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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Blond: The Mission Of Torrie Wilson - Fame Never Dies
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the famous Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, the Blond Bombshell
of the WWE Torrie Wilson is walking towards Mr. McMahon's executive office
after being summoned via text message by Mr. McMahon's executive assistant,
Jonathan Coachman. Torrie makes a right turn to go down a connecting hallway
and sees Coachman waiting for outside of Mr. McMahon's office. Coachman sees
Torrie right away, "Ah Torrie... glad you got the message... you could've
replied and let me know you did...." Coachman says.

The beautiful, blond Torrie Wilson raises an eyebrow and places her hands
on her hips "Yeah...and maybe next time you won't interrupt me while I'm
tanning..." Torrie says as she cutely smirks at Coachman, while he seems a
bit ticked with Torrie's response. Torrie innocently laughs "Coach...lighten
up...I'm just kidding..." Torrie presses her sensual lips together and shrugs
her shoulders cutely "So what's up with Mr. McMahon needing to see me?"
Torrie asks, while she is dressed in a pair of short jean shorts and a light
pink tank top.

"I have no clue... but he wants to see you right away..." Coachman says as
he opens the door to Mr. McMahon's office.

Torrie nods her head and smiles "Thanks Coach..." Torrie Wilson replies
before she enters the executive office of the WWE Chairman, Mr. McMahon.
Torrie glances over to the right side of the office, where WWE Diva Maria
is sitting with an adorable look on her face. Torrie smiles at Maria, but
then pauses as she also notices ECW Diva, Kelly Kelly, as well sitting on
the couch. Torrie suspiciously raises an eyebrow before she turns her
attention to Mr. McMahon.

Mr. McMahon is sitting at his desk and looks up once he hears the door close,
"So good to see you Torrie.... your timing is perfect..." Mr. McMahon says,
"We have a situation that needs to be taken cared of."

Torrie slowly nods her head "I had a feeling of that...what's going on?"

Mr. McMahon folds his hands, "There is a report of a manipulative Diva trying
to get back in the good graces of her extreme ex-boyfriend to reform their
power-couple... because of the partnership between ECW and SmackDown, I don't
want anything to jeopardize the potential success of their talent exchange."

Torrie Wilson gently folds her arms against her large chest and nods her head
"I see Mr. McMahon, that could cause a threat for both SmackDown and ECW"

"That is correct..." Mr. McMahon nods his head, "Now before you begin
your assignment, I want you to meet Kelly Kelly... she's going to be your
apprentice, or better termed a back-up in case your discovered by someone
your investigating."

Torrie raises an eyebrow as she glances over at Kelly Kelly and then looks
back at Mr. McMahon, confused "My apprentice?" Torrie shakes her head slowly
"I don't understand..."

"Torrie... I made a decision based on your encounter with Carlito... if
something were to happen to you, I want a back-up in place to take over where
you left of." Mr. McMahon says, "And Kelly has been on her own assignment for
some time now."

"She has?" Torrie Wilson asks as she glances back at the adorable, sweet
Kelly Kelly, who cutely nods her head with a smile


Mr. McMahon nods his head, "Now that pleasantries are done... Maria... you
may begin filling Torrie in on her assignment... and Kelly, you may return to
your assignment of keeping an eye on the Miz, you and Torrie can meet after
Torrie's assignment is complete."

Kelly Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and cutely scrunches her nose up
"Ok...good luck Torrie! I'm so glad we'll be working together..." The
adorable Kelly says as she gets up from the couch and exits Mr. McMahon's

Torrie nods her head " too..." Torrie says before she turns her
attention to the ditzy and cute Maria.

Maria smiles as she begins to walk over to Mr. McMahon desk to retrieve her
usual box filled with various items "Hey Torrie!"

"Hi Maria... what goodies do I get to handle this time?" Torrie asks as she
steps over towards Mr. McMahon's desk.

"Well..." Maria begins to say with a cute laugh before she reaches into her
box to bring out a pair of silver tinted high heels "I have a strong feeling
that you'll have to dress completely like a true A-Lister..."

Torrie smiles as she's handed the silver tinted high heels, "Wow... these are
gorgeous.... I think I got a great top to match these."

"Great!" Maria cutely pushes her shoulders up "Because not only are they a
girls best! But they will also work as a weapon...if needed."

Torrie laughs a bit, "Really? I love multi-function wardrobe... is there
anything else?" Torrie asks with a smile.

"Of course! Duh..." Maria says cutely before she reaches into her box of
tricks and reveals a pill bottle of Viagra. Maria scrunches her nose up and
then cutely looks over at Mr. McMahon "Ummm...Mr. McMahon...I think these got
in my box..."

Mr. McMahon's eyes go wide, and quickly takes the bottle of Viagra pills,
"These are not mind... but I'll make sure they are returned to who owns
them." Mr. McMahon quickly says.

Torrie laughs a bit, "Okay..." Torrie says as she presses her lips together,
trying not to laugh.

"Anyway...I do have one more thing for you..." Maria pauses and scrunches
her nose up cutely "'s more like someone for you..." Maria says
cutely before she looks at Mr. McMahon "I talked to Mr. McMahon and we both
agree since you're headed back to the 'Land of Extreme' might need some
help from an old friend..."

"Really?" Torrie asks with a raised eyebrow, "Who is it?" Torrie asks.

Mr. McMahon smiles, "I'm surprised you're asking..." Mr. McMahon hits a
button on the intercom on his desk, "Send him in."

A moment later, the door to Mr. McMahon's executive office, and CM Punk
enters. "Hi again Blondie..." Punk says with a smile.

The beautiful Blond Bombshell, Torrie Wilson, slowly turns around and a
smile appears on her beautiful face as she looks and locks her eyes on the
Straightedge Stud, CM Punk. "Punk?" Torrie says with a smile as she blushes
a bit.

Mr. McMahon looks at both Punk and Torrie, "I trust that you both can work
well together again...."

Punk smiles, "Oh we can... right Blondie?" Punk asks as he looks at the Blond

Torrie presses her soft lips together and nods her head "Oh...I think we

"Good... now I want you both to head up to Sacramento.... that's where ECW
and SmackDown is having their event tomorrow... I want this resolved before
the show starts." Mr. McMahon says, "You are both dismissed."

* * *

Inside of John Morrison's private limo on an interstate highway in
California, the Shaman of Sexy is sitting on one of the leather seats as he
listens with half-interest to his former girlfriend Melina. Morrison, who's
dressing in tight fitting light brown slacks and a white silk shirt, yawns
as he puts on his tinted sunglasses. When Melina appears to have stopped
talking, Morrison looks at her, "Are you finished yet?" Morrison says.

Melina pauses and slowly narrows her eyes as she glares at her former
boyfriend "No Nitro! I'm not!" Melina snaps at Morrison before she folds her
arms against her large A-List chest. Melina, dressed in a short jean skirt
and a tanned top, scoots closer to her ex-boyfriend. "Johnny...Johnny..."
Melina says in a manipulative tone "Don't you remember all those great
Hollywood parties?" Melina asks as she places her left hand on Morrison's
white silk shirt and begins to unbutton it.

Morrison raises an eyebrow as Melina slowly unbuttons his white silk shirt,
"My name is Morrison... John Morrison.... and I remember those parties...
you rode my coattails to get to each one..." Morrison says.

Melina raises an eyebrow as she locks her glaring, bitchy eyes with Morrison
"Did not! And...whatever..." Melina says as she shakes her head while she
continues to unbutton Morrison's white silk shirt, exposing her tanned and
impressively muscular chest and abs "Johnny...we were the top couple....We
were a golden couple! Remember when I, Melina, was the WWE Women's
Champion...and you were Tag Team Champion with...oh whatever his name was..."

"Ehhh... he was some guy who couldn't stay out of rehab... like Lindsay..."
Morrison says as he glances slightly at Melina's hands as she slides them
over his hot muscular chest and rock hard abs. "Regardless.... by getting
away from you... I became a World Champion...."

" didn't stay World Champion!" Melina says as she grits her teeth
slightly as she lowers her manipulative hands down to Morrison's belt and she
begins to unbuckle the belt around his gorgeous, toned waist.

"It was a fluke that I lost the ECW Championship.... CM Punk got lucky..."
Morrison says as he watches with half interest as Melina unbuckles his
expensive belt and slowly pull it through the loops of his slacks.

Melina slyly smirks "Oh yeah...sure..." Melina replies as she arrogantly
rolls her eyes while unzips John Morrison's brown slacks before she pulls
his large, thick fourteen inch cock out from his slacks. Melina hungrily
licks her lips as she locks her devious eyes with Morrison "Mmm...Nitro...
I remember you loved when I'd suck you off..."

"Melina... I told you... my name is Morrison...." John Morrison says as he
looks into Melina's devious eyes through his tinted sunglasses, "And you were
an okay cock sucker... some of the ECW girls can teach you something..."
Morrison says with a cocky tone. Melina narrows her eyes before she lowers
her head and opens her manipulative hot, wet mouth as she takes Morrison's
impressive cock into her hot A-List mouth. Melina presses her lips around
Morrison's cock and she begins to bob her head easily on his cock.
"Mmmmmm.... but you do a decent job when you want..." Morrison says as he
lets out a soft moan. The Shaman of Sexy places a hand on the back of
Melina's head as she lifts her head up and down on his long, hard and thick

Melina roughly slaps her wet tongue around Morrison's thick shaft, as her
manipulative lips brush back and forth against his cock while she quickly
moves her head on his fourteen inch cock. "Ahhhhh.... mmmm..." Morrison
closes his eyes and leans his head back on the leather seat as he enjoys
the quick way Melina is sucking his huge dick. The Guru of Greatness slides
his hand through Melina's hair as takes his cock further into her mouth.

Melina presses her teeth against his shaft and soothingly rakes them against
his cock as she quickens the pace of sucking the Shaman of Sexy's cock.
"Mmmm..." Melina moans while she roughly twists her head on his cock.

"Ummmm... mmmmmm.... ahhhh..." Morrison opens his eyes and licks his lips as
his former girlfriend bobs her head faster on his cock as she twists her head
around his fourteen inch cock. "Mmmm you've missed this more than I did..."
Morrison moans Melina closes her eyes as she slaps her manipulative tongue
roughly against his thick shaft as she lowers her head, taking Morrison's
cock deeper into her hot A-List mouth. Melina's lips grind against Morrison's
shaft while her saliva pours down his cock.

"Ahhhhh.... mmmmm.... uhhh..." John Morrison runs his fingers through
Melina's hair as his former girlfriend deep throats every inch of his
fourteen inch cock. Melina's wet saliva drips down Morrison's shaft and
onto his large, firm ball sack before she roughly twists her head on
Morrison's cock while the head of his thick cock presses against the back
of her hot A-List mouth.

The Shaman of Sexy licks his lips as he tilts his head back, "Mmmmm....
ahhhhh fuck...." Morrison moans as his large, thick throbbing cock begins
to erupt, sending warm thick cum into Melina's hot wet A-Lister mouth.

Melina presses her lips tightly around Morrison's throbbing cock as his warm
cum sprays into her eager mouth. "Mmmmmmm!" Melina greedily moans before she
lifts her head off of his cock and licks her lips, while swallowing the
Shaman of Sexy's cum.

John Morrison smirks as he looks at Melina as she licks her lips after
devouring his warm load, "Mmmmm.... you know.... maybe we can work something
out... " Morrison says with a smirk.

Melina raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks before she sits back, next to
Morrison, on the leather seat of the limo. "See Nitro...I knew you'd see
things MY way!"

Morrison raises an eyebrow, "My name is Morrison...." The Guru of Greatness
says with a slight smirk.

Melina sighs and arrogantly rolls her eyes "Yeah...yeah...whatever..." Melina
replies before she gets a sly smirk "Hey...Johnny, about we head
back to your hotel room...and discuss...our arrangement?"

* * *

The next day at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, California, CM Punk, dressed
in jeans, a Luck is For Losers t-shirt and a black jacket, is walking with
Torrie Wilson through the backstage corridors of the arena as the WWE
personnel set up for a evening's event that is taking place. "So Blondie...
did you miss me since we last teamed up?" Punk asks as he walks a step
behind Torrie to check out her ass.

The stunning, desirable Blond Bombshell, Torrie Wilson, glances over her
shoulders with a soft smile "Maybe..." Torrie cutely teases "Why...did you
miss me?" Torrie then asks as she notices CM Punk checking out her gorgeous
backside. Torrie Wilson, dressed in a pair of tight fitting jeans and a
black tank top, smiles as she looks back at CM Punk.

"Perhaps I did Blondie..." CM Punk says with a playful smirk on his face.
Punk quickens his pace so he's walking side by side with Torrie. "Cause it's
not often we get to work together in special circumstances..." Punk says.

Torrie slowly nods her head and smiles, while lightly licking her sensual
lips "Yeah... but let's just stay focused on your task..." Torrie suggests.

CM Punk jokingly sighs, "Oh all right.... so.... who are we looking for
again? Two people that was some sort of power couple?" Punk asks as Tommy
Dreamer comes walking towards him and Torrie. Dreamer has a disgusted look
on his face and is shaking his head, and Punk notices him, "Hey Tommy....
you going to innovate some violence tonight?" Punk asks.

Dreamer looks up and at Punk and Torrie, "Of course.... but I just saw one
hell of a disturbing sight...." Dreamer says.

Torrie purses her lips together and raises an eyebrow as she looks at Tommy
Dreamer, suspiciously. Torrie glances at CM Punk and nods her head slightly
"Ummm...what did you see?" Torrie asks as she folds her arms gently below
her large chest.

"Just saw Morrison go into his locker room with Melina..." Tommy Dreamer
shakes his head, "Morrison may have his head in the clouds... but if he hooks
back up with Melina... it's trouble... major trouble...." Dreamer says.

Torrie Wilson slowly looks over at CM Punk, before looking back at Tommy
Dreamer "Wait John Morrison and Melina...together?"

Dreamer nods his head, "Yes.... and the last thing the ECW brand needs right
now is an ego as big as Melina's on our show.... bad enough we have to be in
the same building as Batista..."

CM Punk laughs a bit, "I can agree with that..."

The beautiful, sensual SmackDown Diva nods her head and laughs a bit "Yeah...
me too..." Torrie presses her lips together and lightly shakes her head
"Anyway...back to the main issue. Tommy, do you really think Melina and
Morrison are hooking up again?"

Tommy Dreamer nods his head, "Yes... I've been around this business long
enough to know when people are getting back together.... and them stripping
in the hallway going into Morrison's locker room is a big sign."

Torrie makes a cute, disgusted face "Ewww...gross! She is such a bitch!"
Torrie says as she shakes her head "What could Morrison possibly see in her?"
Torrie asks, glancing over at CM Punk.

CM Punks shrugs, "Uh let's see... as much as I hate the guy... he gets a lot
of TV time here on ECW.... and she's an attention wanting little...."

"I think we got the picture..." Tommy Dreamer says, "I just hope something
comes along to prevent those two from hooking up again... I'll see you two
later..." Dreamer says as he walks off.

Torrie Wilson slowly locks her desirable, beautiful eyes with "Punk...I think
we better get to the bottom of this..."

CM Punk nods his head, "Yeah... but I prefer to get on top of some situations

Torrie raises an eyebrow and smirks a bit "Yeah I know..." Torrie then
pauses and lightly tosses her blond hair back "But...first we have to take
of this...then we can have our fun..."

* * *

Inside of John Morrison's private dressing, The Shaman of Sexy, wearing just
a pair of tight fitting gray pants, is making out with Melina on the luxury
sized leather couch. "Mmmmm..." Morrison moans as he swirls his tongue around

Melina closes her eyes as she places her manipulative hands onto his tanned,
impressively muscular chest while she closes her head and seductively,
heatedly kisses her former boyfriend. "Mmmm..." Melina moans as she sucks on
Morrison's bottom lips while dressed in a short jean skirt and a red laced

Morrison slides his hands around behind Melina and unhooks her red laced
bra as he keeps his tongue inside of her wet, warm mouth. "Mmmmm... mmm..."
Morrison moans as he begins to peel away Melina's bra from her large, round
tits. Melina leans away from Morrison and grits her teeth as she lustfully
narrows her eyes at the Shaman of Sexy while he removes her bra from her
large, hot A-List perfect tits.

"Fuck... you got some great tits Melina..." Morrison says as he starts to
lean his head towards Melina's large hot tits while he tosses her bra across
the room. Just as Morrison is about to take her left tit into his mouth, the
door to his dressing room opens and CM Punk enters, followed by Torrie
Wilson. Morrison looks at the trespassers in his dressing room. "What the
fuck?!" Morrison yells.

"Hey look what we found Torrie..." CM Punk says with a grin.

Melina stands up from the couch and narrows her eyes "GET OUT!" Melina shouts
as she glares at Torrie Wilson and CM Punk.

Torrie Wilson smirks as she stands next to CM Punk, locking eyes with
the dominating Diva, Melina "Damn really do give it up to
everyone..." Torrie says with laugh.

Melina slowly shakes her head as she grits her teeth, while glaring at Torrie
"Listen here you bitch!" Melina begins to yell.

"So what's going on in here? You two were going to fuck?" CM Punk says as he
closes the door to Morrison's dressing room.

"Yeah... now get lost... I'll kick your ass in the ring later!" Morrison
snaps as he glares at his Straightedge rival.

Punk looks at Torrie, "This looks like it could be loads of fun.... Two ECW
guys... a RAW Diva... a SmackDown Diva..." Punk says with a grin.

Torrie nods her head and smiles "Yeah...totally!" Torrie says with a smile as
Melina points at CM Punk.

"I would never fuck you! You're not even close to being on the A-List...
you're just so greasy haired..." Melina begins to say before.

Torrie cuts her off "Punk...Melina only fucks people without

Melina's mouth opens with shock before she shakes her head "Hey! That...
that...that isn't true!"

CM Punk takes off his jacket and lifts off his t-shirt, revealing his
tattooed upper body, "Really? Well... I'd like to see if that's true or
not..." Punk says as he starts to unbutton his jeans. Punk pushes them
down to reveal his fourteen inch Straightedge cock.

Morrison looks at Punk's dick, "Shit that's nothing special..." Morrison says
as he lowers his tight fitting pants to reveal his own fourteen inch cock.

Melina slowly lowers her manipulative, deadly glaring eyes to the hardening,
thick cock of CM Punk. Melina slyly smirks "You think you're so great!?"
Melina arrogantly says to the Straightedge Stud, while Torrie licks her lips
and takes a step towards Morrison and lifts her black tank top to reveal her
large, tanned tits, while she approaches Morrison "Oh you BITCH!" Melina
snaps as she watches Torrie approach her former boyfriend. Melina grits her
teeth before she suddenly drops down to her knees in front of CM Punk "I'll
show you..." Melina says before she roughly grabs hold of CM Punk's thick

CM Punk licks his lips as he steps out of his jeans and puts his hands on his
waist, "Show me what you got Melina..." Punk moans as Melina starts to stroke
his huge, fat cock.

John Morrison sits back down on the leather couch as Torrie Wilson comes
towards him, "Mmmm.... impressive..." Morrison says as he looks at Torrie's
large, round tits. The stunning Blond Bombshell smiles before she unbuttons
her jean shorts and pushes them down from her smoothly rounded, tanned hips
and down her stunning tanned legs to reveal her white laced panties. Torrie
tosses her blond hair back while she bends over and leans to softly kiss the
Shaman of Sexy's lips while gently gripping his cock with her hands.

Meanwhile, the A-List Diva Melina lifts her head and narrows her eyes as she
looks up at CM Punk while she roughly jerks her manipulative hands against
his shaft. Melina lowers her head and wickedly slaps her tongue against the
head of his cock. "Mmmmm... that's pretty nice..." CM Punk moans and smirks
as Melina slaps her hot wet tongue against the head of his huge cock. Punk
licks his lips as Melina flicks the top of her tongue against the piss slit
of his shaft as she keeps her eyes locked with his.

Meanwhile, John Morrison is enjoying the slow handjob she's getting from
Torrie as she teasingly lowers her white laced panties, "Mmmmm... that's
it... nice and slow..." Morrison moans as he watches Torrie's smoothly
shaved pussy becomes exposed as her panties get pushed lower and lower.

Torrie steps out of her white laced panties, completely exposing her smoothly
shaven pussy to the Guru of Greatness, John Morrison. Torrie seductively
smirks before she lowers herself down onto her knees in front of him and
opens her desirable, wet mouth and smoothly takes him into her mouth.
"Mmmmm...." Torrie softly moans as she begins to gently bob her head, sucking
Morrison's incredibly impressive cock.

Meanwhile, Melina slowly brings her wet tongue up CM Punk's shaft before she
opens her obnoxious mouth and deeply takes his cock into her greedy, A-List
mouth. The bitchy RAW Diva starts to quickly bob her head, sucking CM Punk's
fourteen inch cock. CM Punk licks his lips as he watches Melina bob her head
along the length of his large, hard cock, "Ohhh yeah... mmmm nothing like
being in the right place... at the right time...." Punk moans as he feels
Melina's lips being pressed tightly on his dick.

Back on the couch, the Shaman of Sexy John Morrison has a hand on Torrie's
head as she lowers lifts and lowers her head up and down on his huge fourteen
inch cock, "Ahhhhh uhhhhh... mmmmm...." Morrison moans as he closes his eyes.
Torrie tenderly laps her soft, wet tongue around Morrison's thick shaft as
she easily lifts and lowers her blond- haired head on his fourteen inch, rock
hard cock. Torrie's desirable, wet saliva drips down his long shaft while she
presses her sensual lips tighter against his shaft.

Meanwhile, Melina presses her teeth against CM Punk's cock as she begins to
wickedly rake her teeth against his shaft while taking his Straightedge cock
deeper into her manipulative mouth a while coating her saliva on his prick.
"Uhhhhh ohhh fuck... mmmm... guess Morrison never got the job done with
you...." Punk jokes as he puts both of his hands on Melina's head as she
rakes her teeth back and forth on his cock as she sucks it.

Back on the couch, Morrison has his eyes closed and is licking his lips as
Torrie continues to slowly bob her head on his cock, "Ohhhhh yes.... mmmmm
yes...." Morrison moans as he runs his fingers through Torrie's blond hair.
Torrie pats he soft tongue against the bottom side of Morrison's thick shaft
while she smoothly bobs her head deeper on Morrison's cock, taking over ten
inches into her wet mouth, while her sensual lips continues to brush back
and forth against his shaft.

Meanwhile, Melina roughly jerks her head up from CM Punk's, painfully grazing
her teeth against his shaft. Melina slyly smirks as she starts to stand up
"You're going to fuck it!?" Melina snaps as she walks over towards
the catering table inside of Morrison's locker room, before she pushes
several of the items off of the table and onto the floor. Melina arrogantly
smirks before she reaches down, underneath her jean skirt and removes her
panties while keeping the skirt on.

CM Punk smirks, "Yeah I got it... did you think I was going to fuck
Morrison?" Punk laughs as he glances over at Torrie bobbing her head on
Morrison's shaft. Punk walks over to Melina as she bends over the cleared
off table. The Straightedge Superstar pushes up Melina's jean skirt so that
it's bunched up over her hips and then he bends down to push his fourteen
inch cock into the A-List Diva's hot, shaved and tight pussy.

"Ohhhhh mother fucker!" Melina screams as she grits her teeth and closes her
eyes while feeling CM Punk's cock enter her warm, tight pussy from behind.
Melina hangs her head down as she firmly pushes her A-List perfectly toned
body back against CM Punk's shaft as he gradually starts to thrust his cock
quicker into Melina's wet pussy.

Meanwhile, the beautiful Blond Bombshell Torrie Wilson, gently holds
Morrison's cock deep into her wet mouth as her saliva coats his cock. Torrie
slowly lifts her head up from his saliva dripping cock and sweetly smiles at
Morrison "How was that?"

"It was some of the best head I've gotten lately..." Morrison says as he
leans forward to grab Torrie's arms in order to pull her up onto his lap. The
Shaman of Sexy lifts Torrie up slightly and lowers her hot, wet pussy onto
his fourteen inch saliva coated cock. "Mmmmm..." Morrison moans as he slowly
lowers Torrie on his cock while CM Punk is fucking his former A-List

"Oh yeah! Yeah! Fuck that cunt! Fuck it!" Melina screams as she grits her
teeth tightly while she roughly pushes her nicely rounded A-List ass back
against CM Punk's toned waist forcing his cock deeper into her deceptive,
warm and wet pussy "Yeah fuck that A-List pussy!" Melina screams as she
roughly jerks her body back.

Meanwhile, Torrie presses her lips together and tilts her head back as she
starts to gently and smoothly rock her gorgeously tanned body back and forth
on Morrison's shaft while he steadily thrusts his shaft up into her tight,
warm pussy. "Ahhhh ohhhh yeah..." Morrison moans as he keeps his hands on
Torrie's gorgeous waist as he thrusts his huge cock up into her pussy. The
Guru of Greatness leans forward slightly and takes Torrie's right tit into
his mouth and begins to suck on it as Torrie rocks on his thrusting cock.

Meanwhile, CM Punk is holding onto Melina's jean skirt that is bunched up on
her hips as he quickens the pace of thrusts, forcing his cock faster and
harder into her pussy, "Uhhhh... mmmmm... who knew you'd be into Straightedge
action.." CM Punk moans as his balls slap against Melina's smooth skin.

"Ohhh shut up!" Melina rudely screams as she glances back over her shoulder
to give CM Punk a deadly glare as the self-proclaimed Dominant Diva roughly
and powerfully slams her A-List body back against CM Punk's cock,
impressively forces his shaft out of her wet pussy. Melina slyly smirks "Oh
that's for Straightedge!" Melina snaps.

Meanwhile, "Mmmmmm..." Torrie Wilson moans as she feels Morrison's tongue
lapping against her right nipple while she smoothly grinds her soft,
delicious pussy against his shaft as she gently bounces her tanned body up
and down on his cock to ride the Shaman of Sexy.

"Mmmmmm... mmmm..." Morrison moans on Torrie's right tit as he thrusts his
cock into Torrie's pussy as she bounces on his huge cock. The Shaman of Sexy
lifts his head away from Torrie's tit and turns on the couch so that she's on
her back and he's on top of her, thrusting his fourteen inch cock in and out
of her desirable pussy.

Meanwhile, CM Punk has pulled his huge fat cock out of Melina's A-List pussy
and turns her around, "This is for the A-List..." Punk says as he lifts
Melina onto the table and has her lay on her back. Punk puts Melina's legs on
his shoulders so that has is raised slightly. The hot Straightedge Superstar
then pushes his fourteen inch dick into Melina's tight asshole.

"Ohhhhhh fuck!" Melina screams and grits her teeth as she slyly smirks at CM
Punk "Yeah fuck that A-List ass!" Melina moans as she begins to instantly
push herself on CM Punk's cock, as he thrusts it into her ass.

Meanwhile, Torrie Wilson wraps her smooth, tanned legs around Morrison's
muscular waist while she moves back and forth on the couch, underneath
Morrison to gently grind her pussy against his rock hard, thrusting cock.
"Ohhhh...ohhh" Torrie moans.

"Uhhhhh... mmmm fuck... yeah... ahhh..." John Morrison moans as he sits up on
his knees as he thrusts his fourteen inch cock in and out of Torrie Wilson's
warm wet desirable pussy. Morrison grabs Torrie by her waist to pull her
against him as he deeply fucks her pussy.

Meanwhile, CM Punk is sharply thrusting his rock hard Straightedge cock in
and out of Melina's tight A-Lister ass, "Ahhhhh... mmmm yeah... this ass is
on my list..." Punk smirks as his balls bang against Melina's smooth skin as
he helps the A-List Diva keep her legs on his shoulders.

Melina closes her eyes and places her hands flat on the cleared off
catering table as her hot A-List ass deeply takes CM Punk's rock hard, long
Straightedge cock "Ohhhh...fuck that ass! Fuck it!" The Dominant Diva moans
as she sweats while back and forth on the table. Meanwhile, Torrie Wilson
gently pushes her gorgeously tanned body against Morrison's thrusting cock
as she seductively licks her lips while locking her eyes with Morrison.

John Morrison slides his hands underneath Torrie's perfect body when she
arches her back and pulls her up so that her large tits are pressing against
his muscular chest, "Uhhhhh ohhhh fuck..." Morrison grunts as he bounces
Torrie Wilson up and down on his fourteen inch cock as sweat drips down his
body when he leans forward to deeply kiss the Blond Bombshell on the lips.

Meanwhile, CM Punk is quickly ramming his fourteen inch cock in and out of
Melina's asshole as he moves his left hand to her hot wet pussy and begins
to rub it, "Mmmmm fuck.... you like that?" Punk asks with a groans as he
quickly rubs Melina's pussy while he pounds her A-List ass.

"Ohhhh yeah! Fuck me harder!" Melina screams as she narrows her deadly,
deceptive eyes while her the bottom of her ass smacks against CM Punk's
toned, sweaty waist while forcing his cock as deep as he can into Melina's
ass. Meanwhile, with sweat dripping off of her tanned body, the Blond
Bombshell moans into Morrison's mouth as she sensually kisses the Shaman
of Sexy, while rocking and moving her beautiful body against his
impressively muscular body.

"Mmmmmm... mmmmm..." John Morrison moans into Torrie's mouth as he feels up
her gorgeous ass with both hands as she rocks on his cock. The Shaman of Sexy
slips his tongue into Torrie's mouth as he begins to cum flooding her pussy
with his warm cum. Meanwhile CM Punk is still slamming his huge cock deep
into Melina's tight asshole as he rubs her pussy with his left hand. Punk
licks his lips as sweat drips off his body while he gives the A-List a rough
ass fucking.

"Mmmm...I want to suck that fucking dick!" Melina moans as she slyly raises
an eyebrow and sits up on the table, while CM Punk thrusts his cock into her
tight asshole. Meanwhile, Torrie Wilson tilts her head back and licks her
lips, after breaking the kiss, as she feels Morrison's warm cum flooding her

"Ahhhh shit...." John Morrison moans as he closes his eyes as he leans
forward a bit so that he can lift Torrie Wilson off of his large cum spent

Meanwhile, CM Punk pulls his fourteen inch rock hard cock out of Melina's
asshole, "Well... here you go..." The Straightedge Superstar says as he
tosses his sweat soaked black hair back when he steps away from the table.
Melina smirks as she pushes herself off of the table and kneels down in
front of CM Punk. Melina narrows her eyes as she looks up at CM Punk while
she places her left hand around his thick shaft and guides his cock into
her manipulative, hot A-List mouth.

CM Punk licks his lips and lays a hand on Melina's head as she starts to bob
her head once again on his rock hard cock, "Ohhhhh yeah... mmmmm...." Punk
moans as he looks over at Torrie and locks eyes with her as John Morrison
sits on the couch with his eyes closed.

Torrie Wilson smiles and nods her head a bit at CM Punk before she scoots
away from the couch while John Morrison relaxes after his sweaty, intense
physical action with the Blond Bombshell. "Mmmmm!" Melina moans around CM
Punk's cock as her lips roughly grind against his shaft while she quickly
bobs her head, sucking his Straightedge cock.

"Ahhhhh.... uhhhhh... mmmmmm...." CM Punk moans loudly as he turns his
attention back to Melina. "Ohhhh yeah here's something for that list..."
Punk moans as he starts spraying his cum into Melina's hot wet mouth. Melina
wickedly slaps her tongue against CM Punk's throbbing cock as his cum sprays
into her manipulative mouth. Melina slowly lifts her head away and slyly
smirks while she swallows his cum.

CM Punk takes a step back away from Melina, "Now... that was pretty fun now
wasn't it?" Punk asks.

"Mmmmm fuck.... that was a delight for my night...." a tired John Morrison
says as he opens his eyes while he sits on the couch.

Torrie stands up and slowly walks over towards CM Punk, while Melina stands
up "He clearly isn't A-List..." Melina says while she rudely glares at CM

"Me? Not A-List? Oh come on..." CM Punk says, "I can at least keep it up for
more... cause it looks like Morrison is in no shape to continue...." Punk
says with a laugh.

Morrison gets up from the couch, "What are you talking about?" Morrison says
as he glares at Punk. "I can keep going.... just after I kick your ass out of
here..." Morrison says as he steps towards Punk and tries to take a swing at
him. Punk ducks the punch and hoist Morrison on his shoulders so that he can
knock him out with his Go To Sleep finisher.

"You son of...." Melina shouts as she starts to storm towards CM Punk. Melina
grits her teeth as raises her hand up to slap the Straightedge Stud, but
before Melina can, Torrie Wilson kicks Melina in the stomach before shoving
her into the wall.

CM Punk smirks a bit as Melina ends up slumping to the floor, "Damn
Blondie.... I don't know what's hotter... you saving me from Melina... or
your hot, gorgeous body..." Punk says with a grin.

Torrie folds her arms and glances at CM Punk with a smile "Punk...let's stay
focused...we still have to report back to Mr. McMahon..."

CM Punk playfully frowns, "We have to report back to him now don't we
Blondie?" Punk asks.

Torrie nods her head "Yes...we do..."

* * *

Hours later in one of the penthouse suites at a local hotel, a sweaty CM Punk
is grunting and moaning as he thrusts his huge fourteen inch in and out the
warm, tight and wet pussy of the blond haired woman he's on top of that has
her legs wrapped around his muscular waist, "Ahhhh uhhhh yeah... mmmm..."
Punk moans.

"Mmmm...ohhh yeah..." The blond haired woman moans with pleasure.

"Uhhhhh ahhhh mmmm..." CM Punk moans as he quickens the pace of his thrusts
as he fucks the blond haired woman. Punk deeply drives his shaft into the
woman's pussy as the door to the penthouse suite starts to open.

As the penthouse suite's door opens, the stunning Blond Bombshell Torrie
Wilson, steps into the hotel suite and pauses, raising her eyes as she hears
the rocking movement of the bed as well as the sounds of moaning. Torrie
smirks a bit and then laughs before she steps further into the suite and
places her hands on her smoothly rounded hips "Now what is going on here?"
Torrie asks with a laugh, pressing her sensual lips together, while she
stands in a short white skirt and a white top.

CM Punk stops thrusting his cock into the blond haired woman's pussy that
he's fucking and looks at Torrie, "Oh hey Blondie.... nothing much is going
on... I'm just showing Blondette here the ropes..." Punk says as he pulls his
cock out of the woman's pussy and gets off of her so that Torrie can see who
it is Punk was fucking.

"Hey Torrie!" The adorable, sweet ECW Diva and Torrie Wilson's new
apprentice, Kelly Kelly, says as she sits on the luxury bed with sweat
lightly coating her petite body.

Torrie raises an eyebrow as she glances at Kelly "I see you waste no time..."

Kelly lowers her head and blushes "Sorry Torrie...but I couldn't help
myself..." Kelly Kelly cutely admits before Torrie takes a step towards the

"Well is this only a two-person activity?" Torrie asks with a smirk.

CM Punk licks his lips, "Of course not... it can be a three person
activity.... four person.... five person.... and so on...." Punk then
smirks, "But first.... Blondie... you are a bit over dressed from where
I'm sitting..." Punk says.

Kelly scrunches her nose up and laughs "Yeah Torrie! You need to lose the
clothing!" Kelly says as Torrie Wilson sits on the bed, joining the naked
Kelly Kelly and CM Punk.

"I can't believe you two were actually going to leave me out of this..."
Torrie begins to says as she lifts her white top off of her upper, tanned
body to expose her large, tanned tits while Kelly sits back as CM Punk
moves towards Torrie.

"Well you were all business earlier Blondie..." Punk says as he leans forward
to put his hands on Torrie's hips to begin sliding her short white skirt down
her gorgeous tanned legs. Punk over his shoulder at Kelly and smiles, "And
Blondette was waiting for you when I got here..." Punk says as he looks at
Torrie and locks eyes with the Blond Bombshell.

Torrie seductively bites down on her bottom lip as she keeps her desirable
eyes locked with CM Punk, while he lowers her short white skirt down from her
tanned hips and down her smooth, tanned legs to reveal her hot, smoothly
shaven pussy before she moves a bit closer to CM Punk while on the bed "I
guess I can forgive...this time..." Torrie teases with a smile.

CM Punk smiles, "Aw thanks Blondie..." Punk says as he licks his lips. He
looks at Kelly and then at Torrie, "Hmmm... now how shall we do this..." Punk
says as he lays back on the bed, with his legs hanging off the edge.

Torrie smiles as she nods her head at Kelly "Come on...I'll show you some
real training..." Torrie says before she leans down while on the left side of
CM Punk and Kelly lowers herself to right side of CM Punk.

"Ok Torrie!" Kelly says with a laugh as Torrie gently grips her left hand
around Punk's stiff shaft and begins to gently brush her soft tongue around
the head of his cock. Torrie Wilson locks her eyes with Kelly and nods her
head slightly as Kelly leans down and begins to brush her tongue against CM
Punk's cock as well.

"Mmmmmmm... I think I'm going to like this a lot...Blondie and Blondette..."
CM Punk moans as he feels the soft wet tongues of Kelly and Torrie brushing
against the sides of his large, hard and thick cock. Kelly closes her eyes as
her soft, adorable tongue circles around the head of CM Punk's cock while
occasionally slapping against Torrie's tongue as she too, licks the head of
CM Punk's cock. The stunning Blond Bombshell smoothly moves her left hand up
and down his thick shaft, jerking his cock as well.

"Ahhhhh.... ohhhh yeah... mmmmm.... I love some Straightedge two on one
action..." Punk moans as he closes his eyes and puts his hands behind his
head as Torrie Wilson strokes his cock with her left hand as she and Kelly
slap their tongues against the head of his shaft.

"Mmmm...ohhhh" Kelly cutely moans as she flicks her wet tongue against CM
Punk's piss-slit while Torrie lowers her head and gently laps her tongue
against his large, firm ball sack to coat her saliva. Kelly opens her mouth
and takes CM Punk's Straightedge cock into her mouth and begins to gently
bob her head on his shaft.

"Awwww.... mmmmm ohhhh yea..." CM Punk moans as Kelly bobs her head slowly on
his cock. Punk opens his eyes and sits up a bit to watch Kelly gently sucking
his cock as Torrie flicks his large balls.

"Mmmmm...mmmm..." Kelly Kelly gently moans while her soft lips brush against
his shaft while she eagerly bobs her head at a smooth rate, sucking his cock.
Kelly gently laps her wet tongue around his thick shaft while the Blond
Bombshell Torrie Wilson slides her sensual tongue back and forth against his
firm ball sack.

"Mmmm uhhh damn... Blondie... Blondette... how about... I get really
Straightedge with one of you...." CM Punk moans as Kelly bobs her head
quickly on his cock as Torrie coats his balls with her warm saliva.

Torrie slowly lifts her head away and smirks "And you can start with me..."
Torrie says with a laugh as Kelly slowly lifts her head off of CM Punk's cock
"Yeah Torrie! He is so amazing!" Kelly says with a cute smile as Torrie moves
up towards CM Punk.

"Yeah Kelly...I know..." Torrie smiles.

CM Punk licks his lips as he gets on to his knees, "Yeah Blondette... Blondie
knows... a lot..." Punk says as he watches the Blond Bombshell Torrie Wilson
get on her hands and knees in front of him. Once Torrie is in position, Punk
guides his large fourteen inch cock towards Torrie's warm, tight and very
desirable pussy and pushes it into her with an slow, but firm thrust.

"Mmmmm...ohhhhh..." Torrie moans and presses her lips together as she gently
pushes back against CM Punk's thrusting cock. Torrie places her hands onto
the bed and smiles while she smoothly rocks back and forth against his cock.
Kelly sits up onto her knees and smiles as she moves towards CM Punk and
watches his shaft thrusting into Torrie's pussy from behind.

"Mmmmm ohhhh yeah... mmmm..." CM Punk moans as he holds on to Torrie's
gorgeous hips as he thrusts his large hard and thick cock in and out of
Torrie's warm tight pussy. "Mmmm damn... you're way better than Melina..."
Punk moans as he starts to quicken the pace of his thrusts.

Torrie bites down on her bottom lip as her gorgeously tanned body smoothly
pushes back against his rock hard cock "Ohhhh...ohhhh shit!" Torrie moans as
her nicely rounded ass smacks back against his toned waist. "Mmmmmm..."
Torrie moans as she feels his cock deeper inside of her pussy. Kelly smiles
as she leans up and softly kisses the side of CM Punk's neck as he fucks
Torrie Wilson.

"Mmmmm.... hey Blondette... what are you up to?" Punk asks as he feels
Kelly's soft lips on the side of his neck as he pumps his cock in and out
of Torrie's tight wet pussy. Punk takes a hand off of Torrie's hips and
wraps his arm around Kelly's body, pulling her a bit closer to him as he
fucks Torrie.

Kelly smiles and laughs as she moves closer and flicks her soft tongue
against CM Punk's lips before gently kissing him while the beautiful Blond
Bombshell firmly pushes herself back against CM Punk's deeply thrusting cock
"Ohhhhh!" Torrie moans as his balls smack against her tanned skin.

CM Punk parts his lips and slips his tongue against Kelly's tongue as he
continues to pump his cock in and out of Torrie's warm pussy. "Mmmm...
yeah..." Punk moans as he breaks the kiss with Kelly and pulls his huge
cock out of Torrie's pussy, "Hey Blondie... how about Blondette goes for
a ride?"

Torrie smiles "You think she can take it?"

"I bet she can..." CM Punk says as he moves on the bed so that he's able to
lay down between Torrie and Kelly. Punk looks at Kelly and licks his lips,
"Come on Blondette.... I just made a bet..." Punk says.

Kelly scrunches her nose up cutely and laughs as she gently lifts her petite
body onto CM Punk's rock hard, fourteen inch cock as she lowers her pussy
onto his shaft "Ohhhhhhh..." Kelly moans, placing her hands against his
smooth, toned chest before she starts to gently rock back and forth on his

"Mmmmmmm... ohhh yeah... she can take it Blondie..." CM Punk moans as he
places his hands on Kelly Kelly's smooth hips and helps her rock back and
forth on his fourteen inch cock.

Torrie smirks as she sits on her knees, watching Kelly Kelly rock back and
forth on CM Punk's shaft "Yeah, go Kelly...ride him girl!" Torrie says with
laugh while Kelly Kelly eagerly and gently bounces on his cock

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh!" Kelly moans as her petite body bounces swiftly on his shaft.

CM Punk licks his lips as the beautiful petite ECW Diva bounces up and down
on his fourteen inch cock, "Mmmmm... fuck.... Hey Torrie... why don't you get
on me too..." Punk moans as he starts to thrust his fourteen inch cock up
into Kelly's pussy.

Torrie licks her lips and tosses her blond hair back as she moves to join CM
Punk and Kelly Kelly "I'm not going to argue with that..." Torrie says with
a laugh before she gently lifts herself onto CM Punk's face, to brush her
soft pussy against his lips.

"Mmmm ohh yeah Torrie, I'm going great, aren't I?" Kelly Kelly moans as she
grinds her soft pussy against CM Punk's cock.

"Oh yeah're doing awesome!" Torrie replies.

"Mmmmmm... mmmm!" CM Punk moans as he lifts his head slightly so that he can
begin flicking his tongue against the soft lips of Torrie's warm, wet pussy.
Punk keeps his hands on Kelly's waist as he pumps his cock firmly up into her
pussy as she grinds her soft pussy on his huge shaft.

Torrie tilts her head back and begins to gently move against CM Punk's face
as his tongue flick against her soft pussy "Ohhhh...ohhhh Punk!"

CM Punk pushes his tongue up into Torrie's warm wet pussy and begins to dart
it in and out as Torrie rocks a bit on his face. "Mmmmm yeah..." Punk moans
as he thrusts his cock up into Kelly's pussy as he takes his hands off of her
hips and places them on Torrie's ass cheeks to give her a light smack.

"Ohhhhhh...." Kelly moans as her petite, tanned sweat dripping body bounces
quickly on his rock hard shaft while she smoothly grinds her beautiful body
on his shaft "Ohhhhhh...." Kelly moans as she begins to cum.

"Mmmmm... mmmm...." Punk moans as he feels Kelly's warm cum and pussy juices
flowing on his cock as she slows down her movements and relaxes after cumming
on Punk's cock. When Kelly lifts herself off of his cock, Punk pushes Torrie
up a bit from his face, "You and Blondette going to share again Blondie?"
Punk asks as he lowers Torrie back onto his face to resume licking her pussy.

Torrie smirks before she lays down on top of CM Punk while he slides his
tongue against her wet pussy while she opens her mouth and takes his cock,
dripping with Kelly's juices, back into her mouth as she begins to suck his
cock. Kelly Kelly licks her lips as the sweaty ECW Diva gently kisses CM
Punk's lower shaft.

"Mmmmmm... ahhhh..." Punk moans as he feels up Torrie's ass cheeks while he
flicks his tongue in a circular motion against her pussy. The Straightedge
Superstar lifts his hips slightly to push his cock up into Torrie's soothing
mouth, which allows Kelly to kiss more of his shaft.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm" Torrie Wilson eagerly moans as she presses her sensual lips
tightly around his shaft as she starts to bob her head at a quicker pace
while Kelly Kelly gently kisses Punk's large, firm ball sack.

"Ohhhhh yeah... mmmm..." CM Punk moans as he continues to eat Torrie's
desirable pussy as his fourteen inch cock gets double teamed by Kelly and
Torrie. Punk lowers his head from Torrie's pussy and licks his lips, "Ohhhh
yeah... ahhh...." Punk moans as he begins to cum inside of Torrie's mouth.

"Mmmmmmm!" Torrie moans around CM Punk's cock as his warm cum fills her
mouth. Torrie lifts her head up and gently sits up on CM Punk as she swallows
his cum.

"Ohhhhh Blondie... I love that..." Punk moans as he lays on the bed and looks
at Kelly Kelly and Torrie Wilson.

Kelly Kelly smiles and presses her lips together "Oh that was so much fun!"

"Yeah... so Blondie.... what should you me and Blondette do next?" CM Punk
asks as Torrie's cell phone begins to ring.

Torrie Wilson sighs as she glances over at her cell phone "It'll be you and
Kelly....I have work to do..."

CM Punk frowns a bit, "I man not be Ron Simmons.... but... damn..."

Torrie shrugs "Sorry...but duty calls..."


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