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PAIRING: Mickie James/Male Fan, Maria Kanellis/Male Fan

1st, my fanfic will often deal with strange situations/pairings, so if you're
easily shocked/offended, don't bother reading any further. Also, a lot of
these stories deal with wrestlers that are "Past There Prime", so to speak.
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4th, this story is written from the viewpoint that what happens on TV isn't
real, that the wrestlers are actors and know it's just a storyline.

5th, timeline wise, this story takes place August 14th, 2006.

~ Denotes Thought ~

Booked Solid Part 4: Stupid Like A Fox
by Nero Rain (

"Oh, god..."

Moaning softly, Tim looked down at the sexy, buxom brunette latched onto his
shaft, her soft, pouty lips nursing his cock for all it was worth. Running
his fingers through her hair, he moaned louder as she purred, her slippery
tongue dancing over his cockhead, drawing out salty treats of pre-come into
the former women's champions mouth.

"Fuck, Mickie..." He groaned, sliding his hand down and cupping her heavy
chest, making her moan louder. Feeling his cock pulse, he knew he was getting
close to the finish line, and he could tell, from the looks of her eyes
rolled back in her head and the vibrations her groans are sending up his
cock, she was getting close again to. ~She's good.~ He thought to himself,
groaning louder as her tongue danced over his head, doing one of the hundreds
of things with her tongue that he liked. ~She has simultaneous climaxes down
to a science.~

Holding back for as long as he could, Tim quickly realized that all the
willpower in the world wasn't going to be enough to hold off against Mickie's
skillful tongue work. "God, Mickie, I'm coming..." He groaned, trying not to
snap his head back and look at the roof, wanting to keep watching her sexy
lips slide up and down his shaft as she laid on her back beside him. Seeing
her fingers plunging in and out of her jeans, he held off as long as he
could, as much to savor her masterful blowjob as to give her all the chances
in the world to come with him.

Hearing her begin to squeak softly, he let go, knowing he had done all he
could to give her the pleasure she wanted, and finally allowing himself to
get his. Groaning loudly, his cock pulsed, sending a spurt of warm, salty
love into her mouth, making her arch up off the bed as she nursed him gently,
one hand sliding up and down his sticky, spit slicked cock, the other diving
into her wet, red pussy lips again and again, her thumb working over her clit
with skill and grace, teasing the sensitive love button as she filled her
hand with sticky girl love again.

Groaning softly as the last of his feeble load dropped into Mickie's mouth,
Tim leaned over, looking down at her as she came, her pleasure never
diminishing with each successive orgasm she forced herself to. Seeing her
back slide down to the mattress and her lips slowly allow his softening shaft
to leave her mouth, Tim waited for her to savor her treat, sliding it around
on her tongue before swallowing it to make his move, bending over softly and
kissing the panting Diva full on the lips. Breaking apart with a tender kiss,
he moved south, tracing down her neck until he reached her chest, taking one
of her soft nipples into his mouth and hardening it instantly, her soft
mewing letting him know she was pleased with his work as he lapped at her
tender breast.

Threading her fingers through his hair, Mickie moaned softly as he teased
her, giving her the pleasantness of his tongue work in the afterglow of
another of her many orgasms that morning. Feeling him pull away, she smiled
as he reached over her to the nightstand beside his bed. Watching as he
picked up his chopsticks, she quickly got to her knees, eyeing him with great
interest as she squirmed with anticipation. Seeing him pick up a piece of
sushi and dunk it in the soy sauce, she giggled as he moved it towards her,
holding it higher than she could reach. Quickly pushing herself up, she
giggled more as he lifted it higher, making her arch more and more to try
and reach the piece of fish.

Seeing she was at full extension, Tim let her have the sushi as he dove down
softly, nuzzling her chest as she held him close, her chewing ringing in his
ears as he lapped at her tight nipples, each of them enjoying there treats.

Hearing her swallow with a soft moan, Tim wrapped his arms around her and
fell back, his back thudding softly on the headboard as Mickie came to a rest
in his lap, his arms holding her close as she snuggled up against her booker.

Reaching over and grabbing the sushi tray, he moved it over beside him,
quickly picking up another piece and feeding it to the hungry Diva, kissing
and caressing her soft body as she chewed happily, the combination of the
food, his loving advances, and her post orgasmic bliss making for one happy
ex-women's champion. Looking back at him, she smiled sweetly. "More?"

Nodding with a smile, he picked up another piece, but didn't give it directly
to her. Putting the piece of sushi in his mouth, he left the better part of
it sticking out, leaning down and offering it to her. Feeling her surge
forward and take it quickly, he leaned down more, kissing her as there lips
met over the piece of raw fish, stopping her hunger for a moment as they
kissed softly, his free hand still roaming her succulent body.

"I think your just trying to fatten me up." Mickie teased, kissing under his
chin softly. "Make me to fat to compete in the women's division so you don't
have to give me the belt back."

"You're getting the belt back." He promised her, snatching another piece and
feeding her. "And if I am trying to fatten you up, it's only a good thing.
Make these perfect, all natural breasts that much nicer."

"All natural?" Mickie asked around the sushi. "Are you kidd..."

"Let me dream, Mickie." He said with a grin. "Let me dream."

Smiling, she snuggled back against him. "This rules." She said. Looking back
at him, she added, "Sushi and sucking. What more could a girl ask for?"

"More sushi?" He offered.

"Yes, please." As he retrieved another piece for her, she squirmed softly
in his grip, his nimble free hand making her pay a high price for her fish
loving ways. "Thank you so much for the sushi, Tim..." She said, before
giggling. "Several days worth, no less!"

Kissing her neck, he smiled as she purred. "Raw fish is a very small price to
pay for your continued efforts in pleasing me." When she looked at him, he
kissed her softly, telling her, "And you do please me. Very, very, very much.
I hope I please you just as much..."

"As much, if not more." She insisted. "Your not the one being hand fed sushi
while being teased."

"Want me to stop the teasing?"

"Never." She said firmly. Clapping her lips together in the way she knew he
loved oh so much, she smiled as he moaned. "One more?"

Picking up another piece, he fed it to her gently. "As many more as you long as I have it to give."

Chewing softly as she leaned her head back against his shoulder, she smiled
as he let the chopsticks run over her curvy body, rolling the wood around her
nipples and adding to her enjoyment. "You know, as much as I love sushi..."
She said, smiling at him. "I love your sucky more."

"Don't you mean you're sucky?"

"Either or." She said. "Quit splitting hairs."

"I've tried splitting hairs." He said, smiling. "You won't let me."

Blushing softly, she looked down. "Its just..."

Taking her chin in his hand, he smiled as he made her look at him. "It's ok."
He said, kissing her to drive the point home. "If you want me to, I will. If
not, I won't. It's up to you. I won't bug you, ok?" When she smiled and
nodded, he asked, "But I do have a question."

"Does it involve getting more sushi?"

"If you want more." He said. When she nodded, he picked up a piece, giving it
to her happy lips. "But it's not about sushi. It's about...well, your tits."

"This should be interesting."

"Why...and I'm not complaining about anything here, because spending time
with you in any form is awesome to the max..."

"Thank you..."

"But why are you always topless when we do this?" He asked. "I mean, I have a
vague understanding of why you never take off you pants, but why are you
always topless? And more to the point, always on me to touch you?"

Smiling, Mickie pushed herself forward, spinning around on the bed and
leaning back into him, her forehead resting on his as she straddled his legs
on all fours. "Its simple." She said with a grin. Seeing he was waiting for
the simple explanation, she waved her chest proudly. "First, touch, touch."
When he put his chopsticks down to give her breasts his undivided attention,
she moaned softly. "Boobs excite guys. Excited guys get boners. Boners need
sucking." Grinning as his eyes lit up, she asked, "See where this is

Stopping his caressing of her chest, he smiled as he slowly moved away from
her, her eyes following him. As he moved out from under her, he grinned at
her as she stared at him with that look in her eyes. A look Tim was coming
to love very dearly. "I think it's heading for another sucking." He said.

Crawling towards him, Mickie smiled as she nodded, licking her lips as she
zeroed in on his cock. Seeing him exit the bed, she followed him with her
eyes. "Get back here..." She growled.

"Mickie, I have to get some work done!" He said, trying not to smile as she
moved off the bed, stalking him.

"You can work while I suck." She offered sweetly. "Imagine that, Tim."
Purring softly, she continued to stalk him. "You could set up your computer
at your desk, and type, type, type to your hearts content." Batting her
eyelashes seductively, she smiled. "And I could crawl under it, and just
suck, suck, suck to my hearts content. Worship your big, hard dick with my
thick, pouty lips." Seeing him shiver, she smiled. "Suck load after load of
hot, sticky, ropey come from you. Just keep you soooooooo happy while your
doing all that tedious work you have to do. Wouldn't that be fun, Tim?"

Shaking his head, he asked her, "Do you think I have a straight thought going
through my mind once those lips of yours hit my dick?"

Shaking her head, Mickie grinned. "I hope not." She admitted. "Quit running."

Moving away from her, and trying to keep his distance from the amorous Diva,
he smiled. "I thought you said you could keep this down to like once or twice
a week? It's Monday, and I've already been blown like ten times!"

Giggling, Mickie shook her head. "Not ten! Maybe...six." She said. Smiling,
she added, "Besides, I never hear you complain..."

Shaking his head, he told her, "Mickie, I will never complain about having
you want to do that to me. Your to hot, to sexy, and to good at it to
complain about how much you want to do it."

Pouting for full guilt trip effect, she asked, "If I'm so good, why are you
running away?"

Laughing at her act, he reminded her, "Because I have to work! You know, that
thing Vince hired me for? The thing I get paid for?"

Watching at Mickie continued to pout, Tim backed up, tripping over the bed as
his legs hit it. Falling down, he quickly scrambled backwards up the bed,
realizing that Mickie was between him and his clothes, and he was trapped.
Quickly scooting up to the headboard, he smiled as she crawled onto the bed,
getting down on all fours and slinking towards him, her butt stuck in the air
and waggling back and forth, like a lioness does it's tail when it's stalking
its prey. Watching her move closer and closer, her eyes locked on him for the
slightest movement, trying to block off all avenues of his escape, Tim knew
he was caught. He knew he had pushed it a little to far with the touching and
the feeding, his efforts to try and make his time with is oral lover romantic
working to well and getting her to worked up. He knew he wasn't going to get
out of this without either one more of Mickie's loving blowjobs, or hurting
her feelings. Smiling, he sat up, making his choice as he pulled her into his
arms, kissing her softly on the lips.

"I don't have much left." He told her.

"Will you give me what you have?" She asked softly, letting his lips go as he
moved south, lapping at her excited nipples, the thrill of the chase working
her up immensely.

"Everything." He said, moaning as her hand reached between them and gripped
his shaft, starting the process of getting him fully hard again and ready for
her loving embrace, the post blow job kissing, cuddling and sushi doing most
of the work for her. Running his tongue along her lips, he smiled as she
moaned softly, pulling her lip into his mouth and suckling it softly, making
the busty brunette shiver in his lap. "Are you my sexy lip lover?"


"I love your lips." He said, taking the other one in and repeating the
process, lapping at her flesh. "There so full, and sexy. So pouty." Looking
her in the eyes as he lapped at the line between her lips, he said, "They
make me feel so"

Lunging forward, Mickie cut him off with a searing kiss, her body pressing up
against his, her hands pulling him tight to her body and making her whine
into the kiss, his cock hard and pointing up as she needed. Pulling back from
the hyper brunette, Tim smiled as he dodged her attempts to get his lips
back. Reaching down between them, he cupped her breasts softly, making her

"And I love your boobs." He said firmly. "I don't care if it's politically
correct or not. I'm a tit man, and you have fantastic tits." Rubbing her soft
mounds gently, he grinned as she cooed, her squirming in his lap having the
effect she desired. Leaning down and capturing her left nipple between his
lips, he rolled it around as he suckled her softly, her hands reaching
between them and grabbing his cock, stroking it erratically.

"Let me suck you..." She moaned, one of her hands curling up behind his head
and holding him steady to her chest.

"In a minute." He said, knowing that the longer he kept her waiting, the more
worked up she'd be. And the more worked up she was, the better it was going
to be. Groaning softly, he lapped gently at her tight nub. "You better cool
it with the hand job..." He said, smiling at her. "Or there isn't going to be
a hard on left to suck."

"Please let me go..." Mickie whined.

Shaking his head, Tim leaned down, nuzzling her large breasts, lapping at the
enhanced flesh, adding to her pitiful croaks. "When I'm done." He said,
smiling as he ran his tongue along her flesh. "I'm the boss here, after all."

"Please, boss?" She tried, trying to slow down her jerks, but her frayed
nerves and lust driving her on.

Smiling, he let his arms drop from around her. "Get to work, Mickie." He said
softly, giving her a kiss before her head dove down in his lap, her lips
wrapping around his cock, making him moan.

Looking up at Tim, Mickie thought something over, her head sliding up and
down his cock. Pulling off of him slowly, she rolled over, sitting down on
her butt as she looked at him.

Smiling, he asked, "Done already?"

Shaking her head, she blushed softly, reaching down and hooking her thumbs in
her jeans. Leaning back, she pulled them down slightly, working them down her
hips before she felt Tim's hand on hers, stopping her.

"Mickie." He said softly. "I was joking. You don't have to do that..."

"I want to." She said, looking up at him. "At you." Blushing,
she asked, "Just no touching, please?"

"No touching." He promised, taking his hand back.

Nodding, she leaned back again, pulling down her jeans and panties, sliding
them down her legs and off of her body, leaving her nude in his gaze. Looking
up at him, she looked nervously as he looked her over, drinking in her body.
Looking up at her face, he smiled, leaning in and kissing her softly, making
her relax fully. Pulling back, he smiled.

"You are so beautiful." He told her softly, smiling at her. When she smiled
back, he looked down. "Now, sucky?"

Smiling, she slithered down to the bed, looking up at him, watching with
pride now as he looked over her body, watching as one hand slid between her
legs as the other grabbed his cock. "Hang on tight, boss." She growled,
making him smile. "I'm gonna suck the fucking life out of you..."

* * *


Rolling over onto her back, Mickie smiled up at Tim, arching her breasts
up, drawing his eyes to the large mounds. "Come on, Tim..." She teased. "You
know you wanna get back between these lips..." Licking her lips at him, she
smiled. "It's such a good place to be..."

Letting his shirt fall to his side, Tim whined softly, watching as she
writhed on the bed, her new found nudity, once a source of shyness for her
now a weapon to try and bait him back into bed.

Like she'd done twice after his "Final Time".

"Mickie..." He whined again. "I'm getting sore here..."

"Sore nothing." She purred. "I'm so good to that cock. No way it's
getting sore."

"It is..."

"Lemme see." She said.

"Uh, no." He said, making her smile. "But nice try. That worked last time."

Rolling around on the bed, Mickie tried her best, using every trick in the
book she knew to bait Tim back into bed and let her sate her hunger one last
time. Arching her back up again, she cupped her large breasts, knowing Tim's
not-so-hidden love for them. "Come on, Tim..." She purred. "I'll let you
play with them...or fuck them!" She offered quickly. "Remember the last time
we did that? You loved it. I could tell, because you came soooooooo much,
Tim. I thought you were gonna drown me."

Sighing, he leaned down, kissing her softly. "No..." He said, before moaning
softly as she reached up, wrapping her arms loosely around him, rubbing his
back. Feeling he didn't want to lean back up, he kissed her softly, Mickie's
urging pushing him down further and further, her hands and the sight of her
breasts getting closer moving him down. Kissing her neck, he asked, "Why do
you let me touch you?"

Kissing his chest, and eyeing his crotch, she said, "What do you mean?"

"I thought you just got off from oral?"

"I get off from oral, but other stuff still gets me off." She said, moving
her hands slowly towards his crotch, not wanting to spook her prey. "And as
for why I let you touch me, I like it. You're a very good toucher, and
letting you do it only adds to my pleasure."

Feeling her hands moving south, Tim snapped out of his tit daze, standing up
quickly and backing up as she grabbed for him. Seeing her flip over and glare
at him, he smiled. "Great try." He admitted. "Now get dressed. I seriously
need to do some work."

Pouting, Mickie pulled herself off the bed, quickly tracking down her clothes
and pulling them on as Tim finished getting dressed. Seeing her bottom lip
stuck out, Tim moved over to her, smiling as he pulled her into a hug from
behind. "Hey..." He said softly, leaning down and kissing her shoulder.
"Please don't pout. Those lips are far to sexy to be used to pout." Seeing
her begin to smile, he grinned, leaning down and kissing her on the lips.
Moving over towards the door, he stopped and waited for her to come over.

Reaching his arms out, he pulled her close, looking down at her, his forehead
resting on hers, eye to eye contact. "Thank you very, very much, Mickie." He
said softly, pecking her on the lips. "That was amazing." Seeing her smile,
he knew he had accomplished his mission, giving her thanks for pleasing him,
something he always made sure to do, knowing that she was doing what she was
doing for her own pleasure more so than his, but he also knew good manners
got you places, and he was hoping his would entail a return trip to her
thick, pouty lips in the near future.

~And, it doesn't hurt that it makes me feel like I'm not just using her.~ He
thought as she smiled, her body rubbing softly against his.

"You're very, very welcome, Tim." She said. "You stayed hard a hell of a lot
longer than I planned."

Leaning down and kissing her, he told her, "It's hard to stay soft when
a sexy woman like you is in the room." Reaching down and giving her butt a
slap, he smiled as she jumped. "Now lets get going. You got practice I think,
and I have to actually get some notes into the big boss or I'll be shit

Nodding, Mickie moved away from him as he unlocked the door, peaking out
and making sure no one was in the RV before letting her scurry out, his hands
grabbing her ass as she giggled. "Get that plump rump moving." He teased.

Moving into the living room and towards the door, she smiled. "Thanks Tim."

"Anytime, Mickie." He said, before grinning. "Just not right now. Now get

As Mickie moved out the door and into the arena, Tim moved over to the
table, grabbing his laptop and plugging it into the printer, firing them both
up as he pulled up the notes for the next weeks worth of shows. "Another
week..." He said softly, double checking his notes before hitting the print
key, checking the printer as it began to spit out his hard work. Reaching up
and catching it as it slid out, he checked to make sure the ink was ok, not
wanting any glitches on his master copy to fuck up his good day, which was an
extension of his good two weeks, Mickie's driving with him and his trip to
Maryse's apartment running perfectly into Mickie's welcome back gift and
Victoria skipping her flight to the next city to spend some quality time with
her boss.

Smiling, he pushed himself out of the seat, rechecking his notes one last
time before moving over to the door, opening it and hopping down to the
parking garage floor. Looking around to get his bearings, he moved towards
the hustle and bustle of the backstage area, scanning the notes plastered
to the walls to see where his boss was. Seeing the arrows pointing him in
the direction of Stephanie's office, he started towards it, stopping his
progress as he spotted someone out of the corner of his eye. Putting on a
big smile, he moved over towards the flow of traffic going in the opposite
direction, pulling up along side of her, smiling.

"Hello, Maria." He said.

Looking up at Tim, she smiled softly. "Hey Tim."

"And how is one of my favorite Divas doing?" He asked, still smiling.
"Haven't seen you yet this weekend."

"I'm ok. Had some promotional crap to do." She said. "You?"

"Doing good." He said, failing to explain why. "I was looking over your
last few backstage segments."

Smiling, she asked, "You did?" When he nodded, she asked, "How were
they? Did I do ok?"

"I must admit." He said. "I was wrong about you and Carlito. You two do
have some good screen chemistry. The crowd seems to dig you guys."

"I told you!" She giggled. When he smiled, she said, "I like getting the
TV time. It's nice having a spot and a thing to do." Off his nod, she sighed,
saying, "And, the angle is better now that it's a bit more authentic..."

"Authentic?" He asked. "Are you and Carlito an item now?" Quickly
backtracking, he said, "Not that it's any of my business, but..."

"No, we're not an item." She said. "It's just, me and CM broke up...again.
This time, for good."

"Wow." He said softly. "Jeez, Maria, I'm sorry."

"It's ok." She said, waving off his concern. "We've practiced this to much
for me to be upset about it."

"Still." He said. "That may be true, but seeing a relationship come crashing
down sucks."

"Yea." She said softly. "That's why I was so moody overseas when you called.
I called him at home, and the bimbo he was fucking while I was gone picked up
the phone instead. Thought I was the pizza place."

"Wow, that sucks!" He said. Grinning, he said, "Sleeping around on you AND
feeding the bimbo."

"I know, the nerve, huh?" She joked. When he smiled, she shrugged. "I dunno.
It can be a good thing sometimes. It can lead to bigger and better things."

"It can." He admitted. "Such as...a match tonight on Raw."

Her eyes lighting up, she asked, "On Raw?" When he nodded, she jumped up
and down, giggling as she threw herself into his arms, hugging him tightly.
"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"No problem." He assured her. "You earned it. A mixed tag match with

Smiling at him, she asked, "How did I end up on Raw? I thought Raw was
for the main angles..."

"It is." He admitted, smiling. "Your match is a big angle...and, I kinda
turned the Trish/Melina thing into a back stage brawl, so that takes up the
interview segment, not a match segment."

Giggling, she poked him, saying, "Your sneaky!" When he nodded proudly,
she said, "Around here, you need that to get things done."

"Oh, I know all about that." He said. "I know how these things work. I
came from Hollywood." Looking at her, and knowing her mood was probably down
from the whole Punk/Pizza/Bimbo thing, he asked, "Have you ever thought about
getting into acting? Your definitely pretty enough to get into it."

Blushing, she grinned at him. "First, thanks for the pretty remark." She
said. When he nodded, she said, "Well, I used to, but lately, I'm so involved
with the wrestling that it's taking up all my life. I train all the time, and
work on matches, and moves, and I just don't have time for acting." Looking
at him, she smiled. "I'm just hoping to keep having matches, even if there
not on Raw."

Smiling, he told her, "Well, I'll keep writing them for you if you keep
working on your moves. Fit tells me you're getting pretty good."

"He did?" She asked, giggling happily. When he nodded, she asked, "So,
you watched my matches?"

Looking sheepish, he told her, " Not lately." Looking at her, he
said, "I'm hella backlogged right now, so I can't find the time to watch
anything." When she nodded, he sighed with relief, thankful that he didn't
let it slip that most of his match-watching time was tied up between
Victoria's legs or Mickie's lips.

Smirking at him, she told him, "Well, maybe sometime your not busy, we could
sit down and watch a few together, and you can give me some pointers?"

Obvious to the smirk on her face, he nodded quickly. "Of course." He said.
"I always have time to look over tape with one of my best workers." Looking
at his watch, he said, "But right now, I gotta get my notes into Steph or
I'm not gonna have matches to watch..."

"Ok, Tim." She giggled, his constant rushing amusing her. "Get going. I
want my match."

"Will do!" He promised with a grin. "Maybe later we can watch tape?"

"Later." She said, watching as he turned and raced down the hallway. Rolling
her eyes as she turned and started moving again, she shook her head slightly.
"Kinda thick, that one." She mused, giggling to herself as she moved down the

* * *

*Knock, knock, knock*

Looking up from her paperwork, Stephanie yelled, "Come in!"

Opening the door and ducking his head in, Tim smiled. "Not to late?"

Looking at the clock on her desk, she grinned. "Just in time...barely."

Moving into her office, Tim walked over to her desk, holding out his papers.
"Sorry about the lateness." He said. "Kinda got...tied up."

"You always say that." She smirked, reaching out and taking his notes from
him. "So, when did you want these to happen?"

"Anytime, except for the first match." He said. "I've been stuck on
curtain jerker duty for the past two weeks. I think I've done my time."

Looking at him, she said, "Ratings decide where your matches are."

Nodding, he said, "My matches drew better ratings than the Edge/Micheals
brawl last week. That should put me ahead of them, all things being equal."

"Which there not."

"Just don't stick me at the first of the show." He asked. "I'm sure Hunter
has some half hour promo he has to cut..."

"Actually, it's only twenty nine minutes." She joked.

"Put my first match after that." He said. "Victoria's got her first
title defense tonight, and Maria has an mixed tag match with Carlito."

"I'll figure something out." She promised him.

"Will that something not involve my matches being stuck up front?"

"I'll put someone else in the one spot tonight." The assured him. Looking at
his sheet, she asked, "Where's the interview segment?"

Looking over the table, he pointed down to the paper. "Right there. Trish
does an interview, and gets jumped by Melina and Mickie halfway through."

"Why Mickie?"

"For helping Victoria win the belt last night." He said. "Bringing Beth
back soon."

Looking up at him, she smirked, saying, "That almost sounds like a match..."

"But it's not." He assured her. "Just a beat down. No refs, no ring. Just an
interview gone wrong."


"Hey!" He said, smiling. "Lots of people get their butts kicked in interviews
around here. It's sort of a rite of passage. Trish has had it done to her
lots of times."

"I suppose..." She said, looking at the paper and grinning. "I'll let it

Grinning, he said, "I thought you might."

Looking up at him, she grinned. "So, what's on the schedule for Tim tonight?"

"Aside from Raw?" He asked. When she nodded, he said, "Got some interviews
lined up with some more talent...some new and old talent." Seeing Steph's
interest peek, he said, "Flew in Gail Kim and Traci Brooks to talk contract.
Gail's just ran out with TNA, and Traci never got one to begin with."

"Ah!" Steph said, smiling. "Getting quite a crew going on, aren't you?"

"Well, your father did give me a budget." He said. "And, even though I got
Trish and Lita taking up the majority of it, I still find some room to try
and get some people signed...and I'm hoping to get more money if I start
doing well."

"I wouldn't count on that." She said. "Dad's kinda tight with the wallet."

Shrugging, he said, "If I start making him lots of money, he won't be able
to ignore me forever. And I'm starting to turn things around...such as the

"I don't think Edge or Shawn will be all that happy to know a Divas match
out scored them." She joked.

"Meh, not my problem." He said. "I'm just worried about my part of the
show, which I need to get going to go look after..."

"Alright, I'll see you later, Tim." She said, returning her attention to
her paperwork. "And don't worry, I'll keep you out of the curtain jerker slot

Moving towards the door, he asked, "And if I do well this week...?"

"Then we'll talk about next week." She said. Waving her hands, she smiled.
"Now shoo. You're not the only one who has work to do. Some of us actually
have to sift through all this lobbying you bookers do and figure out who
goes where."

"So long as I'm not first..." He said, opening the door. "I don't care.
Thanks a million, Steph."

"No problem, Tim."

Moving out into the hallways and starting back towards the parking lot, Tim
looked around, trying to see if he could spot any of his Divas, wanting to
share the good news with someone, he smiled as he zeroed in on the short
blonde wearing the tight jeans standing at the soda machine, feeding it
quarters. Jogging towards her, he smiled. "Only Trish and Edge wear jeans
that tight." He joked. "And he's not that short...and doesn't look that
amazing in them..."

Looking over her options, Trish did some quick deciding before punching
the orange button, listening as the orange soda rolled down the machine.
Bending over to pick it up, she felt a pair of eyes on her, her sixth sense
alerting her to the fact. Sighing, she stood up, turning to look around for
the eyes, seeing if it was someone who needed a refresher course on manners,
or someone who was well beyond help. Seeing Tim quickly try to shift his gaze
from her ass to her eyes, she smiled.

~Neither.~ She thought. Waving her free hand, she smiled as he made his way
to her. "Hey, Tim."

"Hello, Trish." He said, moving along side of her. Looking at the pop in her
hand, he asked, "Don't I have orange?"

"No." She said. "You have quite the assortment. Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, 7 Up and
Dr Pepper, but no orange." Nodding, he reached into his pocket, pulling out a
small notepad, quickly jotting down a note as Trish giggled. "Are you
spawning notepads?" She joked.

Looking down at it, he shook his head. "No, I just keep this one with me
incase I have to make a quick note. Easier than carrying around the
clipboard, and I don't keep my cell phone on me all the time."

"Which kinda defeats the purpose of owning a cell phone."

"I know." He said, smiling. "You'd think I'd know better."

"You'd think." Looking at the note pad, and noticing the little flower
pattern on the top, she laughed. "Umm, Tim, I think you picked out a girls

Looking down at what she was talking about, he blushed softly. "Yea...umm...I
didn't actually buy it." He said. Looking at her, he explained, "I had to
watch Raw last week at someone's house, and I forgot my clip board, and they
gave me this."

"They?" Trish asked, her interest peeked.

"Maryse Ouellet." He said. "One of the Divas Search girls. She was at
Smackdown when I was there, and I helped her out with an interview, and she
helped me out when my cable box died."

"Ahh..." Nodding, she asked, "So, is she nice?"

Nodding, he tried to keep from blushing or smiling like a retard. "She's
really nice." He said. "A bit to nice sometimes. Made me feel like I had a
maid looking after me, but she settled down after a while."

"Just wanted to impress the booker." She joked. "Get on Raw without the
hard work."

"Nah." He said, motioning with his head for them to start walking, seeing if
she'd follow. Seeing her follow, he said, "She's down in Ohio training at
OVW. Says she wants to be a wrestler, but admits she's no good right now, so
doing the hard work thing."

"Well, that's good." Trish said. "Saves me having to play catch with some
untrained bimbo to keep her from breaking her neck." When he nodded, she
looked around, noticing she had started walking when he did. "Where are we

"The RV."

Smiling, she asked, "Nap time?"

"Not yet." He said, smiling as she pouted. "Soon."

"I need my nap." She warned. "If I don't get my nap before Raw, I don't
do well."

"I know, I know." He said. "You'll get your nap."

"Will my pillow be there?"

"I'll be there." He said, his nickname making him smile. "And I have a

"I know, pillow."

"Gee, thanks." He teased. When she smiled, he said, "And, like I said,
later. Right now, got a surprise for you."

Her eyes lighting up, she asked, "Surprise? What surprise?"

"If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise, now would it?"

"People always say that." She grumbled, perking up slightly as she saw the
RV coming into view. "Is it a good surprise?"

"No, I'm going to fire you."

"Ha, ha."

"If it was a bad surprise, it wouldn't be a surprise. It would be a kick
in the gut."

"I suppose." She said. Looking at him, she whined, "Are you gonna tell me?"


"I'll let you look at my ass some more?"

"I do that enough anyways."


"You wear tight jeans and stick it out." He said, smiling. "It would be
crime not to. And yes, I'm a perv."

"At least you admit it." She joked, moving to the RV and waiting for him
to open the door and climb in, reaching her hand up and grabbing his as he
helped her in. "So, surprise now?"

Laughing, he motioned for her to follow him into the RV. "Your really
hung up on this surprise, aren't you?"

"I'm curious by nature." She said.

"It's nothing special." He said.

"Still." She said. "I don't get many surprises, especially good ones,

Moving to the fridge, he pushed several boxes out of the way, reaching
in and grabbing one from the back, pulling it out and handing it to you. "As

Smiling wide, she quickly opened the box, looking down in and giggling
happily. "Sushi!" She said, moving over and hugging him tightly. "Thank you
Tim!" looking down at it, she asked, "How much do I owe you?"

Waving his hand, he smiled. "My treat. I promised sushi, I delivered

"Tim..." She said, looking down in the box. "This is a lot of sushi...and it
ain't cheap."

"I bought bulk." He said, reaching in and grabbing his own box. "I
promised Mickie some to, so I just got a big order and they gave me a good

"Mickie got some?" Trish asked. When he nodded, she smiled. "Think she'd
wanna join us? Make it a sushi ménage à trios?"

"Umm..." He said, trying to keep smiling. "She already had hers earlier."
Before she could ask about it, he said, "But, if you don't mind just eating
with me..."

"It's a date." She said, smiling. Moving towards the bedroom, she waved
her hand. "Come on. I wanna nap when I'm done, so that means you." Looking
back at him and smiling, she playfully growled, "I want your ass in that bed
right now."

Laughing, he started following her, grabbing some chopsticks from the
drawer and a pop from the fridge. "You know, if Vince heard you say that, he
might get the wrong idea."

Giggling, she said, "I should cool it, huh? Don't want the boss thinking
we're fucking and get you fired?"

"Me fired..." He said, before grinning. "And you transferred to whatever
department he runs."

"Alrighty then, jokes are over." She laughed, moving into the bedroom
and kicking off her shoes before slinking onto the bed. Looking over her
shoulder, and finding Tim more focused on not tripping over anything than the
ass waving in the air, she scooted up to the top of the bed, sitting against
the headboard. "Got soy sauce?"

Nodding, he moved to the bed, setting his food and drink down before moving
backwards. "In the cupboard." He said, moving out through the bathroom and
into the kitchen again, grabbing the soy sauce and a small bowl. Grinning,
he turned back to the fridge, opening it up and reaching in, grabbing another
small container, moving back towards the bedroom. Kicking off his shoes and
moving onto the bed, he held out the soy sauce and two containers for Trish,
letting her take them as he got settled in beside her, leaving a small space
between them for the sauce.

Looking at the small container, Trish took a cautious sniff. "What's this?"

"Wasabi." He said, smiling. "Real wasabi. Not the fake stuff most people
use. Hard to find."

"And expensive to buy." She noted. Smirking at him, she said, "Your making
this an expensive date."

"I'm hoping you'll finally put out." He joked.

"We'll see." She teased. "So, do you just dunk the sushi in this stuff?"

"No." He said, taking it and the small bowl, putting a fair amount of the
wasabi in the bowl before pouring the soy sauce on top of it. "I find this
is a good way." He said. "Apparently it might get me kicked out of a real
sushi place, but it's good." Looking at her and smiling, he said, "I'm not
really up to snuff on sushi etiquette..."

"Who cares?" She said. "If it tastes good, do it."

"Exactly." He said, reaching down and grabbing the chopsticks, holding
one pair out for Trish.

"Umm, I use my fingers." She said. Looking sheepish, she admitted,
"Don't know how to use those..."

"What?" He asked, smiling. "You eat sushi, but don't know how to use


"Here." He said, reaching his other hand out, motioning for her to put
her hand in his. When she did, he took her fingers, bending some, extending
others, getting them in position. "This one goes here..." He said, resting
the chopstick in her hand. "This one goes here...and, voila, instant

Snapping at the air cautiously, Trish smiled as the sticks moved almost
as planned, a bit crooked but otherwise find. Seeing him smile, she snapped
at him, giggling. "Coolness!"

"Better than using your fingers." He noted, grabbing a piece of sushi out of
his box and dunking it in the soy sauce and wasabi combo.

Raising her eyebrow, Trish smiled. "How do you know? You don't know where my
fingers have been."

"Well, since it's you eating off of them, I'd hope you'd at least wash before
you did anything."

"What if I had been pleasuring myself?" She purred jokingly.

"Can you feed me?" He asked, smiling as she reached out and swatted him

"Perv." She teased.

"You know, your not really making me want to buy you sushi very often,
calling me perv."

Leaning over, she kissed him on the cheek, giggling as he blushed.
"You'll buy me more." She promised. "You love me."

"You are my top star." He told her. "Which, by the way..." Reaching down
into his jeans, he pulled out a piece of paper, handing it to her. "This
weeks notes, if you're interested."

Taking them with her free hand, she shook them to unfold them, looking
at the computer printed page. "Why do you let me see these again?" She asked,
looking for her parts, and smiling. "A match and a segment! Sweet!"

"I let you see them because I promised you I'd keep you in the loop." He
told her, popping more fish into his mouth. "And the others get to see them."

"Yea, sometime tonight." She said. "And you don't have to keep me in the
loop this much. Just giving me a heads up would be fine."

"I could do that." He said with a nod. "But I like hearing your opinions. The
others are great, don't get me wrong, but you give opinions on things that
aren't just for you. If your not even on the show, you don't mind telling me
if you think it'll be good or not."

Smiling, she said, "It's never as good without me on it."

"I agree." He said, smiling back. "But, need to keep the others in the mix
to. And, I always make sure to use all you guys if I drag you out here. At
least give you all the bonus money."

"Money always rocks."

"That it does." He admitted. "And, I like getting your input into the
angles. I know you're not in the title hunt right now..."

"That doesn't matter to me." She told him. Looking at him, she said,
"I'd rather be without the belt for the rest of my career than stuck in the
pointless gimmick matches and nowhere angles that I was in before you landed
here. Good angles always win out over belts with me."

"That's good to know." He said, looking down at his sushi with a smile.
"Cuz you're not getting the belt for a while."

"And that's totally find with me." She assured him. "Keep putting me in
good angles, and you'll have one happy Trish."

"A happy Trish that will sign off on her next contract rollover?"

Nodding, she smiled at him. "I wasn't going to, but the sushi sealed the

"Glad I got it then." He joked. When she smiled, he asked, "So, I guess
it's not gonna get you to put out then?"

"Maybe next time." She teased. "And, if you have a choice, next time, go
heavy on the swordfish and tuna." Seeing him reach into his pocket, she
smiled. "You have to write everything down?"

"If I don't..." He said, jotting down "Trish – swordfish, tuna." Before
putting the note pad aside. "...I'll forget. And if you prefer tuna and
swordfish in your sushi, then I'll get it. Makes no difference to me which I

"Thank you." She said, smiling. Waggling her eyebrows, she said, "Keep
feeding me sushi, and, while I may not put out, I may...may, let you cop a

"Be still my beating heart." He laughed.

Smiling, she leaned back against the headboard, snapping up another
piece of sushi, dunking it and popping it into her mouth. "This stuff really
is spicy." She said, taking a drink of her pop.

"But good?"

"Very." She told him.

"I'll remember to get more the next time we do this." He said.

"We should make it a regular thing." She told him. "Like, maybe one
Sunday a month. Sushi Sunday?"

Smiling, he nodded. "That sounds like a good idea."

"I know a lot of the others like sushi." She said. "We could all go
splits and get a big ass batch of it..."

"With plenty of swordfish and tuna..."

"...And just have a little party." She said, smiling. "Just us girls."

"Gee, thanks." He said as she giggled. "I'll remember that."

"Oh, Tim, lighten up." She said, leaning over and resting her head on his
shoulder, looking up at him. "Your around us so much, your like one of the
girls now...only you have a penis."

"Does that mean we can have sleep overs?"

"Once I'm done my sushi."

"I meant all of us."

"Oh. Well, maybe, on sushi Sunday."

"That's gonna take a lot of sushi."

"Not all that much. And we'll go splits."

"No, I mean, if it's gonna take at least another round on me to get you to
offer up a feel, how much is it gonna take to make my sushi induced fantasy
of a group orgy happen?"

"You need to put more effort into your storylines, and less into worrying
about stuff like that." She said.

"I like thinking about that more." He said with a grin. "The storylines,
they come easy. Baiting people into bed with sushi, that's a bit harder."

"A bit?" She asked, smirking at him. "You mean it's worked before?"

"You're here, aren't you?"

"I'm not having sex with you."

"If I traded you my swordfish and tuna for your least favorites?"

"It would move the feel up to this trip." She joked. "You don't have enough
swordfish and tuna in that box to get into my box."

Looking down in his box, he smiled. "Well..."

Reaching out and swatting him softly, she smiled. "Just shut up and
enjoy. I need my nap soon, and your wasting my time."

Nodding, he smiled, looking down into his box. "I have some interviews
to take care of, anyways. Gail and Traci are coming in today, and gotta look
after that."

"When are they coming?" Trish asked. "Haven't seen Gail in a long time."

"About..." He said, looking up at the clock. "Six, I believe?"

"So..." Looking up at the clock herself, she said, "Six hours, give or take?"
When he nodded, she smiled. "That should, should be enough nap time for me."

"If we're in bed that long, I expect some putting out to happen." He

Looking at him, she smiled, reaching into his box and snagging a piece
of tuna. "Never know, Tim." She teased in a sultry voice, dunking the fish in
the spicy soy sauce and pulling it to her lips. "Might be your lucky day."

Shaking his head with a smile, he reached over into her box, grabbing
one of the pieces of fish that were left, making sure to avoid the tuna and
swordfish as he took it into his mouth, chewing as they shared a laugh.

* * *

Leaning back in his chair, Tim looked down at the computer screen, checking
over the contract in front of him again, making sure it was up to the codes
Vince had given him, and the salary figures were correct, before printing
them out, reaching up and pulling them down from the printer. Setting each
piece of paper on it's own spot on the table, waiting for the ink to quickly
dry, he looked up, smiling across the table.

"Sorry about that." He said. "I don't usually have any printed off. I don't
have a lot of space in this thing...especially since I've gained some...

"No problem." Gail said, looking down at the contract in front of her.
"Sign here?" When he nodded, she smiled. "Same as last time..."

"Hopefully with better results." He said. "My contract runs for three years,
so hopefully I can make some things a bit better than the last time you were
here...mainly, not firing you for no reason."

"I'm sure they had their reasons..."

"Actually, they didn't." He told her. "Vince said the main reason he
brought me in was to have, as he put it, "One person to deal with all the
headaches.". Apparently he figures having one person deal with all the Divas
is better than having like twenty writers fighting amongst themselves for TV

Reaching her hand out and pulling her contract back, Traci giggled
happily. "From a Knockout to a Diva."

Looking at her, he smiled. "And I'm very glad to have you on board." He
assured her. "Finding women who can wrestle is hard enough. Finding them with
good looks and a built in fan base is even harder."

"Good looks, huh?" She asked, smiling. When he nodded, she looked over
at Gail. "I think we need to watch this one, Gail..."

"Watch nothing." He said, smiling. "It's in my contract, and something I
have to tell you two." Seeing he had there attention, he told them, "I'm not
allowed getting involved with the talent...I'm assuming that means male and
female, but, well, only the female part applies to me, cuz, well, I don't
swing that way." When they laughed, he said, "So, while I'm not above noting
how beautiful the women are around here, I'm not allowed to do anything with
them, really. It's sort of been outlined to me that if one of you...and I
don't mean you two in particular, but the Divas in general, make the first
move, I can go along with it..."

"You are an adult after all." Gail noted.

"I guess." He said, smiling. "While I can go along, I can't give anyone
any special treatment for it, so it kinda makes for a slippery slope."

Nodding, Traci said, "You gotta figure out which ones will fuck you for
fun, and which will do it to have something to hang over your head."

"Exactly." He said. Smiling, he lied, "Thankfully, it's yet to come up.
Although I'm a pretty easygoing guy most of the time, this is my job, and I
take it very seriously. The writers before me didn't, and they hit a home run
by accident with Trish and Lita, and now Vince brought me in to try and get
that magic back."

"Sounds like you have your work cut out for you." Gail told him.

"I do." He admitted. Grinning, he reached out, taking the contracts
back, making sure they were signed. "But, every time I bring in women like
you two to work for me, it makes it a lot easier. Welcome to the WWE."

"Glad to be here."

"Glad to be back." Gail said, motioning for Traci to move out from the booth
and let her out. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I hate to sign and run, but Trish
and some of the others asked me to drop by when I got finished."

"No problem." He said, extending his hand and shaking Gail's when she
offered. As Gail moved towards the back of the RV, Traci behind her, Tim
looked down at his computer screen, looking at the date on his notes and
making sure he was writing for the right day.

Stepping down from RV, Gail looked back, seeing Traci standing in the
doorway. "Coming?" She asked. "I could introduce you..."

"In a bit." Traci said. "I wanted to talk over some things with Tim."

Nodding, Gail smiled. "Alright. Catch up with you later."

As Gail moved away from the RV, Traci watched her go, waiting for her to
exit the parking garage before closing the outside door, hooking the lock
and closing the inside door, latching the lock on it. Turning around, she
looked down at herself, making sure her clothes were in the right place
before moving back into the kitchen, moving through it towards the table,
where Tim was typing away furiously. "Busy?" She asked.

Looking up at Traci, then looking around her, he asked, "Gail gone?"
When Traci nodded, he asked, "Huh. Thought you two were gonna hang together."

"We do." Traci said, moving over to the table. "I told her I'd catch up
with her later. I just wanted to stick around and go over some things."

Closing his notebook, he took off his glasses, looking up at her.
"Alright, shoot."

Looking around the RV, Traci took a deep breath. "So, you live here?"

"Yup." He said. "I don't, won't be going on over seas trips, FYI.
Bought this so I could avoid hotels."

"That's good." She said, nodding. Looking at him, she asked, "And a
bunch of the other Divas stay here to?"

"When we're traveling." He said. "It saves them a lot of time. They
don't have to get rental cars, check into and out of hotels, get to sleep
while were traveling. Seems to take a lot of the stress off of them...well,
the ones who ride in here, anyways."

"How many do?" She asked, looking around.

"Five, normally." He said. "Trish, Mickie, Candice, Victoria, and,
normally, Torrie, but she's away right now tending to some personal

"I see." Traci said. "How many does it hold?"

Smiling, he asked, "Why do I get the feeling it might be holding one more?"

"I'm just asking." She said with a smile. "So?"

"Seven." He said. "And right now, Maria is slowly ingraining her way into
the number six spot."

"So that leaves one spot open?" Traci asked. When he nodded, she grinned.
"Would you mind?"

"Strangely enough, it's not up to me." He told her. "The girls usually
do a vote. Take someone in on a probationary basis, then see how it works
out. That's why Maria isn't officially number six yet."

"I see." She said. Looking at him, she asked, "Can I have a tour? This
place looks nice."

Nodding with pride, he stood up, smiling at her. "Of course! I'm always
willing to show off my toy." When she smiled, he moved past her, moving
towards the bedroom. Seeing she was following him, he said, "I'll start in
the back and work my way up, ok?"

"Sounds good."

Moving into the bedroom, he waited for her to come in, waving his hand
around. "The master...and only, bedroom." He said. "Bed sleeps two, couch
one. Has a little desk for me to set up at and write if the others are out
in the living room making noise."

"Looks nice." She said. Looking at him, she smiled. "Is it taken?"

Nodding, he said, "Trish and Maria share the bed, and Torrie usually flakes
out on the couch, but, as she's gone..."

"He spot is open for now." Traci finished.

"But promised to her when she comes back." He told her. When she nodded,
he moved past her into the bathroom.

Watching him go, Traci gave him a look over, smiling at the sight of him
from the back. ~This might not be so bad...~ She thought. ~Better than
TNA, anyways.~

"The bathroom." He said. "Full shower. Stall only. No tub, sadly."

"I only take showers." She said.

"And that is open for anyone." He said. When she looked at him, he told
her, "When I'm parked, any of the Divas, whether they stay here or not, has
access to the bathroom and kitchen, assuming they help with the bills."

"That's very nice of you." She told him.

"I keep them happy..." He said, smiling. "They make my job easier. Much
more easy to deal with happy people than pissed off people."


Seeing she had seen enough of the bathroom, he moved out into the hallway.
"Kitchen." He said. "Full stove, microwave, full sized fridge. Lots of weird
little appliances the girls asked me to pick up for them, for some reason or

Looking around the kitchen, Traci couldn't help but let her mind wander
from her task slightly. "Very nice." She said. "I like the big fridge. Most
RV's only have tiny ones."

"I knew it would see a lot of use." He told her. When she nodded, he took a
few more steps. "The living room, which you've already seen."

Looking at him, she asked, "No TV?"

Smiling, he moved over to the drivers compartment door, reaching up and
pushing on a tile on the roof, letting the TV swing down slowly. "Thirty four
inch plasma screen TV." He said. "With full satellite TV. If you can get near
this thing when the others are around, you're a better man than I am, because
they watch there stories with a religious passion that I don't dare get

Giggling, she nodded. "I'm pretty good watching most things."

"If your into CW network, your in heaven." He said. "Because that's most
of what they watch. Smallville, Supernatural, stuff like that." When she
smiled, he reached down, opening the door to the drivers compartment. "And
this is my little space." He said. When she moved in and looked around, he
said, "Soundproof, so I can blare my music as loud as I want and not wake
anyone up."

Nodding, she stepped back out of the compartment, looking at him and nodding.
"You got a nice ride here, Tim." She said approvingly. Seeing him smile with
pride, she said, "I just hope you'll keep me around long enough at I can
enjoy it."

Nodding, he told her, "I'm sure I will. As long as you're not a total bitch,
we can work together to figure something out." Smiling at her, he said, "You
got your contract, after all. Gotta keep you around for a little while,

Smiling, she moved in front of him. ~Now or never.~ "Of course." She said
softly. "You know, so long as I make it official."

Looking confused, he smiled, hoping the confusion didn't show. "Official?"

"My contract." She said, smiling as he moved backwards, moving towards the
long couch. "I do have to make it official, don't I?"

His smile fading as confusion took hold, he told her, "You signed it, didn't
you? That makes it official in my books. Did you miss a spot?"

Seeing him go to move past her towards her contract, Traci held up her hand,
blocking him. When he looked at her, she smiled wider, pushing him backwards
and forcing him gently onto the couch. "I did sign it." She said, moving and
sliding into his lap. "But I do have to make it official, don't I?"

Feeling her weight in his lap and her chest against his, the light bulbs
went on in Tim's head. "Traci, you have an official contract." He said,
trying to explain what he had already explained. "I can't sleep with
someone just based solely on their contract. I'd get fired for that..."

Nodding, she smiled down at him, running her hands over his face and chest.
"Sure you can't." She said with a wink.

Going to say something else, he was cut off as she leaned down, kissing
him softly. Feeling her press up against him gently, Tim froze, unsure what
to do. Feeling her hands rubbing his sides and back gently, he followed suit,
hearing her moan softly and letting him know that he wasn't doing all that
bad. Feeling her break away slightly, he went to ask what she was doing, when
she reached down, grabbing the bottom of her shirt and pulling it over her
head, tossing it back onto the table as she smiled at him.

"Want me to seal my deal, Tim?" She asked softly, taking his hands and
putting them on her bra covered chest, moaning softly as he took the hint,
cupping them gently. "I'll do whatever it takes to get this done..."

Leaning down and kissing the tops of her breasts, Tim was only vaguely
aware of what she was saying, her fingers threading through his hair and
pulling him close, keeping him close, not giving him a moment to stop and
collect his thoughts, knowing she had a short window in which to act, and
wanting to get it done and over with.

~At least he's not fugly like what's-his-name.~ She thought. ~Under different
circumstance, I could probably enjoy this...~

Tilting his head up, Tim kissed under her chin, listening to her moan.
Kissing her again, he listened, her moans coming out like a banshee having
an orgasm, loud and forced. Opening his eyes and pulling back from her, he
looked up at her, seeing her eyes. Seeing her go to switch her expression,
as if she didn't expect him to remove himself from her large chest that
quickly, he took in the first look, the one of disinterest and apprehension,
and discarded the second one, one of now-clearly forced lust.

"Come on, Tim." She cooed, pushing a smile to her face. "Lets do it..."

"Traci..." He started, before losing track of his words, his mind going to
pieces as she pressed her large chest into his face. Pushing her back
slightly, he asked, "Traci, what the fuck?" Seeing a look of shock come over
her face, he asked, "What is going on here? What are you talking about,
sealing the deal?"

"Don't mind that." She said, trying to get back on track. ~You came this
far.~ "Lets just do it..."

"No." He said firmly. Looking at her, and her slowly fading smile, he
asked, "Traci, seriously, tell me, what is going on here?"

"I wanna..." She started softly, before finishing softer, "Seal my deal.
Make it official..."

"Traci..." He groaned, letting his head fall back, rubbing his eyes. ~Christ
you are stupid.~ He thought. ~Try using your brain next time, moron.~ "I
signed you." He told her. "You're a WWE Diva now. No further sealing, or
making it official is necessary. Your contract is all you need." Seeing it
was her turn to look confused, he asked, "Is this normal? I'm new to this
business. Did you have to...make it official in TNA?"

Looking down at him, and quickly realizing that whatever plan she had
built up wasn't necessary, and merely made her look foolish, she nodded
softly, her cheeks burning bright with shame as she looked away. "I guess I
didn't have to." She said softly. "I just...I really wanted the job...I was
new...didn't have much work coming in..." Looking at him, she added, "Just
like I really wanted this job..."

"You have this job." He assured her, putting his arms around her and hugging
her gently, making sure to keep his movements friendly and non-sexual. "And,
as for TNA, that is seriously fucked up."

"Like I said..." She said quickly. "I probably didn't have's just,
how could they say no after that, right?"

"Well, whatever the reason you did it, you don't have to do that here."
He said, not quite believing he was telling that to the woman who was hanging
her massive double D cup chest in his face. Smiling, he told her, "I'm all
for having sex, but not like that. Your contract is all the official you
need." When she nodded, he grinned, adding, "You don't have to sleep with me.
Trust me, your not missing much."

Giggling, she leaned down, hugging him tightly, relief flowing through
her body. "Thank you, Tim." She said softly.

Hugging her back, and thankful that he breasts had been removed from his
face, he told her, "You are more than welcome." When she pulled back, he
asked softly, "I didn't overstep my boundaries, did I? I know I did a
little touching I probably shouldn't have..."

Shaking her head, she looked around, sliding out of his lap and moving
over to the table, grabbing her shirt and pulling it on. "You didn't overstep
your bounds." She promised him. "I offered, you accepted. No harm, no foul."

"Still, I'm sorry." He told her. "But I'm new to the business, so I
don't know these things go on." Looking at her, he asked, "Is it...common?"

Shaking her head, she told him, "At this level? No. You have so many girls
coming in trying to get into this level, and so few spots, that your gonna
be able to pick and chose who you want and don't want. At the indy level,'s a bit different." Seeing him looking for an explanation,
she said, "Very few spots, lots of women wanting them, lots of sleazy owners
willing to make deals, and not a lot of publicity if it gets leaked out."
When he nodded, she said, "Honestly, aside from TNA, I don't remember ever
doing it before. I've been offered, but I turned it down. Had enough indy
feds in Ontario that were legit that I didn't have to do it."

"So, other indy girls..." He started, before she cut him off with a grin.

"You'll probably get a lot of indy girls offering you sex for a job."

Smiling, he told her, "Well, if I shot down you, what chance do you think an
indy girl has?"

Giggling, she smiled, moving over and giving him a hug. "Thank you for
shooting me down, Tim." She said. Looking at him, she added, "Not that your
ugly or anything..."

"It's just not a good way to make a first impression." He said. When she
nodded, he smiled. "You should run along and catch up with Gail. I'm sure the
other Divas would want to meet you before deciding if your allowed to stay on
the RV or not."

"Ok." She said, reaching over and hugging him again. "Thank you, Tim..."

"Quit hugging me and thanking me." He joked. "I might change my mind.
Now get going."

Giggling, she nodded, moving over towards the door and unlocking it,
hopping down and moving towards the backstage area. Shaking his head, Tim
moved over to his computer, opening it up and saving the file before starting
the shutdown sequence. "I can't work right now." He said, waiting for it to
shut down before closing it up.

Making sure he had Maryse's notepad and his cell phone in his pocket, he
moved towards the back and out the door, closing them behind him and moving
towards the backstage area, not seeing Traci anywhere as he went. Opening the
door and sliding into the backstage, he walked towards the flow of traffic,
looking to see if he could find anyone he wanted to talk to. Looking around,
he grinned to himself.

"There's gotta be a Diva around somewhere..." He mused. Taking a step towards
the other direction, he felt his momentum stopped as a forearm connected with
the side of his head, sending him stumbling backwards into a stack of ring
gear. Feeling something solid poke into his back, he arched up, wincing as he
tried to roll away from the pain, his hand shooting back and rubbing the sore
spot. Looking up with murderous intentions, he spotted Batista and Triple H
walking down the hallway, Batista shaking his forearm from the contact,
laughing to themselves. Pushing himself to his feet, he grumbled, "Fucking
Smackdown asshole..." Moving to follow them, he stopped as he saw someone
walk past him, his eyes drawn to their waist.

Or, more specifically, the gold belt strapped around it.

Moving along behind her, Tim looked around, making sure the coast was
clear before making his move, sliding alongside Victoria and hooking his arm
in hers, pulling her to the side as she yelped in surprise, not expecting the
movement and ill prepared for it, making Tim have to catch her as they
stumbled into a small hallway off the main route.

"What the..." She started, before she spotted Tim, pulling her backwards
and ducking into one of the many unused rooms in the large arena. "Tim!"

"Victoria..." He said, smiling at her. Looking down, he said, "I think
this looks good on you..."

Giggling, she smiled. "I kinda like it..."

"I think it would look better if it was the only thing on you..."

"Tim!" She hissed softly, smiling. "Not right now..."

"In a minute?" He asked, leaning in and kissing her softly on the neck.
"I've had a weird day."

"How weird?"

"Weird enough that I want you to come back to my RV with me and fuck me
wearing nothing but that belt."

"That is weird." She admitted. "But, sadly, not weird enough to get me to do
it." Seeing him pout softly, she smiled. "I gotta go meet up with Trish. She
said Gail and Traci Brooks just signed..."

"That they did." He said, smiling. "Am I invited?"

"Sorry Tim, women only." She said.

Grumbling, he told her, "I'll remember that when it's time to pick up
groceries for next week..."

"Tim..." She said, leaning in and giving him a quick kiss. "Don't be
bitter. We had some fun this weekend, didn't we?"

Smiling, he nodded. "That we did." He agreed. Reaching out and holding
her gently, he said, "But wouldn't you like to have more?"

Giggling, she pushed his hands away. "More than you can ever know." She
assured him. "But not right now. If I don't show up, Trish is going to wonder
where I got to, and come looking for me."

"Ahh." He said, smiling. "And you wouldn't want her to find you with me
inside you, huh?"

"Uh, no." She said, laughing. "As fun as that is, I like to keep it on the
down low."

"No problem." He assured her. Smiling, he asked, "Kiss for the road?"
Nodding, she leaned in, kissing him softly, her hands holding him softly as
he did the same, sharing a quick embrace before breaking apart. "I expect
more of this at a later point in time." He told her playfully. "I want you
wearing that belt and nothing else."

"Later." She promised him with a smile. Hearing ringing, she listened,
smiling. "Not my phone..."

"Mine." He grumbled, reaching into his pocket. "Why did I bring this
damn thing with me?"

Leaning in, she gave him a quick kiss. "Later Tim." She said, using his
distraction to get out of the small room with her pants still on.

Pulling it out, he looked down at the caller ID. Not recognizing the
phone number, he mumbled softly, pushing the talk button and holding it up to
his ear. "Tim Cutler..."


"That's me." He said. "Who's this?"

"Talia." She said. "Talia Madison. We talked last week..."

His heart rate picking up, Tim smiled, thankful that Victoria had left
the room so quickly. "Hey, Talia." He said. "I assume your calling about the

"I am." She said softly. "Listen, Tim...I'm really flattered you want to
sign me, but me and April have this tag team going on, and...well, I can't
just bail on her. She's kinda like my big sister, ya know?"

His heart sinking, he nodded. "Yea, I understand." He said. Smiling, he
said, "But, the offer still stands. And I'll keep trying. I mean, the worst
you can say is no, right?"

"Right." She said, smiling. "If you ever decided to bring in April too,
I'd be there in a heartbeat.

"I'll look it over and give it some serious thought." He promised her.
"But right now, I'm still getting things up and running..."

"I understand that." Talia told him, smiling softly. "Thanks for taking
it so well, Tim."

"Hey, I get shot down all the time." He joked. "If you ever change your
mind, you have my number...obviously."

"I'll give you a call." She told him.

"And if you have any tapes of you and April, send them to the WWE
headquarters." He told her. "Being on the road, it's kinda hard for me to
get anything mailed to me..."

"You need a P.O. box."

"Lots of places won't mail to a P.O. box." He told her. "I've tried that."

"Get one of those Mailbox Etc ones or whatever." She told him. "It comes
with a real address, so the places sending it don't know the difference."

Smiling, he said, "You sound like you know this from experience."

Smirking, she told him, "It looks better on the loan application if your
fixed address isn't a P.O. box."

"I'll look into that." He said. "And, like I said, if you guys got a
best of tape, I'd be more than willing to give it a look."

"Thank you Tim."

"Any time, Talia." He said. "Talk to you later."

Hanging up his phone, he switched it out in his pocket for the flowery
notepad. Clicking open his pen, he looked down, smiling. "Get...mailbox...
from...mailbox...etc..." He said out loud as he wrote. Remembering his time
spent with Maryse, he grinned. "Go...on...Ebay...look...for...Maryse's"
Stopping, he suddenly realized how lacking he was in the department he was
about to go looking for. Crossing off Maryse's name, he quickly jotted down,
"WWE Divas Playboys." Before tearing off the note, taking out his wallet and
stuffing it into the change slot, pushing them both back into his pocket
before moving towards the door of the small room.

Opening it and stepping outside, he moved down the short hallway towards
the main run backstage, rubbing his temples as he started towards the parking

"There you fucking are!"

Stopping his forward movement, knowing the yelling was for him, he turned
around, scowling as Lita stormed towards him, her finger pointing at him.

"What the fuck is your problem?" She yelled, gaining plenty of attention
from the passing superstars and backstage workers.

"What the fuck are you babbling about?" He yelled back. "I haven't done
anything today!"

"I'm suspended, again!" She yelled. "I missed out on one of your stupid
fucking wrestling classes and now I'm gone for sixty fucking days! Do you
know how much money that's gonna cost me?"

"Hopefully enough to make your stupid ass start going to class!" He yelled
back, quickly losing his patience for the redhead.

"I'm not going to fucking class!"

"Then next time it'll be ninety days!"

"If you suspend me for ninety days..."

"It's not me suspending you!" He yelled. "It's Vince!"

"But it's your stupid program that's getting me in shit!"

"No, it's your stupid ass not going to my program because you think your
king fucking shit that is getting you in trouble!"

"If I get suspended again, I'm gonna quit!" She threatened.

"Fine! Quit!" He yelled. "Make my job easier! Dealing with you is one
fucking headache after another! I'd be so much better off if I didn't have
to deal with Vince trying to shove you down my throat every time I turn

Smiling, Lita grinned at him. "Well, if I'm a hassle, maybe I'll just stay."

Seeing the cocksure smile on her face, and deciding it needed to go, he
told her, "Well, in the time I've been here, you've been here like one and a
half months. Two tops. It's not like I actually have to worry about you
anyways. You're always suspended."

Her snarl returning, she pointed her finger at him again. "The reason I
get suspended is because of Narc's like you ratting me out for missing
practice! Practice I don't need!"

"The only reason I rat you out is because your to stupid to get off your
knees for an hour once a week and spend that time on your back on a different
mat!" He yelled, his lungs quickly starting to burn from the shouting match,
his already sore head pounding.

Flexing her fists in his face, she screamed in rage, wanting to grab him
but knowing she couldn't. "Fucking die and go to hell mother fucker!" She
screamed, turning around and storming away.

Deciding she shouldn't have the last word, he yelled after her, "The way
you took that fucking swan dive to the floor in 2004 against Trish, I'm
betting you'll beat me there!"

Seeing her disappear around the corner, Tim spun around, marching towards his


Turning around, rage in his eyes, he snapped, "What?" Seeing Maria flinch
from his glare, he quickly softened, reaching his hand out. "Oh, fuck,
Maria...Jesus, I didn't mean that." He said softly.

"It's ok." She said, still looking frightened.

Taking a deep breath, he asked her, "What can I do for you?"

"I was wondering if we could watch some of my matches..." She said, holding
up a DVD case. "I got production to make me up a DVD...or is now a bad time?"

Shaking his head, he ran his hands over his face. "No, Maria, it's not a
bad time." He said softly. "It's just...I just had a shouting match with...
that redheaded bitch."

"I know." She said softly. "That's how I knew were you were. Heard you
down on the arena floor."

"I was actually gonna go for a walk and clear my head..."

"Can I join you?" She asked with a smile.

Smiling back, he nodded, turning away from her and watching as she pulled up
beside him. "I could probably use the company...assuming you don't want to
get into any shouting matches with me."

"Uh, no." She said, giggling. "I wanted to talk some, but hopefully nothing
that involves a shouting match."

Nodding, he asked her, "Shouldn't you be with the others at Traci and
Gail's welcoming party?"

Shaking her head, she said, "Not much of a party. More of a get together
between friends. And since I don't know either of them, kinda pointless for
me to be there. I talked for a little while, then heard you yelling, so took
my leave of absence."

"I see." He said.

"So..." She said, trailing off. "Mind telling me what that blow up with
Lita was about?"

Shrugging his shoulders, he told her, "I dunno. That time of the month
maybe?" Looking at her, and seeing her smirking, he smiled. "That's not so
funny to a woman, is it?"

"Not really, no." She said. "Try having a period and you'll understand

"No thanks." He said. "I'll stick to random, embarrassing erections."
When she laughed at that, he sighed. "I don't know. She's in major pissed
mode because she's getting suspended again, and she's blaming me."

"It's not your fault she can't go to practice." Maria told him. "You set
that up for all out benefit. Even Trish goes to class. There's no reason she
can't either."

"I know." He said softly. "It's just..." Trailing off, he shrugged, not
knowing if he should go further down the path he was about to go.

"What, Tim?" She asked. Seeing him shrug, she smiled. "You can talk to
me. I'm not as stupid as my character, you know."

"I know." He said, smiling. "It's just..." Looking at her, he sighed.
"Maria, do the Divas like me? I mean, I know I go to bat for you girls a lot,
and I got some things done, but do you guys actually like me?" Shrugging
again, he said, "Every time someone comes up and talks to me, I can't help
but think that the only reason they're doing it is to butter me up to get TV

Quickly shaking her head, she told him, "Tim, we all really do like
you...well, with the exception of Lita, of course." When he nodded, she said,
"Having a booker go to bat for you over an angle is one thing..." Looking at
him, she said, "Having another hold you while your crying over a break up, or
shoot you down when you offer them sex for your contract is another." Seeing
him look at her, she nodded. "Traci told us what happened. Didn't want there
to be any misunderstanding if it came out later." When he sighed with relief,
she told him softly, "I fell for the same thing when I broke in. I was naïve,
and didn't know the business that well, and fell for it. Girls like Trish,
Lita, and Gail, they all watched wrestling, and had good people around them
when they broke in, so they knew the score. I didn't, and I got used. My

Stopping there walking, he turned towards her, putting his hand on her
shoulder. "Please believe me when I say that I'd never do that. You girls are
starting to be like family to me."

Smiling, she asked, "So, I'm like your sister?"

Thinking for a minute, and smiling, he told her, "Your sort of like my
best friends hot sister. Almost like a sister, but not quite. That's pretty
much how I think of all of you."

Nodding, she smiled, asking, "So, you wanna go watch some tape with your
best friends hot sister, or do you need to walk it off some more?"

Smiling, he motioned for them to move back towards the parking garage.
"Lets go watch some tape. See how well your coming along."

Nodding, Maria quickly followed him, moving towards the back doors and
towards the parking garage, her custom DVD clutched into her hand, thanking
him as he opened the door to the parking lot.

* * *

"Alright, that, right there?" He said, pausing the DVD, backing it up and
cueing up the move again. "That's gonna get you a broken neck."

"Seriously?" She squeaked. When he nodded, she said, "It's just a backdrop!"

"It's how you're taking it." He said. "You're sliding off their backs.
Let them do most of the work. If not, one of these times, your gonna slide
head first into the mat."


"Really." He said, starting the DVD and using the images to prove his
point. "See? Almost slid off right there."

"Ok, so, talk to Fit about that?" She asked.

"Talk to Fit about it." He confirmed. "He'll be able to help you out
with it. He's great with the basic moves." Letting the tape roll, he said,
"Ok, and, the clothesline? Try jumping, lunging into the person."

Looking confused, she asked, "Wanna explain that?"

Realizing a demonstration was in order, he stood up, making her do the
same. Moving around the room, he looked around, spotting the bed with a grin.
"Come er..."

Looking at him, she smirked. "Is this some elaborate scheme to get me in
the sack?"

"Yes, now, stand right here." He joked, taking her hand and moving her
so she was standing facing him, her facing towards the bed. "When you do your
clotheslines now, you sort of jump up and let the person run into you, like
this." Trying his best to mimic her movements, he gave it a fair shot,
jumping up and barely touching her. "What you should be doing is more of a
lunge. When you jump, dive forward. Just make sure you hit people below the
neck, and it should look a lot better."

"Oh...ok." She said, nodding.

"Try it."

Nodding still, she got herself ready. Bending down slightly, she jumped
forward, slamming her arm softly across his chest, sending them both falling
to the bed with a laugh.

"See?" He said, smiling. "That looks a lot better. Less fake, which is good
when you're faking it."

"Can I do it again?" She asked nervously.

Nodding, he quickly stood up, both of them taking there positions. "Alright,
so, I'm moving forward..." He said, starting to take a step forward.

Bending down, she sprung forward, lunging at him and sending them both
bouncing on the bed. "Awesome!" She giggled. "That even feels better!"

"That's because you're landing on a bed." He joked, pulling himself up
and moving over to the couch again.

Getting up and following him, she sat down on the couch, looking around.
"Why are we watching this in here and not on the big screen?" She asked.

"This TV's almost as big." He said. "And, the others are gonna be back
to watch there stories any minute now..." Hearing the door to the RV open, he
stood up with a smile, moving over to his bedroom door and closing it. "As if
on cue." He joked. When she giggled, he moved over and sat down on the couch,
noticing that she hadn't left him much room. "So, we get stuck with the
twenty seven inch."

"That's still a lot of inches." Maria said with a nod.

Smiling, he hit the play button on the DVD. "That's like nine of me."

Reaching over and swatting him with a giggle, she said, "Quit putting
yourself down."

"I joke." He said. "Built in self defense mechanism."

"Yea, well, stop it." She said. When he nodded, she turned to the TV.
"Back to the matches..."

When he turned towards the TV, he backed the DVD up a bit, getting back
to the point he was at and starting over. Watching the match intently, he
felt the couch shift slightly, his focus on Maria's match making him not
notice she inched closer to him, crossing the middle divide of the couch.

"Not much wrong here..." He said. "Mostly just stuff you need more work
on. But you're getting a lot better." He told her. Not getting a response,
he looked over, finally realizing how close she was to him. "Hey..."

Leaning up, Maria pressed her lips against his softly, catching him off
guard. Slowly moving her hand around and cupping the back of his head, she
moved closer, coming to a rest right beside him, kissing him softly as she
felt his hand hold her head.

Pulling back, he shook his head softly. "Maria..." He said softly, looking
at her. "What are you doing?"

"Kissing you." She said with a smile. "Duh. I thought I was supposed to
be the dumb one here..."

"I know what you were doing." He said. "But...didn't you just break up
with your boyfriend?"

"I told you." She said softly, leaning in for another kiss, finding him
backing up and settling for kissing his neck. "We broke up a lot. I've done
it to many times to feel sorry now. If you're worrying about rebound, don't."

"I'm not worrying about rebound." He said, his talking giving her a
chance to kiss him again. Trying to break apart from her lips, and finding he
didn't want to, he had to fight with himself to pull back. "Maria, stop." He
said softly, his mind trying to find a reason he told her to. "We can't do
this. The others are right outside."

Pulling back, she nodded softly. "I'm sorry, Tim." She said, looking up
at him. "I didn't want to get you in trouble..."

"I'm not in trouble yet."

"I forgot they were out there." She admitted. "My mistake."

Sighing, he nodded. "It's ok."

Looking up at him, she softly asked, "Can we still watch some tape? I really
did want to get some help..."

Nodding, and sighing softly as she moved back to her side of the couch,
he told her, "Of course. And don't be upset. I'm just...having a weird day.
Worried about Raw, dealing with Traci..."

"It's ok." She said. "I shouldn't have..."

"I shouldn't have let you." He said. "There, blame shared. Can we get back
to the video?"

Nodding, she smiled. "Please."

Turning towards the TV, he hit the rewind button again, getting the video
back into the place it was before the misunderstanding and pressing play.

Looking over at Tim, Maria smiled, shaking her head slightly before
looking back at the TV, returning her focus to the reason he had her in his
room for.

"Alright, the bronco buster? Gotta go."



Shaking her head, she said, "No." When he gave her a questioning glance,
she shrugged. "It's retarded, I admit, but it gets a good pop from the crowd.
It's my one move that I have that the crowd pops for, so I'm keeping it."

"You seriously need a finishing move then." He said. "Because if that's
all the crowd pops for..."

"Then I'll have two things for them to pop over if I get a finishing move."
She said, smiling. "Any ideas?"

Thinking, he smiled, nodding. "Mickie had this move when she was in ROH.
Sort of a reverse DDT. She doesn't use it anymore, so she might be willing to
help you out." When Maria nodded, he looked up at the TV, frowning as the DVD
went back to the main menu. "Alright, second disk."

Looking at him, she shook her head. "There is no second disk. That's

"That's it?" He asked. When she nodded, he said. "Well, I guess we could
go over the matches again..."

"That's ok." Maria said, smiling at him. "I'll go talk to
Mickie...assuming she's not mute watching her shows, and ask her about that
move." Smirking at him, she said, "I doubt she'll help me practice like you
did with the clothesline..."

"We could have used the floor." He offered.

Shaking her head, she giggled as she pushed herself up off the couch.
"The bed was alright." She said, extending her hands and helping him to his
feet. Moving over and hugging him, she said, "Thank you Tim for helping me...
and for not getting upset about...well, you know."

"It's fine." He assured her. "I just didn't want you getting in trouble
with the others, is all."

Smiling at that, she nodded. "I should be going. You probably have
things to do..."

"I have to clean up this dump and get some food cooking before Raw." He
told her, smiling. "It's my night to cook, and I'm betting there getting

Smiling, she moved towards the door, opening it. "What's on the menu
tonight, Tim?"

"I'm thinking chicken." He said. "Whip up a couple quick sides, and I'm

"Potato salad?" She asked hopefully.

Nodding, he told her, "Potato salad. My apology for kissing you."

"I kissed you."

"I didn't stop you." He said. "I'm the boss, so it's all on me. Now quit
arguing or your not getting potato salad."

"Did I hear something about food?" Looking out towards the main room,
and seeing the commercial break had drawn the attention of the hoard of Divas
piled into his RV to watch their shows, he nodded. "There will be potato
salad with supper." He said. Seeing them smile, he said, "If!" Getting there
attention, he pointed at Mickie, saying, "If, you help Maria with her
finishing move. I was thinking that reverse DDT you used in ROH. You don't
use it anymore, right?"

"Nope." Mickie said, smiling. "Right after the show, we'll get to work, k?"

When Maria nodded happily, Tim moved past her, into the kitchen and
opening the fridge. "You guys might wanna turn up the TV." He warned. "I'm
gonna start supper, so gonna be making some noise."

"What's for supper?" Nearly a dozen voices said in unison.

"Chicken, potato salad, and another salad and side of my choosing." He
said. Looking at Mickie, he smiled. "And since your helping Maria, pick
something for a side."

"Mac and cheese." She said, smiling.

"Mac and cheese it is." He said, reaching into the fridge and pulling
out some more food, setting it on the counter as the TV show came back on,
Maria sliding into one of the few empty seats and turning her attention to it
along with the rest of the Divas.

* * *

"Why do I get to push the cart?" Tim asked, struggling to push the large
cart loaded with luggage.

Looking back at him, Trish smiled. "Because you're the big strong man."

"Gee, thanks." Stopping at the gate, he looked down at his notes. "Maria,
this is you."

Smiling, she moved over to the cart, grabbing her suitcase off the top of the
pile. Moving over to him, she gave him a quick hug. "Thanks Tim." She said,
before adding softly, "And thanks for earlier..."

"No problemo." He said, smiling as he got the caravan of Divas moving again.
"Seriously, would it kill you pack mules to take a turn pushing this thing?
It's heavy!"

"We might get hurt." Candice joked.

Looking up at her, he smiled. "At least do the Go Daddy dance and make
it worth my while." Seeing the brunette grin and swivel her hips around, he
smiled. "Ahh, makes it all worth it."


Looking at Trish, he grinned. "Be thankful I don't get you to do it. You'd
be on your ass."

Gawking at him, Trish put her hand up in the air, waving it around and
swiveling her hips, swinging them around and doing the Go Daddy dance.
Spinning around to look at him, she asked, "Well?"

Smiling, he told her, "I knew you could do it. I just wanted to see your
ass swinging around."

Shaking her head, she looked up at the gate. "Perv. But a smart perv."
Reaching up and grabbing her suitcase, she pulled it down, moving over to him
and giving him a hug. "See you Friday Tim."

"See you Friday, Trish."

As Trish disappeared down the long hallway leading to the gate her plane
was to be parked at, Tim pushed the cart down the hallway, watching as
Victoria, Candice and Mickie shuffled along, looking up at the gates as he
looked at his notes, getting a read on how much longer he'd have to push the
heavy cart.

"So, any big plans for the downtime?" Candice asked.

Smiling, he asked, "You mean other than replaying you and Trish doing
the Go Daddy dance over and over again in my mind?" When she giggled and
nodded, he said, "Well, probably a lot of driving. Gotta do some research to
find some sushi places. Me and Trish came up with a little plan to have sushi
Sunday the first Sunday of every month, which just so happens to be coming up
shortly. So that. Maybe watch some tapes, see if there's anyone else out
there I can drag in for an interview."

"Maybe they'll want to get interviewed like Traci." Victoria joked.

Sighing, he asked, "Who didn't she tell about that?"

"No one I know of." Mickie said. "Very noble of you Tim."

"I couldn't do it like that." He said. "I'd probably quit if I found out
why she did it later if I went along with her plan. That would make me the
ultimate scum bag."

Looking at Tim, Candice smiled. "You know contract is coming up..."

Looking up at the gate, and seeing it was Candice's, he smiled, asking,
"Do the Go Daddy dance, and we'll consider it sealed."

Moving over to the cart, Candice pulled her suitcase down, twisting
around and swiveling her hips, smiling as Tim stared at her, openly admiring
her small dance. "See you guys later." She said. "Bye Tim..."

"Bye Candice." He said, smiling as he got the cart moving again. Looking
up at Mickie and Victoria, and seeing them smiling, he shrugged. "I am human,
and she is hot."

"That she is." Mickie admitted.

Looking at Mickie, he smiled. "I bet you'd look great doing it, with
that booty of yours..."

"Not gonna happen." She said firmly. "I really would end up on the

Looking at Victoria, he smiled. "You?"

"I'm to old for that shit." She said playfully, reaching up and grabbing
her suitcase. "My stop. See you guys on Friday."

As Victoria moved down the hallway, Tim reached out and grabbed Mickie's
suitcase, pulling it off the cart and tugging it along behind him, moving
alongside Mickie. "Hello, Mickie." He said, smiling down at her.

Giggling, she looked at him. "Hello, Tim."

Making sure he wasn't being watched, he leaned down, kissing her softly
and licking her lips, making her purr. "Don't you look sexy tonight." He
said. "Especially those thick, pouty lips..."

"Stop..." She giggled. "I don't have time for sucky tonight. Gotta get a

"I know." He said. Holding up his notepad, he said, "See? Mickie, gate
thirty-four." When she smiled, he said, "But that doesn't mean I can't
compliment you, does it?"

"I suppose not." She admitted. Looking up at him, she licked her lips,
smiling as he moaned softly. "I think your getting addicted to me."

"I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about you a lot." He admitted.
"It's hard not to when you do what you do oh so well."

"I try."

"You succeed." He said, seeing gate thirty-four coming into view. "Those
lips are magical."


"Why?" He asked. "Is someone watching?"

"No." She said, smiling at him. "But your making me consider doing it,
and I don't want to miss my flight. I have to get home and look after my

Smiling, he told her, "I thought I was your horse?"

Giggling, she leaned up, kissing him softly. "You're my horse cock. And
when I see you on Friday, I expect a ride."

"I'll be waiting with my saddle on." He teased. When she giggled, he
handed her the suitcase in his hand, cupping her face and brushing her hair
out of her face and leaning down, kissing her softly. "See you Friday,

Smiling, she started walking backwards, looking back at him. "See you
Friday, Tim."

Watching as Mickie disappeared down the hallway, Tim turned around and
started towards the exit, sliding out into the cool night and crossing the
road towards the parking lot. Looking at the lot from over the hill, he
quickly picked out his RV in the distance, moving down the hill and starting
the long walk towards his home, his want to get to his RV, get it to it's
campground home and get into bed spurning him on to pick up the pace.
Reaching into his pocket and pulling out his keys, he got the one for the
back door ready, the darkness of the large, mostly empty parking lot spooking
him slightly and making him get everything ready to get in the RV as quickly
as possible.

Moving to the door and unlocking it, climbing into the RV, he locked the back
door behind him, double checking the latch before moving towards the drivers
cabin. Going to open the door, he stopped as he grabbed the handle, cocking
his head to the side. "What is that sound?" He murmured, trying to place the
low, hissing sound that had captured his attention. Trying to get a gauge on
where it was coming from, Tim moved away from the cabin and towards the back
of the RV, ducking down to check the pipe work below the sink with his ear.
Hearing nothing, he continued down the walkway, moving towards the bathroom.

Pressing his ear against the door, he listened, hearing the hissing better as
he quickly realized it was coming from the bathroom. Grabbing the doorknob
and hoping for the best, he screwed his eyes shut as he opened the door
slowly. Swinging it fully open, he cracked his eyes slowly, looking down at
the floor and praying he didn't find a puddle of brown slop. Seeing nothing,
but confirming that the noise was coming from the bathroom, Tim moved into
the room, closing the door behind him as he eyed the sink. Moving towards it,
he realized he was going the wrong way as he drew in a deep, steamy breath.
Turning towards the shower, he started in fascination as he realized it was
running, steam pouring out over the top of the door.

Striding across the bathroom, Tim cursed softly as he reached for the door.
"Which one of those numbskulls left the shower running..." He thought,
pulling the door open before he realized something. "It wasn't running when
I left..." Looking into the shower, Tim turned away quickly as he found Maria
leaning back against the shower wall, looking bored as she twiddled her
thumbs over her naked stomach. "Holy fuck!" He yelled, trying to avert his
gaze before he saw something he shouldn't have. "What? God, Maria, I'm

Realizing her company had finally arrived, Maria pushed off of the wall,
giggling at his reaction. "Tim? It's ok." She said, smiling when he didn't
look at her.

"What are you doing here?" He asked, before quickly adding. "Oh fuck! You
missed your flight!" Going into panic mode, Tim quickly turned and looked
around, trying desperately to find Maria's clothes, but coming up empty.
"Where are your clothes?"

"Somewhere." She said with a dismissive wave.

Grabbing a housecoat from the door hook, Tim tried to move back towards the
shower without looking at Maria. "Here!"

Crinkling up her nose, Maria shook her head. "Why do I want that?"

"To get dressed!" He yelled, his mind trying to process why that wasn't on
the forefront of her mind. "Oh god, Maria, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to
barge in..."

Bursting out laughing, Maria shook her head. "Tim, seriously, it's alright."

"No, seriously, it's not!" He said, still not looking at her as he held the
housecoat up again. "You gotta get dressed! I might be able to get you to
your flight..."

"I'm not going anywhere." She said with a grin.

Finally looking up at her, and adjusting the housecoat to block any view he
had of her nude body, he asked, "What? Why?"

Reaching out of the shower, Maria smiled as she latched onto his shirt,
grinning from ear to ear at the shocked look on his face. "I'm dirty."
Yanking him forward with a jerk of her arms, Maria pulled the startled
booker into the shower, clothes and all, soaking him quickly as she
slammed the door shut behind him.

Quickly regaining his footing, Tim tried to move out of the shower,
sputtering water, but Maria blocked his path, smiling as he jumped back from
her nudity. "Maria, what the fuck?"

"My thoughts exactly." She giggled, leaning in and kissing him softly.
Feeling him jump slightly, she pressed forward, moving her body against his
and drawing him in. Feeling him break away, she grunted in frustration. "Get
back here..."

"No!" He said, a little to loudly. When she looked up at him, he asked,
"Maria, what are you doing?"

"Hopefully you, if you shut up and get on with it." She grumbled, pushing
herself forward. "Get with it."

Looking at her face, and trying to avoid looking lower, Tim softly said,
"Maria, I swear, I've very, very flattered." He said. "But we can not do

"No one else is around." Maria said. "You told me before the only reason we
couldn't do it was because the other girls were around..."

"I never said that was the only reason!"

"Quit splitting hairs." She said, before grinning. "Except for these ones."
Taking his hand in hers, she set it on her pussy, moaning softly as he yanked
his hand back. "Oops. None there." Seeing the agony etched on his face, his
mind racing to find the right thing to do, she leaned closer, whispering,
"I'm so wet..." Seeing him shiver, she tilted her head up, kissing under his
chin and making him moan softly. "Come on, Tim. It'll be fun. I promise."

"I have no doubts about that." He said, still trying to look at her face, but
quickly losing that battle as his eyes drifted over her flawless form.

Giggling softly as the young booker drank in her nude, wet body, Maria
smiled. "Come on Tim." She teased, running her finger over his wet shirt.
Gaining his attention, she licked her lips. "You know you wanna..."

Eyeing her warily, Tim asked, "Maria, I'm not sure you should be here...or I
should be in here either..."

"Shush." Maria scolded him playfully, grinning from ear to ear. "Less talk,
more cock."

Still looking her up and down, his eyes drawn to her soft, sexy body, Tim
said, "But..."

"Shush." She scolded him again. Waving her body softly for his hungry eyes,
she said, "I don't know how much hot water you have, Tim, but I'm sure it'll
run out shortly." Looking him in the eyes, she said, "Cold showers turn me
off. Understand?"

Nodding, Tim struggled with his thoughts, trying to figure out what to do.
Seeing Maria standing in front of him, awaiting his answer, he knew his time
was limited, and he needed to make a choice soon.

~You can't fuck talent.~ He thought, his eyes continuing to look her up and
down. ~Well, except for Victoria, Mickie and Maryse...~ Shaking his head,
he smiled as he reached down and yanked his shirt out of his jeans, tossing
it aside as Maria giggled happily, his mind made up. ~If three won't kill
me, four can't be that bad, can it?~ He thought.

Surging forward, he kissed her softly, smiling around her lips as she
held him close, her tongue sliding into his mouth as he reached down, quickly
undoing his belt and letting his jeans and boxers drop to the floor with a
wet thud.

Reaching down between their wet bodies, Maria moaned as she gripped his half
hard shaft, stroking it gently as she giggled again. "Well..." She said,
peppering his lips with quick kisses. "I could stand a little cold water, I
suppose." Feeling him pushing her legs apart with his feet, she backed up
gently. "Hey, hey..." She teased, smiling. "Condom?" Seeing the blank look on
his face, she elaborated. "No condom, no sex. What kind of girl do you think
I am?"

Quickly shaking himself out of his daze, Tim dropped down, rummaging through
the wet mess his pants were forming on the floor of the shower. Finally
finding his condoms, he yanked one out of his pocket, getting his feet back
under him. Going to stand up, he looked up, seeing that Maria had inched her
way closer to him, and was now waving her shaved, perfect pussy in his face
with a smile.

"You know..." She said, grinning at him. "Since your already down there..."

Looking up at her, he smiled as he scooted closer, licking his lips as she
spread her legs wider. "I was worried you wouldn't ask." He said, leaning
forward and kissing her soft pussy.

Purring softly, Maria ran her fingers through his hair, holding his face
close as he lapped and licked, his lips capturing her hard love button
quicker than she had anticipated he would, screaming out in bliss as he
suckled her most sensitive part, his pulsing sucks driving her nuts. Using
his head as a leaning post, Maria sobbed softly as his tongue flashed out,
lapping at her clit and making her groan loudly.

"Oh, fuck, Tim..." She moaned loudly. Looking down at him, she smiled. "Get a
tongue ring and I'd be the happiest girl on the planet..."

"Never going to happen." He said, smiling up at her and lapping at her folds
gently. "If my tongue work is sub par, I could just stop..."

"No tongue ring." She said firmly, nodding. "Got it." Pulling him back
closer, she smiled. "Please? I'll be your best friend..."

Leaning up and lapping at her tenderness softly, Tim moaned as she moaned,
the hot shower raining down on her stomach and adding an extra layer of
sloppy to his efforts. ~This seems...familiar.~ He said, smiling as his
mind went back a week, visions of Maryse cradled in his arms, crying out
bilingually. Looking up at Maria, he smiled. ~She's not Maryse, but she's
just as beautiful.~ "I love my shower." He told her, smiling. "Don't you?"

"God, I'm sleeping in here from now on!" She moaned, holding him close.

Rolling his tongue around, Tim tried to find her sensitive areas, quickly
realizing that, while erotic and extremely high up on the fantasy scale,
having a Diva as goddess like as Maria standing over you wasn't the best way
to attack her pussy orally. Seeing she'd realized that as well, he felt her
left leg lift up, sliding over his body and resting on his shoulder, giving
him much better access to her warm core. Pushing his tongue up and sliding it
around, Tim smiled as she groaned loudly, her hips swirling around as she
tried to chase his fleshy intruder.

Letting her head drop back against the wall, Maria moaned loudly, her hands
threading through his hair and holding on tightly as her pussy throbbed with
pleasure. Looking down and watching as Tim lapped softly and skillfully at
her wet, warm core, she sobbed softly, her hips bucking slightly as he found
her clit, making short work of the hood and suckling the nub, adding an extra
level of passion to her screams. Feeling his free hand dancing around her
bottom, softly stroking the flesh between her pussy and ass, she wiggled her
butt around as best she could being wrapped up around her boss, his tickling
touch making her need worse.

"Please, Tim, don't tease..." She moaned softly.

Looking up at her, he grinned. "I'm not teasing." He told her. "I'm just not
sure it will fit. Christ you're tight."

"I'm taking that as a compliment."

"You should." He told her, finally running his finger along her slit, pushing
it into her tightness, moaning along with her. "God, you are tight."

Moaning loudly as he slid his digit into her pussy, Maria reached one hand
up, grabbing the door to the shower, needing something more stable than Tim's
moving head to hold her up as he started sawing his finger in and out of her,
his mouth quickly finding her re-hooded clit and sucking it softly, the thin
flesh blocking some of the pleasure but not stopping enough to keep her from
sobbing out in lust. As he quickly forced another curling finger into her
warmth, she arched her back, her body revving past the point of no return.

~As if I'd want to stop.~ She thought, moaning loudly as he finally managed
to pull her hood back and resume his relentless assault on her tiny nerve
bundle. Quickly realizing that at the pace he was setting was going to leave
her a sobbing, sexed out heap on the shower floor sooner rather than later,
she reached down regretfully, pulling his face out of her crotch with a moan.
"Tim?" She asked softly. Seeing she had his attention, she smiled wickedly.
"Fuck me?"

Whining softly, he stuck out his tongue, lapping at her folds. "I was just
getting into a groove..."

"I know." She said, her body shuddering at his touch. "But, I wanna fuck...
and I'd like to fuck you...I was hoping we could reach an agreement..."

Smiling, he reached his hand up, sliding her leg off his shoulder. Standing
up, he groaned softly at the tenseness of his legs and back, his moaning not
being helped by her small hand reaching down and gripping his shaft, stroking
him softly to ensure maximum hardness.

"You thought your fingers were tight." She cooed, smiling. "Might need a
crowbar to fit this big fucker in..."

"I think we can make it work." He said with a smile. Leaning down and kissing
her, he told her, "You're far, far to beautiful to leave neglected."

"Awww..." She said softly. "Big boss Tim. Even when he has one of his Divas
naked in a shower stroking his cock, still finds time to be sweet."

Reaching down and putting his hands on her hips, he smiled as she squirmed
slightly, giggling softly. "You catch more flies with sugar." He told her.
Seeing her go blank, he told her, "I'm hoping by being nice, you'll look back
on this fondly...and maybe...possibly..."

"Fuck you again?" She said bluntly.


Moving around in his grip, spinning around to push her butt back, wiggling it
in his crotch, she smiled back at him. "Well, how about you get started, and
we see what we can work out for the future, ok?"

Nodding, he quickly located his condom and retrieved it, ripping it open
sliding it on, his dazed mind at least able to come up with that much,
unwilling to let him miss out on the tightness Maria promised over something
as trivial as a condom. Making sure she was in the right position, he moved
close behind her, gripping his wrapped shaft with one hand, stroking her wet
pussy with the other, lining the two up and pushing forward slightly, popping
the head in and making them both moan. Hearing a faint whimper in Maria's
pleasure, Tim reached his hand around her body, forgoing her breasts and
making his way to the real pleasure zone, his hand quickly finding her love

Stroking her clit softly, he leaned over her, kissing the back of her neck.
"Just relax, Maria..." He told her softly, his stroking fingers and soothing
words bringing down her tension level a great deal, making her vice ease up
around his shaft. "This is gonna feel so good..."

"It feels so good right now..." She moaned softly, whining slightly as he
pushed more in. Turning her head around, she sought out his lips, quickly
finding him offering them as he kissed her softly, giving her body another
distraction as he pushed further and further in.

Feeling his hips press against her cushy rump, Tim groaned loudly along with
her, his head resting on her shoulder. "Oh my fuck..."

Looking back at him, she smiled. "Good?" When he nodded, she giggled. "Start
that thing moving and see how good it feels."

Nodding, he gripped her hips softly, taking a minute to admire the curves of
her waist before pulling out, both of them moaning loudly as he left her
empty before pushing back in, the refill making them moan even louder.
Massaging her hips and rubbing her ass, Tim pulled back before thrusting
forward, moving a bit faster, testing if Maria was able to take the increase
in speed before making it permanent. Hearing her moan, and the whimpering
gone, he shifted gears, giving her long, even strokes, keeping the speed at
a slow but steady clip, her body slapping softly against his with each push.

"So..." He said, moaning softly as her pussy fluttered softly. "Am I your
rebound guy? Because I have no problem with that..."

Looking over her shoulder through a mass of wet hair, she smiled. "I wouldn't
say rebound guy." Moaning louder, she smiled, telling him, "More like...
bounce back guy." Licking her lips softly, she groaned as he pushed into her
again and again. "I bounce pretty well, don't I?"

"So, so well." He assured her, running his hands up her soft body as further
emphasis of that point. Finally reaching his hands around and cupping her
breasts, he moaned as she did, the objects of his hidden lust, hundreds of
stares and countless thoughts molding perfectly into his hands as he knew
they would. "Every part of you bounces so good."

"I work so hard to bounce this well..." She moaned, pushing her hips back
against his thrusting cock, showing him how she wanted it. When he took the
hint and picked up the pace a little bit, she groaned louder, his soft hands
rubbing her chest.

"It paid off so much." He told her, leaning down and kissing her back softly,
his hard, even strokes rocking her over and over again. Capturing her tight
nipples between his fingers, he smiled softly as she moaned, urging him on to
touch and tease her. Heeding her call, he teased her nipples softly, rolling
them around, smiling as her head mimicked there movements, rolling back and
letting out a loud groan, the hands playing with her nipples and her ass
slapping off his crotch driving her on.

Letting her head drop down and her eyes close, Maria groaned loudly, her
driving backwards slowly starting to overpower Tim's thrusts forward, her
need to finish what he started with his lips and fingers greater than his
need to get off, if only because he wanted to enjoy the ride for as long
as he could. Gripping the corner of the door and a small groove in the wall,
she pushed herself backwards over and over, driving her pussy down on his
long shaft, spearing her bottom on his meat and giving her the pleasure she
craved. Groaning loudly as his hands rubbed and massaged her chest, she
wanted to give him some sign that she was loving his soft efforts, the
massive switch from the pawing her breasts had received prior to Tim and the
skilled touch he gave them making her moan in lust from that alone, but she
couldn't force out any words around the sounds of pleasure she was already
giving off, and hoped that he knew that all his hard work was being

Feeling her tight pussy grip his cock with an iron clad grip, Tim moaned
loudly, her grips pulsing with her moans. In his very limited experience with
women, he'd been in two pussies before Maria's. He'd thought Victoria's was
pretty tight. Maryse's had proven itself tighter. Maria's was making those
two out to be as loose as a gangbang queen after a taping her newest video.
Feeling her start to pick up some more speed, he grunted in ecstasy, whatever
thoughts he might have harbored about the ditzy Diva long overshadowed by the
skills she was showing in the sex department.

Pulling off of his cock with a grunt of disappointment, Maria spun around
kissing him softly, reaching down between them and stroking him softly,
keeping him hard as she moved into position, pressing herself between him and
the wall. Smiling up at him, she wrapped her arms around his neck, lifting
herself up with some aid from the soap ledge and raising her hips well above
his. Going to explain her plan, she found him quickly catching on, wrapping
one hand under each cushy ass cheek, letting her reach between them and grab
his shaft, lining it up with her tightness before dropping her body down

Looking him in the eyes as she fell onto his cock, she let her head come
down, kissing him on the lips. "You must have had sex in a shower before."
She cooed, one hand reaching up and grabbing the door, the other holding him
around the neck, her legs sliding into the groove created by him bending his
knees slightly.

"I might have." He said, smiling up at her, his mind drifting off slightly.
~I wonder if I could talk Maria into having a shower with me...and Maryse...~

Feeling him pull back, she lifted up as best she could, both of them working
in unison to get him at full extraction before coming back down, meeting in
the middle. "Faster..."

Nodding, he pulled out slightly quicker, Maria matching his movement,
thrusting back as she dropped, hips slapping and crotches meeting with moans
of pleasure.


Pulling out quicker than before, he pushed back in, catching her off guard,
making her adjust to come down quicker.

"Like that...please, Tim..."

Keeping his speed and strokes nice and even, he pulled out and pushed into
her at the same speed, his legs aching and his back tense as she lifted
herself up off of him slightly, relieving some of the weight as they worked
out there rhythm. Feeling her start to leap up and down more in his lap, Tim
moaned softly, longing to touch her but knowing his hands on her ass were a
vital cog in keeping her from dropping to the shower floor painfully. Palming
her ass and giving it a firm squeeze, he smiled as she moaned down at him,
her eyes still burning a hole through his as she rode him.

"Harder, Tim, harder!" She squealed, leaping up and down in his lap, catching
him off guard and making him scramble to readjust to her increase in tempo.

"What happened to "Like that please."?" He asked, groaning as her tightness
slid down on his cock over and over again.

"More, more, more!" She yelled, her screaming and leaping picking up with
each yell, her body slamming more and more violently on his legs as she
pushed herself towards her own pleasure, oblivious to his constant scrambling
to keep them from dropping to the floor.

Grabbing her ass tightly, he braced himself, waiting for her to leap up
before moving his feet, quickly, hoping to find solid footing, but finding
only wet clothes and slippery tiles. As she came crashing down on him again,
his left foot gave, sending him spinning towards the door. Quickly realizing
that she was in line to take a hard shot against the corner of the door, and
cleverly figuring out that having a sexual partner with a bleeding head wound
might be a mood killer, he twisted his body around, finally making her
realize what was about to happen as he put his back to the door, the fall
coming and making him do all he could to brace her from the impact.

Shrieking with terror, Maria went to hold onto him, but, seeing the door to
the shower fly open and Tim go flying to the floor, braced herself as best
she could, his loud thud on the floor making him groan out painfully as he
did a back flop on the floor. Feeling him bend his knees, she moved her legs
up, narrowly avoiding cracking her kneecaps on the edge of the shower but
causing his legs to hit painfully.

His head thudding off the floor lightly, his stiff neck breaking most of the
momentum, he groaned loudly, his eyes blinking as he fought to keep his brain
from shutting down. Taking a deep breath, he tried to will the pain out of
his back and legs, succeeding on a small level, but the majority of the
stinging still there. Doing a quick mental check, shifting himself around as
best he could, he sighed thankfully, realizing that nothing was broken and he
could still wiggle his toes. Groaning loudly, he realized that someone else's
priorities had been somewhere else during the fall, and remained there as he
tried to make sure he could walk again.

"Maria?" He groaned, soft slapping echoing through the bathroom. He could
feel the wetness from the shower running down his back, his legs and Maria's
perfect body making an ideal avenue for the water to escape.

"Tim?" She moaned softly, her body still moving up and down, slower than
before as she eyed her boss. "Are you ok?"

"My back is fucking killing me."

"Is that from the fall or the fucking?"

"Honestly, I don't know." He said. Finally opening his eyes, and watching as
she rose and fell in his lap, he groaned. "Thanks for caring enough to stop
riding me long enough to check."

Smiling down at him, she leaned down, kissing him softly, teasing his lips
with her own. "I didn't care that much." She teased. "I'm to close to care."

Groaning in pain, he planted his feet on the edges of the shower, pushing
back and sliding them across the floor, quickly realizing that the small
wetness he felt was going to become a massive puddle, and problem, if he
didn't act quickly. Sliding them away from the shower, a feat made harder
by Maria's constant rising and falling in his lap, he got them clear of the
door and kicked it shut, making a mental note in his dazed mind to shut off
the shower at some point in the future before sliding his hands up, rubbing
her sexy stomach as she continued to go up and down.

Sitting up slightly, Tim reached up and cupped her face before his back
started paining, forcing him to sit down, bringing her down with him. "Get
down here..." He growled softly, cupping her face and kissing her softly,
moaning as she slid up and down, there wet bodies lubing each other up and
letting her slip and slide up and down his body. Feeling her weight press
against him, Tim moaned softly, the feel of her soft body gliding against his
spurning them both on.

"Oh fuck Tim..." Maria whined, his lips pressing against hers, reminding her
that her boss wanted kisses, and giving them to him around whines and moans,
her soft lips dancing against his, tongues meeting in the middle as they both
panted and moaned. "God, Tim, I'm close...are you close?"


"Good..." She cried out, breaking his wishes and pushing herself up into a
sitting position, watching as he tried to follow before wincing in pain,
dropping slowly back to the floor. "Tim, are you ok?"

"Fuck, my back is killing me..." He said, whining as the muscles flexed
again, showing their displeasure with his attempt to follow the sexy brunette
into a sitting position.

"Do you want me to stop?" She finally asked softly, her pumps slowing down to
a stop.

Smiling, he asked, "Since when did you care if I was alright or not?"

"Since I think you're really hurt." She said. "Seriously, I think we should
get you checked out..."

"Seriously, I think you should finish." He told her with a grin. "I just
need some Tylenol and a good stretch. Trust me, nothing is broken." When she
looked skeptical at him, he motioned for her to return to face-to-face eye
contact with him. As she leaned down, he smiled, cupping her face, kissing
her softly. "If you don't get off, I'm going to be very upset." He warned
playfully. "I have cramps in my neck from licking you, my legs and back are
killing me from falling, and my head is spinning, which I'm not quite sure
is because of the fall or that vice pussy your pounding me with." When she
smiled and giggled, he kissed her again. "Now, why aren't you riding me

"I was checking to make sure you weren't broken?" She offered.

Shaking his head, he smiled. "Not good enough. Get going, or I'm punishing

Starting her movements slowly, Maria moaned as she worked back towards her
optimum speed. "Punish me?"

"I'll book you to lose next week to Candice and Victoria." He teased.

"What?" She groaned. "You can't do that!"

"I can." He moaned, reaching up and cupping her chest gently. "I'm the
booker, remember?"

"I can get you fired!" She whined, pushing herself up slightly, but leaving
her hands planted on his chest, groaning softly as she pulled up and dropped
down, giving him better access to her tits.

"You can get me fired for me forcing you to get me off." He said with a grin.
"Do you think anyone is going to fault me for making you finish getting off?"

"God, I don't know..." She moaned, her head whipping back, her wet hair
flying over her head as she screamed out. "I don't care! Fuck me Tim, fuck

Using every last drop of strength his worn out, sore body had to offer, Tim
pushed up into her, using the edge of the shower as a foothold to gain some
leverage to push up into her, his back screaming in pain and his legs
threatening to quit, but his willpower winning out and forcing himself into
her over and over again. Looking up and smiling at her, he told her, "Yea,
you bounce so fucking well...god, Maria, you are so sexy."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" She screamed, getting louder and louder as
she arched harder and harder, her back not aching in the slightest as she
climaxed hard, her position on top of him allowing her to do whatever she
liked to bring a bone rattling orgasm down on top of her. Feeling his hands
readjust and cup her bouncing breasts with a better grip, she screamed out
again, her eyes burning with fire as she stared down at him, screaming
obscenities to him and for him as she shook and spasmed in his lap, obvious
to his pain and lost in her pleasure.

Feeling her bouncing beginning to slow down, Tim stopped his own efforts,
wanting to please her as much as possible but the pain in his back finally
exerting it's authority and forcing him to relax. Feeling her slow to a stop,
he smiled as she moaned loudly before slowly dropping down, letting her body
come to a rest against his as she sobbed softly, his arms wrapping around her
gently and holding her close.

Looking up at him through her hair plastered face, Maria panted softly, "God,
Tim...I'm so glad you agreed to be my bounce back guy..."

Smiling, he kissed her softly. "Very glad to be him." He said. Rubbing her
sides, he smiled as she moaned. "You bounce so fucking good..."

Slowly extracting herself from his arms and lifting off his cock, Maria
rolled off of him, flopping with a groan onto the cold, wet floor beside
him. "You've been laying on this since we fell out?"


"It's freezing! And hard as hell!"


Looking over at him, she asked, "Why didn't we go to the bed? Or at least the

Smiling, he told her, "You looked so happy. Couldn't bring myself to care
about the floor."

Smiling, she reached over, stroking his face softly. "You are a good guy,

"I try."

Giggling, she added, "And you fuck like a demon!"

"You're pretty wicked yourself." He said, smiling. "You think I'd have put up
with the pain I'm in if you weren't so good?" Grinning, he added, "Well, I
might have. You are amazingly beautiful."

"How much pain are we talking about here?" She asked cautiously.

Grunting softly, he rolled over onto his stomach, arching his hips to keep
Little Tim off the cold floor before forcing himself to his feet. Stretching
out his back, he said, "Not so bad now that I'm standing...a little sore, but
holy shit!" Groaning loudly as Maria lurched forward and speared her face on
his shaft, he jumped back, totally unprepared for the action. "What the

"You're still hard!" She said, reaching up and pulling his condom off,
tossing it towards the sink and reaching for his shaft.

"I'm aware of that."

"Lemme help." She purred, crawling forward.

Smiling, he leaned down, cupping her face softly and kissing her gently.
"How about you get cleaned up, dried off, and we can go into the nice cozy
bed and do whatever you are planning on doing?"

Sitting up fully, she looked over at the mirror, sighing. "I should clean
up." She said. Looking at him, she said, "If I don't comb out my hair, it's
going to be royally fucked up..."

"That's ok." He said, kissing her again, loving her pouty lips. Moving
away and opening the shower door, he reached in, feeling the water, grinning
as he shut it down. "It's still warm." He said. "Not hot, but warm."

Smiling as she pulled herself to her feet, Maria moved over to the sink.
"Next time, we make sure that there's nothing slippery on the floor." She
said. "That was fun, up until the fall."

"Next time?" Tim asked.

Looking at him and nodding, she smiled. "I was hoping there would be a next

"Only if you want it." He told her, grabbing a towel out of the closet and
handing it to her, before taking one out for himself. Quickly running the
towel over his body, he smiled as she continued to run a comb through her
long hair, quickly working out the wet mess before it turned into a tangle
of knots. "I hope you weren't injured in the fall..." He said.

"No." She said meekly, looking back at him. "I kinda used you to break the

"That's ok." He assured her, leaning in and kissing her softly. "Don't want
one of my big stars getting hurt."

Blushing softly, she said, "I don't know about big star..."

"You're a big star." He assured her, kissing her for emphasis.

"I'm a Divas Search reject..."

"Who sold more merchandise last month than two thirds of the roster, male or
female." He told her.

"You put out a bunch of new merchandise." She reminded him softly. "It's
bound to drive up the sales..."

"It helped." He said with a nod. "But, I looked over the numbers. Your
Divas two thousand and five poster was one of the top five posters they put
out that year." Leaning in and kissing her softly, he smiled. "You're a big
star. So quit putting yourself down. The fans like you. Unlike most of the
Divas that Vince looked after before I arrived, you came pre-packaged with a
character the fans love."

Smiling, she giggled. "They do like the dumb ones." She joked. Looking at
herself in the mirror, she sighed softly. "You should go wait in the
bedroom." She said. "This may take a while..."

"Would it help if I told you that you look amazing as is?" He offered.

"No." She said, smiling. "But it didn't hurt." When he nodded, she said,
"I gotta dry my hair, and I'll be along in a minute, ok?" Licking her lips
softly, she teased, "I gotta help you finish, after all."

Nodding, he moved over, giving her a quick kiss before moving towards
the bedroom, drying himself off as he moved, the aching in his back slowly
dying down as he tossed the towel aside. Hearing Maria's hairdryer start up,
he smiled, shaking his head. "Women." He muttered with a grin. "What a

Moving towards his tiny desk, he lifted up his laptop lid, firing up the
computer quickly, trying to find something to pass the time that didn't
involve rushing back into the bathroom and bending Maria over a sink, an
option he wasn't sure she'd like.

~You're not sure she wouldn't, either.~ His cock reminded him. ~Come on, do
it for me!~

Shaking his head, he opened up his notes, accessing the main computer via his
network and seeing what he had to set up for the next weekend, tweaking one
of Saturday's house show matches, putting Candice and Victoria together
against Traci and Gail, wanting to get his new girls in as soon as possible
before the news of there signing spread to far.

Nodding at the results, he turned his computer off, shutting the lid down.
Taking a few steps back, he shook his head, starting to turn around. "How
long does it take...oof!"

Falling to the bed as a forearm collided with his chest, Tim reached out
blindly, trying to grab his attacker during his fall. Latching onto the arm,
he heard giggling as someone came down on top of him. Looking up, he found
his vision blocked by brown, the giggling getting worse as he wrestled with
the lightweight on top of him. Realizing whoever it was attacking him was
also naked, he moved quickly, grabbing them and tossing them onto the bed.
Turning his gaze upwards, he went to pounce, but stopped, looking confused
as he found the source of giggling.

"So, is that what your looking for?" Maria giggled, loving the surprised
expression on his face. "Me and Mickie did some work on my clotheslines..."

Quickly scurrying up towards the laughing brunette, Tim grabbed her, pulling
her into his lap, smiling at her.

"That was great." He smiled, leaning down and kissing her softly. "Have you
been working on your finishing move?"

"Uh-huh." She said, still giggling.

Looking at her, he asked, "Why are you giggling so much? Is there something
on my face?"

Shaking her head, and laughing harder, she said, "Isn't this so much better
than watching tape?"

Smiling, he nodded. "It is." He admitted. "But you don't learn any new
moves this way."

"Oh, I don't know about that Tim." She said, smiling. "I think you can
teach me a move or two." Giggling softly as he laid her down, him on top of
her, she asked, "Can't you, Tim?" When he nodded, she smiled. "Pin me!"

Grinning, he leaned down, kissing her softly, running his fingers through
her now dry hair. "You look amazing." He commented. Kissing along her jaw
line, he worked his hand along the other side, rubbing her face softly,
making her coo. "Makes me wish I wasn't such a slob..."

"You're not a slob." She said firmly. "You're just not...trendy, which can
be a good thing."

"How so?"

Moaning softly as he spread her legs slightly, she was about to stop him
when she saw his hand reaching for his nightstand, opening the top drawer and
pulling a condom out. "Jeans and a t-shirt work for some people." She said.
"You're one of them."

"Thank you, oh fashion consultant of the WWE." He said, smiling. Sitting
up, he smiled down at her, reaching beside him and rubbing her legs softly,
making her moan. "You have awesome legs." He told her. "Nice, firm thighs..."

"All the better to grab you with." She purred with a smile. Illustrating her
point, she lifted her legs up, grabbing his waist and holding him tightly.
"You're not going anywhere anytime soon..."

"Like I'd want to." He told her, leaning down and kissing her as he opened
up his condom. Ripping the packet open and quickly applying the latex to his
excited shaft, he sat back up, taking his cock in his hand and lining it up
with her pussy. Pushing the head back in with a groan, he reached down,
hooking his hands under her knees and prying her legs from around his waist,
pushing them upwards and giving him much better access to her tight pussy.
Pushing in deeper, he moaned loudly, telling her, "God, I don't want to go

Groaning as he slowly started fucking her again after an eternity, Maria
reached down between them with her right hand, placing it over her pussy and
rubbing her clit gently, knowing that he was already excited from there prior
sexual activities and wouldn't take as much as her to get off. Rubbing her
love nub gently, she whined softly, her expert hand knowing just what she
wanted to complement his hard, even strokes. Looking down at him, she smiled
wickedly. "Still tight, boss?"

Groaning loudly, he nodded. "Very, and don't call me boss." He said. "Makes
me feel weird."

Smiling, she reached her other hand up, rubbing his chin. "Whatever you say,

Wanting to roll his eyes, but having to fight them from rolling back in
his head instead, Tim picked up speed, knowing from the shower that Maria had
a certain affection for "Hard" and "Fast", and giving it to her in spades,
thrusting into her exposed pussy with force and speed, his back renewing it's
protest of pain but lost to his mission, of pleasing himself, and hopefully
dragging Maria along for the ride.Whining softly, Maria bounced around on the
bed, the force of Tim's quick, hard thrusts keeping her in constant motion,
pleasing her to no end.

"God, I'm so fucking happy that Vince picked you!" Maria cried out, sobbing
loudly as Tim quickly laid across her body, lapping at her excited nipples.

"You are?" Tim asked, hissing as Maria's legs wrapped around his waist,
holding him tight. "Why?"

"God, because your our own age!" Maria moaned, her back arching as Tim
attacked her tender nipples. "You can relate to us...fuck...can talk to us
on our level...oh god, and you can fuck!" Wrapping her arms around his
shoulders, she bucked wildly as he continued to push into her. "Fuck, fuck,
I'm so happy you can fuck! This'll be so much easier than thinking about
grabbing some fan and fucking him!"

Looking up at Maria, Tim grinned. "Done that, have we?"

"Once...or twice!" Maria whined, holding him tightly. "But it sucks! There so
star struck that your lucky if they can get hard at all, let alone last for
more than a minute!"

Smiling, Tim pushed into her again and again, Maria's grip on him tightening
with each thrust. "What about the other wrestlers?"

"Been there, done that!" Maria cried out. "Gets old!"

"So will I."

"Doubtful!" Whining loudly, Maria threaded her fingers through his hair,
holding him to her chest. "Your a nice guy, Tim! Nice guys get far with us!"

"Nice guys finish last..."

"Nice guys finish between my fucking legs!" Looking down at him, she smiled.
"Or in my mouth...or on my tits...nice guys get to pick where they finish."

"What if I wanted to finish on your face?"

"Every where but there." Groaning around a smile, she added, "Hey, I gotta
save something for marriage."

"Will you marry me?"

Arching up against his thrusts, she cried out in lust, her body on fire.
"Where's the ring?"

"I'll get one." He promised playfully, groaning as she gripped his manhood

"No ring, you're gonna have to settle for a blowjob finish." She moaned. "Is
that alright? Please, God, let it be alright..."

Looking at her, he smiled. "Why are you hoping it'll be alright?"

"God, because I really don't want you upset with me right now!" She cried

Groaning softly, he asked, "And why not? Worried about your spot?"

"Fuck my spot!" She cried out loudly, her back arching softly. "I just wanna
come again!"

His mission clear, Tim set about accomplishing it, her pleasure far from his
mind when he stuck his cock back into her after her clothesline from heaven,
it was now his sole purpose in life, to see her scream out in passion
bouncing and crying on the end of his dick. Gritting his teeth with effort,
he leaned back, her arms trying to hold him close but not able to overcome
his strength. Getting his legs back under him, he smiled as her hand quickly
went back on her clit, beating him to the punch as he leaned back slightly,
pulling out and thrusting back in, both of them groaning, him from the
tightness, her from the angle of attack, his cock stroking past her g spot
and adding another spark to her pleasure.

"Fuck, Tim, fuck!" She moaned, her back arching as he picked up speed again,
his attack on her g spot effortless as the angle of his cock made the hits
automatic. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Screaming out loudly, her breathing was
quickly degenerating into pants and sobs, her hand a blaze over her crotch
as her fingers bumped into his pumping hips every so often as they both
worked towards getting off, her pleasure on the forefront of there minds,
but his not far behind on his mind as he groaned loudly. Snapping her eyes
open, she looked up at him, her eyes wide and needy. "Please, Tim, please,
hold on...god, do what you have to, I don't care, just make me come!"

Looking down at her, he grinned as he grunted. "What the hell can I do?"

"Think baseball!" She offered. "Or matches! Anything!"

"Yea, matches, that'll work." He groaned, gripping her hips tightly as she
squeezed tighter and tighter, flexing and pulsing harder and harder, making
the going less and less smooth as he fought to over come her vice. "You and
some other sexy woman, rolling around in a ring...panting...groaning..."

"God, no more matches!" She cried out, her back arching. "So close, close!"

"Coming..." He grunted, wishing he didn't have to, but not able to hold off
any longer, forgoing her offer of a blowjob finish in favor of doing
everything he could to please her.

"Me...too!" She cried out, feeling him pick up the pace, his grunting coming
harder and faster as his sensitive cock spurted off inside of her, her
twitching, flexing pussy sweet torture on his cock as she flailed around on
the bed, her hand strokes slowing down as she released.

Panting loudly, he kept going as long as he could, his cock quickly turning
limp in her pussy and becoming useless to her as she flopped down on the bed.
Quickly pulling out and taking his condom off, he fell back on his calves,
his deep, greedy breaths matched by hers as they both fought to recover as
quickly as possible, a million things coming to there minds but none of them
able to be spoken.

Watching as her hand slowed to a stop over her pussy, he fell to the bed
beside her, smiling as she quickly snuggled up next to him, accepting his
arms wrapping around her and holding her close.


Looking at her, he smiled. "Maria?"

"You can come on my face anytime." She said with a soft giggle.

Leaning down and kissing her, he told her, "I'll save it for marriage."

Giggling, she held him close, his rising and falling chest making the perfect
resting pad for her head.

Looking down at her, he smiled. "Maria?"


"Can I ask you a question?" He asked. ~She's probably gonna say the same
thing the others did...~

"You just made me come." She said. "Twice. Ask for my PIN number."

"Don't want your PIN number." He said, kissing her softly. "Just wanna
know...was there any special reason you did this? Like, not trying to get
ahead, which I'm hoping you didn't, but..."

Smiling, she kissed him softly, stopping his rambling before it could start.
Pulling back, she told him with a smile, "Because you're cute." When he
sighed and rolled his eyes, she giggled, adding, "And, because I wanted to.
Like I said when you were banging my brains out, you really are a nice guy.
With all the assholes around here, a nice guy like you deserves a little
something special every now and then." Smiling shyly, she asked, "I hope I
was special?"

"You were so, so much more than a little special." He told her firmly,
leaning in and kissing her sweat soaked face. "You are so beautiful. A
goddess, really." Seeing her blush softly, he pushed on, knowing a good
thing when he saw it. "I mean, all the Divas around here are beautiful.
Vince didn't keep the ugly ones, but you stand out."

Smiling, she held him closer. "Thank you, Tim..."

"But..." He said, smiling. "I gotta ask, because I'm like that." Seeing her
look confused, he smiled, reaching down, rubbing her chest softly. "Are they
real? There's a lot of fake ones around here, but these look so damn good..."

Giggling, she leaned up, kissing him softly. "You're gonna have to be the
judge of that." She teased, smiling. "Because I'm not telling."

Nodding, he let his head fall down to the bed. "Fair enough." Looking up at
the clock, he sighed. "As much as I hate to do this..." He said, looking at
her. "I really should get up and get driving. I gotta make it to my
campground before it closes..."

Looking at the clock, she nodded. "I should get going to." Looking back at
him, she smiled. "This was amazing. Thank you so much, Tim."

"Thank you for taking an extra shower today." He said with a smile. When she
giggled, he asked, "So, you have another flight lined up?"

Looking at him in confusion, she shook her head. "No. You do, don't you?"

"" He said, shaking his head. "I didn't know you were gonna be

"What?" She asked, her face going from happy to worried in a heartbeat. "I
thought you took care of our flights! You're always giving us our travel

"WWE travel takes care of your flights." He told her. "And they give me the
papers. And those flights are one time deals, and you missed yours."

Falling back to the bed, Maria let out a long whine. "Oh fuck..."

"We could get you another flight." He told her softly, before adding quickly,
before she could get her hopes up, "But it's gonna cost a lot."

"Man..." She sighed, looking at him. "I didn't think this through all that
well, huh?"

Shrugging, he struggled with his thoughts. ~I really wish I could help her.~
He thought, seeing the look on her face. ~But you gotta get your ass on the
move.~ "Maria?" He said softly, gaining her attention. "I really hate to
ruin whatever sweet points I've built up here, but I gotta be an asshole
right now." Seeing the look on her face, he told her, "I really hate to do
this, but you gotta make a choice, and soon. I need to get driving or I'm
gonna be stuck camping out in a Wal-Mart parking lot." Seeing her face fall,
he told her, "You are more than welcome to drive with me, if you want. I
can't help you get a plane ticket, because...well...Vince really doesn't pay
me a whole lot, and a lot of what I get is tied up in this thing..."

"That's ok." She said softly. Looking at him, she quietly asked, "If I stay
and drive with you, do we have to"

Looking at her, he tried not to show how hurt he was for her choice of the
words "Have to" when referring to any sexual future they may have had going.
"No." He said firmly. "You're more than welcome to stay and drive with me
without doing that. I'll even take the couch and give you the bed."

Smiling a bit, she nodded. Looking at him, she asked softly, "If I stay...can we
do it?"

His smile returning slightly, he nodded. "We can." He told her. "But only if
you want to. Like I said, I'm more than willing to take the couch and give
you the bed, no strings attached."

Nodding, she asked, "So you'll drive me to the next show if I put out?"

"No." He said quickly. Seeing her confusion, he explained, "You can stay, and
get a ride, no strings attached. You don't have to screw me, or anything...or
even talk to me if you don't want. I'm offering you a drive, free of charge,
regardless of what we do or don't do. Understand?"

Smiling, she nodded. "I understand." She said. When he smiled, she said, "I'd
like to stay, if you'll have me."

"Of course." He said, wanting desperately to kiss her, but, after her tap
dancing around the issue, not knowing if she'd accept it or not. Looking at
the clock, he said, "But right now, I have to get driving. You're staying?"
When she nodded, he slowly broke apart from her, moving off the bed and over
to his dresser, quickly pulling out some clothes and redressing, knowing his
old outfit was in no shape to wear. Looking at her, he smiled. "Feel free to
get some sleep." He told her.

As she nodded and stretched out, he moved over to the door and out of the
room, closing it behind him and moved to the shower, opening it up and
sifting through the wet mess of clothes on the floor to find his wallet and
keys before walking quickly towards the drivers compartment, sliding into
his seat and hooking his seatbelt. Shaking the water off of his keys, he put
them in the ignition, turning them with a grimace, hoping nothing sparked
out and electrocuted him. Feeling nothing sparking, he sighed with relief.
Putting his RV in drive and pulling out of the parking spot.

Driving around the large lot, he quickly made his way to the toll booth,
opening his wallet and pulling out a few bills, shaking them dry as best he
could as he handed them along with his parking pass to the parking attendant.
Seeing the look on there face, but also seeing the gate open, he quickly
drove off, trying not to smile at the bewildered look.

Pulling out of the airport and towards the highway, he looked around,
grabbing his GPS from the center console and firing it up, punching the "Next
location" button and letting his trusty guide lead his way, making a hard
right turn to catch the right ramp to get to the highway before setting the
cruise control, sliding his chair back and letting his legs relax.


Making sure he had a long stretch of straight highway in front of him, he
turned towards the open door towards the living room, smiling as Maria stood
in it, still nude. "Hey."

"When do we stop driving?" She asked. "Like, for the night? Or are you
driving all night..."

"Well, like I said, I had hopes of stopping at a campground for the night."
He said, smiling. "But someone sidetracked me." When she giggled, he said,
"If I make it in time...about two hours or so. If not, gotta find a

"Are you serious?" She asked. When he nodded, she asked, "Why Wal-Mart?"

"They let people park overnight." He said. "Dunno why. Just handy if I miss a

"Oh." She said, nodding. "Ok."

"Hope I answered your question." He said with a smile.

Smiling back, she nodded. "Perfectly." She assured him. When he turned back
towards the road, his want to not get them killed in a fiery crash
overwhelming his will to stare at her nude body all night, she said, "Well,
when we get...wherever were going, and you get everything set up..." Leaning
down, she gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Come back to the bedroom, ok?" When
he turned and looked at her, she smiled. "I think we missed a spot in the
shower." She purred, giving him a wicked smile as she stood back up and
walked towards the bedroom, her hips swaying softly as he leaned over to
check her out.

Seeing the bedroom door close again, he snapped back around to the road,
pulling the steering wheel slightly to the left to get the RV back on course.
His mind drifting back to the sexy brunette in his bedroom, her words still
ringing in his head, Tim smiled, pushing his seat ahead and taking the RV off
cruise control, pushing his foot down harder on the gas, keeping an eye on
the speedometer as it pushed past the sixty five speed limit, inching towards
seventy five.

"Only speed in an emergency." He mused, looking back towards the bedroom with
a smile. Shaking his head, he turned back to the road, smiling as his GPS
updated, his increase in speed knocking minute after minute from the
estimated time of arrival. "If that's not an emergency..." He said, smiling
to himself. "I don't know what is."

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