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Bored of Daddy... Time For Hubby
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At a late fall/early winter taping of Smackdown, the seductive manipulative
diva Dawn Marie is walking around backstage looking for Al Wilson, the
father of her rival Torrie Wilson. The sexy Dawn Marie finds Al in a corridor
heading to the catering area. Dawn presses her lips together as she places
her hands on her slender, but rounded hips as she dressed in a short white
skirt and matching white top "Oh...Al....there's my big Al..." Dawn says in
soft voice as she enters the catering area once Torrie's father, Al, turns
around and spots his much younger girlfriend Dawn.

The elder man is a bit startled at first then he collects himself, "Oh
Dawn... I was just looking for you..." Al says as he walks over to the woman
who's close to 30 years younger than he is.

Dawn smiles as she flips her soft brown hair back "Oh Al...did you miss me?"
Dawn asks as she flashes her alluring eyelashes.

Al nods his head, "Yes I did... I also wanted to talk to you about Torrie...
I know you and her don't get along..."

Dawn sighs " know I've been trying my hardest to get along with
Torrie..." Dawn pauses and looks down a bit "But that brat just can't accept
our love..."

Al sighs a bit, "Dawn... Torrie just has a difficult time accepting change...
soon she'll come around and accept things..." Al says as he puts a hand under
Dawn's chin and has her look up at him.

Dawn smiles "Ohhh Al..." Dawn says as she blushes "You know Al...out of the
very few men I have been have been the absolute best."

Al smiles a bit as he says humbly, "Not many have the experience..." Al
replies. Dawn smiles before she hugs her elder boyfriend, Al Wilson as the
manipulative, conniving Dawn hugs him she rolls her eyes. Al hugs Dawn Marie
back, a bit too tightly for Dawn's tastes before eventually breaking the hug.
"I have to go talk to Torrie... make her understand that this is not about
her, but about me."

Dawn puts on a fake smile "Ok Al...I'll miss you..."

Al smiles, clearly falling for Dawn's manipulation of him. "I'll miss you
too..." Al replies before he walks out of the catering area to go look for
his daughter, leaving Dawn Marie by himself.

Dawn makes a disgusted face after Al is out of her sights "If I have to sleep
with that man one more time..." Dawn pauses and shakes her head "There must
be some other way to ruin Torrie's life..."

As Dawn Marie leaves the catering area she looks to see which way Al Wilson
is headed so she can go in the opposite direction. As she walks and ponders
on how to ruin Torrie's life; her husband Billy Kidman comes by, wearing his
black wrestling shorts. "Hey Dawn..." Billy says casually as they pass each

Dawn pauses and smirks as the manipulative, seductive Diva gets an idea.
Dawn presses her lips together as she slowly turns around to face Kidman "Hey
Billy..." Dawn says as she takes a good look at the handsome Cruiserweight
"Mmm...Billy, you've been working out?"

Billy shrugs his shoulders and nods his head a bit, "Yeah... I've been
bulking up to take on some of the heavyweights..." Billy replies as he puts
his hands on his waist, which causes his arms to be slightly flexed.

Dawn licks her lips a bit "Mmmm...I can tell..." Dawn says as she keeps her
eyes locked on Billy's muscular and tanned body. Dawn places her hands on her
hips as she slowly shifts her eyes up and locks her manipulative eyes with
Billy's eyes " a"

Billy loses himself as he looks into Dawn's dark eyes, "Yeah... I got some
time to kill... what's up?" Billy says as he looks at Dawn's outfit and how
her white top and skirt perfectly fits her body.

Dawn smiles as she takes a step towards Billy and gently takes a hold of
right hand with both of her soft, delicate hands "Would to come
with me...Billy?" Dawn asks in a soft, seductive and alluring voice.

Billy licks his lips a bit as the tone of Dawn's seducing voice sends shivers
up his spine, "Sure... you need a hand with something?" Billy says as he
feels Dawn's gently soft hands pressing against both side of his right hand.

"You could say that..." Dawn says as she gently brushes her left hand against
Billy's crotch before she starts to walk past him and then proceeds down the
hallway as he begins to follow the manipulative Dawn Marie.

Billy lowers his eyes and looks at Dawn Marie's ass sway from side to side
with every step she takes, "I'll be more than happy to help you Dawn...."
Kidman says as he follows the seductive diva down the hallway. Dawn smirks
mischievously as she walks gracefully down the hallway. She takes a moment
to glance over of her shoulder back at Billy and licks her lips as she sees
that he's still following her. Billy smiles as he sees Dawn look back at
him, "So... what do you need help with?" Billy asks as he continues to walk
behind her and again starts looking at her ass move from side to side.

Dawn stops in front of the door to the women's locker room and presses her
lips together as she pushes the door open "Billy...I'm so sick of mature my Al..."

Billy nods his head, "Oh so you... you need someone more your age?" Billy
asks as Dawn lets him enter the women's locker room first. Once he's inside,
Billy turns and looks at Dawn, "Speaking of Al... why are you messing with
Torrie's dad?"

Dawn smiles as she closes the door and locks the door casually once both her
and Billy are inside of the spacious locker room "I'm trying to ruin her life
Billy...I hate the bitch."

"Hey... that's my wife you're talking about..." Billy replies with a bit of a
smile, thinking that Dawn is just kidding with her comment.

Dawn laughs and locks her manipulative eyes on Billy " you...find
me hot?"

Billy nods his head, "Yeah... you're extremely hot Dawn..." Billy says as he
licks his lips.

Dawn smirks a bit "You really think so..." Dawn asks as she start slowly
lifts her white top off.

Billy nods his head again, "Yeah I do... you're smoking..." Billy says as he
watches closely as Dawn removes her white top from her beautiful tanned body.

Dawn bites down on her bottom lip seductively as she drops her white top down
onto the floor as she show off her bare, large and firm tits "Billy...I want
a hot, stud...not someone like Al...I want someone like you..." Dawn says as
she steps closer to the husband of Torrie Wilson.

Billy eyes become locked on Dawn Marie's large firm tits, "Shit... Dawn...
you know I'm married to... Torrie..." Billy says as he shifts his feet as
the crotch of his shorts show a noticeable bulge swelling up underneath them.
"But damn you're fucking hot..."

Dawn licks her lips "Mmmm...I know you're married to her...but we can still
have fun, can't we...Billy baby.." Dawn says as she places her hands on her
short white skirt and begins to slowly push the skirt off and down from her

Billy's eyes drift down from Dawn's tits and he looks down at her hips as she
starts to slide down her skirt, "Yeah...I guess we can..." Billy says as he
looks up and into Dawn's manipulative, conniving eyes.

Dawn gently grits her teeth as she steps out of her short white skirt,
revealing her cleanly shaven, smooth and hot pussy. "Mmm Billy baby...why
don't you get comfortable...then we can, you know play."

"That... sounds like a good idea..." Billy says as he looks down and stares
at Dawn's hot sweet pussy. The former multi-time WCW / WWE Cruiserweight
Champion puts his hand on the waistband of his black wrestling shorts and
lower them down from his hips down to his feet. Billy steps out of them,
revealing his semi-hard ten-inch long, thick juicy cock.

Dawn licks her lips "Mmm...Billy...come to Dawnie...she has something, she
wants to give you so bad..." Dawn says in seductive voice with a smirk as she
tossing her soft brown hair back and kneels down on the floor.

As if under a spell, Billy walks towards the kneeling Dawn Marie. With each
step he takes, his cock becomes hard and rigid, "Mmm... what do you... have
for me Dawnie..." Matt asks as he stands right in front of the sly brunette.

"Well...I have a nice, warm mouth for you...Billy..." Dawn says as she tilts
her head back slightly and closes her eyes as Billy Kidman now stands in
front of the manipulative Diva. Dawn looks forwards and opens her eyes slowly
as she gently presses her tongue against the head of Kidman's cock.

"Ohhhhh damn..." Billy moans instantly as he feels Dawn's hot soft tongue
pressing right against the very tip of his cock. The handsome, muscular
cruiserweight clenches his fists as he feels a small bit of Dawn's saliva
slides down her tongue and against the piss-slit of his dick, making him
groan with pleasure. Dawn lifts her eyes and smiles mischievously as she
opens her mouth and casually takes Billy's cock into her warm, wet mouth.
Dawn wraps her pouty lips around Kidman's shaft and begins to bob her head
along his meaty, hard cock. Billy tilts his head back and closes his eyes,
"Ohhh... fuck... damn Dawn...." Billy moans as he places his right hand on
the sexy diva's head and flips her brown hair back. He puts his left hand
on his hip and licks his lips as Dawn slurps on his dick whenever she
brings her lips to the top of his shaft. Dawn softly moans against Kidman's
cock as she works her skilled, wet tongue around his shaft as sh e bobs her
head quicker on his cock. As Dawn quickly sucks and slurps his cock, she
gradually takes more of his hard, rigid cock into her warm, soothing mouth.

"Uhhhh... oh... damn... fuck... you got such a hot... mouth..." Kidman moans
as he starts moving his hips back and forth, thrusting is cock forward into
Dawn's hot moist mouth at the same rate as bobs her head on it. The talented
cruiserweight grits his teeth as he looks down at her and locks his eyes with
her sly, devious eyes. Dawn begins to gently tap her tongue against his shaft
as she traces her tongue against his shaft while she bobs her head swiftly on
his cock, slapping his cock with her warm, wet saliva. Kidman groans louder
as Dawn drags her tongue against the underside of his dick, making him tense
up as she does it. "Ohhh... damn... ohhh fuck... You suck... dick... better
than Torrie..." Kidman moans as he watches the Dawn Marie suck on his pole.

Dawn slowly lifts her head up from Billy's cock and taps her tongue against
the head of his cock as her warm saliva drips down his hard, rigid shaft
"Mmmm...I bet a do alot of things better..."

Billy licks his lips as he as he looks down at her, "Let's find out... I'm
an expert... on what Torrie can do..." Billy says as he wraps his left hand
around his salvia covered cock and strokes it a bit.

Dawn licks her lips "Good...and I'm sure you're so much better then my Al..."
Dawn says as she flips her soft brown hair back as she turns on her knees
with her back facing Kidman and leans over onto her hands, as she's on all

Billy sinks down to his knees behind Dawn Marie and places his left hand on
her ass, "I can guarantee I last longer than three minutes..." Billy says as
he pushes his cock halfway into Dawn's waiting hot tight pussy. Before he
begins to fuck her, Billy puts his hands on Dawn's hips and starts pushing
and pulling the hot diva as he thrusts his dick in and out of her pussy at a
decent pace.

"Mmmm...ohhhh...yess ohhhh Billy" Dawn moans as she begins to pushes herself
back against Billy's cock immediately while he thrusts deep into her warm,
tight pussy.

Billy licks his lips and grits his teeth as he pumps his cock in and out of
Dawn's cunt. "Ahh... shit... fuck... you're soo fucking hot...' Billy groans
as he pulls Dawn all the way back against him as he deeply impales her pussy
with his sharp ten inch cock. The husband of Torrie Wilson slides his hands
from Dawn's hips to her ass cheeks and he squeezes her round backside every
time he pulls his cock back.

"Mmmm...ohhhh you're so much better then Al!" Dawn moans as she feels Billy's
cock quickly piston in and out of her tight pussy as his thrusts become not
only deeper, but harder as well.

Billy licks his teeth as he clenches his eyes shut, "Ahhhh... fuck...
Dawnie... you're... comparing me... to an... old... man..." Billy reminds her
as he pulls his cock out of Dawn's hot wet cunt and flips her over onto her
back. Billy grabs both of Dawn's legs and places them on top of his shoulders
before sliding his thick meaty cock back into the devious Dawn Marie's pussy.
Billy leans his body forward a bit and begins drilling the hot diva's tight
cunt once again.

Dawn grits her teeth as she arches her back slightly and closes her eyes
while Billy powerfully rams his cock deep into her tight, sinisterly
manipulative cunt "Ohhhh ahhhh yesss Billy! Ohhhhh fuck yesss!" Dawn moans.

Billy leans forward some more so that Dawn's feet are almost hanging directly
above her head. The former Cruiserweight Champion puts almost all of his
weight on Dawn's legs as he uses his pelvis to pump his cock in and out of
her hot, soaking pussy. "You.... so... fucking hot... Torrie... never let's
me... do shit like this..." Billy says as he reaches for Dawn's large round
tits and squeezes them firmly as he dives his cock in and out of her deep

"Ohhhh...mmmm...yesss...fuck that pussy harder!" Dawn moans as she starts to
tighten her pussy against Kidman's thrusting, mighty cock.

Billy grits his teeth as sweat drips off of his forehead down onto Dawn's
smooth tanned skin. After a few more thrusts, Billy pulls out of her soaking
wet cunt and leans back, causing Dawn's legs to fall from his shoulders. The
studdly cruiserweight turns Dawn Marie onto her right side and lifts her left
leg so that it's pointing straight up into the air, and he straddles Dawn's
right leg. "Fuck Dawn... you're so fucking great...." Billy says to her as
he pushes his cock back into Dawn's cunt. Torrie's handsome husband begins
moving back and forth on Dawn's right leg, driving his fat meaty ten-inch
shaft in and out of her pussy once again.

"Ohhhh awwww Billy, ohhhh yess!" Dawn moans out in ecstasy as she enjoys
the feeling Billy's hard, rigid and throbbing cock thrusting into her tight,
moist pussy. Dawn grits her teeth as she starts to grind her pussy against
Billy's cock as the manipulative Dawn begins to sweat.

Billy licks his lips as he continues to ravage Dawn's pussy. "Uhhhh shit...
ohhh god damn Dawn...." Billy groans as he slams his cock all the way into
her hot pussy. He wraps his left arm around Dawn's left leg and reaches
forward with his right hand to slide his fingers in and out of Dawn's mouth.

"Ohhhh...ohhhh fuck Billy...yess give it to me! Give it to me!" Dawn yells
and moans as her body drips of sweat. She grinds her pussy sharper against
his cock as he thrusts his cock deeply into her tight pussy.

Billy grits his teeth as he plows his cock harder and faster into Dawn's
pussy, "Uhhhh.... ahhhh shit Dawnie.... you're... so... much... better than
Torrie!" Billy yells as he pulls out of her pussy once more, this time to
take break and catch his breath, "Dawnie... do you... want... to get on
top..." Billy asks her as he looks into her manipulating eyes.

Dawn licks her lips "No Billy, baby...I love being on my back." Dawn says
with a wink.

Billy laughs a little, "Nothing wrong with that..." Billy says as he pushes
Dawn Marie so she's laying on her back. The hot and sweaty Cruiserweight
spreads Dawn's legs apart and sticks his cock back into her hot cunt. Billy
leans forward and puts his hands on Dawn's shoulders, pinning them to the
locker room floor as he begins thrusting his dick in and out of her cunt
once again.

Dawn grits her teeth tightly as she wraps her legs around his slightly sweaty
waist "Ohhhh awwww yesss...ohhh fuck yes Billy!" Dawn moans.

Billy grinds his teeth together as he violently thrusts his cock harder and
faster into Dawn Marie. Sweat pours down his face and off of his body down
onto Dawn as he arches his back to give Dawn's pussy sharper thrusts.
"Ahhh.... ohhh fuck.... Dawn...."

"Ohhh mmmm fuck Billy, you're so much better then my Al!" Dawn moans as she
begins cum against Kidman's cock as sweat drips off of her stunning, tanned

Billy groans as he feels Dawn's pussy almost explode as she climaxes. The
talented cruiserweight feels Dawn's warm cum flow all over his cock as he
continues to piston it in and out of her cunt. "Ahhh... ohhhh... fuck Dawn...
you're.... way... fucking better... than my wife!" Billy yells loudly as his
cock starts to erupt inside of Dawn's pussy, and he floods her cunt with his
warm cum.

Dawn tilts her head back with a satisfied smirk as she feels Billy's cum
flood into her tight and now extremely wet pussy "Mmmm Billy..."

Billy groans and his eyes roll back a bit as his cock stops spurting cum into
Dawn Marie's pussy, "Ohhh... fuck Dawn..." Billy licks his lips as he pulls
his shaft out of Dawn's tight pussy.

Dawn presses her lips together "Billy...can I tell you something?" Dawn says
seductively as she locks her eyes on Billy.

"Sure... go... ahead..." Billy says as he sits on the floor and catches his

"Billy...I've been with very many men...and you by far...are the absolute

Billy smiles and licks his lips, "Thanks Dawn Marie... and I can say this...
you're better than Torrie... in every... single... way...."

Dawn raises her eyebrow with a smirk "I've had Daddy...and now I've had
Hubby...I guess that only leaves Torrie left..." Dawn says as she tilts her
head back and lets out a soft, sinister laugh.


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