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Bound For Survivor Series
by Revolution

On the November 21st, 2005 edition of RAW, we saw Trish Stratus get
kidnapped by MNM and tied to a chair because Melina wanted a shot at the
Women's Champion. When she got her wish, she kicked Trish in the side of the
head, and left. Or that's so we were led to believe. The truth is that they
didn't leave Trish there at all, instead Melina instructed Joey Mercury and
Johnny Nitro to take Trish's tied up body to a second location in the bowels
of the building. It looked like a pretty much empty storage room with cold
concrete floors. When Trish started to come around after getting kicked in
the head, her hands were still tied together and she as seated against the
wall. She blinked a few times to clear her eyes and saw Melina standing in
front of her.

"Oh hi Trish, I hope you didn't think I was done with you," Melina smiled.

"You psycho bitch! Let me go! HELP! HELP!" Trish screamed.

"Oh you silly thing, there's no use screaming because no one is going to hear
you all the way down here," Melina laughed.

"You've got your title shot, what else do you want from me?" Trish asked.

"Hmmmmm. Well for starters, Trish, I want you to kiss the boots of the diva
that's taking your spot in this company," Melina said, sticking her boots
near Trish's face.

"Get those away from me, I'm not doing that," Trish resisted. Melina waved
over Johnny and Joey, who grabbed Trish and forced her lips down onto
Melina's boots. Trish held her mouth shut but it was rubbed all over Melina's
black boots.

"Ok that's good enough. Trish, I hope you see by now that you need to start
doing what I want if you want to get out of here in one piece," Melina
threatened. Trish just scowled at her, staring a hole dead through Melina's
eyes. She wasn't about to just give in up and let Melina win.

"For a blond bimbo, you sure do have some nice lips," Melina said, holding
Trish by the jaw. "If you want out of here, you're going to use that pretty
mouth on something much better then my boots. That's right Trish, you're
going to make me cum if you want out!"

"There's no way!"

Melina pulled up her blue skirt to show that she wasn't wearing any panties
underneath. She pushed Trish down onto her back and sat over her face. Joey
and Johnny held down Trish's legs while Melina positioned her moist pussy
above Trish's mouth.

"Lick it Trish! Eat your way out of here," Melina laughed.

"Listen to me - FUCK NO!" Trish shouted. Melina responded by grinding her
cunt into Trish's mouth but Trish again held her mouth closed and would not
give Melina what she wanted. A frustrated Melina stood up and made her men
pick Trish up.

"That's it Trish! You don't wanna co-operate with me? I'll make you
co-operate you little slut," Melina barked. Trish started looking around
frantically and trying to get away but Joey and Johnny had a tight grip on
her. Melina disappeared behind her and a few seconds later Trish felt a big
object in her mouth. Melina had put a ball-gag in Trish's mouth to silence
her. After that, she took hold of one of Trish's arms while Johnny stood on
a chair and hung the rope that tied Trish's hands together from a low ceiling
hook. Trish's hands were now bound together above her head and she wasn't
going anywhere. Her screams were muffled by the ball-gag and any attempts to
move were stopped. Trish was hanging so that her toes were touching the floor
but not the rest of her feet so she was only an inch or two off the ground
but enough that there was no movement.

"It really didn't have to come to this Trishy, but now that it has, you're
going to learn just how DOMINANT of a diva I can be," Melina snarled. Johnny
and Joey pulled up two chairs and leaned back to enjoy the show. Melina
started by undoing the red string that held together Trish's white top. She
pulled the top off and then took off Trish's red bra. Melina grabbed Trish's
nipples and pinched them hard making Trish yelp from her gagged mouth.

"You like showing off your tits, don't you Trish? That's why you wear shirts
like that. Well I've got something for your big breasts," Melina chuckled.
She went behind Trish for a few seconds and came back with two nipple clamps.
She put them on Trish, making her squeeze her eyes closed in pain. Melina
smiled at the pain she was causing Trish. She moved her hands down and rubbed
Trish's legs.

"How come you wear such tight pants? I know, it's to show off your ass.
Please Trish, you have to know that my ass is much nicer," Melina said.
Trish rolled her eyes at her, which did not make Melina happy. Melina
unzipped Trish's pants and pulled them off her legs. Joey nudged Johnny
and they smiled at the sight of Trish hanging there in just a little
blue thong. Melina moved behind Trish again and now picked up a black
flogger. Trish couldn't see her and didn't even expect it when Melina
flogged her ass! Trish squealed with pain from her gagged mouth.

"You will obey me and you will step aside for me when I become Women's
Champion! Everyone will know that MELINA is the greatest diva ever and Trish
Stratus will be nothing more then yesterday's news," Melina ranted. She
flogged Trish's ass over and over again until it was beat red and very sore.
Melina put down the flogger and took off Trish's thong so that she was
totally naked.

"So you didn't want to enjoy my fine beautiful pussy? Well I have a little
something for yours," she said. Melina took a handful of clothespins and
started clipping them on Trish's pussy. This made Trish struggle more then
anything to get free but she wasn't going anywhere. Melina stood back and
watched Trish struggle. She admired her work with the clamps on Trish's
nipples, the clothespins on her pussy and how red her ass was. She wasn't
done with Trish yet as she went and got a big black dildo that had to be
nine inches long and very thick.

"You look like you've had a lot of dick so this shouldn't be anything for
you," Melina said as she pushed the dildo into Trish's pussy! Melina had to
take some of the pins off as she put almost all of the dildo inside of Trish
and left it there. That wasn't all as Melina got a fairly large butt plug and
startled Trish by shoving it up her ass. Trish's eyes were watering now and a
few tears rolled down her cheeks. She felt so degraded and abused by Melina.

"I think you're ready to co-operate now," Melina said. Trish nodded her head
slightly in agreement.

"Well that's too bad because I'm not done with you yet. I need to make sure
that you REALLY want to do what I say!" Melina commanded. Melina lit a fast
burning candle and let the wax build up. Trish shook her head and struggled
because she knew what Melina was planning on doing. When there was enough
hot wax, Melina poured it down Trish's chest and stomach. It hardened right
away and stuck to Trish. Melina looked disappointed because it really didn't
hurt Trish for more then a split second that it touched her flesh. Melina
moved close to Trish and took off the nipple clamps and the clothespins. She
then removed the dildo and butt plug from inside of Trish. Trish was thinking
that it was finally over but it wasn't. She looked down and saw Melina's hand
rubbing another wax type substance all the way from her pussy to her asshole.
Melina then came around front with a few strips of paper.

"You know what this is, Trish. I saw that you like to keep some hair down
there, just a little bit. That means to me that you don't like to have it
all off," Melina smiled. She stuck the strips onto Trish's privates and
ripped them off, giving Trish a Brazilian wax. Trish bit down hard on the
ball gag as the intense pain of the waxing on her most sensitive of areas
rushed through her body. Melina stood up and removed the ball gag from
Trish's mouth.

"Now you're going to eat my pussy and make me cum if you want to get out of
here. Otherwise, I can think of many more things that I could do to you,"
Melina said.

"No more ... no more ... I'll do it," Trish sighed in a defeated tone.

Melina had Joey and Johnny bring Trish down from the ceiling hook. Melina
laid down on her back and pulled her little skirt up again. With her hands
still tied, Trish got down onto her knees and then Melina pulled her head
down into her pussy. Trish took a deep breath and started to give Melina
what she wanted. Melina spread her lips and let Trish get her tongue right
on her clit. Trish did her best job of trying to get Melina off because
she wanted to get this over with as soon as possible.

"Oohh Trish you're a pro! I bet you've done a lot of this to get to where
you are or maybe you're just a total slut or both! Ohhh don't slow down, keep
going, ohhh yeah you bimbo," Melina moaned. Melina got closer and closer to a
big orgasm, she was trying to cool herself off and humiliate Trish some more
but Trish was really good with her tongue. Trish felt Melina's thick Latina
thighs press against the sides of her face and Melina's hands grab the back
of her head, holding her in place.

out as she climaxed. She held Trish's head tight on her pussy, making sure
she didn't stop licking. Melina's grip loosened as she came down from her
orgasm. Melina took a few breaths, fixed her skirt and stood up. Melina had
to put a hand against the wall because she was woozy from Trish eating her

"I did it now let me go," Trish demanded.

"Ok, fine. I'll see you this Sunday at Survivor Series where I will publicly
humilate you by taking your Women's Title. Joey, Johnny, you can untie her,
I'm outta here," Melina said. Melina left the room and Johnny went to untie
Trish but Joey stopped him.

"Are you stupid Johnny? Melina may have been done with you Trish but why
should we let you go without getting something out of the deal?" Joey asked.

"Because she told you too and you clearly do everything she says," Trish

"That's where you're wrong, Trish. I like the way you used your mouth on
Melina and I'm sure you've sucked a lot more cock then you've licked pussy
so I can only imagine ... no wait, I don't have to imagine ... I can find
out right now how good of a blowjob you give!" Joey cackled. He unzipped
his jeans, took out his average sized dick and waved it in Trish's face.

"Get that out of my face," Trish scolded.

"You don't really have much of a choice but to do what we want, so open up
Trish," Joey smiled. He pushed at Trish's closed mouth with his cock head
until she relaxed her jaw and opened her mouth. Trish wrapped her lips
around Joey's cock and moved her head back and forth in a slight circular
motion which twisted her mouth on his cock. Trish attacked his cock with
vigor, trying to suck the cum right out of him.

"Ah yeah suck it you little whore yeah!" Joey moaned.

"Let me get in on some of that," Johnny insisted. He pulled Trish's head over
to him and made her start sucking on his dick.

"Oohh damn you're good, ohhh fuck that's a good tongue," he sighed.

"Let's see how good she really is," Joey said. He pushed his cock into
Trish's mouth, stretching it open to try and fit both of their cocks. It took
some manoeuvring but Mercury and Nitro managed to fit both their dicks inside
Trish's mouth. Trish licked and sucked the two cock heads pressing into her

"I think she's enjoying this too much. I think she needs our real double team
move," Johnny suggested. Joey agreed and they pulled out of Trish's mouth.
Trish didn't say anything and she still had a look of disgust in her eyes.
She was just trying to do whatever she could to get this over with. Joey laid
down on his back and Johnny put Trish on top of him. Trish's hands were still
tied together so they had to move her around. Joey pushed his cock up into
Trish's asshole. Trish closed her eyes and thought it wasn't as big as the
butt plug was earlier. Joey grabbed onto Trish's round ass and started
slapping his cock into it.

"Oh fuck what an ass, ohh damn Trish, ohh yeah," he moaned. Trish felt a warm
body behind her and went to turn her head but as she did, Johnny put the ball
gag back in her mouth.

"Aha here it comes baby," Johnny laughed. He got down behind Trish and forced
his cock into Trish's ass with Joey's! Trish bit down on the ball gag and
screamed into it as her ass was being invaded by two dicks at once. Nitro and
Mercury started moving their cocks as much as they could in such a tight
space, double fucking Trish's ass. Joey was feeling himself getting really
close to cumming but Johnny begged him to try and hold out. Joey held out for
another two or three minutes but finally had to blow. The tag team pulled out
of Trish's ass, got in front of her and started cumming all over her
beautiful face!

"Fuck yeah! Oh fuck!" Johnny grunted. They messed her pretty face up with
their sticky spunk. Trish couldn't even wipe the cum from her eyelids
because her hands were tied. She watched through one eye as Mercury and
Nitro put their clothes back on. Joey came over and loosened the ropes.

"See you at Survivor Series!" Joey laughed. He high fived Nitro and they left
Trish sitting there feeling humiliated, degraded, but most of all angry.

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