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Blowing Nitro's Mind
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at an arena where RAW is going to be aired from later in the
night, The RAW brand's resident 'A-List' Superstar Johnny Nitro is looking
at himself in the reflective television monitor and he's fixing his hair.
"Oooo yea! I am smoking!" Nitro says as she slides a hand through his long
perfectly conditioned hair. Dressed in black wrestling pants with orange
multi-cross patterns printed on them, and a large blue-gray colored fur
overcoat, Nitro puts on his tinted sunglasses and he spins around in a
flamboyant manner, "And tonight I'm gonna kick Jeff Hardy's ass..." Nitro
says just as he starts to walk down the hallway and goes around a corner.
Nitro soon stops again, and looks in a full-length mirror that is right
next to the make-up area for the WWE Divas, and he starts checking himself
out. "Mmmm damn... going to rock the world tonight..." Nitro says with a

"Hey Johnny!" The overly-hyper, sometimes obnoxious voice of the new WWE
Women's Champion Mickie James excitedly says as she skips towards the
"A-List" Superstar while dressed in a short red skirt and a black tank top
with her Championship belt resting on her right shoulder. "Johnny! Did you
see I won last night!? Huh!? Huh!? Did you!?" Mickie excitedly asks as she
nods her head before she places her hands on her rounded hips and presses
her lips together as she wait for Johnny Nitro to reply.

Johnny Nitro turns around to look at the overly-hyper two-time Women's
Champion, "Yeah I saw you win.... big deal..." Nitro says with an arrogant
attitude, "It's just a matter of time before Melina kicks your wide ass and
takes it from you..." Nitro says with a fake laugh as he puts his hands on
his gorgeous waist.

Mickie shrugs her shoulder "Oh I can take Melina! I bet I can!" Mickie says
proudly as she nods her head "Besides you're just upset that you lost last
night! Huh!? Am I right!? Am I right!?" Mickie asks with an overly excited

Nitro makes a face, "Of course I'm fucking pissed! I got fucking embarrassed
by those loser Hardy Boys.... that ECW Punk and those degenerate has-beens!"
Nitro snaps at the innocent Women's Champion, "What's it too you?!"

Mickie shrugs her shoulder again "I don't know! I just figured I could make
you feel better! What do you say huh!? Huh!?" Mickie smiles and nods her head
as she slides the WWE Women's Championship belt off of her shoulder "I bet I
could blow your mind!"

Nitro does a double take, raises an eyebrow and takes off his sunglasses as
he looks at Mickie James, "What... the hell? Blow my mind?" Nitro shakes his
head, "Mickie... you're nuts... what the fuck are you talking about?"

Mickie smiles excitedly "I'll show ya! I'll show ya!" Mickie says estatically
as the loony, overly-excited Women's Champion kneels down in front of Johnny
Nitro and places her hands against his orange multi-cross patterned pants and
begins to pull them down from his waist.

"Whoa... whoa... whoa!" Nitro grabs the waist of his pants to prevent Mickie
from pulling them down from his waist. "What are you psycho?! What the fuck
do you think you're doing?" Nitro says, before he pauses and thinks for a
long moment, "You wanna suck my dick?" Nitro then asks as he the newly
crowned Women's Champion looks up at him with a wide innocent smile on her

Mickie nods her head and smile "Yeah! You bet I do!" Mickie then shakes her
head "DUH! How else am I going to blow your mind!?" Mickie replies excitedly
as the happily-psychotic Diva licks her pouty lips.

Nitro shrugs his shoulders, "Shit... I don't fucking know... but hell I'm
all for getting my 'A-List' cock sucked.... even by some total nut job... at
least you're above average...." Nitro says in a arrogant tone as he lets go
of the waist of his pants and then slips off his large blue-gray colored fur
coat, and he tosses it on the make-up table behind him along with his
sunglasses, "Ok Mick...get my pants down..." Nitro says as he licks his lips.

Mickie smiles excitedly "Oh boy! I'm so excited now!" Mickie replies in a
slightly loud tone of voice as she quickly pulls down Johnny Nitro's orange
pants, almost causing Nitro to stumble back.

"Christ!" Nitro yells as he reaches back and grabs the edge of the make-up
table to help keep his balance as Mickie frees his large, thick 'A-List'
eleven-inch cock, which is already half-hard. "Damn it Mickie! You get any
more excited someone will have to stick you in a psycho-ward!" Nitro says
as he steps out of his orange wrestling pants.

Mickie scrunches her nose up and shakes her head "I'm not going back again!"
Mickie slightly shouts with a excited smile as she wraps her soft, gentle
overly-excited hands around Nitro's hardening shaft and begins to quickly and
eagerly stroke his smooth shaft before she leans her head down and presses
her wet tongue against the head of Nitro's cock and begins to circulate her
overly-eager tongue.

"Awww...mmmmm..." Nitro moans groans as he tilts his head back slightly,
"Well... you're starting off good... who knew you had a good idea of how
to start off sucking an 'A-List' star's dick..." Nitro groans as looks down
at Mickie as she circles her soft, wet tongue around the head of his shaft.
Mickie closes her happily-crazed eyes before as gently slaps her tongue
against her head Nitro's cock as she slides her smooth hands against the
shaft of Nitro before she opens her warm, wet mouth and takes Nitro's
"A-List" cock into her saliva-dripping mouth. Mickie presses her lips
tightly around his shaft and the psychotic Mickie James begins to eagerly
bob her head on Nitro's cock.

"Mmmmm... ohhh fucking... hell..." Nitro moans loudly as the two-time
Women's Champion shocks him with how well she's sucking on his stiff dick.
Nitro grits his teeth as watches with a stunned look as Mickie keeps a steady
pace even as she's eagerly sucking on his meaty shaft. Mickie slowly lifts
her happily-crazed eyes up and locks them with Johnny Nitro as she slides her
wet, eager tongue around his shaft as she lathers his cock with her warm
saliva while she quickens her pace as she sucks on Nitro's hard "A-List"
cock, taking the arrogant former Intercontinental Champion's cock deeper into
her soothing, crazed mouth.

"Ooooo... fuck... shit... where... the hell... did you learn to suck dick?"
Nitro asks with a moan as he puts his right hand on the loony WWE Women's
Champion as she sucks incredibly hard on his "A-List" dick. "Ohhh... damn...
whew... fuck... you're better at sucking dick then at wrestling..." Nitro

Mickie slowly lifts her head up with a excited smiles before she slaps her
tongue against the head of Nitro's cock as she starts to quickly stroke
his saliva-coated, hard cock "Really!? Really!? I'm doing good!?" Mickie
excitedly asks as she lowers her left hand down to Nitro's large ballsack
and gently squeezes his balls.

Nitro nods his head as he licks his lips, "Oh yeah... fuck... if you wrestled
as good as you suck... you'd be interesting... now suck my dick some more...
and maybe... I'll give ya a big thrill..." Nitro says with a moan as Mickie
gently cups his large balls with her left hand as she pumps his cock with her
right hand.

Mickie smiles widely "Ok!" Mickie exclaims as she opens her mouth once again
and lowers her head on Nitro's cock as the happily-crazed, psychotic Women's
Champion takes Nitro's cock deeper into her warm mouth as she instantly deep
throats the "A-List" cock of the arrogant, studdly Johnny Nitro. Mickie moans
against Nitro's cock as she deep throats his cock while her warm saliva drips
against his hard cock.

"Ahhhh... ohhh fuck..." Nitro groans as he licks his lips, "Ohhh god damn...
you were made to suck..." Nitro laughs as he insults the happily psychotic
WWE Diva. He grits his teeth as he feels Mickie's nose pressing against his
crotch as she holds his entire eleven inch long "A-List' cock in her warm
crazy mouth. "Mmmm fuck... Mickie... stand up and raise that fucking skirt!"
Nitro moans loudly.

Mickie eagerly lifts her head off of Nitro's cock as her warm saliva drips
down his long, hard shaft. Mickie licks her lips "Oh boy! I'm so excited!"
Mickie happily replies as she removes her hands from around Nitro's cock and
stands up before she walks over to the make-up table and bends over against
the table before she lifts her skirt up over her rounded, juicy hot ass as
she reveal no form of panties underneath. Mickie glances over her shoulder
and eagerly nods her head "Are you gonna fuck me!? Are you!? Huh!?" Mickie
excitedly asks as Nitro approaches the happily-psychotic Diva.

"Oh yeah... I'm gonna fuck you good..." Nitro says as he licks his lips and
steps behind Mickie. He places his left hand on her round, hot ass, "Fuck...
that's not a half-bad ass..." Nitro says as he smacks Mickie's ass firmly.
"But I'm gonna fucking deal with your tight little pussy..." Nitro says as he
bends his knees and uses his right hand to guide his large, fat "A-List" cock
into Mickie's pussy.

Mickie grits her teeth and tilts her head back as Nitro slams his hard
"A-List" cock deep into Mickie's tight, warm pussy "Ohhhhh fuck yeah!" Mickie
loudly moans as she instantly slams her psychotically hot body back against
Johnny Nitro's hard cock before he starts to stiffly thrust his cock in and
out of Mickie's pussy.

"Oooo... damn... fuck Mick... you like that A-List dick?!" Nitro moans as he
puts his hands firmly on Mickie's slightly wide hips as he pumps his rock
hard cock in and out of Mickie's loony pussy. The talented multi-time Tag
Team and Intercontinental Champion repeatedly slams his cock hard and fast
into Mickie's cunt.

"Ohhh yes! Yes I do!" Mickie moans as she places her hands onto of the
make-up table as she smoothly slams herself back against Nitro's hard,
thrusting cock "Ohhh...I love it!" Mickie moans as she tilts her head
back as Nitro drives his cock tightly into the psychotically hot pussy
of Mickie James.

"Uhhhh... mmm fuck... you're... so much better outside the damn ring..."
Nitro laughs as he again insults Mickie for her lackluster in ring ability,
but the same time praising her for what she's shown him. Nitro grinds his
teeth as he stiffly and repeatedly drives his entire cock into her hot,
tight pussy, causing his large balls to smack against the inside of Mickie's
thighs as he smacks her ass.

"Mmmm...ohhhh ohhh fuck! Fuck!" Mickie shouts before the happily-psychotic
Women's Champion roughly cums on Nitro's hard cock.

"Ahhh ohhh fuck Mickie..." Nitro moans as he feels Mickie cumming on his
hard pistoning cock. The "A-List" Superstar pulls his throbbing cock out of
Mickie's pussy, "Mickie... blow my mind... one more time..." Nitro moans as
he holds his throbbing cock with his left hand.

Mickie licks her lips and eagerly nods her head "Ok! Ok!" Mickie excitedly
replies as she lowers herself down to her knees once again as she takes
Nitro's hard, throbbing cock into her psychotically hot mouth and begins to
smoothly bob her head along his throbbing shaft.

Nitro places both of his sweaty hands on Mickie's slightly sweat dampened
hair as she swiftly bobs her head on his quivering cock, "Ahhhh... uhhhh
yeah... Fuck... mmmm whew... Shit..." Nitro groans as he starts to cum inside
of Mickie's warm, psychotically happy mouth as she continues to blow his
mind. Mickie closes her eyes as she taps her soft, wet tongue against Johnny
Nitro's hard, throbbing cock as his warm cum sprays on his cock while she
smoothly bobs her head along his cock as she swallows the warm, sticky cum of
Johnny Nitro.

"Ahhhh... ohhhh... shit... damn..." Nitro moans as he wipes sweat from his
forehead as he finishes cumming inside of the loony diva's warm moist mouth
as she continues to suck on his shaft. "Mmmm fuck... think you got it all..."
Nitro moans. Mickie picks her head up from Nitro's cock and licks her lips
"Really? I did!?" Mickie asks excitedly.

"Oh yeah..." Nitro licks his lips as he slides a hand through his hair,
"Fuck Mickie... you aren't that bad..." Nitro says with a bit of a smirk.

Mickie smiles excitedly as the happily-psychotic Diva nods her head eagerly
"Yep! I know!"

Nitro licks his lips, "Well... you showed me something... and babe... you can
fucking blow my mind... any time...."


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