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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Blond: The Mission Of Kelly Kelly - Seduction Royale
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Outside of SmackDown Superstar Batista's hotel room, the sly seductive vixen
known as Maryse is standing by the door as she talks on the cell phone, "Is
everything proceeding as according to plan?" The person on the other end of
the line asks after hearing Maryse's report.

"Oui, of course..." The sly Maryse replies into the cell phone in her
seductive French accent, while dressed in a stunning short black skirt and a
revealing black top. Maryse presses her lips together and lightly tosses her
blond hair back "Everything will be going...oh, how do you say, very

"Excellent..." the voice on the other end of he line says, "Because failure
will not be tolerated... you know what happens to those who fail me?"

"Oui, yes...I do...and I can promise you that once Batista agrees to your will no longer be made a joke of..." Maryse says as she licks her

"Perfect...." The voice says, "Now make sure the Animal agrees...or else..."
The voice says before hanging up the phone. Maryse slyly smirks as she closes
her cell phone and turns to face the hotel room door belonging to Batista.
Maryse raises her left hand and gently knocks on the door.

After a few moments, the door opens, revealing Batista, wearing a pair of
black slacks and a tight fitting tank top that shows off his powerful
tattooed arms, "Yeah?" Batista asks as he looks out in the hall where he sees

"Oh...why hello, monsieur Batista..." Maryse says as she slyly looks her
easily manipulating eyes on the powerful and muscular Batista.

Batista smirks a bit, "Hey Maryse.... what's up?" Batista says as he tilts
his head slightly to check out the sly, seductive French-Canadian Vixen.

"Well...Dave..." Maryse pauses and places her hands onto her sultry, smoothly
rounded hips and seductively laughs "Oh...I'm sorry monsieur, may I call you
Dave?" Maryse says as she narrows her eyes seductively.

Batista chuckles a bit, "Sure you can...." Batista nods his head.

Maryse smirks as she steps into Batista's hotel room without being invited
into the former World Heavyweight Champion's hotel room. "Am I interrupting
anything?" Maryse asks as she casually and seductively walks over towards the
large hotel room bed.

Batista smirks as he raises an eyebrow, "Nope... I was about to get a
shower..." Batista says as he closes the hotel room door while keeping his
eyes on Maryse.

"Oh...well that is good..." Maryse says as she sits down onto the bed and
seductively bounces a bit on the mattress. Maryse presses her lips together
"Mmm. nice and...very firm..." Maryse says in her seductive French accent
while she smoothly kicks off her black high-heels

Batista raises an eyebrow as he walks over to the bed, "You came here to...
test my bed?" Batista asks as he looks down at Maryse's smoothly shaved and
extremely gorgeous legs.

Maryse narrows her eyes and seductively looks at the powerful and destructive
Animal, Batista. "You could say that..." Maryse says as she seductively rubs
her smoothly shaved and extremely gorgeous tanned legs together while she
noticeably glances down at the crotch of Batista's pants.

"Really?" Batista says as he licks his lips slightly as he continues to look
at Maryse's legs as she rubs them together.

Maryse nods her head and scoots forward to sit on the edge of the large hotel
room bed " you...find me sexy?" Maryse asks with a smirk as she
raises her hands and starts to teasingly pull at the straps of her black top.

Batista chuckles slightly, "Yeah... I do..." Batista nods his head as he
watches Maryse slightly pulls the straps of her black top. Maryse slides the
straps off of her tanned shoulders and starts to lower her black top to
expose her large, firm tits. Maryse lightly tosses her blond hair back as she
peels the black top from her gorgeous body.

Batista licks his lips slightly as Maryse removes the black top from her
beautiful body, "Nice.... very nice..." Batista says as he adjusts the crotch
of his pants to make his hardening cock within them more comfortable.

Maryse stands up from the bed and seductively steps forward to Batista and
she presses her sultry hands against the hardening crotch of his black pants
"Mmmm...very nice too..."

"Mmmm.... you have no idea..." Batista says as Maryse moves both of her hands
against his bulging crotch before she unbuttons and then unzips his pants.
Batista's pants fall from his muscular waist, revealing a nicely thick ten
inch cock that is already rock hard. Maryse licks her lips and slyly narrows
her eyes before she sinks down onto the floor, positioning herself on her
knees in front of the Animal as she places her sultry hands around his nicely
thick, rock hard cock.

"Mmmmm...." Batista moans as Maryse holds the base of his cock with her left
hand while moving her right hand back and forth along his shaft. Maryse
lowers her blond haired head while she keeps her seductive eyes locked with
Batista as she gently slaps her wet tongue against the head of his thick,
hard cock.

"Ahhh..." Batista moans again as Maryse taps the head of his cock with the
tip of her soft wet tongue as she continues to hold his cock with her left
hand while stroking it with her right. Maryse wickedly smirks as the sultry
vixen opens her warm mouth and lowers her head on Batista's shaft. Maryse
takes half of his ten inch cock inside of her saliva dripping mouth, wrapping
her sultry lips around his nicely thick shaft, while she starts to smoothly
bob her head to suck off the Animal's cock.

"Awww... ohhhh yea..." Batista moans as watches Maryse bob her head back and
forth on his hard ten inch cock. Batista licks his lips as he feels Maryse's
tongue tapping against the bottom side of his dick every time she brings her
mouth to the tip of his shaft.

"Mmmm...mmmmm..." Maryse moans as she perfectly and smoothly bobs her blond
haired head on Batista's cock as her soft, wet lips brush back and forth
against his shaft. "Mmmmmm!" Maryse moans as she slaps her tongue against
Batista's thick shaft.

"Ahhhh uhhhh..." Batista moans as Maryse bobs her head at a slightly quicker
pace as she sucks his ten inch cock while at the same time slapping her
tongue against it. Maryse closes her seductive eyes as the extremely hot and
beautiful vixen bobs her head impressively on his ten inch cock as she starts
to grind her lips against his shaft while she twists her head skillfully
manipulative the Animal with her hot mouth.

"Uhhhh mmmmm ahhh..." Batista grits his teeth as Maryse skillfully takes his
cock deeper into her mouth to the point where she's almost deep throating his

"MMMMMM! MMMMM! UHHHHH!" Maryse moans around Batista's cock as she
impressively moves her head back and forth on his shaft, causing the head of
his cock to smack against the back of her saliva dripping mouth.

"Mmmmm.... that's good.... ahhhh..." Batista moans as he pulls off his tank
top, revealing his powerful and muscular upper body.

Maryse slowly lifts her head off of Batista's cock and licks her sultry lips
as saliva drips down from his thick cock. "Mmmm...ohhh monsieur...that is one
big dick..."

Batista smirks, "You're right about it... that's the biggest dick on
SmackDown...." Batista says as he watches Maryse get up from the floor.
Maryse raises an eyebrow and presses her sultry lips together as she moves
back to the large hotel room bed and bends forward on the bed, causing her
short black skirt to hike up to expose her incredibly hot and tanned ass.
Batista rubs his chin as he walks over behind Maryse and lifts her black
skirt up higher so that it's bunched up over her waist. The Animal licks his
lips as he then places his hands on her hips and firmly pushes his ten inch
saliva covered cock into Maryse's tight, wet French-Canadian pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhhh yes monsieur! Ohhh give me that big dick Dave!" Maryse moans as
moves forward smoothly while bend over the bed as Batista slams his cock deep
into her pussy from behind.

"Uhhh ahh yea..." Batista grunts as he holds onto Maryse's hips while rams
his cock deeply in and out of her tight pussy.

Maryse grits her teeth as her beautiful, tanned body moves forward quickly as
Batista deeply and powerfully slams his cock into her sultry pussy from
behind with ease. "Ohhhh! Ohhhh yesss!" Maryse moans.

"Ahhh uhhh... mmmm!" Batista moans as he pumps his cock at a quick hard pace
into Maryse's pussy. Batista's balls smack against Maryse's smooth thighs
with each of his hard and deep thrusts.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh monsieur! Ohhhh please fuck that pussy!" Maryse loudly moans as
her sultry, tanned ass firmly smacks back against Batista's muscular waist as
he jerks her back against his deeply thrusting cock.

"Ahhhh mmmm uhhh yeah... mmmm take it...." Batista grunts as he begins to
sweat while he pounds Maryse's cunt from behind with relentless thrusts.
Maryse's ass cheeks smack loudly against Batista's waist as he pulls her back
towards him.

Maryse slyly glances back and licks her luscious, seductively lips as her
body continues to roughly jerk back against Batista's animalistic cock
"Ohhhhh monsieur!" Batista grits his teeth as he starts to breath heavily
before he pulls his cock out of Maryse's wet pussy. The Animal then lays on
the large hotel room bed and pulls the sly seductive French-Canadian Vixen
onto his thick ten inch cock. Maryse tilts her head back and grits her
teeth as she places her hands down on Batista's muscular chest as she starts
to quickly and smoothly bounce on his nicely thick cock while guiding her
body to rock back and forth on his shaft.

"Ahhhh... uhhh yeah... mmmmm!" Batista moans as he thrusts his cock up into
Maryse's pussy as she bounces up and down on his large cock.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh monsieur! Ohhhhh yes!" Maryse moans as she starts to roughly
slam her incredibly gorgeous and tanned body down on his cock, feeling his
cock ramming deep into her cunt.

"Ahhhh awwww mmmmm!" Batista grunts as he rams his cock upward into Maryse's
pussy as she slams her entire body weight down onto his cock as she rides

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh monsieur give me that big dick!" Maryse moans as she rocks back
and forth quickly on his shaft while sweat drips off of her tanned body.

"Ahhhh uhhh mmmm... fuck!" Batista groans as he starts to cum inside of
Maryse's pussy as she sharply grinds herself on his cock.

Maryse presses her sultry lips together as she seductively looks down at
Batista as she slowly rocks back and forth on his cum unloading cock

"Mmmmm shit.... ahhhh..." Batista moans as he his cum shoots into Maryse's
pussy. Batista closes his eyes as his finishes cumming.

Maryse bites down on her bottom lip as she smoothly moves her hands against
his slightly sweat dripping, muscular chest "Oh...Dave?"

"Mmmmm... yeah?" Batista opens his eyes and looks up at Maryse.

"Now...there is something we need about..."

* * *

A few days later inside of Mr. McMahon's office, the beautiful blond haired
secret agent Kelly Kelly is talking with Maria as they wait for Mr. McMahon
to arrive. "Wow Coach really had a lot of accidents..." Kelly laughs as Maria
finishes her story about Mr. McMahon's former assistant Jonathan Coachman
getting hurt with one of the devices Maria designed for Torrie Wilson.

Maria nods her head "Oh yeah! It was so funny..." Maria says with a laugh as
she genlty places her hands onto Kelly's arm "But the best time was when
Coach..." Maria begins to say as the office door opens.

Kelly looks towards the door as Mr. McMahon enters followed by RAW General
Manager William Regal. Mr. McMahon sees Kelly on the couch with Maria and
nods his head, "Excellent... I see you got the message Kelly..." Mr. McMahon
says as he walks over to his desk and sits down.

Kelly Kelly nods her head and cutely smiles "Yes I did Mr. McMahon, is there
a problem?" Kelly asks as she stands up from the couch and begins to approach
the desk of the Chairman.

"Yes there is..." Mr. McMahon says, "First thanks to your excellent work on
your last assignment, a conspiracy involving Jonathan Coachman was uncovered
and he was quickly taken cared off... but yesterday evening, I received a
call from SmackDown's now ex-assistant General Manager Theodore Long about
Batista and Maryse acting rather suspicious during yesterday's live event. As
you can see, I want you to find out what is going on and put a stop to
anything that should not be happening."

Kelly scrunches her nose up and bites down on her bottom lip as she appears
to be a bit confused "Ummm...suspicious? Like what?"

"That is what I want you to find out. Now Maryse does have a history of
taking part in conspiracy plots, in fact Torrie put a stop to one she was
involved in several months ago when it involved my son Shane..." Mr. McMahon
answers, "Now to assist you with your assignment, I believe Maria has
designed some items that may prove useful."

Maria smiles and excitedly jumps up from the couch "Ok Kelly! Are you
ready?!" Maria asks as she presses her lips together while walking over to
the desk of the Chairman "Because I got some way cool stuff for you..." Maria
says as she bends over after approaching the desk and lifting a cardboard box
onto the desk.

Kelly smiles, "Sounds fun! I can't wait to see what you made!" Kelly smiles
as she leans against the desk. William Regal raises an eyebrow as he also
steps over to the desk of Mr. McMahon so that he can also see what Maria has
come up with.

Maria presses her shoulders up and smiles "Oh you'll just love it..." Maria
says before she into the cardboard box of her custom made designs, handing
over a hot pink razor cell phone to the adorable agent of the Chairman, Kelly

Kelly smiles, "Oh cool! I've been meaning to get a new razor... and it's my
favorite color..." Kelly says as she starts to examine the hot pink razor
cell phone.

Maria bites down on her bottom lip and laughs "'s not just a cell

"Really?" Kelly asks as she presses the pound button twice, and part of the
cell phone opens and shoots a tazer string out at William Regal.

"Ahhhh!" William Regal screams as he's electrocuted by the special tazer
function of Kelly's new cell phone.

"Oh shoot!" Kelly says as she presses buttons on the cell phone as Regal
falls to the ground as his body twitches. Mr. McMahon raises an eyebrow as he
looks at Regal just as Kelly figures out to turn off the cell phone's built
in tazer.

Maria scrunches her nose up and glances over the desk to see the twitching
and fallen William Regal. "Oh gee...Mr. Regal, are you ok?"

William Regal clenches his teeth as his body stops twitching, "You bloody..."
Regal manages to say as he tries to control his body's motions.

Kelly bites her bottom lip, "Sorry Mr. Regal..." Kelly says.

Mr. McMahon chuckles a bit, "Maria... your devices get more effective every

Maria smiles a bit and blushes "Oh...thank you Mr. McMahon..." Maria says as
she shyly lowers her head and then she glances over at Kelly "Well
Kelly...that's all I have for right now..."

"Ok..." Kelly smiles as she nods her head.

Mr. McMahon looks at Kelly, "Good luck with your mission Kelly... I trust you
will be able to handle it easily." Mr. McMahon says.

Kelly Kelly smiles and nods her head "Oh yes Mr. McMahon...I'll do my
absolute best!" Kelly says as she slides her latest piece of equipment, the
hot pink razor cell phone into her pocket.

Mr. McMahon leans back in his chair as Kelly Kelly leaves his office,
followed by Maria. Once they are gone, and as William Regal gets up to his
feet, the door to adjoining room opens and CM Punk enters. Mr. McMahon looks
at the Straightedge Superstar, "You wanted to see me Mr. McMahon?" Punk asks.

Mr. McMahon raises an eyebrow and clears his throat as he watches CM Punk
approach his desk "Yes...yes, have a seat Mr. Punk..." Mr. McMahon says as he
folds his hands together in his lap.

CM Punk looks at a still twitching William Regal before he sits down in the a
chair that's in front of Mr. McMahon's desk, "What's going on?"

"Well I'm sure you're aware of the excellent job you are doing of assisting
my current agent Kelly Kelly and my previous agent Torrie Wilson..."

CM Punk smirks a bit, "Well I like keeping an out for Blondie and

McMahon raises an eyebrow "Blondie and Blondette?" Mr. McMahon raises his
left hand and shakes his head "Forget it, but that's why I called you here.
It's about Kelly..." Mr. McMahon pauses and leans forward "Kelly is still
young and needs more training on how to be an agent, she clearly isn't ready
to be out on her own...but with Torrie's injury I had no other choice." Mr.
McMahon firmly looks at CM Punk and points at him "I want you, CM Punk, to
follow Kelly and look after her. You know, make sure she stays safe."

CM Punk nods his head, "No problem Mr. McMahon... I'll make sure Blondette
stays out of trouble..."

Mr. McMahon nods his head "You better make sure she stays safe!" Mr. McMahon
says in a firm tone.

CM Punk gets a confident look on his face, "She'll stay safe Mr. McMahon... I
guarantee it."

* * *

Later on in the evening as ECW is airing, Kelly Kelly quietly sneaks into the
loading dock and begins to search it as she hears the voice of Batista, "This
plan is great and will end with me becoming World Heavyweight Champion for a
fourth time..." Batista smirks and he's dressed in black jeans and a black
tank top as he talks with Maryse.

Maryse raises an eyebrow as she places her hands on the muscular, powerful
arms of Batista "That very pleasing to hear, monsieur..." Maryse says
as she seductively presses her lips together "It is do you say,
perfect..." Maryse says with a sly smirk. The adorable and beautiful secret
agent of the Chairman, Kelly Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she
crouches down behind a set of crates as she listens into the conversation
between Batista and Maryse.

Batista smirks, "That's exactly what it is... because all that matters to me
is becoming a Champion again.... and if your boss is going to do that for me,
I'll do whatever is necessary..." Batista says as Kelly learns against a
crate as she eavesdrops on Batista and Maryse.

Maryse slowly nods her head "Ah Dave, monsieur, I promise that my boss is
willing to give whatever you desire..." Maryse says as she smoothly strokes
her seductive hands against Batista's muscular and powerful arms "...Just as
long as support my boss's to wants and his own desires..."

"That is..." Batista starts to say as Kelly Kelly accidentally knocks over a
crate. Batista looks over where the noise came from, "What the hell was

Maryse raises an eyebrow and she steps back from behind as she glances over
to see the fallen crate on the floor of the loading dock. "Oh...hello?"
Maryse says as she starts to slyly approach the crate "We have a visitor,

"If there's one thing I hate is spies..." Batista says as he cracks his
knuckles as he looks in the direction of Maryse is walking to make sure the
spy doesn't escape.

"Oh shoot..." Kelly Kelly says as she looks to see a way she can escape.

Maryse smirks and glances back at Batista after spotting the adorable Kelly
Kelly crouched down behind the stack of crate "Oh...monsieur...we have do you say, blond bimbo..." Maryse says as she reaches over and grabs
hold firmly of Kelly Kelly's blond hair, jerking her up and onto her feet.

Batista grits his teeth as he walks over to Kelly and Maryse, "The little
tramp from ECW..." Batista says as he glares at Kelly as he approaches them.

Kelly Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as her adorable eyes widen with fear
while the powerful Animal, Batista, walks closer as if he were stalking his
prey. Kelly shakes her head "'s not..." Kelly begins to say in
a pleading voice as Maryse removes her hands from Kelly's hair and shoves the
Diva from ECW.

"Quiet tramp!" Maryse slightly shouts.

Batista smirks as he looks at Kelly, who's wearing a white top and tight
fitting jean shorts before he grabs her right arm, "Leave this tramp to

Maryse raises an eyebrow as she presses her lips together "Leave her with
you, monsieur?" Maryse asks as blocks Kelly's exit.

Batista smirks, "Yeah... I got a bone to pick with this tramp..." Batista
says as he firmly holds onto Kelly's right arm as pulls at the button of
Kelly's jean shorts to unbutton it before jerking down her jean shorts down.

Maryse nods her head "Very well..." Maryse says as the seductive vixen turns
away and walks out of the loading dock leaving Kelly Kelly alone with

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip while as she stumbles back after Batista
jerks down her jean shorts. "What...what are you doing?"

Batista smirks as he undoes his jeans and lowers them enough to bring out his
thick ten inch cock, "You know... you and the rest of ECW have been stealing
my time on SmackDown... and I'm sick of it..." Batista says as he grabs Kelly
once again to turn her around. The Animal then shoves Kelly forward so that
she's bent over a crate and he then roughly rams his cock into her pussy.

"Ohhhhh! Owwwww! Batista no!" Kelly Kelly cries out and grits her teeth as
she feels his ten inch animalistic cock roughly ramming into her tight pussy
from behind, while bent over the crate.

"Uhhh ahhhh yeah!" Batista moans as he holds onto Kelly's hips as he roughly
pumps his ten inch cock into Kelly's tight warm pussy.

Kelly Kelly scrunches her nose up and closes her eyes as Batista deeply and
powerfully rams his cock into Kelly's pussy. "Ohhhh! Owwww Batista..." Kelly
innocently cries as her adorable ass smacks against his muscular waist as he
sharply drives her back against his cock.

"Ahhhhh uhhh yeah... take it you little bitch..." Batista grunts as he rams
his rock hard ten inch cock roughly into Kelly Kelly's tight wet pussy as he
fucks her over the crate.

Kelly's adorable blond haired head hangs down as she roughly rocks forward
against the crate as the powerful, animalistic Batista drives his very thick
cock into her tight pussy "Ohhhh...why...are you doing this?" Kelly pleads.

"Because....I.... can!" Batista grunts as he slams his cock roughly into
Kelly's tight pussy. The Animal smirks as he watches the petite blond ECW
Diva struggle as he pounds her pussy from behind.

" hurts!" Kelly cries out with frown as her petite, tanned body
roughly trembles with each intense and deep thrust from the former World
Heavyweight Champion, Batista.

"Oh you think that hurts you little bitch?!" Batista pulls his ten inch shaft
out of Kelly's pussy and then violently rams it into Kelly's tight asshole.

"OWWWWWW! NOOOOO!" Kelly screams and lowers her head as Batista's thick cock
rams deep inside of her tight, adorable ass. Kelly slowly looks back over her
shoulder as he roughly slams his cock into her ass "Batista...please..."

"Shut up and take it!" Batista grits his teeth as he slams his hard cock
deeply into Kelly's asshole ash e jerks her petite body back towards him.

Kelly closes her eyes as her petite body roughly slams back against Batista's
hard thrusting cock as her ass roughly smacks against his waist.
"'re such an ass Batista..."

"Mmmmm and you love it up the ass you little bitch!" Batista grunts as he
continues to fuck Kelly Kelly's tight asshole as CM Punk enters the loading

"HEY!" Punk says as he sprints towards Batista and jumps to hit the Animal
with a forearm smash to the face, which causes Batista to pull out of Kelly
and stumble backwards. Kelly Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she turns
away and starts to quickly gather her clothing as she watches Batista turn to
face CM Punk with fury in his intense eyes as he pulls up his black slacks
and starts to charge towards the Straightedge Stud.

"Come on big man..." Punk says as he skillfully steps aside as Batista
charges towards him, Punk then spins and kicks the back of Batista's powerful
right leg.

"Ahhh you little..." Batista grunts in pain as he turns and grabs Punk left
arm to pull him towards him in order to lift him up. Batista prepares to slam
Punk down to the ground, but Punk turns his body enough in order to hit
Batista with a bulldog.

Kelly buttons up her jean shorts and bites down on her bottom lip as she
looks up "Come on Punk!" Kelly says as she cutely cheers on her Straightedge
Savior. Kelly scrunches her nose up as she sees Batista recovering from the
bulldog and tackles CM Punk's midsection, pushing him against a stack of

"Ahh shit..." Punk groans just as Batista aims a punch at his face. Punk
ducks the punch, causing Batista to punch a crate instead. Punk then drives
his left knee into Batista's gut causing the Animal to double over.

"Awww...." Batista grunts before Punk starts to try to hoist him up onto his
shoulder. Punk struggles to lift the much heavier SmackDown Superstar but he
succeeds in setting him up for the GTS.

"Ahhhhhh fuck!" Punk grunts as he lifts Batista over his head in order to
bring him downward as he lifts his right knee to connect with Batista's face,
knocking the Animal out.

Kelly Kelly opens her mouth with surprise and smiles "Oh my god! Punk! That
was amazing!"

CM Punk grits his teeth, Damn.... he's heavy..." Punk says as he starts to
walk towards Kelly, "You ok Blondette?"

Kelly smiles and nods her blond haired head "Yeah...I'm uhh...fine..." Kelly
scrunches her nose up cutely and lowers her head a bit "How did you...umm..."

"Oh I uh saw you heading this way and I followed you..." CM Punk says.

Kelly smiles and slowly looks up "Well...thank you Punk..." Kelly says before
she pauses and her adorable eyes suddenly widen "PUNK! Look out!" Kelly

"Huh? What?" Punk says as he turns to and ends up getting grabbed by the
throat and lifted up into the air by a masked attacker. Punk starts swinging
his legs back and forth before he's slammed down to the ground. The masked
attacker firmly kicks CM Punk in the ribs, causing the Straightedge Superstar
to roll and grab his ribs in pain.

"Ahhh fuck...." Punk grunts as he clutches his ribs as he struggles to
recover from the blows he has taken from the masked attack so far. The masked
attacker then raises his left foot and slams it down onto Punk's back. Kelly
covers her mouth with her hands and looks on in shock as the masked attacker
charges at the fallen CM Punk, kicking him squarely in the head. Punk's eyes
roll back following the kick to the head and his body goes limp as he lays on
the ground, completely knocked out.

* * *

A few hours later, inside one of the arena's locker rooms, CM Punk is laying
on the couch, dressed in jeans and one of his Straightedge t-shirts, "Owww...
what... hit me..." Punk says as he blinks his eyes a few times as Kelly Kelly
holds an ice pack on the top of Punk's head.

Kelly Kelly scrunches her nose up and bites down on her bottom lip as she
slowly lifts the ice pack off of his forehead "Punk, how are you feeling?"
Kelly innocently asks as she's now dressed in a pair of tight fitting jeans
and a black top.

"Mmmm... I feel like a truck hit me...." Punk replies.

Kelly frowns as she sets the ice pack down and presses her soft lips together
"You got attacked from behind..."

"Really?" Punk says before asking, "Wasn't that fruit basket Batista was it?
I hate to think that he got up from my GTS..."

Kelly adorably shakes her blond haired head "No...remember that masked guy
you were telling me about, Punk?"

"Yeah...." Punk says as he starts to sit up.

"It was him..." Kelly says as she sits down on the couch next to CM Punk as
he sits up.

"That's twice that guy jumped me...." Punk says

Kelly raises an eyebrow and bites down on her bottom lip as she looks over at
CM Punk, while he sits next to her "Is there anything I can do?"

CM Punk looks at Kelly and smiles a little, "Uh I don't know... but it's
funny... I'm supposed to be looking out for you.... and you're looking after

Kelly smiles and laughs "Yeah! I did save you...." Kelly pauses and then
glances at CM Punk with a raised eyebrow " were suppose to be
looking out for me?"

"Um... well yeah...." CM Punk nods his head.

Kelly blushes and lowers her head "I think that's really sweet..." Kelly says
before she leans over and softly kisses CM Punk's left cheek.

Punk smiles, "Really Kelly?" Punk asks after Kelly kisses his cheek. Kelly
nods her head as she scoots a bit closer to CM Punk as she turns to face him,
while on the couch, and she places her adorable hands onto his shirt covered

"Hey what are you up to..." Punk smiles as Kelly moves her hands over his
shirt covered chest.

Kelly laughs "Well our mission is over for now, right?" Kelly asks as she
shifts her petite body to straddle CM Punk's lap as he sits back on the

"Mmmm yeah it is..." Punk nods his head as he leans back on the couch as
Kelly lightly rocks on his lap. Kelly Kelly licks her soft, adorable lips as
she starts to lift CM Punk's t-shirt from his upper body to expose his nicely
toned, tattoo covered chest as she continues to gently rock on his lap,
feeling his crotch harden.

"Mmmmm..." Punk says as he lifts his arms so that Kelly can completely lift
off his t-shirt. Kelly smiles and places her hands against his toned chest as
she leans down and gently flicks her soft tongue against CM Punk's lips
before she delicately kisses the Straightedge Stud.

"Mmmm... "Punk moans as he starts to return Kelly's soft delicate kiss as she
continues to rock on his lap as his crotch becomes fully harden. Kelly closes
her eyes as she gently slides her wet tongue into CM Punk's warm mouth as she
deepens the kiss. Kelly lightly digs her fingernails into CM Punk's toned
chest while she gently rocks forward on his lap. Punk flicks his tongue
against Kelly's tongue as they deeply kiss. Punk then puts his hands on
Kelly's waist as Kelly moves her fingernails over his chest. Kelly Kelly
gently breaks the kiss and smiles at CM Punk before she lifts her black top
off of her adorable and hot tanned body to expose her perky and nicely sized
tanned tits.

"Wow Blondette.... I think I'm feeling better already..." Punk says as he
moves his hands up to Kelly's nicely sized tits. Kelly laughs as she tosses
her blond hair back and lowers her hands down to his toned, tattoo covered
stomach as she lowers her head and gently kisses his chest.

"Mmmmm..." Punk moans as Kelly kisses his chest while he lightly gropes and
feels her perky round tits. Kelly lifts her head and smiles before she lifts
her petite body off of CM Punk and sits down next to him on the couch. The
adorable ECW Diva and Secret Agent of the Chairman leans over and starts to
unbuckle the belt around Punk's jeans. CM Punk licks his lips as Kelly pulls
the belt through the loops of his jeans before she unbuttons them. Kelly then
opens up Punk's jeans so that she can pull out Punk's fourteen inch cock.

Kelly Kelly tosses her blond hair back as she leans over and licks her lips
while she takes hold of CM Punk's impressive cock. Kelly smiles at Punk as
she starts to gently stroke her adorable hands against his hardening
Straightedge cock.

"Ohhhh Blondette...." CM Punk moans as Kelly moves her hands up and down on
his now fully hard cock. Kelly laughs and lowers her head as she opens her
adorable mouth to take CM Punk's cock into her sweet mouth. Kelly wraps her
lips gently around his shaft and she begins to gently bob her head, sucking
on CM Punk's impressive cock.

"Ohhhh yeah..... mmmm..." Punk moans as Kelly Kelly bobs her head up and down
on his huge cock. Punk closes his eyes and leans his head back on the couch.

"Mmmm...mmmm...mmmm..." Kelly Kelly softly moans as she smoothly bobs her
adorable blond haired head on his cock with incredible ease. Kelly pats her
tongue against the bottom side of his cock as her wet saliva nicely drips
down his cock.

"Ohhh yeah Blondette...." CM Punk moans as he opens his eyes to look down at
Kelly as she sucks his cock. As Kelly starts to increase the pace of her
bobbing, Punk puts a hand on her blond haired head and licks his lips.

"Mmmmm..." Kelly moans as she rocks her head back and forth on CM Punk's cock
to nicely suck on his shaft before she gently twist her blond haired head on
his shaft.

"Uhhhh... ohhh yeah..." CM Punk moans and licks his lips as Kelly takes his
cock further into her mouth as she keeps sucking his dick.

Kelly slowly lifts her head off of CM Punk's cock with a smack of her
adorable lips "Mmmm..."

Punk smirks, "Blondette... you're the best..." Punk says as he watches Kelly
unbutton her tight fitting jeans.

Kelly smiles as she pushes down her tight fitting jeans and lowers them down
her gorgeous, tanned legs "I am?"

"Yeah..." CM Punk nods his head as he watches Kelly take off her tight
fitting jeans. When Kelly kicks off her jeans, Punk sees her smoothly shaved
pussy and the Straightedge Superstar licks his lips as he moves on the couch
so that he can position himself between her legs so that he can ease his
massive fourteen inch cock into her pussy.

"Ohhhhh..." Kelly softly moans as she feels CM Punk thrusting his cock into
her tight, warm pussy. Kelly presses her adorable lips together as she smiles
at CM Punk and gently pushes her petite body against his cock.

"Ahhhh.. mmmm..." Punk moans as he starts to pump his cock in and out of
Kelly Kelly's tight wet pussy. Punk places his hands on Kelly's perky tits as
he smoothly pumps his cock deeply into Kelly's pussy.

Kelly gently wraps her adorable, tanned legs around CM Punk's toned waist as
she gently rocks back on the couch to push her adorable body against the
thrusting Straightedge cock "Ohhhh...ohhhh Punk!"

"Uhhh yeah Blondette..." Punk moans as he moves his hands over Kelly's tits
as he fucks Kelly's pussy while increasing the pace of his thrusts.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhh yeah!" Kelly moans and grits her teeth as she feels his
thrusts becoming sharper inside of her tight, wet pussy. CM Punk licks his
lips as he thrusts his cock harder into Kelly's tight wet pussy. Punk lowers
his head and kisses Kelly's lips as he fucks her on the locker room couch.

Kelly Kelly smiles at CM Punk as she locks her adorable eyes with him.
"Ohhh...mmm Punk..." Kelly moans as she gently collides with his cock.

"Ahhh... ohhhh yeah..." Punk smirks as he looks down at Kelly before he turns
over on the couch so that he's on his back with Kelly Kelly on top of him.
Punk puts his hands on Kelly's hips to lift her up and down on his huge cock.

Kelly presses her lips together and places her soft hands onto his toned
chest as the adorable blond beauty rocks back and forth on his cock.
"Ohhhh...ohhhhh!" Kelly moans as her soft pussy grinds on his cock.

"Uhhhh mmmm ahhhh..." Punk moans as he thrusts his cock up into Kelly's pussy
while lifting her up and down on his shaft at the same time.

Kelly grits her teeth as she starts to smoothly lower her petite, tanned body
onto CM Punk's cock as she rocks back swiftly on his shaft. "Ohhhh! Mmmmm

"Mmmm ahhh yeah Blondette..." Punk moans as he thrusts his cock upward into
Kelly Kelly's tight pussy. Punk moves his hands from Kelly's hips and places
them on her tits to grope and feel them as she rides him.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she starts to sharply lower herself on
CM Punk's impressive cock as she smoothly grinds back on his cock "Ohhhhh!
Ohhhhh yeah!" Kelly moans.

CM Punk licks his lips as he gropes Kelly's tits as he starts to cum inside
of her tight wet pussy, "Ohhhh ahhhh Blondette..." Punk moans.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and smiles down at CM Punk as she gently
rocks forward on his throbbing, cumming cock. "Ohhhh Punk"

"Mmmmm.... Blondette.... you're incredible..." CM Punk moans as Kelly rocks
on his cock as he finishes cumming.

* * *

Meanwhile in a darken room, the Sadistic Siblings Katie Lea and Paul Burchill
are talking with someone who is standing in the shadows. "Do you both
understand what you'll be doing for me?" the person in the shadows asks.

The sadistically hot Katie Lea Burchill presses her lips together and slyly
glances over at her brother as she places a hand on his muscular chest "Of
course beautiful brother Paul and I completely understand, right
dear brother?"

"That's right..." Paul Burchill says with a smirk, "Your problems will be

"They better be.... I hate to be disappointed..." the person in the shadows

Katie Lea sinisterly licks her lips "Just so we're clear...we take out CM
Punk and Kelly Kelly...but what is in it for my beautiful brother and I?"

The person in the shadows smirks slightly, "Endless opportunities..."

Katie Lea grits her teeth and seductively looks at her brother Paul Burchill
"Brother...what do you think?"

Burchill smirks, "I think this will be the easiest thing we've ever done my
dear sister..."


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