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Bombs Away - The Adventures Of Major Gunns Part 4: The Defection
outline by Kristi
written by Dice (, AIM Screen name: FredCasden)

By late December of 2000, Major Tylene Gunns has been taken prisoner by Team
Canada and rescued by the MIA only to turn her back on her friends to rejoin
Team Canada. She assisted Lance Storm in regaining the United States title
and has proved herself to be quite an able distraction. But she was not the
only person to defect to join Team Canada. Mike Awesome, who has been a 70s
Guy and Fat Chick Thriller for most the year, turned his back on his fellow
Americans to join up with the group to refocus his career.

On January 3rd of 2001, Awesome proved his worth to the team by defeating Jim
Duggan in a match, in addition to turning his 70s Partridge Family bus into a
Canadian Transport Vehicle. But before the night could be fully celebrated,
the Filthy Animals vandalized the bus. Distraught over the damage done his
prized bus, Awesome made his way to the Team Canada locker room to gather his
thoughts. A few moments after he sat down, Lance Storm, Elix Skipper and
Tylene enter to try and console their new comrade.

"Fuck... those damn punks ruined my bus..." Awesome says as he shakes his

"Man, I'm sorry Mike, but we'll get them back, big time," Skipper says as he
pats Awesome's back.

"In the mean time, you must be rewarded for your decision to join us," Storm
says, "And considering what has happened to your vehicle, it seems even more
justified." Storm looks at Tylene, "Major Gunns, begin raising Mr. Awesome's

Tylene licks her lips and smiles, "You got it Mr. Storm." Tylene moves
over to Awesome and gets down onto her knees. She begins rubbing his crotch
followed by pulling down his Canadian made tights. Tylene's eyes go wide
when she sees the length and thickness of Awesome's cock.

"Oh wow... you are awesome..." Tylene says as she takes his cock into her
hands. She pumps his shaft slowly to see just how big his cock is and then
she puts his impressive shaft into her mouth. Tylene bobs her head along his
shaft slowly, going down further on his cock to see if she can deep throat
him. Tylene almost succeeds in her goal, getting 3/4s of his cock in her
mouth. Awesome moans a bit as Tylene sucks his cock then he gets an idea of
how to further bond with his new teammates.

"Hey... this is Team Canada... I don't feel right being the only one getting
serviced... Tylene why don't you take care of Lance and Elix." Awesome's
words impresses Storm a great deal while Tylene lifts her head off of
Awesome's dick. She walks over on her knees to where Storm and Skipper are
and she tugs down both of their wrestling tights. She takes hold of both
their cocks and begins alternating licking both dicks. After some time Tylene
opens her mouth as wide as she can to put both of their dicks in her mouth.
Storm and Skipper's cocks press against each other as Tylene slurps on them

Awesome gets off of his chair and moves behind Tylene. He rips off her bikini
top and bottoms and pulls her hips so her ass is sticking out. Awesome works
his large cock into her pussy and starts fucking her at a decent pace as she
continues to orally please Skipper and Storm. Awesome's thrusts are long and
hard, making Tylene squeal a bit around the cocks in her mouth. After some
time Storm pulls his cock out of her mouth.

"If I can be serious for a moment... Tylene... it's time for you to ride a
true Canadian pole. Lance lays down on the locker room floor. Tylene lifts
her head off of Skipper's dick as Awesome pulls out of her. Tylene quickly
climbs onto Storm's cock and starts bouncing on it slowly. Skipper stands
over Storm and pushes his cock into Tylene's mouth to muffle her moans.
Tylene rocks back and forth on Storm's cock as she bobs her head sloppily
on Skipper's cock.

"Damn I'm so clad I'm Canadian," Skipper says as he pats Tylene's hair.

"So is she," Storm replies with a straight face. Awesome gets tired of
watching so he again moves behind Tylene and pushes his cock into her ass.
Tylene's eyes go wide and she almost chokes on Skipper's cock as she feels
her asshole spread to take in Awesome's shaft. Once it is inside her,
Awesome gives Tylene some mighty thrusts, making the beautiful blond deep
throat Skipper's cock. Lance places his hands on Tylene's hips to keep her
rising and falling on his cock while she pushes back against Awesome.

"Hey, it's time for Prime Time to get some fucking time with her pussy,"
Skipper says as he pulls his cock out of her mouth. Tylene licks her lips
and wipes the side of her mouth as Awesome pulls out of her ass. The former
70s Guy lifts Tylene off of Lance's cock and gently drops her to the floor.
Skipper then makes Tylene lay on her side and he lies behind her. He lifts
on of her legs and then works his cock into her pussy.

"Ohhhh ohhh Elix... fuck me good..." Tylene happily moans as Skipper fucks
her pussy.

Lance kneels in front of Tylene and slides his cock against her mouth. Tylene
parts her lips so the ultra charismatic Canadian superstar can push his dick
into her mouth. Tylene closes her lips around it as Lance begins to fuck her
mouth. Tylene wonders to herself why people say Lance Storm doesn't have a
personality, but she stops wondering when Skipper slides his cock out of her
pussy and inserts his black beauty into her ass. Tylene again squeals
noticeably around Storm's cock.

Storm then pulls his cock out of her mouth and lays down in front of her. He
takes hold of the leg Skipper as been holding and then inserts his cock into
her pussy. Storm and Skipper alternate thrusting in and out of Tylene, making
her try to push against who ever is pulling back as the other pushing in.
Storm and Skipper soon start thrusting in and out of her at the same time,
making Tylene moan happily as she is sandwich fucked.

"Ohhhh ohhh fuck... I'm going to cum.... I'm so close... please... stick two
cocks into my ass..." Tylene moans. Storm pulls out of her pussy and motions
for Awesome to help move her. Awesome picks her up and Skipper rolls onto his
back to take a breather. Awesome surprises his partner by sitting Tylene on
his cock. Awesome then pushes Tylene forward and pushes his cock into her
asshole, but then he pulls back a bit for Storm to push his inside of
Tylene's ass as well.

Tylene's mouth flies open as if she was going to scream, but nothing comes
out of her mouth. Storm and Awesome double-team her asshole as Skipper
thrusts up into her pussy. Tylene was so close to her to cumming that doesn't
take much for her to cum from the resulting fucking she is receiving. The
trio of men continues to fuck Tylene until they are ready to blow their
loads. Awesome and Storm pull out of Tylene, then they lift her off of
Skipper. They lay her on her back as Skipper stands up. They stand over her
and jerk off until they cum all over her face and chest.

Tylene sits up on her knees and cleans off their cocks with her tongue as
Storm looks at Awesome.

"I trust your mood as improved..."

"It certainly has," Awesome replies as Tylene licks his cock and then she
looks up at him.

"Just wait until we get those Filthy Animals back... you'll be extremely


Next in the Series: There Are No Plans For Continuing This Series At The
Moment. I May Do So In The Future To Include Her Career in XPW and on the
Independent Circuit.

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