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ever happen (if it does, you can just say that we are that damn good). But
regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Blond: The Mission Of Torrie Wilson - Glamapussy
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Outside of the luxurious Double Tree Suites hotel in beautiful and sunny
Miami, Florida, the sensational and beautiful Blond Bombshell, Torrie
Wilson, is laying out on a beach chair at the pool side area while she
works on her gorgeous golden-brown tan. Torrie lays her head back and
closes her sunglasses over her eyes as she relaxes, wearing a delightful
white two-piece bikini. As Torrie puts her hands behind her head, her cell
phone begins to ring on the poolside table that's next to her. Torrie gets
an annoyed look on her face as she starts to reach over to get her cell
phone. "Hello..." Torrie Wilson says as she answers her pink razor cell
phone and tosses her gorgeous blond hair back while pursing her lips

"Torrie... it's Coach... Mr. McMahon needs to see you right away... it's an
emergency..." Coachman says from the other end of the line.

Torrie slowly sits up in the beach chair and glances around, surveying her
surroundings of the vacant pool side area "What's wrong Coach?" Torrie asks
as she starts to gather her towel and tanning lotion.

"I can't really say... all I know is that... Mr. McMahon said to contact you
to come to the arena where RAW is at right away before the show starts."

"Ok...I'm on my way Coach..." Torrie replies before closing her cell phone.

* * *

An hour later at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida; Torrie Wilson
is arriving at Mr. McMahon's executive office as she sees that the door is
opening as Jonathan Coachman looks out into the hall to see if she's coming.
"Oh Torrie... glad that you could make it... Mr. McMahon is waiting for you."
Coachman says.

Torrie Wilson, now dressed in a pair of tight fitting jeans and a white tank
top, smiles and nods her head "I got here as soon as I could..." Torrie
replies before she walks right into the executive office of the Chairman, Mr.
McMahon, while Jonathan Coachman holds the door opens for the sensual Blond
Bombshell before he then follows her in. "Hello Mr. McMahon..." Torrie says
as she walks up to Mr. McMahon's desk, while noticing her apprentice Kelly
Kelly and the executive designer Maria sitting on the couch inside of the

"Hello Torrie... please have a seat....Coach close the door..." Mr. McMahon
says as he sits in his chair and taps his fingers on his desk.

"Yes sir..." Coachman says as he closes the door to the office.

Torrie Wilson bites down on her bottom lip as she sits down in front of Mr.
McMahon's desk at one of the chairs "What's the problem Mr. McMahon?" Torrie
asks as she looks directly at the Chairman.

"Glad to see you're ready for your assignment..." Mr. McMahon clears his
throat, "There is a Diva reeking sexual havoc on the RAW Roster in the locker
room area... taking on and out whoever she pleases and needs to be stopped...
one of the RAW Superstars tried... and this Diva dominated him to the point
where he has to be granted a few weeks off."

Torrie raises an eyebrow as she looks at Mr. McMahon and then over at her
apprentice, Kelly Kelly. "Mr. McMahon...I don't know if I can go at this
alone...if this problem is as bad as it seems, maybe Kelly could come with
me..." Torrie begins to says as the adorable and cute Kelly Kelly smiles
and nods her head.

"Oh yeah! That would be so much fun! Me and Torrie working together, taking
out the bad guys!" Kelly says excitedly.

Mr. McMahon shakes his head, "No... I would send Kelly with you... however
she needs further training.... I don't want to put her in over her head just

"Awww man!" Kelly says as she lowers her head and frowns.

Torrie Wilson smiles at Kelly's reaction before she turns her attention back
to Mr. McMahon "Is there anything else I need to know for this assignment?"

"Yes.... Maria has some new equipment for you... and Coach has offered his
help to demonstrate them to you" Mr. McMahon says.

Coachman raises an eyebrow, "I did?"

Torrie smiles and laughs a little as she glances over at Jonathan Coachman
"He did?" Torrie replies as she glances back at Mr. McMahon and smirks a bit.

"Yes he did..." Mr. McMahon says as he looks at Maria, "Maria... you may
begin... Coach step forward."

Coachman gets a nervous look on his face, "Yes sir..." Coachman says as he
starts to step towards Mr. McMahon's desk.

The cute and ditzy executive designer for Mr. McMahon, Maria stands up from
the couch and starts to approach Mr. McMahon's desk to join Torrie Wilson, as
Kelly Kelly follows Maria while she carries Maria's latest designs inside of
a box. "Hey Torrie!" Maria says

"Hi Maria... what goodies do I get this time?" Torrie asks as she stands up
from the chair she's sitting on to get a good look at what Maria has brought.

Maria presses her lips together and places her hands on her smoothly rounded
hips "Well Torrie..." Maria begins to say as Kelly sets the box onto the desk
and Kelly hands Maria the first item, which Maria takes and then hands to
Torrie Wilson "Now Torrie this might appear to be normal lip-gloss..."

Torrie raises an eyebrow and smiles, "I'm guessing it's more than just normal
lip-gloss..." Torrie laughs a bit.

Maria nods her head and smiles "You bet!" Maria says with a cute laugh as
she places her hands together "With that will help act as a
lubricant to loosen the lock on a door if it is locked..." Maria says with
a cute smile.

"Hmmmm... better keep that away from some Edge... he might try to get into
someone's hotel room..." Torrie laughs a bit.

Maria scrunches her nose up cutely "Yeah...could you imagine..." Maria turns
back to the box as Kelly Kelly hands her a black high heel. " this is
completely awesome..." Maria says as she turns back to Torrie, while holding
onto the high heel with her left hand.

Torrie smiles, "It looks highly fashionable too..." Torrie says as she leans
in for a closer look.

Coachman gets a nervous look on his face, "What is it?" Coachman asks.

"Oh! I crafted this high heel to act as a boom-a-range!" Maria replies
"Coach would you mind catching this?" Maria asks as she cutely looks at Mr.
McMahon's Executive Assistant "Don't worry this won't hurt at all..."

Coachman raises an eyebrow, "Um... sure..." Coachman says as he prepares to
catch the high heel that Maria is holding, "Wait... why did you say this
won't..." Coachman starts to say.

"Ready Coach?" Maria asks as she steps in front of Torrie and prepares to
throw the high heel.

"Oh Coach! Your shoe is untied..." Kelly Kelly cutely calls out, pointing to
the untied shoe of Jonathan Coachman just as Maria throws the high heel.

"It is?" Coachman looks and bends down to check his shoe as Maria throws the
high heel, which goes past Coachman. "No it's not..." Coachman says as he
stands up straight just as the high heel starts to head back to Maria, but
instead it smacks him on the back of the head with a loud thud, and a moment
later, Coachman hits the floor of Mr. McMahon's office, knocked out by the
high heel boomerang.

"Wow... it works..." Torrie says as Coachman lays on the floor.

Maria scrunches her nose up "Sorry Coach..."

Mr. McMahon tries not to laugh, "All right... Torrie... you have your
equipment... RAW starts in a few hours... so I need this situation wrapped
up before then."

Torrie smiles and nods her head "I won't let you down, Mr. McMahon..."

* * *

A short time later, Torrie Wilson is roaming the hallways of the American
Airlines Arena as she passes by RAW's General Manger William Regal. Regal
notices Torrie and immediately calls out to her, "Ms. Wilson... a moment of
your time..."

Torrie pauses and turns to face RAW's General Manager, William Regal. "Yes,
Mr. Regal?" Torrie says as she presses her soft lips together.

"I'm so glad that Mr. McMahon has sent you to take care of this... problem
that RAW is having..." Regal says as he shudders slightly, "It's been
complete anarchy all day."

Torrie slowly nods her head "Oh...oh Mr. Regal, I didn't know Mr. McMahon
sent you" Torrie says as she cautiously glances over her shoulder "What can
you tell me about the problem?"

Regal sighs, "That horrendous.. hideous Beth Phoenix... is having her way
with the entire RAW locker room to satisfy her passionate desires..."

Torrie Wilson raises an eyebrow and makes a slightly disgusted look "Oh...

"Yes it's quite disturbing..." William Regal says as he shakes his head. "She
has been destroying the locker room one by one.... she needs to be stopped as
soon as possible."

Torrie slowly nods her head and presses her sensual lips together "Do you
know where she is?"

"From what I understand... she was spotted following Val Venis around the
city since this morning..." Regal says.

"Ok...thank you Mr. Regal..." Torrie Wilson replies as she starts to turn

"You're welcome Ms. Wilson... but do be careful..." William Regal says, "From
what young Kendrick told me... she is quite... bull like to manhandling those
who deny her."

* * *

Inside of the RAW Superstars' locker room, Val Venis has set his travel bag
down on the locker room bench after arriving in the arena a short time ago.
Val glances to his left and right, "Looks like I'm the first one here..."
Val says to himself. Val is dressed in a gray collared shirt and black

As Val Venis begins to unbuckle his belt from around his black slacks, he
pauses when he hears the sound of two footsteps entering the locker room.
"The weak the strong always survive..." The dominating, beautiful
and vicious Glamazon, Beth Phoenix says as the locker room door closes behind
her with a loud crash. Beth Phoenix wickedly smirks as she raises an eyebrow,
when Val Venis turns around to face her. The powerful Glamazon, is dressed in
a pair of tight black pants and a tight black top, with her WWE Women's
Championship draped over her left shoulder.

Val Venis raises an eyebrow as he looks at The Glamazon Beth Phoenix. "Hey...
this is the men's locker room..." Val says as he puts his hands on his waist.
"Although with you... some people could mistake you for a man with a jaw like
that..." Val says jokingly.

Beth Phoenix grits her teeth as she slides the Championship belt off of
her shoulder and allows the belt to simply drop to the locker room floor.
"Nobody insults someone as gifted with beauty and strength, such as I...
The Glamazon!" Beth says with fury in her voice before she charges towards
Val and impressively knocks Val down to the locker room floor.

"Whoa!" Val yells as he hits the floor roughly. The former Adult Film Star is
stunned and is gathering his senses as he remains in an extremely vulnerable
position, much to the delight of The Glamazon.

Beth Phoenix wickedly snickers as she presses her lips firmly together. Beth
mounts her muscular, beautiful body onto of Val Venis, pinning his arms to
the cold locker room floor "The Glamazon always comes out on top..." Beth
says before she viciously tears Val's gray collared shirt apart, exposing his
muscular, tanned chest.

Val shakes his head slightly as he tries to sit up, but Beth keeps his pinned
down on the floor, "Hey... that was a $50 shirt!" Val yells as Beth strips
the remains of his torn shirt from his tanned, muscular upper body. Beth
raises an eyebrow and smirks as she tosses her gorgeous blond hair back
before she lowers herself down Val's body and starts to roughly open his
black slacks, jerking them down from his muscular waist.

"Hey! If you want some of the Big Valbowski... there's better ways to go
about it!" Val Venis yells as Beth jerks his slacks down enough so that his
incredible thick twelve inch cock becomes revealed. Beth lifts her head and
wickedly glares at Val Venis as the powerful, exotic Glamazon sits between
Val's legs, after throwing his black slacks to the side. Beth roughly grabs
hold of Val's thick twelve inch cock and starts to roughly stroke her left
hand against his hardening shaft.

"Uhhhh ahhhh... fuck!" Val groans loudly as Beth Phoenix roughly pumps her
left hand up and down his fat hardening cock. Val grits his teeth as he
starts to sit up, but Beth uses her free right hand to shove him back down
with ease.

"Pathetic..." Beth says with a smirk before she lowers her exotic blond
haired head and opens her warm mouth, taking Val's cock. Beth firmly places
her lips around his shaft and starts to quickly bob her head, fiercely
sucking his thick shaft.

"Ahhhh... uhhh awww.... fuck!" Val Venis moans loudly as Beth Phoenix bobs
her head up and down on his fat foot long shaft. The former Adult Film Star
balls his fists but doesn't try to hit The Glamazon with his cock deep inside
of her warm wet mouth.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Beth Phoenix roughly moans against Val's cock as her lips
roughly grind against Val's shaft while she quickly moves her on his cock.
Beth twists her head as she lowers herself down his shaft as she starts to
deep throat his entire cock with ease.

"Ohhhh... ohhh my god!" Val moans loudly as he instinctively lifts his hips
to push his cock upward into Beth's mouth as she deep throats every inch of
his twelve inch shaft.

"MMMMMM!" Beth moans as the head of Val's cock smacks against the back of her
viciously hot mouth. Beth presses her lips tighter around Val's thick shaft
as she holds him deep in her mouth.

"Ohhhh god damn it... ohhh fuck...." Val moans as The Glamazon expectedly
sucks his cock to weaken him to the point where she knows he's not going to
fight back.

Beth Phoenix slowly lifts her head off of Val's cock and wickedly smirks as
her saliva drips down his thick shaft. "I'm ready for my pleasure..." Beth
says as lifts her top, exposing her firm and rounded tits. The powerful
Glamazon lifts her exotic hips as she pushes her tight black pants down from
her waist and removes them completely, revealing her wickedly hot pussy.
Before Val Venis has a chance to move, the Glamazon roughly mounts herself
onto Val's cock, lowering her tight Glamapussy onto his cock.

"Ahhhhh! UHHHHH!" Val grunts as he feels the weight of The Glamazon coming
down on his twelve inch cock. Val grabs Beth's hips to try and push her off
of his shaft, but she easily smacks his hands away.

Beth grits her teeth as she places her hands firmly onto Val's muscular chest
as she starts to wickedly rock back and forth on his thick cock. "Ohhhhh!
Ohhhhh fuck!" Beth moans as she closes her eyes and tilts her head back as
she quickly moves back and forth on Val's twelve inch cock.

"Ohhhhh ahhhh fuck... ohhh ahhh..." Val groans and moans as Beth roughly
rocks on his thick, hard cock. Val clenches his eyes shut and grits his teeth
as The Glamazon jerks his cock with each of her sharp movements.

"Ohhhh yes! Ohhhh everyone comes to defeat when they face the Glamazon!"
Beth Phoenix moans as she moves her hands against Val's muscular chest while
rocking back and forth at a quicker pace, as she bucks her hips to slam her
exotic body down onto Val's cock inside of her wet pussy.

"Ahhhh mmmmm ahhh uhhh!" Val bites his tongue as Beth bounces up and down on
his fat cock, and Val can feel Beth's ass cheeks slapping down hard on his
muscular thighs while she rides him.

"You like that!? Mmmmm I love it!" Beth moans loudly and leans back and
places her hands on Val's strong legs as she quickly and roughly bounces on
his rock hard cock "Ohhhhh fuck!" Beth Phoenix moans as she grits her teeth

"Fucking.... big... boned.... bitch...." Val manages to say in between his
moans and grunts as he tries to withstand the dominating sexual assault The
Glamazon is laying on him. Beth narrows her eyes as the exotic, powerful
Glamazon roughly rocks back and forth on Val's cock as she grinds her
wickedly wet and warm pussy against his shaft.

"Ahhh shit... fuck... ahhhh..." Val Venis moans as he clenches his eyes shut
as Beth roughly rides his twelve inch cock which begins to throb within her
Glamazon cunt.

Beth wickedly smirks as she leans forward and lowers her face to Val's
"The Glamazon dominates everything in her path..." Beth says, her warm and
seducing breath hitting against Val's face as she keeps her muscular body
down on Val's cock firmly grind herself down on his throbbing cock.

"Ahhhh uhhh fuck... you...." Val moans as the powerful, beautiful Glamazon
tortures his throbbing cock, expertly keeping him on the edge of cumming as
the former Adult Film Star begins to sweat.

Beth licks her exotic lips as she feels Val's warm cum spraying into her
pussy as she starts to roughly bounce on his throbbing cock again "Ohhh yeah!
You are so weak!" Beth moans.

"Ahhhh... uhhhhh ohhhh fuck!" Val moans as he cums long and hard inside of
Beth's hot Glamazon pussy. Val lays underneath Beth, completely worn out and

Beth slowly lifts herself off of Val and stands up with her teeth gritted
"You are weak...just like the others!" Beth says as she narrows her eyes
down at Val "Time to feel the wrath of the Glamazon!" Beth Phoenix says
with wickedly smirks.

"Hey Beth!" Torrie Wilson suddenly calls out from behind as she holds the WWE
Women's Championship. Beth raises an eyebrow as she slowly turns around and
comes face to face with her own Championship belt as Torrie hits Beth with
the belt.

Val Venis opens his eyes just in time to see Beth Phoenix falling to the
floor next to him after Torrie nailed her with the Women's Championship belt.
"What... what just happened?" Val says with a confused look on his face.

Torrie smiles as she extends her hands "Come on...let's get out of here..."

* * *

Back at the luxurious Double Tree Suites hotel, Torrie Wilson and Val Venis
are sitting on pool side chairs next to the heated outdoor Olympic sized
swimming pool. Val is dressed in dark purple swim shorts as he looks at
Torrie, "You know Torrie... The Big Valbowski is really grateful for what
you did earlier..."

The sensual, seductive and extremely beautiful Blond Bombshell, Torrie
Wilson, presses her soft lips together as she sits up slightly "Don't worry
about it Val...I was happy to help out..." Torrie says with a smile as she
is dressed in a stunning black two-piece bikini, that perfectly shows her
gorgeously tanned body.

Val smiles, "Trust me... I'm very glad you came along..." Val says as he sits
up a bit himself, "I really feel like I should repay you..." Val says.

Torrie raise an eyebrow and smirks a bit as she tosses her blond hair back,
turning to face the former Adult Film Star. "Well...I'm sure you could repay
me..." Torrie Wilson says in a soft, seductive voice before she gently mounts
herself on Val's leans and gently pushes him down onto his back before
lowering herself to gently kiss Val's lips.

"Mmmmm..." Val moans as he starts to return Torrie's gentle kiss as he lays
back down on the pool side chair. Val puts his hands on Torrie's waist as he
opens his mouth to allow her to push her tongue into his mouth. Torrie closes
her eyes as she slides her wet tongue against Val's tongue as she gently
rocks her seductive body on the crotch of Val's dark purple swimming shorts.

"Mmmmm..." Val moans against as he flicks his tongue against Torrie's tongue
as he feels Torrie rocks back and forth on his hardening crotch. Val breaks
the kiss with the Blond Bombshell and smirks, "You know Torrie... the Big
Valbowski can be very... very... appreciative..." Val says with a smirk.

Torrie smirks as she places her hands on Val's muscular chest and seductively
raises an eyebrow "Oh yeah? I think I'd like to find out..." Torrie replies
with a soft laugh.

Val licks his lips as he eases Torrie off of himself and lifts her on the
pool side chair. Val then eases himself off of chair and kneels on the ground
so that he can begin sliding down her black bikini bottoms from her waist
revealing her smoothly shaved and desirable pussy. "Mmmmmm.... nice..." Val
says as he removes Torrie's bikini bottoms from her legs before he leans his
head forward to flick his tongue against her pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhhh Val..." Torrie softly moans as she presses her soft lips
together as she leans her head back against the beach chair, while feeling
Val's tongue lapping against her soft, warm pussy. Val places his hands on
Torrie's smooth gorgeous waist as he begins to lap his tongue quicker against
Torrie's soft, warm pussy. Val's warm saliva drips from his tongue and onto
Torrie's pussy before he pushes his tongue into her.

"Mmmm...ohhhh...ohhh yeah Val..." Torrie moans as she gently grits her teeth
and gently grits her pussy against Val's lips and tongue as he flicks his
tongue around inside of her delicious and desirable pussy.

Val slides his hands back and forth on Torrie's smooth waist as he darts his
tongue in and out of Torrie's wet, warm pussy. "Mmmmm... mmm..." Val moans as
he glances up at Torrie and winks as he circles his tongue around inside of
her pussy.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!" Torrie moans loudly as she lifts her hands and
lightly pulls on her blond hair as she starts to grind her pussy at a
slightly rough pace against Val's lips "Ohhhh shit!"

Val keeps moving his tongue in and out of Torrie's pussy before he lifts his
head up from between Torrie's legs. "Told you I can be a grateful man..." Val
says with a grin as he sits on the pool side chair before he starts to push
down his dark purple swim shorts.

Torrie sits up and licks her soft, sensual lips before she moves off of the
pool side chair and positions herself down onto her knees in front of the
former Adult Film Star as he lowers his swim shorts "Mmmm...I've waited a
while for this..."

Val chuckles slightly, "Everyone woman has..." Val says as his extremely
thick and rock hard twelve inch cock becomes exposed. Val kicks off his
swim shorts and leans back on the pool side chair as Torrie sizes up his
impressive shaft.

Torrie raises an eyebrow and smirks "I can see why..." Torrie says before she
places her soothing hands around his thick cock and guides Val's twelve inch
shaft into sensual, hot mouth. Torrie presses her soft lips around his shaft
and begins to smoothly bob her head, while rocking back and forth on her

"Mmmmmm.... ahhhh...." Val Venis moans as he watches Torrie Wilson raise and
lower her head on his foot long cock. Val licks his lips and smirks, "Reminds
me of Jenna from the old days..." Val moans and smirks. Torrie lifts her
desirable eyes and locks them with Val as her soft lips smoothly rub back and
forth against his thick shaft while she starts to bob her head at a quick,
but gently pace as she slaps her wet tongue around his cock.

"Mmmmmm ohhhh yeah... mmmm..." Val moans as he lays all the way back on the
pool side chair as Torrie quickly bobs her head up and down on his cock. Val
puts his hands behind his head and closes his eyes as he feels Torrie's hot
mouth on his large dick. Torrie lightly twists her head on Val's cock as her
wet saliva drips down on his shaft before she opens her mouth wider and
lowers her head completely down on Val's twelve inches in order to deep
throat his cock.

"Ahhhh... mmmm that's it Torrie... mmmmm..." Val moans as the Blond Bombshell
known as Torrie Wilson swallows every inch of his thick, hard, foot long
shaft. Torrie taps her soft tongue against the bottom side of Val's thick
shaft before she slowly lifts her head off of his cock and smirks "
do I compare to Jenna?"

Val Venis licks his lips, "You compare very... very well to her... put you
both in my next movie and watch the box office explode..." Val says with a

Torrie licks her lips "I'd sure like to explode with passion...courtesy of
you Val" Torrie says with a wink as she sits on her knees, seductively
looking at Val Venis.

Val licks his lips again, "That is a request I'm glad to take..." Val says as
he sits up and leans forward to take hold of Torrie. The well-hung Superstar
gently pulls Torrie up onto his lap and lowers her hot, tight and wet pussy
onto his rock hard cock.

"Mmmm...ohhhh Val!" Torrie Wilson moans as she places her hands onto his
strong shoulders and begins to immediately rock back and forth on his rock
hard cock, inside of her warm pussy, while he sits on the pool side chair.

Val puts his hands on Torrie's perfectly tanned ass cheeks and squeezes them
as the Blond Bombshell rocks back and forth on his stiff cock. "Mmmm ohhhh
yeah Torrie... mmm..." Val moans.

Torrie leans her head back and closes her beautiful eyes as she smoothly
rocks back and forth on Val's cock, lightly grinding her soft pussy against
his thick shaft "Mmmm... Val... ohhhh..." Torrie moans as she starts to
lightly bounce on his cock.

"Uhhh mmmmm ahhh.. I see you've done this before...." Val moans as he keeps
his hands on Torrie's gorgeous ass as she bounces up and down easily on his
rock hard cock. Val then starts to rock on the pool side chair in order to
pump his cock upward into Torrie's pussy.

Torrie laughs as she moves her soft hands down to Val's muscular chest and
opens her eyes to lock them with Val "I usually don't sleep around and
tell..." Torrie says with a laugh as she continues to grind her beautifully
tanned body on his cock while she starts to sweat.

"Mmmmm... ahhh... don't worry... I can tell a lot about you..." Val groans
as he rolls over so that Torrie is laying on her back with him on top of her.
Val puts his hands on Torrie's hips and begins to firmly thrust his twelve
inch cock in and out of Torrie's tight pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhhh fuck!" Torrie moans as she wraps her smooth, tanned legs around
Val's muscular waist as she steadily rocks underneath Val's muscular body,
matching his thrusts from his thick cock. Torrie places her hands on Val's
strong arms as he quickly slams his cock into her.

"Uhhhhh ahhh yeah..." Val moans as he leans forward so that his muscular,
tanned body is pressing down on Torrie's while he pumps his shaft in and out
of her pussy. Torrie closes her eyes as she lifts her head and gently pushes
her tongue into Val's warm mouth, lustfully kissing him while she smoothly
grinds against his muscular body.

"Mmmmm..." Val moans as he slides his tongue against Torrie's tongue while he
firmly pumps his cock in and out of her tight warm pussy. Val's balls press
right against Torrie's smooth skin with each of his thrusts and sweat lightly
drips off of his body.

"Mmmmmm!" Torrie moans into Val's mouth as she gently sucks on his tongue.
Torrie presses her tanned legs tighter around his muscular waist as her pussy
clenches around his thick cock and the beautiful Blond Bombshell starts to

"Ahhhh uhhhh!" Val grunts and moans as Torrie sucks on his tongue while he
pumps his cock in and out of her cumming pussy. Val breaks the kiss with
Torrie and leans his head back, "Ohhhh Torrie..." Val groans as he starts
to cum inside of Torrie's hot, wet pussy.

Torrie closes her eyes and pleasantly lays her head back as she feels the
warm sensation of Val's cum unloading into her pussy "Mmmm.. Val..."

"Ahhhh... mmmm..." Val moans as he finishes cumming, "I told you I would be
very grateful...." Val says with a slight smirk.

Torrie smiles as she opens her eyes and looks at Val "You know...I have
another assignment...I could use some back-up."

Val grins, "Torrie... I'll gladly back you up... I do some great under cover

Torrie presses her luscious lips and raises an eyebrow "Mmm...I bet you do


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