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Bombs Away - The Adventures Of Major Gunns Part 2: Welcoming G.I. Bro
outline by Kristi
written by Dice (, AIM Screen name: FredCasden)

Shortly after Booker T was kicked out of the New Blood and cast as a misfit,
he quickly joined up with the Misfits in Action. In addition to that he
resurrected a military persona he had earlier in his career and became G.I.
Bro. In attempt to strike back against the New Blood, Booker targeted Shawn
Stasiak and a Boot Camp match was arranged for the Great American Bash.

On a night leading up to the epic WCW PPV, Major Gunns, also known as Tylene
is roaming an old military training site, just outside of a military base
located near Houston, Texas. She has been given the task of formally
welcoming Booker to the MIA, but has yet to find him. She is wearing combat
boots, daisy duke like camo shorts and an extremely tight fitting baby-doll

"Hello?" She calls out as she ducks under a branch, "Booker T? G.I Bro?"

"Who wants to know, sucka?" A voice responds from the trees surrounding her.

"It's Me... Major Gunns... of the MIA..." Tylene replies as she turns around,
"General Rection wanted me to welcome you to the team..."

From above her, Booker drops down from the trees dressed in camo pants, and
combat boots, but not a shirt or anything to cover his upper body. He looks
at Tylene with a serious look on his face.

"Thanks for the welcoming Major, but I got to get back to my training... I'm
going to take that sucka Stasiak down at the Bash."

Tylene smiles, "Oh I know that for sure... but... how about I give you
some motivation... Gen. Rection says you can guarantee victory if properly

Booker considers Tylene offer for a short moment, "I've heard about how you
motivated Cpl. Cajun and Lt. Loco... so show me what you got."

"Yes sir," Tylene salutes him before she gets down on her knees. She rubs
her hands over the crotch of Booker's pants before she undoes the belt and
unbuttons the pants. She pulls them down, followed by a matching pair of
camouflage-patterned boxers, which in effect releases his long, black cock.
Tylene takes his cock into her both of her hands and starts stroking it
quickly to make it a hard unbending piece of man-flesh.

Tylene looks up at Booker's face and smiles at up as she opens her mouth to
stick his her tongue out. She angles his cock in different angles as she
licks up and down his ebony shaft, lightly coating with her saliva. Booker
keeps a fairly neutral look on his face, but that soon changes as Tylene
opens her mouth wide to fill it with his cock. Tylene starts bobbing on his
shaft slowly, tapping her tongue against the bottom side of his dick.

"That's pretty impressive... didn't know you were a real cock-sucka..."
Booker says as Tylene goes down further on his cock. She moves one hand to
his large balls and starts massaging them with the palm of her hand. Tylene
lifts her head from Booker's cock and leans down a bit to where she can suck
on his salty chocolate balls. She wraps a hand back around his cock and
resumes pumping his shaft. Booker lets her continue for a moment as Tylene
licks up from his balls towards the top of his shaft.

"All right... that's good Major..." Booker looks around and sees a tree
stump. "Now remove those shorts... and sit on that stump, legs spread."

"Yes sir!" Tylene salutes him again as she stands up to undo her shorts. She
slides them down her long legs, followed by her g-string panties. She moves
her ass as she walks to stump. As she sits down she slowly pulls her shirt
over her head and places it under her. Tylene then spreads her legs apart as
ordered, revealing her perfectly shaved pussy. "I'm ready sir."

"Good job, Major," Booker says as he comes over and gets down on the ground.
He lifts Tylene's legs and puts them on his shoulders. Booker then buries his
face between her legs and starts eating Tylene's pussy.

"Ohhhh ohhh fuck..." Tylene moans as she puts one hand behind her and one
on Booker's head. Booker chews on Tylene's pussy lips before he pushes his
tongue inside of her pussy. Tylene starts grinding her hips against his face
as she bites her lip, "Ohhh shit..." she screams a bit as Booker moves his
tongue faster in and out of her twat. "Ohh ohhh Sir... let me suck that big
black cock... please..."

Booker lifts his lead from between her legs and lays down on the grass and
dirt, "Sit on my face, Major."

Tylene licks her lips and gets off the stump. She takes a few steps and then
stands over Booker's face and then lowers herself down. Booker reach up and
places his large hands on her hips and pulls her down the rest of the way,
until her snatch is over his mouth. Booker starts eating her out again as
Tylene leans forwards and takes hold of his hard shaft again. She positions
her mouth of it then impales her face with his cock. Booker's cock muffles
Tylene's moans as he slides his tongue all along her pussy.

Tylene starts bobbing her head up and down Booker's dick as she grinds her
hips down against his face. After some time, Tylene lifts her head from his
cock and crawls forward, moving her pussy away from his face.

"Major, what do you think you're doing?" Booker asks.

"Ohhh... I'm going to..." Tylene wipes her forehead then inserts Booker's
cock into her pussy. "Fuck myself..." Tylene looks back at him, as she
starts moving back and forth on his cock. Tylene starts to bounce on his
dick quickly as she holds onto her large breasts to keep them from moving
to much.

"Ohhhh god... I love... big... black... cocks..." Tylene moans as she pinches
her nipples when she comes down sharply on Booker's cock.

"Then... you'll love this sucka..." Booker grunts as he grabs her hips and
rolls to his side with her. He gets on to his knees and pulls Tylene up onto
her knees and begins to bang her pussy doggy style when she pushes herself up
with her hands.

"Ohhh ohh god... fuck my cunt... fuck it hard..." Tylene moans as she pushes
back against his cock. Booker fulfills Tylene's request and throws all of his
strength into fucking her. Tylene closes her eyes tightly as she starts to
cum, "Ohhhh ahhh fuck...!"

Booker continues to fuck her pussy for a few moment moments before he pulls
out of her pussy and dumps his spunk all over Tylene's lower back. Booker
wipes his forehead as Tylene looks back at him.

"Did... that... motivate... you?" she asks with an exhausted smile.

"You bet it did..." Booker smirks.

"Great..." Tylene smiles, "Oh... and sir..."

"Yes, Major?"

"Welcome... to the Misfits in Action..."


Next in the Series: Miss Hancock Faces Boot Camp

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