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Featuring: Lizzy Valentine (Lucha Libra USA, WSX), Evan Bourne (WWE).

Bourne For Greatness Part 4: Lizzy Valentine
A WWE/indies crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, and we see the handsome high flyer Evan Bourne standing
outside of a dance studio door, clad in a pair of nicely fitting jeans and a
cut-off at the sleeves Air Bourne T-Shirt. There's a smile on his face as he
flashes the familiar "peace" sign with his hand.

"Hey everyone, it's Evan Bourne here once again to bring you another edition
of this Bourne For Greatness show, series, whatever you call it. Just seems
to be an excuse for me to get to have sex with some really hot women and
actually, that's pretty awesome! I'm all for it! Now today I've switched it
up so it's not someone who's from the WWE, or TNA, but she is in fact a TV
wrestling star and someone I know quite well actually! She managed me back in
that short lived WSX show for MTV, and is a part of Lucha Libre USA! She's
been in a bunch of places and had a ton of other wrestling names but I think
we'll all know her better simply as Lizzy Valentine! Let's go meet her!"

Pushing the door open, he enters with the camera following and we see the
inside of the dance studio where twirling around in a perfect pole-dancing
motion on a solid metal practice stripper pole is the stunning blond Lizzy
Valentine. The starlet of Lucha Libre USA , and former star of Wrestling
Society X, XPW as J-Love, and Wrestlicious as Kandi Kisses is clad in a
stunning set of bikini-like silver-coloured top and bottoms that show off her
stunning, tanned body with deep and sexy cleavage from her top and her
bottoms hugging to her thick and juicy ass. She drops down to stand on the
floor, smiling as she teasingly motions for him to come over to her with a
beckoning finger.

"Long time no see Matt..." Lizzy states, referring to his former ring name of
Matt Sydal. "I hope you don't mind us doing it here, but you know how much I
enjoy my pole dancing, don't you?"

"Oh yeah, I've seen the pictures on your... Ah, I'd better say "Social
Network" page. Some people get testy if you mention websites too much..."
Evan starts to say before he's distracted by her lifting his T-shirt upward,
making him
raise his arms up so his muscular upper body is completely revealed.

"Sorry, but you're way to over dressed for this show of yours." Valentine
smiles with a lick of her lips as she places her hands on his chest.

"Besides, I'm not dressed like this just to practice my moves... So I think
we should get down to it and have some fun like we used to, don't you?"

"I think we all want to see that, so go for it Lizzy!" Bourne says with a
grin and a handsome laugh as he looks over her red hot body with a clearly
approving nod.

Tracing her fingers over his muscular upper body, she smiles up at him as she
lowers herself down to her knees in front of him, eagerly placing her hands
onto his belt in order to undo them, then quickly pulling his jeans down to
his feet and she grins as she sees that he's gone commando, his long and
hardening cock in full view. Tossing her hair back as he steps out of the
clothing, she takes his shaft into her hand to begin to pump it up and down,
a sly and sexy look in her eyes as she leans her head in and flicks her
tongue out across the head, giving a swirl around the tip as she strokes him
at the same time, causing him to lightly moan as he smiles back at her.

Sitting straight up on her knees, and giving him a nice view of her cleavage
in the process, her blond haired head moves down a little further so she can
take the head of his tool into her mouth, groaning herself as she presses her
full and pouty lips down around his meat, turning her head slightly so that
his bell end presses in to make her cheek bulge out for a couple of moments.
The former J-Love of XPW turns her head from side to side, grinding her lips
around his thick rod to make him moan, her stroking hand also making sure
that he's rock hard and ready for some more as she rests her other hand on
his toned waist.

Now she starts to rock her head back and forth, sliding his member in and out
between her lips in order to properly blow him, her soft palm gripping his
base to keep it in place so she can use a brisk and firm pace to pleasure the
WWE Superstar, keeping her eyes locked up at him as she handles the top
portion of his cock with ease. He's certainly enjoying this treatment to say
the least, his gaze glued to her beautiful face as it looms towards and then
smoothly moves back away from his crotch, able to feel her nicely warm and
wet mouth working him over as she groans around him and occasionally flicks
her tongue up at his underside.

It's obvious the Lucha Libra USA starlet is no novice when it comes to giving
out a blowjob, her mouth sliding down deeper and deeper still onto his length
each time she moves downward onto him, letting out muffled moans herself from
the feeling of his big dick fitting into her oral hole as she gets him nice
and wet and seemingly turning herself on as well as she closes her eyes to
concentrate on sucking him off the best she can. Both hands now go onto his
waist as she quickens the bobbing motion she's using on him, making him moan
out with a smile as he moves a hand down to brush her hair away from her
face, giving the camera a clear view of her as she deeply sucks him off with
her saliva starting to drip off his impressive length.

Taking in a deep breath through her nose, she pushes down sharply to catch
the man she managed as a part of Wrestling Society X off guard with some deep
throat action, her nose pressing against his crotch as her luscious lips are
wrapped around the base and she gags for a moment at the feel of the tip of
his dick touching the back of her mouth. However she stays pressed down onto
him, looking up with desire as she lets him enjoy being balls deep in her
oral hole before she goes back to using a brisk pace to blow him, groaning
around his meaty length as she rocks her head along up to the half way point
before heading straight back down, sometimes going all the way down to take
all of him and other times almost reaching that mark with just an inch left

Sliding her hands down his legs, she lifts her head away from his cock with a
groan, taking a second to catch her breath with a smile as she sits up. "I've
missed that dick of yours Matt..." Valentine says as she licks her lips,
herself back up to stand before she moves her hands onto her tight fitting

"Nice to know I'm so adored for my skills..." Bourne says with a laugh, but
when she lifts her top up to reveal her perfectly sized and rounded breasts
he smiles broadly. "It's always nice to see those breasts as well!"

She smirks as she steps back, placing her hands on her bottoms in order to
slide them down her tanned legs, exposing her neatly shaven pussy in the
process. "I am hot, aren't I?" She boasts with a smirk, stepping out of the
clothing to leave her naked as she uses a hand to lean against the practice

"Well that's a no brainer..." Evan says, an idea suddenly striking him as he
looks at the pole. "Hey, stay there, I've got a hot idea that you're going to

Intrigued, the former Cheerleader Valentina of NWA-TNA stands as he
approaches, taking a hold of her by her toned waist in order to lift her up
and rest her back against the cool metal pole to make her groan as he gently
slides her downward towards his rock hard shaft, lowering her snatch onto his
covered with her saliva rod and causing them to both moan at the first
penetration. Grinning as she figures out the plan, she brings her legs up to
wrap them around his muscular midsection while stretching her arms up over
her head, gripping the stripper pole with her hands for support as she keeps
a hold of her, allowing her to grind her pussy down against his thick shaft.

Now it's time for the St. Louis, Missouri native to show he's not just the
kind to take and not give back as he begins to firmly and steadily thrust his
dick up into the snatch of the New York, New York born beauty to make them
both moan out as she feels herself getting filled up and he experiences her
tightness all around his member even though he's only got half of his size
inside her at the moment. It's more than enough to get them going as he works
his cock back and forth into her with the kind of well trained timing that
can only come from plenty of experience, and not just with this particular
female either as he pumps up into her love tunnel to make her groan as she
keeps him held close with her legs wrapped right around his waist.

Keeping her arms held up and hands gripping the practice pole she's held up
against, he busty blond lets out a moan as she takes his thick cock in and
out of her dampening snatch, the pleasure of getting banged by such a hot
sports entertainment stud mixing with the cool feeling of the metal on her
back as with every thrust she takes deep into her snatch she jolts upward,
sliding against the pole before coming back down and taking the next pump
from him. Her large tits bounce in time with this motion as she can do
nothing in this position except take this banging as he keeps her held in
place impaled on his cock, moaning himself as he enjoys the feeling of her
snatch around his manhood and from the look on her face as she closes her
eyes and moans with an open mouth she has no problem with him taking control
at this point.

The wrestler who was known as Matt Sydal in Wrestling Society X moans with a
smile as he increases the pace and force behind his motion, sliding more of
his stiff length deeper into the woman who managed him on that short lived
MTV series, his hands lightly sliding up and down her sides as he looks over
the gorgeous groaning stunner he's holding up, showing his skill as he's able
to use his strength to keep her in place and continue to ram in and out of
her pussy with his dick. As his gaze switches from her bouncing titties and
straight down to watch his cock move back and forth into her snatch, the
clear sound of skin smacking off of skin sounds out as he goes balls deep
into her, her snatch still as tight as ever all around his meat and it's just
to his liking as he hammers her deep to make them both shameless moan out at
the sex they are engaged in.

Narrowing her eyes into a sexy glare cast at the man in front of her who's
ploughing his shaft straight up into her wet and snug pussy, she brings her
hands down onto the back of his short haired head as the blond lustfully
presses her pouty lips against his, the kiss instantly accepted and soon
their tongues are wrapping against one another along with open mouthed and
sloppy kisses. All the while the WWE Superstar never misses a beat,
continuing to stuff his dick right up into her snatch as he keeps her up
against the dance studio's pole, her back sliding up and down against it as
her breasts bounce and his balls smack against her tanned skin each time he
pumps forward into her with his shaft that's now lightly coated with a layer
of her juices.

Pulling her head away, she lets out a groan as she moves her hands across his
broad shoulders. "Mmmm... I think you've gotten even better since the last
time!" Lizzy states with a smile.

Returning the look, he steps back in order to first lift her off of his cock
with a moan before setting her down on the ground. "Well, I've had plenty of
practice since the WSX days, that's for sure!" Bourne states with a handsome

"With a dick like that, I bet you have..." Valentine says as takes a long
look over his shaft that's covered with her own pussy juices before she turns
around, bending over forward and taking a hold of the practice pole.

"Again, I thought maybe my personality would win people over..." Evan says
another laugh as he moves forward towards her.

Placing his hands on her juicy and perfectly rounded butt cheeks, the hunky
high-flyer spreads them apart before he spits down into her crack, his saliva
trickling down across her asshole to make her groan as she grips the pole
tightly, looking back over her shoulder at him and biting her bottom lip in
anticipation as he slides his dick against her cheeks for a moment. Lining
himself up, he uses a firm push to enter her back passage and they both groan
out loudly at the sensations as this hole is even tighter than her snatch,
forcing him to ease his member in slowly and steadily, grateful for the form
of lube provided by her own pussy juices that are all over his member.

She keeps herself bent over forwards in this standing doggy-style position,
using that metal pole for support as she groans and grunts as she takes a
massive dick in her ass courtesy of the man she previously managed as a part
of Wrestling Society X and is now pushing his rod in and out of her asshole
as he keeps her sexy butt cheeks wide apart, allowing him to make the motion
smooth as he allows her to get used to the invasion. She closes her eyes as
she calls out again, feeling slight pain but the thrill of taking it like
this and being filmed at the same time is a complete turn on to override that
feeling, whipping her hair back as she pushes her hips backward against his
building thrusts, the slight rocking motion causing her breasts to sway as
they hang down.

The master of the Air Bourne shows he knows a thing or two about action
outside of the wrestling ring as he pumps his stiff tool back and forth into
her stunning ass, making himself moan as his hands run over those thick
cheeks as he keeps them held, allowing him not just unrestricted access into
that tightest of holes, but to watch his dick move in and out of her and that
sight alone would be enough to make him groan in pleasure. He's got the
feeling all around his length to go with it though as he fucks the gorgeous
New York born wrestler and model up her perfectly rounded ass, his length
fitting in deeper into her back passage after so many thrusts that would have
left a normal woman more than just weak kneed by this point.

Instead the former Kandy Kisses of Wrestlicious stays rooted in position with
her legs spread and hands gripping the stripper pole in front of her as she
keeps her gaze locked over her shoulder at the man nailing her up her one of
a kind booty from behind, again biting down on her bottom lip not just from
the feeling of her butt getting filled up with his manhood but the fact that
she her snatch is still as wet as ever to show she's getting pleasure from
this position just like he is. She groans deeply as she pushes her hips
backward to meet the incoming thrusts, causing her ass cheeks to jiggle
slightly from the motion along with her swaying tits, sweat starting to form
all across her tanned and stunningly curved body as a result of the top notch
fucking she's been taking from the current WWE Superstar.

At the same time, said hung and handsome male has perspiration all over his
muscular and desirable body from the effort he's been using to bang her booty
like it deserves to be treated, his fingers slightly digging into the more
than ample flesh of her butt cheeks as he stuffs his cock into her asshole,
venturing very deep now with a steady and swift rhythm that would rival a
veteran porn star. Instead the man once known as Matt Sydal is making it look
all too easy as he thrusts repeatedly into her back passage to make them both
moan and groan out, a big grin on his face as he lifts a hand up and brings
it down sharply to spank her backside, causing her to squeal and jolt
forward, almost losing her grip on the pole as he keeps banging her.

"Hey! Careful!" Valentine slightly glares back at him before she groans again
with a blush as she locks eyes with him and sees that smile. "That stung!"

"What's the problem Lizzy? Can't handle a little fun?" Evan responds as she
pulls out of her booty with a deep groan.

"N...No! I can handle anything you've got!" Lizzy states as she stands up but
noticeably has to use the pole in order to do it. "Name it, and I can do it
better than anybody!"

"Well I'd better not say wrestling because we know that's not your
specialty!" Bourne says with a cheeky grin, but before she can respond as a
shocked look comes across her face he quickly moves in and takes a hold of
her by the waist from behind.

Finding herself being placed stomach first against the pole the New York, New
York born beauty has no choice but to wrap her legs around the cool metal,
causing her to groan as her wet pussy is pressed right up against it as she
grips with her hands, her large breasts resting on either side of the
training pole as she leans her face against it. Coming up behind her, once
again her butt cheeks are spread apart and no time is wasted before the St.
Louis, Missouri native pushes his thick dick straight back into her asshole
to make them both moan as he gets back to work on banging her stunning ass,
holding those juicy cheeks as he does so and stays right up close with his
chest resting against her tanned and slightly covered with sweat back.

There's little option for her other than to close her eyes, moan, and take
this anal invasion once again but now she's in a position where she can't
even push back, her body simply forced to jolt and slide up and down the
metal stripper pole each time the 2008 Slammy Award Winner for Best Finishing
Maneuver thrusts sharply up into her backside, in the process causing her
pussy to move against the pole that's pressing in between her already very
wet folds. There's a huge blush on her cheeks from this, knowing her moans
are being caused by this sensation that's a direct result of being fucked up
the ass from behind but that same feeling is stopping her from demanding this
stops so she remains clinging onto the metal she's rocking up and down on as
her back passage gets stuffed full of long and thick dick.

No problems are to be found when it concerns the former OVW Heavyweight
Champion as he thrusts away sharply and with increasing force into the juicy
ass of the woman who was both his valet and girlfriend in Wrestling Society
X, and is now essentially his blond and busty fuck toy as she willing lets
him have his way with her booty as he pounds away into her as he holds her by
the thighs to keep her held up against the studio's pole. He moans and
breathes deeply as he stays close up against her, his crotch colliding with
her butt cheeks when he pushes up into her, going balls deep into her back
passage that's still very tight around his member, his pistoning shaft
forcing her to continue to jolt up and down and in the process make her ass
smack down into his similarly covered with sweat body so he goes into her as
deep as he possibly can.

Keeping her legs tightly wrapped around the stripper pole she's holding on
to, her pussy juices are starting to trickle down the polished surface of it
as a result of her grinding motion she's been made to do against it each time
she takes a thrust into her backside, her snatch pushes right against the
pole and getting stimulated each and every time she moves up or down on it.
She moans loudly with closed eyes, her hair messy and sweat running through
it as a result of taking this pounding in her tight and juicy ass as her
breasts bounce with the pole placed right in between them giving the camera
an extra sexy sight to film along with the open mouthed look of pleasure on
her face, causing her to look more like a slutty whore than a female wrestler
and valet.

In terms of performance, the man behind her seems more suited for a career as
a professional porn star rather than as a wrestler with the way he's handling
her booty with pump after hard and fast pump that most red blooded males
wouldn't be even able to match half the pace off, let along this almost
reckless way he's going about hammering her ass with his fat and long man
meat. He grunts and moans as he pumps away deep into her, his heavy ball sack
slapping up against her skin each and every time now when he pushes back up
into her back passage and makes her slide up the pole she's holding on to
almost for dear life now as he sexually dominates the beautiful blond who's
loving every moment of it.

While she may have been a part of the original Xtreme Pro Wrestling, this
kind of "extreme" action seems to be too much for her to handle as she tilts
her head back and lets out a long moan, the continued rubbing of the metal
stripper pole against her wet snatch driving her over the edge as Lizzy
Valentine starts to cum hard on it as Evan Bourne fucks her up her stunning
ass at the same time. Her shameless cries are long and loud as her pussy
juices flood out, dripping downward along the metal training pole all the way
down to the floor as she's made to ride out her entire orgasm as she's kept
held up against it by the man hammering up into her booty, her gorgeous,
tanned and sweat drenched frame leaning against it as her grip loosens as she
starts to come back to reality after such a clearly intense sexual high.

While she came against that pole, Bourne had to use every bit of his self
control to keep pounding her backside, her back passage gripping his manhood
like a vice but impressively he continue on pumping back and forth into her
asshole to enjoy some final moments of her one of kind ass, her cheeks
jiggling each time his waist collided with her and his balls smacked into her
body. With a deep groan he pulls his now pulsating cock out of her more than
just well taken care of backside, helping her off of the pole and he only
gets a moment to grin at the sight of her liquids trickling down that
stripper pole before he has to help down to her knees on the floor, her legs
clearly weak from the intense sex she's been a part off.

This position is just perfect for the handsome high flyer's needs though as
he takes advantage of the wide open, moaning mouth of his former girlfriend
from MTV's Wrestling Society X in order to push his thick, throbbing cock
into her warm and wet oral hole, making him groan at the feeling as he grabs
a hold of her long, blond hair in order to make her head bob along his
length. She groans as she looks up at him, not able to put up any resistance
even if she wanted to, however from the way she's flicking her tongue up and
across the sides of his rods as it passes in and out between her pouty lips,
that doesn't seem to be the case.

The woman who's gone by the names of Cheerleader Valentina, J-Love, Valentina
Laree, and Kandi Kisses among others over her career stares up with lust as
she presses her luscious lips down around the member of the man who'd just
fucked her to a mind-blowing orgasm, and is now himself moaning loudly as he
moves her head smoothly back and forth along his throbbing dick. She groans,
tasting her own back passage off of his man meat but doesn't seem to be
repulsed by this ass-to-mouth action as her mouth is used for this handsome
and hung stud's sexual needs as he even thrusts his dick forward into her as
he makes her bob along that big shaft that's now getting a coating of saliva
to further enhance the feeling.

A few more deep pumps into her mouth and now the WWE Superstar is hitting his
limits, releasing her blond hair as he pulls out, gripping his dick and no
sooner has he started to stroke himself than Evan Bourne is shooting his load
across the stunning face of Lizzy Valentine, moaning deeply as the thick
creamy streams splash down across her forehead and cheeks. She groans
herself, closing her eyes and staying on her knees to take this facial as she
feels his spunk landing over her lips, chin, and nose along with her cheeks
to give her a more than generous covering over all of her beautiful facial
features as she smiles and listens to his moans of pleasure. By the time he
finally lets go of his now spent dick, anyone just viewing this video will
think that she's just been pasted by a group of males rather than just the
one but despite looking like a dirty, sweaty whore now she still grins,
wiping cum away from her eyes so she can open then and smirk up at him.

"Damn it Matt, you haven't just gotten good, you've gotten awesome!" Lizzy
states with a big smile as she looks up at him.

"Don't let The Miz hear you say that, I've heard he doesn't like these kind
of "rival" shows to his MizTV thing..." Evan states with a chuckle. "You were
really great yourself Lizzy! It's been fun catching up with you again!"

"You say that like the "fun" is over..." Valentine playfully smirks up at
him, still looking hot even with her face covered in spunk. "Come help me
wash up and I think we can catch up a whole lot more..."

"Right with you in just a second!" Bourne quickly states before he turns to
face the camera. "So there you have it everyone! She was in an "Xtreme"
company, can get extreme, and certainly can use a pole not just for some
dancing action! And from personal experience? She made WSX feel more like
WS-XXX and that was no bad thing! You know what, we're out of here, I'm out
of here, and I'll catch you again for the next part of this "Bourne For
Greatness"! See you then!"

* * *

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