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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Blond: The Mission Of Torrie Wilson - For Your Shaft Only
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In beautiful and sunny Los Angeles, California, the seductive Blond Bombshell
and Mr. McMahon's secretive WWE Agent, Torrie Wilson, is laying out on the
balcony of her luxurious hotel room suite as she works on her tan. The
beautiful blond Diva, wearing a stunning two-piece sultry red bikini closes
eyes as sweat lightly glistens on her golden brown skin. Torrie slowly opens
her eyes as she hears her cell phone ringing "Ohhh fuck..." Torrie groans a
bit before she rolls onto her left side to reach her cell phone "Hello?"
Torrie answers.

"Torrie... it's Coach... Mr. McMahon needs you here at WWE Headquarters
ASAP... the WWE Corporate Jet is waiting for you at the airport...." Jonathan
Coachman says from the other end of the phone.

Torrie nods her head "Alright Coach, tell Mr. McMahon I'm on way..." Torrie
pauses and then asks "Is something going on?"

"I really can't say... but Mr. McMahon is in a very foul mood over some
information he has just received..." Coachman replies.

"Thanks Coach, I'm on my way..." Torrie Wilson replies before ending the
conversation with Mr. McMahon's Executive Assistant as she closes the cell
phone. Torrie cutely sighs "I never get a chance to relax..."

* * *

A few hours later at the WWE Headquarters located in Connecticut; Torrie
Wilson is stepping off of the elevator and walks down the hallway towards Mr.
McMahon's executive office after arriving from Los Angelus only forty-five
minutes ago. Jonathan Coachman, Mr. McMahon's Executive Assistant, sees
Torrie and smiles in relief, "Good to see you again Torrie... Mr. McMahon is
waiting for you...." Coachman says as motions to the door that leads to Mr.
McMahon's office.

Torrie Wilson, now dressed in a pair of jean shorts and a black tank top,
smiles and nods her head "Thanks Coach..." The beautiful Blond Bombshell
says before she enters the executive office of Mr. McMahon, closing the
door behind her.

Mr. McMahon who is pacing back and forth stops when he hears the door of his
office close and he turns to look at Torrie, "Excellent... good to see you
got the message from Coach...." Mr. McMahon says as Maria sits quietly on the
couch that sits against the right wall of Mr. McMahon's office. "We got a
situation that needs to be stopped before it happens."

Torrie presses her soft lips together as she looks directly at the powerful
Chairman "That's what Coach said...Is something wrong, Mr. McMahon?"

"There most certainly is... Tomorrow all three brands will be holding a live
event in Raleigh, North Carolina... and I just received information that one
half of the Tag Team Champions will be trying to set up his partner for an
ambush of some sorts..." Mr. McMahon says before he shakes his head, "I can't
have any of my Tag Team Champions trying to injure their partners... it's
just not good for business... so I trust that you see the urgency of this

Torrie smiles sweetly and nods her head "I'll do my best Mr. McMahon, as
always..." Torrie then pauses and places her hands on her smoothly rounded
hips "By the way...I'm glad I was able to help you with that problem
concerning Batista..."

Mr. McMahon rolls his eyes, "That reminds me... I need to make sure you get
a bonus for that one..." Mr. McMahon says as he shakes his head again, "Maria
will fill you in on what equipment you'll be given for your assignment..."
Mr. McMahon says as he motions for Maria to take over.

The cutely and often ditzy, Maria, eagerly jumps up from the leather couch
inside of Mr. McMahon's executive office "Hi Torrie!" Maria says as she walks
over towards Mr. McMahon's desk, where Torrie is standing.

"Hi Maria..." Torrie smiles as she tosses her blond hair back a bit, "What
goodies do I get this time?" Torrie asks, knowing that Maria always has
something good for her.

Maria cutely smacks her lips together as she lifts a box onto Mr. McMahon's
desk "Well Torrie...I have a lot of like great things for you!" Maria says
before reaching into the box and pulling out a pair of sunglass, which she
hands over to Torrie.

Torrie smiles as she holds the sunglasses to examine them, "Very stylish
Maria... do these do anything special other than block UV rays?" Torrie asks
jokingly as she puts on the sunglasses to try them on.

Maria cutely sighs and places her hands on her adorably rounded hips "Of
course they do..." Maria laughs before she presses her shoulders up excitedly
"Not only are they stylish...but I installed a special feature..." Maria
smiles proudly "X-ray vision..." Maria says with a cute laugh.

"Really?" Torrie raises an eyebrow as she look at Maria and then laughs,
"Maria... you're not wearing a bra!" Torrie says before she starts to look
over at Mr. McMahon.

"Don't even think about it..." Mr. McMahon says with a serious tone.

Maria laughs "Yeah! Oh! Mr. McMahon tell Torrie about when I had Coach try
them out earlier and he looked at you!" Maria says as she excitedly jumps up
a bit.

Torrie takes off the sunglasses and smiles, "Did something happened?"

Mr., McMahon clears his throat, "Coach... just saw... some grapefruits..."
Mr. McMahon then waves his hand, "Enough of that.... Maria continue briefing
Torrie..." Mr. McMahon orders.

Maria laughs "Ok Mr. McMahon..." Maria then looks at Torrie and smiles before
she glances back into the box and then frowns "Awww...I forgot everything

"Awww..." Torrie smiles, "It's ok Maria... I'm sure I can get by with just
these..." Torrie says as she teases putting them back on.

Mr. McMahon interrupts her before she gets a chance to, "Before I forget
Torrie... when you arrive at the arena, your contact will be waiting for
you... just enter the building as you would normally..." Mr. McMahon says.

Torrie smiles and nods her head "Thanks Mr. McMahon..." Torrie says before
she starts to walk back to the door to leave, but then pauses "Ummm, Mr.
McMahon? One quick question...."

"Yes Torrie?" Mr. McMahon replies as he glances at his secretive agent while
walking around his desk to sit down.

"Did Coach happen to like what he saw?"

Mr. McMahon narrows his eyes and gets a disgusted look at the thought of what
Torrie just asked. After a moment, he replies with, "The WWE Corporate Jet
leaves within the hour... I suggest you hurry to the airport."

* * *

The next day in the early, Torrie enters the RBC Arena in Raleigh, North
Carolina after arriving from Connecticut the previous night. Torrie starts
to walk towards the backstage area as SmackDown General Manager Theodore
Long comes out of his office. "Hey there Torrie..." Long says as he
approaches Torrie, who was not scheduled for the show. "You must be the
special investigator Mr. McMahon informed me about..." Long says.

The stunning and beautiful Torrie Wilson nods and sweetly smiles "That's
right Teddy!" Torrie says with a laugh as she places her hands on her
smoothly rounded hips while she's dressed in a short white skirt and a
nicely fitting black top, that shows off her gorgeously tanned and flat

Theodore Long nods his head, "Glad to see you made it safe... I got some
important information for you about what may be going down..."

Torrie nods her head as she looks at the SmackDown General Manager "Ok Teddy,
what's going on?" Torrie asks as she casually glances down the hallway to
make sure the coast is clear.

Long looks around for a moment before clearing his throat, "From what I found
out... Montel Vontavious Porter... MVP... is planning on having Matt Hardy
set up to be taken out sometime today before the show starts...."

Torrie nods her head slowly as she presses her soft lips together "Really?
That's not good..." Torrie comments as she slowly shakes her head before
glancing down the other end of the hallway "Do you know where MVP is?"

Long nods his head, "That I do... MVP is in his private dressing room, which
is the last one on the right in the locker room area..."

"Ok...thanks for this information Teddy..." Torrie says before she starts to
turn away from the hip-hoppin' General Manager.

"It's no problem Torrie... now you be careful... if you need anything, just
holla'..." Theodore Long says.

Torrie laughs and glances back over her shoulder and smiles at Theodore Long
"Thanks Teddy..." Torrie says before she starts walking down the hallway,
heading towards the private and exclusive locker room of SmackDown's star
player, MVP.

* * *

Inside of his private, luxury locker room, Montel Vontavious Porter, the
highest paid Superstar in SmackDown history, is relaxing on his couch,
dressed in black slacks and a black button shirt, as he watches a college
football game, "Aw come on... you know if that was me on the field one of
your teams would've scored by now!" MVP says as he turns off the TV. A
moment later there's a knock on the door, and then he says loudly, "What
is it?" MVP says before his locker room door is opened.

The seductive, sexy Torrie Wilson enters the private locker room of Montel
Vontavious Porter and sweetly smile "Hey Montel..." Torrie says as she closes
the door behind her as she lustfully licks her soft lips.

MVP smirks a bit as he watches Torrie Wilson walk over to him, "Hey Torrie...
you here to try and get with me... MVP?" MVP says with a cocky smirk, making
it hard for the Blond Bombshell to tell if he's kidding or not.

Torrie seductively raises an eyebrow before she gently tosses her gorgeously
blond hair back when she stops approaching MVP and stands directly in front
of cocky MVP "Maybe...why? Should I?"

MVP smirks a bit and licks his lips, "Maybe you should... I'm MVP... and if
you're here for something... it has to be for some ballin'..." MVP says.

Torrie laughs as she presses her luscious lips together and seductively licks
her lips "Awww...I can't fool you..." Torrie says with a soft lip as she
steps a bit closer and bends forward to gently places her hands on MVP's
muscular legs. Torrie locks her eyes with MVP and smirks "I really want to do
some ballin'..." Torrie says in a seductive voice before she leans forward
and lustfully kisses MVP's lips.

"Mmmm..." MVP moans as he starts to instantly kiss Torrie back. The highest
paid Superstar on SmackDown slides his tongue into Torrie's mouth and slides
it against Torrie's tongue. Torrie gently slaps her wet tongue against MVP's
tongue as she seductively kisses the cocky SmackDown Superstar. The Blond
Bombshell gently breaks the kiss and smirks at MVP before she starts to lower
herself down onto her knees in front of him. MVP smirks, "Yeah girl... I see
what you want..." MVP says as he begins to unbuckle his belt. Once his belt
is undone, MVP unbuttons and unzips his slacks which allows Torrie to start
to ease them down from his muscular waist.

Torrie smirks as she raises an eyebrow "Yeah...I want it bad...." Torrie says
as she locks her eyes on MVP's muscular waist as he works down his slacks,
followed by his black boxers "Speaking of's a bad situation you're
in with Matt Hardy..."

MVP rolls his eyes, "Matt Hardy? Matt Hardy is nothing but a chump... just
some common every day guy riding my coattails..." MVP says as his eleven inch
cock becomes freed with Torrie brings his slacks and boxers all the way down
to his feet.

Torrie licks her lips and nods her head "Oh yeah...he's so lame..." Torrie
says with a sigh as she gently places her hands around MVP's thick cock and
begins to gently stroke his shaft "You can tell he just wants to be so like
you...." Torrie begins to say as she notices MVP falling right for her trick.

MVP licks his lips, "Oh yea... he wants to be as rich as me... as famous as
me.... but he can't be like me cause I'm better than him... " MVP moans as he
Torrie gently strokes his hardening dick. MVP leans back on the couch and
tilts his head back against the backrest of the couch.

Torrie seductively locks her eyes with MVP "Yeah...must be a pain..." Torrie
says before she leans her head in and gently brushes her wet tongue against
the head of his cock, lighting splashing some saliva on the head of his cock.

"Mmmmm... you have no idea..." MVP moans as he feels Torrie's tongue brushing
against his hyped eleven inch cock repeatedly, "He had his shot to be famous
years ago... and he blew it..." MVP groans a bit, "But I'm going to fix this
sooner than he thinks." MVP adds as he closes his eyes.

Torrie raises an eyebrow "Really? How Montel?" Torrie asks before she gently
flicks her wet tongue against the bottom side of his hard cock before she
brings her head up and opens her mouth, lowering her head on MVP's cock as
she takes him into her mouth.

"Ohhhh... mmmm... girl... I got it all planned out... I' m going to
permanently get him off of my back..." MVP moans as he feels Torrie's warm,
wet mouth on his hard, thick cock before she starts to bob her head slowly on
his dick.

"Mmmm...mmmmm" Torrie Wilson softly moans as she smoothly and sensually bobs
her blond haired head on MVP's cock while her soft lips eagerly brush against
his shaft. Torrie lifts her eyes and seductively locks them with MVP as she
starts to bob her head at a quicker pace.

"Ooooo yea girl... mmmm...." MVP moans and licks his lips as he keeps his
eyes locked on Torrie Wilson's head as she bobs her head up quickly up and
down on his hyped, hard cock.

Torrie slowly lifts her head off of MVP's cock and gently places her left
hand around his cock and begins to stroke his saliva dripping shaft. "Mmm...
hat's one great dick..." Torrie says as she lustfully looks at MVP "
are you going to get Matt off your back?"

"Mmmmm.... oh it's brilliant plan... I worked things out with a couple of
people... and Matt is gonna get taken out..." MVP groans as Torrie gently
strokes his saliva dripping cock. MVP closes his eyes again and licks his
lips as he feels Torrie turning her left hand around his dick.

"Who's taking him out?" Torrie asks in a seductive voice before she lowers
her head and takes MVP's cock back into her sensual, wet mouth and instantly
begins to bob her head at a brisk pace, taking him deeply into her desirable

"Ohhhh fuck..." MVP groans as Torrie bobs her head at an incredibly fast pace
as she repeatedly deep throats his entire cock. MVP grits his teeth together
as Torrie has him moaning with the way she's blowing him. Torrie slides her
wet tongue around his thick shaft as she deeply sucks on his rock hard cock,
gently grinding her soft lips against his thick shaft while he warm saliva
showers his cock.

"Mmmm fuck... ahhh.... Deuce and Domino are taking Matt out...." MVP groans
just as he starts cumming within Torrie Wilson's hot, wet, sensual mouth. MVP
closes his eyes tightly as Torrie continues working on his dick until he's
completely spent.

Torrie presses her lips tightly around MVP's cock as she smoothly bobs her
head on his cock, milking his shaft of his salty cum. Torrie slowly lifts her
head off of his throbbing cock and licks her lips "When?"

"Before the show..." MVP answers as he relaxes on the couch, not realizing
that he's giving Torrie all the details of his plan.

Torrie raises an eyebrow and smirks "And just how are they doing this?"
Torrie asks with a cute, pouty face.

MVP smirks a bit, "Cherry is going to wear him out.... and then Deuce and
Domino are going to fuck him up...." MVP answers.

Torrie slyly smirks and nods her head "Oh...I see....thanks by the way..."
Torrie says as the stunning Blond Bombshell starts to get up from the locker
room floor.

"Damn right you're thanking me... it's an honor for you to blow me... the one
true Superstar of Sports Entertainment... M... V...P...." MVP replies as he's
completely oblivious to what just happened.

Torrie rolls her eyes a bit as she turns away from MVP to leave his locker
room "Yeah...sure am lucky..."

* * *

Inside of Matt Hardy's locker room, Matt Hardy is getting ready for the show
that starts in a few hours. Matt is currently dressed in just a pair of jeans
as he unpacks his wrestling pants and boots from his travel bag. Matt sees
his Tag Team Championship belt in his bag and shakes his head, "Can't believe
that Montel and I are still holding these belts..." Matt says with a laugh.

Matt raises his head up and raises an eyebrow as he hears a knock on the
locker room door, before Matt has a chance to reply to the knock, the locker
room door opens and sweetly devious Cherry rolls into his locker room on her
roller skates "Hey baby, what's happenin' ?" Cherry asks as she smacks some
chewing gum in her mouth, while dressed in a short black, frilled skirt and
a tight black top.

Matt Hardy looks at Cherry as the door closes on it's own behind her,
"Okay... first... what are you doing here?" Matt asks as he puts his hands on
his waist as he looks at the roller skating Diva.

Cherry cutely smiles and shrugs her shoulders "Oh...I just wanted to wish you
luck tonight when you face my brother Domino..." Cherry says as she presses
her lips together and cutely nods her cherry blond haired head.

Matt smirks a bit, "Right... you want to wish me luck... or do you want to
ask me to take it easy on Domino when I beat him tonight?" Matt laughs a

Cherry slowly shakes her head "No...I just want to wish you a luck...since I
know you're a bad my boyfriend Deuce."

"Cherry... I..." Matt shakes his head a bit, "All right... thanks I think..."
Matt says as he smiles at the sweetly devious Diva.

Cherry licks her lips and locks her sweetly devious eyes with Matt Hardy "I
really need a bad boy right now..." Cherry says as she suddenly lifts her
black top off of her gorgeously tanned upper body, exposing her large and
sweet tits.

Matt gets a surprised look on his face as he looks at Cherry's large, firm
tits as she drops her black top on the floor of this locker room, "Okay...."
Matt says, as he's a bit speechless, but Cherry can see her actions have the
desired effect when the crotch of Matt's jeans starts to bulge a bit.

Cherry licks her lips as she rolls forward on her roller skates to Matt and
cutely blushes "You want to be my bad boy?"

Matt Hardy shrugs his shoulders a bit, "All right... sure... I got some time
to kill...." Matt says as he licks his lips a bit as he continues to look at
Cherry's tits as she rolls closer to him. Cherry presses her soft lips
together and locks her sweet eyes with Matt before she tosses her hair back
and lowers herself down onto her knees, while Matt stands in front of her.
Matt moves his hands to the front of his jeans and unbuttons them before he
pushes them down from his muscular waist. As he lowers his jeans, Matt's
hardening thirteen inch cock becomes exposed to the sweetly devious Cherry.

" that's really bad!" Cherry says with a seductive, devious look on
her face before she gently places her soft hands around his cock and the
retro Diva begins to gently stroke his cock.

"Mmmmm.... I think that's really good..." Matt moans a bit as Cherry slowly
strokes his hardening cock with both of her soft hands.

Cherry locks her deviously sweet eyes with Matt Hardy as she lowers her head
and opens her mouth, taking Matt's extremely thick cock into her wickedly
sweet mouth. "Mmmmmm!" Cherry moans as she begins to smoothly bob her head.

"Ahhhh... ohhh yea..." Matt Hardy moans as Cherry keeps strokes his cock as
she bobs her head on his long, hard and fat cock. Matt licks his lips and
puts his hands on his waist as he watches Cherry work his dick over with her
soft hands and sweet mouth. Cherry closes her devious eyes as she smoothly
and skillfully bobs her head on Matt's rock hard shaft as she easily bobs her
head, slapping her soft tongue against his thirteen inch cock.

* * *

Out in the hallway, Deuce and Domino, both dressed in black jeans, white
t-shirts and leather jackets are listening to what's going on inside of Matt
Hardy's locker room. "Yo... that chump's got some balls having my chick suck
his dick..." the hot headed Deuce says.

"How you think I feel, that's my sister he's screwing with..." Domino says as
the two of them wait for the right moment to break in to take out Matt Hardy.

"Ummm excuse me?" Torrie Wilson says from behind Deuce and Domino as she
startles the two greasers. Torrie cutely raises an eyebrow as she places her
hands on her hips and looks at Deuce and Domino.

Deuce and Domino's attention immediately goes to Torrie as they turn around
to look at her, "Holy shit..." Domino says as his eyes go right to looking at
Torrie's flat, gorgeous stomach that is shown off by her black top.

"Hey chick... what do you want?" Deuce asks.

Torrie raises an eyebrow and smirks as she shrugs her shoulders "Oh...just
wondering what you two boys are up to."

"What? Where just hanging out here.... what's it to you?" Deuce says as he
shrugs his shoulder a bit.

Domino nods his head, "Yeah... we're just hanging out here... till the show
starts later..." Domino adds as he stops checking Torrie out.

Torrie slowly nods her head "Right...outside of Matt's locker room?" Torrie
asks with a cute laugh as she licks her lips "You know...I have something
better in mind."

"Oh yea... and what's that?" Domino asks as he folds his arms over his chest.

Torrie presses her soft, luscious lips together and shrugs her shoulders "Oh
I don't know...I'm sure we can blow..." Torrie pauses and laughs "I mean...
kill some time....somehow."

Deuce catches Torrie's slip of the tongue and smirks, "Hey chick... how about
you just blow... us." Deuce says.

Torrie smirks and looks at Deuce "Would you like that?" Torrie asks with a
laugh as she takes a step towards Deuce and Domino.

"Do we look like a couple of fairies?! Of course we'd like that!" Domino
answers as he takes Torrie's question the wrong way. Domino then unbuttons
and unzips his jeans in order to pull out his ten inch dick, "Now get over
here..." Domino says.

Torrie smirks and laughs "You don't have to tell me twice..." The seductive
Blond Bombshell replies before she moves over to Domino and licks her lips as
she kneels down in front of him and instantly takes his hardening ten inch
cock into her warm, wet mouth.

"Mmmm yeah...." Domino moans as Torrie presses her soft lips down on his cock
as she starts bobbing her head on his ten inch shaft.

Deuce licks his lips, "Yeah... this is a cool way to kill some time before we
have to get physical..." Deuce says as he unbuttons and unzips his jeans so
that he can also bring out his ten inch cock. Deuce steps closer to Torrie so
that she's able to easily grasp his dick.

"Mmmm... mmmm...." Torrie Wilson softly moans as she bobs her head gently
on Domino's cock, wetting his shaft with her warm saliva while she smoothly
strokes her right hand against Deuce's hardening shaft. Torrie slowly lifts
her head from Domino's cock and turns to face Deuce's cock in order to brush
her wet tongue around the head of his cock.

"Ahhh yea..." Deuce moans as he feels Torrie's wet tongue brushing against
his hard thick cock. Domino smirks as he watches Torrie bring her left hand
to his dick and begins to stroke his saliva covered cock.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Torrie soothingly moans against Deuce's shaft as she bobs
her head at a sensual pace, slapping her tongue eagerly against his cock.
Torrie's soft lips brush against his shaft as she quickly stroke Domino's
cock with her hand.

* * *

Inside of Matt Hardy's locker room, Matt is laying on the couch as the
sweetly devious Cherry bounces up and down on his large, thick thirteen inch
cock. "Mmmmm... ahhh yea..." Matt moans as he sits up a bit in order to flick
his tongue against Cherry's large tits before she puts her hands on his
smooth muscular chest.

"Ohhhh yeah! You're such a bad, bad boy!" Cherry moans and cutely smiles as
she moves her soft hands against his muscular chest while the retro Diva
rocks back and forth on his thick shaft. "Ohhhh Matt!" Cherry moans as she
swiftly moves on his cock.

"Ahhhh... uhhhh fuck..." Matt Hardy moans as he feels Cherry's thighs
smacking down against him as she rides his rock hard and extremely fat cock.
Matt turns his head a bit to the right and takes Cherry's right tit into his
mouth and starts to suck on it as the cold wheels of Cherry's roller skates
brush against his legs.

"Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhh!" Cherry cutely moans as she slams down harder on Matt's
thirteen inch cock before she rocks forward, grinding her pussy against his
shaft. Cherry closes her eyes as she leans down a bit while Matt lightly
bites and sucks on her right nipple.

"Mmmmmm..." Matt moans vibrate on Cherry's right tit as he continues to suck
on it for a few moments more before lifting his mouth off of it, "That's
pretty sweet..." Matt says before turning his head to the left to take
Cherry's left tit into his mouth. As he begins sucking on Cherry's left tit,
Matt starts thrusting his cock upward into Cherry's tight, warm pussy as she
grinds herself on his shaft. Cherry bites down on her bottom lip and closes
her eyes as she cutely bangs her juicy, tanned ass down a few times on Matt's
thighs and crotch as she roughly slams her sweetly desirable body on his rock
hard cock.

* * *

Back out in the hallway, Torrie is on her hands and knees as Domino thrusts
his ten inch cock in and out of her tight, warm pussy from behind. "Mmmm yeah
baby... this is the one that you want..." Domino moans as Torrie rocks back
against him. Deuce stands in front of the Blond Bombshell with his own ten
inch cock hanging right in front of her as she flicks her tongue teasingly
against it while getting fucked doggy style by Domino.

Torrie locks her adorable, seductive eyes with Deuce as she playfully and
teasingly slaps her wet tongue against the head and bottom side of his rock
hard cock. Torrie presses her soft lips together after she firmly pushes her
gorgeously tanned body back against Domino's cock as her seductive ass smacks
against his toned waist. "Ahhh yea... mmmm... fuck yea chick...lick that
dick..." Deuce moans and smirks as he slides a hand through his greased up
hair. Behind Torrie, Domino slides his hands over Torrie's smooth skin as he
pumps his cock in and out of her warm tight pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhhhh fuck yeah..." Torrie moans as she closes her eyes and lowers
her head, opening her wet mouth as she soothingly takes Deuce's cock into her
sensual mouth and begins to smoothly bob her head while gently rocking back
against Domino's firmly thrusting hot-rod cock.

"Awww... mmmm shit..." Domino grunts and groans as he slams his cock in and
out of Torrie's pussy with increasingly quick thrusts. Domino smirks a bit
when he looks down to see Torrie's ass cheeks smack against his toned waist.
Deuce licks his teeth as the gorgeous Blond Bombshell easily sucks on his
dick while she gets fucked by his tag team partner.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Torrie gently moans against Deuce's cock as she easily bobs
her blond haired head on his rock hard greaser cock while coating his shaft
with her wet saliva by the use of her hot tongue. Torrie presses her lips
tighter around his shaft as the desirable Blond Bombshell lowers her head on
his shaft while her gorgeously tanned body moves back against Domino's cock.

* * *

Inside of Matt Hardy's locker room, Matt has the deviously sweet Cherry on
all fours in front of the couch as he thrusts his thirteen inch cock in and
out of Cherry's tight pussy, "Mmmmm... ahhh fuck..." Matt moans as he slams
his thick hard cock into Cherry's pussy as he fucks her doggy style.

Cherry bites down on her bottom lip and tilts her head back as the
sweetly devious SmackDown Diva moves forward on her knees after Matt Hardy
continually deliver firm thrusts into her warm, tight pussy "Mmmm...ohhhh
yeah! Be a bad boy!" Cherry cutely moans as she smacks some chewing gum
around in her hot mouth.

Matt leans himself forward and places his hands on Cherry's shoulders as
he increases the pace of his firm thrusts, "Mmmm... ahhhh... uhhh yea....
mmmm..." Matt licks his lips as sweat drips a bit from his face as his
large balls slap against Cherry's smooth skin with every one of his deep

Cherry slyly and seductively glances over her shoulder and locks her sweetly
devious eyes with the sweaty and hard pounding Matt Hardy "Mmmm...ohhh yeah
I love it like this!" Cherry cutely moans as she rocks back on her knees to
push her deviously hot body against his firm thrusts and his rock hard cock.

* * *

Back out in the hallway, Deuce is laying on his back as the gorgeous Torrie
Wilson rides his ten inch cock with her back facing him. "Mmmmm... ahhh
yea..." Deuce moans as he puts his hands on Torrie's hips to lift her up and
down on his dick as Domino steps in front of the gorgeous secret WWE agent.

"Come on chick, get back to work on my dick..." Domino says as he taps his
cock against Torrie's sensual lips. Torrie presses her lips against the head
of Domino's cock as his shaft gently beats against her sensual lips. Torrie
slyly looks up at Domino, before she opens her mouth and allows the brother
of Cherry to slide his cock into her hot, desirable mouth. Torrie leaves her
left hand on Deuce's muscular chest as she places her right hand around
Domino's cock to steadily move him in and out of her wet mouth while she
rides Deuce's cock.

"Ahhhh.... mmmm shit... you're almost as good as my fuckin' chick Cherry..."
Deuce grunts as he begins to lift his hips up and down to thrust his shaft
upward into Torrie's tight warm pussy as she rocks on his shaft. Domino licks
his lips as he puts his hands on the side of Torrie's blond haired head to
have her bob her head on his rock hard cock.

Torrie closes her lustfilled eyes as her blond haired head swiftly moves
along Domino's rock hard, other side of the tracks cock as he fucks her sexy
mouth. "MMMMMM!" Torrie moans as she steadily bounces on Deuce's cock as he
thrusts his dick up into her tight, wet pussy while the Blond Bombshell
manages to rock her seductively tanned body back on his greaser cock.

* * *

Back within Matt Hardy's locker room, Cherry is laying on the couch as Matt
Hardy lays on top of her, thrusting his thirteen inch cock in and out of her
sweet, warm pussy. "Ohhhh... ahhhh.... fuck..." Matt moans as he quickly
fucks the sweetly devious roller skating Diva. Matt has his hands on Cherry's
tits and he gently squeezes them every time he sharply rams his cock into her
Cherry's pussy.

Cherry presses her lips together as she blows a bubble with her chewing gum
while she quickly moves underneath the firmly thrusting and fast paced Matt
Hardy. Cherry cutely pops her chewing gum as she places her hands on Matt's
muscular, sweaty chest as his cock slams into her pussy "Ohhhh yeah! I love
them bad boys!"

"Ahhhh... uhhh damn... mmmm...." Matt Hardy grunts as he rocks his hips
quickly to repeatedly pound Cherry's wet pussy with his thick hard thirteen
inch shaft. Matt grits his teeth as he firmly squeezes Cherry's tits as he
starts cumming within her sweet pussy. Cherry tilts her head back on the
couch and closes her eyes as she gently wraps her gorgeously tanned, smooth
legs around Matt's muscular waist as she gently rocks forward, underneath
Matt, while grinding her wet pussy against his throbbing cock. Matt Hardy
licks his lips as he finishes cumming inside of Cherry's pussy, "Ahhh....
mmm fuck yea... that's a good warm up...' Matt groans.

* * *

Out in the hallway, Deuce and Domino are both standing with Torrie Wilson
sandwiched between them as they fuck her. Deuce is thrusting his cock into
Torrie's tight hot ass while Domino's thick greaser dick is pistoning in
and out of her desirable pussy. "Ahhh yea... mmmm..." Domino grunts as he
holds onto Torrie's legs that are wrapped around his muscular waist

"Ohhhh damn.... ahhh..." Deuce licks his lips as Torrie's ass hits against
his waist while he drives his shaft sharply into her asshole.

Torrie tilts her head back and grits her teeth as she roughly slams down on
both hard, thick cocks inside of her ass and pussy "Ohhhhh shit!" Torrie
Wilson moans as she rocks back against Deuce, before she's forced to move
forward against Domino. Torrie's gorgeously tanned body drips with sweat as
she's tightly pressed between the two rough and tough Superstars from a
different side of the tracks.

"Mmmm... ahhhh fuck... ahhh yea..." Deuce groans as he fucks Torrie's asshole
with hard and sharp thrusts. Deuce grinds his teeth together as his balls
crash against Torrie's ass cheeks before he begins cumming within her
asshole, "Mmmm fuck..." Deuce groans as he floods Torrie's ass with his cum.

Domino licks his lips as he drills Torrie's pussy as she squeezes his waist
with her legs to get him to push his dick deeper into her cunt, "Ahhh...
ohhhh fucking hell..." Domino moans as he feels Torrie's pussy squeezing his
pumping shaft until he starts cumming in her pussy, "Ohhh shit fuck..."
Domino moans.

Torrie licks her soft, sensual lips as she lightly tosses her sweat dampened
blond hair back and she gently smacks her hair against Deuce's face. "Mmmm
fuck yeah..." Torrie moans and smiles as she gently rocks back and forth on
the throbbing cocks of Deuce and Domino as warm cum fills inside of her.

After several moments, Deuce and Domino pull their cum spent dicks out of
Torrie's ass and pussy and stand her up against the wall, "Yo Domino... you
think Cherry's done yet?" Deuce asks, forgetting that Torrie is there as he
grabs his jeans.

"Yeah she should be... can't wait to crack him in the mouth...." Domino says
as he gets his jeans and starts to put them on.

Torrie presses her luscious lips together and raises an eyebrow "
know that I think of it..." Torrie begins to says as she looks
down a bit.

"What?" Deuce and Domino says at the same time as the glance at Torrie as
they pick up their shirts and leather jackets.

Torrie bites down on her bottom lip seductively "I think I saw someone
messing with your car...."

"What?! Some fuck is messing with my car?!" Domino yells.

"Yo Domino... let's go jack their jaws..." Deuce says.

"Yeah... no one fucks with my car..." Domino replies as he and Deuce start
running down the hallway to hurry to the parking lot where Domino's car is.

Torrie smirks and shrugs her shoulders as she places her hands on her
smoothly rounded, tanned hips "That wasn't so hard..." Torrie says as she
gently tosses her sweat soaked blond hair back.

* * *

Inside of Matt Hardy's locker room, Matt is wiping himself with a towel after
fucking the sweetly devious Cherry. Matt has his back to her and doesn't
notice that she is picking up his Tag Title belt from the floor, "That was a
good fuck..." Matt says as he brings his towel to his face.

Cherry presses her lips together as she narrows her eyes as she glares at the
back of Matt Hardy. Cherry glances down at the shiny surface of the WWE Tag
Team Championship belt. "Ummm Matt..." Cherry says in a sweetly devious voice
before she is interrupted when the locker room door opens and the stunning
Blond Bombshell, Torrie Wilson, enters and is completely dressed after her
intense fuck with Deuce and Domino.

"Hey Cherry..." Torrie says and Cherry slowly turns around.

"What?" Cherry asks before Torrie suddenly grabs the belt from Cherry and
knocks Cherry in the head, sending the devious Diva back and down onto the
locker room floor.

Matt turns around to see Cherry is now laid out on the floor after Torrie
clocked her with Matt's WWE Tag Team Championship belt. Matt covers his
crotch with the towel as he looks at Torrie, "What's going on?!' Matt asks
with a confused look on his face.

Torrie raises an eyebrow a bit and smirks as she looks at the sweaty,
muscular Matt Hardy "I don't think I need those sunglasses to know you're
well-hung..." Torrie says making Matt even more confused.

Matt smiles for a moment despite his confusion, "Um okay...." Matt says as
he looks down at Cherry and then at Torrie, "Is something going on that I
should know about?"

Torrie nods her head "I'd say so....your friend, which I'm saying loosely,
Montel" Torrie pauses and presses her lips together "He was planning to stab
you in the back with the help of Deuce, Domino...and..." Torrie motions her
head to the knocked out Cherry "And...of course Cherry."

Matt Hardy nods his head a bit before he looks down at Cherry again and then
at Torrie, "Hmmm.... well... that makes sense... I am better than MVP..."
Matt smiles a little, "Thanks for your help Torrie... how could I repay you?"
Matt asks.

Torrie raises an eyebrow and cutely licks her lips "Well...there is one

* * *

Later on in the night, in a large extravagant hotel room suite, Matt Hardy
is laying on the luxury sized bed with his head on the pillows, "Ahhhh...
ohhh damn Torrie...." Matt moans as he lifts his head a bit to look down at
Torrie Wilson as she drags her soft wet tongue up from his balls to the tip
of his thirteen inch shaft.

The seductive, gorgeous and completely naked Blond Bombshell, Torrie Wilson,
sits on her knees on the luxury sized bed as she sensually circles her tongue
around the head of Matt's cock before she gently wraps her lips around the
head of his shaft and takes his cock into her soothingly hot mouth. "Mmmm..."
Torrie softly moans as she begins to gently bob her head, sucking on Matt's
large cock.

"Ahhhh... mmmmm fuck...." Matt moans as he watches Torrie's head rise and
fall as she sucks on his thick, hard cock. Matt licks his lips as he puts
his hands behind head as he spreads his legs further apart as Torrie kneels
between them while she sucks his cock. Torrie slowly lifts her eyes and
sweetly locks them with Matt Hardy as her soft tongue brushes against the
bottom side of his rock hard shaft while she begins to smoothly bob her
head at an increasing pace.

"Ahhh... uhhhh yeah... mmmm..." Matt moans get a little louder as Torrie bobs
her head at a quicker pace. The hot, muscular Superstar tries to keep himself
still to avoid thrusting his cock up into Torrie's hot, wet mouth.

Torrie Wilson's soft lips rub against Matt's hard shaft as she lowers her
head further down on his cock "Ohhhh..." Torrie soothingly moans as her wet
saliva drips down his shaft.

"Mmmmm.... ahhhh... ohhh fuck Torrie... that's great..." Matt moans as he
feels and watches Torrie Wilson deep throat his thirteen inch cock. Matt
brings his hands from behind his head and puts them on the bed as he sits
up a bit.

Torrie slowly lifts her head up and smiles at Matt Hardy while her wet saliva
sensually drips down his shaft " like that Matt?" Torrie asks with a
laugh as she gently tosses her blond hair back.

Matt nods his head and smirks a bit, "Ohhh yeah... I loved that..." Matt says
before licking his lips.

Torrie presses her soft lips together as she seductively looks at Matt
"Good...because I loved giving it..." Torrie says with a cute wink as she
sits back a bit on her knees.

Matt Hardy sits up completely, "Mmm well... you know... I think I'd like to
give you something..." Matt says as he leans forward to put his hands on
Torrie's gorgeous waist. Matt then pulls Torrie on to his lap and lowers her
warm, tight, desirable pussy onto his thirteen inch, saliva covered cock.

Torrie gently grits her teeth as she settles herself onto Matt's rock hard
cock "Ohhh Matt.." Torrie moans as she places her hands onto Matt's muscular
chest before she starts to gently push him back to lay down on the bed as
she begins to smoothly rock his cock.

"Ahhhh...mmmm..." Matt moans as he lays completely back on the bed as he
keeps his hands on Torrie's waist. Matt watches Torrie's large tits sway a
bit with every movement the Blond Bombshell makes. Torrie Wilson licks her
lips as she gently moves her hands against muscular chest as she rocks and
grinds her hips back and forth on Matt's cock. Torrie leans down and presses
her lips against Matt's lips as she lustfully kisses him.

"Mmmmm!" Matt moans into Torrie's mouth as he feels her sliding her tongue
into his mouth. Matt eagerly starts to flick his tongue against Torrie's
tongue as he slides his hands to Torrie's ass and smacks both of her ass
cheeks as she rocks on his stiff shaft.

Matt begins to pop his hips, thrusting his cock upward into Torrie's hot
tight pussy as she slams her lower body on his shaft, "Mmmmm!" Matt moans
as he squeezes Torrie's ass cheeks with his hands.

Torrie sits up on Matt's cock, breaking her kiss with him, as she arches her
seductive body and starts to slam herself down on his cock at a quicker and
sharper pace "Mmmm...ohhhh fuck Matt!" Torrie moans as she grinds her pussy
against his shaft.

"Ahhhh... ahhh shit Torrie..." Matt Hardy moans as Torrie sharply grinds her
pussy on his cock as he thrusts it up into her. Matt moves his hands from
Torrie's ass cheeks and places them on her hips. When Torrie raises herself
up to the tip of his fat dick, Matt lifts her off of his shaft and lays her
next to him. Matt turns onto his right side and lifts Torrie's left leg up
slightly before he slips his dick into her tight asshole.

"Ohhhhh yeah...fuck my ass..." Torrie moans as she closes her eyes and gently
pushes her hot ass back against Matt's rock hard cock as he easily buries his
cock deep inside of her ass.

Matt smirks a little as he easily pumps his cock in and out of Torrie's tight
asshole, "Mmmmm... ahhh...." Matt moans as he steadily increase the pace of
his thrusts as he fucks Torrie's hot ass. Matt has the Blond Bombshell rest
her left leg on top of his legs as starts to shift his weight in order to
drive his cock sharper into her asshole.

Torrie licks her lips as she gently grinds her gorgeously hot, tanned body
against Matt's muscular body as he deeply fucks her tight asshole "Mmm...ohhh like that Matt?"

"Mmmmm.... ohhh yea Torrie..." Matt Hardy moans as he quickly thrusts his
cock deeply in and out of Torrie's asshole. Matt licks his lips as Torrie
clenches her ass down on his dick, adding a bit of extra pressure on his
throbbing cock. Within moments, Matt's fat cock starts erupting with warm
cum inside of her ass and Matt closes his eyes as he moans, "Ohhhhh

Torrie presses her soft lips together as she smoothly pushes herself against
Matt's throbbing cock as his warm cum floods her asshole "Ohhhh shit Matt..."

Matt licks his lips and keeps his cock completely still within Torrie's ass
as he finishes cumming after several moments. Matt slowly opens his eyes and
grins, "Mmmm... damn Torrie... that was intense..." Matt says as he keeps his
cock within Torrie's ass.

Torrie smiles as she glances over her shoulder " was great, wasn't
it?" Torrie asks as she locks her seductive eyes with Matt.

"Oh yeah it was...." Matt nods his head as sweat rolls down his face, "But...
I got to know... how did you find out what MVP was planning to do to me?"

Torrie raises an eyebrow before she slowly nods her head "Umm...let's just
say that I have my sources..."

-Torrie Wilson Will Return!-

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