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Bound And Tied: A Love Triangle
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

During the summer of 2005 after resigning with World Wrestling Entertaining,
Matt Hardy is walking backstage for one of the first times since coming back
to the company. Earlier in the year, Matt was released from his contract when
it was found out that his real life girlfriend, Lita, was having an affair
with fellow WWE Superstar, Edge and Matt chose to vent about his frustrations
over the Internet, and thus he was released. Matt smiles a bit as he sees the
similar surroundings of the WWE as he makes his way to the men's locker room.
Matt approaches the locker room and pushes the door open to find his former
girlfriend, Lita sitting on a steel chair with arms folded. Lita smirks and
stands up as she licks her lips.

"Hey Matt...." Lita says with a lusty glare towards her former love. Lita
places her hands on the hips of her tight jeans as her black low-cut top
confines her chest. Lita flips her fiery red hair back "How have you been..."
Lita asks trying to seem sweet and innocent.

Matt, wearing blues jeans and a black t-shirt with a red "M" and "H" printed
on the front of it, folds his arms as he glares at the former love of his
life. "What the hell do you want?" Matt asks, not bothering to hide the
hatred he has for her at that moment.

Lita is a bit taken back and shakes her head "Matt...Matt...I'm not trying to
cause problems..."

"Yeah sure... I don't want to hear it... and I don't care why you're here...
so just get the hell out of my face..." Matt snaps at her as his eyes for a
moment look down at her chest before he locks eyes with hers.

Lita smiles before looking down "I read what you said about me on the
internet...that I'm a disgusting...dirty...whore..." Lita shakes her head and
then looks up with a sad face "Look...Matt...I know what happened...and I'm
really sorry..." Lita reaches down and takes Matt's hand into her hand "Can't things out?"

Matt pulls his hand away from Lita's grasp, "Bullshit... Lita... I know
you... and what you did was down right selfish... after what I did for you
when you had your broken neck... you think sorry is going to make it all
better between us?"

Lita sighs and looks away as she folds her arms "Look Matt...I know what I
did was wrong...and if I could do it all over again...I wouldn't have done
it." Lita takes a deep breath as she looks back at Matt "Please...can we at
least talk?"

"Read my lips... because I'm going to say this once... FUCK NO!" Matt yells,
"I don't ever want to fucking deal with you... because now... to me... you're
nothing but a disgusting... filthy... whore! Now get the fuck out of my
face... and my life!"

Lita looks down and begins to tear up "Matt..." Lita brings her hands up to
her head as she starts sobbing, knowing Matt's weakness for a girl in tears.

Matt sighs and takes a deep breath as he walks over behind her since that
is where his bags are, "What?" He asks in a soft voice that sounds a bit

Lita looks up and smiles slightly as she wipes her eyes "Can...we really

Matt sighs when he looks at her face, "I hate it when you do that... but...
we... can talk..."

Lita smiles a bit wider "Thank you..." Lita nods her head, behind she turns
and locks the locker room door.

Matt looks at the locker room door after Lita locks it, "We don't need the
door lock to just talk..."

Lita turns back to Matt and cups her hands "Ohh...I'm just doing this so we
don't...get interrupted...that's all" Lita says with a smile.

"Right... ok..." Matt shakes his head before he bends down to pick up his
travel bag, "So... why'd did you do it?" Matt asks with his back facing her.

Lita takes a deep breath and motions to the steel chair she was sitting on
"Have a seat...please Matt!"

Matt looks at the chair, and then at Lita. After seeing the serious look on
her face, he shrugs, "All right... I'll play along..." Matt puts his bag down
on the floor and moves to sit down on the chair.

Lita smiles as she looks at Matt "Oh...Matt...before I forget..." Lita says
with a sly smirk.

"Huh? Forget what?" Matt looks at her with a raised eyebrow.

Lita smiles and looks around Matt as he sits in the chair "Oh...just that...
Edge will be joining us," Lita replies with a devilious smirk.

"Say what?" Matt's mood changes instantly as he starts to stand up but before
he does, Edge comes out from the shower area, dressing in just a pair of
jeans, and carrying a rope. Edge tosses the rope to Lita, and just moments
before Matt can turn around to see him; Edge grabs Matt's arms and pulls him
down so Matt is again sitting in the chair.

"Hey Matt," Edge laughs as his former best friend gets an enraged look on his
face, "Boy you look pissed." Edge laughs some more as he holds Matt's wrists
behind the chair.

Lita licks her lips as she approaches Matt "What's wrong Matt?" Lita says
with a laugh as she wraps the rope around Matt's wrists and then wraps the
remaining piece of wrap around Matt's chest, restraining him in the chair.

"What the fuck is going on!" Matt yells as he struggles to get free and grits
his teeth.

"Oh Matt.... calm down... you sound upset... when you should be totally
excited," Edge laughs as he slaps Matt's back.

Matt turns his head and spits in Edge's face, "Both of you can go fuck

Lita shakes her head as she gets down on her knees in front of Matt, while
he's tied down to the chair "Matt...that wasn't nice." Lita says as she
starts to unhook Matt's belt.

Matt turns his attention back to Lita, "What the hell! Stop that!"

Edge smirks, "Geez... did you turn gay or something... a hot slut is
undoing your belt... you should appreciate that." Matt doesn't reply to
Edge's comment as he tries to kick Lita away, but is unsuccessful.

Lita looks up at Matt with a sly smirk as she slides off Matt's belt and
begins to unzip his baggy jeans. Lita then turns her head to Edge "Mmm...
babe...why don't you get more comfortable."

"I intend too..." Edge licks his teeth before slapping Matt's back a few

Matt looks back and forth between Edge and Lita, trying to figure out what
their game is, "What do you two sick fucks want?"

Edge laughs, "You'll see buddy-boy..." Edge unbuttons his jeans and starts
to lower them.

Lita slowly pulls down Matt's baggy jeans and sits up on her knees as she
places her hand against the crotch of his boxer shorts. Lita licks her lips
as she feels Matt's cock hardening "Mmm...hard....but not as hard as Edge...
right babe?"

"Of course..." Edge smirks as he lowers and takes off his boxer briefs to
reveal his fully hard as a rock nine-inch cock. "Matt take notes... this is
how a cock is supposed to be," Edge laughs as he wraps a hand around his
shaft. Matt looks away from the sight of Edge's dick, while his own ten-inch
fuck stick continues to slowly rise to attention even though he doesn't want
it to.

Lita laughs a little as she leans forward and gently, teasingly flicks her
pierced tongue against the head of Matt's cock. Lita pulls her head away with
a smirk and then shakes her head "Actually...I want you Edge." Lita licks
her lips as her eyes lock upon Edge's hard cock "I want a real man..."

"Of course you do... you need someone who appreciates the fact you are a hot
fucking slut..." Edge licks his lips as he steps closer to Lita so he can
lightly slap the head of his cock against her lips. Matt clenches his eyes
shut as he tries to block out what he's hearing. Lita smiles and softly
kisses the head of Edge's cock before she presses her tongue against the tip
of his cock and begins to circle her wet tongue around the area.

Edge moans slightly and grabs a handful of Lita's fiery red hair, "Ohhh
yeah... tease that big hard cock Lita." Edge laughs as he looks at Matt who
has his eyes clenched shut. "Come on Matt.... watch the whore you talked
about on the internet for the past few months."

"Go to hell..." Matt replies as he tries to free himself. Lita moans her
skilled, wet tongue down from the head of Edge's cock and guides her tongue
slowly down Edge's shaft. As Lita slowly works her tongue down Edge's shaft,
Lita reaches over and cups Matt's ballsack with her left hand that catches
him by surprise.

Matt coughs slightly as he feels Lita lightly squeeze his balls, "Oh shit..."
Matt bites his lip as he knows full well that Lita knows what turns him on.

Edge smirks, "Mmmm looks like you're getting a real rise out of him Lita..."
Lita moves her tongue down to Edge's ballsack and begins to gently flick her
tongue back and forth against Edge's ballsack as she starts to massage her
former boyfriend, Matt Hardy's, ballsack. "Mmmmm Matt... I'll tell you...
what you and she did... man... I love it... she's one freaky chick..." Edge
close his eyes, "Ohhh yeah Lita... lick my nuts..."

Matt groans quietly while he tries to think of anything other than Lita's
skilled hand on his ballsack. He tilts his head back an opens his eyes a
bit and starts trying to breath slowly. Lita removes her hand from Matt's
ballsack as she pulls her head away from Edge's ballsack after giving him
a few more flicks of her skilled tongue. Lita laughs a bit "
would you like to watch a real man fuck me, how I should be fucked?"

"I ain't interested..." Matt answers as he closes his eyes tightly once
again. Edge smirks.

"Like you have a choice..." Edge laughs as he yanks on Lita's hair to pull
her head back. He kneels down and just sticks his long tongue into Lita's
mouth while he starts to pull up her top. Lita moans into Edge's mouth as
she massages her tongue against Edge's tongue, inside of Edge's mouth. Lita
breaks the kiss and raises her arms up as Edge removes her black top.

Edge pulls her top up her arms to reveal her perfect chest. Edge then gets
an idea and he moves behind Matt, grabs his head and forces Matt to open his
eyes and to look at Lita, "Look at those fucking tits Matt... There's so
fucking big aren't they? I bet you wish you could slap them with that banana
between your scrawny legs..." Matt tries to shake his head but Edge keeps
him looking at Lita. "Hey Babe..." Edge licks his lips, "Get the rest of
your clothes off... let's show Matt what he lost!"

Lita smiles and licks her lips as she stands up completely, kicking off her
shoes. Lita flips her fiery red hair back as she unbuttons her tight jeans.
Lita slowly pushes down her jeans and steps out of them, now standing in a
very thin thong.

Matt licks his lips as both he and Edge look at Lita's hot body. Edge smirks,
"Damn... mmmm Matt.... do you know how much fucking Lita needs to keep her
body looking that good? Oh wait... you do know don't you." Edge laughs as he
lets go of Matt's head.

"Fuck you Edge!" Matt yells even though he keeps his eyes locked on Lita's
body. Lita smirks as she slowly pushes down her thong, revealing her smooth
and cleanly shaved pussy.

Edge smirks, "Matt... I'm going to be honest with you... Lita loves how you
ate out her cunt... and that's about the only thing she misses from all the
sex you two use to have..." Edge walks around Matt and then behind Lita. He
wraps an arm around Lita's waist while he puts his other hand between her
legs to rub her pussy.

Lita bites down on her bottom lip as she moans "Mmmm....ohhhh... yesss...rub
that nice cunt."

Edge pushes two of his fingers into Lita's pussy and starts to pump them in
and out slowly. "Oh Matt.... Lita's cunt is sooooo fucking wet right now..."
Edge laughs as and licks his teeth. Matt bites his bottom own lip rather hard
as he watches Lita move her pussy against Edge's hand.

Lita licks her lips "Mmmm...Edge, baby...I need to be Matt how a
real man does it!"

"I know baby..." Edge moves his hand away from her pussy and shoves Lita
forward. "Put your hands on Matt's legs... and bend over..." Edge orders as
he wraps a hand around his throbbing cock.

Lita smirks "Anything for you..." Lita replies as she sits up on her knees
and bends over placing hands onto Matt's legs. Lita looks up into Matt's eyes
"Prepare to be wowed!"

"I won't be impressed..." Matt says as he looks into Lita's eyes.

Edge licks his lips, "Sure you won't..." Edge kneels behind her and pushes
his cock into Lita's tight cunt. Before he starts thrusting, he grabs Lita's
hair to pull her head back, "And don't suck his dick Lita... no matter what."

Lita grits her teeth and winks at Edge "Of course....Master.." Lita says with
a playfully laugh as Edge begins to gently thrust into Lita's warm, tight
cunt. "Mmmmm" Lita moans and then looks at Matt "How do
you like...seeing me...getting...fucked by a real man!"

Matt grits his teeth, "That... ain't anything special..."

Edge smirks as he gives Lita a sharp thrust, "Ain't nothing special Matt?
She fucking left you for me because I fuck her like a real man should!" Edge
places his hands on Lita's thighs and starts pulling her back against him.

Lita nods her head with groan "Ohh...Edge is a real man!" Lita moans as she
slams back against his stiff cock "Awww.. fuck..." Lita moans as she locks
eyes with Matt once again "Jealous, Matt?"

"No... I'm not..." Matt lies, and does a very poor job of hiding the fact he
just lied. Edge licks his teeth as he starts to see Matt crack. Suddenly he
pulls out of Lita's pussy and pulls her up to her feet.

"Lita... put your hands on his shoulders.... and lean forward..." Edge orders
as he pushes Lita forward so that her face is less than an inch away from
Matt's face. Edge pushes his cock back into her Lita's pussy and resumes
fucking her from a standing position.

Lita smirks as she looks back at Edge, while she places her hands on Matt's
strong shoulder "Awwww...fuck baby!" Lita moans as Edge quickly thrusts into
her tight pussy. Lita turns her head and looks at Matt while she moans.

"That's right you slut..." Edge laughs, "Look at Matt... let him see the
lust and desire in your eyes as I fuck your cunt raw!" Edge gives her a hard
thrust as he grabs the back of Lita's hair. "Look at this whore Matt.... look
at what you lost!" Edge laughs and doesn't notice Matt licking Lita's lips.
Lita smirks and flicks her tongue back against Matt's upper lip as she
reaches down with her hand and places her hand against Matt's shaft. Lita
begins to move her hand up and down against Matt's shaft as Edge quickly
thrusts her warm cunt.

"Mmmmm..." Matt moans a bit as he tries to push his throbbing cock up against
Lita's hand while he tilts his head back slightly so he can flick his tongue
against Lita's. Edge gives Lita a strong thrust that pushes her face closer
to Matt’s, which allows his former best friend to shove his tongue into
Lita's mouth. Lita begins to lap her tongue around in Matt's mouth as she
moves her hand up and down against the shaft of Matt's harden cock.

"What the fuck?" Edge says as he realizes that Lita and Matt are kissing. He
pulls Lita's head back by yanking on her fiery red hair. "You want to make
your mouth busy?" Edge asks as he gives her a harder thrust that almost
pushes Lita's hot body against Matt.

Lita's smooth and toned stomach rakes back and forth against Matt's cock as
Edge's rapidly drills her warm pussy "Ohhhhh...fuck yeah!" Lita moans as her
hand remains on Matt's shaft, but she quits moving her hand.

Edge pulls out of Lita's pussy and forces her down onto her knees. Again
taking hold of her hair, Edge roughly guides her mouth to Matt's cock, "Than
make it busy with that tiny dick!" Edge laughs, despite the obvious fact that
Matt is better hung than he is. Lita opens her mouth as Edge forces Lita's
head down onto Matt's cock. Lita wraps her soft lips tightly around the shaft
of Matt once his cock enters her warm mouth. Edge then begins to lift Lita's
head on the cock of his former best friend.

"Ohhhhh fuck..." Matt moans loudly as he feels all ten inches of his cock
being devoured by Lita's hot mouth.

Edge smirks, "Yeah you fucking like that huh Matt? Can't blame ya... Lita
loves sucking cock... hell the first thing she did to me was suck my dick,"
Edge laughs as he forces Lita to deep throat Matt's dick and he holds her
head down for a few moments. Lita moans around Matt's cock as she bats her
skilled tongue back and forth against Matt's cock as she slightly gags on
her former love’s cock. Edge then yanks Lita's head off of Matt's cock and
looks into her eyes as he licks his teeth, "How was that little snack babe?"

Lita licks her lips "It wasn't so bad..." Lita says with a sly smirk.

Edge laughs, "That's my whore..." Edge then gets an idea, "I bet you want to
fuck him... so you can really show him what you wanted with him."

Lita laughs and flicks her tongue against her white teeth "Ohhh baby...are
you serious?"

"You bet I am..." Edge laughs as he tilts his head to look at the tied up
Matt Hardy. "Besides he's not going anywhere..."

Lita laughs and turns to Matt "What do you say loser? Ready for a wild ride?"

Matt looks up at Lita and smirks, "Go ahead... this will be the last time you
get to feel my cock anyway..."

Edge laughs, "I wouldn't be so sure old buddy old pal.... Lita likes to
fuck... and she fucks whoever she wants... whenever she wants."

Lita licks her lips and flips her fiery red hair back as she straddles Matt's
cock while he remains tied in the steel chair. Lita comes down on Matt's cock
with a great deal of force and then gently rocks back and forth on Matt's
cock "Face it're a loser...who would be with someone as pathetic
as you!" Lita says taunting Matt as she starts to bounce quickly on his cock.

Matt locks eyes with Lita as he squirms in the chair so he can thrust his
cock up into her cunt whenever her can. "Ohhh... fuck... well.... you... had
no problem... fucking me... when you... first came to the... WWE..."

Lita laughs as she tilts her head back "Ohhh...Matt please...I was
desperate...and besides I was trying to get with your brother!" Lita says
with a moan as she slams down on his cock.

"Yeah... right...." Matt grunts, "You didn't... even... fucking try to get
with him... at all..."

"Hey... this isn't therapy!" Edge yells, "Man I'm losing my hard on listening
to you whine Matt... but that ain't going to be a problem for long..." Edge
squats down behind Lita in order to work his cock into her asshole when she
slams down on Matt's shaft.

Lita opens her mouth widely as she moans in ecstasy "Awwww fuck baby!" Lita
moans as Edge enters her tight asshole.

Edge reaches around and squeezes one of Lita's breasts as he rams his rod
repeatedly in and out of her tight asshole, "Kiss the poor... bastard
Lita..." Edge laughs, "Let him feel that hot tongue... again..." Lita leans
her head towards Matt's head and presses her soft lips against Matt's lips
before she slides her pierced tongue into Matt's mouth. Lita begins to lap
her saliva around inside Matt's mouth as she grinds her tight pussy against
Matt's cock, while she powerfully slams her ass back against Edge's cock in
her asshole. Matt kisses Lita back, sliding his tongue against the piercing
that's embedded in the middle of her tongue. Matt moans into her mouth as
Edge pushes Lita forward so she can deepen the hot kiss with her ex-lover
and so he can drive his cock up into her asshole more aggressively. Lita
slams down hard once again on Matt's cock as she wraps her pierced tongue
around Matt's tongue and begins to suck on his tongue as her pussy rakes and
grinds against the cock of her ex-lover, Matt Hardy.

Edge yanks on Lita's hair so that the kiss she's sharing with Matt is broken.
Edge looks over Lita's shoulder at Matt as sweat drips down his face, "You
like that kiss Matt? You want more don't you?" Edge laughs as he pulls his
cock out of Lita's tight asshole.

"Fuck off Edge..." Matt says as he looks into Lita's eyes before Edge drags
her off of Matt's cock.

Edge looks down at Lita and smirks, "What else should we do to him baby? Want
to make him fuck your fucking sweat ass like we talked about?"

Lita laughs as she looks at Matt "I don't you think he's man

"Nope..." Edge laughs, "But we can make him do it..."

Matt just glares at Lita, "What the fuck you dirty whore... I always fucked
your ass before you even get a chance to suck my cock when we were together!"

Edge laughs and looks back at Matt, "That was when you were together Matt....
now things are different."

Lita nods her head "My ass is only for special use..." Lita says with a smirk
"Only real men... get to fuck it..."

Matt smirks, "Oh yeah... untie me and I'll show you what a real man can

Edge laughs, "Do you think we're fucking stupid Matt?"

Lita shakes her head "You are pathetic...what girl could stand being with

"You did for 4 years..." Matt replies with a smirk.

"He's got you there Lita," Edge laughs, "But you know what... Even though
he's pathetic... I bet he has what you love to swallow..."

Lita licks her lips "Ohhh...I'm a cum-guzzling whore!"

"I know... so go get that hot cum from Matt.... and then come back for mine,"
Edge licks his lips. Lita licks her lips as she kneels back down in front of
Matt. She grips Matt's cock with her hand and guides it to her mouth. She
opens her warm mouth and wraps her lips around his cock as she starts to bob
her head.

Matt tilts his head back and moans, "Ohhh shit..." Matt looks down at Lita
and licks his lips, "You want my cum you bitch.... then.... fuck.... here!"
Matt grunts loudly as he starts to spray the inside of Lita's mouth with his
steaming hot load of man juice. Lita moans around Matt's cock as his cum
rushes to the back of her mouth, she then swallows the cum and lifts her
head up slowly from Matt's cock.

Matt looks down at her, half smirking and half glaring at her as he watches
her lick her lips. "Savor that taste Lita... you're never getting my cum ever

Edge shakes his head, "Get over yourself Matt..."

Lita licks her lips as she moves away from Matt "And I bet...that's the last
time any girl ever pays attention to you..."

"Screw you..." Matt says with a bit of a sneer.

Edge then yanks on Lita's head hair, "Forget about the cry baby Lita..."

Lita laughs as she licks her lips "He's just jealous...I'm with a real man."
Lita looks back at Matt with a glare as she takes a hold of Edge's cock and
begins to pump his cock "Matt is so pathetic...I bet he can't even get one
of those slutty Diva Search girls..."

Edge laughs, "Ohhhh I bet those would be the only whores interested in that
pathetic excuse of a man..." Edge licks his teeth, "Open your mouth wide
Lita... time for dinner!" Lita licks her teeth as well as she opens her hot
mouth, ready and waiting for Edge's cum. Edge makes Lita tilt her head back
further just before he starts to cum. His cock milk explodes from his cock
as if it was cannon and lands almost perfectly in Lita's waiting mouth. Some
of Edge's cum lands on her chin and around her lips, but the bulk of it goes
where it's supposed too. Lita moans as she swallows Edge's warm cum, while
some of his cum trickles down her chin.

Edge smirks down at her before he makes Lita face Matt. Edge quickly moves
and grabs Matt's head to make him look at Lita's cum covered lips and chin.
"Look at her Matt.... look at the slut... she's mine now!" Edge laughs.

Lita licks her lips, cleaning Edge's cum off of her soft lips "Mmm...Matt...
too bad you just weren't a real man."

Matt's eyes start to tear up when Edge releases his head. Matt looks down as
Edge walks to Lita and pulls her up to her feet. "Babe... let's get the fuck
out of here..."

Lita laughs a bit "Babe...are we gonna go fuck some more?"

"Of course... in fact... some of my buddies are waiting for us in your locker
room at this very moment..." Edge smirks.

Lita smiles widely "Mmm...fuck...I love being slut!"


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