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Bombs Away - The Adventures Of Major Gunns Part 3:
Miss Hancock Faces Boot Camp
outline by Kristi
written by Dice (, AIM Screen name: FredCasden)

During the summer of 2000, Miss Hancock, better known as Stacy, was in a feud with Major Tylene Gunns of the MIA. The two of them classed in August of that year in an “MIA ROTC Off With Your Top” match at New Blood Rising. An unknown stipulation of the match was that Stacy, if she lost (which she did), she would have to face an intense version of Major Gunn’s Boot Camp. Stacy, reluctantly, arrives at the Power Plant, which was the training facility for WCW. Once she’s inside, she hears a whistle blow.

“You are late maggot!” Tylene yells as she comes over to Stacy and pokes her in the chest.

Stacy rolls her eyes, “Listen I’m just here to fulfill our agreement… so let’s get this over with shall we?”

Tylene smirks at her “Don’t get all antsy… if I take my time, everyone will enjoy it.”

Stacy raises an eyebrow and folds her arms, “Everyone? What do you mean?”

Tylene steps behind Stacy and pushes her towards the center of the facility, where four members of the MIA, Lt. “Chavo” Loco, Cpl. “Lash” Cajun, Sgt. AWOL and former MIA member and Reigning WCW World Heavyweight Champion Booker T. Tylene steps in front of Stacy and smirks.

“These men are going to put you through my version of Boot Camp,” Tylene then looks at the guys, “All right… strip.”

The four men remove their clothing in under a minute and they toe the line, standing perfectly side by side, from left to right it’s Chavo, Lash, AWOL and finally Booker. Stacy can’t help but look at each man’s cock, and as a force of habit she licks her lips. Stacy gets a general idea of what’s going to happen, so she quickly takes off her glasses, black dress and high heel shoes. Tylene takes a moment to admire Stacy’s body as she steps behind Stacy. With Stacy not paying any attention to her, Tylene presses her own foot against the back of Stacy’s knee, making Stacy go down to her knees.

“Time to begin… and you can start by sucking all four of those cocks…” Tylene smirks.

Stacy looks back at her and grins, “This is going to be easier than I thought it would be…”

Tylene laughs, “That’s what you think… now get to work maggot.”

Stacy turns back to the guys and sees that they have all moved in close to her. Stacy takes a long look at each man’s cock and judges which one she should suck on first. Since Stacy has a fondness for black cock so she takes hold of his long black cock with both hands. She pumps it for a few moments to make sure it’s pull hard and then inserts his shaft into her mouth. Stacy starts bobbing her head on his cock slowly, but soon begins to totally chicken hawking on his dick. She slides her tongue along the bottom of his shaft and even deep throats all of his cock without any problem. Stacy then lifts her head from his cock and a thin string of saliva connects her bottom lip to the tip of his cock. Stacy smiles up at him before she sticks her tongue out to lick up the saliva by licking the tip of his cock. Stacy then turns her attention to AWOL and his monster dick.

“My… my… this… is as hard as a brick…” Stacy says before she lifts his meat with both hands and begins licking up and down the sides of his shaft. Stacy angles his cock upward and starts licking from the tip of his cock all the way down to his massive balls. She twirls her tongue around his nut sack before taking it into her mouth. Stacy strokes his cock while she sucks on his wham-bag. Afterward, Stacy spits out his balls and fills her mouth with his cock. Stacy bobs her head on it quickly, not once deep throating his prick. AWOL grabs the sides of Stacy’s head and makes her deep throat his cock for a few moments before letting her go so she can move onto her next subject.

Stacy turns on her knees and faces Chavo. She grips his Hispanic dick and strokes it a bit before she begins licking the head of his cock like an ice cream cone. Stacy licks up and down his shaft before taking it into her mouth. Stacy slobbers all over Chavo’s dick, making it slick with her saliva. She pulls her head off of his Chavo’s cock and uses her hand to work the saliva all over his cock. Stacy then reaches to her right and takes hold of Lash’s cock. She pulls him close to her and starts sucking on his cock. Stacy soon begins alternating sucking Lash and Chavo’s cock. Stacy soon opens her mouth as wide as she can and fills it with half of both Lash & Chavo’s dicks. Tylene has been watching Stacy work with much interest to see how she would take to Boot Camp.

“That’s pretty good Stacy…” Tylene smirks as she strips out of her clothing, “But you’re double sucking them all wrong.”

Stacy lifts her head from Lash and Chavo’s cock and looks at Tylene, “Well, this is boot camp right? Show me how it’s done.”

“With pleasure… now move over, watch and learn,” Tylene says as she kneels next to Stacy and takes hold of both cocks. Tylene spits on both shafts and then licks the piss-slit of both dicks. Tylene opens her mouth wide and takes mouth men’s cocks into her mouth. She forces their cocks to smash against each other and manages to almost completely deep throat both cocks.

“Holy shit that’s hot…” Stacy replies as she begins to finger her self as Tylene works over both of Lash and Chavo’s rods. Tylene then pulls away from both men and looks at Stacy as she masturbates.

“Get on all fours… time for the next task…” Tylene licks her lips as Stacy follows orders and gets on her hands and knees.

“Ok… now what?” Stacy asks with a smile. Tylene doesn’t reply and just does a gesture with her hands. Lash kneels behind Stacy and rams his cock into her pussy.

“Ohhhh fuck!” Stacy moans as Lash starts to fuck her pussy. Stacy licks her lips as she looks at Booker. “Ohhhh mmmm bring… that black cock over here…. I… want to… suck it…” Booker looks at Tylene to see if it’s ok.

“Go ahead Booker… she’s earned it…” Tylene says as she takes her eyes off of Stacy to look at Chavo and AWOL but she turns her attention back to Stacy. Booker goes over to Stacy, and the leggy blond lifts herself up and places her hands on Booker’s hips. She opens her mouth and fills it with his cock. As Lash fucks her pussy, Stacy moans around Booker’s cock as he begins to fuck her mouth. Booker rocks his hips back and forth as he pushes all of his dark meat all the way into her mouth.

While that is happening, Tylene has made AWOL lay down on the floor and is now on top of him, riding his cock furiously. Tylene moans and squeezes her breasts together. Chavo comes over to Tylene and inserts his cock into her open mouth. Tylene closes her mouth around his dick and starts sucking on it as hard as she can. AWOL places his hands on top of hers when Tylene places them on his chest as she come down sharply on his rigid staff. Tylene did spits out Chavo’s cock to reveal the next phase of her boot camp.

“Chavo… go and fuck her pussy… double team it with Lash… Booker… come here and stick that big black dick in my ass,” Tylene moans loudly as she gives the orders. Booker pulls his well-sucked cock out of Stacy’s mouth and moves over to Tylene. He gets behind the busty Major of MIA and pushes her forward so he can insert he lubricated dick into Tylene’s ass. Tylene instantly pushes back against Booker as she rocks back and forth on AWOL’s dick. Over with Stacy, Lash has rolled over onto his back so that Stacy is on top with him in the reverse cowgirl position. Chavo comes over to them and pushes Stacy back so her back is suck inches away from Lash’s chest. Chavo slides his cock over the lower half of her well toned stomach, then moves it in a line from her belly button down to her pussy, at which time he shoves his cock into her pussy.

“Ohhhhh SHIT!’ Stacy moans as Chavo starts to pound her pussy while Lash just uses mild thrusts to give her two separate feelings in her cunt. Stacy wraps her long legs around Chavo’s waist to pull him deeper into her pussy. Over with Tylene, she is pressing her massive tits against AWOL’s face while her pussy and ass are well fucked by him and Booker. Tylene wipes some sweat from her from her eyes as she looks over at Stacy and is impressed at how well Stacy is handling two cocks in her pussy

“Booker… mmmm go… make her… take… three…” Booker pulls out of Tylene’s pussy, who ends up sitting straight up and resumes riding AWOL’s dick. Booker heads over to Stacy and soon he, Chavo and Lash work out a way to make Stacy deal with three dicks at once. Chavo removes his cock from Stacy’s pussy and he and Booker lift Stacy off of Lash, who rolls out of the way before he stands up. Chavo lays down on the ground and Stacy mounts his cock while facing him. Stacy doesn’t get a chance to bounce on his cock for Booker makes her lean forward so he can inserts his cock into her ass. Stacy lets out a whimper of pleasure as Lash puts his cock into her mouth. All three men fuck Stacy’s holes mildly, not going all out to prevent Stacy from cumming if she was going to.

“Yeah… fuck ahhh... ahhh fuck her…” Tylene moans as she steadily rises and falls on AWOL’s cock. Stacy now is moving back and forth on Chavo’s cock to push back against Booker’s while she deep throats Lash’s. Stacy manages to dump Lash’s cock from her mouth and she points at Tylene.

“Hey... hey… she’s… taking it easy…” Stacy moans as she tries to get someone else to fuck Tylene. She succeeds somewhat for Booker stands up with his cock still in her ass, making her get up as well, making it easy for Chavo to slip out from under her. Booker continues to fuck Stacy while standing, and she has to put her hands on her knees to try and keep her balance. Chavo and Lash soon go over to Tylene, and Lash catches Tylene by surprise by filling her sweet ass with his cock.

“Oooo fuck…” Tylene manages to say before Chavo runs his cock into her mouth. Tylene easily pushes back against Lash as he thrusts into her. She slobbers all over Chavo’s cock as she bobs her head on his cock. AWOL puts his hands on Tylene’s hips to move her up and down his shaft, making her moan around Chavo’s cock. Meanwhile Booker continues to fuck Stacy’s ass, and her loud moans soon gets Tylene’s attention. Tylene lifts her head from Chavo’s cock and motions for them to go to Stacy, “AWOL… fuck her… from… behind…. Chavo, Lash…quiet her down… make her suck your cocks…” After the three men leave Tylene, she motions for Booker to come to her, “Gotta… ride that… black… cock… of yours…” She smirks and makes Booker lie down on the ground.

As Tylene mounts Booker’s cock, AWOL has just gotten Stacy down onto her hands and knees and is fucking her doggy style as she alternates sucking the dicks of Lash and Chavo. Tylene quickens the rate she’s moving on Booker’s dick to match the pace AWOL is using to fuck Stacy’s cunt. The moans of Tylene, and sometimes Stacy’s when her mouth is empty, echo throughout the facility. Both women start to cum, Tylene screams out in pleasure, while Stacy stuffs her face with both of Lash & Chavo’s cock to muffle her own orgasmic screams. As Tylene comes down from her orgasm, she climbs off of Booker’s cock and gets on her knees.

“Ok Stacy… time… to… top the guys… off…” Tylene licks her lips, and she motions for Lash and Chavo to come over to her. Booker goes over to Stacy as AWOL pulls out of pussy. Stacy sits up on her knees, and at the same instant, she and Tylene begins sucking the cocks of all four men. Tylene grips Lash and Chavo’s cocks, and pumps them as she sucks on the heads of both dicks. Stacy doesn’t jerk off AWOL and Booker, instead she holds both of their cocks at the base and is constantly deep throating one then the other. Each man starts cumming at various points, coating the faces of Tylene and Stacy with their spunk. Once the men are all spent, Tylene makes Stacy face her and Tylene licks the spunk off of Stacy’s face. Stacy returns the favor, cleaning the man juice off of Tylene’s face with her tongue.

Stacy smiles at Tylene, “This… was… great… where… do I… sign up… for more?”

Tylene grins at her before she licks her lips, “I’ll tell you later… right now… I think we both would rather fuck some more…” Tylene looks back at the men, “Better get hard again… because Boot Camp… isn’t over… yet…”


Next in the Series: The Defection

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