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Booty Bitch
by Janine

Tara was lounging in the middle of the bed, naked as the day she was born, when Brooke Tessmacher emerged from the bathroom vigorously running a towel over her hair. Tara watched her progress indolently as her strong hands lazily roamed over her body, but when she noticed Tessmacher's eyes focus on her, she began to move her hands with more purpose, paying special attention to her breasts since she knew how much Tessmacher liked them.

"What are you doing?" Brooke asked though the roughness of her voice and the smile tugging at the corners of her lips indicated that she knew exactly what Tara was up to.

"Staying warm for you," Tara responded easily, turning her head in Tessmacher's direction to meet the brunette beauty's eyes with her own. "The bed got cold without you."

"Well, here I am," Tessmacher declared, carelessly tossing the towel she had been drying her hair with to the side.

"No," Tara murmured, trailing her eyes pointedly over the expanse of space between them. "There you are," she breathed out mournfully. "Here I am," the beauty continued a moment later, opening her arms, exposing every exquisite inch of her body to Brooke's appreciative gaze. "Come and get me."

Tessmacher's slim fingers moved to the tie holding the towel around her body and smoothly undid it, allowing the soft, fluffy material to fall to the ground.

When the plush fabric was sprawled at her feet, Tessmacher started slowly towards the bed.

She didn't need to be told twice.

Once Tessmacher was in the bed it didn't take long for Tara to flip her onto her stomach so that the Knockouts Champion hands could start fondling her ass.

"I love your ass," Tara breathed out, her warm breath tickling Brooke's skin, making her shiver. "Round," Tara breathed out brushing her lips against the tanned curve of Tessmacher's left ass cheek, "Firm," she sighed. "It's a fucking masterpiece ... a fucking act of God," Tara declared using her hands to squeeze and knead Tessmacher's glorious ass cheeks as she pressed her lips to the small hollow where Tessmacher's back met her bottom. "You are the bootylicious-est bitch I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of apple-bottomed bitches."

Tara's teeth nipped lightly at Tessmacher's skin and shorter woman groaned in pleasure.

"I'm gonna fuck that fine ass, Brooke," Tara purred digging her nails into the flesh of Tessmacher's ass for a moment before she pulled her hand away and drew it forward, slapping Tessmacher lightly.

"I'm going to fuck it raw."

Tessmacher moaned loudly and lifted her ass up into Tara's hands. She bounced her round cheeks in front of Tara's face encouraging more contact, begging for the fucking Tara had just promised her.

Tara chuckled softly at Tessmacher's display and smacked her ass again to appease her before she took firm hold of Tessmacher's ass cheek and shook it.

"You like the sound of that, huh?" Tara asked smacking the side of Tessmacher's ass yet again. "You're just a booty bitch, aren't ya?"

"That's rich coming from you," Tessmacher managed to gasp in between smacks.

She wouldn't deny that she liked Tara's ass. She liked looking at it, she liked touching it, she liked kissing it, she liked licking it, and when Tara wasn't being a fucking whiny hypocritical little bitch and let her actually play back there, she liked to fuck it. But her love of Tara's ass was nothing compared to her lover's obsession with hers. Tara worshipped her ass like ancient civilizations worshipped the sun - and Tara kneeled before Brooke to worship often.

Tara ignored Tessmacher's comment since it was true enough. She liked ass and she liked Tessmacher's most of all and she didn't see the point in denying it. So instead of wasting her energy, Tara returned to her oral and manual assault of Brooke's posterior, kissing, nipping and licking at her soft flesh while her hands alternated between kneading, bouncing and slapping the round globes on display before her.

"Lift your ass up," Tara murmured minutes later, smiling into Tessmacher's skin as the other woman moaned and shifted against the mattress, humping it in a desperate attempt relieve the throbbing between her legs.

Brooke followed Tara's instruction with a haste that spoke to her great desire. Almost before the words were out of Tara's mouth, Tessmacher had pressed her chest into the mattress, her face into the pillow, and had lifted her ass, presenting to Tara like a cat in heat.

Tara's fingers slipped between Tessmacher's legs and the Knockouts Champion moaned against Tessmacher's cheeks as she felt how wet the other woman was. Her fingers moved easily between the lips of Brooke's pussy, gathering moisture, and when she pushed inside of her lover, her fingers met no resistance.

Tara stroked Tessmacher for a few minutes, her fingers occasionally slipping out of the other woman to play with her clit she moved back inside of her, but eventually the temptation to taste became too much and Tara's lips slid from Tessmacher's ass between her legs to lick her.

She feasted on Tessmacher's pussy for many pleasurable minutes, but Tessmacher's cunt was just an appetizer for the both of them and she didn't want to overindulge and ruin the main course. So, regretfully she was forced to draw her mouth away from Brooke's wet, swollen lips.

Returning her hands to Tessmacher's ass, Tara took hold of her lover's cheeks and spread them apart. Tessmacher whimpered softly and squirmed in her hands, but Tara would not be rushed and took her time admiring the dark, puckered, quivering ring on display before her.

"Grab those cheeks and keep them open," Tara said firmly, her voice bitchy and commanding in a way that enraged Tessmacher most of the time, but in their current situation made her drip and moan.

"Mmpf," Tessmacher moaned, shifting the angle of her head so that she was better able to support her weight on it, and then she reached behind her and did as Tara said.

"Fucking beautiful," Tara whispered reverently as she tenderly gazed at the display before her.

A moment later Tessmacher gasped and then shivered as she heard Tara spit and then felt her lover's saliva splatter against her anus.

"Seriou ..." Tessmacher began to complain, but before she could get more than the first few syllables past her lips Tara's mouth descended on her, her tongue brushing teasingly over Brooke's anal opening and the shorter woman found that she was unable to vocalize anything other than a moan.

Tara's fingers found their way back into her pussy as her tongue worked on Tessmacher's back passage. For minutes her fingers and mouth worked in tirelessly harmony, drawing sharp cries from Tessmacher when Tara's tongue would poke inside her in time with fingers. Tara rimmed and finger-fucked Tessmacher until she was half mad with lust and when Tessmacher felt as if she couldn't take anymore Tara finally pulled her mouth away and slipped a finger into Brooke's tight asshole.

Tears of pleasure leaked from Tessmacher's eyes Tara slipped another finger inside of her ass and began to stroke her with more force. Tara's lips had returned to kissing what flesh she could comfortably reach, while the fingers she had been working in and out of Tessmacher's pussy slipped out so that they were free to rub her clit.

"Oh god," Tessmacher gasped, burying her head in the crook of her arm having long since given up holding herself open for Tara. "Tara," she moaned, her voice cracking half-way through her lover's name. "Tar ... Tara, I'm going to, I'm ..."

Tara's tongue moved between her ass cheeks once more to trace the sensitive skin around her opening and Tessmacher's words were lost in a gasp as a new wave of pleasure tore through her body. Tara's fingers rubbed between her legs with more fervor as the fingers pumping in and out of her picked up speed and before Tessmacher could say a word her anal muscles contracted around Tara's fingers and her body thundered into orgasm.

When Tessmacher's brain started processing conscious thoughts again she found that she was wrapped in Tara's arms, her head pillowed on her lover's chest as she panted, trying to catch her breath.

"God, you're good at that," Tessmacher breathed out, nuzzling the tantalizing swell of Tara's breast.

"I know," Tara murmured nonchalantly, smirking up at the ceiling a moment later when Tessmacher weakly slapped her thigh in protest of her unabashed arrogance. "Don't act like you have any fucking reason to doubt my claim. You are one sated booty bitch," Tara proclaimed, placing her hand possessively over one of Tessmacher's ass cheeks and squeezing.

Brooke Tessmacher tensed for a moment, but then shrugged and snuggled against Tara releasing a content sigh. Smug as they were, Tessmacher couldn't really object to Tara's words. She was one sated booty bitch and she wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

The End

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