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WARNING: If you are not old enough to view/buy pornographic material where
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jacking off instead of learning Math.

Featuring: Serena Deeb (SHIMMER, WSU, former WWE as Serena), Evan Bourne
(WWE), Kofi Kingston (WWE), Zach Ryder (WWE).

Bourne For Greatness Part 2: Serena Deeb
A WWE/indies crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, taking us to the "Bourne For Greatness" studio setting
where we find seated on the couch not just the host of the show Evan Bourne,
but two of his fellow WWE Superstars in Air Boom tag team partner Kofi
Kingston, and the host of the online sensation Z! True Long Island Story -
Zach Ryder. All three men are clad in their signature ring tights and
merchandise T-shirts, nicely showing off their desirable frames.

"Bro, my web show is racking up the hits like crazy!" Ryder says with a smile
as he holds up a camera phone, filming himself even though he's talking to
the others. "I'm getting matches and wins on Raw. I'm even getting onto Pay
Per View!"

"Hey, can I at least introduce my own show here?" Evan asks with a laugh as
he looks to the camera. "Ok everyone, welcome back to the second ever Bourne
For Greatness! Yeah, it seems like you all enjoyed the first one, so I'm
going to keep going with it and not just because my contract that Stephanie
McMahon had me signed to states I have to. Honest! Now as you have already
heard and can see, I'm joined today by a couple of special guests in Zack
Ryder and my good buddy Kofi Kingston! Today though it's not just about us,
it's about my guest today, right guys?"

"Sure, I'm down with this man!" Kofi states with a nod and a smile. "But you
never told us who we're going to be "staring" with here. Spill it man, who is

"Well, who she is happens to be a former WWE Diva..." Bourne explains. "But
when she was around here she had, let's say, a lot less hair on the top of
her head. Yes, she was the shaved head Anti-Diva of the Straight Edge
Society, who's now a regular for SHIMMER and WSU! And her name happens to be
Serena Deeb!"

Entering the scene now is indeed the ex-Diva in the talented and fully curved
Serena Deeb who's smirking as she walks on, dressed in perfectly fitting
black and grey ring bottoms and no sleeved top, which both hug nicely to her
thick and juicy ass, and her large breasts to make her look stunning along
with her sexy, short black hair. Evan stands up from the seating, allowing
her to take a seat as she glances at all three with clear approval.

"I know how this show works, but you're expecting me to handle to handle
three men at once?" Serena asks with a slightly raised eyebrow. "What kind of
woman do you take me for Evan?"

"Well, a really hot one for a start!" Bourne states with a laugh. "But I gave
you what you asked! You said you wanted to get your brains fucked out by me
and a couple of studs so you could stick it to CM Punk!"

"That I did... And I intend to, but if that's the case then why are we
and not getting down to business then?" Deeb offers with a smirk as the men
either side of her grin at her words.

"Well then, allow me to get this "party" started then!" Evan says as he moves
forward to kneel in front of her.

With a smile, Bourne places his hands on her bottoms to slide them down her
legs, revealing her neatly shaved snatch before he takes off the garment and
positions himself between her thighs, spreading them wide as he leans his
head in towards her hole, flicking his tongue out against her folds as he
works across the entrance. This action already has her lightly moaning as she
looks down at him with a smirk, clear approval for his oral skills even
though he's just gotten started, and she takes the time to lift up- her
straining top to reveal her large, tanned and perfectly rounded breasts
before she has to groan again when she feels his tongue sliding across her

The attention of the former Anti-Diva of the Straight Edge Society turns to
the other two now stripped naked men as they move up on the couch either side
of her, their already long even at half mast shafts making her eyes widen as
she eagerly takes a hold of their lengths, sizing them up as she strokes them
smoothly with a firm grip. Glancing between them, she turns her head towards
Ryder's first, putting her tongue to work now as she slides it across and
then around his bell end to make him moan as she jerks him off, lifting away
to spit down onto him before swirling her tongue around the head as she looks
up at him, stroking him and the other Superstar off as well and her handiwork
gets them both rock hard in no time at all.

Wrapping her legs around the head of the handsome highflier on his knees in
front of her, she's making sure the "host" of this webshow has his mouth
placed firmly against her snatch so not only can she feel his lips grinding
slightly against her, but it makes him work his tongue right inside her and
this in turn gets her noticeably moaning out now. As that hungry tongue
probes and touches into her starting to dampen hole, she doesn't miss a beat
as she keeps her palms sliding all the way up and down the cocks of the other
handsome and hung wrestlers so they groan in pleasure from her jerking motion
as she switches to spit on Kingston's long back dick and then stroke the
saliva right into his thick man meat before turning and doing the same to
Ryder, ensuring they are both nicely wet which seems to be just how she wants

Responding to the stroking, both Kofi and Zack reach down, taking a big
breast each and squeezing to make her moan again as they toy and cup with her
enhanced and soft tits, teasing her clearly sensitive nipples to force groans
out of the stunning female grappler who grits her teeth slightly and sexily
glares up at them both. She flicks her tongue out at the tip of Kingston's
member for a moment, sticking that wet tongue out in order to slap the head
of his pole against it to make him moan before she swirls around the bell end
for a long, soothing moment before resuming the stroking motion all the way
up and down. Her short black haired head now turns to the Long Island Iced Z
as she opens her mouth and takes his thick rod inside, both of them moaning
as she wraps her pouty lips around him and begins to suck with an energetic
motion, having no problem handling half of his size inside her oral hole as
she starts to bob along him as she's getting eaten out and having her boobs
felt up.

Between her tanned and smooth legs, Bourne continues to dine on her tasty and
now erotically wet pussy, a sign of both how turned on she is by this and now
talented his tongue is as he keeps it moving all around inside her love
tunnel to warm her up, his handsome facial features kept pressed right up
into her thanks to her legs being around his head. No complaints from him
though as he groans into her snatch, rock hard himself in his ring tights as
he munches away on her snatch, looking right up to see her blowing Ryder's
length while she stokes Kingston off quickly and all the while having her
titties fondled and groped, all of this encouraging him to keep darting his
tongue in and out of her snatch as he laps up her sweet forming juices which
are slightly covering his lips and chin from how she's grinding herself
against his face.

A few more swift sucks on Ryder and then she pulls off from him with a lick
of her lips, glancing at all three men. "Mmmm... One hell of a welcome
Serena states with a smirk as she lets go off the men she'd been stroking
off. "You defiantly know how to make me feel welcome, more than that jerk
Punk did!" She adds with a hint of bitterness as she unwraps her legs from
around Bourne's head.

"Punk ditched you? Are you serious bro?" Zack exclaims with a shake of the
head as he steps back, allowing her to position herself doggy style on the

"Zack my man, this girl isn't a "bro", you know that right?" Kofi states with
a laugh before he groans as she takes a hold of his log cock. "Mmmm...
Something in mind Serena?"

"Oh yeah, I want to suck this big, black cock of yours!" Deeb states with a
smile before she glances back at the other men. "Hope you guys don't mind
"sharing" me back there..." She states, then turning back to the hung male
kneeling in front of her.

Placing her hands onto the muscular waist of the Ghana, West Africa native,
the stunning, fully curved while woman opens her mouth wide to take his long,
black meat inside with a groan, pressing her soft lips firmly down and all
around him as she takes him in and not stopping her initial push down until
half of his size is inside her. She keeps her eyes locked up at him as she
starts to rock her head up and down on his shaft, letting him feel her warm
and nicely wet mouth fully now as she blows him, the occasional flick of the
tongue given to his underside to make him moan as he reaches down and runs
his hand through her short, black hair to show his approval of her oral

Stepping up behind her, the host of Z! True Long Island Story pushes his
coated with her saliva cock into the nicely damp pussy of the former Diva to
make her moan as he slides deeply inside, gripping her thick hips as he
starts to pump her in this doggy style position with a moan as he feels her
tightness all around his length and he works it smoothly in and out of her.
With a deep groan of delight, she immediately responds to the invasion by
rocking her juicy ass back against this thrusting motion, allowing him to
work in deeper to her snatch, loving the feeling of a long and thick to match
dick filling her up from behind and he's not even balls deep into her yet but
from the way they are both timing their motions perfectly that won't be too
far away from happening.

Brushing her tongue around the sides and underside of the dick she's taking
in between her full lips, the former Queen of FCW is moaning all around the
shaft of the master of the Boom Drop as she takes his lengthy and meaty rod
impressively deep into her mouth, ensuring that he's coated with her saliva
as she sucks away on him and keeps eye contact with the former co-worker
she's now blowing while another pumps her from behind. There's clearly no
issue with her to engage in some interracial sexual activity, quickly and
firmly working over his black cock with her oral hole as she pushes her
beautiful face down to almost take his whole length inside before smoothly
moving back upward to half-way along him and then repeating the motion to
keep him moaning out from her skills.

With his fingers gripping her sexily shaking thighs, the self-proclaimed
Internet Champion continues to drive his cock in and out of her tight snatch,
his toned waist smacking off her butt cheeks as he sends all of his manhood
deep into her with a moan, his balls slapping off her tanned skin each time
he thrusts forward into her and she pushes her booty back to meet him and
make sure he goes as deep as possible to stuff her full. Her large breasts
hang down and sway back and forth from her motion of her perfectly curved
frame is using to move herself between both hung and handsome Superstars,
handling this spit roasting like she's a porn star by trade as her wet and
tight pussy takes a swift pumping from behind while her mouth handles a just
as thick and long dick.

There's a groan of disappointment from her when she feels Ryder pulling out
of her snatch as he moves away, but by the time she looks back she's moaning
again as a now also naked Bourne has now pushed his equally lengthy member
deep into her snatch and is wasting no time as he eagerly pumps her, gripping
her waist as he does so as he now moans from the feeling of her tight and wet
pussy all around his cock. Once more she's easing her body back between both
men who's cocks she's taking, blowing the dick in her mouth deeply and taking
the one from behind smoothly and just as far so it doesn't take long before
she's filled up to the max by both members of Air Boom in two of her holes,
keeping one soaked with her spit and the other getting coated with pussy
juices to keep both desirable males moaning with lust.

As she presses her face down into Kingston's crotch she gags for a moment,
pulling back briefly with a groan before deep throating him again, her lips
wrapped around the base as her chin touches his ball sack and still gazing up
at him to see the look of pleasure on his face as she handles every inch of
his black meat inside her oral hole. She lets him feel this for some moments
more, the feeling heightened by her moans bouncing off of his cock from the
thrusts she's taking from behind from his tag team partner, before she once
again resumes the task of sucking him off deeply and quickly, saliva dripping
off of his length and trickling off of her own lips and down her chin from
how quickly she's slobbering all over him. Her pussy is soaking wet now from
both all the pumping she's been taking and this whole sexual encounter,
knowing that fucking these three men like this makes her look far from the
strong and talented female wrestler she is and more like a dirty whore as she
rocks herself back and forth between the team that's held the WWE Tag Team
Championships and now have their dicks balls deep inside her mouth and snatch
as they all moan out without shame.

Glancing to the side, she sees Ryder lightly stroking himself as he watches
her sucking and getting fucked at the same time. Lifting her head off of
Kofi's cock with a groan, she smirks at him. "Having fun there spectator?"
Deeb slightly teases with a groan. "Or do you want back... Uhh... In on
She moans, taking a couple more thrusts from behind.

"Oh I want in on this! I want a piece of those tits of yours!" Zack says

"Say Serena..." Bourne says with a moan as he pulls out of her snatch. "How
about you get up on top of Kofi, and then Zack can see what you can do with
those breasts?" He suggests with a handsome smile.

"That's a fucking hot idea!" Serena says as she stands up to allow Kingston
to now sit on the couch. "No wonder you were picked to host this show..."

Climbing back up onto the seating, the gorgeous SHIMMER and WSU starlet
lowers her wet and still tight pussy down to take the long black cock of the
man from Ghana, West Africa deep into her, causing them both to moan out as
she grinds her snatch down against his dick as she has her back resting
against his muscular chest and he takes a hold of her by her tanned waist.
She was already moaning from the moment his length was inside her but that
only increases when he takes the lead, starting to thrust firmly and quickly
up into her love tunnel, causing himself to groan with a smile as he bangs
busty, white babe with almost all of his length but no doubt it won't be much
longer before all his thick inches are driving into her.

Once more she's having to multitask and willingly so as the former Major
Brother climbs up on top of them both, mounting the former Straight Edge
Society member's chest to place his dick that's still covered with her pussy
juices in between her large and sexy breasts, making himself smile with a
moan as he uses his hands to press those boobs against his cock. She looks up
at him with a smirk and nod to tell him to go for it and he takes the invite
as he starts to slide his stiff rod up into her vast cleavage, fucking her
breasts while she takes a pumping in her snatch from the man she's on top
off, so she's getting sandwiched between two handsome WWE Superstars and is
herself sandwiching one of their tools with her tits.

Dealing with two men like this, especially with such long and thick cocks
would be too much for a normal woman to handle but she's about to go a step
further as Evan moves up onto the couch as well, turning her short dark
haired head towards him and taking advantage of her open, moaning mouth he
slides his shaft inside. Looking up to him now she doesn't hesitate to wrap
her soft and full lips around his meat, bobbing her head along the length as
she tastes her own juices from her snatch that are still all over his length
but she doesn't appear to be repulsed at all, maybe even turned on as well as
she sucks him off deeply while grinding herself back against the dick
thrusting into her snatch, keeping herself propped up with her arms stretched
back to grip the seating they are fucking on.

Moans are coming from all three of the current sports entertainment stars as
they get top notch sexual pleasure courtesy of the former WWE Diva as she
takes one dick in her tight snatch, one in her mouth, and handles the third
in between her big and perfectly rounded breasts, all the while moaning
herself deeply as she rocks against the men underneath and on top of her and
around the manhood of the male she's blowing. No discomfort is being felt by
her from the way Ryder is pumping his rod in between her large tits,
squeezing them as he groans and keeps them tightly pressed against his shaft
which is being almost completely covered by her more than ample tit flesh as
only the head can be seen when he thrusts up into her.

At the same time she's taking both the other men's dicks balls deep into her
holes, her still snug and very wet pussy dealing with the thick, black cock
of Kingston as he thrusts quickly and with increasing force into her snatch
as the slapping sound of skin hitting starting to sweat skin rings out with
every upward pump he gives her. Her oral hole is more than up to the task of
handing the other moaning high flyer as she rocks her head back and forth
along his impressive length, her lips pressing against the base to deep
throat him with a groan when she pushes down, ensuring that he's coated with
her saliva from the smooth, repeated motion she's been using on him that's
had him groaning and sweating as well as he holds onto her short hair as he
gets sucked off by the woman once known as Mia Mancini in FCW.

Glancing to the side, it seems that now she remembers that this is all being
filmed and that seems to just make her moan around the cock deep in her warm
and wet mouth, unfazed as she continues to grind herself back against the
stud hammering away into her snatch from underneath to make sure she's
soaking wet and stuffed full of black cock. At the same time the host of Z!
True Long Island Story keeps thrusting between her massive titties that are
slightly jiggling from the motion her body is doing in response to the pumps
into her pussy, and that just heightens his pleasure as he fucks her breasts,
moans and sweats just like they all are, making this all the hotter for the
viewers to witness as the sounds of skin bouncing of skin and unashamed moans
ring out again and again.

While he'd be more than happy to just be sucked off like this all night long,
the host of this show has another plan in mind as he pulls his dick out of
her mouth. "Hey Serena, since you can clearly handle three guys at once, how
about we see you handle some triple penetration?"

Hearing this suggestion makes her eyes go wide with a smile. "I'd fucking
love it!" Serena states as Zack gets off of her, allowing Kingston to lift
her up and off from his still rock hard shaft.

"Sounds like someone has gotten wild like this before!" Kofi says with a
chuckle as they move into position with Bourne taking a seat on the couch

She smirks at this. "I might have some stories from ROH, and back from when I
was in the WWE before Punk got his panties in a bunch over me having fun..."
Deeb says before she moves to climb on top of the seated man.

Letting out a long groan as she lowers herself down onto the dick she'd just
been blowing, hands resting on the shoulders as the former Anti-Diva grinds
her snatch down against the former Matt Sydal's cock as she takes him balls
deep, the tightness and feeling alone more than enough to make him moan as he
places his hands on her big breasts to squeeze them. Moving up behind her is
the other half of the Air Boom tag team who spreads her thick and sexy ass
cheeks apart so he can insert his just as long and fat member into her
tightest of holes, making her groan out in lust at the penetration as he goes
deep with the first motion before building up a rhythm to give her stunning
ass the kind of treatment it deserves.

There's barely time for her to think about whether to bounce on their cocks
before her hair is grabbed and she's turned to the side as Ryder stuffs his
man meat into her already well used oral hole, making her groan around him as
she's made to take a face fucking when he works his hips back and forth
towards her beautiful, sweat covered face. In fact, all three current WWE
Superstars are thrusting their cocks into the respective holes they are deep
inside, with Bourne ramming up into her wet snatch quickly and forcefully so
that his balls are slapping off her skin, while Kingston pumps into her juicy
backside at a steady pace in order for her back passage to get used to his
vast size as he gradually works more of himself into her. All the muscular
and desirable males are moaning loudly as they slide their dicks in and out
of her, especially the man with his shaft in her mouth it seems as she has no
problem giving him a little extra as she slides her wet tongue all across and
around him as he passes in and out between her lips.

The tanned and wonderfully curved body of the former WWE Diva is jolting
between the thrusts she's taking deep into her ass and pussy, causing her big
boobs to bounce even as they are being groped and held, and her butt cheeks
are jiggling erotically as the man taking her from behind makes his toned
waist smack into her when he pushes his rod forward into her asshole. Even as
muffled as they currently are, her loud moans can still be heard even with a
dick deep in her mouth, still grinding down against the cock being slammed up
into her dripping wet and still tight snatch while at the same time another
just as long and thick manhood is ploughing in and out of her juicy ass to
make her groan out, a sign that this isn't her first time going anal even if
it is a black cock that she's taking in her stunning and thick white booty.

Keeping a grip of her short dark hair, the Long Island, New York native
continues to moan out as he pumps his throbbing dick in and out of her warm
and wet mouth, feeling her lips pressing tightly around his length that's
dripping with her saliva as he uses her oral hole for his pleasure, his nut
sack colliding with her chin each time he sends himself straight forward into
her and she takes every motion without a hint of gagging or discomfort. At
the same time the other two sports entertainment stars moan out and breath
heavily as sweat coats their bodies, putting every bit of effort and energy
they have into pounding their former co-worker as Kofi thrusts away into her
backside with his balls now slapping into her skin and Bourne pumping up into
her soaking snatch, meaning that she's taking all three men balls deep with
what surely has to be over three feet of thick cock in each of her holes.

Whether she realizes this or not is far from the mind of the former vixen of
the Straight Edge Society who's eyes are nearly rolling into the back of her
head from the intense pleasure coursing through her curvaceous body as she
jolts against the thrusts she's taking from the hung studs in her wet pussy
and still very tight ass. Her breasts continue to be felt up to only add to
the sexual enjoyment she's feeling, and she's even getting off on blowing the
dick that's quickly sliding in and out of her mouth as her saliva trickles
past her lips and down her chin and neck as it coats that member, but
impressively she's able to keep on taking it from the three of them, putting
professional porn stars to shame with her ability to fuck and be fucked.

A creamy surprise soon fires its way into her though as Zach Ryder lets out
a deep groan, unable to take it anymore as he shoots his load into the mouth
of Serena Deeb, catching her by surprise as she has to groan with lust as
she's filled up with stream after thick stream of his spunk but even as he
stops thrusting into her oral hole, she keeps bobbing her head along his
throbbing length to milk him dry. She's rewarded for her efforts with such a
mouthful that it would have a normal woman choking from the amount of cum
she's holding in, but instead she just lets the now spent dick fall from her
mouth, allowing both him and the camera to see all that jizz before she
presses her lips together and swallows it all down with a deep, almost slutty

It may be one down, but there's two more to go and the combination that held
the WWE Tag Team Championships are showing a completely different kind of
teamwork here as they continue to thrust away into her lower holes as Bourne
pistons his stiff but starting to throb rod up into her snatch and Kingston
pumps his long, black dick deep into her juicy butt. This keeps the SHIMMER
star moaning and jolting between the perfectly timed and forceful motions of
the two as when one man pumps up, the other pulls back and the action
repeated, the constant sound of skin hitting off of skin ringing out to mix
with the moans of lust all three are letting out as they enjoy every last
moment of this now threesome between two current and one former WWE

Soon though, said ex-WWE Diva is forced moaning past her limit and with a cry
of delight Serena Deeb starts to cum hard on the big dick of Evan Bourne
while Kofi Kingston continues to fuck her up the ass from behind. Both her
holes clamp around the shafts being thrust hard and fast into them, causing
the men to groan and grunt from the added pressure as her juices flow out all
over the already coated dick of the high flying host of this show, forcing
them both to ease up on their pumps as neither wants to explode here but
ensure that she rides out all of her sexual peak as she moans and licks her
lips, grinding back against their throbbing members deep inside her snatch
and butt.

After a few moments of this, she's made to groan when the last two men pull
out of her, positioning her to sit up on the couch as they stand either side
of her and grip their throbbing dicks, furiously stroking them as they moan
out and look to get theirs now to finish the job and as she glances up at
them with a sexy smirk it's obvious she has no complaints about that idea.
What she does get are a couple of thick loads across the face as both Kofi
Kingston and Evan Bourne start to blow their loads across the face of Serena
Deeb, forcing her to close her eyes as jizz splashes onto her pretty face to
coat her cheeks, lips, nose, and a little even landing on her short, dark
hair. Continuing to stroke as they shoot their spunk out onto her, they aim
down to make some land across her large and perfectly rounded breasts, giving
them a generous covering as well to go along with the facial, all of which
makes her groan again. By the time the final drops are jerked out, it looks
more like she's been mass gangbanged by several men, rather than taking the
loads of just two studs in addition to the third she'd swallowed moments ago.

Wiping away some spunk from near her eyes, she looks up at all three with a
smirk. "That's what I really fucking miss about being in the WWE!" Serena
states with a laugh. "Some good fucking and some long cocks!"

"Bro, that stuff was off the hook!" Ryder exclaims with a grin. "That's way
too hot for that website I upload my other videos to!"

"Yeah, to ditch you because you liked to party? CM Punk must be a total
tool!" Kingston adds with a nod and a smile.

"Oh, I love to party!" Deeb says as she sits back with a sigh. "If you all
have some free time, I'll gladly show you exactly how much I love to in
say... A couple of minutes?"

"Sounds like a blast! But let me finish off here, with the video I mean..."
Evan says as he turns to look at the camera with a handsome smile. "Well
guys, there you have it! Serena is most certainly not "Straight Edge"
anymore, and after that performance I think we can all be very grateful for
that! No "pipe bombs" to be found here, but she could certainly take a couple
of "pipes" as we just saw! ...Man, that was way too corny! You know what, I'm
out of here, we're out of here, and I'll catch you again for the next part of
this "Bourne For Greatness"! See you then!"

* * *

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