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Bowing Down To The Queen
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a SmackDown Live Event just days before the October Pay-Per-View
spectacular entitled 'No Mercy', the powerful and heavily physical man known
through out the wrestling world as Bobby Lashley is sitting on a bench in his
locker room with a towel over his head. Dressed in solid black wrestling
shorts, Lashley cracks his knuckles as he rubs his hands together as he looks
at a replica of the World Heavyweight Title as it lays on the floor. Lashley
takes the towel off his head and drops it onto the floor, "I'm going to get
the real thing soon... just gotta stay focused..." Lashley says to himself as
he gives himself a pep talk. The door of his locker room is partially open
and as Lashley stands up from his chair he barely hears some commotion coming
from out in the hall, but he ignores it until his locker room door is shoved
opened so hard that it bangs against the wall.

The beautiful wife of the World Heavyweight Champion, King Booker, the
elegant Queen Sharmell barges into the locker room of SmackDown's Real Deal
competitor Bobby Lashley. Queen Sharmell proudly raises her head as she
stands elegantly wearing a smooth red evening gown with a small crown on top
of her black hair "You peasant! How dare you...challenge my man King Booker,
to an unruly joust this Sunday at No Mercy!" Queen Sharmell says as she folds
her arms an arrogantly looks at Bobby Lashley, as if she were looking down
upon him.

Bobby Lashley raises his left eyebrow slightly as he takes a long, hard look
at Queen Sharmell as he folds his massive arms over his muscular chest. The
former United States Army Solider takes a long moment before he replies in
his soft, but firm voice by saying, "Excuse me?"

"You are just a mere don't belong with real royalty like our
majesty...the great Kiiiinnnnnggggg Boookeeerrr!" Queen Sharmell says with a
proud smile as she berates Lashley, while at the same time praising her
husband, King Booker.

Lashley chuckles slightly as he shakes his head and rolls his eyes at the
same time, "Whoa... whoa... let's get something straight... Booker T isn't
any more of a king than anyone else... and the only thing royal about him...
is the ass kicking he's going to get this Sunday at No Mercy," Lashley
replies keeping his voice calm and steady as he stresses each word he speaks.

Queen Sharmell opens her loud-mouth in shock as she places her left hand
against her chest "How dare you address your king that way!" Queen Sharmell
says as she slightly glares at Lashley "And...King Booker shall be victorious
against you, you peasant!" Queen Sharmell says as she holds her head

Lashley unfolds his arms and places his hands on his waist thick waist,
"Sharmell... the only way Booker is going to be 'victorious' is if I take it
easy on him... and that's just not going to happen..."

"You address me as Queen Sharmell!" Queen Sharmell snaps before she raises
her eyebrow slightly "You would submit to your king?' Queen Sharmell asks in
an elegant tone.

Lashley raises his eyebrow again, "And who's going to make me do that? Cause
I don't quit for no one..." Lashley says, sounding slightly angry after
hearing Queen Sharmell's words.

Queen Sharmell releases an elegant laugh "Oh, peasant is time
for you, to bow down to your Queen..."

"Bow down... what are you talking about?" Lashley asks as he looks at Queen
Sharmell with a confused look on his face.

The vivacious Queen Sharmell praises her lips together as she motions down
towards Lashley's black wrestling shorts "Remove those threads, peasant...and
appear to bow down to the great Queen Sharmell!"

Lashley is successful in his attempt to not laugh, "You want me... to take
off my shorts?" Lashley asks, and as he sees that Queen Sharmell is serious,
Lashley laughs, "All right... 'Queen'" Lashley says sarcastically as he
pushes down his black wrestling shorts from his waist. As he lowers them
down his thick, powerful legs, Lashley's thick fourteen-inch long cock is
unleashed. Lashley steps out of them and he puts his hands on his waist
again as he stands before the Queen of Smackdown.

Queen Sharmell's elegant eyes wide as she a small smile creeps across her
elegant, gorgeous face "Peasant Lashley, prepare to bow down..." Sharmell
says in a soft, sophisticated voice as she slowly lowers herself down onto
her knees gracefully in front of the hard hitting, soft spoken Bobby
Lashley. Queen Sharmell glances up at Lashley as she gently wraps her soft,
royal hands around the shaft of Lashley's cock.

Lashley shakes his head slightly, "Sharmell... you're the one who's on their
knees..." Lashley says as Queen Sharmell begins to move her soft, elegant
hands back and forth along his stiffening fat cock.

"You shall soon learn to bow down to royalty like myself and King Booker..."
Queen Sharmell responds as she smoothly moves her soft hands against
Lashley's large cock as his cock gradually becomes hard in her gentle,
elegant hands.

Lashley groans a bit as his cock becomes fully hard and points straight at
Queen Sharmell like a thick, heavy spear. "Mmmmm... all right, I'll play
along..." Lashley says with a soft chuckle as he folds his arms across his

"Silence peasant!" The vivacious Queen Sharmell commands as she smoothly
guides her elegant hands up and down his hardened shaft before she leans her
head in towards his cock and opens her royal, warm and wet mouth and takes
his cock into her soothing mouth. Queen Sharmell's royal, pouty and soft lips
wraps around Lashley's hard and thick cock before she begins to smoothly and
elegantly bob her head on his cock.

"Mmmmm... hey... I go by what Teddy Roosevelt once said... speak softly and
carry a big stick... but you seem to have my stick..." Lashley moans as he
licks his lips in response to how Queen Sharmell is moving her warm, wet
royal mouth up and down along the length of his fat fourteen-inch cock. Queen
Sharmell closes her eyes as she gently and gracefully slides her tongue
around Lashley's hard, thick cock as she continues to smoothly bob her head
on his cock as she begins to gradually quicken her elegant pace at which she
is sucking Lashley's cock, Lashley closes his eyes and tilts his head back
slightly as he starts to instinctively thrust his pelvis forward, thrusting
his cock in and out between Sharmell's soft, pouty lips. "Mmmmmm... hmmmm
mmmm..." Lashley moans as he shifts his feet so that they are shoulder length

Queen Sharmell elegantly taps her soft, royal tongue against the underside of
Lashley's hard cock as she slowly twists her head on his cock as she works
her head further down on his cock, taking him deeper into her soothing mouth.
"Ahh... mmmm... that's pretty good Queen Sharmell..." Lashley moans as he
opens his eyes and looks down at the beautiful, elegant Queen Sharmell as she
sucks on his mighty, black cock as she takes over half of it past her soft,
royal lips. Queen Sharmell's warm saliva drips down on Lashley's cock as she
smoothly bobs her head at a gracefully gentle, but quick pace as she laps her
tongue around his cock.

Lashley groans deeply as Queen Sharmell continues her royal oral assault on
his big, thick cock. "Ahhh... ohhh damn..." Lashley moans as he unfolds his
arms as he starts to breath a bit heavily.

Queen Sharmell slowly lifts her head up from Lashley's hard, thick cock that
is now coated in her warm saliva. Sharmell opens her elegant eyes and smiles
proudly as she slowly stands up and gracefully removes her small crown on top
of her head "Peasant...remove my clothing and be careful..."

Lashley smirks, "You could say please... but since I'm playing along I'll do
it..." Lashley says as he steps around behind Sharmell in order to unzip the
Queen's smooth red evening gown. The powerful, athletic stud then goes about
to gently removing Queen Sharmell's gown, taking a bit of care not to wrinkle
it as a courtesy to Sharmell. Queen Sharmell smiles proudly and nods her head
as her elegant red gown lowers down her smooth, silky ebony legs as she steps
out of her red gown, revealing her stunning, royal body.

Lashley looks at Queen Sharmell from behind as she turns around to face him.
"Nice body..." Lashley says, complementing the Queen of Smackdown as he picks
up her dress and drapes it over the back of a metal chair.

"Now bow down peasant!" Queen Sharmell commands "And treat your royal heiness
with respect..." Queen Sharmell says as she elegantly folds her arms.

Lashley raises an eyebrow, "And just what exactly do you mean by that?"
Lashley asks as he places his hands on his waist.

Queen Sharmell press her lips together "I see you do not know how to treat a
lady of royalty..." Sharmell says as she gracefully lays down on the leather
couch inside of Lashley's locker room.

Lashley shakes his head, "Hey now... you said one thing that could've meant
several different things..." Lashley says as he walks over to the couch and
kneels partially onto it as he puts his powerful hands on Queen Sharmell's
smooth legs. He pushes Sharmell's legs apart and her right leg hangs off the
edge of the leather couch. The hot, muscular black stud then better positions
himself to where he can push in huge thick cock into Queen Sharmell's warm,
tight royal pussy.

Queen Sharmell grits her teeth together as she closes her eyes feeling the
hard, thick cock of Bobby Lashley enters her tight, royal pussy "Ohhhh
peasant Lashley..." Sharmell moans as she feels his hard cock begin to thrust
in and out of her pussy.

Bobby Lashley puts his left hand on Queen Sharmell's left leg, pinning it
down on the couch as he leans forward to gain more of an angle in order to
sharply pump his cock into Queen Sharmell's pussy. "Uhhh... mmmmm..." Lashley
groans as his thrusts become firmer and quicker as he reaches forward and
puts his right hand on Queen Sharmell's right shoulder as he uses his hips to
propel his cock forward.

Queen Sharmell raises her elegant, royal hands and places them on Lashley's
strong, muscular warms as her royal, ebony body begins to rock back and forth
against the couch as Lashley thrusts his mighty cock into her tight, warm
pussy. "Ohhhh...peasant obey well to royalty."

"Ahhh... not sure... what to think of that..." Lashley laughs slightly as
he takes time to figure out of Queen Sharmell just insulted him or not. In
either case, the powerfully built stud from Colorado starts to really slam
his cock in and out of Sharmell's tight, warm royal pussy as he moves both
of his hands and places them on Queen Sharmell's slender hips. He pulls her
towards him, and with his cock pistoning in and out of her pussy, Lashley
makes Queen Sharmell grind her pussy against his cock.

Queen Sharmell elegantly arches her body as Lashley powerfully slams his hard
cock deeply into royal pussy of SmackDown's vivacious queen "Ohhhh...mmm....
All must bow down..." Sharmell groans as she begins to smoothly grind her
pussy against his cock.

Lashley grits his teeth as he begins to sweat slightly as he drives his cock
harder into Queen Sharmell's pussy. "Uhhh... bow down to this..." Lashley
grunts as he leans back and pulls his cock out of Sharmell so that he can
turn her over onto her hands and knees. The number one contender to the World
Heavyweight Championship then slams all of his fourteen-inch cock back into
Queen Sharmell's royal pussy.

Queen Sharmell grits her teeth tightly as the hard hitting, soft spoken
SmackDown Superstar invades her tight, royal pussy from behind "Ohh... you
feeble peasant!" Sharmell moans as her body slams back against Lashley's
hard cock. Lashley firmly lays his hands on Queen Sharmell's waist and he
yanks her back towards him so that her royal ass smashes against his thick
waist as he begins to once again to slam his cock in and out of her pussy.
Queen Sharmell closes her elegant eyes as Lashley's hard cock slams into
her tight, royal and wet pussy "Ohhh you shall bow down to King Booker and
Queen Sharmell!" Queen Sharmell manages to moan as she begins to sweat.

"Awww Hell... Queen Sharmell... I ain't going to bow down!" Lashley grunts as
he firmly drives his cock in and out of Queen Sharmell's tight, royal pussy.
His large black ball sack swings back and forth as sweat drips from his
muscular body.

Queen Sharmell grits her teeth " peasant! You must bow...down..."
Sharmell moans loudly as her round, ebony ass slams back against Lashley's
hard, thrusting cock.

Lashley grinds his teeth against each other as he continues to ram his cock
in and out of Queen Sharmell's hot, wet royal pussy. "Ahhh... ohhh damn it...
uhhhh... damn..." Lashley grunts as he delivers stiffer and quicker thrusts
into Sharmell. The talented SmackDown wrestler quickly starts to wear himself
out and he soon starts to cum inside of Queen Sharmell's royal pussy.

Queen Sharmell glances over her shoulder at the powerful Bobby Lashley as
she feels his warm cum spray inside of her royal pussy "All...Hail...Queen
Sharmell!" Sharmell, with sweat dripping down her face, yells proudly as
she made Bobby Lashley cum before she did.

Lashley grits his teeth as he pulls his cock out of Queen Sharmell's pussy,
a bit angry over what just occurred. "All Hail Queen Sharmell?" Lashley asks
as his keeps his hands on Queen Sharmell's waist.

Queen Sharmell smirks slyly "My man, King Booker, was are just a

"Oh really..." Lashley replies as turns Queen Sharmell over on the leather
couch so that she's laying her back, "Then... let me show you something...
that no King can do... and give you a little... royal respect..." Lashley
says as he spreads Sharmell's smooth, sweat covered legs and lowers his head
to her pussy.

Lashley gets off the couch, and stands in front of Queen Sharmell as she
moves to sit comfortably on the leather couch. "You really expect me to bow
down to you?"

Queen Sharmell nods her head "All must bow down to the queen!"

Lashley slightly glares at Queen Sharmell, "I'll bow to you... but I ain't
going to bow down to King Booker..." Lashley says in a firm voice.


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