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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Blond: The Mission Of Torrie Wilson - The Man With The Hardened Cock
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the darken parking lot of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Maria
carries her luggage after just arriving in Phoenix for a WWE RAW event that
is taking place the next day. Maria approaches her rental car and sets her
luggage down to open the trunk. After she puts her luggage in the trunk, she
closes it and prepares to go to the driver's side door when suddenly her
mouth and eyes are covered from behind. Maria screams in the palm of the hand
that is covering her mouth as she starts to get pulled backward.

* * *

The next afternoon at the American West Arena in Phoenix, Arizona; Torrie
Wilson is walking to Mr. McMahon's executive office after getting an
emergency text message just an hour ago. "So much for getting today off..."
Torrie says as she walks quickly to Mr. McMahon's office. As she goes around
a corner, she sees Mr. McMahon's Executive Assistant Jonathan Coachman pacing
back and forth in front of the office. "Hi Coach..." Torrie says as she walks
towards him.

Coachman stops pacing and looks at Torrie, "Thank goodness you're here... Mr.
McMahon wants to see you right away..." Coachman says as he starts to open
the door to Mr. McMahon's office.

The beautiful Blond Bombshell, Torrie Wilson, raises an eyebrow suspiciously
"Is everything alright?" Torrie asks Coachman while he holds the door open
for the stunning blond-haired Diva, who is dressed in a pair of nicely-fitted
hip hugger jeans and a white tank top.

"Um... it's best if Mr. McMahon tells you..." Coachman says as he holds the
door open for Torrie. Torrie raises an eyebrow again and enters Mr. McMahon's
executive office, and sees the Chairman of the WWE pacing in front of his
desk and also notices that Maria is not in the office like she usually is.

Torrie Wilson casually folds her arms against her chest and takes a deep
breath "Mr. McMahon..." Torrie says softly.

Mr. McMahon stops pacing and notices Torrie, "Finally, you're here..." Mr.
McMahon says as he shakes his head, "There's no time for chit-chat.... Maria
is missing...." Mr. McMahon says.

Torrie Wilson's soft, sweet eyes widen with shock "What!? Wait...what do you
mean, Maria is missing?'" Torrie asks as she looks at Mr. McMahon.

Mr. McMahon nods his head, "Yes... she did not show up the arena this
morning... and she did not check into her hotel room last night...." Mr.
McMahon grits his teeth, "It's urgent that Maria is found as quickly as

Torrie nods her head "Yes Mr. McMahon..." Torrie replies as she presses her
soft, sensual lips together "I'll do everything I can to find her..."

"That's what I like to hear..." Mr. McMahon says, "But before you go, I have
had a special partner flown in to assist you." Mr. McMahon steps to his desk
and hits a button on the intercom. "Send him in now."

Torrie raises an eyebrow as she looks at Mr. McMahon "You did?" Torrie asks
before the beautiful Blond Bombshell turns to look the door to Mr. McMahon's
executive office as the door begins to open.

Mr. McMahon nods his head as he looks at door, "I did.... I had a feeling
you are going to need some extra muscle in your assignment... so I had this
man.... John Cena, flown in to help you."

Just as Mr. McMahon says his name, John Cena enters the office, dressed in a
black 'Cena' football jersey and jeans. "Hey Torrie... you got some big time
backup for this..." Cena says with a smile.

Torrie slyly bites down on her bottom lip as her sweet, seductive eyes
instantly lock on her latest partner. "Hey John..." Torrie Wilson says

Mr. McMahon walks around his desk and sits down in his chair, "I trust that
you both can find Maria before the show begins tonight."

Torrie smiles and nods her head "Of course Mr. McMahon...and thanks for the
extra help..." Torrie says as she presses her sensual lips together and looks
at John Cena, seductively.

* * *

Inside of a hotel room, Randy Orton steps out of the bathroom, dressed in
just a pair of black boxer-shorts and he looks at Maria who is laying on the
bed with her hands tied behind her back and her feet tied together, "Mmmmm...
this is better than I planned..." Randy says as he steps towards the bed.

The helpless and defenseless, Maria slowly opens her eyes as she turns her
head and looks at Randy Orton, with a violent wicked smirk on his face. Maria
tiredly shakes her head as sweat lightly coats her nicely tanned body, while
she's dressed in just her black laced bra and panties " more...
please..." Maria helplessly groans.

Randy licks his lips, "Oh I'm just getting started..." Randy laughs as he
pushes down his boxer shorts to free his fully hard twelve inch cock. The
dangerous Legend Killer steps up onto the bed and bends down to pull Maria
up for her to sit on her knees.

Maria innocently looks up at the dangerous Legend Killer as she tiredly
sits on her knees on the hotel room bed, after Randy forces her to.
"Please... stop..." Maria says before she exhaustedly lowers her head and
takes a breath, having been used as a sexual slave to the dangerous and
sickly-twisted Legend Killer ever since her kidnapping.

Randy laughs, "I should've thought this up years ago!" Randy says as he
uses his left hand to pull Maria's head so that she's looking up at him. The
extremely perverse Legend Killer grips his cock with his left hand and starts
to force it into Maria's mouth, "Start sucking slut..." Randy orders as he
uses his left hand to push Maria's head down on his dick.

"MMMMMM!" Maria loudly and tiredly moans around Randy Orton's cock as he
roughly forces his cock violently into Maria's mouth. Maria closes her sweet,
innocent eyes before she starts to slowly and helplessly bob her head on
Randy's cock, exhaustedly sucking on his twelve inch cock.

Randy starts to move his hips back and forth, pumping his cock in and out of
the exhausted mouth of the adorably hot Maria, "Mmmm yeah... suck it good you
little whore!" Randy moans as he makes Maria deep throat his Legend Killer

"MMMMMM!" Maria moans around Randy's thick shaft as the head of his Legend
Killer shaft smacks roughly against the back of her innocent, hot mouth.
Maria's soft lips move against Randy's shaft as he roughly pumps his cock
into her mouth, causing the helpless Diva to gag on his cock.

Randy grits his teeth as he pulls on Maria's sweat soaked hair, "Yeah...
fucking choke on it bitch..." Randy moans as he forcefully fucks Maria's hot
tired mouth with his twelve inch shaft. Randy's large balls smack against
Maria's chin as the Legend Killer tilts his head back.

"MMMMMM! MMMMM!" Maria moans as she gags and chokes on Randy's cock while
her wet saliva wickedly drips on Randy's cock. "MMMM...HMMMM!" Maria moans
around the roughly thrusting cock of Randy Orton as she pleads for him to

Randy licks his teeth as he feels his balls tightening, "Ohhh yeah... ahhh
yea...mmmm fuck..." Randy moans as he keeps pumping his cock into Maria's
exhausted mouth. After a few more moments, Randy pulls his throbbing cock
out of Maria's mouth and sprays his cum onto Maria's tired face.

Maria closes her eyes and takes a breath as Randy Orton's warm, thick cum
sprays onto her sweat dripping face "Ohhh...please stop this..." Maria
helplessly moans.

Randy smirks, "This will end when I want it too!" Randy says as he puts his
right hand on Maria's face and pushes her to lay back down on the bed, "Rest
up slut... there's more coming for you..."

* * *

Back in the arena, John Cena and Torrie Wilson step out of the catering area
after not being able to find any leads on where Maria could be. "Damn.... No
one knows where she's at..." John says as he shakes his head in frustration.

Torrie Wilson sighs as she glances over at John Cena and presses her sensual,
soft lips together "This is serious, isn't it?"

"Yeah it is... it's not every day someone goes missing..." John replies as he
keeps a serious mindset about the business that's at hand.

Torrie pauses and turns to face John Cena "Any ideas where to search next?"
Torrie asks the muscular and hunky John Cena.

"I don't know... maybe go to where Maria was seen last..." John suggests as
from the far end of the hall, the happily-crazed Mickie James comes jogging
down the hall towards them.

"Hey! Hey! Guys!" The cute and happily-crazed Mickie James calls out as she
approaches John Cena and Torrie Wilson "Are you like the two that are trying
to find out what happened to Maria?!" Mickie asks as places her hands on her
rounded lips and presses her perky lips together.

John nods his head, "Yeah we are..." John replies.

Torrie looks at Mickie, "Do you know anything Mickie?" Torrie asks, sounding
hopeful that she and John are going to get a lead.

Mickie lightly shrugs her shoulders "Well I might..." Mickie says before she
cutely nods her head "Anyway! Last night when I arrived at the airport and
went to the parking lot...I saw Randy Orton hanging out in there!"

John Cena frowns and folds his arms, "Randy Orton... Torrie do you think...." John starts
to ask.

"Way ahead of you John...." Torrie nods her head as she presses her lips
together, "Do you know anything else Mickie?" Torrie asks.

Mickie scrunches her nose up "Ummm no..." Mickie slowly shakes her head
before her energetic eyes suddenly lighten up "Oh! WAIT!" Mickie presses her
lips together "Randy is on the same floor at the hotel as me! Yep! Yep!

Torrie nods her head and smiles, "Thanks Mickie... that is some majorly
important information..."

"Glad I could help!" Mickie says with a smile before she starts to cutely
skip away from John Cena and Torrie Wilson.

John looks at Torrie, "I'll bet Randy has Maria in his hotel room...." John
starts to say.

Torrie locks her seductive, sweet eyes with John Cena before she slowly nods
her head "Yeah...I'm thinking that too..." Torrie pauses and then sighs "I
have an idea...but it's risky..."

* * *

An hour later, at the hotel, Randy Orton is exiting his hotel room after
exploiting Maria several more times. Dressed in gray slacks and a blue
collared short sleeved shirt, Randy smirks as he closes the hotel room door,
"That slut better rest up... it's going to be a long day for her..." Randy
laughs slyly as he begins to walk down the hallway.

The stunning, beautiful Blond Bombshell of the WWE, Torrie Wilson, steps out
from the corridor of the elevators, dressed in a short white skirt and a
nicely fitting light blue top. Torrie presses her sensual lips together as
she locks her seductive eyes on the dangerous, but handsome Legend Killer
"Hey there..."

Randy Orton stops walking when he notices Torrie and he smirks, "Hey...
what's up?" Randy says as he instantly starts checking out the Blond
Bombshell as she stands a short distance in front of him.

Torrie slyly smirks as she keeps her seductive eyes locked with Randy "Oh
nothing know, just looking for a good time..." Torrie Wilson says
as she tosses her smooth blond hair back and takes a moment to glance over
Randy Orton's shoulder to see behind him.

Behind Randy Orton, John Cena steps out of the emergency stairwell and
glances at Torrie and nods his head. John starts to quietly step toward
Randy Orton's hotel room door as Randy keeps his full attention on Torrie.
"Is that so..." Randy smirks, "If you want a good time... look no further
than me..." Randy says as he licks his lips.

Torrie places her hands on her smoothly rounded, tanned hips and slyly looks
at the dangerous Legend Killer "Is that so?"

"Damn right it's so..." Randy says as he steps towards the gorgeous Blond
Bombshell while behind him John is quietly unlocking his hotel room door.
"In fact... I'm in the mood for a good time right here... right now..."
Randy says as he boldly starts to unbuckle his belt.

Torrie Wilson raises an eyebrow at Randy Orton before she glances down at
Randy's waist as he begins to unbuckle his belt "Well...I want to have a
good time right here, right now too."

Randy finishes undoing his belt and starts unbuttoning his slacks, "Good..."
Randy simply says as he pushes his slacks down, along with his blue
boxer-briefs to bring out his twelve inch Legend Killer cock. Behind Randy,
John, who's dressed in his 'Cena' Football jersey and jeans, gets the hotel
room door unlocked and opens it so he can slip into the room.

Torrie licks her lips a bit before she takes a step forwards to Randy Orton
"What would you want me to do, right here and right now?" Torrie Wilson asks
with a seductive, mischievous smirk.

Randy Orton smirks, "Get down on your knees and give me some head..." Randy
says as he steps out of his slacks and boxer-briefs.

Torrie bites down on her bottom lip and locks her soft, seductive eyes with
Randy Orton before she starts to slowly lowers herself down onto her knees
in the hallway in front of the dangerous Legend Killer "That doesn't sound
like a bad idea..." Torrie replies with a laugh before she settles herself
down on her knees and gently takes Randy's cock into her soft, soothing

Randy lifts up his short-sleeved collared shirt and takes it off, revealing
his tanned, muscular and hot upper body. "Mmmmm..." Randy moans a bit as
Torrie slowly begins to stroke his cock. Torrie sweetly smiles up at Randy
Orton before she leans her blond haired head in and gently flicks her soft,
wet tongue against the head of Randy's hardening cock. Randy licks his lips
as Torrie flicks her tongue against the head of his cock, "Mmmm yeah....
someone woke up with a craving for some hard cock..." Randy says.

Torrie Wilson seductively locks her eyes with Randy Orton as she slyly
brushes her wet tongue against the head of his cock while her saliva gently
drips against the tip of his cock. Randy brings his right hand towards
Torrie's head and places it on the back of her head as she slowly and
teasingly drags her soft wet tongue around the head of his rock hard twelve
inch cock. Torrie opens her hot, sensual mouth and lowers her head to take
Randy's cock into her sweet, wet mouth. Torrie presses her sensual lips
around his shaft and the stunning Blond Bombshell begins to smoothly bob her
head on his cock. "Ohhh yeah... mmmmm...." Randy Orton moans and he closes
his eyes to enjoy the feeling of Torrie Wilson bobbing her head on his long,
hard dick.

"Mmmm...mmmm" Torrie Wilson softly moans as she gently bobs her head on Randy
Orton's cock, gently lapping her tongue around his shaft while she easily
lifts and lowers her head on Randy's rock hard Legend Killer cock.

* * *

Inside of Randy Orton's hotel room, John Cena has just closed the door after
making sure that Torrie was in no immediate danger. He then goes to the far
end of the room, looking for Maria. He first checks the one closet, and then
on the far side of the bed. "Damn... where is she..." John says before he
gets an idea. John then goes to the bathroom and opens the door, where he
finds Maria tied up and gagged on the bathroom floor. "Maria! Are you all
right?" John asks as he takes the cloth that was stuffed into Maria's mouth
before he begins to untie her hands and feet.

Maria slowly squints her eyes as she looks up at the muscular, studdly John
Cena "John...where...what....where's Randy?" Maria asks as she slowly and
exhaustedly glances around the bathroom where she is tied up on the floor.

"He's out in the hall... being distracted...." John says as he finishes
untying the rope from Maria's hands and feet. John stands up and helps the
tired Maria up to her feet. "What happened to you?" John asks before he
notices Maria's lack of clothing.

Maria looks down and slowly shakes her head "I....I don't really remember..."
Maria pauses and scrunches her nose up while she looks at John, dressed
barely in her black laced pair of bra and panties "I just remember...Randy on
top of me...."

John grits his teeth, "Don't worry Maria.... I'll take care of Randy for
you... but... let's get you some clothes and get you out of here... okay?"

Maria slowly nods her head "Ok...."

* * *

Out in the hallway, Randy Orton has both of his hands on Torrie's blond
haired head as she sucks his cock. "Mmmm yeah... oooo yeah..." Randy moans
as he pumps his cock in and out of Torrie's hot, wet and seductive mouth.

The stunning and beautiful Torrie Wilson quickly moves her blond haired head
along Randy's thick shaft as she deeply takes his twelve inch cock into her
sweetly hot mouth. "Mmmmm...mmmmm" Torrie Wilson softly moans as she gently
caresses her tongue against Randy's shaft while her saliva splashes against
his cock.

"Ohhh yeah, fucking suck that cock... mmmm, bet you want it slammed deep into
your cunt don't you..." Randy moans as he tilts his head back and licks his
lips as Torrie easily deep throats his twelve inch dick.

Torrie's soft, sensual lips slowly drag against Randy's rock hard shaft
before she lifts her head off of Randy's cock and presses her lips together
while she tosses her blond hair back. "Mmmm...did you like that Randy?"

Randy licks his lips, "Fuck yeah... get your ass up and take down that
skirt..." Randy says lustfully and a bit aggressively as he looks down at
the Blond Bombshell Torrie Wilson. Torrie raises an eyebrow and looks up at
Randy Orton before she scoots back on her knees and then stands up from the
floor. Torrie places her hands on her waist and slowly pushes her short
white skirt down from her tanned waist and then down her smooth, tanned

Randy Orton grabs Torrie's left arm and turns her around to face the left
wall of the hallway. "Mmmm yeah... fucking hot...' Randy says as he pushes
down Torrie's white laced panties to reveal her hot, round ass. Randy starts
to feel up Torrie's ass cheeks as she steps out of her skirt and panties.

Torrie glances over her shoulder and smiles "You like that?" Torrie asks
before she seductively pushes her nicely rounded, gorgeously tanned ass
against the hard crotch of Randy Orton as she rubs her juicy ass against
his hard shaft.

Randy licks his lips, "Yeah... I'm going to fucking deal with that later..."
Randy says as he looks down to see Torrie rubbing his hard cock with her
juicy ass. Randy puts a hand on Torrie's waist and uses his other hand to
guide it to Torrie's hot, shaved pussy. The Legend Killer firmly rams his
cock into Torrie's pussy and begins pumping his cock in and out almost

"Ohhhhhh fuck!" Torrie Wilson moans and grits her teeth together as Randy
Orton roughly rams his cock into her warm, tight pussy. Torrie bends over
while standing as the dangerous Legend Killer thrusts and pumps his cock
deeply into Torrie's pussy.

Randy wraps his left arm around Torrie's body as he keeps his right hand on
her hip, "Mmmmm yeah... fucking like that?" Randy asks with a grunt as he
starts to increase the pace of his firm thrusts. Randy makes sure each one
of his thrusts are balls deep so that Torrie can feel every inch of his dick
in her pussy.

Torrie closes her eyes as her gorgeously tanned body quickly moves forward
after Randy continues to deeply drill her tight, warm pussy with his
dangerous, thick and rock hard cock "Ohhhhhh fuck! Ohhhhh!" Torrie moans as
her blond hair begins to hang forward, covering her beautiful face. Randy
suddenly pulls his cock out of Torrie's tight pussy and turns the Blond
Bombshell around to face him. Randy then easily lifts Torrie up and lowers
her onto his twelve inch cock with such speed, Torrie needs several moments
to realize what he just did.

"Ohhhhhh fuck!" Torrie moans as she grits her teeth tightly and wraps her
smooth, gorgeous tanned legs around Randy's muscular chest and she gently
grips Randy's strong, muscular arms with her soft hand "Ohhhh mmmmm!" Torrie
Wilson moans as she swiftly bounces on Randy Orton's cock, thanks to Randy's
dangerous and wicked thrusts.

"Mmm yeah.... ahhh yeah you fucking like that shit?" Randy grunts as he wraps
his strong arms around Torrie's waist as he sharply pumps his cock in and out
of Torrie's hot, desirable pussy while she bounces on him.

Torrie closes her eyes and tilts her blond haired head back as Randy Orton
powerfully slams his cock into her warm, tight pussy. "Mmmm....ohhhh shit..."
The beautiful Blond Bombshell moans as she gently rocks forward against
Randy's thrusting cock.

"Ahhh uhhh yea... mmmm..." Randy licks his lips as he rams his cock in and
out of Torrie's tight pussy with quick, sharp and rough thrusts. The
dangerous Legend Killer tightens his hold around Torrie's waist in order to
slam her harder down on his dick.

"Ohhhhh...owwww!" Torrie softly cries out as the beautiful and sweet secret
agent of Mr. McMahon is roughly and deeply fucked by the dangerous Legend
Killer "Ohhhhh...ohhhhh fuck!"

Randy Orton smirks as he continues to fuck Torrie Wilson's tight pussy,
"Mmmmm yeah.... remember earlier I said I'll fuck your ass.... guess what
I'm going to do it!" Randy grunts as he lifts the Blond Bombshell off of
his twelve inch, Diva Thrilling cock.

The beautiful, sweet Torrie Wilson stumbles forward onto her knees on the
floor of the hallway. Torrie glances over her shoulder and begins to sit up
before Randy Orton gets down behind her and roughly pushes her back down.

Randy licks his teeth, "Yeah... gonna fuck that ass...." Randy says as he
smacks Torrie's ass with his right hand. The Dangerous Legend Killer then
forcefully rams his cock into Torrie Wilson's tight asshole.

"Ohhhhh shit!" Torrie Wilson moans before she grits her teeth together as
the Blond Bombshell's beautifully tanned body viciously rocks forward on her
knees and hands.

"Mmmmmm yeah... ahhh yeah..." Randy moans as he grabs Torrie's waist and
jerks her body back towards him as he pumps his large, hard dick in and out
of Torrie's ass at a quick pace.

"Ohhhhh....awww fuck!" Torrie moans as her nicely rounded, tanned ass smacks
back against Randy's muscular waist while he deeply slams his cock into her
tight, pleasurable ass. "Mmmmm fuck!" Torrie moans as she bites down on her
bottom lip before she is roughly jerked back against Randy's cock.

* * *

Back inside of Randy Orton's hotel room, John Cena has found Randy's luggage
and has gotten an outfit for Maria to wear. John waits near the door as Maria
comes out of the bathroom, fully dressed. "You ready to go Maria?" John asks.

The cute and ditzy, Maria, shyly and adorably steps out of the bathroom,
dressed in a pair of Randy's black boxer shorts, which appear baggy on Maria,
and one of Randy's t-shirts. Maria presses her lips together and nods her
head "Yeah..."

John smiles, "Great...." John opens the hotel room door and glances out into
the hallway where he sees Randy Orton fucking the ass of Torrie Wilson. "Okay
Maria... we'll be getting out of here in just a little..." John says as he
glares at Randy.

* * *

Back out in the hallway, Randy Orton is sweating heavily as he slams his dick
balls deep into Torrie's ass. "Ohhhh yeah... fuck yea..." Randy groans as he
roughly fucks Torrie's ass.

Torrie Wilson tilts her head back as sweat drips off of her hot, tanned body
as Randy's cock deeply slams into her tight asshole "Ohhhh...ohhhh shit!"
Torrie moans as she breaths heavy.

"Uhhhh... mmmm shit yea..." Randy grunts as his balls smack against Torrie's
ass cheeks. Randy clenches his teeth together as he deeply rams his cock all
the way into Torrie's asshole.

Torrie hangs her blond haired head down as she roughly rocks forward on her
knees "Ohhhhhhh damn it!" Torrie moans as her ass firmly smacks against
Randy's waist.

"Mmmmm.... ahhh shit.... yeah...." Randy Orton grunts as he starts to cum
inside of Torrie's asshole. Down the hallway, John and Maria come out of
Randy's hotel room. John motions for Maria to stay put as he starts to
quietly walk towards Randy and Torrie. Torrie bites down on her bottom lip
as she slowly glances over her shoulder, with sweat dripping down her
beautiful face, feeling the warm cum flooding into her ass.

Randy licks his lips as he pulls his cock out of Torrie's cum filled ass,
"Fuck... I should've picked you up instead of that tramp Maria..." Randy
says as he stands up."

Funny you should say that asshole..." John says. John waits for Randy to
turn around and walks right into the balled-up fist of his rival. Randy falls
backward and hits the floor hard after taking John's fist to the face.

Torrie turns around and raises an eyebrow "Damn! He's out!" Torrie says with
a laugh before she looks at the muscular, hot John Cena

John shakes his right hand, "Really? Damn... I wanted to kick his ass
some more..." John says as he glances over his shoulder at Maria, "Come on

Torrie starts to stand up from the floor and Maria cutely steps out from
behind John. Maria scrunches her nose up and raises an eyebrow as she looks
at Torrie's naked, sweat covered and tanned body "Torrie...what happened out
here?" Maria asks with a cute laugh.

"Umm...just taking care of some business..." Torrie replies.

John laughs a bit, "Come on... let's get back to the arena before people
start to worry..."

Maria smiles and nods her head "Ok...and John, Torrie thanks for saving
me..." Maria says as she cutely presses her shoulders up before Torrie

"Don't worry about it Maria..."


Later on, in John Cena's hotel room, after the WWE RAW event is over, John
is laying on his luxury sized bed, moaning. "Mmmmmm ohhh damn..." John moans
as he looks down towards his crotch that is covered by the sheets, that have
a peculiar up and down motion happening. John has his hands behinds his head
and licks his lips, "Ohhh damn that is great..."

The beautiful Blond Bombshell slowly lifts her head out from underneath the
covers and smiles, as the completely naked Torrie Wilson sits up in the bed,
next to John. Torrie presses her sensual lips together, that were just around
his cock, and smiles "Did you like that?"

"Ohhhh yeah... damn.... you're good..." John moans as he closes his eyes for
a moment. John then lifts up the covers and looks down towards his crotch,
"Do you need some air down there?" John asks.

After a few moments the cute, ditzy Maria peeks her head out from underneath
the covers, on the opposite side of John Cena. Maria cutely scrunches her
nose together and laughs "Yeah!" Maria says as she and Torrie Wilson both sit
on the bed, with the muscular John Cena between them.

John looks to his left and to his right at both of the smoking hot WWE Divas,
"Damn... this is great..." John smiles as he starts to sit up a bit before
both Torrie and Maria push him to continue to lay down.

Torrie presses her sensual lips together and smirks at John "Relax..." Torrie
says with a soft laugh as she has her soft hands on John's muscular chest
with Maria. Torrie gently kicks the sheet off of John, exposing his hard,
thick cock. Torrie moves down John's body until she is laying down at level
with his cock and takes him into her soft, wet mouth. As Torrie begins to
gently suck on John's cock, the adorable Maria leans over and softly kisses
John's lips.

"Mmmmm..." John moans into Maria's mouth and slips his tongue forward to
flick it against hers. John closes his eyes as he feels Torrie slowly bobbing
her head on his long, hard and thick fourteen inch cock. Maria gently presses
her soft tongue against John's tongue as she adorably kisses him, while
smoothly moving her soft hands against his muscular chest. Torrie gently taps
her soft, wet tongue against the thick bottom side of John's cock while she
easily bobs her head along John's long cock.

"Mmmmmm.... mmmm..." John moans a bit louder into Maria's mouth as they
circle their tongues against each other's. John opens his eyes and slowly
breaks the kiss with the adorable Maria and looks down towards Torrie as she
sucks his dick, "Damn you're good..."

Torrie lifts her seductive eyes and locks them with John while she smoothly
bobs her head along his thick shaft as she takes his cock deeper into her
hot, wet and soothing mouth "Mmmm..." Torrie softly moans as her saliva drips
against his shaft.

Maria bites down on her bottom lip as she turns to watch Torrie bobbing her
head on John's cock "Wow! She is really good!" Maria says with a cute laugh.

John smiles at Maria, "You're real good too Maria..." John moans as Torrie
slowly deep throats his fourteen inch cock. John reaches over between Maria's
legs and begins to rub her hot, smooth pussy as they both watch Torrie suck
John's dick.

"Ohhhh...mmmm..." Maria moans and tilts her head back with a cute laugh as
John rubs his hand. Maria licks her lips as she feels John's strong hand
moving against her soft pussy lips, while the beautiful Blond Bombshell
eagerly and smoothly bobs her head on John's cock, wetting him with her
saliva. Torrie twists her lips against his shaft before she slowly lifts her
head off of his cock and smiles.

John slowly rubs Maria's soft, wet pussy with his right hand as he starts to
lift his hips to push his large cock up into Torrie's warm, desirable mouth.
"Mmmmm... ohhh yeah... fuck..." John Cena moans.

"Mmmmmm!" Torrie moans as John's cock enters her warm mouth again as the
beautiful Blond Bombshell begins to gently bob her head on John Cena's cock
once again while tracing her tongue around his shaft. Maria bites down on her
bottom lip as she looks at John Cena as he moves his hand against her pussy,
gradually rubbing her smoothly shaven pussy at a quicker pace.

"Ahhhh... mmmm damn..." John moans as he looks at Maria and smiles as he rubs
Maria's pussy quickly and gently with his strong hand, "Ohhh fuck... you're
really hot Maria..." John moans as Torrie slaps her tongue against his huge

Maria blushes adorably and laughs as she gently grinds her soft pussy against
John's strong hand "Thanks..." Maria says with a cute laugh while Torrie
Wilson softly moans against John's cock as she easily and enjoyably sucks his
rock hard, incredibly long and thick cock.

John brings his hand away from Maria's soft, wet pussy and looks down at
Torrie, "Hey.... you're going to let Maria get some of that..." John says

Torrie slowly lifts her head up and laughs "Oh...sorry Maria..." Torrie says
as she begins to move away from John's rock hard fourteen inch cock.

Maria cutely shrugs her shoulders and laughs "Oh it's ok Torrie..." Maria
replies as she moves down to John's cock and lightly tosses her light brown
hair back before taking hold of John's cock with her left hand. Maria lowers
her head and begins to gently guide her wet tongue around the head and shaft
of John's cock.

"Ahhhhh... mmmm..." John moans as Maria gently circles her soft, wet tongue
around the head of his large, meaty cock. John lays completely back on the
bed, with his head on two pillows. Maria cutely laughs as she brushes her
soft, wet tongue around the head of his cock, before she opens her mouth and
gently lowers her head to take in his cock. Maria starts to smoothly bob her
head at a good pace while beginning to suck on John's thick cock. Torrie
raises an eyebrow and smirks as she moves and sits up on the bed near John
before she lowers her head and softly kisses John's muscular chest.

"Mmmmmm...." John moans and smiles as Torrie softly kisses his muscular
chest. "Damn... this is one hell of a handicap match..." John says jokingly
as Maria easily sucks on his fourteen inch cock. John raises his left hand
and places it on the back of Torrie's head so he can run his fingers through
her soft blond hair. Torrie gently flicks her soft, wet tongue seductively
against John's right nipple while the adorably ditzy Maria quickly and
smoothly bobs her head on John's cock, sucking his cock with eagerly and
smooth head bobs.

"Ahhhh... mmmm.... fuck yea..." John moans loudly when Maria quickens the
pace of how fast she's bobbing her head on his cock. John can feel Maria's
hair brushing lightly against his crotch as she takes his dick deeper into
her adorable mouth.

Maria gently moves her left hand against the lower half of John's cock as
she smoothly sucks on the top half of his rock hard cock while her wet saliva
drips down his cock. Torrie smirks and tosses her blond hair back and sits up
straight. Torrie glances at John with her seductive eyes "So...when are you
going to fuck me?"

John smiles up at Torrie, "Well... you may have to tell Maria to move out of
the way for that to happen..." John says as he licks his lips.

Torrie raises an eyebrow "Hey Maria..." Torrie says before the adorable,
ditzy Maria lifts her head up from John's cock and smiles.

"Yeah?" Maria asks with a cute laugh.

Torrie presses her sensual lips together and locks her seductive eyes on
Maria "My turn..." John licks his lips and sits up on the bed when Maria
scoots away from his legs. John leans to his left and puts his hands on
Torrie's waist. John easily lifts Torrie up and brings her onto his lap
where he lowers her warm, tight desirable pussy down onto his fourteen
inch cock.

"Mmmm...ohhhh John..." Torrie moans as she lowers herself completely down on
John's rock hard cock and gently rocks back on his cock. Torrie locks her
sweet eyes with John as she places her hands on his muscular chest and starts
to steadily rock back and forth on his cock, riding the muscular John Cena.

Maria scrunches her nose and licks her lips as she watches Torrie riding
John's cock. "Wow Torrie! You're really riding him!"

"Yeah... she is..." John says and winks at Maria as he wraps his arms around
Torrie's hot body. The strong, hot and muscular John Cena starts to help
Torrie bounce on his large, hard cock as she rocks on it.

Torrie tilts her blond haired head back as she smoothly rocks back and forth
on John's cock while he firmly thrusts his cock into her warm, tight pussy
"Ohhhhh shit John..." Torrie moans as the beautiful Blond Bombshell's body
gently lowers on his cock with more force each time.

"Uhhhh ahhhh yea Torrie..." John moans as he leans his head forward and
gently kisses Torrie on the lips when she tilts her head forward. John slides
his tongue into Torrie's warm, wet mouth and places his hands on Torrie's ass
cheeks to give them a light spank.

"Mmmm..." Torrie softly moans into John's mouth as she gently flicks her
soft, wet tongue against his cock as they kiss. Torrie rocks back on John's
and smoothly grinds her wet pussy against his shaft before Maria cutely taps
her left hand on John's shoulder.

John slowly breaks the kiss with Torrie and looks at Maria, "Yeah Maria?"
John asks as Torrie grinds her wet, tight pussy on his fourteen inch cock.

Maria presses her shoulders up "Can I have a turn?" The adorable and ditzy
Maria asks as Torrie starts to gently slow down on John's cock.

"Sure..." John nods his head and then he looks at Torrie, "Mmmm sorry
Torrie... it's Maria's turn..." John says as he lifts the Blond Bombshell
off of his fourteen inch cock and sits her on the bed. John then looks at
Maria and smiles, "How do you want it Maria?" Maria bites down on her
bottom lip and blushes before she turns onto her knees and lifts herself
up with her hands as the adorable Diva is seductively positioned on all
fours for the muscular John Cena.

"I should have known..." John says with a laugh as he slowly gets on his
knees and positions himself behind Maria. John licks his lips and places his
right hand on Maria's waist as he uses his left hand to guide his huge cock
towards Maria's pussy. With an easy thrust, John pushes his fourteen inch
dick into Maria's tight, wet pussy.

"Mmmmm....ohhhhh!" Maria cutely moans as she gently pushes back against
John's muscular waist with her adorable, cute rounded ass. Maria presses her
perky lips together and glances over her shoulder to lock her adorable eyes
with John as he begins to thrust his cock smoothly into her pussy "Ohhhh
John!" Maria moans with a laugh.

John puts his left hand on Maria's ass as he smoothly thrusts his large cock
in and out of Maria's warm tight pussy. "Mmmmm.... ohhh yeah..." John moans
as he looks down at Maria's adorable ass as she pushes back against him.

"Mmm...John you feel so good..." Maria says with a cute laugh as she gently
pushes her adorable body back against John's cock while he thrusts his shaft
into her tight pussy.

Torrie raises an eyebrow and smiles as she sits up on the bed watching John
and Maria "How does Maria feel, John?"

"Mmmmm... she feels great..." John says as he smiles at Torrie for a moment
as he smoothly increases the pace of his thrusts. John starts to easily rock
Maria back against him as he pumps his fourteen inch cock deeper into Maria's
tight pussy.

Maria presses her soft, perky lips together as she smoothly guides her
adorable, tanned body back against John's cock to presses her cute ass back
against John's muscular waist as she pushes back at a rougher pace "Ohhhhh!"

"Mmmmm... damn Maria.... pushing back a bit hard...." John laughs a bit as
he thrusts his cock in and out of Maria's wet and warm pussy. John's large
balls slap against Maria's smooth skin as sweat starts to drip down his hot,
muscular body.

Torrie licks her lips as she glances over at John and locks her seductive
eyes with him "I can't wait to have some of you again..." Torrie says with
a laugh.

John laughs a bit, "Ahhh... mmmm.... damn... there's only one of me...."
John grunts as he continues to fuck the adorable Maria's tight pussy with his
large cock. John then holds his cock deep inside of Maria's pussy, letting it
settle before he starts to pull out. Maria scrunches her nose as she feels
John's cock pulling out of her sweet, wet pussy. Maria laughs a bit as she
slowly turns around on her knees to face John, while Torrie moves to kneel
next to Maria. The two beautiful and sexy Diva both look up lustfully at the
muscular John Cena.

John Cena looks at the two hot Divas, "Ummm... looks like I need to rise on
up..." John says with a laugh. The hot, muscular stud then stands up on the
luxury sized bed. Torrie and Maria both smile as Torrie places her left hand
on John's shaft and Maria places her right hand on John's shaft as the two
begin to gently stroke John's rock hard cock. Torrie leans her head in and
gently flicks her tongue against the head of John's cock while Maria lowers
her head and playfully flicks her tongue against his ball sack.

"Mmmmm.... ohhh damn..." John Cena moans as he looks down at the two gorgeous
Divas as they both stroke his cock and flick their tongue against the head of
his cock and his large ball sack. John puts his hands on his muscular waist
and closes his eyes as Torrie and Maria double team him.

Maria closes her eyes as she gently drags her wet tongue against his ball
sack before she starts to gently move her tongue up his hard shaft "Mmmm..."
Maria happily moans before Torrie opens her mouth and takes the head of
John's cock into her sensual mouth to suck off the muscular RAW Superstar.

"Ahhh... ohhhh yea... mmm..." John Cena moans as he opens his eyes and looks
down to watch Torrie bobbing her head on the upper portions of his fourteen
inch cock. "Ohhh damn you two are great..." Torrie locks her seductive, sweet
eyes with John Cena as she smoothly moves her head on the tip of John's cock,
tightly sucking while Maria playfully flicks her cute tongue against his

"Ahhhh... ohhh shit...." John moans loudly as he begins to cum inside of
Torrie's warm, wet and very desirable mouth. John Cena wipes some sweat from
his forehead as he fills up Torrie's mouth with his warm cum. Torrie slowly
pulls her head up from his cock and presses her soft lips together as she
holds John's warm cum in her hot mouth. Maria slowly sits up on her knees
before the Blond Bombshell suddenly turns Maria to face her and takes Maria
into a hot, sensual kiss as Torrie pushes John's cum into Maria's mouth.

"Holy shit.... that's fucking hot..." John says with a surprised smile on his
face as he lowers himself down on the luxury sized bed and lays down.

"Mmmmm!" Maria moans as Torrie kisses her as the adorably ditzy Diva takes
John's cum into her mouth and swallows it. Torrie breaks the kiss and smirks
at Maria.

John smiles and is about to say something but Maria beats him too it, "Ooooo
Torrie..." Maria says as she cutely scrunches her nose.

Torrie licks her lips and shrugs "I aim to matter who it is..."


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