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Featuring: Kaitlyn (WWE), Evan Bourne (WWE), Kofi Kingston (WWE).

Bourne For Greatness Part 5 - Kaitlyn
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, taking us to the "Bourne For Greatness" studio setting
where we find seated on the couch not just the host of the show Evan Bourne,
but fellow WWE Superstar and friend in Air Boom tag team partner Kofi
Kingston! Both men are smiling, clad in jeans that nicely hug to their
clearly large packages contained within, and signature "Air Boom" ring
jackets that are open to show off both of their muscular and desirable

"Hey everyone, Evan Bourne back here again and this time with my good buddy
Kofi Kingston for another edition of my Bourne For Greatness series, and
today we're welcoming to the show a WWE Diva who has become quite known for
being not the "normal" kind of female we're used to around here. A bit of a
rebel, a little out there sometimes, but she's definitely hot as hell and she
happens to be the woman who won the infamous third season of WWE NXT, where
she was a surprise entrance when that tall chick got too mouthy and big, even
for her height, for her boots. I'm talking about of the "Chick Busters" in

Coming into shot with a smile on her face and playfully taking a bow at her
introduction, it is the stunning Diva with long blond and black hair known as
Kaitlyn. She's clad in a sexy, gold one-piece ring attire that's low cut at
the front but still straining against her large breasts, and hugs to her
thick and juicy backside. She boldly drops herself down to sit between the
two men, running a hand across both men's exposed upper bodies with a naughty
wink casted to the camera before she glances at both Superstars.

"Hello boys..." Kaitlyn says as she eyes them both up, much like they are
doing to her, before she focuses her gaze onto the host of the show she's on.
"OK Evan, I'll be straight up with you here. I agreed to be on your show to
get fucked because, well, I saw the first episode you did, the one with my
girl AJ? The other half of the almighty Chick Busters? Gotta be honest, I
thought it was pretty lame! I mean, compared to what I can do, she wasn't a
patch on me!" She boldly states, still smirking.

"Hey, I thought she did a hot job when I saw it!" Kofi states with a handsome
smile. "Would have been better if I'd have been there as well of course..."

"Everyone's a critic these days..." Evan says with a laugh. "But yeah, AJ was
really hot and went for it, so what are you talking about? Maybe you're mad
like a lot of the other Divas are that I didn't pick you to be in that

"Oh please, me? Jealous? Look at me? I'm hot!" She says with a hint of
cockiness as she smirks. "That's why I wanted you and a friend Evan, to show
I can blow that Nerd Goddess out of the water with what I can do!"

"Well, if you say so, then let's get started shall we?" Bourne suggests,
starting to stand up and undo his jeans much like Kingston is doing, and when
both men drop the clothing to reveal their already thick, long, and semi-hard
cocks the eyes of the gorgeous Diva light up as she licks her luscious lips,
mouthing the word "Wow!" as she edges herself forward to the edge of the

With a saucy grin, the winner of NXT Season Three eagerly wraps her fingers
around both men's dicks, stroking them off firmly from the base to the tip in
order to get them rock hard for her, her gaze switching between both thick
looking and already impressively long shafts and then up to the smiling faces
of both men. Tossing her long, blond and black hair back she moves her head
down towards them, pressing her lips together in order to rub them across the
heads of their tools, making them both lightly moan as they feel her softness
slowly grinding across the tips and over the piss slits, all the while still
stroking both off as she teases their members and give them a glimpse of her
cleavage in her low cut ring attire.

Satisfied that they are both "warmed up" enough from this, she turns towards
Bourne's shaft in order to first swirl her tongue all the way around the tip,
saliva lightly dabbed onto him before she gives him a long lick on the
underside, arriving at his ballsack where she flicks her tongue out at him
for a few moments to make him moan, and then licks her way back to the top to
swirl again on the bell end. Her hand continues to jerk off both Superstars
as she now parts her lips to take the host of the show she's on inside,
letting him feel how warm and wet her mouth already is as she slides down
onto him to take a large amount of his size with the first sucking motion as
she noticeably groans at the feeling of a fat cock filling her up.

Both handsome high flyers watch on with grins and moans as she smoothly bobs
her head along the shaft of the former Matt Sydal, her large tits slightly
bouncing from the firm motion she's using on him as she rocks her head
downward to over halfway along him and them moves back upward until just the
head is kept inside, all the while locking eyes up with him with a smoldering
look. Her hand strokes away at the bottom portion, only adding to the
pleasure and her other palm is also busy as she handles the long black cock
she's tightly gripping, showing her ability to sexually multitask already as
she blows one man and jerks off the other at the same quick and steady pace
to make them both groan from her seemingly far from novice ability.

A few more deep sucks on this length and the stunning Diva pulls her head up
and away with a groan, spitting down onto the head before she uses her hand
to rub her saliva right into his cock, only taking a brief moment to draw in
breath before she wraps her pouty lips around the other WWE star's shaft to
get him moaning as she doesn't waste time in sucking him off. Again her hand
takes care of the bottom half of Kingston while her mouth is more than able
to deal with the rest, smoothly sliding upward and then straight down as her
chin touches her hand and then moving back up to his bell end as her tongue
hungrily flicks out at his underside and the tip for that extra sensation.

There doesn't seem to be any issue with some interracial action as she the
gorgeous white babe blows a long, black dick and strokes off a just as
muscular and well endowed male next to her, her groans bouncing off of this
shaft as she looks up and seems to be smirking around his man meat as she
sucks away and gets him nice and wet with her saliva. It's also clear that
she's just as into this as they both are, her nipples hard and poking through
her straining ring attire as her breasts lightly bounce from the force she's
using to give this blowjob as well as keeping her hands working as they run
up and down the lengths of both men.

Another couple of sucks, and she lifts her head away again with a moan,
licking her lips as she jerks both men off for a moment. "Mmmm... I'm going
to have fun with these big fucking dicks..." Kaitlyn states as she looks
between both cocks that are coated with her saliva.

"Good to know I guess..." Evan says with a chuckle. "But you're still way too
overdressed for this..." He says suggestively as he starts to slip off his
ring jacket.

Smirking up at him, the WWE Diva lets go of their shafts so she can stand up,
all too eagerly pulling down the staps of her gold one-piece ring attire and
starting to push it all the way down, exposing her perfectly tanned and
curved body with her large, rounded tits and her thick, juicy ass along with
a neatly shaved pussy. "So boys... Who wants something I know for sure AJ
wouldn't be able to give you?" She asks as she steps out of the clothing.

"Dunno about you Evan, but I'm down with puttin' some "Boom Boom" down on her
right now!" A now also naked Kofi states with a smile as he watches her lay
down on the couch.

Coming forward, the St. Louis, Missouri native soon sees what she means as
she leads him to mount her chest, his long and thick dick placed between her
large breasts as she uses her hands to press them firmly against his rod to
sandwich it between the mounds, the feeling of that soft tit flesh around him
enough to make him moan. He's soon got reason to call out some more when she
starts to slide her boobs up and down along his covered with her saliva cock,
that reducing the friction for a much smoother motion as she moves them
upward so the head disappears between her titties and then down towards the
base and his crotch before repeating the action with a sexy smirk on her
beautiful face.

Meanwhile the other hunky and muscular Superstar is moving up onto the couch
as well, spreading her smooth and tanned legs apart so he can firmly push his
long, black cock into her snatch to make them both moan out, taking a hold of
her ankles to keep them apart as he starts to work his hips, pumping his
length in and out of her tight hole. Despite having a more than generous
covering of her spit over his rod it's still a snug fit, making for a great
feeling of pleasure as the master of the Trouble in Paradise uses a steady
and controlled rhythm as he bangs the gorgeous white stunner as she handles
another man at the same time.

Keeping her hands on her large mounds, the Houston, Texas born beauty moans
from the feeling of the long pole working back and forth into her snatch, the
force used on her already making her body jolt backward as she lays on the
couch, in turn making those big breasts jiggle slightly even as she keeps
them pressed against the dick of the Superstar on top of her. She bites down
on her bottom lip for a moment, gazing over the desirable frame of the man
she's making moan with her boobs, that sight alone a turn on and making her
continue on pleasuring him with her vast chest while she takes a just as
lengthy and fat piece of man meat into her pussy as it gets worked gradually
deeper into her with each pump.

Gazing down, the former OVW Heavyweight Champion moans as he watches the head
of his cock appear from her vast cleavage when she smoothly and quickly moves
her titties downward before bringing them right back upward to make it
vanish, the motion repeated over and over as he groans from the pleasure of
this titwank from such large and perfectly tanned breasts. Unable to resist,
the woman giving him this sexual act while she's getting banged in her snatch
at the same time spits down in between her boobs and onto his cock to make
him groan, more sensations that all seem to indicate that she's used her big
tits to get men off before in the past as she uses perfect skill to move her
mounds up and down swiftly on his length.

Back behind them both, the Ghana, West Africa native moans himself as he
works his manhood deeply into her wet and tight snatch, almost all of his
thick inches fitting inside the gorgeous former fitness model's snatch as
they both moan from his perfectly timed and strong thrusts as he keeps her
legs spread so he can plunge in deep. He groans as he makes her curvaceous
frame rock backward in response to his pumping motion, causing him to venture
even further into her when her body comes down back towards him and meets his
dock as he thrusts it straight into her love tunnel that's leaving his dick
with a very sensual coating of her juices all over his rock hard length.

"Mmm... Yeah, AJ didn't have the... "Assets" to do this..." Bourne states
with a smile and a moan as he enjoys the titwank from the busty Diva.

"See? Told you!" Kaitlyn grins up at him as she lets go of her breasts in
order to release the cock from between them. "I'm already better than AJ was,

"Hey now, let's not get ahead of ourselves here..." Kingston says as he pulls
out of her snatch with a groan. "We're still getting started, and you haven't
handled us both properly yet..." He adds with a smirk of his own.

"That's no problem for this Chick Buster!" She boasts as Evan gets off from
her, allowing her to move up onto her hands and knees on the couch, now
facing Kofi. "I can handle everything you studs have got!"

Leaning her head down, she doesn't hesitate to take the long dick that had
just been thrusting into her snatch straight into her mouth, wrapping her
pouty lips around the dark meat as she soon gets into the rhythm of sucking
him off, tasting her own snatch off of his shaft as she works herself
smoothly and easily across the top portion. A few motions like that is all
she gets to do before she's surprised when he feels the hunk in front of her
taking a hold of her long, blond and black hair by the hand as he starts to
pump his cock forward into her oral hole, making her groan as she smirks
around his rod, gazing up at him with a sensual look that dares him to give
it to her, and as he responds with a smile, his thrusts soon get harder and

Back behind her, the host of this web series is in position behind her,
spreading apart the WWE Diva's juicy and sexily thick ass cheeks as he lines
his manhood up but once more she's surprised and made to groan loudly as now
it's her tight asshole that's being invaded, the Superstar pushing his cock
into her back passage made to moan as he can immediately feel how snug she is
back there. Gripping her hips, the high flyer starts to pump himself in and
out of her ass, his motion steady and controlled as he's allowing her time to
adjust to his vast size but it's already enough to make her rock forwards
when he sends his dick into her booty, the busty female grunting and groaning
in a way that shows that if she's taken it up the ass before, she certainly
has never taken a cock like his before.

With her large breasts hanging down and swaying in time with the jolting
motion her tanned and gorgeously curved body is doing, the NXT Season Three
winner groans as she's fucked in both ends doggy style on this couch by a WWE
Tag Team Championship winning combination, her cries muffled but still able
to be made out as she does her best to keep pleasing the dick being fed into
her mouth, the inches passing deeper past her luscious lips as she bobs her
head along the pistoning shaft while using her tongue to slap against its
underside. At the same time her tightest of holes is being made to stretch as
the other long and thick cock she's taking eases back and forth into her ass,
half of his size now fitting into her but already making her feel like she's
stuffed to the maximum even though there's a lot more of him to take.

There's a big smile on the face of the dreadlocked stud from Ghana, West
Africa as he keeps a grip on the hair and fucks the mouth of the beautiful,
starting to sweat white Diva on her hands and knees in front of him, hearing
her start to gag when he sends his fat black cock deep into her so his bell
end touches the back of her warm and wet mouth and his ball sack slaps
lightly into her chin. He can feel her saliva all over his shaft, the result
of the repeated motion in and out past her lips that she's been managing to
keep somewhat tight around his member, but despite her claims of being able
to handle anything it seems she's having a little trouble keeping up here as
her eyes are closed, still gagging when he pumps straight into her to make
her deep throat all of his impressively long cock.

Just across, the "Air" half of the Air Boom tag team is moaning out himself
as he bangs the former model in her gorgeously rounded backside with steady,
swift, and now quite firm thrusts, his muscular waist smacking into her butt
cheeks when he pushes into her, only making her jolt forward even more and
gag louder on the dick of the other handsome and hung stud she's having this
threesome with. The St. Louis, Missouri native is grinning as well, looking
down and watching those smooth ass cheeks jiggle each time he pumps his
manhood into her still very tight asshole, making the Houston, Texas stunner
continue to groan in a mix of lust and some slight discomfort as she's nailed
like a whore between these two Superstar studs.

Another few deep motions into her mouth, and she's finally able to draw in
deep breaths when he pulls out of her oral hole, allowing her to look back
behind her at the other man who's thrusting into her ass. "You... Uhhhh!!
Mother fucker!!" Kaitlyn is able to groan out as his body smacks into hers as
he nails her from behind. "You could have at least... Mmmm... Asked before
tapping my... Uhhhh! Tapping my damn ass!"

"Well, you said you can do anything AJ did better, and she said she loved it
up the ass..." Bourne responds with a handsome smile as he pulls out of her
booty with a groan. "She handled it better as well if you ask me." He adds,
now taking a seat on the couch.

The eyes of the busty beauty narrow slightly with a smirk on her face. "But
she never handled a cock in her ass and one in her pussy at the same time
though, did she?" Kaitlyn boldly states, her intentions clear as she moves
over to straddle Evan's waist.

"That's only because I wasn't there that time..." Kingston states with a
chuckle, moving down to stand on the floor behind her. "Now let's see if you
can really handle the Boom Boom, with the Air Boom double team!"

As soon as the perfectly curved NXT Season Three winner eases her snatch
right down onto the cock that had just been fucking her up the ass, she's
made to moan out when the man she's impaled on makes the first move,
thrusting right up with a quick and firm pace that has his ball sack slapping
against her tanned, sweat covered skin each time he sends himself into her
wet and still nicely tight pussy. This causes her to groan as she wraps her
arms around his neck, her large breasts already bouncing erotically as she
quickly responds by bouncing herself up and down on the pistoning shaft,
trying to match his pace and just about getting there to drop herself down
onto his thick rod as it's slid straight up into her love tunnel.

The feeling of a long, black cock ploughing into her juicy white ass makes
her jolt right forward with a loud, lusty groan as just like she said she
could take, she's now having to deal with a just as long and thick to match
dick pounding into her back passage, taking full advantage of the previous
thrusting she'd taken there which allows the former Intercontiental and
United States Champion to venture deep into her tightest of holes. With her
mouth hanging open and moans pouring out of it, she can only close her eyes
and take it as the power of his pumps makes her body rock forward, her
backside getting stiffly hammered and making those sexy ass cheeks jiggle
with each thrust between them she takes from behind as he moans and savors
the snug feeling all around his manhood.

Running his hands up her sides in order to cup and then squeeze her tits as
they shake in front of his face, the master of the Shooting Star Press times
his upward thrusts into her damp snatch perfectly with those of his tag team
partner, meaning he pushes up into her as the dick in her ass is pulled out
before it drives sharply back in, and the man with the horny, moaning Diva on
top of him withdraws so the double teaming can be quickly repeated over and
over again. The air is filled with the moans from all three WWE stars along
with the sharp ringing sound as skin smacks against sweat-covered skin, the
gorgeous female sandwiched between the two hung studs and made to rock back
and forth against them as she takes one fat cock balls deep into her soaking
wet pussy while the other rams in and out of her tight asshole to stuff her
full and drive her wild with desire.

Despite her previous claims of being able to take on both of these
high-flying and clearly sexually experienced Superstars at the same time, the
stunning Diva with blond and black hair is panting hard as she sweats and
moans, both her lower holes being ravaged by a very long and thick cock,
making her tanned body rock sharply back and forth against both thrusting
motions, her snatch dripping wet but still pleasurably snug around the dick
pounding up into her. At the same time her back passage is still very tight
despite the massive size of the fat, black cock that's drilling into her
full, smoothly rounded white ass as her cheeks shake upon every thrust
forward she takes, especially as the muscular waist of said hunk tapping that
booty is colliding with her body, sending every inch into her and further
causing her to jolt forward on the rod of the other hunky Superstar.

All three desirable sports entertainment performers are showing that they
could easily make a killing in a porn career as their bodies sweat and their
loud shameless moans are heard mixed with the slap of skin hitting skin when
the two members of Air Boom pound away at the ass and snatch of one half of
the "Chick Busters" who can do nothing but just groan and take the kind of
fucking her beautiful body deserves. She bites down on her bottom lip,
feeling her big tits being felt up by the Superstar she's mounted on as he
pumps away up into her damp pussy with thrust after deep and hard thrust, and
at the same time her butt is getting hammered over and over again by the man
behind her as his just as lengthy black shaft smoothly and swiftly slides in
and out of her juicy white ass, taking his size balls deep as well to make
her look like a cheap and slutty fuck rather than the smart, sexy, and
powerful WWE Diva she is.

Although she claimed she could handle what they could bring to her, there's
only so much any woman could take of this intense, repeated pounding of both
her tight lower holes, so it comes to no surprise when Kaitlyn starts to cum
hard on the cock of Evan Bourne that's ploughing into her snatch while Kofi
Kingston's big black dick hammers her ass from behind. The NXT Season Three
winner tilts her head back to moan deeply as her nipples are teased and
pinched, her juices splashing down all over the host of the webshow she's
starring on as her pussy tightens around that shaft to make them both moan,
and in addition her asshole clamps down like a vice on the other member
banging her to make the stud behind her groan in pleasure as he continues to
work his thickness back and forth into her thick and sexy backside.

Both members of the WWE Tag Team Championship winning team use every last
second they have to pound into the respective holes of the still moaning
beauty as she starts to come back down to Earth, still jolting against the
motion of their thrusting dicks to make her large breasts bounce even when
they're being groped by the handsome man she's on top off. It's the Ghana,
West Africa native who first withdraws his throbbing dick from her ass, the
increased pressure from her back passage tightening too much to endure as he
grips himself and starts to stroke, while the man from St. Louis, Missouri
uses his strength to lift her up and off of his cock with ease, making her
groan as she's helped down to her knees in front of the couch and most
importantly in front of the two groaning Superstars as they jerk off and aim
themselves down at the Houstan, Texas-born beauty they'd just banged the
brains out of.

Licking her lips, the mischievous and often playful Diva shows no objections
as she brushes her long, blond and black hair back, closing her eyes and
pressing her pouty lips together in anticipation for what's to come, sitting
up straight and smirking as she listens to both men grunting and breathing
deeply. She soon gets her reward as both Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston start
to blow their loads onto Kaitlyn, streams of hot, creamy spunk firing out of
their long dicks and onto the pretty facial features of the NXT Season Three
winner who doesn't even flinch for a second when the jizz splashes onto her
cheeks, making her noticeably groan from the feeling.

Taking it like a pro, she stays down on her knees as both Superstars milk
themselves dry of their cum, sending it down across her forehead, cheeks,
nose, and those luscious lips for a real facial covering that makes it seem
like she'd just been fucked by a group of men rather than just the tag team
known as Air Boom. They also make sure some of their spunk is aimed down at
her large breasts, some jizz landing across them to further make her groan
and really leave her looking like an easy whore, especially as there's a big
smile on her face as the last drops of cum are stroked out and flicked down
onto her to leave her with jizz all over her pretty face and on her big
titties, a sight that makes the men now letting go of their softening cocks
grin as well.

"Mmmm... Fuck, I can never get tired of taking a couple of loads..." Kaitlyn
shameless states as she opens her eyes and grins up at the men that had just
been fucking her hard and last in all of her holes. "Now come on, admit it! I
just blew AJ right out of the water, didn't I?"

"You sure get a thumbs up from me!" Kofi states with a smile. "That was
awesome, but I'm going to leave it to the host of this show to decide."

"Geez, thanks for just dropping me into it!" Evan jokes with a laugh. "Yeah,
I agree, you're really hot and you can really go Kaitlyn but... It's not fair
for me to compare this to when I did AJ... That was one-on-one and this was a
three-way... You both did great in your own ways, so honestly I'd say it's a
tie between you two?"

"You fucking dork!" Kaitlyn smirks up at him. "All this time and giving up my
sweet ass just to call it even? No way! I'll tell you what... I know AJ is in
town, so I'll call her up, drag her away from her video games, and we can
turn this into a four way and settle which Chick Buster busts the best!" She
states with a lustful look in her eyes as she glances down at both men's

"Well I'm not going to say no to that, but I'm afraid we'll have to settle
that off camera..." Bourne states before he turns to face the camera. "So
there you have it everyone! Kaitlyn can indeed "bust" and not chicks, but a
couple of dicks! She can bang, she can take it, and she certainly proves that
the votes the WWE Universe gave her to win that infamous Season Three of NXT
were not wasted! Good job with this pick you guys! You know what, we're out
of here, I'm out of here, and I'll catch you again for the next part of this
"Bourne For Greatness"! See you then!"

* * *

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