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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Blond: The Mission Of Kelly Kelly - A View To Sensate
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden

Late at night in the hotel room of ECW's Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin, the
hot black Superstar is sitting on the hotel room's chair with his eyes locked
on the sly Asian Sensation Lena Yada as she sways her hips to some soft
music, "Oh yeah..." Shelton says and he's dressed in jeans and a white tank

The sly and seductive Asian, Lena Yada, presses her sultry lips together as
she locks her seducing eyes on Shelton Benjamin " like this baby,
don't you?" Lena asks as she sways her hips, while dressed in a short black
skirt and dark purple tank top. Lena slides her hands against her large, firm
tits before twirling around with her incredible skirt covered ass facing the
Gold Standard and she begins to impressively shake her ass.

"Oh yeah... I love it..." Shelton nods his head as his eyes become glued to
Lena's ass as she shakes it in front of him. Shelton licks his lips and sits
up straight in the chair as he watches Lena Yada.

"Mmmmm... damn...." Shelton says as he reaches forward to place a hand on
Lena's ass but she steps forward at the perfect time so that all he grabs is
air. Lena Yada seductively laughs as she turns around to face Shelton
Benjamin with her petite, sly hands covering her juicy tits. Lena licks her
lips as she slowly slides her hands down from her tits, revealing them to
Shelton before she drops her hands down to her short black skirt while
she continues to sway her seductive hips from side to side.

"Oh shit... this is fucking hot..." Shelton says as he looks at Lena's firm
juicy tits before he lowers his eyes down to Lena's hips when he notices her
skirt starting to get lower.

Lena locks her manipulative, sly eyes with Shelton as she inches her short
black skirt down from her waist as she lowers the skirt at a teasingly slow
pace. "Do you think I'm hot Shelton?" Lena Yada asks in a seductive voice as
her short skirt drop down her smooth, sensational legs to expose a pair of
laced black panties.

"Yeah... very... very hot..." Shelton nods his head slowly as he looks at
Lena's hot body.

Lena places her hands on her smooth hips and slyly smirks at Shelton Benjamin
"Do you want me?" The sly Asian Sensation asks as she playfully starts to
lower her black laced panties.

"Yeah... badly..." Shelton nods his head as he locks his eyes on Lena's
black-laced panties as she pushes them down to teasingly reveal part of her
smoothly shaved pussy.

Lena slides the black laced panties down her smooth legs and casually steps
out of the panties to stand completely naked in front of the Gold Standard of
ECW. Lena presses her lips together as she slyly approaches Shelton and leans
forward to whisper into his ear, as she places her hands down on his strong
legs "How bad?"

"Very bad.... I'll... do anything to have you..." Shelton replies as he feels
Lena's hands moving on his legs towards his crotch where Lean slowly
unbuttons his jeans.

Lena slyly raises an eyebrow as she unbuttons Shelton's jeans and starts to
slowly unzip the jeans "That's good to know Shelton...and lucky for you,
right now...I'm feeling very willing to do anything..." Lena says with a
smirk as she slyly sinks down onto her knees in front of Shelton as she rubs
her hands against the crotch of Shelton's unzipped and
unbuttoned jeans.

"Mmmm.... I want you.... to suck my dick..." Shelton says after watching Lena
get down to her knees. Shelton lifts himself slightly and pushes his jeans
down from his waist, to bring out his big, black twelve inch cock.

Lena Yada licks her lips as she places her hands around the base of Shelton's
hardening black cock to hold it steady "Mmmm...Shelton, I would love to..."
Lena says before she lowers her head and presses her wet tongue against the
halfway point of Shelton's long shaft and begins to slyly guide her tongue up
his shaft.

"Ohhhh..." Shelton moans as Lena playfully drags her tongue to the tip of his
cock. Shelton takes off his tank top, completely revealing his muscular upper

"Mmmm...ohhh yeah..." Lena moans as she flicks and guides her wet tongue up
Shelton's black cock before she reaches the head of his cock and opens her
hot Asian mouth, eagerly taking him into her mouth. Lena presses her soft
lips around Shelton's cock and starts to easily bob her head on his shaft to
gently suck.

"Awww.... ohhhh yeah.... fuck..." Shelton moans as he watches Lena Yada bob
her head up and down slowly on his cock. Shelton leans back in the chair and
causes a bit more of his cock to enter Lena's mouth as she teases him with
the painfully slow way she's sucking his dick.

Lena lifts her sly, beautiful eyes and locks them with Shelton Benjamin as
she starts to gradually bob her head at a slightly quicker pace, as she lifts
and lowers her head perfectly on Shelton's black cock "Mmmm...mmmm..." Lena
softly moans as she bobs her head.

"Awww ohhh yeah... suck that black dick..." Shelton moans as he closes his
eyes for a moment. He then opens eyes and sees Lena's hair fall down to cover
her face, and Shelton quickly uses his right hand to push Lena's hair up so
that he watch his cock going in and out of her hot, wet and sensational Asian

"Mmmmm...mmmmm" Lena moans lustfully as her soft, sultry lips brush nicely
against his black shaft while she starts to bob her head at a noticeably
quicker pace. Lena Yada's warm, wet saliva drips against Shelton's black cock
as she lowers her head further down his black cock, taking up to seven inches
of his black shaft into her small, hot Asian mouth.

"Ohhh shit.... ohhh yeah... mmmm fuck..." Shelton moans as he starts to
breath deeply as Lena bobs her head quickly up and down on his cocks. When
Lena looks up at him, Shelton's eyes become locked with her's sly beautiful
eyes. Lena slowly twists her head to painfully, yet pleasurably grind her
soft lips against his shaft as she suddenly takes a long, deep head bob to
take his entire black cock into her hot Asian mouth before she slowly lifts
her head from his cock. "Ahhhh fuck.... that was.... so hot..." Shelton moans
as Lena's warm wet saliva drips down on his foot long cock.

Lena Yada slyly stands up from the floor and smirks at Shelton Benjamin "Do
you still want me babe?"

"Yeah.... I do..." Shelton nods his head. Lena smirks and casually walks away
from Shelton towards the large hotel room bed. Lena glances back at Shelton
before she seductively crawls onto the bed on her hands and knees. "Shit..."
Shelton says as he stands up from the chair and steps out of his jeans.
Shelton then slowly walks over to the bed, his eyes locked onto Lena's
gorgeous Asian ass as she kneels on all fours on the bed.

Lena presses her lips together and glances back at Shelton Benjamin, licking
her lips with eagerness "Mmm yeah...I want you so bad Shelton" Shelton licks
his lips as he gets on the bed and kneels behind Lena. Shelton then runs his
hands all over Lena's ass before he pushes his twelve inch black cock into
Lena Yada's warm, tight and wet Asian pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhhh yeah..." Lena moans as she gently moves back on her knees to
push her petite Asian body back against Shelton's black cock before he begins
to thrust his cock in and out of her pussy from behind.

"Ahhh... mmmmm fuck..." Shelton moans as he keeps moving his hands over
Lena's ass as he pumps his black cock in and out of Lena tight pussy as she
pushes back against him.

Lena bites down on her bottom lip as she places her hands down firmly on the
large hotel room bed, feeling Shelton's thrusts becoming quicker and deeper
into her hot Asian pussy. "Ohhhh...ohhh yeah! Ohhh that feels so good..."
Lena moans.

"Oh shit.... fuck..." Shelton Benjamin grits his teeth as he quickly thrusts
his cock deeply in and out of Lena's pussy. Shelton moves his hands to Lena's
hips and pulls her back against him each time he rams his cock into her.

Lena slyly glances over her shoulder to look back at Shelton Benjamin as she
teasingly pushes back at a slow pace, making Shelton thrust his black cock
deeper into her pussy. "Ohhhh...yeah you like that tight little pussy, don't
you?" Lena moans.

"Ohhh yeah.... I love it... I love that tight little cunt..." Shelton moans
as he pounds Lena's tight wet pussy as she moves at a much slower pace than
he is.

"Ohhh Shelton...I want that black dick so bad! Fuck me wild!" Lena Yada moans
as she stops rocking on her knees and allows Shelton to piston his black cock
into her Asian pussy.

"Ahhhh shit yeah!" Shelton moans as he reaches around Lena and pulls her
upper body up so that her back is pressing against hot black body. The Gold
Standard of ECW recklessly drives his twelve inch black dick deeply and
rapidly into Lena's pussy.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhh yeah!" Lena Yada moans loudly as Shelton Benjamin
rams his black cock deeply into her pussy as her smooth back grinds against
his muscular chest "Ohhh! Mmmmm yeah!" Lena moans as sweat start to drip down
her body.

"Ahhhh uhhh shit yeah... mmmm!" Shelton moans as he grabs Lena's firm Asian
tits with both hands as he sharply drills her pussy with his big black dick.

Lena grits her teeth as her petite, hot Asian body roughly and forcefully
collides with Shelton's muscular black body as her jerks her body back
against his intense and roughly thrusting shaft. "Ohhhh! Ohhhh yeah! Fuck
that pussy!"

"Ohhh shit.... mmmm fuck!" Shelton moans as he drives his cock all the way
into Lena's hot Asian cunt as he starts to cum inside of her.

Lena licks her lips and closes her eyes as she feels his warm cum spraying
into her wet pussy. "Ohhhh...ohhhh yessss..." Lena moans before her sweat
covered body pleasantly collapses onto the bed while breathing heavily.

"Ahhh fuck... mmmm!" Shelton pulls his cum spent cock out of Lena's pussy and
then falls forward on the bed.

Lena presses her sultry lips together and slyly glances over at Shelton "So was it?"

"It... set... a gold standard..." Shelton says as he licks his lips.

Lena smirks and nods her head before she sits up on the bed "You remember
that..." Lena says as she glances over her shoulder to look at the clock "I
have to go..." Lena says as she stands up form the bed.

"No... problem..." Shelton says, "You... wore me out..." Shelton says as he
starts to close his eyes.

* * *

A few minutes after her encounter with the Gold Standard of ECW Shelton
Benjamin, the sly and seductive Lena Yada exits the hotel room completely
dressed. Lena presses her lips together and tosses her smooth hair back
before she closes the hotel room door. "Did it work?" Jonathan Coachman says
as he stands in front of the hotel room door that's on the opposite side of
the hallway.

The seductive Lena Yada glances across the hallway at Jonathan Coachman, the
former Assistant to the Chairman, and slyly smirks as she starts to walk
across the hallway towards the hotel room that Coachman is occupying "I think
so..." Lena says as she places her hands on her smoothly rounded hips.

"Excellent..." Coachman smirks, "I knew you were the right person to handle
this... but you have more work to do..." Coachman says as he hands a thick
envelope to Lena.

Lena raises an eyebrow as she takes the thick envelope and casually peeks
inside of the envelope to see a large amount of cash inside. "Is this all of
it?" Lena asks with a smirk.

"Yes it is..." Coachman says, "Now... I suggest that you target Kofi Kingston
next... he seems to be the current Superstar on the rise on ECW..."

Lena Yada slowly nods her head and licks her lips "Ok...I can do that" Lena
then pauses "There's just one thing..."

"And what's that Lena?" Coachman asks with a bit of a raised eyebrow.

"This plan you keep talking about...the one I'm helping with" Lena narrows
her eyes slightly "You still haven't told me what it is..."

Coachman smirks, "Lena... the details of my plan is on a need to know
basis... and right now... you don't need to know. But I will tell you this...
if my plan works out just right... I'll be getting payback on a lot of people
here in WWE."

* * *

A few days later, hours before the start of the combined SmackDown/ECW
tapings, RAW General Manager and Mr. McMahon's new assistant, William Regal
has just stepped out of Mr. McMahon's office and begins to walk down the
hallway and sees the individual he was sent to find passing by in a
connecting hallway, "Ms. Kelly. a moment please." Regal says as he jogs a bit
to catch up ECW's resident blond beauty.

The adorable Apprentice Agent to the Chairman, Kelly Kelly, presses her soft
lips together and cutely smiles as she looks back at William Regal "Oh hey
Mr. Regal!" Kelly says excitedly as she cutely waves at Mr. McMahon's new
assistant. Kelly, dressed in short jean skirt and a light pink tank top,
raises an eyebrow "What's up?"

Regal finally reaches Kelly and composes himself, and then looks around
slightly before he speaks "Mr. McMahon needs to see you right away... it is
very important..." Regal says as his tone of voice hints that it is very

Kelly Kelly scrunches her nose up and bites down on her bottom lip "
something wrong?" Kelly asks.

"Indeed there is... if you will follow me..." William Regal says as he turns
to walk back down the hallway towards Mr. McMahon's office. The adorable ECW
Diva follows William Regal back to the spacious office of the Chairman, Mr.
McMahon, which both individuals immediately enter without a moment of wasted
time. Kelly bites down on her bottom lip is confusion as she looks around in
Mr. McMahon's office to see both WWE Agent Torrie Wilson and the skilled
designer Maria seated at the couch in the office.

Mr. McMahon is looking at a laptop screen as Regal clears his throat,
"Ahem... Mr. McMahon... Ms. Kelly is here..."

Mr. McMahon looks up, "Very good...." Mr. McMahon says as he stands up as
Regal closes the door. "Kelly...we have a little problem..." Mr. McMahon says
as he pauses as if to find the right way to describe the situation.

Kelly Kelly looks down and bites down on her bottom lip as she innocently
presses her slender shoulders up "We do?" Kelly asks innocently.

"Yes we do...." Mr. McMahon says as he looks over at Torrie, who is sitting
uncomfortably on the couch, "Due to a medical evaluation by Dr. Rios our top
physician.... Torrie must take an extended leave of absence due to a serious
back injury, thus she cannot compete in the ring or fulfill her duties as an

Kelly Kelly's adorable and innocent eyes widen with a bit of confusion
"What?...What's going to happen then?"

Mr. McMahon turns his attention back to Kelly, "Because of the circumstances,
you are being upgraded to be a full agent... and take over Torrie's

Kelly cutely smiles "Really!? Full time agent!? No way!" Kelly says with a
slight laugh.

"Congratulations Kelly..." Torrie says with a bit of a smile before she gets
up. Torrie steps slowly over to Kelly and gives her a hug, "Good luck... and
remember not to let your guard down..." Torrie says.

Kelly Kelly nods her head "Oh I know Torrie...." Kelly pauses and then looks
down "Sorry to hear about your injury..." Kelly says with a frown.

"Me too..." Torrie says, "But don't worry... I'll be back sooner or later..."
Torrie adds, "Just be careful ok?" Torrie says before she begins to walk
slowly to the door.

Regal opens the door, "Your limo is waiting in the parking lot Ms. Wilson..."

"Thanks William..." Torrie says as she walks slowly as if not to strain
herself to much. Once she's gone, Regal closes the door.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip, timidly, as she turns to look back at Mr.
McMahon "So...when does my first assignment start?"

"Ah yes..." Mr. McMahon says as he sits back down on his office chair,
"According to my sources... Lena Yada has been influencing various Superstars
for her own desires... and at this moment, there is no details on what those
desires are... your assignment is to find out what's going on and to put a
stop to it."

Kelly slowly nods her head "Oh...ok..." Kelly then softly smiles "That's a
pretty big assignment..." Kelly says with a soft laugh before she firmly nods
her head "But I can do it!"

"That's what I like to hear..." Mr. McMahon says, "Now Maria has some
equipment that may be of some use to you... Maria... the floor is yours..."
Mr. McMahon says.

The often ditzy, but skilled Maria stands up from the couch and approaches
the desk of Mr. McMahon, as she carries her box of specially designed
equipment. Maria sets the box down on Mr. McMahon's desk and smiles at Kelly
"So Kelly are you nervous on your first big assignment?"

"Yeah... kinda..." Kelly says as she cutely bites down on her bottom lip,
"But I'm really excited too!" Kelly adds as she walks over to the desk.

Maria smiles at Kelly "Well I'm sure you'll do fine!" Maria says before she
turns to reach into the equipment box to extract a thin container of pink
lip-gloss which she hands over to Kelly Kelly.

Kelly raises an eyebrow, "Lip-gloss?" Kelly asks as she looks at the small
thin container.

Maria smiles and nods her head "Yep...and I've included a special chemical
that will at as a lubricant, so that you'll be able to pick open locks
easier..." Maria says with a cute nod of her head.

"Oh cool.... If I get locked out of my hotel room I can get into it.." Kelly
laughs a bit.

Maria smiles "Well...yeah...but it's purpose is if you need for your
assignment..." Maria replies before she glances back into her box and raises
an eyebrow "Hmmm...I might need help with this one, umm Mr. Regal?"

"Yes Ms. Kanellis?" Regal says as he walks over to the desk in order to
assist Maria.

Maria removes a flashlight from her box and hands the flashlight over to
William Regal before she turns back to Kelly Kelly "Ok Kelly...what I've
designed is a special flashlight with a high-powered beam that will blind an
attacker..." Maria presses her adorable lips together and looks back at
William Regal "Mr. Regal would you please turn on the flashlight?" Maria asks
before she hands out sunglasses to Kelly Kelly and Mr. McMahon, which they
put on and Maria puts a pair of sunglasses on as well.

"Of course..." Mr. Regal says as turns to point the flashlight towards the
far right wall of Mr. McMahon's office. Regal then turns on the flashlight,
and the extremely bright beam illuminates from it and reflects off a full
length mirror that's leaning against the wall and comes back to hit his eyes.
"Ahhhh!" Regal says as he drops the flashlight instantly and covers his eyes.
Regal stumbles backward and trips over Mr. McMahon's suitcase causing him to
fall on his ass.

"Impressive..." Mr. McMahon says as he leans over to look at Regal who is
rubbing his eyes and blinking them rapidly.

Maria bites down on her bottom lip and quietly laughs "I'm finished, Mr.
McMahon..." Maria says before she walks back over to the couch and sits down.

Mr. McMahon nods his head and looks at Kelly after taking off the sunglasses,
"Now Kelly... to assist you with your assignment, I've personally hand picked
your partner..." Mr. McMahon says just as there is a knock on the door.
William Regal has recovered from blinding himself and walks over to the door
to open it, revealing former ECW Champion CM Punk, who's dressed in jeans and
a black 'Luck is for Losers' t-shirt. "Kelly... meet your partner... CM

Kelly Kelly slowly turns back and instantly smiles as she sees her hunky
Straightedge partner for the assignment CM Punk. "Hey! Punk!" Kelly says
cutely with excitement

"Hey Blondette. looks like we'll be working under cover..." CM Punk says with
slight grin.

Mr. McMahon raises an eyebrow, "Now I hope you both will clear up this
situation with Lena Yada before ECW goes live tonight..." Mr. McMahon says.

"We'll get it done..." Punk answers, "Right Blondette?"

Kelly cutely blushes and nods her head "Yep!"

* * *

Elsewhere in the arena, Jonathan Coachman is inside of own private office,
talking on his cell phone, "Lena... have you accomplished your assignment
with your target?" Coachman asks.

Lena Yada releases a soft sigh over the cell phone "Not yet..." Lena begins
to reply.

"Lena... I need Kingston taken care of before ECW airs tonight.... when are
you going to do it?" Coachman says sounding a bit frustrated.

Lena softly laughs "Jonathan...Jonathan...relax, I scored a date with that
Jamaican hunk for tonight after ECW is done airing..."

Coachman grits his teeth, "I guess that will do... I will contact you after
your assignment is complete..." Coachman says as he hangs up his cell phone.
"I'll have to move up phase two...."

* * *

Later in the night, following the taping of ECW that is set to air as a live
broadcast during the taping of SmackDown, CM Punk and Kelly Kelly are staking
out the hotel room of Kofi Kingston. Punk peeks around the corner of the
hallway to look at the elevator at the far end of the hallway, "You know
Blondette... this probably isn't the way either us would plan to spend an
evening together..." Punk says as he looks at Kelly.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and cutely lowers her head "
would you spend an evening with me?" Kelly innocently asks as she stands next
to CM Punk as they stake out the hotel room of Kofi Kingston.

"Oh you know Blondette..." Punk says, "A little dinner... and a lot of
dessert..." Punk adds.

Kelly laughs "Dessert? Like chocolate cake?" Kelly asks as she looks at CM
Punk with a cute smile.

"Well.... in a way yeah...." Punk laughs a bit, but before he can continue a
loud ding to single the elevator doors opening is heard. "Hmmm looks like
someone has arrived..." Punk says as he starts to peek around the corner.

"Really?" Kelly, the newly promoted agent, asks as she peeks around the
corner to see Lena Yada stepping off of the elevator with Kofi Kingston.
Kelly accidentally sticks her blond haired head out a bit too far, which
causes CM Punk to instantly pull the petite blond back from being seen.

"Whoa... careful there Kelly... you went out to far..." Punk says as Kelly is
now almost sitting on his lap. Punk peeks out from around the corner as Kofi
and Lena walk towards Kofi's hotel room. Kofi, dressed in jeans and a black
and green t-shirt, takes out his hotel room key and unlocks the door.

Lena Yada slyly looks at Kofi Kingston and licks her seductive lips
"Mmmm...Kofi I hope you had a nice time tonight, I sure did..." Lena says,
dressed in short black skirt and a white top, as she places her hands against
Kofi's shirt covered chest.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she practically sits on CM Punk's lap
after being pulled back by the Straightedge Stud. "Should I got out there now
and stop them?" Kelly asks a bit confused as her nervous inexperience begins
to show.

"Not yet Kelly..." Punk says, "We got to find out what Lena is up to first
and then we kick butt..." Punk adds as he raises an eyebrow as he watches
Kofi and Lena.

"Yeah mon... I had a great time..." Kofi says to Lena as he pushes the hotel
room door open.

Lena presses her sensual lips together and locks her sly, beautiful eyes with
Kofi Kingston as she gently moves her hands against his muscular shirt
covered chest "You know...the night doesn't have to end yet..." Lena Yada
says as she lightly pulls Kofi Kingston with her as she boldly steps back
into his hotel room.

"Oh really?" Kofi says with a bit of a smile before he closes the hotel room
door behind him.

CM Punk looks at Kelly, "Looks like now would be a good time for us to move
in closer... what do you think Blondette?"

Kelly nods her head as she looks at CM Punk "Yeah..."

* * *

Inside of Kofi's hotel room, the Jamaican Superstar is sitting in a chair
watching Lena as soft music plays from a small CD player Lena had in her
purse. Kofi's eyes are locked on Lena's body as she seductively moves her
hips back and forth.

Lena Yada seductively moves her body to the music as she dances in front of
the Jamaican Superstar Kofi Kingston. Lena begins to lift her white top from
her sensationally perfect and hot Asian body to expose her nicely rounded and
firm tits. "Do you want me Kofi?" Lena slyly asks as she straddles Kofi's lap
and starts to grind herself down against his crotch.

"Yeah..." Kofi Kingston nods his head slowly and lets out a soft moan as Lena
grinds herself slowly on his hardening crotch. Kofi's eyes begin to glaze
over slightly as he listens to the music while looking at Lena. Lena Yada
places her hands onto his muscular shirt covered chest and begins to slowly
lift his green and black shirt from his muscular black upper body. Lena grits
her teeth and seductively narrows her eyes as she slides off of his lap and
drops down onto her knees in front of him. Kofi tilts his head forward
slightly so that his eyes remain locked with Lena as she begins to unbutton
his jeans.

Do you want me Kofi?" The Asian Sensation Lena Yada asks as she begins to
lower his jean down from his waist and down his strong black legs. Lena licks
her sensual lips as she places her hands onto his knees and slyly guides her
hands up his legs towards his green boxer shorts.

"Yeah..." Kofi nods his head slightly and speaks in a low, almost trance-
induced tone of voice as Lena begins to pull off his green boxer shorts,
uncovering his long, thick fourteen inch Jamaican cock.

"'s perfect..." Lena moans as she locks her beautiful, sly eyes on
the rock hard black cock of Kofi Kingston while she lowers his green boxers
down his legs. Lena then places her hands around his black shaft and she
begins to stroke her hands lightly against his shaft.

"Ahhhh.... mmmm..." Kofi moans slightly as Lena slyly moves both of her hands
up and down on his big, thick hardening cock.

Lena lowers her head and leans forward to slap her wet, soft tongue against
the head of Kofi's black cock. "Mmmmm..." Lena Yada moans softly before she
starts to circle her wet tongue around the head of his shaft.

"Ohhhh... ahhh..." Kofi licks his lips slightly as Lena Yada twirls her
tongue slowly around the large head of his huge cock.

" like that?" Lena asks as she pauses for a moment before
she opens her sensational, skilled and seductive mouth and proceeds to lower
her head and taking Kofi's black cock into her small Asian mouth.

"Ohhh yeah... mmmm..." Kofi nods his head and moans as he keeps his eyes
locked on Lena as she starts to bob her head slowly up and down on his huge
Jamaican cock. Lena begins to instantly smack her soft, wet tongue against
Kofi's black shafts as she skillfully lifts and lowers her head to suck his
cock. Lena Yada's sensual and soft lips press nicely around his shaft and
massage his cock as she easily bobs her head on his large black cock.

"Ahhh... mmmm..." Kofi Kingston moans as Lena increases the pace of how she's
sucking his cock while bringing her hands to his balls to play with them.

Mmmmm...mmmm" Lena seductively moans around Kofi's black cock as she
perfectly moves her head, bobbing, on his shaft while her wet saliva drips
down his cock. Lena slides her left hand against his black ball sack,
massaging his large balls as she continues to take his cock deeper into her

"Ohhh yeah.... ohhhh ahhh..." Kofi's moans get a bit loud as Lena takes
nearly ten inches of his cock into her mouth as she moves her left hand back
and forth against his ball sack.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Lena moans, lightly twisting her head around his black shaft,
as she impressively takes his black cock deep into her hot Asian mouth.
Lena's wet saliva drips out of her mouth and down the part of his shaft down
in her mouth, before the saliva rolls down onto his balls.

"Mmmmm ahhhhh..." Kofi moans as Lena holds his entire fourteen inch cock
inside of her mouth while she cups his balls tightly with her left hand.

Lena slowly lifts her eyes and seductively glares up at Kofi Kingston before
she lifts her head and tosses her black hair back " taste so good

"Mmmmm... thanks..." Kofi says in a tranced-induce tone as he looks into the
seductive eyes of ECW's Asian Sensation.

Lena Yada smirks as she places her hands on her skirt covered waist and slyly
looks at the Jamaican Superstar "You want more?"

Kofi nods his head, "Yes.... I want... more..." Kofi says as he looks at
Lena's skirt as she teasingly starts to push it downward.

Lena slyly laughs as she pushes her skirt down from her seductively rounded
hips "Oh you did? Do you want me bad, Kofi?" Lena Yada asks as the seducing
music from the CD player pounds inside Kofi's head.

"Yes.... very bad..." Kofi answers as he again nods his head.

"Prove me how bad..." Lena says with a smirk as she pushes her
skirt down her perfectly smooth legs to reveal her smoothly shaved and hot
Asian pussy. Kofi nods his head before he slowly stands up from the chair. He
then picks Lena up and carries her towards the bed and gently lays her down.
The hot, studdly, Jamaican Superstar then spreads Lena's legs and kneels
between them so that he can push his thick, saliva covered fourteen inch
black cock into her cunt.

"Mmmmm...ohhhhh! Ohhhh yeah..." Lena moans as she lays her head back on the
bed, while she feels Kofi's black cock smoothly thrusting into her pussy.

"Uhhhh... mmmm!" Kofi moans as he puts his hands on Lena's hips and lifts her
lower body slightly as he pumps his cock in and out of tight pussy at a
steadily increasing pace.

"Ohhh...ohhh yeah! Yeah fuck that tight little pussy!" Lena Yada moans as she
feels his black cock thrusting into her pussy at an increasing rate. Lena
closes her eyes as she starts to grind her wet cunt against his thrusting

"Ahhhh yeah... I love it...' Kofi moans as he thrusts his cock faster and
harder into Lena's pussy. Each of Kofi's thrusts are extremely sharp, and he
makes sure the ram himself deeply into Lena's pussy.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh yeah!" Lena moans louder as she quickly moves against the bed
while Kofi Kingston deeply and sharply rams his black cock into the Asian
Sensation's pussy.

"Uhhhh... mmmmm!" Kofi Kingston moans as he pounds Lena Yada's tight wet
Asian pussy as he fucks her on the hotel room bed. Kofi's big black balls
smack against Lena's smooth, gorgeous skin with each thrust. Lena grits her
teeth as she wraps her gorgeous, smooth legs around Kofi's muscular black
waist as she starts to rock underneath his powerful body as he deeply fucks
her pussy with his black cock. With Lena's legs wrapped around his body, Kofi
turns on the bed so that he's now underneath the Asian Sensation. Kofi keeps
his hands on Lena's hips and he starts to bounce her up and down his fourteen
inch cock.

Lena grits her teeth and places her hands down on his muscular chest as she
quickly and eagerly bounces on his black cock. "Ohhhh! Ohhhh yeah baby!
Yeah...fuck that Asian pussy!"

"Uhhhh... ahhhh mmmm!" Kofi moans as he drives his cock upward into Lena's
pussy while easily lifting her up and down on his fourteen inch shaft. Lena
presses her sultry lips together as she roughly slams down on Kofi's black
cock with her sweat dripping, seductively hot Asian body.

* * *

Meanwhile, out in the hallway, Kelly Kelly is pondering what to do as CM Punk
hangs up his cell phone. "Ok Blondette... Vince now knows what Lena is up
to... and he wants it stopped ASAP...."

Kelly Kelly nods her head "Gotcha!" Kelly says before she reaches into the
left pocket of her nicely fitted jeans and pulls out the thin container of
lip-gloss "Time to break in..." Kelly says with a cute laugh.

CM Punk smirks a bit, "So you want me to do anything?" Punk asks.

"Ummm..." Kelly scrunches her nose up "Do you want to watch the hallway?"

"Sure Blondette... you're the boss..." Punk says.

Kelly laughs and cutely smiles at CM Punk "Yeah...remember that too!" Kelly
says before she starts to approach the hotel room door of Kofi Kingston.

* * *

Back inside of Kofi Kingston's hotel room, Kofi is laying on the bed as Lena
straddles his chest while she bobs her head up and down on his fourteen inch
black cock, "Mmmm ahhh..." Kofi moans as he places his hands on Lena's ass as
she pushes it towards his face.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Lena Yada moans as she quickly bobs her Asian head on the
thick black cock of Kofi Kingston, while her soft lips brush smoothly up and
down his shaft. Lena slyly pushes her wet pussy back against Kofi's handsome
face as she starts to lightly rock while on top of the Jamaican Superstar.

"Mmmmm!" Kofi lifts his head up when Lena's pussy is right above his face and
he starts to eagerly lap his tongue against her soft wet pussy lips while he
squeezes her gorgeous ass cheeks.

Lena slaps her wet tongue around Kofi Kingston's black cock as she quickly
bobs her head and impressively takes him deeper into her seductive and sly
mouth. "Mmmm! Mmmmm..." Lena moans as she feels Kofi's tongue lapping against
her pussy.

"Mmm!" Kofi moans as he smacks his tongue against Lena's wet pussy while she
bobs her head up and down quickly on his huge fourteen inch cock.

Kelly Kelly opens the door to the hotel room as she enters. Kelly holds the
modified flashlight Maria gave her and she bites her lip as she points it at
Lena, "Hey. Lena!" Kelly says to get Lena Yada's attention.

Lena Yada lifts her head away from Kofi Kingston's cock and raises an eyebrow
"WHAT!?" Lena slightly snaps as the blinding light from the flashlight hits
her sly, beautiful eyes, catching her off guard. Kelly rushes forward as Lena
closes her eyes and smacks her on the left side of her head with the
flashlight, knocking Lena off of the tranced Kofi Kingston. The extremely
seductive Asian Sensation, Lena Yada, closes her eyes, as she rolls off of
the Jamaican Superstar and slides off of the bed, to lay unconscious on the
floor. As Kelly turns off the flashlight she notices that Kofi Kingston
isn't moving on the bed and just starring up at the ceiling.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she slowly approaches the bed
"Umm...Kofi?" Kelly softly says. Kofi doesn't even blink or even appear to
acknowledge Kelly as he lays on the bed.

Kelly presses her soft lips together as she climbs onto the bed and her
innocent and sweet eyes lock with Kofi Kingston's black cock. Kelly gently
places her left hand around the base of his shaft "Kofi?" Kelly softly asks
before she lowers her head and gently takes his cock into her adorable mouth.

"Mmmmm..." Kofi moans almost as soon as Kelly closes her soft lips down on
his cock as she starts to bob her head up and down on his fourteen inch cock.
Kelly's soft lips smoothly brush back and forth against Kofi's black shaft as
she starts to gently and smoothly lift and lower her head on his black cock.
Kelly closes her eyes as she starts to bob her head at a quicker pace, while
her wet tongue lightly slaps against his shaft.

"Ahhhh... mmmmm...." Kofi moans a bit louder as Kelly's tongue lightly hits
against his cock as she quickly bobs her head up and down on his shaft.

Kelly Kelly's soothing, wet saliva drips down his long black cock as her
blond haired head eagerly moves on his shaft "Mmmmm...mmmm..." Kelly cutely
moans against his cock.

"Ohhh... ahhhh... mmmm!" Kofi moans as he starts to cum inside of Kelly's
warm, wet and soothing mouth. With each burst of cum that shoots from his
cock, Kofi's eyes blinks a few times.

Kelly lightly twists her head on his throbbing cock as his warm cum shoots up
into her cute mouth before she lifts her head and tosses her blond hair back.
Kelly presses her soft lips together and swallows the cum, before smiling at
the studdly Jamaican Superstar "Kofi? Kofi...are you ok?" Kelly cutely asks.

Kofi sits up and looks around, "Hey mon... what's going on?" Kofi says as he
gets a confused look on his face.

Kelly scrunches her nose up and cutely laughs "Well...there's a lot to

* * *

Out in the hallway, CM Punk is looking down one end of the hallway, "Hmmm...
I wonder if Blondette is gonna want a late dinner..." Punk says to himself.
As the Straightedge Stud CM Punk glances down the left side of the hallway,
he is knocked from behind with a firm forearm to the back before being shoved
into the wall in the hallway by black ski masked attacker. The black ski
masked attacker, dressed in complete black, begins to solidly punch CM Punk
in the stomach with left and right closed fists, as he's against the wall.

"What the..." CM Punk grunts as he gets his bearings after he blocks a few
punches. Punk starts to fight back against the masked attacker, kicking at
the attacker's legs with firm kicks to the sides of the knees. When the
attacker staggers backward, Punk connects with a strong backfist to the right
side of the attacker's face. The masked attacker staggers a bit after
receiving the firm backfist to his face. The masked attacker rubs his jaw
before he suddenly rushes forward at CM Punk.

CM Punk steps to the right to avoid the charging attacker, and then Punk
spins him around to kick him in the gut. "Time... to go to sleep..." Punk
says as he hoists the attacker up into a fireman's carry before he tosses him
over his head to bring him down onto his right knee to knock him out with his
favorite move, the GTS.

The masked attacker lays unconscious on the floor as CM Punk steps over the
attacker and begins to reach down to grab hold of the black ski mask as he
hears Kelly Kelly calling out for him "Punk? Punk where are you?"

"Damn..." Punk says as he turns to head over to Kofi's hotel room door, "I'm
right here Blondette... what's up?" Punk says

Kelly steps out of the hotel room with Kofi Kingston following her out of the
room. Kelly cutely smiles as she sees her Straightedge partner "Let's get out
of here..."

Punk nods his head, "Sounds good to me Blondette..."

* * *

A few hours later, Kelly Kelly, CM Punk and Kofi Kingston are relaxing by the
rooftop pool of the hotel. Punk is wearing blue swim trunks and a black t-
shirt, and Kofi is wearing black and green swim trunks, "Mon. I don't
remember anything from earlier tonight." Kofi says as he shakes his head
after Kelly explains what happened, "I'm just glad you came along to save me
in time." Kofi says as he looks at both Kelly and Punk.

Kelly Kelly, dressed in an adorable and sexy two piece pink bikini, smiles as
she sits up to look at Kofi Kingston "We were happy to help, right Punk?"
Kelly asks with a cute laugh as she lays between the Jamaican Superstar and
the Straightedge Stud.

"Yeah Kofi it's no big deal..."Punk says, "And things worked out good... now
we're having a little three way get together..." Punk adds with a laugh.

Kofi laughs, "Hey mon...that's right... at least this night is ending like
being in paradise..."

Kelly scrunches her nose and presses her adorable lips together as she
glances over at CM Punk and laughs "A little three way?"

CM Punk glances over at Kelly, "Yeah... a little three way... I mean... you
did help out Kofi earlier with a little... head treatment, right?" Punk says
with an not so innocent tone of voice.

Kelly cutely blushes and lowers her head " did you know that?"
Kelly asks as she bites down on her bottom lip.

"Oh come on Blondette give me some credit..." Punk says before adding, "I
simply... peaked."

Kofi laughs a bit, "Yo mon the little blond one was simply giving me a
helping hand..." Kofi says.

Kelly smiles cutely as she looks over at Kofi Kingston "I wouldn't say
hand...maybe mouth..." Kelly says with a laugh as she suddenly reaches over
and presses her left hand against the crotch of Kofi's black and green
swimtrunks, which instantly gets a raised eyebrow from CM Punk.

"Oh I see..." Punk says as he leans back on his poolside chair to get a good
look at Kelly moving her left hand slowly against the crotch area of Kofi's

"Hey little blond.... you might get a rise out of paradise..." Kofi says as
he licks his lips.

Kelly Kelly laughs and blushes as she continues to gently move her left hand
against the crotch of Kofi's black and green swimming trunks, feeling his
cock hardening beneath his swim trunks "Would that be bad?" Kelly cutely asks
as she starts to push the swim trunks down from his black waist.

"Nope..." Kofi says as he raises himself a bit so that Kelly can bring down
his swimtrunks to uncover his fourteen inch black cock. CM Punk licks his
lips a bit as he takes off his t-shirt to reveal his toned and tattooed upper
body. Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she innocently places her left
hand around Kofi's black cock and begins to gently stroke her left hand up
and down his hardening shaft. Kelly leans on her side and brings her head
down as she soothingly taps her wet tongue against the head of Kofi's
black cock.

"Mmmmmm..." Kofi moans and leans back on the poolside chair as Kelly moves
her tongue against his large, hardening black shaft.

"Boy Blondette... you move quick..." Punk says as he puts his hands behind
his head as he watches Kelly.

Kelly laughs a bit "Hey know it's fun when it moves quick..."
Kelly says before she turns to brushing her wet tongue around the head of
Kofi's black cock until she opens her sweet and adorable mouth and lowers her
head to take Kofi's black cock into her soothing mouth.

"Yeah that's true Blondette..." Punk says with a smirk.

"Ohhhh.... yeah...." Kofi Kingston moan as Kelly bobs her head smoothly up
and down on his large black fourteen inch cock.

Kelly raises her right hand and pushes a few strands of her gorgeous blond
hair out of her adorable face as she smoothly and gently moves her head on
Kofi's fourteen inch black cock "Mmmmm...mmmm..." Kelly cutely moans as she
starts to move her head at a quicker pace.

"Ahhhh... ohhh... mmmm..." Kofi moans as closes his eyes and places his hands
behind his head as Kelly sucks his huge cock. CM Punk licks his lips and
stands up as he starts to lower his swim trunks to bring out his own fourteen
inch cock.

"Mmmmm...mmmm..." Kelly adorably moans around Kofi Kingston's black cock as
her soft lips smoothly rub back and forth along his shaft while she bobs her
head at a gentle and increasing pace.

"Mmmmm ohhh yeah....mmmm!" Kofi moans as Kelly bobs her head up and down on
his cock. CM Punk walks over to Kelly and unties the strings of Kelly's pink
bikini top.

"Mmmmm...hmmmm...mmmm..." Kelly Kelly cutely moans and smiles around Kofi
Kingston's black cock as CM Punk removes her pink bikini top to expose her
nicely sized and perfectly tanned tits. "Mmmmmm...mmmm" Kelly moans as she
rocks her head eagerly on Kofi's black cock while her lips gently grind
against his shaft.

"Ahhhh ohhh... this is very much like paradise..." Kofi moans as Kelly lowers
her head three-quarters of the way down on his cock. CM Punk licks his lips
as he reaches around Kelly to feel her right tit with his right hand while he
uses his left hand to lower her pink bikini bottoms.

"Mmmmmm!" Kelly moans happily around Kofi's black cock as she twists her head
lightly on his shaft before dropping her blond haired head completely down on
his black shaft as she feels her adorable mouth with his black cock. Kelly
impressive deep throats Kofi's black cock as CM Punk lowers her pink bikini
bottoms to expose her smoothly shaved pussy.

"Hey Blondette... I'm gonna want a little of that..." Punk says as he places
his hands on Kelly's hips and smoothly pushes his thick fourteen inch cock
into Kelly's warm tight pussy.

"Mmmm... uhhh..." Kofi moans as he licks his lips as Kelly continues to lift
her head up and down on his cock while moving her tongue against his shaft.

"MMMMMMM!" Kelly cutely moans with delight as she feels CM Punk's cock
entering her wet and warm pussy blond. Kelly holds her blond haired head
still on Kofi Kingston's black cock, allowing her wet saliva to drip down on
his cock, while she starts to lightly push back against CM Punk's thrusting

"Mmmm... ahhh yea...." Punk moans as he thrusts his cock smoothly in and out
of Kelly's warm tight pussy. Punk gently pulls Kelly back towards him so that
her ass smacks against his toned waist.

"Ahhh... uhhh!" Kofi moans as he lifts his lower body slightly to push his
cock upward into Kelly's warm wet mouth.

Kelly slowly lifts her blond hair head from Kofi's black cock and bites down
on her bottom lip as she gently rocks on her side to push her adorable ass
back against CM Punk's toned waist "Mmmm...ohhh...ohhhh" Kelly cutely moans
as CM Punk smoothly thrusts his cock into her pussy from behind.

"Mmmm... uhhh yeah Blondette... mmmm..." Punk moans as he increases the pace
of his thrusts as he fucks Kelly's tight wet pussy with his massive cock.
Kofi gets up off of the poolside chair and begins to move the one Punk was
sitting on closer to his so that that are sitting side by side.

Kelly glances back over her shoulder and cutely smiles as CM Punk as she
continues to push her adorable, tanned ass back against his toned waist as
she feels his large shaft thrusting in and out of her pussy "Ohhhh...Ohhhh
Punk!" Kelly moans as she licks her soft lips.

"Mmmmm... ohhh yeah... mmm!" Punk grunts a bit as he sharply pumps his cock
into Kelly's wet pussy while Kofi lays back down on his poolside chair.

"Hey mon, let's really give the little blond one some pleasure in
paradise..." Kofi says. Punk nods his head and licks his lips before he slows
his thrusts down to pull his cock out of Kelly's pussy. Kelly cutely
scrunches her nose up as she sits up straight on her poolside chair and
tosses her beautiful blond hair back before she moves over to Kofi
Kingston. Kelly places her hands onto his muscular black chest as she
straddles his waist and lowers her petite, adorably tanned body down onto his
rock hard black cock to take him into her wet and tight pussy.

"Mmmmm.... ahhh..." Kofi moans as he places his strong black hands on Kelly's
waist as she lowers herself completely on his thick black cock. The hot
Jamaican Superstar licks his lips as he helps Kelly rock back and forth on
his cock as CM Punk moves behind Kelly. Punk spreads her ass cheeks with both
of his hands and then gently pushes his fourteen inch cock into Kelly's tight

"Mmmm...ohhhhh Punk!" Kelly cutely moans and laughs as she suddenly rocks
forward on Kofi Kingston's black cock as CM Punk starts to thrust his shaft
deeper into her tight, adorable asshole. Kelly smiles as she looks down at
Kofi Kingston as she rocks back and forth on his cock, while pushing back
gently on CM Punk's cock.

"Uhhhh ohhh yeah Blondette..." Punk moans as he presses his hands against
Kelly's ass cheeks as he pushes his cock deeper into Kelly's ass with each
thrust. Kofi moves his hands up to Kelly's firm round tits as he thrusts his
cock upward into her tight wet pussy.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and closes her eyes as she swiftly bounces
on Kofi Kingston's black cock as her pussy is deeply impaled by his black
fourteen inch shaft. Kelly gently grabs at his muscular chest as her adorable
ass smacks against CM Punk's toned waist, as she is forced to take him deeper
into her ass "Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh yeah Punk!"

"Ahhh... mmmm ohhh yeah..." Kofi moans as he feels up Kelly's tits as she
bounces firmly on his cock while he drives it upward into her. Punk slides
his hands from Kelly's ass cheeks to grab her hips as he rams his cock faster
and harder into the cute blond haired agent's tight asshole

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhh yeah! Ohhhh Punk...Mmm yeah Kofi! You two are so awesome!"
Kelly Kelly cutely moans as her adorable and petite body rocks and grinds
between CM Punk and Kofi Kingston as they both deeply push their cocks into
her ass and pussy.

"Ahhhh... mmm damn Blondette!" Punk moans as he quickly pumps his fourteen
inch cock in and out of Kelly Kelly's tight asshole as she pushes back
towards him.

"Mmmm ohhh Kelly..." Kofi moans as he starts to cum inside of Kelly's pussy.

Kelly cutely laughs as she feels Kofi Kingston cumming into her wet pussy as
she gently rocks back against the cock of CM Punk inside of her adorable
asshole "Ohhhh I love banging with you Punk!" Kelly moans.

"Ahhhh yeah Blondette... I love having your back..." Punk moans as he wraps
his arms around Kelly's body to easily lift her off of Kofi's cock. Punk then
moves slightly so that he can lay down with Kelly on their right side on top
of poolside chair Kofi moved earlier and he continues to pump his cock in and
out of her cute tight ass.

Kelly grits her teeth as her adorable ass grinds against CM Punk's toned
waist as she feels his cock quickly thrusting into her ass. "Mmmm...Ohhh..."
Kelly moans as she glances back and cutely kisses CM Punk's lips as she
pushes as quickly as she can against his cock.

"Mmmmm!" Punk moans as slides his tongue into Kelly's mouth and flicks his
tongue against her tongue as he drills her ass with his massive cock. Punk's
cock starts to throb within Kelly's asshole and he firmly pushes his cock all
the way inside of her before he starts to cum.

"Mmmmmm!" Kelly Kelly moans as she presses her tongue against CM Punk's
tongue as his warm cum fills her adorable ass. Kelly gently pushes back
before she breaks the kiss and cutely smiles at CM Punk.

"Mmmm Blondette... I think we're going to have to work together... a lot..."
Punk says as he keeps moving his cock in and out of Kelly's ass as it starts
to soften.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she adorably continues to look over her
shoulder at the Straightedge Stud and nods her head "Yeah! That would be so

CM Punk smiles a bit and then he pauses, "Oh... I almost forgot... earlier...
when you were taking care of Lena.... some guy in a ski mask tried to jump me
in the hallway..."

Kelly Kelly immediately sits up and looks at CM Punk concerned "Are you ok?"

"Oh yeah I'm fine..." Punk says, "I just think... that something big may be
going down..."

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and looks down "This isn't good, is it?"

"Nope..." Punk says, "But since you're around Blondette... I have a feeling
whatever is happening will get taken cared of..."


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