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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Blond: The Mission Of Kelly Kelly - Quantum Of Jericho
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Inside of Chris Jericho's private dressing room, SmackDown Diva and special
Equipment Designer for Mr. McMahon's Blond agents, Maria is secretly spying
on Chris Jericho and his prot‚g‚ Lance Cade as she hides behind a changing
divider that is in the corner of the room as part of a special assignment
given to her by Mr. McMahon. Jericho, dressed in gray suit pants and a white
button shirt, is removing his tie, "I swear. the Burchills can't do anything
right." Jericho says with an annoyed tone.

Lance Cade nods his head as he's dressed in jeans and a black collared shirt,
"I told you they couldn't get it done."

"Shut up," Jericho snaps, "I know Paul is practically useless. but Katie
Lea's failure was surprising since Shawn Michaels is not a good, honest man
like myself," Jericho says as he and Lance are unaware of Maria's presence as
she films them with the video camera feature on her cell phone.

Maria bites down on her bottom lip and scrunches her nose up as the SmackDown
Diva, dressed in a short black skirt and lime green tank top, angles her cell
phone to capture more of Chris Jericho and Lance Cade talking about the
failure plan involving Kelly Kelly's previous assignment with the Burchills.
"Oh this is good..." Maria says to herself as she films the conversation with
her the video camera feature of her cell phone.

"That's true, but don't worry Chris, I got a great idea of how to take out
HBK once and for all..." Lance starts to say when Maria's shoulder bumps
against the changing divider, knocking it down.

"What the hell?" Jericho says as he and Lance both look towards the knocked
over changing divider where Maria is standing.

Maria quickly snaps her cell phone shut and slowly lifts her head with her
adorable eyes widened with surprise. Maria timidly bites down on her bottom
lip "Ohh...umm..." Maria scrunches her adorable nose up "Gee...this isn't
catering..." Maria says with a cute laugh as she nervously moves her feet.

Jericho narrows his eyes "Get her!" Jericho orders and Lance Cade goes to
towards Maria. Maria escapes his grasp at first, but Lance catches her with
his second attempt.

"I think she's a spy..." Lance says as he holds Maria by her arms as he
forces her to face Jericho.

Maria presses her soft lips together and quickly shakes her head from side to
side, as her adorable eyes are widened with fear. "Me? A spy!? Oh no! Not at
all..." Maria say as she timidly lowers her head while Lance Cade firmly
holds onto her.

Chris Jericho smirks, "You think I'm stupid?" Jericho says to Maria. "I know
a lot of what goes around here..." Jericho says.

Lance Cade smirks, "Hey Chris... maybe she was wanting to see us change
clothes... I heard she's become a big slut since the draft..." Lance Cade

Maria cutely narrows her eyes and glares at Lance Cade "You wish!" Maria
sweetly snaps back before she tries to push Lance Cade away from her

Jericho licks his lips, "Excellent idea Lance..." Jericho then cups Maria's
chin, "I'm sure you've never been with a pair of honest, good men before..."
Jericho says before he buckles his belt while Lance starts to force Maria
down to her knees.

Maria bites down on her bottom lip as she innocently looks up at Chris
Jericho while she sits on her knees on the floor, as Lance Cade standing
behind her with his hands firmly placed on her slender shoulders "What!? No
please...I wasn't spying..." Maria innocently pleads.

"Yeah right... why else would you be here?" Lance asks as he keeps Maria from
moving away as Chris Jericho lowers his suit pants and the boxer briefs he
has on underneath, freeing his hardening cock.

"I have a few reasons why she's here..." Jericho smirks as he grips his cock
as he guides it towards Maria's mouth. Maria tightly holds her mouth shut and
shakes her head, causing her smooth hair to sway back and forth as she
protests Chris Jericho's hardened cock while the tip presses against her soft

Jericho gets an annoyed look on his face as Maria keeps her mouth shut while
shaking her head, "Lance if you please..." Jericho says. Lance Cade nods his
head as he lets go of Maria's shoulders, and grabs her head with his left
hand while he uses her right hand to force Maria's mouth open. Maria
struggles as her mouth is pried open Jericho forces his cock past her lips.

"MMMMM!" Maria moans, protesting, as Chris Jericho's cock enters her wet,
warm mouth. With her soft lips pressed around his shaft, Lance Cade places
his hands behind Maria's head and forces her to bob her head on Jericho's
cock, making her suck his mentor's meaty and hard shaft.

"Ahhhh yeah... mmmm!" Jericho moans and laughs as he watches Lance bob
Maria's head on his cock.

"Damn she's an eager slut ain't she?" Lance smirks as he pulls and pushes
Maria's head on his mentor's dick.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Maria groans and tries to lift her head from Jericho's cock,
only to have Cade force her head further down, making her take his cock
deeper into her wet mouth. Maria's wet, soothing saliva drips from his cock
while Jericho's shaft moves between her soft lips.

"Mmmm yeah baby..." Jericho moans as he starts to move his hips in order to
thrust his cock in and out of Maria's mouth. Lance keeps pushing and pulling
on Maria's head while making her deep throat Jericho's dick.

"Mmmmmmm!" Maria helplessly groans as she feels Jericho's cock moving in and
out of her sweet, wet mouth, causing her lips to rub back and forth on his

"Mmmmm.... you want to come in here and spy on us?" Jericho says as he pulls
his cock out of Maria's mouth, "When it's obvious you wanted to fuck us."
Jericho smirks as he motions for Lance to turn Maria around. Lance struggles
to turn Maria around as she tries to fight him off, but Lance gets her to
face away from his mentor as Jericho gets down on his knees.

Maria grits her teeth and glares up at Lance Cade with a cute pout on her
face "When Mr. McMahon finds out..." Maria begins to reply as Jericho lowers
her skirt from her waist.

"Lance would you please shut the slut up!" Jericho says as he smacks Maria's
ass before sliding off her white panties.

"Sure..." Lance says as he undoes his jeans and lowers them to free his
nicely thick cock. The prot‚g‚ of Chris Jericho then forces his shaft into
Maria's mouth at the exact moment Jericho's rams his huge cock into her pussy
from behind.

"MMMMMMM!" Maria moans loudly around Lance Cade's cock as he slams his shaft
into her innocent, wet mouth. Maria closes her eyes as she feels Jericho's
cock thrusting deeply into her wet pussy at an immediately quickening pace.

"Ahhh yeah... mmmm!" Lance moans as he grabs two handfuls of Maria's reddish-
brown hair to make her bob her head on his cock. Jericho holds onto Maria's
hips while he roughly slams his cock deeply into her tight warm cunt.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmm!" Maria groans as her head rapidly bobs on Lance Cade's cock
as he swiftly pumps his cock into her wet mouth. Maria occasionally feels the
head of Lance Cade's cock smacking against the back of her throat, causing
her to slightly gag. Maria closes her eyes as her petite, nicely curved,
tanned body is jerked back against Jericho's cock with her adorable ass
smacking against his impressive, gorgeous tanned and muscular waist.

"Yeah... mmmm fuck ahhhh... yeah..." Jericho licks his teeth as he roughly
pulls Maria back towards him while he drives his cock firmly into her cunt.

"Suck it slut!" Lance moans as he pushes Maria's head all the way down on his
cock so that her nose is scrunched up against his crotch.

"Gahhhh! Mmmmm! Gahhh!" Maria moans as she helplessly gags on Lance Cade's
cock as he continues to thrust his cock swiftly into her wet mouth, causing
her saliva to drip on his cock. Maria's adorable, rounded ass roughly smacks
against Jericho's waist as he deeply fucks her gorgeous body from behind.

"Ahhhh uhhh awww..." Jericho smirks as he watches Lance hold down Maria's
head on his cock while he fucks the gorgeous SmackDown Diva from behind.
Lance then jerks up Maria's head up off of his cock, but before she has a
chance to take a deep breath, he pushes his cock back into her mouth.

"MMMMMMM!" Maria moans as Lance Cade firmly holds her head down on his cock
after receiving a few moments of air. Saliva drips down Maria's chin as she
roughly rocks forward on her knees from Jericho's cock. Lance Cade's large
ballsack smacks firmly against her saliva coated chin as she is forced to
suck his cock.

"Fuck yeah what a slut!" Lance Cade moans as he deeply fucks Maria's moth
with his cock. Jericho smirks as he slows his thrusts down and pulls his dick
out of Maria's pussy. Maria's soft, wet tongue presses her against the bottom
side of Lance Cade's cock as she is forced to hold his cock deep within her
mouth before Lance Cade lifts her head from his saliva drenching shaft. Maria
closes her eyes as she heavily breaths, gasping for air.

"Turn the bitch around Lance..." Jericho says as he stands up. Lance nods his
head and starts to turn Maria so that she's facing Jericho again, and in her
weakened state, Maria doesn't put up much of a fight. Jericho pulls up
Maria's head and grins, "Lance.... fuck her ass..." Jericho says as he lines
up his cock with Maria's mouth. Lance Cade doesn't waste anytime as he
viciously slams his saliva coated cock into Maria's asshole.

"Mmmmm ohhhh no!" Maria groans as she feels Lance Cade stretching her tight
asshole as he begins to swiftly pound her ass with his saliva lubricated

"Ahhh yeah! Mmmmm fuck!" Lance moans as he pulls Maria back towards him as
his cock moves in and out of her asshole easily thanks to Maria's own saliva.
Jericho grabs Maria's reddish-brown hair and jerks her head forward so that
he can push his dick into her mouth.

"Mmmmmm! Ahhhhh nooo!" Maria moans and protests as her worn mouth is once
again filled with Jericho's cock as he starts to force her head to bob on his

"Mmmmm shit.... mmmmm yeah..." Jericho moans as he lifts and lowers Maria's
head on his long hard cock. Lance Cade is relentlessly fucking Maria's juicy
ass and he makes sure his cock is going all the way into her ass with each

"Mmmmmmmm" Maria groans as her sweet mouth is roughly stuffed with Chris
Jericho's cock as her wet saliva drips down his shaft and down his ballsack
as her petite body is roughly pulled back against Lance Cade's shaft as he
drills her hot ass.

"Ahhhh... awwww fuck!" Lance Cade moans as he starts to cum inside of Maria's
hot ass while he continues to fuck her. Jericho moves his hips while he
pushes his cock down Maria's throat until she nearly has it all past her

"MMMMM!" Maria moans as she tries to lift her head off of Jericho's cock as
her teeth lightly rake against his shaft.

"Awwww.... fuck!" Chris Jericho moans as he begins to cum in Maria's mouth
and his load goes right down her throat, giving her no choice but to swallow
it as Lance pulls his cum spent dick out of her ass. Maria presses her lips
tightly around Jericho's cock as his cum is forced down her throat, making
her swallow is sticky, warm load.

Jericho pulls Maria's head off of his cock once he's done cumming and Lance
smirks, "Should we dump this slut on a corner some where?" Lance asks.

Chris Jericho shakes his head, "No... we're going to keep the slut around...
go find something to tie her up with... wouldn't want her getting away..."
Jericho grins.

Maria timidly bites down on her bottom lip as she lowers her head
"But...someone will realize I'm missing..."

Jericho laughs, "I sure hope so Maria... I really... truly... do..."

* * *

The next morning at WWE Headquarters, Kelly Kelly has entered the office of
Mr. McMahon who is sitting behind his desk, "Thank you for arriving so
quickly Kelly..." Mr. McMahon says.

Kelly Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and places her hands onto her nicely
rounded, perfectly shaped hips and softly smiles "No problem, Mr. McMahon...
it sounded urgent, what's the problem?" Kelly asks as she stands in front of
Mr. McMahon's desk, while dressed in a pair of short jean shorts that
perfectly show off her smooth, tanned legs and a nicely fitted red top.

Mr. McMahon sighs slightly, "Kelly, while you were out on your last mission,
I sent Maria on a mission after receiving some information concerning the
attempted attack on Shawn Michaels by The Burchills..." Mr. McMahon says,
"Unfortunately, I haven't heard back from Maria and it's all but confirmed
that Chris Jericho is deeply involved in this situation."

Kelly looks at Mr. McMahon, concerned "Oh my...Maria's missing?!" Kelly says
as she shakes her head "Do you have any idea at all what happened to her?"

Mr. McMahon nods his head, "Chances are Jericho found her... he's very
familiar with how my agents work since he has worked closely with Trish
Stratus many times in the past."

Kelly Kelly slowly nods her head "So Mr. McMahon, what you're saying is that
one of your agents has turned dirty?"

"It is possible... anything can and does happen in life..." Mr. McMahon says
as he opens a desk drawer and takes out a see-thru rose colored CD case. "Now
your assignment Kelly is to find Maria and bring her back safely. But Chris
Jericho is very dangerous... and thankfully, Maria has put together some
items that may help you on your mission." Mr. McMahon says as he takes a disc
out of the CD case and slides it into the CD-ROM of his lap top computer.

When it begins to play, Mr. McMahon turns it towards Kelly. On the screen,
Kelly sees Maria and Mike Adamle. "Hi Kelly... if you're watching this,
something must've happened to me, so I made this so this way you can learn
how to use the latest gadgets," Maria says with a sweet smile. She then picks
up a pair of sunglasses and hands them to Adamle, "Mike can you put these
on?" Maria asks sweetly.

"Hey! You bet Maria! You know me babe, Mike Adamle is always willing to lend
a hand!" Mike Adamle says excitedly as he smacks Maria's ass with his left
hand before he takes the pair of sunglasses from Maria and slides them on his

"Thanks Mike..." Maria says before she looks in the camera to speak to Kelly,
"Kelly these are special 'blinders'... and they are fine tuned to your
eyes... if anyone else wears them..." Maria then looks down at her watch, "Oh
wait a second..." Maria says just as the sunglasses flash an intense bright
light into Mike Adamle's eyes.

"AHHHHHHHH!" Mike Adamle screams as he tosses the sunglasses off of his face
and constantly blinks his eyes "Have Mercy! Maria! Babe! That was bright!"

Maria smiles, "Sorry Mike...." Maria says before speaking into the camera,
"He'll stay blind for a few minutes... and that gives me time to show you
something else." Maria then holds up a black high heel shoe, "Now this you've
seen before, but this is the latest model... it's reinforced so that it
doesn't break on contact..." Maria then turns to look at Adamle who is
staggering around, "Sorry Mike..." Maria says as she whacks Adamle on the
back of the head with the high heel shoe.

"Whoa! Have Mercy!" Mike Adamle cries out before the eyes of the RAW General
Manager roll back and he collapses to the floor.

Maria bites her bottom lip, "Sorry Mike," Maria pushes her shoulders up and
then she looks into the camera, "Oh one more thing, this disk has a few audio
tracks on it... when it's played in a normal CD Player, it'll cause it to
explode. But I haven't had a chance to test it yet, so only use it as a last
resort." Maria smiles, "That's all I have for you, good luck Kelly!" Maria
adds before the screen turns black.

Kelly Kelly lightly laughs as the video message from Maria comes to an end
and the screen turns black. Kelly looks up at Mr. McMahon "Gee...I sure hope
Mike Adamle is ok..." Kelly says with another laugh.

"He's fine..." Mr. McMahon says with a smirk of his own, "He's a former
football player... he has a hard head," Mr. McMahon laughs lightly at his own
joke. "But it's not time for jokes, Kelly you have a mission and I expect the
best out of you."

Kelly Kelly smiles and nods her blond haired head "You bet Mr. McMahon! I
promise that I will do my absolute best as always, and safely bring back
Maria!" Kelly says proudly before she turns to leave and bites down on her
bottom lip. "Oh...umm Mr. McMahon?"

"Yes Kelly?" Mr. McMahon asks.

Kelly cutely laughs "How is that Viagra working for you?" Kelly asks with a
innocent smile "I saw your wife, Linda, at the event last week and we got
talking and that came up!" Kelly laughs and scrunches her nose up "So...does
it really work?"

Mr. McMahon's face turns slightly red, "Kelly... you have a mission..." Mr.
McMahon says as he's clearly embarrassed that his wife is talking to the
Divas about their sex life.

"Oh yeah!" Kelly laughs and turns to the door "I won't fail you Mr. McMahon!"

After Kelly leaves, Mr. McMahon presses a button on his intercom, "Punk...
get in here."

* * *

A few days later, Kelly Kelly is quietly stepping off of an elevator and onto
the top floor of a high class, five-star hotel after finding out where Chris
Jericho is staying at during the WWE's latest tour through the Maryland,
Virginia and Washington D.C. area of the country. The floor she's on houses
suites that consist of private entrances and adjourning bedrooms. Kelly
tiptoes down the hallway towards the suite where Jericho is staying at and
begins to pick the lock on the door. Once she has the door unlocked she
slowly opens it and peeks inside, where she sees Chris Jericho's prot‚g‚
Lance Cade, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, reading a newspaper.

"Shoot...they must have thought someone would come..." Kelly says under her
breath with a sigh before she scrunches her nose up cutely and thinks for a
moment as she slides her hand into her equipment bag, palming the CD disk
with her hands "Maria did say if necessary..." Kelly presses her soft lips
together and lightly pushes open the door, while dressed in a pair of nicely
fitting white pants and a black top. As Kelly enters the room she smiles,
instantly putting on an act for Lance Cade. "Ummm...hey..." Kelly says
softly, causing him to lower the newspaper.

Lance raises an eyebrow as he looks up, "Chris is busy... go away..." Lance
says as he starts to raise his newspaper again.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she quietly closes the door behind her
and places her hands onto her smoothly rounded, nicely curved hips after
setting her equipment bag down on the floor. "Oh...that's ok!" Kelly cutely
smiles and laughs "I have the adjoining room..." Kelly replies as she points
to the other room of the hotel suite.

"All right..." Lance says as he glances over his newspaper and checks out
Kelly as she moves around. Lance then thinks for a moment, "Hey wait. no one
is supposed to be in that room." Lance starts to say.

Kelly immediately pauses in her steps and innocently bites down on her bottom
lip "Huh...what?" Kelly asks, nervously, being slightly caught off guard by
Lance Cade.

"No one is supposed to be in that room..." Lance says as he folds his
newspaper and puts it down.

Kelly's adorable, innocent eyes widen a bit as she lowers her blond haired
head "Oh..." Kelly says as she steps back.

"So what are you really do here?" Lance Cade asks as he keeps his eyes locked
on Kelly Kelly.

Kelly Kelly slowly lowers her blond haired head "Well...Chris didn't want me
to tell you, but since you've been doing such a good job and learning so
well...he wanted me to come up a little, umm gift..." Kelly says
with a sweet smile.

Lance smirks, "Really?" Lance says as he leans back in his chair.

Kelly nods her head and smiles, realizing that her plan is actually working.
"Yep! Just for you..." Kelly says as she leans down to reach into her
equipment bag, removing the CD disk. " wouldn't happen to have a CD
Player would you?"

Lance nods his head, "Yeah I do..." Lance says as he leans over to his right
and picks up a gym bag he had on the floor next to his chair. He opens it and
takes out a portable small CD Player/Radio unit, which he hands to Kelly.
"It's battery powered..."

Kelly smiles and laughs a bit "Thanks Lance! I'm sure you'll just love
this..." Kelly says as she slides the CD disk into the CD Player and sets the
player down on the floor. Kelly tosses her blond hair back as she moves over
to stand in front of Lance Cade, while he sits back in the chair. Kelly takes
a deep breath as the music of her former Expose, 'Chelsea' by Stefy begins to

**I can see there's something in your eyes...You just took a fall from
paradise...Saw the lipstick on your neck...Maybe you should just
confess...Oh, oh, oh, oh**

Kelly places her hands onto her tanned hips and presses her soft, pouty lips
together as she locks her adorable, seductive eyes with Lance Cade. The
former Exhibitionist and current Secret Agent of Mr. McMahon, starts to
seductively sway her hips while untying her black top.

Lance Cade smirks as he puts the gym bag back down on the floor while he
watches Kelly Kelly move to the music, "Now this is hot..." Cade says.

**I don't wanna lose my today...But I know there's something in the
way...Maybe I made a big mistake last night...When I left you alone with

Kelly slowly, seductively slides her tongue against her upper lip as she
removes her black top to expose her white lace bra. Kelly cutely laughs as
she tosses her top to Lance Cade. Kelly slides her hand through her smooth
blond hair as she seductively moves closer to Cade.

Lance shifts in his chair as he watches Kelly come closer to him, "Yeah...
mmm.... damn..." Lance says as he adjusts the crotch of his jeans as he
watches Kelly's erotic movements.

**Chelsea's the kind of girl that's cold as ice...Beautiful with nails filed
sharp as knives...She called me while you were kissing...So I could hear what
I was missing...Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh**

Kelly seductively narrows her eyes as she teasingly lowers her white pants
down from her tanned, waist and hips, lowering her pants down her tanned and
gorgeously smooth legs. Kelly tosses her blond hair back as she moves even
closer, placing her hands onto his knees as she teasingly slides her hands up
his legs.

"Whew.... man I really got to thank Chris for this..." Lance Cade says as his
eyes are totally locked on Kelly's movements while not noticing that his CD
Player/Radio unit is starting to smoke.

**I don't wanna lose my today...But I know there's something in the
way...Maybe I made a big mistake last night...When I left you alone with
Chelsea...When I left you alone with Chelsea**

Kelly licks her lips as she gently straddle Lance Cade's lap and lightly
grinds her tanned, juicy ass against the crotch of his jeans as she sways
back and forth to the music.

Lance licks his lips as he watches Kelly lightly grinds herself on his
crotch. The CD Player/Radio unit continues to smoke and after it shoots a few
small sparks, it explodes. "What the hell?!" Lance yells as he pushes Kelly
away to see investigate what just happened.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she locks her eyes on Lance Cade, while
she slides her reinforced high-heel from her left foot and proceeds to stand
up behind Lance Cade. "Remember to thank Chris!" Kelly says before she smack
Lance Cade in the back of the head with her reinforced high-heel.

"Oww!" Lance groans after Kelly smacks the back of his head with her
reinforced high-heel. Lance falls forward and his head hits the wall before
he hits ground.

Kelly slides her right heel-high back on her foot and takes a deep breath
before turning around to the two adjacent bedrooms of the suite "Now to find

* * *

Inside of Chris Jericho's private room of his hotel suite, Jericho is laying
on the bed as a naked Maria, with her arms tied behind her is bobbing her
head up and down on his cock. "Mmmmm yeah suck it slut.." Jericho moans as he
sits up and grabs a handful of Maria's reddish brown hair to make her choke
on his cock.

"MMMMMM! GAHHHH!" Maria moans and chokes on Chris Jericho's cock as her wet
saliva drips along his shaft. Maria shakes her head, trying to lift off of
Chris Jericho's cock, was she is forced to deeply suck his cock.

"Mmmmm ahhh yes... you like sucking on the dicks of good... honest men...
don't you?" Jericho moans and laughs as he holds Maria's head down on his

"The fun is over Chris..." Kelly Kelly says confidently as she stands in the
door way of his private room. Kelly narrows her eyes and lightly grits her
teeth as she has her hands on her tanned hips, dressed in her white panties
and bra from her Expose with Lance Cade. "Get away from Maria, NOW!" Kelly
boldly shouts.

Chris Jericho glances over at Kelly and smirks, "With the way you're dressed
it looks like the fun is about to start..." Jericho says as he pulls up
Maria's head from his cock and shoves her off the bed.

"Ow!" Maria groans as she gasps for air after she lands on the floor of the
hotel suite.

Kelly firms her hands into tight fists and she confidently stands in the
doorway of Jericho's room in a fighting stance "I'm leaving here with

Chris Jericho gets up from the bed, "Oh really? Well I'm not going to make it
easy for you..." Jericho says as he starts to walk towards Kelly with a smirk
on his face.

Kelly grits her teeth as she doesn't back down from Chris Jericho, keeping
her hands firmed tightly into fist, maintaining her fight stance. "Try it..."
Kelly says before she swings her right fist towards Jericho,

Jericho catches Kelly's right fist with his left hand and effortlessly,
twists her arm behind her back, "Boy... Vince McMahon really should invest
more into your training..." Jericho says before he turns and shoves Kelly
towards the bed.

"Ahhhhh!" Kelly calls out as she tumbles forward and roughly lands onto the
bed. Kelly lifts her head up before she rolls over onto her back and tries to
sit up before Chris Jericho approaches the bed.

"So nice of you to get on your back for me..." Jericho laughs as he grabs
Kelly by her hips and holds her still so that he can remove her white

Kelly grits her teeth as Chris Jericho swiftly removes her white panties from
her body to expose her smoothly shaved, deliciously appearing pussy. "Get off
of me!" Kelly yells as Jericho pins her down on the bed.

"Hmmm I don't think I will..." Jericho laughs, "Because I'm a good, honest
man... and I can do what I want..." Jericho says as he suddenly forces his
saliva covered cock into Kelly's smoothly shaved pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh shit!" Kelly moans and grits her teeth as she feels Jericho's
impressive sized, thick cock enter her wet, tight pussy. Kelly's tanned,
petite body arches upon impact as he starts to sharply thrust his cock into
her wet pussy.

"Ahhhh yeah... mmmm!" Jericho moans and laughs as he roughly thrusts his cock
in and out of Kelly's tight wet pussy. Meanwhile, Maria is scooting on the
floor towards the doorway, and her movements go unnoticed by Jericho.

Kelly closes her eyes as she moves back and forth against the bed as Jericho
deeply pumps his cock into her tight, wet pussy. "Ohhh...Chris why? Why did
you turn?" Kelly moans as her arms are pinned down on the bed by Jericho's

"Ahhhh because sluts like you.... and idiots like the fans... want to cheer
and support lying... deceitful pieces of shit... like Shawn Michaels!" Chris
Jericho grunts as he slams his entire cock into Kelly's pussy.

"Chris...ohhhh stop...this isn't right..." Kelly groans as her petite, tanned
body is pulled against his rapidly thrusting cock.

"Mmmm... you're right..." Jericho says as he suddenly pulls his cock out of
Kelly's pussy, "My dick should go down your throat first!" Jericho laughs as
he gets back onto the bed and kneels near Kelly's head. Jericho grabs Kelly's
blond hair, jerks her head up and forces his cock into her mouth.

"Chris No! MMMMMM!" Kelly becomes muffled with Chris Jericho's cock buried
deep in her wet, warm mouth. Kelly innocently looks up at Jericho, pleading
for him to stop as he starts to pump his cock into her wet mouth, forcing her
to suck him.

"Ahhh yeah... mmmm fuck yeah!" Jericho moans as he pulls Kelly's head back
and forth while he thrusts his cock in and out of her mouth.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm..." Kelly groans as her blond haired head moves back and forth
along Jericho's cock as he pushes his cock between her soft, moist lips.

"Ahhhh... mmmm... you're no Trish... but at least you're blond...' Jericho
laughs as he pushes his cock further into Kelly's mouth.

Kelly's adorable, sweet eyes widen as she feels the head of Jericho's cock
forcing against the back of her wet mouth. "GAHHHHH!" Kelly gags and chokes
on his cock.

"Mmmmm fuck... you should be ashamed.... Maria at least lasted a few moments
before she started to gag!" Jericho laughs as he mocks Kelly Kelly before he
pulls his cock out of her mouth.

Kelly narrows her eyes as she gasps her air, while Chris Jericho keeps her
pinned down to the bed "You' ass Chris..."

"Watch your mouth..." Jericho says before he starts to turn Kelly over her
stomach. The self proclaimed only honest man in the WWE pulls Kelly up onto
her hands and knees and then viciously rams his cock into her pussy form

"Owwwww! Ohhhh Chris!" Kelly moans as her entire tanned, petite body rocks
forward roughly on her knees as he starts to swiftly pump his cock into her
pussy from behind.

"Ahhhh yeah... mmm fuck!" Chris Jericho grits his teeth as he grabs Kelly's
hips to jerk her back towards him while he fucks her pussy with hard thrusts.

"Owwww....owwww're better than this!" Kelly groans as her
adorable tanned ass roughly jerks back his gorgeous, tanned muscular waist
while he deeply drives his cock from behind into her pussy.

"Mmmmm... ahhh once again... you're right.... when I'm doing a slut from
behind.... I'm a lot better..." Jericho pulls his cock out of Kelly's pussy,
"Fucking... their..." Jericho then pauses as he suddenly rams his cock into
Kelly's asshole, "ASS!"

"OWWWWWWW! CHRIS!" Kelly cries out in pain as Chris Jericho starts to roughly
thrust his cock into her tight asshole from behind, causing her to quickly
rock forward on her knees. Jericho licks his lips as he grabs Kelly's hips
again and pulls her back towards him as he viciously fucks her tight asshole
without any remorse. Kelly tightly closes her eyes as she petite, tanned body
starts dripping with sweat as he roughly and deeply pounds her gorgeous ass
with his non-remorseful cock.

"Ahhhh... mmmmm yeah!" Jericho moans as he fucks Kelly Kelly's asshole
relentlessly. "JERICHO!" the voice of CM Punk echoes in the room as the
Straightedge Superstar stands in the doorway.

"What the..." Jericho pulls his cock out of Kelly's asshole and turns to look
at Punk who is rushing towards the bed. Jericho gets off the bed and is about
to take a swing at Punk, but CM Punk connects with two quick hard smacks to
the sides of Jericho's face before he spins around and connects with a
viciously backhand. Jericho stumble backward, "You little punk!" Jericho says
groggily as he starts to charge at Punk again, but Punk knees him in the
stomach, lifts him up onto his shoulders so that he can knock him out with a
hard GTS.

Punk glares down at Jericho's unconscious body before he turns his attention
to Kelly, "You ok Kelly?" Punk asks as Maria enters the room, wearing Punk's
jacket over her naked body.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and sweetly looks at CM Punk with awe
" saved me again..." Kelly says as she sits on the bed.

Maria scrunches her nose up and lowers her head "It's my fault this happened
Kelly...if Chris never caught me..." Maria begins to say.

Punk looks at Maria, "Maria it's not your fault... sometimes things just
don't go right..."

Kelly nods her head "Yeah Maria, Punk's right...let's just get out of here

* * *

The next day at WWE Headquarters, CM Punk, wearing the black skeleton CM Punk
t-shirt and jeans, and Kelly Kelly are in Mr. McMahon's office, waiting for
the Chairman of the WWE to arrive. "Man I'm getting real sick of Chris
Jericho... first he costs me my World title... and now this..." Punk says.

Kelly Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and innocently lowers her blond
haired head "Ummm...thanks Punk for, you know saving me...again." Kelly says
as she sits on the couch inside Mr. McMahon's office. "How did you know I was
in trouble?" Kelly asks, while dressed in a light pink top and a pair of
short jean shorts.

CM Punk smiles, "Oh well Maria got out when you interrupted Jericho and she
found me..." Punk explains.

Kelly raises an eyebrow and smiles at CM Punk "You were looking after me
again, weren't you?" Kelly asks with a laugh as she sits next to him on the

CM Punk smiles, "You could say that..." Punk answers as he nods his head a

Kelly frowns a bit "Gee, Mr. McMahon must not have a lot of faith in me...if
he has to assign someone to look after me..." Kelly says as she lowers her
blond haired head.

"Aw don't think like that Kelly..." Punk says, "You only get someone to look
after you if something seems way more dangerous than normal... like you went
solo when dealing with the Burchills."

Kelly smiles a bit "Yeah true..." Kelly laughs before she looks around the
office of Mr. McMahon "Hmmm...I wonder where Mr. McMahon is."

CM Punk shrugs his shoulders, "He's probably in a meeting or something..."
Punk says as he looks around Mr. McMahon's office before he looks at Kelly,
"So... anything on your mind?" Punk smiles.

Kelly scrunches her nose up and thinks for a moment "Ok! I have a question
for you..." Kelly cutely laughs "Maria and I were talking about our ultimate
fantasies...and Maria thinks that having sex on an airplane would be really
hot..." Kelly pauses and laughs "But I think sex on a beach would be really

"Really... sex on the beach?" CM Punk asks with a smile.

"Yeah!" Kelly says with a smile and laughs "I think it would be so fun!
Anyway...what's your ultimate fantasy?"

"Well... you know..." CM Punk smiles a bit, "Banging my favorite 'Blondette'
in the boss's office is one of my fantasies..." Punk says casually.

Kelly raises an eyebrow and laughs a bit "Really?" Kelly asks, not realizing
CM Punk's meaning of his comment.

"Yeah really..." Punk nods his head, "I think banging in the boss's office is
something really hot... cause it's easy to get caught..."

Kelly scrunches her nose up "Yeah...I guess that would be really hot.." Kelly
says with a laugh.

Punk smiles, "Want to give it a shot?" Punk asks.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and stands up from the couch as she starts
to walk over to Mr. McMahon's desk "Sure..." Kelly says, turning back and
adorably twirling a strand of her blond hair.

CM Punk smiles, "Awesome..." Punk says as he gets up from the couch and
starts to follow Kelly over to Mr. McMahon's desk. Kelly laughs as she
reaches forward and starts to unbuckle the belt around his waist that is
holding up his jeans. Kelly licks her soft lips as she undoes the belt and
pulls the belt through the loops of his jeans. CM Punk licks his lips as he
takes off his t-shirt to reveal his tanned and toned upper body while Kelly
unbuttons his jeans. Kelly then pulls down Punk's jeans, freeing his semi-
erect cock which is already around eleven inches in length.

Kelly smiles and sweetly looks at CM Punk "This is always my favorite part
about the missions..." Kelly says with a laugh as she gently slides down onto
her knees in the office of the Chairman. Kelly gently places her soft hands
around CM Punk's cock and starts to smoothly stroke his shaft as his cock
begins to completely harden.

"Mmmmm and here you were complaining about me looking out after you..." CM
Punk says jokingly as Kelly moves her soft hands back and forth on his cock
as it reaches it's full length at fourteen inches.

Kelly laughs and smiles "Punk you know that I always take care of you...
After!" Kelly says before she lowers her blond haired head and gently slides
her wet tongue around the head of CM Punk's cock as her wet saliva nicely
coats the head of his cock.

"Ahhhhh yeah... I know..." Punk moans and smiles as Kelly slowly plays with
the head of his cock with her soft wet tongue. Kelly smiles as she taps the
tip of her soft, wet tongue against the head of CM Punk's cock before she
gently opens her sweet mouth and eagerly takes his rock hard cock into her
mouth. Kelly presses her soft, moist lips around his shaft and starts to
smoothly bob her head to suck on his cock.

"Ahhhh. Blondette..." Punk moans as Kelly slowly bobs her head up and down on
his long hard cock. Punk places his hand on Kelly's head and slides it
through her blond hair.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm..." Kelly Kelly softly moans as she gently bobs her head on CM
Punk's cock, gently lapping her wet tongue around his shaft as she perfectly
sucks on his cock.

"Ahhh... mmmm damn... mmmm!" CM Punk licks his lips as Kelly steadily bobs
her head a bit faster on his cock, but keeps herself going at pace so that
she can lap her tongue against his dick.

Kelly presses her lips tightly around his shaft before she slowly lifts her
head and smiles up at CM Punk. " was it?" Kelly asks as she stands up
from the floor.

"Incredible as always Blondette..." Punk says as he places his hands on
Kelly's waist and lifts her up onto Mr. McMahon's desk. Punk then unbuttons
Kelly's short jean shorts and begins to slide them from her waist.

Kelly scrunches her nose up and blushes "Awww you're so sweet Punk.." Kelly
replies as he lowers her jeans shorts and her pink panties down from her
gorgeous, smooth and tanned legs, while she lifts her light pink top as well.

CM Punk smiles, "You're pretty sweet yourself Blondette..." Punk says as he
places Kelly's shorts and panties on the desk. Punk then eases Kelly's legs
apart and steps between them so that he can push his cock into her tight and
warm pussy.

"Mmmmm...ohhhhh Punk..." Kelly softly moans and wraps her tanned legs around
CM Punk's waist as he starts to smoothly push his cock into her wet, warm and
tight pussy.

"Ahhhh... mmmmm..." Punk moans as he places his hands on Kelly's waist as he
thrusts his cock in and out of Kelly Kelly's tight pussy with slow movements.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and tilts her head back as she places her
hands onto CM Punk's strong, tattoo covered arms as she gently pushes her
pussy against his cock. "Ohhhh...ohhhh yeah Punk!"

"Mmmmm yeah... ahhh..." Punk moans as he smoothly increases the pace of his
thrusts as he fucks Kelly on top of Mr. McMahon's desk.

"Mmmm...ohhhh yeah...ohhhh Punk!" Kelly moans as she moves back and forth on
the desk of Mr. McMahon as CM Punk swiftly thrusts his cock into her pussy.

"Ahhhh... mmmm yeah... mmmm fuck..." Punk moans as he pumps his cock deeply
into Kelly's pussy as she pushes against him. Kelly leans forward and gently
brushes her tongue against CM Punk's lips as she rocks forward on his cock
while he fucks on the desk of the Chairman.

"Mmmmm..." CM Punk moans as he begins to flick his tongue against Kelly's
tongue. Punk lifts Kelly off of Mr. McMahon's desk and her turns around so
that he's leaning against Mr. McMahon's desk. Kelly laughs as she softly
kisses CM Punk's lips, sliding her tongue into his mouth, while she places
her hands onto his toned chest to force him to lay back slightly on the desk.

"Ahhh hey..." Punk laughs and moans as Kelly begins to bounce up and down on
his cock while he thrusts it up into her pussy.

"Something wrong, Punk?" Kelly asks with a laugh as she starts to rock back
and forth, perfectly moving her tanned, gorgeous body on his rock hard shaft.

"Ahhhh nope... mmmmm ahhhh yeah..." CM Punk moans as he thrusts his cock
upward into Kelly's pussy as she rises and falls on his dick.

Kelly gently slides her hands against his smooth, toned chest as she rocks
forward on his shaft. "Ohhhh! Ohhhh yeah Punk!"

"Mmmmm yeah.... ahhhhh ohhh yeah..." Punk moans as he places his hands on
Kelly Kelly's thighs while she rocks a bit more sharply on his dick.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmm Punk!" Kelly moans as she smoothly bounces on his cock as she
grinds her wet pussy on his shaft, while tightening her pussy around his

"Ahhhh.... ohhh shit.... mmmm fuck..." CM Punk grits his teeth as he starts
to cum inside of Kelly Kelly's wet pussy as she cums on his cock.

"Mmmmm! Ohhhhh Punk!" Kelly moans as she feels his cock unloading his warm
cum inside of her wet lips. Kelly closes her eyes and licks her lips as she
gently lifts herself off of his cock.

"Mmmmm man that was hot...." Punk says as he sits up on the desk as Kelly
starts to put on her panties.

"Yeah...that was hot and fun, too!" Kelly says with a cute laugh.

The door to Mr. McMahon's office and the RAW General Manager, Mike Adamle,
walks into the office as CM Punk and Kelly Kelly are just starting to get
dressed after having sex in the office of the Chairman. "Whoa! Have Mercy!"
Mike Adamle shouts excitedly as he enters, spotting Kelly and CM Punk. "K2!?
The Punkster!? Say you kids these days are wild, baby!"

"Ummmm hey Mike..." Punk says as he pulls up his jeans and nearly gets his
large cock caught in the zipper of his jeans in his rush to get them closed.

"Um... well... ummm the air conditioner broke and it's really hot in here..."
Kelly says as she hides behind CM Punk while she puts on her top.

"Yeah... Mr. McMahon needs to get his AC looked at..." Punk adds.

Mike Adamle laughs "Now...give me some credit my super-cool homeboy and
homegirl, I know you two love birds were getting your freak on..." Mike
Adamle slides his hands into his pockets and laughs "You know this reminds me
of a story..."

"Um Mike..." Kelly cuts Adamle off before he can get started, "Do you know
where Mr. McMahon is?"

Mike Adamle raises an eyebrow "I haven't seen Vinnie Mac all day, but I think
he might be in a meeting...anyway I remember back when I was announcing with
the American Gladiator me and a couple of my Gladiator buddies..."

"Oh ok... ummm... Punk... you want to go show me those... um new
exercises..." Kelly asks as she finishes getting dressed.

"Sure Kelly..." Punk says as he picks up his shirt and puts it on.

Kelly bites her bottom lip as she and Punk start to walk to the door, "We'll
be back a little later Mike..." Kelly says.

"Say! I'll join you two...I could use a good workout!" Mike Adamle calls out
as he starts to follow CM Punk and Kelly Kelly.

Punk looks at Mike, "Ummm I don't know if you handle this stuff Mike.... you
really have to be flexible..."

"Hey! I'm flexible! Say Punk did I ever tell you about the Siamese twins in
Milwaukee?" Adamle asks

"Ummm... Mike... I really prefer to learn stuff from Punk... one on one...
that's how I improved in the ring," Kelly says cutely.


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