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Booked Solid Part 02: Fixation
by Nero Rain (

"Does anyone have any earthly idea why Tim wanted us to meet him here?"
Mickie asked, shuffling from foot to foot.

Looking around the underground parking lot, Torrie shrugged. "Does anyone
have any earthly idea why Tim does anything?"

"Because he's a spaz." Trish said with a smile.

Looking at her, Maria giggled. "At least he's a nice spaz."

"True." Trish admitted.

"Anyways, Tim said something about his new office." Victoria offered.

"And what does the parking lot have to do with his new office?" Torrie asked.
"Did he get downgraded again? First that closet…"

"Then the hallway..." Trish added.

"Then the boiler room, which, by the way, spooky." Mickie said.

"Then back to another storage closet..." Victoria said.

"That didn't even have a door!" Maria finished. "Poor guy. Maybe he just got
tired of it all and decided to work out of his car?"

"Yea, that'll work." Mickie said, smiling. "We could have meetings with him
in the back seat."

Looking over at Mickie, Trish grinned. "You probably would."

Giggling, Mickie shrugged. "He's not a bad looking guy."

"He's kinda cute." Victoria said, smiling to herself.

Looking at Victoria, Candice grinned. "Just noticing that, are we?"

Shrugging, Victoria tried not to smile. "I don't look at him all that often."

"He did have a real office." Trish pointed out, before making a face. "For
like a week. But it was a nice week."

"Any week out of the boiler room is a nice week." Mickie confirmed.

Hearing a horn, the girls turned towards the entrance, watching as a RV
pulled through the opening and started down the ramp. Moving up behind
Victoria, Candice smiled.

"You don't look at him all that often?" Candice asked, smiling. "Does he have
you bent over the bed most of the time?" She teased, smiling as Victoria
blushed. "Or are your eyes screwed shut from coming so much?"

"Shut up!" Victoria hissed, giggling as Candice giggled.

Poking Victoria, Candice smiled as the RV pulled up in front of the assembled
Divas. "Or are you more of a face down, ass up type of girl?"

"Shut up!" Victoria giggled, grabbing Candice and pulling her into a playful
headlock. "Remember, I can break you!"

Opening the side door on the RV, Tim smiled at the girls. "Hi!" He said,
waving at them.

"Hi Tim." They all said in unison, staring up at him.

Quickly hopping down the stairs, he motioned for them to go in the door.
"Come on, come on, have a look."

"At what?" Maria asked.

Looking at her for a minute, Tim tried to gauge if she was serious or not.
Realizing she was, he said, "The big friggin motor home in front of you."

"Is it yours?" Maria asked.

"No, I stole it." Tim deadpanned. Seeing she didn't find the humor in his
sarcasm, he sighed and nodded. "Yes, Maria, it's mine. Now come on, get in."

As the Divas shuffled past him and into the RV, Tim followed them, closing
the door behind them as he moved towards the front of the RV, motioning for
them to follow them. "Welcome, to my home slash office." He said with a
smile. "Since I don't fly, I've been pretty much living out of hotels since
I came here, which I hate, because I hate hotels, so I finally decided to
get something better to stay in, and something I could have a real office
in. I finally realized that me having an office like the rest of the staff
around here wasn't high on Vince's to do list, so I took care of it myself."

"It's nice." Mickie said, looking around.

"Want the grand tour?" He asked, smiling as they all nodded. Moving up to the
front, he opened the door, waving his hand. "Separate drivers compartment.
Locks from the drivers side, but can also be locked from inside the RV as
well. Helps if I'm blaring music at like two AM flying down the highway and
someone is sleeping on the couch." After the girls inspected it, he moved
back into the main area. "Couch, fridge, satellite TV, stove, washer, dryer,
AC, the whole nine."

"Sweet!" Maria said, smiling as the Divas spread out, inspecting each part of
his living room/kitchen.

Opening his fridge, Mickie gave it a quick inspection. "Where's the beer?"

"At the liquor store, waiting for me until I turn twenty-one." Tim said,

"And did I hear satellite TV?" Candice asked hopefully. When he nodded, she
beamed. "Can I watch one of my shows?"

"We'll talk." Tim said. Motioning towards his table, he said, "This folds
down into a bed, and the couch shifts out a little to make a bed."

"How many does this thing sleep?" Torrie asked.

"Comfortably?" Tim asked. When she nodded, he started counting on his
fingers. ", I think." He said. "Two on the table, two on the
couch, two on the bed, and one on the other couch."

"Other couch?" Mickie asked.

"It's coming." He said, smiling. "Just look around, and lemme know when your
done. There's more."

Nodding, the girls spread out again, going over living room and kitchen,
inspecting each of Tim's new toys. After they had looked it over, he motioned
for them to follow him towards the back of the RV. Opening a door, he stepped
inside. "Bathroom." He said, smiling as they looked around, giving it an
approving nod.

"Full shower?" Trish asked, taking interest in the cleaning unit. When Tim
nodded, Trish grinned. "Can I use it?"

"We'll talk." Tim said, smiling at the confused look on her face. Moving to
the back of the bathroom, he opened the other door, moving into the next
room. "And, finally, the room where absolutely no magic happens, the master

"It's the only bedroom." Torrie pointed out. "It's the master by default."

Scratching his head, Tim nodded. "Yea, well, smaller RV's don't have a
dedicated bedroom, so, yea." Moving them into the room, he smiled as they
again spread out, checking out his room. Moving over to the small love seat,
he smiled. "The other couch, as promised."

Nodding, Mickie turned towards the bed in the middle of the room. Getting a
running start, she jumped onto the bed, smiling as she stretched out. "Wake
me up in about an hour?" She asked, smiling at Tim.

"Again, we'll talk." Tim said. Motioning for them to follow him into the
living room, he waved for them to take a seat on the couch or at the table.

"I like it." Candice said. "Really nice."

"Thanks." Tim said, smiling proudly. "I've been looking at a few for the past
few weeks, but this one really stuck out. It's pretty easy to drive, as far
as RV's go, anyways."

"And it's big!" Torrie said, looking around the room again. "Your all set.
It's like a house on wheels."

"Exactly what I was looking for." Tim said. "It's pretty much gonna be my
home from here on out."

"So, where are you gonna park this thing?" Victoria asked. "Campground?"

"Odd fact." Tim said, smiling. "When Vince rents a building for a WWE event,
he controls it all, including the parking lot, for something like thirty-six
hours, assuming there isn't anything else going on at the place. When there
isn't, I'll probably just park there. When something is going on, yea,
probably campground. That's where I'm heading tonight after the show."

"So, what's with the "We'll talk" stuff?" Trish asked.

Smiling, Tim leaned back against the wall. "Well, I figured, since I'm going
to be driving this thing from town to town anyways, if you girls wanted to
make use of the facilities, be it to cook, or do your laundry, or whatever,
your more than welcome to use it." Seeing them all smile, he smiled back. "My
home is your home."

"Oh my god, thank you!" Mickie said, jumping up and hugging Tim tightly.

Hugging Mickie back, Tim grinned. "I have some room in my fridge and freezer
set aside for you guys, so if you want anything special, let me know and I'll
pick it up when I go for my groceries, and you guys can just pay me back when
you come back on Saturday."

"That's very nice of you Tim." Trish said.

Shrugging, he said, "It's like I said before, you guys are my job, and
keeping you happy makes that easier. So, if letting you use my stove..."

"And shower..."

"And shower..."

"And TV..."

"And TV..."

"And bed!"

"And bed..." He said, waiting for someone else to interrupt him. When no one
did, he said, "Makes you happy, then it's a small price to pay." Looking at
Mickie, Tim asked, "Why would you want to use my bed? I'm assuming it's not
for the reason that popped into my head."

Giggling, Mickie shook her head. "No! It's just, I LOVE taking naps. And
sleeping in chairs or on the dressing room floor sucks."

Nodding, Tim smiled. "Then feel free to use the bed, when I'm not using it.
Or either of the couches if I'm using it."

"So this is going to be your new, full time office?" Maria asked. When he
nodded, she giggled. "So no searching through broom closets or boiler rooms?"

"Nope." Tim said, smiling. "I'll be here."

"Thank god." Candice said, looking around again. "I think I speak for all of
us when I say good fucking riddance to the boiler room."

As the other Divas agreed with Candice, Tim smiled. "Well, like I said, this
is my office now, so feel free to drop in anytime, just like you normally
do." Looking around the room, Tim smiled. "So, everyone get a good look?"
When they nodded, he smiled, "Anyone else have any questions?"

"Who's panties were on your floor?" Trish asked, smiling at Tim.

Looking confused, Tim asked, "Panties? Sorry, I'm a boxers man..."

"No, not here." Trish said, smiling. Seeing something click in Tim's head,
she giggled. "You know full damn well what I'm talking about! Who's were

"I have no idea..."

"You're lying." Trish giggled. Seeing the other Divas looking confused, Trish
laughed out loud. "The other week, I went down to Tim's room to get Mickie,
and he had all these clothes all over the place, and correct me if I'm wrong,
Tim, but didn't I see a pair of panties?"

"You had to bring this up now?" Tim asked, smiling. "Like...Christ, that was
almost a month ago now!"

"Fess up." Trish said, crossing her arms over her chest. "Who's?"

"You had panties in your room?" Mickie asked, suddenly looking glum. When
Tim finally nodded, Mickie whined. "You mean I got in the way of you getting

Seeing her start to look sad, a look he had been working with her to get rid
of since her breakup with Kenny, Tim smiled, moving over and giving her a
hug. "It's alright Mickie." He said, smiling down at her. Looking up at
Trish, he grinned. Realizing he couldn't say it was Victoria, as that would
screw up the awesome arrangement he had set up with the raven haired Diva,
Tim put his creative powers to work. "It was just some very good looking girl
I met in a bar, and it went a bit farther than we had planned." Seeing
Victoria hiding her smile, he added, "Not that I regret it. She was smoking
hot, if I do say so myself." Looking down at Mickie, he smiled. "And don't
worry about it, ok? I needed a little break anyways. She was kinda
insatiable." Seeing Victoria's grin get wider, he smiled.

"Ok." Mickie mumbled, holding onto Tim.

Looking down at her, he smiled. "Come on, lemme see you smile." When she
looked up at him, he grinned wide and bright. "Smile?" Seeing a smile start
to creep through her frown, he smiled wider. Seeing her start to smile, he
hugged her tighter. "That's better."

"You are a goofy, goofy man Tim." Torrie said, grinning at him.

"Well, I can be me and be goofy, and care about you guys and your
storylines..." He said, looking up at her. "Or I can be like ever other
booker around her and not give a shit about you, as people or performers.
You chose."

"Be yourself." Maria said, standing up and moving over to him and Mickie.
"Group hug!"

As Maria dove towards Mickie and Tim, hugging them tightly, all the Divas
surged forward, laughing as they piled onto Tim, hugging him tightly.

"Who are you calling goofy?" Tim asked, smiling at the girls as they laughed.
"Alright, I need...HANDS!" Tim yelled, pushing away from the mass of Divas.
"Who grabbed my ass?" Seeing no one fess up, he shook his head. "I can't grab
any of you..."

"You can grab me anytime you want." Trish teased in a sultry voice.

"I CAN'T grab any of you." Tim said again, smiling as Trish pouted playfully.
"So please don't grab me...even if I did like it."

"Thought you would." Maria said, her eyes going wide as she slapped her hand
over her mouth. "Ohmygod!"

"Smooth, girl." Candice said, smiling as Maria blushed bright red.

Laughing, Tim shook his head. "Don't worry about it." He said, smiling. "Now,
everyone out. I gotta make some lunch." Seeing every Diva present widen her
eyes and put on a smile, Tim whined. "I was only gonna make a sandwich..."

"That sounds good." Torrie said, giggling as he whined again. "Come on, we'll
help, ok?" When he whined again, she turned to Trish. "Trish, you're on bread
duty." When Trish nodded, Torrie turned to Maria, "And since you like
grabbing ham, you're on meat duty..."

"How do you know I was gonna make a meat sandwich?" Tim asked, hoping to get
out of it.

"We saw your fridge." Torrie said. Turning to Mickie, she smiled. "Mustard
and mayo?"

"Check." Mickie said, moving towards the fridge.

Turning towards Candice, Torrie smiled again. "Cheese?"


Smiling, Torrie turned to Tim. "And that leaves me on veggie duty."

As Tim sighed and nodded, Victoria smiled. "What do I do?"

Quickly scanning the cupboards and finding the loaf of bread Tim had, Trish
turned to Victoria, smiling. "Just stand there and look pretty."

Smiling, Victoria moved over towards Tim, wrapping her arms around him,
trying to make it look like it wasn't a practiced move. "I can do that." She
said softly, giggling as Tim hugged her tight.

As the other girls went about making the sandwiches, Victoria pushed her butt
back softly, wiggling it slightly and rubbing it over Tim's growing erection.
Stifling his moan, Tim grabbed Victoria, making her giggle as he stopped her

"How many do you want, Tim?" Torrie asked.

"Two, please." Tim said, smiling as the girls turned back to the counter.
Leaning forward, he brushed Victoria's hair away from her ear, whispering,
"You're gonna pay for that."


"One." Victoria said, looking back at Tim. "Pay for what?"

Shaking his head, Tim smiled as she giggled, watching the sandwich assembly
line move smoothly and quickly, bread moving down the line and getting piled
with toppings as it went until it reached Torrie, who slapped some lettuce
and tomatoes on it before handing one towards Victoria.

"Here you go." She said, turning and grabbing the next one in line, repeating
the process and handing it to Tim. "Other one is on its way."

Nodding, Tim waited for his other sandwich before moving over to the table,
sitting down next to Victoria and watching as the girls quickly finished off
their sandwiches. As they moved over to the table, Trish grabbed some cups
out of the cupboard and a jug of milk from the fridge, setting them down on
the table before taking her seat next to Tim.

Quickly pouring a glass of milk before the ravenous hoard of Divas grabbed
the jug, Tim smiled. "You know, they do have catering. It's what I've been
living on since I got here."

"So have we." Maria said, taking a bit of her sandwich. "Which is why we're
raiding your fridge. Homemade food beats catered food any day."

Shaking his head, Tim grinned. "So I have to feed you guys now?"

"We'll chip in." Candice said, looking around the table. "Right?" When the
other girls gave affirmative noises around mouthfuls of sandwiches, Candice
smiled at Tim. "Just give us a bill, and we'll cut it six ways. Deal?"

Shrugging, Tim nodded. "Deal. So long as you don't expect me to cook for you

"We can take turns." Trish said, smiling. "We'll cook for you one night, you
cook for us the next."

"Not likely." Tim said, smiling back. Just as he was going to say something
else, he felt something moving against his leg. Trying to get a look down
under the table, he found his way blocked by Victoria on his right and Trish
on his left. Looking across the table, he tried to get a gauge on who was
doing it, but Candice, Mickie and Maria were all eating happily. Shaking it
off, he said, "More like you guys each take a turn, then I take one. If that.
Remember, I'm the one offering up my home here."

"Your home?" Mickie asked, smiling at him. When he nodded, she giggled.
"Tim's gone trailer trash!"

As the other girls laughed, Tim grinned. "I'll have you know that this is a
state of the art recreational vehicle, not some pansy ass trailer. It didn't
come cheap, either."

"Well, at least it's nice." Mickie said, taking another bite of her sandwich.

Nodding, Tim started to say something again when he felt the foot return,
sliding further up his leg and brushing against his crotch. Stifling a moan,
he looked across the table again, finding none of the Divas looking at him as
the foot pushed against his crotch again, making him moan out loud. As the
girls looked at him, he quickly asked, "Alright, who's playing footsies...
with my crotch?"

As the foot quickly withdrew, Trish and Victoria looked under the table. "No
one." Trish said, looking up at Tim. "Sure it wasn't just wishful thinking?"

"Wishful thinking doesn't brush against your dick." Tim said. Looking across
the table, he asked, "Is someone going to fess up this time?" When Mickie,
Maria and Candice just looked at him, he stared at Maria, who was sitting
directly across from him. "Would you like to admit to it before you just
spill anyways?"

Shaking her head, Maria quickly said, "Wasn't me! Really!"

Looking at Mickie and Candice, Tim asked, "Either of you?" When they shook
there heads, he shook his. "Alright, one of you three is lying. Like I said,
I don't care. Just please, since I can't touch you guys..." Looking over at
Trish, he grinned as she went to say something. "And you keep quiet!" When
she pouted, he looked back at the three Divas across from him. "Since I can't
touch you guys, please, give me a break." When no one said anything, he
sighed. "I know that none one of you is gonna admit to doing it, so could
you all just promise you'll give me a break at the same time?"

"We promise." Mickie, Maria and Candice said at the same time.

Nodding, Tim grinned. "Now, please, can I have my lunch in peace? I had to
skip breakfast to get this beast." As the girls nodded, Tim smiled, biting
into his sandwich as he eyed the three Divas across from him, trying to
figure out which one had been teasing him.

* * *

Flipping Mickie over her shoulder, Victoria tried to lock her fingers under
Mickie's chin, setting her up for the Widow's Peak as Mickie continued to
struggle, finally breaking free from Victoria's grasp.

Dropping to the mat, Mickie jumped up and spun around, kicking Victoria in
the gut when she turned to face her, bending her over before grabbing her in
a headlock. Raising her hand, she yelled to the crowd, making sure she had
Victoria tight before jumping up, Victoria lifting her so she was almost
parallel to the mat before whipping her back down, Victoria planting her head
into the mat as Mickie slammed her down with a jumping DDT. Quickly climbing
on top of Victoria, Mickie nodded with the ref and he counted to three.

"That's gotta hurt." Tim said, smiling at Trish.

"Haven't you ever wrestled?" Trish asked, smiling back.

Shaking his head, Tim took a drink of his pop. "I played basketball in high
school, but I was never the jock type."

Raising her eyebrow, Trish smirked. "Do I look like the jock type?" Taking
the offer she had given him to give her a long look over, Tim grinned as she
giggled, pushing him slightly. "Stop that!"

"Hey, I'm just checking to see if you're the jock type." He said, smiling as
she pushed him again as he tried again to look her up and down.

"Sure you were." Trish teased, turning towards the curtain as Victoria same
through it, stretching her neck and rolling her shoulder to work out the
kinks. "Great match tonight Vicky."

Looking up at the Trish and Tim, Victoria smiled. "That felt great." She
said, her face beaming as she walked over to the monitor, catching the last
replay of Mickie's DDT. "God, how long was that match?"

Looking at his watch, Tim shrugged. "I dunno. Like, ten minutes maybe?"

"That was awesome." Victoria said, panting softly. "It's been years since
I've had a match that long."

Nodding, Trish smiled. "Well, hopefully it's something we're gonna have to
get used to." Moving towards Victoria, Trish grinned, giving her a pat on the
shoulder. "Great match." As she started to move away, she turned back to Tim,
smiling as she found his eyes again drinking in her body. "Uh, Tim?" she
said, smiling as he looked up.

Grinning at her, he shrugged. "Since I keep getting interrupted, I guess
I'll have to wait until I get a real good, long look at you before I can say
whether or not you're the jock type." Shaking her head, Trish grinned as she
waved goodbye, heading back towards the locker room. As Trish disappeared
around the corner, Tim looked up to find Victoria smiling at him. "What?"

"Picking out your next conquest, are we?" Victoria teased, giggling when she
saw the look of panic on his face.

"No, Victoria, it's not like that." Tim said quickly, shaking his head.

Looking around quickly, Victoria confirmed they were alone before leaning in,
kissing him quickly before pulling back. "Tim, it's ok." She said, smiling at
him. "You're a young man. You have to sow your wild outs, so to speak. I
don't expect you to be a one woman man." Smiling, she poked him in the chest,
adding, "But I'm a one man woman."

"How is that fair?" Tim asked, smiling at her. "You expect me to try and fuck
everyone in sight, and you won't sleep with anyone else."

Shrugging, Victoria looked over her shoulder, watching Mickie make her way up
the ramp on the monitor. "I don't know, but it's the truth. I wouldn't be mad
if you slept with someone else..." Turning back to him, she smiled, poking
him in the chest again. "So long as there's always room for me in your bed."

"Always." Tim said quickly. "Always."

"Good." Victoria said, turning towards the curtain as it flew open, Mickie
bounding through it. Turning back to him, she grinned. "Later, Tim."

"Later." He said, smiling as she walked towards the dressing room, giving
Mickie a pat on the shoulder. Seeing Mickie turn towards him, Tim grinned as
she bounded towards him, her familiar skip run abandoned in favor of a flat
out run.

Launching herself at Tim, Mickie hugged him tightly, her face beaming as her
body was covered in sweat from her long match. "Ohmygod, Tim, was it good?
Was my match good?" Mickie asked quickly, still holding Tim in a tight hug as
she started jumping up and down slightly, her face a huge smile as she looked
up at him, awaiting his answer impatiently.

Looking down at her, he nodded. "It was great." He said, yelping softly as
she dove into him again, her body thudding violently against his, hugging him
tighter as she kept jumping up and down. "Jeez, a little wound up, aren't

Quickly taking a step back, Mickie smiled sheepishly at him as she continued
to bounce in place. "I'm a little hyper, ok?" She asked, giggling as he
nodded. Seeing his eyes travel up and down her bouncing body, Mickie smiled.
"Tim?" She asked, smiling when he looked at her. "So, that was a good match?
That's what we should aim for at Raw?"

"Just like that." Tim said, thankful that Mickie's hyper mood had saved him
the embarrassment of being caught checking out his second diva in five
minutes. "Good, solid match with very few risky bumps. Nothing that could go
sloppy. Great match."

Throwing herself into his arms again, Mickie hugged him tight, looking up at
him with a smile. "Thank you!" She said, before extracting herself from his
arms, turning and skipping towards the locker room, leaving a confused, sweat
covered booker behind.

Shaking his head, Tim turned towards his RV, smiling as he spotted Maria
watching him with a smirk. "Did you see that?" He asked, motioning towards
where Mickie had just hugged him.

"A bit wound up, huh?" Maria asked, giggling when he nodded.

Nodding, Tim started towards his RV. "Do you have any idea what that's
about?" Tim asked. "She's been pretty wired lately." When Maria shrugged,
Tim looked around, making sure no one else was around. "You don't think
she's, like, on drugs do you?"

Quickly shaking her head, Maria told him, "Not Mickie. She's anti drug. She's
probably just happy that she finally has a good storyline to work with. She's
been in the dark since Trish got hurt."

Nodding, Tim shrugged. "I guess."

"Don't worry." Maria said, smiling as she started towards the dressing room.
"It'll work itself out. Mickie's just hyper by nature."

Smiling, Tim nodded. "I hope so."

* * *

"Alright, so, you guys got your maps?"

"Yes, Tim."

"Got gas?"

"Yes, Tim."

Looking around, Tim asked, "Where's Victoria?"

Shrugging, Trish said, "She said she got another ride for tonight."

Looking at Trish, he asked, "And you're not mad?"

Shaking her head, Trish said, "She already paid her share of the rental car."
Seeing Tim nod, she watched as he looked down towards the floor, then back up
towards her face. Smiling, she shook her head. "You're determined, aren't

"Hey, you're the one who asked." Tim said defensively.

Nodding, Trish held out her arms. "Alright, ok, have a good look."

Smiling, Tim looked at Trish, starting at her face and slowly working his
way down, drinking in her body. Giggling, Trish stood as still as she could,
smiling as Tim looked down before scooting around behind her. Laughing, she
waited for him to get finished looking at her backside and return to her
front so she could get on her way.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

"Tim?" Trish asked, smiling as she turned her head, watching Tim as he
stared at her ass. Not getting any response other than a smile, Trish
whipped around, giggling. "Alright, that's enough."

"No!" Tim said, laughing as she hit him on the shoulder. "I didn't get a good

"You got more than a good look." Trish said, smiling and dodging his attempts
to get behind her and see her ass again. "Stop it!"

Smiling, Tim shrugged. "Hey, you got a nice ass. You can't blame me for
taking the opportunity to look at it."

Shaking her head, Trish grinned at him. "Yea, well, now that you did, do I
look like a jock?"

Shrugging his shoulders, Tim laughed. "I dunno. I'll have to sleep on it and
get back to you."

Hitting him again, Trish smiled as she saw Mickie and Candice moving towards
the car. "Perv." Trish teased. When he laughed, she moved over, giving him a
quick hug. "See you tomorrow."

"Later." He said, smiling as Candice hugged him from behind. "Later,

"See you tomorrow."

Turning towards his RV, Tim yelped as Mickie bounded out of no where and
latched onto him, her face beaming and her smile as wide as earlier. "Hi
Tim!" She said happily, hugging him tightly.

Looking down at her, Tim tried to smile and get out of her grip at the same
time, her wide eyes starting to unnerve him. "Hi Mickie." Tim said, hugging
her back, if not as tightly for fear of provoking her.

"Are you gonna be at the show tomorrow?" Mickie asked.

Slowly prying himself away from Mickie, Tim nodded. "I'm at every house show.

Nodding, Mickie dove into his arms again, hugging him tightly before breaking
apart. "See you tomorrow!" she said, smiling before turning back towards her

Watching Mickie in bewilderment, Tim shook his head, waving to Trish and
Candice as they moved into their car. "Alright, see you guys tomorrow." Tim
said, watching as Trish pulled the rental car out of the parking spot and
towards the exit of the underground parking.

As the last of the Divas pulled out of the parking lot, Tim moved towards the
driver's compartment of his RV, hopping in and closing the door behind him
before sliding into the drivers seat. Quickly punching in the location of the
campground he was staying at into his GPS, Tim started the engine, putting
the RV into drive before heading out of the parking lot. Doing a quick check
of the fuel gauge, Tim nodded, satisfied with the level to make the drive to
the campground. Turning on the radio, Tim fiddled with the dial, trying to
find a sports station, but failing. Settling on some generic rock station,
Tim turned onto the highway, setting the cruise control and letting his foot

* * *

Checking his GPS again, Tim quickly got his bearings, finding his exit and
steering the big rig off the highway and towards the back road, checking and
re-checking his GPS as he got closer and closer to the campground. Seeing the
sign for the place, Tim grinned, pulling up in front of the camp shop and
killing the engine. Opening his door, he quickly jumped out, smiling as he
walked up towards the front door, opening it and giving the old man behind
the counter a friendly smile.

"Hello." Tim said, moving up to the counter. "I have reservations. Tim

Nodding, the man looked towards the computer screen, nodding when Tim's name
came up. "One lot, full utilities?" When Tim nodded and handed him his credit
card, the man looked over Tim's shoulder and out the window behind him. "Nice
rig. Yours?"

Nodding, Tim grinned. "Just picked it up this morning."

Running Tim's credit card through the machine, the man nodded. "Musta cost a
pretty penny."

Shrugging, Tim said, "I needed something, so it's worth it." Taking the
receipt from the man, Tim signed it quickly, handing it back to him.

Handing Tim his copy and his credit card, the man put his copy in the cash
register before moving out from behind the counter. "I'll show you to your

"Thank you." Tim said, following the man out and hopping into his RV,
starting the engine before swinging it around, following the old man as he
walked down the dirt road, going a few sites down before walking into one,
waving Tim in. Cutting the wheel hard, Tim pulled into the site carefully,
making sure to check each side multiple times to make sure he wasn't going
to hit anything. Killing the engine again and jumping out, Tim smiled at the
man as he came over to him.

"Power, water, sewage." The man said, pointing to three places behind Tim.
Looking and nodding, Tim turned back to the man. "Do you know how to set it
up, or do you need a hand?"

"I can get it, thanks." Tim said, shaking the mans hand when he offered it.
"Thank you very much."

"No problem." The man said. "Need anything, I'll be in the store."

Nodding, Tim walked back towards the back end of the RV, opening up the back
storage compartment and quickly pulling out the necessary cables and hoses to
set up the RV. Pulling out the directions along with them, Tim grabbed the
power cable, moving towards the plug. "This should be simple enough."

Plugging it into the outlet, he moved back to the RV, checking the indicator
light to see that the RV was in fact running off the campgrounds power and
not it's own. Grabbing the water hose, he drug it towards the tap, quickly
putting it on and making sure it was tight before turning on the water. Going
back to the RV, he threw the switch to let the water flow into the RV before
grabbing the sewer pipe. Looking at it hesitantly, he considered finding the
campground manager again and getting some help hooking it up, but shook it

"I gotta figure this crap out by myself." He said, quickly checking over the
directions on the paper before making his way to the back of the RV. Ducking
down, he quickly attached one end of the tube to the sewage outlet, checking,
rechecking and triple checking that it was as tight as it could be before
attaching the other end to the sewage drain. Again triple checking it to make
sure for snugness, Tim looked warily at the lever. Looking around, he moved
towards the tree on the lot, grabbing a stick and moving back towards the RV.
Standing as far away from the switch as he could, Tim stretched out as far as
he could, poking it with the stick. Hearing the drain open, Tim quickly took
a few steps back, not wanting to get sprayed with all manner of foulness if
his careful checking didn't hold true. Seeing that no sewage was leaking out,
and that his efforts had paid off, he jumped up in the air, throwing his fist
up triumphantly.

Smiling to himself, Tim looked at the directions, moving back towards the
RV and hopping in the drivers door, slamming it shut as quietly as he could
before opening the door to the living room, looking down at the directions
as he moved in, reading about how to properly care for his new toy's septic
unit so he could make sure to clean it properly in the morning.

"Tim, do you have any instant coffee?"

Snapping his head up, Tim yelled as he spotted someone standing by his stove,
looking through his cupboards. Grabbing for something, anything to fend off
the attacker, Tim yelled, "Who? What?"

Looking over at Tim, Victoria shook her head. "Are you retarded? Quit
yelling. And put that remote down, unless you were gonna watch something."
Looking back up in the cupboard, she asked again, "Do you have any instant
coffee, or do I have to make a whole pot if I want any?"

"What are you doing here?" Tim asked, still slightly confused.


Waving his hand, Tim said, "Next one over." As she moved over to the cupboard
and pulled out the instant coffee, Tim watched her. "So, why are you here


"Excuse me?"

"I took a nap." Victoria said. Looking out the window, she grinned.
"Apparently, I over slept."

Smiling, Tim nodded. "If I would have known you were here, I could have woken
you up. You know, if you would have bothered to ask if you could take a nap
in the first place."

Nodding, Victoria put some water in the kettle, turning it on and leaning
against the counter. "I could have." She admitted, smiling. "But you would
have said yes, so what's the point?"

Nodding, he grinned. "I would." He admitted. Looking around, he said, "So, I
assumed you were sleeping in the bed?" When she nodded, he asked, "So, how is

Looking at him, she smiled. "You mean you didn't try it out yet?"

Shaking his head, he said, "I just got the RV this morning, so I haven't
really tried anything out."

Giggling, Victoria turned back to the kettle, pouring some hot water over her
coffee crumbs and going over to the fridge. "You never slept in the bed?" She
asked, taking the milk out and pouring some in her coffee. When he shook his
head, she grinned. "You mean you never christened this thing yet?" When he
shook his head again, she took a sip of her coffee, smiling. "I suppose I
should help you do that then, shouldn't I?"

Smiling, Tim moved towards her. "I was hoping you'd ask."

Looking at him, Victoria quickly shook her head, trying to back up. "Tim, I
was joking..." Seeing him stop, she said, "I just got up!" Seeing his look
turn slowly to a pout, Victoria whined. "Please, no..." As Tim started to
sniffle, Victoria tried to ignore him and drink her coffee, but couldn't.
"Tim..." Seeing the look in his eyes, she set her coffee down on the counter.
Pouting, she shook her head. "God, how many times am I going to fall for that

Keeping up his pitiful look, Tim shrugged. "I don't know." He admitted. "I
was hoping for at least once more." Seeing her whine again, he pushed out his
bottom lip, quivering it for full effect. "Just once?" He asked. Seeing her
shake her head slowly, he tried not to smile. "Just a quickie?"

Seeing the playful look in his eyes, Victoria smiled. It's not like she
didn't want to have sex with him. Saying no to her young stud muffin of a
lover was the furthest thing from what she wanted to do. She'd told Trish
she had another ride and snuck onto his RV with the express intent of
getting pounded into next month sometime during his drive to the next city.
But she just wasn't expecting it to happen so quickly. Seeing him awaiting
her answer, she smiled, knowing she wasn't going to talk her way out of
something she wanted to do anyways. "Can I at least finish my coffee?"

"Then christening?"

"Then christening." She promised. Seeing him smile, she grinned. "But just a

Nodding, Tim grinned, sitting down on the table. "Oh, of course."

Seeing the smirk on his face, Victoria took another gulp of her coffee. "I
mean it! A quickie, nothing else."

"I know." Tim said, nodding as he continued to smirk. "Just a quickie."

Eyeing him, Victoria took another big drink of her coffee, suddenly
interested in getting it out of the way a quickly as possible. "Why don't
I trust you?"

Shrugging, Tim grinned. "I don't know. Have I ever not done what you wanted?"

"I guess not..."

"Then?" He asked. "Trust me. I never do anything you don't want me to do."

"And all I want you to do me is a quickie." Victoria stated, as much to
herself as Tim. "Got it?"

"Got it." Tim said. "How much time do I have?"

Thinking, Victoria shook her head. "It's not like a time limit
about one pop? You get off once, the RV is christened, and you're happy?"

"I'd be happy if I didn't come." Tim said, looking her up and down as she
took another big mouthful of coffee. "Just seeing you naked...and sweating...
all hot, and sexy looking...god, that makes me so happy."

Finishing off her coffee, Victoria slammed the mug on the counter. "You,
bedroom, now." She said, turning away from him and peeling off her shirt,
tossing it aside as the footsteps behind her quickly closed the gap and
grabbed her from behind.

"Let me, let me, let me..." Tim chanted, waddle walking with her thru the
bathroom and into the bedroom, reaching around her front and rubbing her
thighs, asking silently a question that he had asked many times before.

"Ok, take em off." She said, moaning as he quickly undid her jeans, tugging
the tight fabric from her body and lifting her into the air, carrying her
over to the bed and laying her down on it.

Grabbing the jeans, he pulled them off, thankful that she wasn't wearing
shoes and making his job that much easier. Tossing them denim aside, Tim
leaned between her legs, which Victoria eagerly spread for him, grabbing
her panties and pulling them down her legs. Tossing them along side her
jeans, Tim smiled, leaning down and whipping his tongue across her folds,
making her howl at the contact.

"God, it's been way to long since I did this." Tim said, kissing and licking
her soft pussy, letting his lips massage her delicate lips.

"It was Monday!" Victoria cried out, her back arching as Tim quickly worked
her into a froth. "That's like..." Victoria started, trying to count while he
mind clouded up. "What day is it?"


"So like...four days or something?" Victoria said, her legs slipping on the
top blanket as she kicked her feet, pushing herself further onto the bed.

"I don't know." He said, chasing after her and lapping at her pussy. "To

"How is four days to long?" Victoria whimpered.

"Anytime spent away from you is to long." Tim said, smiling as he wrapped
his arms around her legs, his hands quickly finding her pussy as she writhed
under his touch, knowing what was coming.

"Oh my god!" Victoria sobbed, grabbing at the blanket as Tim pulled back her
folds and attacked her clit with pinpoint precision. Something no one would
ever accuse her lover of was being a slow learner. In the month since they
hooked up, and the dozen or so times they'd shared a bed had taught her that
Tim was a quick learner. She'd worried that his performance the first night
would be a fluke, that she was giving him to much leeway due to his virgin
status. But each time they were together after that had proved that he was no
fluke, and that pleasing her was a craft he was willing to work on refining
until he got it perfect.

Feeling his hands move away from her hips, Victoria cried out, her body
writhing and squirming on the mattress as she knew what was coming. Feeling
his finger running along her slit, Victoria looked down at him, whimpering at
the look of arousal in his eyes as he slowly pushed a pair of fingers into
her pussy. Kicking and screaming loudly, Victoria grabbed his head, pushing
his face into her pussy as he lapped at her love button, his fingers sawing
in and out of her quickly dripping pussy.

"Fuck, Tim, fuck..." Victoria cried out, her feet finally finding a grip on
the bed and pushing her hips up, pushing Tim's head up with them, his mouth
still attached to her pussy and his tongue sliding into her slit along with
his fingers. "God, god, god..."

Looking down at Tim, Victoria sobbed out again, her nerves quickly fraying as
her lover teased her just the way she loved to be teased. As her foot slipped
and her butt crashed back to the mattress, Tim followed her down, suckling
her clit and lapping at her folds lovingly as he continued to slide his
fingers in and out of her, smiling as her hands gripped his head, holding him
steady as her pussy squeezed his penetrating fingers tightly. Pelting her
pussy with soft, wet kisses, Tim fought off her thighs, which were
threatening to squeeze in around him.

"God, didn't you eat at supper time?" Victoria groaned, Tim's tongue reaching
new depths inside of her warm core as she fought to keep her hips still.

Looking up at her, he grinned, flashing his tongue across her folds and
making her buck. "I keep a special place set aside for eating you. I never
wanna be to full to do that."

Squealing with pleasure, Victoria grabbed at the sheets again, pulling them
in towards her. "What happened to just a quickie?"

Stopping his movements, Tim sat up, nodding. "You're right." He said, looking
up at her. "Sorry..."

"Oh god, lord, please, Tim, don't be sorry." Victoria panted, sweat running
down her face and covering her chest. "It's just, you promised just a

"I did." He admitted, quickly scooting over to the nightstand and getting a
condom out of the top drawer. Quickly moving back to his lover, Tim smiled,
leaning down and kissing her softly. "Thank you for taking a nap."

"You're welcome." She said, spreading her legs again and giving him access to
her core. "Very, very, very welcome."

Quickly shedding his own clothing, Tim ripped open the condom packet, quickly
rolling the protection down his shaft as he made sure he was in the perfect
position to pleasure his lover. Taking his cock in his hand, he rubbed it
gently over her folds, moaning softly. "Your so wet..." He whispered, looking
up at her as she took his chin in her hands.

"Your so handsome." Victoria said equally as softly, smiling as she rubbed
his face.

Pushing into her slowly, Tim dropped down, laying on top of his lover and
kissing her as she moaned into his mouth. Pulling back, he pushed into her
again, drinking in her moan as he moved down, kissing her neck.

"I missed this." He said, reaching up and pulling down her bra straps, making
it loose enough to free her breasts as he continued to kiss her neck. "To

"It was Monday again!" Victoria said, her voice starting normal but growing
into a cry as Tim pushed into her velvet vice.

Looking up into her eyes, he smiled as he kissed her softly on the lips. "You
know that's to long for me to be without you." Pushing into her again, he
moaned along with her as she let her head fall back, enjoying her lovers
attention. "You can't tell me that you didn't miss this."

"I missed it so much." Victoria moaned, her arms wrapping around his
shoulders and holding him close. As much as she hated to admit it, she was
growing attached to her young booker, and found herself craving his attention
more and more. She'd spent the better part of the last weekend sharing a
hotel room with him, and was quickly finding herself unable to say no to his
advances, clumsy as they may be.

"You should have taken me up on my offer to come out on the road with me."
Tim said, hissing softly as she squeezed his cock tight. "God, you feel so
good, Vicky. I love being with you."

Hearing the word "Love", Victoria almost froze. She'd told him several times
that this wasn't about love, and he was, under no circumstances, to fall in
love with her. But, again, she'd underestimated her young lover, and took his
proclamation of love to mean he was in love with her. She'd honestly worried
about breaking his heart when the inevitable happened and they had to give up
there increasingly frequent meetings, but when he explained to her that he
didn't mean it like she thought he did, it had taken a large burden off of
her mind and her heart. She cared very deeply for her boss, but didn't love
him. Hearing him say the same was just what she wanted to hear.

"I love being with you." Victoria echoed, accepting his lips as he came up
for a kiss, her tongue dancing over his lips and teasing him.

Pulling back slightly, Tim grinned at her. "We would have had a lot of fun if
you came out..."

"I wouldn't have made it to the house show tonight." Victoria groaned.
Looking up into his eyes, she smiled as she moaned. "You're to much for me."

Pushing into her and making her bounce softly off of his hips, he told her,
"I think you just need more training." Kissing her neck and throat, he smiled
as she groaned, his growing skills paying off. "Come out with me for a week.
I'll get us to the next city as quick as I can and we can just spend all day
and night training you to handle more sex." Looking up into her eyes, and
seeing the fire in them, he grinned wider. "You wanna, don't you?"

"So much." Victoria told him truthfully. "But you know I can't."

"The restaurant..."

"I can't just leave it alone all the time."

"I could park outside."

"Oh god..."

"And we could just order food in..."

"Please, don't say that..."

"Why not?"

Looking up into his eyes, she said, "Because I would do that. I can't think
of anything I'd like more than to spend all day in bed with you making love."

Sitting up, Tim reached behind Victoria and pulled him up with her, sitting
her in his lap as she wrapped his arms and legs around him, holding him close
as he quickly shed her of her bra. Ducking his head down, he attacked her
hard right nub gently, lapping at it with his nimble tongue. Reaching under
her and cupping her tight butt, Tim lifted her off of his penis, letting her
feel the emptiness before dropping her back down slowly, filling her back up
again and making her groan out in lust.

Feeling her body begin to tingle, Victoria fought to control her body,
cursing herself for letting herself get so worked up so quickly.

~How would you last a whole day with Tim if you can't keep yourself from
coming five minutes into a fucking?~ Victoria scolded herself. Fighting with
her mind, she pushed aside the feelings she was getting from his cock sliding
into her again and again, his tongue and lips switching from breast to breast
as she threaded her fingers through his hair, holding him tight. Sucking in
deep, long breaths, Victoria fought off her urges momentarily, pushing aside
her needs as she fought to enjoy his pleasuring.

"Sexy, sexy woman." Tim whispered, kissing her neck as she groaned. "I'm
still stunned you hadn't had sex for so long before I got so lucky."

Looking down at Tim, Victoria fought off the urge to smack the shit out of
him. "You, lucky?" She growled. When he nodded, she shook her head. "I'm the
lucky one here, Tim. I'm the one who got the young stud to fuck my brains

"And I'm the one who got the goddess to let me fuck her brains out." He said,
smiling at her. "We're both lucky, how about that?"


Slowly moving her up and down his greasy shaft, Tim attacked her chest and
lips with pinpoint precision, drawing long, sobbing moans from Victoria as
she rolled her hips with his drops, trying to avoid her pleasure spot and
prolong her enjoyment, but with a loud sob, knew she was rapidly failing.

Looking up at Victoria, Tim smiled. "Are you coming?" He asked softly,
leaning forward and lapping at her throat, not willing to give her a moments

"Yes..." Victoria whined, cursing herself softly.

"Shush..." Tim whispered, moving up to look her in the eye as he pecked her
on the lips. Smiling, he told her, "Your not the one that has to try and get
hard again, remember?" Chuckling at her whines, he told her, "Poor, needy
little girl. All pent up." Groaning softly, he said, "I told you that you
should have came out with me. I could have taken care of you..."

"Are you close?" Victoria moaned, trying to switch the topic off of her
growing wetness.

Smiling, he shook his head. "No." Lifting her up and down, loving the way she
moaned and groaned, Tim told her, "Come."


"I didn't ask." He said, rolling his hips and thrusting into her as he
dropped her down into his lap. "I told you. Come."

"Please no..."

"It's ok." He said, smiling as he kissed her, loving the urgency with which
she grabbed his head. Prying away from her lips, he looked into her eyes,
knowing she had no choice but to comply. "You need this so bad, don't you?"

"Yes...god, yes..."

Thrusting up into her quicker, Tim picked up the pace, making sure to keep
his strokes soft and loving, Victoria sobbing in his ear as she held on
tight, her body beginning to shake in his grasp. Moving his head as best he
could, Tim flicked out his tongue, whipping her nipples as her breasts
bounced into his range, giving her that extra bit of teasing pleasure she

"Come, Vicky." Tim whispered, smiling into her chest. "I love it when you lets me know I did something right, for once."

"You do everything right." Victoria groaned, her head dropping down and
resting on his shoulder. "Oh god, Tim! Tim!"

Pushing up into her harder and faster, Tim panted with exertion as his hips
slapped against her underside, the sounds of there love making filling the
room as, in his hurry, he'd forgotten to turn on the radio or anything to
cover the noise. Thinking about that, he pushed up into her again, her
moaning increasing as he did. ~We're in a campground in the middle of
nowhere.~ He thought. ~There is no way in hell anyone from the WWE would
be here. Why would I have to try and cover this up?~ Pushing up into her,
he rubbed her back softly. "Am I doing a good job?"

"Yes!" Victoria hissed.

"Then let me know." Tim urged. "No ones around, and I know you can scream...
god, don't I know you can scream, so please let me know, Victoria. Please,
tell me..."

"Fuck me..." Victoria cried out, grabbing Tim tighter and using his neck to
pull herself up and down in his lap, grinding her lap around in his as she
rode out the last of her orgasm, trying to make the thing she had tried to
ignore last as long as she possibly could. "Please, Tim, fuck me! God, god,

Letting Victoria collapse in his arms, Tim slowly dropped her down onto the
bed, moving to lay beside her as he pulled out. Holding her softly in his
arms, he smiled as she curled up against him, her hand instinctively reaching
out and gripping his cock, pulling the condom off and tossing it away as she
started stroking her lover. Kissing his chest, Victoria smiled up at him, her
hand gliding up and down his dick.

"I did need that." Victoria finally admitted, kissing and licking his chest.

Running his fingers through her hair, Tim smiled. "I thought so."

Pushing her head down further, Victoria smiled as Tim groaned, squirming
slightly in place as she got down to her target, gripping his cock firmly
and taking the tip into her mouth, suckling it gently. Hearing Tim groan,
Victoria smiled wider, bobbing her head slowly on his cock, sliding her
tongue around his prick and bathing him in saliva. ~Might as well get him
a little tired out.~ Victoria thought, reaching further between his legs
and rubbing his balls softly, making him groan out as he continued to squirm.

Groaning as Victoria continued to nurse his cock between her lips, Tim asked
her with a smile, "God, didn't you eat today?"

Pulling off of him, she smiled. "I did. But I'm just trying to stall you for
a while so I can get my brain pieced back together."

"Nuh-uh." Tim said, quickly pulling Victoria off of his penis and into his
lap. Sitting up, he smiled at the pitiful look on her face. "Come on, Vicky.
It's training, remember?"

"I don't know how much more training I can take." Victoria whined playfully.
"I wasn't expecting this..."

"Bull shit you weren't." Tim said, smiling at her. "You snuck on here knowing
full well I'd try and get you in the sack."

"I did." Victoria admitted with a small smile. "But not right away. I was
hoping to wake up, and stretch, and maybe get something to eat..."

"Do you wanna stop?" He asked softly. Holding her in his arms, he said, "We
don't have to do this you know."

"I know." She said, smiling at him. "But I wanna. At least until this rig is
christened. Then, break?"

"Then break." He agreed.

Pulling herself into position on top of Tim with a dramatic groan, Victoria
smiled as he kissed her chest, peppering her boobs with quick kisses.
Reaching over to his night stand, she quickly retrieved another condom,
reaching down between them and tearing the packet open, rolling it onto his
cock with practiced ease. Holding him steady, she lifted herself up slightly,
moving his shaft to point at her core before dropping down slowly, wedging
his manhood between her soft lips and impaling herself.

"Oh god, yes..." Tim hissed softly, groaning as Victoria's tightness
enveloped him. "Isn't this so much better than resting?"

"Says the nearly jailbait sex machine who hasn't come yet." Victoria teased
as she moaned, reaching her arms out and around Tim, holding him tightly.

"This is nice." He said, resuming his chest kissing from before, teasing her
nipples as her nubs grew hard under his loving touch. "But I reserve the
right to switch to doggy style in a bit." He told her, smiling. "I wanna give
that tight ass a going over."

"As long as it's a going over, and not going up it." Victoria groaned,
leaning down and licking his lips, smiling as he shivered. "You like that,

"I love your tongue." He said, surging up and kissing her softly. "Its so
awesome. It licks, it flicks, and it helps make that oh so sexy voice of

"You like my voice, Tim?" Victoria purred, hissing softly as his tongue
teased her nipples again, circling them and lapping at her bouncing chest.

"I love it." He answered, his hands stroking her back softly before dipping
down, cupping her ass and giving it a firm squeeze. "So sexy...especially
when your calling out my name."

Smiling down at him, Victoria rode him slowly, moaning as his cock slid in
and out of her tight vice. "I do tend to do that a lot, don't I?"

"I wouldn't say a lot..."

"Well, considering that I didn't spend one night in my own hotel room last
weekend, I'd say it's a lot." Victoria said, smiling at him. "Not that I
regret one minute of time with you."

"I'm glad to hear that." He admitted, smiling up at her. "Because I love
spending hours and hours with you."

Groaning, she arched her back slightly, knowing it gave him a clean shot at
her chest, but not caring, moaning softly as he struck and attacked her
breasts gently, licking and kissing her full mounds. Feeling his arms tighten
around her firm body, Victoria braced herself as he rolled them over, with
her landing on her back as he pushed into her, continuing his neck and chest
kissing as her legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him in with each

"Hope you don't mind..."


"Should I have asked first?"

"You know you don't need to. You know me."

"I'd like to think I do."

"I like to know you do."

Pushing into Victoria again and again, moving at a steady clip, Tim moved
his face up, kissing Victoria on the lips, smiling as her tongue sprung into
action and attacked his, drawing it out of his mouth and meeting in the
middle. Moaning softly into his open mouth, Victoria arched slightly as Tim
reached down and took her hands in his, locking fingers with her and pushing
them above her head. Pulling back slightly and looking down at her, Tim
smiled as she groaned, her back arching and pushing her exposed body up to
his hungry gaze, drawing his eyes immediately to her breasts as they bounced
softly with each pump.

Ducking his head down, he stuck out his tongue, chasing her bouncing nipple
around on her chest before catching it between his lips, suckling it softly
as she groaned again, his skilled touch bringing out her passion. Struggling
with his hands, she tried to free her arms from his grip, but found him
holding tight, keeping her arms stretched above her head and her body exposed
to his touch.

"God, Tim...yes..." Moaning louder and louder, Victoria struggled harder and
harder to try and free her hands, but knew Tim wouldn't let go. He wasn't a
dominating lover, but knew she loved losing control a little bit, and him
keeping her arms away from him was exciting her to no end. "Am I going to get
my arms back anytime soon?" Victoria asked, trying to sound impatient.

"No." he informed her with a grin. Moving to grip them both with one hand he
reached the other down between them, smiling at her eyes lit up and groans
erupted from her lungs. Moving his hand slowly in a circle, Tim fought off
the pain from the awkward position, stroking Victoria's love button softly,
adding to his squirming lovers pleasure. Pulling back slightly, Tim looked
down at her, smiling at the glint in her eye. "God, you're a little wound up
tonight, aren't you?"

Knowing her body was betraying her again, Victoria looked away. "Fucking

Letting go of her arms and pulling back, Tim pulled out of Victoria, smiling
as she almost sighed in relief. "Up, up." He said, smiling. "On your hands
and knees, sexy." Seeing the look in her eyes, he laughed softly. Leaning
down and kissing her, he promised, "I won't push you to far. If you come
again, I'll consider this rig christened, ok?"

Looking away slightly, Victoria mumbled, "I'm sorry..." Before Tim cut her
off with another kiss, silencing her apology.

"Sorry nothing." He said, smiling at her. "This is training too, remember?"
When she smiled softly, he added, "This is just to help you build up your
stamina." Reaching down and rubbing her face softly, he said, "But you do
seem a little extra worn out tonight. Is something wrong?"

"I'm just tired." Victoria said softly. Looking up at him, she said, "I
should have thought this through a little better, I guess. I'm..."

"Shush." He quickly said, pulling back. "No more apologies. Just you, on your
hands and knees, with that tight little booty sticking up in the air."

Smirking up at him, Victoria quickly assumed the requested position, waving
her butt at her eager lover. "Is this what you want, Tim?" She asked, giving
her butt an extra wiggle, making her soft rump ripple slightly, adding to her
lovers eagerness. "You just wanna grab me and pound me into next year, don't

"You know I do." He said, grinning at her little tease. Reaching out and
cupping her butt, he gave it a soft squeeze. "It's just such a nice ass."

"Then fuck me." Victoria demanded in a low, lusty voice.

Quickly scooting in behind her, Tim grabbed his cock and lined it up,
pushing into her slowly. As his hard shaft slid back into her in her favorite
position, Victoria arched back, her voice breaking as she sobbed and moaned.

"God, Tim, I love you so much!" Victoria whined, not caring how it sounded
and simply needing to get her point across. "Your so, so good..."

"I had the best teacher." He said, leaning down and kissing her neck. "I love
being with you to." He added softly, letting her know he knew what she had
meant. "You taught me so well..."

"I taught you to well." She answered, crying out again as he pushed deep into
her pussy. "God, I hope your close. I want you to come, but I don't know..."

"I'm close." He told her, kissing her neck as he thrust into her again and
again, his hands reaching between them and rubbing her butt. "Can you hold
on for a few more minutes?"

"I'll try..."

Panting in ragged, deep breaths, Tim pushed into Victoria's pussy, wanting
desperately to please her more, to do anything more, but knowing she was
treading a very thin line, and he didn't want to push her past it. She wanted
to please him, and had somehow gotten the misguided notion that he needed to
come to be pleased. That just being with her and pleasing her didn't please

"Oh god, Victoria..."


"I'm coming..."

"Me too..."

"God, your so tight..."

"So big..."


"I am..."

Arching his back as he pushed into her wet, squeezing pussy, Tim held his
body still, his muscles locking up and forcing him to strain to pull out, his
cock twitching as he finally released his load, Victoria's screams and cries
reminding him that her pleasure still needed to be tended to as he resumed
pumping. His sensitive cock screaming in pleasure, Tim forced himself on,
plunging into Victoria's tight depths as she sobbed into the pillow she had
buried her head in, her whole body shaking along with his as she came again.

Reaching under her hip, Tim quickly found her love button again, rolling his
fingers gently around the nub, knowing that she was past the point of return
and wanted to give her all he could. Hearing her sob out, he slowed his
movements, adjusting his tactics to ease up a bit, her voice letting him know
that she was to sensitive for the touch he had given her. Feeling her legs
start to go limp, Tim wrapped his arms under her waist, holding her up as he
rode out the last of his own orgasm.

Giving Victoria a final pump, Tim pulled away from his panting lover, letting
her slide onto the bed before lying down beside her. As she quickly flipped
over onto her side and curled up against him, Tim wrapped his arms around
her, holding her close. Leaning down, he kissed her on top of her head,
smiling as she looked up at him, a grin plastered on her face.

"I hate you."

Laughing, he shook his head. "Why?"

"Because you promised me a quickie..."

"And I gave you a quickie!"

"You promised me one pop."

"I only popped once."

"I came twice."

"And you expect me to be sorry for that?"

"I hate you." Victoria repeated playfully. Moving up and kissing him softly,
she added, "I hate your youth. You should be old and half impotent and come
in like two minutes like other guys."

"Remind me to tell you this if I ever come to early." He said, smiling.
Leaning down and kissing his eager lover, he reminded her, "Besides, you
could always say no. No is the ultimate stop button."

Smiling up at him, Victoria purred softly as he rubbed her body. "You know
I can't say no to you." When he smiled, she giggled, adding, "I'm still
trying to get that title shot out of you. When do I get the belt?"

"When you stop sleeping with me." Tim teased.

Whining, Victoria snuggled up against Tim. "But I want the belt."

Chuckling, he held her tightly. "Then all you have to do is stop sleeping
with me."

Licking her lips, she looked up at him, smiling. "Well...I guess the belt
isn't that important." She said. "I mean, putting on good, solid matches is
more important than some stupid belt, isn't it?"

"It is." Tim agreed. "Besides, putting on good, quality matches is a quick
way to get the belt."

"I thought I had to stop sleeping with you to get the belt?" She asked,

"Well, we'll see." He teased, holding her as she giggled. "Besides, I've
never slept with a women's champion before. Might be cool."

"You think the belt would make that big of a difference?"

"Would give me something to hold on to anyways." Tim joked. When she hit him
playfully, he smiled. "Besides, the belt is more of a respect thing. It's a
way of saying I respect the work you've put in over the years."

Nodding, Victoria looked downward, letting her head rest on his chest. "Would
you respect me any less if I posed for Playboy?"

Quickly shaking his head, he told her, "No, of course not." Putting his
fingers under her chin, he got her to look at him. "What brought that up?"

Sighing softly, Victoria shrugged. "Ever since the WWE started having Divas
pose, I've wanted to do it, but Vince doesn't seem interested in letting me."

Nodding, Tim smiled at her, telling her, "Vince has no idea what he's missing
out on by not letting you pose." When she giggled and thanked him, he added,
"I really don't have any pull over that, but if you want, I could try and
talk to Vince about it. See what he says."

"Tim, you don't have to do that..."

"I know." He said, leaning down and kissing her. "But if you want to pose,
I'll see if I can change his mind, ok?"

Nodding, Victoria smiled, curling up against Tim. "Thank you." She said
softly. When he hugged her softly, she asked, "When do you have to get up
and drive to the next show?"

"In like two hours."

Nodding, Victoria closed her eyes, letting her head rest on his chest. "
Wake me up when you do. I might want to keep you company." Feeling his grip
tighten around her body, she smiled. "Maybe like that, if you play your cards

Leaning down, Tim kissed her on the top of her head, letting his head fall
back against the pillow. "Thank you, Victoria." He murmured, holding his
lover as they drifted off to sleep.

* * *

Bobbing his head to the tunes on his Mp3 player, Tim looked down at his
notes, checking off the checklist he had made for himself for the day.

"Watch Divas practice, check. Talk with Vince, check. Empty sewer, ew, and
check. Check tires..." Looking up, he eyed the back tires on his RV, quickly
making a circle around the RV, checking it's tires before checking it off his
list. "Set up some dark matches..." Making a couple of quick jots on his
paper, he checked off the item. "Check. And done."

Smiling to himself, he moved towards the back door of the RV, opening it and
jumping into the RV. Tucking his pad under his arm, he rounded the cabinet
inside the door and smiled at the sight in front of him.

"Hi guys." He said, smiling.

"Hi Tim..."

"Hi Tim!" Mickie yelled, jumping up and bounding over to the startled booker
quickly, latching onto him in a tight hug. "Hi!"

"Wow, you're just a bundle of fucking energy aren't you?" Tim asked, looking
down at Mickie with a worried look as she held on for dear life. When she
nodded, he forced a smile to his face. "Hi Mickie. I need my arms." When the
hyper Diva let go of him, Tim smiled at her again as she looked up into his
eyes, her grin still wide and bright as she whipped around and took her seat

Looking up at the assembled mass of Divas, Tim grinned. "So, what do I owe
the honor of this visit? And couldn't it have waited till tomorrow?"

"No." Torrie said, shaking her head. "We have a problem."

Getting concerned, Tim set his pad down on the counter. "What is it?"

"We're tired." Trish said.

Looking at Trish, Tim asked, "Tired?" When she nodded, he asked, "Tired? What
does that have to do with me?"

"We're staging a sit in." Candice said.

"Alright." Tim said, nodding, trying to figure out what they were talking
about. "And this has to do with me how?"

"You have beds." Victoria said, smirking at him.

"I'm well aware of that." He said, trying not to smirk back. "A comfy one,
I've been told."

"And you said this thing sleeps seven." Torrie reminded him.

"Yes, I know, I read the owners manual." Tim said. "I'm still lost here."

"Well, there's only five of us, so we figured..." Trish started, before Tim
cut her off.



"No." Tim said. "This is a bad idea..."

"It's a great idea!" Mickie shrieked happily.

Looking at Mickie and shaking her head, Torrie said, "I think what spaz here
is trying to say is that this makes a lot of sense. You drive at nights, and
get whatever sleep you get during the day. We should be sleeping at nights,
and then we'd be better prepared for Raw."

Whining softly, Tim threw up his hands. "Guy, seriously, this is a bad idea.
I have so many Divas to look after, and what if they complain?"

"They can complain all they want. We asked first." Trish pointed out.
"Besides, there's two more spots. They can take them on a first come, first
served basis." Seeing Tim go to whine again, she said, "Tim, we're tried of
driving with the guys. Have you ever woken up and found peanut butter and
jam in your bra?"

"I can't say I have, no."

"It's not fun." Trish said. Seeing him still trying to find an out, she
smiled. "Tim, we're not asking. We're telling you. If you want us to wrestle
for you, we need sleep. And sleeping at nights while your driving is better
than sleeping during the day, when you do. And not having the fear of waking
up to a PB & J in your bra helps you sleep." Seeing him sigh and hang his
head, she giggled. "Come on, you know you want the company." When he smiled,
she offered, "Well, if you want, I'm sure one of use will keep you company
during the day while your sleeping." Smiling at the blushing booker, she
said, "I'll take first shift."

"Deal!" Tim said, smiling as they all burst out laughing. Rubbing his hands
over his face, he shook his head. "But I'm not dealing with the other girls
on this. If they complain, I'm telling them to come to you. Understand?" When
the five Divas nodded, he shook his head. "Now piss off, I have to get on the

"Want some company?" Mickie asked, bouncing in her seat.

Seeing the energetic Diva eyeing him, Tim debated what to say. "Umm..."

"Come on, it'll be fun!" Mickie yelled, hopping up and running into the
drivers compartment, slamming the door shut behind her. "Road trip!"

Looking at the other girls, Tim asked, "Alright, seriously, what the fuck? Is
she high? Did someone hit her over the head or something? She's been like
uber spaz the last week, and it's only getting worse."

"Dunno." Trish said, standing up with the other divas as they moved towards
his bedroom. "Good luck."

"I hate you." He said with a smile. "I hate you all."

Giving him a hug, Torrie smiled. "We love you to."

"Someone at least check on me in a little while to make sure she hasn't
attacked me or something?" Tim asked. When they nodded, he sighed and moved
towards the small door. Opening it, he found Mickie's smiling face staring
up at him. Sliding into his seat, he shifted nervously as Mickie watched his
every move, eyeing him like a lioness stalking her prey.

"Ohmygod, this is gonna be so cool!" Mickie squealed, bouncing up and down
in her seat slightly, only being held in by her seat belt. Pumping her fist
into the air, Mickie yelled, "Road trip!"

Sighing, Tim nodded, forcing a smile to his face as the excited Diva stared
at him as he put the key into the ignition, turning it on and making the
engine roar to life.

~This is gonna be a long night.~ Tim thought, trying to ignore Mickie's
piercing eyes.

* * *

* Knock, knock, knock *

* Knock, knock, knock *

* Knock, knock, knock *

"Oh fuck, go away!"

* Knock, knock, knock *

"Mickie, I swear, I will shoot you!"



Opening the door to Tim's bedroom slowly, Trish peeked around the corner,
finding him curled up on his bed. "Tim?"

"Fucking shit what!" He yelled, looking over his shoulder and finding Trish
looking at him. Sighing, he shook his head slowly, motioning for her to come
in. "God, Trish, I'm's just, I just got rid of Mickie, and she
wouldn't leave me alone, and I just got to sleep..."

"I'm sorry..."

"No, don't be." Tim said, laying back on his bed. Looking up at her, he
asked, "What can I do for you?"

Biting her bottom lip softly, Trish moved into the room, closing the door
behind her. Looking up at him with a shy look on her face, she told him
softly, "I'm here to keep you company, Tim." Seeing his mood change
instantly, and a glint of hopefulness creep into his eyes, Trish burst out
laughing. "Seriously, can I crash on your couch? I have a mind splitting

Shaking himself out of his daze, he looked over at the couch. "It's kinda

Shrugging, she looked it over. "It's lower traffic than the one in the living
room. Besides, I think I spotted Mickie having one of her all to frequent
naps on that one."

"She's probably waiting for me." Tim grumbled softly. Looking up at Trish, he
thought it over before throwing the blanket off of himself, and sliding out
of bed. "There, you can take the bed, I'll crash on the couch."

Shaking her head quickly, Trish tried to beg off. "Tim, no, you just got to

"And I just got woken up." He said with a smile. Seeing her still looking
unconvinced, he said, "Come on, sleep. A well rested Trish is a happy Trish,
a happy Trish is a productive Trish, and a productive Trish is employed Tim."

"I'm not taking the whole bed." Trish said. Looking up at him, she said, "You
take one side, I take the other?"

"Are you sure?"

"Positive." Trish assured him. When he laid back down in bed, Trish quickly
made her way over to her side, kicking off her boots before laying down on
the bed. Looking over at Tim and seeing him staring up at the roof, she
smiled. "Wanna snuggle? We did agree to that in exchange for you letting us
stay here, after all, and this is my shift."

Looking over at her, he smiled. "Yea, sure, snuggle up." He laughed, before
closing his eyes.

Smiling, Trish quickly scooted across the bed, letting her head rest on his
chest as she pushed her body against his. Feeling him tense up, she smiled.

"A little."

Giggling, she added, "Didn't think I'd do that, did you?"

"I was hoping you wouldn't."

"Why not?"

Turning to look at her, he told her softly, "Trish, everyone knows you're my
favorite Diva. I have to watch out every time I put you in an angle so that
no one thinks I'm stepping on everyone's toes."

Nodding slowly, she asked, "What does that have to do with us being friends?"

"Friends?" When she nodded again, he asked, "Do you snuggle with all your

Shaking her head no, she said, "I don't trust all my friends to crash in a
bed with them when I have a headache either." Seeing his brain starting to
work a little to much, and knowing he needed sleep, she smiled, curling up
against him. "Sleep. Me have headache. Me want sleep."

Smiling at her stubbornness, Tim nodded, wrapping an arm around his favorite
Diva and letting her snuggle against him, giving her the quiet she craved as
he tried to get back to sleep.

* * *

"She's sucking her thumb."

"It looks more like a finger."

"Nope, it's her thumb."

"What is?"

"That thing on her hand, dumb ass."

"Ha, ha. I meant, what is she sucking on? It does look like her thumb."

Bending over, Tim looked down at his women's champion, Victoria, Candice
and Maria close behind him. "She is totally sucking her thumb." Tim said.
Pointing at Mickie's face, he said, "See? There's the knuckle."

"That is so weird." Candice said.

Looking over at Candice, Tim asked, "You mean she hasn't done that before?"

Shaking her head, Candice said, "She just started a while ago."

"That is freaky." Maria said. "How old is Mickie? Like mid twenties?"

"Twenty-six, I think. I'd have to check my notes." Tim said. Shaking his
head, he stood up, smiling as Mickie cooed. "She does seem to enjoy it,
anyways. Saves her drooling on my couch like someone I know..."

"Only happened once." Candice said defensively.

"I knew I should have left the plastic on." Tim said with a grin. Seeing
Mickie's eyes start to flicker open, he smiled as she looked up at him,
thumb still jammed into her mouth. "Is that your thumb or your finger?"

Quickly realizing what she was doing, Mickie pulled the object in question
from her mouth, bolting up right and looking around at the four people
waiting for her answer. "What? How long was..."

"It's alright." Victoria said, giggling. "We just wanted to know if you were
sucking on your thumb or finger."

Blushing bright red, Mickie ducked her head down. "Thumb."

Reaching over with a grin, Tim pulled her into a quick hug. "It's ok. No
biggie. Your secrets safe with us, right?" Seeing Victoria, Candice, and
Maria smirk at him, he raised his eyebrow. "It's safe with us, isn't it,
nail biter, drooler, and dirty talker?" Seeing the three sets of eyes go
wide, he grinned. "Maria, I don't know what your doing in your sleep, but
he's one sore guy." As Mickie chuckled a bit, Tim moved over to his table,
opening up his laptop and looking down at the screen.

"So when do I get to win the belt?"

Looking up at Victoria, Tim smiled. "Huh?"

"When do I get the belt?" Victoria asked again with a smile. "You promised me
a belt..."

"You promised her my belt?" Mickie whined, sleep quickly leaving her body.

Looking at Mickie, Tim grinned. "You didn't think you were gonna hold it
forever did you?"

"The thought had crossed my mind."

"Well, sorry, but no." Tim said, smiling as she pouted. Looking at Victoria,
Tim smiled. "Give it time."

"Why won't you give us answers?"

"Because none of you can keep your big traps shut." Tim laughed.

"Hey!" Candice said, smiling at him. "I...resemble that remark!"

Laughing along with them, Tim was about to answer her when the back door flew
open, slamming against the side of the RV and causing them to look back at
whoever entered. Seeing Torrie storm in, her eyes blood shot and crying, Tim
went to say something but couldn't get the words out before she flew into
his bedroom, slamming the door shut and locking it behind her.

Looking back at the other Divas, Tim shrugged. "Anyone wanna clue me in?"

Looking around, Maria watched as the other girls either shrugged or shook
there head. Looking back at Tim, she said, "Don't know."

Shrugging, Tim moved towards the bathroom, cutting through and knocking
softly on the door. "Torrie?"

"Go away!"

"It's my RV!"

"I don't care, go away!"

Shaking his head, Tim reached into his pocket, pulling out his keys. "Unless
your naked in there, I'm coming in, and if your naked, you got about two
seconds to cover up, because I'm still coming in!"

Hearing Torrie's footsteps quickly moving towards the door, Tim scrambled to
get the key into the lock, opening the door just ahead of Torrie getting to
it, moving into the room as she tried to force him back out and slamming the
door shut behind him, locking it to make sure he wasn't followed.

"Get out, get out...get out!" Torrie cried out, having to force it out harder
and harder each time before she folded into Tim, crying loudly as she dropped
to the floor.

Quickly getting on the floor with her, Tim hugged her tightly, letting her
cry into his chest as she hugged him tightly back.

"It's ok, Torrie, it's ok." Tim said softly, holding the sobbing Diva and
letting her cry.

"You don't even know what I'm crying about!"

"And I don't care." Tim said softly. "Not right now. I'm just saying, it's

Sniffling softly, Torrie said softly, "Billy wants a divorce."

~Geez, two break ups in a month.~ Tim thought glumly. ~That's gotta be
some kind of record.~


"Because I'm never home." Torrie said, trying to get her crying under
control. "When he got fired, he kept trying to pressure me to quit in
protest, but I didn't want to." Looking up at Tim, she said, "I love my
job. I love being out in front of the crowd."

"We love having you." Tim assured her softly.

Smiling slightly, Torrie said, "And since you came along, I've been wrestling
more, and getting TV time. And...I don't know, I think Billy just got jealous
that I was the famous one in the house now, and he just started acting like
it was my fault that he got fired."

"Would some time off the road help?" Tim asked. "Like, take you off the house

Shaking her head, Torrie said, "He's pretty much set. He said he wants out of
my shadow..."

"He sounds jealous." Tim told her. "Sounds like he doesn't know what he has
in you."

"He is." Torrie said softly. "I can't figure it out. I love him, and I
thought he loved me..."

"Well, if you being in the spotlight is a problem for him being your husband,
then...god, I don't know what to say." Tim finished, not wanting to say
something he'd regret.

"Say it." Torrie said softly.

Nodding, Tim collected his thoughts, hoping what he said wouldn't offend
one of his top Divas. "If Billy can't handle you being the big name in the
household, then maybe he doesn't love you the way you love him. And if that's
the case, he doesn't deserve to have you love him the way you do."

Nodding, Torrie curled up tighter against Tim, letting him hold her as she
cried softly. Holding her gently, Tim tried to calm her down as his mind
raced for something to say, wanting to calm her down if at all possible.
Something popping into his mind, he looked down at her, finding her still
crying softly.

~I don't think reminding her she has a match tonight would be that thing.~
He thought.

Looking up at Tim, Torrie asked him softly, "Please don't take me out of my
matches. I know you have plans for me..."

"God, are you part mind reader?" He asked with a soft smile. When she
giggling around a sniffle, he hugged her tighter. "I do have plans for you."

"I'll do it." Torrie said, not looking convinced herself. "I don't want to
lose my spot..."

"You won't lose your spot." Tim assured her quickly. Seeing her look up at
him, he smiled. "Torrie, if you need some time off, take it. I'll be waiting
for you when you get back."

Shaking her head softly, Torrie looked back down at the floor. "Tim, I don't
know." She said softly. "Until you came along, I didn't get much of a push
anyways, unless I posed for Playboy. I don't want to lose that..."

"I promise, you won't." He told her. Making her look up at him, he said, "If
you feel you need some time to sort this out, then please, take it. Your spot
will be waiting for you when you feel well enough to come back. I promise.
And have I ever lied to you?" When she shook her head no, he grinned. "Well?"

"What about the other girls?" Torrie asked. "I'm letting them down..."

"Let me worry about that." He said. When she nodded, he asked her softly,
"Can I tell them what's going on? It would make it easier to explain..."

"Go ahead." Torrie said softly.

Nodding, Tim gave her a hug, letting her hug him before standing up and
moving towards the door. Quickly unlocking it and sliding out the door, he
moved into the main room, finding the number of Divas around had multiplied
as word of Torrie's entrance had made the rounds.

"What's wrong with Torrie?" Candice asked quickly, joining everyone in
staring at Tim.

"Billy wants a divorce." Tim said softly. "She's gonna take some time off."

"What about her match tonight?" Victoria asked softly. Looking around, she
said, "I don't mean to sound rude or anything, but, what are you going to

Suddenly realizing that he forgot to get an answer on that part, Tim held up
a finger before moving back to the bedroom, moving in and finding Torrie
sitting on the edge of the bed. When she looked up at him, he tried to figure
out what to say to the crying Diva.

"Torrie, I gotta ask something." He said. "I don't want you to feel that
you're under any obligation to do this unless you want to..."

"I'll do it." She said softly, cutting him off. "Whatever you want me to do,
I'll do it. I owe you that much at least."

Nodding, he took a deep breath, wracking his brain for an answer. "Could you
do your match with Candice tonight?" he asked. "I know you guys had a match
coming up at Survivor Series, but I'll work around it if you'll do this for

Nodding, Torrie whipped her eyes, clearing out the tears. "I'll do it. What's
the plan?"

Scratching his head, Tim shrugged, again racing for an answer. "Well, I could
get Victoria to come in and interfere in the match, giving you the win, but
afterwards, her and Candice could...umm, lemme think..." Seeing Torrie
staring at him, Tim said, "Victoria could set you up for the Widows Peak, and
Candice could help her out, like, by pulling down on your forehead, sort of
like an Uber Widows Peak. That could be used for an injury angle, and explain
why you're gonna be off TV for a while." Looking at Torrie, he asked, "Sound
good? I could get Mickie to do a run in and try to save you, but be to late."

Smiling up at Tim, Torrie nodded. "Do you really just think these things up
off the top of your head?" When he nodded, she stood up, moving over and
hugging him tightly. "It sounds great. The office used to have a half a dozen
writers coming up with ideas for us, and they all sucked. How do you keep
coming up with good ideas for us?"

Shrugging, he smiled, hugging her back, feeling slightly guilty as he enjoyed
having the busty blonde Diva holding him too much, knowing what she was going
through. "I have great people working for me." He said, smiling as he broke
apart. Looking at her, he asked, "So, you'll do this for me?"

"I will." Torrie said, nodding. "Just gimme a little while to freshen up."

Nodding, Tim moved towards the door. "Want me to send Victoria and Candice
in?" Seeing the look in Torrie's eyes, Tim smiled. "I'll send them in."

Moving out the door, Tim smiled at Victoria and Candice. "She's gonna do the
match tonight. I'll give you guys the notes, but, for now, go talk to her,
ok? I can only do so much to help her."

Nodding, Candice and Victoria quickly stood up and moved past him, giving him
a pat on the shoulder as he moved into the living room and plunked down on
the couch. Looking at the other Divas in the room, he shrugged. "I did all I

"It's ok, Tim." Maria said softly. "You couldn't see this coming."

"Still." He said, shaking his head. "I should have a backup plan for things
like this. I mean, I came up with something, but still..."

"You did what you could." Trish assured him.


"Still nothing." Melina said, smiling at him. "What did you do anyways?"

"I made it so Victoria's gonna interfere in the match tonight and help
Candice injure Torrie." Realizing who he was talking to, he looked up at
Melina. "What are you doing here? I didn't know you came around here."

"Trish drug me along." Melina said. "Said you had cable TV."

"Thanks." He said, smiling at them. When they laughed, he shrugged. "Anyways,
I think I'm just gonna do the write up for the matches tonight and then black
out on the couch for a while."

"Two naps in one day?" Trish asked, smiling at him.

"I have a headache." He said, smiling as he stood up, moving to get his
laptop. "I'm sure you know all about that."

"I do." Trish said, standing up. "Everyone out, let Tim get some rest."

"I'll slide the notes to Victoria when I get them written up." Tim said,
watching as the Divas stood up and filed out of the RV. Moving over to his
table, Tim sat his laptop down on it, firing it up and getting to work in
changing his carefully laid out plans.

* * *

"Alright, alright, easy." Tim said, guiding the stretcher carrying Torrie
through the curtains and towards the back. "Jeez, you guys are good." He
said, looking at the EMT's. "Did you guys take a class to look like EMT's?"

"We are EMT's."

Nodding, Tim tried to find an out without looking stupid. "Ok. Well, thanks."
Watching as they un-strapped Torrie and took the neck brace off of her, Tim
took her hand and help her to her feet. "That went pretty good, all things
considered. Don't you?"

Standing up, Torrie smiled. "It went good." She said.

"You ok?" Tim asked, smiling as he started back towards the RV with her.
Victoria and Candice looked to be having a little bit to much fun there."

Laughing, Torrie shook her head. "Nah, I'm alright. Nothing a little Tylenol
won't fix, anyways."

"If you say so." Tim said, smiling as he looked around the RV. Seeing
movement out of the corner of his eye, he smiled, leading Torrie away from
it. "So, take whatever time you need, ok? Don't rush back on my account."

"Jeez, thanks." Torrie said with a smile. "Make me feel wanted."

"Oh, you're wanted." Tim said, before thinking that over. "I didn't mean like
that...well, probably, you are, but..."

"I know what you meant Tim." Torrie said, turning to face him. "Thank..."


Jumping back from Tim, Torrie quickly looked around, watching as Divas poured
out from there hiding spots, rushing Torrie. Trying in vain to fend off the
avalanche of hugs, Torrie merely stared at Tim, her eyes demanding an

"Going away party." Tim said, smiling. "Not my idea, I might add."

"But the cake was." Trish pointed out, motioning for Maria to come out from
the RV.

"Cake makes everything better." Tim said, smiling.

Taking the piece of cake Maria was holding out for her, Torrie smiled,
thanking her. "Cake rules. Thank you guys." Looking at Tim, she smirked.
"And this probably was your idea."

"It was not!"

"Liar." All the girls chimed, making Tim shake his head.

"Fine, leave me out to dry." Tim said, grinning as he took his piece of cake
from Maria. "But at least we got cake."

"Cake heals all wounds." Torrie said, reaching over and giving Tim a hug.
"Thank you Tim."

"No problem." Tim assured her, hugging her back before moving away, letting
the other girls move in and talk to Torrie. Looking out of the corner of
his eye, Tim smiled as he spotted the eight girls standing down the hall,
watching the little party. Looking back towards the Divas, Tim waved Maria
over, smiling as she bounded over. "How much cake do we have?"

"You made a big friggin cake Tim." Maria told him. "We're not gonna eat it
all, if that's what your wondering..."

"No, no. Not that." He said, shaking his head. Motioning towards the girls,
he said, "Wanna see if the Divas Search girls want a piece? I've been kinda
harsh on them lately..."

"Ahh, Tim. Always trying to make friends." Maria teased, smiling at him.

"Friends are much better than enemies." He reminded her. "Besides, they're

Giggling, Maria nodded, getting a better grip on her plate as she moved over
towards the Divas Search girls. Turning back towards the party, Tim grinned
as Torrie moved out of the pack, making her way towards him.

"Geez, it's almost like it's my birthday." Torrie said, smiling at Tim.

"Well, we know your kinda in the dumps, so we figured we give you a good send
off." Tim said, smiling.

"Well, thanks." Looking up, Torrie smiled. "Tim? When you get a minute, can I
talk to you in private?"

Nodding, Tim turned and found himself face to face with Mickie. Sighing
softly, he smiled at the bubbly Diva. "Get some cake?"

"Not hungry." She said, staring up at him, before looking him up and down.
Looking back up into his eyes, she asked, "Can we go somewhere and talk? I
need to ask you something."

"Can't you..."


Trying to find a way out of being cornered by the Diva, who was still eyeing
him, oblivious to the fact that she was standing right in front of him, he
almost jumped for joy when he saw Maria returned with Diva wannabes. "Can it
wait for a minute?" Tim asked, not waiting for an answer before moving away
from Mickie and towards the Divas Search girls. Holding up his hand, he
smiled at them. "Hi. I'm Tim."

"We know." One of them said.

"Well, grab some cake, and feel free to mingle and whatnot." Tim said,
suddenly finding the sets of eyes staring at him slightly unnerving,
realizing that trading one set for a bunch wasn't so smart. "No offence,
I'd ask for your names, but I'm horrible with them, so I'd only forget.
You may get a nickname before the nights out, though."

As the girls giggled, Maria smiled at him. "What's my nickname?"

Moving over and giving her a pat on the shoulder as he passed, he smiled at
her. "I know your name. You don't get a nickname." Looking around for Torrie,
Tim sighed as Mickie popped back into his line of sight.


"I gotta find Torrie, then we'll talk, ok?" He asked. "Promise."

Not letting Mickie get a chance answer, Tim quickly sidestepped her, feeling
guilty for avoiding the hyper girl, but not looking forward to the talk she
was very eager to get underway, especially with the way she had been leering
at him for the past two weeks. Looking around, Tim smiled as he spotted
Torrie leaning against the back of his RV, munching happily on her cake.
Moving towards her, Tim ignored Mickie's call as he moved to stand next to
Torrie, quickly gaining her attention.

"Invited the Divas Search girls, huh?" Torrie asked, grinning at him.

"Well, they were staring." Tim said, rubbing the back of his neck. "One of
them is missing, though."

"A bunch are." Torrie said. "They get voted off. It's like Survivor, only

"Oh..." Tim said, trailing off as he looked back at the Diva wannabes.

Smiling at her boss, Torrie asked, "Was there one in particular you were
looking for?"

Turning to face Torrie, Tim blushed bright red. ""

"Which one, Tim?"

Looking defeated, he turned his attention to the floor. "The blonde girl."

"Most of them are blonde. Narrow it down."

Sighing, he shook his head. "Forget..."

"Come on Tim, which one?" Torrie asked, smiling at her squirming booker.

Whining, he rubbed his face with his hands. "The one who was...I wanna say...

"Maryse." Torrie said, smiling at Tim. "She's pretty...well, was, I guess.
You liked her?" When Tim didn't answer, Torrie giggled, poking him. "Tim has
a crush, Tim has a crush..."

"Tim has lots of crushes." Tim said, shaking his head. "I don't know if you
noticed, but I don't think there's an ugly woman around here." Before Torrie
could continue to tease him, he quickly asked, "So, you wanted to talk?"

Nodding, Torrie reached back, setting her cake down on the bumper before
standing in front of her boss. "I just wanted to thank you again for giving
me some time off." She said, smiling softly at him. "This is gonna be hard
enough to deal with. I wouldn't want to have to try and do it while I'm
flying from city to city, night after night."

"Like I said, no problem." Tim assured her. "I can't imagine what you're
going through, so anything I can do to help, just let me know."

Nodding, Torrie took a deep breath, trying to figure out how to phrase what
she wanted to say. "I know your not lying to me, that you'll keep my spot
open for me..." When he tried to say something, she held up her hand,
stopping him. "You don't have to do that, and I really appreciate it. I just
want you to know that if you ever need a favor, all you have to do is ask.
And that somehow, some way, I promise, I'll make this up to you."

Blushing slightly, Tim shrugged as he looked down at the ground. "Torrie, you
don't have to do anything." He said softly. "Just come back. That's enough."

Putting her hand under his chin and raising his head up to look at her,
Torrie smiled at his blushing. "No, it's not." She said softly, leaning in
and giving him a peck on the cheek before pulling him in for a hug. "I owe

Hugging her back, Tim smiled. "If you say so." Grinning, he pulled back,
looking at her. "You could find out why Mickie's hounding me."

Shaking her head, Torrie giggled as she broke apart, grabbing her cake off
the bumper. "You're on your own there."

Smiling, Tim shook his head, following her back towards the party. "Gee,

* * *


Sighing softly, Tim turned towards the voice, forcing a smile as he looked
at Mickie.

"Can we talk now? Please?" She asked softly, shifting from foot to foot.
"You've been avoiding me..."

"I haven't been avoiding you!"

"Yes you have." Mickie said, looking at the floor. "Look, I know I'm being
a pest, and I don't blame you, but I need some help, so can we please talk?
It won't take long...or it might...god, I don't know..."

"Alright, come on, let's talk." Tim said, shaking his head slightly.
~Putting out fires around here is a full time job in itself.~

Nodding, Mickie motioned for him to follow her as she moved away from the
other Divas who were still mingling. Having to jog a few steps to keep up
with Mickie, Tim followed her down a hallway towards a secluded part of the
building, growing more and more nervous as she led him deeper and deeper
into the building.

"Umm, isn't this far enough?" He asked, looking around nervously.

Looking around, and making sure no one was around, Mickie nodded. "Sorry.
I'm just...sorry."

"It's ok Mickie." Tim said, smiling at her. "So, what's up?"

Shifting from foot to foot, Mickie looked down at the floor, her nerves
fraying badly as she tried to gather up her courage. "Umm, I don't know where
this is going, but if you say no, that's ok, ok?" When he nodded, she giggled
nervously, her face turning red as she blushed badly. "Umm, you know I broke
up with my boyfriend, Ken? The Spirit Squad guy?"

"Yea, I know." Tim said, smiling at her. "I kinda remember getting
interrupted in the middle of someone." Seeing her look further down, he
sighed. "Bad joke. Yes, I do remember. And I'm sorry..."

"Don't worry about it." She said. "I'm over it." Looking up and looking
around, she checked and rechecked that they were alone, making Tim more and
more nervous by the minute. "That's not what I wanted to talk about. It's
what I don't have that's been bugging me." Looking around again, Mickie
whined softly. "This is where it gets weird." Looking at him, and seeing the
nervousness creeping onto his face, she tried to put him at ease. "I'm not
going to blackmail you. If you don't want to do this, fine, no problem."

Shaking his head quickly, Tim started to say, "Mickie, I'm not...

"Tim, it's not..."

"Shouldn't you..."

"Please, just..."

"Mickie, I can't..."

Throwing up her hands in frustration, Mickie quickly spat out, "I have an
oral fixation, and if I don't blow something I'm going to snap!" Slapping her
hand over her mouth, Mickie watched in horror as Tim's eyes went wide, his
mind clearly not processing all of what she had said, and hers not believing
she had said it.

Looking at Mickie for a moment, Tim rubbed his eyes with the palms of his
hands, mumbling to himself. "Oh fuck, what next." He mumbled, before dropping
his hands and looking up at the roof. Taking a few deep breaths, he got what
little of his mind he had left after the long day in order before looking
down at Mickie, who was looking up at him nervously. "I'm positive I didn't
hear that right." Tim said, nodding to himself as if he was trying to assure
himself that he hadn't heard her right. "Could you please repeat that?"

Whining softly, Mickie looked at the floor, unable to hold her bosses gaze.
"I have an oral fixation." She said, as softly as she could, but making sure
he heard her as she didn't want to have to repeat herself. "I suck my thumb,
and chew gum all the time, then I smoked, then I quit that after like a day,
and, well..." Looking up at him, she smiled shyly. "Once a girl hits a
certain age, her mind turns to other things."

Dropping his head down, Tim sighed, again rubbing his eyes before looking
back at the roof. "Thank you very much." He mumbled, before looking down at
Mickie, who was trembling by this point. "Mickie, what exactly are you asking
here?" When she bit her bottom lip and looked away, Tim shrugged. "Look, I
can't help you if you can't ask me for something. Do you need some time off,
or what?"

Shaking her head, Mickie took a deep breath. "I should have probably
explained myself a little better from the start..."

"Ya think?"

Sighing, Mickie looked up at him, deciding to let it all out. "I found out
half the reason Kenny started running around on me was because, well, I kinda
like much. I was at him all the time to let it...he
just go sick of me started seeing this other girl on the

"What is it?"

Blushing bright red, Mickie fought to hold Tim's look, knowing it was
critical. "Giving head. He got tired of me giving head. I prefer it to pretty
much any other sexual activity, and he got tired of it." Finally getting her
worry off of her chest, Mickie felt her whole body relax, knowing that the
worst was over.

Nodding a few times, Tim rubbed his eyes. "So, what you're asking me is..."
He started, before trailing off, not sure how to phrase what he was going to
ask, knowing he was treading a very thin line.

Knowing he'd never say it, Mickie knew she had to step up and lead the way.
"Can I give you head? I know how weird that must sound, and I wouldn't be
asking unless I was really desperate." When he dropped his hands from his
eyes, she quickly added, "Not that I don't think you're a good looking guy,
or anything. But I don't want you to think that I'm trying to pressure you
into this. If you say no, then I'll deal." Moving closer, Mickie took his
hands in hers, half to keep them from covering his eyes, half to gain some
contact with him. "But Tim, I'm really jonzing for it. You don't have to do
anything, just sit there and let me go."

Looking up at the roof, Tim shook his head. "Funny." He said, before looking
down at Mickie.

"Who are you talking to?"

"Apparently someone who hates me." Tim said, shaking his head. "Alright, so,
umm... what you need is to...oral?" When she nodded, he nodded with her,
trying to gather up all the facts he could. "And you're not just doing this
because you want a push? Because that wouldn't happen."

"I'm doing it...hoping to do it for relief, not a push." Mickie assured him.
"It's an addiction."

Nodding, Tim asked her, "So, where do we go from there? Is this just a one
time thing, or are you going to be crawling all over me, looking for your...
fix?" Seeing her look away in shame, Tim wished he could take back that last

"I could probably keep it down to like, once a week maybe? Twice?" Mickie
said softly, still not looking at him.

Looking at her, Tim noticed for the first time that she was shaking softly,
her feet shuffling as she paced in place. "This is like a serious thing with
you, isn't it?" When she nodded, he asked, "How serious? Like, you can't
function without it?"

Quickly shaking her head, she assured him, "No, not that bad...I just get I said, I used to do all kinds of things. Chewing gum
helps..." Opening her mouth, she pointed to the large wad of gum in it.
"But it doesn't help me to much. And I can't go around sucking on my thumb
all day."

Nodding, he looked down at her, making eye contact. "So, I just sit back,
and you'll do all the work?"

Smiling softly, Mickie nodded, thankful that the conversation had shifted
from "Why" to "How". Nodding, she said, "Well, I don't think of it as work,
since I get off from it too, but yea, that's right."

Looking her in the eye, he asked her softly, "And will it get weird between

Shrugging her shoulders, Mickie shook her head. "I can't promise it won't.
I'm not looking for a new boyfriend, just a friend who happens to be a boy.
A friend with benefits."

Nodding, Tim looked back up at the roof, closing his eyes for a minute,
gathering his thoughts. Weighing his options, he nodded before looking down
at Mickie, smiling softly. "Lets go into my bedroom. We can lock the door so
no one will bug us."

Her eyes lighting up, Mickie dove into Tim, hugging him tightly as she
bounced up and down. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,
thank you! I promise Tim, you won't regret it!"

"I hope not." Tim said, looking down at her. "I'm not using you here, am I?"

"No, no, no." Mickie said quickly, shaking her head as she continued to
bounce up and down. "If anything, I'm using you. So, please, Tim, don't think
of this as a bad thing. I promise you, I enjoy giving head as much as you
hopefully will getting it, if not more."

"Alright." Tim said, smiling and giving her a hug, hoping to calm her down a

Breaking apart from the bouncing Diva, Tim smiled as he moved back down the
hallway, Mickie mere inches behind him as she leered at him again. Looking
back behind him, Tim shivered as he caught her licking her lips, wetting
them slightly. ~I'm going to be between those in a minute.~ He thought,
shivering again with the thought of her pouty lips and all that they could
do. Moving back towards his RV, Tim sighed in relief as he saw that the party
had died out and the Divas had gone about their normal business.

Opening the door, Tim held it open as Mickie bounded in, moving in behind her
and closing it as he followed her into the bedroom. Smiling at the bundle of
energy bouncing into his room, Tim followed her in, turning away and closing
the door behind him, locking it and checking the lock before turning back
around, finding Mickie standing right in front of him, her face one big

Grabbing him by the shoulders, she drug him over to the couch, pushing him
backwards and making him sit down on it as she quickly knelt in front of him,
her eagerness evident as she reached for his fly. Looking up at him, she kept
a close eye on him, making sure to check for any sign that he didn't want to
follow through on his promise. Not seeing any, she giggled as she made short
work of his fly, her practice evident as she got his pants slack quickly
before grabbing the waist band, making him lift his butt as she pulled them
down along with his underwear.

Seeing his half hard member become exposed, Mickie couldn't keep her emotions
in check, giggling nervously as she pulled his pants down around his ankles.
Waiting for him to settle back down on the couch, Mickie reached down, going
to pull her own shirt off before she stopped. Looking up at him, she smiled
shyly. "Do you mind?"

Shaking his head, Tim watched in fascination as she peeled the tight top off,
tossing is aside before making short work of her bra, tossing it along side
her shirt as she looked up at him. Seeing him staring at her, she smiled.
"What, never seen boobs before?"

Smiling, he shook his head. "None that big, no."

Reaching out, she took his penis in her hands, stroking him softly as he
moaned. "You can touch me." Seeing the look on his face, she grinned.
"Touch me wherever you want. Touch me, please." Nodding, Tim leaned forward
slightly, reaching out and cupping Mickie's breasts as she pushed them
forward, her hands stroking his rod to hardness. Looking up at him, she
quickly told him, "If you want to stop, let me know."

"Don't expect to hear me ask." He said, smiling as he moaned. "This feels

"You think?" She teased, relieved that the atmosphere had lightened so

"I know." He said, moaning as she ran her thumb softly over the cockhead.
Thinking for a second, he grinned. "So, fess up. Was it you playing footsies
with my dick?" Seeing her blush and nod, he grinned more. "Why did you do

Leaning forward, she giggled as she kissed his cock, making him moan. "To see
if you'd be a good person to help me with this." Giving him a few pumps, she
added, "And you are. Just perfect."

"So I'm just right because I have an ok sized dick?"

"More than that." Mickie said, really wishing he'd stop asking questions so
she could use her mouth for more productive things. "I knew you wouldn't just
use me and toss me, so I picked you. All I had to do was talk you into it."

"You didn't have to talk me into it!"

"Yes I did." Mickie said, smiling. "Now shut up. I'm hungry."

Before he could get further explanation out of her, Mickie dove forward,
taking his cock between her lips and sucking softly, making both of them
moan. Letting the first few inches of his rod slide into her mouth, Mickie
moaned in relief as she nursed the head, suckling it softly as Tim continued
to rub her breasts softly in return. Closing her eyes, Mickie groaned along
with Tim as she slid up, sucking softly as she pulled his pole almost out of
her mouth, stopping when just the very tip was in, her tongue snaking around
the head and drawing another groan from her impromptu lover.

Looking down at Mickie, Tim groaned again as she fisted his shaft gently, her
skilled lips massaging his pole as she sucked and licked it. Seeing her other
hand leave his lap, he watched in awe as it slid down the front of her body.
Leaning back in his seat, Tim moaned as he heard her zipper unzip before her
body shifted slightly, her hand dropping down further as her eyes snapped
open, locking with his and showing him that she meant business.

As he watched his women's champion suck on his cock, Tim was quickly
beginning to realize that giving head was something that Mickie took very
seriously, and was very, very good at. Victoria might have been good, but
compared to Mickie's oral skills, she was a timid, teeth scraping novice.

"Oh fuck!" Tim grunted, hissing softly as Mickie's tongue flashed out for
another pass over his cock, drawing a moan from his lover as well. Moaning
louder, Tim looked down at Mickie, quickly realizing from the vibrations
coming from his dick that Mickie was moaning more than he was. "Good god,
you...oh, god, yes...really do like...Jesus, Mickie!...doing this, don't...

"Mmm-hmmm" Mickie moaned, whining softly as she continued to nurse the top
of his shaft, sucking it gently as she started to bob down deeper, her
moaning and groaning increasing as she moved slowly down his shaft. Hearing
him grunt and groan, she pulled back, sliding off of his cock and giving his
head open mouth kisses, flicking her tongue out over the sensitive tip and
making her fix grab at the seat cushions. "Touch me..."

"I can't!" Tim moaned, smiling down at her. Seeing her giving him a
questioning glance, he laughed slightly, before being cut off by another
moan erupting from his lungs. "I'm not really in control here, I'm just
hanging on and enjoying the ride...immensely."

Whining pitifully, Mickie resumed her oral assault, licking and sucking his
throbbing shaft as she continued to play with herself, her own moaning
picking up steam as she slurped and sucked on Tim's cock. Feeling Tim brush
her hair away from her face, Mickie shifted her gaze upwards, locking eyes
with him and curling her lips into a sly smile around his shaft as she
continued sucking.

"Oh fuck Mickie." Tim grunted, his eyes burning with lust as he watched the
beautiful woman kneeling in front of him begin to tap her feet on the floor,
making slapping noises echo through the room along with her sucking, moaning,
groaning and whining. "I'm so sorry for being an dick the last few days.
Its just...fuck, Mickie god...I didn't know what was...Fuck! God, don't stop,
please...wrong. I swear, if I did, I wouldn't have been...holy shit. God,
you're so good...suck a prick."

Looking up into his eyes, Mickie hoped that the look she was giving him was
enough to convince him that she wasn't mad, as she wasn't about to pull of
off her fix and give him a verbal answer. Deciding a little physical reminder
was necessary, Mickie slowly pulled up his cock, sucking and slurping the
whole way as her tongue whipped like buzz saw along the underside, forcing
salty man seed into her mouth. Tasting the fruits of her labor, Mickie's damn
broke, unable to hold back any longer as her eyes rolled back in her head,
her jaw fighting to go slack but being held in place by her will, demanding
she keep sucking her lover. Plunging her fingers in and out of her pussy at
breakneck speed, she dropped her other hand from his cock, not wanting to let
go of his fleshy member but needing something to give her more stimuli.
Rubbing her breasts softly, she sobbed loudly around his cock as her hips
bucked forward, thrusting her quivering love hole onto her hand and crying

Watching Mickie's motions, Tim reached down, brushing her hair out of her
face. Hearing her scream out again and again, and her eyes rolled back in her
head, he reached down, suddenly becoming concerned for his women's champion.
"Mickie? Are you..."

Pulling off of Tim's cock, much to her own dismay, Mickie arched her back as
she bounced softly on the floor, her head thrashing from side to side as she
sobbed and moaned. Feeling Tim's hands on her shoulders, she snapped her eyes
back to reality, glaring up at him. "Touch me, please, god, I'm coming..."

Quickly realizing that it was pleasure and not pain driving her insane, Tim
softly reached down, cupping her breasts as he pushed her hand away, only to
have it snap out and grab him behind the neck, pulling him down towards her

"Touch me!"

Again moving quickly, Tim gave into temptation, honestly not knowing if he
was doing the right thing or not as he flicked his tongue out, lashing her
erect nipple. Hearing her cry out his name, Tim knew he had done right.
Taking her nipple into his mouth gently, he suckled it softly, returning
the favor she had given him a hundred fold better. Cupping her breasts
gently, he used every little trick Victoria had trained him with, moving
from breast to breast, making sure neither was neglected, while leaving
Mickie craving more. Feeling her body movements begin to slow, and her arm
around his neck drop off, Tim sat back up, unable to resist giving her large
breasts one last kiss each before leaning back in his couch. Seeing Mickie's
dazed expression, he was about to as her if she was alright before she fell
forward gently, letting her head come to a rest in his lap beside his cock.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god..." Mickie panted, her tired hand sliding up his leg
and cupping his cock, stroking it slowly. Pulling it over, she gave it a
kiss. "Thank you..." Sucking in deep, greedy breaths, Mickie sat up, looking
up at Tim. Her face growing into a smile, Tim looked down at her, taking in
the curious look on her face. Seeing her pull her hand from between her legs,
her eyes glazed over with lust as she grinned up at him, Tim watched as she
grinned up at him. "You are so gonna fucking get it now." Mickie growled, the
timid, nervous girl from ten minutes ago and the needy, hyper girl from five
thrown away and replaced with a crazed look and a wicked smile.

Before he could say anything, Mickie pushed her cream slicked hand out,
rubbing her juices liberally over his shaft before diving mouth first down
onto his pole. Sucking away her love nectar in one greedy slurp, Mickie
purred as Tim moaned out his loudest moan of the night, her loving efforts
of lust paying off as he gripped the couch so hard his knuckles turned white.

"Oh my fuck!" Tim grunted, watching with great eagerness as Mickie's head
bounced up and down in his lap, her eyes locked with his and conveying her
pure sexual need. Snapping his head back, Tim grunted and groaned as Mickie's
tongue slithered around his cock, licking up the pre-come he was leaking
in abundance as her hands quickly joined in the fun, her right one gripping
his shaft and moving up and down with her lips as the left slid between his
legs, reaching for his sensitive sack. "Oh my fucking god, Mickie! Oh fuck
you are so fucking good!"

Hissing softly, Mickie stared up at him, her eyes burning a hole through him
as she jerked and sucked, his cock producing more and more salty liquid,
alerting her to the fact that her fun was coming to an end. Deciding her very
gracious host deserved a little something, Mickie pulled off of his cock,
leaving just the tip inside her mouth. Smiling up at Tim, Mickie giggled.

"Are you going to come in my mouth, Timmy?" She asked softly, her face sweet
and innocent, completely contrasting the hand she was sliding up and down his
shaft, and the tongue stroking and slapping the underside of his cock. When
he grunted in response, she giggled. "Come on, come boss."

Grunting loudly, Tim tried to keep his eyes on the sweet, innocent brunette
stroking and licking the semen from his shaft, his neck straining to keep his
head from snapping back. Bucking his hips as little as possible, Tim fired a
shot of semen into her waiting mouth, making her squeal happily. Cursing and
swearing as Mickie continued to pump his shaft, Tim finally gave up, letting
his head fall back against the top of the couch. Seeing he wasn't watching
the show anymore, Mickie gave up on style and went straight to substance,
sliding his cock back into her mouth and sucking hard and fast, forcing more
of his lust into her waiting mouth.

"Oh fuck, oh Mickie..." Tim moaned, his body shutting down and melting into
the couch as Mickie kept sucking and slurping. Feeling her finally release
her lip grip on his cock, Tim let out a long breath. "
god...awesome..." Pulling his head up, Tim let his chin rest on his chest,
smiling down at her. "God Mickie..."

Giggling, Mickie kept her hand on his cock, stroking him softly as she smiled
up at him. "Thank you so, so much Tim." Mickie said, leaning forward and
kissing his thighs. "Thank you, thank you, thank you..."

"Thank me?" Tim asked, smiling. When she nodded, he asked, "For what?"

Blushing, Mickie looked down. "For letting know...suck you..."

"Wait, wait, hold up." Tim said, shaking his head. "You're thanking me?"
When she nodded slightly, still not looking up, Tim shook his head. "Jesus,
Mickie, don't thank me." Reaching down, Tim took her face in his hands,
pulling her face up to look at him before leaning down, kissing her softly.

Feeling Tim's lips against hers, Mickie was stunned for a moment, never
expecting her boss to kiss her. But feeling his lips against hers, she surged
forward, pushing herself up and pushing her chest out, smiling into the kiss
as she took his hand off her face and put them on her breasts. "Touch,

Smiling, he cupped her breasts softly, stroking her nipples with his thumbs,
making her purr. "You like that, don't you?" He asked. When she murmured a
yes, he smiled again, stroking her nipples softly as she purred into his
mouth. "You are so beautiful, Mickie." He said softly, leaning down further
and kissing her jaw line, tracing it down and kissing her neck, making her
moan softly. Giving her a parting kiss, Tim sat up. Shaking his head slowly,
he grinned at the happy look on her face. "Mickie, I don't know what Kenny's
major malfunction was, but anytime you want to do that to me, just let me

Her eyes lighting up, Mickie started bouncing up and down on the floor,
clapping her hands as she went into a full blown spaz attack. "Ohmygod,
ohmygod, ohmygod!" Mickie squealed, her face beaming with a smile. "Do
you mean it? Like, really, really mean it? You want to do it again some

"God yes." Tim said, laughing at her act. "That was the most mind blowing
experience I've ever had in my entire life. I would be very, very happy if
you ever wanted to do that again, and you picked me to do it to."

Squealing in glee again, Mickie surged upwards, kissing him on the lips hard
and tight, her arms wrapping around his neck and holding him tight. Breaking
apart, Mickie grinned up at him as she flopped back down on the floor, her
hands still clapping together. "Don't worry, I'll pick you! You totally

"I rocked?" He asked, smiling. When she nodded, he asked, "How did I rock?
I just sat there."

"Oh god, you did so much more than that!" Mickie assured him. "You lasted
soooooooo long! You have no idea how good that feels. Like I said, this stuff
gets me off to, so, the longer you last, the longer I last, kinda. I never
got off with Kenny..." Seeing him smile, she leaned down, giving his cock a
kiss before looking back up at Tim. Realizing something, she looked back
down, her eyes looking back down at the hard shaft staring back up at her.
"Hey!" She said, pointing at it. "You're still hard."

Nodding sheepishly, Tim smiled. "Guess so." He said, going to stand up.

But Mickie surged forward again, pushing him to the couch and pinning him
down, putting her hands together and resuming her foot slapping glee from
before. "Please, please, please! Let me do it again!" Seeing him staring
down at her in disbelief, she giggled, leaning down and kissing his penis
again. "Come on, Tim. Hey, you wanted to get picked." Looking up at him,
she smiled. "And when I see a big, hard cock staring me in the face, I just
have to finish the job."

Smiling down at her, he asked, "Finish the job?"

Nodding, Mickie let her head rest on his thigh, scooting her head over and
kissing his cock. "Please, please, please, please, please..."

Shaking his head, Tim moaned softly as Mickie continued kissing his cock in
between chants. ~How stupid would it be to say no?~ Tim thought, grunting
as Mickie started stroking his member, clearly not waiting for him to answer
to get started. ~You'd have to be fucking crazy to shoot down an offer of
another blowjob from a beautiful woman like Mickie.~ Looking down at her
and gaining her attention, Tim grinned. "If you want to, go...FUCK!!!"

Quickly diving onto his penis, Mickie sucked it in between her lips, not
waiting for him to finish before getting back to work. Looking up and finding
him glaring down at her, his lips curled up into a snarling smile, Mickie
couldn't help but giggle.

"God Mickie, you are so awesome!" Tim moaned, grinning down at her. "You have
no idea how stupid I feel for avoiding you now!"

Letting his cock slide out of her mouth with a suck and a slither, Mickie
grinned back, pumping his shaft with one hand as her other slid back down
the front of her pants. "You should feel stupid!" Mickie teased, flicking
her tongue out and slapping his cock head, purring as the taste she craved
flooded her taste buds. Putting on a pout, she added, "All I wanted to do
was suck your cock. Is that so wrong?"

"Yes!" Tim said, trying to laugh but unable to do anything but moan and
groan. "God, I was hoping you just needed a hug or something, but this is so
much more wrong than a hug!"

Looking up at Tim, Mickie backed up a bit, letting her hands drop as she
tried to not look sad and disappointed. "It's wrong?"

Quickly realizing what he had done, Tim shook his head, moving forward and
taking her in his arms, holding her tight. "Mickie, I didn't mean it like
that." He said softly. Pulling back to look her in the eyes, he smiled,
trying to undo his fuck up. "I just meant, I'm your boss. If people found
out about...this, what would they think?"

Nodding slowly, Mickie looked down at the floor. "I guess. I should have
asked someone else..."

"Please, Mickie, no." Tim said softly, taking her chin in his hand and making
her look up at him. Smiling again, he leaned forward, kissing her softly,
tenderly. Pulling back, he looked her in the eye. "What you need, isn't
wrong. What we did, wasn't wrong. But if someone found out, it could land us
both in trouble." Before she could speak, he said, "But that doesn't mean
that I don't want to do it. I really wish there was a different way for me
to help you." Looking away, he added softly, "I feel kinda sleazy sitting
here taking pleasure off of your addiction..."

"Tim, it's ok." Mickie said quickly. "I like it. And I want you to like it,
because...I'd like to keep doing it. With you." Smiling at him as he looked
at her, she added, "That is, if you don't mind helping me out?"

Smiling, Tim leaned forward, kissing her, holding her close. Feeling her
kissing him back, he smiled more, knowing it wasn't just him that wanted the
lip-to-lip contact. Rubbing her body softly, he couldn't help but smile as
he found her pushing her body out to demand more contact. Pulling back, he
smiled as she giggled, her bubbly nature surfacing. "I would love to help
you." Tim said. "If you can keep it a secret. I wouldn't want anyone thinking
you were getting special treatment because of this. Deal?"

"Deal." Mickie said quickly, before standing up. Seeing Tim's eyes drawn
to her open fly and exposed pussy, she bushed softly, quickly drawing his
attention to her face as she took his hands in hers. "Come on, to the bed.
My knees are killing me."

"Rug burn?" Tim asked with a smile, letting her help him to his feet.

Taking his hands, Mickie spun him around quickly, knocking him off balance
and sending him sprawling onto the bed. Quickly pouncing on her prone prey,
she grinned as she reached between them, taking his cock into her hand and
stroking it, leaning down and kissing him softly. "Your cock's gonna have
friction burns before I'm done with you." Mickie murmured around his lips.
Pulling back and seeing the smile on his face, she giggled. "Didn't I just
tell you, you're so gonna get it?"

"I guess..."

Giggling, Mickie rolled off of him, smiling as he scooted up further onto the
bed. "Get back here!" She playfully scolded him. "I'm not done with you yet!"

Smiling as she hopped onto the bed, Tim grinned as she kneel walked towards
him, the lioness appearance he swore he saw in her before coming to the
forefront as she stalked him onto the bed. When she pulled up towards him,
he sat up, taking her in his arms and pulling her into his lap, kissing her
again. Feeling her kiss him back, Tim let his hands leave her face and move
south, running down her body and rubbing her stomach. Moving his hand down
lower, he went to move for her pussy, but was stopped when she pulled back.

"Stop." She said softly. When he looked up at her in confusion, she blushed.
"Touch me. Anywhere but there...please?"

Nodding, Tim moved his hands around her hips, curling them around her butt.
"Is this ok?" He asked, moaning as she nodded and kissed his neck, her small
hands reaching down and taking his member back into her hands, stroking him
softly. Cupping her plump butt in his hands, Tim gave her a soft squeeze,
moaning as she responded with a twist of her hands, corkscrewing his cock and
sending a shiver of pleasure down his spine.

Feeling his hands rubbing her sides as he kissed her neck and face, Mickie
moaned softly. "I wanna suck you."

"Then suck."

"Stop touching me."

"I thought you wanted me to touch you? Anywhere but there?"

"I do. But I wanna suck."

"I'm lost. Got a map?"

"I want to suck you, but I'm not gonna stop while your touching me."

"So you want me to stop touching you?"


"I give up."

"Please, Tim? Touch me?"

"My arms are only so long Mickie. I suppose I could rub your leg with my foot
or something..."

"I want you to touch me like you are now."

"Again, arms only so long."


Sighing, Tim kissed Mickie's throat, making sure to keep contact with the
beautiful woman through the whole conversation. "Alright, I think I figured
it out. Off me for a minute."

Giving him a parting kiss and stroke, Mickie climbed off of Tim's legs,
letting him sit up and kneel on the bed. Seeing his dick pointing at her,
she smiled as she looked up at him. "Is that for me?"

"You're the one who wanted it." He reminded her. Smiling, he said, "I know
it's not a perfect answer. I can't kiss you like I was but OH MY FUCK!"

Lunging forward, Mickie impaled her mouth on Tim's shaft, not bothering to
warn the startled young man as she quickly resumed her sucking, looking up
at her bosses eyes and smiling at the look of arousal etched into his snarl.

"Fuck! You could have...fucking! Warned! Me!" Tim grunted, trying to keep his
hips steady as Mickie slurped and sucked on his dick.

Still looking up at Tim, Mickie tried to pout around his dick, hoping that
it would convey how sorry she was for not warning him. But she knew he
probably wasn't getting the message, seeing as her lips were stretched around
his cock, and pouting wasn't a real option. She knew that she'd have to
physically remove his shaft from her mouth in order to do it properly, and
that was something that she wasn't about to do, save for a half a dozen
people with crowbars prying her off of her prize.

Moaning loudly, Tim bent over slightly, reaching under Mickie and cupping her
breasts again, making her moan around his cock as she squirmed on the bed,
urging him to touch her as much as he could. Feeling him caress her breasts
softly, Mickie moaned happily, moving one hand from the bed down her body,
working with him to make sure he had room to grope as she pushed her hand
down the front of her pants again.

Watching Mickie bob and suck on his shaft, Tim whined as her tongue swirled
around his cock, her fleshy member slapping and licking the underside of his
dick, knowing from the first blow job exactly what her booker liked, and what
he loved. "Oh man, Mickie...god, you are so hot." Tim moaned, looking down
into her big eyes. Rubbing his hand up her side and down her back, he moaned
again when Mickie started wiggling her butt softly, pleading for his touch.
Knowing the limit she had set, he ducked his hand under her jeans but not
below her panties, cupping her plump rump and giving it a soft squeeze,
groaning as she moaned around his cock. "God, I don't know how stupid Kenny
is, but I can't believe that he'd be stupid enough to walk away from this...
fuck he's, so stupid..."

Pulling back slightly, Mickie attacked the head of his cock, flicking her
tongue over it and suckling it softly, nursing the sensitive tip between her
pouty lips. Tasting his salty pre-come oozing out of his cock, Mickie grunted
softly. Feeling him push his hips forward slightly on instinct, Mickie pulled
back, shooting him a look as she continued to nurse the head, sucking softly
and slowly.

Looking down at her, Tim smiled, loving the sight of his cock disappearing
between Mickie's lips. "Oh god, I hate to ask this, but...were you planning
this when you came to me that night you found Kenny cheating on you?" Tim
asked, grunting loudly as she sucked him particularly right. Seeing her look,
he smiled. "You were just lining up your next suck buddy, weren't you?" When
she nodded, her moaned. "God, I would have never taken advantage of you that
night, but if I'd have know, I would have been hammering on Trish's door the
next morning to see if you were still up for it." Seeing her eyes light up,
he chuckled before moaning. "Well, maybe not the next day...maybe that

Pulling his hand back from Mickie's swinging backside, Tim leaned back on his
calves, moaning louder than before as Mickie picked up the pace, knowing her
reward was coming shortly. Brushing her hair out of her face, Tim cried out
in pleasure as she bobbed and sucked quicker, her hand plunging in and out of
her soft folds as she sucked his cock. Suddenly realizing he was supposed to
be doing something, Tim reached down again, reaching under her and cupping
her breasts. Rubbing her nipples softly, Tim knew he was doing the right
thing immediately when she cried out around his cock, her own efforts of
pleasuring her coming to a head as she quickly pulled Tim towards his own

"Oh god, Mickie...oh, please, don't stop..." Tim moaned, not caring that he
was doing this for her pleasure and worrying about his own. Rubbing her
nipples softly, he moaned as she cried out again. Looking down at his oral
lover, Tim groaned as he found her eyes rolled back in her head again,
knowing she was succumbing to her own pleasure. Sobbing and moaning, Tim
tried in vain to hold off, knowing she was getting some perverse pleasure
he would never understand from sucking his cock, but couldn't, her efforts
to much for his willpower and forcing him to come into her crying, sobbing

Feeling her own orgasm come to a panty soaking end, Mickie quickly whipped
her hand out of her pants, grabbing his shaft and pumping him quickly, again
catching her boss off guard and making him moan. Jerking and sucking as hard
as she could without damaging her new toy, Mickie cooed softly as Tim's flow
came to an end. Giving him a parting suck, she pulled back, swallowing his
load quickly before sitting back on her calves, smiling at him. Seeing him
slowly open his eyes, Mickie went to move in for another kiss, but stopped,
knowing her mouth had just been around his cock, and having learned from her
experience with Kenny that might not be welcome on his lips.

But spotting her stop and start movement, Tim dove forward, catching her in
his arms as he fell to the bed, kissing her fully on the lips, not caring
what she had just done with them. Quickly getting into the kiss, Mickie
snuggled up against him, holding him tightly against her body as he rubbed
her softly. Nibbling her bottom lip softly, Tim smiled as she purred, ducking
down and kissing her neck.

"I gotta get back to work." Tim said softly, kissing her throat. "God, I
don't want to. I just wanna stay here kissing you..."

"Don't go." Mickie asked softly, reaching down and stroking his cock. "You're
still kinda hard! That means..."

"No." He said, smiling as he quickly scooted away from her and off the bed.
As she quickly followed him, he caught her before she could grab his manhood
again, pulling her into a soft hug. Leaning down and kissing her, he smiled.
"I loved this." He assured her softly. "But I really do have to get back to
work. I wish I didn't have to right after we did it..."

"I know Tim." Mickie said, giving him a kiss before breaking apart. Seeing
him look her up and down, before stopping at her breasts, she smiled. "Like
em?" Seeing him blush and look away, she giggled. "It's ok. Didn't buy them
so people wouldn't look. Not that I want you staring at them all day or


"Again, it's ok." Mickie said, her nervous energy beginning to bubble over
as her brain started working over time. "Maybe, next time...will there be a
next time?"

"For sure." He said. "Anytime you want to do that, remember, I'm willing.
Just not right now."

"Next time, when we do it, you could, maybe, get on top and screw them while
I" Seeing him blush, she giggled. "What, you've never titty fucked
a girl before?"

"Never came up."

"Well, I'll break your cherry next time." Mickie said, smiling. "Deal?"

"Deal." Tim said, smiling as she started bouncing and giggling. "Now get
dressed. We gotta go."

Nodding, Mickie moved over to the dresser Tim had given her, pulling out some
clean clothes as Tim turned away, giving her some privacy. "Thanks, Tim." She
said softly.

"No problem, Mickie." Tim said, smiling at the door. "Anytime." Hearing
her zip her pants up, he peeked over his shoulder, seeing that she was just
pulling her shirt back on. Turning around fully, he waited for her to get her
shirt right before moving over to her. Taking her gently into his arms, Tim
smiled at her, holding her close. "Thank you so much, Mickie." He said,
leaning down and kissing her softly. Pulling back, he looked down at her
again, still smiling as she smiled back. "That was amazing. I hope it was
somewhere near as good for you as it was for me, and that you really did
enjoy it..."

"I did." She assured him. "So, so much. Thank you." Giving him a hug, she
smiled as she kissed his neck softly. "Sure you don't wanna try for three?"

"No, I'm not." He said with a grin. "But I can't. Work." Giving her a
squeeze, he broke apart slowly. "Just please don't think that I'm leaving of
my own will. I'd love to stay in here with you all day and see just what you
can do with that mouth of yours." When she blushed softly, he leaned down,
kissing her. "Alright, we seriously gotta go." When she nodded, he moved
away, reaching for the door an unlocking it, opening it wide and letting her
leave before moving out behind her, closing the door and moving towards the
kitchen table, grabbing his laptop off the couch and setting it up.

* * *

"Alright, so, I'll give...Trish, I guess, the notes, ok?" Tim said, standing
up from his chair. "She's pretty good at looking after stuff like that."

"Are you sure you won't come?" Vince asked, grinning. "Flying really isn't
that bad."

"Planes are just one step ahead of jumping off a cliff." Tim said. "I already
have a plan or two for the down time, but I'll be waiting in Maine for you
guys to get back."

"I won't be at the show tomorrow, so I'll see you when we get back." Vince
said, turning his attention back to the paper work on his desk as Tim moved
around the chair, going to the door and letting himself out of Vince's large

Looking down at his notes, Tim skimmed over the pages, ducking and weaving
through the mass of people as he made his way towards his RV.

"Tim! Tim!"

Stopping and turning towards the voice, Tim smiled as he spotted someone
rushing towards him. "Hi, Mrs. McMahon..."

Stopping in front of the booker, Stephanie smiled. "How many friggin times
do I have to tell you to call me Steph?"

Scratching his head in thought, Tim grinned. "Apparently once more, at least.
So, what's up Mrs." He started, before seeing her glare at him. "Steph?"

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that Mrs. part." Steph said, grinning. When he
smiled, she asked, "Do you have the notes for the UK trip?"

Shaking his head, he told her, "I'll have them for you tomorrow."

Looking confused, Steph asked, "Didn't I ask you to have them today?"


"Are you sure?"

"Positive, why?"

"I won't be here tomorrow. I'm heading out to the UK a day early." Seeing his
face drop, she grinned. "It's no biggie. Just email them to me...unless dad
changed your mind and got you to come on the trip?"

"Doping me up on sleeping pills and dragging me onto Air WWE doesn't sound
like a very appealing proposition to me." Tim said, smiling as she laughed.
"So, ok, I'll just email them to you. Just used the address on your card...
which I'm sure I have somewhere..." Patting down his pockets, he quickly
found his wallet, pulling it out and opening it up, rooting through it as
Steph grinned, eventually producing her business card. "Ah-ha! Here it is."
Looking down at the card, he read, "SteMcMHel at WWE dot com?"

Thinking for a moment, Steph shook her head, reaching out and taking the
card. "That's my business one." She said, flipping the card over and pulling
out a pen. "I only really check it for business stuff." Jotting down a note
on the back of the card, she handed it back to Tim. "It's a lot easier to
reach me at that one. It's my personal email, so I check it all the time."

Nodding, Tim quickly read over the address. "Alright, will do."

Smiling, she asked, "Are you sure you can't be talked into going on this
thing? The road trips are fun..."

"Me plus flying equals a bad, bad idea." He said. "Last time I was on a
plane, it was a Marge Simpson like meltdown. I just kept screaming and
running around until they kicked me off."

Laughing at the thought of her booker running up and down the isles
screaming, Steph shook her head. "Well, your gonna be missing out on a lot."
When he nodded, she pointed at the card. "Don't forget the notes, and if you
need anything, just gimme a shout and I'll get back to you ASAP."

Nodding, Tim smiled as he waved goodbye. "Alright, I gotta get going. Gotta
get the tribe to the next show."

"Alright, talk to week I guess." Steph said, waving goodbye as she
turned and started towards her office.

Turning and heading towards his RV, Tim made a quick check of the list of
things on his pad, checking off his to do list. Moving around his RV, he gave
it a quick visual inspection before moving to the back door, checking his
watch as he pulled himself inside the RV. Moving towards the kitchen/living
room, he grinned as his bunk mates looked up at him from there plates.

"Eating again?" He asked, grinning at them.

"Always." Candice answered, smiling.

"Make me anything?"

Shimmying out of her seat, Candice held out a plate, smiling at the surprised
look on his face. "Don't look so shocked, Tim. We said we'd help..."

"Yea, I just never expected you to actually help." He said, smiling. "Thanks

"No problem."

Grinning, he looked up at the clock. "So, are you ready yet? It's getting
kinda late."

Looking up at Tim, Candice smiled. "We're getting there. Just finishing up,
then we're off to bed."

"You do realize I can't get this thing moving without you guys being either
sitting or sleeping, right?" Tim said, looking up at the clock again.

"We know." Candice answered, giggling when he sighed. "Alright, alright, I'm

"Good." Tim said, moving into the drivers compartment. "Get to wherever your
going, cuz this rig be a moving."

"Pushy, pushy." Victoria teased, giggling with the other girls.

"Hey, I'm not the one who staged a sit in." Tim reminded them with a smile.
"Now piss off and let me drive. Gotta get to the next show."

"Stupid Tuesday shows." Trish grumbled, picking up her plate and setting it
in the sink as she made her way towards the back of the RV. "Night, Tim."

"Night girls." Tim said, moving in and closing the door behind him. Quickly
firing up the engine before anyone else had a chance to object, he buckled
himself in before putting the RV in drive, pulling out of the parking spot
and towards the exit.

* * *

Bobbing his head to the music blaring from the radio, Tim looked over at his
map, quickly counting off the miles left on his trip until he reached the
next arena. Reaching down and fiddling with the radio dial, he tried in vain
to find a sports station for the third time that night.

"God damn FM." He mumbled, quickly giving up and turning the radio off.
Reaching for his pad and pen, he set it up on the steering wheel, pulling the
pen top off with his teeth. "Note to self. Get satellite radio." Setting his
pad down on the floor, he smiled as he gave the cabin a quick look around,
taking in the sight of his new toy. "I'm really glad I bought this thing..."

Hearing someone trying to open the door to the driving compartment, Tim
reached back blindly, fumbling with the lock and opening it up, getting his
hand out of the way just in time to not lose a finger as the person whipped
the door open quickly. Risking a glance to his side, Tim watched as Mickie
quickly moved into the small cabin, closing the door and locking it behind
her. Smiling at her, he asked, "I thought you guys went to sleep..." Looking
up at her, and seeing the look in her eyes, Tim's smile faded a little. "I
should probably know why you're here..."

"I'm so sorry, Tim." Mickie whined softly, sitting sideways on the passenger
seat, looking at him. "I know I promised you I wouldn't be a pain, but I
haven't had anything in like six weeks. I'm not normally this bad, I

"It's ok." He said softly, smiling at her to reinforce the point. "I take it
you" When she quickly nodded, he sighed softly, telling her, "I
should probably warn's been a long day...I'm kinda tired..."

"It's ok Tim." Mickie quickly said, smiling. "I'll take what I can get."
Blushing slightly, she whispered, "I kinda got started myself, so I just
need help finishing..."

"Should I find somewhere to pull over so you can work, or can you hold on for
a while..."

"No, no, no, no, no..." Mickie said quickly, shaking her head. "Don't pull
over. I don't want the others coming up here and asking questions...or
finding out." When he nodded, she looked down at the floor, her face burning
bright red. "Can I do it, like, now? But don't stop the RV, ok? Please?"

Risking another glance over, Tim reached out with his free hand, lifting
Mickie's face up to look at him. "Only if you don't look at the floor when
you ask." Seeing her look, he said, "Mickie, I honestly don't know what's
going on with you, but it's ok. I really, really wish I understood where
you were coming from on this, but I won't hammer you for answers, ok?" When
she nodded, he smiled. "So, what do you want to do?"

"Road head." Mickie said bluntly, choosing the quickest way to explain it
possible. "Just keep driving, and let me do everything, ok?" When he nodded,
Mickie quickly dropped to the floor beside his chair, watching as he put the
RV on cruise control and slid his chair back, smiling at her.

"Don't want you bumping your head on the steering wheel." He joked.

Smiling, she nodded. "So considerate." She teased. Reaching down and grabbing
the bottom of her shirt, she grinned. "Do you mind?"

"Oh, yes, of course." He said, smiling as she giggled. "Please, keep your
shirt on and don't expose me to those awesome boobs of yours."

Laughing softly at his efforts to lighten the mood, Mickie quickly peeled her
shirt off, tossing it on her chair as the reached down, going to unbutton her
pants before stopping. Looking up, she smiled as he quickly averted his gaze
from her, letting her have a small measure of privacy as he quickly undid her
jeans and slid them down a bit, pushing her left hand down the front of her
panties and kneel walking towards him. Seeing his free hand reach out, she
happily pushed her chest into his grasp, moaning softly as he cupped her left
breast, rubbing it gently.

Seeing her kneeling beside his seat, Tim grinned. "Hold the wheel for a
second?" When she grasped the wheel, Tim let go of her breast, reaching down
and undoing the fly on his pants, opening them up and pulling his dick out,
smiling as Mickie moaned softly. "Like it?" He joked.

Taking her hand off the wheel, Mickie reached out and gripped his cock,
pulling herself to hover over his lap. "I love it." She said, pumping his
shaft as she flicked at his limp rod with her tongue. Feeling his shaft grow
to life in her grip, Mickie smiled, leaning down and kissing it softly. "It
gets hard so quick for me." Mickie mused, stroking him softly. "It must like

"It really does." Tim confirmed.

Leaning her head down, Mickie slid his cock into her mouth, sucking the head
softly as she purred, her other hand beginning it's stroking of her pussy.
Looking up at him through her bangs, Mickie moaned softly as he reached his
right hand down, cupping her breast again and rubbing her nipple. Slurping
on his shaft, Mickie bobbed her head in slow, deliberate bobs, sliding her
tongue along the underside of his shaft, groaning along with him.

Trying to keep his eyes on the road, Tim moaned softly as Mickie pulled the
skin back on his cock, attacking the head with quick, biting flicks of her
nimble tongue, her knowledge of what he liked growing with each moment as she
studied his likes and dislikes. Dipping her index and middle finger into her
pussy, she pulled off of his dick, smiling as he groaned in protest. Sliding
her hand up and down his wet dick, Mickie giggled as he looked down at her.

"Why did you stop?" He asked, panting loudly.

"Because it's fun." Mickie said, grinning. "Fun, fun, fun...teasing Tim is

"Pleasing Tim is fun to." Tim offered hopefully.

"It is fun." Mickie confirmed, smiling up at him. Pulling the foreskin back
again and attacking his cock with her tongue, Mickie smiled as she snapped at
his cock with her lips, kissing his head. Looking up at him as she pulled him
back into her mouth, she giggled as he groaned in relief. Resuming her
bobbing and sucking, Mickie moved her hands in unison, stroking his cock with
one and her pussy with the other, his pulsing cock lodged in her mouth
pleasing her as she sucked away at his cock.

"God, Mickie, your lucky you're so damn sexy." He said, smiling as she
moaned. "I don't let girls who aren't sexy as hell tease me like your doing
right now."

Pulling off of his cockhead, Mickie slid her lips along his man root, moving
down lower as she sucked and licked his cock, moaning to herself as she felt
it pulse in her mouth. Ducking her head between his legs, she pushed his cock
up and out of the way as her tongue flicked out, slapping his balls as he
jumped slightly. Hearing him groan, Mickie pressed on, sliding her hand up
and down his shaft as she drug one of his balls into her mouth, sucking the
overworked nut as she pushed further into his lap. Pushing her tongue out in
the relative darkness of Tim's lap, Mickie traced his sack to find his other
nut, quickly pulling that into her mouth and suckling it, moaning along with
him as his feet started squirming on the floor. Feeling his cock twitch,
Mickie pulled back, looking up at him as she slid his cock into her mouth,
smiling up at him.

"Mickie...I'm gonna..." Tim moaned, trying to focus on ten things at once and
failing on all fronts. Feeling her lips draw tight around his cock and her
hand pick up speed, he knew she had gotten the hint and put all his attention
on keeping his brand new RV out of a ditch as Mickie handled the rest.
Trusting in the sound proof material in his drivers compartment, Tim howled
and moaned as Mickie pumped harder and faster than before, his orgasm
spurning her on to push him farther than she had before, her slippery,
heavenly tongue sliding and rubbing against his exposed cockhead as she
sucked in quick, pulsing sucks, milking his shaft as he erupted in a torrent
of lust into her mouth.

"Oh my fuck, you hot little sucking machine..." Tim moaned, falling back in
his chair as he panted and groaned, Mickie's efforts not slowing down as he
finishing depositing his load. Risking a glance down, Tim watched as she
continued to suck, her other hand leaving his dick and diving down her pants.
Hearing her cries and sobs, Tim fought to stay as hard as he could for her,
his experience with Victoria letting him know that the noises Mickie was
making meant she was close. "Yea, that's it...come Mickie..." Tim urged her,
half for her own pleasure, and have to get her off of his sensitive dick.

Her body convulsing, Mickie tried to keep her lips around his wilting shaft,
her fingers plunging in and out of her pussy as she played with herself, her
fluids oozing down her fingers and soaking her panties. Finally releasing her
lip lock on his tired cock, Mickie collapsed into his lap, sucking in deep,
greedy breaths along with him as she closed her eyes, trying to gather her

"My god Mickie..." Tim said, smiling as she rolled her head in his lap to
look up at him. "You are so good." He said, reaching down and brushing her
hair out of her face. "So beautiful..."

Smiling, Mickie scooted forward, kissing his cock softly before sitting back
on her calves. "Thanks." She said, smiling. Looking up at the clock on the
dash, she pretended to be interested in the time. "Wow, jeez, I guess I
should get..."

"Have a seat." Tim said, grinning down at her. "We need to talk about this a
bit." Hearing her whine softly, he reached out, rubbing her face softly.
"Don't worry, nothing bad. I just want a few answers, ok?"

Composing herself, Mickie pushed herself up and into the passengers seat,
landing with a thud. Leaning back against the door, she smiled at Tim.
"Alright, shoot."

"Again, I don't mean this in a bad way." Tim started, before asking, "Is it
going to be this much, like, every day?"

"This much?"

"We've done this three times today." Tim reminded her.

"Oh. Yea." Mickie said, getting embarrassed and looking away from Tim and out
the front window. Racking her brain to try and find an analogy, she asked him
softy, "Umm, do you know a lot about cars?"

"I know a fair bit." He said. "What does that...?"

"Well, you know when you have a car, and you keep the bare minimum of oil in
it, your ok, but when it runs dry, you need to put a lot in to get it back up
to acceptable levels?" Seeing him look confused, but nodding to show he
understood her description, if not why she brought it up, she said softly,
"Well, I'm out of oil." Seeing the light bulb snap on in his head as he
nodded, she quickly added, "I swear it won't be this bad forever. But, I
haven't had any in almost two months, and, when you are hardwired to do it a
lot more than that, that seems like an eternity."

"I understand." Tim said, before smiling sheepishly. "It's just, I'm getting
a little sore here."

Smiling shyly, Mickie nodded. "Yea, three times in two hours is a lot. It's
just...I like doing it, especially with you. You let me do my thing. You
don't grab me by the hair, or anything like that. And I appreciate that more
than you can ever know."

"And I don't mind helping you..." Smiling at her, he repeated, "I REALLY
don't mind helping you." When she giggled, he added, "But you have to
understand that I have limits too. I can't just have you coming up to me
and doing it whenever you feel like it."

Nodding, she smiled at him. "I understand."

"But I don't want you to think that I don't appreciate that you picked me to
help you." Checking the road quickly, Tim looked back over at her, leaning
across the gap. "Please?" Quickly seeing what he wanted, Mickie leaned
forward, kissing him softly on the lips, making the kiss short but sweet so
he could return to keeping his attention mostly on the road. "I can honestly
tell you that I'm really liking what your doing, but we kinda have to be

Looking at Tim, she asked, "Why careful?"

"Well, would you want the others finding out about this?" He asked.

Shrugging, she told him, "Well, there gonna find out sooner or later. But no,
I don't want them knowing I'm a blowjob fiend."

Shaking his head, Tim reached out his free hand, smiling as Mickie took it
and locked fingers with him. Smiling over at her, he told her, "I'd never say
anything about what we do here, but you shouldn't be ashamed of what you do."
Grinning at her, he added, "Hey, at least you didn't black mail me to keep
your belt. You could have threatened to lie to Vince that I was begging you
for it."

Scoffing playfully, Mickie grinned. "I'd rather suck off Viscera than do that
to you." Hearing Tim retch, Mickie giggled, giving his hand a squeeze.

"Never, ever, EVER tell me that again and we can do this again sometime." Tim
said, looking at her. "Deal?"

Giggling, she nodded. "Deal. I'd rather not think about that again either."
Giving his hand a squeeze before letting it go, Mickie smiled at him, licking
her lips softly. "Umm, Tim?"

"Yea Mickie?"

"Would you mind terribly if I came out with you during the downtime?" She
asked, smiling sweetly at her booker. "It's just, I'm having a hell of a time
finding a new place to live after I moved out of Kenny and my house, and I'm
kinda tired of living with the rents..." Grinning, she leaned over, sliding
her hand over his bare hips and giggling as he moaned. "Besides, you're just
getting used to this new RV, and I figured you could use some company."

Risking another glance at her, he smiled. "Company?"

Nodding, Mickie said, "Uh-huh, company." Seeing him smiling, she added, "I'll
let you touch my boobies."

Laughing loudly, Tim shook his head. "Well, you don't have to do that, but
you can stay if you want to. I could probably use the company."

"I don't have to let you, but I wanna." Mickie said, before smiling shyly at
him, biting her bottom lip softly. "You know, as long as you let it."

"So, I'm going to have you, hanging off of me all week, wanting to blow me?"
He asked, still not quite believing it. But when she nodded and started
squirming in her seat, he smiled. "I have no idea what goes through that head
of yours, Mickie, but if you wanna stay, you're more than welcome to."

"Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod!" Mickie said quickly,
bouncing up and down in her seat. "Thank you! Thank you so, so much!"

"Jeez, calm down a little." Tim laughed, watching as his Women's Champion
fidgeted in her seat like a child waiting to open it's Christmas presents.

"I'm sorry, it's just...thank you!" She said quickly, diving across the RV
and planting a big kiss on his cheek, giving him a big bear hug as she
continued to jump up and down slightly, her hyper giggling getting worse as
her mind processed the fact that he had said yes to her proposal.

"I need to drive here Mickie." Tim said, smiling at her. As she broke apart
and took her seat again, he looked back out the front window, collecting his
thoughts as Mickie continued to giggle and squirm. "So, I'm still a little
confused by all this." Tim said, giving his GPS a quick glance before looking
over at Mickie. "So, how exactly do you get off from all this?"

Holding up her hand and waving a pair of fingers at him, Mickie said,

"So, you don't just like pop from..." Tim said, trailing off as he tried to
find the polite way to say it.

"No, sucking your dick doesn't get me off." Mickie said, smiling as he sighed
in relief. "But it does work me up. Something about you getting pleasure
helps get me off. Think of it as the ultimate foreplay for me. The finger
play just sets it off." Leaning over, Mickie gave Tim a quick peck on the
cheek. "But the longer you stay up, the longer it gives me to enjoy myself.
So thank you for staying hard for so long."

Blushing slightly, Tim shrugged his shoulders. "It's ok. I was mostly trying
to do that for me..."

"Still, thanks." Mickie said, giggling as he blushed. "It really kinda sucks,
pardon the pun, to have to do that to get off." Looking at Tim, she shrugged
her shoulders, telling him, "I'm sure somewhere, someone would find it funny
that the easiest way for me to get off is blowing a dude, but I personally
don't find it all that amusing."

Looking over at her, Tim asked her softly, "So does that mean I shouldn't do
this again?"

Quickly shaking her head, Mickie said, "No, no, no! I wanna do it. It's
just...I wish I didn't, ya know?" When he nodded slowly, she added, "But,
I'm glad I stumbled across you. You're a nice guy, so I'm hoping you won't
just use me..."

"Never." Tim said, shaking his head. "As weird as this sounds, I'm gonna try
and keep this strictly professional. I can't really help that I get pleasure
from it to, but I'm gonna try and look at it as a part of the job, not as a
sexual thing." Looking at her, he shyly asked, "Is that ok?"

Nodding, Mickie smiled, leaning back in her chair. "I'd like that. I think
that's how I'll look at it to. Part of the job." Reaching over, she set her
hand on his, giving it a squeeze. "Thank you, Tim. For everything."

Blushing softly, Tim nodded, trying not to smile. "No problem, Mickie. It's
my job."

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