lost his fight to remain consciousness.

"Dale!" Rob yelled, moving over to the prone man and shaking him, trying to
bring him around again. "Dale!" Only getting bloody coughs in return, Rob
jumped up, running out the door and down the hallway at top speed. Seeing
Trish and Mickie at the end of the hallway, looking around frantically, Rob
yelled to them.

"Trish, Mickie!"

Snapping around, Mickie started towards Rob. "Did you find..."

"Get an ambulance!" Rob yelled, stopping as soon as he got it out. "Now!"

Nodding, Mickie turned and ran towards the main area, yelling for help the
whole way as Trish took off after Rob, following him towards the room he was
running back to.

"Is he..."

"It's bad." Rob said, turning into the room and quickly moving back to Dale.

As Trish came into the room, she screamed at the sight of Dale's face lying
in a pool of it's own blood. Looking back at her, Rob said, "Wait for the
medics outside."


"You in here screaming isn't going to do anybody any good." Rob said. "Go,
make sure they know where to go, and they hurry the hell up!"

Nodding, Trish moved back to the doorway, breaking down as she saw Mickie and
the medics moving down the hallway. Waving her hands, she screamed, "In here!
Hurry!" As they started running towards her, Trish collapsed on the floor,
curling up in a ball and sobbing loudly. As the medics moved past her and
Mickie got sight of her boyfriend, she quickly joined Trish on the floor,
hugging her tightly as she cried.

"Trish, Trish, calm down..." Mickie said softly, holding the crying blonde
and trying to calm her as she herself started crying.

"We gotta get him to the hospital, now." One of the medics said. Looking at
Rob, he said, "Give us a hand to get him onto the stretcher."

Nodding, Rob followed their directions, rolling Dale onto his back and
helping them lift up one side so they could slide the backboard under him.
As the medics strapped Dale to the gurney, Mickie stood up, pulling Trish
along with her as they watched them lift Dale and move him towards the door.

"Come on Trish, we gotta go." Mickie said, trying to calm the blonde. "We're
gonna go with Dale, ok?"

As Trish nodded, Mickie took her by the hand and started her jogging along
with the medics, following them as they moved down the hallway. Spotting
Dale's jacket, Mickie quickly reached down and grabbed it, tucking it under
her arm as they moved out into the main area, where a large group of
wrestlers and Divas were standing around, wondering what the commotion was
all about. Seeing Dale start to cough, and the blood it was producing, Mickie
tried to shield Trish's eyes, knowing her seeing that wouldn't help matters.
Reaching the ambulance, Mickie and Trish waited for the paramedics to load
Dale in before trying to follow him in. But as they went to move in, the
medic held up his hand.

"Are you family?" He asked.

Glaring up at the medic, Mickie said, "He's our boyfriend, and we're coming."

Seeing that she was serious, the medic moved to the side, scooting up closer
to Dale and helping out his partner on trying to get an idea as to what might
be wrong. Helping Trish into the ambulance first, Mickie hopped in beside her
before wrapping her arms around her girlfriend, letting her cry on her
shoulder as the doors slammed shut and the sirens started wailing, signaling
there departure as the driver put the ambulance in drive and hit the gas,
rocketing up the exit ramp.

* * *




"Dale? Dale!"

"Don't yell...fuck..."

"Dale, honey, how many..."

"If you ask how many fingers I'm going to be mad."

Putting her hand behind her back, Trish shrugged. "Sorry. Force of habit."

"Force of habit for what?" Dale asked, trying to sit up from the prone
position he was lying in, but wincing in pain before dropping back down.
"Oh god..."

"Dale, don't try to move." Mickie said, quickly scurrying to his side as she
held his hand.

Something registering in his mind, Dale tried to sit up again, but yelped in
pain. "Kenny..."

"Is in jail." Trish finished, taking Dale's other hand and holding it. Seeing
him try to sit up, Trish put her hand on his shoulder. "Dale, please, lay
back. Your hurt pretty bad."

"What happened?" He asked.

"We were hoping you could tell us that." Mickie said. "Do you remember

"Not much." Dale said. "A few minutes after you guys left, someone...I guess
it was Kenny, came up and started walking me somewhere. I asked him a few
questions, but he only made noises for answers. I mentioned that we forgot
our suitcases, and I tried to stop, but he slugged me and..." Remember what
he had told Kenny, about him, Mickie and Trish, he suddenly got shy. "It gets
hazy from there on out." Thinking for a second, Dale said, "I remember an ass
whipping. But not much more." Squeezing their hands, he asked, "Any info you
have that I'm missing?"

"Not much." Trish admitted. "Apparently, Kenny slipped in a loading door and
tried to get you out of the main view so he could beat you up. Rob ended up
tracking you down and saving the day." Thinking, Trish said, "Speaking of
which, I promised him and the girls I'd call and let them know you're awake."

As she moved off to make some calls, Dale asked Mickie softly, "Why would she
have to call them?"

Smiling, Mickie squeezed his hand. "Because there your friends, Dale. When we
told Rob you were missing, he was worried sick. And when him and the girls
came to the hospital, they wanted to stay until you woke up but they had to
go to a show."

Groaning, Dale said, "God, that's right, you have a show..."

"It's alright, Dale." Mickie said softly.

"Dale?" Trish said, smiling. "Rob wants to talk to you, if it's ok."

Shrugging, Dale held out his hand, taking the phone from Trish. "Hello?"

"Dude, how you doing?" Rob asked.

"No idea." He said. "No one's told me anything, and I can't see to tell if
I'm messed up or not."

"Man, your plenty messed up." Rob assured him. "That cheerleader can throw a
punch, believe you me."

"About that." Dale said. "Man, I'm sorry you had to get involved..."

"Don't worry about it." Rob said with a chuckle. "What did I tell you, dude?
Mr. Monday Night has your back. Kenny's just lucky that Show didn't get his
hands on him."

"Big Show?" Dale asked.

"The one and only." Rob said. "When he saw Trish and Mickie bawling over you
being busted up, he wanted to kill Kenny. The only thing that kept Kenny's
head on his shoulders was six of Boston's finest threatening to tazer the
shit out of Show."

"Oh god." Dale said, smiling.

"Dale, I left a bunch of Daredevil comics for you with your girls." Rob said.
"Trish and Mickie said they'd read them to you, so enjoy, ok?"

"I'll try." Dale said.

"Nice talking to you dude."

"Thanks again for the help." Dale said.

"No worries."


Holding out the phone, Dale let Trish take it and hang it back up on its
cradle. "God, this sucks." Dale grumbled. "Having to have you guys lead me
around sucks, but getting my ass kicked is even worse." Smiling, he squeezed
their hands. "Your both lucky that you're both so hot."

"We are kinda easy on the eyes, aren't we?" Trish asked, smiling at Mickie.

"I know you are." Mickie said. "Am I?"

"I could stare at you all day." Trish said with a giggle.

Smiling, Dale asked, "I take it I don't look so hot?"

"You look like a guy who got his ass handed to him." Mickie said bluntly.
"But, I'm sure, if you could see, you would have kicked his ass."

"Like hell I would have." Dale laughed, before stopping as his chest burned
with pain. "I couldn't fight my way out of a paper bag." Waiting until the
pain subsided, he asked, "Can I leave? I'm awake..."

"No." Trish said. "They have to keep you over night for observation."

Nodding, he said, "Alright. Could one of you call Katie?"

"Of course, Dale." Mickie said.

Getting shy, he turned towards Trish, and asked her, "And, umm...Trish. Could
you, possibly, maybe, get her a ticket up here? I'll pay you back ASAP."

"Of course." Trish said softly. "But why?"

Looking down, he said, "Well, you guys have shows to go to..."

"No." Trish said, cutting him off. "We have a boyfriend to look after. Vince
already said that if we can make it back for Raw, great, but that we could
have some time off to look after you." Before he could argue, she quickly
said, "And no complaining. We're not leaving you side."

Sighing, he smiled, laying back on his bed and trying to relax. "I don't
suppose I'm allowed to eat anything, am I?"

Looking over at Trish, Mickie gave her a look of panic. "Tell him." Mickie

"You tell him!" Trish mouthed back.




Sighing, Trish looked at Dale. "Umm, sweetie, I'm not sure that's a good

"Why not?" He asked. "Did the doctors say something?"

Again looking at Mickie, Trish said, "Your turn!"

Whining, Mickie said, "You mean, you haven't noticed?"

"Noticed what?"

Whining, Trish knew it was her turn. "Dale, your missing teeth. The doctor
wanted us to tell him as soon as you're awake, because, apparently, you're
going to need some surgery or something to fix it."

Quickly going into panic mode, Dale felt around his mouth with his tongue,
quickly feeling the empty spots that his girlfriends were talking about, and
whining as he closed his eyes. Realizing that his front two teeth were AWOL,
he put his hands over his face. "Oh god..."

Quickly moving to his side, Mickie held him gently as Trish sat on the bed,
squeezing his hand reassuringly. "Dale, honey, it's ok." Mickie said. "The
doctor said they could fix it."

"I probably look like a bigger freak than usual..."

"Dale, please, don't say things like that." Trish said softly. "We care about
you. Your not a freak to us, no matter how many teeth your missing."

Leaning down, Mickie kissed him softly, making sure to go lip to lip. "We
love you."

Smiling at Mickie, Trish nodded. "We do."

Sighing, Dale shook his head. "What do they need to do? And can it wait so I
can get out of here and get you guys back on the road?"

"No, it can't." Trish said. "If you don't do it now, it's gonna be a hell of
a lot worse. And we're not leaving you in pain just to get to a show."

"They have to replace some of your teeth." Mickie told him softly. "Some are
out completely, some are just broken."

Nodding, Dale waved his hand. "Someone please let the doctor know I'm ready.
I just wanna get out of here and get you two back to the WWE."

Nodding, Mickie leaned down, kissing him again. "I'll go get him."

As Mickie got off the bed and moved towards the door, Trish laid down beside
Dale, letting her soft body cuddle against his gently, letting him know she
was there. As he held her in his arms, she kissed him softly, letting him
also know that she cared about him, and that his looks made no difference to
her in her own subtle way.



"Thank you." He said softly.

"For what?"

Squeezing her as close as his pain-wracked body would allow, he told her
softly, "For saying yes to Mickie and me."

Smiling, Trish let her head rest on his chest. "Dale?"


"Thank you." She said, before kissing him softly. "For you and Mickie

Smiling, he hugged her gently. "No problem, Trish. My pleasure."

* * *

"Is this such a hot idea?" Mickie asked, watching as Trish wheeled Dale
towards the car. "He's out fucking cold."

"He's semi-conscious." Trish said. "Trust me. I know. I was gonna be a

"He's completely doped out of his skull." Mickie said. "I doubt he could
spell his name at this point. Look, look! He's drooling..."

"He made us promise to get back on the road as soon as he was cleared to
leave." Trish reminded Mickie. "Once the doctors said it was ok, we had to
do what we promised him."

"How are we gonna get him into the car?" Mickie asked. "He's like two hundred
pounds. Maybe more."

"I can lift him." Trish said, as much to convince Mickie as herself.

"Two hundred pounds." Mickie repeated. "Of dead weight."

Getting him to the car, Trish asked, "Are you gonna help or not?"

Whining, Mickie moved towards the car, opening the back door. "You keep him
company, and I'll drive. Deal?"

"Deal." Trish said. "Now take an arm." Leaning down, Trish slung Dale's arm
over her shoulder. Seeing Mickie do the same, Trish said, "Alright, on, two, three!"

Struggling under the weight of their boyfriend, Trish and Mickie lifted him
up, surging forward and pushing him into the car. As he landed with thud on
the backseat, Trish dove into the car after him. Moving ahead of him, Trish
looked up at Mickie. "Help me flip him, then come over to the other side."

Nodding, Mickie grabbed Dale by the side, grunting loudly as she pulled him
over, letting Trish guide him as he slowly rolled over onto his back. As he
flopped over onto his back, Mickie let go of him and moved over to the
driver's side. Opening the back door, Mickie leaned in with Trish, grabbing
Dale by the shoulders and dragging him the final distance so his feet were
in the car.

"We are not getting him upright and buckled in." Mickie said, leaning out and
stretching her back.

"Uh, no." Trish said. Lifting Dale's head and shoulders, Trish slid into the
seat, letting his head rest in her lap. Looking up at Mickie, she smiled.
"Alright, lets get this show on the road."

Nodding, Mickie waited for Trish to lean forward before closing the door.
Sliding into the drivers seat, Mickie quickly started the car, putting it
into reverse and pulling out of the parking lot. Looking into the back seat,
Mickie smiled as Trish held Dale softly, cradling his head in her lap as he
slept off the long twenty-four hours he had just been thru.

Looking down at Dale, Trish smiled. "He's drooling again."

Smiling at Trish's reflection in the rearview mirror, Mickie said, "Doesn't
he always do that when his heads in you lap?"

"I guess." Trish said, smiling. "Usually, I like it though."

"Usually his tongue is involved." Mickie noted.

"And his fingers..." Trish said, closing her eyes and smiling. "Dale drools
very well."

"Very, very well." Mickie agreed. "I asked him one time if he had sonar. He
just seems to have a knack for finding just the right spot at just the right

Looking up at Mickie, Trish smiled. "Your not so bad yourself."

Smiling, Mickie nodded. "Trish, I don't really know how to say this without
sounding weird, but...thanks, for agreeing to do this with me and Dale. I
know it's a huge risk on your part, and I'd totally understand if you want
to keep it under wraps..."

"Mickie." Trish said, smiling. "There is no way this is being kept under
wraps. What we eat at catering is on the Internet ten minutes later. I doubt
we could keep this a secret. Shit, it might already be out on the net."

"We can try and hide it." Mickie said softly. "We could just not hang around
each other outside of the shows..."

"Stop." Trish said softly. When she did, Trish smiled. "Mickie, I'm not
hiding anything. I'm tired of hiding who I am. I have a boyfriend, and a
girlfriend, and I'm proud to have you both. I'm tired of being ashamed of
my sexuality. If my fans can't deal with the fact that I love a woman, and
a guy, then, well, I guess there not my fans anymore."

Looking at Trish in the rearview, Mickie smiled. "I love you."

Reaching a hand out, Trish rubbed Mickie's shoulder. "I love you."

"I hate myself..."

Looking down in her lap, Trish smiled as Dale whipped away a glob of drool.
"Hello, sleeping beauty."

"Is Mickie back here too?" He asked, curling up tighter in Trish's lap, using
her firm thighs as pillows.

Looking confused, Trish shook her head. "She's driving. Why?"

"Well, you said sleeping beauty." He said with a small smile. "And I know I'm
not beautiful."

"Your very handsome." Trish assured him. "And why do you hate yourself?"

"Because I got my ass handed to me by a cheerleader." Dale said. Rubbing his
head in her lap, he said, "God, your thighs are nice. Can I stay here?"

"Of course." Trish told him. "That was the plan. To let you sleep it off."

"Did they do everything they needed to?" He asked.

"All teeth, present and accounted for."

"I bet they look weird." He said.

"They look just about normal." Trish said. "The doctor said after a few days,
they should be fine."

"Can I finally get something to eat?" He asked softly, hopefully.

"Nothing solid." Trish said. Hearing him whine, she rubbed his face softly.
"Honey, until your teeth set right, and the gums heal, eating solid food
might pull your teeth back out. The doctor suggested sticking with cold,
liquid or semi-solid foods to help with the pain."

"That would be nice." Dale said. "The pain all over sucks, but the pain in my
mouth just amps it up that extra ring of hell."

"So, are you hungry, or should I even bother asking that anymore?" Trish
asked with a smile.

"I'm hungry." He said softly.

"Anything in particular you'd want?"

"Where does pussy fall on the food scale?" He asked with a small grin.
"Because I could totally go for that."

"Pussy is not a food." Trish scolded him playfully.

"Why not?" He asked, his grin getting wider. "Your always telling me, "Dale,
please, eat me!" How can I eat it if it's not a food?"

"Trish, don't argue with him." Mickie said with a smile. "He'll get what he
wants, one way or another."

Nodding, Trish thought for a second, before telling him, "Pussy's a solid."
Hearing him whine, she smiled. "It's alright, Dale. Once your teeth are
better, I'm sure me and Mickie will let you eat to your heart content."

Smiling, Dale curled up on the back seat, rubbing his head around in Trish's
squirming lap. "If we pass a place that has a milk shake, I'll take one of


"Are we gonna make the show?" He asked. "I can't tell what time it is...or
what day, for that matter."

"It's gonna be close." Mickie said, looking at her GPS. "It all depends on
the traffic, and if we hit any detours. If I was betting, I'd say no. But
we're gonna try."

"Don't worry about the milk shake." Dale said.

"You're getting a milk shake." Trish stated. "You need something in your

"I already told you what I wanted..."

"And not pussy." Trish said, smiling as he whined. "God, you tell him he
can't eat you out, and he sulks. How many guys would sulk over that?"

"Dale's unique." Mickie said.

"Dale's retarded." Dale said. "But Dale loves his girls, so Dale will do
everything he can to make them happy. Also, Dale likes pussy."

"Dale likes talking about Dale in the third person." Trish said with a smile.

"Dale also likes Trish's thighs." He said, smiling. "Trish's thighs make a
nice pillow for Dale."

Laughing, Mickie said, "Oh, shit, Trish. You're fucked."

Looking up at Mickie, Trish asked, "What do you mean?"

"When he finds something he likes lying on, he's like a cat." Mickie said.
"He'll lay on it every chance he gets. He's that way with my boobs..."

"There soft." Dale argued.

"I'm not complaining." Mickie said. "Just stating facts." Looking at Trish,
she grinned. "So expect to have his head laying in you lap frequently."

Stroking Dale's face softly, Trish smiled. "Anytime you want your head in
my lap, let me know. Just, no pussy eating right now. Your kinda freaky

"Thanks." Dale said glumly. "That's a confidence booster. Speaking of which,
did I take my meds?"

"The doctors gave them to you when you were in mental limbo a while ago."
Trish said. "And I didn't mean it like that. It's just, with all the cuts
and bruises, you look like Leatherface. Not very sexy."

"You try getting your ass kicked by a guy who can see." Dale griped. "What
did they have to do to me, anyways?"

"According to the doctors, they had to put your mouth back together." Trish
said. Before he could say anything, she added, "And, before you ask any
questions, we don't have the answers. No idea what they did exactly, but you
have teeth, so be grateful." Seeing him moving his tongue against the new
teeth, Trish swatted him softly. "Stop that. They have to set."

"For how long?"

"A few days." Trish said. "The doctor said he'd fax the info to my doctor in
Toronto so we can take you in for a checkup."

Smiling, he nodded. "So, how do I look? I remember something about

Smiling, she said, "Honestly? Not so hot." When he nodded, she leaned down,
pulling him up slightly and kissing him softly. "But don't worry. Your still
super cute."

* * *

Pulling into the empty parking lot, Mickie scanned around, looking for any
sign that the WWE were still at the arena. Spotting none, Mickie pulled into
a parking space, killing the engine.

"Looks like we're to late." She said. Hearing Dale whined, Mickie sighed.
"Dale, it's not your fault. Besides, Vince gave us the weekend off if we
needed it, so don't worry about it, please."

Looking up at Mickie, Trish asked, "Can we get out and walk around for a bit?
My legs are getting cramped."

"That's probably because I've been using them as a pillow for the last few
hours." Dale said.

Patting the head in her lap, Trish smiled. "It's ok. It feels nice."

Opening her door, Mickie smiled. "Alright, you love birds. Lets stretch out
for a bit. I gotta bring up the hotel on the GPS anyways."

Sitting up, Dale let Trish help him out of the car and to his feet, wobbling
slightly as he tried to stretch out the kinks from hours of neglect spent
lying on his back in a hospital bed. As he kept his hand on the car and
walked around, Trish walked up to Mickie, who was tapping the screen of her
GPS. Seeing Trish approach, Mickie smiled, leaning over and kissing her

"Hey." She said, smiling at Trish before turning back to her GPS. "Your legs
doing ok?"

Smiling, Trish nodded. "There doing fine." Looking at the GPS, Trish asked,
"Did you want me to drive to the hotel? Let you snuggle with Dale for a

Shaking her head, Mickie said, "No, that's ok." Before looking up at Trish.
"Unless, you wanted a break..."

Shaking her head, Trish said, "No, it's just...well, you haven't snuggled
with him for a while, and, well, he was your boyfriend first..."

Holding up her hand, Mickie said, "Whoa. Stop right there." Looking at Trish,
Mickie held out her hand, waiting for Trish to take it before saying, "Trish,
you have to stop thinking like that. He may have been my boyfriend first, but
it's not like we've been dating for years. I only beat you to him by like two
weeks. Seniority has no role in who snuggles, or who loves who more. He's
your boyfriend to, as much as he is mine." When Trish nodded, Mickie smiled.
"I'll drive, you snuggle, ok?" When Trish didn't answer, Mickie leaned around
Trish, watching Dale as he slowly circled the car. "Dale?"

Looking up, he turned towards the voice. "Yea?"

"Were getting ready to roll, so, back in the car." Mickie said.

Nodding, Dale felt around for the door handle for the back seat, opening the
door and sliding in. Taking Trish's hand, Mickie led her towards the car,
moving her towards the back door. Leaning down, Mickie smiled as Dale
stretched back out over the back seat. "Dale?"


"Do you wanna snuggle with Trish some more while I drive, or do you want to
be alone?" Mickie asked, shrugging at Trish as she gave Mickie a questioning

Smiling, Dale held out his arms. "Snuggle." He said. "I'm still pretty messed
up, so I could use some Stratusfaction."

Sighing softly, Trish climbed into the back seat, moving towards Dale. ~He's
probably just saying that because Mickie asked him...~ Trish thought. But as
she moved into his grasp, she shrieked softly as his arms quickly wrapped
around her and pulled her close.

Smiling at her, he said, "I would kiss you, but, while I was outside, I
did a touch check on my face, and I have to agree with you that I'm pretty
gruesome." Cradling her soft, small body in his lap, he added, "But, I was
hoping I wasn't to gruesome for you to snuggle with. I like snuggling with
you. You're a very good snuggle partner."

Looking at him, Trish didn't know what to say. ~He actually wants to
snuggle?~ She thought. As his arms held her softly, rubbing her sides
tenderly, Trish smiled. ~He does!~ Looking up at him, she kissed him
softly. "Your not gruesome. Just busted up."

As Mickie turned on the car and smiled at the two cuddling lovers in the back
seat, she pulled out of the parking spot, moving towards the exit. "Back on
the road. The hotel isn't to far away."

Nodding, Trish curled up in Dale's lap, letting him hold her softly as she
smiled. Leaning down, he kissed the top of her head softly, telling her, "I
guess you and Mickie are gonna have to look after each other while I'm on
the mend."

Looking up at him, she smiled. "Look after each other?"

"I'm hoping I don't have to explain what that means." He said.

"It would be nice if you did." Trish teased. "Did you mean we're gonna have
to cook for each other?"


"Oh, then, you must mean that we're gonna have to pick out each others
outfits." Trish said, giggling softly.

"God, why do I bother?"

Leaning up, Trish kissed him softly. "Because you're a fool in love."
Squeezing his hands softly, she said, "And, it's only going to be a few days
until you're better. I'm sure Mickie and I can keep our hormones in control
until then."

"You couldn't keep them in control for a few hours during the week." He
reminded her with a grin.

"That was just back up." She said. "You try going without sex for years and
see how much you like it."

"I'd prefer not to, actually." He said. "Because that would mean I've fucked
this up somehow. And I'm starting to like having two curvy love goddesses."

"I think your just liking having two hot chicks to have sex with." Trish

"That doesn't suck."

"It does sometimes."

"Well, it also licks sometimes."

"True." Trish said, flicking her tongue over his lips, giggling as he moaned
softly. "You like that, don't you?"

"What's not to like?" he asked. "You have a very skilled tongue."

"More skilled than Mickie's?" Trish asked, hoping to bait him into answering.

"Never going to tell." He said, smiling. "But, like you said, having two
beautiful women ready, willing and able to have three-ways with is a great

"I'm still not sure we should be having three-ways." Trish joked. "I seem to
remember something you and Mickie worked out about me having to dye my hair
brown and act like Mickie."

Finding her lips, he kissed her softly, telling her, "One Mickie is enough.
And your great just the way you are. I wouldn't trade what I have with you
two for anything in the world."

"Even three girls?"

"I can't handle three girls." Dale said. "I'm still not sure I can handle

"You handle two just fine." Trish assured him.

"Two is a stretch." He said. "Three would kill me."

"But what a way to go."

"I think your just trying to knock me off to get my money." He joked.
"Unfortunately, your not in my will. Speaking of which, remind me to make
a will sometime."

"You don't have a will?" Trish asked.

"I'm twenty three." He said. "I'm not expecting to kick the bucket anytime
soon. I'm hoping to get at least a few years out of this "Having two curvy
love goddesses" thing. But I admit, I do need one. If I died right now, my
family would get my money."

"That's not good."

"I'd rather leave my money to the devil than give them another cent." He
said. "So, remind me, if you remember?"

"Ok." Leaning up, she kissed him softly. "So, you honestly don't want another

"Nope." He said. "I'm very, very happy with the two I have. No offence, but
I was happy with one. But adding you was like...gimme a second here, I can
think up something nice...ah! Like the final brush stroke on Michelangelo's
Sistine Chapel. It would have looked fine without it, but, with it, it's a

Looking towards Mickie, Trish grinned. "Good lord he's a smooth talker."

"What's he saying now?" Mickie asked.

"That our relationship is a masterpiece of art." Trish said.

"You know, Dale, if you keep buttering us up like this, you're going to set
some pretty lofty standards for yourself." Mickie teased. "We're going to get
immune to regular sweet talk."

"I hope so." He said with a smile. Giving Trish a soft hug, he added, "You
two deserve nothing less."

Sighing, Trish let her small body snuggle into Dale's arms. "How did I end up
with someone as sweet as you?"

"Do you want the sweet, semi-intelligent answer, or the real one?"

"Lets go with the sweet one first."

"Because it was meant to be." He said, kissing the top of her head. "Because
you, Mickie and I are meant for each other. Each of us brings a new piece to
the table, and, together, we make up a whole person. We complete each other
and make each day worth waking up for just because we know we'll have each
other to love."

Looking up at him, Trish smiled softly. "Dale...that's so sweet."

Smiling, Mickie said, "Now give her the truth."

"You're here because I fingered you in a hallway and Mickie seduced you and
you still haven't figured out you've been duped by two sex crazed people into
being there love slave." He said, smiling.

Snuggling tighter, Trish buried her head in his chest. "I like the sweet
answer. Only sweet answers from here on out."

"Deal." He said. "Sweet answers rule."

"Sweet answers get sweet replies." Trish said with a smile.

"If I start sweet talking, can I have a sweet reply?" Mickie asked with a
hopeful smile.

"You two are gonna have to take care of your own sweet replies for a little
while." Dale said glumly. "I'm to gruesome to reply with anyone."

"Dale, your not gruesome." Trish said.

"Trish, I felt my face, and I feel gruesome." He said. "And I can't even see
the bruises, so I'm imagining I look worse than I feel, so to speak."

Pulling into the hotel parking lot, Mickie smiled. "Your still our boyfriend.
Until you're better, no hanky panky for us. Promise."

"Mickie, you don't have to promise that." He said softly. "If you and Trish
get an itch, scratch it."

Leaning up, Trish kissed Dale softly. "Nope. It's either a three way or a no

"It's not always going to be three ways." Dale said.

"No, it's not, but I'm not gonna get off while you're all banged up." Trish
said, waiting until Mickie had pulled into a parking space before giving Dale
a final kiss and moving away. "If you're not up for love making, then I'm not
getting any either."

"Me too." Mickie said. "We're going without until your feeling better."

Feeling Trish leaving his lap and moving out the door, Dale reached around,
opening the door behind him and moving out onto the ground carefully. Getting
his bearings, he waited until one of his girlfriends came around to his side
and took him softly by the arm, leading him towards the trunk.

"Can you get your own suitcase?" Trish asked.

"I can drag it if someone gets it out for me." Dale said, reaching behind his
head and pulling the hood of his trench coat up and over his head. "I don't
think I can get it out of the trunk."

Nodding, Trish waited for Mickie to pop the trunk before grabbing his
suitcase. Yanking it roughly out of the trunk, she set it down on the ground
before retrieving her own, setting it beside his before hooking arms with
him. Moving him in front of his suitcase, she smiled as she watched him reach
behind his body on instinct and clumsily grabbing his suitcase.

Looking over at Mickie, Trish smiled as she pulled her suitcase free from the
trunk before slamming it shut. Moving in behind her, Trish led Dale across
the parking lot quickly, watching as he hung his head down, his hood covering
his face for the most part. Sighing softly, she wanted to rip the hood off,
but knew that wouldn't be the best idea, and decided to let him have his

Moving thru the doors, Trish started with Mickie towards the main desk when
she heard someone calling her name. Sighing again, Trish mentally shifted
herself into fan mode, turning and smiling before she spotted who was running
towards her.

"Dude!" Rob yelled, moving across the lobby at warp speed along with Torrie
and Lita.

Keeping his head down, Dale tried not to turn towards the voices and
footsteps rapidly approaching him. Seeing Torrie and Lita running towards
him with their arms out, Trish stepped between them, stopping them from
hugging Dale.

"He's really sore." Trish said softly.

Nodding, Torrie moved towards him slower, pulling him into a loose hug. "God,
Dale, we were so worried about you."

"Please, don't be..." Dale said softly.

"How ya feeling buddy?" Rob asked.

Shrugging, Dale said, "Honestly, not so hot."

Nodding, Lita said, "Yea, I don't doubt it. That locker room was a bloody
mess after Kenny messed you up."

Looking over at Mickie, Trish said, "The room's in my name. Want me to go get
the details done while you keep Dale company?"

Nodding, Mickie slid over to Dale, wrapping her arm around his as he
continued to look at the floor.

As Trish moved away, Rob smiled, reaching out and tapping him lightly on the
shoulder. "So, you gonna be ok?"

Nodding, Dale said, "Apparently. I'm off solid foods until my new teeth set."

"New teeth?" Torrie asked.

Looking at her, Rob said, "Didn't I show you those teeth they found on the

Her eyes going wide, Mickie looked at Rob. "Teeth?"

Looking at Mickie, he shrugged. "What did you think happened to them?"

Reaching her hands out, Torrie went to push Dale's hood back, but pulled back
when he flinched. Looking at Mickie, Torrie gave her a questioning glance.
Seeing it, Mickie shrugged.

"He's embarrassed with how he looks." Mickie said softly.

Turning back to Dale, Torrie reached out her hands again. "Dale, it's ok."
When he didn't flinch again, Torrie pushed his hood back, gasping at his
face. "Oh god, Dale..." She said softly, pulling him in for another hug.
"It's ok, sweetie..."

Looking at Mickie, Lita said, "We called the hospital when you guys didn't
show up for the house show, but they said he'd already been released."

Nodding, Mickie told them, "We pretty much wheeled him straight from the O.R.
to the car."

"We waited around for you guys at the arena for as long as we could, but you
guys weren't there by the time they kicked us out." Torrie said.

"I wish you guys wouldn't get worked up about me." Dale said softly,
blushing. "I'm fine..."

Taking his face softly in her hands, Torrie said, "Dale, there was blood
everywhere. They taped off the room as a crime scene. You got carried out of
the building in a screaming ambulance. You're our friend and we have a right
to be worried about you."

Nodding, Dale sighed, realizing that he wasn't going to change their minds.
Deciding to change the topic, Dale asked, "How you doing, Rob? Mickie and
Trish said you went to bat for me."

Smiling, Rob told him, "Don't worry about me, dude. I'll be all right. But,
for a male cheerleader, Kenny can throw a punch."

"Don't I know it." Dale said glumly. "Still, I wish you didn't have to

Putting his hand on Dale's shoulder, Rob smiled. "Dude, what did I tell you?
Don't worry about that stuff. I told you, you're my buddy, and I got your

As Mickie smiled, Trish walked back towards the group, smiling as she slid
her free hand into Dale's. "Well, I hate to break this up, but Dale needs his

Nodding, Torrie and Lita leaned in, giving him a parting hug. "Get some
sleep." Torrie told him, giving him a peck on the cheek.

"That's what I've been doing all day." He grumbled.

Leaning over, Mickie kissed him softly on the cheek. "If you want, we can
stay up and watch a movie, ok?"

Nodding, Dale said, "Thanks, guys. I still don't think you guys should get
all worked up over me, but, thanks."

As Torrie, Lita and Rob said their goodbyes, Trish and Mickie led Dale away,
letting him pull his suitcase towards the elevator. As the doors closed
behind them, Trish leaned over, kissing Dale softly on the lips.

"See? What did I tell you?" Trish said, smiling. "You have friends."

Finally smiling, Dale nodded, and waited for the elevator to finish its ride.

* * *

"Alright, ok...and you're thru." Mickie said, holding the door as Trish led
Dale thru it.

"This is starting to get familiar." Dale said with a smile.

"Get used to it." Trish said. "Your gonna be our road buddy from here on in."

"What's the job pay?" He asked with a hopeful grin.

"All the pussy you can eat." Mickie teased, falling into line beside Dale.

His smile growing wider, Dale asked, "Can I get to work? Or do I have to
apply first?"

Looking at Trish, Mickie smiled. "I suppose we should put him thru an
interview process. See if he's qualified." When Trish nodded, Mickie said,
"Dale, stick out your tongue." Sticking out his tongue as far as it could
go, Dale made a noise that the girls translated into "Is this ok?". Smiling,
Mickie moved towards him, licking his tongue with a giggle. "You're hired.
You can start work as soon as you're healed up."

Seeing Dale smile widen, Trish grinned. "Have I mentioned how much you rock,

"Not in the last few hours."

Leaning over, she kissed him softly. "Well, you rock."

"Thank you."

Moving towards the divas changing room, Trish and Mickie stopped in front of
the door. Looking at Mickie, Trish thought of something.

"We never did find out if we're welcome back or not." Trish said. "Before we
could get an answer the whole Kenny/Dale thing happened."

"It wasn't a thing." Dale said. "It was an ass whipping, plain and simple."

Looking at Trish, Mickie nodded. "Should we go in?"

Sighing, Trish shook her head. "Until we find out if it's ok, maybe we should
just set up shop in the bathroom again."

Nodding, Mickie helped Trish turn Dale towards the bathrooms. "That's
probably for the best."

As they trio shuffled towards the bathroom, Trish scoped out a table near the
door. "We can set up there." She said, pointing out he table to Mickie. When
Mickie nodded again, Trish led them to the table, setting her suitcase up on
it before helping Dale with his. Watching as Mickie got hers up on the table,
Trish looked around. "Well, I think I'm gonna go find catering. You guys want

"The usual." Mickie said.


Shrugging, he said, "If they have a smoothie or something."

Nodding, Trish gave her lovers a kiss before turning and heading down the
hall. As she left, Mickie took Dale by the hands, moving him over to a chair
and sitting him down. Straddling his legs, she sat in his lap, smiling at
him. "How are you today, lover?"

"Better." He said. "I didn't have any pain pills this morning, which I'm
taking as a good thing."

"That's good." Mickie said, snuggling up against him.

Sighing, Dale held her softly. "Mickie, I gotta tell you something." Feeling
her pull back slightly, he softly told her, "When Kenny was beating me up, I
knew I couldn't fight him, so...and I feel so stupid about this now, but, at
the time, it seemed funny to get him riled up, but...I told him about our sex
life." Not getting any response, he continued. "I know it was stupid, and
immature, and I shouldn't have done it, but I did."

"What did you tell him?" Mickie asked softly.

"Everything, pretty much." Dale said softly. "I told him about me, you and
Trish, about how you told me that being with me made you forget you ever
dated him...and, about your...special gift for me."

"Special gift?" Mickie asked.

Moving his hands down to her butt, he gave it a slight squeeze. "Special

Clueing in, Mickie nodded. "Oh, that special gift."

"I kept teasing him that he never could never get you to do it, and that you
begged me to do it. I wish I could say that I had some class about it, but it
was pretty vile..." Dale said, looking away. "God, I feel so stupid right
now. I don't even know if that's true. I don't even know if you liked it when
I did it to you..."

Kissing him softly, Mickie told him, "I never did it with Kenny. I won't lie
and tell you that you're my first, but I never did it with him." Kissing him
again, she said, "And I never begged anyone to do it again like I did with
you, and, trust me, I was begging." Holding him gently, she said, "I told you
from the start. I'd give you anything you ask for, because I know you'd take
care of me, and love me in the morning. And you've never let me down. When I
gave you that gift, I almost expected you to treat me differently in the
morning. The last guy I let do that treated me like I was a prostitute
afterwards, like it was alright for him to enjoy it, but I was a whore for
liking it." Kissing him, she smiled. "But you didn't. You kissed me on the
lips, like every morning we've spent together, and acted like it was no big

"It wasn't." He said softly. "Well, maybe a little, but it's nothing you
should be ashamed of. How many times have I told you that stuff doesn't
matter to me? Not that I'm not glad that you let me do that with you, but,
if you didn't, I wouldn't have been upset." Smiling, he rubbed her plump
backside. "I might have cried over missing out on this hot, sexy, plump
booty, but I wouldn't have been mad."

Giggling, Mickie squirmed under his touch. "Are you a butt man, Dale?"

"I'm a beautiful woman man." He said. "And although you and Trish might be
night and day when it comes to body shapes, you are both beautiful, sexy

"How would you describe me?" Mickie asked.

"Built." Dale said. "I know I made you swear to never use this word, but
thick. And I mean that in the best possible way. You have such nice, firm
thighs, and hips for days. You have now idea how much it excites me to
reach down and grab your hips when were doing it. They have the perfect
curve to them, just perfect for holding onto. And such a nice, soft tummy.
Trish's tummy is like a washboard, which, don't get me wrong, is nice, but
there's something to be said for a tummy with a little softness to it. And
I know there fake, but your breasts are awesome. If you ever remember the
name of the person who did them, remind me to send them a thank you card."
As Mickie continued to giggle, Dale added, "And this ass needs no
introduction. An ass like this needs to be framed and hug on the wall of
an art gallery, because it is a masterpiece. Half the fun of...doing what
we did was getting to rub and touch your booty. I won't lie, I've thought
about your butt since you broke in to OVW. When I used to fantasize about
us being together, every fantasy had anal in it, because I love your butt.
When you put on some weight when you got there, this ass just got better
and better. It's a great butt, and you need to do more to show it off."

"I already wear short skirts and thongs." Mickie said with a smile.

"And I'm sure your fans appreciate that." He said, smiling. "I only get to
feel it, and I know I do."

Holding him softly, Mickie leaned down, kissing him softly. "You feeling it
means more to me than everyone looking at it. I love when you touch my butt.
Kenny always told me I should try and loose some weight..."

"Don't you dare..."

"But having you and Trish praise me for having curves makes me feel so much
better about it." She said. Sighing softly, she said, "I honestly wish I was
thinner. I really do. But this is me. And if your happy with it, and Trish
is happy with it, I'll be happy with it."

Nodding, he smiled, holding her softly. "Please don't lose weight." He said
softly. Moving his hands down, he cupped her butt again. "I don't wanna lose
this booty."

Giggling, Mickie rubbed her butt around in his lap, giggling more as he
moaned and shivered. "I think, once your feeling better, I'm gonna he to
give you a special gift for being so nice to me."

Leaning down, Dale let his head rest against her chest. "Please, please,
please tell me that special gift is what it was last time."

Kissing the top of his head, she held him gently. "Of course."

Looking up, Dale smiled as Mickie kissed him softly. "Thank you, Mickie. I
love you."

"I love you too."

Giving her butt a squeeze, he smiled. "I love it too."

Giggling, Mickie swiveled her hips again, making her boyfriend moan.

"I think it loves you too."

* * *

Moving down the hallway, Trish turned the corner, following the signs leading
towards catering. Finding the tables as busy as always, Trish grabbed a
couple of plates and stood off to the side, waiting her turn. Seeing some of
the other divas hovering around the table, she smiled and waved. As the other
girls moved towards her, she greeted them with hugs.

"How's Dale?" Victoria asked. "Torrie said he didn't look so hot."

"He's doing alright." Trish said. "He's still banged up, but he'll be

"Poor guy." Maria said. "Getting beat up is one thing, but being blind and
getting beat up..."

"Just shows how dirty Kenny really was." Victoria finished. "How much of a
gutless coward to you have to be to pick a fight with a guy who can't see?"

"Pretty fucking gutless." Trish agreed. "Dale finally decided to press
charges, after Mickie and I talked him into it. He wasn't sure, but we told
him we wanted this to end so we could move on without having to look over
our shoulders all the time."

"I'm glad he listened." Victoria said. "If he didn't, next time, Kenny might
have killed him."

Shaking her head, Trish said, "I don't even wanna think about that. I get all
weepy every time I think about him getting hurt."

Smiling, Victoria moved over to the catering tables as the crowd thinned out.
"He grows on you pretty quick, doesn't he?"

"Very." Trish said with a smile. "He knows how to pull the heart strings,
that's for sure. He'll say something sweet, and make you feel good, then say
something stupid, and you'll laugh because he makes you feel so good with the
sweet thing."

"Smooth talker, is he?" Victoria asked, smiling.

"Oh god." Trish said, giggling. "He could probably talk anyone into anything
if he put his mind to it. And if he can't talk you into it, he'll give you
these puppy dog eyes that just melt your heart."

"How does he do the puppy dog eyes?" Maria asked, grabbing a few items and
setting them on her plate. "He doesn't have eyes."

"He does so have eyes." Trish said, grinning. "As for how he does it, I don't
know. He just puts on this sad face, and looks at you, and you'll do anything
to make him stop. I know I have."

Laughing, Victoria nodded. "So, when did you guys get in? I didn't see your
suitcases in the locker room."

Looking away slightly, Trish told her, "We're not in the locker room. We set
up shop outside the bathroom again."

"What?" Maria asked. "Why?"

Looking shy, Trish said, "Well, after what happened with Dale and Kenny on
Saturday, and us not making the show yesterday, we never got an answer as to
weather we were welcome or not."

"Trish, that's bull shit." Victoria said. "Your more than welcome. No one's
going to act weird."

"No." Trish said, shaking her head softly, quickly filling up the plates in
her hands before grabbing some juice for Dale. "We didn't give you guys a
chance to make your feelings know." Before either girl could say anything,
Trish added, "And we said that we didn't want to make any enemies out of
this. And we meant it. So, when you guys go back to the locker room, would
you please tell the others that they have until the end of Raw tonight to
let us know if they don't want us back?" Seeing Victoria go to say something,
Trish sighed. "Vicky, please? I don't want to argue about this. I've had a
bad enough weekend."

Sighing, Victoria nodded. "Alright. I'll tell them."

Smiling softly, Trish said, "Thank you."

Turning, Trish waved a goodbye as best she could with plates covering her
hands and arms before walking back towards the bathroom. Watching her go,
Maria sighed. "What are we gonna do?"

Looking at Maria, Victoria smiled. "We're gonna settle this. Come on, kid."

Following Victoria, Maria crinkled up her nose. "I'm not a kid."

"Your younger than me." Victoria said. "That makes you kid."

Whining, Maria followed Victoria, plate in hand, towards the divas changing
room. Pushing open the door, Victoria looked around the room, scanning who
was there.

"I think there all here." Victoria said. Clapping her hands, she smiled as
all the eyes in the room turned to her. "May I have your attention?"

"Drama queen, much?" Torrie asked, smiling.

"I try." Victoria said. "Anyways, it's time we all cleared something up.
Mickie, Trish and Dale." Not getting any response, she continued, "I know
Trish and Mickie said they didn't want us talking about this, and I respect
that, but they are, right now, camped out in the bathroom using it as a
changing room, which, eww." Getting a giggle from around the room, she
smiled. "That's not right. Trish has been around here longer than almost
anyone, and Mickie's our friend, and Dale...well, he's cute." Gaining another
giggle, Victoria said, "So, I'm taking this upon myself to settle this, once
and for all. I'm kicking everyone out, right now. Anyone who wants to tell
them that they're not welcome has ten minutes to do so. If no one says
anything, then I'm bringing them back. This is your one chance to say
something without repercussions. If, at a later time, you get weird with
them in here with us, then it's you who will be looking for a new changing
room. Understand?" When the divas nodded, Victoria opened the door. "Alright,
get out."

"Do we really have...?" Torrie started.

"Out." Victoria repeated. "Everyone. No exceptions."

Watching the Divas stand up and file out the door, Victoria did a check of
the locker room, making sure it was empty before heading out the door
herself, letting it close behind her before going to find somewhere to wait
out the ten minute time limit.

* * *

"I don't want, anybody else, when I think about you I touch myself..."

Poking Dale softly, Trish smiled. "You probably do. Dirty boy."

Shrugging, Dale stopped singing. "Well, maybe, but at least I don't jerk off
in hallways."

Her jaw dropping open, Trish went to swat him, but stopped herself. "That was
a one time deal." Trish said.

"What about the shower room?" Mickie asked, smiling.

Reaching out, Trish swatted Mickie. "Now you, I can hit." Trish teased. "And
that was a one time thing to. I won the belt, I was happy, so I gave myself
a happy. No big deal."

"How come it's no big deal when you do it..." Dale said, smiling. "But if I
do it, I'm a dirty boy?"

"Because a woman masturbating is a beautiful thing." Trish said. "It's slow,
and tender, and usually has a build up, and passion. When a guy does it, he
spits in his hand and tugs on his cock like it's a pull cord on a lawn

"I usually don't spit." Dale said. "It makes clean up to messy." Smiling as
both girls in his lap made disgusted noises, he hugged them softly. "What?"

"You are a dirty boy." Mickie said, leaning down and kissing him softly.

"But do I make you happy?" He asked.

"Very." Trish said, following Mickie's lead and kissing him.

"So long as I'm useful." Dale said, smiling.


Looking behind her, Trish smiled at Victoria. "Hey." Trish said, smiling.
"Welcome to the illustrious dressing room we set up."

Smirking, Victoria looked around. "It's a table outside the bathroom."

"We have chairs." Mickie said, smiling. "Not that we're using to many of them
right now."

"I can see that." Victoria said, smiling. "Umm, did anyone come up to you
guys in the last little bit? Like, the last ten minutes?"

Shaking her head, Mickie said, "No. Why?"

"No reason." Victoria said, turning and walking away before the trio could
get any more info from her. Moving down the hallway, she walked towards
Vince's office. Making sure to knock loudly, she waited for the boss to call
her into the office. Knowing she had to keep it short, she asked, "Mr.
McMahon, did any of the Divas come talk to you? In the last ten minutes or

Thinking for a second, he shook his head. "Not that I recall. Why?"

"No reason." Victoria said. "I'm sorry to bother you." Just as she was going
to close the door, Vince called out to her, making her open it again and lean
back into the room. "Yes, Mr. McMahon?"

"Ace told me Trish and Mickie were back." He said. When Victoria nodded,
Vince asked, "Is the blind kid with them?" When she again nodded, he asked,
"How's he doing?"

"He's pretty banged up, but he's ok." Victoria said.

"What's his name again?" Vince asked. "Duke? Dane?"

"Dale." Victoria said. "Is that all?"

Nodding, he waved his hand in a dismissive fashion before turning his
attention back to his desk. Closing the door quietly, Victoria turned and
started back towards the bathroom, ducking and weaving thru the mob of people
backstage for the TV show and making her way to the table. Seeing Mickie and
Trish trading kisses with Dale, she smiled. "That your suitcases?" Victoria
asked, snapping them out of there little game.

Looking confused, Mickie nodded. "Yea."

"Alright, grab them and follow me." Victoria said.

"Where are we going?" Trish asked.

"Is it for food?" Dale asked. "Like a pizza smoothie?"

Looking at Dale, Trish shook her head. "Dale, that's messed up."

"I'm getting tired of juice and milkshakes and smoothies." Dale whined. "I
need food. Have you ever heard of rabbit starvation?"

"If it comes to that, we'll let you drink some cooking lard." Trish said,
smiling as he gagged. "Now quit complaining." Looking up at Victoria, she
asked, "Where are we going?"

"To the locker room."

Sighing, Trish said, "Vicky, I told you, we're gonna wait it out..."

"No need." Victoria said. "I forced the issue, and no one said anything. I
gave them ten minutes to make it known if they had a problem, and no one did.
Now, if they don't like it, it's there problem, and they can leave."


Smiling, Victoria went over to the table, grabbing two of the suitcases off
of it and pulling them to the floor. "Well, I'm taking these with me to the
locker room. If you guys want them, then they'll be waiting for you there."

Watching as Victoria took off with their luggage, Mickie and Trish smiled as
they turned to each other. "Do you wanna follow her, or will she eventually
bring them back?" Mickie asked.

"I doubt she will." Trish said, smiling.

"Well, follow her then?"

Shrugging, Trish smiled. "I don't care. She took yours and Dale's, not mine."

"Who took what now?" Dale asked.

"Victoria took mine and your suitcase." Mickie said. Looking at Trish, she
grinned. "Let's go. She's right."

Nodding, Trish slid out of Dale's lap, helping him to his feet as Mickie did
the same. Grabbing her suitcase off the table, Trish fell into line beside
Mickie and Dale as they made there way towards the locker room. Following
Victoria, they moved around the corner and into the locker room, smiling as
the other divas waved at them. Moving over to where Victoria had set their
suitcases, Mickie plunked Dale down in a stall before flanking him. Reaching
for her suitcase, Mickie pulled it over in front of her, opening the zipper
before flipping open the top. Looking over at Dale, she smiled.

"You gonna help me pick out my outfit for TV Dale?" She asked.

Seeing him nod, Trish smiled. "Me too?"

"Of course." He said, smiling. "That's what I'm here for."

"That and many, many other things." Trish said, leaning over and kissing him
softly. Hearing the silence of the room, Trish looked up, catching the other
divas staring at them before looking away, trying to look busy as Trish
caught them. Sighing, Trish let her head drop down.

Seeing tension in the room, Torrie smiled, deciding to break the ice. "So,
Dale, am I next?"

Looking up, Dale asked, "Next what?"

"Your next girlfriend." Torrie said, giggling. "I was wondering, are you
gonna keep working down the list and eventually seduce us all, or were you
gonna stop at two?"

Smiling, Dale shrugged. "Why, are you offering?"

Turning to Dale, Mickie and Trish reared back to hit him, but stopped.
Smiling, Mickie shook her head, leaning over and kissing him. "He's on two
as a trial basis." She said, smiling. "If he does ok, we'll talk about
adding another one."

"Do I get a vote?" Dale asked, smiling. "Cuz we need a redhead. I have a
blonde, and a brunette."

"Does that mean I'm out?" Torrie asked, pretending to sound hurt.

"We'll consider you in the next round of voting." Trish teased. "And no,
Dale, you don't get a vote."

Whining, he asked, "Why not?"

"Because you think with your dick and it would always say yes." Mickie said.

"Not always!" He argued. "Most of the time I think with my stomach. Speaking
of which..."

"There are no smoothies, Dale." Trish said. "Or milkshakes." Hearing him
whine, she put her arm around him, holding him softly. "We'll get you the
whole mushy food buffet when we leave, ok?"

"Is there nothing to eat?" He asked softly.

"God, are you starved or something?" Victoria teased.

"Actually, yea." Mickie said. "He can't eat solid food until his teeth set.
He hasn't eaten anything solid in like two days."

"Saturday, for breakfast, I had some toast and OJ." He said softly. "I was
planning on having a snack when I got to the arena..."

Leaning over, Mickie kissed him on the cheek. "I'll go see what I can find,
ok?" When he nodded, she smiled. "They may have pudding. Is that ok?"

"Anything's ok." He said, before quickly asking, "Cake? It's soft..."

Smiling, Mickie kissed him softly. "I'll see what I can do."

As Mickie stood up and walked out the door, Trish smiled as she watched her
go, her eyes drawn to Mickie's curvy butt.

"Mickie's got a nice ass." Maria said.

Looking at Maria, Trish smiled. "I've noticed."

"I've really noticed." Dale said, smiling.

"You're a butt man, Dale." Trish said, smiling.

"Mickie accused me of that to." He said. "I'm not. I'm a beautiful woman

"So you only date beautiful women?" Trish asked.

Taking her hand in his, he kissed it softly. "I'm dating you, aren't I?"
Hearing gagging from all over the room, Dale smiled. "God, can't I say
something nice?"

"I think I need a hit of insulin." Torrie said with a smile.

"Your just mad because you've been passed over for this round of voting."
Dale said with a smile. "We're working on redheads."

"What redhead is there?" Maria asked.

"Well, Lita, for starters." Dale said, smiling. "She has been seducing me,
after all."

"I have not!" Lita said.

"Jesus, your here?" Dale asked, laughing. Shaking his head, he smiled. "And,
Christy Hemme." Looking towards Trish, he said, "We'd have to go cross brand
for her though."

"Or we could go a whole different route." Trish teased, getting in on it. "We
could try and get an Asian looking girl."

"Have anyone in mind?"

"Gail Kim." Trish said, smiling. "She's pretty."

"She is." He admitted. Giving Trish's hand a squeeze, he smiled. "But I think
I'll stick with my blonde and brunette."

Leaning over, Trish kissed him softly. "You'll settle for us, huh?"

"I think you have that backwards." Dale said. "Will you guys settle for me?"

Kissing him again, Trish smiled. "It's not settling when you find what makes
you happy. And you and Mickie make me very happy."

Smiling Dale nodded. Hearing his stomach rumble, he asked, "How far is

"A good distance away." Trish said. Seeing him whine, she said, "You just
need to take your mind off of it."

"How?" Dale asked. "Read?"

"What do you and Mickie do when you need to pass some time?" Trish asked.

Smiling, Dale asked, "Is anyone still in the locker room?"

Giggling, she kissed him. "Yes, so not that. What else?"

"Other than that?" He asked.


"Well..." He said, thinking for a minute. "Mickie likes foot rubs.
Apparently, I do them pretty well."

"Can I have a foot rub?" Trish asked with a smile.

Nodding, Dale slid out of his stall, sliding onto the floor and sitting with
his back to the locker. "Come here, and sit in front of me, facing me." He
said. As Trish did as he asked, he scooted her closer until her feet were
resting on his thighs. Taking her feet in his hands, he made short work of
her shoes and socks, tossing them aside.

Taking her bare foot in his hands, Dale rubbed his thumbs over the instep of
her feet, smiling as she moaned softly. Pushing his thumbs firmly but gently
onto the bottom of her foot, he smiled as she purred happily, letting him
know she liked his work too.

"Can I have next?" Victoria asked, smiling. "Please?"

"Sure, foot rubs for everyone." Dale said with a smile.

Waggling her foot against his leg, Trish grinned. "Only Mickie and I get foot

"Sorry, Vicky." Dale said, smiling. "Your gonna have to settle for a back

"No back rubs either." Trish giggled.

Smiling, Dale asked, "Front rub?"

"No front rubs." Trish said.

"Don't listen to her, Dale." Victoria said in a sultry, playful voice. "You
can give me a front rub anytime you want. I'll even dye my hair red for you."

"Jeez, you better watch out Trish." Dale said, smiling. "Apparently I'm
getting popular."

"There just foot rub whores." Trish teased. "Anyone who gives foot rubs,
they'd put out for."

"Not anyone." Victoria argued. "Just cute guys." Giggling at Dale's blushing,
she said, "And you're a cutie, Dale."

"Stop hitting on my boyfriend." Trish laughed.

"Come on, Dale, you know you wanna." Victoria teased.

"Now, see, if I could, without Trish and Mickie getting pissed, I would." He
said. "Me, myself, I find nothing about this sexual at all. But them, they
might get a might bit pissed if they walked in on me massaging your feet."

"We could use my room." Victoria offered with a grin at Trish.

"What did I just say?" Trish said, smiling. "Quit hitting on my boyfriend!"

"You could have us both, Dale." Torrie said, getting in on the teasing. "You
could have Trish and Mickie one week, and me and Victoria the next."

"And me and Maria the next." Lita offered with a grin. "Even if I wasn't
hitting on you."

"I guess I'm on my own." Candice said, alerting Dale to the fact that she was
in the room. "But I'm sure I could find a way to make up for a lack of a...
tag team partner."

"That way, you'd never get board." Victoria reasoned.

"I have a feeling I'll never get board with Trish and Mickie." Dale said,
letting Trish's relaxed foot slide out of his hands before switching to the
other one.

"And I'm not sharing." Trish scolded them playfully. "Dale's not someone you
get tired of. He's very...entertaining."

"Because I walk into things?" He asked.

Smiling, Trish wiggled her foot around, moving lower. "No, because
know, that other thing you do."

"Other thing?" He asked.

"You know, other thing." Trish said. Seeing him not following, she said,
"That thing you did with the solid food that you can't have right now."

"Oh! Pussy!" Dale said, smiling as Trish gasped and the other girls laughed.
"Ladies, tell me something. If you had to say if pussy was a solid or a
liquid food, which would you say?"

"Definitely a liquid." Torrie said.

"Uh-huh, liquid." Candice agreed with a grin.

"Won't she let you have your...liquid diet?" Victoria asked playfully, loving
the bright shade of red Trish was turning.

"She says it's a solid and I can't eat solid food until my teeth heal." Dale
said softly, pouting for effect.

"There, there, Dale." Victoria said playfully. "If you want your liquid

"Stop!" Trish laughed.

"I'm sure any of us would be more than willing to feed you." Victoria
finished, smiling at Trish. "If big old meanie Trish and Mickie won't."

"Oh! Oh! Pick me! Pick me!" Maria said, smiling as Trish laughed. "I heard
Mickie screaming and moaning the other week, so I have a good idea what you
can do..."

"Stop!" Trish said, doubling over with laughter.

"Hear that, Trish?" Dale asked with a grin, rubbing her foot softly. "At
least two of these nice divas are willing to feed me if you and Mickie

"Alright, alright, I will." Trish said, smiling. Pulling her foot back, she
grinned, deciding to call his bluff. Standing up, she moved so she was
standing over him. Taking his head in her hands, she smiled as she pulled it
forward. "Ok, eat."

Watching with rabid interest, the other divas stared as Dale smiled.
Reaching up between them, they watched as Dale slid his hands up to her
crotch. Grabbing her zipper, all their eyes got wide as he quickly pulled
it down, starting to work on the buttons before Trish pushed his hands away.

"You'd really go down on me in a locker room full of women?" Trish asked with
a laugh.

"I'm starving." Dale said, moving back towards her crotch until she pushed
him away again. "So I take it you lied to me?"

"I didn't lie!" Trish said, trying to find a way out of this current
situation that didn't involve her pants around her knees and Dale head in
her crotch in front of a room full of her friends. Looking down, she whined
as she saw his puppy dog eyes in full effect. "Dale..."

"Lied..." He said softly. Leaning forward, he rested his head against her
tummy, rubbing her hips softly. Moving his hands up, he rubbed her shirt,
taking it in. "What are you wearing, for a shirt?"

"'s a new one of mine." Trish stammered, her mind going cloudy as
Dale's hands continued to work. "It's a take off of Rosey The Riveter.

"It feels tight..." Dale said softly, moving slowly, carefully, and pulling
it up a few inches. "Is it?"

"It's tight." Trish moaned softly, Dale's lips meeting her bare tummy flesh.

"Did you wear it for me?" He asked, flicking his tongue across her belly
button. "Or Mickie? She can see it, so I'd imagine you wore it for her."

"I did..." Trish stammered, soft moans coming from her lungs as Dale
continued to tease her belly button with his tongue. She knew her friends
were staring a hole in her, wondering what was going on. All they could see
was Dale's hands and her shirt moving up, but Trish didn't care. The eyes
on her was nothing new, and she'd grown to appreciate the feeling of being
stared at. Of being lusted after, by men and women.

"I think your lying." Dale said softly. "I think you wore it so people would
look at you, and notice how sexy you are. Am I right?" When Trish moaned,
Dale flicked her belly button again, making her hiss. "I can feel the slits
in the side, showing off all that sexy flesh of yours. And I bet your working
some wicked cleavage, aren't you?"

"Yes..." Trish hissed, not caring who was staring at her, so long as Dale
made good on his lustful advances.

"Your showing off those big, round breasts of yours." Dale whispered, smiling
as she moaned again. "God, Trish, you have such nice breasts." Moving his
hands around to cup her butt, he said, "And such a nice ass."

As Dale's magic hands worked over her butt and his tongue dived in and out of
her belly button, Trish tried to fight her urges, to push him away and punish
him for not stopping. But the more his hands touched her, and the more his
tongue licked her, the more her hands cupped his head, pushing it further
south until he was nuzzling her crotch. All shame, dignity, and pride was
pushed out the window. Need overruled all, and Trish didn't care if she was
alone or standing in front of a sold out Pontiac Silverdome, she needed to be
serviced. Looking out of the corner of her eye thru her long, blonde hair,
she spotted Torrie watching her and Dale's movements with great interest, and
felt her passion surge. She knew she had at least half a dozen sets of eyes
watching her, and it triggered something in her. She felt something brewing
deep inside of her stomach when Dale had first accepted her offer, and it had
been growing with each passing second. Leering down at Dale, she smiled a
wicked smile as she placed the feeling.

She wanted to be watched.

She loved having eyes staring at her, undressing her, lusting after her.
Having Dale make love to her in the bathroom of an airplane had sparked
something in her, and she needed to fulfill a need right now. Reaching
down with one hand, Trish quickly undid the belt on her jeans, smiling as
Dale looked on in confusion. She could feel her friend's eyes burning a
hole thru her, and it made her want it more. She knew how she dressed
attracted attention. That's why she did it. To be seen, and wanted, and
lusted after. She knew when she pranced around in her tight little tops
and skin tight jeans, all the guys she saw in the run of a day were
undressing her with there eyes, and thinking about doing things with her
that she would never do with them. Thinking about fucking her, and doing
lewd and nasty things they wouldn't even admit to themselves. Looking down
at Dale, she grinned, knowing he was doing the exact same thing. But the
big difference between them and Dale was Dale would act on his urges, and
Trish was going to let him.

"You wanna eat, Dale?" Trish asked with a grin. "You wanna eat my soft, sweet
pussy, huh?"

"You know I do." Dale growled.

Smiling at his eagerness, Trish undid the fly of her jeans, making short work
of the buttons and opening up the crotch. Taking his head in her hand, she
pulled it forward, rubbing her panty-covered crotch against his face. "There
it is, baby. Eat."

Sticking out his tongue, Dale licked the front of Trish's panties, smiling
as she moaned. Opening his mouth, Dale grabbed her panties with his teeth,
making Trish hiss as his teeth barely missed her pussy. Pulling the tight
fabric back, he let it go with a snap, making Trish jump from the contact.
Looking over her shoulder, Trish smiled at the dumbfounded looks on her
friend's faces. Seeing Maria's eyes wide, she smiled as the younger girl
looked up at her.

"Do you still want to get picked?" Trish asked, moaning softly as Dale
nuzzled her pussy. When Maria didn't answer, Trish merely shrugged and turned
back to Dale. Looking down, she smiled. "How about you quit teasing and get
something to eat?"

Smiling, Dale reached up, grabbing the waistband of her panties, hooking his
thumbs in the elastic and moving to pull them down.

"Alright, I got pudding, cake, ice..." Mickie said, moving back into the
room, looking down at the pile of food in her arms before looking up and
seeing Dale's face in Trish's crotch, her pants undone and hanging loosely
from her ass as Dale prepared to pull down her panties. Quickly looking
around the room, Mickie realized that the other divas were still there,
and watching whatever show Dale and Trish were putting on with great
interest. "Trish, what are you doing?" Mickie asked.

Pouting playfully, Trish ran her hands thru Dale's short hair, hissing as he
nuzzled her firm thighs. "Dale was hungry." Trish said softly. "I couldn't
see our man go hungry..."

Her eyes going wide, Mickie asked, "You were gonna let him eat you?"


"Your in the locker room!" Mickie said, still trying to figure it all out.

Smiling, Trish said, "You did it in the locker room."

"No one was around!" Mickie said quickly.

Looking around the room, Trish shrugged. "They've seen me naked before." She
said. Smiling, she added, "And no one seemed to be in a big rush to stop us."
Seeing the look of shock on Mickie's face, Trish sighed. Moving Dale's head
back, she quickly pulled her jeans back up, redoing the buttons and belt,
against Dale's whining wishes. "I'm sorry, honey." Trish said, leaning down
and kissing him. "We have to stop."

Nodding, Dale sat back in his locker, clearly saddened by the turn of events.
Looking towards where he had heard Mickie's voice, Dale said, "What did you
get, Mickie?"

Seeing the look on his face, Mickie knew nothing she had in her arms would
compare with what he was about to eat, and wouldn't satisfy him like Trish's
offering would. "Dale, I'm sorry..."

Smiling soft, he held out his arms. "Come here." As he heard Mickie's
footsteps approaching him, he smiled a bit more, waiting for her to sit in
his lap as he felt Trish take her seat beside him. "It's ok, Mickie." Dale
said, leaning forward and searching for her lips, but finding her cheek.
Looking out towards the room, he said, "And, umm...I'm sorry to you guys,
too. I got a little carried away..."

"It's ok." Victoria said, still looking slightly shocked.

Nodding, Dale hugged Mickie softly. "So, food?"

"Food." Mickie said, trying to get her mind back on track. "I got pudding,
cake, a few ice cream sandwiches, and some Jell-o. I'd suggest the ice cream
first, since it's kinda gonna melt soon."

"Good lord that's a lot of food." Torrie said, eyeing the three piled high
plates Mickie was struggling with.

"That's a snack to Dale." Trish said. "He's a bottomless pit."

"Ice cream sandwich, please." Dale said, smiling.

Unwrapping an ice cream sandwich, Mickie put it in his hand, smiling as
he inhaled it quickly. "Geez, you're worked up today. Groping me in the
hallway, and trying to talk Trish into letting you eat her out in front of

"Oh, ok, blame me." Dale said, taking the second ice cream sandwich Mickie
handed him. "Of course, it was the guys fault."

"Well, it was your head in her crotch." Mickie said.

"It was my fault." Trish said with a grin. "I teased him, he didn't back down
like I thought he would."

"See?" Dale said, taking the last bite of his ice cream sandwich. "But thanks
for asking."

Leaning over, she kissed him softly on the cheek before giving him a pudding.
"I'm sorry." She said.

Thinking for a minute, Dale smiled. "Sorry's not good enough." He said. "You
gotta do something for me."

"What?" Mickie asked.

"Trish already agreed, so I just need your ok, and we'll be set." He said.
"She and I were talking, about me not being able to...what word did we use,
Trish? Enjoy?"

"Savor." Trish said, dipping her finger into his pudding and scooping some
into her mouth.

"Savor." Dale said. "Thank you."

"Your welcome." Trish said, sneaking another finger of pudding.

"Anyways, Trish and I agreed, that, since we've kind of been a whirlwind of
things happening lately, with me and you getting together, then what happened
with Trish, then Trish joining in, I haven't had a whole lot of time to savor
having two girlfriends. So, she agreed, and I'm hoping you will to, to give
me one full day of uninterrupted bedtime to savor it. To have you two all to
myself, for one full day. No leaving the bed, except for bathroom breaks and
eating, and only eating if it can't be done in bed."

Looking at him, then Trish, Mickie smiled. "One whole day?"

"Twenty four hot, sweaty hours." Trish said with a smile.

"I'm game." Mickie said quickly, smiling as Dale scooped up some pudding. "If
I do that, then I'm forgiven?"

"For now." Dale said. "Just please, don't assume. Trish is a horny little
thing to."

"I am." Trish said, pulling back another finger of pudding.

"Trish?" Victoria asked, smiling when the blonde diva looked her way. "Can I
come up to your house this week? Please?"

"Your married, now pipe down." Trish said with a smile.

Whining playfully, Victoria said, "But my hubby never promises me a day in

"We're just lucky." Mickie said with a smile.

"Share the wealth!" Torrie teased.

Looking at Torrie, Trish grinned. "Your married to, you whore!" she said

"I'm not!" Maria said, smiling.

"Me neither." Lita added.

Looking at Mickie, Trish grinned. "Do you want two new girlfriends?"

"Girlfriends?" Maria asked. "I don't want a girlfriend. I want Dale!"

"Me to." Lita said. "Your nice and all, but I'm only interested in Dale."

Laughing, Dale shook his head. "Sorry, ladies, but we're a package deal. If
you want one of us, you gotta take us all."

"Oh, ok." Victoria said, smiling. "Guess were all out then."

"Sorry to get your hopes up Dale." Torrie teased, seeing him smile. "Didn't
mean to disappoint you."

Taking Trish's hand in one hand, and Mickie's in the other, Dale kissed them
softly, smiling. "You think, having Mickie and Trish, I'm disappointed?"

"You better not be." Mickie said, poking him softly. "We do a lot for you."

"To much." Dale said, before kissing her hand again. "But thank you."

"Besides." Trish said, smiling as she kissed him softly. "None of the other
girls are as curvy as us."

"Alright, that settles it." Dale said with a smile. "No new girlfriends. The
applications are now closed."

"I'll put on weight." Victoria offered with a smile.

"Sorry." Dale said. "It's closed."

"I'll try not to cry myself to sleep." Victoria said, smiling.

Smiling, Dale reached down, going to scoop some pudding out of his cup, but
finding it empty. Moving the spoon around, he verified that fact. "Jeez, that
was kinda a small cup." Dale said, handing the empty to Mickie.

Looking over at Trish, Mickie smiled as the blond girl tried not to laugh.
"Yea, I guess it was." Mickie said.

Leaning back in her stall, Trish smiled, thankful that her life had gotten
back to a small measure of normal. She knew all the girls were trying there
best to make them at ease with the situation. Looking over at Dale as Mickie
handed him another pudding cup, she smiled. She had what she wanted, and it
was better than she had hoped. She knew she was loved, and she loved them in
return. Reaching over, Trish stole another finger of pudding, smiling at
Mickie as she sucked her finger clean.

"I love you." Trish said to her, smiling softly.

"I love you too." Mickie said, holding out her hand and giving it a squeeze.

Cleaning the spoon in his mouth, Dale looked up. "Huh? Did I miss something?"

Laughing, Trish and Mickie both stole some pudding. "Nothing, Dale." Trish
said, leaning over and kissing him. "Love you."

"Love you too." Dale said, smiling. Holding out his cup, he smiled. "Want
some pudding?"

Bursting out laughing, Trish and Mickie doubled over as the rest of the
girls laughed along with them, leaving Dale in the dark as he shook his head,
taking another spoonful of pudding into his mouth happily.

* * *

"We have reached cruising altitude, and the seat belt light is now off. Feel
free to move about the cabin."

Quickly undoing her belt buckle, Mickie spun around and slid into Dale's
lap, kissing him softly as she giggled. "Trish, feel free to upgrade my seat
anytime you want." Mickie said, smiling as she made herself comfortable in
Dale's lap. "These seats rule!"

"I'm glad you like them." Trish said, smiling as Mickie started kissing Dale,
making sure he was distracted from the flight. "Umm, guys?"

"Trish?" Dale said around Mickie's lips.

"Can we talk about something?" She asked softly. She knew it had to be done,
but it was the last thing in the world she wanted to talk about.

"Sure." Mickie said, pulling her face away from Dale's and looking over at
Trish. "What's up?"

"I live in Toronto." Trish said, looking at them.

Looking at her, Mickie nodded. "We guessed that."

"And you guys live in Virginia." Trish said.

"Again, we knew that." Dale said. "I take it from the beating around the
bush, you have something important to say?"

"Were are we going to live?" Trish asked softly. Looking at Mickie, she said,
"I don't want to leave my home, and I'm betting you don't either."

Shrugging, Mickie said, "We could split time. One week in Virginia, one week
in Toronto."

"I don't care where we live." Dale said. "So long as you guys don't change
the furniture around on me."

Nodding, Mickie said, "I'm with Dale. I'm pretty much homeless right now.
Kenny's name was on our house, and I've been living with my parents, so
anything is better than that."

"So, Toronto wouldn't be a problem?" Trish asked, hopeful.

"Not for me." Dale said. "Katie could fly up and help you guys look after

"I'm ok, as long as I get to see the parents every now and then." Mickie
said, smiling at Trish.

"So...maybe, three weeks in Toronto for every one in Virginia?" Trish asked,
hoping she wasn't pushing her luck. Seeing the look on their faces, she
quickly said, "I have a big house...and a Jacuzzi...and did I mention
sexual favors? I've very willing to give sexual favors to make this work."

Looking at Dale, Mickie smiled. "What do you think, big man?"

Shrugging, he smiled. "We can try it, at least." Looking towards Trish, he
asked, "But if Mickie starts to get home sick, would you be willing to go
down to two weeks, and any off time we may have?"

"Totally." Trish said. "And if we have any downtime now, we can spend it in

Looking over at Trish, Mickie smiled. "Seal it with a kiss?"

Quickly leaning over, Trish kissed Mickie softly, her smile preventing her
from getting all the lip-to- lip contact she wanted. "Thank you, thank you,
thank you!" Trish cheered happily, giggling happily as Dale reached for her
hand, finding it and giving it a squeeze.

"This is a trial basis thing." Dale said. "I know I don't care if I never see
Virginia again, but Mickie has family she can actually stand seeing, so it's
up to her." Looking towards Mickie, she said, "I don't mean to put all the
pressure on you here, but it's the truth."

Nodding, Mickie looked at Trish. "I'm betting we can make it work." She said.
Reaching her hand out, she smiled as Trish took it. "Besides, we have sexual
favors to cash in to help ease the pain."

"Lots and lots of sexual favors." Trish assured them. "Limitless, actually."

"I like the sounds of that." Mickie said, smiling at her lover. "So, on to
less heavy topics. Did you make Dale's doctor's appointment?"

Nodding, Trish said, "It's for Wednesday afternoon. I figured he'd want to
get some sleep first, before he did anything."

"Do you have a nice bed?" Dale asked. "Or are we relegated to the guest

"Hell no your not staying in the guest room." Trish said with a giggle. "You
are sharing my nice, big, soft, cushy..."

"Please tell me your not going to say bed." Dale said with a grin.

"Bed." She finished, smiling as he whined. "But, if your check up comes back
ok, you'll be sharing a lot more than that."

"Promises, promises." Dale teased.

"I always keep my promises." Trish said, reaching over and rubbing his
thighs, making him shiver. "Especially sex promises."

"So, let me gather up what I've been promised." He said, smiling. "I've been
promised, and not in this order, all the pussy I can eat, twenty-four hours
of you two naked in bed with me, a thigh job, letting Mickie into the mile
high club, Trish in a locker room, and now getting to share you with Mickie?"

"That's all I remember." Trish said, leaning over and kissing him softly. "Is
that good enough?"

Kissing her back, he smiled. "It's better than I deserve, but I'll take it."
Looking up at Mickie, he smiled. "I take it you don't want to cash in that
mile high chip you have, do you?"

"Not this trip." She said softly. "Next trip, maybe?"

Holding her softly, he smiled. "Anytime you want, Mickie."

Nodding, Mickie leaned down, letting her head rest on Dale's chest, letting
him hold her softly as she listened to the hum of the engines.

* * *

"Oh yea, go Dale, it's your birthday..." Dale sang happily, dancing in a
tight circle he was sure had nothing to bump into.

Smiling, Mickie watched his movements as Trish pushed him thru the door.
"Good news, I take it?"

Nodding, Trish smiled as Dale continued to dance badly. "All teeth, present
and accounted for. And secure, so it's back to solid food for our man."

"Solid food, solid food..." Dale sang, smiling as Trish hugged him.

"So, what's your poison?" She asked. Smiling, she added, "As if I don't
already know."

"Burger King, Burger King..." Dale continued to sing.

Shaking her head, Trish smiled. "First, you can't sing..."

"I can't sing, I can't sing..."

"And second, why is it always Burger King? What's the big deal?" Trish asked.

Still dancing, Dale smiled. "I never got to eat out when I was a kid, so I'm
making up for lost time. And there's only a McDonald's and a Burger King
around my house, and the people at McDonald's were assholes when I went in,
so Burger King got my business."

"What did they do?" Mickie asked.

Shrugging, he said, "Just general blind jokes, like not giving me all the
stuff I ordered because they figured I couldn't check it. Also, one of my
burgers had something on it. Not sure what, but it wasn't food. Katie checks
all my burgers before I eat them now."

"That is horrible!" Mickie said. "I hope you didn't eat it."

Shaking his head, Dale said, "Katie got a feeling that something might not be
right when they tried the trick by not giving me all my food, so she checked
the burger before I had a chance to inhale it."

Looking at Mickie, Trish said, "Remind me to check his burger when we get
back." When Mickie nodded, Trish asked, "Want me to just get a spread like
last time?"

"Sounds good."

Taking Dale by the arm, Trish started moving him towards the couch. "Alright,
Dale, you can stick around with Mickie and I'll go get it, ok?"

Stopping, he looked at Trish. "Can I come?" He asked softly. "I'll stay in
the car if you want..."

Smiling, Trish moved closer, kissing him softly. "Of course you can come."
She said. "I just figured you'd want to rest."

Shaking his head, he said, "I'll take a nap after I'm done eating. I'm just
tired of being cooped up so much."

Turning him around, she smiled. "Well, anytime I'm going out, your welcome
to come with me." She said. Looking back at Mickie, she smiled. "You coming
with us?"

Shaking her head, Mickie stretched out on the couch with a smile. "I'm gonna
be lazy." She said.

"No change there." Trish teased, waving goodbye as she moved Dale out her
front door and towards her car. Moving to his side first, she let him get his
hand on the door handle before moving away, watching him as he carefully slid
into his seat, quickly grabbing his belt buckle and snapping it home as Trish
slid into her seat. "All buckled up?" She asked.

"Ready to roll." He said.

Buckling up, Trish put the car in drive, pulling out of the driveway.
"There's a Burger King just down the road, so it shouldn't take too long."
Trish said.

"That's cool." He said, leaning back in his chair. "I'm just happy to get out
for a while."

Smiling, Trish teased, "Tired of spending time with Mickie?"

Shaking his head, he grinned. "Oh yea, totally. Cuz guys get tired of smart,
caring, beautiful sex addicted girlfriends all the time."

"She's not addicted." Trish laughed. "She's neglected. Just like me."

"I'm starting to feel like a shelter here." Dale said with a smile. "The Dale
Webb home for sexually neglected hotties."

Giggling, Trish smiled. "Well, I think you have a full house, so don't expect
any more girls at the shelter."

"Two is plenty." He said. Smiling, he said, "One is plenty. Two is heaven."

"I don't know about that..."

"It is." Dale insisted. "Between you, and Mickie, I don't think I could be
happier. Just having you two to hang out with is worth it. And the sex...
well, lets just say that's the greatest bonus a shelter owner could ever
hope for."

Blushing, Trish smiled as she pulled into the Burger King parking lot,
pulling into a parking spot. "Alright, we're here."

"Damn, that was quick." He said, quickly unbuckling his seat belt as he heard
the engine shut off.

"You think I bought that house because of the view?" She asked with a smile.
"Heck no. It's close to all the fast food places."

"I can't believe you'd eat fast food." Dale teased, sliding out of the car
and waiting for her to come get him. When she took his arm, he said, "With
that smoking hot body of yours, I can't believe you'd ever eat junk food."

"It's true." She said with a smile, making sure the coast was clear before
leading him across the parking lot. "I eat junk food. But, it has its side

"Such as?"

"Such as giving me curves." Trish said.

"Alright, your on a junk food diet." Dale said with a smile. "I want curves."

"I have curves." Trish said with a laugh. Opening the door for him, she said,
"And I don't need anymore."

"You can never have enough curves." Dale said with a grin. "Mickie is a
perfect example. She has curves for days."

"Are you calling me second rate?" Trish teased.

"When it comes to curves, your...well, not second rate, but not quite up to
Mickie's lofty standards." Dale said with a smile. "But, to be honest, no one
really measures up to Mickie. But you're perfectly awesome in your own way,
and I love you just as much as her."

"Thank you." Trish said, kissing him softly as they moved up to the counter.
When the guy behind the counter saw her, she smiled. "Hi, can I have six
whoppers, and three small fries, and two of each of the things from the
appetizer menu?"

As the guy punched in the order and took the money for it, he looked up at
her. "Umm, are you Trish Stratus?"

Nodding, Trish said, "That's me." Deciding to get it out of the way, Trish
pointed to Dale. "And this is my boyfriend, Dale."

"Hi." Dale said, holding up his hand.

Staring at her, the guy mumbled, "God, you are so hot..." Before he caught
himself. Slapping his hand over his mouth, he quickly went into apology mode.
"Oh god, Tris...Ms. Stratus, I'm so sorry!"

Waving her hand, Trish smiled. "It's ok. I hear a lot worse."

"She's hot?" Dale asked, looking confused. Looking at Trish, he said, "You
always told me you were homely."

"What?" Trish asked, looking at him.

Before she could get anything else out, Dale looked towards the counter.
"What does she look like?"

Rolling her eyes, Trish knew Dale was in one of his playful moods, and
something stupid was about to come pouring out of his mouth. He'd done
something similar with Mickie at a shopping mall during the trip, and
Trish was hoping she could escape without the level of embarrassment
Mickie had when he offered to model her clothes for her.

Looking at Trish, the guy tried to look at her and not look at her at the
same time. "Umm...well, she's hot." He said.

"Could you be more specific?" Dale said. "I'm kinda blind, if you hadn't

"Ok...umm...well, she's...blonde...sort of a dirty blond." He said. "She's...
short-ish. Nice eyes." Looking at Trish's eyes, he said, "Brown, I think."

"Hazel." Trish said.

"And she..." He said, trying to figure out how to phrase what he had to say
next without getting slapped. "She's...stacked." He said finally. "Like...
big...stacked..." He trailed off.

"Like, big boobs?" Dale asked.

"Yea!" The guy said, thankful Dale had said it and didn't ask him to. "And
she's very toned." Looking at Dale, he asked, "Don't you know this stuff? I
mean, haven't you...?"

"Had sex?" Dale asked. "No. She's waiting for marriage. I've only kissed her
a few times."

Trish had to turn away to keep from laughing.

"Umm, Trish, could I have your autograph?" The guy asked, doing a quick check
and seeing that the order was coming along.

"Sure." Trish said, thankful for a break in Dale's jokes. Taking the piece of
paper he handed her, she quickly signed it.

"Why are people always asking for your autograph?" Dale asked. "Since when
did librarians become famous?"

"Librarians?" The guy asked, making Trish look away again. She now knew it
was going to be worse than what he had done with Mickie, and didn't know
weather to stay and see the show or drag him out before he finished.

"Yea, she's a librarian." Dale said, looking confused.

"No she's not." The guy said.

"Yes she is." Dale said. "She has to go to all kinds of librarian conferences
around the country every week, learning things about books and the Dewey
Decimal System." Shaking his head, he said, "She's been a librarian for
like...what, six years? We got together about six years ago, wasn't it,

Nodding, Trish tried not to laugh. "Uh-huh."

"When was it you went to your first conference?" Dale asked. "What was it?
Like, March of 2000 or something..."

"Something like that." Trish said, shaking her head.

"She's not a librarian!" The guy said, taking their order from the counter
behind him.

"Alright, if she's not, then what is she?" Dale challenged.

"She's a wrestler."

"A wrestler?" Dale asked. "Then how come I never heard of her? I've been
watching the WWE ever day since I was a kid, and I never heard her wrestle."

"She is!" The guy said, setting their order on the counter.

"Alright, then what's her name?" Dale asked, now trying not to laugh himself.
The guy was getting more and more confused by the minute, and Dale didn't
want to let him in on the joke. He could feel Trish shaking on his arm,
trying not to laugh, and that only made his job harder.

"Trish Stratus!" The guy said, wondering why that had eluded the blind man.

Waving his hand, Dale said, "That's her real name." He said. "What's her ring

"It's Trish Stratus!" The guy yelled. "She's Trish Stratus! The Trish
Stratus! She's not a librarian!"

His eyes going wide, Dale turned to Trish. Seeing the look on his face, she
broke down laughing, knowing something big was coming, and unable to hold
back any longer. Dale had shifted into full-blown obsessive fan mode, the
very same look Mickie had given her thru their whole angle, and he looked
like he was about to explode.

"You're THE Trish Stratus!" Dale yelled, smiling from ear to ear. "Ohmygod,
I'm your biggest fan, EVER!" he yelled, waving his arms as he yelled,
throwing himself full bore into a Mickie James like spaz attack. "I love you
so much! I've been watching you since you broke in! I listen to your matches
every single Monday night!" Smiling from ear to ear, he clung to her, asking,
"Ohmygod, are you really in love with Mickie James? I hear she's SOOOOOO hot!
The King keeps talking about her puppies, and he keeps going on, and on, and
on!" Pretending to start hyperventilating, Dale started chanting, "Ohmygod,
ohmygod, I'm dating Trish Stratus!"

Grabbing her food, Trish latched onto him, laughing loudly as she dragged her
boyfriend from the Burger King. As she got him to the door, she laughed as he
yelled out, "I'm dating Trish frigging Stratus!"

Dragging him across the parking lot, Trish shoved him into the car before
collapsing in his lap, curling up tight to him as she laughed. "Don't you
ever do that again!" Trish howled, letting him wrap his arms around her
body and hold her tight. "I should have left you in the car!"

"You probably should have." Dale said with a grin.

"God, I can never come back here now!"

"Your Trish Stratus!" He laughed, smiling wide. "I think they'll let you back

"What possessed you to do that?" She asked with a grin, trying to get her
laughing under control as her sides were beginning to hurt from the effort.

Wiping a tear from his eye, he smiled. "I used to do stuff like that all the
time when I could see. I just figured now was a good time to start again.
It's fun."

"You're a horrible, horrible man, you know that?" Trish laughed. "I'm never
going to be back, Trish Stratus or not. Your little spaz attack cost us
Burger King."

"Oh well." He said, smiling. "I guess I'll have to get Mickie to take me next
time and embarrass her."

"Please do." Trish said. "I'll get it on video tape."

Smiling, he held her softly, finding her lips and kiss her softly. "So, you
are THE Trish Stratus?"

Smiling, she kissed him back. "The one and only."

* * *


"Yea Dale?"

"Are you done?"


"Could you take me up to the bedroom?" He asked. "I'm still a little bit lost
around here."

"Of course." Trish said, standing up and helping him up.

"You coming, Mickie?" Dale asked.

"I gotta up to use the bathroom, but I'm not taking a nap." Mickie said,
standing up.

Taking his arm in hers, she led him towards the staircase. "If I would have
known I would have had a blind boyfriend, I wouldn't have gotten a spiral
staircase." She said.

"It's alright." He said, smiling. "I'm sure it looks nice."

"I like it." She said, letting him get his bearings on the first step before
moving him up.

"It's nice." Mickie agreed, falling into line behind them.

Nodding, Dale smiled. As he moved to the top of the stairs, he let Trish move
him towards her bedroom. "I love your bed." He said, smiling. "And not just
when you're in it."

"That's good to know." Trish said, smiling as Mickie moved into the bathroom.

Taking him into the bedroom, Trish slowly moved him over to the bed, turning
him so he could sit down on the edge. Watching as he took off his shirt and
set it beside the bed, she smiled as she watched, loving the sight of him

"Trish?" Dale asked. "How do I look? I know the cuts aren't as bad as they

"The bruises are pretty much gone." Trish said. "Just one or two on your
stomach. But your face is fine. A few cuts and stuff, but a lot better."

Nodding, he smiled. "Thanks." He said. Hearing her move, he said, "Trish?"

"Yea, Dale?" Trish asked, turning towards him again.

"Am I really handsome?" He asked softly. "I don't know if it was my
depression, or what, but I never thought I was good looking growing up. And
you and Mickie tell me I am all the time, but I don't know weather your just
saying it or you mean it..."

Smiling, Trish nodded. "You're very handsome." She said softly. "Now, get
some rest."

Smiling, he nodded. "Can I have a goodnight kiss?"

Looking at him, Trish froze. Seeing the shy smile on his face, she knew he
had asked for something innocent, but still she froze.

"Please?" He asked softly.

Licking her lips, Trish nodded, trying to calm her nerves. Moving forward,
she gave him a soft kiss on the lips, trying to figure out why her stomach
turned to knots as she did. Pulling back, she looked at him, and the smile
on his face. "Get some rest, Dale." She said softly, sighing as he nodded
and slid onto the bed, rolling over onto his back and stretching out.

Turning towards the door, Trish stopped and stared as she saw Mickie looking
at her. Holding up her hand, Mickie motioned for Trish to follow her. Knowing
a talk was coming, Trish nodded, walking out of he room quietly and following
Mickie down to the living room.

Watching Mickie take a seat on the couch, Trish sat down beside her, trying
to smile. "What's up?"

"I was about to ask you the same thing." Mickie said. "What's wrong?"

"Wrong?" Trish said, trying to play it off. "Nothing!"

"Trish, your nervous." Mickie said. "You didn't want to kiss Dale. Did he do
something? Or say something that upset you?"

Shaking her head, Trish quickly said, "No, Mickie, he didn't do anything..."

"Then what is it?" Mickie said. Seeing Trish turn away slowly, Mickie asked,
"Trish, why won't you kiss Dale?"

"I'm nervous." She said softly. Looking at Mickie, she said, "I get nervous
when I'm alone with him, and I can't kiss him."

"You kiss him all the time." Mickie said. "Alone or not. You had sex with him
in a washroom!"

"That's different." Trish said softly. Looking at Mickie, she said, "That was
different. When were alone, and he's making me laugh, or I'm trying to cheer
him up, it's different than...just now. Now, it was...intimate."

"And that's so bad because?" Mickie asked.

"I'm still a little weird about all of this." Trish admitted. Sighing, she
said, "When I look at him, and he's not making me laugh or something, I think
about it, and all I see is my friend Dale, Mickie's boyfriend. And I'm still
a little weird out about that." Looking away, she whispered, "Sometimes, I
don't feel like I'm as much Dale's girlfriend as you are."

Reaching out, Mickie took Trish's hand in hers. "Trish, you have to get over
that." She said softly. "Your as much as Dale's girlfriend as I am. And if
you can't be alone with him without acting nervous, then this relationship is
doomed. Because I plan on spending time alone with him, and I expect you to

Nodding, Trish said, "I'll try."

Nodding, Mickie stood up. "Well, you're going to get some practice. I'm going
for a drive, and I want you to go spend some time with him."

"Is that a good idea?" Trish asked shyly.

"Your gonna have to get used to being alone with him." Mickie said. "This is
a first step."

Nodding, Trish sighed. "Alright. I'll hang with Dale."

Smiling, Mickie shook her head. "I expect more than hanging."

Looking at Mickie, Trish asked, "What do you mean?"

"You're going to get used to him, right now." Mickie said. Smiling, she
asked, "Do you remember how I woke him up? The day you were in the hallway?"
When Trish blushed and nodded, Mickie's smile grew. "Go wake him up."

Looking away, Trish said, "I don't know..."

Reaching down, Mickie grabbed Trish's hands, lifting her off the couch. "Come
on, get up." Mickie said. When Trish tried to resist, Mickie grinned. "Hey,
you owe him. He did give you a fingering."

"He didn't finish!" Trish argued.

"Then let him finish." Mickie said. Tugging Trish towards the staircase,
she said, "Now, go make him happy, and get a happy yourself. That's your
homework." Seeing Trish go to hesitate again, Mickie stopped. "Trish, do
you want to be mine and Dale's girlfriend?"

Looking at her, Trish nodded. "You know I do." She said softly.

Shrugging, Mickie said, "Well, the way you're acting around Dale, you don't
act like it."

Looking away, Trish admitted, "I can't help it. He's to...sweet." Looking at
Mickie, she said, "Mickie, when I look at him, I see a friend, not a fuck

"That's because he's not a fuck buddy." Mickie said. "He's your boyfriend.
Notice the word friend in there?"

"I know." Trish said, looking at the floor. "It's just...he's like night and
day compared to my last boyfriend. The last guy was so...rough in bed, and
the sex was awful." Looking away, she shyly admitted, "It was as close to an
abusive relationship as I'd ever let myself get into." Looking at Mickie, she
told her softly, "Going from a guy who only cares that I look hot, and not
weather I'm happy or crying, to Dale is kinda weird. Being loved feels

"Do you want Dale to be rougher?" Mickie asked softly.

"Oh god, no." Trish said quickly. "I love how he fucks..."

"Makes love." Mickie corrected her with a smile. "Dale never fucks. He makes
love. He told me that once."

"Makes love." Trish said. "But, it's takes some getting used to,
going from some guy who would bend me over the edge of the bed and fuck me,
not caring how I felt, weather I was enjoying myself or I was in pain, to
Dale, who's whole world seems to revolve around pleasing us."

Smiling, Mickie said, "Then your going to have to practice it. Right now."

Smiling, Trish started to balk, but Mickie smiled. She knew she had her, and
went for the kill. "Trish Stratus, I'm ordering you to march right up to that
bedroom and suck your boyfriends cock until he wakes up, and then fuck him
senseless. Got it?"

When Trish smiled, Mickie scooted around behind her, pushing her towards the

"Alright, alright, I'm going." Trish giggled, pushing Mickie's hands away.

Nodding, Mickie stopped pushing her. "Alright, I'll be down here waiting
until I hear groaning, then I'm going for a drive." Waving her hands, she
smiled. "Go, scat, get going!"

Smiling, Trish started up the stairs. "I just feel so bad waking him up so
soon after he went to bed..."

"Trust me." Mickie giggled. "No guy would ever be mad waking up with his dick
in your mouth."

Giggling, Trish nodded and moved quickly up the stairs. Quickly reaching the
top, she looked over the rail, smiling as she saw Mickie standing at the
bottom, her arms crossed as she smiled up at Trish.

"Keep moving." Mickie said with a smile. "I ain't going anywhere until I hear
Dale moaning."

"I'm going, I'm going..." Trish said with a smile, turning and moving towards
her bedroom.

Sliding in the door, Trish moved slowly across the door, making sure to not
hit the creaky floorboards as she stealth moved to the bed. Smiling as Dale
snored softly, his head tilted back, Trish crawled onto the bed, making sure
not to disturb Dale as she crept up towards his crotch.

Pushing the butterflies from her stomach down, Trish concentrated on the
task at hand. She knew Mickie was right. If she couldn't be alone with Dale,
she might as well let them go and try and live without them. Reaching up
gingerly, she quelled her trembling hands as she grabbed the waistband of
his boxers. Pulling them down gently, she smiled as his cock popped out, as
if expecting a visitor. Licking her lips, she looked up at him, gathering
her nerve as she moved up, taking the tip of his shaft into her mouth and
sucking it softly. Hearing him moan gently, she whipped her tongue over the
head, smiling as his shaft expanded in her mouth, forcing her to change her
angle of attack.

Suckling his cock softly, Trish bobbed her thick lips up and down his shaft,
smiling with pride as he moaned again, louder this time. Hearing him sputter,
she congratulated herself as she assumed he was waking up.

But hearing him mumble, she realized that he was snoring again.

~Good god, what does it take to wake him up?~ Trish thought, continuing to
suck his hard shaft. She'd always assumed that she was very skilled at the
arts of oral sex, and Dale's constant praise of her skills had only
reinforced that thought. But as he snored softly, completely oblivious to
the fact that the most decorated WWE Diva of all time was giving him a
blowjob, she began to wonder if he was telling the truth.

Sucking harder, she bobbed her head up and down faster, her hand sliding up
the leg of his boxers and cupping his nuts. Rolling them around in her hand,
she smiled as he groaned louder. Listening, Trish almost laughed as she heard
the front door open and close, signifying that the moan had been loud enough
to let Mickie know she was doing what she promised. Bobbing her head up and
down, she slapped his cock with her tongue, smiling as his eyes slowly
started to flicker open.

"What the fuck?" Dale mumbled, before moaning as Trish sucked loudly on his
head. "God, are you one of my girlfriends, or am I going to be in deep shit
for liking this?"

Sucking softly, Trish slid her tongue around his cock, smiling as he moaned


Trish's smile instantly dropped. ~Of course he'd think Mickie...~

"No, wait. Trish. Hi Trish."

Letting his dick fall out of his mouth, she looked up at him. "You can't
possibly know it was me."

"Yea I can." He said, smiling as he had guessed right. "You lick more. Mickie
sucks more."

Staring up at him, Trish asked, "Are you serious?"

Nodding, he smiled. "When you can't see, you notice these things more. You're
more of a tongue girl. Mickie likes using her lips." Feeling Trish's tongue
slip against his rod, he moaned loudly. "God, I'm starting to like mornings."

"It's not morning." Trish said. "You just went to bed like fifteen, twenty
minutes ago."

"That's why I still feel tired." He said, smiling. "Is Mickie here?"

Sighing, Trish shook her head. "She went for a drive." She said glumly. ~No
Mickie must mean no loving for Trish.~ She thought.

Smiling, Dale looked down at her. "So, its just you and me?"

"Yup." Trish said softly.

Looking up at him, she smiled as she saw he was holding his arms out, his
universal sign that he wanted her close. Putting his cock back in his boxers,
she quickly scooted up his body, throwing herself into his arms and sending
them both crashing to the bed, giggling as they landed with a bounce. Feeling
his hands find her soft body, she purred as he rubbed her gently, all
nervousness pushed aside as the feeling of love came to the forefront.

"So." He said, smiling as he peppered her face with kisses. "Did you want to
make love, or did you just want to make me up for some ungodly reason?"

Biting her lip, Trish remembered what Mickie had told her to ask for. Looking
shyly at him, she softly said, "Could you please finish what you started in
Philly?" Kissing him softly, she added, "I've been dreaming about having you
finish that since that night."

Nodding, Dale pulled back slightly, pulling himself up so he was leaning back
against the headboard. Patting his lap, he said, "Get naked and get over

Giggling, Trish quickly stripped, tossing her clothes aside without care for
there landing place before sliding into his lap, sitting crossways to him as
he cradled her in his arms. Feeling his strong arms wrap around her small
body, Trish shivered with anticipation, craving his touch. Feeling his hand
slid down her belly and onto her crotch, she moaned as he toyed with her
folds softly, making her moan.

"Are you ready for me?" He asked, leaning down and finding her neck, kissing
it softly. "Are you wet? Or do I need to do some prep work?"

"I'm wet." Trish moaned.

Smiling, he worked his kisses over her neck and upper chest, making sure to
steer clear of her sensitive nipples. "Can I do some prep work anyways?" He
asked with a smile. "Your so nice to prep."

"Prep away." Trish moaned, her words barely clearing her lips before his lips
found her breasts. Cradling his head to her chest, she moaned softly as he
rolled his tongue around her nipples, drawing soft whimpers from his lover's

As his hand ran south towards her pussy lips, Dale smiled as she whimpered,
holding him tightly as his fingers brushed softly over her folds. "God, I
love your pretty little pussy." He whispered into her ear, kissing her neck
softly. "I love your pretty little pussy lips, and how nice and bare you
keep it for me. Do you do that for me?"

"And Mickie." Trish moaned.

Trish allowed herself that small lie. She knew she had lied, that she did it
so no airbrushing was necessary during her photo shoots, but who was she to
argue over such a trivial matter with the man petting her?

"Thank you." He whispered, his hand brushing over her pussy again, making her
sob. Taking her nipples into his fingers with his other hand, he smiled as he
rubbed them softly, adding to her squirming and moaning. "I love your little
clit, to." He said, finding her lips and kissing her softly, making sure not
to give her to much contact, wanting to make her crave it more. "It's so
pretty. And it lets me know when it wants me to touch it." Running his
fingers along her clit, he smiled as she sobbed. "I guess you want me to
touch you, huh?"

"Please, Dale..." Trish begged softly. "Touch me, please..."

Sliding his index finger into her pussy, he moaned along with her as she
cried out in passion. "This is how we should have done this."

"How?" Trish moaned, writhing under his touch as he cradled her small body to
him, holding her lovingly.

"With me knowing it was you in my lap." He said, sliding his middle finger in
alongside his index finger, letting his thumb move over her clit. Kissing her
softly, he said, "You're to beautiful to not know it was you. And we never
should have done something as beautiful as this in a filthy hallway." Finding
her lips again, he kissed her softly, smiling at her eagerness to intensify
the kiss before pulling away. "I'm so sorry I didn't do this right the first

"How is right?" Trish moaned, leaning down and kissing his neck and chest.
"Tell me how you wanted to do this."

"In your suite." He moaned. "I should have taken you up to your bedroom,
and taken you over to the bed, and left the curtains open while I did it. I
don't know what kind of night it was, but I should have let you bath in the
moonlight while I held you in my arms, kissing you all over while I peeled
off your clothes, piece by piece." Kissing the top of her head, he smiled as
she snapped up and kissing him passionately. "I should have went slow, and
stripped you bare, and touched you all over your sexy, curvy body, rubbing
you, touching you, kissing and caressing your flesh." Sliding his fingers
over her g spot, he moaned as she moaned. "I should have held you in my arms
and did it for you, and let you come in my lap and soak my jeans with your
girl come."

"Oh god, Dale, I want that." She moaned, his hand working wonders on her
dripping pussy.

"I can feel you." He said softly. "Soaking my boxers with your girl cream,
and it feels so sexy." Nuzzling her neck, he whispered, "It makes me never
want to stop. Would you like that, Trish?"


Gliding his fingers in and out of her clenching folds, Dale marveled at how
wet she was becoming. "Would you like that, Trish? If I never stopped doing
this to you? Just held you in my arms forever and touched you?"

Trish moaned loudly, drinking in his words as he rubbed her most intimate
spot. Hearing him singing her praises had her loving him and cursing herself
for being so stupid before. She was as much Dale's lover as Mickie was, and
was drinking in the rewards for holding that lofty position. Looking up at
him, she smiled as he closed his eyes, taking in the feeling of having his
blonde goddess squirming around in his lap under his magical touch.

~How is it that no one's ever made me feel more beautiful and sexy as the
blind man who can't see me?~ Trish thought, sobbing as his fingers glided
over her g spot again.

"I don't want you to ever stop." Trish moaned. " you." Trish
stammered, immediately cursing herself for her hesitation. ~I love him.~
She scolded herself. ~That isn't in doubt!~

Rolling his thumb around her clit, he smiled as he heard her hesitation.
Knowing some more sweet talk was needed, he kissed her softly. "You are so
beautiful." He whispered into her ear, making sure to stay close and make
sure she knew he meant it. "I remember what you look like. I remember how
sexy your big, hazel eyes are. How soft your sexy curves look in a tight
shirt. How hot you look in a skin tight cat suit." Kissing her cheek, he
smiled. "Any idiot to not see what he had in you, a beautiful, sexy, caring,
loving goddess of a woman, isn't a man. And if he was stupid enough to call
you bad names, even in spite, he should be hung by his balls." Turning her
to face him, he glided his fingers in and out a bit quicker, making her moan
louder as she stared up at his incoming lips, making sure they hit hers.
"Because you are beautiful. Inside and out." Resting his forehead against
hers, he drank in her pants and moans, knowing he had his lover just where
he wanted her. "In the three weeks I've know you, I have found nothing not
to love about you. You're caring, and smart, and funny, and full of life,
and energy. Every time we make love, it's all I can do to please you,
because pleasing you and Mickie makes my life worth living."

Looking up at Dale, Trish started blinking her eyes, trying to fight back her
tears. ~God, don't be sweet, not right now!~ Her mind cried. But looking into
his eyes, she knew he wasn't finished with the praising.

"Hearing you two tell me you love me, and make me believe it, does more for
my self esteem than any pill on the planet can do. To know that I have two of
the most lusted after and wanted women in the world at my side, loving me,
makes me feel like a god." Kissing her softly, he could tell from her
quivering lips and her whimpers that she was getting emotional. Smiling, he
looked her in the eyes as best he could, knowing his eyes were wholly
inadequate for the job, but hoping it would be enough for her. He knew she
was close to getting release, and wanted to push her over the edge. Smiling,
he pecked her lips, telling her softly, "I love you, Trish Stratus."

Sobbing loudly, Trish exploded around his plunging fingers, holding him
tightly as she shook in his lap, burying her face in his chest as she cried
out. Kicking her legs involuntarily, Trish cried out again and again, her
lovers name on her lips as she begged him not to stop, to make her come
forever. Her whole body shook in his lap as he glided his fingers over her
g spot with practiced ease, forcing more girl come from her drooling slit
and into his lap, doing as he promised and soaking his crotch in her love

As her orgasm started to fade, Trish buried her face in his shoulder, crying
loudly as she let her emotions overtake her, not caring if Mickie walked in
or not. Dale had broken down her barriers, and she cried her eyes out in his
arms, letting him hold her gently and lovingly.

"I love you, Trish." He whispered softly.

Looking up at him, she sniffled softly. "I love you Dale, I love you so
much." She cried, taking his head in her hands and kissing him. "Don't ever
doubt for a heartbeat that I love you and Mickie. Please, don't ever."

"I won't, Trish." Dale said softly.

"I'm so sorry I didn't spend time with you earlier." Trish whimpered. "It's
just, I was stupid, and I was scared, and I didn't think you loved me as much
as Mickie, and god I'm stupid..." She cried, curling up in his lap again. "I
was so scared before to be alone with you, and now I'm trying to think of
when we can be alone again so you can talk to me like you just did."

"I'll always talk to you like that, Trish." Dale said, kissing the top of her
head. "I meant what I said. You and Mickie mean the world to me, and I love
you both." Taking her face in his hands, he pulled her up, leaning down and
kissing her softly. "I love you, Trish."

"I love you, Dale." Trish said softly, finally getting her emotions back in
check and getting her breathing under control. "I love you with all my

"All of it?" He asked, smiling. "What about Mickie? Doesn't she get any?"

"I love her with all my heart too." She said with a small grin.

"You must have one big heart." Dale said with a smile. "Of course, I always
knew that."

"Sweet talker." Trish teased.

Grinning, he rubbed her body softly, letting her purr in his lap. "So, was
that all you wanted?" Dale asked. "Or did you want more?"

Looking up at him, Trish thought about that. She hadn't expected what she
got, and hadn't put any thought into what to do if she got it. Feeling his
hands move smoothly over her body, she purred, drinking in the feelings he
gave her. Looking up at him, she smiled softly. "More." She whispered,
grinning when she knew he heard her. "Make love to me."

Leaning down, he pecked her face with soft kisses. "More?" He asked, smiling
as she giggled. "God, I don't know how much more I have left."

"You didn't come, did you?" Trish asked, squirming her butt around in his
lap. "He still feels hard."

"It was a struggle, trust me." He said with a smile. "Having that plump rump
sliding around in my lap wasn't the easiest thing to resist."

Moving her butt around some more, Trish giggled as he moaned. "Do you like my
butt, Dale?"

"It's so nice." He moaned.

"Well, maybe you should do me doggy style and get a good feel of my butt."
She purred, immediately taking a liking to that idea. "Slide that big hard
prick of yours into my warm wetness and feel up my plump rump?"

Smiling, he nodded. "I like that idea." He said.

Giving him a kiss, Trish quickly slid out of his lap, moving over to the
nightstand to grab a condom. Picking up the box, she gave it a shake, dumping
its contents into the drawer. Moving back over, she handed the wrapper to
him, giving him a quick kiss before spinning around on her hands and knees,
presenting her butt to him. "We're getting low on condoms, so remind me to
get some more." Trish said, wiggling her butt against his crotch. "Hurry..."

"God, you and Mickie are both pushy." He said with a grin, ripping open the
wrapper and sliding the condom down his cock. "Does the phrase "Good things
come to those who wait" mean nothing to you?"

Growling as she saw him move into position, she said, "Does the phrase
"Desperate lover" mean nothing to you?"

Sliding in behind her, he gripped her swaying hips, stopping her before
lining his cock up with her pussy. "Your not desperate." He said, pushing
into her slowly, smiling as she moaned. "Your needy."

"So needy..."

Wrapping his arms around her chest, he pulled her into a sitting position,
letting her butt rest in his lap. "I'll take care of your needs, if you'll
let me." He whispered into her ear.

"I thought we were gonna doggy style." Trish whined, leaning her head back
and finding his lips.

"We can." He said, kissing her softly. "But, Mickie loves it like this. Doing
it like this let's me get to all of your special places, and make you feel oh
so good."

Moaning, Trish's brain fought a war as to what to do. He had promised her
doggy style, but he'd never failed to please her in whatever method he'd
picked to make love to her. Moaning softly, she said, "However you want,

Locking his lips to her neck, Dale quickly slid a hand down her body towards
her clit. Feeling Trish rise up off of his lap, he quickly adjusted, trying
to match her quick movements and find her crotch. "Slow down, Trish." He
said, kissing her neck. "We're not on a time limit, are we?"


"Then please slow down." He said, smiling. "I wanna touch you, but I can't if
you keep hopping up and down at warp speed."

"I'll slow down." Trish said, slowing her bounces. "For now. Next time, I
expect some speed."

"Next time?" Dale asked, moaning as Trish continued to slide up and down his

Growling, Trish reached back, taking his head and kissing him roughly. "I
have you all to myself. Mickie left for a while, and I intend on taking full
advantage of it." Biting his bottom lip softly, she smiled as he hissed. "I'm
gonna work you till you can't go anymore."

"I like that." He said, smiling. "Having my blond curvy love goddess all to

"Get used to it." Trish said, kissing him softly as she slid up and down
his shaft, moaning into his mouth. "I plan on spending time alone with you
whenever the chance comes up."

"Good." Dale moaned, rubbing her breasts with one hand as the other found a
rhythm with her clit. Hearing her sob, he grinned. "Do you like that, lover?"

"Yes..." Trish hissed, her eyes closing as she slid effortlessly up and down
his thick shaft.

Holding her close with his hand teasing her breasts, Dale peppered her neck
with loving kisses, her sweaty body feeling perfect against his. Taking her
left nipple between his thumb and forefinger, he smiled as she moaned softly,
her pussy clenching tighter around his dick as he moved his fingers out,
pulling her nipple softly. Hearing her sob softly made him try harder,
rubbing her nipple softly as his fingers danced around her clit, rubbing her
love button as she leaned back against him.

Groaning loudly, Trish let her arm wrap around his neck, holding his head
in place as she continued to ride him. Feeling his hands slide slowly and
passionately over her body, Trish was relieved with his slowness. She was
worried that he would have been one way when Mickie was around, and like
the airplane bathroom when she wasn't. ~Not that there was anything wrong
with that.~ Trish thought. ~The bathroom was still awesome.~ But as his
hand continued to work her slippery neither lips, working her dripping
juice around her pretty pussy lips, Trish sobbed in passion, her body on
fire as Dale touched her in all the right places.

Crying out in lust, Trish held onto Dale's hands for dear life, her legs
burning as she pushed herself up and down on his cock, his nimble fingers
spurning her on to keep going, to not give into the pain shooting thru her

"God, Trish, your pussy is so tight." Dale moaned into her ear. "And so
pretty. I love your pussy." Rubbing his fingers in slow circles around
Trish's throbbing clit, he moaned as she moaned. "I know I'm a pest, but
can we change up? I want to kiss you..."

Almost thanking him for the change, Trish slid off of his prick, moaning
pitifully as she was emptied in one swoop. Rolling over onto her back on the
large bed, Trish guided him back between her legs and lined his cock up,
letting him push into her soft folds with one thrust. As he leaned down and
lay on top of her, Trish wrapped her arms loosely around his back, holding
him close as he kissed her gently. His lips grazed against hers softly, his
nose nuzzling her face and neck tenderly before he went back for more kisses,
his penis strokes long, slow and even, making sure to keep the angle just
right to push across her throbbing love button.

As Dale pushed into her again and again, Trish realized that this was what
Mickie was talking about when she said that Dale didn't have sex, he made
love. Trish had always equated love with sex, and was hard pressed to draw
a line between the two. But as Dale pushed into her again and again, his
lips wetting her neck and face with soft kisses, Trish knew that she had
found the difference, and it wasn't as big as she thought.

After sex, the day went on as normal. She'd get out of bed, and get dressed,
and go about her business.

With love making, it was her day. She was positive that unless she begged him
off, Dale wouldn't stop anytime soon, and even when he did, he expected her
to stay close, not leave to do something else.

As much as Trish liked having sex, she was beginning to love making love.
Having Dale's long shaft pushing into her at a slow clip had felt so
different before, almost foreign. Her last boyfriend would rip her clothes
off, and fuck her hard and fast, and she'd be lucky if he lasted five
minutes. Six if she was unlucky. But Dale, she knew from first hand
experience, was gifted, and could pleasure her time and time again before
he finally needed a break. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she pulled
him down for a kiss, smiling as his lips grazed against hers, letting her
tease him with her tongue.

Pulling back, Dale let his head dive down, finding her breasts and cupping
them gently. Smiling, Trish pushed her chest up to his touch, begging him
for more, another sharp contrast between her previous "Lover". She had
loathed his touch, as anytime he got near her breasts, she was sure they
were going to be sore in the morning, as his clumsy hands tweaked her
sensitive nipples and his teeth bit home with no care of how she felt, even
if she screamed in pain. But Dale's hands were anything but clumsy, knowing
just how to please her after several hit and miss tries. He had admitted to
her back in Virginia that he didn't know what would please her, and had
begged forgiveness before he even touched her during there first real sexual
contact. But he, as Mickie had promised, was a quick learner, and one yelp
from her in pain or grunt of discomfort meant that the technique he just
used would never be used again.

And as his tongue whipped around her hard nipple, Trish cried out in
pleasure, her arms wrapping around his head and holding him tightly. As his
teeth grazed against her nipples, Trish cried out again, her legs squirming
on the bed as Dale teased her tight nipples, giving her more pleasure than
she had ever imagined possible thru her breasts. She had read about a way to
give a woman an orgasm thru her breasts alone, but had always written it off
as a horny male fantasy to make there obsession with tits seem helpful for
women. But looking down at him, she pushed her fingers into his hair, holding
him still and ensuring that he didn't leave her nipples neglected, her hard
nubs crying out for his love, Trish realized it might be true, as she was
positive Dale could make her come from a lot less than what he was doing to
her breasts.

Feeling her tender pussy start to hum, Trish cried out, her voice sharp and
biting as she sobbed and whined. Holding him close, Trish screamed out again,
her knowledge of her room's soundproof nature letting her fully express her
pleasure with Dale's work. But as her screaming picked up to a louder pitch,
she cried out in frustration as Dale stopped, and pulled his mouth off of her
breast, looking up at her.

"Trish, are you ok?" He quickly asked, concern washing over his face.

Looking down at him, Trish tried to be mad at him for stopping, but, seeing
his innocent face, knew she couldn't. She'd been screaming a bit to much, and
something in her voice had made him believe for a second that he was hurting
her, and thus he stopped cold, not wanting to hurt her anymore. Running her
fingers thru his hair, she smiled a soft smile.

"Please Dale, keep going." Trish moaned, rubbing his face softly.

"I wasn't hurting you, was I?" He asked softly.

"A bit." Trish admitted. Smiling, she said, "Two orgasms in like twenty
minutes is still new to me. My body needs to learn to cope."

"Did you wanna take a break?" He asked.

Trish had smile again. His concern for her well-being had overruled his want
to get off, with him not caring about his own pleasure, so long as his lover
was ok. Pulling him up for a kiss, she smiled. "No Dale, keep going." Seeing
him hesitate, she implored him, "Please, Dale, I need this." Kissing him
softly, she said, "I need this more than I need to live. Please, keep going."

Nodding, Dale pulled out again, slowly and smoothly, pulling his long shaft
until just the tip was inside of her throbbing, drooling pussy before pushing
back in. Sobbing loudly, Trish clung to Dale as he thrust into her pussy
again and again, driving her closer to release with each push. Looking up
into her lover's eyes, she sobbed in lust, his hands massaging her large
breasts gently as he pushed into her.

"I love you, Dale." Trish cried out.

"I love you, Trish." Dale moaned, adjusting his angle of thrust again to make
sure he dragged his cock over her clit with each push.

Crying out again and again, Trish held on for dear life as he pumped into
her, not speeding up even when she was sure he knew her orgasm was hitting
her. Shaking in his strong grasp, Trish yelled out again and again, her legs
locking tightly around his as he pumped her slick love hole. "Don't stop,
Dale, don't stop..."

Holding his lover tight, Dale pushed into her again and again, moving in slow
strokes, her screaming ringing in his ears as she shook and cried out, her
voice echoing thru the room as he plunged into her. Feeling her shaking start
to slow down, Dale kept going at his slow, even pace until she had shook
herself out, her legs losing there strength and sliding down from his.

Slowly pulling out of her tender pussy, Dale smiled as he lay beside her,
curling up with his lover as she panted softly. Wrapping his arms around her,
he pulled her closer, smiling as she wrapped her arms around him, resting her
head on his chest. Getting her breathing back to normal, Trish looked down
and smiled, seeing his erection still standing.

"Jeez, you didn't come again?" She asked softly, reaching down and gripping
his dick. Shrugging, he just smiled. Making a disapproving noise, she stroked
him slowly. "What am I gonna do with you?"

Smiling, he held her tighter. "I can think of a few answers to that."

Giggling, she kissed his cheek. "I'm listening." She said. "You have one
very, very needy girlfriend at your disposal, ready, willing and able to

Smiling, he leaned back on the bed, letting his head rest on the soft
mattress. "Well, what did my needy girlfriend want to do?" He asked. "I'm
pretty much open for anything."

Thinking for a minute, Trish said, "I want to find something that's
distinctly me. Something that Mickie hasn't done with you, and, if she does
do it, you can say that I did it first."

"Sounds good." He said. "So what would be distinctly you?"

Thinking, Trish asked, "Has Mickie ever deep throated you?"


"Umm, shower sex?"

"I hope you mean sex in the shower."

"Yes, not the other kind."

"Then yes."

"Ok, how about...god, I'm going to regret this after the Burger King episode,
but sex in public?"

"We had sex in the back of a car at a rest stop, so I guess so, yea."

"Anal?" Trish asked.

Smiling, Dale asked, "Have you ever felt her booty? You think I'd pass when
she offered that big, round ass to me?"

"I take it that's a yes?" Trish asked with a smile.

"That's a yes." He said, smiling. "She has a nice ass."

Smiling, Trish kissed his chest. "Asses like that make me wish I had a dick
to push into it." When he smiled, she grasped at the last straw she could
think of. "Titty fucking?"

Thinking for a second, Dale went to answer, but stopped. Thinking again, he
shook his head. "No."

"No?" She asked. When he nodded, she asked, "Why not?"

"Never came up."

Looking up at him, Trish was clearly astonished, something she was sure Dale
would have seen could he see. "You mean to tell me, that Mickie, with the set
of tits she has, never titty fucked you?" When he nodded, she asked, "Like,
not even a little? Just to finish you off?"

"Nope." He said.

Smiling, Trish grabbed onto the idea. "Well, that's my thing." She said,
moving up and kissing him. "I guess your probably getting close..."

"I'm getting there." He admitted.

"Then I'm gonna use my tits to finish the job." She said, smiling that she
had found her thing. "Get up."

As he slowly untangled himself from her and sat up, Trish quickly grabbed his
condom and pulled it off, tossing it in the trash while she moved over to her
nightstand, grabbing some lube from the top drawer before scooting back to
Dale's side. "So, is that ok?" She asked, hopeful. "A titty fuck?"

Smiling, he nodded. "Sounds fun."

Giggling, Trish quickly dropped to the bed and rolled over onto her back.
"Alright, get up on top. I'll guide you."

Moving slowly, Dale slid on top of Trish, straddling her stomach first before
she scooted him up, moving him so his cock was flopped between her large
breasts. Smiling as his weapon pointed up at her, she reached up, giving it a
few strokes.

"God, I like your dick and all, but having it pointing at me." Trish
said, smiling as she glided her hand up and down his shaft. "It's kinda

"It loves you." He said with a smile. "It wouldn't hurt you."

"That's good to know." Trish said with a smile. "Alright, lube."

Feeling her squirt some liquid on his dick and her chest, Dale laughed. "God,
you've really thought this thru, haven't you?"

Tossing the lube aside, Trish giggled as she grabbed her breasts, slapping
them against his cock. "After the week I had with you and Mickie down in
Virginia, the first thing I did when we landed in Toronto was go to the
pharmacy and get a shit load of condoms and lube. Lord knows what goes on
inside that head of yours, and I wanted to be prepared."

Feeling her large breasts wrap around his cock, Dale grinned. "Mickie thinks
up weird stuff to. Don't just put this all on me."

"Less talk, more fuck." Trish teased.

Sighing dramatically, Dale pulled back as Trish pushed her tits tighter
around his rod, moaning softly as he pushed back in, going until his hips met
her breasts. Craning her neck up, Trish flicked the exposed head of his cock,
making him jump.

"Jeez, I wasn't expecting that." Dale deadpanned, pulling back and thrusting
into her deep cleavage again. "It must be gross. I'm covered in lube, I

"You are." Trish confirmed, swatting his cock before he pulled it away.

"How does it taste?"

"Awful, now keep fucking."

Smiling, Dale moaned as Trish rubbed her breasts against his cock, jerking
him off slightly with each pump. Making sure to not sit on her chest, Dale
pushed into her cleavage again and again, hissing softly as she continued
to tease his cock as it came into view.

"How does it feel?" Trish inquired between tongue flicks.

"Surprisingly good." Dale admitted. "And you?"

"Weird, but ok." Trish said with a giggle.

"You ever do this before?"

"Nope, you're breaking my cherry." Trish said, trying to capture his cock in
between her lips and give it a quick suck with each pump.

"That's kinda surprising." He said. "I'd have figured, with, as you so
delicately put it, with a set of tits like this, someone would have done it

"Never came up." Trish said, smiling as she succeeded in grabbing his head
with her lips and giving it a quick suck. Quietly spitting out the small
amount of lube that ended up in her mouth, she smiled. "So, you like it?"
When he nodded, she grinned, not satisfied with a non-verbal answer. "It
must feel so, so good to have that big, fat, hard cock of yours wrapped up
in my big titties."

"It does." He moaned.

"There nice and soft, aren't they?" Trish asked. "I made sure I got quality
work done."

"Work?" Dale asked, groaning as he smiled. "You mean your not all natural?"

"About ninety-five percent natural." Trish giggled. "Only the tits are
fake...and the hair. I'm really a brunette."

"Feel free to change it up." He said, groaning loudly as she flicked his
cock. "I can't tell the difference."

"Would you like that, Dale?" Trish purred. "Have me go brunette and act like
Mickie? Then you could have two Mickie's to fuck. We could both act like a
spaz like her character." Purring softly, she smiled. "Her character is such
a bundle of energy. Imagine what it would be like having sex with two women
like that." Looking up at him, she smiled. "Your thinking about it, aren't


"I'll do it for you Dale." Trish promised. "I'd dress up like her, dye my
hair like her, act like her, the whole nine." Squeezing her tits tighter
around his dick, she grinned wickedly as he moaned. "And if you think this
feels good, I imagine me and Mickie could find a way to wrap both of out
racks around that big dick of yours. Wouldn't that feel good, Dale?"

Smiling as he hissed, he looked down at her. "God, your in a wicked mood
today." He said. "And here I thought you were all shyness and cuddles."

Swatting his cock, she grinned. "I feel wicked." She said. "I feel sexy."
Taking his cock into her mouth, she gave him a suck, smiling as he stopped
his pumping for a moment to savor her lips before pulling back. "I feel
power..." She started, before noticing the sly smile on his face. Something
clicking in her head, she looked up at him. "You're doing this on purpose,
aren't you?"

"Doing what?" He asked, trying to sound innocent but failing.

"Building me up." She said. Seeing him nod, she asked, "Why?"

Reaching down as he pumped, Dale rubbed her nipples softly, making her moan
as he smiled. "Because a confident woman is a sexy woman." He said, giving
her nipples a soft tweak, making her moan. "And you are so sexy right now,
just the way you're talking, the way you're acting. I can almost feel you
oozing confidence, and it makes me want to please you."

Staring up at him, she asked, "Is that it?" When he nodded, she asked, "Is
that why you've been talking sweet, and complimenting me, and being nice?
To make me feel sexy?"

Grinning from ear to ear, Dale moaned loudly, knowing his end was coming
soon. "Is it working?"

Growling, Trish grinned up at him, pushing aside the pain in her neck as she
let go of her breasts for a second, grabbing the blanket from the bed and
rolling it underneath her neck to give her the proper angle to make sure she
could capture his cock with each thrust. Grabbing her tits again, she pushed
them around his dick harder than before. "It's working." She growled, loving
the grin on his face. "I want you to come on me. I want you to give me a big,
sloppy pearl necklace." Capturing his cock again, she sucked hard on the
head, making him grunt loudly. As it slid out, she added, "It's so fucking
filthy, and I love it. I love it when I get to wear my man's passion, or
swallow it down. Give me your pleasure."

Pumping into her chest, he smiled down at her. "Now there's my confidant,
sexy woman."

Jerking his cock with her breasts, Trish smiled as he pumped into her
cleavage. "Are you coming, Dale?" She asked sweetly, before dragging her
tongue roughly over his cock.

"Yes..." He hissed, a smile etched on his face.

"Are you gonna give me a pearl necklace?" Trish whined, her tongue batting
his cock.

"Of course." He grunted, leaning over and putting his hands on the bed. "Oh,

Giggling, Trish pushed her chin up, knowing her time was approaching quickly.
Hearing him grunt again, Trish squealed with glee as he fired a hot, sticky
rope of cum onto her neck. Jerking her breasts harder, Trish squirmed
underneath him as he unloaded shot after shot of semen onto her neck and
chin, grunting and groaning loudly.

"Come on, Dale, you gotta have more than that." Trish teased, giggling as he
oozed another few drops onto the mess he made of her neck and chin. Realizing
he was spent, she quickly let go of her breasts, grabbing his cock and
jerking it off quickly, the lube making the effort smooth and painless as he
twitched. "Come on, gimme one more shot." Trish teased. Hearing him grunt and
moan, she aimed his cock downward, moaning happily as she forced one last
drop out of his cock. Sliding his tip into her mouth, Trish slithered her
tongue over his cock, smiling as he whined softly.

"You are a wicked little girl, aren't you?" Dale asked, smiling down at her.

Giggling, Trish let his cock slide out of her mouth. "I am wicked." She
confirmed. "I am sexy. And I am powerful." Kissing his cock, she smiled. "And
you love me for it, don't you?"

Nodding, he grinned. "So, so much. Don't ever change."


Snapping their heads towards the doorway, Dale more on instinct, Trish
spotted Mickie standing in it, leaning against the doorframe. Seeing the
look on Mickie's face, Trish suddenly became worried, wondering if seeing
her boyfriend straddling her chest with his seed coating her neck might
make something click and make the woman's champ snap.

Pushing off the doorframe, Mickie strolled towards the bed, smiling at Trish
as she looked at the scene. "Looks like I missed one hell of a show." Mickie
said, smiling. "Dale, how come you never told me you wanted a titty fuck?"

"It never came up." Dale said, going to dismount Trish before Mickie spoke

"Don't move, Dale. Don't stop on my account." Mickie said, moving to the bed
and sitting down on the edge. "Honestly, it looks kinda hot." Looking at
Trish, she smiled. "Nice necklace. Dale musta been backed up."

Smiling softly, Trish realized that Mickie wasn't mad. "Well, it's been,
what..." Trish said, counting off the days. "Like five days." Kissing Dale's
semi-hard cock, she smiled as he moaned. "That's a long time for a stud like
Dale to go without."

"I concur." Mickie said, smiling. "Far to long." Running her finger thru the
mess on Trish's neck, Mickie smiled as she sucked her finger clean. "I just
wish I would have thought of this first."

"I'm totally open to doing it again." Dale said with a grin. "But remember,
Trish did it first."

Leaning down, Mickie kissed Trish softly. "Well, being second to you is a
good place to be." Looking at them, she grinned. "So, is this a private party
still, or can I be more than a spectator?"

Looking up at Dale, Trish smiled as she touched his stomach. "What do you
think, Dale?"

"This is your time." He said, smiling. "It's up to you."

Looking at Mickie, Trish giggled at the hopeful look on her face. "Well...I
guess..." She said, smiling as Mickie started stripping. "If." Trish said,
making Mickie stop. " let Dale do you up the butt."

"Ok." Mickie said quickly, smiling as she stripped herself bare.

"But first." Trish said, giggling as Mickie whined. "I want him to do me."

"So, your butt then mine?" Mickie asked. When Trish nodded, she smiled. "What
am I supposed to do in the mean time?"

Smiling as Dale slowly dismounted her chest, Trish reached out, rubbing
Mickie's pussy softly. "You could let me eat you." She said.

"Deal." Mickie said with a smile. "Now, go clean up, you little hussy."

Giggling, Trish sat up carefully, quickly scooting off the bed and down the
hall towards the bathroom. Sliding over towards Dale, Mickie smiled as she
wrapped her arms around him. "Hey you."

"Hey." He said, smiling as she kissed him softly.

"How things going between you and Trish?" Mickie asked.

"Good." Dale said. "We talked, we screwed, we overcame."

"Nice." Mickie said. Looking down at Dale's slick prick, she grinned. "I
guess I should have told Trish to being back a washcloth." Looking over her
shoulder, she yelled, "Trish!"


"Bring back a washcloth to clean up Dale!" Mickie yelled. Turning to him, she
smiled. "I would offer to let you take a group shower with me and Trish, but
she has this nutty idea about you wanting more sex." Seeing him smile, she
grinned. "And to think, she thought you'd like fucking my butt. Some people."

"Well." Dale said, smiling as he cupped Mickie's butt. "You do have a nice

"Did you do Trish up the butt while I was gone?" Mickie asked.

Smiling, he shook his head. "You weren't gone long enough."

"I got antsy." Mickie said, smiling. "I figured, I gave you guys like an
hour, so that's good enough."

"An hour?" He asked. "Wow. Didn't seem like that long."

"Well, maybe fifty minutes, but still, close." Mickie said, smiling as Trish
moved back into the room carrying a damp cloth. "Clean up your mess, please."

Smiling, Trish wrapped the warm cloth around his cock, jerking him off slowly
as she cleaned the lube from his rod. Slowly moving her hand up and down his
shaft, she smiled as he twitched back to life, getting hard again under her
loving touch.

Grinning, Mickie took Trish's hand and pulled it away from Dale's now clean
rod. "Alright, that's enough." Mickie said, smiling as Trish pouted. "Get the
lube, condom, and get on your knees, butt slut."

"Butt slut?" Trish asked with a grin, quickly scooting around the bed to get
the requested items. "I'm breaking new ground here. I doubt I'm a butt slut."

"This is your first time?" Mickie asked. When Trish nodded, Mickie looked
uneasy. "Are you sure you wanna start out...this high?" She asked, motioning
towards Dale's dick. "Maybe you should start a little smaller. Like a dildo
or something..."

"I'll be fine." Trish said, smiling as she handed Mickie the lube and condom
before assuming the position. "I have faith Dale won't hurt me."

"Dale, no." Mickie said, moving over to her boyfriend. "His big cock pushing
into your virgin ass? Probably gonna hurt."

"I'm sure he'll go slow." Trish said, smiling at Dale. "Won't you, honey?"

"Of course." He said. "But I won't be mad if you back out, ok? Even
Mickie's...umm, how do I put this without getting slapped?"

"Seasoned booty." Mickie said, rolling the condom down his cock.

"Seasoned booty." Dale said, thankful that Mickie had bailed him out. "Even
with her seasoned booty, she found the going a little rough."

"But it was a good rough." Mickie admitted, taking the lube and coating his

"I'll be fine." Trish said again. "Just, go slow, ok?"

Nodding, Dale let Mickie guide him towards Trish, putting his hands on her
hips before going to work lubing up her virgin asshole. Making sure to apply
a generous helping of lube to her butt hole, Mickie lubed her up very well,
making sure there wasn't a bare spot left, wanting to make Trish's first time
as pleasurable as could be expected. Moving away from her, Mickie quickly
scooted up to Trish's face, laying back on the bed and propping her head up
on a pillow as she presented her pussy to Trish.

"Alright, Dale, she's all lubed up." Mickie said.

Nodding, Dale reached down, grabbing his lube-slicked dick and moving it
forward, using his other hand to find her asshole and line the two up.
Watching as Dale lined the head up with Trish's butt, Mickie looked down
at her blonde lover.

"Alright, Trish, I'm not gonna lie." Mickie said. "It's gonna hurt, at least
at first. But Dale's pretty good at it, and he'll do what he can to make it
feel good, ok?" When Trish nodded, Mickie smiled. "Ok, Dale, go for it.

Nodding, Dale pushed forward slowly, his cockhead pressing against Trish's
o-ring until it popped into her depths, making her moan loudly around
Mickie's pussy. Deciding to try and keep her mind off of the invading cock,
she quickly set to work on licking Mickie, sticking out her tongue and
batting Mickie's tender folds. Feeling Dale grip her hips, Trish whined
softly as he pushed forward, sinking another inch into her butt. Feeling
his grip relax, Trish adjusted her stance, widening her legs a little to
get lower, hoping that changing the angle would make it easier. Feeling him
push forward again, Trish moaned out loudly, her plan working and letting
Dale slide in without as much resistance. Just as she was getting ready to
beg him to stop, he stopped, holding her hips steady as he pulled out.
Groaning at the feeling, Trish felt like her guts were being sucked out as
he withdrew from her forbidden hole.

Brushing Trish's long blonde locks from around her face, Mickie smiled at
her. "How's it going down there?"

"Good." Trish wined, wincing slightly as Dale pushed back in, delving another
inch deeper into her asshole before pulling back just as slowly. "It doesn't
hurt as much as I thought it would."

"But it still hurts?"

"A little." Trish admitted. Trying to smile, she looked up at Mickie. "I'm
betting that's normal?"

Nodding, Mickie grinned. "At first. Eventually, it can be pleasurable, if you
give it a chance."

Feeling Dale push back in, but not go any deeper, Trish whined softly, her
butt getting used to that amount of dick. "I'll give it all the chance Dale
wants." Trish said. Smiling, Dale pulled his hand back, giving her butt a
soft slap. Turning to look at him, Trish smiled as he spanked her again.
"Having fun?" Trish asked, hissing softly as he pushed back in, forging
another inch deeper.

"Lots." He said with a smile. "You have a nice booty, Trish."

"Better than..." Mickie started.

"Don't ask things like that." He said. "I'm not answering them, so don't

As Trish returned her mouth to Mickie's pussy, Mickie moaned loudly.
"Alright, honey, I'll stop." She said, watching as Dale pushed another inch
into her asshole, coming very close to hitting the limit to which he could
give her. "God, she's a pro." Mickie mused.

"She's tight." Dale said. "Which, being a virgin, isn't surprising, I guess."

Twirling Trish's blonde locks in her hand, Mickie smiled. "I don't think
she's a virgin. I think she's lying." Looking down at Trish, she grinned. "I
can't believe, with a booty like that, no one's ever bent you over and stuck
something up it."

Pulling away slightly, Trish grinned. "Many have tried, all have failed."

"Then why let me?" Dale asked, finally sinking the last of his cock into her

Groaning loudly, Trish grabbed the bed sheets, holding onto them as she let
her ass adjust to the monster inside of it. "Because your Dale." Trish
whined. "Your special."

Pushing her pussy into Trish's face, Mickie smiled. "Come on, eat. It'll help
take your mind off the fact that you have eight inches of hard cock up your
ass." Seeing Trish smile slightly, Mickie motioned to her pussy. "Come on,

Licking Mickie's folds softly, Trish whined as Dale withdrew, pulling out
till he was halfway out before pushing back in, filling up her back door with
cock. "Oh god, Dale." Trish whined, her tongue flicking out of her mouth and
batting Mickie's juicy lips.

"Is it getting better?" Dale asked.

"Much." Trish cried out. "God, it doesn't hurt anymore, anyways."

"Do you want me to keep going, or did you want Mickie to take over?" Dale

"Keep going." Trish panted. "God, I came this far, don't stop!"

Smiling, Dale pulled out, moaning softly at the grip Trish's ass applied to
his cock, before plunging back in, making her moan into his lover's pussy.
Getting in a better position, Trish lapped at Mickie's pussy, her hands still
grabbing the blanket, but her face burying itself in her bare flesh, lapping
and sucking as Dale worked her asshole.

Moaning loudly to show her appreciation for Trish's efforts, Mickie smiled.
"Dale, I know you said you'd never answer who's better." Mickie moaned,
looking down at Trish. "But, if our little Trish here sucks dick half as well
as she eats pussy, I concede that battle. She's so, so good..."

Smiling, Dale kept up a slow, steady rhythm into Trish's booty, making her
sob and cry out as pain slowly turned to pleasure. "Don't sell yourself
short, Mickie." Dale said. "God, with those thick, pouty lips of yours, and
those skilled hands, your awesome."

Twirling Trish's hair around her finger, Mickie smiled as he blonde lover ate
her pussy like it was the last meal of a starving woman. "I dunno, Dale."
Mickie said, before groaning loudly as Trish flicked her tongue over her
clit, as if to emphasize the point Mickie was making. "She's pretty damn
good." Looking down at Trish, and smiling at her as she looked up, Mickie
told her, "You are so good. You were just born to please, weren't you?" As
Trish moaned around Mickie's clit, Mickie moaned out louder, her hands
getting a good grip on Trish's long locks. "God, you are fantastic! There is
no way I can match up with you in the oral department..."

Pulling back slightly, Trish whined loudly, her butt putting off pure
pleasure as Dale worked her slow and steady. "God, Mickie you are so good!"
Trish cried out, her back arching as Dale plunged into her again. "God, I
love you both so much! I love you..."

Bending down, Mickie kissed Trish softly, savoring the taste of her lust on
Trish's lips. "We love you to, Trish." Mickie promised her. When Trish
nodded, wide eyed, Mickie smiled. "Now, please, eat me? Your so good..."

Quickly diving back down, Trish lapped at Mickie's folds like a woman
possessed, her tongue a flurry of activity as she lapped and sucked at
Mickie's love hole. Letting Dale's thrusts push her forward, Trish licked
Mickie's pussy gently, making sure not to hurt the sensitive lips. Whining
and crying into Mickie's pussy, Trish shrieked every time Dale's hand softly
slapped her rump, making her hips jump and her butt buck back against him.

"Do you wanna switch now, Trish?" Dale asked, keeping his strokes slow and

"Fuck no!" Trish screamed, gripping the bed sheets as he pumped her asshole.
"God, it's just starting to feel good! Please, Dale, don't stop, please,
baby, I'll do anything, just don't stop!"

"Keep licking Mickie's pussy, and I won't stop." Dale said, smiling as Trish
dove face first back into Mickie's dripping snatch. "God, we have one horny
little blonde butt slut, Mickie."

Petting Trish's head, Mickie smiled. "I'm starting to realize that."

Moaning softly, Dale pushed into Trish's butt, thrusting in as deep as he
could before pulling back, his hands rubbing her butt as he worked. Hearing
her groan, he smiled, her pleasurable noises letting him know that she wasn't
faking it, and that drove him on, pushing into her ass again and again.

"How does her butt feel, Dale?" Mickie purred, moaning as Trish's tongue
slithered up into her.

"Virgin." Dale said with a smile. "Tight. I hope she isn't lying about it not

"I'm not." Trish said, coming up for air long enough to say that before
diving back down.

Smiling, Mickie leaned back, enjoying Trish's tongue work. "You're a very
lucky man, Dale."

"You think I don't know that?" He asked, grunting softly as Trish's butt
squeezed around his cock. "So tight..."

"You have two beautiful women at your disposal." Mickie said. "I think that
makes you very lucky."

"Again, something I knew." Dale said. Hissing softly, he moaned. "God, Trish,
I love your ass."

Whining out an answer, Trish kissed Mickie's throbbing clit, making her lover
moan. Lapping at the engorged love button, Trish clumsily pulled it between
her lips, sucking it softly, making Mickie's back arch, pleasure shooting
thru her body.

"God, why does the clit make you feel so good?" Mickie mused, moaning softly
as Trish continued to suck her little nub. Looking down at Trish, Mickie
smiled as she petted her again. "Of course, everything you do feels good, you
little blond butt slut you."

Pumping into her rump, Dale grinned, leaning down and kissing her neck
softly. "That's because she's a curvy love goddess. They always please their
lovers. Don't they, Trish?"

"Yes!" Trish cried out, her mind only half catching what they were saying,
but agreeing nonetheless.

Looking down at Trish, Mickie pouted softly. "Trishie, can we please switch?
I love your tongue, but I want Dale to do me. Please? I'll lick you with my
substandard tongue work."

Whining softly, Trish lifted her head up, looking at Mickie. "It's not
substandard." Trish said, crying out again as Dale pushed into her, not
stopping until her got an order to. "Dale, honey, stop. It's Mickie's turn."

Letting out a long breath, Dale pulled out of her asshole, sitting back on
his calves and panting loudly. Taking off the condom, he quickly flipped it
inside-out, letting Mickie take it and grab a fresh one as Trish took her
spot, awaiting her lovers tongue. Grabbing the lube and condom, Mickie
turned, smiling at Trish.

"Taking a break, are we?" She asked, smiling at the blonde diva.


Holding out the condom and the lube, Mickie smiled. "Lube me up."

Nodding, Trish pushed herself away from the headboard, taking the lube and
condom as Mickie quickly assumed the position. Moving around to Mickie's
backside, Trish smiled as the pump rump wiggled invitingly in the air.
Leaning over, she kissed Dale, smiling as he licked her lips, trying to
capture Mickie's taste.

"You are a very lucky man, Dale." Trish purred, rubbing Mickie's butt.
"Having such a nice, round, plump booty like Mickie's to screw, and actually
have her like it."

Smiling, he nodded. "Your ass ain't chopped liver either."

Kissing him, she smiled. "Thanks." Quickly lubing up Mickie's asshole, she
turned her attention to Dale's cock, covering it in a condom before lubing
it up. As she rubbed her hand up and down the shaft, she smiled as he
twitched. "Getting close?"

"Getting there." He said, smiling. "Your booty takes a lot out of a guy."

"Is that a good thing?" Trish asked, moving back and presenting her pussy to
Mickie's hungry eyes.

"It's a very good thing." Dale said, moving towards Mickie's butt and lining
up his cock. "Ready, lover?"

"Ready." Mickie said, smiling up at Trish.

Pushing his cock against her asshole, Dale moaned as he surged forward,
pushing half the length of it in with one push. Her eyes bugging out, Trish
watched in awe as Dale quickly plunged into Mickie's back door, pulling out
and thrusting another two inches in, before pulling out and thrusting in all
the way, hitting bottom on three strokes.

"Good fucking god!" Trish marveled, looking down at Mickie. "Who are you
calling a butt slut?"

Moaning around a giggle, Mickie smiled. "What can I say? You lubed me up to

"Bullshit!" Trish said, laughing. "Your just loose."

"What did we say?" Dale asked, smiling. "She's not loose, she's got a
seasoned booty."

Moaning softly as Mickie started lapping her pussy, Trish smiled. "Seasoned
my ass! Your ass ate his cock!"

Groaning loudly, Dale smiled as he pulled out and pushed back into Mickie's
ass. "Well, whatever you say, she's far from loose. She's just more used to
taking it up the butt."

"Butt slut." Trish teased, taking a page from Mickie's book and twirling her
fingers in Mickie's long hair as she lapped at her pussy. Hissing softly, she
smiled down at the brunette. "God, your are good. Dale's right, don't sell
yourself short."

Looking up at Trish, Mickie growled. "Pussy makes me hungry." She said in a
deep, throaty voice.

Watching with great interest, Trish moaned loudly as Mickie moved a hand into
the mix, letting her index and middle finger slid into Trish's sopping wet
pussy, curling up quickly and finding her g spot. Hearing a slap, Trish
looked up just in time to see Dale's hand come crashing down on Mickie's
juicy ass again, the slap echoing thru the room. Feeling Mickie cry out and
her tongue work harder, Trish smiled.

"Hey Dale, I think she likes it." Trish purred, Mickie's lapping tongue
soothing her nerves.

"She loves it." He said, smiling. "Anything that involves her big, plump,
juicy butt, she loves." Giving her another slap, he smiled as she whined.
"Are you my little butt slut, Mickie?" Hearing her try to give him an answer
around Trish's pussy, Dale smiled. "Trish, would you let her up for air long
enough to give me an answer?"

"I'm not holding her down." Trish said, moaning softly. "She's possessed."

Reaching between her legs, Trish grabbed Mickie's head firmly, pulling the
extremely reluctant Diva from her pussy.

"Let me go, let me go, let me go..." Mickie whined over and over again, her
hand plunging two fingers in and out of Trish. "Please, let me go."

"Give Dale an answer." Trish said, smiling at the needy girl. "Are you his
little butt slut?"

"Yes, I am, now please let me go." Mickie cried, her tongue reaching as far
out of her mouth as it could, trying to reach Trish's pussy.

Smiling, Trish released her grip, and howled with passion as Mickie dove
right back in, her sucking and slurping intensifying to make up for lost
time. Gripping Mickie's long brown hair, Trish hissed as Mickie licked,
sucked and finger fucked her, forcing more girl cream into Mickie's waiting

"You're a horny little beast." Trish growled, looking down at her with a
grin. "God, since when did you get so pussy hungry?"

"God, I love you, Trish." Mickie cried between slurps, Dale's hand slapping
her butt and his cock plowing into her ass driving her insane. "Your so...
tasty! God, I want...I need to make you come!"

Looking up, Trish smiled as Dale continued to pound Mickie's back door, his
cock jamming over and over into her asshole. Smiling, she started to move
away from Mickie's probing tongue to get a better look at Dale's handy work,
but found Mickie's hands holding her down.

"Don't go!" Mickie cried out, looking up at Trish with need filled eyes.

"I just wanna go watch him fuck your booty for a second." Trish said, prying
Mickie's very unwilling hands from her thighs and quickly moving away from
her. As she scooted over towards Mickie's rump, she looked down, seeing
Mickie's eyes staring back at her, wild and full of lust and hunger.

"Please, come back!" Mickie screamed, Dale's pounding taking its toll. "God,
I want it so bad..."

"Pipe down." Trish teased her, smiling as Mickie cried out for her. Turning
her attention to Dale's cock, she tried to focus on it, but Mickie's screams
quickly brought her attention back to the brunette.

"Please, god, Trish, please come back." Mickie cried, sobbing pitifully as
she reached out, catching Trish off guard and rubbing her pussy. "God, your
so wet, please, let me have you, god, I need you, please, come back...

Watching as Mickie sobbed and cried out, Trish shook her head, honestly
starting to feel bad for taking her pussy away from the obviously horny
woman's champion. As Mickie cried out her name again, Trish quickly moved
back into place, spreading her legs wide and letting her pussy slide back
towards Mickie's drooling mouth.

"There you...GO!" Trish screamed, her back arching as Mickie pushed two
fingers into her hard and fast as she captured her clit between her pouty
lips, sucking on the precious little nub. Hissing at Mickie's hunger, Trish
growled, "Lick that pussy. You wanted it, now lick it. Lick me dry."

Quickly complying with her lovers wants and her own bodies needs, Mickie
started licking Trish's pussy in long, slow drags of her tongue, collecting
up as much of Trish's love nectar as she could. Moaning in short, barking
moans, Trish ran her fingers thru her lovers hair, holding Mickie's face
steady incase the busty diva had any thoughts of leaving the job half

"Coming...oh god, Dale, fuck me harder!" Mickie cried, sobbing loudly around
Trish's pussy as Dale listened to her orders, picking up speed and slamming
into her cushy rump.

Watching thru half closed eyes, Trish took in the sight of Dale hammering
into Mickie's asshole, wondering how the small diva could take such a
pounding and still be getting pleasure from it. Feeling Mickie's fingers
scrape along her g spot, Trish sobbed along with her, her own release
coming quick and hard. Each one of Mickie's barking sobs brought her closer
to nirvana, Mickie's tongue whipping around her pussy blindly as her fingers
lost all semblance of rhythm, merely resorting to jamming into Trish's love
hole as hard and as fast as they could as Dale hammered into her asshole.

"Oh fuck yes!" Mickie screamed out. "Fuck me, Dale! Slap my ass!"

Smiling from ear to ear, Dale slapped Mickie's plush landing pad over and
over again, making sure not to give into her screams and slap her to hard,
knowing she'd regret asking for it later. Feeling her body shaking, he
smiled as she bucked on the end of his dick. Hearing Trish sobbing out in
passion, he smiled wider, their pleasure spurning his on.

Rolling her hips in long, slow pushes, Trish rubbed her pussy against
Mickie's face, smearing her girl cream all over the woman's champions face
as she whined in lust, her pussy quivering and shaking around Mickie's
pounding fingers, giving Mickie's loving tongue a big, wet mess to clean
up as she came, screaming both of her lovers names.

Feeling Mickie's legs start to give out, Dale slowed down his pumps, slowing
to a stop before withdrawing his cock from her heavenly ass. Smiling as she
sobbed pitifully, he reached down, rubbing her booty. "God, I love your ass."
He said with a smile, pulling his condom off and making sure it was inside
out before tossing it aside. "Hope that was near the trash." He said, leaning
back on his calves and panting.

Looking down at Dale, Trish smiled a weak smile as she saw he was still hard.
"God, Dale, two asses and you still didn't come?" She teased. When he shook
his head, she smiled. "Did you want to come?" He nodded, and she looked at
Mickie. "Are you still hungry?" Seeing the lustful glow in Mickie's eyes
start to burn again, Trish smiled. "Get on your back."

As Mickie quickly complied, Trish reached over, grabbing the discarded lube
and spraying some on Mickie's upturned chest. Grabbing Dale by his tail, she
smiled as he quickly followed her lead and knelt beside Mickie. "Mount her
tits." Trish said with a kiss on his cheek. "She's still hungry. Give her
something to eat."

Smiling, Dale felt around for Mickie's body, quickly mounting her and sliding
his dick between her tits. Reaching over Mickie, Trish grabbed her breasts,
holding them tighter around Dale's cock as he started pumping slowly, clearly
nearing the end of his rope.

"God, Dale, she has such nice tits." Trish purred. Rubbing Mickie's nipples,
Trish smiled. "Better than mine."

"Hell no." Mickie panted, smiling as she reached up, cupping Trish's boobs.
"Best rack in the WWE. No question."


"Never going to answer." He said, grunting softly as he pumped Mickie's
chest, moaning loudly as he started coming, firing a small amount of semen
onto Mickie's neck, his spent cock deflating as he moaned.

Leaning down quickly, Trish licked up his seed, bending over and giving his
treat to Mickie, knowing her butt fucking had earned her the right to have
it. Swallowing loudly, Mickie waited for Dale to dismount her chest before
quickly kneeling up, kissing him softly. "Thanks, honey." She said, smiling
at Trish. "Gotta clean up."

Hopping off the bed, Mickie quickly scooted towards the bathroom as Dale
collapsed on the bed, a smile plastered on his face. Curling up next to him,
Trish smiled at his grin. "Happy?"

"Who wouldn't be?" He asked, smiling. Reaching out and finding her lips, he
kissed her softly. "Thank you, Trish. I love you. Just as much as Mickie, and
please don't ever doubt that."

"I won't." Trish said, smiling as she kissed him. "I love you."

Hearing Mickie coming back into the room, Trish smiled as she dove onto the
bed, curling up against Trish and letting her head rest on her chest. Looking
down at Mickie, she smiled as Dale followed suit, each of them using one of
Trish's breasts as a pillow. "Umm, shouldn't Dale be in the middle here?"
Trish asked with a smile.

"He will." Mickie said, smiling as she curled up against Trish. "Later."

"Why later?" Trish asked.

Snuggling tighter, Mickie smiled. "Because we want to snuggle with our
girlfriend for a while. She's very good at snuggling, isn't she Dale?"

Nodding, he kissed her chest, smiling as she cooed. "A top notch snuggler."

Looking between the two, Trish smiled. She was in the middle of them, but not
in a bad way. Not in the way she'd felt she was for the past week. Something
about her time alone with Dale, and Mickie's understanding of all of her
weirdness towards him had smoothed things over, and, once again, had brought
them closer together. Giving each of her lovers a kiss, she smiled. "Is this
is how it's normally going to be?"

Smiling, Mickie kissed her. "Is anything in life normal?"

Grinning, Trish nodded. "I guess not."

Kissing her cheek softly, Dale smiled. "Love is normal."

Looking down at him, she smiled. ~Dale.~ She thought, smiling. ~Sweet,
handsome Dale.~ Kissing him softly, she held him tighter, letting him know
that she wasn't going anywhere. Looking at Mickie, she smiled softly,
thinking up something to say. Seeing her soft smile, the words came to Trish
in a flash.

"Then this is normal, because I'm in love."

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