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PAIRING: Victoria/Male Fan

1st, my fanfic will often deal with strange situations/pairings, so if your
easily shocked/offended, don't bother reading any further. Also, a lot of
these stories deal with wrestlers that are "Past There Prime", so to speak.
Just imagine all the wrestlers in the best shape of their career, and you'll
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4th, this story is written from the viewpoint that what happens on TV isn't
real, that the wrestlers are actors and know it's just a storyline.

5th, Victoria isn't married in this story. Not a big deal, but I thought I'd
mention it.

~Denotes Thought~

Booked Solid - Chapter 01 - Push And Shove
by Nero Rain (

"Alright, alright, gather round." Vince said, motioning for the assembled
Divas to come closer. "Please, take a seat." Looking around, the Divas
quickly took a seat, looking up at Vince, awaiting more instructions. Seeing
everyone was seated, Vince smiled. "Alright, now what I gathered you for. I
know the women's division has been lacking lately..."

"Ya think?" Trish asked, smiling.

"Ha, ha." Vince said, grinning. "It's been lacking, and the current crop of
writers don't seem to have any interest in taking it upon themselves to do
anything about it. So." He said, clapping his hands, rubbing them together
as he smiled. "I took it upon myself to fix it." Seeing the girls staring at
him, he realized he was losing them, and should get to the point. "After some
searching, I found a writer who is not only a wrestling fan, but a women's
wrestling fan, and he's agreed to take on the responsibility of head booker
of the women's division." Motioning for someone from around the corner to
come out, Vince let the guy stand beside him in front of the Divas. "Ladies,
this it Tim Cutler. Your new booker."

Waving, Tim smiled. "Hey."

Looking at Tim, Vince stuck out his hand, letting Tim shake it. "I'll leave
you all alone to get better acquainted. Just read the notes, tell them what
we discussed, and you'll be fine."

"Will do." Tim said, watching as Mr. McMahon waved to the girls and walked
away. Turning back to the Divas, who were staring at him, confused, he waved
again. "Hi." He said, smiling. "Well, as Mr. McMahon said, my name it Tim
Cutler, and I'm your new booker. I'll be handling all the angles that pertain
to the women's wrestling division. Any Diva who doesn't want to wrestle, as
you've probably noticed, isn't here, which means there not my problem."

Holding up her hand, Trish looked at Tim. Smiling, he said, "Umm, unless
you have to go to the bathroom or something, can it wait? I'll be answering
questions in a minute, I just have to read some stuff." Nodding, Trish put
her hand down, joining the other Divas in confusion as they stared at Tim.

"Well, anyways, like I was saying, I'm the head...and I think only booker for
the women's division. Mr. McMahon contacted me a few weeks ago to offer me
this job, and I've always wanted to work for the WWE, so I jumped on it."
When they nodded, he said, "But, in return for leaving my old job, I asked
Mr. McMahon to make some concessions, which he as graciously done." Looking
down at the piece of paper in his hand, he said, "Starting in a few weeks,
once I get my feet under me, all women's wrestlers will be transferred to
Raw. Any Divas not wishing to wrestle, to Smackdown. Also, starting this
Monday night, the allotted amount of time for the Divas will increase,
from...pretty much next to nothing, really, to two wrestling slots and one
interview slot on Raw every week. So, more slots, more chances to get on
Raw." Seeing the girls warm to the idea of more TV time, Tim smiled, thankful
that his first meeting was going as well as could be expected. Looking down
at his notes, he read off the next thing on the list. "Also, taking the place
of Velocity will be a new web program, as yet unnamed, Divas show. It'll be
used to showcase the Divas exclusively, with wrestling and back stage
segments. It'll still be an hour, but, for now, only a web based show."

"Really?" Mickie asked, smiling. "Our own show?"

"Really." Tim said. "So, roughly, including the web show, about an hour and
a half of face time a week, which, like I said, is better than what was
happening before."

"Which was nothing, unless you were Trish or Lita." Torrie teased, smiling as
Trish swatted her playfully.

Smiling, Tim shrugged. "Anyways, if anyone has any suggestions for a name for
the new web show, let me know. I have control over the name, but, honestly,
I'm coming up empty." When they all nodded, he looked back at the piece of
paper. "Another thing I've been granted that no booker has is total control
over the division I'm running. Mr. McMahon figured there were too many hands
in the mix before, so he's trying this out. Apparently I'm the guinea pig for
a new way of doing business. The only person I have to answer to is Mr.
McMahon directly, and he told me that so long as there's no bumps, I'm free
to do as I please."

"So you're the only one coming up with all our angles and stuff?" Trish

Nodding, Tim said, "Yes." Seeing them give him a skeptical look, he smiled.
"I used to write on a TV show for a living, so I'm used to hammering out
ideas. And any suggestions you have, let me hear em. I'm not to proud to
take suggestions."

"That's good to hear." Victoria said.

"That's a first around here." Candice added.

Smiling, he told them, "I've been watching wrestling my whole life, so I'm a
fan, unlike a lot of the other writers Stephanie McMahon hires. I understand
the storylines that have gone on before, so I can use that." Smiling, he held
up the paper. "Anyways, quit interrupting me, I'm almost finished." As the
girls laughed, he smiled. "So, anyways, I've been given a budget in with to
work, and given total, autonomous control of all matters involving the
wrestling divas, including the hiring and firing. Mr. McMahon told me to hire
whoever I wanted, within my budget, and I have my eyes on a few people, so
hopefully I'll be bolstering the division soon. Again, if anyone knows
someone who can wrestle and might be interested in a job, lemme know."

"How the hell did you manage that?" Trish asked, clearly astonished. "We've
been trying to talk Vince into hiring more girls for years!"

"Because Mr. McMahon had to promise me certain things to get me to leave
my old job." Tim said. "One of those was giving me free reign to do as I
pleased, within the limits he set for me. One of the things I wanted was
more wrestlers. The other was more TV time. When he offered me both, and
total control, I bit."

"So, you control everything about the Divas?" Lita asked.

"Everything that has to do with the Divas who wrestle." He said. "Other than
which one of you, if any, poses in Playboy. I have no control over that, so
please don't bring it up. If you wanna pose, talk to Mr. McMahon. From what
I've been told, he's always looking for someone." When they nodded, he
smiled, leaning against the wall. "I'll try and give you all equal time, but,
with more Divas coming in, and me having to pretty much rebuild the division
from scratch, I can't promise anyone anything." Looking at them, he smiled.
"Alright, so, that's about it. Any questions?" Seeing a few girls hands go
up, he smiled. "Torrie?"

"How old are you?" She asked. "You look kinda young."

"Twenty." He said. "I finished high school two years early, skipped college,
and started writing TV shows when my uncle offered me a job. Mickie?"

"What TV show?" Mickie said.

Smiling, Tim said, "I can't say, but it was a huge network show. Like, a top
ten ratings show. And no, I can't tell anyone what's going to happen on said
show, as my contract with them had a clause that said I'd be a poor, poor man
if I spilled my guts. Torrie, again?"

"If we need to talk to you about an angle, when's the best time to reach

"Anytime." He said. "I'm an insomniac, so I barely sleep. If you have a
problem that can't wait, don't hesitate to come talk to me about it. Trish?"

"Will you be at the house shows to go over angles?" She asked.

"If it's in North America." He said. "You won't get my ass on a plane with a
tranquilizer gun, so I won't be on any of those over seas flights. In those
cases, I'll give you guys my cell number and leave my notes with Mr. McMahon.
And if it's a Raw, we'll probably set up a conference call to go over what's
expected for the show." Seeing Candice go to pull her hand down, he smiled.

Looking shy, Candice looked up at him. "I don't mean this in a bad way." She
said softly, biting her lip. "But, if we have a problem, who do we go to?"
Looking at him, she said, "We've had problems with bookers before..."

Nodding, he understood what she was asking. Looking at her, he said, "If you
have a problem with me, whatever it may be, take it to Mr. McMahon directly.
Do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars, tell him ASAP. Any other
problems, as in anything not relating to me, then you come to talk to me
about it, as I'll be overseeing everything with the Divas from here on out."
Seeing Trish smiling at him, he smiled. "Trish, again?"

"How much input do we have in our angles?" Trish asked. "I like to tweak my
angles over their run."

"As much as is practically possible." Tim said. "Like I said, I'm open to
suggestions. I don't have all the answers, so if any one wants to speak up,
please, don't be scared to. You're not going to get fired for speaking your
mind. Just realize that I might not want to change my mind, and I have final
say." Seeing Trish's hand go up again, he grinned. "Just full of questions,
aren't you?" When she smiled and nodded, he said, "Alright, shoot."

Clearing her throat, she grinned at him. "If we put out, can we get more air
time?" She asked. "Or more pull on our angles?"

"Like you near more air time." Victoria teased.

Giggling, Trish looked at him, smiling. "Well?"

Shaking his head, Tim smiled, knowing she was testing him. "I think there's
something in here about that." He said, looking over the notes Vince had
given him. "Ah! Here it is. And this is the direct quote. If you're found to
have shown a diva preferential treatment because of sexual favors, you will
be fired." Looking at Trish, he smiled. "So, to answer your question, hey,
it's worth a shot." As they all laughed, Tim smiled, pointing at Mickie.

"You said you're a wrestling fan." She said. When he nodded, she asked, "Do
you have a favorite Diva?"

"Trish, and not just because she asked about putting out." He said with a
grin. Seeing the look on Trish's face, he smiled. "Just because she's my
favorite diva, it doesn't mean that I'm going to show her special treatment.
One diva doesn't a division make. She's a corner stone, but, Trish, I think
you'd agree, leaning to heavily on you is what got the division in this mess
in the first place." When she nodded, he looked around at the Divas, and
asked, "So, any more questions?" When no one spoke up, he nodded, looking
down at his notes. "Also, one last thing. And this comes from Mr. McMahon.
Fit Finlay is going to be moved back to the Raw roster, starting next week,
and all divas wishing to be wrestlers are required to report to his classes
at least once a week. If you don't, and don't have a good reason, such as an
autograph signing or a appearance, Mr. McMahon will remove you from the
active roster for a period of 30 days without pay. That means all WWE related
events. House shows, pay per views, TV shows, the works. Again, this is
something I have no control over, but, with new divas getting ready to come
in, getting some practice couldn't hurt."

Scoffing slightly, Lita shook her head. "Finley?" She asked. When he nodded,
she scoffed again. "I thought we got rid of that idiot."

Glaring at her, Tim said, "Well, Mr. McMahon thinks that he has some value,
and we both agree that the Divas division was at it's best when he was
helping you guys. Lately, too many girls have been getting injured because
of sloppy moves and poor timing. Fit will help you with that."

Shaking her head in disgust, Lita asked, "What if we already know how to

Getting tired of Lita's attitude, and seeing an opportunity to assert his
authority, Tim said, "Then you will report to Fit once a week to hone your
skills, and if you don't, you will be suspended. There are no exceptions."
Looking around the assembled Divas, "There is no one here that couldn't use
the help. This is the new way things are done." Looking around, he smiled,
making sure not to include Lita in that smile. "So, any more questions?"
When no one spoke up, he nodded. "Alright, umm, I don't think I have an
office yet, and I think Mr. McMahon set me up Foley style in a storage room,
so if anyone needs me, don't hesitate to find me."

As the Divas got up and started go to about their business, Tim collected
up his notes, re-reading them again to himself as he started walking away.
Moving down the hall, he started to make the turn towards his temporary
office when a hand landed on his shoulder, stopping his progress. Turning
around, he smiled as he saw the hand was attached to Victoria. "Hey..." He
said, before trailing off. "Can I call you Victoria? Or Lisa? Or..."

"Victoria's fine." She said, smiling at his rambling. "Everyone calls me it

"Alright, Victoria." He said, smiling. "What can I do for ya?"

"I was wondering." She said, biting her bottom lip. "About the new web show,
and the two slots on Raw." When he nodded, she asked, "How are they going to
be handled? Like, is every diva going to get some time in the slots, or just
the top girls, or what?"

"Umm, like I said, I'm still a little hazy on how everything is going to
work." He said, looking her in the eye when he spoke. "But, I'm planning on
using the web show mostly to get all the Divas some ring time in front of a
live crowd, and use the two spots on Raw for the main angles."

"Oh." Victoria said, nodding. "Do you have any idea who those divas might be
for the angles?"

Shrugging, he said, "Still working on that. I have some rough notes lined
out, but right now, not a whole hell of a lot. I know I gotta get Mickie back
on Raw, and anyone who feuds with Trish has instant heat, but other than
that, it's a toss up." Seeing Victoria nod again, he smiled. "I won't be
putting Mickie and Trish in the same feud. There the two most over Divas
right now, so putting them together would kill two other girls chances."

"Oh." Victoria said again, continuing to nod. "It's contracts up in
a few months..."

"Oh!" Tim said, finally clueing in as to what she was getting at. "Well, like
I said, it's still up in the air, but you were one of the girls I was hoping
to lean on a little bit to help bring back the division." When she looked at
him, he told her softly, "As much as I like a lot of these girls, most of
them can't wrestle worth shit. Your one of the few who can, along with Trish
and Mickie, and I need girls who can wrestle and put on good, solid matches,
not the three minute job fests that the bookers have been writing lately."

"Isn't that what we're gonna be doing?" She asked.

Shaking his head, he smiled. "New person means new ideas. The wrestling slots
Mr. McMahon gave me are the same time frame as the men, so having girls who
can only do two or three moves isn't going to cut it." Smiling at her, he
said, "Like I said, I need wrestlers, and I was hoping I could count on you
to stay around for a while longer."

Shrugging, she smiled. "I'm sure we can work something out."

Taking out a note pad and a pen, he started writing, telling her, "I haven't
gotten all the papers I need to get to work, including all of the contracts,
but as soon as I do, I'll let you know." Smiling, he pointed to the pad.
"This is me, reminding myself."

Smiling, she nodded. "So, your telling me that there will be a spot for me in
the new division? A wrestling spot?"

"Absolutely." He said.

"And not just wrestling Divas search girls?"

"I wouldn't touch one of them with a ten foot pole." He said bluntly. "Unless
one of them wants to go down to OVW and work at learning to wrestle for a few
years, then they can stay away." Smiling, he added, "I don't want them
messing up and hurting one of my wrestlers."

Smiling, Victoria asked, "So your not letting them near the ring?"

"If it were up to me, they wouldn't be allowed in the building." He said.
"Frankly, they frighten me. I think between them they have as much wrestling
knowledge as a bag of rocks." When Victoria laughed, he smiled. "I told Mr.
McMahon from the get go that I wanted nothing to do with them, and that they
weren't getting matches against my wrestlers unless they trained."

Nodding, Victoria said, "Well, it's nice to know that someone is looking out
for us for once."

"It's my job." Tim said, smiling. "Anything else?"

Shaking her head, Victoria said, "Nope, that's about it."

"Well, if you need anything else, I'm just down the hall." He said. Waving a
goodbye, he turned and started down the hall.

Smiling, Victoria turned and headed back towards the Divas locker room.
Strolling down the hall and into the room, she smiled at the other Divas,
moving over to her locker and sitting down.

"So, what's the new guy like?" Trish asked. "Asshole?"

"He's nice." Victoria said. "Seems to give a shit about the division, at the
very least. Said that he wasn't going to let the Divas Search girls near the

"They all say that." Trish said, lacing up her boots.

"Yea, well, none of them were hired for the sole purpose of looking after
the women's division, either." Victoria said. "This guy seems to have some ok
ideas, and if he's willing to let us wrestle, more power to him."

"I wonder who he's gonna hire?" Mickie said. "I know there's a bunch of girls
on the independent circuit that would be alright."

"Who cares?" Lita said, tying up her boots. "He'll be gone in a month, and
we'll be back to doing nothing."

"You're doing something." Maria said. "At least you get on TV more than once
a month."

Shrugging, Lita said, "You get TV time if you deserve TV time."

Maria glared at her, not pleased with the insinuation behind Lita's words.
"Or if you suck off your boyfriends best friend."

Glaring at Maria, Lita started over towards her. "What did you just say?"

Standing up, Maria started towards Lita before some of the other Divas
got between them. "You heard me." She spat. "The only reason your on TV is
because your fucking Edge." Seeing Lita begin to fume, Maria grinned. "Don't
worry, I'm sure he'll kick you to the curb like he did his last two wives
and find someone better. Then you'll be relegated to the sidelines with the
rest of us undeserving people."

Pointing at Maria, Lita snarled. "You little fucking cock socket!"

"Fuck you..." Maria said, trying to get at Lita again. When Lita pointed at
her again, Maria smiled. "Try something. I'm not gonna be like your boyfriend
and lay down for you."

Snarling, Lita took a swipe at Maria, who was out of reach but rapidly trying
to close the gap as the rest of the locker room jumped up and got between
them. Letting herself get pushed back from Maria, Lita spat at her. "I get on
TV because I deserve it!" she yelled.

"You get on TV because Vince is to lazy to try something new!" Maria shot

"Yea, well, at least I don't have to play a ditz on TV!"

"I'd rather play a ditz than a whore." Maria said. "Of course, everyone
always says, your character is just an extension of who you really are."

"I guess that makes you a retard!" Lita said, trying to gain the upper hand
in the verbal jabbing contest.

Shaking her head, Maria said, "No, that makes me typecast because I'm cute
and perky." Smiling, she said, "But I'm sure Tim can come up with something
better for me. Maybe I should go talk to him about it. See if I can't get
some TV time myself."

Smirking, Lita said, "Trish already asked, fucking him won't help."

Shrugging, Maria said, "I already have a man, and, unlike you, I don't go
around fucking anything with a pulse." Looking at Victoria, she asked, "So,
he's alright to talk to?" When she nodded, Maria smiled. "Perfect! He said
he'd take input, so I'll give him some."

"Don't you have that backwards?" Lita asked with a smile. "Shouldn't he be
the one giving you input?"

Shaking her head, Maria smiled condescendingly at Lita. "No, Lita, I'm not
going to fuck him. Some of us can actually have a conversation with a man
that doesn't involve the words "Cradle the balls" and "Oh baby shoot it on
my face"."

Leaving it at that, Maria moved past the other girls and out the door,
leaving a sneering Lita and a smiling locker room behind. Looking around and
seeing the other girls smiling and trying not to laugh, Lita lost her cool.
"What the fuck are you all laughing at?" She spat. "I've been around here
longer than any of you."

"Yet your still stuck in a dead end storyline with Edge." Victoria said,
losing her patience for the red head. "You're just pissed that Vince is
bringing back Fit and making us all go to wrestling practice."

"Aren't any of you?" She asked. "Why did he do that?"

"Because Tim was right." Trish said. "A lot of us have been getting hurt
lately. And we all could use some practice. Having Fit come in and work with
us will be a good thing."

Shrugging, Lita moved towards the door. "Well, he can come if he wants, but
I won't be going to school. I already know how to wrestle..."

"Lita, you're the worst wrestler here!" Victoria exploded. "How you haven't
managed to kill anyone is beyond me. Your moves are shit, your timing sucks,
and you just can't wrestle."

Glaring at Victoria, Lita tried to think of something to say. Stammering
slightly, she went for the old stand by. "Well, at least I'm on TV..."

"If you don't show up for class, don't count on that." Victoria said. "I
think Tim was serious. And, as for me not being on TV, don't count on that
staying the same for to long. Tim said he wanted to rebuild the division,
and, surprisingly, your name never came up. Isn't that odd?"

Screaming in frustration, Lita stormed towards the door, throwing it open and
stomping out. Smiling at the temper tantrum, Victoria turned and sat in her
locker, satisfied with her work. Looking up at the other girls, who were
smiling, she grinned. "What?"

"Meow!" Trish said, smiling as she poked Victoria. "What got into you?"

Shrugging, Victoria smiled. "I dunno. I just got tired of her shit." Looking
up at Trish, she said, "She gets on Maria's case, but Maria's actually trying
to be a wrestler. Trying to learn. Lita took a few classes in Mexico and
hasn't killed anyone and she thinks she's the greatest thing to ever happen
to women's wrestling." Smiling, she poked Trish, saying, "How many belts has
she won, again? And how many have you won?"

"Two Vs Six." Trish said with a smile. "But belts don't mean anything without
someone to fight for them."

"And that's why I think this guy is going to do a world of good."
Victoria said. "I only got to talk to him for a minute, but he seemed
really interested in making the women's division work. Not as using it as a
stepping-stone to get to write for the men. He had a good job, but he left
it to come work here."

"Well, whatever the reason for sticking up for people like me and Maria,
thanks." Candice said, smiling at her. "I know I'm not the best wrestler
around here..."

"Me either." Torrie said.

"But you two are trying." Victoria said with a smile. "Trust me, Fit will
whip you guys into shape."

"Lets hope so." Mickie said, smiling. "I'm getting tired of whipping Trish's

"Dream on, rookie." Trish said, smiling back. Looking at Victoria, she asked,
"Did he give you any indication on what he was planning?"

Shaking her head, she said, "Not much. Just that he was planning on using the
two Raw slots for the main angles, and that he's gonna be leaning on me, you
and Mickie to get the job done until he can bring in other girls for us to
feud with."

Smiling, Trish nodded, leaning back in her locker. "So, I assume your gonna
stick around for a while, then?"

"We're gonna talk." Victoria said. "But, if I get some ring time, probably."

Nodding, Trish smiled, letting her body relax as Victoria did the same,
taking in the down time.

* * *

*Knock, knock, knock *

"Come in!"

"...I can't, it's locked!"

"God damnit." Tim grumbled, standing up from his make shift desk and moving
over to the door, opening it and smiling as he found Maria standing on the
other side. "Sorry." He said. "These door's lock automatically so people
don't steal cleaning supplies, I guess."

Moving into the small room, Maria looked around, smiling. "You weren't
joking, were you?" She asked, giggling at him. "Your set up in a broom

Shrugging, he said, "Mr. McMahon just hired me like two days ago. He didn't
have time to set something up, and I haven't had time to get anything better
going." Looking at her, he smiled. "So, what's up? I assume you didn't wedge
yourself into this seventh ring of hell for a social visit?"

Giggling at the sight of his "Office", Maria said, "Your using a milk crate
for a chair!"

"I couldn't find a real chair." He said, taking his "Seat" again.

Smiling, Maria nodded. "That can't be comfortable."

"It's not." He admitted. "But Mr. McMahon promised me an office with a real
chair by next week."

"That's good." She said. Clapping her hands, she tried to stop giggling at
the sight of her new booker sitting on a milk crate, using a make shift table
as a desk. "So, anyways, I just wanted to drop by and see if you had anything
set up for me? Or is it to early to ask?"

"Well, I had some vague plans." He admitted. "It really all depends on
weather your going to be a wrestler or just an interviewer?"

"I totally want to be a wrestler." Maria said. "I've been training down in
OVW once a week, and have been taking a few classes here and there on my

Nodding, he went to lean back, but found his chair lacking the necessary
back to lean against. "Well, that's good, but you'll need more training than
that." He said. "Fit was going to be running classes three days a week, if
there's interest. He's willing to do it if there's only a few girls at each
class, so..."

"I'll be at all three." Maria said with a nod. "Promise."

Smiling, he nodded. "Good. If you're willing to work at it, I'm willing to
work with you and put you in some matches."

"Really?" Maria asked, smiling. When he nodded, she started bouncing happily.
"Thank you!"

"Now, I just need to find you an angle to work with." He said. When she
nodded, he asked, "I know it's none of my business, but are you really dating
CM Punk?"

"Yup." Maria said, smiling. "This week."

"This week?"

"It's kinda a on again, off again thing." She said. "But yea, we're dating."

"Oh." Tim said. "That may be a problem for what I was planning."

"Problem?" She asked, her bouncing stopping as she looked at him. "How is my
personal life a problem?"

Holding up his hands, he quickly said, "Your personal life isn't a problem.
Who you date is your business. But if I knew who you were dating, other
fans know to. Which makes your little flirting angle with Carlito less

"Oh." Maria said, slowly getting it. "I think I see what you're getting at."

"The crowds are smart." He said. "They may not get behind the angle because
they know your dating someone in real life."

"There behind it so far." Maria said. "I've gotten nothing but positive
things out of it. The fans seem to think we make a cute couple."

Thinking for a minute, Tim nodded, smiling. "Well, I guess it couldn't hurt
to see where it goes. If it doesn't work out, we can always use it as a
spring board to something else." Smiling at her, he said, "You two do make
a cute screen couple."

"Thanks!" Maria said, her bouncing resuming when she realized she wasn't
losing her angle. "So, if I get wrestling training, you'll put me in

"Yup." He said, nodding. "Maybe not throw you right onto Raw, but you'll get

Smiling, Maria said, "Any match is better than no match. I'll be happy with
what I get."

Nodding, Tim smiled. "So, was there anything else you wanted?"

Shaking her head, Maria smiled. "Nope, that's pretty much it. Thanks for your

"Anytime, Maria." Tim said, waving a goodbye as she moved out the door,
letting it close and lock behind her.

* * *

"Tim! Tim!"

Stopping his forward progress, Tim turned, smiling as he saw Victoria walking
towards him. "Hi Victoria." He said with a smile, waving his ever-present

Looking at the clipboard, Victoria grinned. "Is that thing glued to you hand
or something?"

Smiling, he nodded. "Most of the time." He said. "I pry it off when I'm at my
computer." Before she could say anything, he looked her up and down, taking
in her outfit slowly. "Is that what your wearing to the ring tonight?"

Quickly looking herself up and down, Victoria shook her head. "No, these are
just my street clothes. Why?"

Giving her another look, he shrugged. "I dunno. It just looks really nice.
Very flattering."

Giving the outfit another look, Victoria tried to see what he saw in it.
~Blue jeans, and a sleeveless shirt. Flattering?~ Looking up at him, she gave
him a confused look. "Flattering?"

"It looks nice on you." He said.


Laughing slightly, he shook his head. "Why what? It just does. It looks good
on you."

Giving herself another look, she looked up at Tim when he laughed harder.
"Alright, with the laughing, I can't tell if your serious or not."

"I'm serious!" he said, smiling from ear to ear. "You look hot. It's a great
look for you. Maybe not something you'd wrestle in, but it looks good for
being at ringside."

~Did he just say I'm hot?~ Victoria thought, her rattled mind trying to catch
all the information that was flying at her. Pushing that aside, she focused
on what she had come to him about, the last part of his sentence. "About the
ringside thing." Victoria said, suddenly getting slightly embarrassed as the
young man who she swore said she was hot stared at her, smiling. "When am I
gonna get a match? I know you promised me and everything..."

"You'll get a match once I have your angle planned out." He said with a
smile. "I don't want to throw you into matches and have them mean nothing,
then shoot you into an angle and have everyone wonder what the heck you were
doing wrestling so and so." Looking at his clipboard, he said, "But I do have
you booked for some six Diva tag matches over the weekend, so hopefully you
can get some ring time to keep from getting rusty."

Nodding, Victoria smiled. "How is my angle coming along?"

"Pretty good." He said. "I'm still trying to flesh out a bunch of the
details, but I have the base of the feud laid out, and it's coming along
pretty good."

Grinning, Victoria nodded. "So, I can expect some ring time soon?"

"Very soon." He said. "It's just, I like having my angles planned out so I
don't hit a snag and have to scramble to figure something out...unlike every
other booker around this place."

Laughing, Victoria said, "That's good to hear. I've been in to many angles
that don't go anywhere."

"Well, I promise, once yours starts, it'll have an ending too." He said. "And
it won't just be "Where the hell did Victoria go and who is this new girl no
one's heard of?"."

Smiling, Victoria reached over, pulling Tim in for a quick hug. "Well,
thanks." She said, smiling at him.

Slightly stunned, Tim hugged her back, making sure to keep his hands and
clipboard away from all danger zones. Pulling back, Victoria smiled at his
blushing face.

"So, what's so flattering about a pair of jeans and a shirt?" she asked,
finally letting him out of the hug and giggling a bit when he took a step

Smiling, he started walking backwards, giving her another long look.
"Victoria, what doesn't look flattering on you?" He asked, smiling when it
was her turn to blush. "Gotta get back to work." He said, turning and
starting down the hallway. Looking over his shoulder, he said, "If you see
Lita, tell her I want to talk to her right now."

Nodding, Victoria turned and started towards the locker room, turning the
corner and walking into Candice. Stopping from the sudden impact, Victoria
quickly took a step back. "Candice!" she hissed. "What are you doing?"

"Snooping." Candice admitted. "And making sure you don't end up in a storage
closet fucking the new guy."

"I was not fucking the new guy!"

"You were flirting." Candice said, smiling as she turned and started towards
the women's dressing room.

"I was not flirting!" Victoria said, following Candice.

Stopping her walking, Candice quickly turned around, throwing herself into
Victoria's arms and looking up at her. Putting on her best seductive face,
Candice asked softly, "So, what's so flattering about a shirt and jeans?"

Pushing her away, Victoria smiled. "I was asking a question. Not flirting."

"You were totally horning up for Tim." Candice said, starting towards the
locker room. "I thought I was gonna have to throw a bucket of cold water on

"He's almost jail bait." Victoria said. "He probably has some hot, perky
little blonde bimbo at home that he fucks bowlegged every night."

"He's single." Candice said.

"He's single?" Victoria asked. When Candice nodded, she asked, "How do you

"Because I asked him." Candice said. "He said since he doesn't fly, he's
never home. Said he was gonna look into getting a motor home if he sticks
with the WWE for any length of time, so he can bring his home with him on
the road." Looking at Victoria, Candice waggled her eyebrows. "A shaggin

"Yea, for some of the Divas Search girls, maybe." Victoria said.

"He hates the Divas Search girls." Candice told her. "Said that none of
them are that bright, and that he can't stand stupid people." Looking away,
Candice added, "I guess that doesn't bode well for my chances of sticking

Wrapping her arms around Candice from behind, Victoria smiled. "Your not
stupid. Your ditzy. Big difference."

"Well, I'm not an eye doctor or whatever the hell you used to be either."
Candice said, pushing into the locker room as Victoria let her go.

"Well, Tim's not interested in me, so my brains are a moot point." Victoria

Looking at Victoria, Candice grinned. "Not interested? Did you see him
looking at you?"

"He liked my outfit." Victoria said. "Which, more puts him in the gay isle
than the interested isle."

"Trust me, it wasn't the outfit he was looking at." Candice said. "It was
what it was hiding."

"Bullshit." Victoria said. "I said it once, and I'll say it again. He has
some hot little thing he's screwing. Maybe one of the Divas Search girls.
They all can't be stupid."

"Trust me." Candice said. "There's about one dim light bulb in the group,
and there all sharing it. And if I think you're dumb, that's saying

Laughing, Victoria shook her head. "He's not interested in me."

"He was totally undressing you with his eyes." Candice said, smiling at her.

"Who was?"

Looking at the source of the voice, Victoria snarled as she saw Lita smirking
at them.

"The new booker?" Lita asked. "Don't worry, Vicky. He's been checking
everyone out. Your just the last person he got to."

"Speaking of getting to." Victoria said. "Tim wants to see you, now."

"I'm sure he does." Lita said, smiling as she walked towards the door. "I'll
go see him when I'm good and ready."

Watching Lita saunter out the door, Victoria fought back the urge to smack
the smirk off of her face. "Fuck I hate that bitch." Victoria muttered.

"Forget about Lita." Candice said. "She's retarded. Tim was checking you

"Like he does everyone else." Victoria said, moving to her locker and sitting

"He didn't check me out like that." Candice said. "He may have when I wasn't
looking, but he checked you out right then and there. And I was showing off
the bra and panties I picked out for a match. You're just wearing a shirt and

"What were you doing showing him your bra and panties?" Victoria asked.
Thinking for a minute, she added, "And when was that match?"

"Hasn't happened yet." Candice said. "But I just thought I'd think ahead and
be ready if he books us in one. Turns out he isn't going to, but still, gave
him a show."

"Your married!"

"And?" Candice asked with a smile. "I wouldn't have sex with Tim, but a
little flirting doesn't hurt. Besides, it might get me a match." Looking at
Victoria, she grinned. "You should try it. With him checking you out, you
got a head start."

"He was not checking me out!" Victoria argued.

"Ok, if you don't wanna believe he'd drag you to the boiler room to ravage
you, then fine." Candice said. "But don't out and out lie and say that he
wasn't checking you out. That's bullshit, and you know it."

Sighing, Victoria leaned back in her locker, looking at her friend. "Why
would he check me out?" She asked. "There's lots of better looking girls
around here. You, Trish, Torrie, Maria, Mickie, Melina..."

"I get it." Candice said, smiling. "You hate yourself."

"I don't hate myself." Victoria said. "It's just, I know, on the depth chart
of looks, I'm near the bottom. And I'm also the oldest Diva."

Shrugging, Candice said, "Different strokes for different folks. Maybe he
likes his women a bit more mature."

"Old." Victoria corrected her. "Not mature. Old."

"Your not old." Candice said. "Your one hot momma." Grinning at her, she
asked, "Do you think I would have agreed to kiss you if you weren't?"

"You do that for an angle." Victoria said, grumbling. "A dead end angle."

Leaning over, Candice quickly pecked Victoria on the lips, giggling as the
other girl gasped. "See? I'd kiss you even if it wasn't an angle. And I
wasn't married."

"Are you...?"

"No, not gay." Candice said. "Or Bi. But a hot girl is a hot girl, and you
are hot." Leaning over to kiss Victoria again, she laughed as Victoria
grabbed her and pushed her away.

"Quit it!" Victoria laughed. "I am not hot."

"You are so hot." Candice said.

"I'm to old for him."

"Age is a number." Candice said. "Trust me, he thinks your hot. He was
checking you out. He's been doing it since he came in."

Looking at Candice, Victoria asked, "Really?" When Candice nodded, Victoria
quickly shook her head. "Bullshit. I'm to old for him." Seeing Candice go to
say something, she quickly cut her off. "To old. Now drop it."

Nodding, Candice leaned back in her locker, smiling. "Hottie."

Shaking her head, Victoria smiled. "Am not."

Smiling, Candice asked, "Are you gonna get changed to go to the ring?"

Grinning, Victoria shook her head. "Nope. This outfit flatters me."

Giggling, Candice smiled, swinging her legs under the locker seat as she
counted down the minutes before her match.

* * *

* Knock, knock, knock *

"Come in!"

Opening the door slowly, Trish peeked her head around it. Seeing him on the
phone, she asked, "Are you busy?"

Looking at her, he held up a finger, giving her the one-minute sign. Looking
at his desk, he said, "No, I totally think we can work something out...yea,
wrestling. Not just eye candy, like your doing...alright, if you wanted to
meet up some time, and we could talk about a contract...ok, then, talk to
you then...bye." Hanging up his phone, Tim looked up at Trish, smiling.

"Busy?" She asked.

Smiling, he pushed some paperwork aside. "I'm never to busy for my favorite
Diva." He said with a grin. "Take a seat."

Moving into the office and taking a seat, Trish smiled. "Quit saying that."
She said. "Your gonna make me believe it."

"It's the truth." He said, smiling. "You are my favorite. More so now that
I've met you. Your very easy to work with."

"Thanks." Trish said, smiling. "Who was that?"

Smiling, he shook his head. "Sorry, I can't say." Seeing her pout, he smiled.
"Loose lips sink ships. And I like surprises."

Nodding, she grinned. "I was just stopping by to see what you had lined up
for me tonight."

Quickly opening his laptop, he punched the keyboard a few times. Checking the
list that came up, he smiled. "Oh, a double shot of Stratusfaction tonight."
He said with a grin. When she giggled, he told her, "Your gonna have a match
with Candice on Raw, and, tonight, we're taping the first episode of the new
web show, and your in the main even wrestling Mickie James. Hope you brought
enough outfits."

"I can reuse one from a house show." She said. "What's the new web show

"Extreme." Tim said. Seeing her grin, he shrugged. "I couldn't come up with
a name, and Mr. McMahon suggested that. Sounded alright, so we went with it."

"It's alright." Trish admitted. "I'm glad things are working out around
here for you. You really do seem to care about the division, and I'm betting
you'll do wonders for it in the long run." Smiling sheepishly, she said,
"Even if it is to late for me."

Looking confused, he asked, "What do you mean, to late for you? Please don't
tell me your dying or something..."

Shaking her head, Trish said, "Not dying." Hearing him sigh in relief, she
said, "My contracts up at the end of August..."


Looking at Tim, Trish watched as he bounced his head off of his hardwood
desk, the thudding sound of it echoing thru his office.

Looking up at her, he said, "God, please tell me your just making some sick

Shaking her head, she said, "I'm telling the truth. My contracts up."

"Are you gonna sign a new one?"

Shrugging, she said, "I don't know." Looking at him, she said, "Honestly,
wrestling's gotten a little boring for me lately. The bookers haven't been
using me to my full potential, and I need a challenge to keep going."

Nodding, he said, "If I tell you this, you promise to take it to your grave?"
When she nodded, he said, "I was, as you can probably tell, talking to a few
divas about hiring them for the division. Women who can wrestle. Women who I
want to put into angles with you."

"Who?" Trish asked. Seeing him balk, she said, "Tim, I promise, what you tell
me here doesn't leave this room. I promise."

"Traci Brooks and Gail Kim." Tim said. Seeing Trish's eyes light up, he
smiled. "Sound good?"

"Can you sign them?" She asked quickly.

"I think so." Tim said. "They seem receptive, and I can offer them more money
than TNA. I can also offer them ring time, something TNA isn't giving them."

"What about Christy?" Trish asked hopefully. "She was getting good..."

"Can't." Tim said. "She's locked in for another ten months. Until then, I
can't even talk directly to her. But I promise I'll look into her if and when
I can, ok?" Looking at her, he asked, "So, will you stay?"

Sighing, Trish shrugged. "Tim, I don't know." She said. "I like you and all,
and I really believe your willing to try and make this work, but I've heard
all this before. And I don't want to get my hopes up."

"I understand that, but...August, Christ, that only gives me a few weeks..."
Tim said. "Do you have a new deal ready to go, or do I have to negotiate

"Me and Ace were working on one, but it never got finished." Trish said. "So,
I guess, if I wanted one, me and you would have to talk." Sighing again, she
said, "I honestly don't know if I want to sign it. It was a long term deal."

"How long?"

"Three years." Trish said. "And I don't want to be locked in that long not
knowing if you're going to be around pulling for us." Looking at him, she
said, "The front office doesn't give a shit about us so long as we sell
posters. They don't care if we wrestle or not. And I want to wrestle. And
three years of wrestling the Playmate of the week to push her sales doesn't
interest me."

"So, the length of the contract is the main factor?" He asked. "Because, if
you sign long term, and I leave, then you're stuck?"

"I guess so, yea."

"Well, since I'm doing the contracts now, I can work around that." He said.
When she nodded, he said, "Please, Trish, give me...six months. We can sign
a new deal with you for six months, and have it automatically renew for six
more months every time it comes up unless you want to cancel it." Seeing her
thinking about it, he said, "Please, Trish, six months. Give me that long to
prove myself, and if your still unhappy at the end of six months, then go do
whatever makes you happy. But I need you and your star power to make my
division work." Seeing the look on her face, he played his final card.
"Trish, I'm not above begging. If that's what it takes, I'll beg."

Smiling softly, she asked, "Did you have something in mind? Like, for right

Nodding, he said, "We're sending a bunch of Divas over to Smackdown to get
some wrestlers, and Melina is coming over in the deal. I was going to try and
restart your feud from last year, and have you two battle it out to see who
the dominant Diva in the WWE is."

Nodding, she smiled. "Who's gonna win?"

Shrugging, he said, "That depends on if you sign a new deal or not."

Nodding, Trish said, "Well, my deal right now works for me, money wise. Give
me that, and I'll give you your six months."

"Deal." Tim said quickly. Smiling at her, he said, "Thank you, Trish."

"No problem." She said, smiling. "It's not like I wanna leave." When he
nodded, she smiled. "So, I'm wrestling Mickie?"

"Yup." He said. "The finish is still up in the air, but you won't be getting
the belt."

"Oh well." Trish said, smiling. "Was this going to work into something, or
just a one off match?"

"When Beth comes back, hopefully something." He said. "The only problem is,
I'm not sure what each of you are willing to do, storyline wise, so it makes
it a bit hard to think out angles."

"What do you mean, willing to do?" Trish asked.

"Well, with you and Mickie, it was a lesbian angle." He said. "Lesbian angles
are a tricky slope. It's hard to plan them with girls who aren't lesbians, or
even willing to kiss."

"Well, I'm very open in what I'll do." She said. "So long as the angle
interests me, I'm willing to do pretty much anything, save for getting

Nodding, he said, "Well, I'll bring you, Mickie and Beth in to help me with
the angle. I'm looking to push it a little outside the norm, and I don't want
you guys getting mad at me when you read something I wrote."

"If I can ask, what did you have in mind?" Trish asked. Seeing him smile, she
said, "I'll keep my lips shut, I promise."

"Well, I was thinking, the Mickie storyline always seemed to burn to quick
for me." He said. "I think that Mickie should have never turned on you. But
since she did, I was going to try and figure out a way to make it look like
Beth was using you to get to Mickie, and get rid of Mickie because Beth
wanted you too, and was lying to you. If it works out right, you and Mickie
could end up being a team again, with Mickie realizing she still loves you
and saves you from Beth at her own expense." Smiling, he said, "And there's
where the complicated part comes in. How to make you guys a team without
making you lesbians."

Shrugging, Trish said, "I have faith you'll figure out a way. Even if we do
have to end up as lovers, I'd be ok with that, so long as it wasn't written
just to look like HLA."

"Never." He said, smiling. "I'd handle it with all the grace and respect it
deserves." Seeing her smile, he said, "So your not gonna leave?"

Standing up, Trish smiled, shrugging her shoulders. "As soon as you get my
new contract drawn up, let me know. And you'll have six months to impress

Nodding, he smiled. "I will. I promise."

*Knock, knock, knock*

"Come in!"

Peeking her head in the door, Mickie smiled at Tim. "Hey..." Seeing Trish
standing in front of his desk, she said, "Bad time?"

Shaking her head, Trish smiled. "I was just leaving." Turning to Tim, she
said, "Lemme know when you get it drawn up."

"I'll have it ready by the time you leave tonight." He promised, smiling.
"Later, Trish."

Letting Trish move past her and out the door, Mickie closed it behind her,
smiling at Tim. "What was that about?"

"I got Trish to agree to give me six months to prove I'm worth sticking
around for." He said, smiling at Mickie.

"She's staying?" Mickie asked, smiling from ear to ear. When Tim nodded, she
squealed. "Ohmygod! That's so cool! How did you do it?"

"I talked her contract down from three years to six months with options." Tim

"Sweet!" Mickie said, smiling.

"So, what can I do for my women's champ?" Tim asked, smiling at Mickie.

"I was wondering what you had planned for tonight?" She asked.

"You got a match with Maria on Raw, and a match with Trish on the new web
show, which is taping tonight."

"Trish?" Mickie asked. When he nodded, she grinned. "Hey, anything's better
than riding a bull."

Sighing, Tim leaned back in his chair, shaking his head. "I'm really sorry
about that." He said. "You should have had a match on Saturday Night's Main
Event, not riding a bull. But that match was made before I showed up, so I
couldn't get you out of it." Grinning, he said, "But hey, at least you didn't
have to wear a bikini."

Giggling, Mickie nodded. "I'm sure the fans were heartbroken."

Shrugging, he smiled. "I know I was."

Looking at him, she smiled. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Seeing her smiling face, Tim suddenly became shy, remembering she was
engaged, something the ring she proudly sported on her finger should have
reminded him of. "I'm sorry, Mickie. I shouldn't have said that. You have
a boyfriend..."

"It's ok." Mickie said, still grinning. "What did you mean?"

Sighing, he blushed bright red, telling her, "Well, it's no secret you're
easy on the eyes." Smiling, he shrugged, telling her, "And anything that gets
you into a bikini can't be all bad." When she smiled, he said, "But I'm glad
you didn't have to wear one riding that thing. The possibilities for slippage
were high."

Smiling, she said, "Yea, but think of the ratings. Ten hot girls in bikinis
riding a bull."

Smiling, he told her, "I thought you were plenty sexy in your outfit."

Grinning, she asked, "Are you serious?"

Looking up at her, he quickly got shy again. "Mickie, is this really
something I should be talking about with an engaged woman?"

Nodding, she said, "Well, your not hitting on me, are you?" When he shook
his head quickly, she said, "Then complement away. My ego could use the

Grinning, he told her, "Yes, you did really look sexy the other night.
Something about you riding a bull in a tight shirt and a pair of painted on
jeans put thoughts in my mind that I'm not really proud of."

Giggling, Mickie said, "Thanks. I didn't know if people were gonna be
disappointed that I wasn't in a bikini..."

"Well, I, for one, wasn't." He said, smiling. "You looked hot."

Nodding, she moved towards the door, smiling at him. "And don't worry about
the thoughts. I'm sure you weren't the only one in the back to have them."

As she moved out of his door, Tim leaned back in his chair, shaking his head
as he smiled. "I'm sure I wasn't."

* * *

Sitting in her locker, Victoria bounced her head against the back of her
stall, trying to quell her anger. It had been nearly six weeks since Tim
had been brought in, and two weeks since the web show, "Extreme" had been
launched, and she had still not been on TV as anything more than Candice's
arm piece. Looking up, she nearly slugged Lita as the red head sneered at
her as she strutted out of the locker room.

"I have an angle to go do." She said smugly, looking at Victoria. "What are
you doing? Oh! Wait, that's right. Nothing." Moving out door, Lita laughed
as the door closed behind her.

"Don't worry about it, Vicky." Trish said, trying to quell the larger girls
anger. "I'm sure Tim's just working on it."

"He's been working on it for six weeks." Victoria said, turning to look at
Trish. "My contract's up in two weeks. And I haven't been on TV since Tim
came in." Looking away, she said, "I'm beginning to think he was just blowing
smoke up my ass..."

"Vicky..." Candice said, looking at her. "Please, don't be like that. Don't
let Lita win."

"Win what?" Victoria said, looking at Candice. "She's on TV. In a major
angle. And I can't even get on Extreme." Grumbling slightly, she said, "I
guess I need to be like Lita and spread my legs..."

"Do you think that's how I got on TV?" Mickie asked.

"You're the champ..."

"Which meant nothing to Vince." Mickie said. "Granted, I haven't had much of
an angle yet, but he's trying."

"Not hard enough." Victoria said. Looking at Mickie, she said, "You should be
in an angle. He's got Trish working with Melina, and your defending your belt
in meaningless matches."

"Maybe were gonna work together." Mickie said softly.

Laughing, Victoria shook her head. "In my dreams. My championship days are
long gone..."

"Go talk to him." Candice said. "See if he has anything coming down the

Huffing, Victoria crossed her arms. "I think the only thing he has coming
down the pipes is whatever Lita chugs out of him." Seeing the other girls
laugh, Victoria finally smiled. Sighing, she said, "Guys, I love wrestling,
but I'm not gonna stick around just to work house shows." Seeing them look
at her, she sighed. "Alright, alright, I'll go talk to him."

"Show a little leg." Candice teased.

"It couldn't hurt." Mickie said with a smile.

"He might get the wrong idea." Victoria said, standing up.

"What wrong idea?" Trish asked. "That you're giving him a show?"

"That I want to sleep with him." Victoria said.

Smiling, Mickie waggled her eyebrows. "Do you?"

"So not the point." Victoria said. Seeing them grin, she shook her head. "I
am not putting out for a push."

"Just think of it as a push for push." Candice said with a grin.

Looking at her, Victoria asked, "Would you sleep with him for a push?"

"I'd sleep with him for nothing." Candice said with a giggle. "If I wasn't
married. You're not. Go get em, tiger."

Shaking head, Victoria smiled. "You three are impossible." She said.

"And your not denying it." Trish noted. Seeing Victoria grin, she smiled.
"Your totally gonna sleep with Tim!"

"I am not!" Victoria said, trying to get over to the door and out before
another question came.

"But your gonna offer, aren't you?" Candice asked, knowing her friends

Smirking, Victoria shrugged. "No comment."

Moving out the door, Victoria shook her head as she tried to ignore the cat
calls from behind her. ~Put out for a push.~ She thought. ~Yea, cuz that
works.~ Thinking for a second, she thought about that comment. ~Didn't Sable
blow Vince to get more TV time than Sunny?~ Shaking her head, she pushed the
thought aside, trying to find a reasonable argument for getting more TV time.

Quickly approaching Tim's office, Victoria was still coming up blank, other
than telling him she would quit if she didn't get it, and she didn't want to
resort to threats. Sighing, she knocked on his door, waiting for the call to
come in.

Moving into his office when he called out, she closed the door behind her,
waiting for him to look up.

"Victoria." He said, smiling. "What's up?"

Trying to figure out what to say, and how to say it, she said, "Umm, I was
wondering...when you got hired, we had that chat...about getting a push."

"I remember." He said.

"We also talked about my contract coming up." Victoria said, her mind
scrambling, looking for any other thing to say other than "Will fuck for
push" and "I'm quitting!"

"It's up at the end of the month, isn't it?" He asked, quickly checking his
notes. "We should get working on a new one..."

"I'm not sure I want a new one." She finally said. When he looked at her, she
stammered, "It's been six weeks, and I haven't had a match on Raw or Extreme.
I've barely been on TV, and I'm not sure I'm willing to sign a contract
without some assurances I'm going to get face time."

"Your gonna get face time." He said. "I told you, I want to build the
division around you, Trish, Mickie and Melina."

"Then how come there getting TV time and I'm not?" Victoria asked. "Is it
because I'm older than them?"

"No." He said, shaking his head. "I told you, I'm working on your angle."

Sighing, Victoria gave herself a mental shrug. ~Might as well try it.~ she
thought. Moving over to his desk, she leaned over, looking him in the eye,
putting all of her seduction in one look. "I would really, really like to
get back on TV, wrestling." She said, licking her lips softly. ~God, are
you a whore?~ "And I would be willing to work very, very hard to get that
push. If you catch my drift."

Looking at her, he nodded. "You're getting your push. I promised you that,
and I keep my promises." Shrugging, he asked, "Anything else?"

Looking down at him, stunned, Victoria blinked, unable to do anything else.
"That's it?" she asked, not wanting to say it out loud, but not getting the
choice. "All I had to do was ask?"

"You didn't even have to ask." He said. "I told you that I'd give you a push.
I'm just finishing off the details of it, and it'll probably be next week on
Raw when I start it up."

"That's all I had to do?" She repeated. When he nodded, she blurted out, "You
mean I don't have to fuck you?" Looking confused, he shook his head. Staring
at him, she became more and more confused by the minute. "Not even a

Shaking his head, he told her, "You know I can't favor one talent over
another for sexual favors. It's written explicitly in my contract."
Shrugging, he leaned back in his chair, taking off his glasses. "But if you
want to sleep with me for the hell of it, I'm game."

Her eyes going wide, Victoria went with her first instinct, and shook her
head no. Stopping the movement, she stood up, thinking over her abrupt
answer, before asking, "Would me not sleeping with you after implying that
I'd do it affect my push?"

Shaking his head, he told her, "Again, my contract has very strict details
about that. You're getting your push. I've always liked your character."

Nodding, and confused beyond words, Victoria turned and walked out the door,
trying to collect her thoughts as she left Tim in his office. Shrugging, he
slid his glasses back on, looking down at the computer on his desk. Hearing
the door open, he looked up, seeing Victoria's head peeking around the
corner. "Yes?"

"You'd really sleep with me?" She asked bluntly.

Nodding, he asked, "Are you offering? Because I can't offer. That would imply

Shaking her head no quickly, she stopped, trying to collect her thoughts.
Looking at him, she asked, "Seriously?" When he nodded, she tried to keep her
thoughts straight, wondering who was seducing who. Looking at him, she asked,
"How old are you again?"


Her fragile mind using that answer as the excuse it needed to break free of
whatever hold Tim had over her at that moment, she shook her head, throwing
up her hands and saying, "This is crazy. I babysat people your age!"

Turning quickly, Victoria moved away from his office, pushing any stray
question out of her mind and keeping her focus on walking away. Seeing her
move away thru the glass beside his door, Tim shrugged again, turning his
attention back to the computer, typing away as a sudden inspiration hit him.

* * *

"So, you getting plugged tonight?"

Looking up at Candice, Victoria gave her a disgusted look. "Plugged?"

Smiling, Candice held up her hands, making a circle with one, and a pointer
with the other. "Plugged." She said, inserting the pointer into the circle.

"I get it." Victoria said, shaking her head. "And no."

"He shoot you down?" Candice asked.

"Actually, no." Victoria said. "He told me he'd be up for it, but he couldn't
be the one to make the first move."

"Are you gonna make the first move?" Candice asked.

"No!" Victoria, said, before dropping her head into her hands. "I don't

Smiling, Candice moved over to her. "Are you on some sort of celibacy thing
or something?"

"No." Victoria said, smiling at her friend. "But, he is the boss."

"And?" Candice said. When Victoria didn't give her an answer, she smiled. "Do
you think he's hot?"

Smiling, Victoria bit her lip. "I'm to old to think guys are hot."

"Your thirty-five." Candice said with a smile. "I didn't think they repo'd
your pussy until you were like fifty."

Laughing out loud, Victoria shook her head. "My pussy is present and
accounted for."

"If unused."

"It gets used!" Victoria argued.

"A vibrator doesn't count." Candice said. "A pussy needs dick. It's the way
the world works." Looking at Victoria, she grinned. "Now, do you think he's

"He's hot." Victoria said with a grin. "Really hot."

"Then what are you waiting for?" Candice asked.

"He's the boss!"

"He's also twenty friggin years old!" Candice said.

"He's to young!" Victoria said. "I'm fifteen years older than him! I'm almost
two of him! He still has that new car smell!"

"Have you seen the way he looks at you?" Candice asked.

"He checks me out." Victoria said softly. "He checks everyone out that

"Bullshit. He's been fucking you with his eyes for weeks! He's so wound up
he'd fuck a knot in a tree if someone gave him the chance."

"Thanks, that makes me feel real good." Victoria said.

"I meant it in a good way." Candice said, grinning an evil grin. "If he'd do
that, imagine what he'd do with a hottie like you."

Laughing, Victoria shook her head. "Quit talking about it."


"Because I'm starting to consider doing it." Victoria said with a smile.

"Go for it!" Candice urged. Seeing Victoria sigh, she grinned. "Girl, you
need to get plugged!"

"God, quit saying that!" Victoria laughed.

"Plugged, plugged, plugged!" Candice teased, smiling at her. Seeing her
smile, she poked her "Come on, do it for me!"

Looking at Candice, Victoria said, "Do it for yourself!"

"I can't, I'm married." Candice said. "But your not. Now go get your freak

"Candice..." Victoria whined. "He's the boss! If he was just joking, I could
get fired!"

"Your contract is up in two weeks anyways." Candice said. "And you even
said it yourself, you don't want to be around just to be eye candy." Seeing
Victoria smile, Candice went for the jugular. "Your not gonna date the guy,
are you?"

"I wouldn't think so." Victoria said with a sigh.

"Well, then, push the other shit aside, get all dressed up, and go get..."
Candice said, smiling. "Filled."

"Better." Victoria said, smiling. Seeing Candice smiling at her, she shook
her head. "If I fuck him, will you leave me alone?"

"For as long as it takes you to fuck him, yes." Candice said. "Then, I'll
want details."

"And if I don't?"

"I'll never let you live it down." Candice said. "We're going to be sitting
in a nursing home when we're ninety, out tits hanging down to our knees, and
I'll just look over at you and say, "You should have fucked Tim" then go back
to drinking my supper."

Gagging, Victoria quickly stood up. "Alright, alright, I'll go see if he's
interested. Just never talk about your saggy tits ever again."

"Deal." Candice said.

Standing up, Victoria shook her head, smiling at her best friend. "I'm going
to regret this, and I blame you."

Smiling, Candice asked, "But if he pounds you into a coma, can I take credit
for it?"

Shrugging, Victoria grinned. "I guess. Let someone else take the heat. I'll
just tell Vince you brain washed me."

"Yea, that'll happen." Candice said, standing up alongside her friend. "Now,
come on, let's get going, and go get you plugged."

"What did I tell you about that word?" Victoria laughed, grabbing her
suitcase and letting Candice push her towards the door.

Smiling, Candice poked her, telling her, "Don't worry about it. By the end of
the night, I promise, you won't care what he calls it, just that he'll do it

"You sound pretty confident in his abilities." Victoria said, opening the
door and moving thru, Candice in tow. "Why don't you get some first?"

"Again, married." Candice said. "And besides, he's just a pup. Those guys can
go all night."

"In theory."

"And hopefully in practice." Candice added with a grin. Seeing Victoria
smile, she added, "Trust me, when this guy has you bent over the bed,
stuffing you like a Thanksgiving turkey, the last thing you'll think about
is his age. All you'll be thinking about is weather it's a fair trade to
let your head slam into the headboard to let him keep plugging you."

"God, again with the plugged." Victoria said, letting Candice lead her to
the parking lot. "Can't you come up with a nicer name? I'm already at freak
factor ten here."

"How about stuffed?"


"And why the freak factor?"

"I've baby sat kids that would be his age now." Victoria said. "He's gonna
be screwing me, and all I'll be able to think about is how many hours I'm
working and when his parents are gonna be home."

Laughing loudly, Candice smiled. "Trust me, once you get between the sheets,
age won't mean a thing."

Shaking her head, Victoria tossed her suitcase into the trunk before sliding
into the car. When Candice took her place behind the wheel, a smile plastered
on her face, Victoria shook her head, smiling at her friends enthusiasm for
the situation. "I'm glad one of us is having fun with all this."

"You will." Candice said, starting the car. "Just watch out. These young kids
nowadays are into freaky shit. Just remember, a money shot is him coming on
your face, and ATM is not a bank machine."

"Oh my god..." Victoria groaned. "What am I getting myself into?"

Pulling the car out of the parking lot, Candice smiled at Victoria, who,
despite her bitching and moaning, was still smiling. "A whole lot of good
sex, that's what." Candice said, grinning at her. "Something you desperately

"A push for a push." Victoria said, smiling when Candice nodded. Looking out
the front windshield, a thought struck her. "What is ATM anyways?"

Shaking her head, Candice was silent and somber for the first time that

"You don't want to know."

* * *



"I just thought of something."

"Which is?"

"Which room is Tim's?"

Looking at Victoria, Candice shook her head. "You were planning on fucking
him and you never got his room number?"

"I wasn't planning on fucking him!" Victoria hissed. "You talked me into it!"

"Like I had to." Candice said, smirking at her friend. "I could see it in
your eyes. You wanted to do it. All I had to do was light a fire under your

"You're a whore." Victoria said, shaking her head.

"Trust me, I'll be the whore you'll be thanking tomorrow." Candice said,
smiling. "If you can still walk. Now, room number, right?"


Thinking for a minute, Candice asked, "Do you have everything out of your

"I think so, yea."

"You think so or you know so?" Candice asked. "Because if you don't know, we
should go check."

Thinking, and doing a check of her stuff, Victoria shook her head. "No, I got
everything. Why?"

"Give me your room card." Candice said, holding out her hand. Seeing the look
on Victoria's face, she smiled. "You won't need it. Trust me."

"Why do people only say that when they shouldn't be trusted?" Victoria
whined, reaching into her pocket. "Can I at least know what your doing?"

Taking the card from Victoria, Candice smiled. "Getting you a new room." She
said, turning away and walking towards the front desk. Seeing the young man
working, Candice did a quick check for a wedding ring. Spotting none, she
smiled, making sure he shirt was low in the front. Licking her lips, she
wetted them, making sure to give them a shine as she started swaying her
hips. Seeing him look up, Candice smiled at him, opening the flirting.

"Hi there." She said, grinning at him. When he smiled back, Candice went
right for the kill, knowing any time she wasted was less time for Victoria
to get plugged. "I have a problem." She said, pouting slightly.

"How can I help you?" He asked, smiling nervously as the beautiful Playboy
cover girl stared at him.

"Hopefully, in more way than one." She purred, loving her little game. "My
ex-boyfriend dumped me this afternoon, and he got a new room, and took all
my stuff." Pouting, she said, "I don't even have any underwear. I'm going
commando right now." Seeing the guys interest peek, Candice reached up,
moving her shirt aside slightly, showing him she wasn't wearing a bra
without showing him the full thing. "See?"


"I need to get my stuff back, but I don't know his room number..." Candice
said softly. Seeing the guy go to say something, Candice didn't give him time
to think. "I was hoping I could get his number." She said. "And someone to
keep me company." Pouting again, Candice said, "I'm so used to having a man
to sleep with, that I don't think I could sleep without one."

"How can I help?" The guy quickly asked, his cock thinking quicker than his

Smiling, Candice said, "No one knows this, but I'm an insomniac." When he
looked confused, Candice grinned. "My boyfriend used to put me to sleep."
When he looked at her, she licked her lips slowly. "If you catch my drift."
When he nodded, she held up Victoria's room key. "So, I was hoping, if you
could give me my ex's room number, that you could swing by my room in...say,
a half an hour and help me get to sleep?"

Shaking his head slowly, the guys brain started catching up with his cock.
"I don't know..."

"Have I mentioned I wake up a lot during the night?" Candice asked, grinning
at him. "And I need to be put to sleep every single time?" Biting her bottom
lip, Candice said, "It's horrible. Sometimes it's eight, nine times a

Nodding quickly, the guy snatched the card out of her hand. "What's his

"Tim Cutler." Candice said, smiling as he hammered in the information

"Room 243." He said, before turning his attention to Candice, giving her a
lustful stare. "Half an hour?"

"Half an hour." She said, smiling and blowing him a kiss. "See you then, hot

Moving away from the counter, Candice swayed her hips as she moved back
towards Victoria, grinning at the Diva. "Room 243." Candice said.

"How did you get that?" Victoria asked. "And where's my room key?"

"Your room key is how I got it." Candice said. "And, by the way, don't go
back to your room, unless you wanna fuck counter help over there." Seeing
Victoria's eyes bug out, Candice smiled. "What? I got the number, and I'm
not gonna fuck him. I needed your key to get it. Besides, if this works
out, then you won't need the room."

"And what if it doesn't work out?" Victoria asked, turning and following
Candice as she started towards the elevator.

Giggling, Candice moved in, hitting the buttons 2 and 5. "They you get the
fuck out of here before that guy realizes that he's been had. That's what
I'm doing."

"You little slut!" Victoria said, smiling at her friend. As the door opened,
Victoria looked out down the hall. "This isn't my...oof!"

Grabbing Victoria's suitcase, Candice shoved her into the hallway of the
second floor, quickly hitting the door closed button. "Have fun, and I'll
bring this to the arena tomorrow!" Candice said, motioning to the suitcase
as the doors closed before Victoria had a chance to act. "Room 243!"

Trying to pry open the door, Victoria cursed her friend for her sneakiness.
"You little hussy!" Victoria whispered, turning and checking the numbers on
the door. Sighing to herself, she begun marching down the hall, letting her
anger lead her, using it to push aside her nervousness as she quickly come
up on room 243.

Stopping in front of the door, Victoria went to knock on the door, but
stopped. Taking a step cack, she begun pacing back and forth in front of the
door, trying to contemplate her next move. Looking up at Tim's door again,
she tried to reason with herself, tried to calm her nerves.

"It's just sex." She reminded herself. "You used to do that from time to time
at one point in your life."

Shaking her hands, she kept pacing, her movements quickly starting to look
like her pre-match routine. Quickly realizing that if she didn't act soon,
she'd never do it, she pushed herself towards the door, knocking loudly a
few times before her hand had a chance to think about it and stop itself.

Shifting from foot to foot, Victoria waited for him to answer, the seconds
turning into days in her mind as she waited in the empty hallway for Tim to
come to the door. Shifting nervously, Victoria's mind panicked, and she
quickly turned away from the door, getting ready to bolt when she head the
deadbolt unwind and the door swing open.

Stopping her escape, Victoria tumbled to the floor as her feet got caught up
between coming and going. Turning quickly, she sighed as Tim smiled down at
her, looking confused but amused.

"Hi Victoria." He said, reaching out and offering her a hand.

Taking it with great embarrassment, Victoria let him help her to her feet,
trying to keep eye contact with him. Looking him up and down, she noticed
that he wasn't wearing a shirt, but had his ever-present glasses and jeans

"So, what's up?" He asked, smiling at her. When she didn't answer, he tried
smiling again. "Wanna come in?"

Nodding, Victoria moved into his room as he held open the door, quickly
taking in the small room with a glance. ~Nothing special.~ She thought. ~He
must not get paid all that much.~

Feeling him moving in behind her, she turned, watching as he slid his glasses
off and set them on a stack of papers on the small desk the room had. "I'm
almost finished your angle." He said, smiling at her. "I'm still just working
on the finish, but it should be ready to roll by Monday. You're gonna get
into a feud with Mickie for the belt."

Looking at him in bewilderment, she asked, "The belt?"

"The women's belt." He said. "Mickie needs a strong challenger, and someone
to chase for the belt, and you're her. Trish is tied up with Melina, and you
haven't had a title run in a long time, so I figured you'd be perfect."

"A title run?" Victoria asked, smiling despite her nervousness. When he
nodded, she threw herself into his arms, hugging him tightly. "Thank you!"

"Don't thank me." He said, smiling as he hugged her back softly. "You earned

Pulling back, Victoria's grin was still plastered on her face. "I thought you
were gonna give the title to Lita or Trish, like they always do."

Shrugging, he said, "Well, like I said, Trish is tied up right now, and
Lita's heading for the suspended list..."

"Suspended list?" Victoria asked, making sure she heard him right.

Nodding, he said, "She missed two classes with Fit, and didn't take part
in the class when she did show up, so Mr. McMahon and I decided to send a
message to the division that the rules apply to everyone."

"How are you going to explain that?" Victoria asked. "She's a big part of
Edge's storyline."

"We're not." He said. "It's punishment, and it'll be posted as such on the
website." When she nodded, her face beaming, he smiled. "But, before I can
give you the belt, we need to get your contract situation worked out. If you
want to wait till after Raw to see I'm serious before we talk, that's fine."
When she grinned and nodded, he asked, "So, again, was that what you came up
here for? To ask about your push again?"

Suddenly getting nervous again, Victoria broke apart from him, needing
distance to cope with her shyness. Looking at the floor, she tried to collect
her thoughts. Seeing her internal struggle, Tim moved over to her, putting
his hand on her shoulder. "Victoria, are you alright?" He asked, wondering if
this was going to be his first problem to solve with his stable of Divas.

Looking up at him, Victoria forced the words from her mouth.

"Were you serious earlier?" She asked softly, looking him in the eyes. "About
wanting to have sex with me?"

Realizing what her visit was all about, Tim smiled softly. "Kinda blunt,
aren't we?" He asked with a grin. When she nodded, he realized she was too
nervous for jokes. "Yes, I was serious." He said.

Looking up at him, Victoria's brain tried to wrap itself around his words.

Shrugging, he continued to smile, suddenly realizing having his hand on her
shoulder might not be appreciated right then, and let it drop. "Well, for
one, your hot. And secondly, well, you seem interested. Hot plus interested
makes me serious." Looking at her, he smiled. "Are you interested? Remember,
I can't be the one to ask here. I'm just asking you your own question."

"I'm interested." Victoria stammered out, her mind still swimming. ~He's
interested? You mean he wasn't just joking?~

"So..." He said, looking around the room. "I take by you being here in the
middle of the night, asking me this, that you're interested right now?"
When she nodded again, he smiled. Standing around looking at each other,
Tim waited for her to make her move.

And waited.

And waited.

"Umm, you did want to do it, right?" He asked.

"I'm thinking about it." Victoria said.

Nodding, Tim said, "Alright." Turning back to his computer, he sat down at
the desk, turning his attention back to the open word pad.

Staring at him, she watched in bewilderment as he went about his work, as if
she wasn't standing right next to him, wanting to have sex. "Aren't you gonna
do something?" She finally asked.

"Do what?"

"Anything!" She yelled. "Touch me, ravage me, rip off my pants and fuck me

"I can't."

"What!?" Victoria screamed, her mind going into overload. "Why the fuck not?"

"I can't make the first move." He said. "Mr. McMahon laid it out plain for
me. If I made the first move, it would be seen as me taking advantage of my
position. The Diva in question would feel backed into a corner, that they had
to sleep with me or I'd punish them. Hence, I can't make the first move."
Looking up at her, he said, "But I am very willing."

Trying to process all he had said, she asked, "If I asked you to make the
first move, would that count as me making the first move?"

Thinking for a minute, he shook his head. "I think so."

"So if I ask, you can make the first move, physically?"

"I think so, yea."

"Would you, please?"

"Can I kiss you?"

"Please do."

Standing up from his desk and moving the short distance between them, Tim
smiled as he kissed her softly on the lips, her whole body relaxing at the
soft touch, the weeks of internal struggle being pushed out in one soft
kiss. Putting his hands on her hips, he softly turned her towards the bed,
moving slowly and taking her to the foot of the bed, sitting her down
before sitting down beside the stunned Diva. Kissing her again, he rubbed
her side gently, his soft touch just barely grazing her. Feeling her pull
back, he sighed.

~That was quick.~ He thought, looking up at her.

"I'm not looking for a boyfriend." Victoria said, feeling the need to get
that out of the way. "Just a...friend for a night."

Nodding, he told her, "One night, two nights, whatever you want."

Smiling at his understanding, she said, "Your remarkably calm about this."

Smiling, he leaned in, kissing her again, something she accepted with glee.
"I can be calm and get laid, or freak and get none. What would you do if you
were in my shoes?"

Pulling back, she looked down at his feet. "Your not wearing shoes." She
giggled, before pulling him in for another kiss.

Grinning, he looked down. "And you are." He said. "Which is something we
should remedy."

"Just my shoes?" Victoria asked playfully, finally starting to get into the
mood. "Your topless to."

Smiling, he rubbed her stomach, making her moan softly. "Well, I guess I
should put a shirt on then."

"Don't you wanna see me topless?" She asked, leaning in for another kiss.
~He's a good kisser. That's a plus.~

"I do." He said, kissing her back. "But, really, that's all up to you."

"Don't tell me I have to take off all of our clothes."

"No." He said, sliding off the bed and reaching for her foot. "But I'm not
going to start ripping off clothes without your permission." Looking up at
her, he smiled. "Can I take off your shoes?"


Quickly shedding her shoes, he tossed them aside, smiling up at her. "Socks?"


Tossing her socks aside, he smiled. Moving back up to the bed, he leaned in,
holding her head softly as he kissed her. "Alright, let's talk top." He said
with a smile. "What is it going to take to get you out of that shirt?"

"Are you offering something?" She asked with a grin.

Nodding, he said, "I'm willing to begin the bidding with foot kissing, and
work up from there."

"I dunno." She said, giggling as he kissed he neck. "That seems kinda low.
I know I'm not Trish or Torrie, but I think my tits are worth more than that.
Maybe you being my gimp man slave?"

"Oral." He said. "As in me giving you oral."

Grinning, she kissed him softly. "Me tying you up."

Smiling, he said, "I've never done that before..."

"Me neither." She said. "But if you want me topless, then we're gonna have to
come to some sort of agreement."

"I'll let you tie me up." He said, smiling at her. "If you get naked. Total
nakedness, and you can tie me up for a while."

"Who said I'd ever let you go?" Victoria teased, loving the little game. "I
may just keep you tied up and fuck you whenever I get the urge."

"Who would give you your push if you did that?" He asked, reaching down and
rubbing her stomach again, sliding his hand under her shirt and giving her a
taste of what to expect.

Smiling, she asked, "You think if I had a young stud like you at my sexual
disposal I'd care about a push?"

"I fail to see why you can't have both." He said, smiling. "So, naked for tie
up? Final offer."

"Do you even have anything for me to tie you up with?" She asked. When he
shook his head, she whined. "You mean you offered that and didn't have
anything to tie you up with?"

"You offered." He said. "I offered oral."

Whining, Victoria tried to think of something new. "Never tell me what ATM
is, and you got a deal."

"Deal." He said, smiling as he reached down, grabbing the bottom of her shirt
and pulling the loose fabric over her head. As she tossed the shirt away, Tim
scooted closer to her, leaning down and kissing the tops of her breasts as
they pushed out up over her bra. Feeling her fingers push into his hair, he
kissed her softly, his tongue slithering out and licking her sensitive flesh.

Quickly reaching behind her back, Victoria unhooked her bra, her mind going
on autopilot as she let her body lead the way. As her bra went slack, Tim
quickly reached up, pulling it down and tossing it to the floor, ducking his
head down lower and flicking his tongue out across her nipples.

"Oh fuck..." Victoria moaned, pulling his head up and kissing him softly.

Breaking apart, she started scooting backwards, moving onto the bed before
Tim grabbed her by the pants. Moving quickly, he moved up closer, making
short work of her jeans buttons and peeling them off. Seeing her pants moving
down her legs and onto the floor, Victoria looked up at Tim, seeing the look
of lust in his eyes.

~He wants this.~ She thought. ~He wasn't joking, he wasn't leading me on,
he really wants this.~ Seeing his jeans near her body, she smiled. ~This is
wrong. So wrong, on so many levels.~ Seeing Tim toss her pants across the
room, she grinned. ~And I don't care. Even if this is wholly wrong, I'm not
going to regret it. I'm gonna enjoy this.~

Quickly reaching out, she grabbed his jeans, making short work of his own fly
as his hands rubbed her body, one sliding against her panty covered pussy,
the other massaging her breasts. Opening his fly, she reached in, quickly
finding his shaft and pulling the semi-hard member out the hole. Hearing him
moan softly, she grinned, moving closer and stroking his shaft, loving the
feeling of her young lover's manhood getting hard under her touch.

"Are you a virgin, Tim?" She asked softly, smiling up at him.

Shaking his head, he smiled. "No. Sorry."

"Don't be sorry." She said.

"Like you didn't want to deflower the booker." He teased.

Grinning, she giggled, still stroking his cock to hardness. "The thought had
crossed my mind." Leaning closer, she kissed his cock, purring as he moaned.
"Have you ever got a blowjob?" When he shook his head, she gawked at him.
"Never? Not once?"

"Nope." He said. "Pretty much straight up missionary style sex."

"You poor, poor boy." Victoria said, smiling at him. Licking her lips, she
grinned. "Missing out on one of life's greatest pleasures."

"Hopeful not for much longer." He said, moaning as she stroked his cock.

Looking up at him, she smiled softly. "Can I tell you something?"


"Candice gave my room away." Victoria said with a pout.

"Why would she do that?" He asked.

Kissing his cock, Victoria smiled with pride as he moaned. "So I wouldn't
have any choice but to find a new room to spend the night." Looking up at
him, she gave her best sad look. "Can I stay here, Tim? I promise, I'll
make it more than worth your while. I'm very, very giving when the mood
strikes me."

"Are you bargaining now?" He asked. When she nodded, he asked, "So, what are
you offering?"

"Me." Victoria said. "In any way you want. All night."

"Deal." He said, moaning.

"What do you want me to do, Tim?" Victoria asked, smiling as his shaft
twitched in her grip. Seeing him look at her, she grinned. "You want me to
suck you cock, don't you?" When he nodded, she smiled. "Say it. Tell me what
you want."

"Suck my cock." He whispered, groaning softly as she pumped her hand up and
down his shaft.

"What was that?" Victoria asked, pretending not to hear him. "Say again?"

Looking down at her, Tim grinned, his eyes alight with passion. "Suck. My.
Cock." Grinning from ear to ear, he added, "Now."

Giggling, Victoria grabbed his dick tighter, pulling him along towards the
headboard. Making him sit back against it, she finished pulling down his legs
and tossing them alongside her pants before moving to sit beside him. Looking
up at him as she stroked his cock, she grinned. "So, Mr. Booker Man, why do
you want me to suck your cock?" She teased.

"You mean other than the fact I've never had it done?" He asked.

"Yes, other than that."

"Because I want to see my dick sliding between your sexy lips." He said,
reaching up and rubbing her lips with his thumb. "Because I want you to do
it, and let me know how good it feels, so I can decide weather I want you
to do it later, or if I'll just stick to fucking you for the rest of the

Shivering slightly, Victoria moaned. ~I did promise him the night, didn't
I?~ She thought. "You think you're good for a whole night?" She asked.

"With you?" He asked, smiling. When she nodded, he followed suit. "Don't
expect many limp moments with your hot body in the same bed as me. I just
hope you got a lot of energy, because I plan on getting my nights worth out
of letting you stay here."

Leaning down, she kissed him softly before moving down towards his cock.
"Oh, I see." She said, smiling at him. "If I don't put out, I'm getting
kicked out?"

"That was the deal you offered." He said, smiling. "I would have been happy
to let you stay here for nothing, but a deal is a deal."

"It is." She said, before taking the tip of his cock into her mouth, sucking
it softly as he moaned loudly. Sliding her lips further down, she worked the
first few inches of his hard shaft into her mouth, stopping when it hit her

"I like this deal." Tim said, moaning as Victoria's tongue swirled around
his cock head. "God, Victoria, you are awesome. So hot..." Reaching his hand
down, he wound it around her ass, sliding it down the back of her panties
and leaning over slightly, letting him slide his middle finger into her wet
pussy. "Victoria, are you getting wet for me?" He asked, moaning as she
slurped on his cock. "God, can I do this? Or do you want me to stop?"
Noticing she wasn't stopping, her smiled. "If you want me to do this, just
lick my cock. If not, suck." Feeling her tongue slither liberally around
his dick, he grinned.

As Tim continued to slide his middle finger in and out of her pussy, Victoria
continued to suck his cock, pushing her long hair out of her face before
getting a grip on his dick, pumping it softly. Hearing him groan, she smiled,
loving his noises as she pleasured him in a way he had never had done before.
Slurping loudly on his cock, she grinned as he groaned, her soft and sexy
lips doing there job as they slid up and down his hard shaft. Sliding her
tongue around his cock, she purred softly as he groaned loudly, letting her
know that she was pleasing him.

"This deal rocks." Tim moaned, laughing slightly. "Remind me to tell Candice
to steal your room card more often."

Letting his dick slide out of her mouth, Victoria smiled up at him. "You
wouldn't want me staying here again, would you?"

Grunting softly as she rolled her thumb over his throbbing cock head, her
said, "Can we just make a deal right now to stay together on the road? I'll
pick up the room tab, your meals, your travel costs, anything."

Purring, Victoria grinned at him. "Am I that good, that you'd be willing to
make that deal, just from a bit of a blowjob?"

Looking down at her, he smiled. "You have no idea how many times I've
fantasized about doing this. Having you all to myself, at my disposal."
Pulling her up gently, he kissed her softly. "God, I almost didn't take
this job because I didn't think I'd be able to keep from trying to hit
on you or the other Divas, and I'd get fired in a minute." Smiling at
her, he said, "But when Vince showed me my contract, and I realized if
one of you hit on me that I'd be alright, I signed it so fast it almost
freaked Vince out."

"Calling him Vince now?" Victoria asked, sliding his pole back into her

"I'm getting a blowjob from one of the hottest women on the planet." He said,
grunting as she flicked her tongue over the piss hole. Smiling, he added, "I
think I can afford a little lax in protocol."

Sliding his cock out with a pop, she grinned. "Sound pretty confident that
you're gonna get laid a lot." She teased.

"Hell no." He said, smiling. "I never thought in a million years I'd get a
chance with any of you. But it was the chance that it could happen that
pushed me over the edge and made me take the job."

"Horny little boy." She teased, flicking her tongue over his cockhead.
"Thinking about us Divas."

"Your to hot not to think about." He said, moaning. Groaning loudly as she
licked his cock, he looked down at her. "Enough." When she looked up at him,
he grinned. "I want in you..." Suddenly looking shy, he asked, "That, is, if
that's ok?"

Giggling at his sudden change in attitude, she nodded, pulling back. "I told
you, tonight, you want, you ask, you get."

"Then I want in you." He said, smiling. As she moved away from him slightly,
he leaned down, kissing her softly before scooting off the bed. Grabbing his
suitcase, he quickly unzipped it, grabbing a condom out of the top slot
before moving back over to the bed, he smiled, watching as Victoria rolled
over onto her back, quickly sliding out of her panties and tossing them arm
him. Catching them and dropping them to the floor, he stopped at the foot of
the bed, drinking in the sight. "Oh my god." He said with a smile, looking
her up and down in long, sweeping looks.

Blushing slightly, she looked at him. "You like?"

Nodding, he smiled. "I'm in love." Moving onto the bed, he smiled as she
quickly laid down on her back, pulling her knees up and spreading her legs
open. Ripping the condom packet open, he took it out. Looking at it for a
minute, he tried to roll it on, but found it unwilling to go. Thinking for
a minute, he tried it again, again failing to roll it down.

Watching him with quiet bemusement, she asked, "Need a hand?"

Blushing, he nodded. "New brand." He mumbled.

Moving quickly, she took the condom, inspecting it before flipping it over,
putting it right side up and rolling it down his dick. Looking up at him, she
smiled as he shook his head. "Don't worry about it." She said with a smile.
"Just make sure you know how to use what it's attached to."

Nodding, he smiled as he lay down on top of her, moving down for a kiss,
which she eagerly gave him.

"Where's your suitcase?" He asked, kissing her neck as he reached down,
grabbing his shaft.

"Candice has...oh" Victoria moaned, her legs instantly locking
around his waist as soon as she felt cock next to pussy. Kissing him softly,
she smiled. "I don't have any clean clothes, so I'm gonna have to keep those
ones off all night to keep them clean. Is that alright?"

"Of course." He grinned, pushing into her soft folds gently. Moaning as her
tightness enveloped him, Tim looked down at her. "God, Victoria, your tight."
He groaned. Pulling out, he moaned loudly as he did, before pushing back in,
adding her moans to his own.

Quickly working into a rhythm, Tim plunged into Victoria's waiting pussy, her
arms and legs wrapping tight around her lover as he gave her what she needed.
Sobbing out in passion, Victoria clung to him, kissing him passionately as he
thrust deep into her sopping pussy. Spurned on by her sobs, Tim pushed into
her harder, his hips slapping loudly against hers.

Keeping her body tight against Tim's, Victoria moaned loudly as he pushed
into her tender, neglected pussy. As he pushed into her again and again, she
knew that Candice had been right about everything. She wasn't to old for Tim,
he liked her, she liked him, and a pussy needs cock. As Tim's good sized
member pushed into her again and again, stretching open her underused pussy
lips, Victoria arched her back, unwittingly presenting her breasts to him,
something he acted on quickly and took the right nipple into his mouth,
batting it around with his tongue.

"Oh god, Tim, more! Don't stop!" Victoria groaned, curling her hands into
tight fists to keep from digging her fingernails into her lover's back as he
plunged into her again and again.

Giving her a lop sided nod from around her breast, Tim quickly switched to
the other one, dragging his tongue across her body as he moved to the left
breast, latching onto it and suckling it softly. Groaning loudly as he
lapped her other nipple to hardness, Victoria finally pushed aside her
final doubts, letting her fully relax and enjoy Tim's efforts to please her,
something he was proving very good at doing.

"Mmmmmm, Tim..." Victoria moaned. "Those other girls you banged must have
taught you good." Not looking at her, Tim continued his work, pushing into
her again and again, before she grinned at him. "You said you only did it
missionary?" She asked. When he nodded, she smiled, holding him tighter and
quickly swinging her hips, throwing him off balance and rolling over on top.
Sitting up, she leaned back, flipping her head back with a snap of the neck,
making sure her hair arced over her head in a dramatic fashion for full
effect. Putting her hands on his chest, she grinned as he drank in her fit,
firm body. "Is this ok, Mr. Booker Man?" She purred, rising up off of his
cock before dropping herself back down on him.

"It feels awesome." Tim moaned, his eyes glued to her chest as her full boobs
bounced with her efforts.

"You like it?" Victoria asked.

"I love it." He groaned. Looking up into her eyes, he smiled. "Your pussy
feels so much better than you mouth, and your mouth was heaven." Holding her
hips as she bounced, he growled. "God, your so tight, and wet, and hot."
Running his hands up her stomach, rubbing it gently as she slid up and down
his pole, he said, "God, your so firm. I don't think you have an ounce of
wasted fat on this sexy body."

"I work really hard at it." She moaned.

"Thank you." He said, quickly sitting up and latching onto her breasts again.
"Thank you so much for all your hard work. God, I love it..."

Smiling at him, she moaned, telling him, "I hope I'm in good enough shape to
keep up with you tonight." Grunting and whining as his cock filled her pussy
again and again, she added, "I bet that little booker mind of yours has all
kinds of nasty things running thru it that you want to do to me, doesn't it?"
When he nodded, she smiled. "Tell me. Tell me what dirty things your gonna do
to me tonight."

"I wanna bend you over my desk and fuck you hard and fast from the backside."
He said, smiling as she snarled. "God, I just wanna see that tight little ass
of yours jiggle every time I slam into it."

"More." Victoria implored him. "Tell me more."

"I want to fuck you on the floor." He said, leaning up and kissing her
softly, moaning as her pussy gripped his cock. "There's just something so
primal about it, like it's saying I can't wait to get you back to the bed,
I have to fuck you right now."

"I want that." Victoria whined. "That's how I feel right now. I don't want
you to leave this room unfulfilled."

Smiling, he leaned up, kissing her lips as they bobbed down time and again
along with the rest of her body. "Seeing you naked fulfilled me. This is just
the biggest bonus of all time."

Grabbing her, he dropped down, quickly rolling back over so he was on top
before thrusting into her, rubbing his cock roughly against her clit as she
screamed out loudly. Gripping his arms with her hands, she tried to keep him
down against her body, her screaming pussy knowing if he sat up and found her
g spot, she'd be fucked, literally and figuratively. But despite her best
efforts, he broke free, sitting back on his calves as he hammered into her,
his cock ripping past her g spot again and again. Screaming out loudly,
Victoria arched her back, her hands trying to find something about her head
to grab a hold of but coming up empty as he grunted. Looking up at him, she
whined loudly as she saw him smiling, his face a mask of pleasure as she
panted pitifully.

"God, fucking Tim, god, please don't stop!" Victoria cried, her long dormant
sex drive kicking into full gear as her young lover plunged into her again
and again, his cock splitting open her neglected pussy lips and driving her
closer and closer to her wanted pleasure with each thrust. "God...Fuck! I'm

Nodding, Tim hammered into her pussy, his grunts and rapidly disappearing
smile alerting her to the fact that he wasn't far behind her in the orgasm
department. Locking her legs around his waist, Victoria tried to lift her
hips up higher, making sure each plunge of his cock rubbed her g spot.
Grabbing her hips, he held her up, as if picking up on what she was trying
to do and slammed into her quicker, shortening his strokes to make his cock
rub constantly against her pleasure spot.

Sobbing and screaming loudly, Victoria shook free of his grip, making him
grab her again and hold her tighter as she came in his lap, her juices
dripping from her pussy as she was vaguely aware of his cries of pleasure,
honestly not caring about him so long as he kept pumping, something he
seemed likely to do. Grabbing the bed sheet beneath her, Victoria screamed
out as her legs gave out, her ass falling to the bed as Tim quickly leaned
over her, pushing into her pussy as she quickly wrapped her arms around his
broad shoulders, kissing him roughly as he slowly started to reduce the
speed and frequency of his pumps.

Moaning loudly, Tim gave her a final thrust, burying himself up to the hilt
in her pussy as he shot the last of his semen into the protective latex.
Using all the strength his tired body had, he slid off of her, not wanting
to crush his lighter lover under his weight. Rolling onto his back, he
smiled softly as Victoria quickly curled up against him, letting her panting
mouth rest on his shoulder.

"That...was...awesome." Victoria panted. Smiling, she added, ""


"Candice." Victoria finished with a smile. Seeing the smile on his face, she
kissed him softly. "Thank you to, Tim."

"My pleasure." He panted, holding her softly.

"So." Victoria said, smiling as she traced his chest muscles with her index
finger. "I know I'm a little older than what your probably used to, but where
do I rank on your all time fucked list? Near the middle?"

Looking suddenly shy, Tim smiled. "The best."

Making a dismissive noise, Victoria said, "Bullshit. Seriously, I won't be
mad. Where do I land?"

Looking at her, Tim bit his bottom lip softly. "Umm...Victoria..." He said,
trying to hold her gaze.

"It's alright." She said, smiling. "I know I'm not the worlds greatest

"Can I tell you a secret?" He asked softly. When she looked at him and
nodded, he said, "Promise never to let this leave this room?"

Looking at him, she said, "Of course. What is it?"

Smiling shyly, he leaned forward, kissing her softly. When they broke apart,
he smiled, still looking shy and nervous despite his best efforts. "Thank you
for being my first."

Looking at him, Victoria smiled, getting confused. "First what?" She asked.
"Milf? Cuz if that's why you did this, then sorry, but I'm not. No kids."

Shaking his head, he looked away, to nervous to hold the gaze she wanted from
him. "For being my first." He said softly.

Seeing his shyness, Victoria tried to piece together what he was talking
about, realizing whatever it was, was bugging him, and wasn't something she
wanted in the bedroom with them. His confidence had been a major factor in
what made what they just did so good, and she wanted that confidence back.
Looking at him, she was about to ask what he meant, before something in her
head clicked.

~The condom.~ She thought, trying to think what about the condom had peeked
her interest. Thinking about what he had said when he couldn't get it on, she
thought, ~Different brand? Don't they all roll the same...~ Looking up at
Tim, her eyes went wide as she pieced together the clues.

"Tim, are you a virgin?" She asked softly, afraid of the answer.

Shaking his head, he smiled. "No."

Sighing, Victoria smiled. "Thank god..."

"Well, not now, at least." He said.

Looking up at him again, Victoria freaked out. "What do you mean not now?"

Looking at her, he said, "Well, since we did it, not now."

"I thought you said you did it before!" Victoria yelled, her mind going into
overload as she fought to control her emotions.

Wanting to look away, Tim knew he couldn't, that he had tricked her, and now
it was time to pay the price. "I lied." He said softly. "I'm sorry." Seeing
her looking at him, he cowered slightly, hoping humor would work where the
truth had failed. "There are three things all guys are allowed to lie about.
How much money they make, how big their dick is, and how many women they've
slept with." Seeing her still glaring at him, he quietly said, "I lied. I'm

"Why did you lie to me?" Victoria asked.

Sighing, he told her softly, "Because I didn't want you leaving because you
thought I was to inexperienced." Looking away from her, he added softly, "It
was hard enough to fake not being scared..."

Rolling over onto her back, Victoria put her hands over her face, groaning.
"God, Tim, we shouldn't have done this."

Looking at her, he asked, "Why not?"

Looking at him, she told him, "Tim, I'm to old to be doing this."

Shaking his head, he told her, "God, Victoria, if you just didn't want to
have sex with a virgin, fine, I'll take the heat for that. I lied, and I
screwed up. But please, drop the old crap." When she gave him a confused
look, he said, "You are not old. Thirty five is not old."

"Yes, it is." She said softly. Looking away, she said, "When your partner is
twenty. And a virgin."

Smiling, he shook his head. "Victoria, in all the time we were doing it just
now, the farthest thing on my mind was how old you were. I don't look at you
and see someone who's old. I see someone who's beautiful, and sexy, and full
of life."

Shaking her head, Victoria sighed. "Tim, I shouldn't have been the person to
take your virginity. Your supposed to give that to someone you love. Someone
you care about."

Turning his body to face her, he smiled, taking her back into his arms.
"Victoria, I do care about you. You're my friend." He said, before thinking
of something. "...At least, you were before all of this..."

Sighing, she looked at him. "I am your friend, Tim."

Smiling, he said, "Then I don't see what's wrong. I knew what I was doing.
It's not like you seduced me, or forced me into this. I did what I did
because I wanted to." Leaning down, he kissed her softly. "You didn't take
my virginity. I gave it to you."

Smiling softly, she shook her head. Seeing his smile, and his complete ease
with something that was freaking her out was slowly starting to chip away at
her nervousness. "I still think you should have gotten someone your own age
to do it. Maybe one of those Diva Search girls."

Scoffing, Tim shook his head. Seeing her smile, he realized that her anger
had passed, and now she was merely making suggestions. Pulling her closer, he
smiled as she accepted his closeness. "A Diva Search girl?" He asked. When
she nodded, he said, "When I had the Head Bitch In Charge wanting to deflower

"I didn't want to deflower you!" Victoria laughed.

"You even asked when we started if I was a virgin." He noted. "You so wanted
to steal my virtue." Seeing her shake her head, he smiled. "As for my choice
in women, when you have Victoria, two time women's champion, raven haired
goddess of the WWE, wanting to be your first, no bleached blonde wanna be
Diva will do." Seeing her smile, he smiled, leaning over and kissing her
softly. "No regrets, ok?"

Nodding, she smiled. "Ok."

"I wanted to do this, I wanted to do it with you." He said. When she nodded,
he grinned, his hands moving slowly as he rubbed her body softly. Seeing her
start to giggle, his grin got wider. "And, quite frankly, I wouldn't mind
doing it again."

Giggling, Victoria shook her head. "God, how much sex are you gonna need

Moving so his body was pressing against hers, he smiled as she accepted his
newest movement by draping her arms around his shoulders. "Hey, you promised
me you, all night, whenever and how ever I wanted, didn't you?"

Sighing, smiling, Victoria nodded. "I guess I did, didn't I?"

Nervous energy surging thru his body, Tim grinned at her, leaning in and
kissing her softly again, noting that she was kissing him back more and more
with each kiss. Doing a quick mental check on the state of his hard on, he
said, "Well, my little Widow's Peek Freak, I'm ready for round two." Rubbing
her body again, his pride swelled as she squirmed under his touch. Deciding
to throw another joke out, he said, "That is, unless grandma needs a break."

Her eyes going wide, Victoria gawked at her young lover, laugher erupting
from her lungs. Quickly pouncing on him and forcing him to his back, she
grinned down at him. "I'm gonna show you just how much this grandma can go!"
She laughed, leaning down and kissing him. "Your gonna be begging me to stop
by the time I'm done!"

Shaking his head, he smiled. "Don't ever expect me to beg you to stop."

Leaning down, she kissed him softly, smiling around his lips. "Where's you're
condoms, you lying little bastard?"

Laughing, he pointed to his suitcase. "Top zipper."

Giving him a parting kiss, she hopped off of him, smiling as he reached out
and slapped her butt. Moving off the bed, she quickly scooted over to his
suitcase, dropping to her knees as she fiddled with the top zipper. Finally
getting it open, she was about to reach inside when a hand shot past hers,
diving in and grabbing a condom as another grabbed her hip, pulling her
quickly and flipping her onto her back as she shrieked.

"What the..." Victoria started, before Tim's lips quickly crashed down on
hers, his body laying over top of hers as he kissed her.

His arms above her head, Tim grinned as he ripped open the condom wrapper,
looking down into her confused eyes. "I can't wait." He said with a growl,
pulling up long enough to roll the condom over his cock, getting it right
the first time and lining it up with her pussy. As her legs locked around
his waist, he took it as a sign that she was ready and pushed into her
again, moaning along with her as she arched her back to meet his thrust.

Grabbing him with her legs, she rolled over so she was on top, quickly
accepting his lips in a kiss as he sat up, wrapping his arms around her firm
body. "If were doing this on the floor, I'm on top." Victoria said. "I'm not
getting rub burn."

"If I agree, do I get to have sex with you?" Tim asked with a smile. When she
nodded, he said, "Deal."

Grinning from ear to ear, Victoria threw herself up and down in his lap,
whining and moaning as she impaled herself on his cock. Feeling his hands
rubbing her back as he kissed and licked her chest, Victoria moaned loudly,
her arms holding him in place and making sure her young lover didn't get any
cute ideas and leave without making her come again.

"Oh, god, Victoria..." Tim moaned, kissing her neck as she rolled her head
back, giving him full access to her flesh. Leaning back slightly, he smiled
at Victoria, watching her bounce up and down with his lap. "Aren't you glad
I didn't tell you I was a virgin?"

"No." Victoria whined. "You should have told me...but I forgive you."

"I thought you might." Tim said, leaning forward and kissing her breasts
softly as he cupped them. "It's easier to beg forgiveness than to ask

"Then beg." Victoria growled, smiling down at her lover as she leapt up and
down in his lap. "Beg me for forgiveness."

Grabbing her hips, Tim held her off of his cock, stopping her bouncing dead.
Looking down at him with wide eyes, Victoria tried to squirm free from his
grasp, but found his grip to tight. Looking into his eyes, Victoria started
crying with frustration as she couldn't break free.

"Please, Tim, let me go!" Victoria whined, her hands pounding on his
shoulders like a child throwing a temper tantrum.

Looking up at her, he smiled. "Please, forgive me, Victoria." He said with a
grin. "I know I was wrong, but please forgive me..."

"You're forgiven!" Victoria cried out. "Now fuck me!" Smiling, Tim let her
drop, impaling her on his cock as she cried out in lust again. Glaring down
at him, she grinned. "You asshole!" She spat playfully. "You shouldn't be
fucking me!"

"You just told me to!"

"I'm old enough to be your mother!"

Moving his hips in tune with hers, he grinned as she kissed him roughly.
"Your not my mother." He said, smiling at her. Pushing up into her, he
laughed as she moaned. "Your to tight to have had kids!"

Snarling at him, she smiled. "You smooth talking bastard! You know you
shouldn't be doing this..."

Grabbing her hips again, Tim lifted her up and off of his cock, dropping her
unceremoniously on the floor. Quickly moving away from her, he stood up,
smiling at the pained look on her face. "If you don't wanna do this, I guess
I should find another room..." He said with a smile.

Lurching forward, Victoria quickly ripped the condom off of his cock,
grabbing it and throwing her face forward, impaling her mouth on his shaft.
Hearing him groan loudly, Victoria attacked, sucking quick and hard on his
shaft, hoping to lure him back between her legs.

Looking down at her, Tim moaned, smiling at her. "What are you doing?" He
asked. "I thought I shouldn't be doing this?"

Looking up at him, Victoria let his cock drop from between her lips. "You
shouldn't. It's wrong." She said, before whining softly. "Please keep

As she took his cock back into her mouth, Tim moaned happily, watching the
raven-haired vixen suck his cock like it was the best thing in the world.
"You took my condom." Tim noted with a groan as Victoria's tongue slithered
over his head. "I'm not sure I have many more."

"I'll go get more." Victoria whined. "I'll call Candice to go get more. I'll
do anything, just please, give me more."

Moaning loudly, Tim reached down, pulling Victoria reluctantly off of his
dick. Helping her to her feet, he picked her up in his arms, carrying her
over to the bed and sitting her down in the middle. Looking at her, with
her eyes wide and her breathing hitching in her throat, he smiled. Rubbing
her chin softly, he smiled at her. "Please, don't beg." He said softly.
Leaning down and kissing her, he couldn't help but feel proud as she
trembled slightly in his grasp. Looking at her, he asked, "Do you want
more?" When she quickly nodded, he kissed her again before moving off the
bed and towards his suitcase.

Grabbing another condom, her turned and smiled as he saw her legs spread
open, silently waiting for him to return. Seeing her legs squirming on the
bed, he picked up the pace, not wanting to leave his lover neglected for
any longer than she had to be. Ripping open the condom as he moved, he slid
it on quickly onto his spit slicked cock as he moved onto the bed, quickly
moving between her legs and lining up his cock with her needy pussy. Pushing
into her, he smiled as she moaned, her legs wrapping instantly around his
waist as he laid down over her, kissing her softly as he pulled out.

"Is this wrong?" Tim asked, pushing back into her as he kissed her breasts.

"So wrong." Victoria moaned. "On so many levels."

"Such as?"

Whining as he teased her hard nipple with his tongue, she cried out, not
caring if anyone in the rooms next to Tim's could hear her. "God, I'm older
than you..."

"Which doesn't matter..."

"You're a virgin..."

"Not any more..."

"And you're my boss!" Victoria screamed, Tim's cock plunging into her soft,
tight love hole as she held on for dear life, not willing to let him go

"And you're my employee." He said. "That makes me just as wrong as you in

"I know." Victoria moaned. "I wish I didn't ask you to do this..."


"Because it's wrong."

"But does it feel good?"

"Oh god, Tim, so good." Victoria cried out, her legs getting tighter around
his waist. "God, so good...I needed this for so long, please, don't stop!"

Moving up and kissing her gently, Tim nuzzled her face, her moaned driving
him wild. "Then it's not wrong." He said softly into her ear. "I'm an adult,
you're an adult. Nothing is wrong. Everything is right."

Unwilling and unable to come up with an argument as to why she shouldn't be
enjoying the fucking of her life at the hands and cock of her much younger
lover, Victoria moaned in agreement, relishing the feeling of his thick,
long, young prick pushing into her pussy over and over again, his hands
clumsy but trying as they massaged her breasts, rolling her nipples as his
tongue begged for hers as he kissed her again.

"Oh god, Tim, softer." Victoria moaned, deciding some guidance was in order.
Taking his hands in hers, she tried to show him what to do with her ample
rack. "Softer, honey, please..."

Moving his hands slower, Tim smiled as she responded in the positive, her
back arching to his touch and exposing her neck to his lips. Licking her
throat gently, he moaned along with her as her pussy gripped his cock,
trying to hold the intruder in as he pulled back out, her slickness
overcoming her grip.

"God, your so tight." Tim whispered into her ear, kissing her softly to
emphasize the point.

"That's why not having sex for years will do for ya." Victoria moaned, her
legs working into a perfect rhythm with Tim's thrusts, pulling him forward
as he plunged into her.

"Years?" Tim asked, licking her neck softly. "Why years?"

"No options." Victoria moaned.

"Bullshit." Tim said, moving up and kissing her. "If it was because of
options, it'd be more like no sex in a few minutes." Rubbing her body, he
pushed into her, her back arching slightly as he worked his hands over her.
"You are hot, Victoria. No matter what your twisted little mind may thing,
you are fucking hot. I see guys all day checking you out, undressing you
with their eyes." Kissing her again, he smiled as she moaned louder. "And
don't think for a second that I wasn't one of them. I've been dreaming about
fucking you for years. Getting to see you live and in the flesh only made me
want it more."

"Oh god, Tim!" She cried, her arms and legs going tighter around him as she
held on for dear life, his thrusts hitting home over and over again, rubbing
her most sensitive spots with the practiced ease of a well trained lover,
not a newly ex-virgin. His head moved back down, and Victoria arched to his
mouth, letting him capture her nipple between his lips again and attack it
with his tongue, suckling the hard nub as she screamed in pleasure. "Oh Tim,
fuck, don't stop!"

Looking up at her, he smiled as he rolled her nipple around in his mouth.
"Don't tell me your coming again?" When she whined and nodded, his smile
grew. "Aren't women supposed to be harder to make come?"

"I don't fucking know!" Victoria cried out, her back arching harder as Tim
found a new angle of attack, sliding his prick in and quickly finding her
g spot with help from her screams and moans. Moving his cock back and forth
across her g spot exclusively, Tim grinned as she sobbed harder, all of
his stroking now focused on the one spot where it could to the most good.
Looking up at him, Victoria wanted to shout at him to keep slamming his
whole prick in and out of her, but found the words unwilling to come out
as her love spot was stroked over and over again, her whole body on fire
from her lover's touch. Seeing the smile on his face, Victoria wanted to
grab him and kiss it off, but found her hands were better suited to
flailing around trying to grab things to keep her from bucking off the

Hearing her trying to stifle her screams, Tim grinned, moving quicker as
she bucked and writhed under his torturous assault. "You really are coming,
aren't you?" He asked matter-of-factly. When she whined and nodded, he
smiled, pushing in up to the hilt before pulling back, making her sob
pitifully as she squirmed on the bed. "Do you want to come?"

"Yes, please!"

Pushing into her again, he quickly withdrew, smiling down at her. "I don't
seem to be as close as you are, you know." He said, plunging into her and
pulling back out. "Are you gonna make me come?"

"I will, I promise!" Victoria cried out, her body dangling on the fine line
between sweet release and insanity. "Please, god, make me come!"

Smiling, he leaned back over her, picking up the pace and pumping into her
hard and fast, pulling his cock all the way out before slamming back into
her, making Victoria scream and moan with each thrust. "Come for me,
Victoria." Tim whispered into her ear.

Shaking and screaming loudly, Victoria gave up, her body unable to hold off
it's feelings any longer and forcing her to come noisily around his thrusting
cock. Squeezing him tighter, Victoria barked out loud, biting cries of
passion as Tim leaned back up, looking down into her eyes with a soft smile.
Half of her brain shouted at her to wipe the smile off of his face, and the
other half urged her to give him a reason to keep it on. As she bucked and
writhed at the end of his cock, the second half won out, with her body
letting go and screaming and crying out as she coated his hammering prick in
her sweet love juices.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck..." Victoria cried out, getting softer and softer as her
pleasure slowly subsided, Tim's pumping cock slowing down as her arms and
legs went limp around his body. Feeling him give her a final pump before
pulling out, she looked up at him, smiling softly. Pulling him down for a
kiss, she smiled around his lips, kissing him softly. As he broke apart,
she giggled softly, her body still tingling from her orgasm. "Thank you
Tim." She said softly, giggling again.

Pulling back and flopping down on the bed beside her, he smiled. "Your very

Looking down at his prick, she smiled. "No come for you?" When he shook his
head, she grinned. "Get on your back. It's time I finish what I started."

Doing as she asked, he prepared himself for her mounting him again, but
groaned in surprise as she moved down, ripping his condom off and tossing it
in the trash before taking his dick into her mouth. Groaning softly, Tim let
himself lay back fully, grabbing a few pillows and propping his head up so he
could watch Victoria work her soft, sexy lips up and down his shaft. Feeling
her hand grip the bottom of his shaft, he moaned as her tongue whipped over
the top. "Oh, fuck, Victoria..."

Slurping loudly on his cock, Victoria quickly scooted around, moving so
she could look up at him while she sucked, smiling as she found him
already watching her intently. Sucking hard on his cockhead, she smiled
as he groaned, his cock leaking pre-come in abundance as she was sure he
was getting close to losing it. Smiling up at him, Victoria flicked her
tongue over his cockhead, smiling as he jumped slightly. Seeing his eyes
wide and his breathing ragged, she sucked happily, knowing her was about
to come.

"Oh god, oh fuck..." Tim moaned, grabbing at the bed sheets as Victoria's
mouth slid smoothly up and down his cock, her lips curled into a smile as
she worked. Smiling down at her, he asked, "God, you like doing that, don't

Letting his cock slide out with a lick, she kept pumping his shaft, keeping
it warm. "It's been a while since I did it." Victoria admitted. Smiling, she
licked his cock, smiling as he twitched. "I hope I'm still pretty good?"

"Best I ever had." Tim said with a groan.

"Ha, ha." Victoria said, her fist stroking up and down his shaft. Kissing the
head, she smiled. "Your gonna come, aren't you?" When he nodded, she giggled,
pulling the skin back and licking the exposed head, making him groan. "Then
come, Tim. Don't hold back."

Grunting and groaning, Tim squirmed around on the bed as Victoria continued
to pump and lick his cock, swiping her tongue over his head with long, slow,
torturous licks, making him buck as he tried to hold off. Feeling his cock
start to twitch and pulse, Victoria pumped harder, pulling her head back and
smiling as his cock erupted, shooting a rope of come into the air and landing
on his stomach as he groaned. Giggling his shaking, moaning state, Victoria
watched in fascination as his cock spat a few globs of semen onto his

"Oh fuck..." Tim moaned, Victoria's hands continuing to glide up and down his
shaft as she forced the last few drops of pleasure out of his cock. Feeling
her pumps slow to a stop, Tim dropped his head back, groaning loudly as
Victoria continued to giggle. Looking up at her, he smiled. "What's so

"It's like a volcano!" Victoria laughed, stroking his cock again, making him
moan. "God, you come like a porn star."

"No, they usually come on the girls face." He said with a smile. "You

"I didn't dodge!" Victoria said defensively. "I never had any intentions of
catching it!"

Looking down at him stomach, he shook his head. "I need to clean up." Leaning
back down, he smiled. "But I don't wanna move."

Giggling, Victoria smiled. "I gotta clean up, so I'll grab you something."
Scooting off the bed, Victoria moved into the bathroom, quickly washing the
residue of Tim's lust from her hand before grabbing a face cloth, soaking
it with warm water. Grabbing a towel and moving back into the bedroom, she
smiled as she found Tim just as she left him, still panting softly. Grabbing
the face cloth with her teeth, she reached down, moving to grab her panties
before Tim stopped her.

"What are you doing?" He asked, smiling at her.

Looking up at her, she said, "Putting on my underwear..."

"No." He said, smiling. When she looked at him, he said, "You promised me
you, all night, however I want you." He said. Seeing her eyes go wide, he
shook his head. "Not right now. But, no clothes. Not even panties. I don't
want one stitch of clothing covering up that sexy body of yours." As she
giggled at his complement, he waved her over. "Can I please have that
washcloth? I'm getting sticky here."

Moving over onto the bed, Victoria waved off his hand as she took the
washcloth and wrapped it around his cock, smiling as she stroked him with it.
"Let Vicky clean you up." Stroking him softly, Victoria made sure to make it
as slow and seductive as possible, making sure to clean his cock thoroughly
before cleaning up the come on his stomach. Tossing the washcloth towards the
bathroom, she quickly dried him off before tossing the towel away as well.
Laying down next to him, she smiled as he quickly wrapped his arms around
her, pulling her closer and letting her snuggle up against her.

Running his fingers thru Victoria's dark hair, Tim smiled. "I love your hair.
Something about the red tint in it makes me want to do things to you."

Looking up at him, Victoria smiled. ~Pillow talk?~ Moving up and kissing him
softly, she grinned at him. "You're a twenty year old sexually repressed stud
muffin who just got his cherry broke by a thirty five year old under sexed
WWE Diva. Of course my hair makes you want to do things. The floor makes you
want to do things."

Running his hand down her back, he smiled as she squirmed against him. "Well,
this floor was very kind to me..."

Hitting him on the chest softly, she smiled. "Stop it."

Kissing her, he grinned. "It was kind to you to."

Nodding, she said, "It was. But the bed needs to be kind to me now."


Looking at him, she smiled. "Hey, at least I broke my cherry before I was

Nodding, he admitted, "Yea, ok, but I'm betting your first time wasn't as
awesome as mine just was."

Smiling, Victoria questioned, "Awesome?"

Kissing her softly, he nodded. "You, Victoria, are awesome."

"Thank you." Victoria said softly, moving up and giving him a thank you kiss.
"But your right. Grandma needs a nap."

Leaning back, Tim held her close, letting her body mold to his. "Don't think
you're sleeping to long. You promised me a whole night."

Seeing the smile on his face, Victoria curled up against him. "Don't worry.
I wouldn't want to sleep that away."

* * *

* Knock, knock, knock! *

* Knock, knock, knock! *

* Knock, knock, knock! *

"Oh my fucking god Victoria, what did you order?"

"Me? I'm asleep...or I was..."

Looking down at the beauty in his arms, Tim asked, "Then who the fuck is

* Knock, knock, knock! *

"Tim! Tim!"

Looking at each other, Victoria and Tim both whispered, "Mickie!" before
bolting out of bed. Grabbing his jeans, Tim quickly pulled them on, not
bothering with his underwear as he made sure his dick wouldn't get caught
in the zipper as he pulled it shut. Seeing Victoria running around the
room, he stared at her nakedness.

* Knock, knock, knock! *

"Tim, are you there?"

"What are we gonna do?" Tim hissed.

Looking at him, Victoria's eyes shot around the room, trying to find an out.
Seeing the closet, Victoria quickly ran to it, quietly pulling the door shut
and holding the knob from the other side as Tim moved over to the door.
Opening it, Tim rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he looked down at Mickie,
her blood red, tear filled eyes breaking his heart instantly.

"Oh my god, Mickie." Tim said quickly, moving out into the hall and taking
her into his arms. As she clutched onto him, he held her tight, leaning over
slightly and giving her clothes a quick check, checking for rips and tears
as he feared for the worst as to why she was crying. "Mickie, come in here."
He said softly, moving backwards into the bedroom, the brunette Diva clinging
to his body as she continued to sob. Seeing the closet, Tim made sure to keep
Mickie as far away from it as Victoria hid.

Moving her towards the bed, he quickly spotted Victoria's bra, mocking him
from the floor. Giving it a subtle kick, he moved it under the bed as he sat
down with Mickie. Pulling back slightly, he looked down at her. "Mickie,
what's wrong? Did someone hurt you?"

"Kenny..." Mickie said, before crying again. "He's cheating on me..."

Looking down at her, Tim was at a loss for words for a moment, before asking,
"Cheating, or cheated?"

"Cheating!" Mickie sobbed. "He's up in our room fucking some whore right now!
I walked in on them and he just smiled and laughed at me!"

Fighting down the sudden urge to storm up to her room and kick the pom-poms
out of Kenny, Tim held Mickie as she cried.

"I'm sorry for bothering you Tim..."

"Mickie, it's no bother." He said quickly, pushing that thought out of her
head. "I told you I'm always here for you guys."

"I know, but I'm sorry." She whined. "I tried to go to someone else, because
I didn't want to bother you, but Candice isn't answering her door and there's
some guy in Victoria's asking about Candice." Looking up at him, she cried,
"God, I feel so stupid..."

"Mickie, there's nothing you could have done..."

"He did this before." Mickie cried softly. "He cheated on his last
girlfriend, and the one before her, but he promised me that he didn't love
them, and that he loved me, and that he wouldn't do it to me..."

"Still not your fault." Tim assured her. Making her look at him, he smiled
softly, trying to brighten her mood, if only a little bit. "You can't be held
accountable for the kind of slime that he is." Rubbing her chin softly, he
smiled a bit more as she smiled a bit. "Just because he's an asshole, doesn't
mean you should have to suffer. The only thing you did wrong was believing
his lies, and there was no way you could have known he'd do something like

Smiling softly, Mickie looked up at Tim. "Thank you, Tim." She said softly,
sniffling slightly. Her clutch turning into more of a hug, she smiled up at
him. "Your always so nice to us." She said, her smile getting wider.

Looking down at her, Tim tried to piece together what had changed her mood
so quickly, knowing that she should still be crying.

"I'm glad that Vince hired you." She said, still smiling.

Looking into her eyes, Tim noticed something. A glint, or a look, that didn't
sit well with him. As he tried to move away from her, create a small amount
of distance, Mickie held him tightly, her smile that he could now clearly see
was forced ever present as she moved quickly, pressing her lips against

Jolting against the contact, Tim tired to pull back, but found Mickie's soft
hands holding him to her soft lips, and quickly found he didn't want to
leave. Kissing her back softly, Tim's grip changed from a hug to a hold as
she pressed on, kissing him softly. Feeling her hands rubbing his chest
softly, Tim moaned into the kiss, his eyes closed as she offered him her
tongue, something he gladly accepted. As he traded spit with the women's
champion, Tim rubbed her sides softly, pulling her closer. Pulling back
slightly, he smiled as he opened his eyes, and saw her tear streaked eyes
looking back at him, wild and frightened. Suddenly realizing what he had
done, Tim blocked her attempt to try and kiss him again.

"Mickie, please, stop." He said softly. "I shouldn't have done that..."

"Done what?" Mickie asked, her forced smile still on her face but fading
fast. "I kissed you..."

"And I shouldn't have let you." He said. Seeing new tears forming in her
eyes, Tim pulled her back closer to him, stopping her attempt to kiss him
as he held her softly in his arms. "Mickie, you don't want to do this."

"Yes I do." She said softly, sniffling as she tried to hold back a fresh
batch of tears. Looking up at him, she couldn't hold back the tears as she
told him, "I know I'm not your favorite Diva, but I don't think I'm that
ugly either..."

"Oh god, Mickie, your not ugly." He said softly, letting his forehead rest
against hers, hoping that her crying would keep her from trying to kiss him

"Then why would Kenny cheat on me?" She cried, her eyes watering as her
lips quivered. "Why would he need someone else if I'm not ugly? I gave him
everything he wanted..."

"Because Kenny's an asshole." Tim said. "Because he doesn't know what he's
losing in you." Taking her chin back in his hand, he smiled as he rubbed
her cheek softly. "Mickie, you are so beautiful. Anyone you choose to give
yourself to would be so lucky to have you as a girlfriend." Looking at her,
he smiled. "But I'm not going to take advantage of you. I know your hurting,
and you want to get back at Kenny, but this isn't the way. Dump him. Let
him see what life is like without you loving him." Leaning forward, he
kissed her nose gently, smiling as she smiled softly. "You're a beautiful
person, Mickie. Inside and out. Any guy who doesn't see that is crazy."

Looking at him, she bit her bottom lip softly. "Don't you want to do me?"

"More than you could ever know." He said with a grin. Poking her softly in
the stomach, he smiled as she giggled softly. "Your one sexy girl, Mickie."
Looking at her, he smiled. "But not like this. This is wrong. And if I did
this to you, with the way your feeling right now, I'd be no better than

Pushing his hand away, Mickie leaned in, hugging him tightly against her
body. "Your so much better than Kenny. You care about me."

"That I do." He said, hugging her softly. Looking at her, he smiled. "I need
my women's champ. And you're the only one I got."

"I'm sure you could find someone better..."

Shaking his head, he told her, "You're a great champ, and hopefully I'll get
the chance to showcase that." Smiling, he added, "That is, of course, you
still want me to be your booker, after shooting you down."

Nodding, Mickie smiled back, whipping her eyes dry. "I do." She said.

"Even if I shouldn't have kissed you?" He asked.

"You didn't kiss me." She said. "I kissed you. And you were just doing what
came naturally."

"Of course." He said, smiling. "It's only natural, when a beautiful woman
kisses you, to kiss back...even if she is dripping snot."

Sniffing her nose, Mickie chuckled softly as Tim held her. Enjoying his
strong arms for a few minutes more, Mickie looked up at him, smiling. "I
should probably buzz off, shouldn't I?"

Shaking his head, he told her, "I'm not sure you should be alone tonight."
Suddenly remembering Victoria locked in his closet, he thought quickly. "Do
you want me to call someone to come pick you up?" Seeing her smile, he added,
"And not pick you up like you were trying to pick me up. A female someone?"

Biting her lip again, Mickie shook her head. "I don't know..."

Hugging her softly, he smiled. "Don't worry about it. I'm sure one of the
girls would be glad to keep you company." Smiling, he added, "Just kiss them
like you kissed me, and you'll be set."

Swatting him playfully, Mickie grinned. "I'm not gay."

Pouting softly, he said, "Sure, crush a poor guys dreams."

Swatting him again, Mickie giggled. "Sorry, but it was just an angle."

Nodding, he stood up, moving over to his phone and punching in some numbers.
Waiting for the person to pick up, he smiled at the response he got.

"God, Trish, would you kiss your mother with that mouth?" He asked, smiling
as Mickie giggled. "Listen, Trish, I'm sorry to bug you, but are we staying
in the same hotel? Ok, well, it's just, Mickie's down here, and she's having
a really shitty night, and I'm trying to find a place for her to,
like, bad, need to talk to a girlfriend kind of night...alright, room 243...
yup, I'll be waiting."

Hanging up the phone, Tim went over to Mickie, helping her to her feet.
"Trish is just down the hall, so lets get you cleaned up a little before she
gets here, ok?"

Nodding, Mickie let him lead her into the bathroom, smiling at him as he
moved to the sink with her. Looking up at him, she smiled. "Thank you, Tim."
She said softly. "For everything. Including what you didn't do."

"My pleasure." He said with a smile. Grabbing a washcloth and getting it wet,
he handed it to her. "Now clean up. You look like shit."

"Jeez, thanks." Mickie said sarcastically. Taking the washcloth, she turned
to the mirror, quickly cleaning up her running makeup and her tear streaked
eyes. Looking back at Tim, she smiled. "Better?"

"Much." He said. Leading her into the bedroom, he stopped, turning towards
the door when he heard a knock.

Moving out into the hallway, he smiled at Mickie. "Trish, I hope." He said.
"Unless someone else is crying at my door." When Mickie giggled, Tim opened
the door, smiling at Trish. "I'm really sorry, Trish." He said.

Waving her hand, she smiled. "It's ok. I was asleep anyways." Looking into
the bedroom, she smiled at Mickie. "How ya doing?"

"Shitty." Mickie said softly. "Kenny's cheating on me. As in right now."

"Fucker." Trish spat. "Wanna go steal his clothes and dump cleaning supplies
over them?"

Smiling, Mickie shook her head. Looking at Tim, she smiled. "I'm taking the
high road. He's dumped, and I'm moving on."

"Where's the fun in that?" Trish asked with a smile.

Smiling, Mickie stood up from the bed, moving over to Tim. "Thank you,
again." She said, hugging him softly and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"No problem." He said.

Moving over to Mickie, Trish slung an arm around her friends shoulder. "How
about we go back to my room, order up a pile of junk food, and watch trashy
movies and talk about what an ass clown Kenny is?"

Smiling at her, Mickie nodded. "Sounds like a plan."

Looking down at the floor, Trish led Mickie towards the door. Spotting
something, she smiled, hooking it with her foot and slung it back to Tim,
who caught Victoria's panties with a blush. Looking at Tim, Trish grinned.
"Yours?" She mouthed.

Shaking his head, he quickly stuck them behind his back when Mickie turned
and waved. "See you on Saturday, Tim." Mickie said, smiling.

"Later." Tim said, switching the panties from hand to hand and waving back.
As Mickie turned back, Trish continued to smirk at him as she led Mickie out
the door, letting it close behind them. Quickly running over to the door, he
locked it before bolting back to the closet. Opening the door, he looked
down, finding Victoria sitting in the corner of the closet, her knees pulled
up into her chest as she smiled up at him.

Reaching out his hands, he quickly helped her to her feet, letting her
stretch out her legs as he held her close. "God, Victoria, I'm so sorry about
that." He said quickly. "I couldn't just throw her out, she was a wreck..."

Leaning in, Victoria kissed him softly, smiling as she silenced him. "It's
ok, Tim." She said, pulling back. Letting him lead her over to the bed and
sitting down on the edge, she smiled. "That was a very nice and noble thing
you just did for Mickie."

"Nice and noble?" He asked. When she nodded, he asked, "What are you talking

"Well, didn't she offer to have sex with you? Or did I misunderstand what you
two were talking about?" She asked. When he blushed and nodded, she smiled.
"And you didn't take advantage of her."

Shrugging, he said, "She was crying, and she was in no shape mentally to be
offering that."

"True. But she would have done it." Victoria noted. "And how many guys do you
think would have turned down sex with Mickie?"

"Not many." He admitted. "But, I don't think she really meant it. And, if she
did, and she still feels the same way when she's in her right mind, I'll have
to think about it." Moving closer to Victoria, he smiled as he suddenly
remembered that he had a naked Diva sitting next to him. Rubbing her sides
softly, he smiled as she giggled. "But, for tonight, I have all the woman I
need right here."

Squirming away from Tim, Victoria giggled as he followed her deeper onto the
bed. "I just woke up!" Victoria giggled.

"Didn't we have a deal?" Tim asked, moving on his hands and knees as he
followed her onto the bed.

Whining softly, Victoria spread her legs instinctively as Tim slid onto his
stomach between them, kissing her thighs softly. "God, Tim, I'm running on
like six hours sleep over the last two days!"

"Then tell me to stop." Tim said, smiling. Peppering her firm thighs with wet
kisses, he smiled as she moaned. Looking up at her, he smiled. "If you want
me to stop, say so. I won't force you to do anything."

Looking down at him, she whined softly. She desperately needed sleep, but,
seeing his big, blue eyes staring up at her, Victoria whined. "Will you lick
my pussy?" Seeing him smile, she told him softly, "I've never done that.

Looking up at her, he smiled. "You've never had your pussy licked?" When she
shook her head, he shook his, smiling at her. "You poor, poor girl. Missing
out on one of life's greatest pleasures."

"How would you know?" She asked. "You've never done it either."

Ignoring her question, he flicked his tongue over her thigh, smiling. "So,
if I lick your pussy, we can do it again?"

Reaching down and stroking his chin, she smiled as he flicked his tongue out,
making her purr. "Well, lets see what kind of job you do."

Smiling, Tim leaned forward, flicking his tongue tentatively across her
pussy, smiling as his hand stroked the sparse patch of hair above it. "Forget
to cut this?" He asked, smiling at her as she whined.

"I wanted it that way." She purred, rolling her hips towards his tongue,
smiling as he made contact. "Keep going, Tim. Get a little deeper."

Leaning forward, Tim kissed her pussy softly, running his lips along hers and
teasing her folds. Looking up at her, he smiled sheepishly. "So, you're a
virgin here too?" When she smiled and nodded, he asked, "You help me, I help

Nodding, Victoria reached down between her legs, putting her pussy lips apart
softly. Pointing at the piece of flesh that became exposed, she said, "That
would be the clit. Play with that, softly, and that's a good start."

Quickly nodding, Tim took over for Victoria, holding her folds apart and
licking her flesh softly, making her moan as his rough tongue ran over her
tender clit. Hearing moaning, Tim pressed forward, putting more of his
attention on her clit, holding her pussy lips out of the way as he lapped
at her sensitive love button.

"Suck it." Victoria moaned, taking his head in her hands and pulling him

Doing as she asked, Tim moved forward, pulling her skin out of the way and
wrapping his lips around her clit. Suckling softly, Tim had to hold Victoria
as she bucked off the bed, her hips pushing towards his face as he sucked on
her most sensitive spot. Running her fingers thru his hair, Victoria groaned
as his tongue whipped into the mix, batting her nub softly. Suckling softly,
Tim swirled his tongue around Victoria's clit, drinking in her moaning as she
writhed on the bed.

"Tim..." Victoria moaned, trying to get his attention. Seeing his eyes shift
up to hers, but his lips never leaving her clit, she smiled. "Don't be afraid
to put a finger in there. It's had bigger in there tonight."

Smiling, Tim ran a finger along her slit, gathering up some of her abundant
wetness before sliding his finger into her softly. Hearing her moan, he
pressed on, sliding his finger in and out of her pussy as he licked and
sucked. As Victoria rolled her hips slowly, Tim grinned as she kept
presenting herself to him, spreading her legs wider, her previous fears of
there respective ages, his job, and his newly lost virginity seemingly
pushed away and replaced with the burning need to have him lick, suck and
finger her pussy. Lapping up her juices, Tim smiled as Victoria cried out
at his withdrawal from her clit in favor of lapping at her folds.

"Tim, please, suck my clit!" Victoria cried out. Seeing him smiling at her,
she sobbed pitifully. "Please!"

"What do I get out of it?" He asked with a smile. Seeing her eyes lock with
his, he asked, "I'm down here, doing what you ask, so do I get anything out
of it?"

"You get to eat me." Victoria whined hopefully. "Isn't that enough?"

Shaking his head, Tim smiled, swatting at her clit again. "I know I'm not the
greatest at this, but what are you offering?"

Quickly wracking her brain, Victoria moaned, wanting his lips to return full
time to her clit. "I'll blow you!" She offered.

"I don't know." He said, smiling wider. "I don't want to have to clean up
again, dodger."

"What does it matter?" Victoria asked. "After you come, what does it matter
where it goes?"

"It's a pride thing." He said, kissing her folds softly. "So, any other
offer, or am I going back to sleep?"

Crying out, Victoria said, "I'm not swallowing. I don't swallow."

"And I don't want to see you spit." He said, smiling at her. "What else?"

Realizing she wasn't getting any satisfaction until he got his, Victoria
said, "God, I don't can shoot it on my butt? I'll blow you, then
pull out, and you can jerk off on my ass."

"Facial." Tim said, knowing full well she'd never go for it, but trying

"No facials." Victoria said firmly, hoping it sounded convincing enough to
make him give up before he broke her. Acting quickly, she said, "On the tits,
final offer."

Smiling at her, he said, "You jerk me off?"

"Deal." Victoria moaned, whining as Tim moved away and got into position for
her to crawl over him. As he laid on his back, Victoria quickly scrambled
over to lay over top of him. "You hateful little virgin." Victoria teased
playfully, moaning as his lips reattached themselves to her pussy. Making
short work of his jeans, she smiled as his cock popped out. "How did you go
from just losing your virginity to demanding money shots?"

"Because your needy." Tim said in between laps. "If you didn't beg for it so
much, I would have just eaten you out."

"Prick." Victoria scolded him, grabbing his cock and stroking it. "Your lucky
you're such a good lay...and so nice...this is for Mickie." Victoria said,
smiling as she rolled her hips, moving her pussy across his tongue. "That's
why I'm doing this, because you were so nice to Mickie earlier."

"Should I tell her that?" Tim asked with a grin.

"Tell her later." Victoria said, smiling. "Your mouth is busy right now."

"I could make it not busy and go tell her." Tim offered, lapping at her pussy
lips. "See if she's more receptive to money shots than you..."

Gripping his cock, Victoria pumped his length of shaft, bending over and
taking him into her mouth, sucking roughly. After getting him wet, she slid
him out, gliding her hand up and down his shaft. "If you leave, I won't let
you back in." Victoria said, moaning softly as he lapped.

"I won't leave." Tim promised. "I've dreamed of doing this for years, and I'd
never walk out on you." Lapping softly at her pussy, Tim quickly recaptured
her clit between his lips, sucking on it softly.

Groaning loudly, Victoria slid his cock between her lips, bobbing her head
softly on his cock as her tongue slid around his prick. Feeling his moan
vibrate thru her pussy, Victoria moaned, pushing her long hair out of her
face as she continued to bob, sucking his cock as he sucked her pussy.
Squirming around on the bed, Victoria cried out as Tim pushed a finger into
her pussy, quickly curling it up and tapping it against her g spot. Sobbing
loudly, Victoria couldn't help but let his cock fall from her mouth, her
hips rolling and pushing her pussy against his face as he worked her over.

"Oh god, Tim!" Victoria cried out, her hand gripping his cock and jerking
him off with sloppy, crude strokes, praying it was enough to keep him happy
and licking. Feeling his tongue dance over her clit, She cried out again,
her back arching as she pushed her pussy against him more, craving more and
smothering him in her essence.

Breathing in thru his nose, Tim lapped and licked at her pussy with sloppy
tongue kisses. Feeling her pussy moving, Tim craned his neck to keep up with
her thrusts, his tongue losing track of her clit as he contented himself with
lapping at her pussy blindly as his finger stroked her g spot. Hearing her
scream and moan, Tim kept up the pressure, not letting Victoria have a
moment's rest, knowing she wouldn't want it. As she slid her pussy over his
mouth, Tim knew she wanted pleasure, and nothing but a total, complete
face-soaking climax would suffice.

"Oh fuck! Fuck!" Victoria cried out, giving up on Tim's cock and sitting up
fully, leaning back on her calves as Tim upped the effort, his finger quickly
joined by another as they both rubbed her sexual nerve center. Feeling his
other hand leave her hip, Victoria quickly pushed the thought to the back of
her mind until she felt it creeping around her ass. Before she could react,
Tim plunged his index finger on his free hand into her ass. Arching up away
from him, Victoria cried out as he worked both hands in tandem, pulling one
hand out of her hole while the other plunged in, his tongue whipping around
and occasionally finding her love button. "Tim, fuck me! God, please, don't
stop! I'm coming!"

Vaguely hearing her cries around her thighs, Tim picked up the speed. Working
out a sloppy rhythm, he pumped both of her bottom holes with his fingers,
adding his middle finger to go along with the index finger pumping into her
ass as she cried out. Feeling her legs tighten up around his head, he sucked
in deep, greedy breaths thru his nose, his mouth unwilling to pry itself away
from quivering pussy long enough to draw breath thru it.

Rubbing her hands up her body, Victoria sobbed and screamed as she tweaked
her own nipples, using whatever was at her disposal to draw out her climax
for as long as she could, Tim's pumping hands and slapping tongue making her
feel alive as she coated his face with her sticky love nectar. Crying out
softly, Victoria rolled her hips slowly, rubbing her pussy across Tim's chin
one last time before falling off to the side and landing on the bed with a
thud. Seeing Tim sit up, she whimpered softly as he pushed his head back
between her legs, lapping at her pussy, cleaning up the mess they had made.
Stroking his head softly, Victoria purred as her young, eager lover pleased
her like no other had done before.

"Oh my god, oh my god..." Victoria moaned, Tim's tongue diving in and out
of her pussy, licking and stroking her hypersensitive pussy. Realizing he
wasn't about to stop anytime soon without some urging, Victoria pulled him
reluctantly away from her pussy, something that was the exact opposite of
what she wanted to do. Pulling him softly up, Victoria smiled softly as he
moved up her body quickly and pulled her into his arms, letting her calm
down from her high.

Looking down at his shaking lover, Tim smiled. "I did ok?"

Looking up at him, Victoria had to smile at his modesty. "You earned your
money shot." Seeing him smile sheepishly, she giggled. "So, what prompted
you to put your fingers up my ass?"

Blushing, he shrugged. "I dunno. Just seemed like a good thing to do at the
time. I guess I should have asked, shouldn't I?"

Shaking her head, Victoria kissed him softly, moaning as she tasted her own
lust on his lips. "A finger or two is alright. Just don't get any funny ideas
about stuffing that big dick of yours up there."

"I won't." Tim promised.

Snuggling up against him, Victoria smiled as she kissed his chest. Looking
down, she giggled as she saw his dick sticking out of his pants, still as
hard as she had left it. "I supposed you'll want to do something with that
hard on pretty soon, huh?" She asked with a grin.

"The thought had crossed my mind." Tim admitted.

"Wanna blowjob?"

"Nah." Tim answered, rubbing her body softly, smiling as she shivered. "I
was thinking along the lines of getting you up and bent over that table and
taking you from behind."

"You think about a lot of things, don't you?"

"I try."

Curling up against him, she smiled. "In a bit. I'm tired."

Looking at her, he grinned. "You know, for someone who pledged their body to
me for the whole night, you sure need a lot of breaks."

"I'm still getting used to this whole "Sex that has climax" thing." Victoria
said, kissing his chest. "That last one you hit me with turned my legs to
Jell-o, so I don't think I could hold myself up."

"The table will hold you up." Tim said, smiling. "All you have to do is bend
over and hold on."

"So romantic." Victoria teased. "I can't understand why someone didn't steal
your virtue long before now."

"Hey, I can be romantic." Tim argued. "It's just, you promised, is all."

"Can't we do something on the bed?" Victoria asked. Whining softly, she
added, "The table is way over there..."

Smiling, Tim poked her in the tummy. "Do you think you could scrape up enough
energy to let me do it doggy style?"

Giving him a peck on the lips, Victoria rolled away from him, grabbing the
pillows off the bed and piling them up on top of themselves. Laying on top of
them, she positioned herself so her tummy was laying on the pillows, pushing
her butt into the air. "Good?"

Smiling, Tim nodded, quickly scooting off the bed and grabbing another condom
from his suitcase. Taking out the box, he looked into it, before shaking it
upside down. "Last one." He said, smiling as he moved back onto the bed,
ripping open the last condom and rolling it down his cock.

"Make it count." Victoria said with a grin and a wiggle of her ass. "After
this, it's all oral."

"Like that's a downgrade." Tim said, moving behind her and lining his cock up
with her eager pussy. "Your mouth is just as welcome on my cock as your tight

"Same to you." Victoria said, moaning as he pushed into her. "Except replace
your cock with my pussy."

"I hope so." Tim said, grinning as he leaned over Victoria. "I'm on that

Feeling Tim's weight on her ass, Victoria stretched out her arms, moaning as
he pulled out of her sensitive pussy. "Oh fuck..."

Looking down at her, Tim brushed her hair from around her face. "Are you

"Just a little tender." Victoria moaned. "I did just come, after all."

"Do you want me to stop?"


"Do you want me to go slow?"




Leaning down, Tim kissed her softly on the cheek. "I'll go slow."

"Thank you." Victoria moaned, gripping the sheets as Tim pushed into her.

Moving slowly, Tim pulled back out of Victoria's tight pussy, moaning softly
at the tight embrace she was giving his member. Pushing back into her, he
smiled as she moaned softly, his care in handling her tenderly paying off.
Leaning down over his lover, Tim kissed the back of her neck, quickly
switching to her face as he head spun around as best it could. Thrusting
into her wet love hole, Tim grunted softly as his hips slapped against
Victoria's soft ass. Smiling, he sat back up, reaching down and taking her
butt into his hands. Rubbing her cushy cheeks softly, he slapped her ass

"Was I naughty, Tim?" Victoria whimpered, her butt wiggling slightly as he
continued to push into her. "Is that why you're spanking me?"

"Nah." He said, giving her another light slap. "I just figured you'd like it.
You do have a nice ass."

"Do I?"

"Very." Tim assured her. Slapping her softly, he smiled as she pushed her
ass up further, presenting herself to him fully. "Very, very, very." He said,
giving her a soft slap to punctuate each word.

Squealing softly, Victoria grabbed at the bed sheets, holding on to a fistful
of bed as Tim plunged into her wet pussy, his cock thrusting in at just the
right angle to drive her nuts. Sobbing loudly, Victoria pleaded with Tim to
pick up the pace, begging and pleading and letting him know she could handle
it. Feeling him slow to a stop, Victoria cried out in frustration before
screaming in despair as Tim pulled out fully.

"Back in, back in..." Victoria pleaded, wiggling her ass in the air, inviting
Tim back inside. Not feeling him thrust back in immediately, she resorted to
shameless begging. "Please, Tim, don't stop! God, more, please..."


"Did you come?" Victoria asked, looking over her shoulder at Tim, who was
sitting back on his calves.

"Nope." He said, reaching down and pulling the condom off his cock. "Broke."


Pushing his finger up through the hole in the condom, Tim smiled. "Broke."

"No..." Victoria whined. Realizing that she couldn't just let him push into
her bareback, Victoria's mind scrambled to find a resolution to her dilemma.
Thinking quickly, she scrambled off the bed, making a b-line for her purse.
Ripping it open, she searched franticly for something, hoping her luck was
good. Yipping in triumph, Victoria pulled her spare condom out of her purse.
"Ah-ha!" she yelled, smiling at Tim. Looking at the wrapper, she eyed the
writing on the back of it. Pulling it closer, she read it, her face falling.
"It isn't before December 2002, is it?" She whined.

"No." Tim said, smiling at her desperation. Shrugging, he motioned for her to
come back onto the bed. "It's alright." He said, still smiling.

"Do you want head?" She offered. "You still haven't come."

Shrugging his shoulders again, he continued to smile. "It's alright." He
repeated. "Don't worry about it." Chuckling softly, he said, "Maybe this is
a sign that we've had enough fun and should get some rest. We do have a show
tomorrow after all, and I have a ton of writing to do, and I have...stuff..."

Looking at Tim's face, Victoria could clearly see the disappointment creeping
through his smile. She knew he wanted to get off, badly, but was trying to
make her feel better about the sudden tragic turn of events. Quickly wracking
her brain for something to do to help him, she quickly checked her purse,
hoping that she had something to go with the condom. Not finding what she was
looking for, she thought again, moving away from the bed and towards the

Watching her go, Tim wondered what he had done wrong. Reaching down to grab
the pillow, he looked back up when he heard her footsteps returning quickly.
Looking at her, he quickly caught a small bottle as she tossed it at him.

"Don't fix the bed." She said quickly, crawling onto the bed and quickly
assuming her old position.

"I don't have any more condoms." Tim said, looking down and reading the label
on the bottle. "Shampoo?"

"I don't have any lube." Victoria said, trying to prepare herself mentally.

Shaking his head, Tim said, "Victoria, this was great and all, but I don't
really wanna risk getting your pregnant..."

"You won't." Victoria said, looking back at him. "I don't need lube down
there. I need it for my ass, which is what you're going to fuck."

"Victoria..." Tim said, shaking his head. "You said before..."

"Tim, don't." She said softly. Looking back at him, she smiled. "Tim, I can
see it in your eyes. You want to finish really, really bad."

"I do." He admitted finally. "But, if you want, you can just give me head...
or a hand job. I'm not really fussy..."

Giggling, she smiled. "Tim, your not gonna be satisfied with a hand job."
Seeing him go to say something, she quickly added, "And you don't want to
suck, you want to fuck. Now fuck me. I've done this before, and I'll be ok.
Just remember to come on my tits. I don't want a great big clean up here."

Nodding, Tim quickly moved in behind her, opening the bottle. "How great of
lube is shampoo?"

"Honestly? Not that great." Victoria admitted. "But it's better than

"Are you...?"

"In, now." Victoria said, cutting him off. Looking back at him, she asked,
"Are you close?" When he nodded, she said, "Then don't worry. Like I said,
I've done this before."

Smiling, Tim rubbed her butt softly. "Seriously?"

Sighing, Victoria nodded. "Seriously."

"Alright." He said, smiling as he held the bottle over her ass, dribbling
some shampoo over her ass. Catching some of it quickly, he set about lubing
up her asshole, trying to make the best of what he had to work with and
getting her as wet as possible. "This really doesn't look right." He said,
smiling. "Are you sure this is gonna work?"

"Yes, positive." Victoria confirmed. "I've done it like this before."

Chuckling softly, Tim drizzled some shampoo over his cock, slicking it up.
"I'm just worried about pushing into you and soap bubbles flying out."

Laughing, Victoria shook her head. "Not gonna happen. But funny." Wiggling
her butt at him as he cleaned his hand on the bed sheet, she smiled. "Come
on, Tim. Last hole." Swaying her butt from side to side, Victoria taunted
him with her toned rump. "You know you wanna..."

Smiling at her little act, Tim grabbed her ass, smiling wider as she giggled,
shaking her rump at him, quickly getting him into the idea. Moving up closer,
he grabbed his soapy cock, pushing it against her asshole. Feeling her butt
swinging stop, Tim got serious, making sure his cock was in line before
pushing forward. Struggling at first, Tim pushed harder, forcing the head of
his cock into her ass as she moaned.

"Come on Tim, more." Victoria squealed, pushing her butt back against Tim's
invading member. Feeling him push forward, Victoria sobbed into the bed.
"God, Tim, that's it..."

"Fuck it's tight." Tim grunted, pulling out slightly before pushing in
further. "You couldn't have done this much."

"Like twice." Victoria whined, clawing at the bedspread as Tim pushed further
in. "Fuck me, Tim!"

Getting about half of his shaft into her ass, Tim pulled out, dripping the
last of the shampoo from the small bottle onto her butt before pushing back
in, using the half depth her ass had given him to work with and running with
it. Plunging into ass, Tim worked half of his cock in and out, not wanting
to push any deeper, no matter what Victoria had said earlier. Hearing her
groaning, Tim kept the strokes smooth and slow, pushing into her rump as
softly as he could before pulling out equally as slowly.

"Oh god, Victoria." Tim grunted, thrusting into her ass, getting deeper with
each stroke despite his best efforts. "How's it going down there?"

"Alright." Victoria moaned. Feeling him bottom out in her ass, she sobbed
loudly, her legs squirming on the bed as he pushed into her again and again.
"Oh my fucking god!"

Smiling down at her, he asked, "Are you getting off or something?" When she
grunted again, he smiled. Reaching around and under her, Tim smiled as she
quickly wiggled into position, knowing what he was doing. Rubbing her pussy
softly, he smiled as she squealed happily. "I see no reason that just because
I can't put my dick in here that I should neglect your pussy." He said,
rolling his fingers around her pussy and rubbing her clit. "Do you like that,

"Oh man...Tim, god, keep going!"

Plunging into her asshole, his balls slapping against her upturned ass, Tim
smiled as Victoria sobbed and clawed at the bed, her whole body squirming as
he teased her pussy and clit with his fingers, the slapping of hips on ass
echoing throughout the room as he gritted his teeth, trying to hold off as
long as he could.

"God, Victoria, you sure know how to wear a guy out." Tim said, giving her
clit a few rubs as a twisted reward for her pleasing him. "First your mouth,
then your pussy, now your ass?" Leaning down and kissing her neck, he smiled
as she turned her head to the side, trying to kiss him head on. "You are the
complete sexual package. If I ever hear that old crap again, I'll stop and
leave you like this. Do you want me to stop?"

"No, god, no!" She cried out, her mind racing to find something she'd like
less than Tim stopping and leaving her dancing on the razors edge of climax.

"Then tell me, are you old?" He asked.


"Are you sexy?"


"Is this wrong?" He asked, knowing it was the final question she had to

Looking back at him, she sobbed loudly, her ass squeezing tight around his
cock as her body shook with climatic rage. "If this is wrong, I never, ever
want to be right again!"

Pumping faster into her ass, Tim rubbed her clit as fast as he dared, not
wanting to hurt his lover as she shook and squealed with her release, her
slick juices running out of her slit and onto his fingers. Smiling at her
wetness, Tim moaned softly, hissing and cursing his cock for wanting to
give in and come. Gritting his teeth, Tim plunged into her again and again,
using every ounce of willpower his body had to hold off for a few more
moments, pleasing his raven haired lover for as long as he could, wanting
to please her totally and completely.

Slowly pulling his cock out of her ass, he continued to rub her clit for a
little while until she realized his throbbing member was missing from her
ass. Quickly rolling over onto her back, she reached out, grabbing his cock
and pulling him toward her chest. Taking his cock in both hands, she started
stroking him quickly, aiming his shaft at her proud, perky tits.

"You earned this." Victoria panted, looking up at her young lover with heavy,
half closed eyes. Hearing him moan, she sped up, the shampoo making the
gliding easier.

Looking down at Victoria, Tim grunted softly as she worked over his tired
member, pumping and jerking his cock as his hips spasmed. Making sure his
cock was hovering over breasts, he moaned as she forced a rope of sticky
semen onto her chest, giggling softly as his hot load splattered onto her
tits. Realizing he wasn't going to come much and was probably getting close
to being spent anyways, Tim thought about telling Victoria to stop, but
decided against it as she cupped his balls, rubbing his overworked ball

"Come on, stud muffin." Victoria teased. "You gotta have at least one more
shot left in these big, nasty balls."

Moaning as she picked up the pace, Tim tried to swear, but found he could
do nothing but moan, Victoria's hands whipping up and down his cock as she
forced one more small offering of white love onto her breasts before letting
his cock go. Leaning back on his calves, Tim let his eyes close, trying to
catch his breath as Victoria did the same. Shivering slightly from the
feelings in his body, Tim smiled as he felt Victoria stroking his limp
member. Opening his eyes and looking down at her, he smiled softly.

"I think you earned your right to stay here for the night." Tim said,
smiling as she giggled. Moving away from her, he climbed off the bed. "Lemme
get something to clean up with."

Nodding, Victoria let her head lay back on the bed, stretching out her
arms above herself as she basked in the afterglow. Hearing Tim's footsteps
returning, she quickly caught the damn facecloth and towel he tossed her way.
As she quickly cleaned off his lust from her chest and the shampoo she could
get, she tossed the cleaning supplies away as Tim pulled on his boxer shorts
before climbing back into bed.

"How come you get to put your underwear on but I don't?" Victoria teased.

"Because it's my room." He said, smiling. "Besides, you look good naked.
Enjoy it."

Nodding, Victoria moved towards him as he laid down on the bed, curling up
against her young lover. Feeling his arms wrap protectively around her body,
Victoria smiled.

"I hope you'll stick around." Tim said softly. Looking down at her, he
smiled. "I have big plans for your character."

Looking up at him, Victoria thought for a moment. ~Is that why he did this?~
She thought. ~To get me to stick around? Or...~ "Tim?"


"Since I slept with you, am I gonna..." Victoria started, before trailing
off, looking for the right words so not to offend her boss. "Am I gonna have
to keep doing this to keep my push?"

Sighing, Tim let his head fall back onto the bed. "I thought we went over
this." He said, clearly exasperated to be going over it again. Looking down
at her, and seeing she was still afraid of the answer, he said, "Victoria,
you're getting your push. This had nothing to do with it. This was just two
adults, coming together, and having some fun. I don't mix business with

"How can you not?" Victoria asked softly. "I mean, if I slept with you, and
I get a push, then what happens if someone finds out and sleeps with you? Do
I lose my push, or..."

"Did I make a mistake in doing this?" Tim said, cutting her off. Seeing the
look on her face, he asked, "Was what we just did one huge mistake?"

Shaking her head softly, Victoria said, "I don't think so...was it?"

"Victoria, I did this, and I'm hoping you did this, because you wanted to.
Not because of some push you think it would get you. I told you before, and
I meant it, your getting a push." Tim said. "A women's title push." Sighing
softly, he looked away. "I thought I made myself pretty clear, but if I've
misled you into thinking that you had to do this to get a push, then maybe
I should quit..."

"No, Tim, don't!" Victoria said quickly, clinging onto him. When he looked
down at her, she said, "Please, don't quit. I didn't mean it like that. It's
just...Tim, what would someone as young and good looking as you sleep with
me, just for fun?"

Smiling, Tim reached down, taking her chin softly in his hand, rubbing it as
she purred softly. "Because, you're not old, you're hot, and it was damn
fun." Smiling shyly, he added, "Well, at least I hope it was fun for you..."

"Oh, it was fun." Victoria quickly said, smiling up at him. "Very, very, very

Smiling, he nodded. "Well, then, fun for all."

Smiling, she moved up, kissing him softly. "So, I don't have to keep sleeping
with you?"

Shaking his head, Tim said, "Nope. If this was a one-night stand, I'll be
happy. It was a great one night." Kissing her softly, he smiled. "But I won't
lie. I'd very much like it if this wasn't just a one-night stand."

Nodding, she asked, "If I kept sleeping with you, would it hurt my push?"

Smiling, he poked her side softly, loving her giggling. "Your really worried
about this push, aren't you?"

Looking up at him, dead serious, Victoria told him, "Yes. Very. I've been out
of the women's title picture for years. I love my job, but if I don't start
getting some good matches, I'm gonna quit."

Shaking his head, Tim rubbed her side, moaning softly as she pushed up
tighter against him in response to his soft touch. "Please, Victoria, please,
don't quit. Like I said, I was going to base the new division around you,
Trish and Mickie."

Smiling, Victoria snuggled closer to him, giggling as he shivered again. "Is
that the only reason you want me around?"

Shrugging his shoulders, Tim grinned. "I'd be lying if I said that what we
did tonight doesn't make me want you to stay more." Leaning down, he kissed
her, letting his lips linger on hers for a moment before pulling away. "But
your push is safe, whether you sleep with me or not. Telling the other girls
that you slept with me, however, would hurt your push, because I'd probably
end up getting fired."

"I won't tell anyone, I promise."

"Even Candice?" Tim asked with a smile.

"Well..." Victoria said, giggling. "She already knows, but I'll make her keep
her mouth shut. No one will find out, I promise."

"I wouldn't mind people finding out, if I could keep my job." Tim said. "It's
just, we need to keep this a secret between us, as much as I don't want to do

"I'll keep your secret." Victoria said, smiling. "Well, you know, as long as
you keep sleeping with me, that is."

Grinning from ear to ear, Tim pulled her on top of him, smiling as her body
molded to his instantly.

"Don't worry." He said, kissing the giggling Diva. "I don't think I'll need
the threat of getting ratted out to do that."

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