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PAIRING: Victoria/A Male Fan, Terri Runnels/A Male Fan

1st, my fanfic will often deal with strange situations/pairings, so if your
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these stories deal with wrestlers that are "Past There Prime", so to speak.
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4th, this story is written from the viewpoint that what happens on TV isn't
real, that the wrestlers are actors and know it's just a storyline.

5th, timeline wise, this story takes place August 21st, 2006.

~ Denotes Thought ~

Booked Solid Part 5: A Day In The Life
by Nero Rain (

Stifling a yawn, Maria pushed the blankets off of her body, stretching out
and making sure not to disturb Trish, her bunkmate she'd been "Assigned"
when she'd weaseled her way in as a permanent fixture on the RV. Kicking her
legs off the bed, she stood up, her mind racing as she tried to collect her

~I gotta talk to Tim.~ She thought, stretching out and standing up. Checking
herself over, she made sure she was decent, her nightshirt and Tim's boxers
were covering everything they needed to. Smiling as she moved towards the
door, she thought, ~Not that he hasn't seen it before...or kissed it...or
licked it...~

Giggling at the thought, she moved out of the bedroom and through the
bathroom, making sure to open and close the doors as quietly as possible,
the hum of the RV moving down the highway covering her sounds as she moved
towards the drivers compartment. Reaching down for the latch, she took a
deep breath, collecting her thoughts before she pulled on the handle softly,
smiling as the door slid open.

Moving in and closing the door behind her, she smiled as she took the
passengers seat, tucking her hair behind her ear and looking at him. Before
she could stop herself from talking, she realized something.

~He didn't even look up...~

"Tim, can we..." Maria started, before he cut her off.

"You know what, Maria?" He asked, his voice eerily calm. "Sometimes, late at
night, when you guys are all asleep, tucked into your nice, warm, cozy beds,
I fantasize. Do you know what I fantasize about, Maria?"


"A long, winding road." He said, a glint of joy coming into his eyes. "It's
a wondrous road, Maria. Nothing but sharp turns, and some sort of gravity
field from space that would let me drive as fast as I want without tipping
the RV over on the aforementioned sharp turns. I haven't figured that part
out yet." Smiling softly, he said, "Just whip around turn after turn,
tossing you ravenous, bottomless pits of Divas out of your warm, cozy
dreamland and onto the cold, hard reality of the floor. And do you know
what's at the end of that mystical road, Maria?"


"Sushi." He continued, oblivious to her words. "And cheesecake. Several
kinds. And leftover pizza. Cold, succulent, day old pizza. And butterscotch
ice cream tubs that have more than one measly spoon full left in them so
that the person who ate the rest could claim it wasn't empty, thereby
letting them off the hook to clean it. All of them, dancing around a big,
open bonfire in some kind of pagan ritual as a whole, roasted pig spit
roasts over it, just coated in brown sugar and honey sauce...."

Sighing, Maria asked, "Who, and what?"

"Trish." He said, still smiling a calm, unnerving smile. "My one and a half
pound Kobe beef steak." Looking over at her, he added, "It was a marvelous
cut of meat, Maria. I trimmed the fat myself. Had been marinating it for two

"Was it expensive?"

"Yes." He said. "And not the point."

"How expensive?"

"Very, very expensive. Out of my price range. And very, very hard to find.
But do you know why I got it?"


"Kobe talked to me, Maria." He said, nodding softly. "She was my soul. She
was a part of me. We were destined to be together. I loved Kobe."

"Tim, you're worrying me..."

"Have you ever had a piece of meat talk to you, Maria?"

"No, just the person attached to it." She said, before quickly adding, "And
that's what I came up here for."

"You came to talk about my Kobe?"

"I came to talk about your meat." She said. "Or, more accurately, what you
plan on doing with it."

"I was going to eat Kobe." He said with a firm nod. "Ours was a physical

"Not that meat, Tim."

"Your talking about my dick, aren't you?"

"Yes I am."

"I like Kobe better. Can we talk about Kobe?"

"Do you ever want to use your meat on my meat again?"

"I had hopes of doing that, yes."

"Then the steak can wait."

"Kobe won't be happy." He said. "She haunts me in my dreams. Cries to me
that Trish ate her. I didn't think such little women could eat so much..."

"Tim, drop the steak, or your getting dropped."

"You two would have gotten along. She had some zip to her to." Seeing the
look on her face, he sighed. "What can I help you with, Maria?"

"I just wanted to talk to you and clarify where we stand." She said.

"Which would be where?"

"I'm leaning towards friends with benefits." She said.

"Where are you leaning from?"

Looking confused, she asked, "Huh?"

"You said you were leaning towards friends with benefits." He said. "Which
means you had other options in mind. What are they?"

"Well, dating, for one." Maria said.

"I take it your not looking for a boyfriend?" He asked, images of Kobe
joining in the dancing around the bonfire filling his head. ~She'd be the
tribal chieftain~ Tim thought firmly.

"Not at the current time, no." She admitted.

"Any other leanings?"

"Stopping altogether." She offered.

"I don't like that option." He admitted. "But, hey, you're the boss..."

"No, you're the boss..."

"Which is why you have the final say." He explained. "So, when you make a
firm decision, let me know."

"I'm gonna settle on friends with benefits." She said with a nod. "If that's
alright with you."

"That's great for me." He said, smiling. Looking at her, he sighed. "Why are
you wearing my underwear?"

Looking down, she smiled. "There more comfy than mine. Silk rules. And
they're the Tasmanian Devil to boot!"

"People will ask questions if you start walking around with my underwear on."

"No one asked Trish questions." Maria said. Thinking, she corrected herself,
saying, "Well, they asked where she got them and got her to show them, but
other than that, no questions."

Whining softly, he asked, "How many people?"



"I really should be..."

"Telling me how many people before I book you in every gimmick match and
stupid angle I can think of."

"Six...I think."



"Nine!" He yelled. "Maria, I only have like a dozen pairs of underwear!"

"I know." She said. "I got lucky and got one of the first ones. Mickie got
stuck with Tweety Bird..."

"Oh my fucking god..." He sighed. Looking at her, he asked, "Who has my


"I'm thinking of a pregnancy angle..." He started, looking over at her.
"With Viscera, Snitsky, and the Boogeyman fighting over who the father is."

"I know me." She said quickly. "Trish, Mickie...umm..."

"I'm leaning towards the Boogeyman..."

"Umm! Umm! Victoria!" Maria spat out, her mind racing for answers.

"That's five..."

"Oh fuck...umm...Jillian and Kristal grabbed one!" She said, tossing people
under the bus left and right. "That was the first day they were here!"

"Seven." He said. "Two more. Come on, Maria. I might be persuaded to upgrade
the father to at least one of the Highlanders..."

"I don't know!" She whined. Seeing him look at her, she thought with all of
her might, trying to get the last two, when it hit her. "Traci and Gail!
They were the first ones in!"

"Traci and Gail." He said, nodding. "I give them jobs..." He started, before
adding, "And don't fuck Traci..." Before finishing. "And this is how I'm

"I'm sorry, Tim." She said softly. Looking at him, she said, "You can have
them back, if you want. I'm sorry. It's just...I like them." Sighing, she
looked down, holding them out. "I love Taz. I was super happy that I saw
them before anyone else did..."

Sighing, he shook his head. Looking over at her, and seeing the look on her
face, he whined. ~I'm not getting them back without upsetting her.~ He
thought. ~Are a pair of silk boxer shorts really worth upsetting Maria...and
the rest of them over?~ Letting his right hand drop from the steering wheel,
he motioned her over. "Come here."

Looking up at him, she sighed softly. "Tim, I don't have anything under
them...I suppose I could try and sneak back..."

"Come, here." He said, patting his lap. Seeing her get up, slouched over,
and move over to him, he hooked his arm around her quickly, pulling her into
his lap so she wasn't blocking his view of the road. Letting her rest
against his chest, he leaned down, kissing her softly. "Maria..." He said,
before sighing. "You can keep the shorts." Seeing her face light up, he
quickly said, "If!" Seeing her looking at him, he said, "If, somewhere down
the road, when I ask you for a favor, you do it. Deal?"

"Deal!" She said quickly, diving into him and hugging him tightly. "Oh my
god, thank you Tim!"

Trying to look around the mass of long brown hair in his face, he said,
"Need to drive here."

Pulling back, she ducked down lower, hugging him tighter. "Thank you, thank

"Your welcome, Maria." As she pulled back slightly, he smiled. "So, you got
a friend with benefits, you got the boxers...which, please remind me to do
laundry because I think I'm wearing my last clean pair... I'd say that's a
good day, right?"

Smiling, she nodded, looking at his clock. "And it's only one AM!"

"I know." He said, nodding. "Now get that sexy ass of yours back to bed. I
have driving to do. Someone insisted on seeing a movie in the next town..."

"It's a group outing!" She argued, standing up from his lap. "You're welcome
to join us!"

"I'll pass." He said with a smile. "Now go, shoo, scat!" Giving her butt a
quick slap, he smiled as she giggled, quickly opening the door to the
drivers compartment and diving out ahead of another slap. Reaching down and
grabbing the door handle, he flung the small door closed quietly, making
sure not to wake up the sleeping beauties scattered around his living room
before turning towards the road again, giving his hours of attention his
full, undivided attention once again.

* * *

"Fuck, Victoria...fuck..."

Holding the young man tight to her body, Victoria moved in time with his
thrusts, her arms wrapped around his shoulders as he continued to thrust
into her softly pussy, her own moaning picking up as nails started to
replace finger tips in his back.

Hissing softly, Tim kept thrusting, Victoria and Maria teaching him well and
forcing him to keep going, even as he felt flesh being pulled away from his
back, old wounds reopening and new ones adding on as he took it as the
ultimate sign he was doing well, her verbal cries not good enough for him.

"Tim...Tim...stop..." Victoria said softly, her release running its course
as a new feeling started coursing through her body. Feeling him slow to a
stop, she pushed on his chest, lifting him up and off of her.

Smiling, he slid out of her pussy and laid down beside her, reaching his
arms out to pull her close. "Did you..." He started, before she removed his
hands from her.

"I gotta get dressed." She said quickly, sliding out of his grasp and off
the bed.

Getting confused, he sat up, looking at her as she gathered up her clothes
quickly. "Victoria, no one's around." He told her. "They all went to that
movie, remember?"

"I know." She told him, pulling her panties and socks on.

"They why are you rushing like were gonna get caught?" He asked. "Doors are
locked, no ones around..."

"I just wanna get going, ok?" She said, still not looking at him as she
pulled her shirt and pants on.

Moving off the bed, He stood up, moving towards her. "Victoria, did I do
something wrong?" He asked softly. "Did you say stop before and I didn't
listen? I'm sorry..."

"You didn't do anything wrong." She told him. "I just want to get going..."

"I know, you already said that." He said, starting to pick up on her
nervousness. As she went for the door, he moved over, pressing his hand
against it and closing it before she could slide out. "Victoria, what is
going on?"

"I told you, nothing!" She said, still not looking him in the eye as she
tried to open the door again.

"Bullshit." He said flatly. "Look me in the eye and tell me that."

Looking him in the eye, and fighting to hold his gaze, she said,

"You're lying." He told her. Before she could come up with something else,
he said, "Vicky, you've been acting weird lately. Is someone bothering you?
Am I bothering you? Am I doing something wrong? Because I'm not above
changing. And if you need help, you know you can come to me with pretty much
any problem."

Looking at him, she told him, "Tim, you can't solve every problem."

As she went for the door again, he pushed it closed, this time with some
force as it slammed shut. "What does that mean?" He asked. When she didn't
answer, he told her, "I'm starting to think that I've done something to piss
you off, and you're not telling me."

Her eyes full of anger, Victoria snapped, "I told you, it's nothing! Can I
please go?"

Looking at her, and seeing the anger on her face, Tim nodded softly,
stunned. Opening the door, he said, "Go." When she started out the door, he
added, "And maybe it's for the best that you don't come back."

Stopping in the door, she looked at him, her face a strange mix of
confusion, and anger, and fear. Giving him a small nod, she said, "Maybe."

Turning and moving out of the room and through the bathroom, Victoria made a
quick exit from the RV, moving towards the women's changing room as Tim
closed his door softly. Locking it, he stumbled back towards the bed, taking
a seat on the edge as he let his head drop into his hands. "What the fuck
was that about?" He mumbled, still shaking his head as he tried to figure
out what had caused him and Victoria to go from the throws of passion to
deciding it was over in the matter of a few minutes.

Shaking his head, he pushed himself off the bed, ripping his condom off and
tossing it towards the trash. Moving over towards his dresser, he opened the
top drawer, scowling at the lack of underwear staring back at him. Looking
around the room, he grumbled, "Victoria doesn't mind stealing my underwear,
but can't give me an answer." Sighing, he reached into the drawer, knowing
he had more important things to do than stand around and worry about another
Victoria mood swing. Pulling out a pair of shorts, he quickly hopped into
them, to tired to care about whether he should take a shower or not as he
kicked the drawer closed, reaching down and opening up another drawer,
pulling out a pair of shorts and pulling them over his legs.

Looking himself over, he sighed, reaching out and opening his shirt drawer.
Looking down at it, he tilted his head to the side, whining as he peeked
deeper into the small space, hoping his shirts had somehow crawled to the
back and were hiding from his view, and not missing in action like he
feared. Quickly realizing that they were in fact gone, he sighed again,
starting to get tired of hearing the noise as he pulled a shirt on, moving
away from the dresser, not tempting fate and seeing how many socks he had

Moving through the bathroom and into the kitchen, he reached for the door
and snapped the lock shut, wanting peace as he took his seat at his table,
opening up his laptop with groan, rubbing his throbbing temples as he waited
for it to power up and let him get his work done so he could go back to

*Ring, ring*

Eyeing the phone, he shook his head, contemplating not answering it.

"It's never anything good." He reasoned, listening to the phone ring. "No
Playboy Bunnies calling to seduce you."

*Ring, ring*

"Or even Vince to say thanks." He said.

*Ring, ring*

"If that's Trish trying to bum a ride to the arena..." He grumbled, reaching
over and picking up the phone, punching it on and holding it to his ear.


"Last time I checked, yes." He said. "Who's this?"

"Torrie." She said. Smiling, she added, "Didn't think it had been that long
that you'd forget me..."

"I didn't forget you." He assured her. "Just having another in a long string
of shit days."

"Did I call at a bad time?"

"If you waited for a good time, you might not get to call at all." He joked.
"What can I do for you?"

"I was just calling to let you know I got all my shit cleared up." She said.
"The divorce went through this morning, and I'm ready to come back, if you
still want me back..."

"Of course." He told her firmly. Smiling, he made a note on his computer.
"Someone needs to help Maria against Victoria and Candice."

"You just wrote that down, didn't you?"

"I did." He confirmed. "But whether I erase it or not depends on the answer
to this next question?"

"Does it involve me on my knees?" She joked.

"What would you be doing on your knees?" He asked with a grin.

"Begging for my job?"

"You have a job." He promised her. "But no, not that question. The question
is, how quick can you get back here?"

"How quick do you need me there?"

"Next week, if you can." He said. "I can have Maria come out and have a
match with Candice and get jumped by Victoria, and say she's got someone
waiting to help her out, which, by the way, would be you."

"Gee, I'd have never guessed." Torrie giggled. "And yes, I'll come in for
next week. Like I said, I'm free and clear from here on out. Problems
solved, moving on."

"I'm happy to hear that." He told her. "So I'll put that in the official
notes for this week, which means I expect you to get your butt out here for
next week, got it?"

Giggling, she told him, "Got it."

"I'm happy to hear that." He told her. "Missed you around here."

"I missed you guys to." She said, before smiling to herself. "And don't
forget, I owe you for holding my spot for me."

"And don't forget." He said, making some more notes. "I told you that you
don't owe me shit. It's like sports. You don't lose your spot to injury,
even broken hearts."

"And don't forget..." She said, grinning. "I told you that was bullshit, and
I owe you. You could have just sat me at home for needing time off, but you
obviously didn't, so I owe you. No ifs, ands or buts. I always repay my

Shaking his head, he said, "Whatever. If you think you owe me for doing my
job, by all means, work with that. Whatever gets you back out here and
wrestling for me, I'll take."

"Will do." She said, grinning from ear to ear. "I'll see you next week,

"See you then, Torrie." He said. "You do remember what time the show starts,

"Hanging up now..."

"See you next week." He said, smiling as she hung up the phone. Shaking his
head as he set the phone down, he looked at his notes, smiling as he started
reworking Maria's angle, speeding it up to include the injection of Torrie.
"Feisty little thing." He joked, his mood lifting slightly as he began to
type again, ideas flowing into the computer.

* * *

Looking at the door in front of him, Tim scowled. He hated this door. Every
time he went near this door, something shitty happened. Last time, he had a
glass of Pepsi thrown in his face. The time before that, spat on. Shaking
his head, he prepared for the worst as he gave the door a few heavy knocks,
waiting for the customary bellow to come in before pushing open the door to
the Divas locker room. Looking around, and seeing smiling faces, he smiled a
bit, thinking he had gotten off lucky.

Then he spotted the scowling red head sitting in the corner, and his mood
went to hell instantly.

"Here's this weeks notes." He said, trying to avoid eye contact with Lita,
moving down the line of Divas, handing them notes.

"Tim, can we..." Victoria started, before he blew past her, dropping her
notes into her lap as he moved on to Trish, holding hers out.

"If you're not on the show tonight, which there are very few who aren't,
feel free to head out early." He told them, moving to Lita and holding out
her notes. When she looked at him and scowled, he tossed them towards her,
not in the right mood to deal with her. "Take them or not, I don't give a
shit." He told her. "You're not on it anyway. The only reason your still
here is because Edge begged Vince to keep you around without pay, so I'm
just going to do us both a huge favor and just not print your notes off, ok?
Save some trees..."

As Tim moved on towards the next Diva, Mickie, sitting several stalls down,
Lita stood up. "Why aren't I on the show?" She spat. "I sell more than
almost every other Diva in the company..."

"Which means exactly jack shit to me because you refuse to go to wrestling
practice." He said, continuing down the line, handing out papers, avoiding
eye contact with the red head stalking in behind him.

"We've been over this a million fucking times!" She yelled. "I! Do! Not!
Need! Wrestling! Practice!"

Turning to glare at her, Tim snapped. "You need more practice than any
fucking person around here! He bellowed. "The fucking lighting guy could
pull off a better match than you! You! Are! A! Human! Fucking! Lawn! Dart!"

"You fucking prick!"

"You fucking worthless cum bucket!" He shouted. "Why don't you just hurry up
and kill yourself and fucking leave me alone!" Seeing her go to spit some
more venom, Tim threw his hands up, tossing the notes around as the Divas
stood up to break up another fight. "Fuck it, I don't care!" He shouted.
"There's the notes, read them, I'm fucking leaving!"

Spinning around and storming from the locker room, he pushed past Trish, who
was attempting to keep him from blowing a blood vessel in his brain, and
Victoria, who was looking at him with big, wide eyes, and threw the door
open, shattering plaster on the wall as the door rattled with the impact.
Rearing back and kicking a trash can, he sent it sprawling down the hallway
as he walked back towards his RV.

Moving down the hallway, he ran his fingers through his hair, trying, to
calm his frayed nerves down. "Pizza." He told himself. "You need pizza...and
a nice, tall, cold glass of Coke...and some wings...and oof!"

Stumbling backwards from the impact into his stomach, Tim scrambled to keep
his footing, his anger returning as he snapped his head up, looking around
for Orton or Batista, wondering which one had decided it would be funny to
gut punch the booker this time. Seeing Traci falling to the ground, he moved
to her, holding out his hand and taking hers, helping her to her feet

"Shit, Traci, I'm sorry." He said, looking her over quickly, making sure she
wasn't hurt or bleeding. "I just wasn't looking..." Looking down at her, and
seeing her face, he asked, "What's wrong?" Sniffling softly, she tried to
shake her head, but Tim stopped her. "I'm tired of hearing "Nothing" today,
so don't even." He told her. "What is wrong? You look like you're scared

"Tim, it's ok..."

"I'm going to give you till the count of three to tell me what's wrong." He
told her. "And if you don't tell me by the count of three, I'm going to
assume it's so traumatic that you can't talk about it, and therefore need
some time off the road to recover. One...two..."

"Someone made some...unwanted advances." She said softly.

"Who is someone?" He said, trying to smile and put her at ease as murderous
rage built up in his body, not having far to go after dealing with Lita and
Victoria all day.



"Orton." She said, looking away. "He didn't do...anything, just...I don't
know." She said softly. "I didn't feel comfortable saying no, put it that
way. I all but had to mace him to get him to stop."

"Ok." He said, giving her a nod and pulling her in for a hug, putting on a
happy face as she relaxed in his arms. "Don't worry about it. I'll take care
of it, ok?" When she looked at him and tried to say something, he put his
finger over her lips, nodding slowly as he smiled wide. "Shhhh..." He told
her. "I'll deal with it. That's what I get paid to do, remember?" When she
nodded a bit, he pulled back. "There's some notes scattered around the
dressing room floor. Go grab one. You have a big match tonight, missy."

"I do?" She asked softly.

"You do." He said, skillfully changing the topic. "Get to wrestle Jillian on
Extreme. Gonna be your first match on Extreme."

"Thank you Tim!" She said, hugging him tightly.

"No problem." He said, breaking apart slightly. "Now, excuse me, but I gotta
go finish up some work." Looking at her, he grinned. "Don't forget, you're
the newbie. Your turn to cook tonight." When she nodded and giggled, he
broke apart, moving past her as his smile slowly fell, turning into a scowl
as he moved down the hallway. Making a turn, he grabbed the first stagehand
he could find, pulling him aside. "Where is Orton?" He asked. When the guy
gave him a blank stare, Tim held his hand a few inches above his head.
"Randy Orton? Bout this tall? Constant shit eating grin on his face? Ring
any bells?"

"Last I saw, that way." The guy said, pointing down the hallway.

Giving the guy a pat on the shoulder, Tim continued down the hallway,
sighing as he saw Stephanie walk out from around a corner, spotting him.


"In a minute." He said, locking onto his target as he picked up speed.

Looking between Tim and Randy, Steph had a fairly good idea what was about
to happen, and started moving quickly towards Tim, trying to cut him off
before he made it to Randy, but falling short as Tim gained the large mans


~To late...~ Stephanie thought, picking up speed in an effort to at least
stop the confrontation from becoming a slugfest.

Turning away from the stagehand he was talking to, and towards Tim, Randy
smiled. "Tim! Leader of the cheerleaders..."

"We have a problem." Tim said, not returning his smile.

"Ribs still hurt from last week?" Randy asked.

"Ribs are fine." He told him. "I was referring to something you said to one
of my Divas. Something I thought several months worth of therapy and a
suspension would have gotten out of you."

Shrugging, Randy told him, "What can I say? I'm set in my ways."

"Are you fucking retarded?" Tim spat, yanking his arm away as Steph finally
caught up to him. "No means no, asshole."

"If she meant no." Randy told him. "I could tell, she didn't mean no."

Seeing more wrestlers quickly taking an interest to the situation, and
Batista quickly moving to Orton's side, Tim knew it might be best to put it
to bed quickly. "Why are you always picking on my Divas?" He asked. "A
professional man whore like you must have a skank in every town."

"I probably do."

"Then why?"

"Because I can." He told Tim. Shrugging, he said, "The cunts around here
love that shit."

His fists balling up, Tim gritted his teeth, wanting so badly to punch the
smug grin off of Orton's face, but knowing it wouldn't be healthy for his
job security, or, with Batista standing by his side, his physical health.
Realizing that if he stood there to much longer and traded barbs with the
wrestler, it was going to come to that, he pointed at him. "This is your
last warning." He told him. "There big girls. They do what they want. But no
means no. And if you don't follow that, next time, I will fucking end you."

Turning around and storming off, Tim ignored the calls from Orton to come
back, knowing any return to the scene of the argument would be done charging
and with violence intended.

Watching as Tim rounded the corner and headed to the parking garage,
Stephanie turned towards Orton. "Cunts?" She asked. "One more comment like
that, and you're heading back for another ninety days of sensitivity
training. Got it?" When he shrugged and walked away, Batista in tow,
Stephanie did the same, racing after Tim, intent on catching the young man
before he went postal. Spotting him heading out the ramp towards the
parking, she picked up the pace, her shoes clacking off the cement floor as
she thought about calling out to him, but knowing it would be pointless,
that in his mood, he wouldn't stop for a train wreck.

Putting on the afterburners, Stephanie reached out, grabbing Tim by the
shoulder and dragging him to a stop with her best horse collar tackle as he
whipped around, glaring at her.


"Tim...slow...down..." She panted softly.

"What do you want?" He asked. Pointing towards the backstage area, he said,
"I don't know if you noticed, but I'm not in a real great mood today."

"No shit." She said, slowly catching her breath. "Look, Tim, you know I like
you and everything, but you need to calm down." She told him. "You can't be
going around threatening wrestlers."

"But they can go around sexually harassing my Divas?" He asked. Before she
could answer, he told her, "Fuck no. If Vince won't do shit about it, I'll
do shit about it."

"And get fired?" She asked. "For what? To get a little revenge on Orton? And
then what? He comes back..."

"Assuming I don't cripple him..."

"And does it all over again, and you're not here to stop him, because you're
sitting at home unemployed." She finished.

"So, pretty much, I'm fucked." He said. "I can let him do what he wants, or
I can get fired for standing up for my Divas?"

"Since when have they been "Your" Divas?"

"Since your father put me in charge of them and told me I had control." He
said. "If one of them quits because Orton decides to revert to grade school
and shit in their bags, I lose a talent. And your father isn't helping me
one fucking bit!"

"Then let me help you!" She said. "Tim, I really don't want to see you
fired. I can't suspend Orton like my dad can, but I do the writing. I can
book him out of matches. Put him in the mid card. I can punish him, even if
you don't think I can. Just let me help you."

"You don't understand..."

"No, you don't understand." Stephanie said. "Save for raping someone, Orton
isn't getting fired. He's be suspended like half a dozen times, been linked
to steroids, the whole nine, and he's still here. He's not going anywhere.
No matter how much you think your job is important, to Vince, it's not. He
likes the money, but he'd shit can you in a heartbeat if he though it was
you or Orton. Believe that."

Letting out a long breath, Tim ran his fingers through his hair. "Then what
the fuck am I supposed to do?" He asked softly.

"Next time, come to me." She said. "I'm the one you report to, so any
further incidents like this, tell me. Got it?"

"And you'll do something?" He asked. "Because I'm sick of seeing that dick
bag getting pushed to the moon after I report him for shit."

"I'll do what I can." She promised him.

Shaking his head, he motioned towards the back. "What the fuck is Batista
doing here, anyways?" He asked. "Isn't that shaved ape on Smackdown?"

"He got transferred back." She grumbled. "Hunter wanted him on the same show
as him, and viola, he's dropped into my lap." Looking at Tim, she said, "And
his bimbo came with him."

"Does his bimbo wrestle?"

"Not a bit."

Smiling, he patted her on the shoulder. "Good luck with bimbo."

As Tim turned and walked away from her, Steph shook her head, grinning
slightly. "Gee, your all heart." She said.

As Steph turned and moved back towards the backstage area, Tim made his way
towards his RV, reaching up and opening his door, pulling himself in and
going straight towards the bedroom, needing some rest. Pulling up his shirt,
he moved through the bathroom, slowing down so he could navigate into the
bedroom without walking into anything.

"Oooooo, take it all off, Tim!"

Pulling his shirt off and looking into his room, he sighed. "Trish..."

"Come on, come on..." She teased. "Just the pants and underwear left."

"I have shoes and socks on." He noted.

"I don't care about them." She teased. Seeing his face, she shook her head.
"Not in a good mood?"

"Am I ever?"

"Sometimes." She said. "Ready for our nap?"

Sighing, he rubbed his forehead with his hands. "Trish, I'm having a piss
poor day, and I don't want to take it out on you."

"You're not going to take it out on me." She told him firmly, scooting over
and off the bed, moving over to him and taking his arm in hers, leading him
towards the bed. Reaching around to his front, she grabbed the belt on his
jeans, unhooking them and letting them drop to the floor. "You're going to
get into bed, relax, and tell Trish all about your shitty day." She informed
him. "Stay facing that way. I gotta change."

"Can I help you?" He asked, grinning slightly. "You seem adept at helping

"I'm adept at undoing your belt." She said. "Without grabbing cock, I might
add. I'm not so sure you could do the same without grabby hands."

"How did you learn that skill, anyways?"

"You fall asleep on your stomach a lot. If you do that with a belt on, it
might hurt." She told him, quickly stripping nude before reaching into her
drawer, pulling out his underwear and pulling them on, grabbing a shirt and
pulling it over herself. Grabbing his arm again, she waited for him to kick
off his shoes, socks and pants before moving over to the bed, laying him
down before assuming her spot beside him. "So, spill. What's so shitty?"

"How often do you take off my pants?"

"Excuse me?"

Looking at her, he asked, "You seem very...skilled at it. How often?"

"Once or twice a week." She told him. "Can't have a sore booker, can we?"

"Would this be going back to my sushi for sex suggestion?"

"No. Now, quit stalling, and spill."


"I'm not letting you out of this bed until you spill."

Looking at her with a grin, he asked, "And that's supposed to make me want
to talk?"

"Alright, correction." She said. Reaching over, she started poking him
softly. "Not gonna stop doing this until you spill. I want a happy booker.
Happy booker means happy Trish. I like being happy, Tim."

Letting his head fall back, Tim groaned. "There are some things I can't tell
you about. There personal, ok?" When she nodded, he told her, "If you can
deal with the vagueness of it, I'll tell you. Deal?"

"Deal." She told him. "You know you can tell me anything."

"Ok...umm...." He said, smiling. "Trying to figure out how to vague this

"Do your best, booker man."

"I have this...special friendship..."

"You're fucking someone."

"Thank you, oh blunt one." He said with a grin. "I never said that. Anyways,
as you well know, I'm not making many new friends around here as is." He
told her. "Been here for months, most people still hate me."

"Hate is a strong word."

"And the right one." He said.

"The Divas like you."

"Which is all I care about." He told her. "Anyways, me and this friend are
having a weird patch right now. Our...special friendship..."


"Again, not saying that. It's kinda going weird." He said. "Not, like, cover
her in lube and use her for a slip and slide weird, but...we have an issue
between us, that she thinks is one, I don't, and she's been acting strange
lately on top of it..."

"You need to lay better wood."

"I lay plenty good wood, or so I'm told." He told her with a grin. "Ever
fall for my sushi trap, and you'll find that out." When she giggled, he
continued, "And, Lita. I don't think I have to explain that one."

"Ah, no."

"And, when I'm done fighting with Lita today, I go storming out, and Traci
runs headlong into me, looking like she's gonna bawl, saying Orton was
sexually harassing her. So I go and bitch him out, but there's nothing I can
really do about it, because he's one of Vince's boys, and I'm just the
retard who got stuck with the Divas."

"You have had a shitty day." She told him.

"I have." He said. "Been a shitty few weeks. Had some bright spots." Looking
at her, he grinned. "Our sushi time was nice."

"It was."

"And, Torrie called after me and my...special friend had an argument this
morning, and told me she'd be coming back next week."

"That's good news." Trish told him. "I need someone to help drown out
Maria's snoring." When he grinned, she asked, "So, this special friendship are fucking someone, correct?"

"That's one of the things I'd like not to talk about."

"Why not?"


"Ah, good point." She said sarcastically.

"Anyways, it just seems that I'm spending more time putting out fires lately
than I am doing real work, and it's starting to take it's toll." He said
with a sigh. "My head feels like it's going to implode half the time."

Grinning, she told him, "Tim, you need to get laid."

Looking at her, he smiled. "You offering?"


"Shit." When she giggled, he said, "Getting laid isn't a problem..."

"So I was right about fuck buddy?"

"I never said that."

"Can I ask a question?" She asked, smiling at him.


Leaning up slowly, Trish kissed his neck softly, catching him off guard, but
making him moan softly. "Please, Tim? Just one?" She asked, peppering his
neck with kisses.


"Is this special friend the same special friend who's panties I found on
your floor that night I came and picked up Mickie?" Trish asked, giving him
a few soft licks to seal her question.


Pulling back, he mission accomplished, she smiled. "So, which Diva is it?"

Looking confused, more so that her lips were gone than he question, he
asked, "What?"

"Which. Diva. Is. It?" She asked, grinning at him.

Shaking his head, he told her, "Trish, you know I can't sleep with Divas..."

"You can't hit on us." She said. "I've read your little rules list, Tim. You
can pound us all night if we do the hitting on. And, since we're half the
country away from that night, you don't fly, and I never see anyone
following us, it has to be one of us. So, who is it?"

Realizing he had been found out, Tim went ghostly white, all the color
draining from his face. "Trish..."

"Tim, I'm not going to rat you out." She promised him. "Shit, if Vince knew
about us napping together, you'd probably get fired. Notice I don't tell
anyone that?" When he nodded, she said, "Who is it?"

"Trish..." He whined softly. "I can't tell you that. It might get them..."

"Them?" Trish asked, her smile picking up. Seeing him whine, she giggled.
"Please, Tim, I promise, I won't tell. Please?"

"Trish..." He said, shaking his head. "Please, I promised I wouldn't say
anything. And me telling you will get me in all kinds of shit, not just with
them, but with Vince. Lita would love to find out because it could probably
get me fired."

Nodding, Trish's face fell a little bit. "You're right." She said softly.
"I'm sorry."

"It's ok..."

"How many are them?"

Looking at her, he said, "Excuse me?"

"You said "Get them in trouble."." She said. "Them is plural."

"I know." He said. "I passed second grade English."

"How many is them?" Seeing him go to fight, she whined. "Please, Tim? If you
give me numbers, I won't ask for names. Promise." Holding up her hand, she
said, "Shake on it."

Sighing, he realized he wasn't getting his nap without telling her, and she
was being persistent about something that wasn't a big deal to her. "No
names?" He said. When she nodded, he took her hand, shaking it. "I will bury
you if you keep after me about this. I'm talking making ménage au trios with
Viscera and Big Dick Johnson type of buried."

"Eww, and got it." She said. "Promise."

Sighing, he let his head fall back, making sure he got the numbers right.

"Four?" She asked, giggling. When he nodded, she poked him softly. "You
little stud muffin you."

"Not quite." He said. "It's looking like it's down to three, after today."

"Why?" She asked. Seeing the look on his face, she quickly told him, "If you
can tell me without giving away a name, tell me. If not, I'll drop it."

Nodding, he thought it over, trying to figure out how to explain it without
getting himself in any more shit. "This person, and I, have had an on going
argument about a barrier between us, with me telling her it's not a problem
for me, but she keeps insisting that it is. This morning, after we...did it,
she acted really weird, and wouldn't talk to me. I tried to figure out what
was wrong, but she wouldn't say, and started acting mad at me for wanting to
help her, so I finally just told her that I think it would be better if we
stopped. She didn't argue, so I let it drop." Sighing softly, he added,
"She's been trying to talk to me all day, but I keep blowing her off. My
days been going shitty as it is, and I don't need to fight with her."

Nodding, Trish told him, "You should talk to her." Looking at him, she said,
"What's it gonna hurt? If you like her, you wouldn't want to throw that away
just because of your pride."

"I suppose." He said. Reaching down and curling his arm under her, he pulled
her closer. "After our nap. Now shut up." As Trish giggled and curled up
against him, he looked down at her, smiling, before tilting his head back,
and scowling. "Are you wearing my underwear?"

Looking down, she nodded, before looking back up, a proud smile on her face.
"I got Marvin The Martian. My favorite." Hearing him grumbled, she giggled.

"I only have...had like a dozen pair of underwear you know." He said.
"Apparently, I'm down to like three now."

"You should buy some more then." She giggled. "I could use some more."

Looking at her, he shook his head. "I have half a mind to rip the fucking
things off and take them back."

Arching her eyebrow, she cooed, "You can touch me anyway you want, Tim..."

Shaking his head, he leaned back as she continued to giggle. "Shut up." He
told her. "And get to sleep."

"Whatever you say, you big strong stud muffin you."

"Shut up, or I will take my underwear back."

"You can..."

"Sleep. Now."

Smiling, Trish let her head rest on his chest, closing her eyes as she got
her giggling under control, taking a few deep breaths to calm herself before
trying to get back into a sleeping mood, making sure Tim drifted off before
she allowed herself to relax fully.

* * *

"I don't think its Maria who needs drowning out."

Looking over at Tim as he pulled his jeans on, facing away from her, she
smiled. "Are you insinuating that I snore?"

"No, I'm flat out telling you that you do." He told her. "You sound like a
bull moose."

Scoffing, Trish reached out and hit him on the shoulder. "I do not! Only fat
people snore that loud."

"Well, you do have plenty of weight on your chest..."

Hitting him again, she said, "You are in a mood today, aren't you?"

"I'm trying to joke." He told her. "Joking helps my head not hurt."

Pulling her shirt on, she grinned. "You do joke very well. But I don't

"It's like a chain saw going through a fully revved up Mac truck..."

"I'm never napping with you again." Trish said with a grin as she pulled her
jeans on. "Same time next week?"

"Whenever I get tired." He told her. "Happens every so often."

"You know, for a guy who claims to be an insomniac..." She said, patting him
on the shoulder, giving him the sign that the coast was clear. "You sure nap
a lot."

Turning to face her, he reached for the door, unlocking it and opening it up
for her. "That's because you talk me into it. Who could say no to napping
with you?"

Giggling, she moved out through the door. "Anyone who knew that it was a
nookie free nap."

"I dunno." He said, grinning. "I got some kisses out of you. I'm wearing you

"You got kisses because I wanted info." She said.

"I think I'm wearing you down." He said, moving out into the kitchen.
Looking up and spotting a short blonde standing by his table, his mind raced
down the options. ~Trish? Right in front of you. Torrie? Still at home.
Ashley...?~ "Umm, hello?"

As the blonde turned to face the nappers, Trish's face lit up, making her
surge across the room. "Terri!" She squealed happily, pulling the ex-Diva in
for a hug. "Oh my god, how are you?"

"Good!" Terri said, smiling as Trish pulled back, her face still beaming.
"You didn't tell me you guys were gonna be doing tapings in town..."

"Ohmygod, I forgot!" Trish said, slapping her hand over her mouth. "I've
been so busy with shows, and signings, and..."

"It's no problem." Terri giggled. "I keep an eye on the site to see when you
guys are rolling through my neck of the woods." Looking around Trish and
smiling at Tim, she asked, "You Trish's new man?" Looking at Trish, she
grinned. "Landed a cute one, Trishy..."

"Umm, no." Trish said softly, smiling. "Not my boyfriend. Still single."
Pointing at Tim, Trish said, "This is our booker, Tim Cutler."

Looking at the young man as he rocked back and forth on his heels, she
asked, "Your booker?"

Holding out his hand, Tim smiled. "I'm the booker for the Divas. Vince
brought me in a while back to look after these pack of freaks..."


"...And I accepted the job because they are great to work with." He
finished, smiling at Trish. "Especially Trish. But don't tell anyone I said

Taking his hand and shaking it, Terri smiled at Trish. "So the girls got
their own boss, huh?"

"Our own boss, more TV time, and our own web show." Trish said with a proud
smile. "All because of Tim here."

Looking at Tim, Terri joked, "Where were you when I was around?"

"Umm...probably finishing high school." He said. "Early."

Smiling, Terri said, "You got a young one here, Trishy."

As Terri and Trish giggled at the joke, Tim blushed softly, trying to find
somewhere to be other than between the two giggling blondes. "Well, if you
guys will excuse me, I have some stuff I have to work out." He said. "Gotta
go lobby Steph and try to get a good spot on the show..."

"No problem, sweetie." Terri said, making him blush worse. "It was nice to
meet you."

Taking her hand and shaking it, he told her, "It was nice to meet you to,
Ms. Runnells..."


"Tim's big on manners." Trish said with a grin.

"So I see." Terri said.

"...I've always been a fan of yours." He finished.

Arching her eyebrow, Terri smiled. "Have you now?" When he nodded, she
asked, "So if I was looking to get a job around here and get back into it,
you'd have a place for me?"

"Unless you wanna be a full time wrestler, then no. That's what I look
after." He said. "And now, if you'll excuse me..."

Seeing his red cheeks and Trish's smiling face, Terri moved into his path,
blocking his exit. "Do you think I have the look to be a wrestler around
here?" She asked.

Looking at her, he asked, "The look?"

Nodding, she told him, "Well, it's no secret honey, Vince doesn't hire ugly
girls. So, do I have the look?"

"Tim does the hiring now." Trish offered, knowing it would be of no help to
Tim but of great use to Terri's teasing.

"You do?" She asked, smiling at him. When he nodded, she smiled. "So, do I?"

Realizing he wasn't getting out of there with any shame left, he nodded,
blushing madly. "Your look is as beautiful as always, and if you'd want to
wrestle, I'd be willing to work with you." He told her, before moving her to
the side. "Gotta go."

As Tim made a quick exit from the RV, Trish and Terri waited for the door to
close before bursting out laughing, both of them doubling over as they
howled. Wiping her eyes dry, Terri stood up, shaking her head.

"God, Trish, you have a cutie on your hands there." She said, smiling at the
other Diva. "Don't let him sweet talk you into bed."

Moving past Terri to the fridge, Trish opened it and grabbed a soda, holding
it up and giving it to Terri before taking one herself. "Tim is anything but
smooth." Trish told her. "And I think he bed is plenty full."

Smirking at Trish as she took a drink of her pop, Terri offered, "There's
always room for someone else in the bed."

Gawking at the older Diva, Trish said, "You like him, don't you?" Seeing it
was Terri's turn to blush, Trish laughed. "What the hell did you used to
call it? Taking a shine to him?"

Shrugging, Terri said, "What can I say? He's cute. But if he was in high
school when I was here, then I'm way to old for him."

Smiling, Trish shrugged back. "You never know unless you try, now do you?"

Looking at Trish, Terri asked, "Are you trying to hook me up with your boss?
What, aren't you getting matches or something?"

"I'm getting more matches now than I ever got before." Trish said. "Not
saying it for that. I'm just saying, you know?"

"Yea, I know." Terri said, shaking her head. "I just don't trust you."

Smiling, Trish shrugged, her shoulders, leaning back against the counter.
"Just offering suggestions." She mused, taking a sip of her soda as she

* * *

Shaking his head as he moved down the long hallway, Tim looked over his
notes, trying to figure out where to start. "I should start by talking to
Victoria..." He mumbled, looking over his notes again, hoping something else
would pop up at him that didn't involve the pissed off Diva.

"Booker! Booker!"

"I just wish she'd talk to me..."

"Booker! Fuck...what's your stupid name?"

Stopping and looking behind him, Tim rolled his eyes and sighed as he
realized that the large mass of muscles huffing and puffing down the hallway
wasn't calling for Booker T, but him. "It's Tim." He said. "What do you
want, Batista?"

Rumbling to a stop in front of Tim, Dave Batista put on a big grin. "Tim?"
He asked. When Tim nodded, he held out his hand. "Batista. I don't think
we've been properly introduced..."

"Yea, I seem to remember something about Orton elbowing me in the ribs and
bruising two of them while you tripped me into a guard rail." Tim said
flatly. "I think we've been introduced all I want. What do you want?"

"Get right to the point. I like that." Batista said with a smile. "Listen, I
just got shifted back over to Raw a few days ago, and I brought someone with
me, and I was hoping you could help me out a little bit..."

"Forgive me if I don't jump at the chance to help you." Tim said. "Who is

"Rebecca. Sexy girl, bout this tall?" Dave said, holding his hand up to a
vague guess at Rebecca's height.

"That describes about every girl around here." Tim said. "Be more specific."

"Alright, my girlfriend." Dave said. "Happy now?"

"Don't you have a wife?" Tim asked.

"I want you to put Rebecca in some matches." Dave said, ignoring Tim's jab.
"She's got it in her head she wants to wrestle, so I figured I'd ask you to
do me this favor."

"Does she have any training?" Tim asked, slowly becoming aware of who he was
talking about. ~Batista's DS cock-socket.~ Tim thought. ~I thought I stuck
her with Steph?~

Shaking his head, Batista waved his hands. "Doesn't need any..."

"If she's going to be stepping into a ring with one of my Divas, she needs
training." He said. "Send her down to OVW, get her some training, and I'll
consider it. Until then, no. Go talk to Steph. She deals with the non-
wrestling Divas, not me."

Getting visibly upset that the much smaller man hadn't done what he
requested right away, Batista told him in a firm voice, "Listen, it doesn't
matter if she can wrestle or not. Trained, untrained, women on TV are a
waste of space. All they do is prance around, act tough and take up TV time
that could be used for the boys."

"Are you fucking serious?" Tim asked, quickly losing his patience with the
larger man. "This coming from an Ultimate Warrior clone? You wanna talk
about wastes of space? How about you, Captain Rope Shaker, and your running
buddy Orton, Captain Headlock!" Pointing at Batista, he spat, "My Divas work
ten times harder than you, have ten times the moves you do, can cut a promo
without cue cards..." Smiling, he took his final shot, adding, "And I'm
betting most, if not all of them could pass a piss test without masking
agents." Seeing Batista's somewhat restrained demeanor completely evaporate,
Tim pushed past him. "When she gets training, let me know. She is hot, so
I'm sure I can find something for her to do...even if it's not on TV."

Moving out into the main area, and quickly getting lost in the shuffle, Tim
smiled at himself, proud at his upper hand in the sparring contest as he
quickly ducked into another hallway, knowing the larger man would want to
tip the scales in his advantage, probably with a beating, and not wanting to
go down that road. "Besides." He grumbled, starting down the hallway. "Gotta
find Victoria..."

Shaking his head, Tim walked down the hallway, honestly not knowing where
Victoria might be in the massive building, but determined to find her.
Rounding the corner and walking down the hallway, he smiled as he spotted
Mickie running in place, her back to him and oblivious to the young man
watching her body with rabid interest. Seeing her bend over, Tim smiled as a
plan formed in his mind, looking around and making sure they were alone in
the hallway, grabbing his clipboard tight to keep it from making noise as he
crept up behind her, moving as quickly as he could without making a noise.

Stretching her arms out, Mickie reached out as far as she could, stretching
her back as she bent over at the waist, looking down the hallway before
closing her eyes, relaxing as she tried to get ready for her match.


Bolting upright with murderous intentions, Mickie spun around, her eyes
alight with fire as she started to yell, "Who the fuck..." Before she saw
who was shaking their hand at the stinging her pleather pants had caused on
the slap. "Tim!"

Smiling, Tim grabbed her around the waist, pulling her aside and ducking
into a small hiding spot. Leaning down, he offered her a kiss, something she
gladly took, wrapping her arms around his neck and holding him close as his
hands slid around from her hips, cupping her booty, making her moan.

Breaking apart, he smiled. "I saw that big booty sticking up in the air, and
I just had to tap that ass." He said, rubbing her squirming butt. "Sorry if
I crossed the line..."

"New rule." Mickie said, smiling. "Booty spankings are on the menu,

"I'll remember that." He promised her, kissing her again.

Smiling around the kiss, Mickie held him closely, happy with the fact that
Tim had made the first move for the first time. Pulling back, she smiled a
wide smile. "Looking for a sucking, are we? I have time before my match..."

"Not right now." He said, kissing her to stop her from pouting. "Was looking
for Victoria. Have you seen her?"

"I think she's down by catering." She said, leaning up for another kiss.
"Are you busy later?"

"Not that I can think of." He said. "Why?"

"Well..." She said, trailing off as she smiled. "I was wondering if you'd
want to hook up for some sushi and sucky?"

Nodding, he grinned. "I'll get the sushi."

"No, no, don't worry about it." She said softly. "I'll get it. You sprung
for it last time."

"If you insist." He said, kissing her neck softly. "Your so kissable..."

"I try." She mused, holding him close. Smiling, she asked, "Are you sure you
don't want one for the road?"

Shaking his head, he grinned. "I really, really do, but I don't have time."
He said. Moving up and kissing her full on the lips again, he smiled. "But
I'll let you make it up to me two fold tonight, ok?"

"I'll hold you to that." Mickie said, letting her arms drop as he broke

Smiling, Tim moved away from Mickie and let her get back to her stretching
as he moved down the hallway, looking for his angry women's champion. Moving
around the corner and towards catering, he spotted her, picking away at the
layout of food, still not looking especially happy, and he knew he was the

Moving over to her, he slid in beside her, trying to smile. "Hey."

Hearing his voice, Victoria didn't turn. "What?"

Looking around to make sure no one was around, he leaned in, telling her,
"Victoria, we need to talk..."

"Great idea!" She said, turning to face him. "Why didn't I think of that? Oh
wait, I did. Twice!" She snapped, spinning on her heel and moving towards
the exit.

Quickly following her, Tim knew he had to settle this now, whether he liked
it or not. "I deserved that..."

"Of course you did!" She hissed, turning to face him. Pointing at him, she
said, "I tried talking to you, and you blew me off like a piece of garbage!"

Grabbing her hand, Tim power walked backwards, pulling her aside against her
struggles. Putting her so he was between her and an exit, he took a deep
breath, running his fingers through his hair. "Victoria, I'm confused, and
mad, and just having an all around rotten day. I didn't mean to blow up at
you this morning, and I'm sorry, but, god, what is getting you so upset?"

Crossing her arms over her chest, she glared at him. "You didn't seem
interested in finding out earlier." She said. "Why the fuck should I tell
you now?"

"Because I'm an asshole." He said, rubbing his eyes. "Because I fucked up,
and I'm sorry." Looking at her, he added, "And because I care about you,
Victoria." Seeing her go to say something, he quickly added, "And not just
because we've been having sex. I care about you as a person, as one of my
top performers, as a friend. If the sex has to stop so we can be friends, I
promise, I won't be mad." Seeing her stop trying to interrupt, he added,
"But every time we make love lately, you seem so upset after we're done, and
I'd like to know why."

Sighing softly, Victoria rolled her eyes upward, mimicking his actions and
running her fingers through her hair. "It's not you, Tim." She said. "It's

Nodding, he asked, "What are you upset with yourself about?"

Knowing she wasn't getting away without saying it, she said softly, "I'm
upset with myself for sleeping with you again." Looking up at him, she said,
"Tim, no matter what you may tell yourself, I am to old for you. And I
shouldn't be taking over your life with my needs..."

"Whoa, whoa, hold up." He said, holding up his hands. "Victoria, if you
don't want to sleep with me because I'm no good, or you want more in life,
or you just don't want to, then fine. But I'm a big boy. I can make up my
own mind, and you are not taking over my life. You're a key part in it."
Reaching out and putting his hands on her hips, he pulled her closer. "A
very good part in it. And if I didn't want you in my life, I wouldn't take
you into my bed, and into my heart." Deciding to take a chance, he leaned
forward, kissing her softly on the lips. Noting she didn't reject him
outright, he took it as a moral victory. "Victoria, when I spend time with
you, be it in the bed or out of it, I cherish every moment of it. I love
spending time with you, and it hurts me to think that you don't love
spending time with me."

"I do love spending time with you..." She started. "But I'm too..."

Cutting her off before she could say "Old" again, he said, "Then please,
please, please let me know you enjoy it. Every time we're done and you give
me that disgusted look, I feel like a sleaze ball, like your only doing it
because you're worried about your job." Holding her softly, he shrugged his
shoulders, looking away. "But I can't say no to you. I love what we do too
much. You'll have to say no to me."

Forcing him to look her in the eye, she told him flat out, "Tim, I'm not in
love with you. I'm using you for my pleasure."

Nodding, he smiled softly. "I'm not in love with you. I'm using you for my
pleasure." His smile getting a little wider, he asked, "But is that so
wrong?" When she smiled, he pressed his advantage. "Victoria, I'm not in
love with you, but that doesn't mean that I don't love you. I love kissing
you, and making love to you, and waking up to see that wicked smile looking
back at me, asking me silently if I'm ready to go again." Leaning in and
kissing her again, he smiled as she kissed back a little. "I love spending
time with you, and I'd love for that to continue, if you'll have me."

Smiling, Victoria sighed. ~He's doing it again.~ She thought to herself.
~He's talking you into it.~ Grinning, she nodded. "I'll have you. If you do
really want me."

Smiling, he nodded. "I do." He said. Deciding some humor was in order, he
added, "And it's not just because you have an awesome rack...although you do
have an awesome big, and perky, and firm, and bouncy..."

Feeling his hands leave her hips and move up to her chest, she giggled as
she swatted them away, only to be replaced by his face. Feeling him nuzzle
the tops of her breasts, she giggled as she grabbed his head, pulling him
up. "No touching my boobs until we're doing it again. Which, I promise, I
will be more receptive to. Anytime you want, just lemme know, and I'll be
waiting with just a smile on."

Smiling, he nodded. "So..."

"Just not tonight." She said with a giggle. "I gotta fly home."

"You could drive with me. Spend the week with me, driving from town to
town..." He offered slyly.

"Stop that." She said, smiling. "I don't even wanna consider that. I have
things to do, and I can't miss them." Leaning over and kissing him softly,
she said, "But if I didn't, I'd be happy to be your road fuck buddy."

"Good to know." He said.

Feeling his hands moving up her body again, she smiled as she tried to fight
him off, but found herself not wanting to, his nimble touch to much for her
flimsy willpower to over come. "So, why is your day so shitty, besides me?"

"Orton trying to force himself on Traci." He said. "And I think I might have
told Batista I'm going to fuck his girlfriend."

"Not good."

"No." He said, smiling. "But I got a show to run." He said, smiling as he
cupped her breasts softly. "And you have a hot outfit to pour yourself

"It's so, so hot." She teased. "I picked it out just for you."

"Do I get to see you model it sometime?" he asked, smiling. "In private?"

Her face beaming with a grin, she nodded, happy her and Tim were back where
they should be. "Of course." When he nodded and leaned in, kissing her neck,
she smiled. "So, you got the girl, got the sex, and shows about to start.
Day complete, I'd say."

"Not quite." He said, peppering her neck with kisses.

"What more do you need?"

Pulling back and smiling, he put on his best innocent face. "My day will be
complete if I get to see those big, perky, bouncy, sexy boobs one more

Whining softly, she tried not to smile or laugh. "Tim..."

"Please?" He asked, rubbing her body gently, making her squirm. "Please?
Pretty please? Just a quickie?"

"Your quickies aren't quick." She reminded him.

"No sex." He said. "Just a peek. Please?"

Rolling her head around with a groan, Victoria knew she could say no, and
he'd drop it. But with a smile, she knew it wasn't a horrible request.
Looking around and making sure they couldn't be seen, she pulled back
slightly, reaching down and pulling her shirt out of her jeans and pulling
it up, slinging it over her head before reaching down, hooking her thumbs in
her bra and pulling it down, exposing her breasts to his hungry,
appreciative gaze.

Leaning down before she could stop him, he kissed her breasts softly, giving
each soft orb a soft smooch before nuzzling them gently, making her giggle.
Grabbing his head and pulling him up, she smiled as she kissed him.

Looking at her, he grinned. "So, is my Widow's Peak Freak happy now? Are we

Nodding, she grinned. "We're cool."

Breaking apart from her, he blocked any view anyone would have as she got
dressed again, before reaching down and slapping her on the ass, making her
jump. "And you're hot." He said. "Gotta go."

"See you later, Tim." She said, smiling as she ducked around the corner and
back into catering.

Moving out into the main hallway again, Tim did a quick check for three
hundred pound monsters before starting on his journey again, trying to find
something to do to kill the time before Raw. "I could watch TV..." He said,
grumbling, "If it wasn't infested with Divas. Maybe the TV in my room..."

"Hello, friend with benefits."

Turning to his side, and smiling at Maria, he said, "Hello, friend with

"How is my friend?" She asked with a grin.

"I try to be good hard-worker-man, but refrigemater so messy, so so messy."
Seeing the blank look on her face, he smiled. "From a TV show...yea...umm,
not so well, actually." He said, smiling. "Considering sticking my head
under the first truck leaving here tonight. You?"

"Slightly better." She said. "My boxer shorts are in the wash, so I'm
getting them ready to wear on the flight home." Smiling, she said, "They
really do make the flight more enjoyable."

"Ahh." He said, nodding. "I have a three hundred pound roided up gorilla
pissed off a me because I think I took a pot shot at his girlfriend."

"Eeek." She said, smiling. "I guess I should ask what I have planned for the
show and get the hell away from you, shouldn't I?"

"I'd like it if you didn't." He said. "Someone to witness the bloodbath."

"I'll pass." She said, smiling. "So, what's up? Are the notes I got tonight
the final notes?"

"They are." He said with a nod.

"Who's someone?"

"Torrie." He said. "She called today, said she'd be back next week."

"Sweet!" Maria said, smiling. "And we're gonna tag up?"

"For a while at least." He said. "You still have your thing with Carlito
going on, so I'll have to work on it a bit. Just changing gears because
she's coming back."

"No problem." Maria said. "Torrie helped me out shit loads when I first got
here, so if I gotta adjust so she can come back quicker, by all means."

Smiling, he said, "See? That's the team spirit I love about you guys."

"We love you to Tim." She said, giving him a hip bump. "And not just because
you have comfy underwear."

Looking at her, he smiled. "I know I'd like to take them off of you

"Soon." She promised. "But not right now. Gotta go get my game face on."

"You do that." He told her. "I'm gonna go flake out and watch TV."

Smiling, she leaned over, giving him a hug. "Go be good hard worker man."

"I try." He said with a smile, veering off from her as he moved towards the
parking lot. "Gonna watch some TV, gonna watch some TV..."

"Tim! Tim!"

"Gonna stop and start crying, gonna stop and start crying..." He sang
softly, turning towards the voice and watching as Steph walked towards him.
"Any news on ass bag?"

"No." She said, looking nervous. "Why didn't you come and see me today? You
normally give me your show listing..."

"I could have sworn I did." He said. "I know I dropped one off."

"And you usually come back to go over it." She said, before adding
sheepishly, "And if you had, you'd know that the Maria/Candice match has to
be moved to Heat..."

"What?" Tim yelled, glaring at her. "Why?"

"Dad wanted to do a title ceremony for Cena tonight, and something had to
go..." She said, before Tim cut her off.

"And you offered up one of my two fucking spots instead of one of the dozen
or so other spots!" He shouted.

"Tim, calm down." She said, looking up at him. "It's a one time thing..."

"Until the next time you need a few extra seconds for some bullshit." He
spat. "And then, I lose another spot. Then it happens again, and again, and
pretty soon, I don't have shit to work with." Throwing his hands up in
frustration, he moved away from the bosses daughter, intent on getting away
from her before he did something he'd regret.

Chasing after the angry young man, Stephanie held out a sheet of paper,
pushing it towards him. "Here, take this."

Looking down at the paper, he asked, "What's this? Proof that I'm getting

"It's the Vixens notes for the ECW tapings tomorrow." She said. "You always
look at them for me..."

Shaking his head, he glared at her. "After what you did, you expect me to
help you?" He asked in disbelief. When she went to say something, he turned
his back to her, moving away. "Just...just go away. And leave me the hell
alone. I'll have someone bring you my notes from here on out."

Leaving Stephanie behind him, Tim veered off course, moving towards the
exit, needing some fresh air before he exploded. Rearing back and kicking
the door open, storming out onto the sidewalk and taking a seat against the
building, making sure he had his pass to get back in before letting the door
close. Letting his head rest against the cold wall of the building, he shook
it softly, scowling as he felt something vibrating in his pocket.

"Steph, if that's you, I'm quitting." He grumbled, shaking his head as he
reached into his pocket. Pulling out his phone, he looked at the caller ID,
trying to place the number but coming up blank. Shaking his head, he flipped
open the phone, holding it up to his ear. "Who's this?"

"Tim?" Came the voice from the other end. "Tim the booker person?"

Quickly placing the spotty English, Tim would have smiled if he didn't think
it would have killed him. "It's me, Maryse." He said. "How are you doing?"

"I..." She started, before sighing softly. "I unsure I can talk how I am."

Getting curious, he asked, "Why not? Is someone harassing you?"


"Bugging you."

"No!" She said quickly. "But I have...problem here. I want to know I can
tell you and no have you get mad."

"Of course you can." He told her. "What's wrong?"

"I...I no like it down in OVW." She said softly. "I no mean I want to come
to Raw, but I no like it here. The other girls say the trainers are being
bad on them and we no get much training. I have been here for more than I
only train twice, and then I just get thrown around ring!"

"I thought you said you were training twice a day." He told her.

"I was, on my own." She told him. "I come here, they say stop training
outside of school. But when we go to school, we get no training. We expected
to do all things others do, clean up arena, be on time, but we no get to do
anything. I sit and I sit and I no get in the ring."

Sighing, Tim leaned back, rubbing his throbbing forehead, trying to keep his
skull from exploding in a fiery ball of hate and anger. "Well...I'll figure
something out." He told her. "I'll see what I can do for you guys, ok?"

"I...I no want to be one who tells you that." She said. "I no want to have
the trainers think I out ratted them. I...I very sorry I bug you about this,
but I want to train to make Raw, and I no get train, so how can I make Raw?"

Her spotty English and her concern for training making him smile, Tim told
her, "Maryse, just sit tight. I'll get right on it and make sure you and the
others down there get good training, ok? And I won't say who told me."

Sighing, Maryse smiled. "Thank you Tim. This means lot whole to me."

"Whole lot." He corrected.

"Whole lot."

"Was there anything else?" He asked.

"No." She said. "I just call to tell you and ask how you are. I ask how you


" are you?"

Trying not to laugh, he told her, "I'm having a very bad day. Very

"Awww, poor Tim!" Maryse cooed. "You come down to O-Hi-O and I give you

"I so, so wish I could." He told her, making her giggle. "But I have a lot
of work to do up here."

"Ok..." She said, smiling. "I should let go?"

"As much as I'd love to sit here and talk to you, I probably should get
going." He said. "I have a little show to run. But it was nice talking to
you. Probably the best part of my day."

"I happy for that." She said with a giggle. "I talk to you later, Tim."

"I'll get right on your training problem." He said, smiling. "I want you
trained and up here teaching me French as soon as possible."

Giggling, she told him, "I'd like that to. I talk to you later, Tim."

"Talk to you later, Maryse." He said, smiling as he turned off his phone.
Shaking his head, he smiled to himself as he pushed himself to his feet, his
mood lifting slightly as he moved around to the parking entrance to the
arena, getting his pass ready as he got mentally ready to get the show

* * *

"Did you really mean what you said earlier?"

Turning away from the monitor he was staring at, Tim looked down at Terri.
"Excuse me?"

"You said if I'd be interested in wrestling, you'd work with me." Terri
reminded him. "Were you serious?"

Confused, he nodded. "I guess so, yea. Why?"

"Because I don't want to wrestle." She said. "But I have thought about
getting back into the business."

"I thought you got out to spend time with your kid." He said, before looking
around. "Where's your kid?"

"With her father for the week." She said. "And I could do it on a limited
basis. But not wrestling."

"Then why are you asking me?" He asked. "Steph and the rest of those people
deal with the managers and stuff."

"Are you sure you don't deal with managers?" She asked.

Trying to focus on the match he was supposed to be watching, he said,
"Positive. I only deal with the divas who want to wrestle. Did you want to

Quickly shaking her head, she told him, "No. I'm to old to get started in

Looking at her, he grinned. "What's with you Divas and saying your to old?"

Smiling, she said, "I say it because I am. I'd probably break my hip if I

Shrugging, he turned back towards the TV. "Well, if you wanted to give it a
shot, I'd be willing to try."

"Are you serious?"

"Dead serious." He told her. "You have what new girls don't - Name power.
You were the inventor of the puppy chants...I think. My brains kinda hazy

Laughing, she shook her head. "It wasn't me that started that, but I might
have perfected it." Sighing, she said, "But looking around, I see I've been
trumped in that department lately."

Smiling, he told her, "I don't know how to answer that without getting

"Give it to me straight." She said with a grin. "I could use the flattery."

Watching as the ref counted to two, Tim turned towards her, smiling and
blushing. "They still look good to me."

"Oh my god!"

Whipping his head around to the TV, Tim watched in horror as Candice
crumpled to the mat, clutching her knee and rolling around. Watching as
Maria went over to attack her, he watched helplessly as Candice pushed her
away weakly, still clutching her knee as the ref went over to talk to her
before calling for the bell, throwing up an X with his arms, signaling that
Candice was really hurt.

"Excuse me." Tim told Terri quickly, taking off towards the gorilla position
as the medics went towards it. Seeing Victoria standing around, waiting for
her cue to go in and interfere, Tim yelled, "Victoria!" When she looked over
at him, he pointed to the entranceway. "Candice is hurt, go down there and
do your shit NOW!"

Nodding quickly, Victoria bolted down the long hallway racing past the EMT's
and towards the ring, intent on doing her storyline and attacking Maria.
Stopping at the bank of TV's set up in the gorilla position, Tim looked
down, watching as Victoria slid into the ring and speared Maria, keeping her
away from Candice as the EMT's got to her, stopping her from dropping onto
the floor and holding her up. Watching as Victoria improvised as best she
could, flipping Maria up for a widow's peek before the smaller girl fought
out of it and rolled from the ring, Tim turned his attention back to
Candice, knowing the Maria/Victoria part of the angle was going as planned,
and putting his concern solely on the brunette limping up the ramp towards
the back.

Moving down the hallway and waiting anxiously for Candice to come through,
he held open the curtain as the EMT's helped he thought. "What happened?
What's wrong?" He asked quickly, following them as she moved down the

Looking up at the booker, Candice smiled weakly. "I think it's just a
sprain." She said with a small smile. "Lemme tape it up and we can re-shoot
the end..."

"No." He said, moving over to her and pulling her into a soft hug as she sat
down. "You did awesome. Get some rest, and be ready for next week."

"Will do, boss." She said, smiling at him as she saw the relief on his face.

"Get some rest, kid." He joked.

Moving away from Candice and down the hallway, Tim ran his hands through his
hair, thankful that his luck was finally beginning to break to the good
side. Looking up and seeing Trish, Mickie and Traci running towards him, he
smiled. "To what do I owe the privilege of having you three racing towards
me?" He asked. "Something good I hope?"

"Tim..." Trish said, slowing to a stop as she panted softly. "Someone
trashed the RV..."

His smile instantly fading, he swore he didn't hear them right. "Wh...what?"

"Someone wrecked the RV." Mickie said, letting Trish pant. "It's a disaster
in there..."

Pushing past the three Divas and breaking into a run, Tim barreled past
people as he ran towards the parking lot, the three Divas lagging behind him
as he took the corner to the ramp like a man possessed, flying around it and
speeding into the parking lot, getting a bead on his RV and racing towards
it. Grabbing the back door and flinging it open, he dove into the back,
moving into the kitchen and looking around, his face falling as he staggered
backwards, having to catch himself on the stove as he caught sight of his

Looking towards the drivers compartment, he watched as his plasma screen TV
hung limply from the cable cord, the screen busted out and shards of glass
from it mixing with the scratched DVDs and broken plates on the floor.
Pushing the ripped and broken door of his fridge out of his way, he stumbled
over a pair of kitchen elements as he stepped over the stove top as a whole,
dials broken and missing as he looked at his table, his laptop in a dozen
pieces and his printer mangled beyond recognition. Hearing movement behind
him, he turned and pushed past Trish and into his bedroom.

"Tim...Tim..." Trish said, following him into his room, slightly frightened
as he completely avoided the shattered toilet that was pouring water onto
the floor, making a slick mess with the glass from the shower door and
chunks of broken sink. Looking behind her and seeing Divas pouring into the
RV, Trish left Tim to his own devices, moving into the living room. "We
don't think anything's stolen." Trish told them softly. "Me, Mickie and
Traci just found it like this. Tim's looking things over." When they nodded,
she moved back through the bathroom and into his bedroom, moving towards him
as he sat on his bed, his head in his hands.

"Tim..." She said softly, moving over and sitting next to him, putting her
arms around him. "We'll find out who did this..."

Growling with anger, he told her, "I know who did it." Seeing her look at
him, he said, "Orton, or Batista, or both of them. There both pissed at me,
and they did this." Taking a deep breath, Tim stood up, moving over to the
side of his bed, kneeling down on the wet carpet as he reached under the
large bed. "I need you guys to go away for a little bit." He told her.

"What?" She asked, confused. "Why?"

Latching onto something, Tim pulled an object from under the bed, tucking
the long, black thing under his arm. "Good Tim needs to go away for a
minute." He told her, moving towards the door. "Bad Tim has something he has
to do."

Growing more and more worried by the minute, Trish stood up and followed him
from the room, trying to get a look at the object, but not being able to see
it clearly as he moved, but making out enough to know it wasn't a gun.
~Thank god.~

Moving into the kitchen, Tim smiled at the Divas. "Look around, check your
stuff, make a list of anything that's broken or missing." He told them. "I
have some people I need to have a chat with."

Watching as Tim moved out the back door and into the parking lot, Trish
looked at the other Divas. "Something is seriously wrong with Tim." She said
flatly. "He's got something, and I don't think he means good intentions with

Nodding, Maria moved towards the back door. "Gotta stop him then?" She
asked, hopping out and moving towards the booker, trying to cut into his
head start.

Watching as the other Divas piled out of the RV, Trish nodded, taking up the
rear. "Gotta stop him." She said.

"Tim!" Maria called out, trying to power walk towards Tim, not wanting to
startle him.

"Hi Maria." He said in an eerily calm voice. "I told Trish to tell you guys
to go away for a minute."

"Trish said you have something you probably shouldn't." Candice said,
limping towards him.

"I have my security system." He said, moving into the main hallway and
looking around. "If I was a VD riddled cock socket and a roid raging ape,
where would I be?" He asked, before starting moving again. Seeing his prey
down at the very end of the hallway, he smiled. "There they are."

Looking up at where Tim was looking, Maria quickly realized that he had
spotted Orton and Batista. Seeing him pick up speed every so slightly, she
watched as he put whatever he was holding behind his back, giving them a
good view but keeping it hidden from everyone else. Seeing his other hand go
behind his back and grab slightly above his first hand, she watched in
horror as he pulled up, shiny silver steel becoming exposed as he pulled and
pulled, the fullness of his "Security System" coming into view.

"Holy fuck." Maria said, watching as Tim slid the sheath off of the three-
foot long katana blade. Looking back at the other Divas, she said, "He has a
fucking sword! Did you know he had a sword?"

Shaking her head, Victoria stormed towards him. "Tim...Tim, stop..."

"I'll be right back..." He said, holding the blade out to the side slightly
and moving at a nice, even clip.

Watching as he moved, Victoria waited for him to let the blade fall away
from his back slightly, diving on his right hand and grabbing him by the
wrist, stopping him in his tracks. Watching as he whirled around, Victoria
grunted as a pile of female flesh fell on top of her, half a dozen Divas
tackling Tim as the rest grabbed at his right hand, pulling at fingers and
trying to pry the blade out of his death grip.

"!" Tim hissed, looking at them. "I'm not going to use
it. I'm just going to scare them..."

"And get your stupid ass fired." Trish grunted, putting her knee on his
chest as she wrestled with his hand. "Let go!" When he didn't budge, she
whined. "You'll forgive me when your not as pissed." She said softly.

"Forgive you for...fucking biter!" Tim screamed, Trish's teeth sinking
brutally into his hand flesh and snapping his hand open, the blade clanking
to the floor as Traci dove towards it, pushing it away and grabbing it,
sliding it back into the sheath.

"Go!" Trish yelled, watching as Traci and Maria took off for the parking
lot, Tim's struggles getting worse as he pushed Divas off of him.

Springing up, Tim thought about chasing after them, but thought better of
it, some of his senses coming back to him after the shock of the last ten

But the anger still remained.

Pushing Divas out of his way, Tim stormed down the hallway, glaring at Orton
and Batista as they laughed to themselves, unaware of the angry man bearing
down on them. Power walking towards the laughing duo, Tim pushed Divas off
of him as he continued to march.

Looking up from her coffee, Stephanie watched as Tim moved down the long
hallway towards her. Seeing the look of anger still etched on his face, she
pushed herself up with a sigh, realizing having him upset with her wasn't
going to be a great thing. "Tim..." She said, moving towards him. Watching
as he moved, she started towards him, closing the distance. Looking on in
confusion, she watched as Mickie dove onto his back, Candice dropping to the
floor and grabbing his left ankle while Trish and Terri tried to tackle him
from the side. Shaking himself with the strength only anger could bring on,
Tim pushed Terri and Trish aside crudely before dumping Mickie as gently as
he could from his back, wrenching his foot free from Candice's grip and
continuing down the hallway.

Looking up from the floor and seeing the bosses daughter watching the action
with interest, Candice blurted out, "I think he's going to kill Randy and

Whipping her head around, Stephanie spotted Tim's targets at the end of the
hallway, slowly becoming aware of the young man walking towards them. Seeing
the hesitant look in their eyes, she quickly realized something bad was
about to happen, and tossed her coffee aside, charging Tim. "Help!"

Watching as Stephanie charged at Tim, slamming into his side and making him
stagger a few steps, wrestlers poured out from the surrounding areas, the
larger men able to accomplish something that the smaller Divas couldn't and
stopping the pissed off man. Looking up and spotting Orton and Batista
walking towards the mob, Steph pointed towards them. "Keep them back! Back!"

Not quite sure why they were being given directions to separate the Divas
booker from two of the top stars on Raw, the wrestlers did as they were
told, moving over and stopping there progress as Tim continued to struggle,
wanting desperately to get at them.

"Someone get Shane!" Stephanie yelled out, holding onto Tim as he fought
against her, trying not to get crushed under the mass of wrestlers helping
her. "Tim, what's..."

"You fucking god damn bitches!" Tim yelled, shaking himself and trying to
free his body from the mass of grips from around his body. "You fucking
trashed my home!"

Looking at each other and smiling as Tim's rage grew and grew, Randy and
Batista feigned innocence. "I think he's finally losing it, Steph." Randy
said, shaking his head slowly. "Why would we of all people do something like

"Because your fucking children!" Tim yelled, ignoring Steph's attempts to
silence him and still struggling. Glaring at Orton, he spat, "You're fucking
pissed because I stood up for Traci, at her request!" Shifting his glare to
Batista, he yelled, "And you're being a fucking whore because I wouldn't
give your rat a job!"

Fighting with the angry young man, Steph almost sighed in relief as she saw
Shane come running up, before she sighed with disappointment as she saw her
husband right behind him.

"What the hell is going on here?" Shane yelled over the commotion, gaining
everyone but Tim's attention.

Pointing at Tim, Batista smirked. "This whack job is howling about

"You know good and damn well what I'm talking about!" Tim yelled, resuming
his struggling.

Pointing at Tim, Shane told him, "Alright, you need to cool it or your gonna
be looking for a new job."

Glaring at Shane, Steph asked, "Excuse me? Who made you the boss?"

Before Shane and Stephanie could add to the already tense situation, not
that he cared, Tim spat, "You childish mother fuckers!"

"Alright, enough!" Shane yelled. Pointing at Orton and Batista before they
could speak, he said, "You two, shut up." Turning his attention to Tim, he
said, "Calm down, and tell me what the hell your yelling about."

Taking a few deep breaths, Tim tried to relax, collecting his thoughts.
"Those...fucking children totaled my RV." He said. "There both pissed at me,
and they totaled my RV because of it."

"I don't know..."

"I said shut up!" Shane snapped at Batista. When the bigger man silenced
himself, Shane asked Tim, "How do you know?"

"Because they are the only two with reasons to do it." He said. Pointing at
Orton, he said, "That little fuckers pissed at me because I told him to stay
away from Traci, at Traci's request!" Shifting his finger to Batista, he
said, "And that's pissed because I wouldn't give his rat a job because she
can't wrestle."

Smiling, Orton shrugged as he shook his head. "I have no idea what he's
babbling about." He said. "I have no idea what happened to his shaggin
wagon. And, for the record, jugs came onto me. I shot her down, and she got

Seeing the fire go back on in Tim's eyes, Shane moved over to him, moving
close enough that only Tim could hear him. "I'm trying very hard to be fair
in a situation that I've been thrown into." He said firmly. "But you going
off the deep end isn't giving me a whole lot of leeway here. Either calm
down, or tell me right now and I can just get rid of you and end this whole
argument." When Tim nodded and gritted his teeth, Shane took a step back,
resuming his role as judge, jury and executioner. "Is that all the proof you
have?" He asked.

Looking at Shane, he slowly shook his head. "Well, it's not like I found any
empty syringes and plant piss samples lying around..."

"Could it have been anyone else?" Shane asked.

Shaking his head firmly, Tim told him, "No, it couldn't. Orton is pissed
because I told him not to go around Traci again, and his childish fucking
nature got the best of him, and Batista is mad that I won't bend over and
give his useless girlfriend a job, and they totaled my RV." Looking at
Shane, he told him, "No one else even knows I'm here, let alone gives a fuck
that I'm here. There the only ones with reason to do that. And since it was
in the supposedly secure parking lot, which is something else we need to
talk about, it had to be someone from the WWE."

Nodding, Shane looked around at the crowd of wrestlers and Divas. "Where's
Traci?" Not spotting her, he looked at the group of Divas still latched onto
Tim, waiting for him to start struggling again. "I need to talk to Traci.
Someone go find her."

Slowly extracting herself from the pile, Maria stood up, giving Shane a nod
and turning and heading for the parking lot as fast as she could, knowing
what Traci was doing.

Moving over to Orton and Batista, HHH looked at them. "You guys might wanna
get going." He said. "Vince is probably gonna get involved soon. I'll see
what I can do and smooth things over with him."

"What?" Tim snapped, startling Hunter, Orton and Batista. "Smooth things

"Are you serious?" Stephanie asked.

Looking at the duo, Hunter waved his hand at Tim. "What proof does he have?"
He asked. "All he's doing is wasting everyone's time here, yelling about his
stupid RV getting wrecked..."

"If it's just a waste of time, why do you need to smooth things over?" Tim
yelled, arms tightening around him as they braced for the worst. "The fact
that you seem to know what's going to happen tells me you know a whole
fucking lot about what I'm talking about! If you thought I didn't have
anything, you wouldn't be trying to smooth anything over!"

Quickly realizing whatever small amount of calm he was about to come
crashing down, Shane waved Orton, HHH and Batista away. "You three, get
lost." He said. "I'll deal with you later." Before Tim could get his two
cents in, Shane turned back to him, watching as the three superstars made a
quick retreat. "Alright, forget about them." He said. "Them being here
doesn't help anything." Seeing Tim look at him, he asked, "How much is it
going to cost to fix your RV?"

Taking a deep breath, Tim tried to get his mind in gear, switching from
anger to math. Shaking his head, he shrugged. "I have no idea. My plasma
TVs, my computer, my DVDs, everything in my bedroom, kitchen, bathroom,
everything is wrecked. I don't know if it can be fixed. And that's assuming
they didn't fuck with the motor at all."

Nodding, Shane asked, "You had insurance, right?"

"I did." Tim said, before looking at him. "But I'm not using it. You're
paying for it." Seeing Shane's questioning glance, he said, "You provided
the security for the event, which clearly didn't do its job. It's your fault
my RV got trashed. I expect you to make it right."

Realizing he was stuck, Shane nodded. "We'll make it right." He said.

"And that's it?" Tim asked. "And they gets off free and clear? What if they
decide to do this again? I'm not replacing my life every week."

Starting to say something, Shane leaned around the mass of wrestlers still
holding onto Tim and watched as Maria and Traci returned. Thanking whoever
was looking after him that he had a distraction from the angry booker, Shane
motioned for Traci to come towards him. "Alright, we have an issue to clear
up." Shane said. When Traci looked at him, he asked, "What happened between
you and Orton?"

Looking at Shane, Traci went blank, her expression taking on that of a deer
caught in the headlights. She could feel the stares of all the wrestlers on
her. She knew there was a certain code of silence among the wrestlers, that
you don't rat each other out. She just wasn't quite sure how far it went.
Making up her mind, she gathered her thoughts.

"He cornered me when I was trying to get out to the ring for wrestling
practice." She told him. "I tried to ignore him, but he kept getting in my
way. I tried to push past him, but he grabbed me and pinned me against the
wall. I had to fight him off to get away. He kept asking me if I'd be
interested in...things." Looking at Shane, she said, "I'm hoping as adults
we both know what things I'm talking about." When Shane nodded, she said, "I
tried to tell him no, but...well, when you have someone almost a foot taller
than you with a death grip on your wrist asking you that, you don't really
feel comfortable saying no. I finally broke away from him, and ran."

Nodding, Shane asked, "And would you be willing to make a formal complaint
about this incident? I can't promise it'll get anywhere, since it's your
word against his."

Sighing softly, Traci shrugged. Looking around, she caught a glimpse of Tim,
his head hanging down in defeat, the reality of what had happened to him
finally settling in. Looking at Shane, she nodded firmly. "Yes, I will." She
told him.

"Alright." Shane told her. Looking at Tim, he said, "Tim, we'll set you up
in a hotel tonight..."

"I don't want a fucking hotel." He spat, wrenching his arms free. Glaring at
Shane, he said, "I want my fucking RV." Turning and walking away, Tim moved
down the hallway, leaving the locker rooms and backstage workers behind him
as he moved towards his broken home.

Looking around, Shane clapped his hands. "Alright, everyone, back to work.
Shows over." He said.

Turning and watching Tim move around the corner, Trish looked around at the
Divas, who were moving into a group as the other wrestlers moved away. "We
should go talk to him." She said. "I got a few questions."

When the group nodded and started moving, Trish taking the lead as they
moved down the hallway towards the exit to the parking garage, Tim long
since out of sight. Looking around at the other Divas, Trish asked,
"Alright, show of hands, who knew he had a sword?" Seeing blank looks and no
hands, Trish shook her head. "Yea, we got stuff to talk about."

Pushing open the door, Trish looked at the RV, watching as Tim disconnected
the water hose before opening up the main valve, trying to empty the main
tank and stop the flow of water from the toilet onto the bathroom floor.
Realizing calling out to him wasn't going to be any good, the Divas merely
watched as he moved to the back door and climbed in. Moving towards the back
door, Trish climbed in first, helping the others in as Tim moved around,
making notes on the small note pad in his hand.

Looking at his hand, Maria asked, "Why does your note pad have flowers?"

"It was a gift."

"From who?"

Not looking up, Tim continued to write. "Maryse Ouellet." Looking at the
Divas, and seeing the blank look on their faces, except for Trish, he forced
a sarcastic smile to his face. "You know, Maryse. Blonde girl. French. I
have a crush on her. Everyone thinks it's fucking hysterical. Ring any bells
now?"As they all looked sheepish, he shook his head, continuing to write.
"Plasma TV... DirecTV satellite box..."

"Tim, we need to talk." Trish said, breaking the uncomfortable silence.

"Kinda busy Trish."

"This is important."

"And my life getting destroyed isn't?"

"Where the hell did you get a sword?" Trish yelled.

"I have a headache." Tim said, shaking his head.

"And a sword!" She said.

"My uncle gave it to me when I was ten." He said. "I've been taking Kendo
since I was five. I know how to handle the thing."

"Yea, that's my worry." She said softly.

"I haven't killed anyone, if that's what your wondering." He said. "Speaking
of it, where is it?"

"Traci took it back." Trish said. "So you'd have to ask her."

"I'll do that." He said, resuming his note taking. "Did anyone else notice
anything missing?"

Looking around, Maria took in the sight of her friends, before turning back
to Tim. "I guess not." She said. "Some of my stuff got broken, though.
Mostly stuff in the bathroom."

"Make notes." He said. Sighing softly, he shook his head, stumbling over to
the couch and brushing some plate fragments off of it before collapsing, his
note pad falling to the floor as he cradled his head in his hands. "Jesus
Christ, what next..."

Shuffling en-mass towards the couch, Divas crowded around Tim, Trish sliding
into his lap and hugging him as Candice and Mickie took his sides, all three
of them pulling him in for one big hug as the others offered moral support.

"I don't want to stay in a hotel." He said softly. "I'm sick of hotels."

"You can crash at my place." Trish told him. "I wouldn't mind sticking
around for a new flight..."

"I'm not flying anywhere." He said. "I don't fly."

"You could stay with me." Candice offered. "If you don't mind taking turns
driving, we could drive back."

"I don't want to put you guys out." He said. Leaning back, he shook his
head. "I don't know what the fuck to do. The only thing I can find that
didn't get trashed was my zip drive, which is good, since it's what has all
my storylines on it."

Smirking, Victoria said, "So that's where you keep them..."

"Please, Victoria, not now." He said softly. Sighing, he shrugged. "I should
probably stay put for now. Don't know what Shane has in mind, so I don't
want to go to far."

"You can't stay here." Trish told him. "This place is a bomb scene."

"I don't have anywhere else to go." He said. "I'm not staying in a hotel..."

"You can stay with me."

"I'm not staying with..." He started, before looking towards the source of
the voice, getting confused. "You're still here?"

"You're welcome." Terri said with a smirk. "And yes, I'm still here. I live
about an hour outside of town. It's the perfect fit. Not a hotel, and your
still close by."

"Terri, I'm very grateful for the offer." He said. "But I don't like

"You're not imposing." She said. "I got a big house. Probably won't even
know your there. And the kids with her father, so you don't have to worry
about her."

"I wasn't worrying about her..."

"Well then?"

"What is it with you people and being pushy?" He asked.

"It gets things moving." She told him. "Well?"

"Tim..." Maria said softly, getting his attention. When he looked around
Trish at her, she gave him a look. "I'm not that far from here." She said in
a very clear voice. "You can stay with me if you want." Looking at him dead
in the eyes, she gave it her best shot, trying to convey her thoughts
through her eyes, trying to tell him, "If you come stay with me, you will
not get any sleep whatsoever."

But all Tim got was her glaring at him with a weird twitch.

"I'll pass." He said. "I don't feel like driving that far. But thank you
Maria." Looking around, he sighed. "Thanks all of you. I really do
appreciate the offers." Looking up at Terri, he said, "If you really don't
mind, I think I'll take you up on your offer..."

"I really don't mind." She assured him. "I can only imagine what you're
going through right now. Least I can do is roll out the couch, so to speak."

"Would you have a place I could get this towed for the night?" He asked,
motioning to his RV. "Shane seems to want to handle this internally, but I
don't want evidence going missing if he chooses to try and sweep it under
the rug entirely."

"I got a big driveway." She told him. "You can leave it there as long as you

Looking around, he asked, "What time is it? I'm all fucked up tonight..."

Looking down at her watch, Trish told him, "Just about ten. So..."

"Raw's half over, my segments done..." Looking up, he asked sheepishly, "How
did it go?"

"It went great." Trish assured him. "You should get going. I wanna look
around and see what I can salvage, so if you wanna call a tow truck and get
them to come by, I'll look after the RV until they get here."

"Could you tell them to put the keys in the mailbox?" He asked. "I don't
think I'll be up late tonight." When they nodded, Tim motioned for the Divas
to move away, waiting for Trish to dismount him before standing up slowly.
"Thanks guys." He said softly. "For everything."

"No problem Tim." Mickie said, pulling him in for a hug. "We'll look after
the ride until the wrecker gets here."

"Could someone tell Shane where I'm staying?" He asked, letting each Diva
come up in turn and give him a hug. "I don't know where I'm going...or the
phone number...did my cell phone survive?"

Looking around, all the Divas started the search for Tim's cell as he looked
in his pockets, not finding it as Candice squeaked in triumph. "Got it!" She
said, reaching over and grabbing it from between the seat cushions of the
table and handing it to him. "It was spared."

"Of course it was." He grumbled. "Infernal contraption." When they giggled,
he grinned softly. "Anyways, get him to call me." Looking at Trish, he said,
"And if you happen to see Fit around anywhere, can you tell him I ordered
some tapes from OVW I'd like him to look at? Tell him I was concerned about
the training methods down there." When she nodded, he sighed. "Well, I'm
leaving. This place depresses me."

"Me to." Maria said, looking around. "I really liked this RV."

Hearing the murmurs of agreement, Tim shook his head. "I'm leaving before I
start bawling like a baby." When they giggled, he smiled. "I'll see you guys
Saturday, come hell or high water."

"Goodbye Tim." The Divas said, all of them piling on for one final group hug
before letting him move towards the back of the RV with Terri, moving out
the exit carefully and into the parking garage.

* * *

"Why are you limping?"

Limping inside the door and pulling his jacket off, Tim looked at Terri as
she closed it behind him. "Excuse me?"

"You're limping." She said. "Why?"

Looking down, he took a few steps, noticing the limp. "Well I'll be damned."
He murmured. "I dunno." He admitted. "Something must have tweaked tonight. I
don't normally limp. Probably got hurt during that gang tackle by the

"Yea, that was kinda nasty." She admitted. "You're a hard guy to bring down.
Ever play football?"

"No." He said, limping across the room and heading for the couch. "Finished
high school early. Went to work for my uncle writing on TV shows, which is
where Vince found me for this damn job."

"Damn job?" Terri asked, following him and taking up a seat on the other
side of the couch. "Sounds like your tired of it already."

"Not the job." He said. "I love my work. Love the girls. But the guys are
pricks to deal with. They seem to take me as some kind of threat to there TV
time, so I get all kinds of shit. I'm still recovering from some bruised

"Yea, sounds like nothings changed around there." She murmured.

Looking around the living room, he spotted the large TV in front of the
couch. Pointing at it, he asked, "You wouldn't happen to get ESPN, would

Smiling, she nodded as she reached to her side, grabbing a remote and
turning on the TV, switching the channel before handing it to him. "I do.
Sports fan?"

"Big time." He said. "That, and the Divas, are about the only thing that
keeps me sane...well, as sane as I am anyways. Was going to watch the
Yankees play tonight, but this happened, so now just looking for the score."

Nodding, Terri leaned forward, pushing herself up and off the couch as he
focused on the screen in front of him. "Are you hungry? Trish said something
about you guys usually having supper after the show, but...well..."

"It's alright." He said. Looking at her, he asked, "Where's the kitchen?
After I get my scores, I can get myself something..."

"You need rest." She said. "After the day you had, you could use it. What do
you want?" Seeing him go to argue, she crossed her arms over her chest. "You
can tell me, or I can guess."

Grumbling, he slumped down. "I don't even know what you have."

"Well, got the usual stuff. Soup, sandwich...I think there's some pizza pops
in the fridge. Or, if you don't mind waiting, I can cook something..."

"No." He said, shaking his head. "A sandwich is fine."


"Milk or whatever." He grumbled. "Seriously, I could get this myself..."

"Just relax hun." She said with a grin. "You're my guest."

"I also seem to remember something about not imposing..."

"You're not imposing." She said, turning and moving towards the kitchen.
Stopping at the door and looking back, she almost grinned as she caught his
eyes moving back up to her face quickly. "I did invite you over, remember?"

Grumbling again, he nodded. "I guess..."

"Now watch your show, get your scores." She said. "I'll be back in a

Leaning back on the couch, Tim grumbled softly as she moved into the
kitchen. Turning his focus to the TV, he tried to pay attention to the
scores as they trickled across the bottom of the screen, but quickly
realized it was no use. Grabbing the remote and pushing himself to his feet,
he turned the TV off before moving around the couch, limping slowly towards
the noise coming from the kitchen.

Reaching into the fridge, Terri pushed a few jars out of the way, grabbing a
bottle from the back and standing up. "Tim, do you like...!" She started to
yell, turning around and gasping slightly as she saw the young man standing
behind her. "Oh my goodness!" She yelped, catching her breath. "Don't sneak
up on me!"

"I didn't." He said. "Just got here."

Taking a few deep breaths to calm her nerves, she nodded. "I guess so.
Didn't I tell you to stay in the living room? That I could handle it?"

"Got bored." He said, moving towards the counter and hopping up onto it,
taking a seat. "Do I like what?"

Looking at him, she got confused. "Excuse me?"

Looking at her hand, he tilted his head to the side, pointing at it as he
read the label. "Mustard. And yes, a little bit please."

Pulling the jar up, and looking at it, she quickly got her brain back on
track. "God, forgot what I was doing for a second." Looking at him as she
moved towards the counter, she said, "You scared me..."


"It's ok." She said. "Just not used to having someone around here who
doesn't make a ton of noise when they move."

"Again, sorry."

Waving her free hand, she set the bottle down on the counter. "No problem."
Looking at him and smiling, she added, "Guess I have a strong heart, huh?"

Smirking, he nodded. "Must have."

Turning her attention back to the task at hand, she said, "You look pretty
damn young to be working for the WWE, if you don't mind me saying so. How
old are you again?"


"Twenty?" She asked, making sure she had heard right. When he gave her an
affirmative noise, she asked, "When's your birthday?"

"A closely guarded secret." He said with a grin. "I hear people do strange
things around there on your birthday, so I kept it secret."

"And no ones been able to pry it out of you yet?"

"Not yet."

"They will." She promised him with a grin. "They always do." When he smiled,
she asked, "How did you get involved with this? When I was around, Vince
came up with all the ideas, and that was that. At least, that's what he led
you to believe."

"My uncle is a friend of one of Vince's friends." He said, swinging his feet
slightly. "I guess they had lunch or something, and Vince mentioned how a
lot of the script writers for the WWE aren't that good, how they can't keep
focus, and my uncle brought my name up, saying I was a big fan. A few back
and forth calls, and I agreed to help with the Divas on a trial basis.
Didn't want to handle the guys. To many egos. Heard to many bad stories."

"The Divas can have some big egos to." Terri noted.

"They can." He admitted. "But I lay down the law pretty quick. You can do
what I say, or you can sit on the sidelines and learn to live off of your
base contract. Work with me, and you get lots of perks."

Looking at him, she smiled and arched her eyebrow. "Perks?"

Smirking back, he shook his head. "Not that. I let them use my RV...well,
did until now. Some of them ride with me. Gives them a home away from home.
Apparently the lure of cooked meals and clean laundry can bend the bitchiest
of wills. I haven't had many problems with them, and none for months."

"Lucky you." She said, moving over to the fridge and grabbing some more
supplies, holding them up for his inspection. When he gave her a nod, she
moved back over to the counter. "I would have liked to stay in the WWE, but,
at the time, I had to think about my daughter. Her father was working full
time wrestling, and I had to leave her at my mothers whenever I went out on
the road. I tried to just get it so I could go out to Raw and come back, but
Vince wanted me out on the road full time...mostly doing bikini contests."

"Ahhh, yes." Tim said, smiling. "He loves his bikini contests."

"Don't you?"

Shrugging, he said, "I do. But I don't put them on unless I have to. They
serve no purpose, and only hinder what I'm trying to put together. Whenever
Vince hints around about one, I send him to Steph and let her put the non-
wrestling girls in it. That's what they're there for."

"Which would have been me."

"You wrestled a bit."

"A little." She said. "I didn't have the training to do it, and Vince didn't
want to give it to me, so I got stuck. He was more interested in pushing
Lita and Trish..."

"...Than having a complete women's division." Tim finished.


"Yea, well, that's not me." He said, watching as she put the bread together
and cut the sandwich at an angle, scooping it up onto the plate and moving
over to him. "One sandwich. Enjoy. Now get into the living room, and I'll
bring your drink along."

Knowing arguing wasn't going to do anything good, he pushed himself off the
counter and let himself down gingerly, taking the sandwich and moving out of
the kitchen. Looking up at the clock, he stopped his forward progress,
turning towards the fridge. Seeing Terri's eyes snap upwards to his eyes, he
stopped himself from smiling, he asked, "Do you have any pop? I don't drink
milk this late at night. Upsets my stomach."

Looking up at him, and trying to figure out if she had been caught, she
said, "Pepsi good?"

"Pepsi's fine." He said, giving her a grin as he turned and limped out of
the kitchen towards the couch.

Slumping against the fridge, Terri shook her head, taking a deep breath and
letting it out. "What the hell did you put into my head, Stratus?" She
murmured to herself, pushing off the fridge and opening it, reaching in and
pulling a can of Pepsi from the box.

Moving to the door and turning off the light as she moved into the living
room, Terri clutched the can in her hand as she watched him lower himself
onto the couch gingerly, keeping his ailing leg out and stretching it.
Handing him the can and moving to the other end of the couch, she took a
seat as he turned the TV back on, grabbing one half of the sandwich and
lifting it up. Watching as he took a bite of the sandwich, she smiled as he


Nodding, he made sure to swallow what was in his mouth before saying, "Very.
Thank you."

"Not a problem." She said.

Taking another bite, he washed it down quickly with a drink of soda,
glancing towards the screen to see which scores were going across the ticker
before looking back at her. "So, you got stuck in a lot of bikini contests,

Nodding, she told him, "More than I can count. House shows mostly."

"Did you like them?"

Looking at him, confused, she asked, "Excuse me?"

"Did you like doing them?" He asked. Taking a glance at the screen, he said,
"From what I can gather, some Divas like them, some don't. All depends on
the personality."

"Well..." She said, trailing off as she tried to form her words in her mind.
"I didn't dislike them. I didn't come to work thinking "Oh boy, another
bikini contest!", but I didn't go out of my way to get out of them. Depended
on the crowd mostly. If they were into it, it went a lot smoother."

"Yea." He said. "Some crowds can be good, others are assholes. Like I said,
I try to avoid them all together if I can help it, but all the Divas know to
bring a swimsuit just in case. Sometimes it's easier to give into Vince's
perv leanings than argue with him."

"I know all about that." She said.

"So, you said you got out of wrestling because of your daughter, right?" He
asked, taking another bite. When she nodded, he asked, "So what's changed?
You were talking about coming back earlier today."

"I was just talking." She said. When he nodded, she told him, "Dustin is
home a lot more now, so he's been taking Dakota more, so I'm left with more
free time." Looking at him, she shrugged. "And I can't lie. Being out in
front of a live crowd is addictive. There's nothing like it. I'd really want
to come back if the WWE could find a job for me, but I'm not going to beg
for a job. Vince told me when I left that I'd always have a job, but you
know how Vince is with his promises."

"They're good so long as it suits him." Tim said with a nod. "Hence why I
got everything in writing."

"Smart move." She told him. "I got promised tones of things in my career,
and they never came true. Getting tired of empty promises was a part of the
reason I left. And I doubt Vince would welcome me back as openly as he said
he would."

Nodding, he told her, "It's hard to get a job with the WWE. I was lucky in
that Vince came to me. I'm trying to make it easier for girls to get in, but
I'm only in control of the wrestling side. You were always more of a
manager, and I don't have anything to do with managers."

Nodding, she looked at him, asking softly, "Were you serious earlier about
being willing to work with me? I mean, I have NO training what so ever..."

"Neither does half the Divas I got stuck with." He told her. "And, to answer
your question, if you are serious, I'm serious."

Smiling softly, she said, "If I was younger, I'd be all over that."

Smiling, he took another drink, glancing over to check the ticker. "Well,
even if you think you're to old, I'd be willing to give it a whirl if you
wanted to."

Her smile growing a little, she asked, "Really?"

Nodding, he turned his full visual attention to the TV, telling her,
"Really. Like I said, you have a name. That's not something you can buy in
this business." Smiling, he added, "You'll learn quickly that I don't
bullshit. Lying wastes time."

Grinning, she leaned back on the couch. "I dunno what to say. Thank you,
maybe?" When he shrugged, she smiled. Letting her eyes drift up and down his
form, his diverted attention making it a low risk proposition, she smiled at
what she saw. "You really are cute as a button, you know that?" Seeing him
blush and continue to look away, she smiled. Deciding a change of topic
might be in order, she asked, "So what's with the sword?"

"Yea, that." He said, his smile fading. "My uncle got me into kendo when I
was young, and I really took to it. Was never much of a straight up, punch
and kick fighter, but I took to kendo pretty quick. Got really good, won
some trophies, and my uncle got me the pair when I was ten."


Realizing what he had said, he sighed. Looking over at her, he said, "This
doesn't leave the room?" When she nodded, he told her, "There's another one
under the bed. Shorter sword. It's part of a pair. The Daisho. Samurai set.
I used to keep them at my uncles, but when I started driving around with the
WWE, and having the Divas traveling with me...well, I wanted some
protection. I hate guns, and I'm trained...even have a permit to carry them.
See?" Reaching into his pocket and retrieving his wallet, he pulled out a
card, holding it up and letting Terri see it before putting it back in his
wallet. "Seemed like a good fit."

"Until you pull one of them out to go after Orton and Batista." She pointed
out. When he nodded and hung his head, she told him, "Look, Tim, it's really
admirable that you worry about there safety so much, but if you really did,
you'd ditch the swords. If Vince finds out you have them, you're going to
get fired, and the Divas will be on their own again. And, from what Trish
and the others told me, you've done a lot for them."

Nodding, he leaned back on the couch, setting the empty plate and can down
on the night table and closing his eyes, taking a few deep breaths. "This
has been one of the most stressful days in my entire life." He said. "Just
one headache after another."

Leaning back to match his pose, she looked over at him. "Want something to

"I already had something."

"I meant booze, Tim."

"I'm twenty, Terri."

"You say that like I'm a bartender."

Chuckling, he smiled, shaking his head. "Thank you, but no. Not good with

Smiling, she said, "I thought you were twenty, and off limits for booze?"

"I am." He said, grinning. "More because of prior experience than my age."
Seeing her eyebrow arch, asking for an explanation, he shook his head,
smiling. "I am not telling you that."

"Oh, come on." She said, reaching over and poking him. "I'm letting you stay
at my house, making you food, and you'll probably never see me again...for
at least a few months, anyways, until the WWE comes back this way." When he
chuckled again, she grinned. "Spill. Everyone has a bad booze story. I wanna
hear yours."

"Will you tell me yours?"


"Why not?"

"Because your not old enough to hear it." She said with a wicked grin.

Shaking his head, he sighed. "Now I don't wanna know." When she giggled, he
smiled. "Me and a couple of buddies got one of there brothers to get us a
two-four of Budweiser for a camping trip we were taking." Looking at her, he
smiled. "I was...I wanna say thirteen." When she giggled, he continued. "We
had no idea what we were doing, how to pace ourselves, anything. We just
split the beer, and hammered them back. Mine were gone in like half an hour,

"Oh god."

"Yea, oh god." He said, laughing. "I got so sick, puked so hard that I tore
a muscle in my back and my friends had to call my uncle to come pick me up.
They had to pump my stomach at the hospital, which I thought was bogus since
I'm sure I didn't have anything left. My uncle grounded me for the rest of
the summer."

Howling with laughter, Terri leaned on the couch, looking over at Tim. "You
talk a lot about your uncle. Was he around a lot when you were growing up?"

"He was what I had growing up." Tim said. "He raised me since I was like

"Oh." She said, her laughter slowing down, but still bubbling up from time
to time. "Didn't you have any parents?"

His smile falling slightly, Tim nodded. "I did."



"Did they...move?"


Realizing she had hit on a bad spot, Terri fought with herself on how to
continue. "Did your parents pass away?"

"Yea." Tim said, nodding. "When I was eight."


"I don't talk about that." He told her firmly. "Ever." Looking over at
Terri, he smiled softly. "I hope I'm not being a prick, but I really don't
like talking about them. No good memories. I've moved on."

Nodding, Terri watched him as looked away, his gaze towards the TV, but his
focus clearly miles away. "I don't drink much anymore either." She said.
When he nodded, she leaned back, letting her head rest on the couch, trying
to figure out what to say to get herself out of whatever hole she had dug.
Deciding that he just needed a few minutes to clear his mind, she turned
towards the TV, watching as the sports highlight show started up again,
signaling the beginning of a new half hour.

"That kinda killed the fun, didn't it?" Tim asked. Looking over at Terri, he
sighed. "I'm sorry. I know you don't mean anything by it, it's just..."

"Touchy." She finished. When he nodded, she said, "I won't bring it up

"Thank you."

Watching as he turned back towards the TV, she smiled. "So, are you and know, an item?"

Smiling, he shook his head. "No. Just friends."

"Who sleep together?"

"Nap together." He corrected. "She has a thing for naps, and I sleep during
the day, so it works out." When she nodded, he said, "And, I like bouncing
ideas off of her from time to time to get a sense of how they'll work. She's
been around longer than I have, so I always like getting a second opinion."

"Ahh." Terri said. Looking at him, she smiled. "Surprised she hasn't at
least made a move on you. You really are a cute one."

Smiling and blushing slightly, he told her, "You said that already...several
times, actually."

Sighing, she said, "I probably have. I tend to ramble a fair bit."

Grinning, he looked over at her, returning the favor and looking her over
quickly. "Well, women who are cute are usually ugly, and you are certainly
not ugly, so I guess I can't call you cute."

Now it was her turn to blush, making her lips curl up into a tight smile.
"Thank you, Tim." Looking towards the TV, she noted the time, realizing how
late it was getting. "Shouldn't you be getting some sleep sometime?"

Shrugging, he looked at the clock. "I don't sleep all that much. Byproduct
of working in Hollywood. And driving Divas from town to town."

Nodding, she pushed herself up on the couch, adjusting herself on it to get
more comfortable and stretch out her legs, unconsciously getting closer to
him. Giving him another look as he focused on the scores on the screen, she
licked her lips softly, before backing up slightly, shaking her head. ~What
the hell did you put into my head, Trish?~ She thought, trying to keep her
eyes on his face, but failing and drifting them over his body, taking in the
way his clothes hung off of his muscled frame. "So, your pretty much up all
night?" She asked coyly before she could filter her mouth.

Nodding, he turned to look at her, realizing that she had moved across the
couch slightly, moving closer to him. "Yea." He said, nodding. Watching her
eyes, he noticed as her breathing hitched slightly, her eyes roaming ever so
slightly as she looked at him. Thinking back to what she had said, he
thought, ~What does she mean, I'm cute?~ Turning back towards the TV before
he got found out staring her down, he thought, ~God, she isn't talking
about...she couldn't be, could she? She's like twice your age!~ Risking
another glance over, and finding her still looking at him, he tried to
compose himself, suddenly becoming uncomfortable with the scores rolling
across the screen. ~Just go with it. All she's doing is looking. Lots of
people stare. Maybe she's just a stare-er?~ Feeling her eyes lingering on
him before leaving, turning towards the TV before returning, he wondered,
~What if she is getting at that? She's older than you...but so is Victoria.
And you tell her age isn't a problem. If you shot her down because of her
age, how true would that make what you tell Victoria? She's still smoking
hot, so what does age matter?~

Licking his lips slightly, he nodded, gathering his thoughts. "Yea, pretty
much." He said, nodding. "Just staying up late, watching TV, and trying to
keep ahead of the scripts for the Divas."

Smiling at his expanded answer, she tried not to stare at him, looking
towards the TV, but catching him returning her gaze and quickly shifting her
eyes back. ~Are you fucking high?~ Her mind screamed. ~He's twenty fucking
years old! What are you doing?~ Her mouth not responding to her brain, she
grinned. "Must get lonely, huh?"

Now completely confused, he tried to figure out an appropriate response.
~What the hell can you tell her?~ He thought. ~You don't even know what
she's getting at! She could just be being nice, and you go all horn dog on
her, and next thing you know, she's kicking you out and you're sleeping on a
bench in the rain!~ Almost whining at his internal struggle, he decided to
lob a softball answer at her, seeing what she'd say. Shrugging, he told her,
"Well, sometimes. Sometimes I have some company to stay up with me, but
usually, when I do, I don't get a lot of work done." Seeing her interest
visibly peek, he almost jumped for joy. Controlling his emotions, mostly, he
thought, ~Fuck this. The bench can't be that bad.~ "Are you doing anything
tonight?" He asked, trying to come off as casual, and, for once, succeeding,
almost surprising himself. "I don't even have my laptop, so I can't write.
I'm pretty much limited to watching Sportscenter re-runs and raiding your
fridge. I get the sports package with my satellite box, so at least I
usually have that."

~Holy shit!~ Her mind screamed. ~Is he serious?~ Trying to come up with
an equally vague comeback, she asked, "What would we do? I mean, I don't
have a whole lot else to do. And you are company, so..."

Listening to her trail off, he gathered up all of his courage, quickly
realizing that he wasn't dealing with a WWE Diva, someone who was off limits
unless he was specifically asked to do something with them, but an Ex-WWE
Diva, someone who had occupied many of his lewd, lustful thoughts, and was
waiting for him to make the first move. ~If that's what she wants.~ His
mind reminded him. ~Remember, you don't have a blanket. Some hobo might
shank you for your watch if you wind up on a bench.~

Realizing that he was to far in to stop now, he stayed the course, asking
her, "Well, do you like sports?"

"Well, soccer." She said. "But I don't get much on this TV...especially at
this hour."

"Ah." He said, nodding. "Got any good movies? All mine got wrecked."

"I do." She admitted, before sighing, "But I've watched them all to death.
And I put a parental lock on the TV so the kid couldn't order movies...and I
kinda forgot the password."

"Smooth." He said with a grin. When she giggled, he shrugged. "I dunno what
to do then. That's mostly what I do, besides writing my scripts."

Nodding, she realized it was her turn to further the conversation. Looking
at him, she casually asked him, "What do you and your friends do when they
keep you company?"

Smiling, he shrugged. "Things."

Smiling, she asked, "Things?" When he nodded, she smiled wider. "Thank you,
oh vague one."

Grinning, he shrugged again. "You know, things." Looking at her, he added,
"Things guys and girls do when they get together."

Quickly realizing that what he was offering was exactly what her twisted
mind wanted, and her body assured her it needed, she knew a choice had to be
made. Either tell him she didn't mean that, back off, make a hasty exit, and
hope he didn't get to mad with her leading him on.

Or go for it, and worry about the consequences in the morning, if there were

"So, you don't mind me keeping you company?" She asked.

Looking at her, he told her firmly, "I would love for you to keep me
company, Terri."

"And you and your company do...things?" She asked. When he nodded, she asked
softly, "Are you offering to do things...with me?"

Smiling, he asked, "Well, that all depends. Are you offering things?"

Looking at him, eyes locked, her stomach a ball of knots filled with
butterflies, she nodded slowly but firmly.

Seeing the nervous look in her eye, and realizing that the struggle going on
inside of him was going on inside of her, Tim took the lead, getting up and
sliding down the couch, coming to a rest right beside her, his arm sliding
along the top of the couch and brushing her long, blonde hair. Deciding one
last out was in order before clothes were removed, he told her, "I hope we
have an understanding when I say things. I wouldn't want to overstep my
welcome here."

Looking at him, and quickly getting confused by his mixed signals, she
asked, "I thought you meant...things...things?"

Seeing a little action was in order, Tim smiled at her, trying to put her at
ease as he leaned towards her, cupping her face softly and brushing her hair
out of her face as he leaned in, kissing her softly on the lips. Feeling her
go stiff, he pressed on gently, not applying enough pressure to force her,
but letting her know that it would be her to break the kiss if she wanted
out, not him. Feeling her press forward, her body scooting closer on the
couch on instinct, he smiled, reaching his arm on top of the couch around
her and pulling her gently into his lap, picking the much smaller woman up
with ease and setting her down across his legs, her legs quickly spreading
and taking advantage of the opportunity presented to her, straddling her
young house guest.

Upping the intensity of the contact, Tim rubbed her back gently, holding her
close as she pushed against him, her head hovering over his and pressing her
lips down against his. Opening his mouth slightly, he darted his tongue out,
making her gasp softly before opening her mouth, quickly accepting his
fleshy intruder in and meeting him halfway.

~Guess she wasn't just messing around.~ Tim thought with glee, smiling
into the kiss as she moaned softly, his hands drifting south and curling
around her backside. Feeling her squirm in his lap, pressing gently against
his semi-ready member, he rubbed her backside, thinking, ~Guess I should
figure out if she just wanted to make out, or if she wanted something

Pulling his hands back, he broke apart from the kiss momentarily, escaping
her lips before they found his again, her hands reaching up and cupping his
face to ensure he didn't try that trick again. Smiling at her persistence,
he reached down and grabbed the bottom of his shirt, pulling it upwards and
breaking the kiss that way, her face moving away long enough for his shirt
to clear his head before diving back down, her body taking advantage of his
newly nude top and pressing against him, making him shiver slightly from the
intimate contact. Pulling his shirt off of his hands and dropping it to the
floor behind him, he pulled back slightly, prying her lips from his and
diving his head down, kissing her neck, waiting for her to make the next

Realizing quickly what he was asking for from his soft kisses and nuzzles,
she reached down and grabbed the bottom of her own shirt, her body on lust-
pilot as she pulled upwards, catching his head in the fabric in her haste
before he pulled back, letting her peal the tight garment from her torso,
tossing it aside and reaching around for the hooks to her bra, but finding
his hands had beaten her to the punch, taking her shirtless-ness as an
invitation to go forward. Moaning at the quick work he made of the hooks,
she let her arms slide from around his shoulders as he quickly stripped her
bare, gently tossing the bra behind him to go along with there shirts.

Moaning softly, Terri looked down at Tim, watching with rabid interest as
his hands moved up, cupping her chest softly. Watching as he looked at
them, rubbing them softly, she was just about to ask if there was a problem
when he grinned for ear to ear.

"Puppies!" He shouted, making both of them burst into laughter. Looking up
at Terri, he smiled as he leaned up for a kiss, pecking her on the lips.
"Sorry, I couldn't resist."

"It's ok." She giggled, leaning back slightly and giving him full access to
her large chest. Feeling something brush against her thigh, she smiled as
she locked eyes with him again, reaching her right hand down and grasping
his shaft through his jeans, making him moan softly. "Cock." She said,

"A very happy cock." He assured her, moaning as she stroked him, prompting
him to return the favor, his hands moving into a better position and cupping
her breasts, stroking the large orbs with his thumbs.

"It's happy, huh?" She purred, her body alive and sparking with energy at
her young lovers reaction. When he nodded, she grinned. "I haven't even done
anything to it yet."

"Nope." He agreed, leaning forward and flicking his tongue out, lashing her
nipples gently, making her moan. "Shows how good you are, doesn't it?"

"I guess." She said, smiling. Stroking his member through the denim, she
moaned softly as he lavished attention on her breasts, clearly happy with
what he had found beneath her clothes. Reaching her other hand down, she
slowly unfastened his jeans, making short work of his belt before pulling
the zipper down. Looking up into his eyes for any hint of discomfort or
hesitation, she moaned again as she saw nothing of the sort in his burning
eyes. Lunging down and kissing him passionately, she slid her hand along his
bare stomach and into the waistband of his silk boxers, grabbing his cock
and pulling it free from it's clothe prison.

Pushing herself up into a more hovering position, Terri reached around his
hands and gripped his shaft, moaning along with him as she stroked his cock
slowly, wrapping her right hand around the tip of it and slowly pushing it
down, her nerves firing on all cylinders as she slid her way to the base.
Pulling her hand back up, she looked down, finding a small gap in-between
the jungle of arms and breasts, and watched as she slid her hand back up to
the tip, dancing her fingers over the sensitive head before repeating the
process, Tim's breast play suffering as she continued to stroke his shaft.

"That is one happy cock." Terri said with a grin. When Tim nodded in
agreement, she grinned wickedly at him. "But I think it could be happier."

"It could." He agreed. Looking at her, he grinned. "It's at its happiest
making others happy."

"It will." She purred. "Later." Seeing the look on his face, she smiled.
"Right now, I gotta make it happy." Seeing him look at her in confusion, she
leaned down, kissing him quickly, not wanting to get caught up in his lips
again. "You're my guest, remember?" She reminded him. "It's only right, as a
host, that I do all I can to make my guest feel comfortable. Right?"

Nodding, he smiled. "I guess so."

Leaning down and stealing one final kiss, Terri backed up, slowly
dismounting him and standing in front of him. Seeing him go to stand up, she
put her hand on his shoulder, stopping him and pushing him back onto the
couch. "No need to get up." She said, smiling as she lowered herself to her
knees in front of him. Watching as he caught on quickly, spreading his legs
and pushing his hips out, giving her perfect access to his crotch, she
grinned. "You've been well schooled, Tim."

"I guess I have." He told her.

Looking down at Tim's cock, Terri had to stop herself from giggling
nervously. Reaching up and grabbing it gently, she smiled as she felt the
warm meat mold to her hand. She'd never been a great fan of blowjobs, but
she'd also long since resolved to herself that she was well past her prime,
and her only enjoyment in life, sexually, was to come from impotent, Viagra
fueled forty-something's, or something requiring batteries. But as Tim
moaned softly, his half closed, lust filled eyes staring down at her,
awaiting her next move like his life depended on it, she pushed aside all of
those reservations, leaning forward and brushing her hair out of the way as
she quickly took his rod into her mouth, making him moan louder as he
gripped the couch.

~You've had to blow guys your age to get sex.~ She thought. ~And they sucked.
What the hell are you going to have to do to keep Tim interested long enough
to get what you want? ~ Looking up into his eyes, and shivering at the sight,
she quickly told herself, ~Whatever the fuck he wants. It's just sex.~

Moaning softly as Terri's tongue twirled around his head, Tim let his head
fall back, her full lips gliding up and down his shaft with practiced skill.
Groaning as she slurped softly with the application of increased suction, he
did his best to keep his hips still, squirming slightly as she bobbed her
head up and down in his lap, worshiping his happy cock with her mouth.


"You have got to be fucking kidding me." Tim groaned.

Pulling off of his shaft, much to his dismay, Terri asked, "What?"


"That's my phone." He told her, grumbling as he reached into his pocket.
Looking at the number, he scowled. "Shane."


"You should probably answer it." Terri told him, her right hand still slowly
stroking his cock.

Looking down at her, he whined softly. "I liked what we were doing more."


Smiling, she leaned down, flicking her tongue across his cock. "Who says we
can't do both?"

Shaking his head, he got his phone into position. "Thank you for the offer,
but I need to concentrate." He told her. Grinning, he added, "But hold that
thought, please." Pressing the talk button on his phone, he said, "This

Ignoring his warnings, Terri smiled as she remembered what Trish had told
her, and moved forward, taking his shaft back into her mouth and nursing the
head gently.

"Hey Tim, it's Shane." Shane said, leaning back in his seat. "I just wanted
to touch base with you. The tow truck just got here like fifteen minutes
ago, so it should be at Terri's place sometime shortly."

"That's...good!" Tim said, pulling the phone away from his mouth as he
hissed softly, Terri's nimble tongue darting and diving over the head of his
cock. Looking down at her, he mouthed, "What are you doing?"

Looking up at him, she grinned from ear to ear, pulling off with a loud
slurp and mouthing back, "Sucking your dick." Before taking him back between
her lips.

"What was that noise?" Shane asked.

"What noise?" Tim asked, trying not to moan in Shane's ear, half out of fear
of getting caught, and half out of not wanting to explain to Shane why he
was moaning on the phone with him.

"Some sort of...sucking noise."

"Oh, that was...the...sink." Tim said, gritting his teeth as Terri's tongue
made another lustful pass. "I was doing some dishes. That's why I didn't
answer right away." Looking down at Terri, he grinned. "Have to earn my keep
around here."

"Yea." Shane said, oblivious to the state the other person on the other end
of the phone was in. "I took a quick look around your RV before the tow
truck got there. What a fucking disaster."

"I know." Tim said, quickly covering the phone and letting out a much needed
moan. Looking down at Terri, he mouthed, "Stop that, it's Shane!"

Rolling her tongue over his head, Terri smiled, mouthing back, "He's not my

Trying to roll his eyes, Tim found them not stopping and rolling back in his
head slightly as Terri applied another round of hearty sucks, her hand still
gliding up and down his now spit soaked shaft.

"Listen, Tim, I know I was a little tense earlier." Shane said. "But you
gotta understand, I just got dropped into that situation."

"It's...ok." Tim said, having to struggle to maintain normal breathing as
Terri's efforts picked up.

"And I know that it was probably Orton, at least, who did it." Shane told
him. "He went ballistic when he heard that Traci had filed a report on him.
So at the very least, he'll get punished for that, if it sticks, which,
given his record, I'm sure dad won't have a hard time believing it."


"I just feel really bad about your RV." Shane said. "I already cleared it,
and we'll be making up your lost payments on a new RV. I got a guy out
looking around at some lots for one kinda like yours, and you can use it
until we get something permanent figured out..."

"That's great." Tim said, half to Shane, half to Terri. "Listen, Shane, can
I call you back? I'm kinda in the middle of something here." Looking down at
Terri and smiling, he added, "And I'd like to get to bed. Soon."

"Yea, that's cool." Shane said. "I just wanted to get a hold of you and
touch base, see where we stood."

"We'll figure it all out tomorrow." Tim assured him. "I'm good for tonight."

"Alright man, I'll get in touch with you tomorrow." Shane told him. "Around

"Noon sounds great." Tim said. "Talk to you later." Not waiting for Shane to
drone out a goodbye, Tim hung up his phone, turning the ringer off and
tossing it aside as he glared down at Terri with wild eyes. "What the hell
was that?" He growled.

Pulling off of his cock, she smiled up at him, still stroking his hard meat.
"You didn't have to hide what you were doing." Terri told him, smiling. "You
don't employ me...yet. Trish told me the rules."

Grinning from ear to ear, he leaned down, grabbing her firmly and kissing
her hard on the lips. Pulling back, he smiled down at her. "Where the fuck
is your bedroom?"

Giggling, she quickly pulled back, standing up and moving out of his grasp.
Seeing him go to stand up, she laughed as she reached out and pushed him by
the shoulders, sending him back down to the couch as she took off around it,
heading for a hallway. Springing to his feet, Tim grabbed his belt and
quickly hooked it, not bothering to put his wet cock away as he ran down the
hallway after the busty blonde, watching as she ducked into a room at the
end of the hallway. Quickly following her in, he smiled as she scurried up
onto the bed, rolling over onto her back as he surged into the room,
crawling on the bed and scrambling up to her, taking the elbows out from
under her and sending her to the bed, him on top. Leaning down and kissing
her firmly, Tim moaned as she spread her legs, pulling them up and framing
his waist with her thighs, their bodies molding together.

"Are you going to make my dick happy tonight, Terri?" He asked, kissing her
neck and moving south in a hurry.

"God, yes." She promised, knowing from the instant he kissed her that her
sole purpose in life for that night was to please her young houseguest.

"What are you going to do to make it happy?" He asked, reaching the valley
of her breasts and kissing them both, pulling her nipples in and suckling
them tenderly, making her groan and arch her back.

"Whatever you want." She assured him. "God, I just want you in me so bad."

Feeling him kiss and lick her big breasts, Terri shivered. Feeling his hands
cupping her large mounds, she held him close. She knew she shouldn't be
doing this. Whether he was her boss or not, there were so many other factors
making what they were doing so wrong that she could have tripped and fell on
one on her way down the hallway. But as he lavished attention on her heavy
breasts, taunting and teasing her nipples and fleshy hills with a skill that
someone his age should never have, she couldn't be bothered to think of a
way out, and only thought of ways to keep him in.

Sitting up, Tim reached down between them, rubbing the tops of her thighs as
he smiled at her. "So..." He said, grinning as she squirmed. "Are you one
hundred percent, absolutely, positively sure you want to keep me company

"Yes!" Terri croaked.

"You're sure?" He asked, smiling. "I don't sleep a whole lot, you know."

"Please, Tim..."

Nodding, he moved his hands upwards, finding the crotch of her jeans and
following them up, grabbing the top button and quickly undoing it, just
getting the zipper down before she raised her legs, letting him shimmy the
tight jeans from her body and toss them behind him. Reaching down and
grabbing her panties, he pulled up slowly on them, working them up to the
top before casting them aside. Looking up at her, he said, "Last chance..."

"Why do you keep asking?" She moaned softly.

Looking at her, he shrugged. "I've never been the one to make the first move
before, so I'm trying not to get lost in the signals here."

"Oh." Terri said in understanding, nodding to drive the point home. "Well,
ok, here goes." She said, smiling at him. "I want you to fuck me all night
long. And probably part of tomorrow morning, too. And not a whole lot is off
limits. I'm pretty desperate here. If you can do that for me, I'll be very,
very happy. Anything less, and I'll still be very, very happy. Is that
enough of a signal?"

Smiling, he nodded, letting his knees slide along the bed as he dropped to
his stomach, his head hovering above her core. "Don't be desperate." He told
her, leaning forward and kissing her wetness softly as she scrambled to find
a pillow, folding it up and using it to prop her head up enough to watch his
every move from between her heavy, heaving breasts. "I'm just as excited to
be here as you seem to have me here. So no desperation, ok?" When she gave
him the best nod she could, he smiled. "Can I do this?" He asked, leaning
forward and kissing her pussy softly.

"Oh god, Tim, please do..." She purred.

Moving his head into the perfect position, hours spent between Victoria's
firm thighs teaching him quickly, Tim flicked his tongue out, batting her
hypersensitive lips before kissing them gently, his nimble tongue flicking
out and taunting her. Drinking in her heady aroma, he pushed himself onto
the bed, his left leg having to stay planted onto the floor, his right one
sliding out as his arms rubbed her thighs, making her squirm. Deciding the
footing he had was the best he was getting, Tim lapped at her folds gently,
stroking and petting her sensitive lips and making her moan again, her voice
taking on an edge of urgency.

Reaching down and running her fingers through his short hair, Terri sobbed
softly as he turned his eyes up at her, his darting tongue keeping her on
the edge of madness as she was bombarded with sensations she had forgotten
over years of sexual neglect. Groaning loudly, she looked down at him, his
eyes locking with hers, conveying joy for the task at hand.

"God, have condoms, right?" She moaned softly. Looking at him, she
added, "It's not a deal breaker, but..." Seeing his head nod, she cried out
again, her hands getting tighter on his head. "Then get one and use it!"

Smiling, he pulled back, giving her sexy pussy a parting kiss before pushing
himself off the bed, standing up and pushing his hands into his pockets,
emptying them onto the floor in a pattern that was becoming all to familiar
to him in his mad search for the requested protection. Finding one, he
grinned as she squirmed slightly, eyeing him as he shed his pants and ripped
open the packet.

Realizing she was taking far to much control, which in her mind, was any
control, Terri looked at him and asked, "How do you wanna do it?"

"Do it?" He asked, smiling. "Or start?"


Nodding, he crawled onto the bed, sliding along beside her and rolling his
condom on. "Start." He said. Seeing her look at him with questioning eyes,
he smiled, leaning in and kissing her softly. "I am your guest, remember."
He told her, before leaning in and whispering, "And you promised to keep me
company. All night."

Shivering softly, Terri nodded in agreement, not knowing if she'd be able to
keep that promise, but willing to give it her best shot. Seeing him lean in
for a kiss, she eagerly gave it to him, letting him hold her body close to
his, his roaming hands stroking her nudity and making her squirming get even

Pulling back, Tim smiled at her, pulling back and pushing himself up onto
his knees. Pointing down in front of him, he told her, "Hands and knees,
right here...if that's good with you?"

Nodding quickly, Terri scrambled into action, rolling over onto her hands
and knees and quickly assuming the position, her ass thrust against his
crotch. Looking back at him, she croaked, "Tim, I don't think you realize
the level of desperation I'm at right now. You could tell me to do a
handstand and I'd be all for it."

Grinning, he quickly got into position, taking advantage of his spit and her
need to lube up the tip of his condom. "I don't think I'll be doing that."
He told her, leaning across her body as he pushed into her slowly, making
them both groan loudly as she clawed at the blankets. "I couldn't kiss you
like that...or play with the puppies..."

"You like kissing, don't you?" She asked. When he nodded and kissed her, she
admitted, "I'll be honest. I wasn't expecting you to kiss so much. Figured
you'd have your mouth...well..."

"Permanently attached to your tits?" He asked, cupping her large breast to
show he hadn't forgotten about them. When she moaned and nodded, he smiled.
"While I am a big boob fan, you have lips that can't be ignored. So

Rolling her head around to let him kiss her, Terri moaned as he pushed deep
into her. She'd long since given up trying to figure out who was seducing
who, but she had a sneaking suspicion that it was him doing her, the fact
that the memories between them talking on the couch and him pushing into her
pussy were a jumbled mess of pleasure helping her to make that conclusion,
but she didn't care. All she knew was that the pleasure she had sought
inviting him over was being given to her, and she had a ready, willing, and
seemingly able partner thrusting into her from the back.

Moaning softly as he pushed deep into Terri's tightness, Tim rubbed her
chest softly, there bodies quickly getting into sync and moving in perfect
rhythm, his pulls being matched by her sliding forward, working to pull him
out before his thrusts were met by her sliding back, his hips slapping
gently against her ass. Smiling, Tim leaned down, nuzzling her neck softly
and making her moan again. "You're my first MILF, you know." He told her
matter of factly.

"Oh god..."

"I probably should care more about that." He told her, smiling as his words
barely dented her pleasure, her body quickly becoming covered in a sheen of
glistening sweat. "You are quite a bit older than me, aren't you?"

"Uh-huh...fuck, Tim, god..."

"Guess it's a good thing for you that I don't care, huh?" He asked. Seeing
her look back at him, the look on her face almost made him laugh, his simple
question becoming a brain buster in her lust addled mind. Smiling to
himself, Tim decided a pick up of the pace was in order, knowing Terri was
probably expecting something more hard and fast from him, and quickly giving
it to her. Pulling out slowly, he thrust back in slightly quicker, a change
in pace Terri quickly picked up on and appreciated. Pulling out quicker, he
pushed back in, picking up speed with each thrust, moving harder and faster,
his body holding hers close as he cupped her breasts, holding onto the
dangling flesh as he threw his hips forward, connecting with her ass and
rocking her body forward. Her body starting to show the signs of reaching
it's limit, Tim settled on the current speed, his hips rocking back and
forth at a hard, fast clip, his smile and groans showing his appreciation
with Terri for accepting his pace so willingly.

Clawing at the bed, Terri cursed the useless gesture, her body bouncing back
and forth on his cock, her want to tell him how good he was doing overruled
by the screams and groans flooding out of her lungs. Arching her head to let
out another primal scream, she sobbed softly as he took advantage of her
head's position to kiss her behind the ear, quickly moving up until he was
kissing the side of her face, his hands still stroking and teasing her tits,
adding a squirm to her bodies movements as he teased her on one end, and
utterly pleased her on the other. Pushing her hips back to meet his
throbbing intruder, she screamed as she was rewarded with a few deeper
thrusts, her body on fire as she bounced back and forth.

Panting softly, Tim stopped with his breast play in favor of wrapping his
arms around Terri's beautiful body. Pulling back, he groaned as she did the
same, lifting her up into a semi-sitting position. Keeping her slightly bent
over, Tim pulled back and thrust back into her, the angle slowing him down
slightly but still enough to keep her sobbing and moaning. Adjusting his
hands to re-cup her breasts, he laughed slightly as he saw that she had
dragged the top blanket up with her, her hands latched in a death grip on
the fabric as she started bouncing in rhythm to his thrusts, pushing him as
deep into her wetness as he could.

"Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod..." Terri whined over and over again, her mouth
finally able to form words, but not say everything she wanted. Feeling Tim
lift her up slightly, she cried out in anguish as she felt his cock leave
her pussy, his hands pushing her over and making her fall face first into
the soft bed. "What are you...Ohhhh...."

Bending down, Tim pushed his head forward and dove into her pussy, lapping
and sucking at her nether folds as she squealed softly.

"Why did you stop?" Terri croaked, loving his tongues attention, but wanting
his cock more.

"Pacing...myself..." Tim smiled, panting softly.

Pulling away from Tim, Terri flipped over with a pant, looking back at him.
Pouting softly, she said, "Pacing?" When he nodded, she pouted harder,
making Tim know she was teasing him now. "Why? Don't you think I'll be able
to get you hard again?"

Smiling, he shook his head. "No, but..."

"I thought you said I was sexy?" She said, still pouting, but a smile
creeping in.

"Oh god, Terri, you are..."

"Well then?" She asked, looking at him expectantly.

Grinning, Tim moved past her and up to the top of the bed, sitting down and
leaning back against the headboard. "Well, if you want it so bad, come up
here and get it." He challenged.

Quickly scurrying across the bed, Terri gave up whatever modesty she might
have had, not caring how desperate she looked, only concerning herself with
getting what was being offered, namely Tim's cock back inside her fluttering
pussy. Sliding into his lap, she reached down and grabbed his cock, the
slick latex molding to her hand. Looking down for a moment, she debated to
herself whether to pull the protective coating off or not, before he tilted
her head up and made the choice for her, as if reading her mind.

"I don't mind." He told her firmly, smiling to back it up. "Please, Terri,
put it back inside you. I need it so bad..."

Nodding, she lifted herself up, pressing her chest into his face momentarily
as she glided the tip of his latex covered shaft against her pussy, dropping
down with a groan as he took advantage of her momentary position and
attacked her breasts lovingly, cupping them and capturing a nipple in his
mouth, the attention he had wanted to lavish on them since he had kissed her
on the couch pouring out as she stuffed herself full of his cock. Dropping
down into his lap, Terri moaned as he followed her breasts down, his hands
holding them at the right angle for him to attack them, lapping and suckling
the hard nubs as he rubbed the large mounds of flesh.

Leaning back, she arched out her chest to his touch, her hands reaching back
and gripping his outstretched legs as she vaulted up and down in his lap,
impaling herself over and over again on his cock as she screamed and barked
out sounds of pleasure. Tilting her head down to look at him, she whined
softly as he leaned forward to capture her nipples in a lip lock again, his
tongue flicking out and tracing his lips as he kissed all over her heavy
orbs, moving his head in tune with her leaps and covering her boobs in soft,
wet kisses that Terri knew bordered on worshiping them. As his lips traveled
all over her big boobs, his wet lips and soft, stinging love nips sending
bolts of pleasure through her body, Terri could have cared less why he was
focusing so much on her breasts, just so long as he kept the good feelings
coming, something he seemed completely capable of doing.

Feeling her hands slide up his legs and wrap around his head, Tim acted
quickly and pulled his legs up, pushing her forward slightly and letting him
thrust up into her, his feet planted into the plush bedding and giving him
the perfect foothold to spear his cock deep into his bouncing lover. Seeing
her head whip back and a cry of lust erupt from her lungs, he smiled around
a mouthful of tit. Prying himself away from her bouncing boobs, he led with
his hands, cupping her face and framing it for his lips, finding hers parted
and vibrating with lustful screams, but quickly sealing and pressing against
his. Feeling her hands gripping his head tighter, he smiled as she broke the
kiss, screaming out as he fired his hips upwards in rapid fire pumps, her
whole body shaking as he slapped against her underside, his whole cock
burying deep into her with each hard, fast pump.

"Oh fuck Tim...fuck me, fuck me...fuck!" Terri screamed out, her hands
grabbing painfully at his hair, her white knuckle ride on the end of his
cock quickly coming to it's pleasurable conclusion. Looking down at him, she
sobbed out loudly as she saw him staring back up at her, the playfulness
from a moment ago, wiped away with the mask of intensity. She knew whatever
playfulness he had shown her was long gone with her bodies lustful request.

Reaching his hands around and cupping her ass, Tim took over her pumps,
gripping her full butt and lifting her up, pulling out of her pussy at the
same time, only to let her drop onto his thrusting hips, timing it perfectly
and making her scream again. Feeling her shaking picking up, Tim held on
tight, knowing he was doing almost all the work now as she reaped all the
reward, her sexual tremors making it difficult for him to attack her
throbbing pussy, but he fought for every pump, her body shaking and spasming
in his lap. Grabbing his head and holding him tightly to her chest, Terri
gave up trying to have any control over the action, trusting in him to
please her like she hadn't been pleased in a long time.

Thrusting up into her sharply, Tim grunted as she shrieked, her arms
beginning to go slack around his head as he kissed and licked whatever flesh
came into his path, neck, chest and breast all being given loving attention
as he pounded into her. Feeling her body slump against his, her hot, sticky
flesh pressing against his, he kept up the pace, her moans telling him she
was still getting pleasure from his efforts, and that it hadn't shifted to
discomfort just yet.

Letting herself fall backwards, Terri moaned as she came to a rest on Tim's
knees, her body leaning back as her head fell backwards, staring up at the
roof as Tim attacked her breasts again, his avenue to please her pussy gone
with her change of position, but opening up a different one. Letting him
enjoy her body for a moment longer, Terri pulled herself up and his head
from her chest, falling forward with a groan and wrapping her arms around
his back.

"Oh my god, Tim..." She panted, moaning softly as his arms found there way
around her body again. "Thank you, thank you..."

"Thank you." He panted, his hard shaft still buried deep inside of her.
Looking at her, he smiled softly. "Thank you so much for inviting me
over...and being so persistent."

"It was the least I could do." She said, kissing him softly before pulling
back, somehow getting her jelly legs under her and lifting off of his shaft
with a moan, pulling herself free before collapsing back on the bed. Finding
him lying down beside her, she scooted over, looking up at him for
permission to snuggle and finding it quickly granted, his left arm reaching
under her and pulling her close before the right hand overlapped hers on his
chest. "I did promise you a bed to sleep in."

Looking down at her, he smiled. "I have to sleep at some point?"

"Unless you find someone a lot younger than me, yes. I need sleep at some

"Just not right now I hope?"

"No." She said, reaching down and stroking his cock. "Just buying some time
right now." When he nodded, moaning softly as she continued to stroke him,
she said, "I bet you bag all kinds of women, don't you?"

"A few." He said. "I wouldn't say all kinds." Looking down at her, he
grinned. "And who said you could have a break?"

Looking up at him and whimpering softly, she playfully tried to hide in his
arms. "Just a minute?" Seeing his grin not fading, she smiled meekly. "I can
do other things..."

"I don't want another sandwich..." He said in the same voice, his hands now
starting to roam over her soft body, letting her in on what he was wanting.

"I wasn't talking about a sandwich." She said, reaching down and rubbing his
hard shaft, pulling the condom off and tossing it away. "Let me rest?"

Mulling over his options, he nodded. "For a minute, at least." He told her.

Kissing his chest, she pushed herself up with a groan, moving away from him
and crawling down the bed. "Thank you." She teased, laying down between his
legs and resting her head against his thighs. Moving her face up, she kissed
his cock softly, smiling as he moaned. Sliding up his shaft with a suck, she
pulled off, looking up at him. "Rest?"

Nodding, he told her, "For a little while. Not to long."

"Not to long." She echoed, moving her head back down and taking him between
her lips, brushing her long hair out of her face and looking up at him.

Sliding up and down his cock in slow, smooth strokes, Terri moaned along
with Tim, his head falling back and looking up at the roof as she went to
work, knowing pleasing him was her key to getting some rest before he
finally tired of not fucking her and went back to work. Looking to his side
and watching his hands, she swelled with pride as she spotted his hands
flexing and un-flexing, his legs straining to keep from squirming as she
slurped softly on his pole. Flicking her tongue over his head, she smiled as
he moaned and arched his hips slightly, seeking her lustful touch but
finding her taking it away quickly. Tim wasn't the first guy Terri had to
have teased to get a break in the action.

Just the first one since high school.

Pushing himself up onto his elbows, Tim looked down at the blonde in his
lap, reaching down and brushing the hair that had fallen down during her
increasingly fast bobs. Seeing she had gained his attention, Terri turned up
the heat, reaching one hand up and gripping the base of his shaft, pulling
off of his cock long enough to spit onto the raw flesh before taking him
back between her pouty lips. Twisting her hand around his shaft to gather up
the saliva, she smiled as he groaned again, her slick hand joining her lips
in gliding up and down his pole. Letting her lips go slightly loose, Terri
sucked in a deep breath, almost giggling as Tim groaned loudly at the loud
slurping noise it produced. Looking up at him, she knew that her showmanship
was quickly wearing out whatever patience Tim had for breaks, and was
getting him revved up for more time between her thighs.

Pushing herself up onto her hands and knees to get a better angle of attack
on his shaft, Terri went for substance over style, sucking hard and fast to
go along with the blistering pace of her lips and hand, pre-come leaking
from Tim's swollen head and into her watering mouth.

"Enough." Tim finally croaked, reaching down and pulling her reluctant head
from his crotch. Pulling her up and kissing her hard on the lips, Tim pushed
forward, toppling her over and coming down on top of her, pinning the sexy
blonde beneath him. Feeling her legs wrap around his waist and her arms
around his back, he looked towards the edge of the bed, knowing his
protection was half a bed away. Wrapping his arms around her, he quickly
rolled them over, tumbling across the bed and coming to a quick stop at the
edge. Reaching his hand out as far as he could, he strained against his
joints to reach his pants, Terri's lips attacking his exposed neck as her
curvy body squirmed under his.

Snatching his pants and dragging them towards him, Tim reached in and
grabbed his protection supply, grabbing a handful and tossing them onto the
bed before rolling back away from the edge. Extracting himself from the
tangle of arms and legs she tried to hold him in with, Tim reached down and
grabbed a condom from the bed, sitting up and ripping it open.

"Was that really necessary?" Terri purred, reaching up and rubbing his chest
softly. "I'm on the pill."

Looking down at her, he smiled. "And while I appreciate the offer, I have
other women I have to worry about, so can't be taking chances." Leaning down
and kissing her, he quickly added, "No offence."

"None taken." She said, smiling as he went to work getting the condom on.
"Thoughtful, smart, well spoken...sometimes." Seeing him look at her with a
grin, she asked, "Do you cook?"

"Yes." He said, rolling the condom down his cock.



"And you fuck like a machine!" She giggled. Letting him settle back down
against her body, she smiled as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders.
Feeling him line his cock back up with her slick hole, she moaned softly as
he pushed back inside. "You are the perfect man."

"I doubt that." He told her, moaning as she squeezed him tight. "I seem to
have a temper. And I'm not sure I'm completely sane."

"Have you ever hit a woman?"

"Never." He promised.

"Then I can take some insanity." She said, smiling as he looked down at her.
"You know, so long as I get fucked comatose and you have breakfast waiting
for me in the morning."

Smiling, he leaned down, kissing her softly. "Deal."

Wrapping his arms under hers as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders,
Tim pulled back slowly, making Terri moan as he exited her warmth, her tight
confines trying in vain to hold him in, but his hips strong enough to
overcome the grip. Feeling Terri's arms holding him tight to her body, he
used what little space he was given to do the best job he could, drawing his
cock out before pushing back in, her back arching softly and breaking her
arm lock just enough to allow him to get free, quickly sitting up and
leaning back on his calves. Feeling her legs quickly adjust to the new
position, wrapping loosely around his hips, he grabbed her behind her knees
and pushed her legs up, bending them back to the brink of being painful,
exposing her ass as clearly as possible as he pulled out. Smiling down at
her, he pushed back in slowly, her eyes getting wider and wider as he sunk
back in deeper and deeper, stopping only when his crotch was planted firmly
against her underside.

"Oh my god!" Terri croaked loudly. "So fucking deep..."

Pulling back out, he smiled as she groaned loudly, squirming on the bed as
her arms wrapped behind her head uselessly. Pulling back until just the very
tip of his shaft was inside of her, he held it there as she whimpered and
whined, her shame going out the window as it was replaced with a deep need.
Pushing back in just as slowly, he moaned softly as she gripped him tightly,
squeezing his cock and begging it silently to both stay there and leave for
another pleasurable plunge. Slowly pulling himself out of her pussy, Tim
smiled down at her, locking eyes before slamming forward hard and fast, his
pace changing in an instant, for an instant.

Arching her back in surprise and glee, Terri shrieked out loudly as she
pulled at her long hair. "Ohhhh...fuck yes!" She finally screamed, making
Tim grin wide as he knew she had liked his unexpected burst of speed.

Pulling back out slowly, he kept his eyes on her, stopping with just his tip
inside of her. Pausing for a second, he pushed forward slowly, her lungs
erupting in a sob as she squirmed incessantly on the bed. Looking up at him
with wild eyes and panting sobs, Terri wasn't sure if she wanted to kill him
or chain him to her bed. Feeling another slow withdrawal coming, she
squirmed with nervous energy, unsure as to what was coming next, Tim's rapid
change of pace keeping her guessing. Feeling him stop, she cried out as he
held his place, making her wait for his next move. Feeling beads of sweat
pouring down her face and over her body, she sobbed again, hoping her need
alone was enough to force him to play his hand. Feeling his movement begin
forward again, slowly, an agonizingly slow, torturous plunge, she pulled
hard at her hair, her eyes trying to focus on his, but darting around the
room in a desperate attempt to keep from losing her mind.

"You're pretty pent up." He said matter of factly, moaning softly as her
fluttering pussy grabbed and pulled on his cock.

"Fuck me Tim, please, for the love of god, please fuck me!" She cried out,
her sobbing and heavy, hyper breaths making her look like a child on the
verge of a temper tantrum.

"I am fucking you." He told her, slowly pulling his cock out after resting
his hips against hers for an instant. "I thought you liked me fucking you?"

"Oh god, Tim, I do, so much!" She moaned, her hands leaving her head and
moving to her breasts, her needs desperate enough to try anything to get
herself off.

"Then what's wrong?" He asked with mock innocence. "Don't you like it slow?"

"I do, but..."

"But not with me?" He asked, loving the look of sheer agony on her face,
each question he asked her almost breaking her sanity.

"God, Tim, I love it with you!" She cried out, another slow, smooth pump
driving into her pussy, her hands rubbing her nipples brutally, all
semblance of tender loving care thrown out with her scattered brains call
for lust. Arching her back, she sobbed, "God, Tim, I'll do anything! Just
fuck me, please!"

Smiling at her, he asked, "Anything?"

Not considering, or caring, what he had in mind, she looked up at him,
nodding quickly. "Anything!" Looking at him, she croaked, "It's been so damn
long, Tim. I'll do whatever you want!"

Nodding with that, he continued his slow, soft pace. "I hardly ever get to
do anything interesting, sexually." He lied. Looking at her, he smiled,
letting her legs rest on his thighs as he leaned down, taking over control
of her breasts. "And I do love your breasts, so, so much."

"Do you wan to fuck them?" She offered quickly. "Lick them? Come on them?"
Seeing a spark in his eyes, she reached out and grabbed it with both hands.
"You want to come on them?" She asked quickly. When he gave her a little
shrug, trying to show indifference, she growled. "You think I give a shit
that I have to let you come on my tits to get fucked?"

"I was hoping not." He admitted with a smile.

"Pick up the pace." She pleaded. "Fuck me like you were, and you can come
anywhere! I don't care!" Looking at him, she whined, "I'm to old to care. I
don't get to fuck like this...ever! I'll do what you want!"

Leaning down and kissing her softly, he said, "What did I tell you about
being desperate?"

"Tim, please..."

"Just ask." He told her softly. "In all this time, you never said, "Tim,
pick up the pace."." He pointed out.

Looking up into his eyes, she almost cried. ~Could it really be that easy?~
She asked herself. ~No more pleading, no more games. Just ask?~ "Tim, please
fuck me hard." She said softly, her voice wavering slightly.

Grinning at her, he pulled back, pulling his cock from her pussy as she cried
out in protest, before he held up his hands, stopping her. "I want you..." He
started, his voice taking on an edge that made Terri shiver, a growl starting
into it as he spoke. "On your hands and know what? Check that."
Moving off the bed, he motioned for her to crawl the few inches to the edge,
flipping her over onto her stomach and dragging her backwards gently, setting
her standing up, bent over, the edge of the bed. "I want you like this, if
you'll let me." He growled, leaning down and kissing her neck. "Can I fuck
you like this?"

"God Tim, please!" She pleaded, spreading her legs and grabbing a hold of
the bed, hoping for a wild ride to come.

Quickly moving in behind her, Tim grabbed his cock and quickly reentered her
tight pussy, pushing in as he leaned down and straddled her body with his
arms, getting a good grip on the bed as he repositioned his feet on the
floor. Ducking his hips down to meet the angle of the much shorter Diva, Tim
smiled as she arched her ass up to meet him, the angles finally coming
together and allowing him to pull out of her pussy with a quick yank. Seeing
her arch her head up from the bed, he pounded back down, his hands a knot of
blanket on the bed beside hers, his grunts mixing with her screams as he
wasted no time in pulling out and hammering back in, the slow, soft thrusts
of a moment ago long forgotten as lust and animal instincts took over.

Feeling the bed bounce and shake under her body, Terri cried out in lust,
her hips thrusting up to meet Tim's hips crashing down, driving her forward
and against the bed. A tiny, forgotten part of her brain told her that what
they were doing was no good at all for the bed. It could hear the legs
scraping across the hardwood floor, no doubt leaving gouges that would take
forever to fix, assuming she could even do it by herself. It heard the head
and footboard creaking in strain, the metal hooks holding the frame to them
driving in harder and harder as Tim slammed down into her. It could hear the
distant sound of something breakable crashing off the nightstand on the far
side of the bed, and it hoped it wasn't anything that couldn't be replaced.

But the larger part of Terri's brain, the one that had been in control of
her body since Trish had spoken to her about Tim's "Woman problems", the
loophole in his contract that prohibited him to get sexual release from the
nearest source available, the Divas, without a lot of dancing around the
subject, and how absolutely none of it applied to Terri whatsoever, didn't
give a shit about floors, frames or nightstands. It cared about hard cock
meeting tight pussy over and over again, about her G spot being used and
abused like it hadn't been in years. It cared about the mounting pleasure
building up in her body again, about releasing that pleasure before it
killed her, and milking Tim's worship worthy cock over her enhanced chest
and giving him his just reward. He didn't think she should have to beg, but
she didn't care. Whatever got him fucking was fine by her.

Leaning back and gripping her hips, Tim gritted his teeth as he picked up
the pace, slamming hard and fast into her backside, her ass rippling with
his effort as she bounced back and forth on the bed with each pump. His back
was killing him from the angle he was attacking her pussy, not having fully
recovered from the fall from the shower with Maria a week earlier, not to
mention the back busting labor he did with her through the week before she
had finally left at the airport, rushing to the gate she should have been
coming from and acting like she hadn't seem Tim in weeks. Reaching a hand
back and gripping his lower back, he grunted softly as he dripped sweat down
onto Terri, massaging the tight muscle slightly before giving up, deciding
holding her hips steady to increase the speed of his pumps was far more
important than not having spinal issues later in life.

Sobbing loudly, Terri clawed at the bed, trying to find something to grip
tight enough to make the pleasure building in her pussy and radiating
throughout her body go away, but knew nothing she would find would do that.
Arching her back again and crying out, she sobbed harder and harder as Tim
quickly smelled the blood in the water, picking up the pace and slapping his
hips against her ass quicker and quicker, her whole body shuddering and
shaking as she released for the second time that night, her mind scrambling
and sending mixed signals all over her body. Thrashing about wildly, she
fought to keep her hips still and her ass up, knowing her entire life
depended on Tim's cock making perfect thrusts into her pussy over and over
again. Nothing else mattered to her in the slightest at that moment. Her
body needed release, and she was fairly certain she'd die if she didn't get
it, and Tim made sure she got it, her fluttering pussy only driving him on,
his cock spearing into her pussy again and again as she sobbed out, wanting
to tell him to let her rest and never stop at the same time.

Seeing her flop down onto the bed in a sweat soaked heap, Tim smiled as he
slowed to a stop, panting along with her as he pulled his cock from her
pussy, gripping the throbbing member to buy her some time to recover. But
the instant his cock was clear of her love hole, she turned and glared at
him, her eyes half shut and her mouth wide open, sucking in deep, greedy

"Gonna come?" She asked, half a question, half a plead. When he nodded, she
used all the strength her small body had left to roll over onto her back and
push herself mostly up onto the bed, her legs catching at her knees and
stopping her from moving up any more. "Up here, now." She said firmly.

Smiling at her, he pulled the condom off and tossed it away, making a mental
note to find it later as he slowly moved up onto the bed, letting her get
him into position for whatever she wanted to do to bring him off. Feeling
her hands guide him to kneel beside her, he moaned as she gripped his cock,
pre-come dribbling out and slicking her hands. Rubbing her palm loosely over
the head of his member, she moaned along with him as she started gliding her
hands up and down his pole, aiming it in the general direction of her
heaving chest.

"You...don'" Tim moaned softly, wanting to arch
his back slightly, but having the tight muscles rebel and force him to
remain seated.

"" She told him, picking up speed as his knob
started producing more goo, knowing enough to know that was the sign he was
about to pop. "Come on, Tim." Smiling up at him, she added, "Make me want to
come work for you."

Wanting to laugh but only able to moan, Tim's body flexed as he started to
come, semen pouring out of his shaft and shooting across her jiggling chest,
her far hand leaving his rod in favor of pressing her tits together, giving
him a more pleasurable landing pad for his load. Keeping her hand loose, her
strokes long and hard, Terri milked him like she promised she would, his
sticky semen spouting out of his cockhead and splattering on her tits.

"Come on, Tim!" She cheered with a giggle. "You gotta have more than that!"

Groaning loudly as she took her own challenge, Tim let out a long moan as
she sped up her hand, his man goo slicking her hand and giving her some lube
to pick up the pace, pleasure blinding him and forcing him to close his eyes
hard, the last of his lust pouring out and coming across her chest.

Regaining control of his hands, Tim reached down and grabbed her stroking
hand, pulling it away. Taking a few deep breaths, he groaned in surprise as
she gripped it with her other hand, picking up the slack and stroking his
wilting member. Quickly reaching down and grabbing her other hand, he went
to pull it away when her first hand broke loose, reaching out and grabbing
him with two fists, jerking him hard and fast. Reaching down with surprising
quickness, he latched onto both of her hands, pulling them away and staring
down at her.

"Enough." He panted.

Cracking into a smile, Terri's chest jiggled as she broke into laughter. "Oh
my goodness, Tim!" She laughed, leaning back and letting her head rest on
the bed as he finally let go of her hands. "That was amazing!" Craning her
neck up and looking at her chest, she exploded into more laughter. "I don't
know what those girls you have working for you do to tease you, but you must
have been some pent up!"

Smiling down at her, he shook his head. "You know, most women wouldn't find
that all that funny." He said.

Her laughter bubbling to a stop, she smiled at him, shrugging her shoulders.
"Most women get laid a lot to." She said. Reaching down and running a hand
through her chest mess, she smiled. "And if a little spray across the tits
is what it takes to get a guy like you to fuck me like you just did, then so
be it." When he smiled, Terri noted, with pride, she sighed. "But I should
go clean up."

Looking at her, he smiled. "Mind if I join you?"

Shaking her head, wet hair splattering her face, she smiled. "Hell no. I
need someone to hold me up."

Smiling, he backpedaled off the bed, testing his legs before reaching out
and helping Terri up. Leaning down and kissing her softly, he smiled as she
took his lip contact with glee, happy that whatever they had built up over
the night didn't fade with his orgasm. "That was incredible." He said
firmly. Smiling as she started towards the door, leading him along towards
the bathroom, he added, "You might not think much of yourself, Terri, but
you are one hell of a woman."

Hiding her blushing face, she shrugged. "I dunno..." She started, before she
was forced to stop, his movement halting and his hand holding hers making
her do the same. Looking back at him, she tilted her head up as he brought
his lips down on hers again, kissing her softly, tenderly. Her heart racing
again, Terri leaned into the kiss, not knowing why he was so passionate with
them, but taking what he gave her with pleasure.

Pulling back, he smiled at her. "You are a hell of a woman." He repeated.
"Think more of yourself."

Starting her movement again, she smiled as she led him into the washroom,
breaking off as she moved into the shower, getting the water started.
Looking at him and beckoning him in, she smiled as he moved in behind her,
letting her close the door. "Is that an order from the boss?" She teased.

Smiling, he moved her around so she was facing the shower, letting her clean
his lust from her chest. "It's a request from...a friend, I hope." He told

Looking back at him, she told him, "I think friend is a little bit of an

"Just because we had sex?" He asked. When she nodded, he said, "People who
don't like each other have sex all the time."

"And that's the difference here." She said, ducking fully under the water
and washing herself clean of at least the first layer of sweat and grime her
night of bliss had caused. "I like you. You seem like a good guy, if a
little high strung. But I'm sure you'll get the hang of this thing."

"I hope so." He said, leaning down and kissing her shoulder. "I like my

Pulling out of the stream of water, Terri turned in his arms, looking up at
him. Her mind racing over the events of the night, she had to smile and
shake her head slightly, making him smile questioningly at her. Moving up to
her tip toes, she craned her neck, asking for and quickly receiving a tender
kiss. Dropping back to flat feet, she looked up at him, smiling. "Thank you
so, so much Tim." She said softly. "It's been years since I had sex...and a
lot more since I had good sex. I don't know what your motives were coming in
here, or whatever, but thank you so, so much."

Smiling at her, he leaned down, stealing a quick kiss. "Thank you so, so
much, Terri." He said, smiling. "For letting me live out a fantasy I've had
for a long time." When she giggled, he asked, "Now, question time."

"Oh boy." She teased.

"Did you really have any interest whatsoever in wrestling..." He said,
looking at her, and getting his answer as she started to blush. "Or if you
just said all that stuff to get me here and see if I'd screw you?"

Biting her bottom lip, she smiled as her cheeks burned bright red. "I hope
you're not going to be mad with her, but Trish put this idea in my head."
Seeing him look confused, she said, "She told me that you've been having
woman problems lately, and about your set of rules from Vince that make it
about as easy to get laid as it is to skip through a minefield blindfolded."
When he smiled, she shrugged, adding, "I honestly didn't expect it to come
to this. I thought I'd try and make my move, and you'd shit yourself
laughing, and that would be that."

Smiling, he spun them around so he was in the stream of water, feeling the
need to at least cleanse some of his body. "Never underestimate what a
horny, single guy will do to a beautiful woman when she hints she wants
sex." He told her firmly, making her smile. Rubbing her body softly, he
grinned. "Whatever the reason, again, thank you for this. For leading me on,
thinking you'd want to wrestle. This was a great I'm hoping isn't
over just yet?"

"It's over for a little while." She said, smiling as he whined. "Hey! I need
my rest."

"I suppose." He said. "But maybe later?"

Shaking her head, she giggled. "What did I get myself into here?"

"I told you." He said, leaning down and kissing her softly, his hands
gliding over her nude, wet body with increasingly sensual movements. "My
friends keep me company all night long."

"And I will." She promised, before adding, "Just some of it will be done
with me sleeping."

"Which I can take." He promised her. "If I can clean up first?"

Nodding, she broke apart from him slightly, accepting his lips as they
beckoned hers once more. Moving towards the shower door, she opened it
slightly, moving out of the shower and letting him get to the work of
cleaning himself. Going to close the door behind her, she stopped, smiling
as a thought crossed her mind. Ducking her head back into the shower, she
smiled as she watched him pick up the soap and a cloth, quickly lathering up
and soaping his body up. ~I could get used to this.~ She thought, before
putting on her best sweet face. "Tim?"

Turning around and smiling at the blonde head sticking in the door, he said,

Biting her bottom lip, butterflies swarming around her stomach, she asked
softly, "I don't suppose...anytime your in my neck of the'd be
interested in stopping by, and...paying me a visit?"

Smiling, he nodded at her. "Trust me, Terri." He told her. "Once I get my RV
up and running, and get my GPS working again, this play is going on my must
visit list for when I'm in the area."

Giggling with happiness, she nodded. "Drop by anytime."

When he nodded and turned back to the shower, Terri moved quickly across the
bathroom, grabbing a few towels, dropping one to the floor and using it to
scoot back to the shower, mopping up the wetness her standing nude outside
of it had caused. Quickly wrapping a towel around her body and hanging
another from the towel rack for Tim, she smiled as she wandered back to the
vanity, trying to keep her racing heart and mind under control. Reaching
down with shaking hands, she grabbed her brush, quickly pulling it up to her
head and starting to untangle her wet hair, not knowing if Tim was a quick
shower-er or not, but not wanting to take a chance. Risking a glance back
over at the shower, she smiled.

~I don't know if he's going to listen to me about taking a break or not.~
She thought, her mind racing with images of what they had just done, and
what she wanted to do with him next. Her face breaking into a grin, she
shook her head as she tried to concentrate on fixing her hair before Tim
emerged from the shower. ~But whatever he wants, it's gonna be a long night.~
Hearing Tim shuffle as he spun around to clean his back, she felt her heart
rate pick up, her mind going into overdrive as she smiled.

"Trish, I don't know what the hell you were trying to pull by telling me all
that." Terri mused softly to herself, smiling. "But thank you."

* * *

Letting his head hang down and into the stream of water, Tim tried not to
moan. His back was throbbing, his legs were burning, and his cock felt like
it might have friction burns on it. Smiling, he shook his head. Looking up
and under the shower faucet, he spotted the small waterproof radio hanging
from it. Reaching out, he rubbed his thumb over the clear plastic of the
clock, trying to figure out when it was, and how long he had until Shane
arrived, hopefully, with his temporary RV.


Trying not to laugh, Tim shook his head. "What a fucking day." He said
softly. Letting his head drop back down, he tried to get all the absurd
thoughts of what had went into the day through his head, but he couldn't
begin to grasp them all. Talking with Maria, sleeping with Victoria, his RV
getting trashed, and finally ending up sleeping with Terri.

Looking out through the semi-transparent glass at Terri's form, watching as
she combed out her long hair, he smiled, shaking his head again. "What a
fucking day."

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