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Featuring: Terra Calaway (indies, WILD Wrestling), Evan Bourne (WWE).

Bourne For Greatness Part 6 - Terra Calaway
A WWE/indies crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up, taking us to the "Bourne For Greatness" studio setting
where we find seated on the couch the host of the show Evan Bourne who
flashes the peace sign with a handsome smile as he's clad in just a pair of
his signature black with red designed ring pants that fit nicely to his toned
legs and show off his package nicely, along with his completely bare and
muscular upper body.

"Hey everyone! I'm back again with another exciting edition of my Bourne For
Greatness series! Got to say, there's been a lot of feedback on this and a
lot of women want to be a part of this show, I'm almost getting swamped in
requests! Today though I'm going to be joined by someone seen as an
up-and-comer on the independent circuit, most known thanks to the WILD
Wrestling "promotion" where she's the WILD North American Champion. She's
also got an interesting nickname - the "Sin City Siren"! Her name is Terra

Now coming into shot is the Las Vegas, Nevada beauty herself, Terra Calaway.
The long, dark haired indy scene starlet is looking gorgeous in ring attire
of tight, black shorts that hug to her juicy ass, and a nicely fitting yellow
top with one black sleeve that shows off her nicely sized and rounded breasts
perfectly. The "Sin City Siren" smirks as she takes a seat next to the WWE
Superstar, taking a moment to look over his desirable body just as he's
checking her out with a smile.

"I hope you're not assuming that just because I'm from Las Vegas that I'm
some kind of slut..." Terra slightly teases.

"Well, some people could assume a lot of things since that WILD North
American title of yours is a replica WWE Women's title with some stickers put
on it..." Evan states with a chuckle. "But I don't assume anything on this
show of mine. I'm just here to see what you're made of and if you can hang
with the best of them."

"Oh, I can bring it alright..." Calaway boldly states as she sits up onto her
knees, running a hand down his chiseled upper body down to the waistline of
his pants. "I'm a WILD Warrior, and I can get really "wild" when I want to...
Care to let me show you?"

"Don't think I can say no to that offer!" Bourne replies as reaches down,
pushing his bottoms off and letting his already hardening and impressively
long and thick dick loose that causes her eyes to widen with a smile on her
pretty face.

Brushing her long hair back with her hand, she leans her head downward, her
body outstretched in almost a doggy-style position as she licks around the
head of his hardening tool, swirling her soft tongue across the bell end
while using a hand to gently stroke the base, both actions making the high
flyer moan as he leans back and watches her get to work on him. Groaning
slightly herself, she continues to lick slowly in clockwise motions all the
way around the tip, applying a soothing layer of her saliva onto his head
with the occasional flick across the piss-slit, her palm still running up and
down the shaft that hardens in her grip, glancing up at the man she's doing
this to check it's to his smiling approval.

Now with his length fully hard in her grip, the gorgeous indy scene worker
moves her head downward some more, taking his cock into her mouth and making
him properly moan out as he feels already that her oral hole is nicely warm
and wet as she pushes downward to take the first few inches inside, pressing
her soft lips firmly against the sides of his thick member as she groans
again, feeling her mouth having to stretch to handle such a big piece of man
meat. Still with a grip on his base to give it a stroke every now and then,
she starts to rock her head up and then smoothly back down onto his rod, her
free hand running across his toned thigh to support herself as she gets into
the motion, sucking him off and already showing that she doesn't seem to be a
novice at this either.

Bobbing her head along the lengthy and fat shaft, the woman nicknamed the
"Sin City Siren" shows exactly how sinful she can get as she gradually takes
more and more of his inches into her oral hole once she's gotten used to his
size, her long hair slightly swaying as it hangs down from the repeated
motion she's using to blow "Air Bourne" and make his dick be coated with her
saliva. Well over half of his manhood is now deep in her mouth as she glides
her mouth all the way up to the head and then straight back down and further
than where she'd left off, her own slight moans bouncing off his shaft as she
closes her eyes to focus on this task as she gives a man she's only just met
a hot blowjob on this leather couch they're both on.

While more than happy to just enjoy this sucking he's getting from the "WILD
Wrestling" starlet, the man once known as Matt Sydal is the kind to give back
as well, so he moves a hand around and onto her tight black shorts covered
ass, squeezing the juicy cheeks through the material to make her moan around
his cock as she pushes down deeper. She arches back, sticking her backside
further towards his groping hand to show she wants some more and he's only
happy to rub across and feel up her booty as her head quickens its motion up
and down on his rock hard tool, both of them groaning with pleasure although
his are much louder thanks to the treatment received from her soothing and
damp mouth that's taking in a very impressive amount of his inches.

Pushing her head right down, she makes herself gag loudly and then groan as
she lifts herself up to half way and then drops herself straight back for
another deep throating, groaning deeply as both her hands hold onto his
thighs as her nose and chin press into his crotch and ballsack, handling all
of his thick inches as she flicks her tongue out and all around the shaft.
With another loud gag she pulls her head up, resuming the blowing motion as
her saliva drips down his dick, still moaning as the stud she's sucking off
rubs her juicy ass to encourage her on as the busty babe uses her mouth to
please him even as she gags when she slides downward and the head of his cock
touches the back of her mouth.

A couple more deep sucks, and she has to lift her head off and away from him,
spitting down onto his rod before drawing in a deep breath. "Holy shit!
That's a huge dick!" Calaway says with a laugh as she sits up on the couch,
her hands going onto her wrestling top in order to lift it up and over her
head, revealing her nicely sized and perfectly rounded breasts.

"Those are some nice tits as well..." Bourne says with a handsome smile,
pushing down and taking off his pants. "Looks like you certainly know
something about getting "wild", don't you?" He adds as he now watches her
start to slide her bottoms down.

"I might do..." Terra slightly teases as she sets the last of her clothing
aside, showing off her neatly shaved pussy and thick, juicy ass. "But I heard
you can give some pretty good rides on "Air Bourne", right?"

"Hop on and you'll find out!" Evan invites as he scoots back slightly to sit
up properly with his back against the seating.

No further invitation is needed as the beautiful indy worker mounts the lap
of the sports entertainer, lifting herself back slightly so he can line his
rock hard and covered with her spit dick with her snatch, giving her a light
thrust upward as he ventures into her, the sensation causing them both to
moan as she places her hands onto the back of the couch and he takes a hold
of her curvy hips. They both take a moment to adjust to what the other is
offering as he feels how tight her snatch is all around his length even with
just half of his size currently inside her, and she gets used to having such
a massive size fitting inside her love tunnel, already making her grind
herself down against that meat as she looks down and grins seductively at

It's not too long through before it's down to business as he starts to pump
his manhood right up into her snatch, making her groan and jolt forward as he
eases his dick back and forth into her with a steady and firm pace that is
more than enough for them both to moan from the already great feeling they're
getting from it and perfectly timed so he can work in more and more of his
length with every upward thrust into her that he uses. The St. Louis,
Missouri native keeps a firm hold of her thighs as she stays mounted on top
of his long and fat cock, ensuring that his motion up into her is straight
and without delay so he can make the Las Vegas, Nevada born beauty moan out
and slightly bounce back against his rod as she rocks in response to his
deepening thrusts.

Biting down on her bottom lip as she stares down with lust at the WWE
Superstar who's pumping his shaft in and out of her dampening and still tight
pussy, the "WILD Warrior" moans as she keeps up with his steady pace, pushing
her ass backward to meet the incoming thrusts so she can take him even deeper
so they both call out with desire, and the jolting motion causes her breasts
to bounce erotically to give the man banging her an extra visual treat as if
just seeing her right on top of his cock wasn't enough. She has no problem
giving as good as she's getting, her hands staying firmly placed on the couch
they're both on as she rocks sharply downward against the dick being sent
sharply into her snatch, her ass cheeks starting to smack against his toned
thighs to show she isn't going to be holding back even as she moans out from
the feeling of such a fat dick ploughing in and out of her tightness.

Starting to put more force behind his actions and speeding things up, the
master of the Shooting Star Press pounds his cock deeply into the dark haired
stunner impaled on his manhood, feeling how still tight she is around him as
he starts to venture in balls deep into her, his nut sack smacking against
her tanned skin when he drives swiftly into her and makes both of them moan
out louder at the increased sensations. He even runs his hands up and down
her sides as she bounces away on his thrusting dick, both their actions
perfectly timed to get the most out of it as he drives in deep to that snug,
wet snatch that's being slid quickly back and forth towards him, a clear sign
as well that she's partaken in this sort of position before even if it wasn't
with a cock quite the size of his.

Gritting her teeth together as she lifts herself up and down on the length
fucking her tight and damp pussy, the WILD North American Champion groans out
with a gasp as she takes every inch of his massive shaft into her snatch, her
sexy tits still bouncing away as she rocks on his shaft, her gaze going all
over the muscular hunk she's on top of as he sends his member deep and hard
up into her. When he surprises her with a sharp spank delivered to her ass
cheek she groans out, pushing back hard into his crotch to make him moan in
return, the sound of skin hitting off of skin ringing out when their
desirable bodies of the two wrestlers collide as they continue to fuck and
don't seem bothered at all by the fact this is all being recorded for the
webshow of the man with all of his dick stuffed inside the dark haired
stunner mounted on top of him.

"Mmmm... Damn it!" Terra groans with a smile. "So fucking deep already..."
She says, coming to a stop to grind down onto his shaft as he sends a couple
more deep thrusts up into her snatch.

"I aim to please..." Evan responds with a grin of his own, easing his dick
out of her to make them both groan as he lifts her off from his lap, setting
her down onto the couch before he stands up.

The gorgeous female wrestler licks her lips as she moves herself onto a
kneeling position on the seating, her ass sticking out and facing him as she
grips the back of the leather couch. "Well get that dick back in me and
please me some more!" Callaway playfully demands, looking back over her
shoulder at him.

"No problem! But I think you'd better brace yourself..." Bourne states with a
smirk, moving into position and spreading her ass cheeks apart with his

Eyes soon widen as she feels exactly what he was meaning as his long cock
starts to push into her very tight asshole, making her groan and gasp as her
back passage is forced to widen and accept this sudden invasion, her mouth
open but not protesting, perhaps still caught up in the shock of now being
taken up the ass by a man she's only just met and has already tried out all
of her holes. Gritting her teeth again but with focus this time, she readies
herself with a grip on the couch she's on, still looking back and watching
him rock his hips forward and then away from her, easing his shaft into her
booty and thankful that there's a form of lubricant provided by her own pussy
juices that are covering his fat member as he works the first few inches into

His gaze is locked down at those juicy ass cheeks as he holds them apart,
slightly gripping them as well as he can clearly watch his member as he
slides it in and out past her asshole, feeling the supreme tightness all
around his length that's being fitted more and more into her with each thrust
into the independent circuit starlet that he sends, keeping the motion steady
and slightly increasing in speed and force once he's satisfied that he's
given her enough time to adjust. The sports entertainer moans as he bangs her
up the ass, watching her perfectly curved and tanned body jolt forward in
response to his pumps as her breasts hang downward and sway erotically in
time with the rest of her, and then locking eyes with her to see her pretty
facial features as she grunts and groans from each forward and backward pump
he gives her.

From the way the Las Vegas, Nevada native is now moving a hand down between
her legs in order to pleasure herself, it seems this isn't the first time
she's engaged in anal sex, making herself moan as she runs her fingers across
her already wet snatch, using the other arm to keep herself propped up in
this position as she takes the thrusts from the St. Louis, Missouri stud deep
in her perfectly rounded butt from behind. As his fat inches get stuffed
further into her still tight back passage with quickening rhythm, she slides
a couple of her digits into her snatch, starting to finger bang herself and
soon drowning out any discomfort from being fucked in the ass with the
stimulation felt by working those fingers rapidly in and out of her own love
tunnel, in no time at all getting them sticky with her juices as she works
them in straight to the knuckle.

The grip has gone now onto her waist as his deep thrusts into her backside
now resulting in his muscular and starting to be covered in a layer of sweat
waist to smack against her juicy butt cheeks, practically all of this thick
inches now plunging into her back passage to really fill her up yet she's
still as tight as ever back there, giving him plenty to moan about as he
feels that pressure all around his lengthy manhood. The man who held the WWE
Tag Team Championship as part of Air Boom continues to moan as he hammers
away into the gorgeously rounded ass of the WILD North American Champion,
ensuring they both groan out shamelessly as he nails her from behind like
this, keeping her held straight as he rams his shaft in and out of her back
passage to make her tanned and likewise sweating frame rock back against his
stiff motion so their bodies collide and the slapping sound of skin meeting
skin is heard along with their cries of pleasure.

Having to handle the repeated, strong, and porn-star quality thrusts of the
high flying hunk of the WWE is proving quite a challenge for the WILD Warrior
to handle, her head now low as her hair hangs down as she moans deeply, still
working her fingers sharply in and out of her own wet pussy as she's fucked
from behind in her thick and sexy ass. She can only really just keep herself
up on the seating as her backside is pounded over and over again, making her
take all of his inches as his ball sack collides with her body and her ass
cheeks jiggle from the impact when he thrusts into her, the kind of
punishment that would render a normal woman unable to sit down for over a
week yet she's impressively taking all that he's got to offer, still
pleasuring herself all the way through this hot and heavy anal sex and living
up to her "Sin City Siren" nickname.

"Awww.... Mmmmm..." Calaway groans as she pulls her fingers out of her
snatch, still taking it in her juicy ass from behind. "Shit... My ass... I've
never taken it so fucking deep before!" She admits with a moan, looking back
at him with a sexy grin.

"So you've taken it in the ass before then?" Bourne asks with a smile,
pulling out of her asshole with a groan of his own, giving his long cock a
quick stroke as he takes a moment to breathe.

"I'm from Las Vegas, what do you think?" Terra responds with a wink, turning
herself so he can lay on her side on the couch, swinging her legs around to
hold them together by the knees, presenting her wet snatch to him. "I can
take everything you've got, so how about you get back to giving it to me!"

He laughs as he moves up onto the couch next to her, running a hand over her
thigh. "I've got some grade-A St. Louis "meat" that will do just the job..."
Evan says as he lines his dick up with her pussy, giving himself another
stroke for good measure.

Tilting her head back the moment he's once again inside her very wet but
still nicely tight snatch, she can't help but moan out loudly as he starts to
thrust into her, in no time at all building up to a rapid and strong pace
that's making her tanned and sweating frame rock along the couch she's laying
on, her breasts already jiggling as he fills her pussy up with his cock once
again. He keeps one hand on the seating and the other onto her smooth thigh,
watching his shaft plunge in and out of her love tunnel as he makes them both
moan out in lust and pleasure, the motion of his hips perfectly timed to
smoothly slide his shaft into that snug and damp hole, the feeling even
better as she keeps her legs held down to cause a little extra erotic

Ringing out once more, the sharp slap of skin smacking against sweat covered
and tanned skin is heard in the air, mixed with their combined moans as he
pumps his thick cock balls deep into her snatch, the added impact of his body
meeting hers making the frame of the stunning dark haired babe jolt further
on the couch but neither of them feel any pain from it, just groaning out as
they fuck on this leather couch with a camera filming every moment. The view
is perfectly clear to show the manhood of the sports entertainer as its
rammed back and forth into the independent scene worker's love tunnel, only
pulling out until just under the half-way mark before he sends his entire
length straight into her snatch with a grunt to stuff her full perhaps more
than she's even been in her entire life and making them both call out loudly
and shamelessly like it's the last sex they'll both ever experience.

With a nickname like the "Sin City Siren", it's no surprise that she's down
for the dirty and hot action like this as she takes this long and fat cock
completely into her soaking wet but still nicely snug snatch, using a hand
now to feel up her own bouncing breasts as she remains laying on the seating,
eyes closed and some strands of hair sticking to her pretty face as she
sweats hard. She continues to keep her legs held together and straight out,
making sure her pussy stays clamped around the cock pounding into her and
driving the WILD Warrior a different kind of "wild" as she groans out and
squeezes her tits, feeling all that shaft of "Air Bourne" sliding quickly in
and out of her dripping hole along with his ball sack as it smacks off her
skin when he pushes into her.

Showing that she's not the only one feeling the effects this intense sexual
encounter is having, the WWE Superstar ramming his fat cock in and out of the
moaning indy starlet is breathing deeply as sweat drips from his muscular
body, only serving to make him look more attractive than ever as he pounds
away at her box, pumping his manhood all the way in and only withdrawing a
few inches so he can stuff it quickly back in with a lusty groan. He can't
take his gaze away from her curvaceous body, watching her boobs bounce and
the rest of her frame shake when he pumps into her wet snatch and his toned
waist smacks into her and seeing the way she's moaning out at his work and
toying with her own tits just fuels him on to keep fucking her over and over
again to show he's just as talented in the bedroom as he is on worldwide
television in the ring.

Recognized as the WILD Wrestling North American Champion, it's clear to see
from the way she's taking every thick inch of this massive, fat cock that's
she's a pro at fucking as well, her mouth open and letting out moans and
groans each time that shaft is moved either in or out from her still
impressively tight but soaking wet snatch. She's keeping herself propped up
on her side to take the dick of the man who won the 2008 Slammy Award for
Best Finishing Manoeuvre, keeping her legs outward in the perfect position to
take that stiff rod balls deep time and time again with smooth, rapid, and
sharp movements as his crotch meets her thighs when he ploughs in deep to
fill her up with his entire length and cause them both to lustfully moan out
in joy.

Gripping both breasts with her hands, the dark haired beauty starts to groan
deeper and longer than before, closing her eyes as Terra Calaway starts to
cum hard on the thrusting cock of Evan Bourne, her love tunnel tightening
around his thick shaft as he keeps on driving it into her, forcing her to
ride out all the waves of intense pleasure flowing through her and the way
she's moaning shows she has no complaints about that. Her juices pour out
from her snatch, trickling down her juicy thighs and onto the leather couch
she's still getting fucked on, and most of all over the dick that's brought
her to this orgasm, making the high flying hunk groan himself both from this
soothing feeling and the increased vice-like grip that's now around his
manhood to make it throb but showing his ability, he continues to give it to
her with a few more sudden and balls deep pumps.

No sooner has she taken a moment to catch her breath after coming down from
such a mind-blowing high then she has to groan when he pulls out of her now
well-banged snatch, taking a hold of himself as he starts to furiously jerk
himself off, feeling his own peak soon approaching but he's pleasantly
surprised when she reaches up, moving his palm away as she instead takes
over, sitting up and opening her mouth. He moans and watches as she wraps her
soft lips around his meat, instantly tasting her own juices and pussy off of
his cock but rather than be repulsed, she just groans and starts to bob along
his length, not holding back as she flicks her tongue hungrily up at his
underside, the motion of her head swift and deep as she eagerly sucks him off
and stares up at him as she does so.

The horny look on her gorgeous face combined with the feeling or warm and
wetness around his member is the final trigger the handsome hunk needs so
with a deep groan Evan Bourne starts to blow his load inside the mouth of
Terra Calaway, making her moan as her oral hole is soon filled up with thick,
creamy jizz that forces her to stop sucking and just hold the head inside her
mouth. She uses her hands to stroke the pulsating shaft, milking him dry and
keeping her lips pressed tightly around his tool so not a drop escapes,
keeping it all in her mouth and still locking eyes with him as he groans and
grins back, chest heaving as the final drops are squeezed out of his dick.
Feeling that he's spent, she lifts her head away from his softening cock and
shows him and the camera the large mouthful of jizz that she's collected
before she presses her lips together and with one sinful gulp, the "Sin City
Siren" swallows down all the cum from "Air Bourne" with a big smile, even
licking her lips afterwards to show she really enjoyed that creamy treat from
the man that had fucked her in all of her holes.

"Mmmm... So... Believe me now that I can get just as "wild" as any of your
Divas?" Terra asks with a smile as she sits back on the couch, catching her
breath now.

"You bet I do!" Evan states with a grin as he stands. "Right up there, and I
think with a "performance" like that, the rest of your "WILD Warriors" will
have to up their game!"

She smirks back at him. "Damn right they will! You on the other hand? Next
time you're in Las Vegas, you give me a call and I'll show you why I'm the
"Sin City Siren" all over again, because this was fucking hot!"

"I'll keep your number in my contacts, that's for sure!" Bourne states before
he turns to face the camera. "So there you have it everyone! WILD by name,
"wild" by nature. "Sin City Siren" by name, and I don't need to explain the
rest! They say that it takes more than just good looks and a hot body to make
it in this business, but they're both a damn good starting point and if this
was any indication, we're going to see some great things from this lady! You
know what, we're out of here, I'm out of here, and I'll catch you again for
the next part of this "Bourne For Greatness"! See you then!"

* * *

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