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Bombs Away - The Adventures of Major Gunns Part 1: The Celebration
outline by Kristi
written by Dice (, AIM Screen name: FredCasden)

Shortly after Tylene AKA Major Gunns joined the Misfits in Action, she became
a regular manager for the team of Lt. Loco, better known as Chavo Guerrero
Jr. and Cpl. Cajun, better known as Lash LeRoux. Loco and Cajun made an
impressive tag team, using a mix of high flying and mat based double team
maneuvers to keep much larger opponents, such as Shawn Stasiak and Chuck
Palumbo off balance. On an airing of WCW Monday Nitro, the team of Loco and
Cajun pulled off an upset win over Harlem Heat 2000, and are celebrating
their win in their locker room.

Tylene enters the locker room and smiles at both men, "You too were great

"Thanks, Major," Lash grins, "We've really had to pull out all the stops

"Yeah, Russo really wanted them to take our heads off," Chavo adds with a

"Speaking of head..." Tylene licks her lips, "Isn't it time to start the post
match celebration?"

"Yeah I think it is..." Chavo laughs and with that, he and Lash lower their
wrestling tights as Tylene gets down onto her knees between them. She takes
their cocks into her hands and slowly begins to stroke them both until they
get hard as steel.

Tylene opens her mouth and starts sucking on Chavo's dick. She looks up at
him as he moans. Tylene goes down steadily only his cock, and starts bobbing
her head quicker on his cock as she pumps Lash's dick quickly. Tylene then
switches over and starts sucking on Lash's cock. She pouts her lips each time
she comes up on Lash's cock and flicks her tongue over her tip of his cock.
Chavo frees his cock from her hand and he walks behind Tylene.

Tylene changes how she's kneeling so that Chavo and pull down her bikini
bottoms. Once her ass is exposed, Chavo slaps her ass cheeks before as he
kneels behind her. Chavo then sticks his Latin cock into her pussy, causing
Tylene to moan instantly around Lash's dick. Chavo starts to fuck her shaved
pussy slowly, making it easy for her to blow Lash.

"Oh yea... I love getting head from the Major..." Lash moans.

Tylene lifts her head from his cock and smirks up at him, "That's good...
cause I love giving head..." She takes his cock back into her mouth and
slobbers over it.

"I swear her pussy is the best..." Chavo moans as he rubs her ass as he
steadily fucks her from behind. Tylene moans deeply around Lash's cock as
she reaches between her legs and starts rubbing her pussy as Chavo fucks it.
Tylene lifts her head off of Lash's cock and looks back at Chavo.

"Let me turn around... I want his Cajun dick in me... and I want to taste my
pussy juices on your cock..."

"Yes ma'am!" Chavo grins as he pulls out of her pussy. Tylene turns around
and starts licking up and down the Chavo's shaft. Lash strokes his well
sucked cock and inserts it into Tylene's pussy.

"Ohhhh Lash..." Tylene moans as she looks back at him. She then looks up at
Chavo, "Mmmm... your... cock tastes... good..." Tylene smiles and takes his
cock back into her mouth. She starts moving back against Lash's cock as he
thrusts into her, setting the pace for how she is bobbing on Chavo's cock.

"Suck that cock clean Major..." Chavo moans as he runs his fingers through
her blond hair. Tylene continues to suck Chavo's dick for a few more moments
as she enjoys Lash fucking her pussy. She then pulls her head off of Chavo's
dick and smirks.

"Lay down Lieutenant Loco..." Tylene orders. Chavo salutes her and lies down
on the floor. Tylene crawls away from Lash and mounts her self on Chavo's
dick. She looks back at Lash and smirks "Get that cock in my ass..."

"You got it," Lash replies as he closes the distance between himself and her,
followed by ramming is cock inside of her tight asshole.

"Ohhhhh fuck yeah... now fuck me... 1... 2.... 1...2.... 1...2...." Tylene
start a cadence for Lash and Chavo to thrust their cocks in and out of her
at. Both men stay within the rhythm Tylene is setting.

"Mmmm yea boys... fuck me harder.... And faster... 121212121212..." Tylene
changes the tempo of their pace, and two MIA members quicken the pace they
are using to fuck her.

"Ahhhh ahhh yes.... That's it... I'mmmm I'm cumming!" Tylene screams as she
cums on Chavo's cock. Lash and Chavo continue to fuck her as hard and fast as
they can, making her cum several times.

"Mmmm boy... let me suck that cum out of your cocks..." Tylene licks her lips
as Lash pulls out of her ass. She gets off of Chavo and gets back onto her
knees. Chavo and Lash stand in front of her and Tylene starts alternating
sucking both of their dicks. She takes hold of both of their cocks. Tylene
takes hold of both of their cocks as she opens her mouth as wide as she can.

Tylene puts both of their cocks in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the
heads of both dicks until both men start to cum. Both men fill Tylene's mouth
with their spunk and when they are done, Tylene holds her mouth open to show
them their cum in her mouth. Tylene swirls her tongue around as if mixing
both of their cum together. Tylene then closes her mouth and pushes the sperm
out past her lips with her tongue. The spunk dribbles out of the side of her
mouth and down her face.

"Damn, Chavo... we better get on a winning streak..." Lash says as Tylene
licks the area around her mouth to collect all the cum from her face to
swallow it.

"Fuck yeah... we better shoot for the tag titles too..." Chavo smirks.

Tylene looks up at both men and grins, "I hope you two do win the tag
titles... cause I'd love to celebrate that big win..."


Next in the Series: Welcoming G.I. Bro

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