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Featuring: AJ Lee(WWE, Miss April in WSU), Evan Bourne (WWE, Matt Sydal in

Bourne For Greatness Part 1: AJ Lee
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and we go to what had been seen before a familiar set
for a previous, sexually-explicit web show hosted by a "Guru of Greatness"
but instead we see seated on the couch none other than the high flying WWE
Superstar Evan "Air" Bourne. He is smiling as he sits back, dressed in one of
his own merchandise T-shirts as well as signature black ring pants with red
designs running down the sides which hugs nicely to his package. He gives the
camera a wave as he sits up.

"Hey there everyone!" Evan says. "Now I know what you're thinking - isn't
this supposed to be John Morrison's show? The Quest For Greatness? Well,
yeah, it was supposed to be, but with things changing over in WWE management,
all the turmoil there, and a couple of angry phone calls made to people you
shouldn't shout at, he's sort of been... Well, banned from being a part of
this kind of thing to be honest. Let's just say that Stephanie McMahon put a
stop to a former Diva by the name of Melina from being involved in this show,
and I don't think that's any loss to us all either. But yeah! I've uh, been
given the reigns of this show so now this is my "Bourne For Greatness" where
I see which of the women of wrestling are the most talented and I'm talking
about in ring ability or in matches. Yep, this is still as non-PG as ever,
and although I was featured a couple of times on this in the past this is my
first time being the host but they said I could pick any WWE Diva I wanted to
for this first episode, even one that had been in the show before when
Morrison and his ego controlled it. So, I decided to go with a Smackdown Diva
who was a part of the infamous season three of NXT, so let's bring her out
because it's none other than AJ!"

Quickly coming onto the set and taking a seat next to him is said Diva, the
cute "Geek Goddess" AJ Lee who's wearing tight fitting black pants that hug
to her juicy ass, and a stylish white top that fits nicely to her tanned body
and perky breasts. With a big smile, she catches him by surprise as she grabs
him by the face and plants a big kiss on the lips, making them both moan as
it's applied for a few moments before she breaks it off with a blush coming
over her cheeks.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" AJ says as she bites her bottom lip. "Was that too sudden?
Too much too soon? I mean, I'm just like, really excited to be a part of

"Yeah, I could tell!" Evan exclaims with a laugh. "I mean, I'm happy to have
you on here and if you want to just get on with it then I'm happy to do

"Really? We can??" Lee asks energetically. "That's be awesome, since you're
really hot and the fact that you wanted to pick me to start your new show
with is just super cool! I mean, my favorite episodes of that other show
before were the ones you were on!" She states with a nod of the head. "So, I
mean, I'm up for anything! Wanna start now, with like, a BJ or something?"
She offers with a smile, glancing over his athletic body.

"Well, if you think I'm going to turn down that kind of offer AJ..." Bourne
starts to say as he stands up from the couch, looking the camera with a smile
before back to her. "Let's get this started! Go for it!"

With an adorable smile, AJ slips down to her knees in front of the handsome
high flyer, eagerly placing her hands on his ring pants so she can pull them
down, and she lets out a gasp when her eyes lock with his impressively long
and nicely thick to match dick than hangs between his legs, and as he steps
out of the clothing she bites down on her bottom lip as she takes a hold of
his length with both hands. Starting to slide her palms up and down his
member she's looking to get him hard, a blush on her cheeks as she looks up
at his smiling face as he lets out a light moan from her double handjob as
she smoothly moves her hands up and down the growing size she's firmly

Encouraged by his moans and the sight of his dick hardening thanks to her
stroking motion the Union City, New Jersey native leans her head down towards
the head of his shaft, sticking her tongue out and sliding it across the very
tip of him and the touch of her soft, wet tongue makes him moan, that noise
causing her to giggle for a moment before she flicks at the top of his rod
again. Her hands keep moving up and down the length, wrists slightly twisting
around for a little extra pleasure from the friction, as she starts to slide
her tongue around the head in a slow, circular motion, her eyes focused on
his tool as she strokes away at his inches while licking the head and it's no
surprise that this combination has him rock hard in no time at all.

A brief glance up at him, she gives him a smile as she sees he's clearly
enjoying her work before she opens her mouth, taking the bulbous bell end
inside and wrapping her lips around it, causing herself to groan as starts to
softly suck on the head while he moans at the feeling of her warm and wet
mouth all around him. Her cheeks flex as she works over the top part of his
cock, her hands dealing with the rest of it as they slide up and down his
inches, ensuring he's fully pleasured as she blows the crown of his long
tool, her tongue occasionally flicking out at the underside as she makes it
covered with her saliva and has him moaning as she leans back to take her
mouth away but it's only so she can again swirl her tongue all around the

Removing a hand from him in order to brush her long hair away so that the
camera can see her pretty face, she sinks back down onto his meaty pole and
this time takes in a couple of his inches, making herself groan as she
consumes an impressive amount of him with the one motion, handling half of
his size before she smoothly raises her head back upwards until just the head
remains inside, and then repeating the motion. Her other hand now just
strokes the bottom portion with occasional movements, her concentration now
on giving him a blowjob as she gazes up at the St. Louis, Missouri born stud
who's smiling down at her as he moans and feels his dick getting more
soothing saliva splashed onto it as her seemingly hungry tongue can't help
but to get a few licks in on his man meat as it passes in and out between her
soft lips.

The gorgeous NXT rookie from season three is groaning around his cock as she
sucks him off, her head bobbing quickly up and down along the top half of his
length which is more than enough to turn them both on as he moans and watches
her stunning face as she moves up and then straight back down onto him, and
while her cries are muffled it can be seen from her hardened nipples poking
through her top that she's enjoying giving as just as the man receiving it
is. A few more slurps on his meat before she lifts her head away, taking a
second to catch her breath before she spits down onto the head and quickly
uses both hands to stroke her saliva into his shaft, licking her lips herself
as she looks over the lengthy pole that's now nicely covered with her spit.

"Oh wow AJ!" Evan exclaims with a smile and a laugh as he rubs the back of
his head for a moment. "If this is just the start of my first episode, then I
think I'm going to love doing this series!"

Lee lets go of his dick in order to sit back, looking up with a smile. "You
mean, you enjoyed that?" She actually questions. "I mean, I didn't like blow
you deeply..." Her train of thought slips away as he takes off his Air Bourne
T-shirt to reveal his muscular and desirable upper body. "Or... Anything..."

"You kidding? You were great! But you're ah, still a little overdressed for
this you know..." Bourne states as he helps her up to her feet before
reaching down and starting to pull her white top up and over her, causing her
to raise her arms as her perky breasts are exposed along with the rest of her
tanned and sexy upper body. "This isn't PG rated, you know." He adds with a
smile as he places the clothing on the edge of the couch.

AJ giggles as she bites her bottom lip again. "Yeah, I guess you're right..."
She says, undressing herself now as she pushes her black pants down her
thick, rounded ass and down her smooth legs, leaving herself only clad in a
pair of brightly colored sneakers.

No sooner has the gorgeous Diva stepped out of the clothing then she's
surprised by him taking a hold of her by the waist, lifting her right up and
off the ground before lowering her down onto his coated with her saliva cock,
and the instant he penetrates her they both moan out as the first few of his
thick inches slide into her tight pussy. Her legs quickly wrap around his
toned waist and her hands wrap around his neck as she groans, finding herself
still blushing even with a long shaft starting to move in and out of her
snatch, the camera in perfect position to what his thickness pushing up into
her snatch as he wastes no time in building up a motion in order to properly
bang his first "guest".

Showing off some different skills than the in-ring ones he's known for, the
2008 Slammy Award winner for Best Finishing Maneuver smoothly and quickly
thrusts his cock up into the woman he's holding up and completely off the
ground, moaning as he enjoys the feeling of not just tightness but gradually
increasing dampness as he fucks her snatch. His hands slide up and down her
sides as he pumps her, a glance down at her breasts which are already
slightly bouncing in response to his pumps, but his main focus is on her
gorgeous face, watching her moan and seeing the pleasure all over her face as
she keeps her stunning body pressed against him as she holds onto him.

The former FCW Divas Champion has her hands on the back of his head, slightly
running her fingers through his short hair as her tight and perfectly curved
body rocks back against the thrusts she's taking into her snatch, groans
escaping her mouth as she feels his fat member pushing deeping into her hole
as she adjusts to his size from the repeated, firm motion he's using on her.
She tosses her hair back, glancing back over her shoulder to look down at her
backside, once again biting her bottom lip in an adorable but sexy way as she
sees where the camera is positioned, knowing that it's showing the viewers
her snatch as it's getting swiftly stuffed full over and over as the hung
hunk holding her up controls the pace and drives her wild as he himself moans
out as he bangs her.

Letting out a groan, the WWE Superstar is now fitting almost all of his cock
up into her tight snatch, impressively keeping her held right up and off the
ground while keeping his timing perfect as he sends his rod quickly and
firmly into her, showing he's no amateur at this and not being intimidated at
all by the task of fucking one of the hottest women on television today.
Instead he's using her cries of pleasure to fuel himself on to keep banging
her, unintentionally giving the viewers an added show as his hands move down
and squeeze her juicy ass to make her gasp and moan while still thrusting
away up into her as his shaft is generously covered with her juices that have
formed as a result of his repeated motions deep into her.

"Oh Evan!" AJ groans as she looks back to him. "That feels... Mmmm... You've
done this before!" She moans out with a smile.

"Well... Never on camera before..." Bourne states with a smile back, giving
her a last thrust before pulling out of her in order to set her down on the

"Well you'd better keeping doing me good if you want another episode of
this!" Lee cutely says as she moves away from him towards the couch, climbing
up onto it and getting onto her hands and knees.

"Oh believe me, I'm going to!" Evan says with a grin, quickly moving up into
position behind her.

Another loud moan comes from both attractive WWE stars as his long shaft
pushes deep into her wet and still tight snatch and in this position the
woman receiving this from behind is able to push herself backwards against
his motion, showing that she doesn't want to waste a moment as she times her
actions so that when he thrusts forward into her she's moving her pussy back
against him, allowing him to plunge in deep. Tossing her hair back again with
a groan, she has a big smile on her face as she looks back at him, watching
his muscles flex as he establishes the motion in order to bang her with a
series of stiff and quick thrusts as he holds one of her butt cheeks to the
side, allowing the camera to film his large cock as it moves in and out of
her wet hole.

The man formerly known as Matt Sydal from his independent circuit days holds
onto the back of the couch with his free hand, rocking his hips back and
forth to slide his manhood into the nicely tight and awesome feeling pussy of
the moaning woman in her hands and knees in front of him, her sexy and tanned
body looking even hotter as she works it in instant response to his pumping
motion. His shaft is driving balls deep into her love tunnel now, with his
nutsack slapping into her skin each time he thrusts sharply into her with a
groan of delight as he gets off on not just the tightness along with the damp
that's all around his cock, but knowing, hearing, and most of all seeing that
she's loving what he's giving her and that in turn encourages him too keep up
this top notch pace to please her just as much as it's pleasing himself at
the same time.

While she may have been a former WSU Tag Team Champion in the past as Miss
April, she's putting in a championship-worthy performance here as she takes
every thick inch of the of the pole from the stud behind her as he pounds her
wet pussy, a length that alone many a normal female would struggle to take
all of, let alone take this kind of intense and lustful fucking from such a
handsome wrestler. Not only is she keeping up with him and said pace, she's
giving back as good as she's getting as she continues to push back against
him, causing her stunning ass to smack back into his crotch and waist as
their bodies collide, her gaze still fixed onto him with half-open eyes as
moans pour out of her mouth.

Feeling himself sweating now from both the pleasure flowing through him and
the feeling alone of nailing such a gorgeous hottie while the whole sexual
act is being filmed, the high-flying hunk starts to feel a little more bold
now and no one can blame him for that since he's the one with his shaft balls
deep inside a soaking wet snatch that feels able to take a whole lot more
thrusting already on top of all the ones he's already given her so far.
Bringing his other hand down to her booty, he moves his thumb over her
asshole, rubbing it for a moment and making her groan at the feeling before
he pushes it inside her butt, moaning himself as he keeps pumping away into
her snatch while he spreads her butt apart and works his thumb in and out of
her very-tight feeling back passage.

The former NXT season 3 rookie gasps and moans at this new invasion, her
mouth open in shock but with a blush on her cheeks as while it clearly feels
dirty and naughty to her, she doesn't demand that he stops moving his thumb
into her ass and in fact continues to rock herself back and forth to take his
thick and long cock straight into her pussy. Likewise, her desirable frame is
getting covered in a layer of sweat but she isn't showing any signs of
stopping just yet, looking to get as much out of him and this position as
she possibly can but having to also handle his thumb working into her booty
has thrown her off her game, her movements missing the beat but her ass
cheeks still connecting with his body even as he keeps them apart as the
camera can film not only his shaft as it ploughs in and out of her wet
snatch, but his thumb as he slides it in and out of her asshole with a groan.

"Oh... Oh Evan!" AJ groans, closing her eyes for a moment as he thrusts into
her pussy and toys with her ass at the same time. "That's... That's so

She finally moans out, looking back at him as she bites her bottom lip

Hearing this, he eases his dick out of her snatch as well as taking his thumb
out of her back passage. "Yeah? Sorry, I was just getting into it, you
know..." Bourne says, starting to apologize as he thinks she didn't enjoy
what he was

"Oh no! I loved it! I mean, ummm..." Lee blushes again as she sits up on the
seating. "I... I kind of like it... Up the ass..." She says, her eyes looking
down at his cock as it's covered with her pussy juices.

Evan smiles as moves to sit down on the couch, moving a hand up her arm to
make her return the look to him. "Wow, you do! Well, you've got a really hot
ass AJ so I'd love to get a piece of it. How about you show the viewers, my
viewers I guess now, how you can handle it up that ass?"

For someone who calls herself the "Geek Goddess" she takes the invitation all
too eagerly for a seemingly sweet and innocent type, climbing onto his lap
and reaching back in order to spread her sexily rounded butt cheeks apart,
helping the stud she's on top off to guide his meaty length into her asshole
as she eases her booty down onto it. Both of them groan loudly as her even
tighter hole than her well-fucked pussy takes his inches inside, another
blush plastered to her cheeks as she looks back over her shoulder and down at
her ass, watching his member moving in and out of her asshole as she starts
to bounce herself up and down on it with a moan.

Placing his hands on her toned waist, the master of the Shooting Star Press
is helping her to ride his length as he uses his strength to raise and lower
her tanned and sweating body on his fat cock, causing himself to moan out at
the super tight feeling all around his dick as it gradually gets deeper and
deeper still into her booty as she adjusts to his vast size. Although he
can't see his rod moving into her asshole to fill her up as she eagerly
bounces on him, clearly looking to fit as much of him into her as she can
possibly manage and showing no signs of any pain or discomfort as she does
so, he can clearly feel it as he groans away, perhaps thankful that there's a
form of lube being used thanks to her pussy juices that are all over his

Leaning forward slightly, the former Queen of FC W rocks her hips a little
quicker now and with more force, her backside sticking out as she keeps her
hands firmly placed on them to keep them spread apart which not only allows
her to take his cock impressively deep into her back passage despite his
size, but it gives the viewers quite the show as they watch her asshole
getting stuffed full of his man meat. Moans continue to flood out of her now
constantly hanging open mouth, her perky tits bouncing in time with the
motion of her body as she works her booty sharply up and down on his cock,
her eyes still locked onto her own backside as she can't help but watch
herself take him so deep that this kind of sex would render a normal woman
unable to walk straight for well over a week.

Keeping one hand still on her waist but more for support now, the former OVW
Heavyweight Champion slips the other hand down between her legs, brushing a
couple of digits across the folds of her other lower hole for a moment before
without warning pushing those fingers into her snatch, causing her to moan
loudly as he works them swiftly back and forth into her. At the same time and
moaning himself as he does so, he starts to thrust his cock up into her
asshole as she drops herself sharply down onto him, driving his length even
deeper in to that tight back passage as he now gives that backside the kind
of treatment it deserves and since both the sports entertainers are calling
out in sinful pleasure it's obvious they both greatly approve of that.

Closing her eyes as she groans away, one half of the self-proclaimed
"ChickBusters" with Kaitlyn finds herself leaning right forward to the point
where her breasts are pressing against his muscular chest, her perfectly
rounded ass pushing right out as she tries to keep up with this increased
intensity, slamming her booty up and down on the massive dick being pumped up
into her while at the same time trying to handle being firmly fingered by the
man she's riding. To her credit she's taking it in a way that makes her look
more like a professional porn star rather than a smart, sexy, and powerful
WWE Diva as she keeps her ass cheeks spread apart, allowing his tool to be
stuffed deep and hard into her back passage that remains as tight as ever
around him, forcing him to moan out with every motion he sends into her and
that's certainly no bad thing from the look of pleasure on his handsome face.

The man nicknamed "Air Bourne" may be known for his high flying, but seeing
the way he's able to expertly fuck her stunning ass while fingering her
snatch at the same time he's surely going to be known for a whole lot more as
he groans out, feeling his cock beginning to throb inside her tight back
passage as he sweats hard but gives it all he's got, hammering his member up
into the bouncing but of the beauty who's riding him. The repeated thrusting
he's been giving her has allowed almost all of his length to be fitted inside
her ass, only an inch or so not fitting inside but the feeling is as
incredible to them both anyway that it doesn't matter, the only focus being
to continue to move their bodies with perfect timing so his dick drives up
into her asshole as she drops her booty right down to meet him, and still
making sure to work those digits back and forth into her wet snatch.

As impressive as she has been during this anal sex, it's taken its toll on
her and the repeated treatment given to her pussy has only added to that so
it comes to no surprise that she reaches her limit, tilting her head back and
letting out a deep moan as her eyes roll into the back of her head as AJ Lee
starts to cum hard on the fingers of Evan Bourne as he fucks her up the ass.
Both her lower holes tighten even more than before around the cock and digits
respectively being moved into them, causing him to groan out with pleasure as
he feels the vice-like grip now around his shaft as she still manages to
bounce on his rod but with reducing speed, and he feels her pussy juices
start to flood out across not just his fingers but the rest of his hand as
well as he aids her in savoring every last moment of her intense orgasm.

Try as he might though, that increased pressure around his manhood from when
she began to cum has become too much for the high flying Superstar to handle
himself especially as he didn't ease up or slow down with his own thrusting
motion. This results in Evan Bourne blowing his load deep inside the ass of
AJ Lee who groans as she feels the first streak of his spunk shooting deep
into her back passage as she rocks herself back against his pistoning dick.
The camera has the perfect shot of her spread apart butt cheeks, seeing his
cum trickle down his own shaft as his jizz fills her up but the combined
motion of his pumps and her riding causes some of his load to escape from her
tight asshole which makes them both groan at the sensation.

Both sports entertainers come to a full stop, taking a moment to catch their
breath and exchange smiles as the gorgeous Diva is the first to move as she
sits up and them climbs off of his lap, letting his now spent cock fall from
her well fucked asshole but it seems she's not quite finished with him yet as
she sits down on the floor in front of him. Leaning her head in she sticks
her tongue out, licking up the cum that's been left on his cock and causing
him to moan as she cleans him up, in the process tasting her own ass off of
his manhood but that doesn't seem to repulse her one bit. Instead she laps it
up and swallows his spunk down with satisfied gulps, one last lick given down
the side before she finished off with a kiss planted on his bell end,
giggling as she moves back up to sit beside him on the couch they'd just been
fucking on.

"...Wow!" Is all that Evan can exclaim as he laughs a little. "That was, I
mean, you were... Damn! I think you just set the bar really high for everyone
else who's going to be involved with this show of mine from here on out!"

"Really?" AJ excitedly asks with a smile. "You think so, because like, you
were really great too! I mean, really, really good! That was hot!" She adds
with a nod.

"Thanks AJ, that means a lot, especially since I'm, you know, not used to
doing this. I mean, hosting and being solo on this..." Bourne states with a
handsome smile.

"You're gonna be fine! I bet all the Divas are gonna want to be on this show
now!" Lee states before she looks to the camera. "Hey Kaitlyn! I bet you're
so jealous of me right now aren't you!!" She says with a giggle.

"Yeah, I think this could be something I can get very used to... Well
everyone, that wraps things up for this, the first edition of the "Bourne For
Greatness" and I have been, obviously as you can tell, your host Evan Bourne.
Join me next time where I try my luck, and get lucky I guess, with another
extremely hot woman from the world of professional wrestling! So until then,
and this is where if I was that other guy who was so whipped by his
girlfriend that she was a jockey and he was his horse in a steeplechase, I'd
say a cute catchphrase or something, but instead I'll just say..." His
thoughts trail off as he lets out a moan, looking down to see that AJ has
taken a hold of his cock and is starting to stroke it. "Hey... Not that I'm
complaining, but what's going on AJ?

"Oh, are we still rolling?" AJ smiles at him. "I just wanted, you know... To
fuck some more!" She states with another cute giggle before she leans her
head down towards his member but the camera stays focusing on Evan's face,
leaving us to just imagine what's happening now as he closes his eyes with a
big smile and a moan.
_ _ _

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