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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Blond: The Mission of Kelly Kelly - Dr. Rios Part 1
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Late at night at the Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia following the three-hour
long WWE Draft on April 26, 2010, Vickie Guerrero along with her two cohorts,
Michelle McCool and Layla. "Can you believe that blond bimbo is on our show?
Like we totally need yet another blond..." Layla rolls her eyes as she folds
her arms in disgust.

"Excuse me...excuse me....ladies..." The Official Consultant of SmackDown,
Vickie Guerrero, says as she raises her hands up. "There is no need to worry
about Kelly...we all just have to pay closer attention her. I, myself, have
had recent run-ins with her and I know both of you have as well aside from
the in-ring competition..." Vickie says as she places her hands onto her
curved hips.

"I could care less... it's all about me no matter what..." Michelle McCool
says arrogantly.

Vickie presses her lips together and nods her head " have the
right's all about you...and it's about us too..." Vickie
narrows her eyes slightly "Because if Mr. McMahon thinks for one moment that
the reason I was hired as the Official Consultant of SmackDown was to make
sure Teddy Long did his job, he was completely wrong....Controlling SmackDown
through Teddy Long is just the first step..."

"As long as I'm on top, I am the star..." Michelle replies.

"Yeah we're the star!" Layla quickly adds, parroting the blond haired Diva.

Vickie Guerrero turns away slightly and smirks as she raises her left hand to
her neck and slightly plays with her golden 'Cougar' necklace. "That little
blond tramp isn't fooling anyone with her dumb blond act's very
clear she's indeed dear to Mr. McMahon and we all know why..."

As Vickie laughs slightly, the Rated R Superstar and newest RAW draft pick
Edge approaches Layla, Michelle and Vickie. "This better be worth my time..."
Edge says before any of the three woman could notice him first.

Vickie Guerrero folds her arms against her chest and narrows at her
ex-husband, the Rated R Superstar. "Oh girls...if you look who it
former loving husband...late as usual..."

"Ooooo..." Michelle and Layla both smirk at the same time.

Edge folds his arms, "Should've been late to that wedding.... but that aside,
what do you want little Miss Wannabe Desperate Housewife?" Edge asks with a
smirk on his face.

Vickie Guerrero grits her teeth and takes a step towards Edge "You think
you're real funny...don't you?" Vickie firmly presses her lips together and
shakes her head "Well I don't think so....but anyway...Michelle, Layla and I
were just talking about that little blond problem we all have in common..."

"I thought you enjoyed Jillian's singing..." Edge smirks.

"Not her you idiot... KELLY!" Michelle snaps.

"Yeah Kelly!" Layla adds.

Vickie nods her head "Michelle and Layla are correct...we've all had our
issues with Kelly, Edge...where plans we had were ruined because of
fact...." Vickie Guerrero pauses and glances at Edge "Baby..." Vickie says in
a sarcastic tone. "Even you and I together have had plans ruined by her...if
you recall"

"I recall that it was your fault she ruined them..." Edge replies with a

Vickie Guerrero takes in a deep breath and grits her teeth. "You were the one
that kept getting distracted by her..." Vickie says in a firm tone as she
glares at her ex-husband.

"Let's just get to the damn point..." Michelle says.

"Yeah get to the point!" Layla parrots as Vickie notices WWE Physician, Dr.
Rios coming down the hallway.

"The point is that we...." Vickie says motioning to Layla and
Michelle with her left hand and Edge with her right hand. "Have much more in
common...we all want more power...we all deserve more power within the
WWE...and I have the perfect way to make that happen..." Vickie Guerrero says
with a sly and proud smirk before she raises her right hand up toward Dr.
Louis Rios. "Excuse me...Dr. Rios...excuse me...over here..." Vickie calls
out as the WWE Physician approaches.

"Oh Vickie...looking as beautiful as ever..." Dr. Rios says bowing his head
toward the Official Consultant of SmackDown, who in turn smiles proudly.

"Okay so what does Louie here have to do with what you're scheming?" Edge

"Shut up and she'll tell you..." Michelle says.

"Yeah shut up!" Layla says as she parrots Michelle again.

Edge glances at Layla, "Polly want a crack in the ass?" Edge asks with a

Vickie Guerrero moves to stand next to Dr. Rios. "Well Edge...the good doctor
here has had some frustrations recently with the WWE as well...he wants me
and he recently deserves more. When Dr. Rios can me to with an idea, I know
it was one that I could not pass up..." Vickie turns her head and smirks at
Dr. Rios "I'll let you take over for now..." Vickie says before stepping
aside and allowing Dr. Rios to come forward.

"The wonderful Ms. Guerrero is indeed correct, I have designed something that
will give us all what we want...full control..." Dr. Rios says as he reaches
into his left pocket of his lab coat. "Hmmm...I knew I brought it with
me...." Dr. Rios comments before he moves to the right pocket. "
is my little beauty..." Dr. Rios says as he removes a syringe from his pocket
and holds it up for Michelle, Layla, Edge and Vickie Guerrero to see.

"Let me guess you're going to get everyone in the WWE suspended with rigged
wellness tests?" Edge asks with a smirk.

"I hate needles..." Michelle says as she takes a slight step back.

"Yeah me too..." Layla says as she copies Michele's actions.

Dr. Rios shakes his head and laughs "Oh no...a good doctor would never do
such a thing...on the contrary...I have created a special serum that when
injected with make anyone fall under the control of Ms. Guerrero..." Dr. Rios
responds with a smile as he glances over at Vickie. "And those individuals
will remain under control as long as Ms. Guerrero has her stunning

"You mean that thing she got for a buck ninety nine?" Edge asks as he points
at Vickie's 'cougar' necklace.

Vickie grits her teeth and glares at Edge. "You're just jealous because you
never got me anything nice..." Vickie replies.

Dr. Rios lowers his hand and tucks the syringe back into his right lab coat
pocket. "Ms. Guerrero and I figured you'd have doubts about this, however...
Ms. Guerrero has a special assignment for you and later you will see a
special demonstration on just how this serum works..." Dr. Rios says with a
wicked laugh.

"Eh what the hell... this might be worth a few laughs..." Edge smirks.

* * *

In a private hotel room, newly assigned agents Tiffany and John Morrison have
just completed their first assignment and are in the process of celebrating.
John Morrison is standing near the bed as Tiffany is bobbing her blond haired
head on his long, rock hard cock, "Mmmmm.... ahhh..." Morrison groans as
Tiffany moves her hands on his thighs as she sucks his dick.

The beautiful and talented Tiffany closes her eyes as she smoothly turns her
head from side to side on the impressive cock of John Morrison. "Mmmmmmmm...
mmmmmm..."Tiffany softly moans as she bobs her head back and forth along his
shaft, her pouty lips brushing back and forth as she perfectly sucks on his
cock. Tiffany's soft hands gently move against his muscular thighs as she
guides him deeper into her mouth.

"Ahhh... mmmm fuck..." Morrison moans as he starts to lightly pump his cock
in and out of Tiffany's mouth as she continues to suck his cock.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhh..." Tiffany softly moans as she slaps her wet tongue
against the bottom side of Morrison's impressive cock as she swiftly bobs her
blond haired head back and forth, while the Shaman of Sexy works his cock
deeper into her talented and soothing mouth.

"Ohhh yeah.... ahhh... awww..." John Morrison places his hands on Tiffany's
head as she takes his entire cock into her mouth. Tiffany presses her soft
and moist lips tightly around Morrison's cock as his shaft grinds against her
lips as she lowers her blond haired head completely down.

"Ohhh yea.... mmmm..." Morrison moans as he slides his hands through
Tiffany's blond hair as she holds his cock inside of her mouth. Tiffany lifts
her beautiful and adorably sweet eyes to glance up at John Morrison as she
perfectly holds his cock inside of her mouth, teasingly rocking her head back
and forth. "Mmmmm ahhh..." Morrison moans as he looks down at Tiffany as he
starts to pull his long, stiff cock out of her mouth. Tiffany loosen the grip
of her moist lips around Morrison's shaft allowing him an easier time to
remove his cock from her saliva wet and soothingly warm mouth.

"Damn you know how to suck dick..." John Morrison says with a slight grin as
Tiffany scoots back on the bed and lays back as Morrison climbs onto the bed.

Tiffany smiles and blushes cutely. "Thanks John..." Tiffany as she spreads
her gorgeously smooth and tanned legs apart as Morrison lays on top of her.
Morrison guides his long, stiff cock into Tiffany's tight pussy with a firm
thrust and after she wraps her legs around his waist, the Shaman of Sexy
starts to pump his cock into her.

"Ohhhhhh John..." Tiffany moans softly as she bites down on her bottom lip,
feeling his rock begin to thrust in and out of her nicely wet and warm pussy.
Tiffany places her hands onto his tanned and strong, muscular arms as she
rocks lightly against his thrusting cock.

"Ahhhh.... mmmm.." Morrison groans as he thrusts his cock in and out of
Tiffany's pussy. Morrison places his hands on Tiffany's shoulders as he
steadily thrusts his cock into her.

"Ohhhhhh...ohhhhh John..." Tiffany lustfully moans as she feels his cock
firmly thrusting into her tight and wet pussy, causing her move back and
forth as she lays completely on the bed.

"Ahhh yea... mmmmm ahhhh..." John Morrison moans as he quickens the pace of
his thrusts as he fucks Tiffany's tight pussy.

Tiffany pushes her gorgeously tanned and perfectly curved body against John
Morrison's impressively muscular body as he swiftly pumps his cock into her.
"Ohhhhhh...ohhhhh John...ohhhhhh..."

"Ahhh yeah... mmmm fuck... ahhh..." Morrison groans as he deeply fucks
Tiffany as she grinds herself against him.

"Ohhhhhhh...ohhhhhh..." Tiffany moans, arching her back slightly as John
Morrison continues to swiftly thrusts his cock into her pussy, causing her
move forward on the bed. Morrison moves his hands to put them on Tiffany's
waist. The Shaman of Sexy turns to lay on his back and he pulls Tiffany on
top of him with his cock still within her pussy. Tiffany lightly tosses her
gorgeous blond hair back and sweetly smiles down at John Morrison as she
places his hands onto his incredibly developed, muscular, tanned chest as
she lightly rocks back and forth on his cock.

"Mmmm ahhhh yeah..." Morrison groans as Tiffany rocks back and forth on his
cock as he continues to push it up into her.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhhh yeah John...." Tiffany moans as she locks her beautiful eyes
with Morrison as she rocks back and forth on his cock with sweat dripping
from her stunning body. Morrison grits his teeth as he thrusts his cock
firmly up into Tiffany's pussy as she rocks on his stiff shaft. Tiffany
presses her pouty lips together as she rocks back and forth on Morrison's
cock, lightly bouncing as he thrusts his cock upward into her wet and tight

"Mmmmm ahhh.... awww..." John Morrison groans as his cock starts to throb
inside of Tiffany's hot tight and wet pussy. Tiffany slides her soft hands to
Morrison's shoulders and leans down as she gently presses her pouty and moist
lips to his firm lips, kissing him, as she rocks smoothly on his cock.

"Mmm..." Morrison kisses back slightly even as he starts to cum inside of
Tiffany's pussy following a firm upward thrust.

"Mmmmmmmmm...." Tiffany softly moans into Morrison's mouth as she lightly
rocks back and then forward, feeling his warm cum flooding her pussy.

"Mmmm..." Morrison moans as he lightly thrusts his cock up into Tiffany's
pussy as he floods her pussy with his warm load. Tiffany lifts her head and
breaks the kiss with John Morrison before she lifts herself off of his cock
and moves to lay down on the bed next to him, her body moist with sweat and
her breathing heavily.

"Ahhh that... good..." Morrison says as he wipes some sweat from his forehead
with the back of his hand.

Tiffany bites down on her bottom lip and nods her head. "Oh was

Morrison glances at Tiffany, "And the mission was a success... too bad
Jericho still got drafted to RAW even after we stopped him from tampering
with the Draft computer..."

Tiffany nods her head and takes a breath "Yeah..." Tiffany says before she
sits up slightly. "Are you sure everything is just seemed a bit out
of it earlier?" Tiffany asks as she presses her pouty lips together.

"I'm fine... still getting used to things..." Morrison replies.

Tiffany raises an eyebrow "What do you mean?"

"I mean I'm still getting used to working with you..."

Tiffany shrugs her shoulders lightly "There are some issues...but you'll work
them out..." Tiffany says with a sweet smile, despite the fact she clearly
indicated that Morrison is the problem.

Morrison raises an eyebrow, "Now what do you mean?"

Tiffany crosses her arms against her chest as she turns slightly on the bed
to stand up from the bed and now stands next to the bed, while Morrison
remains laying. "Well...maybe if you were watching my back a bit better and
not focused on Rosa the whole time, I would have had more to time to work
with the Draft computer before Jericho caught me."

"I did what I always did when I worked with Kelly..." Morrison replies.

Tiffany raises an eyebrow and sternly looks at John Morrison. "And that would
be showing your abs off to the enemy?" Tiffany asks and shakes her head
"Great strategy..." Tiffany says in a sarcastic tone.

"It works..." Morrison says, "And Kelly at least could adapt to any

Tiffany narrows her eyes slightly as she glares at John Morrison. "What's
that suppose to mean exactly?"

"It means you got a lot to learn about taking care of yourself..." Morrison
simply replies.

Tiffany presses lips together in frustration. "No...I follow protocol! You
should too and maybe you wouldn't be in trouble with Mr. McMahon and

"Hey!" John Morrison shouts which catches Tiffany by surprise, "The only
reasons I was reassigned is because you just happened to become an agent."

Tiffany places her hands onto her hips. "No! John! You got reassigned because
you broke the most important rule of Mr. McMahon's agency....if I were you, I
start shaping up..."

"Right... whatever you say, I know why... you're a sweet girl Tiffany but
everyone knows how jealous you can be..." Morrison says as he sits up on the

Tiffany narrows her eyes slightly "Just wait until I report this to Mr.

"Go right ahead..." Morrison snaps.

* * *

The next morning at the office of Mr. McMahon, his top agent, Kelly Kelly is
standing in his office as Mr. McMahon is at his desk, while Eve Torres and
her assistant/boyfriend Chris Masters are standing near the couch. "Kelly...
if you noticed last night... there has been a sudden change in several of my
Superstars and Divas...and I don't like it at all..." Mr. McMahon says as he
pounds his right hand on top of his desk.

Kelly Kelly, dressed in a pair of nicely fitted jeans and a light pink top,
nods her head as she looks at the WWE Chairman. "I've noticed a few odd
things to say the least..." Kelly says with a weak smile....I bumped into
Gail this morning and she didn't seem like herself at all..."

"So far this morning I have heard rumors that Vickie Guerrero and her ex-
husband Edge are working together again... and that's not good for the future
of the WWE... I want you to find out if they are involved with what's
happening and put a stop to it!" Mr. McMahon says.

"Good...." Mr. McMahon says before he looks over at Eve and Masters, "Eve...
show Kelly her new equipment... Masters... get Cole in here..." Mr. McMahon
says with a slight smirk.

"Yes sir..." Chris Masters says as he walks over to the office door while Eve
approaches the desk where Kelly is.

The stunning Eve Torres smiles as she walks over toward Mr. McMahon's desk,
carrying a box of Kelly's latest gadgets. "Hey Kelly..." Eve says as she sets
the box down on top of the desk. "I think you're really going to like what
Chris and I made this time."

"I'm sure I will..." Kelly smiles.

Meanwhile Chris Masters is escorting Michael Cole into the office, "Can you
believe what that tool Daniel Bryan said about me?! Who does he think he is?"
Cole says as he looks down at his blackberry.

"Someone who could kick your ass in a straight fight..." Masters simply

"Oh shut up..." Cole snaps.

Eve Torres raises an eyebrow as she glances over at Michael Cole and then
back at Kelly Kelly. "Anyway..." Eve says before she reaches in the box and
removes what appears to be a beaded necklace and proceeds to hand it over to

"Looks very stylish... what is it?" Kelly asks as she looks over the beaded

Eve smiles "Well Kelly if you break the necklace apart the small beads
individually will work as smoke bombs..."

"That will come in handy... in my mission and next time I throw a party at my
house..." Kelly smiles as she find the small snap on the necklace. She
unhooks the snap and takes one of the beads off the necklace to get a closer
look at it.

Eve cautiously raises her hands. "Now Kelly be careful with those...the beads
are extremely sensitive...once in contact with the floor, they will go
off..." Eve warns.

"Oh that little tool... Mr. McMahon you got to do..." Michael Cole starts to
complain about something he's read on his blackberry and as he walks towards
Mr. McMahon's desk, he bumps into Kelly, causing her to drop the bead. As
soon as it hits the ground, it starts to release the smoke inside.

"Damn it Cole!" Mr. McMahon shouts as the room starts to fill with smoke.

Eve Torres starts to cough and closes her eyes as she starts to back away
from the desk as smoke rises up from the floor to the ceiling. "Like...I
said...very sensitive..." Eve says in between coughs.

"Oh my.... this wasn't my fault..." Michael Cole says as he coughs a bit.

"Just get out!" Mr. McMahon shouts and Cole quickly heads to the door.

"How... long does it last?" Kelly starts to ask as she coughs lightly.

Eve coughs once again and waves her hands in front of her face as she tries
to push the smoke away. "Chris....hit the button for the vents..."

"Right..." Chris Masters says as he coughs and heads over to the left wall of
Mr. McMahon's office. He finds a button on the wall, hits it and within
moments, the smoke is being sucked out of the office.

Eve releases another cough as she steps back toward the desk and glances over
at Mr. McMahon. "Can I be excused to get some air?"

"Of course..." Mr. McMahon says as he clears his throat, "You and Masters are
finished here... Kelly...before you leave I want you to remain here for a

Kelly nervously bites down on her bottom lip as she looks at Mr. McMahon.
"Did I do something wrong?" Kelly asks as Eve Torres and Chris Masters
proceed to exit the office of the Chairman.

"No... I want to introduce you to your partner for this assignment..." Mr.
McMahon replies before he hits a button on his desk. "Get in here!" Mr.
McMahon shouts into his intercom. From a different door in the back of Mr.
McMahon's office, the dangerous Viper Randy Orton slowly walks into the semi-
smoke filled room. "Kelly... I believe you know Randy Orton..."

Kelly Kelly's beautiful eyes widen with mixture of fear and shock as she
watches the dangerous Randy Orton slowly step through the smoke toward the
desk of the Chairman. Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and takes a step
away from Orton as he steps closer to her. Kelly nervously glances at Mr.
McMahon. " can't be serious..."

"I am serious..."Mr. McMahon says as Orton glares at him. "Orton here is
ruthless... he's like a snake... just the type of partner you need." Kelly
Kelly protectively folds her arms against her chest as she continues to back
away from Randy Orton noticing the intense, venomous glare he is giving the
Chairman, before turns his head to glare at her in the same deadly manner.
"Now Kelly... you are dismissed... I want to have a few words with Orton..."
Mr. McMahon says.

Kelly nods her head before she turns away and walks toward the door to exit
Mr. McMahon's office. Once she leaves and closes the door, the Chairman
stands from behind his desk and walks out to where Randy Orton is standing.
"Now Randy...I know very well just what you are capable of....I haven't
forgotten what you did to my daughter Stephanie and what you did to me...not
to mention the threats to made against my wife and grandchildren..."

"Then you shouldn't..." Orton starts to reply before Mr. McMahon cuts him

Mr. McMahon raises his right hand and points at Randy Orton with his index
finger. "I want to make one thing clear Randy...your mission to help and
protect Kelly..." Mr. McMahon continues, before being interrupted by Randy

"And what if I decide to drive her pretty little head down into the ground?!"
Randy Orton snaps.

Mr. McMahon raises an eyebrow before glaring at Randy Orton. "You better not
decide to snap on her...because Randy..." Mr. McMahon pauses and gets up
close to Randy Orton. "If you put your hands on Kelly..." Mr. McMahon pauses
once again and starts to talk in louder voice. "If you put your hands on
Kelly...if so dare to snap on her...then Randy Orton I will not think twice
about firing you!"

Randy Orton slightly smirks, "That's not much of a threat... considering what
I did before..." Randy says, "Don't worry... she'll be fine..."

"I mean it Randy....if you hurt her, there will be consequences!" Mr. McMahon
says as he starts to turn away from the dangerous Viper. "Get out..." The
Chairman says in a final tone.

Randy Orton glares at Mr. McMahon and then smirks, "Alright..." Randy says
before he suddenly RKO's the chairman of the WWE. With Randy Orton's strong
arms slithered and coiled around the Chairman's neck, Mr. McMahon drops down
to the floor of his office with the intense impact of his head against the
floor making him unconscious. Randy slowly gets back up to his feet and
smirks darkly before he turns to leave Mr. McMahon's office.

* * *

Meanwhile, hours before the start of the April 27, 2010 SmackDown television
tapings at the Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania The All-American
American World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger is in his private locker
room doing leg squats as Vickie Guerrero walks into his locker room. Jack,
wearing black work out shorts and a tank top, raises an eyebrow, "I'm the
World Champion... you have to knock to enter my locker room..." Jack says
with an annoyed and arrogant tone of voice.

Vickie Guerrero raises her hands up and smiles. "Excuse me...excuse me
Jack...but don't forget I am the Official Consultant of SmackDown...but you
are correct Jack, I should show you fact the entire WWE Universe
should show you respect which they clearly aren't..."

"If the WWE Management respected me, the WWE Universe would..." Jack Swagger
says as he folds his arms, "What is this about? I am very busy."

Vickie Guerrero smirks slightly and places her hands onto her curved hips.
" are an All American-American...and stand out athlete!" Vickie
Guerrero proudly announces to the World Heavyweight Champion. "You deserve
much, much more...."

"Ok quit sucking up... I know what I deserve..." Jack Swagger says, "What do
you want? I got things to do..."

Vickie Guerrero narrows her eyes slightly at Jack Swagger. "I can get you
that...I can get you everything you want..."

"I'm listening..." Jack replies.

Vickie glances over her shoulder and calls out into the hallway. "Michelle...
Layla...come meet the greatest World Champion in SmackDown history!" Vickie
replies with a sly smirk as the flawless duo of Michelle McCool, dressed in a
pair of tight fitting jeans and white tank top that reads 'Simply Flawless of
the back, and Layla, dressed in a black skirt and black tank top which also
reads 'Simply Flawless' on the back, enter the private locker room of Jack

"Hey Jack...ya'll are looking really good..." Michelle says with a devious
smile as she stands with her hands on her gorgeous hips. Layla nods her head
as she stands next to Michelle.

"Oh yeah! Totally good looking babe..." Layla asks as she licks her lips.

Jack smirks slightly, "So what do they have to do with me getting what I

Vickie Guerrero presses her lips together and slyly glances at Jack Swagger
"Well they are here just for you Jack...." Vickie pauses for a moment and
steps back toward the door. "You'll see Jack that once Michelle and Layla are
done with'll only one choice left."

"What are you talking about?" Jack Swagger asks as Vickie Guerrero leaves
just before LayCool steps towards him.

Layla seductively stands to the right of Jack Swagger as she places her hands
onto his tank top covered chest. "You are so handsome baby..." Layla says as
she pulls at the material of his tank top. Michelle nods her head, agreeing
with Layla.

"I'm surprised ya'll don't have women as perfectly flawless as Layla and I
around all the time..." Michelle says as she places her hands onto the waist
of his black gym shorts.

"I need to stay focus on winning all the time.." Jack says as Layla starts to
push up his tank top while Michelle pulls down his shorts.

"But ya'll can still have fun..." Michelle replies a smirk as she pushes the
shorts down from his muscular waist and down his incredibly strong legs.
Layla forces Jack Swagger to raise his strong arms as she lifts the tank top
to expose his tanned and muscular chest.

"Yeah! You can still have fun!" Layla says, mimicking Michelle.

"Well since you two are flawless... how about you two show me how you have
fun?" Jack smirks as LayCool begin to slide their hands all over his now
naked body.

Michelle slyly glances up "Ya'll should know we will..." Michelle says as she
places her hands around his hardening shaft and lowers herself down onto her
knees in front of the All-American American World Heavyweight Champion, as
she starts to stroke his shaft.

Layla licks her lips hungrily as she slides the fingers of her left hand
through his blond hair. "Yeah baby....we'll show how we have fun!"

"Mmmm... I'm hearing a lot of talk..." Jack says as Michelle McCool strokes
his cock. Michelle smirks before she lowers her blond haired and slaps her
flawless tongue against the head of Jack Swagger's cock while she strokes her
hands against his hardening shaft. Layla glances down at Michelle and watches
her best friend forever work her tongue against Swagger's cock. Layla slyly
laughs as she turns and teasingly flicks her tongue against the side of
Jack's neck.

"Mmmm ahhh..." Jack moans as Michelle flicks her tongue against his now fully
hard cock while Layla flicks her tongue against his neck. Layla slyly drags
her tongue against Jack's neck before moving her tongue to flick against her
right earlobe, before slightly biting down on his ear and pulling back
slightly. Michelle drags her wet tongue around the head of Swagger's cock,
coating it with her saliva as she moves her hand smoothly against his shaft.

"Ohhh yeah..." Jack Swagger moans as Michelle twirls her tongue around his
cock while she strokes his shaft. Jack turns his head to face Layla and he
starts to kiss the dark haired LayCool member.

"Mmmmmmm..." Layla moans as she slaps her tongue against Jack Swagger's firm
lips as he kisses her, while Michelle opens her mouth and greedily swallows
his impressive cock, taking him into her flawless mouth.

"Mmmm..." Jack moans as he slides his tongue into Layla's mouth as Michelle
starts to bob her head on his large, rock hard cock. Michelle removes her
hands from Jack's cock and places them onto his muscular waist as she lifts
and lowers her head on his cock, smoothly sucking on his cock, slapping her
wet tongue against his shaft. Layla places her hands onto his muscular chest
and slyly moves them down, feeling his muscles as she slaps her tongue
against his tongue.

"Mmmmm ahhh..." Jack moans into Layla's mouth as they slide their tongues
against each other's while Michelle is busy bobbing her head back and forth
on his dick.

"Mmmmmm...mmmm...." Michelle McCool moans as she presses her lips firmly
against Swagger's shaft as she steadily moves her head, taking him deeper
into her mouth.

Layla slowly takes a step back and breaks the kiss with the World Heavyweight
Champion. "I bet Michelle is doing an awesome job on you babe..."

"Ohhh yeah... mmmm fuck..." Jack Swagger groans as Michelle takes his cock
all the way into her mouth.

Layla moves to stand next to Michelle as she watches her blond haired head
bobbing rapidly on Jack Swagger's cock. "Damn! She must really like your
dick, baby..." Layla comments as Michelle turns her head slyly on Swagger's

"Why don't you get down there and suck it too..." Jack says with a moan as
Michelle McCool eagerly sucks and slurps on his shaft.

Layla smirks at Jack Swagger. "I like the way you think!" Layla says before
she lowers herself down onto her knees next to Swagger. Michelle lifts her
head for a moment and Layla proceeds to lean in and takes the head of his
cock into her mouth.

"Mmmmm fuck..." Jack groans as Layla wastes no time in deep throating his
huge cock in order to taste every inch of it.

Layla wraps her luscious and moist lips tightly around Jack Swaggers cock as
she starts to rapidly bob her head, taking him deep into her mouth.
"Mmmmmm...mmmmmm..." Layla groans as she sucks on his cock.

"Ohhh shit... mmmm fuck..." Jack groans as Layla quickly bobs her head on his
long hard shaft as he starts to thrust it into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Layla moans as she closes her eyes, steadily bobbing her
head up and down on Jack's cock as he pumps his cock deeper into her mouth.
Michelle smirks as she stands and proceeds to lift her white tank top,
exposing her large and juicy tits.

"Mmmm those are some great looking tits..." Jack groans as he looks at
Michelle's juicy tits while he steadily fucks Layla's flawless mouth with his

"Mmmmmmmm!" Layla moans as she sharply turns her head on Jack's cock before
lowering her hand completely down.

"Ahhhh.... mmmm lose the shorts Layla... I'm gonna fuck you first..." Jack
groans after Layla deep throats his cock again. Layla lifts her head from
Jack Swagger's cock and licks her lips as she sits up on her knees and
seductively inches her shorts down from her gorgeously shaped, juicy ass,
allowing the shorts to rest at her knees as she remains down on the floor of
his private locker room.

"Yeah... that's flawless..." Jack grins as he moves around Layla to look at
her from behind. Jack gets down on his knees as Layla leans forward to
position herself on all fours. The All-American American World Heavyweight
Champion grabs Layla by her hips and firmly pushes his cock into her hot
tight pussy.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhhh yeah baby!" Layla moans and slyly glances back as she rocks
forward on her knees with Jack Swagger thrusting his cock firmly into her
from behind.

"Ahhh... mmmm yeah..." Jack grunts as he holds onto Layla's hips as he firmly
pumps his cock in and out of her pussy.

Layla places her hands down firmly onto the floor in front of her as she
begins to rock back on her knees in order to push back against Jack Swagger.
"Mmmmm yeah baby...fuck that naughty pussy!"

"Ahhh ohhh yeah that's a tight twat..." Jack groans as he hammers Layla's wet
snatch from behind with quick and hard thrusts.

"Ohhhhhhh...ohhhh yeah! Mmmmm fuck that pussy baby! Come fuck it!" Layla
moans and grits her teeth as she rocks back and forth on her knees as she
firmly pushes back against his cock.

Jack grunts and groans as he continues to hammer Layla's pussy from behind.
Jack glances over at Michelle McCool who is sitting on the locker room bench
sliding two fingers in and out of her perfectly shaven pussy as she watches
Jack fuck Layla.

Michelle slyly smirks and narrows her eyes as she looks at Jack Swagger,
while working her two fingers against her pussy. "Mmmmm ya'll better get over

"Mmmm I'll stretch that cunt better than your fingers will..." Jack says as
he pulls his cock out of Layla's pussy and stands up as he watches Michelle
finger fuck herself.

Michelle raises an eyebrow. "Ya'll better quit talkin' and get over here
then!" Michelle seductively snaps as she removes her two fingers from her
pussy and raises them to her lips before she lustfully flicks her tongue
against her fingers that were just inside of her own pussy. Jack Swagger
steps over to the locker room bench and sits down on it. He then reaches over
to grab Michelle and he pulls her on top of his lap, impaling her wet snatch
in the process with his huge cock.

"Mmmmmmm yeah....ya'll like that tight pussy..." Michelle moans as she places
her hands onto his shoulders and begins to rock back and forth on his cock.

"Ohhh yeah... mmmm..." Jack groans as he holds onto Michelle's slender waist
as he thrusts his cock upward into her pussy.

Michelle grits her teeth as she tilts her blond haired head back while
sharply rocking back and forth on his All-American cock, grinding her wet
pussy down. "Ohhhhhh yeah....ya'll like that don't ya?"

"Awww yeah... mmmm fuck ohhh shit..." Jack groans as he drives his cock
upward into Michelle's pussy while he bounces her up and down on his shaft.
Michelle lightly drags her fingernails against Swagger's shoulders as she
bounces up and down on his cock, while he deeply rams his shaft up into her
wet and tight pussy.

"Mmmm ahhh awww..." Jack grunts as Michelle bounces swiftly on his upward
pumping cock.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh yeah!" Michelle moans as she sharply lowers onto his cock,
before she rock forward on his shaft. Michelle licks her lips as she rapidly
moves on his cock. Jack grits his teeth as Michelle continues to ride him.
Jack tilts himself slightly to look past Michelle and he sees Layla on the
floor, with her right left raised as she uses fingers of her right hand to
bang her pussy while she pumps two fingers from her left hand in and out of
her ass.

Layla narrows her eyes and slyly looks at Jack Swagger as she forces her two
fingers deeply into her right ass. "Ohhhhh...mmmm you want more baby..."

"Ohhh yeah..." Jack nods his head as he watches Layla finger fuck her own ass
and pussy. The All-American American lifts Michelle off of his cock and
slides off the locker room bench.

Michelle narrows her eyes slightly as Swagger starts to move over toward
Layla. "Hey! I wasn't done with ya'll yet!"

Jack smirks, "I can handle both of you..." Jack says as he lays down on the
ground near Layla.

Layla tosses her gorgeous hair back as she moves to straddle Jack Swagger,
lowering herself down onto his cock, taking him deeply into her nasty, wet
and warm pussy. "Ohhhhh fuck baby!" Layla moans as she begins to rock on his
cock, while Michelle McCool moves down to the floor to join Swagger and

"Ahhh yeah... mmmm fuck.... awww..." Jack groans as he places his hands on
Layla's thighs as she rocks back and forth on his cock while Michelle stands
over his head looking down at him.

"Oh ya'll better pay attention to me too..." Michelle says before she lowers
herself down and settles onto Jack's face, rubbing her pussy against his
lips. Jack Swagger opens his mouth and starts to lap his tongue against
Michelle's wet pussy while he pumps his cock upward into Layla's hot cunt.

"Ohhhhh yeah...ya'll munch on that pussy..." Michelle moans as she rocks
lightly on Swagger's face, while she face her best friend forever Layla, who
is riding his cock, bouncing sharply.

"Ohhhhh Michelle...Jack is so good..."

"Mmmm! Mmmm!" Jack moans as he laps his tongue against Michelle's twat while
Layla bounces swiftly up and down on his large shaft. Layla leans her head
back as she bounces rapidly on Jack Swagger's cock, grinding her wet pussy
back and forth, feeling his shaft thrusting up. Jack moves his hands from
Layla's thighs to Michelle's thighs as he pushes his tongue up into her pussy
while he keeps thrusting his cock upward into Layla's twat.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh yeah! Ya'll eat that pussy!" Michelle moans and grits her
teeth as she roughly grinds her pussy against his face and tongue while she
feels him working effortlessly to thrust his tongue deeply, while pumping his
cock up into Layla as well.

"Mmmm! Mmmm!" Jack moans as he twirls his tongue around inside of Michelle's
pussy as she rides his face while Layla continues to rapidly rock on his
pistoning cock.

Layla is covered with sweat as she rapidly lowers on his cock, feeling him
deeply inside of her. "Ohhhhh fuck baby! Ohhhhh!" Layla moans as she sharply
rocks back on his shaft.

"Ahhhh mmmm!" Jack moans against Michelle's pussy as he continues to munch on
her cunt while he pumps his cock harder up into Layla's pussy even as his
shaft starts to throb.

Michelle lifts herself off of Jack Swagger's face and kneels down onto the
floor next to him, while Layla remains rocking swiftly on his cock. "Ya'll
like that Jack...ya'll like Layla working ya over?"

"Ohhh fuck yea... mmmm ahhh..." Jack groans and nods his head as he keeps
pumping his pulsating cock up into Layla's pussy.

Layla narrows her eyes slyly as she places her hand down onto his toned
stomach as she rapidly bounces on his cock. "Ohhhhh! Ohhhh fuck! Ohhhhh!"
Layla moans.

Michelle smirks as she leans down toward his ear. "How does it feel Jack?"

"Ahhh fucking incredible.... ahhhh shit... awww..." Jack grits his teeth as
he starts to cum inside of Layla's pussy.

Layla presses her lips together and tilts her head back as she slowly rocks
on his cock now, feeling his cum flooding her pussy. "Ohhhhhhh fuck..." Layla

"Ahhh..... mmmmm damn... mmm..." Jack Swagger licks his lips as Laya rocks on
his cock as he fills her with his warm jizz.

Layla lifts herself off of Jack Swagger and tosses her sweat dampened hair
back. "Damn Michelle....I like our naughty little Jack..."

Michelle stands up and folds her arms against her chest. "Ya'll have a
decision to make..."

Jack Swaggers sits up and smirks, "I think that decision will be an easy one
to make..."

The door to Jack Swagger's private locker room opens once again and the
Official Consultant of SmackDown, Vickie Guerrero, stands in the door.
"Excuse me....I don't want to interrupt but Jack have you thought things
over?" Vickie asks with a sly smirk.

Jack glances at the door, "I may have made up my mind..." Jack Swagger

Vickie Guerrero narrows her eyes. "What do you mean...may have?"

"That's exactly what I mean..." Jack Swagger smirks.

"What else do you want?" Vickie snaps

"I want everything... I am the All-American American..." Jack replies with a

* * *

Later in the exam room of WWE Physician Dr. Rios, at the Giant Center in
Hershey, Pennsylvania. The WWE Doctor is working at his desk, writing down
notes on his WWE patients, when the door to his office opens and the Official
Consultant of SmackDown, Vickie Guerrero, enters with a smirk on her face.
"Excuse me...excuse me...Dr. Rios....we've got him." Vickie says as she
places her hands proudly onto her curved hips. Dr. Rios rises from his desk
and claps his hands together.

"Excellent! This experiment will truly prove the power of the serum I
created..." Dr. Rios says as he approaches Vickie.

A few moments later, Jack Swagger and Edge roll in a gurney that has someone
strapped to it and covered by a white sheet. "No way this will work..." Edge
says as he and Jack roll the gurney to the center of Dr. Rios's exam room.

Rios glances at Edge and smirks. "Oh it will..." Dr. Rios says with
a laugh as he works over to close the door and proceeds to lock it. Dr. Rios
walks over to the gurney and motions to Vickie Guerrero. "Let's have a
see..." Dr. Rios says as the Official Consultant of SmackDown places her
hands onto the sheet covering the individual and proceeds to lift the sheet
off. On the gurney is a bound and gagged John Cena, the reigning WWE
Champion, Cena strains to break free from the restraints while he glares
at everyone he can see.

Vickie Guerrero lowers her hand and removes the gag from John Cena's mouth.
"I'm so glad you could join John..." Vickie says with a wicked smirk as she
glances down at him.

"FUCK YOU!" John shouts as soon as the gag is out of his mouth.

"Nice gutter mouth John..." Jack Swagger smirks.

Vickie places her hand against her chest, acting offended. "John...I thought
you'd have such a cleaner mouth with a beautiful woman, such as I..." Vickie
replies as Dr. Rios quietly removes a syringe from the right pocket of his
lab coat.

"You're no woman... you're a ugly, old hearted, manipulative bitch..." John
snaps and Edge chuckles slightly after hearing Cena's comments.

Vickie narrows her eyes as she smacks her left hand across John Cena's face.
"You will respect me!" Vickie yells before she glances at Dr. Rios. "Go
ahead!" Dr. Rios nods his head.

"Yes Ms. Guerrero..." Dr. Rios says as he raises the syringe. "Now
John...this won't hurt a bit..."

Cena glares at Dr. Rios and spits at him, "You'll fucking pay for this..."
Cena says defiantly.

"I don't think so..." Dr. Rios says before he lowers the syringe down into
John Cena's right arm.

Within moments of the injection, Cena's eyes closes and Jack raises an
eyebrow, "Oh we're screwed... you killed him..."

Dr. Rios laughs slightly. "I didn't kill him...." Dr. Rios pauses for a
moment and lowers his hand to Cena's wrist checking for a pulse.

"Uh oh..." Dr. Rios says looking nervous. Vickie Guerrero's eyes widen and
looks at Dr. Rios.

"Uh oh, what!?" Vickie snaps.

Before Dr. Rios can reply, Cena opens eyes part way, looking straight up at
the ceiling as he says, "What is your command Ms. Guerrero..."

Dr. Rios takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. "Oh thank god...I thought I
did kill him..." Dr. Rios says before he steps away.

Vickie smirks down at John Cena "That's more like it..." Vickie Guerrero then
snaps her fingers at Edge and Swagger "Loosen the restraints..."

"Are we sure that's a good idea?" Edge as he looks at Dr. Rios.

Dr. Rios nods his head " worked..." Dr. Rios replies with a
proud smile. Swagger and Edge exchange unsure looks before they undo the
restraints on Cena. After the last one is undone, Cena quickly gets up off of
the table and they quickly back away thinking he's going to attack.

Vickie Guerrero smirks slyly as she steps up to John Cena. "Now John Cena...
tell me what you think about me?" Vickie says as she narrows her eyes into a
glare at the reigning WWE Champion.

"You are in control..." Cena simply answers.

Vickie nods her head and glances over at Jack Swagger and Edge with a smirk
on her face. "Now do you believe me?"


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