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Featuring: Toxxin (TNA, Christina Von Eerie in indies), Evan Bourne (WWE),
Jesse Neal (TNA).

Bourne For Greatness Part 3: Toxxin
A WWE/indies crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and we are taken to the inside of a tattoo parlor as the
handsome high flyer Evan Bourne walks in, clad in a pair of nicely fitting
jeans and a cut-off at the sleeves Air Bourne T-Shirt. There's a smile on his
face as he looks around, closing the door and locking it behind him, turning
the sign on the door so that it reads "CLOSED" on the outside, before
flashing the signature peace sign to the camera as he approaches it.

"Hey guys! It's Evan Bourne here again, although you'll have guessed that
already right? I'm here again with another Bourne For Greatness and today I'm
stepping away from the whole WWE Universe so it's not a current or even
former Diva this time. Instead it's a woman who's a part of TNA Wrestling as
a Knockout and she is probably the most unique looking woman in all of
wrestling, as well as the valet to the Ink Inc tag team. Her name is Toxxin
and she should be here somewhere in the back I'm guessing... Let's take a
shall we?"

Moving forward, Bourne heads towards a doorway with a curtain behind it
covering the room beyond and as he approaches there's a noticeable moaning
sound coming from the other side which makes Evan shrug his shoulders as he
moves it out of the way and enters. We now see the woman who was named before
- the stunning punk-rock Knockout known simply as Toxxin but she's pretty
preoccupied at the moment as she has her pierced lips wrapped around the rock
hard cock of one of the men she manages as a part of Inc Ink in Jesse Neal as
he sits back on a tattoo parlor chair. Neal is naked, his muscular and
tattooed body on full display as the sexy, Mohawk-haired female is bobbing
her head along the top portion of his long dick. She's bending over forward,
her nicely rounded ass on display in a pair of tight, black bottoms with a
studded belt, and a tight, small sleeveless top with sewn on badges of punk
bands on the front that hugs to her perky tits.

She sucks him off for a few moments more before he opens his eyes, seeing
that there's company which makes him laugh a little. "Hey Toxxin, you going
to welcome the guest?" Jesse says as he leans back a little.

Lifting her head up and off, she looking back with a raised eyebrow before
she starts to smirk. "Guess I could, but it took you long enough to get
here!" Toxxin says to him as she stands up.

"Didn't realize I was running late..." Evan says. "But I guess you guys
without me!"

"Early? Fuck no! This is just a normal day for us here!" She says with a
laugh, boldly reaching forward to pull the WWE Superstar forward by the shirt
just as Neal moves away from the chair, so now the host of this show is
pushed onto the chair.

"Well, if you just want to get on with this, then let's go!" Bourne responds
with a smile, quickly lifting up his shirt, getting another smirk from her as
she now bends over forwards and takes a hold of his jeans. "It's not like
people are tuning in for deep conversation!"

Yanking down the WWE star's bottoms, her eyes light up as she sees he's
packing a just as long but slightly less thick dick compared to the one she'd
just been blowing, so she takes a hold of his meat and starts to stroke him
off with quick and steady pumps from the base to the tip, all the while
keeping her eyes locked up at the man she's handing as he sits back slightly
on chair. She adds to the feeling by pushing her tongue out to flick across
the tip of the head, slightly dabbing his saliva down onto the top before
pressing her lips together as she rubs them against the bulbous bell end,
making him moan as her feels both the softness and her cool, metal lip
piercings as they grind against his manhood.

Back behind her, the other Ink Inc member is lowering the bent over female's
tight black bottoms down her legs, revealing her nicely rounded ass along
with her neatly trimmed snatch as the garment is pushed to her feet but
before she can start to step out of them his hands are going onto her butt
cheeks to squeeze and spread them as she's glances back for a moment with a
smirk. Neal wastes no time here as he drives into her ass crack, giving her a
long lick up between her cheeks, passing across her pussy all the way up to
her asshole where he places his lips firmly against to make her groan as he
begins to suck on the puckered entrance.

Sexily narrowing her eyes as she looks back to the handsome high-flyer, she
gives his now rock hard cock a few pumps along the length before she opens
her mouth and takes him inside, making him moan as now he feels soothing
pleasure from her oral hole around his man meat along with those pouty,
pierced lips as they press firmly against him. Still stroking off the lower
couple of inches, the gorgeous punk rock babe starts to suck him off with a
swift and smooth pace, showing eagerness despite only having met this man
seconds ago but now has him groaning as she handles an impressive amount of
dick inside her mouth as she rocks her Mohawk-haired head back and forth
along the upper portion of his thick and long cock.

Feeling her man's tongue flicking against her asshole is turning her on even
more than she already is as the Orlando, Florida born stud eats her backside
out, his mouth pressed right up against her booty as he continues to grope
her cheeks while poking and probing his tongue against her clearly tight
hole, getting it a little wet with his spit as he licks away at her. This
makes her moan out around the dick deep in her mouth as she bobs along the
size, making sure she gets it covered with her saliva as her metal piercings
grind back and forth across the length of the man seated in front of her
who's intently watching her stunning face as she moves it up and down along
his shaft and at the same time twists her grip around the base for an added
sensation that shows she's no novice when it comes to a blowjob.

Another deep groan escapes the woman known from the indies as Christina Von
Eerie, her head made to push further down onto the cock of the sports
entertainer from the rival company to the one she works for when the man
behind her pushes his tongue properly into her tight back passage, still
probing and warming her up back there as he squeezes those juicy cheeks. She
keeps her control though, sliding her wet tongue up against the underside as
the rod of the man she's blowing passes back and forth between her pouty lips
that stay pressed down all around his manhood, her bobbing motion leaving his
dick nicely coated with her saliva as he moans out from her superb oral

Lifting his head away from her butt crack, the TNA star smirks as he gives
his girl a sharp spank on the ass which makes her groan as she looks back
with a glare, still having the other man's cock deep in her mouth. "What, you
think I'm just going to let you blow him all night?" Jesse says with a laugh.
There's a loud popping sound as she moves her mouth all the way up and off of
the dick she's been blowing, turning around and giving the other Ink Inc
member a punch on the arm. "Fuck you! You weren't complaining when I was
doing it to you!" Toxxin says as she steps out of her pants.

"Hey, feel free to blow him some more then!" Evan suggests as he sits up
slightly. "Heck, get up on top of me and I'll do some work on you while you
show us what you two were doing when we got here!"

The tattoo covered beauty smirks back at him. "Shit! For a pretty boy, that's
one hell of a fucking idea!" She states as she moves to climb up onto the
parlor chair as Bourne leans back to sit in it.

Mounting the master of the Shooting Star Press with her back facing him, the
stunning punk rock Knockout moans as she takes his dick that's covered with
her saliva into her tight and already noticeably wet snatch, her legs hanging
off the chair as the man she's on top of places his hands on her toned and
tanned waist. She starts to grind herself down against his manhood, adjusting
to his impressive and thick size but soon he's showing he's true to his word
as he starts to thrust up into her pussy to make them both moan as he enjoys
the snug feeling all around his dick as she feels that length sliding in and
out of her at a steady pace.

Her attention soon turns to her fellow TNA star as he steps in front of her,
his just as long and thick to match member pointing straight at her beautiful
face and she gives him a smirk and a raised eyebrow when she sees him, simply
opening her mouth to invite him in to get some as she moans and slightly
rocks forward thanks to the thrusts she's taking from the other man involved
in this threesome. Smirking back at her, he takes a hold of her Mohawk-styled
hair in order to bring her head downward onto his cock, immediately moving
his hips in towards her and then swiftly right back as he feeds her his man
meat as she presses her pierced lips all around his size to increase the
pleasure he's getting from her mouth that's already making him moan out.

Muffled groans of lust are coming from the gorgeous former member of two punk
rock bands as she slightly bounces on the dick being thrusted up into her
tight and wet pussy while she takes a pumping into her oral hole at the same
time, her hands placed onto the backside of the male who has his cock deep
into her warm and wet mouth for support so she can easily and smoothly take
both of their shafts as they bang her. She closes her eyes as she moans
around the pole that's sliding in and out between her pouty lips, working her
tongue all across the sides and underneath the rod to make Neal moan out as
he face fucks her steadily but she doesn't even gag for a second, not even
missing a beat as she's taking another fat and lengthy dick deep into her
snatch as well.

In fact, said WWE Superstar underneath her is pumping upward into her box
with a quickening rhythm that's also increasing in force as his ball sack
smacks against her skin as every inch of his cock is being sent into the
groaning Ink Inc valet who's grinding down against his movements, her ass
cheeks slapping into his waist when he thrusts sharply into her but neither
is bothered by the slight sting of skin hitting tanned skin. Not just one of
their dicks, but both are getting completely handled as she's able to deep
throat the whole length of the man pumping into her oral hole each time he
pushes his hips forward towards her face as her nose touches his crotch and
his heavy nut sack smacks into her chin, her pierced lips wrapping around the
base of his length as she moans all around his man hood that's coated with
her saliva from the repeated and steady thrusts she's taken from her fellow
TNA performer.

The grip on the Mohawk hair is released as the former Petty Officer in the
United States Navy pulls his dick out of the stunning Knockout's mouth,
giving her a moment to catch her breath with a moan as she still rocks her
hips back and forth on the man she's on top of who's continuing to hammer his
shaft straight up into her wet and still tight snatch. She opens her mouth
and smirks up at the male in front of her, gritting her teeth as she moves
her hands to grip his length and give him some firm and swift pumps all the
way up and down it, making him moan in pleasure as she works her saliva into
his dick and gets her own fingers sticky in the process but that doesn't
bother her one single bit so she strokes away while still grinding against
the other cock she's handling.

"It's about time you put this weapon of yours to use Jesse..." Toxxin states
she lets go of his dick, using her hands to push herself up and off of the
dick she's been impaled on.

"Nice to hear that I'm so wanted..." Neal jokes with a smirk, stepping back
she stands on the floor and moves towards him, lifting her tight black top up
and off of her body to reveal her perky and nicely rounded tits.

"Not going to leave the "host" out, are you?" Bourne asks with a slight laugh
as he slides off the tattoo parlor chair so he can approach them.

"What do you fucking think?" She asks with a grin as she bends over forward
in front of Jesse. "We'll get some punk into you yet, pretty boy!" She adds,
grabbing him by the waist to draw him in when he's within her reach.

Opening her mouth wide, the gorgeous valet of Ink Inc once again takes the
dick of the man who works for the rival promotion to the one she's a part of
deep inside, wrapping her lips all around his nicely thick meat as she
quickly resumes the task of sucking him off with a noticeable groan of lust
that's heard even as muffled as it is. She can clearly taste her own snatch
off of his cock as she again makes sure to work her tongue all across and
around the sides and bottom but it doesn't put her off the task at hand as
she gets her saliva dabbed across the member of the moaning male she's taking
in deep, already handling three quarters of his length as she uses only her
mouth to pleasure him this time.

Back behind her, the other wrestler involved in this threesome spreads her
butt cheeks apart, sliding his just as long and fat dick between the crack of
her nicely rounded booty before lining up with her asshole and pushing inside
with a firm thrust that makes both him and the receiver of this groan out as
her back passage takes an invasion that has her stretching already. She
glances back with lust, smirking around the dick she's blowing as she pushes
her backside back against the steady thrusts she's now taking as she stays
bent over, grunting slightly as he's not holding back with his pumps, looking
to work himself further into her with every thrust as he moans out.

Working herself back and forth between the two hung and handsome men, the
former Christina Von Eerie is moaning as she takes two big dicks in this
standing doggy style position, her oral hole and ass getting filled up as she
sucks and gets fucked in those respective holes, also rocking her ass back to
meet the incoming thrusts from her co-worker as he thrusts steadily into her
tight and sexy backside. Her hands slide up and down the sides of the man
she's able to deep throat when she pushes her Mohawk-haired head right down
onto his length, her pierced lips pressing into the base as her saliva covers
every inch of him, trickling out and down her chin from the repeated, swift
motion she's using on him.

At her other end, the Orlando, Florida native groans and starts to sweat as
he pumps strongly into the nicely thick and sexy booty of the woman who
manages the tag team he's a part off, more of his inches pushing into her
very tight back passage with each and every thrust into her as he keeps her
cheeks spread apart for both easy access and so he can watch what he's doing.
The way she's eagerly pushing herself back against this hammering motion
allows him to venture even further into her tightest of holes but it's clear
from the way she's only moaning and groaning from this that this isn't her
first time experiencing anal sex, nor is it his first time doing it as he
keeps his pace perfectly timed as well as forceful enough to make her body
jolt slightly when he ploughs into her.

Watching the gorgeous TNA Knockout sucking his manhood deeply and quickly as
her head bobs repeatedly up and down his length, the WWE Superstar taking
this blowjob is sweating with a smile as he moans out from the feeling of her
warm and wet mouth, feeling the added sensations of her metal piercings
grinding against his dick as her lips pass back and forth over him. Her
soothing spit is all over his tool, some even now on his balls thanks to her
porn-star quality sucking skill as she continues to groan around his rod as
she pushes her face into his crotch when she moves downward to deep throat,
and then quickly moving back to half way to repeat the motion.

Even though her pussy isn't getting touched at the moment, she's dripping wet
down there as taking two long and thick dicks at the same time is turning her
on and encouraging her to keep moving herself back against them both so she
can take a pounding in her tight ass and suck a cock balls deep, a layer of
sweat now covering her tanned and tattooed body. She groans deeply around the
man meat she's repeatedly deep throating, grunting again slightly as she
feels the muscular waste of the other wrestler smacking against her backside
as every inch of his dick is fitting inside her back passage to drive her
wild and fill her up in such a way it would have fucked a normal woman
unconscious by this point.

Lifting her head away, she lets out a moan before drawing in a deep breath.
"Mmmm fuck!" Toxxin groans as she licks her lips, looking up at the man she's
been blowing. "Yeah, you've got some punk in ya, that's for fucking sure!"

"Glad I'm making the grade here..." Bourne says with a smile, stepping back
the other man involved in this pulls out of her asshole with a moan.

"Come on Toxxin, let's really get this going!" Jesse says as he takes a seat
on the tattoo parlor chair before leaning back on it. "Just like how me and
Shannon did to repay you after that fight here against those Mexican America

"I like the sounds of that... Beating those guys up as well..." She says with
smirk, moving to climb up onto the chair as well before she looks back. "What
are you waiting for? Come get that fucking dick back into my ass!"

Easing herself downward, the stunning punk-rock Knockout moans as she takes
the dick that has just been deep into her asshole now balls deep into her
soaking wet snatch, letting out a long moan as she grinds her snatch against
the crotch of the stud she's on top off, leaning forward and placing her
hands on his chest as she teasingly scratches him lightly. Soon though she's
rocking back and forth as the other Mohawked wrestler starts to thrust
swiftly up into her pussy, stuffing her full when he pumps up and pulling out
only a couple of inches so he can quickly hammer back into her, his nutsack
slapping against her tanned skin to make them both moan out as he holds her
by the waist.

As confident as she's been so far during this, she's going to pushed to her
limit when the WWE Superstar involved in this climbs up onto the chair as
well, his hands going onto her jiggling butt cheeks in order to spread them
before he pushes his long cock into her still tight asshole, causing him to
moan and her to groan as his coated with her saliva dick slides deep into
her. She tilts her head back, lost in the feeling of both her lower holes
being filled up with thick man meat as both work in and out of her snatch and
ass that's making her jolt forward, her perky breasts bouncing in response to
the forceful thrusts she's taking from them both.

There's now too lengthy, meaty poles drilling the tattooed and tanned beauty
as she tries to keep up with their hard and fast pace, rocking her hips
backward against their motions but it's becoming clear that the men banging
her and in control now, not that it's a bad thing as she's concerned as she
moans out with closed eyes, sweat starting to drip off her face. This kind of
strong double penetration would reduce a normal woman to a moaning wreck
within a few minutes, however she's able to remain up and leaning forward in
order to take this, her soaking wet pussy and still tight booty taking a
pounding over and over again as she groans out in lust from the rapid fucking
she's taking from a man she's just met and another that she manages on
worldwide television.

Likewise the former United States Navy Pett Officer moans as he thrusts his
fat cock straight up into the dripping box of the female mounted on top of
him, grunting as he sweats but gives it his all to enjoy the still tight
pussy all around his rod, the sound of his ball sack smacking against her
skin ringing out each every time he sends himself straight into her love
tunnel. He slides his hands up, giving her tits a squeeze as she rocks and
grinds down against his pumping dick, only increasing the pleasure both are
feeling as his tool fits completely and perfectly deep inside her hole
despite his vast and impressive size, a sign that this isn't the first time
they've fucked even when it's been in a threesome like this.

Speaking of the third wrestler involved in this, the St. Louis, Missouri
native is continuing to hammer his member deep into the tight back passage of
the moaning Knockout he's holding the butt cheeks apart off, able to now go
balls deep into her perfectly rounded booty that's still very snug around him
despite the repeated pounding she's taken there. He groans out, looking to
enjoy every moment of her backside that he can with thrust after strong and
quick thrust into her asshole, his nut sack slapping into her cheeks that
jiggle with the impact of his toned waist colliding with her body, giving the
moaning stunner all he's got to show that he can get down and dirty and
doesn't have to be a punk like her to do that and then some.

The repeated hammering she's been taking in both of her lower holes finally
wears out the truly one of a kind female wrestler, her eyes closing as she
tilts her Mohawk-haired head backward and lets out a long and deep moan as
Toxxin starts to cum on the cock of Jesse Neal inside her snatch as Evan
Bourne pounds her ass at the same time. She continues to grind her snatch
down against the thrusting dick into her pussy as her juices flow out to
further coat that dick, groaning out as she's made to ride out the intense
orgasm as both men keep pumping their long shafts into both her butt and
snatch so she has to keep grinding against their motions.

Both hung and handsome wrestlers have to use every bit of their control to
not blow their loads early as the keep thrusting quickly and strongly into
the respective holes they're hammering, both feeling increased pressure
around their members as her pussy and back passage tighten around their cocks
as she cums. They're able to grunt and pump into her for a few more moments
as she comes down and groans as she gasps for breath before the WWE star
pulls out of her now well fucked ass first, which allows the TNA performer to
lift his Ink Inc valet up and off of him before she's set down on the floor
of the tattoo parlor in front of them.

Looking up at the two men who are rapidly stroking their dicks off as they
point down at her face, she smirks and opens her mouth wide, pushing her
tongue right out as she still catches her breath as her chest heaves and she
watches up with lust as they jerk themselves towards their sexual highs. That
soon arrives as Evan Bourne and Jesse Neal start to explode all over the
gorgeous face of Toxxin, thick streams of jizz landing onto her facial
features so her cheeks, nose, forehead and pierced lips get generously coated
with their spunk as the stroke off so that they're milked dry. Neal in
particular makes sure to aim the majority of his creamy load into her open
mouth, that feeling making her moan but she resists the urge to instantly
drink it down, instead waiting until both men let go of their now limb cocks
before she closes her lips together and swallows the spunk down with a big
gulp, smirking as cum covers her face and that sight has the men who'd just
coated her grinning as well.

"What do you say then Toxxin?" Jesse asks with a smile. "You think this guy
can hang with us Ink Inc guys?"

She smirks up at them as she stands back up. "He wasn't too bad, for a first
timer..." Toxxin says. "Could do with some more art on you though pretty boy,
but you can fucking drop by here any time! As long as Jesse here can be down
with it as well though..."

"I'll take that as a sign of approval then, and I guess an invitation for
another threesome? I'm in!" Evan says with a laugh before he looks to the
camera. "Well there you have it guys! There's hot women to be found outside
of the WWE Universe, and looks sometime can be deceiving but in this case
they are as hot as they look, and can bang even better! You know what, we're
out of here, I'm out of here before these guys try and give me a tattoo, and
I'll catch you again for the next part of this "Bourne For Greatness"! See
you then!"

* * *

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