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1st, my fanfic will often deal with strange situations/pairings, so if you're
easily shocked/offended, don't bother reading any further. Also, a lot of
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4th, this story is written from the viewpoint that what happens on TV isn't
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5th, timeline wise, this story takes place starting August 4th, 2006, and
runs through till August 9th, 2006.

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Booked Solid Part 3: L'Amour Est Amour, Sexe Est Sexe
by Nero Rain (

"This isn't fair."

Looking over at Mickie dragging her suitcase behind her, Tim grinned. "What
isn't fair?"

"That I have to go." Mickie pouted.

"You wanted to go!"

A tight smile creeping past her pout, Mickie said, "That was before this

"I don't see how this week changed your mind..."

"Other than the constant sexual gratification?"


"Yea, well." She said, smiling at him. "That changed a lot." Biting her
bottom lip softly, she added, "Like me wanting you to come with me..."

"No." Tim said firmly, shaking his head. "Tim no fly."

"Mickie keep Tim preoccupied." Mickie said, licking her lips. "Mickie suck
flight away."

"Mickie would." He said, smiling at her. "But Tim still anti flying."

"Tim sucks."

"Mickie sucks."

"Tim likes."

"Tim loves."

Looking up at her boss with big, wide eyes, Mickie whined softly. "Please

"Mickie, I don't fly." Tim said softly, turning to face her. "That's why I
got the RV, remember? It just scares the hell out of me. And I will, under no
circumstances, get on a plane."

Looking at Tim, Mickie licked her lips slowly, making sure to draw his
attention to the pouty lips he had spent so much time between that week.
"Alright, how about we just slip into the bathroom and you let me blow you?"

Laughing at his women's champion, Tim shook his head. Looking down at her,
and finding her anxiously awaiting his answer, he smiled. "No." He said
firmly, making her whine. "You have a plane to catch."

"Come on!" Mickie whined, letting Tim take her by the hand and lead her
towards the terminal, dragging her feet, slowing him down in any way
possible. "Please? I'll be really quick! I promise." Seeing him not budge,
she added softly, "I'll do that thing with my tongue that you like..."


"I'll do that thing with my lips..."


"Please?" Mickie whined, resorting to begging. "One more, for the road?"

Stopping there progress, Tim looked around, making sure no one was looking at
them before leaning down, kissing Mickie softly on the lips. Dropping her
suitcase quickly with a loud thud, she latched onto Tim, holding him close as
she pushed her stomach forward, rubbing it against the taller mans crotch.
Feeling his private parts twitch, Mickie smiled. "See! It wants me!"

"No." He said, kissing her again. "You've already had enough..."

"I'll never get enough!" Mickie argued, before smiling softly. "Especially of

Giving her a parting peck, he pulled back to a safe distance, out of the
range of her groping hands. "You've already done it twice today..." Tim said,
before checking his watch. "And it's not even nine AM!"

"A great way to start the day." Mickie purred, moving closer to him. "Tell me
you didn't like getting morning hummers. I dare you."

"I loved it." He admitted. "And mid morning hummers, and brunch hummers, and
lunch hummers..."

"I get it." She said, smiling. "You love my lips."

"I love your whole body." Tim said, reaching out and offering her a hand.
When she took it, he added, "Which is why I have to get that sexy booty of
yours on that plane, or you won't be around to give me morning hummers."

"But I want to give you one now!" Mickie whined, resuming her feet dragging
from before. "Please? It's gonna be like forever until I can do you again!
What am I supposed to do till then?"

Stopping there slow progress, Tim looked around, trying to find something.
Seeing him looking, Mickie's heart rate picked up, her smile spreading across
her face as she assumed her begging had finally cracked him.

"Stay here." Tim said, letting go of her hand and moving across the hallway
and into the convenience store.

Watching Tim with eager fascination, Mickie shifted from foot to foot,
watching as he grabbed something off a shelf and took it to the checkout,
quickly handing the clerk some money before tucking the object behind his
back, walking towards Mickie with a grin.

"Chocolate syrup?" Mickie asked hopefully, her mouth already starting to get
moist at the thought. "Is it, is it? Huh?"

Pulling the object out from behind his back, Tim held it out with a smile.
"Here. Suck on this."

Smirking up at Tim, Mickie snatched the long lollypop from his hand. "This
totally isn't going to work."

"You said you needed sucking." He reminded her. "You can suck on this just as
well as you can suck on me."

"Nuh-uh!" Mickie argued, shaking her head. "This doesn't come. You do."

"And that's such a big thing because?"

"Well, it lets me know I'm doing good, and I like it." Smiling, she said, "So
yea, it is a big thing to me."

"Well, come or not, that things gonna be your best friend on this trip,
because I'm not coming...or going." Tim said, turning and starting towards
the terminal as a stamp on the matter. Seeing her sulk along behind him, Tim
smiled, reaching his hand out behind him, offering it to her. When she
grudgingly took it, he pulled her closer, draping his arm over her shoulders
and holding her close. "Come on, don't pout." Tim said softly, leaning down
and kissing her on the cheek. "Don't worry. I'm sure that by the time that
lollypop disappears, you'll be home and I'll be waiting for you with bells

Cuddling closer to him, she growled, "Fuck bells. Just have your dick out,

Nodding, he looked down at her. "Your so sexy when you growl."

"But not sexy enough to let me blow you again?"

"No." Tim said, chuckling as she whined. "But I promise, when you get home,
I'll let you suck the life out of me, ok?"

Smirking at him, she said, "Like that's a hard promise to keep."

Shrugging, he broke away from her, moving ahead of her. "Fine, I won't be
there." He said, smiling as her footsteps quickly closed the gap again.

Latching onto him from behind, Mickie held him tightly. "Please be there,
please? I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like that, please?"

"I promise." Tim said, pulling her around to his side again. "If you get your
butt on that plane."

"We have time." Mickie said, teasing him with her lips, knowing his
weaknesses better than he did. Puckering out her lips, she clapped them at
him, making little popping noises. "You know you wanna get between these
things again."

"Stop that." He said, laughing at her. "You look like a horse picking

"A sexy horse."

"And no." He said firmly. "You, on plane."

"I'll let you see my boobs..."

"You just got done walking around topless for three days." Tim laughed. "Your
boobs don't interest me anymore."

Pouting at him, she asked softly, "They don't?"

Looking at her, he smiled, leaning down and kissing her softly. "Well...maybe a
little." Seeing her grin, he reached down, slapping her ass and making her
jump. "Now, I want that sexy behind on that plane, and I want it on there
right now, and if you don't get said sexy ass on said plane, I won't be there
to pick you up when you get back. Do we have an understanding?"

Smiling, Mickie nodded. "I'll be good."

"No you won't." Tim said, leaning down and kissing her. "You'll be great."

"You're a smooth talker, you know that?" Mickie said.

"My contract says I can't hit on you girls or initiate contact." He said,
holding her close and giving her a peck on the lips. "It says nothing about
keeping you guys happy and keeping you around once you make the first move."
When she nodded in understanding, he gave her butt a soft slap, making her
jump as she giggled. "Now get going."

Breaking apart from Tim with a smile, Mickie waved goodbye as she turned and
went towards her terminal. Watching his women's champion disappear into the
tunnel, Tim waited and made sure she was gone before turning and walking back
towards the parking lot, checking over his shoulder every so often to make
sure his oral lover wasn't following him as he exited the airport. Seeing
that she had finally left, he crossed the walkway, heading towards the
parking lot.

Humming softly to himself, Tim reached into his pocket, pulling out his keys
and flipping them around until he came across the right one, gripping it and
pushing it into the lock on the side door of his RV. Swinging the door open,
he reached up, grabbing the handle on the side of the door and pulling
himself up into the motor home. Reaching into his pockets, he pulled out his
various personal items, tossing them onto his kitchen table as he made a b
line for the fridge.

"Finally get to have breakfast." He grumbled, reaching out and grabbing the
door handle as he looked towards where his keys had landed. Seeing the light
on the answering machine blinking at him, he whined softly, his stomach
rumbling its own protest. "Check it, then fill you." He promised his stomach
softly, scooting over and pushing the button on the machine before moving
back to the fridge, opening the door as his stomach celebrated with a low

"Hi, Tim, this is Vince. I need to talk to you ASAP, so call me as soon as
you get this."

Sighing softly, Tim waved his hands at the machine, turning his focus to the
fridge. "You can wait." He said, reaching in and grabbing some cheese and
yogurt, sliding it on the table as he rummaged around for a drink, trying to
find any milk that had evaded Mickie's ravenous raids. Finding a nearly empty
jug, he pulled it out and poured a glass before tossing the now empty jug
towards the sink. Moving over to the table, he reached down, grabbing his
cell phone and punching in Vince's number, knowing it wasn't wise to keep the
boss waiting to long.


"Vince, please." Tim said, taking a drink of his milk as he shifted the phone
rest on his shoulder. "It's Tim Cutler."

"Hold please."

Reaching out and grabbing his yogurt tub, Tim cracked off the top before
pealing back the seal, licking it clean before tossing it towards the sink,
reaching behind him and pulling a spoon out of the cupboard.

"Yogurt...yogurt...yogurt!" Tim chanted, dipping his spoon in and pulling up
a big glob of the milky substance and spooning it into his mouth happily.


"Mr. McMahon." Tim said, swallowing the yogurt quickly. "You called?"

"Will you please stop calling me Mr. McMahon?" Vince asked. "Vince."

"Vince." Tim said, nodding to himself. "You called?"

"Yes, I did." Vince said, leaning back in his chair. "I hear you don't have
any shows to look after this weekend."

"Umm, that's not really true." Tim said, spooning another helping of yogurt
up. "I have to call in the matches and stuff to Trish and Victoria..."

"Ok, maybe I didn't phrase that correctly." Vince said, cutting the young
booker off and not letting him get on a ramble. "What I meant was, you have
nowhere to be this weekend."

"Umm...again, not true." Tim said, really wishing he could stop correcting
the man signing his paychecks. "I have to meet with someone about signing on
with the WWE."

"Well, I was hoping you'd finally use this weekend to take care of some
unfinished business." Vince said.

"Excuse me?"

"The Smackdown Divas, Tim." Vince said. "You've been telling me that you'll
arrange to meet with them for months now..."

"And I will..."

"And what better time than now?" Vince boomed. "You don't have anything to


"And all the girls are looking forward to talking to you." Vince continued,
again pushing through Tim's rambles. "Jillian and Kristal are going to be at
the show tomorrow, and Kristal and Ashley the show on Sunday..."

"Wait, there not all gonna be at the same show?"

"Not on the weekend, no."

"What about the tapings on Tuesday?"

"No tapings on Tuesday."


"We're doing the tapings Monday afternoon because the Smackdown crew are
heading over seas on Tuesday." Shaking his head, Vince asked, "Don't you read
the memos?"

"Honestly, no." Tim said, wondering if he should have said that. "Except the
diva-related ones."

"Well, read them." Vince said. "Now, about the shows..."

"Vince, do I really have to drive to all these shows?" Tim asked. "I did have
plans for my down time..."

"You've been putting this off for months..."

"Alright, alright." Tim said, shaking his head. "Umm...Alright, ok, are all
the Divas going to be at Smackdown on Monday?"


"Where is it?

"Montreal." Vince said. "It's in Canada."

"Yea, I know. Alright, gimme a second." Tim said, moving up to the drivers
compartment and punching in some info into his GPS. Looking at the numbers it
spat back at him, he said, "Ok, how about you tell the Divas that I'll be at
the show on Monday, and I'll deal with it all then. But I need you to fly up
the girl I'm interviewing, because I'm going to have to skip that meeting to
get there..."

"Who are you interviewing?"

"Talia Madison."

"So if I fly this Talia girl in, you'll go to Smackdown and get them off my


"Deal." Vince said, sighing as he rubbed his eyes. "You have no idea how glad
I am you said that."

"I can imagine." Tim said, grinning. "So, I'll just call Talia and let her
know that the office will set everything up?"

"Give us a little time to set it all up, and I'll call you back with the
details." Vince said. When Tim made an affirmative noise, Vince asked, "So,
you'll be there Monday?"

"I'll be there." Tim said, scooping the last of his yogurt before tossing the
cup aside and taking the phone back in his hand. "Call me when you get it set

* * *

"Alright, so..." Tim said, staring at the large pack of women across the hall
from him, before looking at the person Vince had sent out into the freezing
cold gate to make sure Tim showed up and was locked in the underground
parking lot. "Who the heck are they again? I know some of them, but the

"Girls from our development territories." The person said, handing Tim a
piece of paper. "They know you don't know them, so just ask for there names,
and you'll do fine."

Seeing the helper turn and walk away, Tim whined softly. "But I don't
remember names..." Sighing, he turned back towards the large group of women,
his stomach tying itself into tight knots as he started towards them. "Just
breath, it'll be fine, just breathe, it'll be fine..." Moving towards them,
he almost flinched as they turned as one, glaring at him. "Hi..."

"Did you want an autograph or something?" One of the girls who Tim didn't
know asked. "Or did you just want to stare some more?"

"...I'm Tim Cutler." He finished, holding out his hand towards the unknown
girl. "I'm your boss, so I don't want autographs."

"You are not our boss." Jillian said, looking at him.

"Umm...well, maybe." He said, pulling his un-shaken hand back and scratching
his head. "If you guys come to Raw and want to wrestle, yea, I'll be your

"You can not be Tim Cutler." Ashley said, looking him up and down. "He's a

"I know." Tim said, nodding slowly. "I did read the job description before I
signed the contract." Seeing them still not believing him, Tim scratched his
head again. ~What the hell?~ Tucking his clipboard under his arm, he
reached into his pocket, pulling out his wallet and opening it up, quickly
pulling out his drivers license. "Proof." He said, handing it to Ashley.

Taking the piece of plastic from him, Ashley looked down at it as the other
girls crowded around, starting at it. "Tim Alexander Cutler..." Ashley read
off, before looking up at him. "Your really our boss?"

"Again, that's open for debate." Tim said, reaching out and taking his
license back, putting it in his wallet and putting his wallet away. Holding
out his hand again, he grinned. "Tim."

"Ashley." Ashley said, taking his hand and shaking it.

"You are totally not what we were expecting." Jillian said, taking his hand.
"We were expecting like a fat hobbit looking guy."


"Have you seen the other bookers?" Jillian asked. "There all like four feet

"I'm six one..."

"And as wide as they are tall..."

"Again, about two hundred, give or take." Tim said, going down the line and
shaking hands. Pointing at the girls he didn't know, he said, "And I'll admit
right off the bat, I don't get a chance to watch much OVW or DSW, so I have
no idea who you ladies are. So if you could give me your names..."






"And please forgive me when I totally forget them." Tim finished with a
smile. "I'm horrible with names, so I'll probably call you the wrong name,
or just point and say "Hey you!" a few times before I get it right, so
please work with me."

"No problem." Katie said. "We've been called worse."

"Which sucks." Tim said. Clapping his hands together, he tried to collect his
thoughts. "So, I'm here to talk to all of you about what your plans are, if
you want to wrestle, whatever." When they all nodded, he smiled, thankful
that things were going a bit smoother than before. "So, I have to go get
things set up, and get my bearings. I'm used to Raw, not Smackdown, so I
gotta figure out some things, then I'll come get you guys and go from there,
ok?" When they all nodded again, Tim smiled, taking a few steps back.
"Alright, so, give me a little while to make some calls and take care of some
business, then we'll get started."

When they all nodded again, Tim gave them a little wave before turning and
heading towards the parking lot. Singing softly to himself, he wandered down
the long row of cars, reaching into his pocket and pulling out his keys,
sifting through them to find the right one as his motor home got closer and

"Tim! Tim!"

Stopping his forward progress, Tim turned around, looking confused at who was
running towards him, binder in hand. "Why aren't you in England?"

Smiling up at him, Stephanie gave him a poke. "I'm the boss. I don't have to
answer questions like that."

Nodding, Tim shrugged. "Ok." He said, turning and starting towards his RV

"Tim!" Stephanie laughed, running up behind him again.




"Because I wanted to talk for a second."

"You just said you didn't!"

Looking confused, Stephanie shook her head. "No I didn't..."

"You said you don't have to answer my questions." He pointed out. "My
question was what are you doing here. Since you didn't have to answer it,
apparently it's not my business."

"I was joking, Tim." Stephanie said, shaking her head with a smirk. "You
seriously need to get a sense of humor."

"I'll get right on that." Tim said, nodding. Pointing to his RV, he said,
"Well, I gotta make a couple of calls, so if you wanna come in, you can tell
me whatever it was you needed to tell me, ok?"

"Ok then." Stephanie said, smiling as she followed the young booker towards
his RV. "Someone told me that a few of the Divas are staying here with

"Against my will." Tim grumbled. "They eat like horses and can't clean up
after themselves. And I can't get near my TV!"

"Sounds like they're making themselves right at home."

"That's the understatement of the year." Tim said, before smiling to himself.
~At least Mickie and Victoria pay rent...~ Opening the side door on his RV,
he pulled the step out, letting Stephanie climb in first before moving in
behind her, closing the door and locking it. "So, I'll ask again, what are
you doing back anyways?"

"Vince came over to the UK to handle Raw personally." Stephanie said, looking
around his RV. "Dunno why, but I took the chance to come home and let him
look after it. Gives me some time off."

"Which begs the question..."

"What am I doing here?" Stephanie asked, grinning. When he nodded, she
motioned towards his phone. "Make you calls, then we'll talk."

Nodding, Tim reached into his pockets again, emptying them onto the table
before rooting through the rubble, pulling out a piece of paper. Quickly
finding the right side, he picked up the phone with his free hand, reading
the number off silently as he punched it into the phone. Letting it ring a
few times, he smiled as the other end picked up.


"Talia?" Tim asked.

"This is she." Talia said, smiling. "Tim?"

"Yep." He said. "I was just calling to make sure..."

"That I'm already at the airport and on my way to my flight." Talia finished
for him, grinning. "Which means..."

"That I should let you go and let security know your coming." Tim said.

"Exactly." Talia said.

"I'll see you when you get here." Tim said, before exchanging goodbyes.
Looking over at Stephanie, he grinned. "One more." When she nodded, Tim
looked down at the number, taking a deep breath before punching it in,
letting the phone ring.


"Hi." Tim said, taking another deep breath. "Is this Bobbi?"

"Yea...who is this?"

"Hello, Bobbi. My name is Tim Cutler. I work for the WWE..."


"Hello? Hello?" Tim asked, before handing up the phone.

Laughing at Tim, Stephanie shook her head. "Did she just hang up on you?"

"Yes." Tim said, punching in the number again. "Was expecting that." Waiting
for the phone to ring though to the answering machine, Tim collected his
thought, figuring out something to say. "Hi, Bobbi, this is Tim again. If you
could please give me a call at 652-555-2456, I'd really like to talk to you.
Thank you." Hanging up the phone, he turned to Stephanie again, shaking his
head as she laughed. "Like I said, I really was expecting that."

"Was that Bobbi Billiard?"


"You do realize she has a lawsuit out against the WWE, right?" Stephanie
said, still bubbling with laughter.

"She has a lawsuit out against certain people." Tim corrected her. "Not the
WWE as a whole. And Vince has never had a problem with talking with people
who've sued him, so..."

"It's your gig." Stephanie said, shrugging. "Do what you want." When he
nodded, she asked, "Did you actually have a plan for her?"

Shaking his head, Tim admitted, "Not really. But she's attractive, and wanted
to learn how to wrestle, so that's a big head start. I was just gonna ask her
to come in and have an interview."

"Maybe you can use her for the new project we're working on." Stephanie said,
grinning at Tim.

"We?" Tim asked. "Who is we?"

"Me, Vince..." Stephanie said, before smiling. "Hopefully you..."

"Unless it has something to do with Divas, wrestling, and Raw, then no."

"It's ECW." Stephanie said. When Tim looked at her, she said, "I want you to
help write for it."


"Come on!" Stephanie whined, laughing when he gave her a weird look. "Give it
a chance..."

"Giving things a chance around here is what landed me five unwanted
roommates." Tim said. "Forgive me if I'm not so willing to make the same
mistake twice."

"I promise you won't get anymore unwanted roommates out of it!"

"I won't get anymore now." Tim said. "I'm considering thinning the herd as



"Pretty please?"


"You're an asshole!" Stephanie laughed, smiling as she shook her head. "Why

"Because ECW doesn't involve Raw, Divas..."

"Ah!" Stephanie said quickly, finding her in. "It will have Divas. Vixens,
actually. And that's the part I wanted your help with."

"This should be good." Tim said, leaning back and sitting against the kitchen

"We're planning on working on another branch of the Divas, but the Vixens are
going to be more valets than anything." Stephanie said. "Part wrestlers, part
valets, sort of as a way to make it into the business to start."

"And is this the good part?"

"And I want your help with the Vixens." Stephanie said. Before Tim could
argue, she quickly held up her hand. "All I want is some help picking them
out, and maybe your help with the notes. I'll be handling the booking
directly, so I wanna offer you the chance to look over the notes before we go
to air, just as a courtesy. And if you had any input..."

"Alright, so, lay it out for me." Tim said, knowing Stephanie wasn't being
completely forthcoming with him. ~Is she ever?~ "All you want help with is
picking them out?"

"And for you to look over the notes each week." She said. "If you have any
ideas, great. If not, oh well."

"Why don't I believe you?" Tim asked with a grin. When Stephanie grinned
back, he asked, "What's the real deal? McMahon's never do things easy."

Smiling, Stephanie bit her bottom lip. "I was kinda hoping at some point
you'd want to take over the Vixen booking for me..."

"I knew it." He said, smiling as she laughed.

"You don't have to." Stephanie said. "I'd totally be happy with you helping
me pick the girls, and look over the notes. But if you wanna at any time..."

"Don't count on it." Tim said. "But I will help you pick the girls if you

"Great!" Stephanie said, pulling out the binder she had been hiding behind
her back and holding it out. "The options..."

"Right now?" Tim asked. When she nodded, he sighed. "Why can't I get one meal
in around here without someone bugging me?"

"Unlucky." Stephanie said, pushing the binder towards him with a grin.

Whining softly, Tim waved his hands at the binder. "I'll look at it over

"What's on the menu?"

Shaking his head, Tim moved past Stephanie and towards his fridge. "You'd fit
right in around here..." He grumbled. Opening his fridge and looking in, he
said, "I have some leftover Chinese food. Take it or leave it."

"Take it." Stephanie said. "Just got off the plane. Didn't have time to eat."
Moving over towards the table, she slid into the booth as Tim pulled out a
pile of half full boxes out from the fridge and set them on the counter.
Dividing up the contents between a pair of plates, he piled them into the
microwave and set them to heat before turning back to the boss.

"Alright, first up, what do I get out of this?" He asked. When she looked up
at him, he said, "No one around her just does things because. What do I get?"

"What do you want?" She asked.

Thinking for a minute, he shrugged. "Get JR to pimp the Divas web show on
Raw, and I'll do it."


"Now that that's cleared up..." He said. "Where are these girls coming
from? Are you gonna take a few of my Divas and shift them to ECW?"

"Not unless you allow it." Stephanie said. "Mostly we're taking indy girls
and girls we have in the developmental leagues and bringing them up. Lets us
use girls we already have in house for the most part."

"Can any of them wrestle? Should I be looking at them for RAW?"

"A few can." Stephanie admitted. "But I was hoping you'd let a few slide
under the radar and let them go on ECW."

Pulling the plates out of the microwave, Tim moved to the table, setting the
plates down before retrieving a few cans of soda from the fridge and taking
his seat, handing one to Stephanie. "Alright, lemme see the binder."

Cracking open her soda, Stephanie slid the binder towards him, watching as he
opened it up to the first page. "I should tell you, we already have Francine
on board. Dad thought it would be a good idea to bring some of the original
ECW stars in, and signed her up."

"Well, that's one down." Tim said, scratching his head. Flipping through the
pages, he eyed the ladies in the pictures, flipping them over and giving
there stat sheet a quick glance. "Some of these girls look familiar."
Pointing at a pair of them, Tim said, "Shelly and Barbie are here today,
aren't they?"

Swallowing down a mouthful of reheated Chinese food, Stephanie nodded.
"Shelly can wrestle, but Barbie was some model Ace hired out of a bikini
catalog, so..."

"Wait, wait." Tim said, moving back to Barbie's photo. "A bikini catalog?"
When Stephanie nodded, Tim looked up at her. "What the hell was Ace doing
with a women's bikini catalog?"

Smirking at Tim, Stephanie said, "Probably the same thing every guy does with
a women's bikini catalog."

Shaking his head, Tim asked, "Can Barbie wrestle?"


"Then she's useless to me." He said. "Take her."

"Gee, thanks."

Eyeing Shelly's photo, he said, "She looks...Goth." Looking up at Stephanie,
he asked, "Does that work in any way for you?"

"She might work with one of the characters we're doing." She said. "A vampire
character. Same guy who did Mordechai..."

"Does he still have that stupid stick?"


"The white hair?"


"Then prefect." Tim said. "You have yourself one wrestling vampire wench type

Flipping through the pages, Tim forked a pair of sweet and sour something
into his mouth, chewing thoughtfully as he settled on one picture. "She's
pretty." He said, pointing at the picture. "Another one of Ace's useless

"Close." Stephanie said. "One of my fathers." When Tim looked at her, she
explained, "She's one of the Divas Search rejects that he hired back."

Flipping the picture over, he read, "Rebecca DiPietro." Looking at Stephanie,
he asked, "Can she wrestle?"

"No." She said. "But she is screwing Batista, which means..."

"You have to find a job for her." Tim said with a knowing nod. "You get stuck
with the DS's sloppy seconds."

Laughing loudly, Stephanie had to set her fork and drink down on the table.
"Pretty much!" She laughed. "Hunter power played her a job once she hooked up
with Batista, so dad left it up to me to figure out what to do with her."
Shrugging with a few fading chuckles, she added, "She's a nice enough girl,
and like you said, she's easy on the eyes, but she doesn't do a lot else."

Scratching his head, Tim bit his bottom lip in thought. "I dunno...can she
talk? Like, on camera?"

"If you have cue cards." Steph said. "And a time delay."

"Maybe backstage interviewer?" Tim offered. "Just make sure you keep her away
from the live crowd. ECW fans will eat her alive."

"Duly noted." Watching as Tim flipped back and forth through the pages, she
asked, "So, anyone else?"

Shrugging, Tim asked, "Well, are you guys gonna have any matches on there? Or
just eye candy?"

"Eye candy with the occasional match."

Nodding, he continued flipping through the pages until he came across a
familiar face. "Trinity?"


"With some work done."


"Can she still wrestle, or is she lop sided now?"

"Still wrestle."

"Put her on there." Tim said, closing the binder. "Give Shelly someone to
work with until these other ones are ready..."

"If they ever are." Stephanie said. "Barbie and Rebecca have only shown the
vaguest interests in wrestling."

"Answer me something." Tim said, finishing off the last of his lunch. When
Stephanie nodded, he asked, "How the hell does this Rebecca girl, who doesn't
have any interest in being a wrestler get hired for sleeping with Batista,
but Christy Hemme, a girl who wanted to learn to wrestle, got fired for
flirting with him?"

"Because dad was around." Stephanie said. When Tim gave her a confused look,
Stephanie thought over her words carefully, trying to figure out how to
explain it. "Christy wasn't serious." She said. "She was just joking around
with Hunter and Batista, but dad heard her talking with them, and we have
that policy about married people and affairs..."

"Unless you're a budding main event star or the bosses daughter." Tim said
with a grin.

Shooting him a playful glare, Stephanie said, "He can't fire me. I'm family.
And Hunter was my one power play job save." When Tim nodded, Stephanie
continued, "Anyways, dad heard Christy, and instead of backing her up and
saying she was joking, which they knew she was, Hunter and Batista threw her
under the bus to score some brownie points with dad."

"Ahh..." Tim said, nodding as he took another drink of his soda. "So I guess
she's about the only off limits person for me, huh?"

"Why? Thinking about hiring her?"

"Well, I can't right now." He said. "She's locked in a contract. But the
thought had crossed my mind..."

"Go for it." Stephanie said with a grin. "Your about the only person with
enough pull to get her hired. You don't have to answer to dad about who you
hire, do you?"

"Well, no..."

"Then go for it." She said. "I'd love to have Christy back. She's a friggin
spark plug backstage. Good person to have around."

"I'll keep that in mind." Tim said, finishing off his soda before looking
down at her plate. "Still eating?"

Looking at his plate, she asked, "Done already?"

"I eat quick." He said. "Was there anything else? Cuz I need to so get a pack
of Divas off your fathers back, along with setting up a few dark matches, and
some other odds and ends..."

"I'll just finish up and lock up when I leave?" Stephanie asked. When he
nodded, she gave him a wave before turning her attention back to her Chinese
food, pulling the binder back across the table and going over Tim's
selections as he grabbed his stuff off the table, putting it back into his
pockets before moving to the back door. "Tim!"

Stopping in the door, he looked back towards the table. "Yea?"

Looking at him, she asked, "You promise you'll at least look at the notes if
I send them to you? For the Vixens?"

"Promise." Tim said. "Do you want me to send Shelly and Barbie down to talk
to you? You can let them know about ECW."

Nodding, Stephanie said, "Send them down to my office and I'll look after

Nodding, he moved towards the back door, giving her a wave and moving
out the door, hopping down to the ground and closing it behind him before
starting back towards the backstage area. Looking down at his clipboard, Tim
jotted down a few notes, his brain straining as he tried to remember all the
names that had been fired at him over the last half hour. "Angel...Krissy...
someone...the other girl...and the one with the big rack." He grumbled,
scribbling off the notes. "That was helpful..."

"Which one has the big rack?"

Stopping dead in his tracks, Tim let out a sigh as he put his hands up over
his face, rubbing his eyes. "I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that..."

"I can always ask again." Ashley said with a laugh, moving over towards the
blushing booker. "Which one has the big rack?"

Shaking his head, Tim grumbled, "I can get away with that, because it's
impossible to narrow that statement down to one person."

Laughing harder, Ashley nodded. "True." She admitted. "Anyways, it's Angel,
Krissy, Katie, Shelly, who I'm guessing you were talking about, and Barbie.
At least, that's the ones you met."

"Ones I met?" Tim asked. "You mean there's more?"

"One." Ashley confirmed. "She was getting ready to do a little backstage
thingy when we were out talking, so you missed her."

"Alright, what's her name?" Tim asked, pulling the top off his pen and
readying himself to commit her name to paper.

"Maryse." Ashley said, thinking about it for a second to make sure she got
the name right. "And don't ask me what her last name is, because I can't
pronounce it."

"Jesus, Vince said a few people." He grumbled. "Anyways, any idea where she
is? I need to get this show rolling and get some dark matches booked..."

"Dark matches?" Ashley asked, perking up. When he nodded, she smiled. "Like,
as in, divas matches?"

"That's what I do." He said, nodding. Seeing her still staring at him, he
asked, "What?"

"Can I maybe be in one of them?" She asked with a smile.

"That's the plan." He said. "I don't know if it'll be in front of a crowd or
not, but I'm supposed to set up some matches to check some things over." When
she nodded, he asked, "So, do you know where I can find Maryse?"

"Locker room." Ashley said, pointing behind him. "Down that way, hang the
first left, can't miss it. Big sign on the door."

"I'll keep an eye out for it." He said. "So, I'll probably round you guys up
in a bit and let you know what's going on."

"I'll be around." She said with a smile, giving him a wave as Tim turned and
started towards the dressing room. Looking around the odd surroundings, Tim
couldn't help but feel a little lost. He'd spent the better part of three
months backstage at Raw, and thought he had a handle on what working for the
WWE had been like. But as he looked around, seeing the unfamiliar faces, he
felt out of place. He knew people on Raw, knew who to ask if he had a
problem. ~Like where the fuck the women's locker room is.~ He thought, trying
to remember Ashley's vague directions. Taking the first left he found, Tim
smiled as he watched a tall blonde girl pace back and forth in front of a
door, her eyes locked on the ground. ~This must be the place...~

Moving up towards the girl, Tim smiled softly as she looked up at him, her
eyes full of panic. "Are you Maryse?" When she nodded, he smiled wider,
hoping it would rub off. "I'm Tim Cutler, the head booker for the Divas over
on Raw..." Seeing her look change from panic to skeptical, he grinned. "I
have ID if you don't believe me. Wouldn't be the first person not to today."

Quickly shaking her head, Maryse told him, "No, no. I believe you." Holding
out her hand, she forced a smile to her face. "Maryse Ouellet."

"Pleased to meet you." He said with a grin. "So, what's the problem?"

"Problem?" Maryse asked, looking confused. "What is problem?"

Looking confused himself, Tim said, "That's what I'm asking you about."

Sighing, Maryse shrugged her shoulders. "I don't understand."

Beginning to realize the problem, Tim smiled softly. " look
worried." He said, hoping it was clear enough to get through the language

"Oh!" Maryse said, finally clueing in. "My clothes."

Waiting for more information, Tim watched her...and waited...and waited...

"What about your clothes?"

"I want to make good impression." Maryse said softly. "But I don't know if my
clothes are..." Sighing again, she looked up, trying to figure out the right
words. "Sexy?"

"Ok." He said, nodding as he pressed on, hoping to make headway. "Well, do
you have the outfit on? Is this it?"

Looking down at the robe she had on, she shook her head. "No! Under this."

"Ok." Waiting for her to react, he sighed, realizing this was going to take a
lot of hand holding. "Can I see it?" Seeing the nervous look return, he held
up his hands. "You don't have to if you don't want to. I'm just trying to
help here."

Nodding, Maryse reached down, unhooking the belt on her robe and slowly
opened it up, showing Tim the tight, skimpy red lace outfit it hid.

His eyes bugging out, Tim blurted out, "Oh my god!" Seeing her blushing
return as she ripped the robe closed, Tim quickly went into damage control.
"Maryse, I'm sorry! I didn't mean that... I meant that in the best way
possible!" Seeing her starting at him, skeptical, he said, "Please, I'm
sorry. I shouldn't have said that. I didn't mean to make you

"I'm not uncomfortable." She said softly. "Just...nervous." Looking up at
him, she said, "I'm worried it's not sexy enough...or maybe to sexy? I don't
want to look stupid on TV for first time. Is it serious enough?"

Smiling, Tim held up his hands, shaking his head. "Maryse? It's a bra and
panties. It's not serious. It's sexy." Grinning, he shrugged his shoulders.
"But sexy is a big plus around here." Seeing she still wasn't convinced, and
was fidgeting with her hands, Tim looked down and noticed the little gloves
she was wearing, made out of the same lacey fabric as the lingerie she was
wearing. "Can I see those?" He asked, pointing at her hands. When she looked
up at him, he grinned, still hoping it would put her at ease, and not come
across as sleazy. "Just the hands. I kinda got blindsided by the rest of the
outfit and missed that part."

Still looking skeptical, Maryse reached down and pulled the arms back on her
robe, holding her hands up and showing off the gloves. Seeing him looking at
her hands, and not the rest of her, Maryse relaxed a little, letting him get
a good look at them.

"They look nice." Tim finally said. "I don't know why, but they look nice."
Chuckling softly, Tim went for the humor button. "I don't know why I always
think this, but whenever I see women wearing those things...which isn't that
often, but still, whenever I see them, I always think of them doing like a
tiger thing." Seeing her confusion return, he smiled, liking that over
skeptical. "Tiger thing...ummmm..." Trying to explain himself, Tim held up
his hands, palms out, and started clawing at the air. "Grrrrr..." He growled
softly, smiling as Maryse lost it and started laughing at him. "Like that,
you know?"

"Tiger thing." Maryse said, holding up her own hands. "Grrrrr..."

"Now you got it!" He said, smiling.

"Maryse?" Turning to face the new voice, Tim watched as the stagehand walked
towards them, checking his notes. "They're ready for you to do your segment."

Turning to face her, Tim smiled reassuringly at her. "Ready to do this?"

Shaking her head quickly, Maryse said, "No!" When he gave her a confused
look, she said softly, "Come with me, please?"

"Why?" He asked.

"Please?" She asked again. Looking around quickly, she softly added,

"Oh." He said, suddenly putting the pieces together. "Of what?"

"Screw up." Maryse said bluntly. "Please?"

Shrugging, Tim nodded, moving along side the blonde and motioning for her to
follow him. "Ok, sure." He said, smiling as her face lit up. "Don't know what
your afraid of. What could go wrong?"

* * *

"Fucking shitless fuck!"

Looking up at raging blonde, Trish, Mickie and Victoria watched as Edge
grabbed at his hair, storming around in a rage. Shrugging her shoulders,
Trish turned her attention back to her crossword puzzle.

"This sucks." She said, looking at the others. "Why won't Tim come on this
trips again? I'm missing my shows..."

"He's terrified of flying." Mickie said.

"Besides, his RV won't fit in an airplane." Victoria added. "So no help

"Get one of those big cargo planes." Trish grumbled, scribbling off another
word. Tossing her book down in frustration, she grumbled, "This is stupid!
Why can't we have video games or things like that around here anymore?"

"Son of a cock sucking fuck socket!"

"What is his problem?" Mickie asked, eyeing Edge warily as his rambles and
stomping brought him closer and closer to the trio of Divas with each curse
and stomp.

"Out of bleach?" Victoria offered with a smirk.

"And there's no TV around here!" Trish continued, oblivious to the swearing
superstar. "Seriously, I can only do so many crosswords or word searches."

"Ever try logic puzzles?" Mickie offered.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

"Jesus, what the hell is wrong with you?" Trish finally snapped, looking up
at Edge. When he looked at her, she nodded. "Yes, you. What the hell?"

Looking over at Mickie, Victoria asked, "You look better. Not fidgeting as

Nodding, Mickie fought the urge to either smile or blush. "Tim and I had a
talk. Smoothed everything over."

Before Victoria could ask anymore questions, Edge made his way over to the
Divas, a few strands of hair in one hand, and his cell phone in the other.
"These stupid countries!" He snarled. "Cell phones won't work. Do you guys
know where Lita is?"

"Home." They said in unison.

"Home?" He said, his eyes bugging out. "What is she doing at home?"

"I don't know what she's doing." Trish said, before adding, "But I know why
she's there. Suspended again."

"Oh fuck shit!" Edge yelled, rearing back and kicking a vending machine.
"What the shit did she do this fucking time?"

"Alright, first, enough swearing." Trish said. "Not answering any more
questions that have more curse words than normal ones."

"Sorry." He said, taking a deep breath. "Alright, why is she suspended?"

"Skipped wrestling practice again." Victoria said.

"God damnit!" He hissed, balling his fists up in bunches again. Looking down
at them, he said, "I'm sorry for swearing. I know it's not your fault she's

"Who's fault is it then?" Mickie asked, eyeing him suspiciously.

"You better not think this is Tim's fault." Trish snapped.

"Tim?" Edge asked, looking confused. "Who's Tim?"

"Our booker." Victoria said. "The guy who makes our matches."

"Oh, no, not him." Edge said, waving his hand. "He seems cool. No problems
with him."

"There better not be." Mickie said coldly, still eyeing him.

Looking down at Mickie, and realizing the other two Divas were shooting him
daggers as well, he quickly shook his head. "I'm not." He quickly said,
softening there glares slightly. "It's just, Lita. How stupid do you have to
be to get suspended for skipping something that simple?"

"Dunno." Trish said, reaching down and retrieving her crossword book with a
grumble. "Ask her."

"I would, if my cell phone worked." He said. Looking around, he asked, "Where
is this Tim guy, anyways? Aren't you guys always hanging around his RV?"
Seeing the glaring return, Edge held up his hands, backing away. "And this is
me, leaving."

Shaking her head, Trish looked down at the crossword, trying to figure out
the next clue. "Next over seas trip, we dope up Tim and make him rent an RV.

"Deal." Mickie and Victoria said in unison, before returning to there own
puzzle books.

* * *

"Hi, this name Maryse..."


Leaning back in his chair, Tim tried not to cry. As much as he loved staring
at the sexy French blonde in the tiny outfit, it had long since lost it's
appeal as she struggled over and over again to get the few words she had been
given out in the correct order. Seeing her fidgeting between takes, Tim stood
up, moving over to the director. "Gimme a minute, ok?"

Nodding, the director moved away as Tim went over to Maryse, who was pacing
back and forth, her nerves beyond frayed. "Maryse?" He asked, putting on the
best smile he could muster with the pounding headache he had. When she looked
at him, he asked, "What's wrong?"

"I keep messing up!" She whispered. "Everyone is mad at me!"

"Everyone is not mad at you." Tim lied. "Lots of people mess up." Smiling, he
shrugged. "It took Trish like two hours to get her first promo right."


"Really." Tim lied again. ~How the fuck should I know?~ Smiling, he told
her, "You just have to take a deep breath, and relax. You know the words. You
know what you have to do." Grinning, he added, "And you look hot as hell. So
don't worry, ok? Just hammer this out, get it done, and you'll be on your
way, ok?" When she nodded, he smiled wider. "Ok?"

Smiling, she nodded. "Ok."

Moving away, Tim let his smile drop as he grimaced at the throbbing pain in
his skull. Looking at the director, he nodded. "Lets try this again."

"Alright, everyone get ready." The director said.

Looking back at Maryse, Tim sighed as he found her fidgeting again, her
pacing gone but replaced with her hands grabbing each other. Realizing they
were about to shoot for what felt like the hundredth time, he snapped his
fingers, gaining her attention. "Grrrrr!" he growled, holding his hands up
and clawing at the air. Seeing her giggle, he smiled, his first genuine smile
in hours as he continued to claw at the air, oblivious to the stares of the
crew, only worrying about the stares from the blonde in front of the camera.


Swaying softly, Maryse smiled into the camera. "Hello, my name is Maryse, and
welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, on the UPN." Putting her hand to her
mouth, she kissed the palm before blowing a kiss at the camera, her smile
never fading.

"Cut!" The director said, before mumbling, "Holy shit, we got it..."

"Was there ever any doubt?" Tim asked with a grin, avoiding the glares of the
crew as he moved over to Maryse, helping her into her robe before leading her
away from the set. "See? That wasn't so hard, was it?"

"No..." Maryse said softly, blushing. "Thank you Tim."

"No problem." He said, grinning as he walked with her back towards the
changing room. "All part of my job looking after the Divas..." Trailing off,
he looked at her, asking, "Which I didn't realize you were one of. Didn't you
get voted off the island?"

Looking confused, Maryse asked, "Voted off the island?"

"The Divas search." He said, realizing his poor choice in words. "I thought
you got voted off."

"I did." She admitted.

"That sucks." He said. "I liked...your segments." He said, quickly changing
his words before he said something he shouldn't have. ~How is a guy supposed
to be around this many beautiful women without flirting?~

"No problem." She said with a smile. "I got a contract."

Scratching his head, Tim asked, "Isn't the winner supposed to get one?"

"They do." Maryse said. "But Vince offered me one as well."

Looking slightly miffed, Tim grumbled, "Glad someone told me that..."

"No, no, it's ok." She said quickly. "Mr. McMahon told did he
say? Until I wrestle, I'm not your problem."

"I doubt you'd be a problem." He said with a smile. Seeing her smile back, he
asked. "Until you start wrestling? Do you plan on wrestling?"

"I'm training in the OVW now." Maryse confirmed. "My first class was

"Oh!" He said. "So, I guess you'll be my problem soon enough then, huh?"

Smiling, Maryse stopped in front of the locker room. "I suppose so." Leaning
forward, she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, before moving towards the
changing room. "Thank you for your help, Tim. I could not have done it
without you." Ducking into the room, she smiled as the door closed. "Au

"Umm, same to you." He said, waving his hand as the door closed. Taking a few
steps back, Tim grinned stupidly as he looked around, trying to remember what
he was supposed to be doing other than getting kissed by the newest Diva.
Stopping dead in his tracks, he looked down at his watch. "Fuck!" He
screamed, turning and bolting towards the gorilla position, looking around
frantically for the pack of Divas who were sure to be pissed off that he had
forgotten to book their matches. "Fuck, fuck, fuck..." Tim whined, rounding
the corner and turning on the afterburners, flying down the hallway, his
clipboard clutched in one hand as he jotted down notes.

Turning the last corner, he whined as he saw the as promised pack of Divas
standing around the entranceway, not looking in the best of moods. Looking up
at the panicked booker, Jillian started to say, "Where have..." Before he
flew by her.

"Gimmie a second!" He yelled behind him, tearing down the hallway. "Where's

"In the ring, waiting on your ass!" Kristal yelled.

Bursting through the curtains and running down the ramp, Tim slid into the
ring, coming to a stop at Fit's feet before springing up, coming eye to eye
with the Irishman. "Fit, I am so sorry..."

"Forget it." He said, waving his hand. "At least you showed up. More than I
can say for most of the bookers who get stuck with the Divas."

"I didn't get stuck." Tim said. "This was the job I wanted." Before Fit could
comment anymore, Tim asked, "Did you guys do any matches, or..."

"We were waiting for you." Fit said.

"Fuck." Tim said, shaking his head. "I'm so sorry. It's just, I'm doing about
a million and one things, and every time I turn around, someone else is
bugging me..."

"I said forget it." Fit said, before pointing up the ramp. "Go get the girls.
Steph said you had one spot on Smackdown, and a dark match. Lets get this
show going and figure out who's doing what."

"Thank you, Fit." Tim said, dropping to the mat and rolling out of the ring.
Making his way back up to the entranceway, he moved back towards the Divas,
trying to think of something to say. "Umm..." He started, gaining their
unwanted attention. "I fucked up. I'm sorry." He said flatly. Rubbing his
eyes as his headache returned with a few friends, he added, "No excuses. I
just lost track of time."

"Can we get on with this?" Jillian asked. "I'm sure we all have better things
to do than stand around waiting for you..."

"Of course." Tim said, motioning towards the curtain. "I have a Smackdown
match and a dark match, and Fit and I are going to see what you all got, ring
skills wise, and go from there. Sound good?"

"What about that stuff about talking to us about going to Raw?" Kristal
asked, moving past him and towards the ring.

"We'll get to that." Tim assured her. "For now, some matches."

As the Divas filed past him and into the arena, Tim sighed, shaking his head
as he cursed himself for his stupidity. ~You are an idiot.~ He thought,
pushing into the arena as the last of the girls made there way in. ~Way to
get off to a good start...~

* * *

"Alright, spill."

Looking up from his clipboard, Tim gave Ashley a confused look as the punk
rock Diva smirked at him. "Spill what?"

"Why were you late?" She asked. Before he could say anything, she added, "And
don't give me that "I lost track of time" bullshit. Spill."

"I was just late!" Tim said defensively.

"No one's just late." She said, crossing her arms over her chest. "We were
waiting around for you for like a half hour. I think we deserve an

"I was..."


Sighing, Tim let his head fall back, shaking it softly. "I was helping Maryse
get through a promo." Looking at Ashley, he shrugged. "She kept messing up,
so I had to talk her through it."

"There, was that hard?" Ashley asked with a grin.

"A little, yea." He said. "She seems like she wants to be here, but man,
didn't she screw that segment up."

"Everyone fucks up at first."

"That's what I told her." Tim said. "Told her Trish screwed up for like two
hours before she got her first promo right."

"Seriously?" Ashley asked. "She never told me that."

"Never told me either." Tim said, shrugging. "I wasn't here, so fucked if I
know if she messed up or not. I was just grasping at straws at that point."

Laughing, Ashley shook her head as she pointed at Tim. "You're a sneaky one."
She scolded him playfully. "I'm gonna have to keep an eye on you."

"Trust me." He said, leaning back in his chair again. "There ain't much to
keep an eye on."

Smirking at the young booker, Ashley shrugged. "I dunno. I think you have
some qualities that are worth watching."

Smiling up at Ashley, he asked, "Such as?"

"Well, I'm not gonna list them off." She said. "Don't want you getting a big

"Them?" He asked, grinning. "You mean there's more than one?"

Nodding, she smiled. "Oh, you have plenty."

Shrugging, he tried to brush it off. "I don't know about plenty..."

Smiling, Ashley went to reply when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Turning
to face the hands owner, she smiled. "Hey Matt." She said, leaning over and
giving him a quick kiss. Turning and pointing back towards Tim, she said,
"This is the new Divas booker, Tim Cutler. Tim, Matt. Matt, Tim."

Holding out his hand, Tim smiled at Matt. "Nice to meet you."

Looking down at Tim's hand, Matt ignored it as he looked up at Ashley. "Let's
go." He said, taking Ashley's hand and moving away from Tim.

Stumbling after the abruptly exiting wrestler, Ashley looked between the two
men, looking at Tim's hand, which was slowly dropping to the desk in front of
him. "Later, Tim." She said with a confused shrug, before turning back to
Matt and catching her footing. "Let go!"

As the bickering couple moved down the hall and out of sight, Tim looked
around, finding Jillian and Kristal lurking around the nearby corner. "Care
to explain that?" Tim asked, confused.

"Your officially on his radar." Jillian said with a smirk.

"Radar?" He asked. When she nodded, he asked, "What radar? What did I do?"

"You were flirting with Ashley..."

"I was not flirting!" Tim said defensively. "Jeez, can't a guy joke around?"

"Not with Matt's girlfriend." Kristal said. "He's completely paranoid."


"That you're going to Edge him and steal Ashley." Jillian said.

"I don't want Ashley!" He said. "I'm not looking to steal anyone!"

"Tell that to Matt."

"I would if he hadn't stormed off like a child." Tim grumbled.

"Yea, well, that's Matt." Kristal said. "Keeps Ashley on a short leash so she
won't stray like Amy did."

"I don't even know the whole Amy/Matt story." Tim said, sliding his chair
back and standing up. "And I don't want to. Get stuck between two basket
cases is not my idea of fun. I'm here for a day, then gone. Can't be that
hard to avoid him..."

"Unless you need to talk to Ashley." Jillian said. "Cuz Matt's gonna have her
within two feet for the rest of the night."

"Well, either someone's gonna have to talk to her, or Ashley's getting left
out of the matches." Tim said. "I'm not getting in the middle of a lovers
spat. I wasn't hitting on her, I was just being friendly." Looking down at
his watch, he grumbled. "I gotta go make a call." Pulling off a piece of
paper from his clipboard, he handed it to Jillian. "Could you put this up
wherever the matches are posted, please? Or are you not going that way..."

"I'll handle it." Jillian said with a smile. "Saves you being late posting
them cuz you're flirting with the new girl..."

"For fuck sakes, I was not flirting!" Tim growled. "Christ, no wonder Matt
gets paranoid, with people like you stirring shit up."

"Hey, it's a long road out there." Kristal said, smiling. "Stirring shit up
is fun."

"Come to Raw and see how fun it is." Tim grumbled.

"Jeez, learn to take a joke." Jillian giggled.

Smiling, he shrugged. "Guess your right." Looking around, he asked. "Any idea
where the men's changing room is?" Seeing the confused look on their faces,
he said, "Well, I just figured your boyfriends would want to know you were
flirting with Matt."

"We were not..." Jillian started, before sighing and shaking her head. "Good
point. Sorry."

"Just don't start shit about me again." Tim pleaded. "I can get fired for
that." When they nodded, he said, "So, please, post that?"

"Will do."

Checking his watch again, he said, "If you guys want to tell the other Divas
to meet me in my RV in like an hour, we can go over your matches and talk
about which show you want to be on." When they again nodded, he turned giving
them a wave, and started back towards his RV, making a few quick jots on his
clipboard to make sure he didn't forget that the Divas were coming over.
Ducking around a corner, Tim looked up from his clipboard, smiling as
Stephanie waved at him. Waving back, something clicked in his head. Rushing
over towards Stephanie, Tim put on his best smile, trying to look like he
wasn't asking for a favor.

Smiling back, she asked, "What do you want, Tim?"

Trying to look hurt, he said, "What do..."

"You're smiling." She said, pointing to his face. "No one around here smiles
unless they want something. Especially people in management. Now spill."

"I need a favor." He said, grinning as she laughed.

"Alright, hit me."

"I need you to keep Matt Hardy distracted for a little while." He said.

"When?" She asked. "Like, right now?"

"No, no." He said, shaking his head. "In a little bit. Like, in an hour?"

"Alright, I suppose I can do that." She said. "Why?"

"Because apparently I'm on his radar."

"Ahh, flirted with Ashley, huh?"

"I was not flirting!"

"Probably not." Stephanie said with a grin.

"Not probably, definitely." He said firmly.

Laughing, she shook her head. "Jeez, Tim, calm down." When he looked at her,
she said, "We're all adults around here. A little flirting isn't going to
kill you."

"It would kill my career." He said. "My contract specifically says I can't
hit on talent."

"Mine says I can't get involved with talent either." She said with a smirk.
Holding up her hand, she smiled. "Notice the ring?"

"You're the bosses daughter." He said. "Vince would fire me in a heartbeat.
You, not so much."

"Nah." She said, smiling. "I think your growing on him."

"Yea, like a fungus." He grumbled. "I'm his Diva problem solver. Let me
handle the headaches..."

"And not get any of the fringe benefits that the other talent get." Stephanie
finished with a grin.

"I never said anything about fringe benefits."

"Are you gay?"


"Then you've thought about them." She said. "If you didn't, you wouldn't put
up with the headaches."

"And speaking of headaches, I have to go deal with one." He said.

"And I'll keep another off your back." She promised.

"He'll probably be following Ashley and the other Divas to my RV in an hour,
so if you could intercept him..."

"No problem." She said. "But you owe me one."

"Totally." He said. "Just keep him tied up for...I dunno, half an hour?"

"Just send Ashley down to my office when you're done." Stephanie said. "That
way, he won't come looking for her, or you."

"Sounds like a plan." Tim agreed, giving her a grin. "Thank you so much for
this Steph."

"No problem." She said, giving him a wave.

Restarting his forward progress and making his way to his RV, Tim unlocked
the back door and slid in, closing the door and locking it behind him. Moving
over to his fridge, he smiled as he swung the door open, pushing some things
out of the way and reaching for the hidden box in the back of the fridge.
Pulling it out with a wide grin, he weighed the box, his smile getting wider
as he realized it was all there. Cracking open the box, he moved over to the
counter, pulling out a small Tupperware container from the box and cracking
the lid. Taking a whiff of the contents, he grabbed a plate from the
dishwasher and carefully emptied the container onto it

He still wasn't sure how it had eluded Mickie's fridge raids. He'd tried
reasoning with her, begging, pleading, bribing, withholding blowjobs,
everything, but nothing had curbed her hunger. If he'd been having real sex
with her, and not just oral, he'd be terrified that she was pregnant. Nothing
was out of bounds when she was hungry. Cereal, bread, meats, cheese, anything
she grabbed was eaten with a rabid fury that had frightened Tim at first, but
he quickly grew to accept it, knowing her hunger for food was only surpassed
by her hunger for her oral treats. She'd emptied two tubes of toothpaste
brushing her teeth in between snacks, as he had been unwilling to let her
mouth near his cock after she inhaled the things she had.

"And, the brushing gave me a break." He murmured, taking the plate and
carefully setting it on the table. Returning to the fridge, he grabbed the
bottle of soy sauce, snatching a small bowl from the cupboard and setting
them on the table before getting a drink and moving over to the table.
Passing by the utensil drawer, he quickly opened it up and grabbed a pair
of chopsticks from it, bumping it closed with his hip as he slid into the
table, giggling with glee as he stared down the raw fish on the plate.

He wasn't even terribly sure if Mickie liked sushi, but he didn't want to
give her the chance. It was his favorite food, and it had taken a lot of
looking to find it, and even more effort to sneak away from Mickie long
enough to get it, letting her pleasure herself unconscious before sneaking
out in the middle of the night to pick it up. Picking up his chopsticks
with one hand, he reached for his phone with the other, looking down at his
clipboard and punching in the number that had been given to him. Picking up
a piece of sushi and dunking it in the soy sauce, he happily slid it into
his mouth, biting down with a soft moan.

Hearing the other end of the phone pick up, he went to say something, but was
beaten to the punch.

"Your late."

Smiling, he picked up another piece. "Not the first time today."

"What are you doing?"




"I hate you."

"What?" He asked, smiling. "Just because..."

"Your eating good food." Trish grumbled. "And we're stuck with shit catering
in England."

"I'm sure it's..."

"When did you get sushi?" Mickie piped in, cutting him off. "I didn't see

"When were you on his RV?" Victoria asked.

Her mind racing, Mickie latched onto the only fact based thing she could. "I
had an autograph signing this week and Tim drove me." Looking at the speaker
phone, she asked again, "When did you get sushi?"

"Last night, while you were...asleep." He said, almost saying, "Blacked out
from coming.", but stopping himself before he got the words out.

"And you didn't get me any?" Mickie whined.

"You ate everything else!" He laughed. "I had to hide it!"

"I'll make sure to look harder next time." She said, leaning back in her
chair with a pout. "Meanie."

"Bitch, bitch, moan, moan." Tim teased. "If that pissed you off, your really
not gonna like what I'm gonna say next..."

"Oh god..."

"Mickie, Victoria, you two have a match tonight." He said. "Victoria, you're
winning the belt."

"No!" Mickie whined, her pouting increasing. "Your doing this because I ate
your cheesecake, aren't you?"

"No, I'm doing this because your going to get back into your feud with Trish
and Beth, teaming with Melina, which I know is a sore spot." Taking another
bite, he asked, "Is there going to be a problem?"

"Will you buy me sushi?"

"I'll buy you all the sushi you can eat." He promised his current women's

"Then I'll be good."


"Do I get sushi too?" She asked with a smirk.

"No, you get to stay on Raw." He said. "I expect all of you to act like
professionals. Any fucking around, and both of you are heading back to OVW.
Got it?"

"Wow, Tim laying down the law." Candice said, shocked. "What got into you?"

"It's my job." Tim said. "You guys are normally good enough where I don't
have to be the asshole, but in this case..."

"I understand. I'll be good." Mickie said, looking at Melina. "It's not like
we're wrestling each other."

"Same." Melina said. "Last thing I want is to go back to OVW."

"Good." He said, taking another piece of sushi and popping it into his mouth.

"Could you stop eating long enough to tell us our jobs?" Candice whined.
"You're making me hungry..."

"Your always hungry..." Trish teased.

"Your all bottomless pits." Tim said. "After seeing my grocery bill this
month, all of you are officially forbidden from making fat jokes or eating
jokes ever again."

"How much was it?" Victoria asked. "We said we'd help."

"Well, you know my normal bill?"


"Multiply it by ten."

"Ten?" Trish asked, looking confused. "There are only five of us who stay

"Exactly, black hole Stratus." Tim joked. "Now, you and Melina have a match
on the show tonight, so make sure you go through it before hand. I left the
Extreme notes with Victoria, so the rest of you can go over them and see if
your wrestling. I made sure to schedule a few dark matches for those of you
who aren't on the show at all tonight, so at least it's not a wasted trip."

"You should still be over here." Trish grumbled. "There's no TV!"

"Or beds to take naps in." Mickie added.

"And did we mention the food?" Candice asked.

"Well, sorry, but your going to have to deal." Tim said, taking another bite.

Slumping back in her chair, Trish grumbled, "What is it going to take to get
you on these trips?"

Smiling, Tim took a drink of his pop. "Nothing will get me on a plane."

"I'm sure we could think of something." Candice purred playfully.

"There's not enough whip cream in the world." He laughed.

"Who said anything about whip cream?" Trish asked. "At this point, I'm sure
we could come up with something better."

"Still not coming."

"Think on it." Trish insisted. "Someone here's bound to have something you

"I'm sure you all do." He said, smiling. "But my contract says I can't ask
for it."


"Put on some good matches, ladies." Tim said. "Signing out."

"I expect sushi when I get back." Mickie grumbled.

"I'll have a big sushi buffet waiting for you all." He promised. "Later."

Quickly hanging up, Tim smiled as he turned his undivided attention to the
mass of raw fish in front of him. Snapping his chop sticks together, he
grabbed a slice and dunked it, sliding it into his mouth with a satisfied
moan. Reaching for another piece, he grumbled as his phone started ringing.

"Just one meal..." He whined softly, grabbing his phone and answering it.

"How much sushi are we talking here?"


"Yes, Mickie." She grumbled. "The woman who gave and gave this week, yet you
hid food from..."

"You ate everything else!" He argued. "I just wanted my one thing..."

"You could have told me not to eat it..."

"I tried that with my cheesecake!"

"I didn't eat the whole thing, did I?"

"You left me a few cherries and a hunk of crust!" Tim laughed. "Besides, I
promised you sushi, I'll get you sushi."

"After the fact."

"And, I feel I was fairly giving during your trip as well." He said with a
smile, hearing her purr over the phone. "Wasn't I?"

"I guess..."

"You guess?" He asked. "Mickie, I'm still sore. I was very giving. Admit it."

"You were." She sighed. "First sushi, now the belt..."

"You losing the belt is going to be a good thing." Tim promised her. "You're
going to jump back into your feud with Trish, which you know is where all the
spotlight is."

"Why can't I keep both?" Mickie whined.

"Because you don't need both." He told her. "You're getting over just fine
without the belt. And Victoria deserves another good run, doesn't she?"

"I guess..." Mickie said. Pouting as she relaxed back in her chair, she
asked, "Why did you hide the sushi? Really."

Smiling, he picked up another piece, sliding it into his mouth. "You wouldn't
let me near your fish, so I hid mine..."

"I do not smell like fish." Mickie growled.

"No, you don't." He admitted. "You smell like wet, sloppy lust. Very drool


"Really." He said. "Helps me get hard again."

"Which is good."

"Very, very good." He said, playing on her needs to get himself off the hook.
"I love being hard near you. You know just what to do with me when I'm like
that, don't you?"

"Am I ever going to get the belt again?" Mickie asked softly.

"Of course!" Tim said. "This is just an angle thing. Victoria deserves the
belt, and she can use it to help elevate some other talent. And putting you
back in the Trish/Beth angle helps resolve that, so you can move on with your
career, including future title runs, without having to worry about that
unanswered question hanging over it."

"You think about this stuff to much." Mickie said with a smirk. "I'll need to
keep your mind off of it when I get back."

"And how do you propose to do that, Ms James?" He asked with a grin.

"Suck the life out of you." She growled.

"So sexy when you growl." He teased, making her growl again. "So sexy."

Sighing, Mickie said, "Well, I better go get ready to lose my belt..."

"Just growl one more time." He said. "For me?"

Rolling her eyes, Mickie smiled as she shook her head. "Grrrrrrr..."

"So sexy." He said, making her giggle. "Makes me wish I could be between
those sexy lips again..."

"You had your chance." Mickie scolded him playfully. "I tried to take you in
the airport, but no, Mr. "I have to get you on the plane" didn't want to."

"I never, ever said I didn't want to." He corrected her. "I just said I had
to get you on the plane. Which I did."

"Still say we would have had time."

"Maybe for a quickie." He argued. "But a quickie with you is no fun. Half the
fun in being your oral buddy is the savoring you put into it."

"You know, all this talk isn't helping me with my current "No one to blow"
situation." Mickie grumbled.

"Let me hear your lips again." Tim teased. He knew it was probably wrong to
play off of Mickie's needs, but he knew how much she loved what she did, and
he had been trying to make her feel comfortable with it since the first time
she had giving him oral sex. Any chance he had to help that process along, he
was going to take it.

"Hear my lips?" She asked.

"Clap them together." He said. "Like you did at the airport..."

"When you called me a horse picking apples?"

"A sexy horse." He said. "You said so yourself. And you are one sexy horse,
Mickie." Hearing her giggle, he said, "I'd like to ride you all day long..."

"You have." She giggled. "In our own strange way."

"Not strange." He said. "Just different. Now, lips, please?"

Sighing, Mickie shook her head, smiling from ear to ear. Puckering up her
lips, she clapped them together, laughing when he groaned softly. "Stop

"Are you alone?" he asked.

"Yea, I slipped into a spare room to call." She said. "Why?"

"Do you think there's any way we can do this, over the phone?" he asked.

"Do what?"

"Phone sex." He said softly. "I mean, I know it's only oral, but still..."

"I honestly doubt it." Mickie said glumly.

"Wanna try?" He offered. "You can use the lollypop I got you..."

"That didn't survive the flight over." Mickie growled, before laughing when
he moaned. "Stop that!"

"You, plus growls, equals sexy." Tim assured her. "And what happened to the

"I sucked it away." She said. "I wish you could have seen the weird looks I
got when it went missing. Some people were very envious of the lollypop."

"I'd imagine." He said. "I imagine any guy in that locker room would kill to
be getting what I get."

"Well, I got you, so I don't need them." Mickie said firmly.

"So, phone sex?"

"I don't think so." Mickie said softly. "Not the same." Looking at her watch,
she said, "And besides, I really do have to go get ready..."

"Ok." He said, smiling. "Talk to you later, ok?"

"Ok." Mickie said, before exchanging goodbyes and hanging up.

Readjusting his grip on the chopsticks in his hand, Tim snapped them at the
fish again. "Thought you were getting away, huh?" Reaching down for another
piece, he slammed his fist to the table as his phone started ringing again.
"God damnit!" Snapping it up, he punched it on. "Hello?"

"Why was your phone busy?" Victoria asked.

"Because I was using it." He said. "What's up?"

"Just wanted to talk." She said.

"Can I eat while were talking?" He whined. "No one wants to let me eat..."

"I got something you can eat." Victoria purred, making him laugh. "And yes,
eat away."

"Thank you." He said, snatching up a piece of sushi and dunking it. "So,
how's the trip going so far?"

"Pretty good." She said. "I love these trips. Lots of big crowds. You should
come next time..."

"Not going to happen." He said firmly.

"I'll keep you busy." Victoria offered. "Sex, sex, and more sex. What could
be better than that?"

"I get sex, sex, and more sex." He said. "I don't have to hop on a rickety
plane and shit myself with fear going overseas for that."

"I think you underestimate the amount of sex I'm talking about here."
Victoria said. "I'm talking hours upon hours."

"Your really missing the RV, aren't you?"

"Catering sucks." She grumbled. "I want ham."

"Then get ham." He said, picking up a piece of sushi. "They always have ham."

"Not fresh baked ham, with mashed potatoes, and gravy..." She said, groaning
softly. "Please come next time. My stomach needs you."

"I'd hope more than your stomach needs me."

"The rest of my body wants you." She said. "My stomach needs you."

"Well, I would have come if you needed me, but only part of you does." He
teased, munching happily on another piece.

Grumbling, Victoria told him, "We need a problem solver over here."

"Why? What's up?"

"Maria's pissed about something." She said. "Started the day all shits and
giggles, went and made a phone call, came back major league pissed off."

"What happened?"

"No idea." Victoria said. "Which is why we need you over here. You deal with
these things better..."

"Well, I couldn't make it this trip anyways." He said. "I have a meeting set
up with a wrestler I'm looking to hire."


"A girl."


"Sorry. Woman."

"And who?"


"Tell me, Tim."

"I'm the booker, I don't have to tell you."

"I'm your fuck buddy. I don't have to sleep with you."


"Come on, how hard is it to say who?"

"Cuz you'll make fun of me."

"Have I ever made fun of you before?"

"You mean aside from almost every day?



Grinning from ear to ear, Victoria giggled, turning it in to laughter as Tim
groaned. "Talia? Talia Madison?"

"That's the only Talia I know." Tim said, shaking his head. ~Why did I tell
her that?~

"You mean that cute little indy girl you have a massive crush on?" She

"I have a little crush on her." He said. "Not massive."

"I've seen your computer." She said. "It's massive."

"What were you doing on my computer?"

"Snooping for storylines." She admitted. "Where do you keep them? I found
your porn, but couldn't find your storylines."

"That's because you don't need to know where I keep them." He said. "And stay
away from my porn. Unless you'd care to add to it."

"No." She said, before giggling. "Naughty Tim. Hiring girls he has crushes

"I'm not hiring her just because..."

"Just because?" She said, cutting him off with a laugh. "You mean your crush
has a factor in it?"

"I'm hanging up now." Tim said, shaking his head.

"Man whore."


Hanging up his phone as Victoria continued to howl with laughter, Tim set it
aside as he eyed his sushi, losing interest rapidly in the meal. Picking up
his chopsticks, he gave it one last shot, picking up a piece and dunking it
in the soy sauce.

Ring, ring.

Throwing down his food in frustration, Tim snatched up the phone.


"Jeez, someone's in a bad mood." Trish said, slumping back in her chair. "At
least you have sushi..."

"Which no one will let me eat in peace..."

"And a place to nap." She finished. "I want a nap."

"Then go take a nap." He urged her.

"There's no bed." She grumbled. "And no one to nap with."

"There's plenty of people to nap with." He said.

"Alright, let me rephrase that." She said. "There's no one to nap with who I
won't wake up with trying to fuck me."

"Ok, you got a point there." He admitted.

"And feel free to eat." Trish said, looking over the food in her hand. "Don't
feel bad that you left us all alone over here, with nothing to eat but
strange British food and power bars..."

"And suddenly I'm not in the mood for sushi." He said, pushing the plate
away. "Thanks for that. It's only my favorite food."

"I'm sorry." She said. "It's just, we all like the RV..."

"And I like having my feet on solid ground." He said. "Which means, I'm not
flying. If Vince gave me a few weeks off in between tours and let me hop on a
boat for England, I'd totally be there."

"I think you just like napping with me." Trish teased.

"That doesn't suck." He admitted. "But not enough to get on a plane."

"Meanie." She teased.

"Not the first time I've been called that today." He said.

"So, Mickie's getting sushi." Trish said, smiling. "Do I get some too?"

"I suppose I could see what I could get." He said.

"Great." She said. "Consider it a sushi date."

Not quite sure about her use of the word "Date", he asked, "So, was
there a purpose to your call, other than mooching sushi?"

"Aside from to bitch about the food and sleeping arrangements?"

"Yes, aside from that."

"Wanted to talk about my match tonight." She said. "Is it just me vs. Melina,
straight up?"

"Unless you want to tag on a bra and panties stipulation to it."

"Umm, lemme think" Trish said with a laugh.

"Come on, just one, for m...the fans?" He said, joining in her laughter.

"Yea, the fans." Trish said with a smirk. "And still, no."

"Meanie." He said, smiling. "Anyways, yes, straight up. You win, which
prompts her to bring Mickie in, which prompts you to bring Beth in. Sort
of like a Divas arms race."

"Kick ass." She said. "Angles rock."

"They do." He said. "Gives fans something to look forward too...unless I can
talk you into a bra and panties match..."

"No chance."

"Mud wrestling?"


"Over the top, off with the top battle royal?"

"In your dreams." Smirking, she added, "Which is probably true."

"Never." He said with a grin. "Anyways, I'm going to get going, so I can eat,
and not get backed into any more corners."

"Coward." She teased.

"Bye Trish."

"Later Tim."

Hanging up his phone, Tim pushed it away and snapped up his chopsticks for
the hundredth time. Quickly picking up another piece, he snatched it into his
mouth quickly, before anything else could interrupt him.

"Me and eating aren't meant to get along." He grumbled. "I should have stuck
to writing TV shows..."

Knock, knock, knock...

Springing out of the booth, Tim reared back and kicked the couch, slamming
his chopsticks down on the table. "Fucking shit fucker god fucking damnit!"
He howled, flailing his arms around in a rage as he tried to get rid of the
anger that was pouring out of his body. "One fucking meal!" Moving towards
the back door, he unlocked it quickly, swinging it open and looking down at
the mass of Divas waiting outside of the door. "Yes?"

"You said be here in an hour." Ashley said. Pointing at her watch, she held
it up for him to see. "It's been an hour. What were you cursing at?"

Shaking his head, Tim ran his fingers through his short hair. "I don't wanna
talk about it." He grumbled. "Come in."

Looking at the RV warily, Kristal asked, "You have your meetings in an RV?"

"Yes." He said. "It's my office."

"Is that a good idea?"

Glaring down at her, he snapped, "I have the meetings at the kitchen table,
not in my bed. Now either remove your mind from whatever gutter it crawled
into and get in here, or leave. I'm not in a great mood, so I don't really
care which you pick."

As he turned and stormed back towards the kitchen/living room, the Divas
looked at each other, silently wondering what to do. Shrugging, Ashley
reached up and grabbed the door handle, pulling herself up and into the RV,
the other Divas following suit and piled in, moving towards the living room
and watching as Tim scooted over, making room for them in the booth. Looking
down at him, Kristal started to say, "I didn't mean..."

"I don't care." Tim said, pointing at his sushi. "I've been trying to eat for
the last hour, and I keep getting interrupted, and I'm starting to get edgy.
If I don't finish this soon, I'm probably going to kill someone. So just sit,
let's talk, and you can all go on your merry way, ok?" Looking up at them, he
said, "Ok?"

Nodding, the Divas moved to sit down, Ashley drawing the short straw and
having to sit next to the angry booker. Watching as he snatched up another
hunk of sushi and quickly downed it, she asked, "So, can we talk, or did you
want to finish eating?"

"Talk." He said. Looking at the clock on his wall, he said, "You guys are
probably getting hungry, so let's make this as quick as possible so you can
go eat, ok?"

"Do you have anything..." Ashley started, before Tim cut her off.

"Mickie ate everything." He said firmly. "Except my sushi." Eyeing his
rapidly dwindling sushi supply, he said, "Alright, so, matches. Everyone have
a dance partner?" Looking around at the Divas, he sighed when they didn't say
anything. "Does everyone have someone to have a match with?" He asked.
Looking at the couch, he pointed at Shelly and Barbie with his chopsticks.
"Except you two. You two, Stephanie McMahon wants to see you. Apparently you
have a job already."

"Really?" Barbie asked, smiling. "What is..."

"Not my place to say." He said, fiddling with his chopsticks, trying to find
which piece to eat next. "She wanted to see you guys ASAP." Looking at the
other Divas, Shelly and Barbie got up, giving a quick wave to the girls
before moving to the back of the RV and out the door. "Ok, so, did I leave
anyone out when I made up the matches?" He asked. When everyone shook their
heads, he nodded. "Ok, good." Taking a drink of his pop, he tried to get his
thoughts back together. Looking over Jillian's shoulder and spotting his
clipboard, he pointed at it. "Hand me that, please." When she snatched up
the clipboard and handed it to him quickly, he looked down at his notes,
trying to figure out what else he had to do. "Alright, did you guys go over
your matches?"

"We know who were wrestling, yea." Jillian said.

"Not what I asked." He said. "I asked if you went over them. As in, acted
them out before hand."

"No." Kristal said, shaking her head. "Why?"

"Because it's the way we're doing things now on Raw." He said, flipping
through his notes as he ate. "Go over the match before hand, work it out in
front of no one, so you know what you're supposed to do when the crowd is
there." Looking up at Jillian, he said, "It's more of a way of covering the
girls who can't wrestle so well, but are trying there best, than it is to
help people like you. I know you can wrestle. But a lot of girls here can't,
but they still try."

"So are matches going to be scripted out now?" Jillian asked.

"For the foreseeable future, yes." He said. "We're...and by we, I mean me,
since I'm the only one who looks after these things, are trying to make all
the girls look as good as possible. Having one powerhouse run over everyone,
or someone botch moves because there making stuff up on the fly, doesn't help
anyone. Helps get experience until we're back on a sort of even level.
Understand?" When they all nodded, he looked back at his papers. "Ok..."

"Umm...Tim?" Kristal asked softly. When he looked up at her, she asked, "Did
you watch any of the matches we did earlier?"

"A few, yea." He said. "I think I caught all of them. Why?"

"I was just wondering how you thought they went." She said. "Specifically

"I thought they went well enough." He said, rubbing his eyes with the palms
of his hands. "You did pretty good. I never saw any of your stuff in the
minors, so I don't really know how well your progressing, but I'll look into
it and give you a better opinion, if you want."

"That would be nice." She said with a smile. "If you have time..."

"I don't sleep much, so I have nothing but time." He said. Checking off some
things on the paper, he said, "Alright, so, switching brands." Looking up, he
laid it out for them. "Smackdown is not going to have any women's wrestling,
or at least real matches, in a short while. Probably starting as soon as
three, four weeks from now. Anyone who wishes to continue wrestling is going
to have to shift over to Raw, as that's where I am..."

"What if we don't want to switch..." Ashley said, looking around. "But we
still want to wrestle?"

"Then you're fucked." He said flatly. "This is something that me and Vince
came to an agreement over. We decided that there were not enough Divas who
can wrestle to spread over two shows, so we're moving them all to Raw."

"And there's going to be no matches on Smackdown?" she asked.

"None, except for gimmick matches." He said. "Which I don't control. Again,
I'm Raw only. I'm just here for the day to explain this all to you, and give
you your options. No one has to answer today, but it wouldn't hurt if you
give me an indication as to which way you're leaning, that way I can get to
work on fitting you into storylines."

"Is there enough TV time for all of us?" Katie asked.

"I have two match slots on Raw, and an hour long web show." He said. "There's
plenty of time."

"When are we getting called up?" Angel asked softly.

"Whenever I have something for you." He said. "I'm trying to get all the
angles I have right now going, then bring in more Divas. I'm not bringing
people in just to have them sit around."

"Can I ask question?" Maryse asked softly.

Smiling, he nodded. "Of course."

"How was my skit?" She asked softly. "I heard someone say "Train wreck."..."

"It wasn't a train wreck." He said. "Everyone messes up at first. Don't worry
about it." When she nodded, he smiled. "Once you got over the nervousness,
you did pretty damn good." When she smiled a little, he added, "And hey, at
least it wasn't on live TV, right?"

"Right." She said, nodding.

"So, that's about it." He said. "Just needed to tell you guys that, and let
you know about the switch." When they nodded, he asked, "Alright, so, any
more questions?"

"Which show is Joy going to be on?" Michelle asked.

Looking confused, he scratched his head. "Who's Joy?"

"Joy Giovanni." Michelle said. Seeing him not follow her, she said, "The
Divas search girl...worked here a few years ago..."

"And no one I know." He said. "Is she in OVW? DSW?"

"You just hired her."

"I didn't hire anyone yet." Tim said, shaking his head. "Where did that come

"Her My Space page." Michelle said.

"Well, she's either making it up, or Vince hired her for eye candy." Tim
said, shrugging. "Because I'm certain I've never hired anyone named Joy
Giovanni." When they nodded, he looked at his watch, whining softly. "But
I am trying to hire someone, who should be here shortly, so if you guys
wouldn't mind..."

"We have matches to plan out anyways." Jillian said, smiling. "Count me in
for Raw."

"Me too." Kristal said. "That is, if you'll have me..."

"Of course." He said. Looking at Ashley, he grinned. "You in?"

"I'll think about it." She said.

Nodding, he shrugged. "That's all I ask."

As the Divas filed out of his office, Tim smiled as he looking down at the
lone piece of sushi on his plate. Picking up his chopsticks with a smile, he
grabbed it and dunked it in the soy sauce, coating it nicely before sliding
it into his mouth, leaning back and savoring the taste as he closed his eyes.

"All worth it." He mumbled, chuckling softly as he let his body unwind,
getting ready for the next sprint of the day.

* * *

Pacing back and forth nervously, Tim tried to crack his knuckles again, but
found them already cracked. Whining softly, he wondered how six little words
could get him so freaked out.

Talia is here. Send her down.

"She's just a woman." He said to himself. "Hell, you've even slept with a few
of them now. What's the big deal?" Shaking out his hands, he repeated, "It's
just a little crush."

*Knock, knock, knock*

"Awww! Fuck!" Tim whined, rubbing his hands over his face as he tried to get
his stomach to settle down. Realizing leaving her standing outside of his
motor home wasn't going to help matters, he slowly made his way to the door,
shaking his hands and trying to get the nerves out of them. Reaching out and
grabbing the doorknob, he forced a smile to his face, which he was sure
looked weird, but better than wide eyed panic, and said, "Hi!" Far to loudly
at the started woman looking up at him.

"Tim?" Talia asked softly, smiling back.

"That's me." He said, keeping his breathing in check.

Looking up at Tim, Talia smiled, waiting for him to invite her in.

Continuing to stare up at him, she continued to wait.



"Are you going to invite me in, or were we going to talk in the parking lot?"

Realizing his complete fuck up, Tim quickly nodded, taking a step back and
waving his arm. "Please, come in. I'm sorry..." He said, trying to think up
an excuse. "It's been a weird day."

"It's ok." She said, pulling herself up the steps and into the RV. "I've
actually worked out contracts in parking lots before, so I was just

"No, no." He said, his face still in a wide smile that he couldn't seem to
shake. "I couldn't pry an office out of Vince, so I got this to ride around

"Why don't you just fly?"

"Long story." He said, taking a seat at his table. "Please, sit."

Nodding, Talia sat down across from him, looking around. "I should tell you,
no matter what, I can't sign anything right now. I have a few months worth of
indy bookings lined up and I don't back out on a deal." Grinning, she added,
"When your booking for yourself, you have to take the jobs when you can get

Laughing slightly, he asked, "You flew all the way up here to tell me you
can't sign?"

Shaking her head, she grinned. "I can sign, just not right now. I flew up
here to talk. Remember, you were supposed to come to me..."

"And I'm very grateful that you could accommodate my last minute change of
plans." He thanked her.

"When the WWE calls, you answer." She said, her eyes finally settling on him.
"And getting flown up to my next booking and put up in a fancy hotel for free
kinda helped ease the pain."

"Ahh, I see." He said, getting a little unnerved at the small girl staring at
him. "Just using us to get to your bookings."

"Not really." She said. "If I hadn't have been able to line something up, I
wouldn't have come."

Nodding, he looked down at the papers on his table, trying to avoid eye
contact with the object of his small crush. "Anyways, I just wanted to talk
to you and see what your interest level was on joining up with the WWE."

"Well, would I be wrestling?" she asked. "Or just being a valet?"

"Wrestling." He said. "I don't deal with non-wrestling Divas." Looking down
at his papers again, he tried to find something new to grab his interest.

"You look nervous." She said. When he looked up at her, she asked, "Why?"

"I..." He started, before sighing, trying to think up an out. "I've never
interviewed anyone for a job here before." He lied. "And this is kinda my
first contract I'm having to negotiate." He lied again.

Smiling, she shrugged. "Well, going good so far." When he smiled a bit, she
added, "The worst that can happen is I say no."

"I suppose." He said, nodding.

"Did you have any other interviews lined up?" She asked softly.

"Some." He admitted.

"Would one of them happen to be April Hunter?"

Shaking his head, he told her, "Not right now. I just sort of narrowed it
down to a short list of people I wanted right now, and she didn't make the

Looking suddenly sad, she nodded. "Oh."

"Is that going to be a problem?" He asked.

Shrugging her shoulders, she said, "I don't know." Looking at him, she said,
"We book as a team, even if just one of us is wrestling. We're sort of a
package deal..."

"Oh." He said, nodding. Shrugging his own shoulders, he said, "
about we just talk this out, and I can make my proposal, and you can have
some time to mull it over? I don't need an answer right now, so if you
wanted to talk things over with Ms Hunter, that's fine by me."

Forcing a smile to her face, Talia nodded. "Ok. Lets do that."

Finally getting to look at his papers for real, Tim sifted around through
them, looking down and pulling out the right one. "This is the contract I
drew up." He said, handing it over to her. "It's fairly standard. Lump sum
guaranteed pay, with bonuses for shows worked. Some help with travel
expenses, and you'd be required to show up to shows on Saturday, Sunday and
Monday, and some other shows on a case by case basis."

"How often will I be used?" She asked. "Like, can I expect a good amount of

Nodding, he said, "I try to rotate my slots on the shows to make sure all the
Divas get some time. Make tag matches for house shows to get extra girls in,
stuff like that." Smiling, he added, "I'm told I'm fairly sneaky like that."

"So, I'll wrestle a lot?"

"I'd guess two days a week, out of the three." He said. "Again, depends on if
we have extra shows. Sometimes when we do Euro tours and stuff, you work six,
seven, eight days in a row, and I'd try to get all the girls in every night
just to make the trip worth while."

Smiling, she said, "You sound like you know what you're talking about."

"I talk a good game." He joked.

Nodding, she looked at the contract, before looking up at him. "Are you sure
you don't want to take another look at April?"

Sighing, he shook his head. "Honestly, I'm still getting my bearings around
here. I have girls in the development leagues and on Smackdown who aren't
being used, so I'm just trying to get another girl or two to shore up the
wrestling side before I start hiring more and more girls."

"Oh." Shrugging her shoulders again, Talia smiled softly. "Well, it was nice
meeting you..."

"Wait." He said, confused. "Is that it?" When she looked confused herself, he
added, "I mean, I just thought working this stuff out would take longer.
Seems a long way to come for ten minutes of talking..."

"Well, I have to look the contract over and think about it." She said.
Smiling, she added, "Don't forget, you were supposed to come to me."

"Which I'm sorry about..."

"Like I said, no biggie." Pushing herself out of the booth, Talia smiled at
him. "I got a flight to my next gig and a good hotel room out of the deal for
free, and an offer to join the WWE. Not many girls can say that, can they?"

Shaking his head, Tim grinned. "I suppose not, no." Pushing out of the booth,
he shrugged. "I just wish I hadn't drug you all the way up here for like ten

"Drug nothing." She said. "I had to be here anyways. You just gave me another
reason to come." Grinning, she added, "Besides, I'm sure you have stuff to
look after."

Looking up at the clock, he scratched his head, nodding. "Yea, I probably
should call the gang and see how things went..."

"See?" Talia said, smiling. "I'll just be on my way, and we can both get
doing what we should be doing..."

"And you can think over my offer?" He asked.

Nodding, she said, "I'll look it over soon and get back to you ASAP."

Holding out his hand, he smiled as she took it and shook it. "I really hope
you decide to join up. I think you could do very well here."

Grinning, she turned and started towards the back of the RV. "I'll give it
some serious thought, I promise."

"Thank you." He said, giving her a wave goodbye as she opened the back door,
grabbing the handle and lowering herself out as he plunked down on the couch,
cradling his face in his hands as the door closed. "Apologize much?" He
muttered to himself, shaking his head as he leaned back. "You are a moron."
Shaking himself out of his funk, Tim stood up, moving over to the table and
grabbing his phone. "Might as well be problem solver..." Punching in a
number, he put the phone to his ear, waiting for the other end to pick up.

"I fucking told you not to call again!"

"I love you to, Maria." Tim said, switching the phone to the other ear and
waiting for the ringing to stop.


"Yes." He said. "Clearly not whoever you thought it least I hope

"No, no, no!" Maria said quickly, shaking her head for emphasis, even though
he couldn't see her. "Just having...problems."

"Which is why I called." Realizing it was safe, he put the phone back on his
left ear. "What's up?"

"It's kinda personal." Maria said softly.

"Personal or not, the others are worried." He said. "Is it something we can
talk through, or..."

"I just need some time." She said.

"You sure?" He asked. "I'm all ears here. Just sitting around, doing

"Ran out of sushi?"

"Who told you about that?" He asked with a grin.

"Food is a big topic." She said. "Followed closely by Edge's cell phone."

"What's wrong with his cell phone?"

"Not working." Maria told him. "And man, is he pissed."

"Meh." Tim said, leaning back with a smile. "He's not a Diva, even if he acts
like one. Not my problem."

"He might be soon, if Lita keeps getting suspended."

"Lita's her own problem." Tim said. "Edge better keep me out of that."

"We'll make sure he does." Maria promised him. Smiling, she asked, "So, you
really called just to see if I was ok?"

"Of course." He said. "I have to look after you guys."

"Worry about us much?"

"Not much, but a little sometimes." He admitted. "You guys are a handful to
look after."

Giggling, Maria asked, "Why do you worry about us? We are big girls, you

"I'm more worried about the you guys going off the deep end and getting fired
part." He said. "I was hoping to start putting you in some more matches soon,
if you're willing..."

"Wrestling matches?" She asked eagerly.

Grinning, he joked, "No, Maria, I'm gonna put you and Candice in some Vale
Tudo matches." Hearing the dead silence on the other end of the phone, he
knew his obscure reference had failed to hit home.

"Valet Tuxedo?" Maria asked, confused. "What kind of match is that?"

Shaking his head, he sighed. "Never mind. Just forget about it. I gotta make
a group call, so if you wanted to see how many of the others you can round

"Gimme a few minutes, then call." She said. "I'll see what I can do."

Exchanging goodbyes, Tim leaned back on the couch, closing his eyes and
resting. Rubbing his forehead and trying to will away his headache, he took a
few deep breaths, letting his body unwind.

"That was a long fucking day." He muttered, pushing himself up from his couch
and moving to his fridge, opening it and grabbing the first drink that came
to him and cracked it open. "What do you know, she left me something else."
He grumbled, downing half the bottle of water in one gulp. Looking at the
side of the fridge, he rubbed the side, checking the space there. "I wonder
if I could fit a lock on here..."

Shaking his head, he checked the clock, deciding he had given Maria enough
time and moved back to the table, grabbing his phone and dialing the number,
putting the phone to his ear as he took another swig of his water.

"Hello, Tim." Victoria said. "Gimme a second to put you on speaker phone."

Listening to Victoria fumble with the phone for a minute, he waited until she
had confirmed he was on speaker phone. "Hey ladies..."

"What is a valet tuxedo match?" Candice asked quickly. "Do I have to wear a
tuxedo or something? I'm guessing it's like an evening gown match, right?"


"Yes, Tim?"

"Didn't I tell you to forget about it?"

"Yes, Tim."

"You didn't, did you?"

"I'm curious!" She said defensively. "What is a valet tuxedo match?"

"Vale Tudo." Tim said, making each word clear. "Not valet tuxedo. It's a form
of bare knuckle fist fighting."

"You were gonna make us fist fight?" Candice asked.

"No." Tim said. "It was a joke. That cleared someone's head..."


"Now can we get on with this?" He asked. "I have driving to do."


"Alright, who's all here?" He asked.

"Everyone, I think." Victoria said, looking around. "Is anyone missing?"

Looking around, Trish shook her head. "Not that I can see."

"Alright, Vicky, Trish, how did the Extreme tapings go?" He asked. "Any mess

"Not that I saw." Victoria said. Looking at Trish, she asked, "You?"


"Alright." He said, looking at his clipboard on the table. "Trish, Melina,
your guys match turn out ok?"

"I think it went good." Melina said.

"Me to."

"Victoria, Mickie?"

"Not so good." Mickie said softly.

"It went fine, Mickie." Victoria said. "It was nothing."

"What was nothing?"

"I slipped." Mickie said.

"Oh well." Tim said. "Shit happens."

"Off the apron."

"Again, shit happens."

"Getting in the ring. Before the match." Mickie said. "Did I mention the face

"Are you ok?"

"Other than my pride, yes. Doing fine." Mickie grumbled. "I looked like a

"Everyone messes up." Victoria said.

"Not getting in the ring." Mickie whined. "And the match was crap. Don't
forget that little part."

"The match was great." Victoria said.

"No it wasn't."

"Yes it was."




"Will you two shut up?" Tim said, rubbing his head. "I have the headache to
end all headaches. How can I put this thing to bed?"

Thinking up a smart answer, Victoria smirked and stopped herself from saying
it in the company of the other Divas. "Would you watch the match tonight? I
don't know what your driving schedule is like..."

"If it'll calm Mickie's nerves, I'll watch." He said.

"If you say it wasn't a train wreck, I'll calm down." Mickie said.

"I'll watch it." He said, making a note to remind himself to do that. "Is
there anything else, or can I down a bottle of Tylenol and just pass out
now?" Hearing a knock on his door, he whined as he let his head drop back.
"Will anyone leave me alone?"

"We will." Victoria said. "Signing out. See you on Saturday, Tim."

"Goodbye, ladies."

Hitting the hang up button on the phone, Tim pushed himself out of his seat
and moved towards the back door, flinching as someone knocked on it again.
Reaching down and grabbing the handle, he considered kicking the door open
with a barrage of swear words, but thought better of it, instead swinging the
door open gently, eyeing the mass of Divas standing on the other side,
looking up at him.

"Do you always travel in gangs?" He asked.

"Packs." Ashley corrected. "And most of the time, yes. Can we come in?"

Taking a step back and waving his hand, he moved towards the table, grabbing
his seat and plunking down before being surrounded by Divas, all the eyes
turning towards him. "What's up?"

"Did you see our matches?" Jillian asked.

Nodding, he smiled. "Someone ran me out the tapes, yes."

"How were they?"

"Meh." He said, shrugging. "Some were better than others. Some sloppy parts,
but for the most part, nothing serious. Nothing that some practice won't take
care of." Pointing towards Jillian, Kristal and Ashley, he said, "You guys
did very well, considering it was a gimmick type match."

"Are we going to get more practice?" Katie asked, motioning to a section of
the Divas.

"The indy girls?" He asked, picking up on which she was pointing at. When she
nodded, he nodded. "Hopefully, soon. I'm planning on making some call ups
soon, as I wasn't left with an over abundance of Divas to work with, and I'm
quickly running out of fresh angles to work with, so new faces will be

"Is there gonna be enough TV time to go around?" Angel asked softly.

"Plenty." He said. "Between the web show and Raw, I have like ninety minutes
of TV time to fill. And right now, I'm stuck using the same girls in pretty
much the same matches, and I don't want it to become repetitive. So the more
Divas, the better."

"I won't be one of them."

Looking over at Ashley, Tim asked her, "What?"

Looking at him, she shrugged. "I decided to stay on Smackdown. All my friends
are boyfriend."

Sighing, Tim shrugged. "I can't talk you out of it?"

"I'd like it if you didn't try." She said.

"I won't then."

"But can I still be in matches?"

"That's up to the bookers around here." He told her. "And since I'm taking
most of the wrestling Divas with me, I don't know who you'd wrestle."

"Could you leave one?" She asked softly.

Shaking his head, he told her, "I have my own product to worry about. Anyone
who wants to wrestle, I'm not leaving behind. Sorry." When she nodded, he
looked around. "What time is it?"

Looking around and finding a clock, Katie told him, "Eight fifty five."

Looking around his table, Tim scanned for his remote control. "I gotta watch
Raw. I promised Mickie and Victoria I would."

"Sounds good." Jillian said, turning around to face the flat screen TV.

Getting out of his seat, and grabbing his remote off of the counter, Tim
looked around, noting that none of the Divas were leaving, and were in fact
getting comfortable in there seats as they turned there attention towards the
TV. Shaking his head, he muttered, "You guys are gonna fit right in..."

Flipping the remote around in his hand, Tim pointed it towards the satellite
box beside his TV, hitting the power button.


Hearing the demonic noises coming from the box, Tim watched in horror as
thin, blue smoke came out of the slots on the top for a moment before dying,
the lights on the front flashing before going blank.

"What the fuck..." He whined, moving towards the satellite box. Seeing
something seeping out of the bottom of it, he approached it cautiously, not
wanting to get shocked if it was electrified water or something of that
nature. Risking a glance up, he was about to look down when a bottle caught
his attention. Looking back up, he realized that the bottle was dripping its
contents down into the box. Reaching up and grabbing the bottle, Tim's mind
began to race as he tried to place the bottle from the scrambled memories of
his week. Something clicking in his head, he placed it with a growl.

Mickie licking chocolate syrup from her teeth.

"I'm putting whip cream down on the grocery list." She had said, making a
note on his note pad. "But the chocolate sauce did the trick, didn't it?"

"You put it back in the cupboard, right?" He had asked.

"Of course." She had promised him. "Fastened it down. It's not going

"Excuse me for a moment." Tim mumbled to the Divas, clutching the bottle in
his hands as he turned and moved towards the back of the RV, opening the door
and sliding out into the parking lot.

Looking around the table, Ashley began to ask, "What was that about..." When
she was cut off from outside the RV.

"Fucking shit fucking fuck fucker bastard shit!" Tim yelled at the top of his
lungs, rearing back and sending the plastic bottle flying through the air
down the parking lot as he started flailing his arms around in a rage.

Quickly jumping up and pouring out of the RV, Ashley and the other Divas
watched in quiet bewilderment as Tim stomped around in a small circle, waving
his arms crudely as he spat strings of curses out.

Stopping his stomping and balling his fists up, Tim waved his arms around in
front of his face, shouting at the top of his lungs as his face began to turn
red, hours of pent up anger, weeks of meals stolen, and months of constant
politicking by the other bookers to get his time reduced coming pouring out
in one massive temper tantrum, not that the Divas watching the scene unfold
in front of them knew anything beyond the small bottle of chocolate syrup and
a broken satellite box.

"Are you fucking retarded?" Ashley finally asked, drawing a flinch worthy
glare from the booker.

"You have no earthly idea how long I've been holding that in!" Tim hissed,
grabbing at his short hair and pacing back and forth. "So BACK OFF!" Dropping
to the floor and curling up in a ball, Tim rocked back and forth, trying to
get what little mind he had left back in some semblance of order. "Alright,
alright...what time is it?" When no one answered, he looked up at the Divas.

Breaking out of the daze they all were in, Jillian looked down at her watch.
"Five past nine."

"Ok..." He said, standing up. "The first Divas match isn't on till half past
nine. I need to get to a hotel or something." Looking around at them, he
asked, "Is there a hotel near here...where are you staying?"

Looking around the group, Ashley found all the others as unwilling to tell
the raving lunatic of a booker sitting on the floor the location of their
hotels as she was. "I'm flying out tonight."

Scanning the other Divas, Tim found them all mumbling something akin to what
Ashley had said. Letting his muscles go slack, he fell back onto the floor,
letting his head rest on the cold concrete as he rubbed his forehead.
"Alright, I gotta figure out something..."

"I have apartment."

Looking up, and finding a beautiful blonde face looking down at him, he
asked, "Huh?"

"I have apartment." Maryse repeated, extending her hand down. "You watch Raw

Shaking his head, he groaned. "Maryse, I don't want to bug you..."

"No bug." She assured him, reaching down and taking his hand to help him up.
"You help me, I help you, no?" When he sighed, she smiled. "Raw starts an
hour later in Canada, so we have time. If you need to yell more..."

"No, no. I'm ok now." He said, letting her grip his hand and help him to his
feet. "Why does it start an hour later up here?"

"Sucky TV station."

"Ahh." Looking at the others, he sighed as he looked at the ground. "I am so,
so sorry." He told them. "You can have no idea how just pent up I've been
lately, and...that..." He spat, pointing at the bottle of chocolate syrup as
it oozed off of the windshield it had splattered on, "Just broke it loose."

"It's cool." Jillian assured him. "You better book it if your gonna catch

"I'll get in touch with all of you shortly about coming over to Raw." He
promised them, letting Maryse drag him back towards his RV. As the other
Divas nodded and moved away, eager to leave before another yelling attack
broke out, Tim turned to Maryse, watching as she pulled him along. "Don't
you have a car?"

"I live here." She said. "I don't need car."

"I guess I'm driving you?"

"You guess right."

Opening the back door to his RV, Tim quickly hopped in, reaching down and
offering Maryse his hand, helping her into the back before moving up towards
the driver's compartment. Sliding into the drivers seat, Tim waited for
Maryse to get seated and buckled in before he told her, "I don't know my way
around, so just point where you want me to go, ok?" When she nodded and
smiled, he smiled back, yanking his keys out of his pocket and pushing them
into the ignition, starting the motor home and sliding it into gear, hitting
the gas and steering the vehicle towards the exit ramp. Risking a quick
glance over at Maryse, he smiled as he found her looking out the front
window. "Last chance." He told her. "I won't be mad if you don't want me
coming over."

"It no problem." She said firmly. "You help me, I help you."

Nodding, he turned back towards the road. "Lead the way, then."

As the RV pulled out of the parking lot, Matt Hardy slowly moved towards his
car, pulling his suitcase behind him as he fumbled with the keys to his
rental. Finally finding the right one, he moved towards the car, holding the
key out.


Looking down and finding his foot and suitcase bottom drenched in a thick,
brown, goopy liquid.

"What the fuck?" He yelled, trying to back up quickly but only succeeding in
slipping on the goop that he could see was dripping off of his car, and
landing with a wet thud in the puddle. Looking down at the sticky liquid that
was covering him, Matt watched as a plastic bottle slid off of his car and
landed in his lap. "Chocolate syrup?" He spat, picking up the bottle and
starting at it. "Are you fuck..." Looking around and finding some Divas
looking at him, he held up the bottle. "Who did this?" He yelled.

Shrugging her shoulders, Jillian shook her head. "Dunno. Sorry." Quickly
turning and leaving the area, the other Divas in tow, Jillian tried not to
laugh as she and the other Divas fled the parking lot, heading for there
locker room.

Tossing the bottle away with a groan of disgust, Matt pulled himself up to
his feet, turning around and dragging his suitcase towards the locker room,
deciding to clean the goop off before heading out, grumbling the whole way as
he moved slowly, trying to brush some of it off before he arrived.

* * *


Reaching out and taking the soda from Maryse, Tim turned his attention back
to the TV as she plunked down on the coach with him, cracking her own soda
open and taking a swig.

"So, Vince gave you a contract huh?" He asked.

Nodding, she told him, "Right after I got cut, he told me he would like to
have me back." Shrugging, she said, "I like it here, so why not? I sign, I
sent to OVW."

"How is it down in OVW?" Tim asked

"It ok." She said with a nod. "Smackdown is better."

"Well, Smackdown is the big show." He said. "At least for the guys. I'm
trying to make Raw the big show for the Divas."

Smiling, she nodded, telling him, "Then I want to be on Raw." Looking shy,
she asked, "If you have me."

Smiling, he asked, "You want to be a wrestler?"

Nodding quickly, she told him, "I thought I said that before?"

Sighing, he shrugged, leaning back on the couch. "You probably did." He
admitted. "My brain is so scrambled today that I can barely think."

Giggling, she shrugged. "It ok. You have hard day?"

"Just chaotic." He said. "People asking me for things, me running late..."

"Because of me..."

"Because I wanted to help." He said with a smile. "Stephanie McMahon dropping
by for something, the Raw Divas needing help, the Smackdown Divas needing

"You need help." Maryse told him with a giggle.

"I need something." He said, taking a drink. "I took some Tylenol earlier,
and it seems to be helping. Just need to relax."

"No questions about wrestling?" She asked softly.

Looking over at her, he smiled. "Why do I get the feeling you have one?" When
she blushed, he laughed. "Ask away."

Nodding, she asked him softly, "Do you think I make it as wrestler? Or am I
just candy eye?"

"It's eye candy." He corrected her with a smile. When she nodded, he
shrugged. "I honestly don't know. People figured Trish wouldn't amount to
anything when she started, but look where she is now." When Maryse nodded,
he continued. "You have the right body type for the WWE, anyways. You're
filled out." Realizing what he had said didn't sound quite right, he quickly
added, "And by that I mean your not all skin and bones. Wrestling is hard on
the body. Its easier to deal with if you have some...umm...padding."

"Padding." Maryse giggled. "I have padding!" When he laughed with her, she
asked, "So if I train, you let me wrestle on Raw?"

Sighing, he shrugged. "If you train, I'll do my best." He promised her. "But
I can't just rush you up. I need to see some improvement and some skills
before I bring you up." As she nodded in understanding, he told her, "But if
you show commitment to learning, and getting better, I'll make every effort
to bring you up and give you a shot, ok?"

"Ok!" She said quickly, her smile beaming across her face.

Smiling, he leaned back against the couch, looking towards the TV. "No more
wrestling questions." He joked. When she nodded, he took a drink of his pop.

Pointing at the TV, Maryse smiled. "Raw coming on now.."

Turning his attention to the TV, Tim watched as the opening promo started.
Lifting his hands up, he looked down as they felt empty, and confirming them
as such with a glance. "I forgot my notepad, didn't I?" He asked.

Looking at him, she jumped up. "I have one!" She said, moving around the
coffee table and out of the living room before Tim could say anything to stop

Turning back to the TV with a shrug, he watched the opening go by, getting
focused on the action as he heard footsteps returning down the hallway,
Maryse ducking into the room and holding her hands out with a smile, handing
him a notepad.

Taking it with a smile, he shook his head. "You didn't have to do that." He
said. "You've been waiting on me since we got here..."

"You my guest." She said with a nod and a cute smile. "You need pad, I have
pad, I get pad. No problem." When he smiled, she added, "You help me, I help

Grinning, he shook his head as he leaned back on the couch. "You need to stop
that." He said. "Whatever debt you think you owe me is long gone by now...and
it's quickly getting to be me owing you."

"Ooooo, Tim owes me." Maryse teased. "I use favor to get on Raw? Get a belt

"Title shot." He corrected. "I doubt you want a belt shot." When she giggled
and shook her head, realizing what she had said, he turned back to the TV,
his smile turning to a scowl as he heard the first theme song of the night
pick up. "Trish and Melina got the curtain jerker." He grumbled, making a
note on his pad.

"Curtain jerker?"

Looking at her, he nodded. "It's the opening match." He explained. "Worst
spot on the card, because some people who are tuned in might be out getting
snacks, or running late..." Smiling, he added, "Or getting notepads for
forgetful bookers."

Giggling, Maryse nodded. "You have lot on your mind."

"To much." He admitted. "Need a break. Need to relax."

"Oh! Relax?" Maryse asked, her smile growing in a way that put Tim on edge.
"You need massage?"

Quickly shaking his head, he told her, "Nah." Turning back to the TV, and
away from the beautiful blonde still staring him down, he lied, "They tense
me up more than they help." When she nodded, he focused on the TV, trying to
pour all his attention into the match.

"Melina and Trish are staring each other down..." JR said, looking over his
notes for the night, spotting one. "If you like the Divas, and want to see
more of them in the ring, be sure to surf over to WWE dot com and watch
Extreme, the Divas own web show. You'll get an hour of jam packed action, all
for free, on WWE dot com..."

"Yes!" Tim yelled, pumping his fist in the air. Hearing Maryse shriek softly,
he quickly turned, realizing that his fist had missed her by mere inches. "Oh
my god!" He quickly said, turning fully towards her. "I so didn't mean that!"

"What are you yelling for?" She asked hesitantly.

Quickly getting his thoughts together, he pointed towards the TV. "JR
mentioned the web show." He said. Seeing what he had said hadn't clicked in,
or she just didn't know what he was rambling about, he explained, "I got
Vince to agree to give the Divas there own web show on WWE dot com, and, up
until now, no one has mentioned it on TV, but I talked to Stephanie McMahon
and asked her to get JR to put a plug in for it."

"Plug? JR is plugging you?"

"No!" He said, laughing as he shook his head. "God no!"

"Why not?" She asked, confused by his laughter. "Is plugging bad?"

Nodding, he said. "Plugging, the way you said it, means...umm...this." Making some
crude hand gestures, he watched her face, stopping as her eyes lit up and her
hand slapped over her mouth.

"Oh goodness!" She said, looking up at him. "I didn't mean...I..."

"It's ok." He said, smiling. "We really need to get a translator in here."

"I need to speak better." She said glumly. "I try, and try, and try, but I no
get better..."

"You speak fine." He said softly. "I just have a lot of stupid slang that no
one can keep up with." When she nodded, he grinned. "Besides, it's kinda

Her face lighting up, she looked at him. "Cute?"

"Yea." He said, giving her a grin before turning back to the TV. "Shit!" He
said, letting his head fall back. "Missed the match..." Looking over at
Maryse, and seeing her bright face begin to dim, he quickly said, "Not your
fault." Smiling, he said, "I could have just ignored you, after all."

Smiling, she shook her head. "No. I'm cute!" When he laughed and nodded, she
asked, "Is there more?"

Nodding, he told her, "Another match, hopefully later on in the show.
Victoria and Mickie James in the title match. I'm putting the title on

"I like Victoria." Maryse said with a nod. "She was nice to me when I came in
for Divas search."

"Yea, she's great." He mused. "Got walked all over..." Looking at Maryse, he
asked, "Do you know what "Walked all over" means?" When she nodded, he
continued, "She got walked all over before I came in." Looking shy, he said,
"I hope you don't take this as an insult, but Vince preferred to push no
talent Divas search girls over her..."

"I not insulted." She said.

"She really wanted to be in Playboy the year Christy got it, but Vince
wouldn't let her." He said. "I think she would be a great cover girl, but
it's not my call. I made that clear to them when I took the job, so I didn't
get bugged by girls wanting to get ahead by posing for Playboy." Deciding to
explain what he meant, he said, "The Playboy cover girl gets a match at
Wrestlemania, so get the cover, get the match, get the big payday."

"Ah." Maryse said, nodding. Smiling, she said, "I posed to early then. Should
have waited, got the payday!"

"You posed?" He asked, trying not to sound as interested as he really was.

Nodding, she asked, "You've seen, no?" When he shook his head, she rolled her
eyes, sighing and smiling.

"What?" He asked. "I'm serious." When she chuckled, he asked, "What month
were you? That's how they do that, right? Months?"

Getting confused, she looked at him, saying, "June and July."

His eyes getting wide, his mind racing at not one, but two pictorials of
the blonde beauty to track down as soon as humanly possible, he said, "Two
months? Wow! That's impressive! I've never heard of anyone getting two months
in a row..." Quickly back tracking, he said, "Not that you don't deserve

"Two months in a row?" She asked, getting more and more confused. When he
nodded, she shook her head. "Not two months. I was in special editions
magazine." When she saw he was confused, she shook her head slowly, a smile
creeping onto her face. "You don't know, really?"

"No." He said shyly. "I've kinda been busy working for...ever, so I haven't
really had time for that stuff. I'll have to check it out I guess..." His
eyes going wide, he quickly shook his head. "I didn't mean it like that! I
mean, I'm sure it was amazing, cuz you are amazing, but...umm...well, I don't

Giggling at his red cheeks and his babbling, Maryse reached out, rubbing his
red cheeks softly. "I know what you mean." She said.

"Thank you." He said, her hand on his face not helping with his burning
cheeks. "I really should stop talking about this stuff. I'm getting
dangerously close to flirting here..."

"Flirting?" She asked. When he nodded, she smiled. "Why is flirt dangerous?"

"I'm not supposed to flirt with the Divas." He said. "Well, flirt is a bit to
general. I'm not supposed to get involved with any of the Divas...which I
guess is where flirting would lead to..." Looking at her, he said, "Vince
figures that if I do it, I'll show favoritism with the Divas, and just cause
to many problems."

"So you can't flirt?" She asked, trying to sift through his rambles.

"Yea." He said, nodding. "Which is pretty hard, being a guy surrounded by
beautiful women."

Nodding, she asked, "So, I should stop flirt with you?"

His eyes going wide, he asked, "You were flirt with me?" When she nodded, a
small smile on her face, he quickly went into panic mode, his mind trying to
scramble for something to say. "I can't show favoritism to a Diva for sexual
favors. If I do, I'll get fired..."

Nodding along, Maryse waited for him to finish, making sure he was done
rambling. "So, I have to stop flirt?"

"I..." he said, trying to think of something, but coming up empty. "I don't
know. Honestly, it's never come up." Seeing her still staring at him, waiting
for an answer, he quickly thought over his options. "I think...and I could be
wrong...but I think it's ok if you start it. Like, if you flirt with me, I
can back, but only if you know that I can't boost you up the ranks in the
Divas because of it. That would get me fired. That much I know for sure."

Nodding, she asked, "So I can flirt?"

Tim, trying to push aside the absurd feelings he was getting trying to talk
an amazingly beautiful woman out of flirting with him, nodded. "I think so,

Smiling, Maryse moved closer to him on the couch, looking up at him as she
slid in. Seeing his eyes go wide, she stopped, looking at him. "Isn't it ok?"
She asked softly. "You said it was ok..."

Nodding quickly, his mind raced to catch up. "It!" He said. "But I
thought you meant flirting, not FLIRTING." Seeing her face fall, he sighed,
rubbing his hands over his eyes. "Maryse, what are you aiming for here?" He
asked softly. Moving his hands and looking down at her, he said, "I think
we're having a little bit of lost in translation."

"I want...something...umm..." She said, starting strong, but fading fast as
her words started to fail her, her lack of English fluency rearing its head.
"Umm...oh, know!" She said, hoping if she said it loud enough, her
thoughts would be transferred to him.

"Hug?" He asked. Seeing her give him a not pleased look, he quickly added,
"Cuddle? A massage? You mentioned that earlier...I'm not really any good at
them, but..."

Grunting in frustration, Maryse moved quickly, sliding across the couch and
into his lap, startling him and grabbing him by face and pulling him towards
her, kissing him firmly on the lips. Closing her eyes and leaning into his
lips, she relaxed, all the prior mix-ups gone as she was sure he got her
message now. His eyes going wide, Tim recoiled slightly, startled by Maryse's
sudden movement. As she felt him tense up, she moved apart, looking down at
him. Seeing the look in his eyes, she quickly lost her nerve.

"I...I sorry!" She said quickly, trying to move out of his lap, but finding
his arms blocking her way.

Looking up at her, Tim tried to find the words to explain all the thoughts
running through his head, his face taking on a pained expression as each new
thought he came up with failed. "This..." He started, before sighing. "This
is kinda where it gets complicated on my end." He said. "Umm...this is sort
of a gray contract says I can't use sex as a tool to give and get
favors...but it doesn't really cover...well, know...if two
consenting adults decide to...well..."

Whining softly. Maryse shook her head, Tim's incessant rambling quickly
draining away whatever charm she had seen in him. "Out spit it." She said. "I
big girl. I can take no."

"No?" He asked, his confusion level rising. When she nodded, he quickly shook
his head no. "No!" He said loudly, startling her. "I didn't mean no!" Leaning
back on the couch, he rubbed his hands over his eyes, trying to come up with
a solution that would clear all the hurdles that had been put up. Shaking his
head, he pulled his hands away. "Fuck it." He said, reaching up and cupping
her face, pulling her down gently as he moved upwards, kissing her softly on
the lips, this time catching her off guard. Cupping her gently, he held her
in place, neither forcing her to do it nor pushing her away, simply holding
her in place as his lips moved against hers. Feeling her shock slowly wear
off, and replaced with arms around his neck, he smiled, thankful that his
complex explanation had finally hit home.

Breaking apart slowly with a parting kiss, Maryse smiled down at the young
booker, biting her bottom lip softly as she savored his taste. "Oh?" She
asked, smiling. When he nodded, she giggled softly, leaning back down and
kissing him again, her arms holding him closer as his slowly moved around to
her back.

As Maryse adjusted herself in his lap, Tim flattened out his hands, rubbing
her lower back softly, trying to keep them north of the belt line as she
squirmed around, finally coming to a stop when she had a leg on each side of
his, dropping down and resting her butt in his lap, making him moan softly.
Slowly moving his hands down further and further, he kissed her back, waiting
to hear even the slightest sign of resistance, knowing that was his cue to
either stop or really put his job in jeopardy. Rubbing the top of her butt,
he smiled into the kiss as she moaned softly, her hips lifting up slightly to
seek his touch.

"I ain't the lady to mess with!"

"You gotta be fucking kidding me!" Tim groaned, breaking apart from Maryse
softly and looking over her shoulder at the TV. Seeing Victoria power-walking
to the ring, Tim almost cried. "God, why now?" He asked.

"Why now what?" Maryse asked. "Kiss? You wanted kiss!"

"I do want kiss." He said. "But I promised Mickie I'd watch her match."

Understanding what he was saying, Maryse smiled a wicked smile at him. "You
watch match." She purred. "I get you."

Before he could ask what she meant, Maryse ducked down slightly, leaning in
and kissing his throat, making him moan. Feeling her arms go from around his
neck to around front, he tried to both watch the match in front of him and
give the stunning blonde in his lap the attention she deserved. Feeling her
hands rubbing his chest before moving lower, he quickly realized that he was
losing one of those battles.

"Maryse..." He whined, looking down at her. When she looked up at him,
smiling, he said, "I promised Mickie I'd watch her match."

"Then watch." She said simply.

"I don't know if you knew this or not, but your very...distracting."

"I know." She said. "I'm cute!"

"Your fucking hot." He said. "And I'm not really sure I can watch there match
while your doing...whatever it is your planning."

"You want me stop?"

"If you wouldn't..."

"I no start again." She said, smiling at him. "I either go, go, go, or stop.
You choice."

Hearing Mickie's music start up, Tim realized he was almost there. ~Just
have to see if they took the face plant out...~ He thought. Looking down at
Maryse, and seeing her still smiling up at her, he nodded. "Go, go, go."

Grabbing the bottom of his shirt, Maryse pulled it up, handing it off to him
and making him pull it up and over his head, giggling as he tried to keep his
eyes focused on the TV. Deciding she wasn't getting enough of his attention,
she reached down, rubbing his thighs with the palms of her hands, smiling as
he shivered. "Go, go, go?" She asked softly, leaning in and kissing his neck.

"Yes." He said, watching as Mickie climbed up the stairs, preparing himself
for the worst. Feeling Maryse's hand grip his shaft, he moaned as he felt the
best, seeing the camera cut to Victoria as she paced around the ring before
cutting back to Mickie, who was inside the ring and moving towards the
corner, shaking her head softly. Groaning as Maryse's hands moved around
more, Tim reached out and grabbed the couch, moaning loudly as she slinked
onto the floor in front of him. Looking down at her as she knelt on the floor
in front of him, he snapped his gaze back up to the TV as the bell rang,
almost succeeding in focusing on the match before his belt was unbuckled.

"Lift up." Maryse ordered softly, making short work of his buttons before he
lifted up his hips, his eyes still glued on the TV as she pulled his pants
down, making him kick them off. Reaching up the leg of his boxers, she
giggled as he twitched, squirming under her soft touch as he tried to focus
on a million things at once. "You like?"

"Oh god, very much..." He groaned, trying to keep his eyes on the TV, but
risking a glance down as her hands pulled out of his boxer shorts and grabbed
the waistband. Lifting up his hips again, he let her pull them down, his mind
reminding him that it still wasn't sure this was a great idea, but the rest
of his body overruling it.

As Mickie and Victoria came together and locked up in the middle of the
ring, Maryse reached out and gripped his cock, giving the nearly fully hard
member a slow, steady rhythm of pumps. As Mickie over powered Victoria and
pulled her into a headlock, Maryse surged forward, wrapping her lips around
the tip of his cock in a lip lock, suckling him softly as he moaned, his
focus slowly shifting south as he fought to keep watching the match.

"God...god..." Tim moaned, his gaze drifting down every so often to watch as
Maryse slid up and down his shaft. Hearing Maryse moan from the floor, he
risked a glance down with a groan, the match quickly becoming a jumble of
images as he watched her pull off of his shaft and quickly rip her shirt over
her head, tossing it aside as she leaned forward again, pulling him back into
her mouth and suckling him gently.

Looking back up at the TV screen, Tim quickly realized that he had no earthly
idea what the hell was going on. As his eyes squinted and his panting
increased from the masterful mouth work the busty French Canadian on the
floor was doing to his cock picked up, he had to admit that he could barely
remember who was in the match to begin with. Quickly realizing that it was
his champion and the soon to be champion in what could have been the biggest
match he had booked so far, he knew he had to make a choice.

Either admit defeat and give up on the match, taking care of the business at

Or keep trying to fight off the ever-increasing feelings of pleasure that
were emanating from his cock and pulsing through his body.

"Fuck it." He moaned, making Maryse look up at him, confused as she hadn't
heard his inner struggle. "I'll catch it on the reruns."

"What...oh!" Maryse started, before Tim pulled her up gently, sliding down
onto the floor in front of her and pulling her close, kissing her on the

Quickly getting back into it, Maryse molded her body to his, pressing up
against him as he reached around behind her, desperately searching for the
hook to her bra. Coming up empty as the blonde beauty kept pressing herself
against him, rubbing her curvy body against him and breaking his train of
thought, Tim growled softly, grabbing the straps and tugging hard, straining
against the flimsy metal and yanking the bra open, breaking the hooks and
pulling it off of her torso.

Looking up at him with wide eyes, Maryse panted softly as he pushed her
gently to the floor, their legs unable to extend fully as they were still
close to the couch. Seeing Tim crawling over her body and kissing her again,
Maryse stared up at him, a smile creeping over her face as she started

Hearing giggling, Tim pulled back, looking down at her. "Are you
giggling?" He asked. Nodding, she tried to stop, but only succeeded in
snorting softly, making her giggling turn into full blown laughter. "Why?" He
asked. "What did I do?"

"My bra!" She laughed. "You broke my bra!" Seeing his mood switch from
eager to confused concern, she giggled, pulling him closer and kissing him
quickly. Pulling back, she smiled up at him. "You are like animal!"

Finally getting the joke, Tim smiled at her, rolling away and moving away
from the couch, smiling as she quickly scurried to her knees and followed
him, tackling him. Letting her momentum carry them, he fell back softly,
making sure she didn't crush anything under him as she stretched out on top
of him.

"Animal?" He asked, brushing her blonde locks out of her face and kissing
her softly.

"Animal...wild animal!" She giggled.

"Like a tiger?" He asked, making her laugh again.

"Grrrrr!" She growled, clawing softly at his chest. "Big bad tiger. Just
like me!"

"That you are." He said, hugging her softly and pecking her on the lips.
When her giggling slowly died down, he smiled. "So, done giggling?" When she
nodded, he smiled. "Ready to get down to business?"

"Business." She said with a nod, giving him a peck before sitting up,
scooting backwards and dismounting him. Seeing him stand up to follow her,
she quickly began backpedaling, turning and sprinting from the living room
with a giggle, Tim quickly behind her.

Seeing her enter a doorway, he quickly followed, catching up to her and
wrapping his arms around her waist, pulling her in and lifting her into his
arms, moving towards the bed and giving her a toss, making her bounce with a

"Big bad tiger!" She said, giggling as he crawled onto the bed.

"Playful tiger..." He said, crawling towards her.

"Playful?" She asked, her eyes lighting up. When he nodded, she smiled.
"And tiger wants to play with me, no?" When he nodded, she giggled. "Does
tiger have condom?"

Stopping in his tracks, Tim's mind went into overdrive. ~I have some in
the RV...~ He thought, before something clicked. "I have some." He said,
pushing himself backwards and getting off the bed. Looking down at her,
and seeing her stretched out on the bed, leaning back on her elbows,
smiling at him, he grinned. "Hold that thought." He said, bolting out of
the room and down the hallway.

Quickly grabbing his pants off of the living room floor, he reached in,
grabbing anything and everything out of the pockets before turning back
towards the bedroom, chucking unneeded items as he went, sorting out condoms
from non-condoms as he got closer and closer to the door. Moving into the
bedroom, he moved quickly towards the bed, dropping the last non-condom item,
his wallet, onto the floor before looking up.

And seeing the empty bed.

"Maryse?" He asked, looking down at the bed. "Didn't I leave her here..."
Hearing something behind him, he turned just in time to catch her as she
sprung out of the closet, pouncing on him and sending him sprawling
backwards, his legs connecting with the bed and sending him crashing down
onto it. "What the..." He started to say, but she was on him in a flash,
crawling up his body and kissing him firmly.

Pulling back, she smiled down at him as he pulled himself further onto the
bed. "Playful tiger has condom now?" She asked sweetly. When he nodded and
held them up, she grinned. "Playful tiger has playmate..."

Tim's heart skipped a beat. He'd done all manner of sexual activities
with Victoria. Mickie was quickly becoming a permanent fixture on his dick.
And he'd even gotten to sleep with, albeit just sleeping, with his all time
favorite Diva in Trish. But nothing he had done quite prepared him for
Maryse's stare. Something about it oozed sexuality. She knew just what she
was doing. Had all along. And now she had him right where she wanted him.
In her bed, with her, naked. He'd long since given up caring if she had been
planning this all along, or if it was really a spur of the moment thing. All
he knew was that he had a beautiful blonde bombshell staring him down with
naughty thoughts running through her head, and he wanted to do them all.

"Grrrrr..." She growled softly, getting down on all fours and crawling
towards him. Looking down her body, Tim quickly realized that in the five
seconds it had taken him to sprint for his condoms, she had shed her jeans,
and was only wearing the tiniest pair of panties he had ever seen.
"Grrrrr..." Crawling up onto him, she slowly pulled herself along, dipping
her head down and kissing her way up his body, making him moan softly.

Kissing her way up his body, Maryse stopped at his stomach, flicking her
tongue out and lapping at his belly button, making him groan as he squirmed
softly, trying desperately to keep still for her as she resumed her trek
upwards. Tracing her tongue along his abs, she kept pushing further and
further north, lapping at his solar plexus and upwards, tracing his
collarbones with soft, wet kisses before moving to his neck. Flicking out her
tongue again, she lapped at his Adam's apple, a moan rewarding her for her
softness. Pushing herself up so her face was hovering over his, she smiled
down, seeing the look on his face. "You are nervous?"

"Very." He admitted softly.

"Why nervous?" She asked. "I no do nothing, did I?"

"Oh god, no Maryse." He said softly. "It's just...I don't really get girls
like you."

"Girl like me?" She asked, slightly confused. "What am I?"

"A goddess." He said, hoping it didn't come across as corny as it
sounded coming out. Reaching up and cupping her face, he said softly, "You are
so beautiful..."

Blushing softly, she smiled, leaning down and kissing him gently. "You
are handsome." She said, making him blush. "You will get plenty of girls like
me." When he smiled, she smiled back. "Now, playful?"

"Now, playful." He said with a nod, reaching up and pulling her down,
letting her come to a rest on top of him, moaning softly as her body pressed
against his. Reaching down and cupping her ass, Tim groaned as she leaned
down and kissed him, her hands reaching up and cupping his face. Smiling, he
gripped her tightly and swung his hips, rolling them to the side and before
he rolled on top of her, looking down into her eyes. "Grrrrr!" He growled,
making her giggle.

"Grrrrr!" She growled back, cupping his face again and pulling him down for
a kiss, her legs working there way out from under him and wrapping loosely
around his waist.

Breaking the kiss, Tim ducked his head down, pelting her neck and throat
with kisses, his hands moving up from her hips towards her chest. Cupping her
breasts softly, he moved back up and kissed her again, sighing as she moaned
into the kiss, her lips unable to form a tight seal as she cooed and moaned,
her hands running up and down his back as her legs continued to rub against
his waist and thighs.

Pushing himself up into a kneeling position, Tim looked down at her, smiling
as he reached down, running his hands over her hips. "What are these?" He
asked. Seeing her giggle, he continued to run his hands over her panties.
"These won't do." He insisted.

"No!" She agreed. "Take off, please?"

Hooking his thumbs in her panties, he smiled as he started to peel them
off, her legs quickly sticking straight up as he shimmied them up her legs,
moving painfully slow as she squirmed on the bed in front of him, her butt
rubbing against his crotch.

"Hurry! Hurry!" She urged him, her squirming getting worse as he got closer
and closer to her feet.

Smiling down at her, he shook his head. "No." He teased. "I don't wanna."

"Please?" She asked. "I do...things!"

"Things?" He asked, stopping his upward movement at her knees. "What kind of

"Sexy things!" She promised, trying to bend her legs down to get her
underwear off.

"What kind of sexy things?" He teased. "And stop that, or I'm pulling them
back down."

"No!" She whined. "Sexy things! Ummm...I don't know!" She finally admitted.

"Well..." He said, smiling at her. "Ok." He finally said, instantly lighting
her face up. "You are cute after all."

"I am cute!" She said, her squirming returning in full force as he pulled
the panties up, stopping at her ankles. "No stop!"

"Yes, stop." He said, smiling at her state. "If I take them off, will you
let me do something?"

"What something?"

"You don't get to know." He said. "Yes or no?"

"Oh..." She whined loudly. "When?"

"Right after I get them off."

Whining, she looked up at him. "Ok..."

Pulling her panties up and off of her feet, he looked down at them,
smiling. "They are tiny..."

"You can keep, if you like." She offered with a smile.

Looking at her, he laughed. "Why would I keep?"

"Souvenir?" She offered. "I keeping your shorts."

"You are?"

"I am." She confirmed.

"I dunno..."

"I keep shorts." She said firmly. "You keep those."

"Your really insistent on this, aren't you?"

"Yes." She said. "Now, do...thing."

Nodding, he tossed her panties away softly, gripping her left leg
gently. "You want me to do thing?" He asked, grinning at her.


Smiling, he kissed her calf before ducking down, trailing his tongue
along her leg as he dropped to the bed, his head hovering over her now fully
exposed, and fully shaved he noted, core. Flicking out his tongue, he smiled
as she jumped, the tongue to pussy contact not what she was expecting.

"This is thing?" She moaned, her hands reaching down and gripping his
head softly.

"This is thing." He confirmed. "Do you like thing?"

"I love thing!" She groaned, her body arching softly as he flicked again
and again.

"Yea, thing is nice." He mused, leaning down further and dragging his
tongue across her soft folds, making her moan softly.

Kissing her gently, he rubbed her firm thighs, making her squirm on the
bed, his tongue barely touching her as he teased her. Rolling his tongue
around her soft skin, he searched for her love button, his many hours of
study under Victoria's watchful gaze and between her firm thighs teaching
him how to find his target quickly and efficiently, his skills honed to
the point that he could find in the dark what some guys couldn't find with
a floodlight. Sliding his finger along her pussy, he kissed and licked her
soft folds as he slid it in, pushing in slowly up to the knuckle and
curling it up, silently searching for the magical spot that would add to
her pleasure.

Groaning loudly, Maryse reached up towards the top of her bed, grabbing
the headboard and latching onto it tightly, her head rolling around and her
feet fighting to stay still, not wanting to wrestle with him in the least for
position between her thighs, perfectly content to let him be the dominant
one. Feeling a second finger push into her pussy, she moaned louder, her
squirming picking up as his thing quickly got her body revved up, pins and
needles tingling her body and making her restless. The curving of his fingers
getting closer and closer to the spot which would please her, Maryse urged
him on, her knuckles turning white as she gripped the headboard tightly, her
fingers sore and straining from the effort.

"Up! Up! Umm...that way!" She urged, throwing her head to the left, seeing
his eyes watching her, his fingers attempting to follow her instructions.
"Up, up, there!" Howling with pleasure, her face erupted into a massive
smile, her back arching slightly and draining her lungs in a long, low moan.
"God, thing is great!"

Lapping at her tender folds, Tim smiled into her pussy, using his other
hand to roll back her clitoris hood and expose the nub, his eyes zeroing in
on it quickly and guiding his lips in, wrapping around it and suckling it
softly, producing another lung draining moan, her sobs and cries music to
his ears, the sexy blondes pleasure giving him added reason to keep going.

Running her hands down her body, Maryse cupped her chest, her squirming
getting worse and worse as he lapped and licked her pussy, the pulsing sucks
of his mouth and stroking of his fingers both bringing her off and making her
restless, working up her sex drive and pushing her closer and closer to
demanding action, and hoping he would deliver on it shortly. Seeing him
shuffle, her heart started hammering in her chest, hopefully that he would
finally sit up and push his dick into her, but his settling down showing her
that he was merely adjusting his position for a long stay between her legs.

"God, Tim...good!" She cried out, hoping her words were good enough to let
him know what a great job he was doing. Looking down at him, she groaned,
locking eyes with him. "Sex now?"

Looking up at her, he smiled, giving her clit a final soft suck, her G spot
a final gently stroke, making her groan softly, her wetness slicking his
hand and chin as he sat up, smiling down at her. "Sex now?" he asked. When
she nodded and squirmed, he asked, "Why?"

"Because I want!" She said, the removal of the oral stimuli and the
failure to give her another method adding to her restlessness. "Please?"

Smiling, he leaned down, kissing her softly, his lips coated in her
slickness. Seeing a chance to urge him along, she held him softly, licking
his face, cleaning herself from him as he moaned softly. Quickly grabbing his
hand, she pulled it up, pulling his two fingers into her mouth and sucking
them, her eyes locking with his. Hearing him moan, she licked his fingers,
making sure to get all the French cream she could gather, wanting to give him
no other option but to give her want she wanted.

Reaching down, he rubbed he sides softly, smiling as she squirmed.
"Dirty little girl..." He said, before she giggled.

"Dirty little tiger!" She corrected him, giggling. "Grrrrr!"

"Grrrrr!" He growled back, smiling, leaning down and kissing her softly, he
grabbed one of his condoms off the bed, putting it in his teeth and sitting
back up, looking down at her. "Grrrrr..."

Seeing the condom, Maryse smiled. "Grrrrr..."

Pulling the protection out from his teeth, Tim quickly ripped it open,
taking it out and rolling it down his shaft with practiced ease, Victoria's
many hours of schooling paying off as he moved into position. Taking his
penis into his hand and rubbing it against her folds, he smiled as she
squirmed. "Tiger want to play?" He asked, smiling.

Growling softly, Maryse looked up at him, saying, "Tiger want to sex."

Pushing forward, he pushed the head of his cock into her tightness, sliding
down on top of her and kissing her on the lips. "Tiger gets what tiger
wants." He told her softly, pushing more into her before pulling back, making
her moan softly as she wrapped herself around him, arms finding shoulders,
legs finding waist. Savoring the feeling of the beautiful blonde bombshell
holding him close, Tim kissed her neck softly as he pushed deeper into her,
quickly working up to maximum depth inside of her.

"Yes..." She cooed, rolling her head around as he peppered her neck with
kisses, lapping at the tender flesh as he pushed into and pulled out of her
soft, wet pussy, her legs wrapped loosely around his waist and pulling him in
gently with each thrust. "Oui..."

"Yes..." He echoed softly, leaning his head down further and kissing her
breasts, the soft thud of his hips slapping against hers making them bounce
ever so slightly, making him chase her tight nipples around, capturing the
left one between his lips tenderly and licking it, rolling it around with his
tongue before letting it go. Feeling her hands glide up to his head and
thread her fingers through his hair, he moved to the other breast, drawing
her nipple in lavishing it with wet loving.

"Feels so good..." She moaned softly, moving her body in time with him,
arching up to meet his lapping tongue, her tight nipples enjoying his light
touch. "Touch me, Tim, touchez-moi..."

Looking up at her slightly, Tim shook it off as he kept pushing into
her, her warm tightness putting all but the most basic instincts out of his
mind. Moving his hands up and cupping her face, he leaned up, kissing her
gently, her lips welcoming him eagerly, her head surging up to the kiss and
accepting his offer of tongue.

Pulling back, Maryse moaned loudly, her body craving more, and her voice
relaying those commands. "S'il Vous Plaît, Tim, plus dur!"

Looking down at her, Tim started to ask what she said, but the feet
pulling on his thighs let him know, pulling him in harder, his cock plunging
into her harder, his hips thudding against her with a loud slap, her eyes
lighting up as she grinned up at him.

"Do you like that, Tim?" She asked, smiling. "Does I sensation bonne?
Est-ce que je me sens gentil et fortement?"

Quickly becoming more and more confused, Tim kept staring into Maryse's
eyes, hoping they would give him a sign if she was telling him "Fuck off your
hurting me!". Seeing no such sign, only happiness and the onset of her
ultimate pleasure, Tim kept going, hoping some part of her body other than
her mouth would let him know what she was saying.

"Plus dur, Tim! Plus rapidement! Plus, plus! S'il Vous Plaît, plus
rapidement!" Maryse cried out, holding him close, her back arching and her
voice getting louder and louder. Feeling Tim continue to push into her over
and over again, she looked up at him, her eyes burning with lust. "Pourquoi
n'êtes-vous pas aller plus rapidement? S'il Vous Plaît, Tim, harder, faster,

Hearing English, Tim heeded the call, picking up the speed and strength
of his pump, her smile returning in full force as she pulled him in closer,
whatever he was doing obviously what she wanted.

"Yes, yes, oui, oui, un dieu, un dieu, please, oui, n'arrêtez pas,
n'arrêtez pas!" Maryse screamed out, her voice changing languages over and
over, but the urgency in her voice transcending the language barrier, making
Tim keep up his current pace as she squirmed on the bed beneath him, her arms
rubbing hard against his sides as her nails raked across his back, starting
gently but quickly graining strength, sinking into his flesh and making him
groan out in discomfort. "Un dieu, un dieu!"

Watching as her back arched, Tim went on instinct, attacking her tight
nipples and sucking on them with a good amount of effort, adding another
twitch and scream to her sexual vocabulary, her legs pulling him in harder
and faster, her squeezing pussy almost making it to tight for him to work,
but his will to see her through to the end of her pleasure spurning him on
and making him give the extra effort.

Seeing her slowly sink to the bed, Tim slowed down, coming to a stop as
she slumped to the bed in a heap, her breathing ragged and her eyes half
closed. Seeing her roll her head up to look at him, he smiled.

"You ok?" He asked.

Nodding, she smiled. "Oui." She said softly. "Êtes-vous venu?" Hearing
him whine, she asked, "Tim, êtes-vous venu?" Seeing him not say anything, she
motioned for him to pull out. "Retirez." She said softly. When he didn't obey
her command, she grunted in frustration, pushing her feet up and pushing him
out. Seeing him quickly backtrack, moving out of her range, she growled.
"Levez-vous ici, en ce moment." She said, pointing to the spot on the
mattress right next to her head. When he didn't move, his look becoming more
and more confused, she shook her head, pushing herself up to a kneeling
position. "De tous les types, j'ai sélectionné un débile." She murmured,
crawling over to him. Yanking off his condom, she dropped to the bed beside
him, looking up at him as she pulled him into her mouth.

~Hopefully he wants this.~ She thought to herself. ~He could at least answer

Groaning softly as Maryse nursed his cock, Tim watched her lips slide up
and down his shaft, his willpower quickly being drained by her pouty lips.
Feeling her tongue slither over his head, he moaned, his eyes twisting shut
against his will, with him wanting to watch the sexy blonde suck his cock,
but his pleasure having other plans, cum quickly rising up his shaft.

Feeling him pulse, his hips jerking slightly, Maryse pulled him out,
readjusting his aim and pointing his cock at her tits, jerking him off with
both hands, her grip loose and fast.

"Oh fuck, Maryse...oh god..." He moaned, his cock erupting and spurting his
semen over her ample chest, making her giggle as he shook and spasmed.

"Venez, Tim, Venez!" She teased, jerking his cock for all it was worth,
making sure she got her reward in full. When he groaned and slumped back, she
giggled, leaning down and letting his cock go, gaining a moan of relief from
him. "That was fun, no?" She asked.

Hearing English again, he looked down. "What?"

"That was fun." She asked, smiling. "No?"

"Yes!" He said, not sure which he was relived over more - hearing her say
she enjoyed herself to, or hearing a familiar language.

"But, I have question..." She said, softly, reaching up and stroking his
thigh softly. "Why did you no answer me?"

Looking confused, he asked, "When?"

"Most of the time." She said softly. "I mean, I know I don't speak well,
but I try hard...I thought you could understand me..."

"You do speak well." He said, smiling. "Just, sadly, a lot of it was
French I think."

Looking sheepish, she asked, "French?"

Nodding, he asked, "You are French, right? I mean, I thought you were..."

"I am." She said quickly. When he smiled, she asked, "I speak

"Umm..." He said, scratching his head. "Kinda...all the time. It started
shortly after we started...doing it." He explained. "And you just sort of
popped back into English a second ago."

"Oh..." She whined softly. "Tim, I sorry..."

Smiling, he shook his head. "Don't be sorry." Leaning down and kissing
her softly, he said, " was kinda hot."

Smiling, she asked, "Hot?" When he nodded, she giggled. "I cute and

"That and more." He said.

Looking down at her chest, and the sticky white goo coating it, she
giggled. "I mess to. I clean up."

Pushing herself up and giving him a kiss, Maryse crawled off the bed
quickly, trying to keep the cum confined to her chest as she moved down the
hallway and into the bathroom.

Collapsing on the bed, Tim ran his hands over his face, smiling as he
tried to get a grasp of what had happened in the last hour or so. It had gone
from him trying to watch Smackdown to him having sex with one of the most
beautiful women on the planet. Hearing her footsteps coming back down the
hall, he pushed himself up to his elbows, watching as she came into the
bedroom. "All clean?" He asked.

Smiling, she nodded, looking around the room. "All clean."

Watching as she moved around the bedroom, Tim watched as she grabbed her
flimsy excuse for panties, before smiling, tossing them at him. "You keep,
no?" She asked, smiling. When he nodded, she moved over to her closet,
grabbing another pair of panties out of her drawer, no bigger than the pair
that was sitting on his chest, pulling them on quickly before grabbing her
shirt off the floor. "You broke bra." She reminded him. When he nodded,
getting slightly confused, she grabbed her pants off the floor, pulling them

"Umm, Maryse?" He asked, gaining her attention. "Why are you getting
dressed?" He asked, before sheepishly asking, "Was I that bad?"

Breaking out into giggles, she shook her head. "No, Tim! You were...very
good!" She assured him. When he smiled, she continued, "But you have to do
work, no?"

Shaking his head, he told her, "Umm, no." Pointing out to the living
room, he said, "I got it all done before we...came in here and did what we

Her jaw opening slightly, she nodded. "Oh!"

Seeing she wasn't moving to get undressed again, he asked, "Umm...are you
kicking me out?"

Her eyes going wide, she quickly shook her head. "Kick out? No, Tim!"

Quickly realizing that something was getting lost in translation, Tim
pushed himself off the bed, looking down at her panties before tossing them
on the bed, moving over to her and taking her softly into his arms. "Maryse,
do you have work to do?" He asked softly, smiling at her.

Shaking her head, she blushed softly. "No." She said. "I no have to be
in OVW for a few days..."

Smiling, he asked, "And your not kicking me out?"

"No, Tim, I no want to kick you out!"

Pulling her closer, he asked, "Did you want me to leave?"

Shaking her head, she continued to blush, her lack of words to explain
what she wanted embarrassing her immensely. "No, Tim."

Pulling her chin up, and making her look him in the eyes, he smiled
reassuringly, asking, "Did you want me to stay for a while?"

Going to say something, Maryse stopped, her cheeks burning bright red as
she nodded. Smiling, Tim scooped his arm down, clipping her legs out from
under her as she shrieked softly, lifting her into the air and taking her
over to the bed, laying her down and laying down beside her.

"Why are you blushing?" He asked, smiling. Leaning in and kissing her
softly, he told her, "After what we just did...after how you made me feel,
you have no reason to blush."

Smiling, she curled up into his body. "Stay, Tim?" She asked.

"I'll stay." He said, smiling. "I mean, you are cute after all."

"And hot."

"And hot." He agreed.

Looking up at him, she smiled. "Should I be naked?"

Smiling, he shrugged. "I wouldn't complain."

Giggling, she quickly pealed off her shirt, tossing it away and working
on her pants, pulling them down along with her panties and tossing them aside
as Tim reached out and pulled the sexy blonde towards her, making her giggle
softly as he held her close to his body.

"So..." He asked, smiling at her. "I don't normally do things like this..."

Smiling, she moved up, kissing him softly. "It's that what I should

"Well..." He said, smiling. "Assuming it's true..."

Reaching up, she swatted him softly. "It true."

"So I guess you don't live up to the French stereotype?"

"French stereotype?" She asked, confused.

"Umm..." He started, trying to think of words that would explain what he
meant. "French girls have a...reputation of being...sexual." He said. "Does
that make sense?"

Her eyes going wide, she laughed, asking, "Are you ask if I sleep with lots
of men?"

"No!" he laughed, before shrugging. "Kinda, I guess..."

Giggling, she leaned in, kissing him softly. "No. I no sleep with lots of
people." She told him. "It have to be...good...thing." Looking at him, she
whined softly. "I no know what to say."

"So, it's a new thing?" He asked. When she nodded, he smiled, brushing a
few blonde locks out of her face. "I hope a pleasurable new thing?"

"Yes, pleasurable." She said quickly. "For me know...guy have
to be nice...I have to be in mood...just...I have to want, you know?"

Nodding, he kissed her softly. "So, it's like you have to have the moon,
the sun, and the stars in alignment? You have to be in the perfect mood, with
someone you like, and just have to have the itch to do it, to have a spark
with that person, to..." Looking down at her, and seeing the confused look on
her face, he asked, "To much talking?"

"To much." She said with a nod, before perking up. "Sex now?"

Laughing, he pulled her closer, kissing her tenderly on the lips. "Sex
now...if you want."

"I want." She said, smiling. "Tiger no done yet. Grrrrr!"

"Grrrrr!" He growled, going to pounce on his tigress, but watching as
she moved off the bed, her firm, curvy body beckoning his eyes to follow her
every movement. "Where is tiger going?"

Turning and looking at him over her shoulder, Maryse gave him a sultry
look, licking her lips. "Tiger follow. Me show." She said, smiling as she
walked towards the door.

Quickly scurrying off the bed, Tim stopped and rushed back, grabbing some
condoms from the mess on the bed and following her out, looking both ways
and spotting her turning a corner. Quickly rushing after her, he walked into
the bathroom, watching as she moved to the shower. "Shower sex?" He asked.

Looking over her shoulder again, she nodded. "Shower sex. Do you like?"

Nodding, he moved towards her. "I like you. Wherever you are, I like."
When she grinned, he asked, "Do you like having sex in the shower?"

Grinning, she turned on the water. "L'auteur pense qu'il est sexy."


Giggling, she reached out, taking his hands and pulling him towards the
shower. "You translate later. Now, you shower."

Smiling, he let her pull him into the shower, moaning softly at the warm
water pouring over him. "With pleasure." Watching as she ducked under the
warm water, slicking her blonde hair back, he leaned down, kissing her
softly on the shoulder. "So..." He said, smiling. "Care to explain what
all that French you were yelling at me meant?"

Looking up at him, she blushed. "Umm...what did I say? I no remember..."

"I have no earthly idea." He laughed, reaching out and pulling her
closer. "Whatever it was, it was hot."

Smiling, she curled into his body. "Maybe I give you French lesson?"

"A crash course?" he asked. When she nodded, he smiled. "That sounds like
a plan."

"Ok..." She said, nodding, thinking quickly as to what to teach her eager
student. "Umm...yes. Oui."

"Oui." He repeated.

"Good!" She said, smiling. " Non."



"Ohhhh, I like this one."

Giggling, she said, "More. Plus."


"Very good." Leaning up and kissing him softly, she said, "Stop. Arrêt."


"Good! Ummm...."

"Harder?" He offered with a smile.

Giggling, she nodded. "Oui. I saw that a lot, no?"


"Harder. Plus dur."

"Plus dur."

"Slower." Giggling again, she said, "I no say that much..."

"But just in case." He said with a smile.

"Slower. Plus lent."

"Plus lent."

Leaning up and kissing him, she smiled. "Very good! You learn quick...quicker
than me and the other way around..."

"You speak English very well." He told her, leaning down and kissing her.
"At least you can have a conversation. I doubt I'm going to come across a
conversation where I can say what you taught me and get away with it."

Giggling, she said, "You can talk to me like that!"

Fiddling with the condom in his hand, he asked, "Can I talk to you like that
right now?" When she nodded, he moved closer to her, spinning her so she was
in the stream of water. Quickly pushing into him, she leaned into him, the
warm water spraying down on her lower back. Looking up at her, he smiled.
"So...." He said, smiling. "How do you say "Oh god" in French?"

Blushing softly, she said, "Un dieu." When he nodded, she smiled. "That one
familiar, no?"

"I think I heard it somewhere." He admitted, leaning down and kissing her
softly. Feeling her push up to kiss him, he put the condom aside, setting
it on the soap holder and running both hands up her body, cupping her breasts
gently, making her coo. Holding them softly, he drank in her body, her large
breasts drawing most of his attention. While Mickie's rivaled Maryse's in
size, being able to touch them while pushing his cock into more than her
mouth was a totally different experience. Kissing her neck, he stroked her
nipples, rolling the hard nubs with his fingers and making her moan. "Does
tiger like?"

"Tiger like..." She cooed softly. Looking back at him, she smiled. "You have
more than one go speed?"

Nodding, he told her, "When I'm with a beautiful woman, I like to enjoy it."
Leaning down and kissing her, he told her, "And you are very, very beautiful,

Turning around in his arms, Maryse pushed herself up, kissing him softly
as she reached behind her, grabbing his condom off the ledge. Pulling back,
she slid the wrapper into her teeth, looking up at him with big, doe eyes. "I
am sexy, no?" She asked around the foil wrapped latex.

Nodding, he said, "You are sexy."

"Sexy enough to sex?" She asked, her eyes still big and innocent.

"Do you want sex?" He asked. When she nodded, he smiled, reaching his mouth
down and snatching the condom from her, letting it drop into his hand as he
kissed her.

Going on blind instinct, he ripped open the small packet, reaching down and
gripping his shaft, giving it a few soft pumps before Maryse's hands replaced
his, stroking his cock to full hardness as he moaned into her mouth. Pushing
her hands away, only to have the fullness of her curvy, sexy body press up
against him, Tim reached between them and rolled the condom down his penis,
getting it secure before pushing her back softly, pinning her to the wall as
he kissed her harder, her eagerness to get him back inside her pushing her on
as well. Spreading her legs, he grabbed his shaft, using his other hand to
guide it into her warmth, her hands cupping his face until he got the angle
right, having to bend his knees to get under her to push up into her.

Moaning softly, Maryse held him close to her body, her left leg sliding up
his thigh and hooking around his leg. Feeling his arm slide down her body
and hook under her knee, she wrapped her arm around his neck, holding herself
in place as he lifted her leg up slightly, giving him a better angle of
attack as he pushed into her slowly. Feeling him pick up speed slightly, she
groaned into his shoulder, her head resting on it and letting him be in
control and in charge, picking the speed of his pumps, the depth of the
pumps, her body shaking softly as she pushed herself up onto her tippy toes
on her right foot, trying to keep her balance as he pushed into her.

Looking down at the busty blonde in his arms, Tim grinned, reaching down
with his left arm and hooking it behind her quivering right legs, catching
her off guard as he lifted it up into the air as well, both of her legs
hooked around his strong arms as she frantically reached out and grabbed
the curtain rod with one hand, the other finding a nook in the corner to
hold onto as her ass sunk down, exposing her pussy completely to his pumps.

"Is this ok?" He asked, smiling at her.

"Oui!" She said eagerly. "Sex me good!"

Nodding, he pushed into her slowly, judging the depth he could get, moaning
softly as his crotch pressed tight against hers, his cock finding new depth
inside of her snug pussy.

"Oh, Tim!" She moaned. "So deep! More, more!"

Hoping she was meaning more pumps and not more cock, he pulled out and
pushed back into her, moaning along with her. ~I'm not exactly holding back
on the cock department...~ He thought.

Pushing up into her with a bit more speed, Tim relaxed slightly as she moaned
louder, her needs coming through loud and clear as he gave her what she
demanded from him. Making sure to keep a good grip on her legs, knowing that
nothing would spoil the mood like her falling to the hard floor of the
shower, he gave her everything he had, rearing back and pumping into her hard
and fast, his hips slapping off of her wet body as the shower continued to
cascade down on them, his head craning forward for a kiss but finding the
distance to much to cover, settling for ducking his head down and giving her
large breasts sloppy kisses, the bouncing of them and the fact that his hands
were doing something better making his aim poor and his efforts barely
noticeable, but she still cooed in thanks, knowing he was trying his best.

"Yes, yes, yes!" She squealed softly, the arm that was holding onto the ledge
reaching out and wrapping around his neck, holding him down to her chest.

Turning his gaze upward, he smiled. "Oui, oui, oui!"

Laughing loudly, she nodded as best she could, her head thudding off the
side wall of the shower. "You learn quick!"

Straining every muscle in his back, he pushed himself forward, his need to
kiss her pouty lips more than over coming the need to be pain free. "I had a
great teacher." He told her softly. "I hope I'm paying her back good

"So good!" She cried out, pulling him closer for another kiss. "Please, don't
stop like this! I like this so much!"

His ability to translate her broken English into real English growing by
leaps and bounds with each thrust into her body, each call of passion, he
nodded, knowing she meant her legs were to stay in his arms, her ass exposed
and receiving his hard, passionate thrusts, no matter what. All other issues
could be dealt with when the passion was done flowing.

Letting her head fall back against the shower wall, Maryse moaned loudly, her
eyelids fluttering as her eyes rolled back in the sockets, her jaw going limp
as her body went tense, lust setting in again. "Ohhh fuck Tim!" She cried
out, her legs flailing softly as he kept going, his back burning and his arms
threatening to quit on him, but his willpower to take advantage of the
opportunity presented to him spurning him on. Feeling him keep up the tempo,
never breaking stride, never slowing down, she rewarded him with a loud, ear
piercing scream, the small, confined space of the shower amplifying it two
fold and making him wince, his ears ringing.

"Fuck, Maryse, I'm coming..."

"I come to!"

" DeNero...fuck, I don't know how to say it!" He
groaned. "Oh god..."

"Un dieu!"

"Un dieu!" He echoed, the refresher course she was screaming in his ear
bringing his French up to par.

"Un dieu, un dieu! I come, I come! Maryse screamed loudly, her body flopping
against the wall holding her up, threatening to buck him out of her pussy and
send her crashing to the floor, but he held strong, his own lust flowing into
the tight latex stuffed into her tight warmth.

"So good..." He moaned softly. "So sexy..."

"So cute!" She moaned, her head falling back against the wall as she ran
out of gas, her arm begging to let go of the shower rod and let her rest, but
Tim's continued efforts pushing into her, his on pleasure still raging on
forcing her to hold on for dear life, using every last bit of strength she

Groaning loudly, he thrust up into her one final time, holding her close
as he shuddered a final time. "Fuck..." He moaned into her chest, her panting
raising and lowering her breasts at a rapid pace. Feeling his arms and legs
start to give out, he quickly started the process of untangling sexy blonde
bombshell from head, and only, Diva booker before they tumbled to the floor.

Letting her feet slide down to the floor, Maryse held onto Tim as he reached
over, shutting off the hot water and stumbled backwards. Smiling, she
followed him, watching as he slid down the wall, coming to a rest on the
floor. Sliding down on the floor with him, she curled up in his arms, sitting
in between his legs as he reached around her, holding her close.

"So..." He asked, trying to get his breathing under control. "Good?"

Smiling, she reached down, grabbing his condom and making him moan, pulling
it off and tossing it aside. "Better."


"Great." She said, nodding softly. "Now, sleep."

"I don't think I can make it to the bed."

"Sleep here." She said. Looking up at him, she smiled. "I never sleep in
shower before."

Smiling, he said, "The thought never really crossed my mind before, either.
Until now." Looking down at the tile, he said, "This floor isn't really all
that comfortable. I mean, I'll stay here, given my options, but it's not my
first choice. I'd like to get back to the bed, but I don't think that's gonna
happen, given how wonky my legs feel right now. I mean, if you forced me



"Shut up." She said softly. Curling her head into his chest, she said, "You
talk to much. Sleep now."


"Shut up." She scolded him playfully. "No more words. Sleep now."

Nodding, he held her softly, closing his eyes as he started to drift off,
wanting to at least carry her romantically into the bedroom and lay her wet,
nude body down, but settling for the warm, wet tiles under his ass and her
soft, blonde body, curled up in his arms as he fell asleep a step behind her.

* * *

"My ass is still asleep."

Looking up at Tim and giggling, Maryse pulled her comb through her hair,
smiling. "My to." She said.

Moving in behind the blonde goddess, Tim smiled, leaning in and kissing her
back. "I'm sure I could wake it up, if you want." He offered.

Giggling, she shook her head. "No Tim. I have to go to OVW, remember? And you
have border to cross."

"I can wait." He offered, smiling as he rubbed her back, sliding his hands
around to glide them over her stomach.

"I have flight..." Maryse cooed.

"I have RV." He said, smiling. "I can drive you."

Looking back, she blushed softly. "I..." She started, before sighing. "I can
not. I no want to get fired so soon..."

Smiling, he nodded, leaning in and kissing her softly. "I understand." He
told her. "But you can't blame me for trying, right?"

"No." She said softly. "I am happy you asked." She
finally said, giving up on finding the right word and settling for ones she
knew would work. Smiling, she said, "I had awe-some time tonight." Looking
worried, she asked, "Is that right? Awe-some?"

Smiling, he nodded. "That's perfect." He assured her. When she smiled, he
moved away from her. "So, I'm not wearing underwear out of here, am I?" He
asked with a smile.

Shaking her head, she giggled. "I hide while you asleep. They mine now."
Picking up the tiny thong she had been wearing, she reached down, pushing it
into his pocket. "You take." She said. "A...rememberer."

"Reminder." He corrected her.


"And I don't think I'll need one to remember this night." He assured her.
Moving over, he kissed her softly. "This was an amazing night." He told her.
Smiling, he said, "It was well worth having my cable box get broken for."

"You going to fix that, no?"

"I will." He said, smiling. "And I'll make sure that the WWE sends me tapes
of OVW from here on out so I can keep an eye on your progress..."

"And maybe bring me up to Raw some day?" She asked hopefully. Looking
worried, she said softly, "I hope I did not mess up doing last night. I want
to be on Raw..."

"You didn't mess anything up." He assured her, smiling as she smiled. "When
your ready, and I have something for you, I'll bring you up to Raw. You wanna
wrestle, so that's my department."

"And when I get to Raw, maybe..." She said softly, before shaking her head.

"Come on." He said, smiling. "You can tell me."


"Maryse." He said, holding her close. "I had my head between your thighs. I
think you can talk to me."

Blushing and smiling at the same time, she said, "Maybe...we can work on
French again?"

Smiling, he nodded. "We can." He said, before pointing to her, poking her
softly. "If YOU want to. Like I said last night, I can't keep you on Raw or
give you a job for...teaching me French. But I won't lie and tell you that I
don't want to repeat what we did tonight sometime."

Her blushing breaking, she nodded, holding him close. "You have a French
teacher." She assured him. Looking at him, she bit her bottom lip softly,
asking, "So long as I have English teacher?"

Nodding, he held her close, giving her a peck on the lips. "My little tiger
has an English teacher." He promised, making her giggle and growl, clawing
softly at his chest. "Now, come on. Like you said, you have a flight to
catch. The least I can do is give you a drive to the airport."

Smiling, she gave him a kiss, moving over to her suitcase and double-checking
it. "I take ride." She said, looking over her shoulder at him. "You just
hoping I teach you French on the way, no?"

Shaking his head, he grinned, moving over and grabbing her suitcase as she
zipped it up. "No." He said, before adding, "But I wouldn't turn down a
lesson if you offered."

"Tim, Tim, Tim..." She mused, moving towards her bedroom door.

"Can you blame me?"

"No, I can not." She said, smiling. "I cute!"

Smiling, he nodded. "That you are."

Following her out the door to the hallway, he reached down into his pocket as
his phone started buzzing, the vibrations alerting him to the incoming call.
Reaching in and grabbing it, he pulled it out, following Maryse down the
hallway as he checked the caller ID. Smiling, he shook his head. "I don't
know whether to thank her or kill her." He mused, punching the talk button
and holding the phone to his ear. "Hello, Mickie." He said, smiling as Maryse
turned and gave him a look before nodding, realizing he was talking to
someone on his phone and not her.

"Hi Tim." Mickie said softly. "You didn't call..."

"Yea, sorry about that." He said, scratching his head. "I kinda got..."
Seeing Maryse smile at him, he smiled back. "Busy." He finished, making her

"Who's giggling?"

"Maryse." Tim said. "She's one of the Divas Search girls Vince rehired. I
watched Raw over at her place."

"Did you watch my match?" Mickie asked nervously, not bothering to ask why he
watched Raw at Maryse's house.

"I did." Tim lied. "You did fine. They edited out the slip, too."

"That's good." She said, perking up slightly.

"But." He said, smiling. "We do have to talk when you get back."


"Chocolate syrup."

"What about it?"

"How you were supposed to make sure it was secure...and how you didn't do
that, and it broke my cable box."

"Ekkkk....shhhhh..." Mickie screeched into the phone, faking static noise.
"Your breaking up...gotta...later..." She said, quickly hanging up the phone.

Bursting into laughter, Tim shook his head, following Maryse towards the
front door as he turned on the notes menu on his phone, getting ready to
write some notes down.

"Get cable box fixed." He said, smiling as Maryse gave him a giggle. "Find
sushi place..."

"Sushi?" Maryse asked, scrunching up her nose.

"You don't like sushi?" He asked. When she shook her head, he smiled,
asking, "Have you ever tried it?" When she continued shaking her head, now
blushing, he smiled. "Thought not. When...and that's when, not
make it to Raw..." When she smiled, he finished, "I'm buying you some to

"I try, for you." She promised.

Nodding, he walked out into the hallway of her apartment, waiting for her to
lock the door. Thinking of something, he silently added another item to his
phone, looking down and reading it with a smile as she turned towards him,
giving him a smile. Looking up at her and smiling, he asked, "Ready to roll?"
When she nodded, he waved his hand and let her lead the way, looking down at
his phone, smiling as he read his last note quietly.

"Learn to speak French."

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