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PAIRING: Mickie James/Trish Stratus/A Fan (Dale)

1st, my fanfic will often deal with strange situations/pairings, so if you're
easily shocked/offended, don't bother reading any further. Also, a lot of
these stories deal with wrestlers that are "Past There Prime", so to speak.
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4th, this story is written from the viewpoint that what happens on TV isn't
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5th, SPOILER WARNING!!!! This story contains plot spoilers for the Marvel
comic event, "Annihilation", so don't read it if your reading that series.
Yes, I'm a comic nerd.

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Blind Leading The Blind Part 5: Helping Hand
by Nero Rain (

"You're squirming."


"You're squirming. Again."


"I didn't say I didn't like it."

"It's just..."

"You're nervous."

"I hate these type of angles."

"All part of the show."

"I know, but they suck."

"You could have said no."

"And I could have sat at home unused for six months as punishment."

"They wouldn't sit you out. Your there golden girl, remember?"

"Ha ha, very funny."

"You didn't have to stop squirming, you know."

Turning to face the grinning Dale, Trish leaned over, kissing him softly. "I
didn't, huh?"

"Nope." Dale said, shaking his head. "I kinda liked it."

Grinning herself, Trish asked, "You did, did you?" When he nodded, she asked,

"Any combination of your booty and my lap is good by me."

"Naught boy." Trish teased, leaning in and kissing him softly. "Your just
lucky were at the arena and not at the hotel, or I'd punish you."

Grinning wider, Dale searched out for Trish's lips, quickly finding them as
Trish leaned forward in his lap. "Punish me?" Dale asked, holding his
girlfriend softly in his arms. "Kinky."

"Ya think so, do ya?" Trish asked, leaning down and kissing him again,
purring softly as he held her in his arms. When he nodded, she curled up
tighter. "What do you think I'd do to punish you?"

"Off the top of my head?" Dale asked, smiling. When she murmured an
affirmative, he thought for a second, before smiling. "Covering yourself in
honey and making me lick you clean?"

Giggling, Trish poked him softly, smiling as he squirmed slightly. "That's
why I love you, Dale." She said, leaning down and letting her head rest on
his chest. "So creative."

"I try." He said, holding her tighter as he let his chin rest on her head.
"Where did Mickie get to? I thought she just had to talk to Vince for a

"She did." Trish said. "Probably got stuck. I need to talk to Vince to..."

"Trish, drop it." Dale said softly. "It's one kiss. No biggie."

"It's not the kiss that bugs me." Trish said. Looking up at Dale, she found
his blank eyes staring down at her. "Alright, it does bug me. But still, it's
more the timing of it that bugs me."

"I know..."

"I mean, it's totally illogical to have the kiss right now." Trish went on,
cutting Dale off as she sat more upright, caught up in her own little world.
"I mean, ok, so I'm speared by Lita, and I'm pissed, and I want revenge, so I
kiss Carlito? Does that make sense to you?"


"Exactly!" Trish said, waving her hands around. "We're supposed to be some
big couple, and we've never kissed? They've pretty much made it sound like
we've already fucked, and there making a big deal out of a kiss?"



"Drop it."


"Drop it." He said, cupping her face and sealing it with a kiss. "It's one
kiss. An angle kiss. Nothing more."

Grumbling softly, Trish let her head rest against his chest again. "Your more
calm about this than I am. Why?"

"Because it doesn't matter." He said. "One kiss. You've done screen kisses
before, right?"

"Plenty of times."

"Well then?"

"Well then I didn't have a girlfriend and a boyfriend when I did them." She
said softly. "I don't want to be in a romance angle right now. Not when I
have a real romance."

"One that no one knows about."

"Not by my doing." Trish insisted. "I'm not ashamed of what we have."

Smiling, Dale nodded. "I know." He said. "But it's one kiss."

"For now." Trish said. "Who knows where it'll go. They might have us making
out and shit before to long." Grimacing slightly, she added, "We might be
lined up for the next "Live Sex Celebration."."

"I doubt it'll go that far." Dale said. Hugging her softly, he told her, "If
Vince tries to take it that far, I'll have something to say about it."

Looking up at Dale, Trish raised her eyebrow slightly. "You will?"


"You do realize Vince is the boss, right?" Trish said. "What he says goes?"

"You do realize you're my girlfriend, right?" Dale said, smiling softly.
"When it comes to you and your comfort level, what I say goes." Holding her
softly, he said, "And if this kiss is really bothering you this much, then
I'll get you out of it. But please, think this through. It's one kiss, in a
big angle, that's putting you in the spotlight. Do you really want to throw
that away for a stupid kiss?"

Sighing, Trish leaned back in, finding comfort in his arms. "No." She said
glumly. Smirking softly, she said, "I wish it was you I was kissing out

Smiling, Dale leaned back in the chair, taking his curvy love goddess with
him. "I doubt you kissing me would get the same kind of reaction as you
kissing Carlito would. People kinda know who the hell he is."

"People know who you are." Trish argued playfully. "You're the blind guy who
comes to all the shows."

"I probably have my own fan page." Dale teased. "Blind guy dot com."

"Blind lover dot com." Trish said, leaning in and kissing him. "Extremely
awesome blind lover dot com..."

Grinning into her kiss, Dale reached down and cupped her butt, pulling her up
and making sure she was in just the right position to kiss him, not wanting
her access to be impeded in the slightest.

"Mmmmmm, I think you should do a romance angle." Dale said, letting Trish
nuzzle his head up and expose his throat to her soft kisses. "I can see it
now. You and Carlito start hanging out, and getting to know each other...
start getting close..."

"You know, this kind of talk doesn't really spurn me on to kiss you..."

"Shush. There's more." He said.


"S'ok." He said. "Please, resume kissing. It helps my creative juices flow."

"It helps my juices flow too."

"Dirty girl."

"I try. Now, angle?"

"Yea...ok, so, you guys start hanging out, but he notices that you shoot him
down a bit, and that you don't act all boyfriend/girlfriend..."

"Which is a good thing..."

"...And he thinks it's because of what happened in the past, with you being
the scorned lover, but, in a shocking surprise, you tell him the reason is
because...wait for it...wait for it..."

"I'm waiting, I'm waiting..."

"You already have someone." Dale said dramatically. "Cue the curtain drop,
end act one."

"End act one?" Trish said, pushing herself up in his lap and letting him kiss
her neck. "What happens in act two?"

"We find out who your someone is." Dale said, peppering her with loving

"And who would it be?"

"Torrie, Vicky, or Candice." He said, smiling. "Take your pick."

"Your really trying to work for that four way, aren't you?"

"A guy can dream, can't he?"

"I suppose." Trish said, rolling her hips and rubbing her booty against his
thighs, smiling as he moaned. "But what happened to all this "I can't handle
three girls" crap?"

"I think I might be able to." He said. "Handling two doesn't seem all that
hard. The sex is kinda exhausting, but in a good way."

"If it's exhausting with two girls, imagine a third." Trish teased.

"I'd be willing to try." He said, kissing her cheek.

Looking down at Dale, Trish giggled slightly, smiling as she held him softly.
When she noticed he wasn't laughing along with her, she looked down at him.
"Are you serious?"

Looking up in her direction, he asked, "About? The angle? It's kinda good, I

"No, not that." She said. "The third girl." Feeling slightly hurt, she asked
softly, "You'd really want someone else?"

Shaking his head, he told her, "Not want." He said. "But I wouldn't ever rule
it out. Not after what me, you and Mickie have done. Seeing how well three
people can co-exist and have a real relationship made me realize I should
keep my eyes open, so to speak."

"But your not actively seeking another girl?"

"No." He said firmly. "I'm more than happy with you and Mickie." Taking her
face in his hands, he brushed her cheeks softly. "But, if, for some reason,
another girl happened into our lives, and you and Mickie wanted to take that
step, I'd be willing to follow you."

"But you wouldn't lead?"


"You do drop some big hints."

"I'd love to wake up in a bed with you, Mickie, Torrie, Victoria, Candice..."

"I get it."

"But I'm not going to fight to make it happen." He said. "I don't know if
they're bi like you and Mickie, or straight, or if they'd ever even consider
it. No matter how well it works out for us, what we have is not a normal
relationship. And it's not for everyone."

"I know." Trish said softly. "Would you ever consider having another man in
this relationship?"


"Why not?"

"Because I'm not bi." He said. "You and Mickie love each other in a physical
and emotional way because you two are. But I don't like guys like that. Yet
another reason why I would never push for a third woman to be added in."

"Because you won't let us add another man?"

"Exactly." Dale said, nodding softly. "It seems hypocritical for me to even
talk about another woman, but I don't hold anything back from you, so I
thought I'd get my feelings out in the open."

"Ok." Trish said, smiling softly. "So you're not looking?"


"But you wouldn't be opposed if something were to happen?"


"How did we get on this subject again?"

"I have no idea."

"Can we go back to kissing?"


Turning to look behind her, Trish whined at Mickie. "Why not?"

"Vince wants to see you." Mickie said.

Whining again, Trish curled up in Dale's lap. "I don't wanna go."

"To bad." Mickie said, smiling.

Grumping, Trish glared playfully at Mickie. "I think your just saying that to
get the good spot in his lap."

"I gotta go to." Mickie said. "Need to do a quick pre-match photo shoot for, which means, I need a certain someone help me pick out an outfit..."

"The gold-ish tank top with the little brown skirt?" Dale offered quickly,

"You remembered my outfits?" Mickie asked, smiling at him.

"I helped pick them out for the trip, didn't I?" He asked. "So, that one?"

"I think you just want me to wear that so you can feel me up when I get
back." Mickie teased. "Short skirt leaves plenty of opportunity to feel."

"That's not the only reason." He said, blushing softly. "I think it'll look

Smiling, Mickie quickly scooted down, kissing her lover softly. "I'll wear
it, then model it for you again, ok?"

Smiling, he nodded. "Ok."

Reaching out her hand, Mickie took Trish's softly, helping her out of Dale's
lap. "Let's go, Trish."

"Trish?" Dale asked, quickly sitting more upright. "She's going to?"

"She has to see Vince." Mickie said.

"I thought she was gonna stick around while you did your photo shoot, then
go." Dale said, looking down at the floor.

"No, she's gotta go now." Mickie said softly. "Vince calls, you jump."

"Oh." Dale said softly, not looking up. His cheeks burning red, he asked her
softly, "Is anyone around?"

Looking at Trish, Mickie sighed softly. Seeing the look in Trish's eyes, she
nodded. She knew her boyfriend hated being a burden to them in any way, but
she also knew, after the "Kenny Incident", that he was more terrified to be
left alone than he was embarrassed to ask for help, which she knew was saying

"I'll go see who's around." Mickie told Trish, giving her hand a squeeze
before turning and walking down the hallway quickly.

"I'm sorry..." Dale said softly, blinking his eyes quickly as he fought back
his shame.

Moving quickly, Trish straddled his legs again, taking him in her arms and
holding him close. "You have nothing to be sorry for Dale." She said firmly.
"We understand. It's ok." Holding him tight, she added, "I know you don't
like asking. Mickie just forgot, is all. I'm sure she didn't mean to."

"I know." He said, letting Trish hold him tightly. "I just wish I wasn't so

"It's ok, Dale." Trish assured him softly. "If Mickie can't find anyone,
Vince can wait. I won't leave you alone, ok?" When he nodded, she kissed him
softly on the forehead, holding him tightly. Feeling him begin to relax,
Trish relaxed, holding him close as she waited for Mickie to return.

"Thank you, Trish." Dale said softly. "I wish you didn't have to, but thank

"Your welcome, Dale."

Looking around, Trish mused, "She shouldn't be to much longer. The locker
rooms were just around the corner." Turning back to Dale, she smiled. "Maybe
when we're done with our stuff, we could find a quiet little somewhere and
all snuggle up for a while? Just you, me, and Mickie?"

Smiling, Dale nodded, holding her tightly. "I'd like that."

"And maybe I could track down a bottle of honey..."

"I'd really like that."

Leaning down and pecking him on the lips, Trish smiled as he chased her
upwards, kissing her as she tried to move away. "You have quite the sweet
tooth, don't you, Dale?"

"I like banana splits." He said, making her giggle. "Especially my
Trishie/Mickie splits. I could live off of those." Leaning forward, he found
her chest with his lips, kissing her cleavage softly. "I could totally go for
one of those right now..."

"We ruined a hotel bed last time you had one." Trish reminded him.

"And I paid for it, didn't I?" He asked, smiling. "And I'd gladly do it
again." Licking her exposed chest, he smiled as she moaned. "Besides, it
wasn't the first bed we ruined, was it?"

"We do get a little rowdy sometimes."

"Never to rowdy." He said, smiling as her fingers weaved through his hair,
holding him to her chest as he started nuzzling her shirt aside.

"Never." She purred, closing her eyes as she held him tightly, her head
resting on top of his as he licked and kissed.

"Man, I'm glad I checked on you two before I brought in the sitter." Mickie
announced, smiling as Trish looked back at her, pouting.

"Jeez, your just Captain Buzz-kill today." Trish teased with a smile. Pulling
Dale's head from between her breasts reluctantly, she pulled him up and gave
him a kiss before turning back to Mickie. "Found someone?"

Waving her hand around the corner, Mickie stepped aside as The Big Show
plodded around the corner, quickly looking for somewhere to sit. "Hey Trish."
He said, waving his hand as he pulled up a chair beside Dale. "Dale."

"Hey Show."

Giving Dale a parting kiss, Trish got out of his lap, moving over towards
Mickie. "I'll be back as soon as I can. But you know how Vince likes to

"I know." Dale said, smiling.

Looking at Show, Trish told him, "Dale has some comic books Rob gave him, if
you wouldn't mind..."

"No problemo." Big Show said, reaching towards the bag Trish was pointing at
and dragging it over. Quickly unzipping the backpack, he looked inside. "Any
particular one you want to hear?"

Thinking for a moment as Trish and Mickie quickly gathered up what they
needed, he said, "Rob said something about one...Annihilation? Said it was
pretty good..."

"Done deal." Show said, rummaging through the bag and pulling out the
requested comic. "Annihilation prologue?"

"I think so." Dale said, smiling as he leaned back in his chair, closing his

"See you in a bit Dale." Mickie said, smiling as Trish slid her hand into
hers, watching Dale wave a goodbye as they turned around the corner.

"Alright...first page, starts out with Thantos... you know him?" Show said,
settling in and starting to read the comic as Mickie and Trish walked down
the hallway.

Taking a final look back, Trish giggled at the sight, turning back and seeing
Mickie smiling at her. "What?"

"What are you giggling about?"

Shaking her head, Trish said, "It's nothing..."

"Come on, tell me!"

Giggling a bit more, Trish asked Mickie, "Where else but in the WWE are you
going to find a giant reading a comic book to a blind man who has two

Giggling, Mickie leaned over, giving Trish a peck on the lips. "Only in the
WWE." Moving towards the women's changing room, Mickie smiled. "I gotta go
change, then boogie to the shoot. You know where Vince is?"

Nodding, Trish went to smile, but something clicked in her head. "Yea, I
know. But..." She said, trailing off, looking around to make sure they were
alone. "When you're done with the shoot, could we meet up back here? I gotta
talk to you about something." Seeing the look on Mickie's face change, Trish
quickly said, "Nothing serious. Just something Dale was talking about. K?"

"Ok." Mickie said, giving Trish a quick kiss before moving into the changing
room. "Gotta change. Meet you right here?"

"Right here." Trish confirmed, waving goodbye before turning and starting
towards Vince's office.

* * *

"Hey, Show."

Taking his eyes away from the comic book he was reading, The Big Show looked
towards the voice, smiling and waving one of his massive hands. "Hey Torrie."

Looking at Dale, Torrie giggled. "And hello my little blind lover."

"Ha, ha." Dale said, smiling as he looked towards the voice. "Don't say that
to loud, or you'll get me in trouble."

Looking at Show, Torrie asked, "Where's Mickie and Trish?"

"Trish is in a meeting with Vince, and Mickie's doing a photo shoot." He
said. Looking at his watch, he said, "And they're running a little late."

"Need to be somewhere?"

Sighing, Show looked at Dale, not wanting to say anything in front of the
blind man. Leaning over, he whispered to Torrie, "I gotta get some things
ready for the show..."

Nodding slowly, Torrie looked at the comic in Show's hand. "Reading that?"

"To Dale." Show said.

Holding out her hand, Torrie said, "I'll take over if you want. Let you go
get ready."

Looking at Dale, Show shook his head slowly. "I told Mickie..."

"It's alright, Show." Dale said, smiling softly. "You got things to do. I'm
sorry to hold you up for so long..."

"It's no problem, Dale." Show said, putting his hands on his knees and
forcing himself upright. "I wouldn't even worry about it if I was already
changed and stuff, but..."

"S'ok." Dale said, nodding. "I don't mind Torrie looking after me."

Handing the comic to Torrie, Show gave her a soft tap on the back. "Thanks a
million, Torrie." He said, before looking at Dale. "I'm sorry to run..."

"No problem." Dale said, waving a goodbye. "Thanks Show."

Lumbering past Torrie, Show rounded the corner and started towards the locker
room, working out the kinks from sitting around as he went. Moving over to
his chair, Torrie kicked it away softly as she hopped up on the arm of Dale's
nicer chair, smiling as he looked up towards her.

"How do you always manage to find the one kick ass chair in the place?"
Torrie asked, smiling at him.

"It's my new fifth sense." He said, smiling. Looking up at her, he grinned.
"Little blind lover?"

Giggling, Torrie pulled her feet up onto the arm of the chair, looking down
at the comic book. "Well, maybe not lover, but we did fool around a little,
didn't we?"

"No, we didn't." Dale said, smiling.

"We totally did." Torrie teased. "We had foreplay."

"You got a foot massage." Dale said, laughing. "And only because Trish and
Mickie had to go out for a while. And if you ever tell them that, they'll
kill me. Especially Trish. She's quite possessive."

"My lips are sealed." Torrie said, before giggling again. "You know, assuming
you do it again some time."

Sighing, Dale shook his head as he grinned. "I knew giving you one would be

"You got me hooked." Torrie said, smiling.

"Teach Billy how to do it." Dale said, hearing Torrie's giggling stop and
knowing he had hit a sore spot. "Torrie?"

"Umm, me and Billy...we've been...kinda...yea...and we decided..." Torrie
started, before she felt Dale's hand on her leg, searching for her hand.
Giving it to him, she smiled softly as he squeezed it.

"I'm so sorry." He said, looking up towards her. "If there's anything I can
do, just let me know."

Squeezing his hand back, she smiled. "Give me a foot rub every now and then?"

Nodding, Dale grinned. "Deal. Now, could you please read the comic Show was
reading? I was kinda getting into it..."

"No problem..." Torrie said, opening the book to the page Show had had it on
before looking down at Dale, grinning. "Lover."

* * *

Looking over at Trish, Mickie gave her a questioning glance. "Three?"

"That's what he said." Trish answered with a nod. "Not in a "Do it or we're
through" kind of way, but he said he wouldn't be opposed to adding another

"Do you even think he could handle another woman?" Mickie asked. Smiling
softly, she added, "Two seems to wear him out pretty good."

Smiling back, Trish shrugged. "I dunno. He seems to handle us ok. Besides, if
there were four of us, it would kinda even it all out. Pair off type of

Stopping her forward momentum, Mickie looked at Trish. "You sound like
someone who's given this some serious thought."

"Not serious." Trish said, looking back at Mickie. "It's just...well, Dale
brought it up, and I kinda thought about it while I was waiting for you to
come back..."

"Would you want another woman?" Mickie asked. Seeing Trish look away
slightly, she closed the gap, putting her hands on the blondes hips. "Hey.
It's ok." Leaning in and giving her a kiss, she said, "You know you can tell
me anything, right?" When Trish nodded, Mickie asked, "So? Would you?"

Shrugging her shoulders, Trish said softly, "I wouldn't rule it out." Looking
up at Mickie, she smiled at her lover, adding, "Not that I'm not happy as
hell with you and Dale alone, but like Dale said, why rule anything out? We
may find someone who shares our views and we grow to care about."

Nodding, Mickie pulled Trish closer, smiling as Trish put her arms around
Mickie's shoulders. "Well, it would have to be something we'd all agree on."

"Of course."

Smirking at her, Mickie asked, "Have anyone in mind?"

Smirking back, Trish waggled her eyebrows. "Have you seen the Divas locker
room? Take your pick."

"Who said it'd have to be a Diva?"

"Well, there closer." Trish said, smiling. "And besides, we know that they
all totally want Dale. We'll just use him as bait to lure one of them in."

Laughing at Trish, Mickie leaned in, kissing her softly. "Sounds like a plan.
You pick one, and we'll get to work on her, ok?"

Laughing back, Trish let her forehead rest against Mickie's. "Never. If it
happens, it happens. But for now, I have all the love I need."

Nodding, Mickie smiled softly. "As do I."

Turning the corner and walking into the area where Dale was, Trish and Mickie
smiled as they spotted Torrie sitting on the arm of the chair and Big Show
nowhere in sight.

"Upgrading your company, are we?" Trish asked, smiling as Torrie looked up
and waved. "Hey Torrie."

"Well, you gotta admit, I'm easier on the eyes than Show." Torrie joked,
looking down at the comic again.

"Nova Corps is GONE!" Dale said, looking around frantically to locate Mickie
and Trish.

"I take it that's a big deal?" Mickie asked, before looking at Trish. "Who's
Nova Corps? Is he a jobber?"

"It's something from the comic." Torrie said, holding up the book. "And it
seems to be quite a big deal to Dale..."

"You have no earthly idea how big." He said quickly, squirming slightly in
his seat.

Looking at their boyfriend with amusement, Mickie and Trish shook their
heads. "You are like the biggest nerd ever." Mickie said, smiling as Trish

"What?" Dale asked, looking slightly hurt. "I like comics..."

"You live for comics!" Trish said around laughs. "Anything nerdy, and your
all over it."

"You'd spend all your money on comics and anime if Katie let you." Mickie
added, laughing.

"And the action figures." Trish pointed out, making Torrie smile. "You
already have like a wall of them..."

"Plus the models in the garage." Mickie said. "Its like Nerd Central at your

Trying to get her giggling under control, Torrie looked down at the book.
"Alright, so, this guy..."

"Forget it."

Stopping there laughing, Mickie, Trish and Torrie turned to look at Dale, who
was leaning forward resting his elbows on his knees.

"Forget what?" Torrie asked.

"The comic." He said, waving his hand in a dismissive fashion. "Just, put it
back in the...whatever Show got it from."

Looking at Dale, Torrie, Trish and Mickie quickly realized whatever
excitement he had for the subject was quickly lost in the midst of there
ribbing. Looking at each other, the three divas quickly picked up on the
look of guilt on each ones face.

"Dale..." Mickie started, but was quickly cut off.

"Just please, put it away." Dale said softly. Scoffing slightly, he added,
"I'll see if I can get another nerd to read it to me sometime."

"Come on." Torrie said softly, trying to perk him up. "There's only a few
pages left..."

"I don't want to hear it." He said firmly.

Sighing, Mickie and Trish moved forward, Mickie sitting on the other arm of
the chair as Trish kneeled in front of him. "Dale, we're sorry." Trish said,
knowing she wasn't going to get him to hold hands, but settling for resting
her hands on his thighs.

"We were stupid." Mickie added softly. "We shouldn't have picked on you."

Stopping Torrie from leaving, Trish said, "Dale, we can leave if you want to
let Torrie finish..."

"I don't..."

"Yes you do." Mickie said, wrapping an arm around his shoulder and pulling
him closer, fighting off his feeble attempts to shrug her off. "This is
something you're interested in, and we shouldn't poke fun. We know you don't
get to enjoy things like you used to..."

Looking up at Torrie, Trish asked her, "Would you finish the book?"

Nodding quickly, Torrie opened the comic, before looking at the page and
flipping it, moving back and forth. Looking down at Trish, Torrie bit her
bottom lip softly. " the page."

Shaking her head, Trish reached out, taking the comic from the blonde. "Your
helpful." Trish teased. Opening the comic to the first page. "Then we'll just
have to start over."

"Really, you don't..."

"Shush." Trish said, moving up and giving him a peck on the lips. "We know we
don't. But we want to." Seeing him go to say something else, she moved up and
kissed him again, silencing him before jumping up and sitting in his lap,
facing away from him. "We know we shouldn't do things like that." Trish said
softly, leaning back against him, hoping his arms would hold her tight.

Looking in Torrie's direction, Dale asked, "Don't you have something better
to do?"

"Not really." Torrie grumbled. "One of my many off nights. Now quit

"I'm not stalling." He argued. "I'm flat out telling you I don't want to hear

"And we're flat out telling you your lying because you're mad." Mickie said
softly. "And that's ok. We deserve it. But please let us at least try and
make it up to you." When Dale sighed and leaned back in his chair, Mickie
looked down at Trish, who was looking up at her, a knowing look on her face.
Deciding to get the healing process underway, Mickie asked, "So, how are we
all gonna do this? Take turns reading?"

Smiling, Torrie offered, "We could all pick a few characters and do the
voices. There aren't a whole lot of characters in the book..."

"Deal." Trish said, pointing to the main page. Making a few quick hand
gestures, Trish cleared her throat as the other two Divas nodded. "Alright,
Annihilation, prologue. Strap in. Mickie, I'll be the big purple dude. You're
the fairy looking thing..."

* * *

"Get those lips back here mister."


"And keep those hands south of the equator."


"No buts. You're the one who wanted me in this skirt. Take advantage of it."


"Don't be afraid of dipping into her panties either, Dale. I'm sure she'd
appreciate it."

"I would."

"Hey...mmmmmm...stop for...mmmmmm...breathing is nice..."

"Breathing is overrated."

"Especially when you have two hotties in your lap fighting over your lips."

"If he puts his hands in my panties, you can have his lips."

"Dale, put your hands in Mickie's panties."


"Again, no buts. Except for mine, cradled and squeezed with your hands.
Spanking is ok too."

"You know, no means no..."

"I've yet to hear a no."

"You heard me beg for air."

"Again, over rated."

Whining softly, Dale pulled back, dodging the Divas attempts to kiss him.
"Just lemme catch my breath."

Grabbing his face softly and reeling him in, Trish kissing him firmly on the
lips, surging forward and pressing her body against her half of him. "No."

"Why not?"

"Because if we let you catch your breath..." Mickie started, before taking
her turn at his lips, her hands reaching down and pulling her panties down
slightly, stretching out the elastic and trapping Dale's hands under them as
Trish pushed them down. "...You'll start to think about earlier and you'll
get pissed at us again."

"I'm not mad..."

"You're depressed." Trish said softly. "Which is worse, because of the mood

"And we were stupid." Mickie said, moaning softly as Dale finally responded
to her advances, cupping her rump and giving it a soft squeeze. "We really
want to be into the things your into..."

"Or at least understand them a little better." Trish added. "We know how much
that stuff means to you..."

"Which is why we shouldn't have picked on you..."

"And why we're making it up to you now."

"Letting me breath would be nice."

Looking at Mickie, Trish nodded. "He's right."

Nodding back, Mickie asked, "Blowjob?"


"Please let me breath..."

"Rock, paper, scissors for it?"

"Alright. On three."

"Does this mean I get to breath again?"

"No. Whoever doesn't win is on lip duty."

"I just wanna breath like a normal person..."




"God damnit!"

"Who won?" Dale asked, trying to sit up more fully, but being pinned down by
the two Divas straddling his lap. "I didn't hear three. Was there a three?"

"Ha, ha!" Mickie teased, pointing at Trish. "Trish has got to go, Trish has
got to go..."

"This isn't fair." Trish whined. Looking at Mickie, she asked, "What were you
gonna pick?"


"Damnit!" Trish grumbled. Holding up her hand, she held out her index and
middle finger. "I had you!"

"And now I have Dale." Mickie mused, curling up in his lap and sticking her
tongue out at Trish.

"Save your tongue for him." Trish teased, leaning down and kissing her
girlfriend. "Love you."

"Love you."

Leaning down to Dale, Trish cupped his face softly, leaning in and giving
him a soft, slow kiss, moving her lips against his as she teased his lips
with her tongue. Pulling back, she smiled at him. "And I love you." She said

"I love you." He said softly, taking her hand and giving it a squeeze. "It's
just a kiss. We know how you feel."

"I know." Trish said, pulling herself out of his lap and smiling as Mickie
took up a better position. "See you guys in a little bit."

As Trish left the room, Mickie turned back to Dale, smiling as he squirmed
nervously. "What ya nervous for, Dale?"

"Does this mean I get to breath normally?" He asked. "Cuz I'm quite attached
to breathing."

"Well..." Mickie said, running her hands down his body, massaging the growing
lump in his crotch. "If you consider ragged, herky jerky breaths in between
sobs and cries of passion as your wonderfully skillful girlfriend sucks the
life out of your cock, then yes, you get to breath normally."

"Can I watch?"

Looking over her shoulder, Mickie smirked at Torrie. "God, are you following

"Yes." Torrie said with a smile. "Beats sitting around getting hit on."

"Why would you be getting hit on?" Mickie asked, motioning for Torrie to
enter the room. "Aside from the normal jerks, most people respect you and

"There is no more me and Billy." Torrie said softly, moving to sit beside
Dale and Mickie on the floor. "Thought you heard."

"Oh my gosh, no!" Mickie said quickly. "Are you ok?"

Nodding, Torrie smiled softly. "I'll live." Looking at Mickie, Torrie
giggled. "So, you mentioned something about a blowjob?"

Giggling, Mickie nodded, rubbing Dale's chest seductively. "I was gonna give
him a hummer as a sorry for earlier, and Trish was supposed to keep his lips
busy so he didn't scream down the building..."

"Your good! I can't help it!"

"...But she had to go film her angle with Carlito, so that idea kinda

"So you need someone to kiss him to keep his mouth busy?" Torrie asked,
grinning. When Mickie nodded, Torrie quickly reached over, grabbing Dale by
the face and pulling him towards her, kissing him softly on the lips. Feeling
him tense up, Torrie pushed on, smiling as she felt him relax in her hands,
slowly getting into the kiss.

Watching in wonder, Mickie stared at the kissing pair before shaking herself
out of her daze, reaching over and pushing Torrie and Dale apart. "Quit
kissing my boyfriend!" Mickie said, looking at Torrie. "What possessed..."

Before Mickie could finish her sentence, Torrie, giggling madly, reached
back and grabbed Dale again, pulling him over, murmuring around his lips,
"Alright, got the lips!"

"Stop that!" Mickie said, pushing them apart again. Seeing Torrie looking up
at her laughing, Mickie had to stop her as she dove for Dale again. "Leave my
boyfriend alone!"

"Share the wealth!" Torrie argued, trying to dodge Mickie's pushes and dive
back into Dale's lips.

"It's my wealth!" Mickie said, giggling at Torrie's attempts to get back at
Dale, who was caught in the middle of the two Divas. "Dale, tell her to leave
you alone! You need to breath."

"Breathing is overrated." He said, smiling. "Come on, Torrie. You got the

"No she doesn't!" Mickie laughed.

"I don't?" Torrie asked, giggling. When Mickie shook her head, Torrie grinned
wider. "That must mean you want lips. Guess I'm on blowjob detail, Dale."

"Fine by..."

"You shut up!" Mickie laughed, clamping a hand over Dale's mouth as she
pushed Torrie away again, the blonde making pretend dives with her hands for
Dale's crotch. Pushing Torrie and toppling her over, Mickie turned back to
Dale, smiling at the grin on his face. "You should be helping me more!"

"Hey, I can't see!" Dale argued, grinning as he felt Mickie turn to fend off
Torrie again. "How am I supposed to know who's doing what?"

Rearing back and smacking him on the shoulder, Mickie had to quickly regroup
as Torrie used the absence of one hand to mount another assault. "You know
what I blow like!"

"What's the matter, Mickie?" Torrie asked, giving up on her attempts as the
laughter over took her. "Feeling left out?" When Mickie shook her head, her
giggling to much to answer, Torrie said, "I bet you are. Come on, gimme a big
wet kiss..."

"No!" Mickie said, pushing Torrie back onto her butt as she slowly moved
towards the women's champion. "Geez, what the hell has gotten into you?
Acting like a spaz..."

Leaning back on her hands, Torrie shrugged. "Right now, I got two moods.
Goofy or sad. Take your pick."

"Goofy." Dale and Mickie said in unison, before Mickie added with a grin,
"Just leave my man alone."

"Come on, Mickie." Dale joked, smiling as he rubbed her sides softly. "I
think I'm man enough for three women."

"Yea, I know." Mickie said. "Trish told me about that."

His face falling slightly, Dale shook his head quickly. "Mickie, I didn't
mean it like that..."

Leaning down, Mickie kissed him softly on the lips, shutting him up. "I know
what you meant." She assured him softly. "I feel the same way." When Dale
nodded, and Mickie knew the panic attack he was about to have was averted,
she turned back to Torrie. "So, are you really doing ok? I know when I broke
up with Kenny, I said one thing, but I meant another..."

"I'm fine." Torrie said, smiling softly. "Sometimes. Other times, I just feel
like crying my eyes out." Looking at the couple, she said, "I just want to be
around friends, and you two joking and stuff helps a lot."

"Well, we can always use the company." Mickie said, before giggling. "Except
when were getting freaky. Then, your own your own." When Torrie laughed,
Mickie added, "But if you ever need anything else, anything we can do to
help, just ask." Off of Torrie's nod, Mickie asked, "So, where are you
staying? At your place..."

"Hotel." Torrie said. "Don't want anything to do with my place right now."

"I understand." Mickie said, smiling softly. Feeling Dales arms wrap around
her soft body, Mickie smiled at him.

"Get back here, you." Dale said with a grin, pulling her back into his lap.

"You?" Mickie asked with a smile. "When did I become "You"? I started as a
curvy love goddess..."

"And you're still my curvy love goddess..."

"I don't feel like it when you call me "You"." Mickie teased.

"Could be worse." He said.

"I fail to see how." She argued. "I started as a goddess. I've been reduced
to you."

"I think you're just mad that Torrie has the lips covered..."

"I totally do." Torrie agreed, smiling as she was brought back into the

"You do not..."

"It felt like she did." Dale mused, smiling as the girls giggled.

"You shut up." Mickie said, poking him.

"Since when did I become "You"?" Dale asked, smiling. "I started out as horse

"I never called you..." Mickie started, before stopping, thinking. Nodding,
she admitted, "Alright, I called you that before..."

"Maybe you should take the lips then, Mickie." Torrie offered with a grin. "I
can handle Mr. horse cock here if you'd prefer..."

"You, shut up." Mickie said, reaching out and poking Torrie in the shoulder.
"You handle nothing. I'll handle it all."

"It's a lot to handle." Dale said with a grin.

"I've done it before." Mickie said, leaning down and kissing him softly.
"I'll do it again. Gladly."

"I'm just happy to be breathing again." Dale said with a grin. "I think that
would be the biggest downfall with three women. I barely breath enough

"Well, then, I'm sorry, but I'm pulling my name out of the hat." Torrie
joked. "I like kissing."

"I'm sure we can work something out." Mickie said, smiling at Torrie. Letting
out a sigh, she added softly, "I just wish that something was getting you and
Billy back together..."

"No chance." Torrie said, shaking her head glumly. "He burned that bridge
with what he did, and I'm not falling for his shit again."

"Well, that sucks." Dale said.

"You sure your ok?" Mickie asked softly

Dropping her head down, Torrie let out a sigh. "I don't know." She finally
admitted. "Sometimes, like when I'm doing something that keeps me busy, I
don't think about it, and I'm fine. Other times, like when I'm alone at
night, I just want to cry. I just need to keep busy, but I can't keep going
all day and night. I just have to try and take advantage of the time I have
with other people and try to wind down a bit." Smiling at Mickie, she said,
"And I really did mean it when I said being around you guys help. I know
your probably waiting to get rid of me so you guys can go back to doing
whatever it was you were gonna do..."

"Never." Mickie said firmly. "We're here to help." Grinning, she poked Dale
softly. "Mr. Horse Cock here gets enough sex. He could use a break."

"I'd like to argue that point."

"Of course you would." Mickie giggled. "Horny little boy." Smiling as Torrie
giggled with her, Mickie said, "And if there's anything we can do to help,
don't hesitate to ask...aside from the whole sex thing, cuz that's just
between us..."

"Unless I don't know its you, then you can totally score."

"Cut that out." Mickie scolded him playfully. "That worked with one blonde.
Not happening again."

Laughing at the two lovers playful interaction, Torrie shook her head. "I
don't want to score." She said with a smile. Biting her bottom lip softly,
she shyly added, "But I wouldn't mind know..." Trailing off, Torrie
held up her hands, making vague squeezing/stroking motions with them.

Looking confused, Mickie shook her head. "You want us to squeeze something?"

Shaking her head, Torrie said, "No. I want Dale to..." She trailed off again,
whining softly as she tried to get her point across without saying it.
Realizing her hand gestures were making things worse, she finally spat out,
"Foot rub." Seeing Mickie's hesitant look, Torrie upped the whining. "Please?
You guys are always bragging about how good he is..."

"In more ways than one."

"Shut up Dale." Mickie said. Looking at Torrie, she said, "Torrie, I don't
know...I mean, like I've said, I have no problem with Dale doing that. I know
it's nothing big to him. It's just, Trish is a little...possessive."

"A little?"

"Alright, a lot." Mickie said. "She gives me the eye when Dale does me
instead of her. She's very possessive of her foot rubs."

"She's doing a segment, isn't she?" Torrie asked. When Mickie nodded, she
said, "She'll be gone for a while. I wouldn't mind a quick one." Seeing
Mickie begin to crack, Torrie quickly offered, "You could be lookout. If
she's coming back, just give the door a little knock, and I'll act like
nothing happened. Please Mickie?"

Sighing softly, Mickie turned to Dale. "Do you want to do it?"

Shrugging, Dale said, "Up to you. I don't care."

Looking back to Torrie, Mickie slowly extracted herself from Dale's lap.
"Alright, I‘ll be lookout. Just be quick, ok?"

"Promise." Torrie said, smiling as she quickly kicked off her running shoes.
Pulling off her socks as Mickie left the room, she turned and giggled as she
saw Dale smiling at her. "What?"

"You are horrible." Dale said with a shake of his head. "Playing on her
sympathy to get a foot rub."

"I had to!" Torrie giggled, quickly scooting across the floor and getting
into position. "Candice is looking after you when Trish and Mickie have there
alone time, so I'm left out in the dark."

"You could get a man slave to do this for you."

"But they'd want sex in return." Torrie pointed out, stretching out her left
leg and setting her foot down on his thigh. "Where you've made it abundantly
clear that this in no way, shape or form is sexual to you. I think you're
about the closest thing to a plutonic foot rub a girl could ask for."

Shaking his head as he took her foot into his hands, he said, "You're just a
foot rub whore." When she giggled, he smiled, asking her, "So I'm guessing
you're not really upset about you and Billy?"

"Oh, that part was true." Torrie said, lying back fully on the floor and
relaxing, enjoying her illicit gains. "I really do cry most nights..."

"And suddenly I feel stupid for saying that."

"It's not your fault." Torrie said, stifling a moan as his thumbs pressed
into her foot.

"Can I ask what happened?"

"Walked in on him with the maid." Torrie said. "The maid I didn't know we

"That sucks." He said, before smiling. "You didn't even get to use the maid,
and he's sleeping with her."

"I know." Torrie said, playing along. "The nerve, huh?"

"Well, Billy's a stupid prick." Dale said firmly. "I'm sure someone like you
can find a better person to share your life with than someone who would fuck
the maid while your gone."

Grinning, she stretched her right foot out, rubbing his chest. "Someone super
cute like you?"

"Getting dangerously close to flirting here..."

"I am flirting." Torrie said with a smile. "Not in a "I'm stealing you from
Trish and Mickie" sort of way..."

"Which is good, cuz I'm kinda partial to them..."

"Just in a friendly way." Torrie finished. "Keep on your good side to keep
the foot rubs coming."

Smiling, Dale pressed his thumbs firmly into her foot, making her purr. "You
really do like these, don't you?"

"I like getting them without any strings attached." Torrie said. "If I
thought for a second you would expect anything from me in exchange for them,
I'd probably stop."


"Well, I can't say for sure I'd stop." She said with a smile. "You do have
magic hands. My little blind lover gives the best foot massages, bar none."
Giggling as he smiled, she jokingly added, "Now, if I could only get you to
massage other places..."

* * *

"I hate screen kisses."

Holding his pouting blonde girlfriend in his lap, Dale smiled. "I bet you did
great." Leaning down, he quickly found her lips, kissing her softly.

When he pulled away, Trish continued to pout. "You want to kiss after my lips
were just on Carlito's?"

"You didn't blow him, did you?"


"Then I don't care." He said, smiling as he kissed her again. "Besides, I
taste mint. I'm betting you brushed afterwards."

"A few times." Trish grumbled, moving up to kiss him back.

"You know how much I love mint..."

"You love butterscotch more."

"Didn't have any butterscotch candies?"

"I'll get some later." Trish promised him. Grumbling softly, she added, "I
just wish I was done for the day."

"Well, you have your match." Dale said. "What else?"

"Photo shoots." Trish said. "Apparently my Divas dot com pictures are getting
stale after years of not updating them..."

"That is a while."

"So Vince asked if I'd mind doing some photo shoots to freshen up the site."

"And you agreed?"

"Only if Mickie could share in the misery." Trish said with a smile. "Got
Victoria to come keep you company while we're gone."

"Which I wish you didn't have to do..."

"Dale, I didn't get my ass kicked by a jealous boyfriend." Trish said firmly.
"I don't know what you're going through, but I'll go through it with you. If
getting Victoria to keep you company is the price I have to pay to keep you
happy, then it's something I'll do every time."


"Besides, she's bringing you lunch, since we're gonna be tied up for a

"Is that one of the photo shoots?" He asked, smiling. "Mickie and Trish,
whips and chains?"

"Your really in a kinky frame of mind today, aren't you?"

"There's days I'm not?"

"No." Trish said, leaning up and kissing him. "And no, no whips and chains.
No joint photo shoots, either."

"You two would make a wicked photo shoot..."

"I don't think I want the kind of pictures your thinking about getting out."

"Probably not." He said, grinning. " said something about Victoria,
and lunch?"


"Something from catering?"

"She was going out, so I told her to pick something up for you guys."

"Where's my wallet?"

"Probably in your pants." Trish said with a smirk. "Want me to get it for

"I think I can handle that part." He said, pulling her closer. "How long you
guys gonna be?"

"Well, Vince wants a couple of new shoots, and all the crap that goes with
that, so a while at least."

"Thank you for that very accurate time frame."

"If I had to guess, hour or two?" Trish said. "All depends on how many shoots
he wants, and how many outfit changes. Bet on two, but hopefully only one."

"Cool." He said. His stomach rumbling, he softly asked, "Any idea how long
Victoria will be?"

"Not long." Trish said, scooting up into his lap and smiling as she leaned in.
"Which means we have a very limited amount of time to smooch..."

"Make it count."

"I always do." She said, leaning in and kissing him softly.

Taking her lips to his, Dale held her softly, rubbing her sides gently. As
she pulled back, he sighed softly. "Are you sure Victoria's gonna want to
baby sit..."

"Don't call it that again." Trish said tersely. "Take care of you. Not baby
sit. Your not a baby..."

"I feel like one sometimes."

"I feel like slapping the shit out of you sometimes." Trish said. "Like when
I hear you call it baby sitting."

Nodding softly, he said, "Ok, I'll stop."

"Thank you."

"Can I ask my question now?"

"So long as you don't call it baby sitting."

"Are you sure Victoria's gonna want to look after me for up to two hours?"
Dale asked softly.

"She will." Trish said. "For part of the time. Maria said she'd swing by and
check in on you two after a little while. I gave Victoria the low down before
she left, so it's not like I'm springing this on her." When he nodded, Trish
leaned up and kissed him, adding, "And don't forget, Candice is taking you
out sometime..."

Smiling, Dale cut her off. "So you and Mickie can go make out alone for a

Nodding on instinct, Trish softly said, "I hope you don't take it as a slight
that we get Candice to do that..."

"Not at all." Dale said, leaning down and kissing her softly. "You and Mickie
need your alone time to. And hanging out with Candice is fun. She took me to
a movie last week."

"And did you pay?"

"Of course." He said, smiling. "She tried to argue, but she found out quickly
I know where my wallet is..."

"Except for right now."

"I'm guessing my pocket."

Grinding her hips around, Trish smiled as he moaned. "You guessed right."
When he smiled, she sighed softly. "I really am sorry about this. I don't
like pawning you off on the other girls..."

"Hey, it's not pawning me off." Dale said. "I could follow you guys and sit
around, bored out of my mind. But you give me the option of spending time
with the other girls and hang out with them, and I like that better. Photo
shoots are boring when you can't see. Besides, so long as the others don't
mind bab...looking after me, I don't mind being looked after."

"They don't mind." Trish said, before giggling. "Actually, they do the exact
opposite of minding. They actually volunteer to look after you. I have to
turn people away." She smiled, telling him, "You're very popular Dale."

"That's good to know, I guess." He said, reaching down and pulling her
fully into his lap. Reaching up and cupping her face, he kissed her gently,
brushing his lips across hers. "Do you like me?"

"I love you." Trish purred. Feeling his hands glide down from her face, Trish
intercepted them and pushed them to her chest, moaning softly into his mouth
as he took the hint and cupped her breasts softly. "I love you and I love

"I love you and I love Mickie..." Dale said, before smiling. "And I love
Burger King."

"What are your feelings on Taco Bell?" Someone asked, adding a few knocks on
the door afterwards.

"I love it just fine." Dale said, letting his hands glide down from Trish's
breasts to her hips. "Are you decent?" He asked Trish. "I think you are, but
just making sure..."

"I'm decent." Trish said. "Come on in Vicky."

Moving into the small room, Victoria smiled as she spotted Trish sitting in
Dale's lap on the small love seat. "Cozy are we?"

"Very." Trish said, smiling back at the raven haired Diva. "Wish I didn't
have to get up."

"I second that opinion." Dale said, sliding his hands around slyly and
cupping her booty. "I was getting to like it."

"I bet you were." Trish said, giving him another hip rotation before looking
over at Victoria. "I gotta go do a few photo shoots with Mickie, so we could
be gone a while..."

"That's ok." Victoria said, plunking down on the unused half of the love
seat. "I don't mind looking after Dale here."

"Could be a few hours..."

"Like I haven't looked after Dale for a few hours before." Victoria said with
a smile. "Go, get, photo shoots await. Go make teenagers drool..."

"Amongst other ways they'd expel bodily fluids."

"You know Dale, I try and push that out of my head." Trish said with a
giggle. "I don't need to think about that kind of stuff."

"Guess I should keep my mouth shut about what I used to do when I could

"No, you, I want to hear about. In graphic detail." Trish said, before
leaning down and kissing him. "Later. Now, gotta go take some sexy pictures
for all the boys to drool over. Love you."

"Love you to." He said, relaxing fully in his seat as he heard Trish's
footsteps move towards the door. Hearing it click open and closed, Dale
closed his eyes, leaning his head back. "So, I heard someone mention a
promise of food?"

"Promise is a strong word." Victoria said with a grin. "An offer with a

"There's always a hitch." Dale said, shaking his head. "And what would said
hitch be?"

"I'm holding your food ransom."

"Ransom?" Dale asked, looking in her direction. "Ransom for what?"

"You know what."

Sighing softly, Dale shook his head, trying not to smile. "You people are

"Who's "We people" and why are we horrible?" Victoria asked, smiling.

"You people are the Divas and your horrible because your withholding food
from a blind man until he promises you a foot rub." Dale said, smiling as
Victoria giggled. "That is just cruel."

"It's the way things are." Victoria said with a laugh. "Foot rubs for food.

"Deal." He said, shaking his head. "Get it up here."

"You can wait until your done eating." Victoria said. "Wouldn't want you to
have to get up and find the bathroom to wash your hands...unless you were
doing something with Trish that would require that."

"Anywhere my hands were on Trish, I've eaten before." Dale said with a smirk.
"Now what's on the menu?"

"Taco Bell." Victoria deadpanned. When he gave her a look, she giggled. "I
got you what you always get. Hope that's ok?"

"If I always get it, stands to reason it'd be ok..." He said, before adding,
"Aside from the fact that it's being ransomed to me."

"Oh, give it up." Victoria said, reaching into the bag and pulling out some
food, setting it carefully in Dale's lap. "You know you want to do it."

"Again, don't really care." Dale said, fumbling around and finding his food,
pulling one package up to his nose and giving it a sniff. "Any sour cream?"

"How do you know that needs sour cream?" Victoria asked with a smile.

"It's a chicken quesadilla with, I'm guessing, extra cheese." Dale said. "It
needs sour cream. You always get sour cream."

Shaking her head softly, Victoria reached into the bag and produced a small
plastic cup. "Give me a baby, Dale." Victoria said with a smile as she handed
him the cup.

"A baby?" He asked, trying not to smile.


"Do you mean give you one in like a you, me and some Barry White kind of way?"
He asked, trying to sound serious. "Or like just go grab a kid at random?
Because, being blind, I'm not very stealthy, so it's gonna have to be a smash
and grab job."

"The you, me and Barry White kind of way." Victoria said, taking a bite of
her taco. "I'm old fashioned like that."

"So what about me makes you want a baby?" Dale asked, finally cracking a

"You have superior DNA." Victoria said. "I barely know what I'm eating when
I'm looking at it half the time. You know by smell."

"So me knowing what a chicken quesadilla smells like is enough to get between
your legs?" He asked, grinning. "Not sure I want that honor. If it's that
easy to get with you, then..."

"If you finish that sentence, you'll be eating alone." Victoria threatened
playfully. "Besides, you have other qualities."

"Such as?" He asked, fumbling around with the wrapping and opening his
quesadilla, cracking open the sour cream, picking up a piece of the
quesadilla and combing the two.

"Well...your nice." She said, reaching over and stealing some of his sour
cream. "And you seem to have a good memory...and...ummmm..."

"You've been talking to Torrie, haven't you?"

"I have." Victoria said.

"And she happened to say something about a certain nick name a certain
Women's Champion has for me, didn't she?"

"Something about a horse appendage may have come up." Victoria said casually.

Taking a bite of his food, Dale grinned. "For shame, Victoria. And here I
thought you loved me for me."

"I love foot rubs." She said with a grin. "Also, practicing making babies
with someone nick named horse cock isn't such a bad thing."

"Practicing?" He asked, taking another bite. "Think I shoot blanks?"

"I'm protected." She said. "Something I probably wouldn't let slide if either
of us were serious."

"How come?"

"You might not give it your all if you thought there wasn't a chance of it
working." She said. "But I'm sneaky enough to not tell you to keep the
practice sex coming."

"You've thought about this way to much."

"We have a lot of time driving from town to town. Not all of us are blessed
with two lovers to keep us company."

"Still, way to much."

Reaching over, she ruffled up his hair slightly, giggling as he shook his
head in protest. "Your just to awesome, Dale. If you don't watch out,
someone's gonna steal you away from Trish and Mickie. Or possibly weasel
there way in with you three."

"Torrie told you that part, huh?"

"Torrie has a big mouth." Victoria said. "But I understand where you're
coming from."

"Thank you."

"Also, I'm getting my resume done up this week, and I'll have it for you guys
on Friday."

"I'll make sure Mickie and Trish give it a thorough going over."

"In a read kind of way, or a you, me, Trish, Mickie and Barry White kinda
way?" Victoria asked with a smirk.

Popping the last part of his quesadilla third into his mouth and reaching for
another one, Dale smiled. "We'll see."

* * *

"So, have tunes, will travel?"

Smiling, Maria nodded, oblivious to the fact that Dale couldn't see her. "All
new songs, as promised." She said, taking his MP3 player and putting it back
into his hand. "Got some new stuff the other day, so chucked that on there

"And my CD's on there." Lita piped in happily. "Still rough mix, but..."

"I'll give it a whirl." Dale said, leaning back in the sofa. "So, what is on
tap for you two ladies today?"

"Well, I have to kick your girlfriends ass." Lita said with a grin. "Blonde's
going down."

"You supposed to win?" He asked.

"No." Lita laughed. "She's supposed to get speared though."

"Don't like the sounds of that." Dale said.

"She kicks out." Lita said. "Then, Stratusfaction, and one two three, thus
cementing her as the ultimate bad ass in the women's division."

"Because Vince has a major crush on her." Dale said with a grin.

"Well, Vince and every other guy around here." Maria teased. "You're a
trusting man, Dale. Having a girlfriend with that much competition around

"I have no choice but to be trusting." He said. "She could be making out with
someone right in front of me and I'd probably never know. So trust is a big
thing. If I didn't think I could trust her, she wouldn't be my girlfriend."

"That felt like a little jab." Lita said with a smirk.

"I have no earthly idea what happened in your case." Dale said. "I don't ask,
and it didn't happen to me, so I try to keep an open mind."

"I'm just trying to move on." She said. "Got a new man. One who doesn't need
to see his name in the internet dirt sheets every day..."

"Which is a good thing." He said. "Hope your happy now."

"I am."

Looking towards Maria, Dale grinned. "And how is mister clean living treating

"Very well." Maria giggled. "Don't see him as much as I'd like, seeing as
he's on the Smackdown tour and I'm stuck on Raw, but still, it works out in
the end."

"Hope so." He said. Rocking back and forth slightly, he asked, "Any idea
where Candice is? She was supposed to pick me up soon. I'm probably keeping
you guys..."

"Not at all!"

"Totally." Maria chimed in. "It's nice spending time with you."

"I'd love to know why." He said. "Pretty much all I do is sit around and ask
for things."

"You know your music." Lita said with a grin. "Nice talking to someone who's
musical tastes aren't limited to the top 40 charts."

"And you don't hit on us." Maria said. "That ups you on the cool scale with

"That is a big plus." Lita admitted. "Nice to not have to worry about
ulterior motives behind anything you say...unlike someone who's coming this

Listening to the thud of heavy footsteps coming towards him, Dale looked up
and in the direction of the sound, trying to pinpoint it. Looking towards
Maria, he whispered, "Who is it?"

"Hello, ladies." Orton said, smiling at them. "You too, Maria, Lita."

"Funny." Dale said, shaking his head and leaning back in his seat. Looking
over at Lita, he said, "Made me think it was someone important. Shame on

Resting his weight on one foot and crossing his arms over his bare chest,
Randy shook his head, looking at Dale. "Don't think I'm important? Which one
of us has held the WWE title?"

"I'm guessing not me." Dale said. "Pretty sure I haven't done that." Looking
at Lita, he asked, "I haven't, have I?"

"No Dale." Lita said.

"Not yet." Maria added with a smile.

"Exactly." Randy snapped. Smirking at the two women on his sides, he added,
"But at least it's easy enough to find the talent when you're around. Just
look for you, and there's bound to be some eye candy on your arm being your
seeing eye dog. Either some random Diva, or your so called girl friends..."

"So called?" Dale asked, looking confused. "Randy, I can assure you, their
girls...women, in fact."

"I know." He said, smiling. "I've seen them."

"Oooooo, seen them." Dale said, shrugging his shoulders. "Spying on them
through a peep hole in the shower rooms or barging in on them while they're
changing is a long ways away from what I get to do. Big friggin deal. I get
to see them every night."

"You can't see..."

Holding up his hands, Dale grinned. "These show me everything I need to know.
And my women love being looked at by me."

Looking at Maria and Lita, Randy pointed his hands at Dale. "What the fuck
is it you dumb bimbos see in this blind moron? I've seen Mickie and Trish
leading him around the arena like a seeing eye dog, so I'm at a complete
loss as to what he has to offer that I don't."

"You do mean other than class, right?" Maria asked, smiling condescendingly
at the arrogant superstar.

"Ha, ha."

"Well, he does have a certain charm about him." Lita said, looking over at

Reaching out and stroking his chin softly, Maria smiled as Dale blushed. "And
he is cute as hell."

"Puppies are cute." Orton said. Grinning, he added, "I think your girls need
someone whose hot, blind man."

"You are hot, Randy." Lita said. "No doubt about that."

"But you're also an asshole." Maria piped in.

"Girls love assholes." He said with a grin. "Treat them like shit, and
they'll beg for more."

"Some do." Lita admitted. Looking over at Dale again, she grinned. "But some
just want guys who are nice to them, no matter there Mickie and
Trish...and pretty much every other Diva in this company who's shot you down
time and time again." Looking up at him, she grinned. "How many times did you
try and get into Trish and Mickie's pants? Or mine?"

"Trish and Mickie are queer." Randy said. "Explains them."

"There bi." Dale said, correcting him. "Big difference. And as to answer your
question, I have no earthly idea why they picked me over you. But all I know
is that it took me less than three weeks to have both of them, and you struck
out for years on end. That's gotta sting."


Turning and looking towards the door, Randy stumbled out of the way as
Candice pushed him to the side, moving past him and into the small room and
towards Dale. "Are you ladies done with him?"

"I was hoping not." Maria said with a grin. Reaching out and rubbing his
chest, she giggled as he squirmed. "We were just getting cozy..."

"You sit there, fucking tease him like that, and you claim to be Mickie and
Trish's friends." Orton said. "You'd fuck him in a heartbeat if he let
you...which I guess says something for how low your standards are."

"I would." Maria admitted, looking at Dale. "If I didn't have my man, you'd
be on my hit list, Dale."

"I'll keep that in mind." He said with a smile.

"And you don't even care, blind man." Randy said. "You could be swimming in
trim around here, but all you do is joke and laugh it off."

Shrugging, Dale smiled. "Because I take it for what it is. Friendship.
Nothing more, nothing less. I have my girlfriends, and I know my friends
respect that."

"Well, guess its great news I'm not your friend." Orton said, moving back
towards the door. "Cuz I'd be all over your girlfriends if I had half a

"Guess it's a good thing you'll never get that chance." Dale said, before
looking over to Maria. "Gotta go. Thanks for the songs."

"No problem." She said, leaning over and giving him a hug and a quick peck on
the cheek. "See you later."

"Later." He said, turning to Lita. "I'll listen to your CD as soon as I can."

"Thanks Dale." Lita said, leaning over and giving him a hug before scooting
over and letting him get a grip on the couch, pushing himself up.

Reaching his arm out, Dale smiled as Candice quickly took it, wrapping her
arm around his and holding his hand.

Something clicking in her head, Maria shouted, "Oh! Dale!" When Dale stopped
his forward movement and turned to look at her, she said, "Don't forget to
ask Trish and Mickie if it's alright if we go to that concert, ok? Week after
next. I need to let my ticket hookup know ASAP."

"I'll ask them as soon as I can." He said, smiling.

"Wait, wait, hold up." Orton said, waving his hands. Looking at Maria, he
asked, "You'll go out on a date with blind boy here, and you won't give me
the time of day?"

Rolling her eyes with a sigh, Maria shook her head. ~ He'll never understand.
~ She thought. "Yes, we're going out on a date." She said in a condescending
tone. "Dale rules, so he gets dates. Plays his cards right, and he might get
a little more than that..."

"Sorry Randy. Just the way things work." Dale said, smiling as Candice turned
him around and led him through the door. "Any plans for today?" He asked,
looking in the direction of the Diva on his arm.

"Was thinking we could go for a walk." Candice said. "I don't get out much
when we're on the road, but we got here early today, so..."

"So let's go for a walk." Dale said, smiling as he gave Candice's hand a
squeeze. "Lead the way."

* * *

"Shouldn't your husband be doing this?"

"He doesn't have the hands for it." Candice purred softly. "Lower, please."

"He's a surgeon. He has wicked hands." Dale said, moving his hands lower down
her back. "Good?"

"His hands are great for surgery." Candice said. "Not for this. Just a smidge

"The WWE has someone around here who will do this for you, you know." He
said, inching his way down.

"But they charge." Candice said. "Also? Not as good as you. Little to the

"I should start charging. I'd make a killing."

"Oh god, yes..." Candice moaned softly, Dale's hands finding the sore spot on
her tense back. "You do charge. I had to take you out today. And we always
agreed to this fee."

"I suppose." Dale grumbled softly. "But do you really have to be nude?"

"Topless." Candice corrected him.

"And bottomless."

"I have panties on!" Candice giggled. "And it doesn't bother me. I know you
can't see me, and I wouldn't care if you could. I'm fine with my body."

"I'm fine with it to." He said, grinning. "But I doubt Mickie or Trish would
be fine walking in on me giving a panty clad diva a massage."

"Which is why I sneak it in when they think we're still out on our walks."
Candice said with a smile. "Sneaky, aren't I?"

"Your just a massage whore." Dale teased.

"Call me whatever you want." She said. "But I'm the massage whore who's
getting a massage."

"That won't help me if Trish or Mickie walk in..."

"If they come in, I'll explain." Candice said. "To the right, please."

"How would you explain this away?" He asked with a smile.

"Are you naked?" She asked, moaning softly.


"Have you ever been anything close to naked when you give me massages?"

"Well, there was that one time..."

"It was like seven hundred degrees outside, and you only had your shirt off."
Candice said. "Quit worrying."

"Your not the one who could lose two girlfriends over this."

"If Mickie and Trish left you for this, then there childish." Candice argued.
"I've been in Playboy. I'm comfortable with my body. Me being topless is
nothing new, even with you in the room. I walk around the locker room topless
all the time."

"I never knew that."

"Because you can't see." Candice said. "So stop worrying. I'll take the heat
if they find out. You just play dumb, k?"

"I'll hold you to that." He said with a grin. "So, where did Mickie and Trish
slink off to? Still doing their shoots?"

"They were almost done their photo shoots when I dropped by." Candice said.
"It's getting close to game time, so I offered to pick you up from Maria and
take you out to give them some time alone. Aren't I a good friend?"

"You a massage junkie." Dale teased.

"I am." Candice admitted. When he chuckled, she smiled as he moved his hands
lower, lifting them up carefully and clearing her butt before putting them
back down on her right thigh, avoiding the areas she had to agree were off
limits to get her massage. "So, I heard a little bit of you and Orton's
pissing match."

"His pissing match." He corrected her. "I have nothing to prove."

"Did I miss anything fun?" She asked.

"Aside from him vowing to steal Trish and Mickie from me the first chance he

"Pish." Candice spat. "Steal what? Trish tried being his friend, but he's
even to big of an asshole for her to overcome. And if Trish won't be your
friend, you're a dick. And Mickie learned from Trish not to deal with him
the minute they met. You don't have to worry about anything there, Dale."

"I know." He said, rubbing the backs of her thighs softly but firmly.

"Trish and Mickie would never do anything like that to you." She said firmly.
"Both of them adore you and would never hurt you like that. I hope you know

"I do." He said. "I've said it hundreds of times. They have no reason to lie
and say that they love me. They both have money, looks, fame. All I have is
the money..."

"Your super cute." Candice interrupted. "So you got the looks to."

"If you say so."

"I do." She said, smiling. "Trust me. If Mickie and or Trish ever cheated on
you, you'd have a lineup of Divas waiting to make you forget about them and
make it all better."

"I don't want replacements." He said with a smile. "I have what I want."

"I'm getting what I want."

"Massage whore."

"Horse cock."

"I hate Torrie."

"You love us all."

"I still hate Torrie."

Purring softly, Candice let her head rest on her arms, enjoying her massage
to the fullest. "So long as you like me enough to give me massages, I'm fine
with that."

* * *

"We're running low on wine."

Looking over at the nearly empty Pepsi bottle, Trish smiled. "Cheese to?"

Shaking the box of Cheese Nibs, Mickie nodded. "Probably for the best. I
don't want to be full for my match."

"You have a match to?" Trish asked, leaning over and kissing her shoulder.

"Versus Beth." Mickie said.

"Wow." Trish said, turning to the side and kissing her further up the
shoulder. "Two Divas in matches in one night. That's gotta be some kind of

Looking towards Trish, Mickie smiled as she continued inch her way up her
shoulder, pushing her lips further and further away from her shoulder and
towards her neck. "Do I look cheap to you?"

"You look delicious."

"You're learning to much from Dale." Mickie giggled, cooing softly as she
tilted her neck to the side, letting Trish pepper her with soft kisses. "And
you didn't answer my question."

"No, you don't look cheap. Why?"

Holding up the Pepsi bottle, Mickie smiled. "More wine?"

Rolling her eyes, Trish smiled as Mickie giggled. "More?"

"Just a bit."

"You're going to get a fat ass if you keep eating that stuff." Trish scolded
her playfully, before sliding one of her hands under Mickie's skirt and
cupping the Woman's Champions plump rump. "Oh? What do we have here?"

Pushing her hands away with more giggled, Mickie smiled. "A fat ass."

"A pleasingly plump rump." Trish purred, pushing both of her hands under
Mickie's skirt and attacking her butt with soft, loving caresses and
squeezes, pelting her neck with kisses for good measure. "I love your
booty, Miss James."

"Yours ain't chopped liver either, Miss Stratus." Mickie said with a grin,
before shaking the soda bottle again. "More?"

"If I get you more, can I play with your butt?"

"To your hearts content." Mickie assured her. "I'll just put a straw in the
Pepsi bottle, roll over on all fours and let you have at it."

"I'm going to hold you to that." Trish promised her with a kiss on the lips.
"I'll be right back."

"Hurry." Mickie teased. "My butts getting lonely already."

Giggling, Trish popped up and bounded from the room, reaching into her pocket
and pulling out a few dollars, making her way towards the canteen in the
back. Zigzagging through the corridors and twisting and turning paths, Trish
smiled at the young woman working behind the counter as she approached it,
pointing at the cooler behind her. "Can I please have a Pepsi?" She asked.

Nodding, the girl quickly turned and retrieved the large bottle, setting it
down on the counter and taking the money Trish handed her. When Trish waved
off the change, her face lit up. "Thank you!"

"No problem." Trish said, turning and starting towards Mickie in earnest,
stopping and sighing in frustration as she spotted something blocking her
path. "What do you want? I'm in a hurry."

"I can see that." Randy said, looking Trish up and down. "I saw you bounce
and jiggle up here..."

"Seriously, what do you want?" Trish snapped, her mood quickly turning from
eager to be with Mickie again to eager to get away from the leering
Superstar. "I'm not in the mood for this."

"That time of the month?" He asked with a smirk. When she scoffed and tried
to push past him, Orton told her, "I thought I should tell you. Maria and
Lita were both hitting on your boyfriend."

"Sure they were." Trish spat, pushing past him and towards her thirsty lover.

Quickly following the blonde bombshell, his eyes locked on her denim clad
ass, Randy told her, "Don't believe me? How bout you ask him what his plans
are for next weekend."

Sighing in frustration, Trish stopped and turned to face him. "What in the
world are you getting at?"

"Dale's gonna ask you if him and Maria can go to a concert or something."
Randy said, waving his hands. "I forget what, but that's not important..."

"Kinda like this whole conversation?"

"No, not like this conversation." He said. "What I probably shouldn't tell

"Yet you're going to anyways..."

"Is that Maria and Lita both told me they'd fuck your man in a heart beat."
Randy said with a smug smile.

"And?" Trish said, shrugging her shoulders.

"And?" Randy said, staring at her, in the face for the first time. "What do
you mean "And"? That doesn't bother you?"

"Randy, I can't think of a girl off the top of my head around here who
wouldn't fuck Dale." Trish said. "Shit, Victoria and Candice offered to take
him home and look after him if Mickie and I ever needed a break."

"And you're not worried?"

"No." Trish said. "Because Dale isn't like you. Dale isn't a dog."

"Who are you calling..."

"Oh for fuck sakes, drop the act." Trish spat, her patience running on empty
as her need to fondle her lover's backside grew. "You're not telling me this
out of some noble quest to protect me. You're telling me this to try and get
some brownie points and get into my pants. The same fucking thing you've
been doing for the past...fuck, three years now? And how many times has it
worked?" Before he could answer, she snapped, "None!" Shaking her head, she
shrugged her shoulders. "You just don't get it. It's never, ever going to
happen. You try and stir up shit where there's none to stir up. I knew about
Maria wanting to take Dale to the concert. She's done it before, and I trust
her completely with Dale, and I trust Dale with her."

"You trust your boyfriend, who hangs off of all the bitches back stage like a
lost puppy, with a fine piece of trim like Maria?"

"Trim? Bitches?" Trish asked, shaking her head. "Do you even think before you
talk, or do you just blurt out whatever stupid thoughts come to your caveman
brain?" Before he could answer, she said, "Yes, I trust Dale. He hangs off of
them by necessity, not by choice. I don't know if you noticed or not, Randy,
but he's blind. As in, he can't see where he's walking, and yes, he has to be
lead around like a lost puppy. There's nothing he'd like more than to have
the other Divas, not bitches, not trim, not have to look after him, but he
does. And it just so happens that the other Divas love doing it. And do you
know why?"


"Because they like Dale." Trish said. "Because he doesn't talk sweet to there
face, and call them whores or cunts behind there back. He's a genuinely nice
guy, not an asshole."

Grinning, Randy shrugged his shoulders. "Girls love assholes."

"Really?" Trish asked, tilting her head to the side in mock thought. "Ok,
they do? All right, how many Divas have you slept with? How many of them
loved your asshole routine?" When he glared at her, she snapped, "I wouldn't
fuck you in a million years. I'm done dealing with pre-Madonna's and assholes
to try and make myself feel loved. I have love, and I don't need pricks like

Chuckling, Randy smiled. "Spunky. I like that." When she glared at him and
turned to walk away, he said, "You say that now when blind man and the dyke
are around."

Shaking her head, Trish continued to walk towards the small room she had left
her lover in far to long ago. "And I'll say it if I'm alone." She yelled back
at him. "I wouldn't fuck you if your dick had the answer to all the worlds
problems in it."

Hearing the laughter of the backstage crew ringing in his ears, Randy looked
around in a rage. "What the fuck are you laughing at?"

Quickly moving back towards the small room, Trish slid the cold Pepsi under
her arm as she reached out and opened the door, her face lighting up as
Mickie looked up at her. Moving in and closing the door behind her, Trish
snapped the lock shut before quickly returning to the floor beside her lover,
kissing her softly. "Sorry I took so long." Trish said softly, nuzzling
Mickie's cheek for forgiveness. "I had an Orton Incident."

"Oh." Mickie purred, nodding knowingly. "Did you let him down hard or easy?"

"Hard." Trish said, her lips leaving little wet kiss marks on Mickie's neck
as she cracked open her girlfriend's wine. "I'm sick and tired of telling
that moron no. Even more so since I have someone to share my bed with
already. Didn't help his cause that he was trying to stir up shit between us
and Dale."

As Trish moved away for a moment to grab the two plastic cups off the floor
and fill them, Mickie asked, "Shit? What kind of shit?"

Handing Mickie her drink, Trish smiled, asking dramatically, "Did you know
Dale is going to a concert with Maria? And that Maria said she's sleep with

Smiling, Mickie took a sip of her soda. "Sleep with him?" When Trish nodded,
bubbling with laughter, Mickie asked, "Like, right after the concert, or at
another point in time?"

Leaning over and kissing Mickie softly, Trish smiled. "At a later point in
time, I guess. Cuz I know for a fact that he's sleeping with us that night."

"Oh?" Mickie asked. "How do you know for sure? Randy might try his luck with
Dale next."

"He'd have better luck with Dale than me." Trish said. "Dale wouldn't be able
to realize who it was till it was to late."

"I'm sure Dale would be thrilled by that." Mickie said, taking a drink.
Looking at Trish, she smiled. "Didn't you want some alone time with my

"Once you're done." Trish said with a smile. "The things I want to do to you
require your undivided attention."

"Oooooo, naughty girl." Mickie teased, sipping at her soda. "What kind of
things are you thinking about?"

Smiling, Trish took a drink of her own soda. "Finish that glass and you'll
find out."

Taking another sip, Mickie smiled as Trish scooted closer to her, leaning in
for a quick kiss as she slid her hand onto the buxom Women's Champions thigh,
rubbing it softly. "You make me so happy, Trish." Mickie said softly.

Smiling, Trish let her forehead rest against Mickie's. "You make me feel
loved." Leaning forward and kissing her lover, she added, "You and Dale are
the greatest things to ever happen to me."

"We should probably go pick Dale up soon." Mickie said softly. "The other
girls are probably getting tired of him..."

"You're kidding, right?" Trish said with a grin. "They love him. I had to
shoot down two or three of them today, and split up his time between a bunch
of other girls just to not get them all mad at me." When Mickie smiled, Trish
smiled back. "I think our boyfriend is a hit."

"We might have competition." Mickie mused with a smile.

"Bring em on." Trish purred, lapping at Mickie's neck flesh. "I got you two.
And I'm not letting go without a fight."

"What about adding to us?"

"I'm not a big fan of Dale's three girls idea."

Taking another sip, Mickie asked, "So I take it you've ruled that out as an

"Never." Trish said. "I've learned not to rule anything out..."

"Except sleeping with Orton."

"Alright, correction." Trish said. "I've learned not to rule anything out
with you two."

"So you'd think about it?" Mickie asked. "Assuming the subject came up and
options were presented?"

"I'd have to." Trish said. Leaning over, she kissed Mickie's cheek softly.
"But I don't know who we could find. Dale has standards, you know."

"He does?" Mickie teased. "He picked us. What do we have in common?"

Sliding her hand along the floor, Trish purred as Mickie felt her fingers
connect with flesh and lifted her butt slightly, letting Trish get a good
handful of ass flesh. "We're both bootylicious." Trish purred. "And I don't
know what other girl around here meets up with the lofty standards that Dale
has for his women and their booties."

"Mmmmmm, we do set the bar pretty high, don't we?" Mickie moaned softly.

"I know you do." Trish said, her hand quickly joined by the other one as she
slid it around Mickie's curvy body and cupped her other rump cheek.

Reaching her free hand out, Mickie cupped Trish's ass, giving it a squeeze.
"You're pretty bootylicious yourself there honey."

"So who could match up with us?" Trish asked, smiling as Mickie took another
gulp of her Pepsi. "Torrie, maybe?"

"I don't think so." Mickie moaned, Trish's magical hands working on her plush
butt. "She's got the body, but she doesn't have much of a rump."

"I think your setting your sights to high." Trish scolded her playfully. "Not
everyone can have an ass like you."

"I know." Mickie said. "But, Torrie just doesn't have much of a butt.
Candice, maybe?"

"Candice is nice..." Trish said, before smiling. "But married."

"So?" Mickie asked. "Aren't we just talking here?"

"We're creating options to make the selection process easier if the need ever
arises." Trish informed her with a smirk. "So Candice is out."

"Ok." Mickie said, sipping. "What about Lita?"

"She'd be ok." Trish said. "Not much booty..."

"Pass." Mickie giggled. "Stacy?"

"Not a Diva."

"But what an ass."

"But no curves."

"Pass." Mickie said with a grin. "This is fun."

"It is." Trish admitted. "Ashley?"

"Pass." Mickie said. "She's just Lita with blonde hair."

"And bigger boobs." Trish pointed out.

"Size queen, are we?"

"I like big boobs." Trish admitted, blushing softly. "Dale does to."

"He does." Mickie confirmed. Giggling softly, she said, "I really do think
Candice is our best bet. Or Victoria. She's got a nice ass. I'm quite partial
to Victoria's ass."

"I never really checked out Victoria's ass." Trish said.

"You should." Mickie told her. "It's a nice one. Kinda small, but it's got
some padding to it. Very nice."

"I'll have to check her out." Trish said with a grin.

Faking shock, Mickie asked, "Checking out other women? Should I be keeping an
eye on you, Miss Stratus?"

"No need." Trish said, her smile growing as Mickie finished her soda and set
the glass aside. "It's just talk...we are just talking still, right?"

"I don't see anyone else in here, so we must be just talking." Mickie said.

"Good." Trish purred. Grumbling softly, she said, "To bad Dawn Marie got
fired. She had ass for days."

"She did." Mickie agreed. "I'd vote for Dawn." When Trish smiled and slid
between her legs, Mickie purred as Trish pressed her body up against her.
"Too bad she's married, but I was thinking of..."

"Steph?" Trish finished with a knowing smile. When Mickie nodded, Trish
grinned. "That girl has a wonderful ass. The rest of her ain't bad either."

"She's easy on the eyes." Mickie confirmed, moaning softly as Trish pelted
her neck with kisses. "But she is married."

"To bad." Trish whispered. "I guess we'll just have to cross this bridge when
we come to it." Hovering over Mickie and kissing her passionately, Trish
smiled as her lover surged up to meet her kisses, her lips eager to have the
blonde's against hers.

Pulling back slightly, Mickie finished her Pepsi with one loud gulp,
downing it and tossing the plastic cup aside. "Alright, Trish." Mickie said,
squirming in anticipation. "Do your worst."

Her grin growing across her face, Trish rested her forehead against Mickie's,
peppering her lips with soft kisses. "Roll over on your hands and knees, and
get that butt in the air." Trish growled, making her lover squirm even more.
"I got plans for you, missy, and not much time to do them..."

* * *

"So, any big plans for next week?"

Looking at Dale, Candice smiled, walking with him stride for stride.
"Well, it all depends on if your girlfriends let me look after you or not.
Apparently I was one of the last to be picked this week, so I might not get
picked next week."

"You guys get picked?" He asked.

"It's almost like a contest." She said with a giggle. "You put your name in
the hat, and whenever Trish or Mickie needs someone to look after you, they
pull someone out and boom, you get to look after Dale."

"You mean you get stuck looking after me."

"No, I mean we get to." Candice said firmly. "I wouldn't be doing this if it
wasn't fun."

"I know what part is fun..."

"That part is nice." She admitted. "But spending time with you kicks ass to.
It's nice to get a male perspective on things sometimes, and my husband never
gets to come out on the road with me, so you're my next option." Smiling, she
added, "And most of the other girls feel the same way. We like you, so we
help out when we can."

Blushing softly, he nodded with a smile. "Thank you."

"No problem, Dale." Candice said, smiling as she led Dale back into the
women's changing room. "And here we go. One Dale, delivered on time, as

"Thank you Candice." Mickie said, standing up and moving over to Dale, taking
his arm away from Candice and sliding her own around it. Leaning up and
kissing him, she smiled. "Hey."

Turning towards her, Dale searched out her lips, finding them when she moved
in his path, letting him kiss her softly for the first time in hours. "Hey."
He said, smiling. "How was your day?"

"I think I should ask you that." Mickie said, leading Dale across the
locker room and setting him down between her and Trish, letting his blonde
girlfriend lean in for a kiss. "We didn't do much. Just sat around and spent
some alone time together."

"Sounds like fun." He said with a smile.

"And got in a shouting match with Orton." Trish said.

"Sounds like no fun." He grumbled. "What about?"

"Just him being his normal sleazy self." Trish said. "Trying to get you in
trouble with us to try and get into my pants." Leaning over and kissing him,
she smiled. "Didn't work."

"I wouldn't expect it to." He said, before asking shyly, "What did he say
about me? The getting me in trouble part..."

"Nothing bad." Trish said. "Just that you were gonna ask if you could go to a
concert with Maria..."

"Which I have to ask you guys about..."

"It's no problem, Dale." Trish assured him. Looking at Maria, she said, "Just
remind me to let you know where we'll be staying." When she nodded, Trish
smiled, adding, "And he said something about a few certain Divas saying
they'd sleep with you, given the chance." Looking at Maria and Lita, Trish
grinned. "Care to comment, ladies?"

"It's no secret." Maria said with a grin. "Dale's a cutie."

"Super cute." Lita teased, making the blind man blush. Looking at Trish, she
added, "And Orton forgot to mention the whole clause of we'd sleep with him,
if we didn't have men ourselves, I'm betting?"

"He did." Trish confirmed. "Weird that he'd leave that part out, huh?"

"Totally weird." Maria said. "Totally unlike Orton to try and make others
look bad and himself look good."

"Orton's a pig." Victoria said with a grumble. Looking towards Dale, she
smiled. "There's a reason you get fought over and he gets avoided, Dale."

"Yea, and Torrie's telling everyone why." He said with a smirk. "Aren't you,

"I didn't tell every..." She started, before blushing and looking down at the
floor. "Ok, maybe I did..."

"Tell everyone what?" Trish asked, looking between the two. Looking at
Torrie, she asked, "Does it have something to do with my foot rubs?"

Seeing Trish's cold eyes glaring at her, she quickly shook her head. "No!
Nothing about those." She said. Seeing Trish's gaze soften a little, Torrie
said, "Mickie let a certain nickname you guys have for Dale slip...and, well, I
kinda told everyone what it was."

Looking at Mickie, Trish asked, "Which would be...?"

"Horse cock." Mickie said, her face turning as red as Dale's. Seeing Trish
turn and stare at her, Mickie flinched slightly. "It slipped out..."

"You told everyone about his...thing?" Trish said. When Mickie nodded, Trish
grinned, reaching over and rubbing Dale's burning face. "Like we don't have
to fight off enough Divas."

"Can we just drop it?" Dale asked softly, clearly embarrassed by the topic.

Seeing Dale's face, Trish smiled, leaning over and kissing his cheek softly.
"It's ok, honey. We'll stop." She assured him. Seeing him relax slightly, she
held him softly. "So, have a good day?"

Nodding, Dale said, "Pretty good." Smiling softly, he leaned into Trish,
telling her softly, "As good as I can have without you guys." When she kissed
his head, he said, "Did the supper thing with Victoria, hung out with Maria
and Lita some, then Candice took me for a walk."

"Sounds like a fun day." Mickie said, smiling as her voice got his attention
and made him lean towards her. Wrapping her arms around him, she said, "Where
did you go to walk?"

"No earthly idea." Dale said with a smile. "Candice led, I followed. Stopped
and served as a table when she had to sign autographs."

Looking over at Candice, Mickie giggled. "You used my boyfriend as a table?"

"He volunteered!" Candice argued. "He's good like that."

Smiling, Mickie leaned back over, kissing his cheek softly. "What did you
have for lunch?"

"Victoria bought Taco Bell..." He said, trailing off before reaching for his
pocket. "And I forgot to pay her..."

"Don't worry about it, Dale." Victoria said, trying to stop him from pulling
out his wallet.

"I can pay." Dale said softly, fumbling with his wallet and opening it up.
Reaching in, he thumbed around with the bills, doing the mental math before
pulling some out, extending his arm towards where he had heard Victoria's
voice. "Take."


"Take." He repeated, smiling as he held out the money. Noticing she wasn't
taking the money, he said, "Someone take it. My arm is getting tired..."

Snatching the money out of Dale's hand, Candice turned and pushed it towards
Victoria. "Take. You heard him."

Grumbling, Victoria grudgingly took the money from Candice. "From here on
out, don't worry about it." Victoria said. "It wasn't all that much."

"It adds up." Dale said, leaning back in his locker.

"You should probably start looking at something healthier for lunch." Mickie
said softly. "Eating that stuff three and four days a week isn't good for

"I'm still getting used to this "Life on the road" stuff." Dale said. Smiling
towards her, he said, "The novelty will wear off soon."

"Then a salad?"

"Then a salad." Dale agreed.

"Now, for something else healthy." Trish said, reaching out and taking his
hand, giving it a squeeze. "Help me stretch?"

"If you want." Dale said with a smile.

"I want." Trish assured him, before looking over at Mickie. "Mind if I steal
him for a bit?"

"Nope." Mickie said, leaning over and kissing Dale softly. "Stretch her
good." Looking towards Torrie, she grinned. "And no comments from the peanut

"I wasn't going to say anything!" Torrie said defensively.

Taking Dale by the hands and helping him to his feet and pulling him into a
hug. "He stretches me good." Trish purred, giggling as he blushed. "Come on
you, stretch time."

"Bye Dale." The Divas said in unison, giggling as he continued to blush as
Trish led him from the room, leading him down the hallway.

"Where we going?" Dale asked, Trish's arm winding around his and holding him

"My little secret room." Trish said seductively. "All alone. Just you and

"I like this room." Dale said with a smile.

"To stretch."

"Still a good room." He said. Rubbing her hand softly, he smiled as she
purred. "I love helping my ladies stretch."

"And we love you stretching us." Trish assured him.

"You mean your arms and legs and stuff, right?" He said with a smirk.

"Of course." She said, taking a turn and making sure he didn't walk into
anything. "Whatever else would I be talking about?"

"Nothing." He said, smiling as her other hand slid onto his arm and rubbed it
softly. Sliding towards the door and opening it, Trish led Dale inside before
closing it behind her, locking it before moving him deeper into the small
room. "So, you all ready for your match?" He asked.

"All set." Trish said. "Except for my stretching."

"And your outfit."

"Have the outfit on." She said.

"Really?" He asked. "What are you wearing?"

Smiling, Trish rubbed his hands softly. "Look and see."

Blushing softly, Dale looked away. "You know I can't look..."

Holding his hands softly, she lifted them up. "These are your eyes now,
Dale." Trish said softly. "You have to get to understand that, as hard as it
is. Ok?" When he nodded, she took his hands in hers, putting them on her
waist. "Look at me. See what I'm wearing." Smiling, she added, "I picked it
out just for you."

Smiling, he rubbed her hips. "You two do that quite a bit."

"I wear everything I wear for you and Mickie." Trish purred. "No one else.
Now look."

Rubbing her hips softly, he ducked down to her thighs, rubbing her softly.
"Pleather something."

"Go lower." Trish said softly. "Look me all over."

Moving his hands lower, Dale had to drop to his knees to comply with Trish's
wishes, rubbing her legs softly. "Pleather pants." He said, before moving
lower. "And...combat boots?"

"Both are black." Trish said softly.

Nodding, Dale stood up, keeping his hands on Trish as he moved up past her
waist. Rubbing her bare sides softly, he smiled. "Topless?"

"Not quite." Trish said with a smirk. "Higher."

Moving his hands up slowly, he grinned as he rubbed her softly. "Your sure
there's a top here somewhere?"

Grinning, she said, "Positive. I put it on myself."

Finding the bottom of her bra top, Dale smiled. "There it is!" He said,
quickly tracing out the bra top. "A bra top." He said.

"Black, again." Trish said. "Check the front."

Moving his hands around to her breasts, he rubbed her chest softly, trying to
keep it professional. "Some sort of studs?"

"Rhinestones." Trish said.

Sliding his hands from her chest to around her back, Dale pulled her in
closer, hugging her softly. "You look very beautiful." He said, kissing her

"I'm glad you approve." Trish said. "I know you didn't pick out my outfit
like you did with Mickie..."

"You did a good enough job yourself." He assured her. "So, stretching now?"

"Stretching." Trish said, taking his arm and setting him down on the floor.
"I already did my arms myself, just need help with the legs and back."

"How is the back?"

"Ok." Trish said. "Never going to be perfect, but it feels pretty good."

Nodding, Dale smiled as she sat down in front of him, her back pressed
against his chest. "Alright, what do you need help with?"

Taking his hands in hers, she bent her legs and put his hands on her knees.
"Just put a little pressure down, ok?" Feeling him push down, she said,
"Little harder." Feeling the pressure get just right, Trish purred. "Just
right." She said.

As Trish went about her stretching routine, Dale asked, "So, what did you and
CLG number one do today?"

"CLG number one?" Trish asked, leaning forward and extending her arms
outward, straining her back.

"Curvy Love Goddess number one." Dale said with a smile.

"Ahh, her." Trish said with a smile. "Not much. Sat around, ate, made out.
Just alone stuff."

"Sounds fun." Dale said. "And fought with Orton."

"Orton is a scum bucket." Trish spat. "He'd flirt with a mop."

"You are so much hotter than a mop." Dale assured her.

"I'm also yours." She said. "Not that Orton minds."

"Orton is a child." He said. "Orton's method to getting laid is like carpet
bombing with bullshit. Fling enough shit around and you're bound to hit

"He ain't hitting nothing here." Trish said. "Only people hitting this are
two people called Mickie and Dale."

"He's persistent."

"He's also a dog." She spat. Pulling away from Dale, Trish spun around,
taking his legs and sticking them out in a V. Moving away from him, she
stuck out her legs and put her feet against his, extending her arms.
"Hands, please."

Holding out his hands, Dale let Trish grab them before pulling on her softly,
letting her bend over and stretch her back. Realizing the Orton subject was a
sore spot, he asked softly, "Trish, what's up with you and Randy?"

"Nothing is up." Trish said, grunting softly as her back unwound.

"Alright, that came out wrong." Dale said softly. "I didn't mean you two know..."

"I know." Trish said, looking up at him. "And we never will."

"Never say..."

"Don't finish that sentence." She said firmly. "Never. Never ever. Not in a
billion years."


"Never." Trish said. "Learn to know that." When he sighed and nodded, she
said, "And, for the record, what's up with me and Orton is Orton won't leave
me alone. It seems every time I go to do something, he's lurking around and
has some perv comment for me."

"So, he's harassing you?" Dale asked.

"He is, I guess." Trish said. "But he hasn't crossed that line yet."

"Which line?"

"The laying a finger on me line." Trish said. "That's where I go from cold to
pissed off. No one touches me except for you and Mickie." Pulling back, she
purred with relief. "There, that feels better."

"Done already?" Dale asked.

"Yup." She said, lifting her legs and setting them down on his thighs as she
leaned back. "Just gotta kill some time be...whoa!"

Moving quickly, Dale grabbed Trish by the legs and pulled her across the
floor, her butt connecting softly with his crotch as he leaned over, hovering
over her prone body. Staring up at him, Trish went to say something, but
stopped when she saw his lips descending towards hers. "Stop!" She said
quickly, turning her head. "Make up on."


"And I don't have time to get it done again." Trish whined. "Quick kisses are
one thing, but the way you kiss...I would kiss, but..."

"I understand." Dale said, smiling down at her. Wrapping his arms around her,
he sat up as he pulled her into his lap. Sticking out his tongue, Dale smiled
as he started waving it around in front of her. "Huh?"

Smiling, Trish thanked him for his resourceful thinking by sticking out her
own tongue and meeting his in the air between them, sliding her tongue across
his. Reaching down behind Trish, Dale cupped her rump softly, getting a grip
before rolling forward, getting his feet under him and picking them both up.
Letting her drop down to her feet, he kept his tongue out of his mouth,
slipping and sliding with hers, occasionally capturing the fleshy muscle in
between his lips and suckling it softly, knowing she couldn't do the same
with her make up on. Sliding his hands around her sides again, he grinned as
she started squirming in his arms. Cupping her backside firmly, he smiled
with pride as she squeaked softly, pushing her rump back towards his hands.

"I like big butts and I cannot lie." Dale sang, swaying softly as Trish
started laughing. "Those other wrestlers can't deny..."

"Must be another famous Dale remix version..."

Continuing his bad dancing, he kept singing, "That when my girls walk in with
their itty bitty waists, and there round things in their face, they get

"They better not spring." Trish growled. "And who remembers the words to that

"Me." He said with a grin, trying his best to dance not as badly. "Come on,

Swaying softly with Dale, Trish grinned at him. "You do realize you can't
dance worth shit, right? Me and Mickie tried teaching you..."

"Which I'm grateful for..."

"But you still have no rhythm." She finished.

"I try hard."

"And we thank you for that." She said, licking his lips. "But I still don't
think they'll let us back in that club."

Grinning at the memory, Dale said, "Hey! I apologized. And the people were

"Yes." Trish said, cutting him off with a giggle. "But the DJ was not

"It was one turn table!" Dale laughed. "Which I paid for."

"So you did." Trish agreed. Feeling Dale's hands leave her plush butt,
Trish started squirming with anticipation, knowing what was coming. Bracing
herself, Trish squealed happily as his hands came crashing down softly on her
butt, making a slap echo through the room as she pushed herself up against
his body, her squirming showing her need for more.

"My babies got back." Dale said confidently, rubbing Trish's squirming

"My babies gonna have one hyper Diva on his hands when we get back to the
hotel." Trish promised him with a giggle, moving her hips around to keep his
hands in contact with her rump. "Maybe even a little treat if he plays his
cards right..."

"Our normal, extra wicked super duper special treat?" Dale asked with a wide

"Maybe." Trish teased, giggling when he got visibly excited. "What is it with
guys and butt fucking? Especially straight guys. Gay guys, I could see, but
straight guys?"

"It's not something a lot of women do." He said. "Or enjoy. And to have two
super sexy women with super sexy rumps do it and enjoy it..."

"Makes for a super sexy happy Dale." Trish finished, giving him a lick on the
lips. "I gotta get going."

"Gonna take me back to the changing room?" He asked.

Taking his hands off of her ass with a whine of disappointment, Trish took
his arm in hers. "If I can't find someone to take you, but I do have to
hurry, so..."

"If you can find someone, that'd be great." Dale finished with a knowing

"I still wish I didn't have to do this..." Trish grumbled.

"Trish, it's ok." Dale said with a soft smile. "We know you don't want to
do it, but your being a good trooper by doing it. And it keeps you in the
spotlight, so I don't think that's a bad trade for a few kisses."

"It's not you kissing him."

"Would you like it to be me kissing him?" Dale asked with a grin. When she
giggled, he told her, "We know you love us. We know it's just an angle."

"Totally." Trish said emphatically. "I love you both so much..." Looking up
at him, she smiled as she rubbed his hand. "You and Mickie are the ones I
want to kiss, not Carlito."

"Well, go do your job, then we can kiss."

"And you can get your butt loving on." She said with a giggle. When he
smiled, she leaned up towards his face, sticking out her tongue, licking his
lips to let him know it was there. "Kiss before I go?"

Sticking out his tongue, he batted hers around playfully, smiling as he
purred. "Someone around to take me back to the locker room?"

"Rob's coming this way, so I'll ask him." Trish said, breaking away from
Dale's tongue dance and looking towards RVD. "Rob?"

Looking towards the blonde Diva, Rob smiled as he moved towards them. "Trish,
Dale dude."

"Rob, would you mind taking Dale back to the Divas locker room?" Trish asked.
"I have to get to the gorilla and I'd be cutting it close..."

"No problem." Rob said with a grin. Sticking out his arm, Rob grinned as
Trish wrapped Dale's around it. "This way, little lady."

"You're pushing it, Rob." Dale said with a shake of his head. "See you later,

"Later, honey." Trish said with a grin, turning and jogging towards the
gorilla position.

* * *

"I thought we were gonna try and watch Trish's match?"

Grinning, Dale slid his hands back down towards Mickie's butt, smiling as she
playfully tried to push them away. "You can."

"With your hands feeling me up?"

"Wouldn't be the first time." He said. Hearing her sigh, he grinned wider.
"Come on, it's not like I'm asking for head here..."

"Which wouldn't be so bad..."

"I just wanna cuddle." He said, leaning forward and letting his head rest on
her chest, kissing the tops of her breast through her clothes before she
pulled his head up, looking down at him with a smile.

"Your persistent, you know that?" She said with a shake of her head.

"You could say..."

"I know, I know, "No is the ultimate stop button."." Mickie said, mimicking
Dale. "I didn't say I didn't want to..."

"Well then?" Dale asked, sliding his hands down, but again being blocked by
Mickie, her efforts getting weaker and weaker.

"Your just a horn dog." Mickie teased.

"We haven't gotten much cuddle time today." Dale said softly. Sliding his
hands around slowly, he smiled as her hands didn't follow suit. "I haven't
had much time with the fabled Mickie booty, and I'm feeling deprived."

"Fabled booty?" Mickie asked with a giggle. When he nodded, she leaned down,
kissing him. "We gotta spin the chair around, and I'll watch the match..."

"And me?"

"Can cuddle and fondle to your hearts content." She said, giggling as he
squirmed in his seat. Rolling her hips around and grinding into his crotch,
she smiled as he moaned. "Sound good?"

"Lets get set up before the match comes on." Dale said, quickly standing up
as Mickie slid out of his lap to spin the chair around.

* * *

Rearing back, Trish hit Lita with a forearm, sending the red head reeling
backwards. Chasing her into the corner, Trish paid close attention to the
scrum behind her, knowing she had to be set up shortly for her part. Pushing
Lita into the corner, Trish charged in, catching a boot in the face for her
efforts, reeling back.

Stealing a quick look out of the corner of her eye, Trish knew Edge and
Carlito were waiting for her, and watched as Lita hopped up on the middle
rope. Charging in again, Trish planted her hands on the ropes, kicking her
legs up behind her, flipping upside down and latching onto Lita's head.
Feeling Lita grab her legs, Trish took one last glance to make sure the guys
were set up before letting Lita fight her legs off, sending Trish sprawling
back to her feet.

Staggering out of the corner, Trish turned just in time to see Edge was
closer than she had planned he would be. Trying to stop herself from going
forward, she found her momentum carrying her towards Edge as he planted his
shoulder into her stomach, jack knifing her head down and her feet up off
the mat.


Landing in a heap on the mat, Trish cried out in agony as she tried to curl
up in a ball, but found her body unwilling to respond. Seeing Lita jump down
off the ropes and crawl on top of her, Trish struggled to regain use of her
feet, feeling them moving slightly but not enough as the ref dropped to the
mat beside the two Divas.

* * *

"Poor Trish." Mickie said, holding Dale's head to her neck as he nuzzled her.
"That looked painful."

"The spear?" He asked.


"Yea, I wasn't a big fan of the spot." Dale said.

"Stupid Lita picking up the scraps." Mickie grumbled playfully, leaning down
and kissing his head.

"Don't worry." Dale said. "She'll get a Stratusfaction for her troubles."

"Vince planned that far ahead?" She asked.

"It's like a minute later." He said with a grin. "He's not that clueless."

"Oh." She said, holding him close as he continued to rub her backside. "Trish
must go ballistic after the match then."

"No." Dale said. "Trish win's it with the Stratusfaction."

"No." Mickie said. "Trish just got pinned with the spear."

"What?" Dale asked, sitting up abruptly. "No she didn't...did she?"

"Yea." She said. "Edge speared her, Trish went down, Lita picked up the
scraps. I told you that..."

"And Lita told me Trish was going to kick out and pick up the win." Dale
said. "Didn't she kick out?"

Looking up at the screen again, Mickie's face fell as she saw EMT's rushing
towards the ring, and her girlfriend still prone on the matt. "Oh my god,
Dale, I think she's hurt." Mickie said quickly, sliding out of his lap. "Get
up, get up, we gotta go!"

Helping Dale to his feet, Mickie wrapped her arm around his and started
pulling him towards the gorilla position, trying not to drag him but getting
caught up in her emotions. Dale coped as best he could, trying to match her
strides as he pushed forward. Feeling his leg connect with something, he
staggered slightly as Mickie stopped, looking at him.

"Oh my god, I'm sor..."

"Fuck it, keep going." He said quickly, motioning with his arm for her to
pick it up again.

Moving forward again, Mickie tried to keep a better watch out for things that
Dale might hit as she pulled him towards the entrance ramp, trying to find a
TV to get an idea of what was going on with Trish. Pulling Dale up alongside
the mass of bookers and road agents standing at the entrance way, Mickie
pushed through the herd, pulling Dale along as she moved her way to the front
of the pack, quietly insisting to be the first to see her lover when she came
through the curtains. Seeing the curtains at the end of the tunnel move and
soft crying echo down the hall, Mickie's heart broke.

"Oh god..." Trish cried softly, her body strapped to the backboard as they
pulled her down the hall quickly. Realizing she was in the back, she said,
"Dale? Mickie? Did anyone see them...?"

Moving quickly towards the EMT's, Mickie pulled up along side of it as they
came to a rest, the EMT's leaving as the WWE doctors came towards her. "We're
here, Trish." Mickie said, trying to smile.

"Dale?" Trish asked softly, her eyes darting around.

Realizing Trish couldn't see the blind man with her head strapped down,
Mickie pulled him along, moving him into her path of view. "Here he is."
Mickie said, still forcing a smile.

"Trish, are you ok?" Dale asked, his hands shaking badly as he moved them
towards Trish, finding her arm and following it to her hand.

"I don't know." Trish said softly, sniffling as she tried to not cry again.
"Something went in my back..."

"Oh god, I jinxed you." Dale said, looking gutted. "I was asking about your
back and..."

"Dale, honey, it's not your fault." Mickie said quickly, moving to him and
hugging him from behind.

Laying still on the backboard, Trish's eyes darted around, trying to get a
reading on who was around, hearing voices but not seeing anyone until a man
wearing glasses stepped into her line of view.

"Hello, Trish."

"Dr. Smith." Trish sniffled, looking up at the doctor.

Looking around, Dr. Smith put his hands on the top of Trish's gurney. "Lets
move you out of the way here and get a better look at the problem..."

"It's my back." She said, her eyes trying to follow Dale and Mickie as they
faded out of view, Dr. Smith pushing her down the hallway. "Dale! Mickie!"

"We're right here." Mickie said, dragging Dale along as they followed the
gurney. "We just can't be right next to you because..."

"Of me." Dale said glumly. "I'm sorry..."

"Don't be sorry." Trish said. "I just...I want you guys with me."

"We're here." Mickie promised her. "We're not going anywhere without you."

Following the gurney down the hallways and towards the trainers room, Mickie
made sure to keep within Trish's line of sight, offering whatever moral
support she could. Moving into the large room and closing the door behind
them, Mickie pulled Dale along side the stretcher as it came to a stop,
letting the blind man's hand slide out of hers and placing it in Trish's.
Seeing him squeeze it tightly, she moved over to the other side of the
blonde, taking her other hand. Smiling down at her, Mickie gave it a squeeze.

"Not going anywhere." Mickie promised.

Trying to nod, Trish grunted with discomfort as she found her head still
strapped down, fighting her small sign of understanding. "Ok." She said,
smiling at her lovers.

"How do you feel?" Mickie asked softly.

"Bad." Trish said truthfully.

"Alright, Trish." Dr. Smith said, opening his clipboard. "What happened? Tell
me whatever you can."

"Ok." Trish said, trying again to nod on habit. "I did my Stratosphere out of
the corner, and when I came down, Edge was a lot closer than I was expecting.
I tried to stop myself from going forward, but my foot was still in the air
and I just carried forward. Edge speared me hard, and somewhere between my
head flinging down and my feet coming up, I felt something let go in my back
and I lost feeling in my legs. Tried to kick out, but my legs were only half

"Any pain?"

"Plenty." Trish said softly. "Mostly down near my tailbone region. Sort of a
hard, dull throb."

"How's the feeling in your limbs?"

"Better." Trish said. "I can move my legs around...or, I could, before they
got strapped down..."

Moving and taking off her left boot, Dr. Smith reached down, rubbing the sole
of her foot, looking up at her as the foot twitched. "Feel that?"


"That's normal?"

"Yes." Trish confirmed.

Making a few notes on his clipboard, Dr. Smith nodded. "I think it's safe to
un-strap you." He said. "It seems like you got a stinger with some minor
muscle tears thrown in for good measure."

"Is it bad?" Trish asked, fearful of the answer.

"It's not good." He said, undoing the head strap first before working his way
down, unlocking Trish's body. "It's not going to heal overnight..."

"But it will heal?" Trish asked quickly.

"With proper rest, relaxation." He said. "And time. Keep it loose, and iced

"But I'll get better?" She asked, going to sit up before he held out his
hand, stopping her.

"Lay down for a while." He said. "It'll get better, if you relax." He said.
"Again, this isn't a full diagnosis. Your going to need to go to the hospital
and get some tests done."

"Can it wait till I get home?" Trish asked softly. Wiggling her toes, she
said, "I can move. I'm sure I can walk..."

"With pain." He finished.

"Wouldn't be the first time."

Taking a deep breath, Dr. Smith rubbed his eyes, knowing what he was
dealing with in another stubborn wrestler. "Your gonna need a local to keep
your back calm to get home. When is your flight?"

"Tomorrow morning..."

Looking at Mickie, he asked, "Can you get something sooner?" When she
hesitated, he said, "Trust me, tomorrow morning, she's going to want to be
lying down, not sitting in a plane."

"I don't know..." Mickie said, looking between the two.

"You get a sooner flight..." He said, pointing at Mickie, before pointing at
Trish. "And you do some walking and exercising for me, and I'll clear you to
take care of this at home." Seeing Trish start to smile, he quickly added,
"But if you don't take care of this at home, I will not clear you to return.
Do I make myself clear?"

"Crystal." Trish said, looking over at Mickie. "Can you try...?"

"I'll see what I can do." Mickie said, giving Trish's hand a squeeze. "Need
this for a minute."

Nodding, Trish let Mickie's hand go as her and the doctor moved away, going
about there business. Seeing Dale move closer, Trish reached out and took his
other hand, pulling him down and quickly kissing him. Feeling him holding her
close, Trish sniffled softly, trying not to cry again.

"I'm scared." She said softly. "It hurts so much..."

Shaking his head, Dale said, "You can't be hurt, Trish..."

Looking up at her boyfriend, Trish tried to be strong. "Dale, honey, it's

Continuing to shake his head, Dale smiled softly. "You don't understand. Your
not allowed to be hurt." Knowing he had her attention, he smiled, saying, "I
was promised one very antsy girlfriend after the show, along with a certain
super sexy special treat. And my girlfriends never renege on a sex promise.

Smiling softly, Trish reached out and took his hand in hers, stroking it
softly. "I try not to." She said, looking up at the returning Mickie and
smiling at Dale's efforts to make her feel better. "Anything?"

"If we leave like really shortly, we can catch a flight." Mickie said.
Looking up at the doctor, she said, "Alright, what do we need to do here?"

Motioning for Trish to sit up, Dr. Smith took her hand and helped her up.
"Can you sit up on your own?" Nodding, Trish let him let go of her hands, and
fought with her back, straining herself to remain upright. Holding the
position he had left her in, Trish smiled around a grimace of pain. "Alright,
up off the table."

Slowly sliding her feet over the edge, Trish let them drop before slowly
lowering herself to the floor, her balance off kilter due to her missing
boot, but holding steady.


Nodding, Trish put one foot in front of the other slowly, wobbling slightly
as she fought to over come the screaming pain in her back. Taking a few
uneasy steps, Trish stopped to catch her breath before taking a few more.
Looking up at the doctor, she smiled. "Good?"

"Are you wobbling because of pain..." He said, turning around and moving over
towards his medical bag. "Or because you have numbness..."

"Pain." Trish said firmly. "I wouldn't mess around with numbness."

Pulling a syringe and a small bottle out of his bag, Dr Smith turned back to
Trish, motioning for her to turn around. "There's nothing on your file about
having any adverse reactions to this drug. It's a moderate pain killer and
muscle relaxant. Your probably going to want to keep off of your feet
whenever possible, and I want you to see your doctor the minute you get

"I will." Trish said, moving over to the table and bending over, knowing the
drill. Hearing him move up behind her, she winced slightly as he pushed the
sharp metal into her back and injected the drug directly to her aching
muscles. Feeling her back begin to relax, Trish let Dr. Smith lead her
backwards, her legs bumping into something.


Reaching behind her and grabbing the arms of whatever he wanted her to sit
in, Trish lowered herself down gingerly, realizing when she was sitting in
it that it was a wheelchair. Looking up at him, she asked, "Is this really

"Do you want to go home tonight, or sit in a hospital waiting for them to run


"Then yes, it's necessary." He insisted. Looking towards her partners, Dr
Smith said, "Someone is going to have to push her until it's absolutely
necessary that she walk. If you can get away with just wheeling her places,
do it. The less walking, the better, until we get a complete test run on

"I'm still here you know."

"And you don't listen to anything I say." He said with a grin. "Never have."

Grumbling softly, Trish slumped in the chair. Looking up at Mickie, she said,
"Can we get out of here?" Thinking for a minute, she asked, "Or did you not
have your match..."

"Vince said look after you." Mickie said with a small smile. "Apparently your
more important than me."

"Fuck that." Trish spat.

"Or possibly he's going to want some sort of favor in the future." Mickie
added. "You know how Vince is."

"Sneaky." Trish grumbled. "So, leave?"

Nodding, Mickie took Dale by the arm and led him towards the chair, eyeing it
carefully. "How are we gonna do this? I only have two hands."

"I could hold Dale while you push." Trish offered.

"Who's gonna get the luggage?" Dale asked. "We're rapidly running out of

Looking down at Trish, Mickie shrugged. "Maybe ask some of the girls? Torrie
said she was sitting around bored tonight..."

"Could you ask?" Trish begged softly. "I wanna get home..."

"I'll ask." Mickie said, smiling as she ducked down to get face to face with
Trish. "If you gimme a goodbye kiss."

"You drive a hard bargain." Trish murmured, leaning forward and kissing
Mickie softly. Leaning back, she grinned. "Please?"

Standing up, Mickie moved over to Dale, resting her forehead on his. "You
to." Getting her kiss from the blind man, she looked down at Trish and
smiled. "Be right back."

As Mickie moved out of the room, Trish looked up at Dale, who was swaying
softly as he stared blankly into nothingness. "Dale?" Seeing him turn to face
her, she asked, "Little closer?"Shuffling forward slowly, Dale held his hands
out, trying to make sure he didn't connect with anything before Trish set her
hands on his, pulling him closer. "Need you close."

"No problem." He said, reaching out and holding her gently.

"I don't think I'm going to be able to keep my promise." She whispered
softly. "My back is shot..."

"Just get better." He said. "Promise me that, and I'll let it slide..."


"This time." He finished with a grin. "But I expect make up nookie."

"More than you can handle." She promised him with a grin.

Sighing softly, Dale smiled. "I don't know if you could give me more than I
can handle."

"You are good at handling."

"I try." He said, giving her a squeeze. Feeling her lean into his body, he
said, "Locker room wasn't that far away. Mickie shouldn't be long."

Looking up at him, she asked, "How do you know?"

"I count steps." He said. "Locker room is about fifty away."

"That is pretty close." Trish murmured. "Your sure?"

"Fifty-ish." He said. "Give or take a few for direction."

"Your getting pretty good at this stuff." She said. "I noticed you knew how
to get around your house."

"Yours is getting pretty easy to." He told her. "I can make it from the bed
to the bathroom on my own. If I couldn't do that, I'd go into a home."

"No you wouldn't." Trish said firmly. "You'd ask for help. And get it."

Feeling her holding him close, Dale smiled, reaching down and holding her.
"You better get better, little lady." Leaning down and kissing her on top of
her head, he added, "I need someone to look after me."

Letting him hold her softly, Trish asked, "Your probably really disappointed,
aren't you?"

"Of course." He admitted. "I don't know if you know this or not, but I do in
fact enjoy making love to you and Mickie. Losing out on that sucks." Rubbing
her shoulders softly, he added, "But, you'll heal. And I'll take a rain
check. And you'll make it all right when you're better."

"You know I will." She promised him.

"Unless Randy steals you away from me first." Dale said with a smirk.

"Humph." Trish grumped, burying her face in his stomach. "Quit bringing that

"Starting to consider it?" He joked.

"Starting to get revolted by it." She said firmly. "Got my lovers, don't
need, or want, anyone else." Poking him softly, she said, "Besides, you said
no more men. Only women."

"I dunno." He teased. "Randy is kinda dreamy."

"I think Mickie and I should be keeping an eye on you." She joked. "Not the
other way around."

"Hardly." He said. "Mickie must be coming back with Torrie."


"Because it wouldn't take this long to ask and have her say no." He said.
"She must have had to pack up our stuff."

"You really do have an active imagination, don't you?"

"When you can't see, you have to think this stuff out." He admitted.

Smirking, she asked, "What do you think out about me?"

"How I'm going to trick you into bed."

"That sounds like something Orton would want to learn."

"Sorry, it's a Dale Webb class only." He said. "Unless you want me to teach

"God, quit it." Trish sighed. "Your paranoid."

"I'm a realist." He said. "People cheat. Not everyone, but some. Kenny
cheated on Mickie. If he didn't, we wouldn't be standing here talking."

"Kenny was a man whore." She said firmly.

"He really was."

Looking towards the door, Trish smiled as Mickie and Torrie came into the
room, dragging three suitcases along behind them.

"And what brought that comment up?" Mickie asked, moving over and leaning
down, stealing another kiss from her blonde lover.

"Dale's paranoid."

"Dale's a realist." Dale said defensively.

"Dale thinks Orton might be successful in stealing us away." Trish said.

"There's always a chance." He said.

"No, there isn't." Mickie insisted, leaning in and kissing her blind lover to
drive the point home. "If I wanted Orton, I could have had him. Hundreds of
times. I want you and Trish."

"Especially Trish."

"Especially both of you." Mickie said, poking him. Looking around, and seeing
Torrie still on the far side of the room, she leaned in, asking softly, "Did
you take your things today?"

"Yes." He said. "Why?"

"Because your acting like you haven't." She said.

"I talk like this normally." He argued.

"No, you don't." Trish said. "You don't talk about us cheating on you all
that often. What's up?"

Going to say something, Dale stopped, sighing. Shaking his head, he shrugged.
"I don't know." He admitted. "It's just...I worry, sometimes." Closing his
eyes, he said softly, "I know I'm a lot of work to look after. Sometimes I
just get worried you guys will get tired of it all and take an easy way out."

Looking up at Dale, Trish fought the urge to slap him. She knew what he
meant, and knew he meant no harm in what he was saying, but she was getting
extremely tired of hearing it. Since they had first met, she'd heard Dale go
on and on about how much effort it took to look after him, and how he wasn't
worth the trouble, and how all the other guys who hit on her would be better
for her.

"Enough." Trish said firmly. Pushing Dale away gently, but keeping her hand
on his, she kicked out the foot pegs of the wheel chair. Grabbing the arm
rest with her free hand, she pushed down, trying to prop herself up.

Seeing Trish struggling to get up, Dr Smith started across the room. "Trish,

"Back off." She snapped, glaring at him with a look that made everyone who
could see it flinch. Pushing herself into a standing position, she grabbed
Dale with one hand, and Mickie with the other, dragging them both across the
room and into a far corner. Grabbing Dale with both hands, she said, "This
ends, right now." When he went to look away, she grabbed him by the chin,
making him look at her. "Look at me when..."

"Trish, stop it." Mickie said softly, grabbing her hand. "Leave him..."

"No." Trish said, looking at Mickie. Waving her hand at Dale, she said, "What
is this helping? How is him constantly complaining and whining about how much
work it is to look after him helping his depression? How is him worrying that
he's going to call us on the road and find us fucking another guy helping
him? Tell me that?" When Mickie didn't answer, Trish turned back to Dale.
"Dale, I love you with all my heart." She said firmly. "But you are getting
on my last good nerve. All you ever talk about is how worthless you are, or
how any other guy but you would be good for us. Do you know how utterly sick
and tired I am of hearing that? Do you know how frustrating it is to love
someone who's sole goal in life seems to be to push you away?"

"I'm not trying..."

"Like hell you aren't." Trish snapped. "Orton hits on me, and your terrified
that I'm walking out on you. Do you realize how many times I get hit on? How
many times Orton's hit on me? Do you?" When he didn't answer, she said,
"Thousands of times. Daily. And how many times have you ever caught me
cheating on you? Or even had a suspicion I cheated on you?" When he didn't
answer, she said, "Answer me."

"Never." He said softly, looking away.

"And how many times have I bitched about how much work it is to look after
you?" She asked. "Have you ever heard me say that what I have to do to be
with you isn't worth all that you give me?"


"Then why do you insist on constantly worrying about it?"

"Do you think I want to worry about it?" He snapped back. "Do you think it's

"Hey, I..."

"Shut up!" He snapped again, catching her off guard. "I stood here and let
you talk, now let me! Do you think it's fucking fun for me to worry like I
do? That I do it for fun? That I can even control it? No!" Running his
fingers through his hair, he shrugged off whoever had put their hands on his
shoulders, not wanting to be comforted like a child. "I dread every time I
get a thought like that in my head, because I know I'm going to twist it
around so that it makes sense to me, and it worries me sick. Literally. I
love you both so damn much that it keeps me up at nights thinking about what
I would do if either of you left me. I'm a child. I can't look after myself.
I had to hire someone to do it, and now I have to lean on you two to do it
when I'm with you, and that tears me up. I hate having to ask either of you
for anything, because I can't do anything for you. I just stand there like a
fucking stupid statue and let you guys go about your day while I wait like a
lost fucking puppy for someone to give me some attention." Sniffling softly,
he grabbed at his hair, trying to keep his emotions in check. "I'm

Seeing the tears fighting there way past his guard, Trish surged forward,
taking him in her arms as Mickie was close behind, Trish fighting the pain
in her back to keep holding him close. "Let it out, Dale." She said softly,
cradling his head against her shoulder as she let him cry softly. "Your not
useless to me, Dale. Not by a long shot. You're not my puppy. You're my
boyfriend, and I love you so much."

"Why do we always do these things in public?" Mickie asked softly.

"Because I'm stupid."

"No you're not, Dale." Trish said softly, holding him tight. "You're sick.
You need help, and we're here for you." Kissing his cheek softly, she told
him, "I need you as much as you need me." Hearing him go to say something,
she shushed him softly. "Don't talk." She said, holding him. "Just let it
out. It's ok, honey."

Trying not to join in the crying herself, Mickie held her boyfriend as he
shook softly, her body not as close to him as Trish's but unwilling to be any
further away from him than she had to be. Looking over her shoulder, she gave
Torrie a quick look, trying to explain what was happening without alerting
Dale to the fact that he had an audience. Nodding, Torrie pointed outside the
door, motioning for the bewildered Dr. Smith to follow her out of the room
and closing the door behind her quietly.

Holding her crying man, Trish let his emotions pour onto her shoulder,
knowing it was needed, no matter how much it hurt her back. "I love you."
She said softly. "Both of you. Equally."

Sniffling, Dale tried to nod, but found his head held to Trish's shoulder.
"I'm sorry..."

"Don't be sorry." She whispered. "Don't ever be sorry for being you. I know
this isn't something you want to have to deal with, but I'm here for you. As
long as it takes, I'm here for you."

"Me too." Mickie piped in.

Looking over at Mickie, Trish smiled. "We know." Looking up at Dale, and
stroking his tear streaked cheeks, she asked softly, "Are you gonna be ok?"

"I'll try." He promised. "You need to sit down. The doctor said you have to
sit down."

Squeezing him softly, she broke apart and moved slowly back to her
wheelchair, letting Mickie lead Dale over as she sat down. Looking up at
Dale, Trish motioned for Mickie to bring him closer. "Bend down, Dale."
When he complied with her request, she reached out, whipping his face softly.

"I look like shit, don't I?" He grumbled.

Smiling, she leaned forward, kissing him softly on the lips. "You look like
my man." She said. Looking at Mickie, she said, "We should probably head out.
Don't know how long this stuff is going to keep me going, and Torrie's been
waiting outside forever..."

"Lets go." Dale said, trying to smile. "I've held us up long..."

"Stop it, Dale." Trish scolded him softly. "It was needed. Air has been
cleared. But we should be going." Seeing him nod, she smiled. Looking up at
Mickie, she asked, "Go get Torrie, please? Get this show on the road." When
Mickie nodded and walked out of the room, Trish reached up, grabbing Dale by
the shirt. "Get down here, you." She growled softly, pulling him down and
kissing him softly. "I can't come to you, so you gotta come to me."

"No problem there." He said firmly, kissing her as he heard the door open and
close. Standing up, he turned towards the sound. "Mickie?"

"And Torrie." Torrie said softly, moving towards him. "Are you ok?"

"I'll get over it." He said.

Pulling him into a soft hug, she let him hug her back. "It's ok, sweetie.
You'll be ok."

Looking up at the blonde hugging her boyfriend, Trish smiled. "Hey, that's my
job." She joked.

Breaking apart with a smile, Torrie hooked arms with Dale as she moved him
over to the far side of the room, grabbing a suitcase and handing it to him
before taking one herself. "I'm the substitute blonde while your on the
mend." She teased.

As Torrie led him from the doctors office, Dale grinned, holding onto the
suitcase with a tight grip, making sure he didn't lose it.

"I don't need a substitute." Trish said, taking the suitcase Mickie sat in
her lap.

"The doctor said take it easy." Mickie reminded her, pushing Trish out to the
room behind Dale and Torrie.

"So, Torrie..." Dale said, gaining Torrie's attention. "Are you a substitute
for everything Trish does?"

Looking back at Trish and Mickie, Torrie giggled softly, before looking at
Dale. Leaning over and letting her head rest on his shoulder, she purred
softly, telling him in a seductive voice, "I'll do anything you want, honey."

As the group burst into laughter at there silly conversation, Trish turned
and looked down the hall, before sighing and looking away again, not liking
what she saw. Hearing Dale sniff softly, Trish tried to ignore it, and looked
forward, holding the suitcase to her body firmly.

"Awww, did the bottle blonde hurt her back?"

Feeling the wheelchair slow down, Trish reached back, putting her hand on
Mickie's. "Keep going."

"How ironic is it..." Randy said, moving towards the foursome. "With all the
time you spend on your back around here, that it would be the weakest part of
your body."

"What did you..." Dale started, before he felt Trish's hand reach out and
squeezing his.

"Keep. Moving." Trish said firmly.

"Yea, keep moving." He said with a grin. "Stop to long and she might spot
something she likes."

Wrenching his arm free of Torrie's and Trish's, Dale turned and glared
towards Randy's direction. Seeing Dale's bloodshot eyes, Randy laughed.

"Oh my god, were you crying blind boy?" Randy asked, his laughter echoing
down the hallway. "What? Finally find out your girlfriends sexual exploits
and just feel crushed you weren't one of the first one hundred customers in
line? Why do you think her back gave out?"

Seeing Dale's anger start to surge, Torrie moved over to him, taking his arm
in hers again. "Dale, come on, let's go."

"Yea, get out of here, lap dog." Randy sneered. "Just leave the trim

"Enough." Trish snapped, planting her feet on the floor and pushing her chair
back, almost running over Mickie as she moved back to Dale. Grabbing his arm
firmly but gently, she gave it a tug, gaining his attention. "Let's go." She
said, before looking at Orton. "He's not worth the effort."

Letting Trish's hand pull him away from Orton, Dale turned and started
walking, reaching over his head and grabbing the hood of his jacket and
pulling it up and over his head before letting Torrie's arm slide alongside
his, ignoring Orton's laughter as he dropped his head down, moving forward.

"Fucking prick." Dale snarled.

"Forget about it." Trish said. "He's a child, and he'll never change." When
she saw Dale nod, she said, "Anyone else hungry? I could probably go for
something quick."

"How about we see what drive thru's we pass by on the way?" Mickie offered

"Sounds like a plan." Trish said, hugging her suitcase tighter as Mickie
pushed her out the back door and towards the parking lot, Torrie and Dale
right behind them.

* * *

"You know, Trish, you could have been a little more tactful than that."

Looking back at Dale, she asked, "What? I was tactful..."

"Like hell you were." He laughed.

Grumping, she said, "Alright, maybe I wasn't. But since when am I tactful?"


"Besides, I was direct." She argued. "Doctors like that."

"Direct is one thing." He said, smiling. "Asking if, and I quote, butt
fucking tenses up back muscles, is another."

"It wasn't so bad!" She argued. "Besides, I was asking for you. You should be
happy I asked."

Grinning, he shrugged as she led him into the living room. "I'm happy you

"Just not happy with the answer." Trish grumbled. "I don't see what's so bad
about it."

"Other than the fact that your back is about one bad sneeze away from
snapping in half?" Mickie asked. "One of Dales super orgasms would probably
put you in a wheelchair."

"But what a way to go." Trish said with a giggle.

"Your lucky you got off so lucky." Dale said, sliding off his coat and
letting Mickie hang it up. "From the way I understand your little jackknife
impersonation, your lucky you only hurt what you hurt."

"I still don't see why I can't go back out on the road." Trish grumbled,
walking gingerly over to the couch and sitting down softly, wincing in pain.

"You mean other than the whole "If you hurt it anymore, you're going to need
surgery" part?" He asked.

"Yea, other than that." Trish pouted.

"Well, other than that, there's no reason you can't jump right back into the
ring." Mickie said, smiling as Dale moved slowly from the doorway, into the
living room and finding his seat, feeling around to locate it before setting
down softly. "You're getting better, Dale."

"It's like ten feet." He said. "And I've done it hundreds of times."

"Still, you couldn't do that when you first came here." Trish said with a
smile. When he nodded, she leaned back, sighing. "So, what are we gonna do?"
Looking at Mickie, she shrugged. "Doctor said bed rest."

"Which you should be upstairs getting." Mickie said.

Waving her hands, Trish nodded. "Yea, in a little bit." She said. "I just
want to figure out what were gonna do, because your heading out tomorrow...

"I can't stay home." Mickie said softly, moving over to the couch and sitting
down beside Trish. "I'm going into the final leg of my feud with Beth, so I
can't stay home."

"I was gonna stay." Dale said softly, before adding, "Even if I am useless."

"Your not useless, Dale." Trish assured him softly. When he nodded, she
smiled. "Who kept me distracted on the flight home?"

"Me." He said. "Puking."

"Still." She said hopefully. "Kept me busy, didn't it?"

"I don't consider flagging down the flight attendant to get more puke bags a
good thing." He grumbled.

"I didn't think you ate that much." Trish said.

"I didn't think the human stomach held that much." Mickie added.

Deciding a change of topic was necessary, Trish looked at Dale, asking him,
"Do you think Katie could come up and help out, Dale?"

Shaking his head, Dale told her, "I gave her the week off. I've been doing
that when I'm up here with you two."

"Shit." Trish said, slumping back in the couch before bolting up, hissing in
pain. "Fuck!"

"None of that, either." Dale said, oblivious to her pain. "Doctor said no
tensing of the muscles, which you coming does. Remember?"

"Yes, Dale, I remember." Trish said. Thinking for a moment, she shrugged. "I
imagine me and Dale could get by. I can be his eyes, he can be the manual

"I don't mind manual labor." Dale said quickly, nodding.

"So, you two think you can get along ok?" Mickie asked. When they both
nodded, she smiled. "Then it's settled." Turning towards Trish, she said,
"Now, get your ass up to bed and relax. I'll bring some ice up later and we
can ice it down."

Pouting at Mickie, Trish tried to slink down into the couch, trying to become
invisible to the busty brunette. "Don't wanna."

"Go upstairs." Mickie said firmly.




"We'll be up shortly." Mickie promised. Seeing Trish pout, she smiled softly.
"Please? I don't want to see you in any more pain than you have to be in."
Seeing Trish's pout continue, Mickie put on her own pout. "Dale, break out
the eyes."

Looking over at Dale, Trish whined softly as she saw the puppy dog eyes in
full effect, the guilt factor ramping up exponentially. Shaking her head, she
reached down, grabbing the couch and pushing herself up. "Alright, alright,
I'm going." She grumbled. Moving over to Dale, she reached down, rubbing his
chin as he looked up, stretching up as far as possible to cut down on the
amount she had to lean down to kiss him.

As she broke her lips apart from him, he smiled. "Now get that sexy
booty up to bed."

"I'm going, I'm going." Trish grumbled. Shuffling over to Mickie, Trish
leaned down, kissing her softly. "Don't keep me waiting long, k?"

"Just long enough to get Dale a snack." Mickie promised, standing up and
moving over towards Dale as Trish moved towards the stairs. "I do assume you
want a snack, correct?"

Standing up, Dale smiled as he nodded. Reaching his hands out slightly,
he felt around for the wall, finding it and slowly following Mickie towards
the kitchen. Shuffling his feet along slowly, Dale made his way out as Mickie
went quickly towards the cupboards, pulling out a loaf of bread and setting
it down on the counter as Dale moved in and made his way to the table.
Watching him move slowly, Mickie smiled as he pulled out a chair, feeling
around for the seat before slowly sitting down.

"That's more than ten feet, honey." She said with a proud smile. When he
smiled, she asked, "So, a PB & J ok?"

"Sounds good." He said, leaning back in his chair.

Reaching into the cupboard, she pulled out the peanut butter, cracking open
the top and starting his sandwich. "So..." She said, trailing off as she
scooped out some peanut butter. "How are you feeling today?"

"Pretty good." He said. "Stubbed my toe at the doctor's office."

"I didn't mean that way." She said softly.

"Oh." He said with a knowing nod. "Not so good there."

"What's up?" Mickie asked, pulling the jam out of the fridge.

"Just...I don't know." He said, letting his head drop. "This whole thing
with Trish has me pretty upset."

"The injury..." She said, scooping out some jam. "Or Orton?"

Shrugging, he said, "A little of both, I guess." Sighing softly, he told
her, "I try and believe her when it comes to Randy, but I keep getting these
stupid ideas that go through my head and I can't get rid of them, and they
keep getting worse and worse." Running his fingers through his hair, he said,
"And not being able to help out isn't helping things."

"What do you mean?" She asked, pouring him a glass of milk and moving
over to the table, setting the snack in front of him.

Feeling around and finding his sandwich, he picked it up and took a
bite. "I just wish I could help her." He said. "I don't think I'd feel so
shitty if I could just help out a little bit."

"What do you mean, help out?" Mickie asked.

Shrugging, he held up his sandwich. "Well, making food would be nice."
He said. "I don't want her standing around the kitchen, the shape her back is
in. These stone tile floors aren't good for your back, and hers needs all the
help it can get."

"Yea..." She mused, watching with a small smile as he wolfed down his
sandwich. "Hungry much?"

Popping the last bit into his mouth, he smiled. "Aren't I always?" Finding
his milk and gulping it down, he reached down, fumbling around with
his spare hand and finding the plate.

"Lemme get that..."

"I got it." He said quickly, standing up and pushing his chair away.

Watching him carefully, Mickie kept an eye on him as he moved towards
the sink, his aim a bit off as he moved against the counter. Resting his arm
on it, he slid along, finding the lip of the sink and sliding his hands
carefully into it. Letting the plate and the glass drop carefully to the
bottom, he pulled his hands out and reached around, finding the soap pump and
squeezing some into his right hand before finding the tap with the left one,
turning it on and washing his hands before shutting it off. Moving down the
counter, he reached under the cupboard, his hand hitting it gently before it
slid under, finding the paper towel rack and pulling off a few pieces. Drying
his hands, he moved back to the sink, reaching down and opening the small
door under it, sticking his hand in and dropping the paper towel into the
trash bin before moving back to the table.

Watching in wonder as he slid into his chair, Mickie went to say something
before Dale cut her off.

"I just wish I could do something." He said softly.

"How did you do that?" Mickie asked quickly, her head snapping back
between the sink and Dale.

"Do what?"

"What you just did!" She said, still astonished. "How did you know where
the sink...and everything was?"

Shrugging, he said, "Dunno. Trish showed me one night after supper where
the trash was."

"So you just sort of remembered?" She asked.

"Yea." He said.

"What else do you remember around here? Like...umm...can you find your way
from the bedroom down here?" She asked hopefully.

Thinking for a minute, he nodded slowly. "I came down one night to get a
drink of water." Looking away shyly, he said, "I didn't want to get you guys
up for that..."

"Do you know where the dishes are?" She asked.

"The glasses." He told her. "Needed one for the water."

"What about the plates and stuff?" When he shook his head, she asked,
"If I showed, would you remember?"

Shrugging, he said, "I dunno. I guess so. Why?"

Something clicking in her head, Mickie giggled happily as she sprung up,
moving over to Dale. "Come on, come on..." She urged, helping him up as she
moved him into the kitchen. " should we go about this? Where do you
want to start from? As a focal point?"

"Probably the door to the kitchen." He said, before asking, "What is
this about?"

"Just trust me." Mickie said with a smile, moving him over to the door.
Taking his arm, she lead him into the kitchen. "Ok, right here..." She said,
stopping and taking his hand in hers, moving it up to the cupboard. "Is where
the glasses are. Remember?" When he nodded, she moved it one door over. "This
is the plates. Ok?" when he nodded, she slid it over again. "Bowls. K?"


Taking his hand down, and moving it to the drawer, she said, "Cutlery.
You can tell the difference there, right?"

"Yes." He said, feeling Mickie's arm untangle from his and her feet move
away. "Mickie?"

"Gimmie a second."

"Mickie, what are..."

"Just a second, ok?" She asked, opening the fridge, quickly taking
inventory of what was in it before pulling everything out and setting it down
on the cupboard, lining it up carefully before putting it back in the fridge,
making sure to keep everything one row deep. Carefully inspecting her handy
work, Mickie smiled as she moved back over to Dale, taking his arm. "Ok,
we're going to the fridge, ok?" She asked. When he nodded, still confused,
she led him over, making sure to go slow so he could get the path in his
mind. Standing him in front of the open fridge, she slid his hand in, moving
it to the far right. "Ok, you're in the fridge." She said. Setting his hand
on a jug, she said, "Milk." Moving down the line, she riddled off the meager
contents of Trish's fridge. "OJ. Apple juice. Going lower, butter. Cheese.
Ham slices. Turkey. Mayo. Jam. Mustard. Ketchup. Got it?"

"I think." He said, looking confused. "Why?"

"Show me." She urged.

Moving his hand over to the far right again, he fumbled around, finding
the milk jug. "Milk, OJ, apple, butter, ham, turkey...ummm...something, jam,
mustard, ketchup."

"The something was Mayo." Mickie said. "Again."

Sighing, Dale moved his hand back over, knowing he wouldn't get an
explanation until Mickie got whatever it was she was looking for. "Milk, OJ,
apple juice, butter, ham, turkey, mayo, jam, mustard, ketchup. I think that's
it. That's it, right?"

"Yup." She said. Taking his hand and moving it around, she dropped it on
one of the bottles. "What's that?"

Quickly feeling around for position, Dale said, "OJ."

"You got it." Mickie said proudly, pulling him in for a hug as she
closed the fridge door. "Ok, a few more things. Gimme a second."

Sighing and nodding, Dale felt her untangle herself from his arms as she
moved away again, opening a cupboard and quickly emptying it's contents
again, re-aligning them to her standards before retrieving him. Moving him
over slowly, she took his hand again, sticking it out and setting it on the
first box.

"Crackers." She said, smiling as he closed his eyes, focusing. "Ritz.
Honeycombs. Fruit loops. Peanut butter. Plain chips. BBQ chips. And...well,
a mass of chocolate. Remind me to make Trish get rid of the chocolate."

"It's mine."

"Remind me to get rid of the chocolate." Mickie said. "You don't need any
more sugar." Before he could whine, she took his hand, setting it on the
first box. "Ok, lemme hear it."

"Crackers, Ritz, honeycombs, fruit loops, peanut butter, plain chips,
BBQ chips, the chocolate that is about to go AWOL." Knowing what she was
gonna ask next, he reached up, putting his hand back on the first box.
"Crackers, Ritz, honeycombs, fruit loops, peanut butter, plain chips, BBQ
chips, chocolate."

Pulling him in and kissing him softly, Mickie smiled around his lips.
"Very good." She mused. "I think you got it."

"Care to explain what I got?"

"I think you got all you need to look after Trish." Mickie said. Seeing
his eyes go wide, she hugged him tighter. "What?"

"I can't." He said, shaking his head. "I mean...I don't...but..."

"You know where everything is." She said softly. "Why can't you look
after her? At least in the food department."

"I can't cook." He said. "Even Katie doesn't let me cook."

"You don't have to cook." Mickie promised him. "Everything I just showed
you can be done cold. No cooking required." Seeing the nervous look in his
eyes, she smiled, leaning up and kissing him softly. "Dale, trust yourself.
You can do this." Holding him tight, she smiled. "You can look after Trish."

Shaking his head slowly, he said, "I don't know, Mickie..."

Seeing a boost in confidence was necessary, she grinned. "Dale?"


"Make me a sandwich."

"I can't."

"Yes, you, can."

"No, I, can't."

"Yes, you..."

"No, I, can't." He said firmly. "You, didn't, show, me, where, the, bread,

"Oh." She said, realizing her mistake. "If I show you, will you make me
a sandwich?"

Nodding, he sighed. "I'll try."

Taking his hand, she set it down on the bread. "Bread." Grinning, she gave
his ass a slap. "Now get in the kitchen and get to work, woman."

"What do you want on it?" He asked, grabbing the bread and fumbling with
the fastener, pulling out two slices.

"Turkey, mustard, butter." She said. "Also, glass of milk. I'll be waiting
in the dining room."

Nodding nervously, Dale turned and felt his way towards the cupboards,
pulling out a plate and a glass, setting them down on the counter before
shuffling towards the fridge. Swinging it open, he felt around, finding the
milk and using it as a guide, sliding his hand down and pulling out the
butter, turkey and mustard before setting the milk down on the counter.
Taking the jug of milk in one hand, he held it against the lip of the glass,
sliding his finger into the rim of the glass as he slowly started to pour,
expecting to hear it slosh onto the floor but smiling as it went into the
glass cleanly. Feeling the cold milk against his finger, he stopped pouring,
setting the glass down on the counter before returning the milk to the

Opening up the package of turkey, he fumbled around with it for a moment
before pulling out a slice, feeling around for the bread and resting the
turkey on it. Realizing he had forgotten a knife, he slowly moved over to the
drawer Mickie had shown him, feeling around and pulling it out, sliding his
hand in and praying he didn't find anything sharp. Finding the blunt butter
knife he was hoping for, he moved back to the unfinished sandwich, carefully
spreading some butter and mustard on the other slice of bread, using his
fingers to make sure it was right side up as he set it on top of the other
piece, pushing it around a little to line the two up. Moving back over to
the fridge, he slid the turkey, mustard and butter back into there original
spots, doing a quick check to make sure everything was in the right place
before grabbing the milk and sandwich off the counter.

Watching as Dale turned towards her, Mickie smiled as he shuffled into
the dining room, holding his elbow out as a guard against walls as he made
his way to her. Finding the table, he set the food down on it.

"Where are you?"

Reaching out and taking the food, Mickie smiled. "That's good enough."
She said, letting him relax as he sat down.

"So, how bad did I fuck it up?" He asked nervously.

Picking up her sandwich and taking a bite, Mickie grimaced slightly at the
bitter taste. "Next time, a little less mustard." She said, before reaching
out and taking his hand in hers, giving it a squeeze. "But other than that,

"I didn't know how much mustard you liked." He said softly.

"Less than that."

"I'll remember that."

Smiling, she nodded, taking another bite. "I know you will." Squeezing
his hand softly, she said, "Now, do you think you can do this for me? Look
after our curvy blonde love goddess?"

Smiling softly, he nodded as he shrugged. "I'll try." He said. "The
worst that can happen is we have to go back to what we had planned."

"But you'll do it?" She asked.

"I'll do it." He confirmed with a nod, smiling. "I promise."

Smiling, Mickie sat back in her chair, taking another bite of her sandwich.
"There's some more stuff in the kitchen I have to show you. Remind me when
I'm done eating..."

* * *

Stretching her legs out, Trish whined in pain as she pulled them back, her
spine throbbing as she went back into a comfortable position. Rubbing the
body in her arms, she smiled as she kissed it softly. Getting confused, she
kissed it again, wondering why it didn't feel right. Opening her eyes, she
found herself clutching a pillow to her body.

"Sneaky Mickie." Trish grumbled, looking over the pillow and finding Mickie
missing. "Not waking me up for goodbye smooching." Clutching the pillow
tighter, she scowled at the invading sunlight.

Getting ready to push herself up and go in search of Dale, Trish cocked
her head to the side as she head something from downstairs.


Looking around the room quickly, Trish tried to find Dale, knowing Mickie
would be on her flight, but not expecting Dale to be gone.


"What the hell..." Trish whispered to herself. Realizing the clanking was
getting closer and closer. "Did someone..." She started, before trailing off,
murmuring, "Break in?"


Quickly jumping out of bed, Trish dashed over to her closet, wincing in pain
as she opened it up as quietly as possible and reached in, fishing around
before pulling out a heavy wooden baseball bat. Clutching it to her body, she
ran back to the bed, hiding on the far side as she peered over the edge.


"Dale, where are you?" Trish whined to herself, her heart racing in her
chest as the clanking made its way slowly towards her bedroom.

Rounding the corner slowly, his elbow rubbing against the wall to keep
his path straight, Dale shuffle walked into the bedroom, a large tray cradled
in his arms as he reached out with his foot, finding the TV stand and side
stepping it carefully.

"Trish?" he whispered softly. "Trish, are you awake?"

"Dale?" Trish said, watching as he started moving towards the bed again.


Watching the bowl on the tray bounce softly off the mug, Trish followed
him with her eyes as he moved to the bed. Jumping up on the bed and crawling
over to him in the only position that didn't make her back scream with pain,
she looked up at Dale as he looked around, trying to pinpoint her.

"Are you on the bed?" he asked.

"I'm right beside you." She said, moving beside him and looking at the
tray. "What's this?"

"Breakfast in bed." He said with a shy smile. "For you."

Smiling, Trish slid towards the headboard, reaching out and taking the
tray from him carefully and extending the legs on it, setting the mini-table
across her legs. "Wow." She said with a grin, eyeing the spread. "Did Mickie
set this up before she left?" She asked, smiling with pride at the thought of
her boyfriend making his way back from the kitchen unaided.

Shaking his head, he told her sheepishly, "I did it. Myself." As her
eyes went wide, he added, "Although I can't tell if I got everything right.
There should be some cereal, a muffin, an assortment of fruit, and I'm hoping
OJ and milk."

Quickly looking down and realizing that everything he had listed off was
there, she said, "You got it right."

"I hope you like it." He said softly.

"How did you do this?" She asked, her face still beaming with a smile.

"Mickie made memorize where everything was before she left." He said.
"I'm looking after you while she's gone. Not the other way around." Looking
down, he sighed softly, adding, "I may not be able to make anything hot, but
I'm willing to do whatever else I can to keep you happy."

Moving the tray aside and moving towards him, she hugged him from the
side, leaning in and kissing him softly. "I'm so, so proud of you, Dale."
Trish said firmly, holding him tightly. "You always make me happy." Seeing
him nod and smile softly, she leaned over, kissing him again. "I love you."

"I love you to." He said softly, his face burning bright red as she
showered him with praise.

Moving away from Dale, Trish slid back up to the headboard, leaning back
and taking her tray into her lap, smiling from ear to ear as she mowed into
her breakfast.

* * *

Plodding into the arena, Mickie drug her suitcase behind her, looking around
as she tried to get her bearings and find her way to the locker room.

"Trish needs to draw me a map next time." Mickie grumbled, pulling her
suitcase along as she strolled slowly towards the changing room. Pushing the
door open and moving into the room, Mickie waved at the group of assembled
Divas. "I'm always the last one here." She grumbled.

Looking at the Divas, Mickie smiled as they all looked up at one, giving
her a smile. "Hi Mickie..." They all said. Watching them in curious
fascination, she watched as the looks on their faces changed as one, going
from a smile to confusing. Almost seeing the light come on in their minds,
Mickie watched as they looked around her, looking for something, before
looking back at her.

"Where's Dale?" They all asked at once.

"Wow, that was spooky." Mickie said. "Like some weird edition of I, Robot,
only...with Divas, I guess." Seeing them all waiting for the answer to their
joint question, she said, "At home, with Trish. Just me on this trip."

"He's not coming?" Maria asked softly.

Shaking her head, Mickie moved over to the lockers, taking her seat. "He
wanted to help Trish."

"Oh." Maria said, slumping back in her locker. "Is he gonna be here next

Shrugging her shoulders, Mickie said, "Dunno. Why?"

"We were gonna go to that concert." Maria said.

"I was supposed to take him out at some point to." Torrie said. "This

"Why?" Mickie said.

"Dale breaks up the time." Torrie explained.

"So does reading." Mickie said, reaching down and undoing the zipper on her

"Reading isn't fun." Victoria said.

"And looking after Dale is?"

"Yes." They all said.

"Alright, stop with the unison answers." Mickie said. "It's getting creepy."

"So there's no chance of him coming out?" Maria asked. "Like, by tonight?"

"I think I can say for certain he's not coming." Mickie said, pulling
out her outfit and checking it out. "He was quite adamant that he wanted to
help look after Trish. He's really worried about her."

"I can understand that." Candice said. "Still sucks he's not coming."

"Alright, what's with all the Dale questions?" Mickie asked, finally
looking up from her suitcase. "How many of you actually help look after him,
anyways?" As the Divas all looked around the room at each other, Mickie
waited for them to answer, before asking, "Umm...someone?"

"I think...all of us." Torrie said, looking around the room, looking for
someone to refute the statement. When no one did, she said, "And we're just
asking because normally it's Trish who decides who gets to look after him, so
I'm guessing were all just curious if you were gonna do it when she's out."

Shaking her head, Mickie said, "I don't dole out Dale time. Trish didn't
say anything about it."

"Did she mention the hat thing?"

Shaking her head, slower this time, Mickie asked, "Hat thing?"

Again looking around the room, Torrie asked silently if she should tell
Mickie of the "Hat thing." Realizing the brunette wasn't going to stop
staring at her anytime soon, she said softly, "That's how Trish figures out
who helps with Dale. All the names who want to help go into a hat, she pulls
some out, and they get to help when you guys have to go do angles, tapings,
and have some alone time."

"Are you serious?" Mickie asked, astonished. When they nodded, she asked,
"Why the hell would you do that?" Realizing what she said and how it sounded,
she added, "And that came out so wrong..."

"We know what you meant." Victoria said with a grin. Shrugging, she tried to
figure out how to explain what Torrie had meant. "Well, put it like this."
She said, hoping her words sounded as good when she said them as they did
when she thought them. "Dale may be going out with you guys, but he kinda
dates all of us." Seeing Mickie's look of confusion not leaving, she
grimaced. "Alright, gotta explain that a little better. Umm...Dale's kinda
like the group boyfriend. Not in a sleeping together kind of way, but in that
he's really nice, and he takes an interest in the things we like and learns
enough about it that we can have something in common to talk about. So it's
kinda like having all the good things of a boyfriend, but without the sex..."

"Which is probably a big downside..." Maria said.

"BIG downside." Candice teased, making Mickie smile.

"And he's just a nice guy." Victoria said. "Funny, interesting...not hard on
the eyes..."

"I get it." Mickie said with a grin. "I'll see if I can get him out next
weekend, but don't count on it."

"Do what you can." Torrie said with a smile.

Nodding, Mickie smiled as she leaned back in her locker. Looking over at
Victoria, she asked, "Can I ask a favor?"


"Can I tag along with you and Candice this weekend?" Mickie asked. "Trish's
injury kinda threw everything out of whack. I got a rental lined up..."

"No problem." Victoria said. "Anything to cut into the gas'll help
with gas, right?"

"Of course."

"What kind of car did you guys get?" Torrie asked softly.

Shrugging, Victoria leaned back in her locker. "Dunno. Four door
something or other. Why?"

"Room for one more?" She asked shyly. "Ever since me and Billy broke up,
I think the guys I drive with have an ongoing bet to see who can get between
my legs first..."

"Sure." Victoria said with a smile. "The more the merrier." Looking over
at Maria, she grinned. "You in to, kid?"

"Will you quit calling me kid?" Maria whined. "I'm twenty six!"

"Congratulations. I'm thirty-five, kid." Victoria joked. "So, you in?"

Shaking her head, Maria told her, "I got a ride. But thanks."

Nodding, Victoria sighed. "Alright then. All set. Now, just to get through
this hellish show, and we're all set."

"Why hellish?" Mickie asked.

"Bikini contest." They answered.

"Jesus, again with the unison answers." Mickie said with a shudder. Smiling,
she said, "Well, I'd love to help you guys with the bikini contest, but I
have a match...speaking of which, anyone see Beth?"

"I think she's with her hubby." Candice said. "Hardly ever changes here

Shrugging, Mickie leaned back in her locker. "So long as she shows up for
the match, she can change anywhere she wants."

Looking over at Torrie, Candice smiled. "So...any idea how much the pot to
hit your pot is up to?"

"Oh god..." Torrie groaned, rolling her head back. "I have no idea. I'd
hope a lot."

"Well..." Candice said, drawing out her words and making Torrie whine. "I
was thinking..."

"Why don't I like this already?"

"...That maybe..."




"If we hooked up..."

"I was right. Don't like where this is headed."

"Maybe we could split the money?" Candice finished, gaining a chorus of
laughter from around the room.

"I don't think sleeping with you is worth what those cheap ass wrestlers
are probably putting up." Torrie said.

Pretending to look hurt, Candice asked, "Are you saying I'm cheap?"

Smiling, Torrie shook her head. "No, I'm saying you're expensive. Worth
much, much more."

"I'm sure Dale would be willing to sponsor that event." Mickie chimed
in, smiling. "You know, so long as he got to be director of the little show."

"Oh, Mickie, there'd be nothing little about it." Candice said. "There'd
be fire works, a light show..."

"Candice?" Torrie said sweetly.

"Yes, my soon to be co-star?"

"Shut up."

"Party pooper." Candice muttered playfully. "I'm just trying to bait Dale
into coming next week..."

"So, do you have the fireworks lined up?" Torrie asked with a laugh.

"I'll make some calls." Candice teased.

Shaking her head with a grin, Mickie leaned back in her locker, closing
her eyes and trying to will the time away, hoping to make the weekend go as
quickly as possible.

* * *

Swaying his hips slightly, Dale smiled as he danced around the kitchen,
singing to himself, oblivious to the small blonde eyeing him from the doorway
with a grin.

~I think he's a lost cause in the dancing department.~ Trish thought
with a smile. ~But he tries.~

Quietly backing up, Trish avoided the creaky floorboards as she moved up
the stairs again, moving slowly and keeping an eye on her dancing boyfriend
as he moved back towards the staircase, sandwich in hand, a plastic bottle
of milk slung under his arm. Keeping an eye on him as her moved up the stairs
and towards the bedroom, Trish couldn't help but shake her head as he moved
slowly but surely, shuffling his feet as he moved into the bedroom just
behind her.

Crawling slowly into the bed, Trish sighed as she realized her only moments
of fun for the day were over for now, and the monotony of lying in bed and
staring at the roof began in earnest.

"Trish?" Dale asked softly, not wanting to wake her if she was asleep.

"I'm awake."

Moving over towards the bed, Dale held out her tray, letting her take it from
his hands before scooting onto the bed with her, moving up to the headboard
and leaning back against it, letting her move between his legs and hold her
close as she set up her tray.

"It's still just cold stuff." He said softly. "I tried to figure out the
microwave, but it didn't go so well..."

"It's ok, Dale." She said, leaning back and kissing him. "The shear fact
that you're going down to the kitchen on your own and bringing back food is
amazing enough." Feeling his arms reach out and hold her, she smiled.

"Come er, you."

Letting Dale pull her body into his lap, and adjusting her tray
accordingly, Trish looked back at him. "You know, I'm really starting to
resent this whole "You" kick you've been on." Leaning up and kissing him, she
added, "Give me a new nickname. I think I deserve something better."

"You do." He said, with a nod. Closing his eyes, he thought for a moment,
before smiling. "How about, "My sexy blonde love goddess, who's curvy, busty
body is built to please her lovers, and tease all others."? Sound ok?"

Smiling, she snuggled closer to him. "It's long. And corny." Moving up
and kissing him, she said, "I love it."

Smiling, he reached down between them, pressing his hands against her
back and massaging the muscles, doing what the doctor had assured him would
help. Hearing Trish moan softly, he listened to her voice, looking for any
hint of pain. Finding none, he kept going, stroking her back firmly, her
purrs around her food telling him he was doing well.

"Mmmmmm...and I thought your foot rubs were good..." Trish moaned softly.
"Where did you get so good at this stuff, anyways?"

Freezing, Dale's brain went into overdrive to find an answer, realizing
the truth wouldn't fly. ~Practicing on other Divas.~ He thought, but shook
it off. "It's just natural talent, I guess." He said, leaning down and
kissing her neck to push the point home. Hearing her purr, he relaxed
slightly, the moment passing and the routine of the day kicking back in.

* * *

"Ninety-nine bottles..."

"Alright, shut the fuck up." Victoria snapped, glaring at Candice. "That's
four times. Enough."

"Don't you like beer?" Candice asked with a smile.

"If I had a bottle right now..." Victoria said, turning her gaze back out
the front window. "I'd crack you over the head with it."

Smirking up at the bickering Divas in the front seat, Torrie shook her
head. "Aren't you two a bundle of joy today."

"Better than me." Mickie moped, slumping down in her seat as she tried
to find something to occupy her time.

Looking over at Mickie, Torrie smiled as she reached out, giving her a
light punch on the shoulder. "It's ok." She assured the sad Diva. "We

"I know." Mickie said, before adding softly, "Still sucks."

"You just need something to get your mind off of it." Victoria offered.
"What do you normally do to pass the time?"


Grinning, Victoria gave her a quick look over her shoulder. "Wanna
cuddle? I'm sure I can talk one of these two into taking over the driving
duties if you wanna snuggle up in the back seat..."

Giggling, Mickie shook her head. "Your not Trish or Dale."

"What's that got to do with it?" Victoria teased. "I'll have you know
I'm a damn good cuddler."

"Still." Mickie said. "Not Trish or Dale. There special."

"Dale's special because he's horse cock." Candice said. "Trish is special
because she's curvy. I don't got the horse cock..."

"God, I hope not..."

"...But I do have curves." Candice teased. "I'm pretty similar to Trish.
Close your eyes and you probably wouldn't know the difference."

Giggling and shaking her head, Mickie told her, "When we snuggle, there's
usually a lot of inappropriate touching..."

"Your on your own." Candice laughed.

Pushing out her bottom lip, Mickie pouted at the brunette. "Awww, you
don't wanna be groped by me?" She teased. When Candice continued to laugh
and shake her head, Mickie reached up, putting a hand on her shoulder, only
adding to her laughing. "Come on, I have a nice, big suite that's so lonely
all by myself. You could come stay with me and earn your cut of the bill
keeping me company..."

Shaking her head, Candice told her, "I'm not your curvy love goddess or
your blind lover, so that's just wrong!"

Her smile fading, Mickie slumped back in her chair, nodding. "I know." She
said softly. "I shouldn't even be talking about it..."

Sighing softly, Torrie reached over, putting her hand on Mickie's shoulder.
"Mickie, we were joking. We all know how crazy you are about Dale and Trish,
and we wouldn't let you cheat on them, even if we were gay." When Mickie
nodded slowly, Torrie grinned. "Now start enjoying yourself or we're taking
you outside and whipping your ass. Got it?"

Smiling softly, Mickie said, "Please don't. Dale's on my ass enough as is."
When the other three Divas started laughing, Mickie pressed on. "He just is
on me all the time. Total, unlimited access to any and all holes on me and
Trish, and trust me, with his big, hard cock, he uses that access to the

Reaching over the seat, Candice swatted at the giggling brunette, laughing
herself. "Shut up you!"

Dodging the Divas swats, Mickie continued to pour it on. "And Trish...oh
my god! What a little pussy hound! She just licks and sucks...." Trailing off
softly as she realized what she was saying, Mickie slumped back in her seat.
"I'm...sorry." She said softly, confusing the other Divas. "I didn't mean to
cross that line..."

Looking confused, Victoria looked back at her. "What line?"

"The line." Mickie said softly. "I know you guys aren't, so..."
Feeling a hand on her shoulder, Mickie looked up and found Candice spun
around on her seat, smiling at her.

"Mickie, its ok, ok?" Candice told her with a soft smile. "We know that you
and Trish have sex. No one here deluded themselves into thinking that anytime
you guys made love that you both just serviced Dale and steered clear of each
other." When Mickie nodded, Candice continued. "I'm officially lifting all
restrictions on talking about your and Trish's love life. From here on out,
anything you'd tell us about Dale you can tell us about Trish. Got it?"

When Mickie nodded, but still didn't look convinced, Victoria looked in
the rear view mirror, looking at the smaller girl. "Is Trish a good kisser?"
She asked. When Mickie looked at her, she explained, "I've never had an angle
with her like that, so she's never kissed me, so I don't know. Always been
curious though."

Biting her bottom lip as she looked around, and found three Divas expectantly
awaiting an answer, Mickie nodded softly. "Awesome kisser." She said softly,
a tinge of pride creeping into her voice.

"Thought so." Victoria said. "She's got the lips for it."

"She does." Mickie admitted. "She's very, very good. Especially when you get
her worked up."

"And how would one go about getting her worked up?" Candice asked. When
Mickie looked at her, she grinned. "You know, just incase I ever have to earn
my title shot between the sheets."

Laughing, Mickie grinned. "You better not earn it there!" She said, making
the others laugh. Smiling, she told them, " and Dale do this
thing, where we'll get her all worked up and just begging to be screwed, and
then we'll pretend to be tired, like "Oh, sorry we got you worked up, lets go
to bed." And she just goes nuts. I mean, she's all over us, kissing, and
touching, and just everything. When she's like that, she is the greatest
kisser in the world." When the other girls nodded in a somewhat understanding
fashion, Mickie smiled softly. "I just hope we can make this thing work,
because I never want to stop kissing either of them. Even if we had to give
up sex, I'd deal so long as I could kiss them."

"There, that wasn't so bad, was it?" Victoria asked with a grin. When Mickie
shook her head, Victoria added, "And it killed the time."

Leaning over and looking out the front window, Mickie smiled as she spotted
the arena blocking out the view, Victoria pulling on the steering wheel and
pulling the car into the parking lot, giving the fans a few waves as they
drove to there spot.

Putting the car in park, Victoria quickly undid her seatbelt before sliding
out of the car, the three other Divas following suit as they all piled out,
arms and legs stretching after the long drive, each of them working out the
kinks as they moved around to the back of the car to retrieve there luggage.
Hearing the calls of the fans from behind the chain link fence, Mickie looked
up and gave them a wave. Seeing a few of her promo items pressed up against
the gate, she giggled as she looked back at the other girls, pulling her
suitcase out of the trunk.

"Could one of you take this in for me?" She asked sweetly. "I wanna go sign
some stuff."

Nodding, Victoria reached out and grabbed her suitcase, dragging it along
behind her as Mickie bounded over towards the fence, eyeing the crowd and
trying to pick out a few people to sign for. "Hey guys!" She said happily,
the fans lightening up her mood instantly. Moving towards the first person
she found, she grinned as the crowd all peppered her with comments, each
wanting to make there voice heard but getting lost in the chaos. "I love
you guys to." She said with a giggle, taking the picture from the young
fan and quickly signing it before handing it back. Moving down the line,
she smiled at the next person, pulling their picture though the fence.

"Is it true about you and Trish?" The fan asked quickly, taking advantage
of a lull in the voices.

Looking up at him with a smirk, she nodded. "Of course. I hate that bleached
blonde cow."

Looking confused, the fan shook his head as she handed him back his picture.
"No, not that." He said. When she stopped and looked at him, he suddenly got
shy, asking, "I was reading on the net that you know."

Shaking her head, Mickie took another photo, quickly scribbling her name
onto it. "Know what?"

"Are dating." He finally said.

Stopping her reaching for another picture, Mickie turned her full attention
back towards the fan. "What was that?" She asked, convinced she hadn't heard
what she had heard right.

"It's all over the net." He said, still not looking entirely comfortable with
the attention the Women's Champion was giving him. "That you guys have been
dating for a few months. Is it true?"

Having to catch herself from stumbling back, Mickie tried to gather her
thoughts, wondering what to say. Realizing she had to say something, as all
the fans had now stopped trying to yell something and were instead staring at
her, awaiting her answer, she shook her head. "Don't believe everything you
see on the net." She mumbled, taking a step back. "Is that everyone great
thanks bye." She quickly said before spinning around and starting towards the
building, leaving the fans behind as she stumbled along, her legs weak.

Grabbing a hold of a rail outside the door, he used it to brace herself as
she moved in, Mickie shook her head, trying to clear out the fog, wondering
what to do. Vaguely aware of the people around her, she stumbled back against
the wall, letting herself slide down to the floor as she cradled her head in
her hands.

~What the fuck?~ She thought to herself. ~How did that get out?~ Letting her
head fall back, she tried to gather her thoughts, realizing that sitting on
the cold floor wouldn't solve anything. Pushing herself up to her feet, she
stumbled towards the changing room. ~I just hope my cell phone is charged...~

* * *

Ducking down as low to the ground as her stiff back would let her, Trish
quietly moved along the floorboards, trying to be as quiet as humanly
possible, her pursuer mere steps behind her. Putting her foot down and
pressing her weight on it, she winced as the board rebelled against her
wishes and creaked. Looking back, she almost cried as he cocked his head
to the side and listened, taking a few steps towards her.

Realizing her ruse was up, Trish tried to move away as quickly as possible,
but he quickly caught up with her, her rapid footsteps giving away her
position and allowing him to wrap his strong arms around her waist, pulling
her upright.

"Let me go!" Trish whined, trying to weasel out of his grip.

"No." Dale said, holding her tight. "Back to bed."

"Please?" She tried, her weaseling taking on the appearance of a small child
trying to get out of taking a bath, using every trick in the book to try and
break Dale's iron clad grip, letting her legs buckle to put all the weight on
his arms, but to no avail. "I just want to..."

"Go back to bed." He finished, holding her tight. "And make me happy. You
want to make me happy, don't you?"

"I want to do something!" She whined. "I'm fucking bored!" Spinning around,
she hugged him tightly, trying to escape with love where anger had failed,
pelting his bare chest with kisses. "Please? Let me help with the dishes!
They must be stacking up..."

"There fine." He said. "And no. To bed."

"Dale, please?" She asked. "I'll cook, I'll clean, I'll do anything! Just
please don't make me go back to bed..."

"You have to." He said. "The longer we stand here fighting, the longer your
going to be off your feet in the long run..."

"My back feels light years better!" She argued. "I'll be fine in no time..."

"And if the doctor says this afternoon, then I'll lift some of the
restrictions." He said. "Until then, you will do what I say."

"What if I don't want to?" She challenged. "Huh? I'm a grown up, you know.
You can't order me around."

"I'm a grown up to." He said. "I can leave and go home whenever I want."

"No, please..." Trish whined, realizing she was rapidly running out of
options. "I'll do anything! I'll give you that thigh job we've been
promising. You know how much you love my thighs..."


"Titty fuck?"


"Christ, I'd let you violate me with a live firecracker at this point!" Trish
whined, getting louder and hoping that would help. "I'll do anything, but I'm
just so sick of lying around in bed and watching soap operas!"

"You can read to me." He offered.

"You don't like anything but comic books!"

"That's not true." He said. "I like other things."

"Alright, comic books and Star Wars books." Trish said.

"See? That's more than comics."

"I don't like comics and Star Wars books!"

"Then read me something you like." He offered.

Trying her leg dropping thing again, Trish grunted in frustration as Dale
swung his arm under her legs, picking her up and cradling her in his arms,
turning around and heading towards the bedroom. Curling up in his arms, Trish
looked up at him.

"I hate you."


"I'm leaving." Dale said as he dropped Trish to the floor, barely letting her
feet get under her before he let go.

Watching as he turned and moved towards the stairs, Trish sprinted after him,
latching on around his waist. "What?"

"Look after yourself." He said, shaking her off. "You seem to know what's
best, and don't want my help, so look after yourself."

Diving back and holding him tighter, Trish fought off his attempts to shake
her off. "Dale, please, I'm sorry..."

"Let go." He said, still fighting to get her to let go.

"No." She said, hugging him tighter. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it..."

Turning to face her, Trish flinched slightly at the glare on his face, and
the intensity with which he was pointing it at her.

"Get. To. Bed." He said firmly, his voice cold and even. "Now." When she
didn't budge, he said, "You have ten seconds to be in bed or I'm leaving."


"Ten...nine...eight..." He said, counting down.

Caving, Trish let go of him, turning and walking towards the bedroom.


"I'm going..."

"Five! Four!"

Sprinting towards her bed, Trish slid onto it and turned back towards the
doorway, watching as he moved into the room.

"Three! Two!"

"I'm in, I'm in!" Trish said quickly, sighing with relief as he stopped his

Moving over to the bed, Dale felt around, making sure she was on the bed
before looking in her direction. "Now, are you going to listen to me, and do
what I tell you to do, or am I leaving?"

Curling up in a ball, Trish said softly, "I'll do what you tell me to do.
Please don't go."

"You sure?" He asked. "Seemed pretty hell bent on not doing what the doctors
said so far..."

"I'm sure." Trish said, scooting over and curling up against him, holding him
close. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. I didn't mean it..."

Reaching out and taking her in his arms, he held her softly. "I know." He
said, leaning down and kissing her on the side of her head. "I'm just

"Because of me being a pain in the ass bitch." Trish admitted.

"I'd be lying if I said that wasn't it." He said softly.

"I'll stop." Trish promised. "You're doing so much. I should start
appreciating it."

Leaning down and kissing her again, he smiled softly as she tilted her head
up, seeking his lips and finding them waiting for her. Pulling back, he
rested his head on hers. "If...and that's a big if, but if you do what I say
for the rest of the day, then tonight, after supper...if the doctor clears
it, I'll let you do a little yoga, ok?"

"You don't have to..."

"I don't." he admitted. "But I will. Deal?"

Holding him softly, Trish kissed him. "Deal."

"Now can we relax?" He asked, holding her gently. "I know this is no fun.
Trust me, I'd rather be going out and doing things to. But I don't want you
getting any more hurt than you already are."

"I know." She said, leaning into him.

*Knock, knock, knock...*

"Please, please, please!" Trish started whining immediately after the knocks
on the door stopped. "Please let me get it, please, please?"

Smirking at her, he said, "Are you sure? You don't sound convinced you want

"Please, please?" Trish whined.

"Alright, go." He said, smiling.

Sliding out of bed with a kiss for Dale, Trish planted her feet on the cold
floor and started towards the door, moving slowly and evenly as she went down
the stairs, trying to remember to keep her back straight and upright.
Stepping off the steps and into the hallway, Trish moved to the door and
opened it just as another barrage of knocks came. Peeking her head around the
corner to see who it was, Trish flung the door open with a smile as she moved

"Mom!" She said happily, holding her arms out and waiting for her mother to
come into the house and do the same. "I've been meaning to drop by..."

"How's the back?" Mrs. Stratus asked, hugging her daughter gently.

"Sore." Trish admitted. "But getting better every day." Moving away and down
the hallway, Trish motioned for her mom to follow her, moving into the living
room and sitting down on the couch. As her mom followed suit, Trish grinned
at her. "So, what brings you here?"

"Well, I..."


Looking towards the stairs, Trish smiled as Dale slowly made his way down,
looking around, trying to hear anything. "Trish?"

"In the living room, Dale." Trish called out, giving Dale a place to focus

"Who was at the door?"

"My mom." Trish said, watching as Dale finished with the steps and moved into
the living room. "Mom, this is Dale. My boyfriend."

Looking at Dale, Mrs. Stratus watched as he slowly made his way into the
living room, feeling around for his chair and sitting down. Looking towards
Trish, she asked, "Umm...were you guys out...partying last night? He doesn't
look so good..."

Realizing what she was talking about, Trish laughed, shaking her head. "No
mom, he's blind." Trish said. "But he's getting better at getting around the
house. He's been looking after me while I've been off."

"So, he's your boyfriend?" Mrs. Stratus asked. When Trish nodded, she asked,
"So, what there saying on the net isn't true?"

Feeling her stomach drop, Trish stammered, "Wh...what are they saying?"

"That you and that Mickie James girl are dating." Mrs. Stratus said. "But, I
guess if you and...what was your name again?"


"Dale are dating..."

"It's true." Trish said softly. Looking up at her mother, and finding
confusion, she tried to explain. "Dale, Mickie and I are dating. It's

"How is it complicated?" Mrs. Stratus asked. "Are you...I don't know, is it
like Dale's your home "Friend", and Mickie's your road friend? I've heard of
that happening..."

"No, it's not like that." Trish said. "Dale, Mickie and I are...well, a

"A blind man and a woman?" Mrs. Stratus asked. "That's an odd combo you
picked there, Trish."

"It's my choice, mom." Trish said tersely.

Holding up her hands, Mrs. Stratus quickly nodded. "I know, I know." She said
quickly. "I was just pointing it out." Smirking at her daughter, she said,
"You always were a bit different."

"I don't see anything different about it." Trish said. "I love them both."

"You're getting awfully defensive about this."

"You're sounding awfully accusing about this." Trish pointed out. "You've
always said what makes me happy would make you happy. Dale and Mickie make me

Looking over at Dale, Mrs. Stratus nodded. "So...he's blind?"

"Totally." Dale confirmed. "About a year now. But he can hear well enough."

"And Mickie..."

"Yea, she's a woman." Trish said.

"And what a woman." Dale said with a smile.



"Your not helping."

Looking at Trish, Mrs. Stratus shrugged. "This is kinda a lot to take in all
at once...especially since you didn't tell me."

Running her fingers through her hair, Trish nodded. "I was meaning to. It's

"Complicated." Mrs. Stratus finished with a nod. When Trish nodded, she
shrugged. "Well, I still wish I would have found out from you about this..."

*Ring, ring, ring*

"But I've been running around, like I am now." She finished with a smile,
moving towards the kitchen.

As Trish left the room, Mrs. Stratus looked towards Dale, who was sitting in
his chair, rocking softly. "So why don't you have a shirt on?" She asked,
before adding, "Or do I want to know?"

"I don't know off hand where it is." He admitted. "Trish didn't come back, so
I came to check on her to see if something was wrong..."

"Mickie, Mickie, Mickie, slow down." Trish said, carrying the phone back into
the living room. "What's going on?"

Pushing himself to his feet, Dale stood silently, his heart racing in his
chest as he picked up on the few clues he could find.

"I know, I know." Trish said with a nod. "My mom just came over and told me
she knew..." Looking over at her mother, Trish asked, "Mom, where did you
hear about me, Mickie and Dale?"

"Some wrestling website." Mrs. Stratus said. "I saw it and, well, thought it
was BS..."

"Apparently your not the only one who saw it." Trish said. "And no one
else thinks it's BS." Turning her attention back to the phone, Trish said,
"Mickie, Mickie, Mickie, calm down, ok? It's gonna be ok, ok?" Sighing
softly, she tried to whisper so Dale wouldn't hear, "I know they made fun
of you. But don't worry about them, ok? We have nothing to be ashamed of.
Who gives a shit what the fans think? I know, it's not easy, brave,
ok? I'll try and get to the bottom of this. Someone ratted us out, and I
want to know who." Sighing again, Trish nodded, moving over towards Dale.
"Dale, she wants to talk..."

"Ok." He said quickly, holding out his hand.

As she gave him the phone, Trish turned to her mother, extending her hand.
"Walk with me." Trish said softly. When Mrs. Stratus gave her a questioning
look, Trish explained, "He's good at calming her's just the things
he has to say to do it..."


"Yea." Trish said with a small smile. "He's a smooth one."

Smirking at Trish, Mrs. Stratus took her hand. "So I can see."

"Besides." Trish said, moving towards the stairs. "I need you to show me
which site you read about us off of, and I need to do some digging."

As Trish and her mother moved up the stairs and towards her office, Dale felt
around for his seat, listening for the door to close before turning his full
attention back to the phone. "Mickie, I promise, it'll be ok." Dale said
softly. "We all knew this was gonna happen sooner or later, right? This might
not be the way we wanted it to be revealed, but what's done is done. And if
Trish can find out who the rat is, then we can go from there." Leaning back
in his chair, he grumbled, "And why do I have the feeling I already know who
it was?"

* * *

"Yea, so, anyways." Randy said, smiling at the few wrestlers out of the group
still paying attention to him. "Met up with this chick at the bar last night.
Total hottie. Like a nine, at least. All over me from the second I walked in
the bar. So I'm like, shit, why don't we go back to my place?" Looking around
again, smiling as he still had someone's attention, he continued. "So we're
up there right, and she's just whoring up, trying to get into my pants, and
she says she'd do anything to get with me. Light bulb just went on. I don't
know where I got this...probably some fuck flick I was watching, but I went
over to the bar, and grabbed a stool and flipped it upside down, and said,
"Anything?" ..." Trailing off, he watched as Mickie stormed across the
hallway, her head whipping around as she looked for something. "Speaking of
things I'd want to do something to..."

Catching a glimpse of Orton, Mickie spun on her heels, power walking towards
him with murderous rage in her eyes, several Divas following behind her as
she quickly closed the gap.

"Well hello, Mickie." Randy said, oblivious to the look in her eyes as his
were focused on other parts of her body. "What do I owe the honor of your..."


Stumbling backwards from the impact of Mickie's small fist connecting with
his face, Orton put his guard up as she tried to hit him again, partially
blocking the shot before Torrie and Victoria grabbed Mickie, pulling her
away from Orton, who was shaking his head, trying to regain his composer.

"What the fuck is your problem bitch?" He spat, glaring at her.

"How fucking dare you!" Mickie screamed, all eyes suddenly interested in
Orton again. "You had no right telling anyone about me, Trish and Dale!"

"That got out?" Laughing, Orton shook his head. "I don't know what you're
talking about..."

"I know it was you!" Mickie spat. "The site owner you ratted us out to told
us where he got his info! I guess an interview with Trish was more important
to him than saving your worthless ass!"

"I didn't say shit!" Orton yelled, pointing at her. "I don't know where the
fuck Wrestle Beat got their info..."

"Then how did you know what site spread it around?" She asked, glaring at
him. "Cuz I didn't say anything."

Suddenly realizing his blunder, Orton quickly attempted to backtrack. "Any
site could have started that shit..."

"And none of them give credit when they take headlines from other sites."
Mickie said. "You fucking petty little bastard. You had no right telling
anyone anything!"

"Who had no right saying what now?"

Closing his eyes with a sigh, Randy turned and looked over his shoulder,
almost crying as he saw Vince, Stephanie standing a few feet behind him.
"It's nothing..." He tried to say, but Mickie quickly spoke up.

"This..." She spat, pointing at Orton. "Told a dirt sheet about me, Trish
and Dale, and now it's all over the internet." Waving her hands towards the
doors, she said, "Some fan outside just asked me that why I'm sleeping with
Trish if I hate her so much." Trying to get her point across without
screaming in frustration, she said, "Vince, this totally kills any angle
Trish and I had going. No one is gonna believe we hate each other, even on
TV, if everyone knows were dating. No one."

Nodding, Vince asked, "And you have some sort of proof that it was Randy who
gave out this information?"

Nodding, Mickie told him, "Trish looked around and contacted the owner of the
site. I guess she knows him from when she used to work on LAW. She offered up
an interview about the whole deal, since it's out in the open now anyways,
and he offered up his source."

"And how do you know he's creditable?" Vince asked.

"Yea, how do you..." Randy started, before Vince cut him off.

"Shut up!" He snapped. Pointing at him, he said, "If this comes back to be
true, your in deep enough shit as is. Don't push it." Pointing back towards
Mickie, he asked, "Well?"

Shrugging, Mickie said, "I'm sure he'd have a ID of Orton's call on his
caller ID box." Looking at Randy and smiling, Mickie said, "If his ID matches
up with when the news went up, then you have your rat."

Looking at Randy, Vince's finger turned back to him. "You. My office. Now. We
have a little mystery to solve. And you better hope it doesn't come back the
way Mickie's saying it's going to."

Watching as Randy slumped off behind Vince, Mickie ran her fingers through
her hair, partially covering her face as she moved back towards the locker
room. Rubbing her hands over her eyes, Mickie let out a long sigh, trying to
decide whether to scream or cry. Her whole world had been turned upside down
by the hateful actions of a jealous idiot. She wasn't ashamed of what she had
with Trish and Dale, but that didn't mean she wanted it splashed over the
internet for all to see, and for other hateful idiots like Orton to throw in
her face.

Pushing open the door to the locker room, she stumbled in the door, her
shuffling feet scuffing the carpet as she moved to her locker, plunking down
with another sigh.

"So..." Maria started, before Mickie cut her off.

"Vince is going to "Talk to him."." Mickie spat. "I'm going to get tore to
shit by the fans, and Orton gets a talking to."

"Maybe Vince will do something..."

"Maria, Orton gets away with everything." Mickie said. "He's Vince's boy,
and he gets away with it. I'll be shocked if he gets a slap on the wrist."
Rubbing her eyes, Mickie grumbled, "I really don't want to go out there
tonight. The crowd is going to be horrible."

"Maybe not."

"They were vile when I was gay in a storyline." Mickie said. "Now that Orton
confirmed it, they're gonna kill me." Shaking her head, she leaned back in
her locker, trying to get her emotions in check before they overwhelmed her.
"Why did this have to happen?" She asked softly, sniffling slightly as she
dropped her head to her hands, unable to hold back anymore as she cried
softly, the whole weeks events flooding back and pushing her past the brink.

* * *

Pushing the curtains open, Mickie pushed her hand back through, holding up
her hand with one finger extended, giving the hostile crowd one last thing
to boo and heckle her over as she walked down the hallway of the gorilla


Stopping with a sigh, she turned towards the sound of the voice,
straightening up somewhat as she saw Vince walking towards her. "Mr.

Moving towards her, Vince smiled softly. "How you doing?"

"You mean other than having my personal life drug through he mud, crying my
head off and being called every derogatory name for "Gay" you could think of
by five thousand ignorant, inbred hillbillies?" She asked. "Other than that,
just peachy. How bout you?"

"Listen, I know your upset..." He started, before she cut him off.

"Upset doesn't begin to cover how I am." She said. "I feel violated." When he
didn't say anything, she asked, "So, what did you do with Orton?"

"Docked him a weeks pay on the assumption he doesn't follow through with a
sensitivity program he's being ordered to go to and he's been put on
probation for thirty days." Vince said.

Staring at Vince, she shook her head. "He was already on probation." She
reminded him. "So, does that one not count? Or does this one not count? Do
you get multiple strikes or something before it really counts?"

"That's at my judgment." Vince told her. "He's going into a very important
angle with Cena for the belt."

"So, for ruining my life because Trish and I blew him off, he gets a stern
talking to and a slap on the wrist?" She asked. Before he could answer, she
ran her fingers through her hair, shaking her head. "You know what? I don't
care. Good for him." Turning and starting away from Vince, she found him
quickly walking along beside her.

"Mickie, I wanted to talk to you about something." He said.

Sighing, she stopped walking, knowing to keep doing so would find her looking
for a new job very quickly. "Alright, shoot."

Nodding, he asked, "You and Trish are really a couple? Like, not just more
than friends, but a couple?"

Looking bewildered, she nodded. "Yea." She said. "You mean you haven't
noticed us walking around kissing for the past four months?"

"I'm a very busy man, Mickie." He said firmly. When she nodded, he asked,
"This whole lesbian couple thing is really catching on like wildfire on the

"Yea, I kinda noticed." She said with a sarcastic smile. "Didn't you hear the
crowd chanting "Dyke" at me?" When he didn't answer right away, she added, "I
saw a kid about seven years old call me a rug muncher. That was nice."

"I know this isn't easy, Mickie..."

"You have no idea how un-easy it is." She said in a cold, even voice. "None

"But it could be a good thing."

Looking up at Vince, she shook her head. "How in the world could this be a
good thing?"

"Because it has a lot of internet buzz behind it." He said. "Fans are smarter
now. They don't care about the gimmicks anymore. They want real life drama.
Look at Adam, Amy and Matt. That pushed Adam into the main event."

"I think I know where you're going with this..." Mickie said. "And I don't
like it."

"Hear me out." He said. When she nodded, knowing she had no other choice, he
said, "I came up with an angle while you were out having your match tonight.
What if you and Trish were to come out as a couple at odds, fighting over
your feelings for each other..."

"Wait, wait, stop." She said quickly, shaking her head. "You want to turn my
life into an angle?"

Nodding, he said, "It could be big, Mickie."

"No." She said flatly. "No way."


"No!" She yelled, getting more and more angry by the second. Pointing at him,
she said, "You gave Orton, a chronic fuck up, a slap on the wrist, after he
ruined my life! And now you want to drag me through the mud even more, for
fucking ratings?" Before he could answer, she shook her head. "No. No way in
hell. You didn't protect me and Trish when Orton violated our privacy by
selling us out to some internet reporter, so I'm not going to be a part of
any angle involving my personal life. I don't care how big it could be, or if
you threaten to fire me. That's final."

Storming off towards the locker room, Mickie moved in, slamming the door shut
and curling up in her locker, pulling her knees up as she started crying
again, her frustration and anger boiling over as she waited for her other
driving partners to get ready and go, wanting to get out of the building and
to the next show as quickly as possible, get it over with and get home to her

As Vince walked away, not wanting to push an already strained situation,
someone moved out from behind the large curtain of the gorilla position,
watching as Vince moved away.

Taking a drink of his water, Triple H nodded softly, running over what he
had heard in his mind before moving back to the curtain. "Orton wants to be
a rat." He said, nodding softly as he pushed through the curtain, the strands
of his music pumped over the sound system. "Guess I gotta be the rat

* * *


Looking up from his boots, Orton saw Triple H move into the stall across from
him, pulling off his boots, grabbing his runners from the bag in front of

"Heard about you and Mickie." Hunter said, not bothering to look up as he
quickly shed his trunks, grabbing a pair of shorts from the suitcase and
pulling them on.

"Yea." Orton said, smirking. "She's a little spit fire. Got some spunk in
her, just like her chick."

"So I can tell." Hunter said. Standing up and pulling on his jeans, he
grabbed a shirt and pulled it on, pushing his feet into the shoes. "Steph
tells me that your number popped up on that internet guys caller ID."

Shrugging, Orton tried not to look at Hunter. "Yea, I guess."

"Any idea how it got there?"

Finally looking up at him, Orton shrugged. "Guess I must have called him."

Nodding, Hunter leaned back in his locker. "You know..." He said. "Mickie's
pretty broken up about her personal life ending up on the internet. I'd
imagine Trish is to."

Looking down and kicking off his boots, Orton smiled. "Well, I'm always here
to comfort them if they need it."

"I'm sure you are." Hunter said, hearing all he needed to hear. Pushing
himself up, he grabbed his backpack slinging it over his shoulder. "You and
Cena are gonna have a title match at the next pay per view, aren't you?"

Nodding, Orton looked up at Hunter. "Supposed to be starting a program with
me getting the belt."

"Yea, I heard that." Hunter said, giving him a nod. Taking a drink of his
water, he tipped the bottle towards Orton. "Talk to you later, Randy."

Not waiting for Orton to offer a reply, Hunter pushed out of the locker room,
moving out into the main hallway and bobbing and weaving his way through the
mass of people backstage. Moving past the women's changing room, he slowed
down, stopping in front of the door. Thinking something over, he moved to the
door, giving it a knock. Hearing movement, he knocked again.

"Give us a second!"

Leaning against the doorframe, Hunter waited patiently as he heard feet
moving around the floor, no doubt in an effort to cover themselves, the fact
that someone knocked and didn't just barge right in surprising them. Looking
around the hallway, he spotted someone, quickly waving them over as he waited
for the Divas inside the room to get ready.

"Yea Hunter?"

"Ace..." He said, giving him a grin. "Is Vince still around?"

"I think so, yea."

"Would you mind telling him I gotta talk to him for a second." Hunter told
him. "I'll be down in a minute, k?"

"Will do."

As Ace moved off towards Vince's office, Hunter turned his attention to the
door, giving it another knock. "Come on already, get a move on."

"Alright, alright, come in!"

Opening the door and ducking his head in, Hunter smiled at the room. "Hello,
ladies." He said. Seeing the not to happy looks he was getting in return, he
decided to get to the point, looking over at Mickie. "How you doing?"


"Yea." He said, nodding. "Anyways, just wanted to give you guys the heads up.
You might wanna take off a bit early. I don't think Orton's in a good mood."

Scoffing, Mickie shook her head. "You came here to tell us that?"

Nodding, he said, "Alright, let me rephrase that." He said. "In about five
minutes, Orton REALLY isn't going to be in a good mood." Looking at his wrist
where his watch normally was, Hunter smiled. "Oh, look at the time. Gotta go
talk to Vince." Looking up at Mickie, he gave her a little smile. "See you
guys tomorrow at Raw."

Moving out of the locker room and down the hallway, Hunter quickly moved to
Vince's office, knowing time was money to the multi-millionaire. Knocking on
his door, he let himself in quickly, moving over to stand in front of the

Taking off his reading glasses and looking up at Hunter, Vince smiled.
"Hello, Paul." He said.

"Vince." Hunter nodded.

"Ace said you wanted to talk to me about something?"

Nodding, Hunter took a seat. "Yea, I wanted to talk to you about Orton."

"What about him?" Vince asked. "He's not gonna be suspended, so he'll still
be getting the title for you guys to have your matches..."

"Which is what I wanted to talk to you about." Hunter said. Clicking his
tongue, he said, "See, the problem is, I'm not sure Randy is ready."

Looking confused, Vince asked, "He's not?" When Hunter shook his head, he
asked, "I thought you said he was ready?"

"I thought he was." He admitted. "But this whole thing with the pot, and the
Mickie/Trish thing...I'm just not sure he's mature enough to handle the
pressure." Looking at Vince, he said, "I honestly don't think he's gotten any
better than the last title run...and we all know how bad that went."

Remembering the dropping ratings and the dwindling crowds, Vince asked,
"Well, who else is ready? Edge and Cena are getting pretty stale..."

"But they do have one last match coming up next Sunday." Hunter reminded him.
"Edge has beaten Cena for the gold before. No reason he couldn't do it

"I thought you didn't want to work a program with Edge?"

"I didn't." Hunter said. "But, considering the alternative, and the way
Orton's been handling himself lately, I think it might be a better choice to
go with Adam right now. I mean, Orton holding the gold might be fresh, but
who's to say he'll even be around by the time it comes for him to drop the
belt. Remember how hard it was to get him to drop it the first time. You
almost had to Bret Hart the guy!"

"So, what are you proposing?" Vince asked. "I'd have to do a lot of work to
change the scripts now..."

"I know." Hunter said. "And I hope you understand that I wouldn't be bringing
this up if I didn't have real concerns for the company." When Vince nodded,
he said, "Let Adam win the belt from John on Sunday, and maybe put Randy in a
feud with someone else right now. Let him mature some more before you give
him another run at the gold. Maybe give him the IC strap to see how he
handles being a champion before you give him the big belt."

Leaning back in his chair, and mulling over his options, Vince finally
nodded. "I can see your point." He said. Looking up at Hunter, he said, "I'll
tell Steph to get the writers in for the night and we'll get the scripts

Standing up, Hunter reached his hand across the table, shaking Vince's.
"Thanks a million, Vince." He told his father-in-law. "I know it's a pain in
the ass at this late in the game, but still..."

"Truth be told..." Vince said, leaning forward slightly. "With all this
talking to the internet reporters, and the drugs, I had second thoughts
about putting the belt on him too. It's just, you pushed for it..."

"Again, I know, and I'm sorry." Hunter apologized.

"It's not a problem." Vince said with a nod. "Send Ace in when you leave."

"Will do." He said, quickly moving around the chair and out of the office.
Spotting Ace hanging around the door, he motioned for him to go in. "Boss
wants ya." When Ace nodded and moved past him, Hunter started towards the
parking lot, smiling to himself as he moved towards the exit. Seeing Mickie,
Torrie, Candice and Victoria going the same way, he grinned, giving them a
tip of his imaginary cap. "Ladies."

"Hunter." They said, moving past him and out the door.

Looking back into the building, and seeing Ace moving towards the guys
changing room, Hunter gave a little chuckle as he pushed out the door,
smiling at the work he had done.

* * *

"I really don't want to be here anymore."

"We know, honey." Trish said softly, stroking Dale's head as it rested in her
lap. "Just be strong. Whether the doctor likes it or not, I'm coming out next

"You'll do what the doctor tells you to do." Mickie said firmly. "How is she
doing, Dale?"

"She's doing...ok." He said, smiling as Trish's hand rubbed over his chin.
"She's listening for the most part. Being stubborn sometimes, but the doctor
checked her out today and said she was doing better enough to do some light

"That's good." Mickie said. "And how's Dale doing, Trish?"

"Amazing." Trish said quickly, before adding, "Beyond amazing, actually. I
haven't had to get up to get anything to eat since you left."

"Trish's mom even got us some Burger King today." Dale said with a smile.
"Trish is getting tired of my cooking..."

"I am not." Trish said firmly. "I know you are doing everything you can."

"How's your mom taking it?" Mickie asked softly.

Sighing, Trish said, "She's doing as well as can be expected. Says dad is a
little confused, but he's taking it like a trooper."

"I'm glad for that." Mickie said. "My parents are probably going to disown me
for a while..."

"Well, you're always welcome to stay with me." Dale teased. "I got a big bed
you can sleep in..."

Giggling, Mickie said, "Like I get much sleep when you're around."

"I try my best."

Giggling along with them, Trish asked, "So, how are the fans?"

Her mood going south quickly, Mickie grumbled, "Vile. Some of the signs
were pretty creative." Shaking her head, she said. "One of them said if I was
a dinosaur, I'd be a Lick-a-lot-of-pus."

"That ones old." Trish said. "I saw that in a crowd a while ago. I think it
made it onto"

"Still..." Mickie sighed softly. "It's just gonna get worse."

"Don't let it get you down, honey." Dale told her. "You'll always be a
Plump-A-Rump-A-Sarus to me."

"Dale, that's sweet." Mickie cooed. "Trish, give him a kiss for me."

Leaning down, Trish cupped Dale's face, kissing him softly.

"And let him cop a little." Mickie giggled.

Giggling, Trish squirmed on the bed. "He already took care of that himself."

"That's good." Mickie said. "Wouldn't want our man to be snuggle deprived."

"He gets plenty of snuggles." Trish assured her.

"I wish I was there to give him some..."

"It's ok, sweetie." Dale told her softly.

"I think the other girls are getting tired of having me around." Mickie said
softly. "I'm always hanging around with them. I left them alone tonight to
give them a breather."

"Cheer up." Trish said. "Just think, in a little over a day, you'll be home,
with us, and be getting all the snuggles you can handle."

Smiling, Mickie said, "I hope so. I'm getting snuggle starved out here on the

"You could snuggle with the Divas." Dale offered with a grin. "I'm sure
Victoria would let you curl up for a foot rub..."

Laughing, Mickie said, "Trish, hit him for me."

Reaching down and swatting him playfully, Trish smiled as Dale curled up
tighter, his head at home in her lap, clothed or not. "Got em."

Sighing, Mickie looked at the clock above her TV. "Anyways...I should let you
guys go. I gotta get some sleep for tomorrow."

"Ok, sweetie." Dale said. "We'll see you Tuesday, bright and early."

"Love you guys." Mickie said.

"Love you."

"Love you."

Reaching over and putting the receiver down on the cradle, Mickie looked at
her bed, sighing. Moving over to it, she reached for the middle, fluffing up
the mass of pillows she had stacked up. "I wonder if I put a post it note on
there saying "Dale" would it help?" She mumbled to herself, reaching down to
take off her top.

*Knock, knock, knock!*

Groaning softly, she pulled her shirt back down, shuffling over to the door.
"If that's Orton, I'm calling the cops." She told herself. Leaning against
the door and looking out the peephole, she quickly backed up and opened the
door, moving out to the hallway. "Torrie, what's wrong?"

Sniffling softly, Torrie looked at Mickie, her eyes bloodshot and her
breathing ragged. "Can I come in?" She asked softly.

"God, yes, of course." Mickie said quickly, moving her into the room and
closing the door, before moving over, hugging her softly. "What's wrong?"

"I'm just..." She started, before trailing off softly. "Alone." She finished,
sniffling harder, her tears threatening to come back. "Can I hang out here
for a while? I just feel like shit tonight..."

"It's ok, of course." Mickie said quickly, moving her into the room. "I was
just about to crawl into bed, but I could stay up if you needed me too..."

Stopping there progress, Torrie looked down at the smaller girl. "God, I'm
sorry! I didn't know..."

"Pish." Mickie said, waving her hand. "I can stay up for a while." Shrugging,
she offered, "Or you could crash here. I got two beds for some reason

"Would you mind?" Torrie asked softly. "I don't wanna be a pain in the

"Screw that." Mickie said, smiling wide and hoping it would rub off on the
timid, crying Diva. "You guys have been dragging me around all over the place
this weekend to make me feel better. The least I can do is let you crash
here." Before Torrie had a chance to argue, Mickie reached over and grabbed
her keycard off the nightstand. "Come on, lets go get your stuff and move you
in. It's sleep over time!"

Chuckling at Mickie's behavior, Torrie nodded. "Sleep over." She said.

"Besides..." Mickie said, grinning at her as the moved towards the door,
Torrie breaking away from Mickie and standing on her own two feet, her crying
slowly getting under control. "Trish and Dale told me to hunt down one of you
Divas and bribe you into snuggling with me until I get home." Looking at the
blonde bombshell, she grinned. "Guess what the fee is for staying with me?"

Her eyes going wide, Torrie squeaked, "Cuddling?"

Moving them out of the room, and closing it behind her, Mickie shook her
head, waving her hand in a dismissive fashion. "Nah. Snacks from the
kitchen." Looking at Torrie, she grinned. "God, Torrie. I already have a
boyfriend AND a girlfriend. What kind of hussy do you take me for?"

Giggling, Torrie reached out, pushing Mickie softly. "You brought it up!"

"I never, ever said you would have to snuggle with me." Mickie told her. "Did

Shaking her head slowly, Torrie started, "I suppose..."

"You went that route on your own, didn't you?" Mickie joked.

"Yea, I did." Torrie admitted with a sigh and a roll of her eyes.

Poking her softly, Mickie followed her down the hall, moving towards her
room. "So lets just get your stuff, get some junk food, fire up a movie, and
you keep that little blonde mind out of the gutter." Waggling her eyebrows,
she giggled, "I already have one dirty blonde."

Shaking her head, Torrie smiled as they moved down the hallway, musing to
herself, "Why didn't I go to Victoria's room?"

Looking up at Torrie, Mickie smiled, leaning in and giving her a big hug.

"Because I have magical powers over blondes." She said. "There drawn to me."

"Dale's hair is black."

"Yea, but he just likes the way I do things with him in bed."

"Such as?"

"Fall under my spell, and you'll find out."

"Not likely."

"Don't like Dale?"

"Don't like women."

"Well, if you ever change your mind."

"I won't."

"Well, I was gonna say the offer stands, but if your gonna just outright
shoot me down like that..."

"It's probably for the best." Torrie said, grinning at her. "Wouldn't want to
steal Dale from you guys anyways."

Scoffing playfully, Mickie asked, "Steal Dale away?"


Shaking her head, Mickie smiled. "If you only knew what I do to keep Dale
happy..." She said, pushing the blonde towards her room. "If you only knew."

* * *

Reaching down and petting the head in her lap, Trish smiled as he adjusted
himself slightly, taking some of the pressure off of her legs, but staying
close to her. Looking down at her man, she smiled softly, the thoughts of the
weekend coming to her, of Dale looking after her, and calming Mickie down as
best he could.

~He's a regular crisis management worker.~ She thought with a prideful smile.
~Mickie taught him well.~

Looking down at him, and watching as he listened to the baseball game on the
TV, she couldn't help but think about the sheer leaps and bounds he had made
in looking after himself in the few short months that they'd been together,
going from the shy, timid guy who needed help with the most basic of task, to
the man who went down to the kitchen every morning and came back up with her
breakfast. Feeling a twinge of sadness, she ran her hand through his hair.

~I wonder if he'll need me for anything pretty soon?~ She thought. ~He thinks
he's such a burden on us, that he doesn't even begin to understand how much
we like helping he makes me feel needed...~ Her face dropping
slightly, she quickly realized that since Mickie had left, he hadn't asked
her for anything. Not food, or help getting somewhere, anything.

But looking down at Dale, Trish looked him over, quickly realized something
wasn't quite right.


"Yes, my love?"

Her heart fluttering, she said, "I know this is gonna sound silly, and I know
I'm probably wrong, but, are you wearing the same clothes you were wearing
when Mickie left on Friday?"

"I am." He confirmed.

Staring at him, she said, "Please don't tell me your wearing the same

"Alright, I won't tell you."

"Dale!" Trish scolded him. "Why are you still wearing those filthy clothes?"

"Because Mickie didn't tell me where my suitcase is." He said
matter-of-factly. "And I have trouble picking things out anyways..."

"Dale!" Trish said again. "God, tell me these things. I can do that for you."

"I don't want you to do it for me." He said.

Feeling her heart chip a little, Trish was about to ask him why, when he cut
her off.

Blushing, he told her softly, "Until your better, I'm supposed to be looking
after you. Not the other way around."

Leaning down and kissing him softly, she told him, "Dale, you can always ask
me for help, no matter what." Holding him close, she told him, "I love
helping you." When he blushed more, she quickly scooted out from under him,
moving over towards where Mickie had set his suitcase in her closet.

"Trish?" He asked, sitting up and looking around, trying to hear where she
was. "What are you doing?"

"Getting you some fresh clothes."

"Trish, please..."

"Dale, I'm not going to end my career getting you a change of clothes." She
said firmly.

"You need rest."

"I have been resting." She said. Slinging his clothes over her shoulder, she
moved over to the bed, gaining his attention. "Come on, get up."

"Trish..." He said softly, sliding off the bed.

"Get your butt up, mister." She said. When he was off the bed, standing in
front of her, she hooked her arm into his, pulling him along.

"Where are we going?" He asked. "You should be in..."

"I'm not going back to bed with a guy who hasn't changed his clothes in
almost three days." Trish said firmly. "We're going to take a bath. If
you've been wearing those clothes all weekend, then you need a bath. And
I'm supervising." Leaning in and kissing him softly, she said, "And by
supervising, I mean crawling in the tub with you. Got it?"

"Are you sure..."

"This is not an option, Dale." She said playfully. "You will take this bath
or we will have a problem."

Rolling his eyes, Dale smiled. "We don't have a problem." He said.

Smiling, she moved him into the bathroom, letting him lean up against the
sink as she moved to the tub, getting the water warm and running before
stripping down, tossing her clothes in the laundry basket. "Get naked, you."
She said playfully, making him smile as he quickly got undressed, letting
her take his clothes and toss them in the laundry basket. Watching as he
stood in front of her, nude, waiting for the water to fill up the large tub,
Trish smiled softly, something coming to her. ~He'll always need me for some
things.~ She thought to herself, smiling. ~Just like I'll always need him
for some things, too.~

Stopping the water, Trish moved over and took him by the arm, guiding him
towards the tub and letting him crawl in first, moving in behind him and
grabbing her wash cloth, lathering it up. "I'll take care of the scrubbing."
She said, smiling. "You can pay me back when were done..."

* * *

"Oh...god, yes..." Trish moaned softly.

"Feels good, huh?" Dale asked, smiling.

"So good..."

"I'm happy for that. You deserve to feel this good."

"I really do."


"You know, most guys wouldn't do this."


"Because it shows a feminine side"

"It shows a I care about my woman side. Now quit squirming."

"I can't help it. It feels gooooooood"

"Well, if you want me to keep going, stop squirming."

"Please, don't stop..."

"I'm trying not to."

"God, I should start charging all the other Divas and let you do this to

"I thought you said I couldn't?"

"That's before I realized we could make a killing."

"So you'd share me?"

"If the price was right."

"I hope it's a high price."

"They'd be in debt a long time to pay it off. Oh god..."

"You like that, don't you?"

"Oh god, yes..."

"I figured I'd try that. Feel good?"

"So good."

"Why did you have to get naked for this again?"

"It sets the mood."

"What mood? You know your not getting any nookie until your back calms

"We'll see."

"We'll see nothing. Now enjoy your foot rub."

Reaching her other foot out, Trish rubbed it around his crotch, smiling
as he twitched. "Don't worry, I am. You are to. I could help you..."


Pouting softly, she said, "Meanie."

Pulling her foot up to his face, he gave it a soft kiss. "Love you."

"Love you." When he pulled her other foot up to give it the loving
treatment he had been giving the other, she said, "Did I tell you there's no
Divas magazine this year? Or DVD?"

"What?" Dale asked. "Seriously?"

"Seriously." Trish said. "I guess Vince wasn't happy with the numbers
from the last one, so he gave it the boot for now. Still trying to talk him
into doing one, but not looking promising."

"Man..." He said, whining softly. "I used to like those things." Looking
at her, he said, "I was hoping to be the official outfit picker outer this
year. Since I can't see the magazine with my eyes, have to do it with my

"You'd only get to see two shoots." She teased. "You don't pick out
other girls outfits..."

"I do." He said. Feeling her foot tense up, he quickly clarified, "But
without the normal touching that we do. They tell me what they have, and I
kinda put it together like that..."

"Really?" She asked. When he nodded shyly, she smiled. "Well, so long as
there is no touching going on..."

"I wouldn't do that." He promised. "Just, sometimes, they ask my opinion
is all. I don't know why..."

"Well, the others have been looking smoking hot lately." Trish pointed
out. "So you must be doing something right. How many Divas do you look after
like that?"

"Umm..." He said, blushing as he trailed off.

"One? Three?"

"All of them..."

"Dale!" Trish laughed. "My little fashion consultant."

"I wouldn't say that." He said. "It's just...well, I'm a guy. I know what
I like, and I guess it just so happens to be what other guys like to."

"Well, keep it up." Trish said with a smile. "Who knows? You keep doing
it, and we keep looking so good, Vince might cave in and give us another
magazine." Seeing his face light up with a smile, she rubbed him with her
foot, adding, "Who knows? I might let you be fashion consultant to the other
girls...with all the privileges me and Mickie get."

"I don't know about that." He said, smiling. "I get a lot of privileges
from you and Mickie..."

"Your right." She giggled. "I don't think I'd want you laying pipe
through the whole locker room."

"I wouldn't want to." He said, shaking his head. Giving her foot a kiss,
he said, "I got my two Divas. That's enough for me."

"Except for if a super hot third one comes along and makes us all think

"Yea, that to." He said.

"Actually, I was referring to you getting to see the outfits." She said.
"Of course, you'd have to go on a Diva by Diva basis on who would let you see
them, in your own special way."

"And where I'd be seeing." He said. "I doubt I'd get many takers if it
was a bikini shoot and I'd be palming boobs all day."

"Umm, no." She laughed. "But still, it's something to look forward to."

"That would rule." He said, smiling. "I never got to see the last one. I
own the magazine, and the DVD, but I got it for my birthday. By the time I
opened the present, I was already blind."

"Really?" Trish asked. When he nodded, she smiled. ~Well...~ She thought,
moaning softly as he continued to work over her foot. ~I think that's
something Mickie and I are going to have to remedy...~

* * *

Looking up at Dale, Trish smiled as she watched him stare forward, his cold,
white eyes never changing position, never moving from the general direction
of the TV. Licking her lips softly, Trish watched him with rabid interest,
his every twitch something for her to squirm over.

"Your staring at me again, aren't you?"

"No I'm not."

"Yes you are." Dale said, not shifting his gaze. "I can tell."

"I'm not staring." Trish said. "I'm leering. Big difference."

"No there's not."

"Yes there is." Trish argued softly. "Staring just means your looking at
someone. Leering at them means there gonna do it."


"Have sex."

"You know just about every guy on this planet leers at you, right?" Dale
said. "By your logic, that means your going to do it with all of them."

"Never." Trish said firmly. "Your my man."

"And Mickie is your woman?"

"Of course." She said, rubbing his chest softly. "I'm still leering at

"And we're still not going to do it." He said. "Orgasms tense up muscles,
and the doctor said no strenuous activities for you."

"I'll let you be on top." Trish offered hopefully.


"Then let me blow you. That doesn't involve getting out of bed..." Trish
whined. When he didn't answer, she snuggled her head into his chest. "This
is so boring..."

"Didn't Mickie and I warn you that it wouldn't be all sex in this

"Having down time from sex, I can handle." Trish said. "Having it taken away
and not be able to have it..." Looking up at him, she said, "Please let me
blow you."


"That won't be strenuous!" She argued.

"But it won't be fair, either." He said. "Me getting pleased and you not..."

"Is fine by me." Trish said, quickly straddling his legs and putting her arms
around his shoulders. "Please, Dale? I just want to do something. I don't
mean this as a slight against you, but I'm just so friggin bored right now.
I'm so used to being able to just jump up and do things, that sitting around
watching TV is torture." Kissing him softly, she added, "But that doesn't
mean all I want is sex. But you won't let me do anything else..."

"On doctors orders..."

"...And I'm going stir crazy!" Trish finished. Leaning forward, she started
peppering him with light, sweet kisses. "Please, Dale? Let me, please? I
won't try and take it further..." Knowing his desire to please her as much
as she pleased him, she quickly offered, "And when I'm better, I'll let you
go down on me as much as you want without having me try to return the favor."
Seeing him hesitate, she smiled, going in for the kill. "You haven't had any
nookie for a long time..."

"Four days..."

"...And your at that age where you need constant sexual gratification." Trish
said. "If you don't get it, it'll stunt your development as a human being."

"Does it have to be a blowjob?" Dale asked. "Can't we cuddle?"

"We've been cuddling all weekend." Trish said flatly. "I'm cuddled out."

Putting on the puppy dog eyes, Dale looked at her. "Cuddled out? Are you
saying I'm not a good...?"

"Don't go their Dale." She said, rubbing his stomach softly. "You're an
awesome cuddle partner. I'm just cuddled out. And the puppy dog eyes ain't
working this time."


"No buts." Kissing his neck, she purred softly. "You can do me." Seeing him
go to say something, she smiled. "You don't have to bring me off. Just tease
me a little. Just to even it out in your mind. Deal?" Seeing him sigh, she
reminded him, "The doctor said my back was doing fine. Low impact, low energy
stuff is ok now."

Smiling, he sighed as he rolled his head back, her lips quickly finding his
throat again. "Since when have your blowjobs been low impact, low energy?"
Leaning down and cupping her face, he kissed her softly on the lips. "I think
you could be a porn star with moves like that."

"I'm only a porn star for two people." Trish purred, knowing he was getting
into it. "And I want to be one for one of them right now. If he'll let me."
Looking at Dale, Trish tried to gauge his reaction to her comment, wondering
if he had some self-deprecating comment to spit out.

"He wants you to be one." Dale said. "But he doesn't want you hurting your
back any more."

"I'll be careful." She promised, pleased he had passed her little test. "And
it's not like I throw my whole body into a blowjob..."

"It sure feels like it sometimes." He said with a grin.

"That's cuz I'm soooooooo good." Trish whispered, leaning in and licking his
lips. "You know how good I can be."

Sighing again, Dale smiled, shaking his head. "You promise me you'll tell me
if your back hurts?"

"I swear."

"And you'll stop if it does?"


Smiling, he held her softly, rubbing her soft, sexy body. "And I can do you a

"You can do whatever you want." She promised. "If you just want to do the
tongue dance, that's fine. If you want to make love, all the better. But I'll
take what you give me, no arguments, no sulking. Promise."

Sighing softly, Dale leaned back on the bed. "Alright." He said with a nod.
"You can do it."

Her mood soaring and her energy returning in a flash, Trish crawled down onto
the bed, letting Dale pull his pants and shorts down, her hand reaching out
and grabbing his shaft. Giving him a few pumps, his shaft at full mast
already, she grinned. "Yea, you wanted this too..."

"I did." He admitted softly. "It's just..."

"Shhhh..." She said softly, leaning down and kissing his head, making him
moan. "It's ok. I'll be careful. I might not be up to my normal skill

"Your normal skill level blows away almost everyone else."

"Almost?" She asked, her curiosity peeked.

"Mickie." He said, smiling. "You two are tied."

"You're a good diplomat." She purred, lapping at his head, smiling as he
leaned back further, his body sliding down onto the bed, laying back against
the headboard and giving her better access to his cock.

As she slithered up towards his shaft, flicking her tongue out, he moaned
softly. "Good diplomats don't make anyone mad. And I like you guys happy."

Pulling his cock into her mouth, she smiled as he groaned loudly, sliding
her tongue down the length of his shaft. Feeling her begin to bob slowly, he
tried to keep his breathing even, wanting to keep an ear on her noises and
search out any hint of pain, making sure she made good on her promise to tell
him if anything hurt. Moaning softly as her tongue twirled around his cock,
Dale let his head drop back, knowing he couldn't look at her anyways and
wanting to be as comfortable as possible, letting Trish work her magic and
bring him off like only she could.

Sliding her thick lips up and down his long shaft slowly, Trish took care not
to put to much of a strain on her back, knowing that she had earned Dale's
trust and didn't want to betray that, keeping her movements slow and
methodical. Reaching one hand around, she stopped as she felt her back flair
up, pulling it back and resuming her old position. Trying the other hand, she
winced again, quickly realizing that she needed both hands to keep her body
from feeling pain. Deciding to trust Dale with that knowledge, she pulled off
of his cock slowly, lapping at the head as she went, making him groan.


"Oh god, Trish."

"I can't use my hands." She said softly. "I tried, but it hurt my back, so I

"That's ok." He said. "No pain now?"

"None, I promise." She assured him. "I just wanted to tell you why."

"Ok, baby." He moaned. "I trust you."

Smiling, she flicked out her tongue, running it around the rim of his head.
"Want me to keep going?"

"If it doesn't hurt."

"It doesn't hurt." She moaned. "It feels so good..."

Taking him between her lips gently, Trish kissed his cock with soft, wet
kisses, smiling as he squirmed on the bed, her teasing doing just as much to
rev him up as a full blown suck and lick. Pulling her lips back, she pressed
her teeth around his cock, giggling as he groaned loudly, opening her mouth
quickly as he jerked, not wanting to rake her teeth across his sensitive
head. Pulling him into her mouth, she slid her head down, using the full
extension of her neck to push as far down his long cock as she could, feeling
him bump against the back of her throat before she pulled up, letting her
lips go slightly slack so she could slurp loudly on his cock, the wetness her
mouth was producing in abundance working to make a loud sucking noise as she
pulled back, making him moan.

Smiling up at him from around his cock, Trish knew that Dale couldn't see her
efforts, the sultry look she was giving him, the look of her thick, pouty
lips wrapped around his cock, but she knew he could feel it, that he could
hear her loud sucks echoing around the room, and she gave him everything his
remaining four senses could take, making sure she did everything loud and
with a bit of flair, twisting her lips around his cock to give him that extra
bit of pleasure, slapping her tongue along the base whenever she moved.

Groaning softly, Dale leaned back fully, giving his lover all the room she
needed to break the monotony that had set in since she hurt her back, her
head sliding up and down his dick, humming softly and adding a vibration to
his pleasure.

"Fuck, Trish..." He moaned. "God, please don't stop..."

Smiling around his shaft, Trish considered pulling off, prolonging his
pleasure, but she didn't, knowing how pent up he must have been from her
constant teasing, her bitchiness wearing him down over the days of doing
nothing but listening to her complain, and she vowed silently to give him
the thanks he deserved, rolling her tongue around his cock as she slid her
hand forward again, keeping flat to the bed this time and sliding under his
leg, reaching up and cupping his balls with glee, her back pain free as she
softly rubbed his sack.

"Trish, I thought you said no hands...?"

Realizing she had to pull off to answer, Trish pulled off completely. "This
way didn't hurt." She told him. When he nodded, she asked, "But I wanna try
and find a way to get my hands in without it hurting, ok?"

"So long as it doesn't hurt." He said.

"I promise." She said, looking around, trying to find anything. Seeing the
recliner in her bedroom, she smiled. "Come on, we're moving."

Sliding off the bed, she took his hands, leading him off the bed and getting
up on her tip toes, leaning in and kissing him softly, her hand drifting down
and gripping his shaft, stroking him softly. Leading him towards the chair,
she pushed him backwards softly. "I'm putting you in the recliner." She told
him, letting him know what to expect. "I'm sorry for stopping..."

Smiling, he leaned down, cupping her face and kissing her gently. "It's ok,
baby." He said softly. "You always make it up to me."

"Always." She promised, letting him sit down as she knelt in front of him.

"If this doesn't work, we can finish off on the bed like we were, ok?"

"Deal." She purred, moving forward and lifting her hand up tentatively.
Reaching out and gripping his cock, she almost cried out in joy as her back
stayed calm. Giving him a few explorative pumps, she giggled happily as she
scooted closer, sliding her other hand into his lap as she pulled his cock
between her lips. Giving him a few slow pumps, she smiled. Picking up speed,
she winced softly, backing off. Sighing, she looked up at him. "Baby?"


"It hurts when I go fast." She said softly.

Nodding, he asked, "And when you go slow?"

"It's not as good for you."

Smiling, he leaned down, finding her face and kissing her softly. "Slow if
great for me." He said with a smile. Licking her lips, he told her, "You blow
me like no other."

Smiling at him, she asked, "Does that mean I'm better than..."

"Just a hint." He said, before putting his finger over his lip. "Shhhh. Don't
tell her, ok?"

Gripping his cock and giving him a series of pumps, she asked, "What does she
do better than me?"

"Anal." He said. Groaning softly as she lapped at his cockhead, he added,
"I'd also like to state that the differences between you two in any areas of
sexual pleasing is like the difference between a ten and a ten point one on
a scale of one to ten. Just sometimes, one of you goes above and beyond..."

"I understand." She said, kissing his dick softly. "Trust me, Dale. I know I
please you. You don't have to worry that I don't know that."

Groaning, he leaned back in the chair, gripping the arms tightly. "How do you

Growling softly, she gave him an open mouthed kiss on his cock, making him
groan louder. "Because you come like a fucking geyser." She growled. "Now
shut up and let me suck the fucking life out of you, lover."

Leaning back and letting her work, Dale moaned loudly, letting his head fall
back. "I don't know how much life there's left to suck out..."

Slurping loudly on his thick shaft, Trish bobbed up and down slowly, her hand
gliding up his spit soaked shaft and making him twitch. Squirming on the
floor in front of him, she smiled, looking up at him. She knew he wasn't a
great lover of the sit-him-in-a-chair-and-kneel-in-front-of-him blowjobs, but
she was. Even if he didn't have the eyes necessary to give her the big
thrill, she loved when he looked down at her, knowing he was picturing in his
mind her curvy body knelt down in front of him, his cock thrusting deep into
her mouth as she drooled over him.

"Fuck, Trish...god fuck!" He moaned, looking down at her, making her shiver
in lust.

~God, Dale, please bring me off...~ She groaned. ~I know I told you that
teasing was alright, but please bring me off...~

Feeling him begin to pulse and tighten up, she picked up speed with her hand,
keeping her promise and keeping her head moving slow and pain free, her hand
doing all the hard work as he began to shoot off, his overloaded balls
emptying out in one loud, groaning, draining orgasm, his body shaking as she
kept pumping, picking up even more speed as he grew more and more sensitive
to her lustful touch, knowing what he wanted better than him and giving him
all the pleasure she could. Pushing his load to the sides of her mouth with
practiced ease, her hours spend knelt between his legs teaching her what to
expect, she slurped loudly, going for the big finish as she pulled off of his
cock slowly, emptying her lungs before she started and letting her draw in
one long, continuous suck as she moved up, the slurping and wet jerking
sounds from her final efforts making him groan one last time before she
popped off of his rapidly deflating cock, making him fall back in his chair.

Pushing herself to her feet, she softly slid into his lap, straddling him as
she held his load in her mouth, savoring the taste of her efforts as she
waited for his panting to drop in volume slightly. Leaning closer, she put
her throat up to his ear, smiling as she gave him the grand finale,
swallowing his seed loudly, her throat pressing against his ear letting him
hear it loud and clear.

"Oh...god..." He said softly, letting his head drop forward as she held him
close. "Thank you, Trish..."

"Thank you for letting me do that." She purred. Kissing him softly, she
smiled. "It's been to long since I gave you a solo cock sucking."

Nodding, he smiled weakly. "We don't get a whole lot of solo time, do we?"

"No." She said, fighting off the urge to shake her head, knowing he couldn't
see it anyways. "But...with a girlfriend like Mickie, do you really want
alone time?"

"I love alone time with you." He said softly, stroking her body. "I love
alone time with Mickie. And I love time with both of you together." Smiling,
he cupped her face, letting her forehead rest against his. "But I really,
really love getting your ten point one level cock suckings from time to

"I love giving them." She purred. "A perfect match, I'd say. You love getting
them, and I love, love, love sucking your cock."

Smiling, he told her, "I think you're just buttering me up so I'll bring you

"I'd like you to bring me off." She admitted. "But I won't be mad if you
don't. I got my thing. Now you take yours, when you're ready."

"I'm ready." He said softly.

Her heart rate picking up, she asked, "So...what do you want to do?"

Making her dismount him, he stood up, moving towards the bed, Trish quickly
falling into line beside him. "Gimme a second." He told her, reaching onto
the bed and grabbing at the pillows. Quickly getting them lined up like he
wanted them, he ran his hands over them, making sure they were into the right
place before crawling onto the bed, flipping around and leaning back into the
pillow mound he made. Pointing to his spread legs, he said, "Please, come sit
here..." Feeling her quickly scurry onto the bed, he smiled. "Back to my
front, please."

Quickly doing as he asked, she slid into him, her body warming up as he
wrapped his arms around her soft body, letting her lean back against him.

"Does this hurt?" He asked softly, kissing her shoulder.

"This feels wonderful." She promised him. "No stress, no pain, nothing."

"Test flex your back." He told her. "See if it can take some tensing up like

Flexing her back, she let the muscles get tighter and tighter, hoping he was
having her simulate an orgasm and going up to and beyond that level of
tension. Letting her muscles relax, she did it again and again. Letting her
back go limp, she smiled. "No pain."

Leaning down, he kissed her shoulder softly. "Would you mind...?"

"Anything you want, Dale." She cooed. "I got my pleasure. Now you do what you

"I know." He said softly. "But I want to please you to. So, would you mind if know..."

Dancing his fingers down her belly, he rubbed them along her slit, making her

"Please, Dale, finger me." She moaned.

"I don't know why, but I love doing that to you." He told her shyly.

Smiling, she leaned back, kissing him softly. "Because it's out thing." She
told him. "And I love having you do it to me. You always make it special, and
I love it. Please, do it, Dale?"

Nodding, he leaned down, kissing her neck softly as he slid his hand down her
body, the right one moving towards her wet core, the left one staying higher
up and cupping her left breast gently, making her moan. Letting his head rest
on her shoulder, he closed his eyes, trying to picture in his mind what he
was doing, drifting his fingers across her core and making her squirm
slightly. Pulling his hand back up to her face, he smiled, whispering into
her ear, "Wet me."

Quickly taking his index and middle fingers into her mouth, she licked them,
wetting the intruders she wanted buried deep inside of her. Letting his hand
go, she moaned as he left his pinky finger on her body, using it as a tracer
to guide his hand down to her pussy. Moving with a quiet confidence, he
rubbed her outer folds gently with his lubed up fingers, making the initial
entrance before pushing them in slowly, rubbing her hard nipple to tease her
mind off of the two digits pushing past her tight walls.

Slowly working up a smooth, steady clip, Dale slid his thumb upwards, smiling
as she squirmed slightly, knowing what was coming as he quickly found her
love button, rubbing the tiny nub around gently and making her moan. Leaning
so his face was against hers, his mouth by her ear, he smiled, getting ready
to begin what made there little fingering sessions so special for both of

"You are so, so beautiful, Trish." He told her softly, smiling as she moaned,
her favorite part of it, his soft words, starting up. He had no idea what set
Trish off so much by having him talk to her when he was doing it, aside from
the nice things he said to her, but he wasn't one to miss an opportunity to
please his lovers. Stroking her softly, his left hand gliding over to her
right breast and in turn, pulling her tighter to him, he told her, "I love
you so much, Trish."

"I love you to, Dale." She moaned. "Please don't ever doubt that again..."

"I try not to." He told her. "I know Orton has a lot of things over me, but I
do things he couldn't dream of doing for you."

"God, you do..." She groaned, her body pressing back against his as he fed
her his fingers over and over again, slowly working over all of her most
sensitive spots at the same time, her pleasure building rapidly.

"He'd never dream of doing this." He told her, kissing her neck softly,
closing his eyes again as she panted. "I love doing this. I don't care if it
doesn't get me off. Pleasing you is the biggest rush I could ever hope for."

"Oh Dale..." Letting her head fall back on his shoulder, Trish cried out, her
body arching up to his touch, her back playing nice and not making her stop
him from doing what they loved so much. Feeling his thumb push back the hood
on her clit, she groaned louder, whatever shielding she may have had gone in
a heartbeat as her throbbing love button was exposed to his sinful touch.
"God baby, play with my clit, please..."

"I love your clit." He told her, stroking it lovingly to prove his point.
"How such one tiny piece of you could make you so happy, I don't know, but
I'm very thankful for it." Curling his fingers up and stroking her g spot,
he smiled as she cried out louder. "Just like I'm thankful I have g spot
sonar. I would die if I couldn't please you and Mickie. Die."

"You please us, Dale." She whined, her squirming getting worse, her body
begging for him to toss her on the bed and hammer her into oblivion with his
fat cock, but his soft, stroking fingers pleasing her more than anything she
could think of. "God, you please me every single day..."

"I'm annoying some days..." He reminded her. "Like when I'm stupid and think
that you'd do things behind my back."

"And you make it up by being you." She told him. "I was mad for about a
minute. Two, tops." Arching up and screaming loudly, she told him, "You made
me so very, very happy the rest of the day. Even when you're not around, I
think about you and I get this stupid smile on my face..."

"I love when you smile." He told her softly. "I can't see it, but I can feel
it. When you kiss me, and you smile into it, I can feel your lips curling up,
and that makes me happy. I can't have the big things, like seeing you smile,
but I'm learning to enjoy the little things."

"God, Dale..." Trish cried out, her toes curling up as she tried to remain
still, knowing thrashing about in orgasm wouldn't do her back any good, pain
or no. "God Dale, don't you, love you so much..."

"Come for me, Trish..." He told her softly, rubbing her sensitive pussy
and making her moan louder and louder. "I can feel it, Trish." He told her
softly, her wetness seeping out and onto his hand. "God, please, come for

"I am..." She screamed, her body finally giving in and releasing onto his
stroking fingers, his tender nipple play not lost on her as she held his hand
to her chest, appreciating all the little things he did to give her one big
thing, her body shuddering softly as she screamed out loudly, wetness forming
underneath them and spurning him on, his strokes shortening and working her g
spot exclusively, his thumb rolling her clit around and around as she sobbed
and panted, her head dropping down as she let her eyes close, her pleasure
burning out and giving her the final release she craved.

Waiting silently, he smiled softly as he heard it, Trish's soft sniffles
coming as he pulled his hand free from her tightness and held her close to
him. "I love you, Trish." He told her firmly, his experience telling him that
her soft crying wasn't because of pain or sadness and letting him enjoy his
tender moment with his girlfriend.

"" She sobbed softly, clutching to his body and not
letting him go, needing his strong arms around her as she cried softly. "God,
why do I have to be so weird?"

Smiling, he asked, "Weird?"

"You make me come, and I'm so happy, and I start crying." She sniffled
softly. "Why do I do that?"

"I don't know." He admitted, reaching down and cupping her chin, pulling her
face around gently to let him kiss her softly. "But I take it in stride. I
know it's not pain or sadness crying, so I take it in stride."

"I still don't wanna do it." She said softly, finally starting to get her
tears under control.

"I don't mind." He told her. Smiling, he said, "You and Mickie have your
unique ways of showing pleasure. She screams her head off whenever she comes,
and you cry a little when we do this. No biggie."

"Still don't have to like it." She grumbled softly, whipping her eyes.

"You don't." He told her with a smile. "But know that I love you, ok?"

"I do." She said. "I will. Always."

Leaning back against the pillow mountain behind him, holding her close,
Dale closed his eyes, taking a few breaths. Leaning back against him, Trish
snuggled in his arms, finding comfort as he held her close, not even her
weirdness detracting him from loving her. Her mind drifting to the days
events, she sighed softly.

"Do you feel guilty?" She asked softly.

Sighing, he nodded. "We shouldn't have done that without Mickie." He told

"I know..." She said, her mood dropping quickly. "She sounded so...alone..."

Realizing he needed to stop her before she took herself to far down that
path, Dale reached down, cupping her face softly. "Hey." He said, gaining her
attention. "When she comes home Tuesday, promise me...promise me, you'll make
it up to her, ok?"

"I promise Dale." She said firmly.

Smiling, he leaned back, holding Trish softly.

"That's my girl."

* * *

"Why are we doing this again?"

Looking up from the rack of clothes, Mickie said, "Trish told me Dale never
saw our Divas 06 outfits."

Looking confused, Torrie asked, "And? He never saw mine either."

Smiling, Mickie resumed her search through the boxers. "Yea, well...Dale
looks at a special way." She said, smiling. "And we're putting on a
fashion show for him..."

Her eyes lighting up as she finally put the pieces together, Torrie nodded.
"Oh!" When Mickie smiled, she asked, "And why am I here again?"

"Moral support." Mickie said. "Clothes shopping always bums me out."

"Why?" Torrie asked. "I thought clothes shopping was like the ultimate pick
me up for women?"

"It is." Mickie said, pulling out a pair with a smile. "If you're a size
zero. When your curvy like me, it's depressing. I don't care what Dale says,
it's depressing. He just finds ways to...mask it better than I do."

Smirking, Torrie asked, "You mean like calling you his curvy love goddess?"

"I'm curvy love goddess number one." Mickie said with a grin. Holding up the
shorts, she asked, "This looks like them, right?"

Looking at the outfit, Torrie turned her head down, looking at the paper in
her hand. Looking up again, she said, "That's them, pretty much. A bit...
pinker, but still, about as close as your gonna get."

"I think so." Mickie mused. Looking at Torrie, she asked, "What else is on
the list?"

Looking down at the pieces of glossy paper, Torrie looked over the outfits,
doing a mental checklist of what was in the bags. "I think just the bra top
that goes with that." She said. "I'm still stunned we found that red pleather

Smiling, Mickie moved past Torrie, towards the cash register. "You just gotta
know where to look." She said. Putting the shorts on the counter, Mickie
reached into her purse, sliding her hand around some money and pulling it
out, giving it to the casher and waiting patiently for her change. Taking it
and dropping it in her purse, she turned towards Torrie, picking up the bag
off the counter. "I doubt we're finding a bra in here." She said.

"Umm, no." Torrie said with a laugh, looking around the store. "Still kinda
stunned we found pink boxers in here..."

"You gotta..."

"Know where to look." Torrie finished, smiling. As she followed Mickie out of
the store and towards the next one, she asked softly, "Umm...Mickie, can I
ask you something?"

Looking back at Torrie, Mickie grinned. "No, Dale isn't for sale."

"Ha, ha." She said, smirking at the brunette.

"Ask away."

"It is about Dale, though." Torrie said softly. When Mickie looked at her,
she said, "I don't mean this in a mean or prying way, but...what was with
his attitude spike the other day?" Looking at Mickie, she said, "Trish was
talking to him, and then boom, he's shouting and crying. And then there was
the comic book..."

"Yea, that..." Mickie said softly. "Umm...Dale has...issues." She said
softly, not quite sure how to phrase it. Looking at Torrie, she said, "He
has very, very bad, suicidal if he doesn't take his meds
depression. Causes really bad mood swings for little or no reason."


"Yea." Mickie said with a nod. "Me and Trish usually know better than to
pick on him, but sometimes, we act like morons. It's just, we're so used to
doing it, but with Dale, sometimes it's a big deal, other time's, it's not.
You never really know."

Nodding, Torrie said, "I see."

"And he can't." Mickie said. "Which is the root of all the problems. Katie...
his helper when we're in Virginia...tells me he wasn't so bad when she first
met him, but it got worse and worse since the accident, and he just started
taking his meds when we met." Looking shy, she said softly, "I don't know how
many times me and Trish have had to hold him while he cries himself to

"Oh my god..." Torrie said softly. "I didn't know..."

"No one does." Mickie told her. "It's not something we broadcast. He's trying
his hardest to get over it, and works with his doctors as much as he can, but
it's a long, slow process. You gotta try different meds, try one, doesn't
work, try the next, doesn't work, next one, works, but makes you feel sick,
no good, and so on. I think he's on his second med now, but he's already
talking about it like it's not working. The doctor told him to give it a few
more weeks, and if it doesn't help, they up the dosage and try something

"At least he's trying." Torrie offered. "Most people don't."

Smiling, Mickie nodded. "He's a fighter, that's for sure."

"Sounds like."

"Me and Trish do what we can." Mickie said, moving towards the next store.
"Hold him when he needs holding, give him space when he needs space, and,
like last week, yell at him when he needs yelling at."

Smirking, Torrie said, "Maybe he needs another girlfriend to cheer him up..."

Rolling her head back, Mickie groaned with a smile. "Oh god, that thing." She
said. Looking at Torrie, she said, "I have no idea where that came from. All
I can do is smile, nod, and go along with it. I know he's not actively
looking, but still, just makes you wonder sometime..."

"It's probably just the male mind at work." Torrie said with a grin. "Get two
hot women to sleep with you, you want three."

"Probably." Mickie joked. "But if anyone could handle three, it's probably
Dale." Looking at Torrie, she smirked. "Watch out. You might be on his hit
list. He seems to like you..."

"I'm totally heterosexual." Torrie told her firmly, smiling. "But I'm
flattered with the offer."

Grinning, Mickie moved towards the bras. "I wasn't offering." She said. "But
thanks for insinuating."

"I wasn't!"

"You so were." Mickie teased, reaching out and looking at the first bra,
shaking her head. "You're totally lining up to be Dale's CLG number three."


"Curvy love goddess." Mickie explained with a grin.

Rolling her eyes, Torrie shook her head. "You guys are retarded."

Smiling, Mickie shrugged. "We may be, but we're happy that way." She
said. "Now hold up that picture. I'm looking for a very specific bra..."

* * *

Ducking his head down, Dale sat on the edge of the bed, rubbing his eyes
as he tried to keep his thoughts straight, a million different things running
through his head and trying to keep him from his goal. Sighing loudly, he let
his arms drop as he dropped his head down, keeping his breathing nice and
even as he tried to focus.

Running his hand over his face, he shook his head, clearing it before pushing
himself to his feet.

"Ninety eight, ninety nine, one hundred!" He yelled out. "I don't give a shit
if you're ready, because I'm tired of counting!"

Moving towards the door of the bedroom, Dale held out his arm, refreshing the
rules in his head.

No hallways.

No staircase.

No hiding in anything that required complex motions to open.

"I hope you know that by making a blind man play hide and seek that you're
playing into all the stereotypes!" He yelled. Sniffing softly, he tried to
get a fix on her scent. Smelling nothing, he cursed softly. ~She washed it
off.~ He grumbled. Moving towards the bathroom, he looked in the first
logical place, knowing if she washed off her perfume, she might still be
there. Feeling around, he took a deep breath, stopping himself and stood
dead quiet, listening for any noise. Not hearing any, he turned around,
moving towards the door.

~Not in the bathroom.~ He grumbled. ~One room down, only about a million to

* * *

Pressing herself tight to the wall behind the small plant, Trish watched as
Dale moved down the steps, coming towards the living room. Holding her
breath, she watched as he moved past the living room and towards the kitchen.

Letting out a sigh of relief, she shook her head.

~Hide and seek with a blind man.~ She thought. ~Stupid much?~ Seeing his
shadow coming back towards the living room, she thought, ~But, when your
bored stiff, you grasp at straws.~

As Trish saw him come back into the living room, she felt her stomach drop.
She was beginning to become convinced that Dale did in fact have sonar. She'd
managed to beat him five times, his allotted ten minutes running out just
before he found her three times, but he'd also found her six times.

This was the final game.

~And on it, my salvation.~ She thought, trying to make herself invisible as
he stood in the doorway, ducking lower to avoid the sonar she was sure he
had. ~If he loses, it's tied, and the tie goes to me!~ She thought with glee.
~I never thought I'd be so happy to take a ten minute walk outside if I
didn't have to win it...~

Seeing Dale turn towards her corner, her heart sank.

~This is fucking impossible!~ Her mind screamed.

Buckling her knees slightly, she ducked down lower as he moved towards the
corner of the living room. Looking around, she wondered if she could make
a run for it, not knowing the rules of hide and seek well enough to know if
that was allowed.

Seeing him bearing down on her, she wondered if it was worth a try.

Moving directly in front of her, Dale stopped, drawing in his breath slowly
before stopping altogether, closing his eyes, listening. Standing still,
breathless for a good thirty seconds, he ducked down, reaching out and
touching Trish on the chest. "Trish?"

"Fuck!" She whined, standing up. "Are you cheating? I told you to plug your

"I did plug my ears." He told her, standing back up. "And no, I'm not
cheating. I'm just very good at this."

"To good." She grumbled softly, moving out from behind the plant.

"Katie made me do it to practice using my other senses." He told her. "And
now, Trish..."

"I know, go to bed." She said softly, her head hanging down as she went to
move away, depression quickly setting in where joy had been a minute earlier.

Feeling his hand reach out and touch her, she stopped.

"Trish, I won." He said. "Therefore, you have to do what I say, correct?"

Sighing, she nodded. "I am. I was going back to bed..."

"Did I tell you to go to bed?" He asked.

"Well, no, but..."

"Trish..." He said, turning towards her. "You have chores."

Her face lighting up, she asked, "Chores?" When he nodded, she giggled.
"Like, not going to be chores?"

"The very same." He said, waiting for her giggling to die down before telling
her, "Go get some candles, and take them down to the hot tub." Stopping her
from running away, he smiled. "I said chores, not chore."

"Sorry." She said, squirming with nervous energy.

"It's ok." He said. "After you do that, go put on something sexy. I want you
in a swimsuit, not nude." He instructed. "But something sexy, got it?"

"Got it!" She squealed.

"And when you do that, get my swim trunks out of my suitcase." He told her.
"I'll be down in the hot tub room waiting for you."

Her giddy mood bubbling over, Trish moved as quickly as she knew she could
get away with towards the kitchen, letting Dale move past her as she went
towards the cupboard, reaching in and grabbing some self standing candles.
Not knowing how many he wanted, but assuming she was the one they were for
anyways, she picked out half a dozen, holding them with one arm as she
grabbed her barbeque lighter with the other hand, moving towards the door
to the basement and following him down, scooting past him and into the hot
tub room, setting the candles down and moving out the door before he moved

Moving back towards the stairs, she climbed them with glee, moving through
the living room and up the next flight, going into her bedroom and grabbing
a swimsuit from her closet, not caring which one, knowing Dale would love
any of them, before grabbing his trunks from his suitcase. Moving back down
to the living room, she walked to the door to the basement, grabbing the
handle before stopping. Smiling, she moved over to the fridge, grabbing a
bottle from it and a pair of wine glasses from the cupboard before quickly
moving down to the basement.

Setting everything down on the floor, she quickly stripped, putting on her
bikini in record time before moving over to Dale. "Gotta strip ya, honey."
She said with a smile.

"I'm almost done." He said, grinning as he unbuckled his pants.

Holding out his swim trunks so he'd know which way to put them on, she
handed them to him when he held out his hands, watching as he pulled them up
his legs.

"Did you get the candles lit?" He asked.

"Doing it now." She said, setting the candles up at strategic places around
the room before lighting them. "Done."

"Ok, get me into the tub, then turn off the lights." He told her.

Doing as she was told to do, for once without argument, she led him to the
tub, guiding him in so he wouldn't hurt himself before moving back towards
the staircase. Shutting off the lights, she smiled at the glow the candles
gave the hot tub room. Picking up the bottle and glasses, she moved back
into the room, closing the door to keep the dampness from seeping over the
rest of the basement before sliding in the tub with him.

"Is this romantic?" He asked softly. "I can't tell. I was aiming for

Floating across the tub, she smiled, holding the bottle and glasses above
water. "Very romantic." She assured him, sitting beside him as she cracked
open the bottle. Pouring herself a glass and him one, she set it aside,
taking his in one hand, his hand in the other. "There. Completes the mood."
She said, giving him the glass.

Holding the glass cautiously, he asked, "What is it?"

Smiling, she picked up her glass. "Wine."

His face falling as he turned sheepish, he told her softly, "Trish, you
know I can't have alcohol with the meds I'm on..."

Leaning in, she kissed him softly. "Trust me." She told him.

Nodding, he lifted the glass up, sniffing it softly before taking a sip.
Smiling, he let her slide into his arms, holding her close as she took a sip
of her Pepsi too, leaning back against him, enjoying her chore immensely.

* * *

Closing the front door behind her and fastening the locks, Mickie kicked off
her shoes as she moved into the hallway, tossing her coat aside.

"Honeys, I'm home." She called out playfully.

*Thud! Thud, thud, thud, thud...*

Looking around, Mickie tried to place the noise, quickly realizing it was
coming from down the hallway. Moving further into the house, she went to
investigate when Dale quickly flew around the corner, his feet thudding as he
braced himself against the wall, stopping himself. Watching as he moved his
head around as if to look, she tried to figure out what he was doing when he
started down the hallway, trying to move quietly as he approached her.

"Mickie?" He asked, trying to hear her.

"Right here...whoa Jesus!" Mickie said, yelping the last of it as Dale surged
towards her, his arms clumsily finding her and pressing her against the wall
as he dove his head forward, kissing her face. Quickly adjusting his grip and
aim, Dale found her lips and kissed her passionately, one hand moving up to
rub her back as the other one went south for the booty, making Mickie moan
into the kiss as he pressed her gently but firmly up against the wall.
Breaking apart, she tried to say something, but his energy was relentless,
his lips finding hers again and kissing her, licking her lip into his mouth
as he suckled it.

Groaning softly as he pressed on, Mickie gave in, happy that he was so eager
to find her embrace, but wishing he could have at least waited until they
were sitting on the couch. Wrapping her arms around him, she hugged him
tight, spurning him on to kiss her more and more, his lips leaving hers as he
traced down her face and neck, lapping and pecking her electrified flesh.

"Missed you." He said quickly as he pulled back for a moment, only to tilt
her head back with his chin and kiss her on the underside of her chin,
knowing her love for that particular move, and gaining a moan in thanks.

"Missed you." She echoed, her right leg lifting off the floor and wrapping
around his hip, pulling him closer as they picked up steam, her reservations
about his eagerness and her want to sit down replaced by passion and need,
her bodies urges coming to the surface as she grabbed his head and pulled
him up for a searing kiss.

Moving down the hallway, Trish smiled at the sight, her boyfriend and her
girlfriend in a passionate embrace, Mickie pinned lovingly up against the
wall as she pressed herself against Dale's body, the slightest hint of dry
humping surfacing as Trish announced herself with a clearing of her throat.
When Dale and Mickie finally broke there lips apart long enough to look
Trish's way, she smiled and leaned in, kissing Mickie on the lips.

"Missed you..." She said, smiling. "Although apparently not as much as he

Reaching out and pulling Trish closer, Mickie smiled as Dale leaned down,
kissing her neck. "I think you did." Mickie said matter-of-factly, leaning in
and kissing her girl gently. "It just takes a lot more to get you that worked
up." Looking down at Dale, who was trying to subtly pull her tight top out of
her tight jeans, she smiled. "Do you mind? I just got in the door."

"Nope." He said, finally succeeding and peeling the tight fabric up slightly
before Mickie stopped him. "Please?"


"Just a little?"

"It's never a little with you."

"There's a first time for everything." He said, trying again to pull her
shirt off of her body, but getting blocked again.

"Dale, stop." She said, smiling. "You'll get booty when I say so." When he
nodded, she cupped his face gently, kissing him. "And from now on, I'm
handling the food. I'm sure you did a good job while I was gone..."

"An amazing job." Trish confirmed, leaning in and kissing her blind man. When
he smiled, she reached down, taking Mickie's hand in hers. "Dale, can I talk
to Mickie for a minute?"

When he nodded and let the brunette out of his loving grasp, Trish pulled her
towards the kitchen as Dale moved into the living room, taking a seat on the

Pulling Mickie into the dining room, Trish smiled as she leaned in, kissing
her softly. "Missed you lover."

"Missed you." Mickie said. Arching her eyebrow, she smiled. "That's what you
wanted to tell me?"

"No." Trish said, smiling. "Wanted to ask, did you get the outfits?"

Nodding, Mickie told her, "The colors were a bit off in some of them, but did
the best I could."

"Good." Trish said, smiling. "When did you want to do the fashion show?"

"How's your back doing?"

"Back is fine." Trish said. "Doctor gave me a non-wrestling clean bill of

Thinking, Mickie smiled. "How about tonight?" She offered. Leaning in, she
kissed Trish softly. "I don't wanna sit on these things to long...especially
with what we'll be doing after the show, if your up for it..."

"I am." Trish told her firmly. Leaning in, she let her forehead rest against
Mickie's. "I really did miss you." She said softly. "I love you so much. I
wish I was there for you this weekend..."

"I don't wanna talk about the weekend." Mickie said softly, looking at Trish.
"That was vile. I want to be loved today..."

"You'll be loved." Trish promised her, taking her hands and leading her back
towards the living room.

Looking towards the couch, Trish and Mickie smiled as Dale sat still, his
eyes closed as he listened to the TV. Looking at the screen, Trish shook her
head as Mickie grinned.

"How does he always manage to find baseball?" Mickie asked with a grin.

Shrugging her shoulders, Trish moved over to the couch, taking the left of
Dale as Mickie took the right. "Just special, I guess." She mused, leaning in
and letting her head rest on his shoulder as Mickie did the same, smiling as
his arms reached out and held them close, giving each a kiss before he
returned to listening to his game.

* * *

Peeking her head inside the bedroom door, Trish giggled as Dale sat on the
edge of the bet, twiddling his thumbs. "Ready, Dale?"

"For about the past ten minutes, yea."

"Hush up." She scolded him playfully. "This stuff takes time to set up. Some
things don't fit like I remember."

"What things?" He asked, looking confused.

Moving into the bedroom, Mickie giggling in tow, Trish moved towards Dale,
leaning down and kissing him softly, moving back as Mickie did the same.
"Some outfits." She said. "You said you never got to see our Divas 06 shoots,

"That would be correct." He told her.

"Well..." Mickie said, smiling. "Now you can." Reaching out and taking his
hands in hers, she slid them onto her knees. "Move your hands down a little."
She instructed. When he did as she asked, and came to her boots, she smiled.
"Mid calf red pleather boots. Like three inch heels."

"Oh my god..."

"I know..." Mickie said softly. "You couldn't see the magazine? Well, we're
bringing it to you." Seeing him shiver softly, she smiled, taking her leg
away and, with some bracing help from Trish, put it softly on his shoulder.
"Go on, get a good look." She urged him.

Smiling, he reached his hands up cautiously, taking her foot in his hands and
feeling all around. "Red you said?" He asked, moving down, feeling the long
laces going from the bottom to the top of the boot.

"Red." She told him. "There not exactly like what I had in the shoot, since
that stuff got hawked on WWE Auction..."

"I'll never know the difference." He told her with a smile, moving past the
boot. "Very sexy."

"Keep moving up." She urged him softly, smiling as his hands looked there way
north, his smile getting wider as he moved further and further up without
finding pants. Coming to a stop, he asked, "Dress?"

"More like an oversized belt." She giggled. "Up, up."

Sliding his hands up her leg, he smiled as she moaned softly, his hands
wrapping around her hip and cupping her ass. "Thong?"

"I wear a lot of thongs." She purred.

Getting a good feel for her thong, he moved his hands out from underneath her
oversized belt, wrapping around her tummy. "Must be a small shirt."

"Bikini top." She said. "Pleather, red, again. Up, up."

"I'm upping, I'm upping." He teased, moving his hands up, finding her bra top
and tracing it out. "That's a lot of pleather Mickie. You going dominatrix on

Letting her leg slide down from his shoulder, Mickie giggled as she flicked
her wrist out, catching him with the end of her whip, making him yelp.

"What the fuck was that?" He asked, pulling back from her.

Giggling, she said, "My whip. Had it in the shoot."

"Next time, warn me?"

"Will do."

"My turn." Trish said with a smile. Kicking her leg up, she rested it on
Dale's other shoulder. "Start with the foot."

"Always do." He said, reaching up and cupping her foot. Getting a good feel
for what she was wearing, he looked confused. "I wanna say...a high heel with a
sock over it? Does that sound stupid?"

Giggling, she said, "It would if it wasn't true."

"Again, sexy choice in footwear."

"I try." She said, looking at Mickie with a smile. "Gotta out sexy our girl

"Hey." Mickie teased, whipping Trish lightly. "I'm plenty sexy."

"You both are." He said, sliding his hands up Trish's leg.

"You might wanna pick up the pace." Trish said, smiling. "Nothing there for a

"I like taking my time." He told her with a grin, sliding his hands up her
firm leg, making her moan softly as he moved towards her core. "Panties?"

"With little frilly things." She said. "Feel."

Finding the frilly things she was talking about, he felt them, smiling.

"To the shirt."

Moving his hands up, he smiled as he covered her stomach without finding
anything. "Bikini top?"

"No, but a weird shirt." She said. "Sort of like a cut off boy shirt with
ties in the front."

Finding the bottom of her shirt, he quickly slid his hands around, moving up
to her arms, feeling the outfit out. "Nice..."

"Check the front." She said, taking his hands and putting them on her boobs.

Feeling around, trying to keep it professional, he smiled. "Neat!" He said.
"From what I can imagine, that's pretty sexy. What colors?"

"White with pink trim and pink ties."

"Cool." He said, smiling. When she pulled back slightly, he squirmed
slightly. "So, is that it?" He asked eagerly.

Laughing, Trish leaned down, kissing him softly. "No!" She said. "God, Dale,
you don't think we'd wear one outfit for a whole photo shoot do you?"

"I was hoping." He whined softly.

"No, no, no..." Trish purred. "We have like...what, two, three more each,

"Three I think." Mickie said, smiling as Dale whined softly.

"Can't we do this in stages?" He asked. "Like, an outfit a day?"

"No." Trish said firmly, giving him a peck. "Gotta change, be right back. Sit

"It's tight." He whined, listening to them go.

Moving down the hallway to the bathroom, Trish giggled with Mickie as the
slid in, closing the door behind them.

"Poor Dale." Trish cooed with a smile. "I think he's gonna have a nervous
breakdown before were done."

"I know I'm working towards one." Mickie said. Watching as Trish took off her
tiny outfit, Mickie slid in behind her, reaching around, cupping her breasts,
making her moan. "What do ya say we skip the other outfits and just get to
the sex?" Mickie purred.

Moaning softly, Trish looked back at her girlfriend. "But I wanna..."

"I wanna to." Mickie told her, before smiling. "But don't you wanna just get
it on?"

"I do." Trish admitted, before saying, "But we don't tease Dale enough. I
love foreplay..."

"Ok." Mickie said, smiling at her.

"Maybe...two more outfits?" Trish offered. "Leave the last one out. Like he
said, he'll never know, unless we tell him..."

"And I think we'd be forgiven even if we did." Mickie noted, breaking apart
and kissing her shoulder. "Two more. Pick your best, Trish."

"The green one." Trish said firmly. "That's last. Go for the pink one now."

"I like your pink." Mickie teased, moving away and stripping quickly,
reaching up to the hangers hanging on the door and taking two down. "Bra
and boxers."

"Very sexy." Trish told her. "I loved that one."

"Dale does to." Mickie said, smiling at Trish's confusion. Quickly pulling
the bra on, she said, "I told him about it one time. About how I had a
lollypop in it, and he wanted to be the lollypop."

"You suck so well." Trish purred, pulling on her bikini before pulling the
pink one-piece mesh swimsuit over it. Looking around, she snatched up the
mesh socks, pulling them on before yanking her boots on. Turning to look at
Mickie, she smiled. "How do I look?"

"Belt-less." Mickie said, smiling as she picked Trish's belt up off the
counter, handing it to her. As Trish quickly slung it on, Mickie grinned.
"You totally have an unfair advantage. You still have your outfits."

Leaning down, Trish kissed her softly. "You look great." She promised her.
"Umm...thinking here...Dale's been waiting a while..."

"He may have started without us." Mickie joked.

Smiling, Trish said, "How about you go out first, and I'll stay behind, and
when you come back, I'll go out. That way, someone's always going out, and he
won't get so bored sitting around. We're trying to be sexy here, not boring."

Smiling, Mickie nodded. "Sounds like a plan." Leaning in and kissing Trish
softly, Mickie smiled. "Be right back...if he doesn't drag me in bed and fuck
me first."

"Be sexy, yet elusive." Trish joked, watching as Mickie moved out of the room
and down the hall.

Leaning back against the sink, Trish smiled as she heard giggling coming from
down the hallway, Dale's magic hands obviously working there magic. Looking
at herself in the mirror, Trish reached down, loosening the ties on her mesh
over-swimsuit, looking at the magazine setting on the counter in an effort to
try and be as close to that as she could.

"Might help if you hadn't packed on a few pounds." She mused, before smiling.
"But oh doesn't Dale love those extra pounds...chubby chaser Dale..."

Giggling at her joke, she turned towards the door as she heard Mickie's
sneakers squeaking on the floor, moving quickly to the bathroom.

"Watch out for him, Trish." She giggled. "He's getting antsy."

"Oh, I know how to deal with him." Trish assured Mickie, giving her a kiss.
"Get changed. I'll be right back."

Moving past Mickie and out the door, Trish sauntered down the hallway,
moving into the door with a sway of her hips, knowing Dale couldn't see her
movements, but doing them for herself, putting her in the mood to put on a
show for her eager boyfriend. Seeing him sitting on the edge of the bed, his
eyes wide and empty, she smiled. He kept his eyes closed for the most part,
and she knew that he only normally opened them when he was either very
scared, or very, very aroused.

Looking down at the crotch of his shorts, she didn't have to worry about him
being afraid.

"Hello, Dale." Trish said softly, her voice husky and full of lust. "Mickie
tells me your being a bit frisky."

"I think she used the phrase "Horn dog."." Dale told her.

"The shows almost done." Trish promised him. "One more outfit from Mickie,
and one more from me, and you'll be all finished..."

"I might be finished sooner than that." He whined softly.

Smiling, Trish moved towards him, leaning down and pecking him on the lips.
"Getting worked up, lover?"


"Enjoying the fashion show?"

"Can we do it every week?"

"It would get boring." She told him. "But I'd like to do more things like
this, if you'll let us..."

"Of course." He promised. "Now, you said something about one more outfit?"

"One more beyond this one." Trish stated, smiling as he whined. "Shush.
You're doing good." Smiling, she decided to go a little loose with the rules,
her girlfriend not in the room. Moving over to the bed, she straddled his
lap, making him moan. "Alright, Dale." She said softly, whispering into his
ear. "Lets get a good, long look at this outfit, ok?"


Taking his hands in hers, she put them on her thighs, moaning softly as he
clutched her gently. "Ok. We'll get to the boots later. Right now, feel up,

Nodding, Dale slid his hands upwards, finding the bottom of her pink mesh
swimsuit. "Feels like mesh?"

"Pink mesh." Trish told him. "One piece."

Smiling, he told her, "Didn't think you wore one pieces."

"I wouldn't if it wasn't tricked out some way." She promised. "Feel around,
get a good look. Check out the belt buckle..."

Moving his hands to the front, he felt around the belt buckle, smiling as he
ran his thumbs over the letters, trying to trace it out. "Umm...Trish? It
says Trish?"

"Very good Dale." She said, kissing his forehead as he moved his hands away
from her belt, rubbing her body gently as he got a feel for the mesh. Going
to give him more instructions, she stopped herself, letting him go at his
own pace as his hands glided over her body.

Moving his hands around slowly, he closed his eyes, trying to take in the
mental picture of her clothes, his mind sketching a rough picture of what
she looked like, making him smile softly. Reaching around to the front, he
found the tie up front to her swimsuit, modifying his picture as he mentally
erased the solid front, putting in the opening and the ties he felt. Hearing
her moan softly, he leaned forward, kissing her chest softly. Finding
something underneath her outfit, he smiled. "Is there something under here?"

"Of course." She teased. "Wasn't going topless."

"Can I...?"


Pushing his hands into her outfit, he felt around her breasts, tracing out
the pattern of her bra, sliding his hands all the way around to the back to
make sure he had the full picture in his mind before pulling his hands out.
"You said something about shoes?"

Giving him a soft kiss, she slid off of him. "The bra was black by the way."
She told him, lifting her leg up and setting it down on his shoulder. "High
heels. Go up to about my knee." She instructed.

Nodding, he started at the bottom, tracing out the boots as he moved up,
finding the mesh socks. "This is a lot of mesh." He said softly.

"I think it's a great outfit." She said. "Came close to making the cover."

"Do I get to see the cover outfit?"

Pulling her leg down, she smiled, leaning in and kissing him. "Saving the
best for last." She said. "I'll send Mickie in."

When he nodded, she moved backwards, smiling at Dale as she gave him a spin
and leaving the room, heading back towards the bathroom. Seeing Mickie, and
her ass stuck up in the air as she bent over, pulling her heels on, Trish
growled softly, gaining her lovers attention.

"I was hoping that would be the one you'd pick." Trish growled softly,
drinking in Mickie's backside, her ass barely covered by a tiny pair of
panties, a black bra holding in her big breasts and thigh high black
stockings covering her legs.

Smiling, Mickie stood up, looking at her. "Why?"

Moving towards Mickie, Trish took her and pushed her up against the counter,
startling the younger girl as she rubbed her hands over her ass and thighs.
"Because you look so fucking hot right now." Trish growled, leaning in and
kissing her roughly. Pulling back and kissing her neck, she pushed on, her
hands unable to extract themselves from Mickie's flesh. "You have a body
built for this look." Trish told her. "Such thick, juicy thighs...stockings
were made for legs like that. And that tiny fucking pair of panties...god,
Mickie...I wanna fuck you right now."

Moaning softly, Mickie held Trish close. "No." She said. Seeing Trish pull
back and give her a look, Mickie grinned. "You had your chance." She said,
pushing her away and moving towards the door. "Gotta show Dale. Get changed."

"Mickie..." Trish whined, bouncing up and down like a little kid having a
temper tantrum. "Please?"

"No." Mickie said, smiling as she moved out the door. "You wouldn't scratch
my itch, so I'm not scratching least, not right away." Seeing
Trish pout, she smiled. "Get changed. Dale expects one more outfit from his
buxom blonde lover."

Smiling around her pout as Mickie moved into the bedroom, Trish sighed,
pulling the ties open on the mesh swimsuit and shedding it quickly, making
short work out the outfit, going for speed over skill and kicking it into
the corner. Grabbing her green bra top, she pulled it on, reaching behind
her and strapping it up before pulling the armband and the glove onto her
left hand, another armband onto her right. Grabbing her bottoms off the
sink, she smiled as she heard more giggling coming from down the hallway.
Pulling on her bottoms and grabbing the cut off socks, she pulled them up
her legs before sliding her feet into the heels, strapping them up.


"Come on...please?"


Hearing giggling, follow by a thud, then quick footsteps, Trish watched as
Mickie flew out of the room, giggling as she raced down the hallway. Looking
her over, Trish noticed Mickie was missing something.

"Where are your panties?"

Giggling, Mickie smiled. "Last I saw? In Dale's teeth. Have fun, and
remember, no starting till I'm there, got it?"

Rolling her eyes, Trish smiled as she moved down the hallway. "Teasing that
poor boy."

"Man." Mickie corrected her. "And like I'm the only one."

Looking back, Trish smiled. "No comment." When Mickie grinned, she told her,
"If you don't hear from me in five minutes, come in, ready for sex."

"Will do." Mickie assured her with a grin, quickly pulling off her bra as
Trish slid into the room.

Looking towards the bed, Trish giggled as she saw Dale, still sitting on the
edge of the bed, his short hair ruffled up slightly as he held Mickie's tiny
panties clutched in his teeth, his blank eyes wide and wild.

"Dale, Dale, Dale..." Trish said with a grin, gaining his rabid attention.
"Do you know where those have been?"

Letting the panties drop from his mouth, he grinned. "Mickie's pussy. I've
had my mouth on that many, many times. Yours to."

"I know." Trish said. "Now, Mickie said no freaky stuff without her, so, are
you going to behave?"


"Thought not." She said, smiling as she slid into his lap. "Last outfit. Are
you ready, lover?"

"More than ready."

"Ok." She said shivering as his hands moved towards her. "I'm not even
telling you about this outfit. It's green, and that's all I'm saying. There's
stuff everywhere, so be thorough. Got it?"

"Got it." He growled.

Letting him move his hands up her waist, she moaned softly as he rubbed her
thighs, not even attempting to go any higher as he rubbed her toned legs. Her
body getting revved up quickly, Trish fought the urge to grab him and hold
him tight, knowing her tiny amount of willpower was the only thing keeping
him in the small amount of check he was in.

Moving his hands up and rubbing her ass, he sighed as she moaned, feeling all
around her ass and crotch, taking liberties with her openness and rubbing her
core softly, gaining another moan from her. Moving his hands up, he cupped
her breasts, his hands doing a quick look of her bra, murmuring, "Very nice."
Before reaching around behind her, unsnapping the bra and tossing it aside.

Looking down at him, Trish tried to scold him, knowing she was supposed to
hold off until Mickie was in the room, but as she tried to tell him, "Dale,
stop." All that came out was "God, Dale, more..."

Kissing her chest softly he held her tightly, quickly drawing her tight
nipple into his mouth and suckling it softly, making her groan. Pulling back
softly, suckling and licking her tight nub until it fell out of his mouth, he
told her, "I love your boobs, Trish." Moving over to the other one, he kissed
it softly, telling her, "They make any outfit. They're your best

"I think so..." She cooed, his lips wrapping around her other nipple and
teasing it to hardness, her hips beginning to move on his thighs, grinding
softly against him.

Reaching down, he hooked his thumbs in her bottoms, tugging at them, showing
her he wanted them off. Her body on autopilot, she slid out of his lap,
bending over at the waist to keep her chest dangling within lip range as he
pulled her bottoms down, with her finishing the job, kicking them off and
sliding back into his lap.

"The boots..."

"Are hot to, I bet." He groaned. "Looking at other things now."

Quickly realizing that her efforts to keep Dale in check had failed
miserably, as always, she called out, "Mickie! Get in here now!"

Hearing footsteps thudding down the hall, she groaned loudly as Dale cupped
her chest, flicking his tongue out and teasing her hard nipples as Mickie ran
into the room.

"Dale!" She giggled, moving towards the bed. "This was a fashion show..."

"This was torture." He said, kissing Trish's chest. "Thank you so much."
Feeling Mickie slide onto the bed, something clicked in Dale's head. Whining
softly, he lifted Trish off of him and sat her on the bed, leaning in and
kissing her softly. "Mickie?"

"Yes, lover?" She teased, knowing what was going through his mind.

"Do you know if the Yankee's are playing now?" He asked softly.

"They are." She said. "Channel 504."

"I think..." He said, whining as he felt Trish's hands rubbing his chest. "I
think I'll go listen to the game." Leaning in and finding Trish's lips, he
kissed her softly. "Thank you for the show. You looked so sexy."

Pushing himself up and off the bed, Dale hung his head as he moved towards
and out the door, leaving a very stunned Trish sitting on the edge of the
bed, her breasts still slick with his saliva.

"That was abrupt." Trish finally mused, listening as Dale carefully made his
way down the stairs. "What was up with that?" Feeling the bed move behind
her, Trish kept sitting on the edge of the bed as Mickie scooted behind her,
her legs sliding alongside Trish's and dangling off the side of the bed, her
arms wrapping around Trish's soft body and pulling her close.

Resting her head on Trish's shoulder, Mickie smiled as she leaned in and
whispered, "He told me he wanted to give us some alone time."

"Alone time?" Trish asked, still not looking back. "For what?"

Smiling, Mickie leaned down, sticking her tongue out and licking Trish's
shoulder softly, before whispering to her in a voice that made the sexy
blonde tremble with lust, "Hello, lover." Finally looking back at Mickie,
Trish didn't know what to do as Mickie leaned forward, resting her forehead
on Trish's, looking her dead in the eyes. "How's the back?" She purred, her
hands sliding around Trish's body, rubbing her tummy.

Squirming slightly, Trish whimpered. "Good."

"Good?" Mickie asked. "As in, you'd be willing to have some fun with me

"Define fun."

"Well..." Mickie said, again purring, again making Trish tremble.
"...Baseball games last about...three hours, give or take. So I was thinking,
maybe...oh, I don't know, five seconds to get us naked, and the other two
hours, fifty nine minutes and fifty five seconds of just us, naked, licking,
sucking, kissing, touching. Pleasing each other." Feeling Trish's shivering
picking up, Mickie grinned. "I missed you, lover."

"I missed you."

"I missed your body." Mickie said, leaning forward and kissing her again. "I
missed making love to you. Having you in bed with me." Licking her lips,
Mickie said, "I want to make love to you."

"With me?" Trish asked softly.

"Of course." Mickie agreed. "Is your back up for it?" When Trish nodded,
Mickie smiled, pulling away from Trish and moving onto the bed, her blonde
lover quickly following suit as Mickie laid out on the bed, Trish quickly
sliding on top of her, her body molding to the brunettes as her lips found
Mickie's again.

Kissing her lover, Trish let Mickie hold her tight, not wanting to go
anywhere but further down. "I was hoping Dale wouldn't run off so quick."
Trish moaned, Mickie's hands finding her curvy backside and giving it a
healthy squeeze. "He didn't really say if he liked the fashion show."

"He did." Mickie assured her, backing it up with a soft kiss. "It's just, we
planned it this way."


"Dale and I."

"Planned what?"

Nuzzling Trish's head up and kissing her throat, Mickie said, "That he'd do
all the touching and the rubbing and I'd get the rewards." Kissing Trish on
the lips, Mickie smiled. "It was foreplay."

"Foreplay?" Trish asked. When Mickie nodded, she asked, "Then why isn't he
here with us? Usually, Dale plus foreplay equals Trish and Mickie coming."

"Oh, we'll be coming." Mickie assured her. "Just not with Dale. Dale said we
needed alone time."

Feeling slightly hurt, Trish asked, "Was it something I did?"

"Yes." Mickie said, before smirking. "Dale said you had something you had to
apologize for. Something that involves you, him, and something the doctors
told you not to do."

Blushing slightly, Trish nodded. "We kinda did it." Biting her bottom lip,
she said, "Oral did it."

"Ahh, I see." Mickie said. "So, how do you propose to say you're sorry?"

"However you want." Trish promised quickly. Kissing the brunettes neck
softly, she added, "In any way you want."

Mickie leaned back, smiling at Trish. "I want you to make love to me." She
said softly. "Will you do it?"

"Yes..." Trish said softly, before adding, "If you want me to." Looking at
Mickie, she said, "You could still get out of it."

"It?" Mickie asked, smiling. "You mean the sex I schemed for all day?"

"No..." Trish said, blushing. "The heat we're getting now." Looking at her,
she stammered, "We could...since it's all because we're dating...we could..."

"Never." Mickie said firmly. Looking at Trish, she told her, "I don't care
about them. No matter how much heat we get, be it from the crowd or the back,
I don't care. I've wanted you for so long, and I finally got you, and I'm
never going to let you go." Looking Trish in the eye, she said firmly,

Her face lighting up slightly, Trish nodded. "Never." Looking away, she said,
"I just wanted to offer that..."

"Don't ever offer it again." Mickie said. "I love you. I don't care who knows
that. Us breaking up would never change that. We're bi, and that's never
going away. And I don't want to deal with it alone."

Linking fingers with Mickie, Trish shook her head. "You'll never be alone.

"So, it's settled?" Mickie asked. "You still wanna be my girlfriend?"


"And you still wanna be Dale's girlfriend?"

"After him getting me all worked up and leaving, I'm still thinking that one


"Joking, joking."

"Good." Leaning up, Mickie kissed her softly, making her coo. "Now, if I ever
hear any more bullshit about you wanting to leave me for the good of my
reputation again, I will punch you in the face. Hard. Over and over again.

"Got it."

"Now, love?"

Nodding, Trish leaned down, kissing her neck softly. "Love."

"So..." Mickie said, smiling as she pushed herself up onto her elbows, Trish
lifting up and letting her. "Dale said you and him had sex while I was gone.
Out on the road, all by myself, lonely, heartbroken, dealing with the

"Guilt trip much?"

"I'm trying." She said, grinning.

Rolling her eyes, Trish smiled. "What do I have to do to make it up to you?"

Licking her lips, Mickie said, "Your punishment is...service me, woman."

"Oh no!" Trish said, faking shock. "Not that!"

"Yup, that." Mickie confirmed with a nod. Motioning down to her pussy, she
grinned. "Get to it, woman."

"You could stop with the woman stuff."

"We'll see how good you do." Mickie purred, Trish's wet kisses trailing down
her body.

"I'll do plenty good." Trish promised, stopping at Mickie's breasts, cupping
them softly and kissing the hard nubs, making her moan softly. Rolling her
tongue around gently, she smiled as Mickie cooed softly, the teasing nipple
play making her groan softly. "Your so lucky you like this." Trish told her.
"Because me and Dale both love your tits." Nuzzling the soft orbs, she
purred, "So big, and them."

"You sound like a horny teenage boy." Mickie moaned softly.

"You make me feel like one." Trish told her, sliding her hand down rubbing
Mickie's bare core softly, making her lover moan louder as she leaned back on
her elbows, exposing herself fully to Trish's lustful touch. "Horny, and
riled up..."

Rubbing her hand between Mickie's firm legs, Trish purred softly as her
wetness started coming out, the combination of nipple play on her sensitive
breasts and the soft hand stroking her smooth pussy doing it's job and
starting her body getting revved up. Curling her middle and ring fingers up,
she ran them along the slit, making her lover moan softly, her body knowing
what was coming as she slowly lowered herself to the bed, Trish's lips never
leaving her heaving chest as she switched from breast to breast, teasing both
and pleasing neither. Pulling her hand up, she presented it to Mickie's
mouth, letting the horny brunette pull them in and get them nice and wet, her
tongue giving them a generous amount of drool for lube before releasing them,
the fingers quickly replaced by lips as Trish moved down and kissed her
gently, drawing her tongue out.

Gliding her fingers back down to Mickie's pussy with practiced ease, Trish
slid them lengthwise across her pussy, gaining access before turning her hand
palm up, pushing her fingers in slowly, her mouth covering Mickie's and
covering some of the vocal girls moaning, the screamer coming out quickly and
trying to show her love for Trish's slick digits, but Trish's mouth blunting
her efforts. Kissing her harder and faster, Trish moved her mouth with
Mickie's, working with her to make it the greatest kiss ever, only to be
passed by the next time they kissed. Feeling her knuckles resting on Mickie's
bottom, she wiggled her fingers around slightly, smiling as Mickie squirmed
pitifully, her whole body writhing on the bed at the sensation of the two
long, fleshy intruders.

Trish knew she couldn't match Dale in length. His cock hit spots on Mickie
that she would need her whole fist inside of the small brunette to hit,
something she wasn't willing to attempt. So she knew she had to try to do
things differently to mark her own niche with her lover, and she went for
more technique than depth, keeping her fingers shallow and hitting all the
major pleasure centers at once, combining with her tender breast and nipple
play to bring Mickie to a crashing orgasm.

All this, of course, after she had teased the poor girl half to death.

Dancing her fingers around Mickie's g spot, Trish smiled as she squirmed on
the bed, her legs pulling up and down, the left one having to do double duty
as the right one was pinned down by Trish's arm. "Does that feel good,
lover?" Trish purred, licking Mickie's lips before moving down to her breasts
again. "I wanna make you know how sorry I am..."

"You could start by doing my g spot!" Mickie whined. "I know your ducking it
on purpose!"

"I am." Trish said softly, flicking her tongue out, making Mickie moan
loudly. "Do you like it, lover?"

"I'd like it more if you'd touch it!"

"More?" Trish teased. "That means you like it. Enjoy this, Mickie. I enjoy
your body so, so much..."

Whining softly, Mickie grabbed at the blanket on the bed, groaning loudly as
Trish continued to taunt and tease her, her pleasure rising and coating the
pumping fingers. Feeling Trish's fingers finally curl up and stroke her happy
g spot, Mickie let lose with a verbal salvo, her lungs emptying in one, long
groan. Pulling her hands up and cupping Trish's head, she ran her fingers
thought her long, dirty blonde hair, urging her on to lap and suck her tight

Her body beginning to quiver slightly, Mickie sobbed loudly, holding Trish
close and tight, her fingers turning into fists with locks of blonde hair
pouring out of them as Trish continued to violate her with a pair of fingers,
her thumb stroking her hooded clit and causing Mickie's back to arch up
before Trish pinned her down with her shoulder, holding her to the bed and
picking up the pace, stroking, rubbing, sucking and flicking, her lover's
loud cries spurning her on.

"Coming, coming!" Mickie screamed, her loud, proud screams filling the room,
and most of the house, as Trish filled her, fingers plunging in up to the
knuckles. Feeling her thumb resting on her clit fully now, rolling the tiny
nub around, Mickie's voice hit a whole new level of passion, her screams like
a car shifting gears, letting Trish know just how revved up her engine was
and how close she was to stalling out.

Hammering her fingers in and out hard and fast, dragging her hard nails over
Mickie's g spot, in turn dragging her further and further into bliss. Seeing
Mickie's body slowly shake itself limp, Trish's lips curled into a smile
around the nipple in her mouth, giving the hard nub a final suck before
pulling off, slowing her pumps to a stop before pulling her fingers out
completely, making Mickie moan. Moving up higher, she pulled her panting
lover into her arms, holding her close as she sucked in deep, greedy breaths,
her eyes trying to keep from rolling back in her head.

"I love you." Trish told her firmly. "Love you."

"" Mickie panted softly, letting her head rest on
Trish's chest as the blonde Diva held her close.

Smiling, Trish pulled back slightly, stroking Mickie's long, sweat soaked
hair. "Get up, curvy." Trish growled softly. "Got making up to do."

"Break?" Mickie pleaded softly.

Shaking her head, Trish smiled, pulling away and moving to the top of the
bed, grabbing all the pillows she could and stacking them on top of each
other. "Get that curvy ass over here and assume the position, missy."

Whining softly, Mickie forced herself to her hands and knees, slowly crawling
over to the mound of pillows, draping herself over them, positioning them
under her stomach before flopping down with a moan, her ass stuck in the air
as Trish quickly moved around behind her. "No toys, please." Mickie whined.

"I promise nothing, bootylicious." Trish purred. "I'm gonna make you come
soooo good. And I'll use anything I have to too insure that happens."

"When do I get to do you?"

"Assuming you're still awake, after I do least once more."

"At least?" Mickie whined.

"You know me, lover." Trish purred, moving in behind Mickie and cupping her
ass cheeks, rubbing them softly as she kissed her thighs softly. "Once I get
a taste of that pussy, I can't be held accountable for what I do."

Moaning softly from Trish's sweet kisses, Mickie told her, "You're lucky I
love you so much."

"I am." Trish said firmly. "Very, very lucky." Rubbing her hands over
Mickie's curvy backside, Trish gave it a firm slap, making her lover moan.
"Such a fat, sexy ass." Trish purred.

"Dale said..."

"I don't care what Dale said right now." Trish growled, leaning forward and
kissing her cheeks softly, raking her teeth over Mickie's rump flesh. "He can
call you curvy to his hearts content. And you are. So, so curvy. But this..."
She said, giving her another slap. "Is one big, fat ass. And I love it so
much. Don't ever change."

"I won't." Mickie whined, the soft slaps starting her juices flowing anew.

"If I ever catch you near a thigh master, I will cripple you." Trish said,
her growling picking up as she continued to slap and nip Mickie's exposed
ass, making the younger girl cry out softly.

"God, I promise, I won't!" She whined.

Kissing Mickie's rippling, squirming ass, Trish sat up, crawling in behind
her and thrusting her hips against Mickie's backside, smiling as the women's
champion clawed at the bed. "You have no idea how much I wish I had a cock to
push into this ass." She said, smiling down at Mickie as she pulled her hips
back, thrusting forward and slamming her pelvis against Mickie's cushy tush.
"Just for one night. Just to get a feel of what Dale loves so much. The strap
on just doesn't cut it." Seeing Mickie look back at her, eyes wild and needy,
Trish smiled. "Maybe I should get Dale up here and fill this thick booty? I'm
sure I could find other places on you to put Mr. Strappy..."

"Please, do something!" She whined.

"Are you sure, lover?" Trish asked with a grin. "I could totally get Dale up
her and let you blow him while I pound you from the back again." Leaning down
and pressing her body against Mickie's, she kissed her panting lips softly.
"I could probably count on one hand the number of times you came that

"I want you." Mickie said softly. "Us time?"

"Are you sure?" Trish asked with a smile. "I'm sure Dale wouldn't mind coming
up here and filling your tight little pussy while I filled this big fat
caboose..." Hearing Mickie moan at the thought, Trish giggled. "My little DP

Looking back at Trish, Mickie whimpered, "Please, lick me...touch me."

Nodding, and knowing her stalling had bought Mickie the time she needed to
recover, Trish leaned down, kissing her softly. "One tongue twister, coming
up." As she crawled down Mickie's body, trailing kisses down her spine as she
went, Trish grinned. "But don't think I'm letting this ass off the hook."

As Mickie sobbed softly, her body wired and dancing on the breaking point,
Trish trailed down her body with soft, wet kisses, Mickie's curvy backside
getting a pair of loving kisses before Trish ducked down further. Flicking
her tongue out, Trish smiled as she swatted at Mickie's pussy, making the
poor girl jump as she croaked pitifully. Sticking her tongue out fully, Trish
pressed it against the pussy in her face, dragging her whole head up as she
ran the rough tongue over the wetness in front of her, her hands rubbing and
caressing the plump rump in front of her as she went.

Pulling one hand back from her booty loving, Trish slid it towards Mickie's
pussy, her lovers need making foreplay unnecessary as she plunged a pair of
digits into her slick love hole. Rubbing them liberally over the panting
brunette's g spot, Trish went right for the kill, knowing her lover was wired
up and needed more release. Growling softly, she slapped Mickie's ass softly,
pulling her fingers out and moving towards the nightstand.

Looking at Trish as she slid across the bed, Mickie whimpered slightly,
knowing what Trish was going for, and wondering which she would be bringing
back. Seeing her blonde pull something out of the drawer and put it in her
mouth, Mickie's whimpers turn to lustful sobs as she saw Trish turn around,
shiny vibrator clutched in her teeth as she quickly scooted back behind her.

"Back up lover, back up." Trish urged her, pulling her back some and letting
the pillows rest under Mickie's chest, giving her plenty of room to do her
business to the busty Diva. Leaning down and pulling Mickie's ass apart,
Trish spat crudely on the hole, smiling as she bent down, flicking her tongue
over it a few times, making Mickie groan loudly as she lubed her up for what
was to come. Pulling back and sticking the vibrator into her mouth, Trish
drooled on it, lubing it up as best she could before putting it against
Mickie's back door. Smiling, she plunged it forward softly, the first
entrance into Mickie's booty making the poor girl cry out in passion, her
hands clawing at the bed in vain as she was pounded with feelings of bliss.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god..." Mickie whined, feeling Trish's hand resting
between her cheeks, feeling them pull back, and knowing what she'd be feeling
next. Hearing the buzzing as Trish clicked the sex toy on, Mickie's back
locked in a hard arch, her screaming erupting from her lung and drowning out
all noise. Shaking her thick booty, she cried out as the vibrator was removed
slowly, holding it at the entrance, the soft vibrating making her O ring
shudder and her whole body to follow suit before Trish pushed it back in,
groans deep from within her body pouring out of her and into Trish's ears.

Quickly scooting down and crawling under Mickie, Trish reached around her
curvy girlfriend and grabbed the vibrator again, keeping up a slow, steady
rhythm of pumps and pulls, her lips wrapping around Mickie's clit and sucking
it softly, smiling as Mickie's taste flooded her mouth and made it water.
Breathing in deep through her nose, Trish closed her eyes and savored the
heady aroma, Mickie's screaming going in full force as Trish took in what she
could with her eyes closed, experiencing Mickie as Dale probably did.

Grabbing at her hair, Mickie whined loudly, trying to keep her shuddering
body still as Trish played with both of her pleasure holes, feeling Trish's
other hand curl around her thigh and dive into her pussy, quickly and
clumsily finding her G spot again. Screaming out in blissful agony as Trish
gave her the loving touch she had promised her, Mickie gripped the top
blanket on the bed so hard her knuckles turned white, all the blood leaving
them as she screamed again and again, Trish's lips nursing her clit, her
fingers stroking her G spot and the humming vibrator in her back door sending
shivers of lust pulsing through her body, knowing that release wasn't far
away, and only hoping Trish left her awake to return the favor.

Working over Mickie's butt with the shuddering sex toy, Trish lapped and
sucked on her pleasure node, the heady taste of Mickie's lust flooding into
her mouth as girl cream oozed out of her savaged pussy and into her lover's
waiting mouth. She knew Dale could hear Mickie's cries of lust. ~Shit, half
of Toronto can probably hear her.~ Trish thought with a lap of her clit. He'd
left her high and dry with there brunette girlfriend, and she intended on
teasing him as much as Mickie's voice would allow, each sobbing cry, scream
and moan probably working him up more and more.

"Oh my fuck..." Mickie croaked, her back arching as Trish picked up the pace,
drilling her pussy and asshole with quickening pace, attacking her pleasure
spots and driving her nuts. Trying to squeeze her thick butt together, she
found Trish forcing her way in between the plump cheeks, plunging the
sadistic vibrator in and out of her at an ever increasing speed, Mickie's
cries picking up and forcing Trish to keep up with her, pushing Mickie
further and further towards sweet release.

Lapping and sucking like a woman possessed, Trish curled her fingers up again
and again, rubbing Mickie's worn out G spot with a lover's touch, her woman's
cries and flood of tasty nectar showing her time of need was at hand and
forcing Trish to do all she could to give her everything she had, forcing the
orgasm Mickie was trying to resist to come barreling out in long, ear
splitting screams, her thighs squeezing Trish's head tight as Trish forced
her hands to work, Mickie's tightening holes not preventing her from her

Shuddering to a wet, sobbing finish, Mickie's body gave out, putting all of
her weight down on Trish as the blonde quickly scurried out from under
Mickie, tossing the now shut off vibrator away without a care as she bend
down quickly, spreading Mickie's legs against her groaning will and lapping
at her sopping pussy, gathering up whatever precious Mickie cream she could
and savoring the taste on her tongue, Mickie's lust almost bringing her off
in and of itself. Pulling back with one long drag of her tongue, Trish
crawled around her panting lover and grabbed her gently, rolling to her side
and pulling Mickie into her lap, holding the quivering girl with a loving

"It's ok, baby." Trish purred softly, leaning down and kissing her panting
lips. "I'm here. I love you."

"I love you..." Mickie echoed around pants, holding Trish's arms close as she
shuddered softly, her spasms getting less and less as her mind finally came
back around. "God, give me a minute..."

"It's ok." Trish said, hushing her gently. "I'll get mine...some other time."
Seeing Mickie go to protest, Trish leaned down, kissing her softly, silencing
her. "No. Dale and I did something we shouldn't have, and this was to make it
up to you. Maybe tomorrow, we'll do more."

"But I..."

"Hush." Trish told her again. "Not now, lover."

Realizing she wasn't going to win this argument, even if she had full use of
all her limbs, Mickie nodded, curling up against Trish. Smiling, she played
the last card she could think of. "What if you went and got Dale?"

Looking down at the bundle of sexy in her arms, Trish grinned. "You're
persistent, you know that?"


Sighing, Trish shook her head, grinning. "I'll go see if he wants to." She
said, smiling as Mickie squeaked with joy. "Be right back." She said, leaning
down and drawing Mickie into a deep, soft kiss, her hands stroking her sweat
soaked face before untangling herself from the busty brunette.

Moving off the bed and towards the doorway, Trish moved into the hallway and
towards the stairs, slowly moving down them as she listened to the sound of
the baseball game on the TV, the volume turned up slightly in a futile effort
to drown out Mickie's cries of lust. Moving towards the living room, she
started, "Dale..." Before moving in, looking towards the couch, and smiling.

His head leaned back, Dale snored softly as he clutched the remote in one
hand, a mostly empty bottle of Pepsi he must have gotten from the fridge
balancing precariously on his leg as he slept.

Moving into the living room, Trish looked down at his face, eyes closed,
mouth open slightly, soft snores barely audible over the noise of the
Yankee's game. Looking him over, she thought about waking him up and
telling him of Mickie's lustful craving, knowing from previous experience
he could summon reserves of energy for special occasions such as that.

But as he slept peacefully, she shouldn't help but smile. He'd waited on her
hand and foot, to the best of his ability and beyond, over the last four
days, making her meals, getting her anything she wanted, sometimes having to
make two or three trips to get the right item. She's known he'd stayed awake
while she went to sleep, making sure she got her proper rest while he pushed
himself hard to look after his blonde.

Reaching out, she took his pop bottle with one hand, rubbing his face softly
with the other. "My man." She said with a smile. Taking the bottle and
setting it out of the way, she moved over and took the remote, turning off
the TV before getting a grip on his shoulder, shaking him softly. "Dale...
Dale, wake up." She urged him softly, slowly breaking him out of his deep

Blinking his lifeless eyes a few times, Dale reached up, taking the hand on
his shoulder. "Who?"

"Trish." She said.

"Shouldn't you be...?"

"We're done." She told him. "Time to go to bed, Dale."

"I'm watching the game." He argued softly, before asking, "Where's the game?"

"You fell asleep." She told him with a smile. Cupping his face, she leaned
down, kissing him softly. "You need rest, baby. Come on, let's go to bed.
Mickie's waiting."

"How is she?" He asked, letting Trish help him off the couch before linking
arms with her, his cloudy mind unable to form the perfect picture of the
living room it normally did.

"She's great." She told him. "Everything's patched up. Also, we still wanna
be your girlfriends."

"That was in doubt?" He asked, letting her move him towards the staircase,
setting his arm on the rail and helping him up.

"I had a stupid idea." Trish told him. "It passed. We're in this for the long

"That's good." He said, trying in vain to stifle a yawn. "I'm kinda partial
to you two."

Moving him into the bedroom, Trish smiled as Mickie eyed them. Seeing him
yawn again, Trish looked at Mickie, wordlessly conveying the situation.
Nodding in understanding, Mickie smiled as she moved off the bed, taking
the top blanket with her and tossing it to the corner of the room.

"We're partial to you to, Dale." Mickie said, moving over to him and kissing
him softly. "Gotta clean up. Be right back."

As Mickie moved out of the bedroom and towards the bathroom, Trish pulled
Dale towards his suitcase. "Alright, Dale, strip." She teased. Seeing him
smile and pull his clothes off, she took them from him, tossing them towards
the laundry basket before pulling out a pair of his pajamas, handing them to
him and letting him get redressed as Mickie slinked back into the room.
"Could you get another blanket?" Trish asked her, leaning around Dale and
kissing her softly.

Nodding, Mickie moved over and opened the closet, grabbing the top blanket in
the stack and moving towards the bed, letting Trish take one side as they
quickly pulled it onto the bed before grabbing the stack and folding them
down. Moving over to Dale, Mickie hooked her arm in his and led her yawning
boyfriend back towards the bed, letting him crawl into bed before taking her
spot to his side, letting Trish crawl over them and take her spot before
pulling the blankets up.

Sliding his arms under his girlfriends heads, Dale held them close, leaning
down and getting a goodnight kiss from both before letting Trish lean over
and turn off the bedside lamp, blanketing the room with darkness.

Curling up tight to her blind man's body, Trish slid her hand across his
chest and found Mickie's doing the same, linking fingers with the brunette
and giving her hand a squeeze.

"I love you, Mickie." Trish said softly, looking at her girlfriend across
Dale's chest.

"I love you, Trish." Mickie said, smiling.

"What am I, chopped liver?"

Looking up at Dale, Mickie and Trish both moved up and kissed his cheeks at
the same time, making them giggle.

"We love you, Dale." The girls said in unison, smiling and curling up against
him as he held them close.

Looking at Mickie as she closed her eyes, Trish smiled, letting her eyes
flutter shut as she heard Dale's soft snoring return, alerting her to the
fact that he was quickly back asleep. ~I don't care what any doctor says.~
Trish thought, letting her body rest against Dale's, her hand holding
Mickie's. ~I'm gonna be there for Mickie next week.~ Pulling the hand over
and giving it a kiss, she smiled as Mickie did the same.

~We're in this, together.~

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