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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Blond: The Mission Of Torrie Wilson - The Freaking Daylights
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the WWE training facility located at the Florida Championship Wrestling
complex in Florida, Torrie Wilson has just flipped her apprentice Kelly Kelly
over as she teaches her the latest skills that will help her on her own
missions, "Ow.... that was cool... but that hurt too..." Kelly says as she
wipes sweat from her face and slowly gets up to her feet.

Torrie Wilson laughs as she places her hands on her smoothly rounded and
gorgeously tanned hips "'s suppose to hurt a bit..." Torrie says as
she tosses her blond hair back while dressed in a pair of tight black workout
shorts and a light blue sports bra "Now...was there anything you want to go
over again?"

"Umm..." Kelly scrunches her nose, and she's dressed in a pair of tight pink
workout shorts and a black sports bra, "Maybe how to stop someone when they
have me pinned against a wall..." Kelly says.

Torrie slowly nods her head and then laughs "Ok...but it's easier to show on
someone...and Coach isn't here..." Torrie sighs and then smiles at Kelly
"Just remember aim for the groin..."

"Yeah I know.." Kelly laughs a little, "But..." Kelly is then interrupted as
Torrie's cell phone starts to the ring.

Torrie bites down on her bottom lip and holds her right hand up "Hold that
thought..." Torrie Wilson says with a laugh before she walk over to the near
left turnbuckle and reaches down for her cell phone that lays on the mat.
Torrie picks up her cell phone and answers "Hello..."

"Torrie... it's me, The Coach.... Mr. McMahon needs to see you right away..."
Coachman says from the other end of the line.

Torrie nods her head "Is there a problem Coach?"

"I think so.... Mr. McMahon wouldn't have me call you if there wasn't a
problem of some kind..." Coachman answers.

"Ok...I'll be there as soon as I can..." Torrie begins to reply before she
pauses and then smiles a bit "Hey Coach...quick question..."

"Fire away..." Coachman says, sounding curious about Torrie wanting to ask
him a question.

"Where were you today?" Torrie Wilson asks with a laugh "I thought you were
suppose to be here to help me with Kelly's training..."

"Ummm.... I wasn't feeling to well... from the last training session..."
Coachman says.

"What are you talking about?" Torrie asks "We went easy on you!"

"Ummmm I got to go Torrie... Mr. McMahon is calling me...." Coachman says as
he suddenly hangs up on Torrie.

Kelly walks over to Torrie, "Was that Coach? Is he coming?" Kelly asks with a
cute smile.

Torrie smirks "No Kelly...but I have a mission..."

"Really?" Kelly asks, "Do I get to come too?"

Torrie slowly shakes her head "No Kelly...I'm still have a lot
of training to get done...remember what happened with Hawkins and Ryder, we
can't allow that to happen again."

Kelly nods her head, "Yeah... I understand..." Kelly says as she looks down
a little before she looks up and smiles, "But I can wish you good luck!"
Kelly says.

"Of course...." Torrie smiles

* * *

An hour later at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Florida, Torrie Wilson is
walking towards Mr. McMahon's executive office. As she approaches the door,
Jonathan Coachman opens it to see if she's coming, "Oh hello Torrie... glad
that you could get here... Mr. McMahon is getting impatient..." Coachman

Torrie Wilson slowly nods her head "And did you tell him that I was working
with Kelly when you called?" Torrie asks with a raised eyebrow as she stands
in the hallway.

"Um... I think I did..." Coachman says as he steps aside to let Torrie enter
Mr. McMahon's office. As Torrie enters, she sees the somewhat ditzy, but
always reliably Maria sitting on the leather coach as Mr. McMahon sits behind
his desk tapping his fingers on the wooden surface.

Torrie smiles as she walks over towards Mr. McMahon's desk, while the
beautiful Blond Bombshell is now dressed in a pair of jeans and a white tank
top "Hello Mr. McMahon, I came as soon as I could..." Torrie says as steps up
to the front of Mr. McMahon's desk.

Mr. McMahon nods his head, "Good to see you Torrie..." Mr. McMahon says as
he clears his throat. "Coach... go get me a cup of coffee..." Mr. McMahon

Coachman nods his head, "Yes sir..." Coachman says as he leaves the office,
closing the door behind him.

Mr. McMahon looks at Torrie, "Torrie, a few hours ago I received a call from
Joey Styles and Tazz regarding a potential problem on the ECW Brand."

Torrie raises an eyebrow "I thought I had taken care of everything with
ECW..." Torrie asks as she gently folds her arms against her chest "What
could possibly be the problem?"

"An eager young educated Superstar..." Mr. McMahon says. "According to Styles
and Tazz... Matt Striker is attempting to recruit Superstars to join himself
and the most dominant force in all of WWE, Big Daddy V, in order to dominate

"Matt Striker? That little weasel?" Torrie shakes her head and laughs a bit
"Who would want to join him?"

Mr. McMahon chuckles slightly, "That's a perfect description of Mr.
Striker.... like another, more legendary weasel, Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan,
Striker putting together a group of talented and dangerous Superstars will
make things very unbalanced and put other Superstars in an unnecessary and
very dangerous situation."

Torrie looks at Mr. McMahon and nods her head "I agree...what do you want me
to do, Mr. McMahon?" Torrie asks.

"What you do best Torrie... investigate and if possible put a stop to it..."
Mr. McMahon answers, "Now as always... Maria has some equipment that may
prove useful to you... Maria you may begin your briefing."

Maria scrunches her nose up and smiles as she stands up from the couch as she
begins to approach Mr. McMahon's desk, where Torrie Wilson is standing. "Hey
Torrie! How are things going?" Maria asks with a cute laugh before she leans
down to pick up her latest box of designed gadgets. Maria presses her
shoulders up as she places the box of gadgets on the desk of the Chairman,
Mr. McMahon.

"Things are going good Maria..." Torrie says with a smile, "So... what
goodies to you have for me this time?"

Maria places her left hand onto her hip and smiles cutely "Well Torrie I
know you're just going to love them!" The occasionally ditzy designer for Mr.
McMahon says before she reaches into the box with her right hand and removes
a hot pink purse, which she hands over to Torrie.

Torrie smiles, "I was looking for a new purse..." Torrie smiles as she starts
to look the pink purse over. "Does this do anything special I should know

Maria presses her soft lips together and nods her head " bet it
does!" Maria says with excitement as she places both of her hands onto her
hips "I have expertly designed this state-of-the-art purse to act as...
ummm..." Maria scrunches her nose up "Uhh...rope...ummm thingy..." Maria says
before she shrugs her shoulders cutely "You unhook one side of the
shoulder strap and you throw it at your enemy.." Maria pauses and then smiles
"The shoulder strap will swing around, connecting back with the purse to trip
them up..."

"Oh... mmm... maybe I should try it first..." Torrie says as she unhooks the
strap and begins to swing the purse around.

"Be careful with that Torrie..." Mr. McMahon says as he moves away from his

"I will Mr. McMahon..." Torrie says as she throws the modified purse just as
the door to the office is opened by Jonathan Coachman.

"I got your coffee... whoa!" Coach yells as the thrown purse wraps around his
legs and he trips almost instantly, and he throws the cup off coffee aside to
catch himself before he falls. Torrie and Maria both cover their mouths in
shock however, as Mr. McMahon is now covered in the coffee he sent Coach to

Maria bites down on her bottom lip as she tries to hold back a laugh before
she turns to Torrie and whispers "That was funny..."

"That was close... I almost..." Coachman says as he starts to bend down to
untie the purse from his legs when he notices the coffee covered Chairman of
World Wrestling Entertainment. The color then slowly drains from Coach's

"Mr. McMahon.. that... that was...." "Coach...." Mr. McMahon grits his teeth,

Torrie Wilson's eyes widen at the sudden outburst by the Chairman, Mr.
McMahon. "Mr. McMahon...isn't that a bit was just an accident..."
Torrie says as she tries to defend the Executive Assistant, Jonathan

"Yes Mr., McMahon... it was an accident... I didn't mean it..." Coachman

"You're fired!" Mr. McMahon says, "You have messed up for the last time, now
get out of my sight!" Coachman bites his bottom lip and quietly leaves Mr.
McMahon's office. Mr. McMahon then looks at Torrie, "Torrie... good luck with
your mission.... I have to go find a new assistant..." Mr. McMahon says.

* * *

Later on in the arena's boiler room, Matt Striker, dressed in a black suit,
along with the most dominant force in WWE Big Daddy V, are meeting with the
fierce Superstar known as Kevin Thorn. "Kevin... I know you're at a cross
roads in your career.... not getting on ECW much because of the talent
exchange with SmackDown... losing matches in FCW and on non-televised
events... you need a complete new direction."

Kevin Thorn, dressed in black jeans, a black shirt and a black leather
trenchcoat, folds his arms, "I'm listening..." Thorn says as he looks at Big
Daddy V before looking at Striker.

"You need someone educated to guide your career... and with me in your
corner, you will be exactly what you were when you first came to ECW..."
Striker says. As the devious Extreme Educator, Matt Striker, converses with
the powerful Kevin Thorn and the destructible Big Daddy V, the beautiful and
sensual Blond Bombshell Torrie Wilson quietly sneaks into the boiler room and
raises an eyebrow as she hears the voice of Matt Striker. Torrie, dressed in
a pair of tight fitting jeans and a revealing white top, hides behind a tower
of wooden crates as she spies of the wicked teacher.

"I have no desire to be like that again... I want to be more..." Kevin Thorn

"Of course... of course..." Matt Striker says as Big Daddy V growls slightly.
"You want to be one of the dominant forces in WWE... I can make that happen,"
Striker says. Torrie bites down on her bottom lip as she leans a bit closer
to hear better. However when she leans closer, she accidentally knocks over
the top crate, sending the crate crashing down onto the boiler room floor.

Striker instantly looks over where the crate fell, "Big Daddy V.... we got
company..." The monstrously huge ECW Superstar nods his head and moves
quickly over towards where Torrie is hiding. With ease, Big Daddy V shoves
crates aside until he uncovers Torrie and he grabs both her arms to bring
her over to Matt Striker and Kevin Thorn.

Torrie grits her teeth as she swings her feet, kicking at nothing but air
"Ahhh let go of me!" Torrie yells as she struggles against the powerful
strength of the monstrous Big Daddy V.

Kevin Thorn grits his own teeth as he looks at Big Daddy V holding Torrie
Wilson while Matt Striker smirks, "Kevin... how about I show you... just how
great a good education can be?"

* * *

A short time later, inside of Matt Striker's locker room/class room, Big
Daddy V is standing against the door while Torrie is sitting at a student's
desk. Matt Striker and Kevin Thorn stand in front of her as Striker talks,
"You see Kevin... by being with me... you will get all of the great things
that come with an education..."

"I hear a lot of talk..." Thorn says.

Striker nods his head, "Not a man of words I see... Big Daddy V... if you
would be so kind to stand outside to make sure class isn't disrupted." Big
Daddy V nods his head and leaves the room while Striker picks up a ruler,
"Now that class is in session... Torrie... will you please rise." Striker
says as he smacks the ruler down on the desk.

Torrie Wilson raises an eyebrow and folds her arms as she looks up at Matt
Striker "Do you want me to change into a school girl outfit too?" Torrie
lightly snaps at the Extreme Educator as she stands up from her student desk,
looking at Matt Strike with no interest at all.

Matt Striker pauses for a moment, "Maybe later..." Striker says as he looks
at Thorn. "Kevin... as you see, she is your typical blond... not very bright
and she needs some education."

Kevin Thorn takes off his trenchcoat, "I'm sick of all this talking..." Thorn
says as he picks up the student's desk and throws is aside. The fierce ECW
Superstar then grabs Torrie and forces her down to her knees. The beautiful
Blond Bombshell Torrie Wilson bites down on bottom lip as she timidly sits
down on her knees, after being forced by Kevin Thorn. Thorn looks down at
Torrie as he undoes his jeans and pushes them down to bring out his
monstrously thick thirteen-inch cock. Without saying a word, the fierce ECW
Superstar puts a hand on Torrie's blond haired head and begins to force his
cock against her lips. Torrie's soft, sensual lips press against the head of
Kevin Thorn's cock before she slowly shakes her head. Thorn presses the head
of his monstrous cock firmly against her lips, forcing his mouth open and
shoving his cock into her hot, wet mouth.

"I would be more willing if I were you Ms. Wilson..." Matt Striker says as he
removes his suit jacket. "Thorn seems rather angry and not in the mood for
games..." Striker adds as Thorn begins to force Torrie to bob her head back
and forth along his big, hard dick.

"Mmmm...mmmm...mmmm" Torrie moans and closes her eyes as Kevin Thorn bobs
her blond haired head back and forth against his incredibly long and thick
cock, causing her soft and sensual lips to brush against his shaft. "Mmmm...
mmmm..." Torrie moans as her wet saliva drips on his cock while his cock
moves deeper into her mouth.

"Ahhhh... mmmm...." Kevin Thorn moans as he smoothly moves Torrie's head back
and forth on his long, hard and thick cock. The fierce ECW Superstar licks
his teeth as he watches Torrie as she appears to enjoy having his cock in her
mouth. Matt Striker removes his button shirt, revealing his toned and tanned
upper body before he begins undoing his slacks. Torrie slowly lifts her
beautiful, seductive eyes and locks them with the fierce Kevin Thorn as she
begins to bob her head at a smooth pace at her own will. Torrie Wilson gently
laps her soft, wet tongue around Thorn's monstrous shaft as her wet saliva
drips down his cock.

"Mmmmmm... ahhh..." Thorn smirks slightly as Torrie slides her tongue against
his cock as she bobs her head at a nice pace on his cock.

Striker lowers his slacks and briefs, freeing his twelve inch long, educated
dick. The Extreme Educator then taps the back of Torrie's head with the long
ruler, "Ms. Wilson... class must continue..." Striker smirks while Thorn
appears to get an annoyed look on his face.

Torrie Wilson slowly lifts her head off of Kevin Thorn's incredibly large
cock and looks up at Matt Striker, while her wet saliva drips off of Thorn's
thirteen inch cock. Torrie raises an eyebrow as she looks at Matt Striker
"Don't ever do that again..." Torrie says with a smirk as she indicates that
she wasn't too happy about Striker tapping her with the ruler.

"This is my classroom Ms. Wilson... and with that tone, I believe you may
want detention with Big Daddy V..." Striker says as he turns his head
slightly as if he's going to call the most dominant force in the WWE back
into the room.

Torrie makes a disgusted face "Oh please god no!" Torrie replies as she
shakes her head, trying to remove the image of Big Daddy V from her mind.

"Then..." Striker taps the top of Torrie's head with his ruler, "Learn some
respect..." Striker says as steps forward so that his cock is hanging a few
inches from Torrie's face. Kevin Thorn takes off his shirt to reveal his
fairly thick, but powerful upper body. Torrie takes a deep breath and lightly
tosses her blond hair back before she leans her head forward and opens her
hot, sensual mouth to take the cock of Matt Striker. Torrie's soft lips wrap
around his twelve inch cock as she begins to gently bob her head to smoothly
suck his cock.

"Very good Ms. Wilson..." Striker moans as he holds the ruler at a level
where part of it is resting right on Torrie's head as she bobs her head on
his twelve inch long cock. Kevin Thorn quietly steps around behind Torrie
and forces her to stand up so that she's bending over while blowing Striker.
Thorn then unbuttons Torrie's jeans and pulls them down from her gorgeous

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Torrie gently moans as she stands up, while bent over and
sucking the cock of Matt Striker. Torrie taps her soft tongue against the
bottom side of Striker's shaft as she continues to bob her head, gradually
sucking his cock at a quicker pace as Kevin Thorn removes her panties as
well to expose her hot, perfectly shaped tanned ass.

"Ahhhhh... mmmmm yes...." Striker moans as he closes his eyes as Torrie
Wilson bobs her head on his cock.

Kevin Thorn smirks slightly as he looks at Torrie's perfectly shaped ass
before he guides his extremely thick cock towards and then into Torrie
Wilson's warm tight pussy. "Mmmmm..." Thorn moans as he grabs hold of
Torrie's hips as he starts to thrust his cock in and out of Torrie's pussy
with firm thrusts.

"Mmmmmmm!" Torrie Wilson moans, wrapping her lips tightly around Striker's
shaft, as Kevin Thorn begins to thrust his massive cock in and out of her
warm pussy. Torrie lowers her head further down on Striker's cock as she
takes him deeper into her hot, sensual mouth while her lips grind against
his shaft. Torrie gently pushes her perfectly toned and tanned body back
against Thorn's thrusting cock.

"Ohhhh mmmmm someone must've gotten good grades before...." Striker smirks
as he taps the ruler on top of Torrie's head as she easily deep throats his
twelve inch cock. Kevin Thorn easily pulls Torrie back against him as he
pumps his cock in and out of her tight pussy.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Torrie Wilson moans as she impressively forces all of Matt
Striker's twelve inch cock into her sensual, seductive mouth. Torrie locks
her eyes with Striker as her gorgeous tanned ass constantly smacks back
against Thorn's muscular waist as he deeply drives his massive cock into her

Striker smirks, "I think it's time to advance this lesson..." Striker says
as Torrie holds his cock deep in her mouth. Striker again taps the ruler on
Torrie's head to have her lift her head off of his cock. "Kevin, if you would
be a gentleman and remove yourself from Torrie..." Striker says with a grin.
Kevin Thorn gets a look of extreme annoyance on his face before he pulls his
thirteen inch cock out of Torrie's warm wet pussy.

Torrie Wilson stands up straight and tosses her smooth blond hair back as she
presses her lips together and glares at Matt Striker "What next teacher?"
Torrie asks with a roll of her eyes.

Matt Striker smirks as he walks over to the full size desk that's in his
locker/class room and sits on it, "I'm sure a smart girl like you can figure
it out..." Striker says as he lays down on it.

Torrie rolls her eyes and makes a face "Oh...I can't wait..." Torrie says
sarcastically before she walks over to the large teacher's desk and gently
lifts herself onto the desk. Torrie takes a deep breath before she straddles
her beautiful, tanned body on Striker and lowers her soft, wet pussy down
onto his hard cock.

"Mmmmmm.... ahhhhh yes..." Striker moans as he continues to hold on to the
ruler, which he taps against the side of Torrie's left thigh as she starts to
rock back and forth on his cock. Kevin Thorn licks his teeth slightly as he
walks over to Striker's desk and climbs up onto it. The fierce ECW Superstar
then proceeds to push his monstrously thick thirteen inch cock into Torrie
Wilson's gorgeous, perfectly shaped ass.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhh...fuck...shit!" Torrie moans and grits her teeth as her
gorgeous asshole stretches as Kevin Thorn starts to thrust his cock into her
desirable, causing her to rock quicker on Striker's cock.

"Mmmmm.... ahhhh..." Thorn grunts slightly as he thrusts his cock in and out
of Torrie's asshole as she rocks between him and Matt Striker.

"Ohhhh ahhhh... mmmmm..." Striker moans as he taps the ruler against Torrie's
left thigh as he thrusts his cock upward into Torrie's tight pussy.

"Ohhhh...ohhh shit!" Torrie moans as she grits her teeth tighter while she
swiftly bounces on Matt Striker's twelve inch cock. Torrie places her hands
down on his muscular chest as her juicy ass roughly smacks back against Kevin
Thorn as he fucks her incredible ass.

* * *

Meanwhile, out in the hallway, the man known as Big Daddy V is standing
guard. The most dominant force in the WWE has his massive arms crossed over
his tattooed chest as he looks down at one end of the hallway, and then the
other. Big Daddy V then hears a noise coming from one end of the hallway and
goes to investigate. As he reaches the point where the hallway intersects
with another hallway, the huge ECW Superstar's head is struck with a thick
metal pipe. "Ahhh..." Big Daddy V goes down to one knee and starts to get up,
but he's struck in the head repeatedly with the pipe until he finally goes
down. The person who assaulted Big Daddy V throws the pipe down to the ground
and starts to walk to the locker room he was guarding.

* * *

Meanwhile, inside of the locker room/classroom of Matt Striker, Torrie Wilson
is bent over the desk as Kevin Thorn thrusts his massive cock in and out of
her pussy from behind, deeply ramming himself in her delicious, wet cunt.
"Mmmm...ohhhh fuck..." Torrie moans before she lowers her head on Matt
Striker's cock as he sits on the desk in front of the beautiful Blond

"Ahhhh... ohhh yes... mmmm that's a good grade..." Matt Striker moans as he
holds on tightly to the ruler as Torrie Wilson bobs her head on his twelve
inch cock. Kevin Thorn is grunting quietly as he firmly and quickly thrusts
his cock in and out of Torrie's tight wet pussy from behind.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Torrie moans as her sensual lips smack against Matt Striker's
thick shaft as she smoothly bobs her head at a quickening pace, drenching his
cock with her saliva. Torrie juicy, tanned ass repeatedly smacks back against
Thorn's waist as he slams his shaft deeply into her wet pussy.

"Mmmmm... ahhhhh... uhhh..." Kevin Thorn moans quietly as he keep pumping his
cock in and out of Torrie's tight pussy.

"Ohhh yes... ahhh yes..." Striker moans as Torrie continues to suck his cock
as the door to the locker room/class room begins to open.

Torrie slowly lifts her head off of Matt Striker's cock and spits her wet
saliva onto the head of his prick while her luscious, toned and tanned body
smoothly moves back against Kevin Thorn's powerful thrusts "Mmm...fuck...mmmm

"Hey... class is dismissed!" CM Punk says as he stands at entrance to Matt
Striker's locker room/class room. Kevin Thorn and Matt Striker are both
speechless as they both look over at Punk. Thorn pulls his cock out of
Torrie's pussy and starts to charge over towards Punk, who flips Thorn over
with an arm drag.

"No one interferes in my classes!" Striker shouts as he pushes Torrie's head
off of his cock and gets off his desk to rush over to attack Punk with the
ruler. Torrie stands up and bites down on her bottom lip as she glances over
to one of the student desks and notices the hot pink purse laying on the
floor. Torrie picks the purse up and quickly unhooks one of the shoulder
straps before she throws the purse down towards Striker's feet.

"What the...!" Striker yells as he doesn't have the time to brace himself for
the fall when the purse wraps around his ankles. Striker falls forward and
his head bangs against the edge of the desk, and he's knocked out by the time
he hits the floor.

Meanwhile CM Punk and Kevin Thorn are exchanging punches, but Punk then
ducks a vicious roundhouse and lifts Thorn up onto his shoulders. The
Straightedge Superstar then nails Thorn with the GTS, knocking out the
fierce ECW Superstar. Punk smirks at his handiwork and then looks at
Torrie, "Hey Blondie.... need some help?" Punk asks as he takes off the
shirt he's wearing and walks over to Torrie to hand it to her.

Torrie Wilson laughs a bit and smiles "Yeah...umm...thanks..." Torrie replies
as she takes CM Punk's t-shirt and slides it over her completely naked,
gorgeously tanned and sweat covered body.

Punk smirks, "You know... if I didn't know better... I say you were having a
good time..." Punk says as he spots Torrie's jeans, which he picks up to hand
to her.

Torrie rolls her eyes and then looks at CM Punk with a slight smirk "Oh

* * *

Hours later, high above the United States, CM Punk and Torrie Wilson are
flying in the WWE corporate jet towards the next town that is holding a WWE
live event. CM Punk is on one of the leather seats and is dressed in jeans
and in a 'Luck is for Losers' t-shirt while Torrie is on the phone with Mr.
McMahon. "Torrie excellent work in handling the Matt Striker situation..."
Mr. McMahon says.

The beautiful and seductive Blond Bombshell Torrie Wilson, smiles as she sits
across from CM Punk on a leather seat as well "Mr. McMahon you know that I'm
always happy to help out." Torrie replies as she's wearing a short black
skirt and a black top.

"That's good to hear Torrie..." Mr. McMahon says, "Now following the next
live event, you are going to have two weeks off, I feel you deserve it for
your hard work."

Torrie laughs "Oh you have no idea how much I could use a vacation..."

Mr. McMahon chuckles, "You've earned it... have a good flight Torrie..." Mr.
McMahon says before he hangs up the phone.

CM Punk smirks at Torrie when she turns off her cell phone, "So... Mr.
McMahon is giving you a vacation?" Punk asks.

Torrie glances over at CM Punk and smirks "Yeah I guess being an special
agent of his does have perks..." Torrie says with a soft laugh as she lightly
licks her lips while looking at the Straightedge Stud.

"Or... he heard how I bailed you out again..." CM Punk laughs a bit, "And
thinks you need some time to re-learn some skills..." Punk says as he gets
off his seat to move over to one closer to Torrie.

Torrie Wilson raises an eyebrow as she seductively looks at CM Punk "And I'm
sure he made a call to you to watch over me, am I correct?" Torrie Wilson
asks with an irresistible smile.

CM Punk licks his lips slightly, "I may have received a call to track you
down...." Punk says. "But anyway which way Blondie... I could swear you were
having some fun with those two.... I'm a bit jealous..." Punk smirks.

Torrie folds her arms against her large chest and slyly looks at CM Punk
"First...I wasn't having fun, just saving my ass...and second why are you
jealous?" Torrie asks with a slight laugh "You still got the hot babe at
the end?" Torrie says as she locks her desirable eyes with the Straightedge
Superstar while she scoots a bit closer to CM Punk.

"Well Blondie... it may have to do with the fact it's been five hours since
I saved you... and we're a mile up in the air... and still... I haven't
gotten any blond satisfaction," CM Punk replies with a grin.

Torrie licks her luscious lips as she smoothly slides off of her leather seat
and seductively crawls on her knees to sit between CM Punk's legs "Maybe I
should change that..." Torrie says with a wink as she places both of her
sensual hands onto the crotch of CM Punk's jeans and teasingly moves her
hands against his crotch.

"Maybe you should Blondie..." Punk says with a smirk of his own as Torrie
slowly moves her hands over his hardening crotch. "Mmmm..." Punk moans
slightly as he leans back on his seat. Torrie laughs as she feels the crotch
of CM Punk's jeans hardening as she gently moves her hands back and forth to
massage his crotch through the material of his jeans. Torrie locks her
desirable eyes and licks her lips as she places her left hand against CM
Punk's toned stomach as she gently pushes his t-shirt up slightly while she
unbuckles his belt with her right hand.

"Take your time Blondie... it's a long flight..." Punk says as he puts his
hands on the bottom of his t-shirt to lift it up completely to reveal his
toned and tanned chest as well as his tattooed arms. The Straightedge
Superstar takes off his t-shirt and drops it on the floor of the WWE
corporate jet. Torrie smirks as she slowly removes CM Punk's belt and gently
sets it down on the floor of the corporate jet. Torrie gently tosses her
blond hair back as she sits up on her knees, a bit higher, in order to push
his jeans down from his waist. CM Punk lifts himself slightly off of the seat
so that Torrie has an easier time in pushing down his jeans from his waist
until his quickly hardening, fourteen inch cock is totally exposed. Torrie
Wilson reaches forward with her smooth hands and wraps them around CM Punk's
cock as she begins to gently and smoothly move her hands against his hard
shaft. Torrie then lowers her blond haired head to gently flick her tongue
against the thick head of CM Punk's cock.

"Mmmmmm ohhh yeah Blondie..." CM Punk moans as he feels Torrie's soft wet
tongue flicking against the head of his cock. Punk licks his lips as he feels
drops of saliva dripping from Torrie's tongue that slide down his cock from
the tip down to his balls.

Torrie keeps her seductive, desirable eyes locked with CM Punk as she gently
slides her soft tongue around the head of his cock to coat her wet saliva.
"Mmmm...ohhh yeah Punk..." Torrie moans before tapping her tongue against the
sensitive area underneath the head of his cock.

"Ohhhh shit Blondie... mmmm!" Punk moans as he feels Torrie's tongue lightly
patting against the underside of the most sensitive area of his long thick
cock. Torrie opens her warm, wet mouth and lowers her blond haired head,
taking CM Punk's fourteen inch cock into her incredible, sensual mouth.
Torrie wraps her soft lips around his shaft and starts to gently bob her head
to eagerly suck his cock.

"Ohhhh fuck... mmmmm.... damn..." CM Punk moans as he closes eyes while
Torrie smoothly bobs her head up and down on his long thick cock. Every time
Torrie lowers her head on his cock, she takes it slightly deeper into her
warm, soothing mouth.

Torrie slowly lifts her head off of CM Punk's cock and tosses her smooth
blond hair back. "'re such a stud, Punk..." Torrie Wilson says with
a laugh as she stands up and lifts her black top, exposing her large tanned
tits before she starts to push her skirt down of her tanned waist.

"Damn Blondie.... your tan looks fucking great.." Punk says with a smirk as
he kicks off his jeans as he watches Torrie push her skirt down until her
smoothly shaved pussy is revealed.

Torrie smiles and cutely laughs "Thanks..." Torrie says as she steps closer
to CM Punk before she sits down on his lap, straddling his waist, as she
lowers herself onto his fourteen inch rock hard cock. "Mmmm...ohhhh yeah..."
Torrie moans as she takes his cock into her warm, wet pussy while she starts
to slowly rock back and forth on his shaft.

Punk places his hands on Torrie's gorgeous waist as she rocks back and forth
on his fourteen inch cock. "Mmmmm fuck...." Punk moans as he feels Torrie's
pussy grinding on his thick, long cock.

"Ohhhh...ohhhh yeah Punk!" Torrie moans as she places her hands onto his
toned chest as she easily rocks back and forth on his cock as he sits on the
leather seat of the corporate jet "Ohhhhh're so fucking hot!"
Torrie moans as she smoothly starts to bounce on his shaft.

"Ohhhh yeah Blondie... mmmm shit you seem to get hotter every time we hook
up..." Punk moans as he starts to rock on the leather seat in order to thrust
his cock upward into Torrie's tight, warm pussy.

Torrie bites down on her bottom lip as she slightly grabs at CM Punk's toned
chest "Ohhh...mmm...well I try..." Torrie moans with a laugh as she firmly
lowers her gorgeous, tanned body down on his incredibly thick cock.

"Mmmm shit.... fuck..... you do a good job Blondie..." Punk smirks as he
slides his hands to Torrie's ass while he pumps his thick, long shaft up into
Torrie's pussy while she rides him.

Torrie locks her beautiful, desirable eyes with CM Punk as she rocks forward
against his rock hard shaft, while she perfectly grinds her warm, wet pussy
on his shaft. "Ohhhh...mmmm...Punk..."

"Mmmmm yeah... uhhh..." Punk moans as he licks his lips. The Straightedge
Superstar leans forward on the leather seat and stands up slightly to turn
around so that Torrie is now sitting on seat as Punk pumps his cock in and
out of her warm, tight pussy.

Torrie smiles at CM Punk as she wraps her gorgeous, smooth tanned legs around
his waist as she starts to eagerly rock forward against his thrusting cock as
he impressively fucks the Blond Bombshell's pussy "Ohhh...ohhh yeah!" Torrie
moans as she leans her head back against the seat.

"Ahhhh yeah... mmmmm yeah Blondie..." Punk grunts a bit as he starts to sweat
while he fucks the gorgeous blond haired Diva. Punk puts his hands underneath
Torrie's legs to lift them up and spread them apart so he has an easier time
thrusting his cock deep into her pussy.

Torrie gently grits her teeth as CM Punk sharply thrusts his cock into her
warm, wet pussy "Ohhhhh...ohhhh Punk!" Torrie moans as she moves forward
against his cock.

"Uhhhh ahhhh..." Punk licks his lips as he increases the pace of his thrusts,
and his balls bang right against Torrie's smooth skin as every inch of his
shaft goes deep into Torrie's warm , wet and tight pussy.

"Ohhhhh....mmmmm Punk!" Torrie moans loudly as her pussy tightens around his
shaft and she begins to cum.

"Ohhhh mmmmm ohhhh Blondie..." Punk moans as he starts to cum inside of
Torrie's pussy as she cums on his thrusting fourteen inch cock. Punk pushing
his cock all the way into Torrie's pussy as he shoots his load in her. Torrie
closes her eyes and licks her lips as she tightens her smooth legs around his
toned waist as she feels CM Punk's cum flooding her warm and extremely wet
pussy. Punk keeps his cock inside of Torrie's cum filled pussy once he's done
and he smirks slightly, "Hey Blondie... how much of a vacation are you
getting?" Punk asks.

Torrie smiles at CM Punk as she opens her beautiful eyes "Oh...just a couple

"Really?" Punk smirks, "Well.. I guess I can ask for some time off too... to
help you keep from getting bored..."

Torrie Wilson raises an eyebrow and smirks a bit "And what makes you think
I'd be bored on my vacation...and need a little excitement?"

"Simple... I bail you out of a lot of tough situations..." Punk says, "And
I'm straightedge..."

Torrie slyly smirks before she replies "Well...I could use some company..."


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