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Bourne To Be Naughty
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"Wow... what a tough fight..." Evan Bourne says to himself as he picks up a
water bottle from the catering area located inside of the Hardboard Yard
Arena in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Just minutes ago, Evan defeated 'The
Ripper' Paul Burchill in a hard fought match during the April 30, 2009
edition of WWE Superstars. Evan, wearing white wrestling tights, walks over
to a monitor to watch the main event match between Carlito and Ted DiBiase.
Evan opens the bottle of water as Katie Lea Burchill, wearing a red top and
black leather pants, walks up behind him.

The sadistic and naughty Katie Lea Burchill grits her teeth and narrows her
eyes as she stands behind him smelling the sweet scent of his sweat radiating
from his body. Katie Lea licks her lips and slyly smirks as she folds her
arms against her toned, flat stomach, right below her large chest "
think you pulled one over on my beautiful older brother, Paul, my dear?"
Katie Lea asks in her seducing British accented voice, slightly startling the
high-flier, Evan Bourne.

Evan jumps a bit as Katie Lea surprises him and he almost drops his bottle of
water. Evan turns and smiles at Katie Lea, "Not really... I think I pulled
two over him.... as in two wins in two weeks..." Evan replies. "But hey your
brother is tough as hell..."

Katie Lea's sadistic, seductive eyes flare with anger before she closes her
eyes and takes a deep, calming breath "My brother Paul could have destroyed
easily tonight...he could have made you suffer..." Katie Lea slyly smirks
"You see, my dear, Paul does whatever it takes to make me happy...and I love
seeing pain and punishment inflicted on others..." Katie Lea slightly hisses
and laughs "So...Evan, that could have happened to you tonight...but I
stopped him from doing so..."

"Oh really.... and... I guess I have to ask... why did you do that?" Evan
asks as he looks at Katie Lea with a confused look on his face.

Katie Lea slyly laughs "Because, my dear, I wouldn't be able to have my own

Evan Bourne raises an eyebrow, "Okay... you really have me at a
disadvantage... you wouldn't be able to have your own fun?"

Katie Lea nods her head and slyly smirks "Oh yes, my dear, I wouldn't be able
to have my fun with you..." Katie Lea says as she locks her wickedly
irresistible eyes with Evan.

"With me?" Evan asks Katie Lea slyly takes the bottle of water away from him.

Katie Lea grits her teeth and narrows her eyes as she tosses the water bottle
over her shoulder, the bottle landing on the floor behind her, as she steps
up to Evan Bourne. "Oh yes, my dear, I think you'd love to be naughty with
me..." Katie Lea says as she slithers her hands against his lightly sweat
coated, muscular chest.

"Ohhhhh-kay...." Evan Bourne says as Katie Lea continues to move her hands
all over his sweat-coated chest

"You want to be naughty, my dear?" Katie Lea asks as she licks her lips and
slides her fingers against his muscular abs and stomach before dropping them
to the waist line of wrestling tights.

"Ummmm sure... why not?" Evan shrugs his shoulders and smiles, "You're pretty
hot...." Evan says as Katie Lea slips her fingers into his tights.

"Wickedly dear..." Katie Lea hisses as she brushes the tips of her
fingers against the top of his cock that hidden underneath his wrestling
tights when Katie Lea slithering her hands down into them. "Mmmm...very

"Mmmmm..." Evan moans a bit as Katie Lea wraps her fingers around his
hardening cock inside of his wrestling tights.

Katie Lea slyly smirks as she tightly grips Evan Bourne's gradually hardening
cock with her sinister hands and begins to smoothly pump her hands against
his shaft. "My aren't as innocent as you seem..."

Evan blushes slightly, "What gave you that idea..." Evan says as Katie Lea
continues to work her hands inside of his tight as she strokes his cock.

" really haven't proven that you are naughty..." Katie Lea says as
she removes her right hand from his shaft and slides it out from inside of
his wrestling tights before using her right hand to push his wrestling tights
down from his muscular waist.

"Mmmmm.... well I never said I wasn't..." Evan replies as Katie Lea pushes
down his tights until they reach the upper parts of his knees. Evan's thick
cock is firmly in Katie Lea's grasp as she continues to stroke it with her
left hand.

"Well...good thing I can find out, my dear..." Katie Lea slyly hisses before
she bends forward and closes her eyes as she drags her wet tongue against the
head of Evan Bourne's cock, feeling the tip react to the touch of her tongue
as she holds the base with her right hand.

"Mmmmm..." Evan moans a bit as his cock throbs slightly each time Katie Lea
flicks her tongue against the tip of his cock.

"Mmmmmm..." Katie Lea slyly moans as she drags her wet tongue teasingly
around the head of Evan Bourne's cock before she opens her sadistic, hot
mouth and swallows the top half of his cock.

"Ohhhh wow..." Evan moans as Katie Lea begins to slowly bob her head along
the length of his cock. Evan places his hands on his muscular waist as she
tightens her grip on the base of his shaft.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmm!" Katie Lea lustfully moans as she rocks her upper body
forward against his cock as she presses her sinister lips firmly around his
upper shaft and steadily moves her head, easily sucking his cock.

"Ohhhh... wow Katie..." Evan moans as he looks down at the wickedly hot
Scarlet Witch of ECW as she presses her lips down on his thick, rock hard
cock. Katie Lea slowly lifts her eyes and glares up seductively at Evan
Bourne as she smoothly turns her head on his cock before she lowers her head
further down on his shaft, her wet saliva dripping. Evan presses his lips
together as Katie Lea takes his cock further into her sinister, hot and wet
mouth as she moves her hands so that she can jerk Evan's tights all the way
down to his ankles. Katie Lea proceeds to perfectly lower herself down onto
her knees in front of Evan Bourne, keeping his cock inside of her hot,
sadistic, wicked mouth as she rapidly bobs her head, slapping her saliva
against his cock while she sucks his cock.

"Ohhhh... ahhhh darn... mmmm..." Evan bites his tongue as Katie Lea
repeatedly deep throats his long, hard and thick cock.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Katie Lea wickedly moans as she removes her hands from
Evan's cock and places them onto his muscular legs as she rocks forward on
her knees, slurping and sucking his large shaft.

"Ohhhh mmmm... ahhh..." Evan moans as he moves his hands from his waist and
brings them near Katie Lea's head, but he doesn't place them on her.

"Mmmmm...mmmmmm" Katie Lea Burchill moans as she grinds her sultry, sinful
lips against Evan Bourne's shaft as she deeply holds his cock inside of her
mouth while moving her head briskly along his cock. Katie Lea slides her
hands against his muscular legs, raking her fingernails against the skin.

"Oww..." Evan groans a bit as Katie Lea drags her sharp fingernails against
his legs while she traps his cock deep within her mouth. Katie Lea wickedly
laughs around his cock before she slowly lifts her head and glares up at him

"Wow Katie..." An amazed Evan Bourne says as Katie circles her tongue around
the head of his cock as she starts to lift up her red top.

"You like it my dear?" Katie Lea Burchill asks with a sly smirk before she
stands straight up, removing her red top to expose her sadistically gorgeous
and juicy tits.

"Yeah..." Evan Bourne nods his head as Katie Lea drops her red top on the
floor before she teasingly starts to lower her black leather pants from her
slender waist. Katie Lea grits her teeth as she pushes her tight fitting
black leather pants down from her sinister waist and down her seductive,
sinfully smooth legs. Evan's eyes are locked on Katie Lea's smooth legs as he
lowers her pants to where she can step out of them. When Katie Lea turns
around to face away from him, she bends forward and looks back at him when he
doesn't move towards her right away.

Katie Lea wickedly laughs as she glances over her shoulder, while bent over,
her sinister pussy completely exposed "My dear...come and be naughty..."

"All right..." Evan says as he steps towards Katie Lea. Evan licks his lips
as he guides his cock with his right hand into Katie's tight, warm, wet and
wicked pussy with an easy thrust.

"Ohhhhhh....mmmm dear, Evan..." Katie Lea groans as she feels
his cock entering her tight pussy at a smooth pace.

"Mmmmmm ahhh..." Evan moans as he places his hands on Katie Lea's wicked
waist as he starts to thrust his cock in and out of her tight, hot pussy.

Katie Lea tilts her head back and slyly groans as she rocks back on her feet
to immediately push herself back against Evan's quickly thrusting cock.
"Ohhhhh... mmmm just like that..." Katie Lea moans and hisses.

"Ahhhh.... awww... " Evan licks his lips as he steadily pumps his cock into
Katie's pussy while she rocks back on her feet to match his thrusts. Katie
Lea presses her sultry and sinful lips together as she viciously grinds her
incredibly hot, sinister body back against Evan Bourne's cock, feeling his
shaft slamming deeper into her wet, tight pussy. Evan moves his hands to
Katie Lea's thighs as he increases the pace of his thrusts as he fucks ECW's
resident Scarlet Witch from behind. Evan's ballsack smacks between Katie
Lea's smooth thighs with each of his thrusts.

"Ohhhhh! Mmmmm naughty my dear! Ohhhhh!" Katie Lea moans as her
sultry, sinisterly juicy ass smacks against his muscular waist as he deeply
drives his cock into her pussy from behind.

"Ahhhhh... darn it... mmm awww..." Evan licks his lips while he continues to
fuck Katie Lea from behind while Katie's ass repeatedly smack against his
muscular waist.

Katie Lea wickedly laughs and tilts her head back as she rocks back against
his muscular waist, forcing his cock deeper into her pussy. "Ohhhh...mmmm you
like that Evan?"

"Ohhhh yeah... mmmm..." Evan moans as he continues to slam his cock into
Katie Lea's pussy.

"Ohhhhh...mmmmm you're so naughty Evan..." Katie Lea moans as she grinds her
wicked, wet pussy back against his thrusting shaft as he continues to pump
into her and pull her back against his waist and cock.

"Mmmmm man... ahhh..." Evan groans as slows his thrusts down and pulls his
long, hard cock out of Katie Lea's pussy.

Katie Lea narrows her eyes as she seductively looks back at Evan Bourne. "My
dear...don't disappoint me..."

Evan bites his lower lip slightly as he turns Katie Lea around to face him
before he has her lean back against a wall. Evan puts his hands on Katie's
waist and lifts her up and pushes his cock back into Katie's wickedly wet

"Ohhhhhhh....mmmm perfect!" Katie Lea lustfully groans as she wraps her legs
around his waist as he begins to pump his cock up into her wet, wicked, tight

"Ahhhh... mmmm ohhh..." Evan moans as he thrusts his cock deeply into Katie
Lea's pussy as he tightens her legs around his waist as he fucks her.

"Ohhhhh yeah...mmm you like to be naughty, don't you my dear?" Katie Lea asks
as she places her hands onto his muscular chest and slightly digs her
fingernails into the skin of his chest as she rapidly bounces up and down on
his cock.

"Ohhhh yeah.... mmmm darn.. awww..." Evan Bourne licks his lips as he pumps
his cock all the way into Katie Lea's hot, wicked and wet pussy as she
bounces on his large shaft.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh...mmmmm!" Katie Lea moans as she wickedly rocks back and
forth on his cock, grinding her pussy sharply on his shaft, feeling his cock
pumping up quickly into her pussy.

"Awww.... ahhhh ohhhh..." Evan Bourne licks his lips as he drives his cock
sharply into Katie Lea's hot wet cunt.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh!" Katie Lea Burchill moans as she sharply lowers herself on
Evan's rock hard cock as she roughly rocks back on his cock as she rakes her
fingernails against his muscular chest. Evan bites his bottom lip as he pumps
his cock sharply into Katie Lea's pussy as she rakes her fingernails against
his sweat coated chest.

"Ohhhhhh! Mmmmmm" Katie Lea groans as she closes her eyes and wickedly laughs
as she tightens her sinister pussy around his thick shaft.

"Ohhhh awww darn!" Evan groans as he starts to cum inside of Katie Lea's
tightening wet cunt. Katie Lea narrows her eyes and licks her teeth as she
feels his warm cum flooding into her asshole while she sharply rocks forward
on his cock.

"Mmmmm ahhhh..." Evan moans as he holds his cock inside of Katie Lea's pussy
as he fills her with his cum.

Katie Lea slowly unwraps her smooth legs from around his muscular waist and
begins to stand up, leaning against the wall. Katie Lea tosses her hair back
and licks her lips. " dear Evan..."

"Yeah?" Evan asks as he lifts her off of his cock.

Katie Lea Burchill raises an eyebrow "I should have told you something..."
Katie Lea says with a wicked smirk.

"What's that?" Evan asks with a raised eyebrow.

"My brother Paul..." Katie Lea pauses and slowly shakes her head "He doesn't
like it when I'm really angers him..."

"Oh..." Evan Bourne starts to say as 'The Ripper' Paul Burchill walks up
behind him with a steel chair. Without warning, Burchill smashes the chair
against the back of Evan head, causing him to stumble forward to his head
against the wall. Evan slumps the ground completely knocked out as the
Burchills looks down at him.

Katie Lea raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks at her older brother, Paul
Burchill. "Very nice, my dear brother..."


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